“I have a surprise for you.” I jumped in surprise. His rough voice was behind me and directly in my ear. I tried to turn but he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me in place my ass pressed against his hard on.

“What is it?” I meant to ask the question casually but I ended up sounding breathless as his tongue slid down the column of my neck. He nuzzled the tender spot at the juncture of my throat and shoulder.

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise. Do you trust me?” I shivered. His question was an invitation to play and I do so enjoy games.

“Yes,” I whispered. His smile had a predatory edge. His arms slid away from my waist his hands pausing to cup my tits as they passed. I sighed and leaned back against him. He kissed my neck and I closed my eyes enjoying the hot silk caress. I felt something pressing into my hair and I opened my eyes just in time to see him slide a blindfold into place. I made a small sound of excitement and he chuckled softly against my ear. The blindfold fitted closely to the contours of my face and no light was visible.

“Take off your panties.” God, this was hot. I reached down under my dress and shimmied my panties down until they were lying in a pool at my high heels. His hand slid up my thigh, guiding me. “Step out of them.” I followed his instructions and his hand wandered a little farther. I pressed closer to his hand. He lifted my skirt and delivered a firm slap to my bare pussy. “Stay still. You’re going to love this baby. Hell, you’ve already creamed your panties.” I felt a flush rising from the tips of my breasts to heat my cheeks.

He kept me blindfolded for the entire trip. The car ride seemed like an eternity but without sight it was hard to mark time accurately. The car finally slid to a halt and I heard him turn off the engine. I sat in the seat, trying not to squirm with impatience, wondering what tonight’s game would be.

“I am taking you to a very special house. Each room in the house is dedicated to a different sexual delight. Tonight you will be in the Obedience Room. Your only task is to obey without question and without hesitation.” I felt the slickness that washed over my pussy. He knew what I fantasized about.

His car door slammed and then he came around to my side to guide me out of the car and into the house. The scent of a clean spice hung in the air. In the distance I heard a woman scream in ecstasy. My heels clicked on the tile as he guided me across a large floor. I heard the sound of a doorknob turning. The air stirred as a door opened. He placed his hand on my nape and pressed me forward.

Another set of hands settled on my arms to pull me gently into the room. They were the small, soft hands of a woman. “Sir, how may I assist tonight?” Her voice was quiet and husky. There was a short silence.

“Lay her on her back on the bed. Push her skirt up and eat her pussy.” I gasped, my nipples tightening. He laughed softly. “Obey,” he reminded me softly.

I let her lead me to the bed. Her hands on my hips shifted me until my legs were over the edge of the bed. Her little hands pressed at the inside of my thighs. I let my legs fall open with a groan. “Quiet!” The command was sharp. “Spank her pussy,” he ordered. She didn’t even hesitate. Her hand came down in a sharp slap on my wet lips hitting my clit. My hips rose automatically seeking the firm caress on my clit. “You may only speak by direct command or to beg.” My clit was swollen. I was aching. She slapped me again and I arched. She draped her arm over my belly to hold me in place and set me on fire with one long stroke of her tongue along my pussy. I slapped my hand over my mouth to keep from moaning as she drew my clit into her mouth and sucked with gentle pressure.

“She’s a good little pussy licker,” he remarked, complimenting the technique of the woman torturing me.

“Thank you,” another male voice replied. I jumped, realizing there were more people in the room than I initially thought. A small whimper escaped my lips. The mistake did not go unnoticed.

I felt his presence before his knees dipped the mattress near my head. “Would you like some help obeying?” The silky menace in his voice was a sexy as the tongue ravishing my cunt. I nodded. There was a rustle of movement and then his hand on my jaw forced my mouth open. He slid the ball gag into place and secured it behind my head. “What a pretty little slut you make.” I could only imagine the picture I made to the spectators. I was splayed out on the bed with my thighs spread obscenely for the strange woman who was fucking me with her tongue as she held me down. I was blindfolded and gagged, half dressed with my skirt rucked up around my waist.

My hips strained and I felt an orgasm rising. He reached down and twisted my nipple gently. The slight sting of pain made the pleasure bearable. “You may not come yet.” The gag muffled my agonized groan. Her tongue was swirling my cunt and his fingers twisted fire and pleasure from my tits. My hips arched again and I knew I was in trouble. My hands clawed the sheets and I came hard grinding my pussy into her face. He slapped my tit and I nearly went up in flames.

The stranger spoke again. “You both disobeyed.” Apparently she wasn’t supposed to make me come. Can’t say I was sorry. She gave a little cry and I felt her being pulled away from me. “Get on your knees and suck my cock. Prove you can do something right.”

I heard the sound of her slurping on his cock. “Yeah, baby, you can do it. Suck it all. Choke on it, baby.” I heard her gag. He groaned and she gagged again.

“You won’t get off so easy.” His voice was back in my ear. “Roll over. Put your ass in the air and rest your head on your arms.” As I obediently slid into place I heard her gag on his cock again. He must have been halfway down her throat.

His hands caressed my bare ass. “Your orgasms belong to me. You came without permission. You stole an orgasm from me.” His fingers dipped into my pussy and came away slick.

“Oooooh, yeah, baby. Fucking suck it!” The groan distracted me until I felt the first blow on my ass. I jumped with surprise and a blow fell on the opposite cheek. He took up a steady rhythm. He would land several blows and then dip his finger back into my pussy. My ass began to warm. “Wag that ass!” It was a demand. I undulated submitting to his erotic demand. “Good girl,” he murmured as he fingered me. I wanted to scream, I wanted to beg. It was too much. I reached back and shielded my ass with my hands. He was amused. He pulled my hands into one of his, forcing them to the small of my back. I stayed very still as he wrapped a rope around my wrists to tie them together. He slid over me, his body covering me. “Obedience,” he reminded me. His hands slid up and removed the gag.

He reached down and flipped me onto my back. He brought my legs together before he rested them over his shoulder. He reached down and began to pet my pussy. I cried out. He slapped my ass and then resumed playing with my cunt. I realized he was smoothing the wetness of my pussy down my body. He pressed his thumb into my asshole and I realized he was lubricating me. I made a sound of panic. He snarled. “I’ll teach you to follow instructions and keep quiet.” I felt movement and then he was shifting us so that he was laying on the comforter and my back was pressed into his chest. His cock probed at my ass. Even though I realized what he intended I couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down my body and quaked my cunt. My body was out of my own control and I was shaking with need.

“You know what I want, baby.” He said it softly but I heard the command beneath it. I lifted my hips and gently guided his dick to my ass. I paused as I felt the broad head pressing against my tight entrance. His hands on my hips pressed down forcing me to participate in my own penetration. He groaned. “Your ass is so damn tight, baby.” I was so turned on I wanted to ride it. I was shocked by my own response by the eroticism of his cock stretching my ass and giving me the gentle burn of pain and pleasure swirled together.

I felt a pop and his cock was fully seated in my ass. I groaned. “Still disobeying,” he chided. “You need a lesson.” I felt hands on my thighs opening me, exposing me.

“Damn, that is hot.” It was the stranger. Apparently, my new friend had finished blowing him. I felt myself get slicker as I envisioned this stranger watching me. I was blindfolded, my hands tied behind my back and I was riding the cock in my ass with enthusiasm.

I gave a cry of surprise as he pressed me back and hooked my knees under his arms. There was a moment of stillness as he pressed his cock into my pussy. I was soaking wet but he was big and I was unaccustomed to being filled with two cocks. He was feeding me one slow inch at a time and I thought I might scream. He gave one last hard stroke and he was buried in me balls deep. I was stretched, filled to the brim with cock. They both held me very still. Then they began to thrust. I screamed.

Someone’s hand landed a blow on my ass. I jumped and cried out. “Shut her up. Sit on her face!” I didn’t have time to protest before my new friend lowered her pussy to my face. “Lick it!” I buried my face in her pussy, eating her, screaming into her cunt as my body rocked with the thrusts that were gradually becoming more forceful.

There seemed to be some silent communication because both started to drive their cocks into me harder. The cock in my pussy was pounding me, driving me further onto the cock invading my ass. The stranger pressed my knew further up, spreading me obscenely and jackhammering his cock into my body. The dual invasion had me stretched, shaking, sweating. I ate her pussy with abandon, sucking her clit, stroking her heat, fucking her with my tongue, I felt her thighs squeeze around my head and then she be began to undulate, riding my mouth. Abruptly, her taste sharpened and she cried out as she came on my face.

“Fuck, yeah,” he said from beneath me as he ground into my ass. I took it. I moaned.


It was the first word that had escaped my lips. “Please what, little whore? What do you want? Tell me.”

“Please,” I moaned again. He thrust viciously into my ass.

“Say it.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please let me come. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my ass. I need to come. Please!” I was crying, desperate for my release. The stranger began to grunt as he pistoned his hips into mine. I rose and fell with each thrust, loving the burn of their cocks stretching me.

The stranger grunted and I felt him splash into me. Below me, he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me tight against him as he grunted with the effort of holding back. I felt hands and someone was rubbing my clit.

I arched. “Please let me come!” I screamed. Someone slapped my pussy.

“Now!” he commanded. I screamed and came, my pussy clenching as he shot his load into my ass. I came hard, shaking, my cunt pulsing, my body bowed.

“Good job,” he murmured.

I am supposed to be sleeping now. I am supposed to be Jean Meredith, newly hired reporter for the Hemmingsburg Report newspaper. I am supposed to be getting the true story of the ‘Man’s World’ female fantasy enterprise. Who am I now? I am a subservient female; I have no name. What have I been doing? An anonymous tracker has hunted me in the woods for the better part of the morning and then shunted me around the woods for the better part of the afternoon. He has not said a single word all day – not to me. He took me to a house in the woods that was a torture chamber of sorts. He secured me to a bed; he lifted me to the edge of ecstasy then left me just short of realization; he allowed a whip-wielding ruffian to torment me until I was ossified with dread. After that, my captor came back and lifted me to incredible heights of euphoria. When he finished with me there, he then brought me here to this place – a literal hole-in-the-wall. Here is a sinkhole surrounded by high rock walls. It is now the middle of the night and I am out in a forest somewhere behind the ‘Man’s World’ warehouse. I do not know exactly where somewhere is located, just that it is on the property. There are six couples here. Maybe I should not use the term ‘couple’. There are six males here; they are all a few yards away sleeping inside tents. They are the managers of this ‘campout’. Five females and I are sleeping outside under the stars. We are, to a certain extent, the reluctant participants. Cords tied to each of six posts are secured around each of our necks. A blanket is spread out underneath each of us and we each are covered by another blanket. Feeding time last evening was sucking oatmeal flavored goo off each of our men’s cocks. We each drank water from a bowl using only our lips as our hands are bound behind our backs. We females are here living in an escape reality – we have left the world behind and became savages to be tamed.

Other than a brief conversation with the girl lying next to me, I do not know much about the other girls. I presume that they are all in submission in some way to the men. Twice during the day I heard girls being whipped. I can still hear their screams echoing in my mind’s ear. I think at least one of those two girls is here now. Maybe the other one is also; I do not know.

I had a short conversation with the one girl. It occurred just after we were fed and watered down for the night. She did not seem to fit here. She was not here to escape into an alternate reality. That is the real value of what they do here. Hector, the proprietor explained the typical profile of the clientele: mostly women looking to be a part of another world.

I did not know anything about that other world before I got here. I had seen and heard a few things before but I never had put one-and-one together. Within the last twenty-four hours, I learned what it was like to be chased, to be captured, to be used. And I found a different fulfillment. I had not intended for it to be this way. But I found the new reality. An alternate world where I could go and feel feelings I had not felt before. There were new sensations. I had never looked up into a man’s eyes waiting for him to command me. I had never submitted to a master. This was not a twentieth century thing to do. This had not been at all what I had planned for the day.

So I got my story. It is not the story I thought I was going to get. The story is about a naïve girl who was swept by a tumultuous evolution into a perverse world, an ancient world, a less complicated world. I have been subjugated by a ruffian, a predator, a brigand.

I do not know what will happen with the approaching dawn. I need to go to sleep now. Tomorrow’s events are not known to me. I was on the ‘Surprise Me’ optional treatment and it has been full of surprises so far. I have no reason to think that this upcoming day will be any different.


It is dawn. I can hear birds merrily chirping around me. It is sunny and it is very warm; it is much warmer than yesterday. I blink my eyes a few times and try to focus on my surroundings. The fire has burnt down but I can see some white smoke swirling up from the ashes and dissipating into the light breeze. There are some squirrels bounding here and there looking for nuts and seeds that might be lying about.

The girl who was lying next to me last night – she is gone now. Her name was Maddie Miller. I wonder when she left. I did not hear a thing; I must have slept well. I wonder about her though; her husband really needs to bring her here some time and rough her up! She needs to be manhandled! Hector will read about that in my notes.

The girl at the other end of the row is being prepared to leave. She is up on her knees. Her man has the belt that is attached to her pole and is tightening it around her neck. I do not remember seeing her yesterday. I was still confused about that. They had told me there were only two other girls being chased beside me. Anyway, the girl at the end is tall and skinny. She is wearing the same type of frock that I am wearing and it barely covers half of her ass. Her man stands her up. She jumps when he reaches his hand down and grabs hold of her pussy. He fingers her heartily; I see her shut her eyes. He rubs her more vigorously and she begins to rotate her hips; she moans loudly. He abruptly stops, takes hold of the pole and leads her away to the right. The look on her face is astonishment. In just a matter of seconds, they both vanish into a small stand of trees. I notice two bowls lying on the ground near her post.

