My mom climbed up on the couch after giving me the blowjob of my life. Her red silk pajama top not doing much to cover her lower half. She stood on the couch in her high heels. He legs spread out around my body. My hands reached up under her long red shirt and grabbed her red silk panties. I watched in amazement as I did this. I slowly lowered her panties until they were as low as her spread legs would allow. I stared at her pussy. She had a neatly trimmed dark bush. I could see that her pussylips were wet with excitement.

“Yes, baby! Eat your mom!” She moaned in excitement before I did anything.

I caressed her legs and let my hands travel up each leg slowly. As I approached her pussy her body quivered in response to the pleasure it was about to receive. Her pussy was so wet that a single drop traveled down the inside of her leg to meet my approaching hand. I scooped it up with my finger and brought it to my mouth as my mother looked down at me. She leaned against the back of the couch and moaned as I licked her pussy juice off my finger with delight.

My hands continued their travel up her legs and covered her ass. I squeezed gently. She reached back with one hand and covered one of my hands with hers, She rested her head on the back of the couch as my face approached her pussy. I breathed deeply, savoring the sweet smell of her pussy. It had been so long since I last had sex that I was desperate for it, but wanted to continue the tease to make the reality that much better.

She sighed as my fingers rubbed her pussylips softly and spread them apart. I slowly began licking my way up the inside of her legs. She moaned and grabbed the back of my head, trying to force me to go faster. I found myself no longer capable of holding back and dove into her pussy with abandon. I licked and slurped on it while my fingers found her clit and drove her nuts.

“Oh baby! That’s so good. Eat your mom’s pussy like I’ve always wanted you to!” She screamed.

I let loose and attacked like a wild animal. She used both her hands to bury my face in her pussy. Her red silk shirt rose up and she lifted it up and off of her. Her big tits were free for the first time so that my eyes could stare at the heavenly mounds I always secretly lusted after as a child. Unfortunately, I did not have long to stare as she once again buried me in her pussy, almost suffocating me in the process. If I had to die this would be the way I would like to go.

I resumed licking, touching and rubbing her clit and pussy with a passion I never knew before. Maybe it was all the pent up sexuality, but I figured a lot of it had to do with my secret desire for my mother. I thrust my tongue all the way inside of her as if it were my cock. I was astonished to hear some of what my mom had to scream in response to my actions.

“Eat my pussy you motherfucker! Oh, God! Bury that tongue inside me! Don’t stop!” She screamed and it echoed off the walls of her suburban home.

I did as she directed and more. I fingered her as I ate her out. My tongue occasionally teasing her pussy lips and clit when she paused to try and catch her breath. Her whole body shook with her pleasure.

“Oh, baby! I never had it this good before!” Mom moaned as she reached down to rub her pussy as I continued licking her.

Mom tossed her head back as her orgasm was fast approaching. She ran her fingers through my hair repeatedly and mumbled incoherent things.

“Oh, I’m going to cum Mike! Your mom is going to cum all over your tongue!” She screamed as I felt her pussy become more wet.

Her juices flowed as she screamed. I swallowed. Still some of her juices flowed out over my mouth and down my chin. Mom kept moaning and collapsed on the back of the couch. I let my hands travel up her smooth thin stomach and caressed her breasts. Her nipples were already rock hard as I teased them by running circles around without even touching them. I sat up straighter and started licking them and sucking them. Mom held the back of my head and just continued moaning. I tried to pull her down to sit on my hard cock, but she resisted and pulled away.

“No, baby. I’m exhausted. We both had a tough day. Let’s go to bed and get some sleep. Tomorrow we can do whatever we want.” She said with a seductive smile and an air of mystery.

I watched as my mother grabbed her silk shirt and walked in just her pantyhose and high heels. She took off the heels and put them in the closet and walked slowly up the stairs as I grabbed my things and followed her. I watched her ass slowly move side to side as she took each step slowly, teasing me, taunting me with the hint of sex, but not the release I so desperately needed. I watched as she opened her bedroom door. She looked back at me and smiled a smile that made my cock jump openly. She glanced down at it and blew me a kiss, before turning around and going into her room, shutting the door behind her and locking it.

