(If you haven’t already, please read Dani’s New Life – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4a, Part 4b and Part 5. This will make much more sense if you do…)

It had turned into a very interesting morning for the beautiful, blonde Corporate Counsel. Dani had been impressed when she heard Alan’s staff give their presentations at the Sales Conference/Product Launch in the hotel the day before, but she’d never seen them doing the hard, time-consuming and detail-heavy scheduling and logistics work that preceded a successful campaign. The ‘nerdy’ and anal-retentive little Dani still living deep inside of her thought they were pretty good at what they did, but they could be much better.

She smiled to herself as she looked around the living room area of Alan’s suite. The sleek, fit, twenty-eight year-old was kneeling on the deep plush carpeting, her firm, heart-shaped ass resting on her heels and her hands clasped together behind her back. What made this current position slightly different than her ‘normal’ submissive pose was the way her breasts were displayed as they rested on the glass cocktail table. Her knees were actually under the table top and the thick, heavy glass supported her like an immense flat-shelf bra, her thick, extended nipples in plain view. With the approval of the others, Sasha had posed Dani like that to illustrate the effect of a piece of French lingerie. No one had told her to move back so the sexy blonde lawyer stayed where she was, her eyes scanning the room and landing on her sexy, young protégé at the bar.

Even though Tina had remained naked as she took notes and started to develop calendars and spreadsheets on her laptop, the Sales Managers hardly seemed to notice her as anything more than just another planning tool or office resource. Of course Alan had broken the adorable redhead’s dutiful concentration once or twice with a stiff finger in her tight, almost girlish little cunt. Spoiled little girl that she was, Tami thought it was because he couldn’t stay away from her as she lost herself in sweetly satisfying orgasms; Dani, however, recognized that the team was stalled – just like Alan had – and that he’d found a pleasant way to distract his staff – a diversion for the voyeur in all of them.

But all of them treated the highest-ranking employee, and the only Corporate Office among them, just like she was the slut who sucked off an electrician backstage at the Sales Conference, entertained at the ultra-private and high-level legal fraternity smoker in the hotel the night before, and who willingly let herself get orally raped and then fucked by two young black men to make up for a $10 tip just hours ago. From the core of her hot, moist cunt a feeling of intense pleasure flooded through her as she acknowledged and embraced the same slut that still hungered for more somewhere deep inside her. She could smell her own arousal and she knew that meant the others could as well. She flushed deep crimson with shame as her desires grew deeper and darker. She didn’t have long to wait.

James and Paul, the SoCal surfer-boy brothers, had been discussing upcoming meetings with one of the major distributors in James’ area. As it happened, Dani had concluded successful negotiations with the same group earlier in the year and she knew how they liked to structure their meetings. The basic assumptions the brothers were making were normal and usual, but in this particular case they were wrong. Even though their teams and areas were newly reorganized, it still fell to the Sales Managers to know all the relevant information – even if there was no practical way they could have. At the very least they should have admitted their lack of knowledge. The lawyer in her couldn’t let their mistake go un-mentioned.

But the first time she gently ‘corrected’ one of the brothers, Tony stood up slowly from the black leather chair to the right of where Dani was kneeling. She knew better than to look at him as he loomed above her, his strong, powerful body massive from her perspective. There was silence all around the trembling, twenty-eight year-old Vice-President; the only sound heard was the soft hiss of leather sliding through the loops on the ex-Marine’s khaki shorts. As Dani kept her eyes down she saw his reflection in the shiny surface of the polished glass table and she gasped in reaction to what she saw – he was wrapping the brown Italian leather belt around his hand. When he had about ten inches of the supple leather left, he dug his free hand into his pocket and pulled out two shiny alligator clips held together by a thin, twelve inch chain. He dropped the glittering apparatus onto the glass and everyone in the room besides Dani, Alan and Tony seemed to jump as the silver pieces hit the surface.

The hot, blonde executive was becoming lost in the heated miasma of testosterone and pheromones that emanated from the over-heated groin only inches away from her bowed head. Her skin vibrated as she heard him call to the young girl typing everything she heard into her laptop as she sat by the bar. “Hey, Red, can you help me out here, sweetheart?” He’d never spoken to Dani that sweetly and she was instantly jealous of her protégé and yet even more turned on. She lifted her eyes in time to see Tami spread her lightly tanned and athletic, cheer-leader thighs before climbing off the bar stool, exposing her perfect, tiny, twenty-three year-old pussy. The fresh, pink flesh was all shaved and smooth and glistening with her clear, sweet twenty-three year-old girl-juice from being loved on all night long and played with all morning.

