fuck in shower

Ch. 7: Jason


Finally, it’s Friday. The week came and went without much excitement. I hooped with Brent one day and that was about it. Giselle and I sent each other dirty messages almost everyday and I couldn’t wait to see her tonight.

I invited her over to watch sports and planned on grilling some food for us. I turned off the lights in my office, closed and locked the door. Making my exit to my car, I waived to the garage attendant, Carl and jumped into my 2009 Honda Accord.

Selecting a song from my ipod, I blared the music and cruised out of the garage. The music from my car echoed in the garage and set off a few car alarms. I loved doing that.

After stopping by the grocery store on my way home, I filled my gas tank and drove home. I kept my place clean. Momma taught me that. She made sure that she raised an independent son as she called it. I put the groceries on the counter and headed to my bedroom to change into something more comfortable.

The conversation Brent and I had the other day at the park, repeated in my head. I couldn’t get Giselle off of my mind either. However, I reminded myself that we were all just having fun. I couldn’t see myself getting serious about a girl who regularly fucked me and my best friend.

The reminders were constant. The longing in my groin was also constant. She had the kind of pussy that resonated with you. Her scent would invade my nostrils at any given moment. Her eyes, her smile, her hair. Wait, I stopped myself.

I sound like Brent. Well that’s an unfair judgment. I don’t think he was having those exact thoughts. I think he was just really confused because he had never experienced this type of relationship. I hadn’t either. He was right, she is just different.

I prepped the meat. I brought chicken breasts and planned to grill them along with corn on the cob. I whipped up a fresh tomato salsa and placed it into a glass bowl and put it in the refrigerator to chill. Giselle was bringing the chips, homemade mashed potatoes and some alcoholic beverages.

Before I knew it, there was a knock on the door. It was her. I opened the door to find her standing there with the biggest smile on her face. She practically jumped into my arms and covered my face with kisses. There’s that scent. I closed my eyes and inhaled.

I put her down, grabbed the groceries in her reusable shopping bags that she had set on the floor and closed the door. I put everything in the kitchen as she disappeared into the room with her bag. It looked a lot bigger than it normally did. When she came out of the room I said,

“Damn, are you moving in?” I asked jokingly.

“Something like that” she said smiling as she joined me in the kitchen and helped me take everything out of its bag. She put the mashed potatoes on the stove and opened the chips. She searched the cabinets for a large bowl and filled it with chips. She opted to bring bottles of Bud Light and a bottle of wine.

We talked about any and everything. She was so easy to talk to. I knew I could tell her anything without any judgments. She had a smirk on her face as she listened to me and I knew why. She could clearly see my manhood at full attention.

“That’s your fault” I said.

“My fault?” she said laughing, “How is that my fault?”

“Because you are so beautiful” She walked over to me and gave me a sweet kiss, making me stiffer. I wanted to give her the dick right then and there but decided to wait. We had all weekend together.

After chatting about a range of topics, we came inside and Giselle plopped down on the couch. She snacked on the chips and dip that were on the coffee table between the couch and my 60-inch, ultrathin HDTV.

“Where is Brent tonight?” she asked. She dipped a chip into the salsa and took a bite while turning to face me.

“I’m not sure, I told him you were coming up this weekend, but I don’t think he ever texted me back” I took a swig of my beer.

“He’s avoiding me I think” she said walking over to the breakfast bar and climbing up on one of the stools.

“Really?” I didn’t expect that.

“I could be wrong, but I haven’t talked to him all week except for one day”

“He gets like that sometimes, especially with women” I testified for him.

“I just thought that we were friends, but I guess not” she actually said that with disappointment.

“I’ll talk to him.” I comforted her.


We switched between preseason football and sports news after we ate. The chicken was delicious. I loved to grill and mastered it along the way. Giselle was crouched into my arm that cradled her. She had one leg resting across my lap and when she reached for her glass of wine on the table, her leg would move up slightly, causing me to stir.

I couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as she put her glass back on the table, I fondled her big tits. They looked perfect in the tight, white t-shirt she had on. She lifted her shirt up, over her head and unclasped her bra behind her. Her gigantic boobs bounced out and my mouth watered.

I needed to have her quickly. I was aching for a quick release. I stood up and removed my knee-length shorts and then my boxers. I turned towards her, lifting up my shirt, exposing my rock, hard cock.

She scooted to the edge of the couch and held her hair in a ponytail. I took her hair into my hand as she took me into her mouth. The fact that she was addicted to sucking cock didn’t help the repression of feelings I had for her. Including her flaws, Giselle was perfect. I just didn’t know if she was the perfect friend or the perfect woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

That wasn’t important now. My only focus was stretching her mouth and reaching the back of her tight throat. She immediately began choking and gagging as I wedged inch by inch into her mouth. I looked down to see she had nearly taken all of me. That sight took me over the edge. I unloaded more cum than even she could handle and she spit some of it out and it oozed onto her big tits.

She licked her lips and licked and sucked my semi-stiff cock. Slurping, she licked me clean. She licked each of her fingers carefully. I couldn’t see her fingers buried in her hot snatch because of the swinging of her big boobs as I fucked her angelic face.

She lies back and puts her feet up on the edge of the couch. I got down on my knees and pulled her towards me, causing her to end up on her neck. Her boobs slapping against her face. I spread her legs as far as they could go and began working on her already dripping cunt.

I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue first and then sucked it. I knew that drove her crazy. I slid my tongue in between her swollen, soft lips. I kissed and slid my tongue over her lips as I squeezed them together with my fingers.

I pushed three fingers in her slit but she was still so tight. She was always tight. Despite how much she craved cock, her pussy always returned to the tightness that could make you think she was still pure and untouched. But anyone who knew Giselle, knew better than that. Lust reeked from her body.

I worked her slit to orgasm and sucked up her sweet, scolding juices. There was her scent again. I pushed my face into her pussy, trying to take in as much of her intoxicating aroma as possible.

Holding out my hands to her, I pulled her up from the couch and walked through my bedroom to the bathroom, into the shower. I took her there first. Vaginally from behind with the water raining down on us. Next, out of the shower and back into the room, I took her from behind again with her hands flat on the edge of the bed. Her ass jiggled as I slammed into her hot tightness. Later, I sat on the bed and slid into her pussy while she put her tits into my mouth as she raised herself up and down on my cock. I smacked her ass in the same spot and she cried out.

With each slap, she sped up her body. Coming all the way up to my tip and then forcing my cock to the hilt. She was incredible. After she creamed all over my cock I moved her to the side of me. She was on all fours, waiting as I stood up behind her. I chuckled inwardly because she assumed the position without being told to. She was panting as I prepared to take her ass next.

Inserting all three fingers much easier this time, I used her wetness for lube. I eased one finger in and out of her ass, repeatedly and then placed my head at its entrance. I slowly entered her and she moaned. Her body stretched a little more with each entry.

Soon, I picked up the pace until I unleashed an assault on her shapely, round butt. She turned to face me, her face riddled with ecstasy. She had the sexiest smile on her face. She was enjoying this. Her moans got louder as I repeatedly slammed into her now stretched ass.

“I’m coming!” she announced. I was too. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my lungs had no more air in them. Some of my cum bubbled out of her ass onto the bed. I collapsed on to top of her, my softening cock still lying inside her. I saw a bright light coming from the window. I’ll be damned; we had fucked, all night, until the sun came up.

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