I stood there for a moment before going into the room next to hers. I dropped my clothes to the floor and got into the bed. I made sure there was a box of tissues on the nightstand next to the bed before I starting jerking my cock. I heard slight moans from the next room and knew my mom was playing with her pussy as I was jerking off. I tried to time it perfectly so my cock would match the rhythm of her moans.

“Mike, Oh Mike, my baby, fuck me!” She moaned loudly as I continued jerking off imagining that we were together instead of in our separate beds playing with ourselves.

I sped up my hand motion on my cock. I heard a buzzing that had to be her vibrator. She did not hold back in making it clear that she was masturbating and teasing me. I heard faint wet sounds that made me realize her bed was on the other side of the wall from mine. Only a thin wall separated us. Her headboard hit the wall a few times making it obvious she was going wild and thrashing her body around enough to make the headboard move like that.

“Oh, Mike!” She screamed.

This sent me over the edge and I came.

“Oh, mom!” I yelled out as I cum shot out of my cock with enough force to make me lose consciousness.

Next morning.

I woke with the sun beating on my face. I thought back and felt myself blush at all that had happened the previous day and night. I lay there as I remembered what I did with my mom…to my mom, to be exact. I got up from the bed still naked and went and took a long cold shower. Thoughts raced through my head about what I still wanted to do to my mother. Even though I knew it was wrong…it was so right. My mom was one of the few women who understood me entirely. I kept my full self from other women, only showing glimpses at times. The only other women who knew me almost as well as my mother were my beautiful sisters Carmen and Nadine.

I toweled off and felt an erection coming. I smiled in the mirror as I got dressed. I left my shirt off because I still had the same pair of worn clothes from the day before. I grabbed my cell phone and called some moving people that work for my company. I sent them to my house to pick up clothes, my home laptop and various belongings. I didn’t need furniture. My mom’s house was fully furnished for her kids and future grandkids.

I went down the steps feeling breezy and alive for the first time in a long time. I didn’t even notice until then, that I was just going through the motions in life. I went into the kitchen to find my mom working on breakfast in a thin, see-through robe. I came up behind her. I matched my body to hers. I kissed the back and sides of her neck. She arched her back for a moment. My hands reached around and grabbed her breasts. She slapped my hands down. She turned around and our eyes met for a moment. I could tell she still wanted me, but her eyes gave away the regret of what we did the day before. Shock and confusion overwhelmed me.

I went to the fridge and got a glass of orange juice before going to the dining room table to sit. Silence overwhelmed the house except the faint sounds of bacon cooking in a pan. I stared at my glass of juice without touching it. Tension filled the air. My mom went to the cabinet and got plates as she served out our breakfast. She brought my plate and silverware and set them down in front of me. She did the same for herself and sat down and began to eat. She refused to look at me. It wasn’t anger. Mom has been mad at me on occasion and this wasn’t it. It had to be regret. As my mom was eating I began to follow suit and do the same.

When our breakfast was finished and we began to drink our juice, I saw mom look at me out of the corner of my eyes. Even though sitting at the far end of the table from me, I could see the outline of her nipples through her thin robe, teasing me with something I seemed to not have permission to touch, or taste. My heart was racing a mile a minute just as my thoughts raced.

Mom cleared her throat in what seemed like nervousness, as she picked up our plates and glasses. She washed them at the sink as I looked at her from the table. The robe and the sunlight did little to protect her form from my eyes. I could see she wasn’t wearing anything under the robe. I seemed to struggle for air at the memory of touching her ass last night as I licked her pussy.

She washed the dished and glasses and put them away before returning to the table and sitting down. The silence was too much.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“We shouldn’t have done what we did last night. It’s wrong. You know it and I know it.” She said.

“Yeah…but.” I stammered.

“No, buts. We can’t do this, Mike. I love you and I know you love me. We are both lonely. We both lost our spouses. We are both very vulnerable right now. I…I can’t forgive myself for taking advantage of your vulnerability.” Mom said as she lowered her head.