Behind me and next to my post there are two similar bowls; one is filled with water and the other contains something that looks like granola. I am not sure what it was, but someone who had not been tied to one of these posts set it out – so I decide on the spot to eat it up. This is neither the time nor the place to piss someone off. I had to get these bowls emptied out. What if Master came over here and saw that I had not touched these? Would he be angry? I could not take that chance. I crawl over and dip my face into the granola bowl. It tastes like granola; looks like my guess is right. I chew it up and swallow it down. I move to the water bowl and sip it up just like I had learned last night. It only took a minute or so to clean both bowls. My timing was impeccable.

My Master is walking toward me; he is carrying my pole. I look up at him cautiously. He stacks the two bowls together then unties the cord from my neck. He wraps the belt and snugs it around my neck. He pulls me to my feet; the blanket falls to the ground. My Master shoves a large red ball gag into my mouth and wraps the strap around my head. He picks up the pole with both hands and steers me in the same direction that the tall skinny girl was directed just a few minutes before.

The other three men are standing by the other three girls now and getting them ready to leave. We walk past them. Just as the night before, none of the men are speaking to the girls. I recognize the two girls I had seen the day before in the woods. So they are both here. My Master, just as yesterday, is pushing me briskly as we move out of the campsite.

So now we begin the second day. My Master and I resume marching toward what is for me an unknown destination. Hector had told me before how he researches his clients and matches them up with dominants. Master seems to have an uncanny propensity to tweak me in just the right way and at just the right time – whether it is toward fear or toward joy. I really need to get to know him better; he already knows me.


We enter the small stand of trees that the other girl had just been pushed into. The trail is flat. In just a few moments we are surrounded by dense green foliage in every direction. The ground is moister and richer than anywhere I have been in this sinkhole. It must be closer to the water table in this end; all the plants look healthy. This spot looks like a jungle. My Master continues pushing me forward.

We have only been in these trees for five minutes and the trail turns sharply to the right. As soon as we get around the corner I see the tall skinny girl. She is standing tied to a tree; her arms are draped around the tree so closely that her face and chest are hugging the bark. Her man is standing behind her with his hands on her waist. He is moving his hips forward and backward behind her. We walk by them; he has his cock forced into her asshole! She grunts hoarsely behind her gag every stroke he drives into her. My Master goads me on past them without slackening our stride whatsoever. I was spellbound by them. This was so alien to me. I wanted to stay and watch; have I become a voyeur now? Notwithstanding, he pushes me on. I would have to satisfy my prurient instincts some other time.

The trail dips down and alongside the rocky wall. Wide slabs of stone lay over each other to form this trail. The trail inclines upward as we move along. There are deep undercuts in the rock and tiny lizards are scurrying about. After about another one hundred feet the rocks on our right get taller; the trail is now a narrow path with craggy rock walls on either side. The path twists and turns through several iterations of broad s-curves. Finally, it opens out into a circular rotunda about fifty feet in diameter. There is a small opening on the far side.

We are approaching the entrance to another cave. This opening is larger than the cave we used to enter the sinkhole; and there are none of those wretched vines encumbering the way. My Master pushes me into the gap; the floor is smooth and a bit slick. Water is dripping all along the sides of the walls and from the rocky ceiling overhead. It is nippy in here. The path bends back downward now. I feel we are going downhill ever so slightly.

There is a roaring sound up ahead; it must be the waterfall. We walk on just like we have always walked. My Master is pushing me with this large pole and I am moving as directed. At least, I am wearing the frock again; although it was warmer outside, it is quite chilly walking in this cavern. There is quite a bit of light shining up ahead and through an opening on the right. Master guides me into the opening.

The waterfall is immediately to our right. At least, the backside of the waterfall is to our right. I can hardly hear myself think in this thunder. On the far side of the waterfall the rock wall opens up and there is a narrow chasm going outside the cave beyond the fissure.

Master pauses. I look back at him wondering what he wants me to do; he looks at me for a moment. He swings the pole around and shoves me under the waterfall. The torrent almost knocks me over; the water is freezing. The rocky ledge under the falls is so slippery I am afraid I will fall and hang myself with this belt wrapped around my neck. I can feel Master tugging me forward; he is forcing me to walk underneath the waterfall from end to end. I try and plant my feet as firmly as I can with each step. I am being inundated.

Aagh! I slip and twist my ankle slightly. That hurts. Master tugs on the pole. I try to regain my balance but the burden of the water flowing over me is difficult to overcome. I step forward and slip again. My head goes out past the waterfall; for a brief second I can see the grassy plain beyond the waterfall. Master quickly pulls me back underneath the water; I trudge along. It is so cold in this water; I am shivering.

The isolation of simply walking underneath the deluge is incredible. I am fully surrounded on all sides by rapidly gushing water. I have difficulty breathing; I have to keep my head ducked down to keep my nostrils clear. I cannot identify anything of the real world around me other than the occasional tug on my neck strap. The image of the open-air I just saw might have been a hallucination! I have been left alone again.

The water pounds my head and shoulders; I wobble under the pressure. By walking from side to side under the water, the waterfall is still only about ten feet wide; I feel like I have been walking under this water for nearly an hour. In reality, only a few minutes have passed.

Master yanks me forward. At last, I step out of the waterfall. I take two big breaths. Master smirks and pushes me forward up the narrow rift.

How incredible that it has happened again! I have just stood on the precipice; one wrong step or one nasty slip and I could have cracked my skull, I could have broken my arm or leg. My wrists are bound and my neck is secured with a belt attached to a rope. There was little I could have done to protect myself in any predicament. Master was toying with me again. He had the power to hold me on the edge. I had been abandoned in that house up above the waterfall. I was terrified. Then I was left alone to sleep under the stars by the fire. It was a time of deep reflection. Master follows that up by walking through a chamber of brutality that is comprised simply of falling water. Master has drilled his tentacles deeply into my essence!

I look down at myself. I am soaked. The frock clings to me accentuating every nook and cranny on my body! There are two shadows where my nipples press on the cloth; there is a slight depression into my belly button. I can only imagine how my ass might look underneath this wet garment. It undoubtedly leaves little for my Master’s imagination as he strides behind me. But why would that matter? Master had pushed me through the forest while I was totally naked yesterday. Yet, the look of a bound woman in figure-hugging wet clothing must create a certain air of eroticism. With that in mind, I try to walk with a provocative cadence all the more.

The forest is enveloping us more with every step. We climb out of the narrow crevice and back onto a dirt trail. I can see the creek a few yards to our right. The rumble of the waterfall has greatly diminished and the sounds of the forest prevail once again. The sun warms me as we walk; my frock is drying out. I bet my hair is a mess. Styling with a waterfall is not an effective beauty technique.


That sound I hear! I know that sound! It is a horn. It is the horn that started me off yesterday. It is the start of a chase. There is another chase going on! Master pushes me to go on. He knows that sound also. Maybe he is smiling; I am smiling behind this gag.

The trail becomes more and more monotonous. I take some time to arrange my thoughts. I am beginning to understand my Master. Is that an absurdity? He plucked me from a net dangling from a tree yesterday. He knows how to pique my interest, how to stimulate my fears and how to make my emotions flow. He is imaginative. He has done all this without speaking. What have I done in response? I have submitted to him. I have conducted myself in a sultry manner just to suit him. And the reaction of my body to his touch has been nothing short of magical. We have been matched. Our compatibility has interlocked our personalities as we have walked together.

There is a large spread of daisies between the creek and me. They are beautiful. Master steers me to the right closer to the creek side. There is a grassy ledge jutting out over the creek. Just short of the ledge Master pushes me down to the water. He removes the gag from my mouth and points down; he wants me to drink. Unlike the last time, I drink up. This time I know how to do it. He bends down and takes a few sips.

He stands me up and pushes me over to the ledge; we both sit down. He lays the gag in the grass. Master looks out over the creek and across the way. I wonder what he is thinking. It is nice sitting here.

A couple of birds flutter through the treetops. A squirrel scurries past us and up a sycamore tree standing near the creek. I hear another one of those plunks in the creek; I cannot ever seem to be looking at one of those when they happen! Then I see a brief flash out of the corner of my eye. I look over beyond the creek. I see it again; there it is. Yes, not ‘it’, but there she is.

A girl is running through the woods. I do not think she notices us over here. She is hunched over trying to move without detection. She is not succeeding. Was I that indiscreet yesterday? It makes me laugh. Master probably waltzed through the forest following me yesterday while I was struggling to keep myself hidden. My Master is looking toward her also. She stealthily moves past us and out of sight.

Master moves over by me. He pulls the belt from around my neck and lays the pole on the ground. He unbinds my hands. He pushes me back onto my back and grabs both ankles pulling my ass up onto his lap. He then grabs me behind both knees and pushes them up lifting my ass up into the air with my legs spread wide open. He buries his face into my pussy. I moan with delight. He licks and probes me with his meticulous tongue. In no time I am lost in bliss. To have my Master indulge me this way compels me to submit to him all the more. My hips writhe as he stimulates me more and more. I put both of my hands on Master’s knees and press my ass up higher still while extending my legs as widely as possible.

Master lowers me back down. He stands and pulls his member out of his pants. I get up on my knees and take his cock in my hand. I begin coyly licking his head. I look up at him. He pulls my hair and lifts my head upward with his right hand and holds his cock in his left. He aims it directly into my mouth; I open wide. He pushes it in and bobs my head twice. I continue to suck him in that same rhythm. I take him into my mouth as far as I can; it gets more arduous as he gets bigger and harder, but I try.

Master pulls his cock out then pushes my head and neck down to the ground; he moves behind me and rolls my frock up over my ass exposing it in all its glory. I look back at him as he trains his dick on its inbuilt target. He slowly pierces me and I squeal with delight. He places his hands on top of my ass cheeks and pumps me with his member. I feel him as he displaces my insides with his muscle. He starts moving my body back and forth. I get myself into motion; he stops. I bounce onto his belly pushing him deep inside me. Now it is my turn; he has given me more latitude and I am going to take it. I move back as far as I can and start grinding on him. Left and right, around – I move with every gesture I can conceivably make.

But now my turn is over. Master grabs both of my elbows and pulls me back onto him. Then he starts jabbing me hard with his cock. He is pounding me and I am grunting with each hit. There is no slowing down now. He has his cock moving with great dexterity. My pleasure continues to explode and my whole body is submerged in elation. I orgasm, and then do it again. He does not miss a beat. My breasts are bouncing with the rhythm of each of his strokes.

Quickly he pulls his cock out of me. Master rolls me over onto my ass and stands over me. I push my face toward him while leaning on one arm and holding onto his thigh with the other. He points his cock toward me and I open my mouth and wrap my lips around it. I move up and down. I can look directly into his eyes from this angle. He looks down at me as I clean up his dick one more time. I move my tongue on his cock’s underside slowly and gently. Finally, I feel the warm juice as it squirts into my mouth. I recognize his taste. This is my second taste of his cum; I know how my Master tastes.

I continue suctioning his member for a few minutes; I must ensure he is drained. I fall back to the ground exhausted. Master gently pushes his cock back into his pants. He says nothing. He does not have to. We are one out here in the woods enjoying each other; I do not want the day to end.


I stand as Master rebinds my hands. He has inserted the gag into my mouth. Now he rewraps my throat with the cloth belt on the pole. He pushes as we walk on. The path follows alongside the creek for another hundred yards or so before veering away slightly to the left as the creek turns to the right.

The bridge I had crossed twice yesterday stands over to my right. I can barely make it out. We must be close to the warehouse. Is this the end of the ‘Surprise Me’ option scenario? I walk along reluctantly as Master nudges me onward.

The path veers back to the right. We must be almost on top of the warehouse now. I see a bit of off-white behind some shrubs near the trail. I know what that is; it is a slave’s frock. A girl is hiding. She is almost in the same place where I had hidden yesterday. I chuckle. I hope I was not so noticeable yesterday.

The warehouse is just ahead. I can see it. We are nearly at the end of the path when I notice the ropes; there are five of them. They are hidden strategically against the trees. It is the trap. How could I not see this yesterday? They are so obvious. This girl will get caught up in the trap; I know they will get her. The rope mesh will pull her off her feet and hang her in the air until her pursuer takes her into custody. Master pushes me out into the clearing and to the warehouse door. He clicks a button on the wall by the door; I hear a loud buzzer inside. He removes the belt from my neck.

The door opens; Hector walks out carrying a long brown robe. He hands it to me, “Put this on.” Master disappears into the warehouse. I want to say ‘Wait a minute’, but I have this gag in my mouth.

I turn around and show Hector my bound wrists. He says, “Oh, I’m sorry – I’m an idiot! Here, let me get those.” He removes the cord from my wrists and removes the ball gag.

“Thank you,” I say and pull the robe over me.

“So, how was your day?” he asks blandly.

I look at him with some disbelief, “This is going to take a while!”

“Jean, let’s go on inside so you can get changed.” He points his thumb back to the door. “I imagine you have as many questions as you have comments for me!”

I nod and walk into the warehouse. I had not been inside this building in over twenty-four hours. I had never quite had a more tumultuous twenty-four hour period in all my life.

Hector walks up the stairs ahead of me. I look over the railing; I can see several men and women milling about. There is a camera man – they must be recording a fantasy! How exciting that would be!

Hector says, “Let’s step inside for a minute.” He points to Room #5. We both walk in. “In just a second I need to run down to the office and bring you some paperwork. While I do that, why don’t you go ahead and get dressed.”

So why did you come up here, Hector? I say, “Can I ask you something before you go?”

“By all means, shoot.”

“Who was my dominant? What is his name? Can I meet him?”

He smiles. “You and he will be introduced before you leave here today. He is in his dressing area now. He’s looking forward to talking with you.”

“We developed quite a rapport. But he didn’t say a word. How did you manage that?”

“Jean, I told you before, we research our subjects in great detail. In my business you have to be a bit of a psychic. Your dominant gave you exactly what you needed in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction at every step of your adventure. If we don’t match a dominant and a submissive successfully the fantasy will never even get off the ground. There’s no profit in that! Our business thrives on returning customers.”

