full moon

“Have you ever noticed anything you found strange about John Henry?” Sarky asked you.

“Other than the fact that he is the best sex partner I have ever had next to my lover, nothing comes to mind.” you replied.

“There is though,” Sarky explained. “It is a strange animal magnetism and an appetite for sex that makes most men seem like boys. Of course, I am sure that Ransome seems that way to you, though I wouldn’t know as you keep him way too much to yourself.” Sarky laughed softly as she thought about your possessiveness of your lover. “Someday maybe I will be able to make a comparison.”

You glared at the last comment, feeling a bit of jealousy start to rise inside of you. You were about to say something when Sarky cut you off.

“I am teasing you, I know how much he means to you and would never violate what the two of you have, until you invite me, if you ever do.” she grinned. “I am not holding my breath though, it seems to me that he learned to share with others and you missed that day in kindergarten.”

“Back to John Henry,” Sarky said, getting serious again. “You seem to be his favorite sex partner, next to me, and I want you to know something. No matter how wild and bizarre things may get with him, you will always be safe, never be frightened of any situation you might find yourself in with him.” Sarky finished mysteriously.

You were just about to ask what she meant when your lover joined the two of you. “Girl talk?” he asked.

Trying to shock him, you said “Yes, we were just discussing how much John Henry loves to fuck me and how hot he finds me.” You grinned as your voice trailed off.

“How can he help himself, you are one of the two sexiest women I know,” he said and smiled at Sarky indicating she was the also one of the two. “I have to admit that you have always been extremely hot after you have been with him. Good thing I share well with others or I might get extremely jealous. As it is, I get so excited seeing you that turned on, I can’t help but appreciate what he does to you. I still get excited thinking about the first time the three of us were together, you were so shocked, but so excited at the same time. You have come a long way, Baby.”

“Did you tell her yet, Sarky?” he asked.

“No, I was just getting around to it, I got as far as telling her that no matter what, she is absolutely safe with him.” she explained. “I did hint that it might be nice if she thought about sharing you sometime.” she added.

“Good luck with that. My Baby is P-O-S-S-E-S-S-I-V-E.” he spelled, accentuating each letter so it was spoken as a capital. “You know I am too much in love with her to want anyone else………but for you Sarky, if she absolutely demanded it, I could give it my best effort.”

Everyone laughed at the joke. You looked quizzically at your lover waiting for an explanation of what it was that Sarky was going to tell you. Sarky saw your questioning eyes and explained, “Tomorrow night is a special event. As you may or may not know, there will be a full moon and a special ‘party’ at an estate out in the country. The two of you are invited, it is much like the dungeon parties, but it can be a bit more intense if you are one of the chosen, hence my somewhat cryptic warning about you being safe no matter what happens.”

You smiled to yourself. Having already been on stage on more than one occasion, you were pretty sure you could handle anything, as long as your lover were there. “I am pretty sure we would love to come, Sarky.” you responded.

Sarky smiled as you accepted. “I would not be the least bit surprised if you are in a position to show off again.” she chided.

The thought excited you. Tomorrow would be November 17 th, the night of the appropriately named Full Beaver Moon. Wisely, you decided not share the name of the November full moon as you knew your lover would just have to say something about you having your Beaver filled. But, as always, the thought of him filling you with his cock made your pussy start to dampen.

The day ended uneventfully, the two of you returned to your house. Tired, you both stripped and shared a shower. Showers together were always exciting, even if you did nothing but shower which happened less than half the time, but tonight was one of those nights. He helped you wash, and you helped him. You were both careful cleaning the nipple piercings of the other. Neither of you felt pain in the nipple any longer and they appeared to be well on the way to being fully healed. Feeling fresh and clean you headed to bed. You were reaching for your jammies and he looked at you and shook his head no. The two of you climbed between the sheets and he wrapped is arms around you holding you tightly.

Laying in his arms was relaxing and made you feel so much a part of him. His soft warm skin was pressed against yours. He stroked you hair and kissed you softly telling you how much he loved you and soon you were both asleep. You slept peacefully, secure in his arms, his breathing and his touch reassured you when you aroused in the middle of the night and let you fall right back to sleep.