Just before slipping into her special dark place, the soon-to-be-divorced lawyer made a promise to herself – she would train Tami just as she had promised her boss, Tami’s cousin, the CEO. But she was also going to do everything in her power to seduce her protégé into a loving relationship as well. The two of them could own the world, she thought to herself as the lightly-freckled redhead stood across the cocktail table from Tony, on Dani’s left. “If Alan could marry us both, we would rule the Universe!

Tony’s voice brought her quickly back to earth and her current reality. “Red,” his voice was almost syrupy sweet, “I’d like you to clip those little silver puppies on the table onto your mentor’s nipples, okay?” The three women in the room moaned as they each recalled the sweet, seductive pain those clips could bring. “But first,” Tony continued with a definite smirk in his voice, “I think you need to stretch her nipples out a little more. Can you do that with your teeth, Babygirl? Will you do it for me? Now?”

The moans turned to groans as the cover girl model-cute redhead slipped to her knees and leaned over the table. “I told you before, Tony…I will always do anything you ask me to. That’s what being your slut is all about, right?”

Dani melted hearing the words that were meant to hurt and humiliate her. To her totally submissive persona, from the perspective of her dark place, it seemed so clear that Tony cared enough about her to make this a special experience. As she slipped further into her lustful thoughts and cravings, she heard herself groaning in exquisite pain and looked away from Tony’s reflection in the glass table-top to watch the beautiful redhead sink her small, white teeth into the dark pink nipple capping her left tit and pull the tortured flesh out and away from the firm, round breast. The pain-turned-pleasure started Dani’s vaginal walls moistening in anticipation and her aroma wafted into the air mixing with Tony’s powerful pheromones. The resultant mixture was enough to bring everyone in the suite to heightened states of arousal and excitement.

Dani was moaning almost unconsciously as Tami gave her mentor’s abused nip a final suck and kiss before taking one of the silver clips between her fingers. She squeezed the open end together and the small tapered front opened to reveal sharp, interlocking pointed teeth.

“Oh my God!” Tami shrieked as her eyes found Tony’s. “I mean…I’ve seen the clips with the flat things you can tighten, but…oh my God, Tony! You want me to put these on Dani? Really?” She experimentally put the clip around the tip of her little finger and let it start to close. “Shit!” Tami barked as she opened the dangerous little toy and saw a tiny red mark where one of the metal teeth pierced her skin. The young girl’s body started to tremble along with Dani’s and Sasha’s – the air in the room heavy with their combined sexual perfume.

“If you want to be my slut, Red, do it now.”

The young, blonde lawyer almost bit through her lower lip as the sexy redhead surrounded the dark, extended, blood-infused tip of her nipple with the open clamp and then slowly let her fingers relax as the cold, shiny metal bit into her mentor’s rubbery flesh. And although no one seemed aware of it, everyone in the room was breathing in unison with everyone else.

AAAHHHhhhhhh…” Even if she had wanted to, Dani couldn’t have stopped the sigh that escaped her lips anymore than she could have stopped the single tear from rolling down her cheek.


With a flick of his powerful wrist, Tony snapped the tip of his belt against the glass table missing Dani’s right nipple by the slimmest margin. Her eyes glared at the men surrounding her with the pain that scorched her flesh and the desire for more. To the men in the room, all of them – except, of course, for Alan – on the edge of their seats and as hard as they’d ever been, the look in their Vice-President’s eyes said only one thing: Fuck me!!! Fuck me as hard and as deep as you can!!!

“Listen to me, you stupid cunt,” Tony seemed in complete control like he was explaining something to a child, “I know Alan gave you permission to speak, but even you had to know it was only regarding business. Since when does ‘AAAHHHhhhhhh’ have a business meaning?”