“I notice you didn’t have him put me on the sawhorse. I had sort of looked forward to the sawhorse. That was the reason I signed up in the first place.”

“Well, we do owe you for that one and I will honor that. Tell you what – I will give you a free return visit to the ‘Man’s World’. Will that even us up on that oversight?”

“I suppose. I don’t know. I’m not sure I would come back.” I was lying; I was standing ready to go back out in the woods as we spoke. “Right now, I think I need to focus on writing my story for the paper.”

“Of course, but the offer remains open. Anytime you want a ride on the sawhorse, come on back. We will be glad to oblige. Now, if you will excuse me, I will run down to the office and get the paperwork. I will be right back.” Hector stands, walks out the door slamming it shut behind him.

My robe drops to the ground. I look at myself in the mirror. This frock does look nice; I am still damn sexy! And I had just spent the last twenty-four hours living as a sultry slut for an unspeaking Master. I relished these two days.

I pulled the frock over my head and started getting dressed. I had worn a simple skirt and blouse. In a few minutes it was back on and I looked like Jean Meredith again. It is odd – I had a short moment of sadness that I was me again. But I like who I am. I just liked who I was for the past two days also. I pulled my panties up last. I wanted to be bare for a few more minutes just to keep that little itch going! It might have been a self-serving moment!

Tap! Tap! Tap! Someone is at the door. Hector must be back with the paperwork. I shout, “Open,” and laugh – this is how Mr. Billings would have answered a knock at the door. I am picturing myself as the newspaper’s editor-in-chief! I look at the reflection in the mirror and see a figure walk in; it is not Hector. I stand frozen. He is nicely dressed with slacks and a polo shift. He looks like he just stepped out of a fashion catalog. I close my eyes and think back to earlier today. I know who this is; it is my Master!

Somehow I dredge up the courage to speak first, albeit very timidly, “I am Jean Meredith. I have served you for the last twenty-four hours. It was wonderful.”

“It is nice to meet you Jean.” His voice was pleasant and in a normal conversational tone. I had hoped I would get to hear it. I cannot turn around; I continue to look at him in the reflection. “My name is Brent Adams. I have enjoyed directing you for this fantasy. It was enjoyable for me too. Hector said you had wanted to meet me so I thought I would stop by.”

I still cannot turn around to face him. “I am very happy that you have done so. I was really sorry that the fantasy had to come to an end.”

“Well, not quite so fast. There is one bit of unfinished business.” He looks at my reflection in the mirror and smiles. He walks around me, leans back against the desk standing directly in front of me. He places both of his hands on the edge of the desk. He moves his feet apart by about eighteen inches. “Kneel before me,” he commands.

I smile very big – it was an all tooth smile! I drop to my knees and waddle between his feet. I loosen this belt, unzip his pants and pull them down below his knees. I rub his cock still inside his underpants. It is already growing. I pull his underwear down into his sagging pants. His dick swings out right in front of my face. I hold it with my right hand and reach over and lick his balls softly with my tongue. I push his balls from side to side swishing my tongue underneath them. I run my tongue along his cock’s underside until reaching the tip; then I swallow it down. I suck him off as passionately as I possibly can. I move slowly. I keep him very wet. I massage him with my tongue. I do whatever I can think of in order to please him. It pays off as he ultimately unloads into my mouth. I swallow and pull on his cock for more.

Brent pushes me away saying, “That’s enough of that!” He pulls his clothes back on but leaves his belt unbuckled. He says, “Stand up.” I stand; he moves beside me and pushes me up to the desk. With that he takes my shoulders and pushes me down over the desk. I watch him in the mirror. He pulls my skirt up over my waist. He pulls my panties down to my knees. He holds his left hand on the small of my back and removes the leather belt from his pants.

“What are you going to doing?” As if I did not know.

He does not speak. He grabs the end of the belt doubling it up in his right hand. He swings it around and onto my ass.

“Aaagh!” I scream.

He smacks me again and I scream again.

“I am the Master here. There is only one appropriate response by a slave while her Master teaches her.”

I softly reply, “I understand, thank you, Master.” He slaps me again.

“Aaagh, . . ., thank you, Master.”

He swings the belt again onto my bare ass.

“Aaagh!, thank you, Master.” My cheeks are stinging and tears form in my eyes. But I am happy. He is spanking me because he loves me. I am truly thankful that he loves me so.


“Ooooh!” I breathe hard twice and try to hold back the tears. “Thank you, Master.”

He stands and looks over me; I can still see him in the mirror. He says, “That’s enough for now. You needed this final little lesson to complete your learning for today. Be aware – we will meet again soon; I will be in contact with you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

He slides his belt back through his pants loop, latches it up and leaves.

I lay there on the desk for a minute. It had happened so quickly. It was over quickly too. Only four whacks; but he knew how to wield a belt and each one hurt. He had to do it to firmly settle who my boss really is. I understand.

I push myself up and try to stand. I am a little wobbly. I slowly pull my panties back on. My butt throbs from his lashing. This had been a surprise. But it should not have been; it is the ‘Surprise Me’ option.

Tap! Tap! Tap! It is the door again. I open the door; it is Hector.

“Here are the papers. Have a seat and let’s go over them quickly so you can get out of here.”

I sit down gingerly.


Friday has arrived. Eight days have passed since my trip to ‘Man’s World’ ended. I amble into work and sit at my desk; I do not think I was late. The red light on my phone is blinking. There is a phone message. Is it Brent? Let’s see, how does that sequence go again? 0-4-4-#-#. Some mechanical voice inside the phone begins speaking, “There is one message. Message one received on Friday at 8:03 AM.” So maybe I was a few minutes late!

“Hi, sis, it’s Mark.” It is Mark, my brother. “Hey, if you aren’t busy tomorrow, I have completed some remodeling on Grandma and Grandpa’s old house. I think you would enjoy seeing it. Why don’t you come over and we can catch lunch and walk out to the old house. Anyway, call me later. Hope you are doing okay! CLICK.”

The mechanical voice comes back, “End of message, press ’1′ to proceed, press ’2′ to repeat this message, press ’7′ to delete message, press ’9′ to exit.” I do not move. Mark never calls me to invite me to lunch. He has been so busy with his Master’s Degree work. This is really strange. I wonder what kind of remodeling he is doing on the old house. I wonder where he found the time. No one has lived in the house for fifteen years.

The mechanical voice on the phone repeats its message, “End of message, press ’1′ to proceed, press ’2′ to repeat this message, press . . .” I click ’9′ and the voice replies, “Exiting answering service. Have a nice day!” Great, a machine is wishing me a nice day! I hang up the phone.

Mark is not quite two years older than me. He and I lived together at the farm house until I took this job. Even though it is only twenty minutes or so away from here, I wanted to get out on my own. I think Mark is getting close to marrying his girl. I am not quite sure who his girl is, but he has dropped a few hints that would only come from the mouth of a man getting ready to tie the knot! He never has told me much about his personal life, but I have an intuition about this one!

“Jean” I hear my name. “Jean!” I hear my name again, and the voice is speaking with more insistence. I look up startled; Mary Hammond is standing by my desk.

“Oh, Mary, I am so sorry. I had my mind on my brother. He just left me a strange message.”

Mary’s face suddenly shows concern, “Oh, no, I hope everything is alright.”

“Yes, no one is sick or anything. He just asked me to visit him tomorrow to see a remodeling job. It took me by surprise. This is quite out of character for my brother.”

“Okay, good, I’m glad that nothing is wrong. Anyway, Mr. Billings would like to see you for a minute. He is in his office.”

“Thanks, Mary, and forgive me for not paying attention.”

“No problem.” Mary walks back up front.

Mr. Billings wanted to talk about running my story. He must have finished the final read through. This is exciting. I think he really liked the story. I pick up my notebook and scurry to his office. I tap my knuckles on the door.

Mr. Billings shouts, “Open.” I had hastily done that once before!

I walk in his office and what I see stuns me; I am flabbergasted. Mr. Billings is sitting in his chair; across from him in a chair in front of his desk is none other than Brent Adams. And I stare directly at him.

“Jean” I hear my name. “Jean!” I hear my name again, and the voice is speaking with more insistence. I look up startled; I really need to pay attention more.

I blurt out, “Yes, Mr. Billings.”

He looks at me as if I was crazy. “Jean, Is something wrong?”

I am so flustered. “No, Mr. Billings. Sorry – please go on.”

He starts speaking deliberately. “I just wanted to let you know, the story will print in next Friday’s edition. You did an outstanding job. Mr. McDougall appreciated your candid assessment of the operation. Personally I liked your dramatic flair. How did you glean your story from the clientele?”

“Thank you, Mr. Billings. Actually, it was quite easy getting the first-hand story.” That answer causes Brent to smile – he casually covers his mouth with his hand. A vague answer here is probably appropriate. I can feel my heart throbbing.

“That’s all I wanted . . . oh, just a second. Pardon my rudeness. Brent I would like for you to meet Jean Meredith. I hired her just a couple of weeks ago. Jean, this is Brent Adams.” Brent stands and gently shakes my hand.

He says, “Mr. Billings. Jean and I have already had the pleasure of meeting.” He smiles at me with a gleam in his eye.

“Wonderful.” Mr. Billings looks at me. “Brent is our latest new hire. You are no longer the least senior reporter on the staff. Congratulations!” He chuckles. “Brent comes to us as a free-lance writer who is focused on self-help and other such psychological stuff. It’s all beyond me, but there is a significant role for people with his talents.” You did not have to convince me of that one. Stop that, I tell myself, pay more attention. “We are planning on using Brent for a community question and answer column – people can write in with their questions about life – Brent will provide insights for whatever situation might come up. He will be the male ‘Dear Abby’ in a way. I am looking forward to his new column.”

I reply, “I’m sure Brent will do well. And thank you for the news about the story. I hope it does well. I enjoyed doing the research – I learned a lot.” I looked over at Brent. “Nice seeing you again.” That is a loaded response if there ever was one.

“Likewise,” he says in return and winks.

“Jean, the story is excellent. Good job!” Mr. Billings cracks a smile. I walk out of his office and back to my desk. He had just complimented me on my story, but I am thinking about Brent. This has got to be more that a coincidence. It had to be.

I sit at my desk for the rest of the day hardly moving. I must look like a mannequin sitting so rigidly. I cannot remember what I did today – it is almost quitting time; it is just shy of 5 PM. I do not remember going to lunch. What did I do today? I must have done something. I see some scratchy notes; there are two phone messages that I notated; I filed a follow-up story on the town’s financial woes; I started a file on the upcoming high school expansion. I did not remember any of it. This is eerie. All I could think about was Brent and our time in the woods.

I shake my head and stand. I walk out into the hallway. I do not know where I was planning on going. I take a few steps and look into the kitchen. It is cozy. There are a few cabinets, a refrigerator, a microwave and a couple of vending machines. I step inside and sit at one of the tables. No one else is here. And I should not expect anyone else to be here. They are all getting ready to go home.

Brent is a new employee at the paper. That is unbelievable. I had just spent parts of two days with Brent as his personal submissive. It had been an erotic couple of days. I had ridden a roller coaster of emotions. And now I was going to work side by side with Brent. I was incredulous.

I need to go. I stand up. I hear foot steps behind me. A voice speaks, “Hi, Jean.” It is Brent. He stands behind me.

I speak docilely. “I was not expecting to see you here today.”

“Ah, Jean, it’s just another day at work. I think we are both professional enough that we can separate our work lives and our personal lives. What do you think?” He shimmies up against me and puts his hands on my waist.

I nod – probably unconvincingly. We did not have a personal life to speak of. We had been together for parts of two days. Of course, I wanted to pursue more of the personal life part. I really did not know much about him; on the other hand, it seemed that he knew me very well.

“I enjoyed our time in the woods last week. I think we were the only well-matched team out there.”

I nod again. It was an amazing time. He led me around without speaking; just think how much more we could do if we actually talked!

“You know, some couples never find that connection. The dominant / submissive lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But I felt that we found some enchantment all of our own. I wouldn’t mind trying to find some more. I would like to try to find more with you.”

I nod one more time, with more enthusiasm this time.

Brent sighs, “This discussion seems to be one sided. I really wish you would talk!”

“I’m sorry. This has been another unusual day for me. I have had a lot of those lately. Last week was special for me too. I started from a zero-knowledge of anything like what we did. It was all so alien to me. But it grew on me. I liked the role I played.”

“This is more than a role, Jean. When we are there you assume the identity and actually live the life – it is not a role with a script. Everything I did with you last week was spontaneous except for the no-talking part. That was planned. Otherwise, everything we did was improvised. For example, it was only at the last minute that I decided to camp out with the other couples. Originally I had figured on staying in the house for the night.”

“You know what. I looked online at some websites that cater to this sort of stuff. We were fairly tame, weren’t we?”

“Not necessarily. The websites are also make-believe. For us it was a reality. We jumped up and flew off into the clouds.”

I pause to think for a second. I wanted to go again. The appeal of the moment overwhelms me. His words are almost poetic to me. I want to pursue this some more.

Brent takes his right arm and wraps it around my neck; he pulls my head back against his chest. “Say, my roommate wants us to come see him this weekend. It’s only about twenty or thirty minutes away. It will be a weekend similar in nature to the time we spent together last week.”

I like that idea and I did not even ask what we were going to do. It would be just like another ‘Surprise Me’ optional fantasy. “I would love to go.”

“Great. It’s just after 5 PM now. I will pick you up at around 6:30. We will be spending the weekend. No need to pack anything – your wardrobe will be provided. Will that be okay?”

“Yes. I will be ready.”