You were both up before the sun. When your consciousness returned you felt his hand softly moving up and down the skin of your flank softly touching and teasing your skin and lightly massaging the muscles of your outer thigh. You pushed you bottom back against him and felt his semihard cock rub against your bottom. You smiled to yourself and a thought quickly entered your mind. You rolled over toward him so that you were face to face. Your lips found his and you kissed him softly. You broke the gentle kiss and moved your mouth to his neck and kissed it softly and then nibbled on it.

Your teeth teased him and you ran your tongue over the skin as you bit and sucked on him. You heard a soft moan escape his lips and knew that you had him where you wanted him. You ground your belly against his cock and felt it harden as he pumped against your soft skin. You felt precum oozing out it and lubricating your belly, making his cock slide easily across your belly. You bit and kissed your way down his chest until you reached his right nipple. The barbell that had been inserted when his piercing was done had been replaced with a small steel ring which kept his nipple constantly erect.

You ran your tongue over the nipple and felt him respond by pumping his cock harder against your belly. You sucked his whole nipple and areola into your mouth, massaging it with your tongue. You knew that he was easily excited by nipple stimulation and you ground your belly against his cock. You moved you mouth back and caught the ring in your mouth, holding it with your teeth. Slowly you pulled on it, stretching his nipple and hearing him moan. Your hand had moved to his unpierced nipple and was massaging it and tweaking the nipple He moaned louder, humping against your belly as his level of excitement increased.

You let the nipple ring slip from your teeth and said, “Baby, this morning is all about your pleasure.” He started to protest, but you shushed him by capturing the nipple ring in your teeth and pulling on it. You let your hand slide from his left nipple down to his cock. You rolled slightly to the side so that it was no longer humping your belly and wrapped your hand around it. You grabbed him right below the head and then let your hand slide up over the head and felt your hand wetted by precum. The slick preejaculate lubricated your hand and let it slide easily up and down over the sensitive head.

“I want to fuck your mouth,” he said in a commanding voice.

“In time, but not right this second,” you said teasingly. To keep him from getting too close to orgasm, too quickly, you let your hand move to the middle of his cock and stroked it up and down, leaving the sensitive head untouched. He had teased you often enough that you were enjoying giving him some back. As you stroked his cock, he tried to pull his hips back so that your hand would move up and over his cock head. You were far too clever for him and didn’t let that happen.

Feeling his excitement and sensing his need for you was exciting you, your pussy was very wet. You let your wet pussy drag down his leg as you manipulated his cock, stimulating your clit as it rubbed across his skin and wetting his leg with your juices. Your hand moved from his cock to his heavy balls, you cupped them in you hand and massaged them gently. Your mouth was kissing its way down from his nipple across his belly and toward his cock. You nipped his skin as your mouth moved, and with each small bite, you squeezed his balls trying to reset his need to orgasm.

Your mouth reached his cock and you smiled up at him. One hand was still cupping his balls, holding them tightly and squeezing gently. You stuck out your tongue and licked his cock head like a lollipop, enjoying the salty taste of his precum that coated it. You opened your mouth and slid it over his cock. You let your teeth close on his cock head, pretending to bite, but really just squeezing the head of his cock with your teeth. You released the “bite” and ran your tongue over and around his cock head. Slowly you sucked him into your mouth. You forced his cock deep into your mouth and then into your throat until your lips touched his pubic bone.

With your left hand, you guided his right hand to his nipple ring and encouraged him to pull on it and stimulate his nipple. His hand followed yours and quickly began stimulating the nipple. You were sucking the full length of his cock, moving your mouth from the base to the head and then running your tongue over the head before sucking him fully into your throat again. He began pumping his cock in your mouth like he was fucking your pussy. A continuous moan was escaping his lips and you knew he was close to filling your mouth with cum.