I stood up and walked to her. I hugged her to me. Her face was at crotch level, but I tried not to think perverted thoughts. It didn’t help much. Mom stood up and her tie came loose on her robe revealing her nudity to my eye momentarily before she closed it back up quickly. I came up behind her as she seemed not able to face me. I hugged her from behind and pressed my erection up against her ass. She sighed and stood still for a moment before turning around.

“Mike, as much as I want to, we can’t. I called Carmen this morning and told her about you and Marissa. She is coming home since it is spring vacation anyway, she should be here tomorrow. We can’t do anything. If we got caught I would be devastated. I love you…more than I have a right to. Maybe we can continue with this…after she goes back to college, but for now we have to stop.” Mom said.

I nodded my head. She came into my arms and we held each other tightly. Our bodies pressed together like lovers. We didn’t separate for a long while. As she pulled back some I kissed her. It was a long kissed filled with pent up passion, lust, desire for her kept inside of me over most of my life. Our kiss was closed mouth and then became open mouth, soon followed by a meeting of tongues. We separated each with a sense of loss & longing.

Mom walked to the window over the sink and looked out at the sunny day. She sighed and stretched. Her robe could not cover her entire body when she did this, so it rose up and revealed her long sexy legs. She stood on her tip toes for a minute before slowly lowering herself and sighing again. I wanted her so much right then that it was killing me to keep my hands to myself.

“I think I am going to take a dip in the pool since it is such a nice day and my “big boy” is home to watch after me and protect me from any guys who come my way.” She said laughing and teasing me with her words.

I laughed with her.

“Care to join me?” She asked as she turned around and raised an eyebrow.

“Sure, mom. Only thing is I don’t have any swimming trunks.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” Mom said in a whisper that was very feminine as she undid her robe for a tiny view of her nudity.

As she watched me watching her, she looked down at herself for a moment before looking back up and into my eyes.

I gulped for air.

“It’s only fair that I go naked since you can’t wear a suit. I’d hate to think I was taking advantage of my “big boy”.” Mom said as she walked toward me and kissed me on the cheek. She held her lips there for awhile before pulling back and going to get us some towels.

I pulled my pants and boxers off and folded my pants over the back of a dining room chair. I folded my boxers over them. Mom returned to the dining room and gasped as she saw me entirely naked. Her robe fell apart and we were both naked. She slid out of it. Her nipples were hard and big. I looked down at her bush. I saw her stomach moving as her tits rose and fell fast. My cock grew and she stood still and looked at it openly. I grabbed a towel from her and she walked past me. I goosed her on the ass with the towel and she gasped and laughed before running off. I chased after her.

She ran out the french doors and closed the screen door behind her. It stopped me momentarily but by the time I got outside she had already jumped into the in ground pool. I followed and dove in. I came up near my mom and our bodies touched. We didn’t do anything but also did not separate. We looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity. We both enjoyed our privacy because the nearest neighbors were so far away we didn’t have to worry about prying eyes.

“So, um, Carmen is coming home tomorrow?” I asked to break the tension.

“Yeah, she was going to stay at her dorm, but after I told her about you and Marissa she wanted to come home to be with her big brother.” Mom said as she swam to an end to fold her arms on the cement.

Her breasts were pressed against the wall of the pool, but they couldn’t flatten because they were so big. They spilled out over her sides. They looked sexy in an almost innocent way. I came up next to her and did the same.

“So how did Nadine take it?” I asked.

Mom shrugged.

“I didn’t get to tell her. I tried calling, but I think she was in class taking one of her exams before vacation. I’m sure she will be coming home as well. She is a little homesick so I think she wants to get away and come back here for awhile.” Mom said.

I put my hand on her bare back and let it drift down the smooth, silky skin. Mom had a light tan that let me know that my seemingly conservative mother had been tanning nude well before today. I was a little surprised to see no bikini top marks in her tan, I wondered if her bottom was the same. After yesterday, I knew my mom wasn’t exactly as innocent as I always thought she was.

I moved in behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. My cock touched her ass, but I ignored it as much as I could. I just wanted to give her an innocent massage without letting sex interfere. It was hard, both literally and figuratively. Mom sighed and arched her back into my front as she lay her head on the front of my shoulder. I continued massaging her shoulders and back. My cock pressed harder into her ass. I pulled away as I realized I was starting to lose control. Mom seemed disappointed, but tried her best not to show it.

