It is my favorite chair .. the red wicker one that stands proudly in the corner topped with the patterned cushion. It is my favorite because you have teased me from it before. Those first tentative pictures you sent me were from there…the ones of you in the thin black nightgown with the spaghetti straps and your legs slung over one of the arms. Those legs! The pictures where you took those first brave steps of trust and flashed one of your magnificent breasts for me. I wasn’t sure what was more amazing…the first sight of that perky hard nipple that I have longed to have between my lips or that “light-up-the-room” smile that I knew was just for me. The pictures where you kept me guessing; never revealing what, if any, panties you had on beneath that nightgown.

Now you are sitting there in front of me .. in that special chair…wearing that same nightgown. But instead of your legs across the arm, this time both of your feet are firmly planted on the floor. The smile is the same as you look up from the chair at me standing in front of you and slowly spread your legs apart. As they move wider you lower your hands in front of you, still leaving me guessing. You have learned that teasing me is something you enjoy and from my smile you can see I am enjoying it too.

While my lips are smiling back at you, my eyes are pleading for an answer to that question. You close your knees and remove your hands, still not revealing your answer to me. You told me before that the panties were lacy and black in your pictures but I have yet to see for myself and you had done a marvelous job of being sure you hadn’t shown me. But the time had finally come. As you spread your legs, I see a hint of flesh instead of material. You take your hands and slide the front of your nightgown up your thighs, again revealing all flesh and no fabric. The hem of your nightgown is bunched at your waist as you slide forward in the chair. My eyes cannot look as wide as they feel as I stare at your exposed lips, looking slightly swollen with desire even from across the room. You raise one hand and extend your index finger, bending it toward you to summon me forward.

As I walk toward you, you raise both legs and place your feet along the edge of the chair. You are suddenly so open and exposed to me .. definitely a spur-of-the-moment gesture on your part. You flush slightly with embarrassment as you reach one hand down between your legs. I stop and watch as you look into my eyes and run your finger between your open and flushed lips. As you raise your finger, a string of moisture follows the tip.

My hand moves to the front of my slacks as your fingers resume their path between your legs. As I massage my growing erection, you smile and slide two fingers inside of yourself until the palm of your hand is against your belly. It is only then that your eyes close as your fingers begin to move so slowly out and then back inside. I am dumbstruck and speechless as I watch.

Your eyes open and you use your free hand to point toward me. You finger aims at my pants and you wave toward the floor and smile once again. My hands cannot move fast enough as they undo the snap and zipper on my slacks. I so want to tease you but before I can think of what to do they are around my ankles along with my underwear. I could barely pull them down over the erection that you have given me. You break contact with my eyes and stare at my cock. Thank goodness you are still smiling. My shirt soon follows the rest of my clothing and I am naked in front of you, my cock dancing like a metronome with each pulse of blood through it.

You summon me forward once again as reach out to take my hand. You tug gently, encouraging me to kneel on the floor in front of you. Your legs are still open in front of me and your fingers are still moving slowly in and out as I watch. I can feel the warmth from inside you and hear the moisture sliding along your fingers.

When I finally find myself able to look up at your face I see a very sly smile. You know exactly what you are doing to me. You shift your weight and remove your hand slowly from inside you. I can see the moisture on them as you raise them up to your lips. Folding your fingers together you slide them into your mouth as you close your eyes. A soft moan escapes you as you taste yourself. I so want to do the same.

Your swollen lips are directly in front of me as you look down at me with those “what are you waiting for” eyes; your fingers slowly leaving your mouth. I move forward, crawling to get closer as I kiss the inside of your thigh. My lips trace a line of kisses toward you until they are over your warm and wet opening. I spread my lips and let my tongue escape as it licks a small circle along the inside of your lips. The circle widens with each pass and your lips open to me. You slide your hips forward as my tongue makes its first tentative entrance inside you; the tip reaching up to tickle the roof of your opening. My position makes it hard to see your face but your moaning and wiggling tells me all I need to know.