He loosens his grip on me; he holds my left arm with his hand and smartly slaps my behind with this other hand. He walks away; I hear him walk down the hallway and out of the building. The door clicks behind him and I am left alone.

Oh, my! It is past 5 o’clock. I must get out of here and ready to go. First of all, though, I must call Mark and let him know that I will not be able to have lunch with him. I have a serious date with Brent, my Master. I am sure he will understand.

I stared down at my phone, I had texted him asking him to come outside so that I could find his apartment number. I met him online, only a few hours earlier. He told me to call him Mr. Hunter. He was my master. I was going to be punished for keeping him waiting.

“Behind you.” I deep voice said, causing me to jump and turn around. He was walking up behind me with grim look on his face. “This way.” He said walking past me and up the stairs. He was wearing black dress pants with a purple dress shirt and a tie. I stare at his butt as I follow him up the stairs.

We walk in to his apartment. I drop my purse by the door and slip off my heels. I follow him into the bedroom. He grabs a bottle of whiskey from the floor at takes a swig. He doesn’t offer me any. I am so nervous that I am shaking, my breath is quick, from fear or excitement, maybe from both. He closes the bedroom door and then turns to stare at me.

“Take off your dress.” He doesn’t ask. I nod, he’s my master and I must do what I am told. I slip my black leggings off first. Then I lift my dress over my head. I am standing in my bra and panties.

“Do you want me to take it all off sir?” I question hesitantly, he only asked me to take off the dress.

“Yes.” He stared down at me, desire turning in his eyes. He takes another swig off the bottle as I unhook my bra and pull down my panties. Then he sets the bottle down on the ground.

“Get down on your knees.” He demands me. I slip to my knees in front of him as he unzips his pants and pulls his semi hard cock out.

“Suck on it.” He grips my hair and pulls my mouth to him. I take him eagerly, my wet mouth glides over him and I feel him get harder. I run my tongue along him, kiss my way down his shaft and lightly suck his balls into my mouth. He starts to remove his tie and shirt and I reach up and undo his belt as I suck his cock and look up and him.He is moaning now, and I pull back a little to catch my breath.

“Did I say stop? Keep going.” He shoves himself back into my mouth. He is more forceful now, shoving himself deep into my mouth and I start to gag around him.

“You like that don’t you. Only filthy sluts like to suck cock. Are you a filthy slut?” He asks as he shoves himself even deeper inside of my mouth.

“Mmmhhmmm…” I moan out a confirmation around his cock. He pulls out of my mouth.

“Say it, tell me what a dirty slut you are, tell me how much you love my dick in your mouth.” He pulls my hair hard, forcing me to look up at him.

“I am a dirty slut, I love having your hard cock in my mouth!” I cry out. He shoves me against his bed. My knees are being scratched by the carpet and his bed frame is digging into my stomach and chest. He goes away for a second, I hear him drop his pants, then he comes back and pulls my hands behind me. I feel a rope being tied around my wrists. He is really good at tying knots, my hand are completely trapped. I get a little nervous, maybe I shouldn’t let him tie me up… But then I feel his hard cock against my ass, and I can’t help but grind my wet pussy against him.

This earns me punishment. He growls and slaps my ass, hard. I moan, and I do it again just to see if I can feel his hand against me again. It makes my pussy clench in need. He finishes the knot then grabs my hair and pulls me back around to face him. He shoves his cock back inside of my mouth, punishes me with it. I gag around it, he is so big, it’s hard to keep it all in. He pulls out of my mouth and begins to slap my face with his cock.

“Fucking naughty slut.” He rams his dick back in my mouth, all the way down my throat.

He pulls out of me with a groan then grabs my hair and pulls me up by it.

“Get on your feet.” He orders, I have no time and he yanks on my hair. He shoves me face first on his bed.

“Where is the lube that you were told to bring?” He asks.

“In my purse.” I groan. He lets out a frustrated sigh.

“Where is your purse?” He asks, agitated and angry now.

“In the living room.” He smacks my ass, hard, part of his hand slapping my pussy. It feels so damned good. He gets up then comes back with the lube, I can hear him rubbing it over his cock, stroking himself. He lightly rubs some around my ass, then I feel my hovering at my entrance.

“Should I give you my cock?”

“Yes, please give me your cock sir!” I cry out, I am desperate.

“Only sluts take cock up their asses. Tell me what a slut you are, tell me you want my cock up your asshole.” He demands of me.

“Please shove your dick up my ass sir! I am a dirty slut and I want it so bad!” I scream a little as he starts to shove himself inside of me. The pain/pleasure is unbearable.

“Does it hurt?” He asks me, grabbing my hair.

“A little.” I say, wincing as he slides in me a little more.

“Well to fucking bad.” He rams himself deep inside of me. I scream out and he pulls my hair back as he fucks my ass hard.

“You fucking love this don’t you, you fucking whore.” He demeans me as he leans forward and wraps his arm around my neck. My hands dig into his stomach as he pulls my neck back and begins to choke me.

“You realize that your just another asshole to fuck to me don’t you? A dirty fucking slut not worth the time it would take to get you off. How do you like knowing that I am using you just for my pleasure?” He growls into my ear, his dick starts fucking me faster and harder.

His words, his cock ramming deep inside of me, his arm choking me. I moan loudly, “Please fuck me harder, make me cum. Please! Please!” His nails rake down my ass as he pounds even harder in to me. Then, with a gasp, I cum. I can feel my pussy and my ass clenching around him, my juices are running down my leg. I am screaming loudly as I cum.

“That’s it you fucking whore. Now do you want me to cum?”

“Yes sir, please cum in me!” I beg him. He slows his pace.

“I don’t know if your even worth my cum. Should I cum inside of such a filthy little slut?” He slaps my ass again as he stops choking me.

“Please! Please cum in me! I want you’re cum so bad! I want to feel you shoot inside of me! Fill my dirty little slut asshole up with your cum!” I am desperate, pleading with him now, I am close to coming again and I know that feeling him fill me up with his cum will get me off again.

“Fine you fucking whore, you will get my cum.” He starts pounding himself deep inside of me. I know I am going to be sore tomorrow. He rams deep inside of me, his nails bite into my ass as he uses me for his pleasure. He starts to moan as he gets closer and closer. He pounds into me again, and again I cum, my ass clenches around him. I start to feel him spurt inside of me, his cum filling me up. Another pump, another thrust inside of me, then he pulls out. I can feel my juices and his cum running down my thighs.

He leans against me for a second, his breath hot on my back. Then he begins to unbind my hands.

“Thanks for coming over.” He says when I am free.

“Thank you for having me over.” I say with a smile. He smiles back contently. I grab my clothes and go to his bathroom to clean up. Who would have thought I would have such a good time with some random guy I met online?

“So… This is going to prevent…err… intruders?” I ask the stout man working at my window.

“I just install this ma’am. I’m no good with technology. Hell, these could attract intruders…” He laughs, scratching his bald head. How was I supposed to feel safe if the employee couldn’t even tell me anything about it?

“Jacob, I need you!” I call over my shoulder feeling the color drain from my face. He walks in with his briefcase in hand.

“What do you need babe?”

I had forgotten about his strange working schedule; he usually works from home, but has to actually go in a few times a month.

“Oh… never mind.” I mutter walking past him out of the room.

“Kathryn!” He sighs walking after me, “Kat, stop.”

“Sean was in there!” I shout balling my hands into puny fist, “I know you don’t believe me, but he was in my room! My room! He could have easily slipped into yours! If anything happened to you I- I…” Tears begin to pool from my eyes. Just the thought of losing this man makes me crazy.

“Kathryn, nothing is going to happen to you, I won’t let it.” He murmurs pulling me into his strong arms.

“I don’t care about me Sir…” I sob looking up to meet his watering eyes.

“This is going to be hard for both of us…” He starts kissing my forehead, “And we can get through this if we work together.”

“Kiss me Sir?” I whisper against his chest. He leans down and presses his warm lips against mine. I lean back into his chest and close my eyes.

“I should be back around four o’clock… Tidy your room please. I love you Kat.” I smile to myself; for the first time I’m beginning to understand what real love is.

. . . . .

“Ms. Canon?” I ask shyly slipping into the kitchen. The way I had treated this kind woman was tugging at my heart.

“Over hear Hun!” She calls dusting off her apron.

“Can we talk?” I whisper looking down at my hands.

“O-Of course…” She mutters looking around nervously, “I’m quite sorry if I did something wrong!” My guilt begins to bubble up inside of me.

“No, no! It’s I who is in the wrong here. How I have been treating you is truly uncalled for.”

Her face twists in confusion, “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean…”

“I yelled at you last night…” I mumble feeling my face redden. She begins to laugh and I jump surprised by her reaction.

“Oh Ms. Hawthorne, enough of that, now I know why my Jacob loves you so.”

I smile at her and tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, “Call me Kathryn…”

“Okay, would you like to join me for some tea…Kathryn?” She smiles returning to her work.

“That sounds great Ms. Canon.” I say pulling down two tiny cups. She turns to me and purses her lips then begins to laugh.

“Call me Helen!”

. . . . .

“How was your day?” Jacob asks leaning down to nibble on my ear.

“It was nice; I had lunch with He- Ms. Canon.” I giggle reaching to take his brief case, “Yours?”

“Eventful. Just put my stuff in my office.” He sighs emptying his pockets. I nod my head with a smile, and walk down the long hall leading to the big door of his private area. I set his belongings down gently on the polished wood desk. I turn to walk out and hit him in the chest with a sound thud.

“Oh…sorry Sir, that was my fault.” I mumble flushing with embarrassment.

“Kathryn, take a seat.” His voice is hard and I obey without hesitation, “We need to discuss some things.”


“I didn’t ask you to speak.” He growls taking a seat in the recliner in front of me.

I shrink into the leather sofa.

“I think it’s time we define our relationship.” He begins leaning forward, “We have history—obviously—, but the person I became after you left me is different. While I do indeed love you more than a…a sub; we need to make it clear that you are also playing that role as long with the role of my partner.”

My head begins to swarm in different directions. I wasn’t fulfilling all of his personal needs. I’m not trying hard enough.

He watches me with cautious eyes then continues, “With that said I think you need to undergo some…training.” Sean’s own words flash in my mind, and I push the thought away immediately. This man, Jacob, is nothing like that man.

“Thoughts?” He asks hesitantly.

I rack my brain for the right words, “I-I couldn’t agree more. It’s my place to see that you are pleased. If training can help me better myself for you…so be it.”

“Good, I’m glad you have agreed. I will set up an appointment with Mistress Pam for next week.” He smiles standing up. I had a feeling the appointment was already made; after all he didn’t need my permission.

“Uhm…” He turns to look at my confused face, “What kind of training?”

He lets out a cold laugh, “It won’t be enjoyable, but is necessary.”

“Yes Sir. You know what’s best.” I whisper looking at my feet.

He looks down at me eyes full of lust. I peer at him through my lashes and lick my lips. He pulls me into his arms with a growl and presses his mouth against mine. His tongue works against mine; I feel his erection press into my belly.

“Suck me.” He grunts breaking the kiss. I slide down to my knees and work at unbuckling his belt. I have his pants down in seconds, and stare at the bulge in his briefs hungrily. I free him and stroke him rhythmically. He was much bigger than Sean and I couldn’t help but marvel at the length of his member. The earned me a sharp tug on my hair, and I gulped a breath of air before popping the head into my mouth. I push him deeper into my throat swirling my tongue in different patterns. My hand moves to his balls and I cup them while taking more of him into my mouth. He lets out a deep growl and thrust deep into my throat. He continues this until I feel his member stir and shoots his seed into my mouth. He pulls out and releases my knotted hair. I open my mouth to show him to crème coating the inside of my cheeks. His eyes sparkle and he smiles.


I gulp down his cum and open my mouth again to show him that I had not let a drop get away.

“Thank me.”

I look up at him with sincere eyes, “Thank you for allowing me such a treat.”

He zips up his pants and pulls me to my feet. We stare at each other for a moment until we’re pulled back into the present.

“Go wash up for dinner slut.”

My mouth falls at the insult, but then the strangest feeling washes over me. My sex aches and I feel myself become quite wet. I should be upset, yet I want him to continue to degrade me. I want to be his slut, whore, I want to be his.

Rattled by the sudden realization I stumble out of his office.

I stop by the door and turn to face him, “Yes Sir.” I call proudly and run away giggling.

My hands bound behind my back, my body on my knees in front of you. Your hard cock brushing lightly against my lips, I look over at it and moan after seeing the precum glisten against your hard flesh. Your hands tighten against my hair and yank hard down, causing my head to tilt up and my mouth to open. You roughly slide your cock between my slack lips, raping my mouth and quickly filling my throat. You dare me to struggle and smile as you watch me choke on you. I feel my eyes watering and my mouth tightens around your cock. My tongue tries to rub against your skin but fails as the thickness fills me completely. Your hips start thrusting into my face; I feel your balls sliding against my chin.

I take the face fucking like a good slave. My body rocking against your fucking cock and the rough pull against my hair. Just as I feel your cock start to throb, you pull out and my lips are greeted with the first taste of your cum before I feel the wet, sticky liquid on my tits.

You look down on me in disappointment, “You’re sucking wasn’t good enough to make me cum in your mouth.”

You pull me up by my hair and lead me roughly into the bathroom. I wait for you to unbind my hands but instead all I get in this sound of the water starting and you pushing me into the water. The cold temperature makes me gasp and my nipples to swell. You pull my hair back and push my tits underneath the freezing stream to get the pool of cum off. My body to tremble from the cold and you yank me out of the shower. I gasp as the cool air hits my already freezing flesh, my bottom lip starting to tremble.

You guide me out of the room and back into the bedroom. You push me down on my knees again and then make me bend over. With my hands behind my back, my tits press flat against the carpet and my head rest against my cheek. This left my ass and pussy completely open to you.