The Sales Director observed his staff from the bar across the room. He was pleased to see Tony take over and maintain control, keeping everything smoothly on course while establishing himself as the alpha amongst the sales managers. He was even more pleased to see his brilliant new protégé playing her part and manipulating the powerful ex-Marine into giving her exactly what she wanted. Besides Dani herself, he was the only one who knew that her gasping sigh was as deliberate as anything and everything else she had done since deciding to commit and submit completely to Alan’s training. He did wonder, with a silent chuckle, if the single tear was natural or forced. He’d try hard to remember to ask her about it later.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped as the leather belt was pulled back slowly over her naked breast, “it…hurts…Sir.” Tony laughed with no humor in his eyes. He pulled Tami over the slick table-top to Dani’s right side and told her to repeat her actions – faster this time. Within two or three minutes, the hot, young redhead finished, leaving the submissive blonde twenty-eight year-old with matching clips biting into her incredibly tender and seriously sensitive nipples, attached to each other by a loose length of thin silver chain. As soon as she finished, Tony pulled the tender young girl into his huge, powerful arms and kissed her like he had just taken her cherry after the Prom.

“You are just too cute, honey,” he semi-whispered to her as he licked her neck up to her ear, “and you did everything I asked just right.” Everyone in the room heard Tami moan as the ex-Marine clutched her naked body to his massive chest, bringing all of her romantic, school girl fantasies momentarily to life. He kissed her softly and repeatedly as he walked her back to the bar and sat her down on the same stool she had vacated minutes earlier. “Now you stay here, Red, while I give your mentor a lesson in being respectful to her co-workers.” He smiled at the adorable young redhead and started back to the table but turned for just a second. “You better pay attention too, little girl. I’d hate to have to do the same thing to you.” That time his smile wasn’t quite so warm.

“Up, bitch – I mean now!” The words were out of his mouth before he took the first step towards the table where Dani was still locked in her submissive pose halfway under the glass coffee table. She didn’t think about the tone of his voice – just that her muscles were burning with the strain of staying in that position for so long. The fire in her nipples had started to abate, but she knew it would flame up again as soon as she moved.

Slowly, sensuously and in total control, the one-time teenager whose best climaxes came from rubbing her pussy raw while reading Slaves of Gor, rose like a cobra in a basket dancing to the strange sounds of a mysterious flute, her breasts swaying as the sharp, tiny clamps bit deeper into her flesh. Only moans and gasps, sudden puffs of air moving in and out of the Sales Managers’ mouths, broke the silence surrounding them. They stared at the beautiful woman before them, never having seen anything quite like her before. Naked, exposed, and completely vulnerable, she was their sole focus and the object of their lust and desire – their total need. Alan saw his staff at that moment as a pack of hungry wolves who were not about to be denied much longer. The smell of anticipation permeated the room.

But just as the dark, ruggedly handsome ex-Marine was about to speak again, there was a sharp knock on the door. Alan smiled to himself as Tami left her little perch at the bar to go answer the door without being told – she was indeed a quick study. A moment later, the tight-bodied little redhead led Alan’s friend James and the room-service waiter who had abused Dani earlier into the room. Tami was turned on as she remembered the size and shape of the young man’s cock – especially the big, dark, over-sized head – and her nipples grew long and hard as she walked the men to where Alan was waiting by the bar. When she turned around, the young waiter smirked at the excited redhead and then turned to James. “Damn, I told you they was both fine, boss…” His good mood ended when his remarks were met by silence. The older man ignored him and addressed himself to Alan.

“Those clips on blondie’s tits look kind of painful, Mr. Jacobs. Have we come to collect the tables at a bad time?”

“Not at all, my friend,” Alan replied. He turned towards the coffee table. “Tony, please tell our guests what you were doing.”

Tony grinned. “I was about to give a lesson, gentlemen, about what happens when you disrespect people…when you don’t honor your own promises.” From the bar, Alan urged Tony to continue. The next thing the handsome Italian did was nod to CJ Park, the tall, angular Korean Sales Manager seated on one of the leather chairs behind him.

With a quick flick of his wrist, CJ launched a miniature grappling hook tethered by very strong fishing line at the silver chain swinging alluringly between Dani’s proud, firm breasts. As soon as it caught, the skilled Korean started to draw it back, pulling the chain and the clips, stretching the tortured nipples of the beautiful blonde slut, the corporate Vice-President and General Counsel.