I swam away a bit figuring distance would help in the current situation. I went to the other side of the pool, but even that didn’t seem to help. She looked so sexy and ripe from a distance. If I was looking at her now without knowing, I wouldn’t think that was my mother I couldn’t help staring at. Her back naked to the sun. I stood watching her for as long as I could before turning my back on her and resting my head on my arms.

I felt her tits press into my back as her hands worked on my shoulders. I could feel her pussy press up into me from behind. It felt sexy in an odd way. She whispered sweet nothings into my ear as she massaged my back and shoulders. When she stopped I got out of the pool and grabbed my towel. I turned and saw her getting out of the pool. Water dripping off her sexy body. Her nipples hard and wet. Her pussy soaked. I threw her towel to her and went to lay down on my front, in the shade. She did the same. We lay there in silence and drifted off into an early morning nap.

During my sleep I heard the phone ringing faintly inside the house. I heard Nadine’s voice as she said something about getting mom’s message about me and that she will be coming home in a few days. Her flight from California would mean she would be home later then Carmen who would be at mom’s house as early as the next day since it was only a few hours drive away.

I dreamed about Nadine my beautiful blond sister. She had a similar body to Pamela Anderson, but was younger and even better looking in some ways. Her face was much better looking. Youthful and with long straight hair. She had a smile that could light up the darkest room. Just hearing her voice was enough to make me smile in my sleep.

I woke up not too long later alone with the towel on my back. I stood up and went inside with the towel wrapped around me. My mom was back in her robe, but didn’t bother to close the front.

“Oh, there you are sleepy-head. Nadine should be home in a couple of days. Hard to believe this will be a full house. The last time that happened was when you three helped me move in.” Mom said making it obvious she missed us all.

“Yeah, it will be nice. I kind of missed having my family. Sometimes living with Marissa seemed like living alone. Oh yeah, better get dressed cause some of the moving guys will be bringing my stuff over soon. I wouldn’t want them to hit on my sexy mother and I have to kick their asses.” I said.

Mom giggled but took off for upstairs to dress. I put back on my boxers and pants. I went to the downstairs closet and grabbed one of my dad’s old police shirts. “Cops Do It By The Book.” It read on the front. My mom soon returned in cut-off shorts and a tank top. Obviously her home clothes had changed since I moved years ago. Even though this home was not the one I grew up in, it still had that home feeling because my mom was here. Mom looked at my shirt and inhaled. I guess she liked it on me. It didn’t seem like she was sad to see it.

Not long after the doorbell rang and mom answered it. The guy seemed a little surprised and was obviously checking her out when I told him what room the stuff goes in. Him and another guy made a few trips from the moving truck to my new room and kept glancing at my mom as she sat down on the lazy-boy and put her sexy legs up. I thanked them and gave them each a tip as I shut the door. Mom laughed knowing she had teased them and made me jealous in the process.

I went upstairs and showered thinking about seeing Carmen and Nadine again soon. It had been months but it seemed like years. I missed my sisters who were as protective of me as I was of them. As I showered I closed my eyes and thought of my mom, Nadine and Carmen all naked in the shower together. I jerked off until I came thinking of these three beautiful women naked and wet.

I got dressed in some comfortable shorts. I went downstairs slowly, dreading what I knew I needed to do. I approached the phone in the kitchen with caution, as if it was a deadly instrument. I picked up the corded phone (it was a two phone setup one portable and one an answering machine). I dialed before I could back out. The phone rang for awhile. No answering machine picked up, which was unusual.

On the tenth ring, the phone picked up.

“Hi.” A sleepy male voice answered, must be Tony.

“Put Marissa on.” I said, bypassing any greeting or invitation to chat.

I heard him tell her that it was me in the background. They must still be in bed. So much for her statement of loyalty the day before.

“Hi. Mike? Your moving people woke me up so I went back to sleep.” She said with a sleepy voice.

“Yeah, I could tell. You also went back to bed with Tony, obviously. You see, after what happened I could never trust you, or him, ever again.” I said firmly.