I felt the first smack against my ass cheek, I didn’t dare cry out until I was told it was allowed. You stayed silent as you continued the assault against my bare flesh. Each strike left my skin sore and tender. I felt the long, slender feel of your finger slide against my lips.

“You’re already sloppy, Slut. Who said you could get messy after I just cleaned you?” You’re next slap landed halfway on my ass and more importantly, the lips of my pussy. I couldn’t help but gasp and knew I would pay.

I heard you grunt as you moved behind me and stood. The familiar popping sound of the bottle made me start to whimper. My body was trembling before I felt the cold oil drip between my cheeks and down over the pucker of my ass. You kept pouring the liquid and I felt it gliding over my lips. The burn was not instant, but once your hand slid over my lips, slow at first and then faster, the heat begun. I felt your fingers work it into my clit, over the opening of my pussy.

You moved your body in front of my face and I bit into my lip as I watched you put the same oil on your thick cock. I wanted to beg you to stop; it hurt so much when you fucked me with it.

I couldn’t ask you to stop, I was your slave and you did what you wanted with me. You moved behind me again and let your hard cock slide across my pussy lips. I felt the tip of your cock press against my opening and I almost cried out, in fear of your thick cock spreading my tight pussy with the burning oil.

You didn’t pause before slamming your hard cock into me and my small frame was pushed hard into the carpet, the rough texture tormenting my swollen nipples. My pussy gripped tightly against your cock, shocked from the sudden fucking. It didn’t loosen as you barreled into me. One hand grasped my bound hands and pulled them back against you, lifting me up with each thrust into me and then dropping me as you slid out.

My pleading was my muffled with my own moans as I felt my pussy tremble and then cum against your hard cock. I felt you suddenly pull from cunt and the soft whisper, “You came before I said you could. You like me hurting your pussy don’t you, slut?”

I shook my head yes and felt a rough slap against my cheek and your other hand force me roughly back against your cock. I felt your balls slap against my clit.

“Say it!” You screamed as you buried yourself completely in me.

“I like you hurting my pussy!” I mumbled.

You slapped me again and drew your cock from me, leaving the tip resting inside my cunt. “Louder.” Your nails buried in me as you spoke.

“I like you hurting my pussy!” I screamed and you rushed into me again and I felt the explosion of your cock cumming in me.

Your body fell against mine as the last shudder of your cum escaped your cock and you start to go limp inside me. Moving to the floor, you kept your cock in me and my body nuzzled, spooning against you. Still bound behind my back my fingertips brushed against the soft hair on your belly as you kissed my neck, nuzzling your face into my hair until we fell asleep.

“More, hmmm? Certainly mine, we can do more.” She leaned over to the side of the bed, her hand still wrapped around his nuts, and hunted around in the drawer for what she needed “Ahhh here we go!” She wriggled back up onto her knees again, released him as she noticed the grimace on his face and set about preparing “more”.

Casting his eyes about, trying to see around his thick thigh and catch a view of what she had in store for him next, his heart pounded with excitement and anticipation as well as nervous tension.

“You did say more, didn’t you boy?” She smiled sweetly up at him “Don’t want to retract that request?”

He shook his head slowly and with conviction, “Never would I retract. You know what you wish to do to your boy, Mine.”

“You are extremely trusting, slut.” She slipped the new bracelet off from around her right wrist and wrapped it tight around his balls, effectively binding them away from his body. Moving around, she rustled around on the blankets, then held up the biggest plug she could find in her drawer and sucked it slowly into her mouth, coating it in her saliva before taking it out and pressing the head to his arsehole.

“I think that’s lubed enough, don’t you? Your precum seems to have leaked down and pooled in that star anyway.” She lifted her eyes to his, gripped his left thigh and pushed.

Drawing a deep breath, he relaxed as best as he could, “Of course this slut has trust in you. I belong to you as much as you belong to me. I crave your torment, your wicked will. And your loving whims.”

“Such a good boy,” she smiled and pushed the flared head past the tight ring of muscle and watched in delight as his body twitched.

“Oh… fuck…” he groaned, as the focus of his universe slipped away from his balls and nipples and straight into his eager arse. “That smarts so good.”

“Ohhh, he likes that!” Gripping the base of the plug, she eased it back slowly, till the widest part slipped from his tight hole, caught his eye and pushed it back in more firmly. “Is that in?”

Swallowing hard, he flexed around it as best he could. “I think so. But you might want to test it a few more times, Mine.”

She chuckled softly and gave it a few twists instead, then moved back to his swelling balls. Easing the loops of cord off of them, and disentangling them from her bracelet, she held them loosely in her hand and smiled down at him “You did ask for more, but I’m wondering if that’s enough… ha, who am I kidding, you wouldn’t stop there, would you?” Grinning, she dropped the cord onto his abdomen and picked up the six clothes pegs she’d found, and quickly clipped three to each testicle. “There, how’s that?”

Sucking in another sharp breath, he turned his head and bit into his left shoulder, “Like fire. Good gods are you sure you’ve never topped before?” Then he added hastily, “I mean… thank you, Mine.”

Batting her lashes, she gripped his cock in her talon like nails, “I have no idea what you mean, Dadd— boy.”

Leaning up over his body, her knee pressed in against the flat of the plug, she grabbed the cords in her free hand and licked up his neck and along his jaw. Clenching his teeth, he winced from the flurry of sensations, from ticklish to down right claimed assault.

“If not now, then I’m sure you will, Mine,” he said.

“Whoops, did I get a sensitive spot or five?” She laughed against his ear and released his swollen purple shaft. “Can you move your hips at all, boy? If I lower my mouth to the head of that tasty cock, will you be able to fuck my mouth?”

He nodded, swallowed and croaked out a lust filled, “Yes. If that is your wish, Mine. I’ll try to move as necessary.”

“Good, so you should be able to manage this then.” She pushed herself to her feet, the clamp cords still loose in her hand, turned around and backed her heels up against his arse. Bracing the cord hand on his thigh, she bent her knees, and smiled at the whimper coming from his mouth, as the cables tightened. Hovering her wet snatch above his cock, she took her free hand and placed the head of his shaft at her soaked entrance.

“Get yourself wet for me, would you boy?” Moving one of the cords to her right hand, she hooked the loops over her thumbs and gripped both his thighs just below the knee. Gritting his teeth, he nodded fervently as he pressed in against her dripping cunt and arched in as deep as the restraints would allow, his entire body hummed with molten fire and electricity as the sweet pains shot through him.

He gasped breathily, “This slut finds your treasured cunt a delight to be graced with, Mine.”

“Yeah, whatever.” She bit back a grin and gripped around him, as he slipped between the wet folds.

“This isn’t your final destination.” Tilting her hips, she growled as his thick cocks slipped from inside. Dropping her left hand, she wrapped it around his shaft and angled towards the other treasure he enjoys so much.

“Fuck this until I cum, and maybe then, I’ll let you finish in there …Daddy”

Gasping loudly, he surged upward as hard as he could, ignoring the restraints and focusing only on pleasuring her, drawing back to the flared head and then thrusting again and again. The sharp pains around his body serving only to bring him to over-stimulation and he has to concentrated on not cumming without permission. Only in servicing his One.

“That’s it boy, I own that cock, and it doesn’t get to cum just yet.” Dropping her arse, so the cheeks rest on his abdomen, she took him deep inside her tight, tight cave. Lifting her hands from his thighs, she brought them around to pinch and tease her own engorged buds, effectively almost pulling the clamps from his. Her body gave a little shudder and her cunt clenched.

“I’m close slut; I think I’ll cum when you do instead. Got something for me?”

He flexed his toes and groaned in delicious frustration, hurriedly barking out, “If it is your wish, Mine. I’ll give you every last rough fucking drop.”

He arched, rolled and writhed within her wanton heat. Her drooling pussy coated the thick, throbbing shaft and tightly tied balls. She passed the string from her left hand to the right and dropped the free hand to his tight balls, giving a firm tug. “Then give it to me, mine, all of it.”

Growling out a feral obscenity at the flash of pain in his balls, he hammered into her, meeting her stroke for stroke until the climax welled in the restrained shaft, poised for the madness of explosion. “Please. Please may this slut have permission to cum inside you?”

“Hmmmmm, permission, you say?”

“Yes, Mistress Mine. Permission for your slut? Please?”

“Yes boy, cum for your One. Cum for me,” she demanded.

With a hearty series of pistoning thrusts, he built it all into one explosively animal yell and released jet upon jet of his seed within her. A seemingly nonstop flow as the lengthy toying, teasing and build up spurt and flowed into her heated, clenching fuckhole. Gasping as the thick streams of cum coated the walls of her tight arse, she released her grip on his balls and the cords yanking at his nipples, and gripped his thighs as an orgasm ripped through her core, “Miiiiiine!!”

Breathing heavily, tormented chest heaving and perspiration coating him, his thighs trembled as the orgasm continued to flash through him. Balls aching, blue, cold and tight, he managed to speak, “Thank you, Mine. Thank you for letting your slut pleasure you.”

Shaking her head slowly, she gave a final squeeze around his cock before lifting her own aching body off of his. With cum leaking down her thighs, she quickly dropped down and released him from all his bindings, rubbing at the clamped spots to get the blood flowing again, and eased his legs back to the bed. She crawled up his body and snugged herself to him, seeking out his mouth hungrily, “And thank you for allowing it.”

Stretching his legs until his hips and knees crackled, he curled himself around her with sated, intoxicated eyes closing as he kissed her over and over again. “Dear gods, that was yummy.”

I walked up the stairs to my apartment. I had enjoyed my run but was now tired as the sweat poured from my body. The weather was so warm in Miami, just another day for the regulars but I was new to the area. My sleeveless top was sticking to my well toned body and I couldn’t wait to peel it off. A cool shower is just what my body needed.

I opened my apartment door and let myself in. I didn’t hesitate as I pulled my top up and over my head. I unhooked my bra and finished taking off the rest of my clothes. I looked myself over.

“Your starin, girl” I was too. I couldn’t help but smile. I was the girl every guy wanted. My brunette hair fell to my shoulders which I styled nicely but lets be honest, no guy wanted me for my hair. My large round and perky boobs was what got the most attention. Every guy wanted them and my curves and round flat ass didn’t hurt either. I was what thy called “the shit” and I knew it too.

“Go shower you before you start playin with yourself .” I winked and walked from the mirror. Just as I reached the door, it sprung open revealing three masked men. Before I could even scream they were on me. A cloth was put over my mouth. It was damp and it must of had some drug cause as soon as I screamed in the gag the room started to spin. I was pulled off my feet and stuffed in a large black bag, gag and all. It was zipped shut as my senses faded with it. Last thing I heard was voices which sounded Russian. I lost consciousness.

I started to regain my hearing as I heard the clanking of chains. My sight was blurry and the room was spinning, along with my head. my head was pounding, I didn’t know what was happening. I looked around and my vision returned but I wished it hadn’t. I was completely naked and I was strung upside down hanging by my feet and my hands tied behind my back. I tried to scream but I had a rag stuffed inside my mouth. I heard someone move behind me, the chains moving with me as tried to turn. I felt hands touch my ass cheeks and squeeze them. I felt a finger probe my asshole as it moved towards my pussyc lips. I gasped under the rag as I tried to move away but there was nothing I could do to stop the hands. the finger entered.

“No! This can’t be happening!” I felt myself becoming aroused! I had never let a man have complete control over me yet my deepest and darkest fantasy was just that. I couldn’t help myself.

“Fuckin cunt, you like finger slut? I don’t care what da bosss says, I will fuck the shit out of you.” I never felt so helpless and scared before in my life. I moaned as inserted another finger in my wet lips. I couldn’t believe I moaned. Just than a door swung open and the hand withdrew. I tried to regain my composure. A big fierce looking man entered. I could tell by the way he looked around he was there leader. His shaved head made his dark eyes even darker and the side of his face was disfigured. He wasn’t ugly, his size and well toned body was impressive. On different circumstances, I might have found him attractive.

“You are mine, there is no escape, there is no hope . You are my slave, you will do as I ask and do it without hesitation. You will make me a lot of money cunt, people will pay for your body and come back again because of your obedience. You are mine.” My geart sunk. I wasn’t being held for my father’s money. I was another casualty forced into the sex trade. I wasn’t going to roll over though, I had to fight for that small chance I would escape…God I was wrong.

He pulled out my gag and before I could protest, shoved his cock in my mouth. I gaged as he pushed back into my throat. He fucked my face as I dangled before him. I had to suck him and let him in or I would vomit. His shavin balls slapped against my nose as he kept his pace. He grabbed my hair and shoved my head against him as I engulfed the entire large cock. I couldn’t see how big but it was the biggest I ever had in my mouth. He exploded as his hot cum shot into my mouth. It spilled from my lips as it ran down my face. Although scared for my life, I was starting to enjoy this. I never rolled over but I’ve always been a submissive. I loved this feeling. The chain was lowered as I fell slowly onto solid ground. I was left bound as my “master” and the other guy left. I cried as I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to fight them. I already missed the treatment given.

“Why am I enjoying this?” that question played over in my head until I drifted off to sleep on the cold basement floor.

Author’s Note: This story is not meant to be read as a standalone, if you haven’t read the previous chapters then I strongly recommend going back to the beginning and starting from there. Enjoy!


From the peephole that Mrs. Cunningham brought him to, Gabriel was able to see where his wife slept every night. The punishment chair in the center of the room obviously dominated his view, but it was a much treasured glimpse into Vivian’s personal life. He especially enjoyed watching her being lectured as she sat in the punishment chair, still a little glassy-eyed from the multiple orgasms she’d experienced while she was being given her enema during Dr. Monroe’s examination. The spanking itself was almost anti-climactic after the events in the examination room, although he still enjoyed seeing Vivian’s slim white legs kick as her bottom was turned a dark pink.