The sharp steel teeth pulled at her dark pink tips creating painful tears in her flesh that a week before would have brought the sexy, suburban lawyer to her knees. But now, finding the dark place that Alan told her about, she was able to process that pain into incredible pleasure and still have a part of her mind observing and learning the lessons her Master was always teaching her. She was sure it was no accident that James and her young attacker appeared during a ‘lesson’ about disrespect and lying.


“Ooooooohhhh, God! AAAAIIIIIIEEEEYYYYYYYY!” Dani’s mind exploded with her screams as the alpha-Sales Manager flicked the tip of his leather belt against the silver alligator clips biting into the blonde pain-slut’s tortured nipples. What actually came out of her mouth was little more than a long, soft hiss as she controlled her breathing like a Zen master. The liquid dripping from her over-excited pussy was much more revealing. She hadn’t been that hot since her short time with the Judge; CJ’s constant, jerky tugging on the chain drove the tiny, silver teeth deeper into her flesh and still she wanted more.

“Someone as highly educated as you,” Tony continued, “should understand that in the real world, the business world, there are consequences. When you make a promise, others are going to count on it. If you don’t keep your promise, the others might even be affected by it.” Tony nodded at CJ who gave the chain a strong yank. A long, low moan escaped the young, sexy lawyer/slave’s mouth, distracting everyone so no one saw James and Alan nod to each other.

James chuckled loudly. “That is a very good lesson, young man,” he said to Tony. “Can I ask you to take that little thing off her titty-chain? I understand that the tip today is a blowjob from this sweet little thing.” Tony glanced at Alan and saw him nod – he took CJ’s little apparatus off the chain and tossed it back to the strong, lean Korean. As soon as she was freed, Dani moved directly in front of Tony and knelt at his feet.

“Thank you, Sir. It will not happen again, Sir.” She raised her eyes slightly and spoke again. “May I please take care of my Master’s good friend now, Sir?”

“You may,” Tony said and Dani started to rise, “after you thank me properly. Kiss me, slut!” He pulled her centerfold body tightly against his massive physique, crushing her chest to his, making her nipples burn with unimaginable pain. When their lips fused together their lust ignited the room. Tony felt the insanely sexy VP tremble in his arms from the pleasure and the pain and he gently pushed her away. He moved his hands to her flushed, firm breasts – his fingers only inches from the torturous clamps. “Are you ready?” Looking straight into his eyes she nodded and before she could bring her head back up, her nipples exploded in pure agony – flaming, throbbing pain buckled her knees as the blood rushed back into the abused flesh. The beautiful, blonde lawyer’s eyes rolled back into her head and the electric light show started to play across the backs of her eyelids as she fell helplessly into Tony’s strong arms.

Around the room there was a deafening silence broken only when Dani began mumbling her way back to reality. Her eyes opened to find CJ standing next to Tony who still had the lithe, athletic blonde in his arms. “Oh my God! Thank you, Sirs…thank you both.” She leaned up in Tony’s arms and first kissed the handsome Italian and then she turned her gorgeous face to the stoic Korean. “You were perfect, Sir. Will you teach me sometime?” Then she kissed him as well before dropping gracefully out of Tony’s large hands and making her way to the bar. The two men passed a look to each other – a promise for the future. They would push the Corporate Counsel’s envelope in ways she couldn’t begin to imagine.

She stood before the man she considered a good friend. While she had only known the Head of Room Service well for a few days, he had witnessed nearly everything that had happened to the young lawyer from her shame and embarrassment over telling him that “being a slave is sexy” and giving herself to him to make amends, to her debasement at the secret fraternity smoker. He had been completely supportive – never judgmental – and she loved him a little just for that. James was a big, good-looking man, very powerful in a subdued way and she found that sexy and lovable as well. Now, standing before him hot, sweaty and smelling of cunt, she loved the way his eyes moved over her with such obvious desire. For a moment, she wished that James had really come for her – for the pleasure she’d promised him after their hours together at the smoker – instead of using her to help discipline one of his young charges.

“Those boys hurt them pretty little titties, girl?” There was a gleam in James’ eye as he pulled the little blonde doll close. “You want your big daddy James to rough them up a little bit?” Laughter broke the mounting tension in the room.

Dani hopped up into James’ big arms and molded herself across his body. “Would you do that for me, Big Daddy?” She kissed his neck and started giggling.