“We didn’t do anything last night. He just didn’t feel like going home after what happened. He feels guilty. So do I. I am so sorry Mike. I want to fix our marriage.” She said.

I laughed.

“Very convincing argument, Marissa. You want me to trust you and while you are pleading your case you are laying in bed with another man. In the past, at least your arguments made better sense than this. I’d give up if I were you. I contacted my lawyer earlier and the divorce papers are being written up. Don’t worry, you can have your dream house. I won’t take that from you. Besides, it is spoiled for me. I don’t ever want to set foot in that place again. I’ll be more than fair, though. You can keep all the furniture and belongings. I figure since we kept our finances separate that we can continue to do so. I hope you aren’t expecting alimony, because adultery is not considered a good thing in divorce settlements. You can have all these things if you don’t contest the divorce. If you try and fight it I will take you to court and then I’ll simply sell off everything I get. You get a lot more this way.” I said.

“Why are you doing this, Mike? I never cheated on you before. This affair with Tony is the first and only time this has ever happened, or will ever happen.” She stated firmly.

“Well good for you. It’s too late for me. Too late for “us”. We are done. I expect you to sign the divorce papers today. If you don’t I will bring it up in court about catching your adultery. It would be embarrassing for the both of us, but I suspect even more so for you. Keep a lookout for the Fed Ex guy. I don’t want any excuses. Sign the papers today and return them today.” I said coldly.

“Please, Mike. Don’t do this. You don’t want to lose me. You don’t want to lose Tony.” She said.

I could only pause at her nerve to say such a thing.

“Marissa…I want to say something I’ve been wanting to say to you for the past three months. Fuck You!” I hung up on her.

I felt good inside. Until that moment I was feeling less like a man and more like a punching back. Striking back did more for me then, than it had done in our entire marriage. Marissa might have gotten her way more then she should have during our marriage, but I knew she wouldn’t go against me on the divorce papers. Image was everything to her and for her adultery to get out anymore than it will, would destroy her. I laughed to myself and felt proud of my actions.

I knew the whole thing about Tony staying over because he was too depressed to go home was a blatant lie. They had sex again. Marissa loved sex too much to go without. That should have been my first clue that she was cheating. A part of me always knew, but I didn’t want to be that jealous husband if I was proven wrong. Unfortunately, she proved my suspicions right. I knew once the papers were signed and returned that I would spread the word about Marissa to everyone we knew. I doubt if anyone would not believe me. Even some of her own family seemed to like me better than her. I wouldn’t lower myself to telling her parents. I liked them. I would tell her brothers and sisters simply because I was close to them and they would want to hear my end of it. The few friends she had that I didn’t like I wouldn’t bother with telling. They would take her side anyway, even if confronted with physical evidence. They were that loyal to her.

When my mother returned from upstairs I told her the news and she seemed happy and proud of me. She hugged me and held me for awhile. She told me she had set up the other bedrooms for my sisters, Carmen & Nadine, who would be coming the following two days. Instead of feeling depressed, like I was, I felt happy that my marriage was ending. Marissa had been tough to live with. She was very demanding and always wanted things her way, even if it made no sense.

“Come with me, I want to show you something.” Mom said as she grabbed my hand and led me to the basement.

We went down the stairs with her leading the way and still holding my hand. She seemed excited about something which was good. All this was distracting me anyway, which was a good thing. Mom showed me that she had converted the basement into a movie theater of sorts. Not the kind the very rich have, but the kind of movie setup someone well off had. The screen took up most of one end of a wall. There were lazy-boy chairs spaced out throughout the basement. I noticed a refrigerator and microwave. The whole basement was carpeted. It was amazing and much needed because our family loved movies.

“Mom, when did you do this? This is amazing! It must have cost a fortune.” I said in surprise.

Mom hit a couple of buttons on her remote control and the basement lights dimmed just like in a movie theater. The slats over the small basement window shut and closed out any source of light. The basement was entirely dark as the screen lit up. A movie began to play with the full sound system of a movie theater. Since there were no neighbors nearby, there would be no complaints as well.

“Amazing isn’t it?” She said and smiled at me.

I grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. We laughed like a couple in love for the first time.

“You are amazing, Mom!” I said.

Mom went to the fridge and got us some sodas. We sat down in chairs close to each other. The movie was the recent remake of Boogeyman. I hadn’t seen it before, so it was a good choice. I put the soda can in a holder built into the chair. I leaned it back and put my feet up. Mom did the same. We held hands and watched the movie.

“Ever watch a porn on this thing?” I asked slyly.

She put her hand in my lap roughly and laughed. Obviously, she did. She held her hand on my lap as we sat and watched the movie. I held her hand there as my cock became erect. Mom slowly rubbed up and down on it. She reached into my shorts and grabbed my cock, She pulled it out of my shorts and rubbed it up and down as she watched the movie. I alternated between watching her and watching the movie.

Mom suddenly stood up and got to her knees in front of me and began devouring my cock with her hot, wet, mouth. I laid back and allowed her to crawl up between my legs as she sucked me as if her life depended on it. She slurped and sucked, licked and rubbed my cock and moaned while she did it.

“Do you like it when mommy sucks you?” She asked teasingly.

“Yeah.” I moaned my response.

“Do you like it better than that bitch Marissa?” She asked.

“Oh, God. Yes!” I moaned as she deep-throated me.

Marissa had never done that. She loved sex, but she was not as into giving oral as receiving it. Mom kept sucking me hard and fast. She rarely let my cock escape her mouth. She really enjoyed sucking it, not like some women who pretend to enjoy it, or others who masturbate it as much as suck it. She used her mouth on my cock the whole time except to pause and catch her breath or make the occasional comment.

“Suck me, Mom!” I shouted as I grabbed the back of her head and guided her up and down,

She looked so sexy in her Daisy Dukes shorts and tank top. She was not the type of woman to wear these clothes. Almost every aspect of her screamed Lady in the classical sense. She has always been very feminine and even in these clothes she pulled it off with her hair in a ponytail.

“Do you like that? Do you like your mom being a cocksucker like this?” Mom asked as she slipped the side of my cock in her mouth and sucked on it.

“Yes, Mom! I love it. I love when you suck my fucking hard cock like that! It’s hard because of you baby!” I said.

“Oh yeah!” Mom moaned as she unsnapped her shorts and started fingering her pussy with her white silk panties pushed aside.

These actions were new because before last night I never so much as heard my mom masturbate or her and my dad having sex. I suspect that was why they went off a lot during my later youth, leaving me to watch my two sisters a lot. I couldn’t blame my dad. My mom still looked like she was in her twenties. She had me when she was fifteen so she still acted younger than some mothers. Though she showed much more maturity at times as well.

Mom timed her strokes on her pussy with how she sucked me. I watched her intently alternating between watching her head bob up and down on my cock to watching her free hand working over her pussy like a pro. She whimpered around my cock as she began approaching her orgasm. She paused sucking me for a moment.

“Cum with me baby! Cum in mommy’s mouth! I want to taste your hot cum again!” She said.

I grabbed the back of her head in both hands and began thrusting my cock up into her mouth as she worked on her pussy with both her hands. She whimpered, moaned and slurped on my cock all at the same time. Her mouth hummed on it like it was a favorite food. As she started cumming, I could tell because tears flowed from her eyes and she moaned loudly around my cock, I sent wave after wave of my hot cum up into her mouth. She kept sucking wildly and swallowing quickly. A couple strands of my cum leaked out on her lower lip and dripped down to the exposed cleavage of her chest. The sight was so fucking hot that I sent another couple of jets of my cum across her face. Mom smiled and rubbed it in. Then she licked her fingers clean. She looked so damn sexy with her face covered in my cum. Her tongue hung in the open, licking her lower lip and it was such a sexy sight to see her with my cum on her tongue.

“We better stop soon or Carmen will catch us.” Mom said.

“She’s not even coming until tomorrow.” I said.

“She might not be coming until tomorrow, but I already came last night and today.” Mom said and we both laughed.

