fuck machine


I knew this was a huge mistake. From the very first time I met him at the coffee shop, I should have seen through his flattery and good looks. Christian was a sadistic monster. He led me to the island with false intentions and was keeping me captive like a dog on a leash. What was worse is I wasn’t his first victim. Amelie, the young girl he claimed was his pregnant wife had clearly been his first captive. If he had intended to impregnate that small girl I wanted no part in it. Certainly any child of Christian’s would be the spawn of Satan.

I spent most of the night in pain from his abuse and considered all my escape options. None of them seemed feasible since I’d need a boat to get off this nightmare island and Christian held the keys. Still it was worth trying. Maybe he was stupid enough to leave the keys somewhere on the yacht. If I could remove the ankle monitor I might buy some time to search the yacht before Christian caught on. I wouldn’t know my way back to land though. We’d have to be miles from town. I’d risk dying at sea but it was better than staying around to see what Christian’s intentions were. Even if I did find land I’d have no way of knowing where the island was so I could send help for poor little Amelie. I was at a loss… If I was going to escape, I’d need to bring her with me.

I was startled by a knock at my door. I opened it to find Christian’s smirking back at me. “Sleep well?” I wasn’t going to humor him… “The silent treatment? Well maybe a nice shower will make you feel better?” He then handed me some towels with a set of clothes folded on them. “Meet me in the master bed when you’re finished.”

I glared at him and shut the door in his face. I then unfolded the clothes and was disgusted to find he had handed me a slutty maid uniform. It was a black dress, white lace collar, and lacked buttons half way down the front of the blouse. The lacy white apron and thigh highs were insulting. I wasn’t ready to indulge his kinky fantasies but being as I had little choice at the moment, I reluctantly took the clothes and towels to the end of the hallway and stepped in a much needed hot shower.


Natalia’s disobedience was becoming a nuisance. I really should have considered hiring a less strong willed bitch but what I really wanted were her skills. I needed her to help me after I impregnated Amelie and someone had to keep the mansion decent. I’d break her of her stubbornness in time. They couldn’t all be as malleable as my sweet Amelie. I’d tamed feistier bitches than Natalia. Amazing how much control you can gain with a little bdsm play.

Upon my return to the master bedroom I found Amelie awake holding the sheets to her naked breasts. Her curls were disheveled but she was still just as beautiful to me as ever. She crawled over to meet me at the edge of the bed and I intertwined my fingers in her hair before pulling her face to mine. I kissed her forehead and made my way down the slope of her nose to her sweet lips. I used my other hand to fondle her breasts and take advantage of her cold nipples. She let out a gasp when I slowly moved my hand to her moist sex. Her eyes were closed and I held her head back as she parted her legs to invite my hand into her. I still couldn’t get over how tight she was. I could barely get two fingers inside her unlike Natalia who was lose enough for my whole hand to fit. She moved her little hand to my dick to feel its outline through my pants. I grabbed her hand and brought it to my face. She was so soft and frail that I feared I might break her. She was my porcelain doll. So perfect and pure.

I heard Natalia enter the room and removed my hand from between Amelie’s legs. “Amelie, I want you to meet Natalia.” I gestured for her to come to me and she walked to the bed reluctantly. As she neared us I could see her feeble attempts to cover her breasts by pinning her blouse shut. As she came closer I grabbed her wrist, pulled her closer to me and ripped her blouse open, exposing the bust of her large breasts. “Ah yes, that’s much better.” Her face turned red and she looked as though she might dare to slap me but she resisted. I pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I need you to examine Amelie and determine if she’s ready to take my seed in her womb.” I then turned to Amelie, “Now love, I must leave you two alone to become better acquainted.” I left the room but stayed within ear shot in case Natalia tried anything funny.