My tongue slides out and finds your clit alert and ready. I lick the underside, causing you to press your hips down against me. The small circles I make around it soon are replaced by the suction of my lips as I take it between them and squeeze gently over and over. I hear and feel your hands grab the arm of the chair as your hips raise and lower. I can taste the moisture as it leaks from your opening; the sweetest taste I have ever had in my mouth. You tighten your thighs and your hands move from the chair to the top of my head. Your orgasm finally releases itself and your voice breaks the soft silence in the room with the guttural and primitive sounds of passion. Your body pulses over and over as you cum against my mouth. After indeterminate moments, your weight again slides down into the chair as you release me.

As I look up at you, you can see your moisture on my lips and chin and your smile widens. I am smiling too and your bend that finger again and call me up to you. I kiss my way up your belly and between your breasts; stopping to take each nipple between my lips for a brief moment. My kisses continue up between your collarbones to your neck and up to your chin. With each kiss, I leave a bit of moisture behind. When I reach your lips we connect with passion, our tongues finding each other. My hands slide up your legs onto your hips and you can feel my weight as it shifts onto your chest. My cock is hard and has found a place between your breasts.

As we break our kiss you place your hands on my chest and push slightly, signaling me to lean backward. I watch as you slide your fingers across your pussy, coating them with some of your remaining juices. Your hands slides between your breasts, coating your chest with your cum. You take your hands and push your breasts together and look up at me with a smile. I think I know what you want as I lean back into you and place my cock between your soft breasts. You press them together so I am now tightly wrapped between them. My hips start moving slowly; my cock being gently caressed by you with each stroke. As the head emerges at the top of each stroke, you tongue licks the head of my cock from between the smile on your lips. You are the first woman who has every allowed me to take her in this way and the entire scene has only made me more aroused. I worry that the next touch of your tongue will be the one that makes me cum.

You can sense my dilemma and press your hand against my belly, urging me to stand up. My cock is as hard as I can ever remember and rises from my hips toward you. Your hands find my hips and pull me toward you and you raise your body into a sitting position at the edge of the chair. With your mouth slightly open, I feel the first warm touch of your lips on the tip of my cock. As I feel your lips wrap around the head I start to hesitate but you pull at my hips, continuing my entrance until I am wholly engulfed by you. For a moment, I can feel your nose against my belly and your cheeks tightening as you squeeze them around me. You move your head back, withdrawing me slowly. I can feel your tongue on the underside of my cock, rubbing it as I move back out into the cool air of the room. My hips move forward, trying to recapture that warmth inside your mouth and you move forward; taking me completely once again. Our bodies are moving as one; you allowing me to withdraw before moving forward to meet my hips once again. I am at once deeply inside your mouth and almost completely released. I know that my body will not contain my orgasm any longer.

You look up at me; sensing my urgency. A smile creases the corners of your mouth as your increase your pace. You know what will be happening soon and your eyes show me it is what you want me to do. As I feel my orgasm tightening in my hips, I look into your eyes once more to be sure this is what you want. You reply by closing your eyes and speeding up once again, stopping at my deepest stroke and holding me there momentarily. As the head of my cock reaches your lips, you squeeze down against that sensitive ring where the head attaches to the shaft. My groan of approval signals that my orgasm has begun as you feel the first pulse of cum on your tongue. My eyes close and my knees grow weak as I cum with one shudder after another. The pressure of your lips never loosens as you push yourself forward, feeling my last pulse of cum against the back of your throat. You try to contain it all but I have cum more than I ever have with any other woman and small bits are leaking from the corners of your mouth. Still deep inside you, I can feel your throat contract as you swallow my passion for you.

My body is weak and I move to my knees, once again in front of you. I lean forward and lay my head against your belly; my fingers brushing against your pussy lips. They are once again wet; this time in response to the excitement you have given me. I can feel you breathing as I turn my head and kiss you bellybutton. Your hands are stroking my hair as my breathing becomes less rapid. We both know this is only a momentary respite as we bask in the passion of each other.

The world was a shitty place. Not only was my sister on my case in the worst way, but I had a headache like someone had been testing nuclear weapons in my head, courtesy of a monumental hangover. The way Alice was going on at me it was hard to figure out which was worse.

“You insulted my friend.” My sister Alice was saying for the hundredth time, loud and angry. “You were pissed and you insulted her. You embarrassed me you cretin. Look at you… you can barely open your eyes you were so pissed last night.”