He had known from the outset that Mrs. Banks was going to be gentle with Vivian’s punishment this evening, although if this was her version of gentle then he hoped he would soon be able to witness a true disciplining from her! Watching through to the end of the punishment and seeing how willingly Vivian took her companion’s fingers in her mouth was enough to spark his imagination to very dark places. He left as Mrs. Banks was tucking her exhausted student into bed. As much as he yearned to be the one administering a spanking to Vivian’s creamy bottom, he had to admit that it was illicitly thrilling to be a voyeur to the proceedings. At first he had thought he would be jealous, which he was, but the jealousy wasn’t nearly as strong as he had thought it would be.

Once Vivian was his wife, however, it would be different and he would not share her with anyone in any way.

Leaving the school, Gabriel was well-pleased. Due to the lateness of the hour he had scheduled a meeting with Mrs. Cunningham for the next day to discuss the furtherance of Vivian’s training.


Thursday morning Vivian awoke feeling almost shockingly refreshed. Her body ached, but the deep sleep that had followed the invasive and humiliating exam had almost completely revived her. Perhaps, she mused as the maid pinned her hair in place, it was because she’d had some idea of what was coming. Although Mrs. Banks and Dr. Monroe had taken her far beyond what she’d thought possible. She watched in the mirror as a delicate pink blush rose in her cheeks, remembering the way she’d come apart in their hands.

The climax Mrs. Banks had given her after her punishment hadn’t been nearly as powerful, and she’d been grateful for that. How could a body possibly handle so much pleasure?

Seeing the maid looking at her curiously in the mirror, Vivian’s blush deepened. At least the maid didn’t ask her thoughts, Vivian had no idea what she would say.

She remembered when she had first begun this nightly training and her almost resentment that she had no one to confide in. Now she still wished she had someone to talk to but for a different reason: she wanted someone to talk to about the ecstasy.

It was impossible. Not only had Mrs. Banks ordered her not to talk of her training with the other young ladies – and she was sure she would be punished if she was found to have transgressed – but there didn’t seem any point in talking to young women who wouldn’t understand what she was talking about. Sighing, Vivian allowed her maid to put the finishing touches on her hair before she nibbled at the last bit of her breakfast and headed out of her bedroom and to the front of the house.

Strangely it was the inside of her body that felt sorer today than the outside. Breakfast had been very soft porridge and a bit of toast, easy for her to eat and soothing to her stomach. Vivian had to wonder if the kitchen staff knew why she was being sent such a specialized meal. She fervently hoped not.


The extremely deep rest that Vivian had gotten the night before had certainly helped her throughout the activities of the day. She felt that she was truly beginning to understand how to be flexible enough with her plans to allow for the minor emergencies that plagued a household on a regular basis. Anything from running out of a particular kind of spice, to dealing with an unexpected and demanding visitor… the Practicum was giving the young ladies quite a bit of experience with all of them. Experience that Vivian especially appreciated as she knew that as an Earl’s wife she would be much more socially active than her own family had been while she was growing up.

Some small things seemed to take her longer to grasp, especially when it came to dealing with the servants, than the other young ladies. She supposed they’d had the benefit of watching their own mothers, or perhaps even assisting them, in matters around the house. At least she was not the only one to fumble on occasion, however, and she learned from watching their mistakes as well.


Sitting at attention in the hard seat of the punishment chair, Vivian couldn’t help but smile back at her companion as the lecture ended. It hadn’t been a very long one. She knew that she had done well during the Practicum today and she felt flush with triumph. Of course she had not been perfect and so she was still receiving a spanking, twelve to be exact, but that was the lowest she’d earned so far and she felt quite proud of the fact.

Anticipation welled inside of her as Mrs. Banks helped her disrobe, the fabrics slithering off of her body and leaving her standing naked and vulnerable. Tonight Mrs. Banks had her strip completely down, without even her stockings on. Sometimes she kept them on, sometimes Mrs. Banks removed them. Vivian had learned that there was no meaning to fear behind the changes, it was purely based on her companion’s preference for the evening.

This time Mrs. Banks bound Vivian’s wrists behind her back before sitting down in the chair; forcing the young woman to unsteadily bend at the waist as she tried to lay herself across her companion’s skirts without the use of her hands. It was a revelation to Vivian how much she relied upon the use of her hands for balance, as well as an increase in the anxiety and vulnerability of her situation. Still, she felt almost as if Mrs. Banks was waiting for her to react negatively to this one small change and Vivian was determined to show that she could adapt.

With her legs splayed wide to help her balance, she lowered her upper body onto Mrs. Banks’ thighs, assisted in small ways by the older woman who didn’t want to leave Vivian completely floundering. If the Earl had been watching he would have been treated to the sight of Vivian’s pussy lips gaping open as she bent herself forward, pale white thighs spread and trembling as she placed herself in position.

“Very good, Miss Stafford,” Mrs. Banks said approvingly as she made some small shifts to Vivian’s position, pushing her upper body forward a bit to further raise her buttocks and enhance the sensation of helplessness as Vivian’s balance was disrupted. Now if Mrs. Banks raised her arm off of the young woman’s back there was a very good chance that she would slide forward. The undersides of her breasts were pressed against Mrs. Banks’ thigh, her pert and already perky nipples pointing downwards in the same direction as her face.

Vivian could help but wonder what it would be like if Dr. John were to spank her in this position. The slaps that he’d given her bare bottom the night before had been shockingly hard, giving her a much better idea of what it would be like to be spanked by her future husband. Larger hands with a much stronger swing, more callused than the soft palm of Mrs. Banks. She couldn’t help but picture herself in such a position, causing a rush of wetness to moisten her already damp pussy lips.



The count and the slap were enough to jolt Vivian out of her fantasy. Although Mrs. Banks might not be as strong and her hand might not be as large as Dr. Monroe’s, she had a hefty swing when put her mind to it, and as Vivian was nearing the end of her second week of training, as well as the low punishment count she had earned, the companion didn’t see any reason to hold back on the strength of the spanking.





To the older woman’s surprise, she could feel Vivian holding in her reaction; the tension in the young woman’s body making it clear that she wanted to yelp or cry out, but was doing her best not to. Mrs. Banks frowned. Vivian’s previous disciplinary sessions had always been accompanied by at least gasps and whimpers, even at the very beginning. She’d been aware that the young woman had tried to stifle much of her verbal reaction, perhaps worried that passerby might overhear her misery (not knowing that there was no chance of that), but she was becoming rather too successful. While the Earl might enjoy an occasional attempt at keeping quiet, he had made it clear to Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Banks that he preferred his future wife have a natural reaction to her spankings.



Thoughtfully, Mrs. Banks rubbed the slightly pink cheek of Vivian’s bottom, giving her a moment to think. Vivian tensed, wondering at the change in routine and hoping that the hairbrush wasn’t about to make an unexpected appearance. Her hands twitched, tugging slightly at the satin scarf around her wrists, reminding her that no matter what Mrs. Banks chose to chastise her with, there was nothing Vivian could do to stop her.



Vivian bit back a yelp.



“Vivian, dear, you have to stop holding back,” Mrs. Banks chastised gently as she soothed her hand over the younger woman’s flanks again. Although she couldn’t see Vivian’s face, she could see her turn her head slightly, as if to look over her shoulder, but the angle at which she was positioned over the companion’s lap made it impossible. “Your husband will want to know that the discipline is being felt and how can he know that without hearing your voice? I can feel your tension all through your body, just let go and react however you need to.”



This time Vivian did cry out, feeling both ashamed and exhilarated. She worried that someone might overhear, might know that she was receiving a spanking like a child, and yet she was also relieved at receiving permission to give vent to the pain that was building her poor bottom. It was one thing to be driven past the point of being able to contain her cries, and another to have them permitted, even encouraged.

“That’s it,” Mrs. Banks murmured. “Good girl. Eight.”


Another cry. She no longer held back as Mrs. Banks picked up the tempo, peppering her bottom with the last flurry of spanks, using the full strength of her arm to really impact the deepening pink on Vivian’s cheeks. The darkening flesh quivered and jiggled with each strike, her legs jerking but not kicking as the young woman yelped and squirmed.

Mrs. Banks smiled. A more prideful young lady might have continued to try and hold in her emotions, her pain, but Vivian wanted to please and, in turn, found pleasure in being allowed the freedom to express herself.

“Very good Miss Stafford,” she said approvingly, dipping her fingers down into the font of Vivian’s wet folds. They were very slick after her spanking, and the young woman’s hips lifted eagerly to meet the press of Mrs. Banks’ fingertips. She moaned, not holding back the sounds of her pleasure now that she had already begun expressing her pain, as Mrs. Banks began to stroke and swirl her fingers around Vivian’s sensitive flesh.

“Oh please!” she cried out, her breathing huffing out of her in surprise as Mrs. Banks rubbed a slick fingertip over her bottom hole – not pressing inward, just teasing the sensitive nerves of the crinkled rosebud. It was unexpected, as Vivian had not been touched there outside of the examination room, and the little hole was rather sensitive from the indignities it had suffered through the evening before.

“Relax Vivian,” Mrs. Banks ordered, giving the young woman another little slap on her bottom to stop her squirming. Getting a firmer hold of her charge, one arm resting upon Vivian’s, hand closed over the binding on her wrists, Mrs. Banks placed her fingertip back on the little hole and stroked it. “That’s not so bad is it dear? It’s okay if it feels good.”

Vivian was dreadfully confused. She hadn’t enjoyed having that particular area inspected and invaded at any point and she didn’t want it to feel good. But it didn’t feel entirely unpleasant, she had to admit to herself. Still, she couldn’t help but tighten up her muscles around them. Mrs. Banks didn’t scold her, however, she wanted Vivian to know that not everything involving her anus had to be unpleasant. Instead she just continued to circle the little hole with her slick fingertip, rubbing it gently and awakening nerves that Vivian hadn’t been entirely aware of during the previous experiences involving her anus. Slowly, partly because it didn’t hurt and partly because she couldn’t hold her muscles tensed for so long, Vivian’s bottom relaxed and she submitted to the gentle caresses. She was surprised to feeling an answering flutter in her pussy, as if the two areas were more intimately connected than she’d realized.

Continuing to caress that sensitive area until Vivian was fully relaxed and submitting to her touch, Mrs. Banks smiled. That was enough for today, especially as that entrance was bound to be more than a little tender. The message that it could also be a pleasure had been given and received, tomorrow she would push things a little further.

When Mrs. Banks moved her fingers back into the sopping folds of Vivian’s pussy, she was surprised to realize that she was even more wet than before Mrs. Banks had touched her bottom hole. The clever fingers stroked and rubbed as Vivian’s hips began to move in conjunction with the touch. Because her toes were just touching the floor she couldn’t move as much as she might have liked, but the heady pleasure began to build anyway as Mrs. Banks teased her delicate nerves.

“Oh!” she gasped as the companion reached down and pinched the swollen bud that was peeking out from beneath its hood, a flash of pleasure and pain rushing through her. The pinch was rougher than anything Mrs. Banks had done to that area before, but Vivian was already accustomed to associating pain with sexual pleasure, the spankings followed by orgasms had done their job exceedingly well. Her back arched as she searched out more pleasure.

Smiling at the reaction, Mrs. Banks pinched her little clitty again, feeling it harden between her fingers as she rubbed it back and forth. On her lap Vivian writhed and moaned, her nipples jiggling enough to bounce against the edge of the punishment chair, giving her just enough sensation to send it sparking through to her core. The slight ache of her bottom, leftover from the spanking, was barely discernible through the rising ecstasy between her creamy thighs.

One of Mrs. Banks fingers slid inside Vivian’s pussy, probing and wiggling in the tight hole, moving gently so as not to tear her maidenhead prematurely. Her other fingers rubbed and rocked against Vivian’s swollen clit, and the older woman could feel the tight inner muscles spasm as Vivian cried out as she climaxed. The natural rippling of her sheath would give the Earl immense pleasure on his wedding night.

The sizzling heat going through Vivian’s body slowly dissipated, her muscles continuing to work as she squeezed Mrs. Banks’ finger inside of her. It felt strange but good, especially when she tightened around it in the little aftershocks that followed her climax. The slow rubbing against her clitoris made her tighten and release several times until Mrs. Banks finally withdrew her fingers from the sensitive crevices.

“On your knees,” the older woman reminded her. This time she only provided Vivian with minimal help as she maneuvered her body, half-sliding, off of Mrs. Banks’ lap and onto her knees in front of her. It was something Vivian had become much more accustomed to over the past few days

With the young beauty on her knees before her, suckling at her fingers, Mrs. Banks brushed back the flaming tresses from Vivian’s face. Her student’s cheeks were flushed from her orgasm, her eyes glowing with pleasure. The companion remembered Mrs. Cunningham’s words of praise at their early morning meeting today. The Earl had been particularly enamored of watching this portion of Vivian’s daily routine, impressed with the oral training that his future bride was receiving without the use of a man to practice on.

Mrs. Cunningham had also confided to Mrs. Banks that she believed the Earl to be legitimately enamored of his bride, with as much emotion as lust. They’d had enough scholarship students to know when more than a man’s base desires were engaged, and they’d never had a future husband as involved as the Earl or as eager to join in the training. During her forays out into Society Mrs. Cunningham had heard that the Earl hadn’t had a mistress in months, something that had shocked both ladies. Although it was often said that reformed rakes made the best husbands, whoever heard of a rake reforming before he had to? And certainly Miss Stafford was in no position to complain – or even know – what activities her future husband might be involved in. It showed an admirable fortitude of character.