She leaned back with her legs spread. Her shorts still opened and her panties wet. Her nipples were hard through her tank top. She closed her eyes as she rubbed her breasts. I grabbed some tissues off of the end table next to my chair and cleaned myself up. I offered the box to my mom who wiped her face.

She slowly got up from the carpet and walked to the chair next to mine. She plopped down and put her feet up. She didn’t bother to redo her shorts or the zipper on them. She left her white silk panties exposed and closed her eyes. I resumed watching the movie. I eyed her on occasion and it was apparent that she had fallen asleep. I knew my mom worked hard so I was not surprised to see her this tired. Her work was very stressful and tiring. Still the knowledge of how tired she was didn’t stop me from wanting to get up and fuck her right on that chair. I watched the movie the rest of the way through and the DVD player automatically went to the next movie which was Assault On Precinct 13 (the remake). I watched that as well and looked at my mom occasionally. Her hand was in her panties but more for comfort than masturbation, it seemed. As that movie came to a close the DVD player and TV shut off automatically. It must have been on a timer set to play two movies. I drifted off to sleep seeing my mother sleep so soundly through the movies.

I woke with my mom shaking my arm. She was freshly showered and dressed in clothes that seemed more like the mother I knew growing up. She had a red dress on with earrings. Her hair was combed back and it was in a bun. A few strands hung loose in the front from her shaking me awake.

“Supper time, sleepy-head!” Mom said laughing.

I almost felt as if all our experiences from today and yesterday was all a dream. All except the sparkle in my mother’s eyes that showed it was real. Her attraction to me had not ended. The flames of our passion had only begun to grow red hot. She tussled the hair on my head and grabbed my hand closest to her as she walked me out of the dark basement.

The dining room was set. The lights were all dimmed. Candles were lit on the table and dinner was already served. We sat down opposite each other, but closer than we were at breakfast. Words were not said. They didn’t need to be. The sexual tension filled the air and we both knew what was going to happen, what HAD to happen tonight, We both knew the risk of getting caught by Carmen tomorrow, but neither of us seemed to care. We both wanted this. We ate dinner silently. Nibbling at the food but staring at each other.

After supper, Mom got the plates and I brought the glasses to the sink after blowing out the candles. I reached around mom and set the wine glasses in the sink. I then wrapped my hands around my mom as my body pressed into hers from the back. She gasped. I kissed the back of her neck and then the sides. I licked my way up to her earlobe.

She arched her back and cupped my head with her hands as my head was next to hers. She turned her head sideways and we kissed passionately, desperately as if we need to kiss or die of lack of oxygen. Her body pressed back against my own as we melted together. Our kissing reached fever pitch before my mom turned around. Her flesh taunted me as her lips met my own. I held her in both my arms as we melted into each other once more.

Mom grabbed my hand and we walked into the living room in shared silence. Mom kicked off her matching high heels in care-free abandon. Her stockings teased me with the sight of her beautiful legs as she did this. She flicked on the light in an almost teasing manner before I surprised her and picked her up in both my arms. I carried her up the steps as she giggled then returned to silence.

As we reached her room, mom reached down and opened the door. I carried her through and kicked the door shut behind me. I kissed her while she was in my arms and walked over to her bed. I laid her down on the bed gently. We started kissing again as she held onto me tightly.

“I haven’t been with a man…since your father. I’m glad that you are going to be my second lover ever.” Mom said.

I was reminded that she had me when she was so young. My father was slightly older than her before he got murdered. I realized that he was her only lover…until me. I took off my shirt and shorts as I hovered above her. I slid the thin straps from her shoulders. She slipped her arms free and her breasts were exposed. I dove into them licking and sucking the nipples as she arched her back to offer me more of them. I slowly lowered her dress more until she had to arch her butt off the bed so I could take the dress completely off of her body.

Her matching red panties and stockings were the only thing left on her body. I lowered my head to her panties and breathed on them and teased her pussy through them. I licked her pussylips and pressed her panties in-between them. I took her panties off and tossed them aside with her dress on the floor. I took my boxers off as well, and we both laid there naked.

I rubbed my cock up against her pussylips. We kissed and I used my free hand to slap my cock against her pussy. I could feel how wet she was as my cock continued to slap against her pussy. The look on her face gave away how horny she was. She wanted this as much as I did. No more foreplay. None was needed. We were both ready.