Your cunt was dripping, juices were running down your thighs from the mere act of sucking his cock and exciting him. You began to squeeze his balls harder as he pumped your mouth and moved your mouth like you would your cunt to meet each thrust of his cock and fill yourself completely with his hardness. You were astride his leg and were rubbing your wet pussy against him. If you mouth weren’t full of his cock, he would surely hear you moaning along with him.

You felt his cock swell and start to throb, you knew he was going to fill your mouth with his load. You squeezed his balls harder and sucked him more furiously while moving your head down on his cock. You felt his cum shoot into the back of your throat and and grabbed the base of his cock sucking up and down quickly, milking his cum into your mouth. The thick white sticky fluid filled your mouth, there was so much of it that you weren’t able to swallow all of it. You felt cum leaking out of the corners of your mouth as he pumped your mouth emptying his his balls of his salty seed. You pulled him out of your mouth and looked at his cock, your hand moved up his cock forcing the last bit of cum out of him.

As the last bit of cum leaked out of his cock, you stuck your tongue out and licked it into your mouth. You didn’t swallow, but kept it on the tip of your tongue and moved your mouth to his kissing him with your lips and sliding your cum covered tongue into his mouth. He didn’t wince at all, he simply wrapped his tongue around yours and shared the taste of his load with you. The kiss got more passionate and deeper as he squeezed you and held you tightly.

“Thank you Baby,” he said with a big smile on his face, “that was a wonderful blow job. Your turn.”

“Yes and no,” you replied quickly “I told you this morning is all about you.”

You scooted to the head board of the bed and sat upright. He was laying lower in the bed, his head positioned in such a way that he was looking right at your pussy. He could see your shiny labia were wet with your juices. You spread your legs wide, you heals moved close to your ass cheeks and you sat exposing your sex to him. There was no denying that you needed to cum, but it was something you were going to do for his pleasure as well as yours.

“Just lay there and watch Baby, I know you are nothing but a horny voyeur.” you said as you moved your hand down to your pussy. You let your forefinger and middle finger slide between your labia, wetting them with your juices and then lightly rubbed around your clit. You were so hot that you knew it wouldn’t take you long to cum. Knowing he was watching intently, you made a point of putting on a show for him. After rubbing around your clit, you slid your two fingers down between your labia and spread them wide, exposing the pink of your vaginal canal to him. You saw him lick his lips hungrily as he watched.

The palm of your hand rested over your clit and slowly moved back and forth rubbing your clit lightly as your two fingers spread your lips. You slid you fingers deep inside of your pussy and fucked yourself slowly with them. Your finger tips bent upward and pushed hard against the top of your pussy as they moved over your g spot and stimulated it. Your fingers were wet with cunt juice and slid easily in and out of your hole. He watched intently as you finger fucked yourself, his hand was sliding over his semi hard cock still wet with your spit and his cum.

Your free hand had moved across your body to your right nipple and grabbed your piercing. You nipple was already erect and you tugged on the piercing stimulating it further. You had let your wet fingers slide up from your cunt to your clit and were massaging over and around it. The slippery juices coating your fingers made then slide easily over your pleasure center. You felt your hips push your groin against your fingers as you tried to tease yourself and hold off cumming . It was a battle you weren’t going to win.

You started to moan and pulled harder on your piercing, your fingers moved quicker and harder over your clit. Juices oozed out of your pussy drenching your thighs. You felt your clit begin to throb and knew you were going to explode. Your finger tips quickly massaged your clit fast and hard and you felt a wave of pleasure shoot from your clit through your entire body. As the orgasm coursed through you, your fingers slowed their pace and moved so that the rubbed lightly around your clit, not touching it directly as it was now overly sensitive. As you started to recover your senses, you slid you fingers into your pussy coating them with your juices again and held them out to your lover, offering him a taste of your sex.

He reached out and grabbed your hand, moving it slowly to his lips. He held your fingers in front of his lips for a second, savoring the smell of your sex and then moved them to his mouth. He kisses the finger tips and then ran his tongue tongue over the wet juices the covered them before sucking your fingers into his mouth. He sensuously sucked your fingers clean and then pulled you toward him, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you deeply. Entwined in each others arms, naked in the bed, you both were lost in the love you had for each other.