*Amelie *

She was gorgeous. Her long raven hair and suntanned skin made me feel so pale in comparison. She must have been at least 5 maybe 7 years older than me. She could tell I was nervous, after all, the only thing separating us was a sheet. I was startled when she reached for me and moved an out of place curl from my face. “Let’s clean you up.” She said as she walked to the vanity next to my bed. She gestured for me to come to her and I wrapped the sheet around my naked body as I left the bed. “Come on Amelie, you have such a beautiful body, you don’t have to hide it.” She then took my sheet and sat me in front of the mirror. I relaxed as she tied my curls up with a pink ribbon and picked out a pink flowery sun dress for me. I put it on and went back to the bed to lie down. I felt fatigued and weak ever since the kidnapping. I hadn’t fully regained my strength and just wanted to lay in bed and sleep the day away. I think part of me kept wishing that if I fell asleep I’d wake up and realize this was all just a dream and be back in my tiny house. Natalia joined me on the bed and hummed a song as I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

*Natalia *

I didn’t want to do it but I knew if I didn’t Christian would punish me. Amelie was such a sweet, pure, shy girl and she was about to be impregnated by a sadist. As much as it killed me, I fulfilled his wishes. Amelie’s sun dress was disheveled exposing her small mound. I gently opened her legs and inserted my finger into her tight pussy. She must have definitely been a virgin before Christian had his way with her. She didn’t wake. Christian had made her very wet so it was easy to take the sample I’d need from her. After testing her hormone levels with a kit in the medicine cabinet. I left the room to find Christian right outside the bedroom door waiting for me. “She’s ready.” He shot me a diabolical smile.

“Keep her company, I’ve got plans to make.”

I was relieved as he walked away and descended down the grand staircase. I was worried that he might take Amelie right after I revealed the results but this way I had time to devise an escape plan before he had a chance to plant his demon seed in the angel. I returned to the room and quickly locked the door. After fiddling with the ankle monitor for a good 20 minutes, I was able to slip it over the heel of my foot and eventually slip it off. I then ran to Amelie on the bed and shook her violently awake. “Get up! We don’t have much time!” She awoke startled like a deer in headlights and stared at me with confusion.

“What’s going on Natalia? Where’s Christian?”

“He’s planning to force you to bear his child. He’s crazy, he kidnapped me and brought me here against my will. We’ve got to get away from him, he must be some kind of sadistic psycho. Who knows what he’s capable of?”

“No Natalia, we can’t leave, he’s hidden the keys to the yacht there’s no way off the island.”

“We’ve got to try. He’s downstairs now. If we climb out the window and onto the trellis we can make a run for the dock.”

“No, it’s too risky. I’ve tried to escape before and he punished me…. plus he’s not so bad, he’s treated me pretty well when I’ve behaved. He loves me Natalia… I can’t leave him, I’m all he’s got and he’s all I’ve got.”

“Listen to yourself!? You’re a classic case of Stockholm syndrome. Don’t sympathize with your captor. He’s using you as a sex slave.”

I then grabbed Amelie from the bed and ran to the window. I started to crawl out on to the ledge when I noticed she wasn’t budging. She looked at me and I could tell she was paralyzed with fear. She started to cry and I jumped back through the window to cover her mouth. “What is wrong with you? He’s definitely going to catch us if you don’t stop!”

I let go of her mouth and she started to follow me to the window. Just then, a hard pound at the bedroom door made me jump out of my skin. “Open up!!!” Christian roared and I knew I had no chance. I wasn’t ready to give up so quickly without a fight though and I hurried to the ledge making my way down the trellis. Amelie didn’t follow but she didn’t unlock the door for Christian either. She just gave up… it was sad really. She must have been brain washed or something. I however was not ready to succumb to Christian and leapt from the trellis to the ground below. I must have misjudged my landing. I screamed in pain as my ankle twisted. I tried to stand but stumbled and fell back down. I started to crawl. Call me hopeless but I honestly thought if I could crawl to the yacht I might still have a chance. It was then that I heard the front door slam open and someone run towards me. My head was jerked back by a fistful of my hair. “Did you really think you could escape me Natalia?”

I turned around on my back and kicked him as hard as I could with my other good leg. I was aiming for his dick but missed and hit his lower abdomen. He doubled over in pain and I squirmed from his grasp and attempted to stand again. Despite the excruciating pain in my ankle, I managed to hobble a few feet and gain my stride towards the yacht. I was still maybe 50 feet away before I looked behind me to see Christian wasn’t chasing after me but he also wasn’t anywhere to be found which made me more nervous. It took all my strength to stumble my way to the dock.