Alice wasn’t wrong. I was in a bad place. Way too much beer was taking its toll on my body and the pain only got worse when the sunlight crept between my eyelids. I was clinging to the small kitchen table in Alice’s apartment, wishing I could reach the coffee that was next to my hand.

Somehow my first weekend away from my new job had come to this – rather than a relaxing weekend walking the city streets and taking in the sights with my sister, I’d gone with her to her friend’s party, had no one to talk to and drank way too much. Apparently the really bad part was when I asked her friend and my host, Molly, if her tits were real. Which, probably wasn’t such a bad thing to do, or outlandish, considering Molly’s rack, had it not been the first thing I’d said to her all night beyond, “Hello, nice to meet you.” There it was – me, at my inebriated, tactful best.

“I’m sorry, okay.” I tried to quell the onslaught of a scorned sister. It was a small gesture that was received with more scorn.

“Sorry,” Alice shrieked, “It’s not me you should be sorry to, it’s Molly. You should go round there, right now, and apologize. She doesn’t deserve being talked to like that by her friend’s idiotic little brother.”

I sort of half-nodded, turned away from the volume and wondered how to make the pain go away.

“Have you got any Aspirin?”


In the end it was just after lunch when I felt well enough to do something about the requested apology. I didn’t feel sober enough to drive round to the scene of the previous night’s party and Alice refused to drive me, so I tapped the address into my phone and set off on foot, happy to be out of Alice’s audible range for a while.

I knocked the door of Molly’s apartment and backed away, down a couple of steps, when I heard some movement behind the door.

Molly opened the door to her apartment and scowled down at me. Way to make me feel better.

“I… I just came to say sorry… for last night.” It was like I had a stutter now, another affliction to add to my broken head.

Molly gave a quick “humph” and then a thin smile spread across her face. “Yes, you were a bit of a dick.”

There wasn’t much to disagree with there, so I kept quiet.

Molly stood aside a little and motioned for me to enter her apartment. “Come in. It looks like you could use a few minutes to sit down and maybe some coffee.”

Again, there was nothing to disagree with; Molly’s assessment was totally accurate.

Molly had probably spent most of the morning tidying up the apartment because it looked a whole lot better than I remembered it. Not a single piece of glassware was left on view and there was no evidence of that big bowl of chips that someone had tipped over and then been stomped into the carpet. The air didn’t smell of alcohol and smoke, but was heavy with some kind of air freshener that she’d obviously used to obliterate the odors of the previous night.

I sat on her sofa and leaned back while she asked from the kitchen how I wanted my coffee. I managed a weak, “Great.” when she suggested straight-up black.

When Molly brought the coffee in she pulled up a small table to my side of the sofa and placed a steaming cup on it for me. She got her own drink, sat sideways at the other end of the sofa and pulled her feet up in front of her. She looked content and, despite the circumstance, I didn’t feel the least uncomfortable.

“I expect Alice made you come over.” Molly sipped from her mug.

“Kind of,” I admitted, “but I think I probably was a bit of a dick, and you do deserve an apology. I’m really sorry. I was really drunk.”

Molly nodded. “Alice can be a bit prim and proper at times but, yes you were a bit out of line. I can’t imagine where you found enough beer to get in the state you were in.”

I sighed and recalled, “I’m pretty sure there was some wine involved too. It’s hard to be sure. There was a lot of booze around.”

As I had observed the previous evening, Molly looked spectacular to my strained eyes. I knew that she was a few years older than Alice, who was six years older than me, so that put Molly closer to 35 than 30, but she was looking good at whatever age she was.

The first thing you noticed about Molly was the huge bush of curly locks that she wore long and cascading around he shoulders. Her brown hair framed her young-ish features and ready smile but the casual observer might not get to those deep hazel eyes before the noticed her figure. While not exactly a stick insect, Molly was thin with a layer of latent puppy fat that filled out her jeans nicely and probably added to the impressive size of her breasts – the subject of my ill-advised comment the night before.

As I sat and cradled my coffee I glanced frequently over at Molly, trying not to let my gaze linger on her boobs, but knowing I was failing miserably.