Spent from the wake up sex, you slipped into a robe and he threw on a pair of shorts. A quick trip to the kitchen yielded two cups of coffee that you took out on to the porch. It was a good start to what promised to be an exciting day. You each had things to get done that morning so you enjoyed sharing coffee and being together. He told you that the estate was about a forty five minute drive from your place and that you had to be there before sunset. The two of you agreed to meet back at your place, shower dress and head out at about four thirty that afternoon.

You beat him back to the house, but not by much. You were just getting out of your car as he pulled into the drive. You were both eager to get cleaned up and head out to the gathering. It seemed a bit odd that it would start so early, but you had guessed it had something to do with a celebration of the Beaver Moon. The two of you stripped and headed to the shower. You had both come to love showering together. The water was turned on an the the shower got steamy in a hurry.

You saw a glint in his eye as the two of you entered the shower and he looked up at the shower head. You laughed at him as you entered the shower and jumped under the water soaking yourself with the soothing stream of hot water. He pulled you close and kissed you.

“Do we have time to fool around?” you asked him. jokingly

“We do, as a matter of fact, Sarky told me that it was important that I bring you with a pussy full of my cum and who I am to argue with a request like that.” he said.

You smiled and surrendered to him. Unlike this morning there was a mutuality to this round of love making. He pulled your wet body close to his and kissed you deeply, His arms were wrapped around you holding you tightly, You melted as soon as he kissed you and returned his kiss passionately.. Your breasts were pushed hard against his chest. You erect nipples seemed to harden more as they rubbed against his skin. His hands floated across your back, massaging along your spine and loosening your tight muscles in a most relaxing manner.

You knew he was hungry for you by the way that he kissed you. His tongue drove into your mouth and wrestled with yours, almost fucking your mouth like it was a small cock. He bit your lip as the kiss broke and moved to your breasts. Your nipples were healing well but hadn’t been “tested” since the piercing. His mouth found your right nipple and sucked it into his mouth. His hands cupped and squeezed your breasts, lifting them up and holding them so that he could suck and bite your nipple. He started by running his tongue over and around your erect nipple, making it even harder than it had been.

You were pleased at how good his mouth felt, you had feared there might be some residual pain from the piercing. The suction of his mouth made your nipple nipple swell and become even more sensitized than you had thought it might. When he bit it softly, you shuddered in pleasure. His teeth captured your piercing and pulled on it softly, stretching your nipple and creating a pleasure/pain feeling that made your pussy get very wet. His other hand was pulling softly on the other piercing and you found yourself getting weak kneed with excitement. You didn’t want him to stop doing what he was doing. His hands applied more pressure to your breasts squeezing them and making them ache with need.

He made love to your breasts with his mouth. His mouth sucked your nipple and tongued it, he let his teeth bite the hard nub as it became more erect from the sucking. When he pulled on the piercing with his teeth, you thought that that alone might make you cum. Your pussy ached though, having only had your own fingers to satisfy it earlier. You needed complete release this time and found yourself pushing his shoulders down, urging him to use his mouth on your pussy.

He took direction well, and kissed his way down your abdomen, taking small bites and giving little kisses to you along the way. He was on his knees, his mouth was sucking the flesh of your Mons as his teeth bit into you. The bite was harder than the biting he had done to your nipples, You could feel his teeth sink into the soft skin of your pubic mound. His tongue moved down and moved over your clit, making it tingle slightly as it ran across it. He sucked you into his mouth, his teeth biting your softly and his tongue running over your hooded clit until it touched the exposed tip of your clit. He made small circles around the tip and you found yourself pushing your clit hard against his mouth to get more stimulation.

He pulled back his mouth and ran his tongue between your labia. The warm water beat down on your shoulders and your back as he was on his knees before you, his tongue playing with your sex. You knew your pussy was already soaked from the excitement he had generated with your nipples. He slid his tongue into your pussy and lapped up your juices. His cock had grown hard as he ate you. He sucked your clit into his mouth again, this time he bit the base of your clit, and used his tongue to push the hood back, exposing the length of your hard clit to his mouth and tongue. He sucked you hard, running his tongue up and down your clit.