I put my cock between her pussylips, and with a gentle thrust, pushed it inside of her. She gasped. I could tell it had been quite awhile since she last had sex, She was very tight. She was also very wet as her juices coated my cock. I began to thrust in and out of her slowly. Our eyes met as I fucked her slowly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me in for a passionate kiss. Her legs wrapped around my back as she left herself fully open, and vulnerable, to my thrusting cock.

I began to pick up pace as she urged me on with moans of pleasure.

“Oh baby! Fuck your mother! Your cock feels so good inside of me!” She moaned as she tossed her head side to side.

Her body arched up to meet my thrusts eagerly. I surprised her as I rolled her over so she was on top of me. Mom paused and sat on my cock for a moment, before a smile spread across her lovely face. She started riding me slowly. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she licked her lips. She went at her own pace as I allowed her to take over completely. Her hands rubbed up and down my bare chest as my hands caressed her lovely tits. I pinched her nipples and she bit down gently on her lower lip. She moaned,

“Yeah Mom! Ride my hard cock like I’ve always wanted you too!” I shouted.

She gasped at that comment but rode my dick harder and faster. Our pace picked up until we were sweating and moaning in unison. My hands reached down and grabbed her ass causing her to moan once more. I helped guide her up and down on my cock as she started to tire out. I flipped her over once again, surprising her with my actions. I began thrusting faster as we kissed and our bodies melted together. I pulled out of her, shocking her once more.

“What?…” She asked.

I gave her my hand and she took it. I helped her up and flipped her over so she was on the edge of the bed with her ass exposed. It looked so inviting I couldn’t help myself.

“Mike? You naughty boy! You aren’t going to do what I think you are, are you?” She asked in a voice filled with mock authority.

I didn’t answer as she looked back, but thrust my dick back into her pussy from behind. She leaned on her elbows but went flat on the bed with that initial thrust, She tried to regain her balance as I continued thrusting in and out of her, I smacked her ass a few times making her scream out and beg for me to continue doing it. Soon her ass was red with my slaps as I let my balls continue slapping against the underside of her pussy. I reached under her and played with her clit as I fucked her faster and harder,

“I’m going to cum Mike!” She screamed out.

“Cum for me Mom! Cum all over my cock! I want to feel your juices all over me!” I shouted out.

She came as I exploded inside of her pussy sending wave after wave of my hot cum deep inside her pussy. I collapsed against her from behind as she lay spent on the bed.

“My God!” Mom moaned as she was trying to catch her breath.

“I feel the same way.” I whispered in her ear as I kissed the back and sides of her neck.

“You know, I can still get pregnant and I am not on the pill.” Mom said.

I laughed.

“Then you could be the mother of your first grandchild.” I said as I pulled out of her and climbed up the bed.

She crawled up to me and I held her, We both lay on top of the sheets trying to cool down. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek.

“Do you want to have another baby?” I asked Mom.

“I think I do. It has gotten awfully lonely around the house since you, Carmen & Nadine moved out.” Mom said longingly.

“Well we have to just keep trying!” I said as I pounced on her.

She laughed and we made love over and over again well into the night.

I woke up with my mom riding my cock. I was having a sweet dream of her licking and sucking my dick until it was hard and then riding me. Waking up to the reality proved that she had been doing just what I dreamed. The room was dark and the only sounds were our bodies colliding and wet sounds of my cock entering and withdrawing from her pussy. Her breathing was slow at first but picked up pace as she rode me. I let my hands lay on her ass but didn’t guide her at all. I just loved feeling her ass in my hands like that. Her tits bounced up and down and I could see the outlines of her hard nipples in the faint moonlight.

“Oh yes!” Mom shouted out as she climaxed once again on my dick and I shot my cum inside of her.

She laid down on top of me and we fell asleep again like that.

I woke in the morning and had to rush to the bathroom to pee. I didn’t bother to dress. As I finished I washed my hands and started making my way back to mom’s room.

“I came home to try to cheer you up, but it looks like mom beat me to the punch.” I heard a woman say from behind me.

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