Molly was more relaxed about the whole thing than I could ever have expected, but I guess that she’d lived with the “problem” every day of her adult life so maybe it wasn’t so surprising. “It’s not like I haven’t heard it before.” She said matter-of-factly. “Men, and boys, seem to be infatuated by breasts, and these are… noticeable, I guess.” Her eyes darted down to the breasts in question.

They sure were that, I managed not to say it out loud. “We are a little… predictable, at times. Men, I mean.” I managed a limp smile.

“Anyway,” Molly reached around to place her mug on a table, “Consider yourself forgiven. It’s not like I haven’t made a few verbal mistakes in my time. It’s nice to meet you by the way, Alice has told me about you a little. She’s very proud of her little brother, so I hope she gets over her outrage soon.”

“She will.” I assured Molly. “She’s okay, just a little uptight at times. And not sympathetic to hangovers.”

Molly laughed and shared a few stories about when she first came to town and met Alice. It was obvious that they were good friends, but more and more I was realizing that they lived at the opposite ends of of the stress scale. The more time I spent with Molly the more relaxed she came across.

As an hour sped by my head started to clear and I found myself turning on the sofa to face her more and more. Molly continued to have her bare feet up on the sofa, her knees under her chin, almost like she was hiding her breasts, but the outline of her bottom and the soft mounding between her legs was easy to see between her ankles in the lines of her jeans.

“So,” she looked at me with a coyer smile than I’d been used to, “are you one of those guys obsessed by boobs, or was last night just an isolated incident?”

Suddenly I felt the heat of embarrassment and excitement as I took in the topic of her question. “I’m not obsessed…” I offered, trying to come up with an appropriate elaboration.

“So you just singled out mine for your attentions?”

“Well, not exactly…” I stumbled, “but they were hard to miss last night.”

“And you really thought they were fake?”

“Not exactly…” I felt like the moment was running away with me now, Molly was cornering me for some reason. “I guess I just wondered if they had been… enhanced.”

Molly smiled. “Do you still want to know?”

My mind raced, immediately thinking of a hundred different ways she might offer to prove their authenticity. “Yes.”

“Well, they are real.” Was all she said, dropping her knees a little to allow me to see more of their shape beneath her t-shirt and looking down at them herself. “All real.”

My mind had been racing and predominant among my thoughts was that Molly was going to offer to show me, or let me feel, how real they were. When she simply said, “They are real.” it was a deflating moment. It had no right to be deflating, but the prospect of seeing her boobs was exciting. My mind had just been way ahead of the moment and I figured I’d misread Molly’s intentions.

“Let me get you another drink.” She stood up and took my mug.

“I should be going.” I semi-protested. “I’m feeling a whole lot better now, thanks.”

Molly dismissed my protestations. “Hang around.” she insisted. “I have a few questions for you. Unless you need to get back to Alice, of course.” Molly smirked.

I waited a couple of minutes and wondered what Molly could possibly want to ask me. I was enjoying her company now though, so an imminent exit wasn’t something I wanted. Who didn’t like having fun conversations in the company of a beautiful woman?

Molly placed my refilled mug on the table next to me and retook her position at the other end of the sofa. “So…” she began, giving her question a big verbal build up, “tell me… is that bulge in your jeans real?”

Before I could summon an answer I felt my face flush and was suddenly super-aware of the erection that had developed in my jeans. Molly’s face wore a wicked grin now that I couldn’t discern as playful or depicting revenge. She calmly sipped at her drink and enjoyed my discomfort as I shuffled a little, hoping to hide a little of the bulge.

I was left with nowhere to go. “It’s real.”

“All of it?” Molly’s eyebrows rose. “Looks impressive. You sure it’s not padded?”

I shook my head and gulped away the lump that had come into my throat. “It’s real.”

Molly didn’t say anything for a few moments. I could kind of see now that she was having fun rather than being cruel, but she was an expert at raising tension. When she did speak it was after a sip of her drink and in a very measured tone, “Prove it.”

I took a deep, involuntary, breath and let her words sink in. It was a moment when I could easily have made my excuses and leave, but it was also a moment that had suddenly charged with more sexual tension than I’d known in my life to that point.