You grabbed his hair and guided his his head up and down so that his tongue massaged your entire clit. You pushed your hips into his face and were breathing hard. “Give me your cock, fuck me Baby,” you said to him. He stood as you begged to be fucked. He turned you so that you faced the wall and positioned his cock between your labia. Without any gentleness he sheathed his cock in your pussy, driving deep and hard until you felt his cock head hit your cervix. You pushed back against him, trying to get him deeper inside of you.

As he drove against you he pushed your body against the shower wall and was ramming his cock in and out of your cunt. You breasts were flattened against the wall because he was fucking you so hard. His upward thrusts made you rise to your toes as he filled your cunt with his cock. His cock fucked you hard and relentlessly. You felt the underside of his cock slide against your clit with each stroke in and out of your cunt. He had reached up and was holding you around the neck, squeezing it as his cock rammed your cunt.

You felt his other hand slap your ass, the wetness of your ass made it sting more than a normal slap. The sound of the slap echoed in the shower. You were full of lust and pushed back against him filling your cunt completely with each stroke of his cock. You felt your cunt and your clit start to throb. You heard him moan as his cock pistoned in and out of you. You were breathing hard and felt his hand tighten around your neck as he was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

You cunt was was squeezing his cock as it punished you and you could feel it begin to pulsate. You couldn’t hold back any longer and began to scream as you inched closer to exploding. You heard his hard breathing turn to deep moans, and feel his cock get bigger and then explode inside of your wet tight hole. You screamed loudly and exploded with him, you screams echoed in the shower as you felt his hand squeeze your neck harder and then felt an orgasm rip through you. The pleasure exploded in your cunt and shot though out your body, you felt your cunt milking cum out of his cock and screamed again. As your cries subsided, he loosened his grip on your neck, but did not let go of it.

His cock pulled out of your dripping pussy and he spun you around, kissing you hard, pushing your back against the shower wall this time. His tongue pushed deeply into your mouth and explored it, before teasing your tongue into his mouth. You were locked together, your mouths sucking the passion out of each other as your bodies were pushed tightly together. Your ass still stung from the slap, but it was a warm pleasurable sting. He rubbed your sore bottom and started to wash it for you. Knowing it would be easy to collapse, the two of you finished showering and then dried off.

As you dried off, you could still feel that your pussy was full of his cum and knew it would ooze out of you as the night progressed. He offered to lick you clean, but you told him that you would never make it out of the house if that happened. He had laid out a simple long black halter dress for you to wear. He dressed in a black traditional tux with an open collared shirt, no tie.

“I feel a bit squishy,” you said as the two of you headed out the door.

“That was the idea, I think.” he replied.

“Should I ask what is going to happen tonight?” you asked as you drove to the gathering.

“The only thing I can tell you is that it will be something very formalized. It will require that you be accepting and suspend disbelief. On the whole, I think that if you are able to put aside your fears your reward will be memorable.” he explained without really telling you anything.

You approached the address and turned into the long drive, it was an isolated area with no neighbors for what seemed like miles. He parked the car in the open field where the other guests had parked. Exiting the car, he took your hand and walked up to the large Mansion. As you entered, you saw a large crowd milling around, all were dressed very formally, the men in black tuxes, the women in long gowns, all of which, like yours, were black. Drinks were being passed out and as you walked by the bar, he grabbed a very cold glass of Muscato for both of you. The sweet taste of the wine and the little buzz from the alcohol helped calm you.

Surveying the crown, you saw a number of people that you recognized and more than a few men that you had serviced. Feeling your lover’s cum lubricating your pussy and knowing that you had sucked or fucked more than a few of the men present, made you feel very randy. You felt your pussy getting wetter as your juices started to flow. Looking around the room you see John Henry, your mind recalled all of the times he has used your body, fucking you with that huge cock of his and making you explode so easily. John Henry appeared to be talking to Sam and Jack, you recalled sucking Sam’s cock at your Master’s command as he hung your bra on the ceiling in his bar.