Meanwhile, Juwan Williams, the young waiter, had his eyes all over Tami and she could hardly contain her excitement as his hands moved ever closer to her pale, freckled flesh. As James played with the blonde he’d ‘skull-fucked’ earlier, Juwan turned to Alan. “Dude, you mind if carrot-top gives me my tip this time? She’s killer.” He wasn’t even paying attention to the Sales Director – he was just asking because James always told his guys to be polite.

It was time. Dani felt the change in the big man’s breathing and heartbeat as soon as the young man who had lied to her earlier spoke. She heard sadness and disappointment in her Master’s voice when he responded. She glanced quickly around the coffee table – they had all felt it as well.

“I really don’t think that’s happening, Juwan,” Alan replied softly but firmly. Everyone could see that the young wasn’t even listening to the answer as his hands moved to cover Tami’s perfectly perky, lightly freckled cheerleader tits.

“Get your hands off of her – now!” Although he barely raised his voice, the words came out with considerably more force.

Juwan pulled his hands back quickly; he was puzzled and clearly confused. He turned to his large boss whose hands were all over the blonde. He tried to smile and make light of Alan’s reaction. “Guess I get this one when you through, Chief!”

No one reacted at all and the young waiter was getting visibly nervous. James paid no attention to him as he kissed and groped Dani while everyone in the room was getting more and more excited by the contrast of her pale white flesh and his large ebony hands. Still concentrating his hands on the lithe, athletic lawyer, pulling and twisting her sore, sensitive nipples and making her moan, James spoke to Alan. “Damn, Mr. Jacobs…I been looking forward to feeding my big, black hose to this pretty little thing all morning.” He started pushing on Dani’s shoulders making her drop to her knees in front of him. “You know what to do, girlie!” He snapped at Dani as if he had reached his limit on patience.

Dani knew exactly what to do – James and Alan were counting on it. She immediately slipped into her slave position on the floor with her eyes cast down and her arms clasped behind her back. “Please forgive this humble slave, Sir. I’m so sorry to disappoint you, Sir.” The wet and sexy, naked young blonde started to weep. For Dani, it was the truth. She had wanted to repay James’ wisdom and kindness during the fraternity smoker with the best sex he would ever have. But it would have to be another time – there was something more important happening at that moment. “My throat…” the words came haltingly “this morning…hurt badly and now…I’m so sorry, Sir…I just can’t.” The tears came too easily to be anything but real. Again, there was only silence from the others in the room – this was as compelling as watching the little redhead apply the nipple clamps to her mentor earlier.

The tall, distinguished-looking man looked at his old friend. “Mr. Jacobs? Your little slut got hurt? Here in the hotel?” His voice got louder and scarier with each word. “How could that happen? Where did this occur?”

Juwan suddenly sensed all the Sales Managers looking at him – felt their eyes burning into his skin. Then he realized the little cum-dump was talking about him! Before he could start offering up excuses and apologies, Alan started to speak.

“Strangely enough, my friend, it was all about disrespecting people and not keeping promises. When this young man was here earlier, I offered him the use of the blonde – you know, a blowjob for a tip.”

“Nothin’ unusual ’bout that, Mr. Jacobs.”

Alan just shook his head. “Shouldn’t have been, James…that was the problem.” He looked down at Dani, kneeling seductively before the large, bald black man. “For a worthless slut, she sucks a mean dick, doesn’t she?” James groaned and nodded his agreement. “And you know she actually takes pride in her abilities – likes to make the men…” he turned to Sasha and smiled meekly, “and women…who use her feel the best they can.”

Dani was getting more and more turned on listening to Alan and James discuss her like she was a piece of meat. Every time Alan referred to her as a slut, James pulled and twisted her nipples keeping her on the edge of a massive climax. She felt wet enough to take more than one cock at a time in her steamy cunt, and then almost climaxed just imagining the sensation. James’ next words did nothing to help her condition at all.

He looked at Juwan and gave him a sly smile. “He right, you know? This poor little white trash ho…you let her do her thing for you, you’ll never get nothing better.” The Harvard-educated lawyer, on her knees in front of the entire room, creamed herself when he called her a ‘white trash ho.’ A moment later, Alan was sniffing the air while laughing silently at his beautiful protégé. Dani flushed red as a fire engine and felt more ready to be fucked than ever before.