I was nearly there. Only a few more feet. Before I could even consider my next move I was shocked with several volts of electric coursing through my body. I screamed in agony as my body hit the cold ground and I was immobilized. It happened so fast I didn’t know what had hit me until I saw the taser in Christian’s hands. He turned me over and forced himself between my legs and hovered over my helpless body. I’d never seen such stone cold anger in someone’s eyes as he grabbed my throat with one muscular hand nearly choking me. “You stupid whore! Did you not learn your lesson when I fisted your cunt? That was nothing compared to what you have coming to you.”

I spit in his face and he paused to wipe it off before tightening his grip around my neck. I struggled underneath his weight but he didn’t budge. I gasped for breath and panicked as he continued to asphyxiate me. “Goodbye world, at least I tried….”The lack of oxygen to my brain dulled my senses until all I could hear was the beating of my heart before I blacked out.

*Christian *

I lay on top of Natlia’s unconscious body contemplating what I was going to do with her next. I considered loading her in the yacht and dropping her out at sea but that would be cruel… I picked her limp body up, threw her over my shoulder, and headed back to the mansion. My rage was pulsing through me at the thought of her trying to take my Amelie from me. Before I went back inside to find the taser I had barricaded the door to the master bedroom so Amelie wouldn’t be tempted to intervene. My dick was already hardening at the thought of what I was going to do to Natalia.

I carried her back down to the cold basement where I kept my toys and gadgets. I strapped her asphyxiated body into a leather sex swing spreading her cunt open wide for easy access. There really is a fine line between bdsm and rape… I wasn’t going to be as gentle this time. I put the ball gag in her mouth and placed clamps on her nipples that connected to a chain. I wasn’t going to risk impregnating this slut. She wasn’t worthy of bearing my child and her cunt was so stretched that it wouldn’t please my dick anyway. Still she needed something to fill her so I pushed a nice 10 inch long, 3 inch wide dildo into her easily accessible pussy and strapped it in place so she couldn’t push it out. She was starting to re-gain consciousness. I moved around the swing to stand over her face. Her eyes slowly opened and she tried to scream but the gag muffled her. I was fully erect now looking down at her frightened face. I removed the ball gag and before she could try to curse me again I tilted her head back and shoved my dick down her throat. “If you bite me bitch, it will be the last thing you do.” She gagged as I used the swing to slowly push her away from me, removing my dick just long enough for her to breath before swinging her back to take it all in again.

I felt her teeth on my shaft and wasn’t going to take my chances. She winced in pain as I grabbed the chain of her nipple clamps and pulled just enough to get my point across. “When will you learn bitch? I own you.” My balls slapped her face as I pumped my dick in and out of her throat relentlessly, using the swing for leverage. Her gagging was squeezing my dick so I hurried my pace and released my hot load deep into her throat. Before she could try to spit it out I replaced my dick with the ball gag forcing her to swallow my hot cum. Her eyes filled with rage and I knew our lesson was just beginning.

I knew just the right toy to tame this bitch. I walked to the corner of the basement and unveiled my prized piece of mechanical pleasure. I had built it myself but never had a chance to try it out on anyone before. I turned to find Natalia still struggling to break free from her bonds

“Don’t be so ungrateful. I think you’re going to enjoy being fucked senseless once you give in to it.”

Unlike me, a fuck machine was much less forgiving. She’d have to let go eventually and embrace my will. I moved the heavy machinery between her spread legs. I decided to be kind enough to lubricate the large black dick attached to the machine before inserting it into her reluctant ass. I positioned her so that just the tip was inside of her. The dildo in her pussy made her rectum much narrower so she’d have to adjust to the girth of the dick in her ass. I pulled her swing closer to me slowly inserting the length of the dildo inside of her tight ass. She was perfectly positioned now to begin her punishment. I turned the machine on and it slowly pistoned in and out of her ass as she hung helpless in the swing. I could see her juices escaping past the dick in her cunt and roll down to her asshole, adding much needed lubrication as she took in the full length of the dick that rhythmically fucked her.