You remember Jack from the same night, the kind gentleman who slid his cock inside your pussy along side your lover’s after you had been tormented in the rocking chair. You got a bit wetter as you recalled two cocks inside your cunt at the same time. In another group, are James and Jesse, John Henry’s two friends from the Centaur Club. Being used by the three of them at the same time made you explode so hard. You felt so dirty but hot and sexual at the same time as you took inventory of the men you had used for your pleasure. Over in a corner, you saw Charles, the piercer, and smiled thinking about that night. You loved your nipple piercings and were happy that they had healed enough that they could be used for their intended purpose, to turn you on and make you wet.

All the sexual thoughts that rushed through your mind reminded you of the one constant in all of these encounters, your lover. You squeezed his arm and smiled up at him. Your pussy was soaked At this point and you had to share that with him. You leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, “Baby, I am so hot and wet thinking about what I did with you and so many of these men.”

Nodding, he said, “I was thinking the very same thing. You can be such a hot naughty girl for me.” He smiled and kissed your forehead. “You better never call yourself Vanilla again.” he added with a laugh.

It seemed that most of the people had moved outside to the rear patio. It was expansive and opened on to a large back yard that was enclosed with a grove of oak trees around the perimeter. There was a large raised platform in the middle of the grassy area, with five pieces of some sort of furniture on the platform. It was hard to imagine what they were as they were all shrouded in black velvet cloth. The sun was starting to dip below the horizon, dusk would soon descend. on the gathering.

You saw a group of four couples who appeared to be discussing the platform and the shrouded shapes it held. Introducing yourself and your lover, you jumped right into the discussion. “This is my first time and I was wondering what all that is about,” you said indicating the platform with a quick head movement.

“Seems we are all new as well,” one of the other women said. You nodded and looked over the other women. All were in sheer black gowns, you could see nipples poking through the fabric of each making you realize none of them was wearing a bra. You imagined that, like you, they all wore only the dress.

“Am I the only squishy one?” you asked.

All of the women shared a nervous laugh and you received an assortment of horizontally shaking heads and demure “No’s” from the group. A medium sized blonde with very firm c cup breasts added, “I was a bit unsure about coming here in that state, but it was kind of a turn on so I did. I have been know to get a bit kinky when I get excited.” Everyone laughed and confessed to a similar affliction.

Sarky and John Henry walked up to the group. Sarky was smiling and said, “How nice to find all the new people together.”

John Henry smiled at you and gave you more than a friendly kiss on the lips. His tongue explored your mouth for a short time and then he broke the kiss, biting your lip as he did. “You are as beautiful and sexy as ever, Sweety. I have been waiting a long time to take you like I am going to do tonight.” The promise of John having his way with you made you even hotter. You looked at your lover and he smiled encouragingly at you.

Sarky explained to the group the scenario for the upcoming event. “We are going to start with something a bit costumey, the reason for it will be apparent to you as the night progresses. Each one of you is here because you are very sexual and kinky ladies. I think you might find tonight to be the most exceptional night of sex and kink you have ever had. I know it was for me. If you remember that many of us other ladies have had this experience and that at the end of it you will be incredibly satisfied and unharmed you will get through it with no problems. If anyone has any second thoughts, there is no shame in backing out.”

No one voiced any second thoughts, but “What have I gotten myself into?” did cross your mind. Just as you wondered, your lover squeezed your hand, letting you know that everything would be all right. Your nervousness left you.

“If you ladies will come with me,” Sarky said and led you off to the house. She led the five women to one of the ground floor bedrooms. Laid out on the bed were five red hooded capes each with a name on a card on top of it, indicating the intended wearer. “Strip everything, which should be just shoes and dress,” Sarky added and smiled.

The five of you complied. You weren’t above checking the other women out as they stripped. All were very attractive, and all of them showed a glistening wetness on their upper thighs and pussy lips, just as you did. You laughed to yourself as you realized each of the other four were looking at the others just as you were. The capes fastened around the neck and Sarky pulled the hoods up on each of you. You were led to the platform and each of you was positioned before one of the shrouded pieces of furniture. You noticed a group of men in similar hooded capes made of black material. There were seven or eight of them. You could tell that John Henry was among them, there was no mistaking his size and build, even when hooded.