“That’s exactly what she tried to do, James.” Alan paused for a moment. “There’s no other way to explain this, my friend, so I’ll just ask. Do you know what your young waiter here is packing downstairs? Have you seen it?” James remained silent, trying so hard to keep his expression neutral. “Of course not, why would you? But let me tell you, she had to ask him to give her time to adjust to him, to his size, so she could give him her best.”

“And?” James was starting to show impatience. It was something that terrified his staff and Juwan was starting to shake.

“So she opened her beautiful mouth and throat to him, started to suck him in. Why not? He did promise her he would wait.”

“And?” James asked. Juwan started stammering excuses before James fixed him with an icy stare.

“And when she was most vulnerable, her sweet lips open wide and her throat just starting to relax, your young man broke his promise and started raping her mouth as hard and as fast as he could…hurting her and not letting her breathe until she passed out.” Alan looked sideways at the young African-American waiter with a look that crossed pity with disgust. Then he looked back at his old friend and shook his head. “He must have fooled you, James. I never figured one of your staff would lie or break a promise like that. Never figured you would hire a guy that preferred rape to the incredible pleasure of having a sexual artiste please him like he’s never been pleased before.”

James stared at Juwan like he was covered in open, oozing sores from the plague. The young, frightened waiter seemed to shrink before everyone’s eyes as he opened his mouth and started to offer up more excuses and apologies. “Oh no you don’t!” James voice boomed across the hotel suite. “You too fuckin’ stupid to talk, boy.”

Only the sounds of heavy breathing and sudden gasps broke the silence. The pheromones shooting into the room affected everyone one way or another but regardless, the air in the suite was heavy with lust and desire. James looked at his staff member and knew he had to move quickly. He was both sad and disappointed – he’d hired Juwan because of his arrogance and swagger and thought he could train him to control it – he’d had such high hopes for the boy. He still felt that way, but it would be up to the young man to either accept what was coming or not.

“Your words and your actions disrespect me in front of my friend and his people,” James spoke calmly now but there was steel in his voice. “Your position is one that requires trust – and now you seem to be un-trustworthy. It requires respect and all you show is disrespect. It requires you be a man…and right now you ain’t nothin’ but a bitch to me, Juwan.” He paused and shook his head again. “And it’s because of you, bitch, that my cock ain’t getting sucked.” There was no mistaking the intent of his words – and everyone had heard him.

Juwan felt his deep ebony flesh shiver with shame and humiliation as the roomful of good-looking, rich white executives looked down at him. Even the naked redhead changed her look from lust to scorn, he moaned to himself. He knew instantly that his only hope of continued employment and eventual redemption was to do anything and everything that his boss wanted – quickly and enthusiastically. He was not going back to Roxbury to deal drugs for some wasted gang-banger no matter what the cost.

He fell to his knees and looked up with tears starting to roll down the high plain of his cheeks. “I am so sorry, Sir…please tell me what I can…”

“Number one you can stop talking until I ask you a question…understand?” Juwan nodded with wide-open eyes. “You my honest-to-God bitch ’til I let you prove otherwise, boy. May take six months or may take six years – depends on you. But if you don’t like it, you gonna find yourself out of the service industry in this city…understand that, too?” The boy nodded again realizing just how much he had fucked up earlier as he looked into his boss’ unflinching face. Barely able to contain himself, James snarled at the young man on his knees. “I see you know your place, but Goddammit, Juwan, a bitch on her knees in front of me better be bare-ass nekkid with her mouth wide open.”

There were gasps and soft chuckles from the audience surrounding them. Juwan had never felt more embarrassed or humiliated in his life and tears started glistening in his deep brown eyes. He started unbuttoning his crisp white dress shirt, his fingers moving on their own as he flashed back and pictured all the girls and boys who had ever been on their knees before him. He had always felt bad afterwards, but he could never stop himself – especially if he had an audience.

Before he even realized it, he was completely naked and back on his knees before his increasingly angry and impatient boss. And as embarrassed and ashamed as he was, he couldn’t help but notice that his cock had swollen almost halfway hard and pre-cum was seeping out of the purple plum-sized head. He didn’t understand what he was feeling or what was happening to him. It took a sharp nudge to his swollen balls from his boss’ spit-polished shoe to get the young man to focus again.