“You mean…”

“Yes.” Molly was matter-of-fact and positive. “Prove it. Take it out.”

I could have simply walked out, no doubt about that, but I didn’t want to. The desire to stay and see what happened was overwhelming and I think that was exactly what Molly thought she had engineered.

I stood up from the sofa, my eyes fixed on Molly, and started to unbuckle my jeans. Pulling apart the snap, I then slid down the zipper and slid the jeans half-way down my thighs. The bulge in my underwear was impossible to miss. There was very little expression on Molly’s face and when I looked to her for confirmation she simply made a small nod of her head towards my crotch that said, “Go on.”

I pulled the waistband over the head of my erection and down to reveal my throbbing cock. The head was a deep red color, flushed with excitement and my shaft pointed straight up. My cock twitched as she started at it, her face inscrutable.

“Certainly looks like it’s all yours, I’ll give you that.” She conceded. “I guess you were telling the truth.”

“Were you?” I smirked and nodded at her chest. “Can you prove it?”

“I don’t need to.” Molly dismissed. “I’m not getting my boobs out just to appease your curiosity. You can sit down again if you like.”

I moved to put my cock away and she interrupted. “No need to put it away.” She advised. “It’s fine as it is. You might want to pull your jeans all the way off though. You might be more comfortable like that, and we don’t want you uncomfortable.”

By now I was happy to go along with whatever Molly said, despite her tease of refusing to show her breasts. I pushed my jeans down my legs, followed by my underwear, and then stepped out of them. I sat back down on the sofa, my cock standing to attention between my legs and up the front of my lower belly. Molly nodded. “That looks more comfortable.”

“Comfort” was relative at that point – I was physically in no discomfort, but the tension in the air was stifling and my desire to know what happened next was enormous.

The conversation that followed – about my job and where I lived – was so mundane that I wondered if the whole situation wasn’t a strange dream. Molly was calm and matter of fact as we talked, not paying any particular attention to my naked thighs and happy cock as it pulsed and occasionally twitched. As the conversation moved around to Alice and her friendship with Molly I felt the pressure in my cock subside a little and my member start to deflate. Maybe it was me getting comfortable with the situation, maybe it was thinking about my sister that caused the deflation, but I was softening quickly now.

Molly noticed. I watched as her eyes switched down to my lap a couple of times, then she shuffled her position a little, presumable to get a better view of my shrinking manhood.

“That’s interesting.” She broke the thread of the conversation and from the way she was staring at my crotch there was no doubt what she found interesting. “Looks like you’re having a blood flow problem there.” she chuckled.

“I…” It was hard to know what to say, I was young and not used to relaxation like that in the presence of a beautiful woman.

“Shame,” Molly shuffled her leg out towards me, planting her bare foot in my lap. “I kind of liked seeing it standing up there.” Her foot started to gently massage the soft skin of my semi-hard cock. “You think we can do anything about that?”

“You already are.” I observed, the touch of her skin starting to revive my erection.

Molly looked on as her foot and toes moved along my shaft and then slipped further between my legs to rub against my balls. My response was almost instant, back to full strength in only a minute or so. I sat a little more upright as Molly continued her gentle ministrations. I could feel her toes as they tried to curl around my shaft and the sole of her foot as she rubbed along my length. She proved incredibly dexterous as she pulled down my foreskin with her foot, fully returning me to my “on display” state.

I watched intently, looking down as she moved and manipulated me and quickly started to wonder if anyone had cum as quickly as I was about to, just from the rubbing of a woman’s foot. Just when I was about to alert her to the imminent climax Molly withdrew her foot and smiled over to me. “Much better.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Molly smirked a little now, “I do like being able to see a nice cock. A pleasing sight, to say the least.” She drew her legs comfortably up in front of her again and glanced back down at my crotch.

“Is that all you do?” I ventured, my voice cracking a bit in the tension of the room. “You just look?”

Molly shrugged and her bottom lip curled over her top one for a few seconds. “Sometimes. It’s a simple pleasure. Sometimes I like to touch with my hand too.” She didn’t move, almost inciting my next comment, as though she was now reveling in the tease she had created.