The shrouds were removed from the furniture. What was revealed was a wooden device that rotated on an axis, a bit like a St Andrew’s cross. You could tell by the design and workmanship that Charles had made them. No holes to strap the breasts into though. You were fastened into the device, wrist restraints were buckled around your wrists, your arms were held out parallel to the ground. You ankles were fastened at the bottom, your legs were spread at sixty degree angle, giving anyone who wanted it access to your pussy. You smiled to yourself. You had done this sort of thing before and were getting very excited. You glance at your lover, he was standing on the platform not far from the device that held you. You were calmed by his presence.

The crowd mingled in front of you. Your lover and the lovers of the other women came forward and removed the hoods from your heads and unfastened the cape, letting them fall to the ground leaving you nude and exposed. Your could feel the wetness in your pussy growing. The moon was starting to rise on the horizon. The black cloaked men removed their hoods and stood watching the bound women. You could clearly see that John Henry as at the center of them. Your pussy ached in anticipation of his cock fucking you. Since the area was getting dark with the falling dusk, torches had been lit all around the platform providing enough light for everyone to see you. It wasn’t hard for the crowd to notice the glistening wetness on your upper thighs and labia.

The torch light made it easy for you to recognize some of the other men in black cloaks. Sam and Charles were among them. The moon had just fully risen above the horizon. A loud sound came from the group of men, it was like knuckle cracking but incredibly louder. You glanced at the black cloaked men and thought you noticed some movement. You trained your gaze specifically on John Henry, what you saw frightened you and amazed you. It appeared that his entire body was changing. His skull seemed to extend, making a muzzle where his mouth had been. Dark thick black fur sprouted on his body, his ears elongated and his arms lengthened.

You were frightened and struggled, but were bound securely. You glanced at the other women on the platform and saw then looking in amazement and pulling at their bonds. You glanced at the crowd, they seemed calm, able to understand what was happening. Sarky looked on, nodded at you and smiled. What she had told you came to your mind, “No matter how bizarre….suspend disbelief…..you are always safe with John Henry….” The snippets of earlier reassurance helped calm you. You saw your lover, he shared your amazement, but smile reassuringly at you.

The transformation was complete. The black cloaks had dropped to the ground. The group of men was now a pack of man wolves. They had wolf like heads, long muzzles with sharp dangerous looking teeth. Their ears pointed up and moved independently targeting on various sounds in the area.. They stood erect on canine like legs, with paw like feet. Their arms had grown enormously longer, the hands were longer but with fingers and thumbs with long claw like nails. They all had long tails and were covered in fur of various colors. John Henry was a shiny jet black, some of the others were various shades of grey and red brown.

All of the pack looked to John Henry, he was clearly the alpha. For the first time you heard a voice, it was John Henry’s voice mixed with a slight growl. “She is mine,” he said in the strange mixture of growl and human speech. He was on two legs but as he moved toward you, he used his upper extremities as additional legs and moved in your direction at incredible speed. He appeared so strong and well muscled it frightened you and excited you at the same time. You glanced down at his groin and saw a sheathed wolf like cock, with a red tip wet and shiny protruding from the sheath. His balls were heavy and and clearly swayed as he moved toward you.

Sarky had thrown a bunch of red roses to him as he reached you. Exposed, you tried to pull back, but found yourself securely held by the restraints. You attention was so focused on John Henry, you hardly noticed four of the others move in a similar fashion to the other restrained women. John Henry spoke in the strange mixed voice, “It is your time to have me in this form.” On all fours, he moved his muzzle toward you groin. In this form, his sense of smell was extremely heightened. As he breathed through his nose, he smelled your sex, your lover’s cum and even the scent of the soap you used when you showered.