“Bitch, you make me unbuckle my own belt…I’ll slide it out and use it on you.” Juwan jumped forward on his knees, his fingers flying from buckle to zipper to button as he freed James’ prodigious meat through the front of his boxers. A flat slapping sound followed by a sharp groan split the relative quiet in the room as the top of James’ shoe found Juwan’s tender testicles once more. “How you gonna suck my balls and lick my big, black ass this way, boy? Exactly how stupid are you?” Juwan couldn’t reply as he handled the older man’s thick, stiff organ back into the slit in his shorts and then pulled the black silk boxers down to his ankles.

The silence in the suite was almost deafening. Sasha, Dani and Tami felt nothing but lust-driven desire as they stared longingly at James’ proud, ebony Tower of Power. The other Sales Managers were enthralled as they watched the older man totally dominate his young charge. Alan was smiling to himself as he waited for the next part of the action to unfold. It had been his idea and James was quick to see all the advantages.


The tall, sexy, bald black man slapped his thick, meaty cock against Juwan’s cheeks before he slid the round head across the young man’s lips. As soon as Juwan opened his mouth, James stuffed his hot, hard prick inside and he felt the boy moan around his sensitive corona. He smiled knowing what he would see when he looked down. He was tempted to peek but that would have ended the blowjob and it seemed that the boy had some unknown skills. So he let Juwan debase and embarrass himself in front of all the white folks and the tall Asian guy until James finally finished fucking his handsome face. He shot rope after rope down the humiliated young man’s throat forcing him to swallow mouthful after mouthful of thick, salty cum. And when he did finally pull out and lean back, his eyes dropped and he saw what he knew he would – Juwan’s cock was hard and stiff giving mute testimony to how excited he really was despite what was happening to him. James smiled as his eyes caught Alan’s in silent acknowledgment before he turned back to Juwan with a scowl on his face. “Stand your ass the fuck up!”

“What the fuck is that all about, bitch? You telling me you a twink, son? I been sending you to the wrong rooms?” Juwan flushed with even more embarrassment – Dani could feel the heat rising from the dark brown flesh covering his beautifully cut and ripped physique. Even though he’d hurt her before, there was no denying the attraction her twenty-eight year-old married pink pussy felt for this handsome young man and his magnificent fuck-tool.

Dani’s breathing quickened as the visions of his domination grew in her mind. Her new, sexy, submissive nature was so overpowering she was almost craving a repeat of the violence he had shown her earlier, but this time, in her fevered imagination, Juwan not only used her – even more violently – but then he gave her to his friends to be used by them as well. She was surrounded by angry young men, black and Hispanic, Asian and white all reaching for her, groping her…

“I don’t want to repeat myself again, slut!” James’ voice snapped Dani back to the suite before she travelled into her Dark Place. She turned to him with eyes cast downward. “On one of the service carts, there is a bucket with melting ice and water – bring it here, slut.” As Dani followed his directions, James turned to Tami.

“Wanna do your Big Daddy James a favor, Red?” Tami blushed as she looked up at the tall, good-looking man and smiled. “Behind the bar is a paper bag. Please get it and bring it to me, baby.” James kept the smile on his face as he stared down at the naked and terrified but turned-on waiter standing in front of him.

“Turn around, bitch – slowly, so the nice people can see your pretty pecker…see how hard you are, how excited your black ass is to become my personal little cum-dump.” Juwan was trembling as he turned slowly before his audience’s lust-filled eyes. “Stop, boy!” James stopped him halfway around as he faced the Sales Managers. “Look at their faces, Juwan…memorize them.” James’ command made it impossible for Juwan to hide his shame and humiliation. “Anytime anyone of them wants to use you…” the young black man shivered as James spoke; the Sales Managers were looking at him like he was a piece of meat and they were jungle cats on the prowl…”you let them do exactly what they want. Understand?” The shivers became full trembling as Juwan answered his new Master. “Good,” said the deep voice behind him. “Now finish your little ballerina spin and face me again.”

Dani saw the way her co-workers looked at the young black man and she shivered right along with him. She had seen that same look directed at her over the last few days and remembering each of the episodes that followed caused her smooth, naked pussy to ripple and send moisture to her slick, pink walls. She was waiting this time for James’ to speak.