After a good 10 minutes of slowly fucking her ass, I decided she was ready to take it up a notch. I dialed the machine to a higher speed and watched her struggle to break free from its torment. “Give up Natalia and you’ll enjoy it so much more. The more you struggle the harder I’m going to fuck you.” She must have taken my words as a challenge as she twisted violently in the swing trying to free herself from the dick in her ass. I then dialed the machine to the highest setting and she screamed as the dick pistoned her faster and faster. I was beginning to get somewhat jealous that it wasn’t me who was pounding that tight ass of hers. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and she pleaded against her gag for me to stop. I knew if I gave her what she wanted she’d only betray me again. Instead I attached a vibrator to her swollen clit to ease some of the pain and turn it into pleasure. I sat back and watched as she was forced to orgasm with her holes filled and fucked. It made my dick so hard that I had to relieve myself.

I kept the machine set to high and left Natalia to complete her punishment. I had a very scared Amelie still locked away in her room to attend to. I unlocked the door to the master bedroom but had trouble moving the door. “Amelie, love, please move so I can come in.” I asked nicely but could have very easily pushed it open. I didn’t want to risk hurting her though so I waited for her reply.

“No Christian! Tell me what you’ve done with Natalia!?”

I was mildly annoyed by her demands… “She disobeyed me Amelie. I couldn’t let her take you from me now could I? ”

“She said you were a monster Christian! She said you were using me. I’m not letting you in until you can tell me what you’ve done with her!”

I considered barging through the door and proving her right but restrained my temper… “Love she’s fine, I promise. We just had a disagreement and she stormed off to her room. She said she’s sorry for scaring you. “

It was silent for a few minutes and then Amelie opened the door and stared up at me with her tear filled hazel eyes. “Don’t cry angel, everything is ok. We just had a misunderstanding that’s all.” I picked her up and hugged her tight to my chest, burying my nose in her curls. The smell of strawberry shampoo filled my senses.

“Come love, you must be starving. I’ll make you something to eat.”

I placed her gently back on her feet and led her to the kitchen.

*Amelie *

Up until I met Natalia this morning. I was starting to enjoy the thought of living in the mansion with Christian. I was even starting to warm up to the idea of becoming the mother of his offspring. Everything was happening so fast but for the first time in my life, I finally felt like I was truly loved and had a purpose in the world. I couldn’t stay upset with Christian even if I tried. I’d take one look at his handsome face and melt in his arms. I convinced myself that he wasn’t controlling me, that this is really what I wanted all along. Escape was never an option, I learned that the hard way. I really did love him. He was strong yet gentle. Forceful yet soft. He knew my body better than I did. I was addicted to him and would do anything to please him.

I followed him to the kitchen and hopped up on a stool in front of the counter to watch him cook. He prepared a plate of crepes and fruit and joined me at the counter. “This is my favorite dish. I spent a summer abroad in Paris after my parent’s died.”

“Oh Christian… I’m so sorry I didn’t know…”

He looked at me and shrugged. “It’s been years Amelie, no need to be sorry. They weren’t very good people anyhow… trust me. You’re the only family I need now anyway.”

I had never known my parents. I was raised in an orphanage until I was 17 and ran away. I’d been on my own ever since. Part of me had always longed to have a family though and Christian knew it… Maybe that’s why he chose me? We were kindred spirits, lost souls in the world just yearning for that one true piece of happiness. I finished up my breakfast and excused myself from the table.

“Amelie, why don’t you go wait for me on the beach? I have lose ends to tie up before I join you.”

I kissed him and headed for the front door to the sandy trail leading to the beach.

*Natalia *

It must have been at least an hour since Christian left. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I was running out of lubricant but the machine kept pistoning in and out of me in a fast motion. I gave in to it not long after Christian left and I no longer held on to my pride. He had won. I now knew exactly what he was capable of and after the 8th earth shattering orgasm, I was exhausted and lay limp in my restraints while the huge dick impaled my ass without hesitation. My will had been broken. I knew even if I had the will to escape again, it was no use. I gave up and prayed for Christian to return and release me.

I was staring up at the ceiling listening to the thump of the machine when I heard Christian descend down the creaky basement steps. I sighed with relief at the sight of his face.

“Did you learn your lesson Natalia?”

I nodded eagerly in hopes he would turn off the machine and untie me quickly.

“Well maybe a few more minutes will do you some good?”

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