You were unable to hide your excitement from him. As your pussy got wetter, he could smell it. He eased his nose against your sex, it was cold and wet, making you try to pull back. He stuck out his large broad tongue and licked between your legs. The rough wetness massaged your clit as it slid over it and then moved between your labia, tasting cum and cunt juice. At first you were repelled, thoughts of bestiality flashed through your mind, but then you realized that the form in front of you was John Henry, a man or more appropriately a being, that had made love to you many times, always satisfying you and respectful of you, a friend whose soul was unchanged from that which you knew.

As your mind put aside your initial prejudice, you pushed your sex against his tongue, feeling it excite you like no tongue had ever done before. The broad expanse of his werewolf tongue, slid down your Mons and over your clit, The pressure and wet titillation to your clit was constant, the tip of John Henry’s tongue slid between your labia and started to move into your pussy. His tongue was strong and firm, it slid over and massaged your g spot as it kept sliding deeper, deeper than any tongue had ever been in your pussy. He forced his tongue deeper and for the first time you felt a tongue caress your cervix. You were grinding against him, juices soaking your pussy. His tongue filled you like a cock and he pulled it back then slid it in deeper.

You felt the constant stimulation on your clit. It was fully erect, swollen with need. His tongue massaged it relentlessly, you were certain you would cum hard if he continued much longer. Sensing how close you were, John Henry moved his tongue from your sex and licked up your belly to your breasts. He ran his tongue over your erect nipples, the force of it pulling on your piercing and making your nipples throb with need. Opening his mouth wide, he bit softly into your breast, able to take all of it into his mouth. The sensation was indescribable. The tongue pushed against and massaged your nipple, the teeth pushed into your skin, almost breaking it and making you bleed.

John Henry was excited. You could feel his wolf cock was fully unsheathed, it was big and red, the head came almost to a point and flared out to a large thick expanse of cock before it narrowed again for several inches and then expanded again at the bulb like knot that formed at full excitement. He leaked enormous amounts of precum from the narrow head which soaked your leg as it rubbed against it.

“Would you offer your throat to the Wolf with the red roses?” he asked as he laid the bouquet next to you head.

You were excited beyond belief and found yourself comfortable with John Henry no matter what his form. In answer to his question, you turned your head to the side, exposing the expanse of the left side of your neck to his long teeth. As you surrendered to him, he unfastened your wrists and rotated the table so that you lay on your back, your legs still secured and spread wide. Your hands moved instinctively toward his cock. When you finally grabbed it, you wrapped your hand around it you found it was slick with precum, more precum than many men ejaculated with a full load. Your hands slid easily down his hard cock, you were shocked at how much it had grown as it unsheathed.

Your slippery hands slid down over the wide portion of his cock behind the head and then down further as it narrowed to the bulb that when excited would lock his sex with yours. His length was incredible, it clearly had to be a foot long.. You guided him to your cunt, sliding the head between your labia and into your cunt. You felt him thrust into you, filling you in one move. He began to thrust his hips, fully buried in your cunt. You felt his knot grow, stretching your cunt as it filled with blood. His pubic bone was pushing against your clit, massaging it as he thrust into you.

His blood filled knot locked his cock into your cunt. The knot was so large, it felt like a fist inside of your cunt. As he moved his hips back, the knot pulled at the entrance to your cunt, but securely locked behind your pubic bone. You had never been so filled and were amazed that his massive organ was buried inside of you fucking you deeper than you had ever dreamed possible. You fucked back hard against his shiny red cock, pumping him like you were in heat. His teeth still held you by the neck. You felt the pressure on your neck increase as you fucked each other harder and harder..

You started to moan and scream as the two of you coupled, your sex and his locked together, your cunt stretched and filled. As your clit throbbed, you felt the entirety of you cunt start to throb as well. John Henry let out a howl, muffled by your neck in his mouth and began to bite into you as his huge cock began to pulsate. You felt a long squirt of thin cum shoot from the flared tip of his cock deep in your cunt. You fingernails ripped into the fur of his shoulders as you pushed against him starting to cum yourself. You cunt and clit spasmed in unison, your whole body shook. Waves of burning pleasure shot through you and felt squirt after copious squirt of his cum empty into your cunt.

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