“You, slut, bring that bucket here.” He gestured to a spot right next to the waiter’s hip. “That’s right, baby, right here.” He maneuvered her so that she held the bucket in her right arm just under his full, swollen scrotum and then he placed the blonde, suburban lawyer’s left hand under Juwan’s thick shaft and bulbous head.

“Ms. Evans,” he said, his voice formal and his tone respectful enough for everyone to notice, “as well as anyone here and better than most, I’ve witnessed what you have endured over the past few days. You have been nothing but straight-forward, sincere, and honest. You should not have been mistreated like you were this morning. I apologize for my staff and hope you can forgive me.”

Emotion flooded over the astonished young woman – James had caught her completely unaware – and tears started rolling down her beautiful face. She looked briefly at Alan; he nodded his understanding and approval just before she turned back to the big, bald black man. As gracefully as she could, she put the ice bucket on the floor, dropped Juwan’s big, hard cock and threw her arms around James’ neck and pulled herself up his broad chest until her lips were close to his ears.

“Oh, James,” she whispered, still crying, “if I didn’t make it clear last night…after what you did for me I am always yours – there is no need for you to apologize. Daddy told me I would meet a number of men I would have strong feelings about…like Alan and you…and I shouldn’t be afraid of what I felt.” Dani stopped crying and began nibbling on James’ ear as the inescapable heat between her legs started to flame up again.

“Did I tell you how safe and secure I felt in your big, strong arms, Big Daddy?” Dani giggled and licked the bald skin behind James’ ear. “Did I tell you how sexy it looked and felt – my small white body in your big black arms? Should I call you Big Daddy from now on?” She started sucking the smooth ebony flesh as she waited for his reply. She glanced at Tami and the redhead’s open, drooling mouth almost made Dani climax untouched.

James groaned as the lithe, beautiful young woman settled around his big, strong torso. Of course he remembered everything that she’d said, but he didn’t want to presume…after all, it was a rather stressful time when she’d spoken to him. But now, she was on the brink of fulfilling some of his most major fantasies. He, too, looked at Alan and was pleased to see a welcome smile and a nod of approval.

“Big Daddy…BD…whatever,” he mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear. Then he bent to her ear and whispered only for her. “And I love you too, Ms Daniella, almost like a daddy. I think I’m gonna be the daddy that treats his Babygirl-slut the way she wishes her real daddy would.” His hand slid under her ass and his thick middle finger found her wet hole. He pushed in and out so hard everyone could hear the sloshing sound of her cunt juice. She was so embarrassed – so close to climax in front of this whole group. “You do want to fuck your real daddy, don’t you?”

Dani’s eyes rolled back as the waves of pleasure radiated out from her finger-fucked cunt. James was kissing her, possessing her…claiming her. “Oh my God,” she thought in that fleeting instant, “just the way Alan did on the balcony, in front of his staff!” A final wave of pleasure rippled through her as they kissed and honored their commitment to each other before he let her slide back down to the floor. She picked up the bucket and grabbed Juwan’s still hard cock and smiled up at the big man. “Tell me what you want me to do, Big Daddy.”

“Your choice, Ms Evans, he broke his promise to you…he hurt you, not me.” He paused and smiled. “I will deal with his disrespect, Babygirl, you just need to think about the pain he caused you by not keeping his word.”

Dani knelt down in front of Juwan and rubbed his beautiful ebony organ all over her face and her neck before pressing the massive head into her hardened nipples. “Oh, God, Juwan,” her sexy bedroom voice set the room on edge, “have you ever seen anything so hot? Your big, black, powerful cock against my little white mouth or my perfect pink nipples? We could have given each other such unbelievable pleasure, you know?” As she held him, her grip shifted from fingers to fingernails and she started squeezing. “I swear, Juwan, even after you hurt me so bad, I still fantasized about you taking me, baby, using me…” she cupped his sac in her palm and sunk her long fingernails into the flesh surrounding it, “and then, Juwan, I got so fucking hot, thinking about how you could give me to your friends…make you a big guy, you know?” The young man groaned softly – her nails hurt, but somehow it only made him feel hornier and he didn’t really want anyone to know. Picturing her words come to life was almost as painful as her little white hand.

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