I’m sure with maturity I would have been better at reacting but as inexperienced as I was back then I could do nothing but watch for her next move. Thankfully Molly was having fun with me, not trying to tease me to death.

“Would you like me to touch it a little?” She took her fingers off her legs, advertising their availability. “Would that make you more comfortable?”

I managed to nod.

Molly slowly unfolded herself from her end of the sofa and swiveled to be on her knees, next to me now. She looked down at my cock before gently taking her hand and sliding it down the side of my shaft, all the way down between my legs and against my balls.

On her way back up Molly’s fingers wrapped around my shaft and tugged my foreskin over the head of my cock, then she gently pulled the skin away again, sending wonderful sensations throughout my body as her touch began to register. I caught my breath as her hand pulled hard at the bottom of my shaft and Molly smiled at my reaction.

I opened my legs and let Molly stroke me a few times. I wanted to watch every movement but at one point I had to lean back in the sofa and sigh as the pleasure started to reach many more nerves than Molly’s hand was touching. “God, that feels good.” I breathed.

“Good.”" Molly sounded genuinely pleased. “You have a lovely cock. I like the way it sits straight up in your lap.” She stroked a couple of times. “It does feel a bit twitchy though. Do you need to cum?”

I knew I was getting worked up, but Molly’s deadpan-delivered sexy words quickly threw my excitement into a whole new realm. I barely had time to nod and open my mouth when I felt the first distant stirrings of climax. I tried to say something to warn her, but Molly was way ahead of me. She quickly brought her other hand over to me and pushed my legs wider apart so she could increase the length of her strokes by an inch and then cupped my balls in her second hand while she continued with her long, slow strokes.

The situation was so highly charged there was nothing I could do but throw my head back and groan as the climax started to burn in my thighs. As the white hot sensation of orgasm burst around my groin and swept through my body I shook with the intensity of the pleasure and felt rather than heard Molly’s soothing words for my orgasm. “There you go baby, just let it all come now.”

Her hands didn’t miss a beat, stroking me and squeezing my balls as I came. Even as the first rush of cum shot from the end of my cock and landed on my thigh Molly kept her movements consistent and firm. After I’d spurted three or four more times I felt Molly’s hand squeeze harder around me and push up, making sure that she had every last drop of my cum out and running over my cock head and onto her fingers.

Molly kept hold of my cock and reached behind me to pull a few tissues from a box. She carefully wiped the cum away from her fingers and my subsiding erection, then she wiped at my thighs and shirt until she thought she had all evidence of my ejaculation cleared away. I could still feel the last electrical pulses of the moment coursing through my nerves as I watched her work.

“I’ll bet that feels better.” Molly looked up from her handiwork and kissed me gently on the cheek. “Felt like you were ready for that.”

“You could say that.” I was still struggling for words and feeling the occasional twitch in my muscles as the last waves of pleasure tried to stir up every last nerve ending in my body.

“Well, it was nice to watch you cumming. Molly laughed, still gently holding my cock. “I have to say that it’s one of life’s little pleasures for me, watching a man cum. It always makes me feel good to be part of that. I take it you didn’t mind?” She smiled to me again, innocently, while she was holding my cock. It was an amazing spectacle – her beautiful, matter-of-fact smile and with her hand wrapped around me.

“I’m glad it was good for you,” I laughed now, realizing the role-reversal in her words, “but I think I got the better of that.”

Molly shrugged and gave my cock an encouraging little tug. “Maybe… but I have a feeling you might be able to do something to even things up pretty soon.”

She looked down at my cock as it twitched again, then she turned to face me. Her soft smile was an invitation I had no intention of ignoring and as she drew close to me I met her lips with mine and we slipped into an easy, deep kiss.

Molly’s tongue moved slowly inside my mouth, her experience slowing my eager passion down and her body urging me to relax and enjoy. Her hand still held my cock firmly, but now she started to stroke me a little, urging me back to hardness. I felt Molly’s other hand reach over and take my hand, then place it on her breast. As we continued the slow, sensual kiss I pressed my fingers against her shirt, feeling her bra underneath and just the faintest hint of a nipple.

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