Tucking Vivian into bed, she smiled as she thought about the Earl’s desire to see another of Vivian’s punishment sessions. Mrs. Cunningham had convinced him to wait until the end of next week, when there would be more to show. Also, by next week Vivian’s bottom training would be much further along and Mrs. Banks would be changing over to the next step of her discipline training, during which it wouldn’t be just her upturned bottom feeling the effects of misbehavior.


On Friday a fire erupted in the kitchens right before luncheon, which threw the entire day askew. The startled looks on the companions’ faces said that this was not a planned emergency, but they required that the students handle everything anyway. By the end of the day all of the participants in the Practicum were exhausted from the extra effort that had gone into righting things within the household – everything from re-organizing the luncheon on short notice, taking an assessment of the damages and arranging for repairs, factoring that into the household expenses, and getting the staff back in working order after all the excitement. Of course they couldn’t keep themselves from whispering back and forth all day about what might have occurred to start the fire.

The companions frowned heavily upon the whispers as they distracted the students from what they were supposed to be doing and Vivian knew that her bottom would pay for it later, but she and the other girls couldn’t help themselves once they’d realized it wasn’t a planned emergency. That was much more exciting than the little things that the companions would do to throw a wrench into the inner workings of the house.

On the carriage ride back to the school Vivian noticed some soot that had gotten onto the hem of her lavender skirt and surreptitiously tried to rub it away with her shoe. Fortunately Mrs. Banks was staring out the window at the time and so didn’t notice that she’d gotten her dress dirty. Squeezing her thighs together beneath her skirts, Vivian felt a flutter of excitement as she thought about her upcoming evening, knowing that she would be spanked and then brought to orgasm at Mrs. Banks’ hands.

Although she didn’t entirely enjoy being spanked, she had to admit that the previous night’s discipline session hadn’t been so bad. There were times when she thought some part of her might secretly enjoy the spanking, especially when it was a lighter one. And she certainly enjoyed what followed. It was more than worth it to have the punishment if it was going to be followed by the pleasure. She didn’t even feel ashamed of the fact that she’d begun to crave that release, it didn’t seem like something she should be ashamed of. Otherwise, why would Mrs. Banks encourage her so?

It was another hot summer day. The August sun was shining high in a cloudless blue sky. They sat together at The Blue Note Café overlooking the ocean. She wore a light blue dress. Her blonde curly hair was hanging loosely down to her tanned shoulders. His mind was busy listening to her while planning his new conquest.

‘We simply cannot live without sex. It’s a basic need!’ she argued.

‘Don’t be silly, of course we can. We cannot reproduce maybe, but we can survive.’

‘Not without going crazy and forfeiting all other survival instincts,’ she countered.

‘Sex is a want, not a need.’

‘It’s definitely a need.’

‘I could go on forever without sex and living a long and happy life.’

At that she narrowed her eyes. ‘Sure,’ she said ironically, ‘you’d fall to temptation anytime. I haven’t seen you without having sex with some random chick for more than two days in a row.’

‘I could resist them if I wanted to,’ he answered defensively.

‘Just like you resisted the other women you cheated your girlfriends with?’

‘I was just having fun – that’s all.’

She gave a mocking laugh. ‘Bullshit.’

‘You know I’m right – I can prove it anytime.’


‘I don’t know… I could decide to have no sex for one whole week, just because I choose to.’

‘One week?,’ she asked with a smile, while looking at him incredulously. ‘I can break you in less than a day.’

He chuckled. ‘You’re awfully sure of yourself.’ He lustfully gazed at her blue eyes, her glossy lips, her neckline… and couldn’t resist a fleeting look at her décolletage. ‘I accept the challenge,’ he said, as he narrowed his eyes at her. ‘What do you want me to do?’

She kept silent for a while before answering. She enjoyed watching him get excited and relished the way he was looking at her. ‘You’ll come to my beach house and be my slave for twenty-four hours. You’ll do everything as I say.’

His eyes suddenly widened, but he smiled, trying to keep his cool. ‘So you’ll tease the shit out of me, right? What if I resist you?’

‘Then I’ll humbly accept being wrong about you and mankind and… you’ll get to do with me what you want, as long as you want.’

His lips put on a smirk. ‘And if I loose?’

‘Then I’ll do with you whatever I want… as long as I want,’ she said and licked her lips, while looking at him in the eye. Letting the sandal fall to the floor, she then gently rubbed her foot between his legs.

He tried to smile approvingly, though his breathing deepened as he noticed his penis slowly growing firm. ‘I look forward to playing with you once you are done… So, deal.’

Her foot slipped back into her sandal. She looked at him knowingly and kept silent while slurping her Blue Curaçao cocktail drink.

At noon the next day, the temperatures seemed to have risen considerably, as he was sweating profusely while waiting for her in front of the same café. She arrived in her Beetle, recently painted in Egyptian blue, to pick him up. The beach-house was a few miles away from town. To reach it, she had to drive through the streets along the picturesque little houses that were huddled together, and finally through a little forest before closing on the beach. She kept silent while driving, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable, as he was already nervous anticipating the next moments upon arrival at her place.

‘So I see you like the color blue… blue car with blue seats, blue bikini, blue sandals…’ he said in an attempt to appear casual.

‘Yes,’ she curtly replied. A little smile was drawn across her face. He admired the contrast between the blizzard blue bikini and her tanned skin of her thighs, the way her breasts were held tight by her top, even though the still bobbed a little along the way. Discreetly, he also took a glance at the light “cameltoe” on her bikini. His excitement and nervousness grew.

He also noticed a marine blue collar round her neck. ‘Why are you wearing that? Are you a dog or something?’ he asked jokingly.

However, she didn’t reply, leaving him feeling ill at ease.

‘So… what are you planning, ey?’

‘You’ll see.’

As the car doors opened, the sound and smell of the sea waves crashing felt more intensive. The house walls were white washed, but displayed a cerulean blue rooftop and big cobalt wooden window frames and door. As she walked ahead of him to open the entrance door, he enjoyed watching her firm legs as they moved towards the entrance.

‘So this is it,’ she casually said, as she moved in, heading for the kitchen. She turned her head to look back at him. ‘Want something to drink? You’ll need it,’ she said with a wink.

‘Umm… sure,’ he said, as he followed her through the door to the left of the entrance, leading to the kitchen. A brief glance revealed a celestial blue cupboard, from where she had taken two glasses to fill them with water out of a glass cyan water jug sitting on the blue kitchen table. As she got on her toes to reach for it, he glanced at her ass, which seemed to vibrate a little with every move. He grew more excited with anticipation.

Sipping his water, he then took a curious glimpse around the house. Directly connecting to the entrance and the kitchen, he found the living room. A big round azure carpet covered almost the entirety of the floor in the room. Its wall connecting to the kitchen and facing the window was decorated with a big oil painting of two lovers kissing naked in the rain, all painted in different shades of blue. In a corner next to a window, his eye caught on a Yale blue round table, on which was standing a transparent, turquoise blue vase with blue lilacs. Next to the vase he found an old gramophone, painted in ultramarine blue. A stack of old records were also visible on a sapphire blue shelf on the wall next to the phthalo blue bedroom door, directly facing the entrance to the living room.

‘To the bedroom please,’ she gently commanded. Her face seemed a little flushed and her eyes were betraying a desire he hadn’t seen before. Like a tide, he felt his arousal rise anew.

‘Take off your clothes and put your hands behind your back,’ she commanded, as she opened a catalina blue drawer and retrieved a pair of brandeis blue handcuffs. She sat on the bright cerulean bed with her legs crossed. ‘Let’s see what you got.’

He made a silly dance while stripping, but she seemed not to pay much attention to it. Instead, she had a very intense look on her face, as if studying him meticulously. He placed his hands on his hips and smiled proudly.

‘Nice, ey?’

Ignoring his comments, she continued playing her new authoritarian role. ‘Now turn around and put your hands behind your back,’ she ordered, while speaking more slowly this time.

He sighed, but complied. The cuffs made a snap as she secured them around his wrists.

‘The handcuffs are real by the way. There’s no way you can get out without me unlocking them for you.’ His pulse quickened in response, but before he could say anything, his legs were fastened to a dark blue spreader bar. ‘Very good…,’ she mumbled.

‘Oh, forgot something…’ she said, as she briskly walked out of the room.

A few moments of silence past away. Then he suddenly heard a record playing, probably by the old cobalt blue gramophone he had noticed earlier. The music was soft. Seemed old. The tide of his arousal rose once more as he understood some words of the song…

‘…’Cause I’m a mighty tight woman I’m a real tight woman, I’m a jack of all trades…’ (1)

Soon after she came back, carrying a dark imperial blue spreader-bar in her left hand. With her thumb and index finger of the right hand, she was dangling a moonstone blue ball-gag.

‘This is because you talk too much,’ she said with a cheeky smile while sticking the tip of her tongue between her teeth. He was about to protest when she interrupted him. ‘Open up!’ she ordered him and pushed the rubber ball into his mouth. ‘That’s a good boy…,’ she said with low, but melodious voice as she fastened the straps of his gag behind his head.

She then got down on her knees, fastened the cuffs of the spreader-bar on his legs. ‘There,’ she said. ‘Now try to walk a few steps forward.’ She chuckled as she saw him walk like a penguin. ‘Okay, stop right there, slave!’ she commanded between giggles.

Then she slowly paced in circles around him. With the nail of her index finger, she lightly traced down his back. He trembled lightly with rising excitement. ‘Nice… I’m reeeeally going to enjoy this game…,’ she said, with a twinkle of delight in her eyes. She moved closer to his back. Pursing her lips, she lightly kissed his neck, making his hair prickle. Her lips then moved to the side of his neck with another kiss. As she lightly nibbled his left earlobe, her hand was fondling his buttocks, spreading the cheeks and letting her index finger lightly dance on his rosebud.

‘You like that?,’ she said with a smile. ‘Mhm…,’ he answered. She noticed that his muffled voice had an edge as his trembling grew more noticeable. ‘I thought so…’

She walked around again to face him. ‘I always wanted to tell you how beautiful you are, Charlie,’ she said as she looked at him in the eye and gently stroke his hair with her right hand. Then she moved closer and gave him another kiss on his throat. As she kissed him a second time, she let her tongue lick his skin. Every kiss was then followed by a light sucking, which turned more intense and aggressive. She let a slight moan as she noticed that his cock was dripping pre-cum.

She then slowly went down on her knees, while taking her time to kiss and nibble his chest, then his nipples, his stomach. While paying close attention to light shivers of excitement in his body, she then played her tongue on his navel like a butterfly before moving down to his crotch. With delight, she watched his erect and penis dripping pre-cum.

‘I guess you’d like me to suck on it, wouldn’t you?’, she asked, as she opened her mouth and let his wet glans rest on her tongue and lower lip while keeping her baby blue eyes gazing at him. He moaned with pleasure and breathed deepened as it grew more erratic. Suddenly, she retracted her head, letting his cock dangle and stood up.

‘Too bad were running a bet,’ she said, as she pushed him, making him fall on the mattress. She jumped on him and straddled his hips with her legs. She let out a deep sigh and took off her blue top, letting two firm breasts flop happily. She grabbed them and squeezed her nipples.

‘I must admit, I’m already horny,’ she said, as she stood up and let her bikini slide down her legs.

‘Oh my God, I’m really wet,’ she said and laughed in surprise as she touched her pussy.

She knelt down to him and placed her pussy directly above his face, thus invading his nostrils with a musky smell. She scooped some ejaculate on her index finger and spread it on his lips. ‘See? Nice n’ wet,’ she said with a big smile.

Looking down into his eyes, she gently rubbed her clit, seeing his face flush. She grew more excited as rubbed her clit harder. She then inserted her middle and ring finger inside her vagina. Her fingering became more aggressive until she reached her orgasm with a loud cry. Drops of sweat were already trickling down her face and body.

‘This feels so good… should do that more often…,’ she said, as she lay down on her back, on top of her slave.

She fondled his balls lying behind her head. ‘Gotta do something about these…,’ she said softly, then rolled over to the side of the bed and reached out for something underneath. A medium-thick rope covered in electric blue color silk appeared in her hand. Eagerly, she tied the rope around her slave’s balls.

She smiled with satisfaction a she watched their color darken. ‘I like the color blue on your balls… kinda turns me on even more. So much that I wanna have some good fucking,’ she said and gave them a long lick with her tongue.

She got up again and walked over to a majorelle blue dresser, from where she grabbed a dodger blue strap-on and some lube. She walked over the slave and fastened the straps around him. Its dildo was placed just above the base of his cock. The lube dripped down on her palm as she squeezed the celeste-colored bottle. With a gentle, up-and-down stroking motion, she lubricated the dildo.

‘Take a good look slave… I could be doing this to your cock right now,’ she said with an evil smile on her face. Then she mounted him and inserted the dildo into her pussy. She rode the dildo slowly at first and then harder, pounding on her slave’s body. She lowered her head to his throat and continued to kiss and suck it more violently.

‘Blue kisses,’ she noted, giggling between sighs, as she continued pounding on him more and more aggressively, as her breathing grew heavier and her moaning louder.

Suddenly, she stopped as he began to whine while looking at her pleadingly. ‘Is there something you wish to say, slave?’ she asked while looking at him with puppy-dog eyes.

He nodded hastily. ‘Okay then,’ she said as she unbuckled the straps holding his gag. ‘Then speak.’

‘Please, Sherry, I can’t stand it any longer. Please fuck me. I’m going nuts here.’

‘So you give up?’ Sherry asked delighted.

‘Yes-yes, I give up. Please fuck me.’

‘We agreed on that I can do anything to you if you break.’

‘Yes but–’

‘Shut up!’ she said, while giving a painful slap on his already purple-blue balls. He cried out in pain when she forced the ball-gag back into his mouth and fastened its straps once again.

‘I’m going to do whatever I want with you, just as we agreed,’ she whispered into his ear. ‘And what I want right now, is some real cock to please me.’

At that moment, a tanned and muscular man with a blue tanga suddenly appeared at the door to the bedroom. ‘There you are,’ he said.

‘Just in time, dear master,’ she said with a big smile.

‘So this is what you wanted. Are you happy now, slave?’

‘Veeeery happy, master,’ she answered with a grin.

‘Excellent… Now, suck my cock like a nice girl,’ he commanded.

Over his head, the slave watched helplessly as she pulled her master’s tanga down and began licking the head of his dick before plunging it deep into her throat.

She let go with a gasp. A long drop of saliva and pre-cum still hung between her lips and his cock. ‘Oh please fuck my pussy, master!’ she begged her lover and, without a word, he prepared himself to take her from behind. Charlie’s face was flushed red, his body covered in sweat.

She gave her slave Charlie a wet kiss on his cheek and brought her mouth close to his ear once again. ‘Now I can punish you for cheating on all your girlfriends, you piece of shit. That will be my treat for winning the bet,’ she whispered, her voice almost sounding like a purr.

Her breathing became heavier, turning into an ever-louder moan, as her master’s cock thrust inside of her again and again… Meanwhile, the old Blue’s song continued to play:

‘…I hear ev’rybody saying
That I’m tight in ev’rything that I do
I’ve got all the men cryin’…’


(1) Lyrics from the song “I’m a Mighty Tight Woman” by Sippie Wallace (1929)

Keira was thankful she had room to sit up straight. The cage He had put her in just barely had enough room for her to straighten her back. Her legs were another matter. She could sit with her legs clasped in front of her, she could curl up in a tight,awkward ball on the floor. She had almost forgotten how it felt to stretch her legs.

Even when He took her out to use the toilet He forced her to crawl. Although, even that movement felt good after days of being locked up tight. The room the cage was in was very dimly lit by the two windows near the top of the basement wall. They were covered in curtains but light escaped around the edges. Just enough light for her to be able to notice the passing of the days.

The first day He had brought her down to the basement she had been blindfolded and led on her leash. He had brought her down the stairs slowly and, leaving the blindfold on, had forced her to bend over and grab her ankles. With one arm wrapped around her waist He had inserted a butt plug into her ass. It felt about the same size around as His cock and she had almost cum standing there. She’d moaned aloud and was dizzy with the mixture of pleasure and pain. He had then led her to the cage and, removing the blindfold, instructed her to get in.

She had crawled in and sat with her back against the rear of the cage, the butt plug being pushed all the way into her ass. He had then turned out the light and left her alone for what seemed like hours. Every movement reminded her of the plug in her ass and her pussy, already wet, was dripping with her juices. She sat in the cage, occasionally fingering her clit, bored, waiting. He’d returned after a while and, clipping the leash to her collar, led her crawling to the bathroom. He’d stood over her while she’d used the toilet and then led her, still crawling, back to the cage.

“Kneel and put your hands on your head.”

“Yes Sir,” she had answered and done as instructed.

He had slapped her right nipple, playfully, and then harder. While her nipple was still stinging and aching He took a nipple clamp out of his pocket and attached it then repeated the process with her left nipple. He’d then had her crawl back into the cage. She again sat with her back against the rear of the cage, hyper aware of the plug still in her ass and also of the clamps on her nipples. He had come around to each side of the cage and cuffed her hands to the bars so that she was unable to move. Her knees were drawn up in front of her, unable to be anywhere else, and occasionally brushed the clamps.

The contact made her moan in pain and, often, caused her to wiggle more, causing her knees to brush against the clamp again and jiggling the plug in her ass. Keira had watched the passing of time through the window, judging hours by the change of light outside.

Darkness came and still she was alone in the basement. Every movement she made pushed the butt plug deeper into her ass or brushed her knees against her nipples. Every movement was a tantalizing mixture of pleasure and pain and Keira’s pussy was in a constant state of wet and wanting.

She dozed fitfully, uncomfortable. She woke often to the pain in her nipples, a constant reminder of where and who she was. She had no idea how long she had been alone or when He would return. Her arms were semi – numb and tingly from being cuffed to the side of the cage and every time she awoke from her brief naps she moaned and writhed and gasped from all the sensations.

As dawn light started to filter into the room she heard steps coming down the stairs and was instantly alert, watching the shadows for Him. A disembodied voice emerged from the darkness but it wasn’t her Master.

“Are you enjoying your cage slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” Keira answered.

“Oh? And how do your nipples feel?”

“They hurt Mistress.”

Mistress stepped closer to the cage and Keira saw that She was dressed in business attire. “And how are your arms? Do they hurt?”

“They’re a little numb Mistress.”

Mistress leaned down and unlocked the cage. “Stretch your legs out in front of you.”

“Oh thank you Mistress!” Keira exclaimed.

Mistress reached into the cage and slapped the nipple clamp and Keira gasped in agony. “Oh no Mistress. Please.”

Mistress slapped the other and watched coolly as Keira writhed. “Your pussy is so wet slave. Bring your knees back up to your chest and show Me your cunt.” Keira drew her knees up, careful not to rub her aching nipples. “Spread them wider. Open that pussy for Me.”

Keira spread her feet and knees as far as the cage would allow. Mistress reached into the cage and slapped her pussy playfully then inserted a finger. Keira closed her eyes in pleasure with a sharp intake of breath. Mistress then jabbed the rest of Her fingers into Keira’s wet pussy and with Her other hand pinched Keira’s clit as hard as she could. Keira pushed against Mistress’s hand and Mistress pushed back until She could feel Keira’s cunt begin to tighten around Her hand. She then pulled all of Her fingers out and Keira opened her eyes to see Mistress watching intently. “Your hands are cuffed and your nipples clamped. What else did your Master do to you before He left?”

“He put a plug in my ass Mistress.”

Mistress nodded approvingly and then, “Stretch your legs back out in front of you.” Keira did as told and Mistress reached into Her pocket. “Close your eyes slave.”

Keira apprehensively closed her eyes and waited. Minutes seemed to go by and the dark silence was deafening. Did Mistress leave? Keira sat on the floor of the cage, eyes closed, thankful to be able to stretch her legs. She waited and waited and then, almost like a whisper, thought she heard a metallic click. Seconds went by and she felt a hand on her breast, rubbing gently. Keira leaned into the hand, pressing against the soft touch. Almost immediately she screamed as she felt her nipple get pinched and heard the click as a weight was added to the already painful clamp.

“Oh please Mistress no. Please.” Keira begged. Mistress ignored her pleas and added weight to the other clamp.

“Pull your knees back up and spread them as wide as you can.” Keira, with tears running down her cheeks pulled her knees carefully up and spread them to the side of the cage. “You may open your eyes.” Keira opened her eyes and watched as Mistress shut the door to the cage.

Mistress went to each side of the cage and looped a long scarf around each of Keira’s knees, tying her to the cage so that her pussy was spread and exposed. Keira watched as Mistress cocked her head and gazed, assessing. “Bye slave.” and Mistress was gone.

Keira struggled briefly in her bondage, looking for a more comfortable way to sit but there was nothing. The nipple clamps weighted down her nipples agonizingly and every movement tugged and pulled on them. The plug in her ass was a minor inconvenience comparatively and her entire body and mind was focused on the pain in her tits.

She sat in her cage, forlornly, and watched the light around the window, gauging the passage of time. The sun was bright in the sky and Keira was ashamed to be sitting in a spreading pool. Every part of her ached and she had never felt so dirty. Her face was salty and slimy from her crying. Pain induced sweat covered every part of her. She was just like an animal in a cage. Even the water bottle hanging from the top of her cage was just like an animal’s. Tied, stretching her neck, she could just reach it to suck on but even that movement caused additional pulling and pain in her nipples.

Keira watched the sun move in the sky all day, getting filthier and more ashamed with each hour. She dozed briefly several times but was always jolted awake by the weight of the clamps on her tits. Exhausted, defeated, she watched the window as the sun began to set. She hated the silence. Almost an entire day had passed since Mistress had been to see her. The end of her second day in the cage and she still didn’t know what she was being punished for. Or maybe They were teaching her something?

The sun set completely and the basement was plunged into darkness. Keira used to think the dark was like a softly enveloping blanket but this darkness was suffocating. No sounds. No light escaping. What if something had happened and Master and Mistress never came to get her? What if she died down here in her cage? What if there were rats in the basement? Would she hear a rat before it brushed against her? Keira’s soft crying was renewed. She was suddenly terrified of the dark. Her sobs echoed and bounced off the empty walls and she struggled to stop and catch her breath so she could listen. She needed to listen closely for any disruption in the quiet. She could hear her heart thudding away and … Keira screamed.

She was hit full in the chest by a torrent of ice cold water. It came out of nowhere in the darkness. A hose was aimed and spraying her. The first icy blast quickly became less forceful and turned into an icy shower, spraying up and down her body. It focused on the pool underneath her and sprayed the filth away.

Teeth chattering Keira called, “hello?” Nobody answered and the water continued to spray. Somebody was circling, spraying every inch of her. It didn’t stop until she was completely drenched and freezing. Her hair was a sodden mess, dripping into her eyes. She shook her head to get it out of her face and winced as the movement jingled the nipple weights. Keira leaned her head back against the cage, shivering, waiting, counting. She counted to 10, 20, 30 and continued on and on.

At 367 seconds she screamed again. Not as much from shock this time as from pain. The hose was aimed full force directly at her nipple, the water tugging, pulling and pushing on the clamp until it was forced off. She screamed and cried. The pain of it being ripped off making her dizzy and nauseated. Salty tears streamed down her face and she renewed her struggles against her bonds wanting to cup her nipple in her hand. Somehow press against it as though that would help the pain go away. The water had been moved away from her but was still on. She could hear it and feel the waves in the puddle on the floor. She couldn’t call out again though. Could just sit there, whimpering, waiting for the pain in her nipple to lessen.

She heard the water moving on the floor. The sound getting louder and louder as the spray got closer to her. “Oh no please. Not again.” she begged. “No no no no no.” Keira tossed her head back and forth begging. “Please don’t.” But her begging was useless and the water was suddenly aimed at the other nipple. Keira cried out, knowing what was coming and scared of the pain. “Oh God no.” she whimpered over and over until that clamp was also flung off and she again screamed, writhing and moaning in pain.

The water was turned off and the basement silent again except for Keira’s cries. In too much pain to care about rats or anything else that might linger in the basement, Keira shivered and cried in the the dark until, cold and despondent, she fell into a dreamless sleep.

She woke, shivering, on the morning of the third day to bright sunlight streaming through the crack around the curtains. Her arms and legs ached and her nipples were a faded red where the clamps had been. She was still sitting in a pool of water, not as icy as when it had first hit her but still cold in the damp chill of the basement. She heard a door open and firm steps coming down. Light flooded the basement and Master appeared at the far end of the room, striding purposefully toward her.

“Good morning slave.”

“Good morning Master.”

Keira watched as He came toward her, His shoes slapping in the water around her cage. He opened the door and looked in at her. “Mistress appears to have done a good job with you.”

“Yes Sir.”

Master untied the scarves that were holding Keira’s knees to the sides of the cage and then uncuffed her hands. “Crawl out of there.”

Keira scooted and turned until she could crawl out the cage and stopped as she cleared the door. Master walked around behind her and gently pulled the plug out of her ass. He then clipped a leash to her collar and led her to the bathroom, waiting again as she used the toilet. When she was finished He led her back to the cage but clipped the leash to the bars so that she was outside the cage on her hands and knees. “Don’t move.”

Master walked away and quickly returned with a bowl that He set in front of her. It was filled with stew and Master said, “Eat that but don’t use your hands.”

Starving, on her hands and knees and feeling like a drowned cat, Keira put her face in the bowl and messily slurped the stew. Master’s hand pet her hair as she was eating but she was so hungry she barely noticed. She licked the bowl clean and stay there waiting for further instruction. Master continued petting her hair for a moment and then she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper.

“Slave, suck on my cock.” Keira quickly turned to face Him and got up on her knees, taking His dick in her mouth. He was holding the base of it and she pulled Him into her mouth until she felt fingers on her lips and then started rhythmically sucking.

She felt His cock get fully hard in her mouth and moaned around it. He began pumping with His hand, letting mostly just the tip penetrate her lips. She knelt there, mouth open, tongue slightly out. She wanted His entire dick in her mouth. He pumped faster with His hand and before she had gotten warmed up pulled out of her mouth and came in a hot gush all over her breasts.

Keira stayed kneeling in front of Him, pussy wet and dripping, while He zipped His pants back up. He took her leash off the cage and pulled her over to a sitting area with a couch and coffee table. “Crawl up on that table and stick your ass in the air.” Keira did as told and He came around behind her slapping her ass lightly.

“I want your ass higher, as high as you can get it. Put your head and feet on the table and get your ass in the air.” Keira got into the awkward position, already sore muscles straining. Master came around to her head and showed her a butt plug that was twice as big as the one He had just moments ago taken out of her ass.

“Do you want that in your ass slave?”

Keira stared at it, appalled, and answered, “No Sir.”

“Who owns your body slave?”

“You do Sir.”

“And do you know where this plug is going?”

“In my ass Sir?”

“Yes it is but first you’re going to suck on it like it’s my cock. I want you to worship this thing with your mouth.”

He held the plug to her mouth and, head on the table, she artlessly began sucking on it. She loved sucking on His cock but the plastic and rubber taste of the plug was nasty in her mouth and she didn’t want anything to do with it. She desultorily swirled her tongue around the tip of the plug and tentatively pulled it into her mouth. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend it was His cock but the rubbery taste was offensive.

“Is there a problem slave?”

“It tastes bad Sir.”

“Really? It tastes bad?”

“Yes Sir.” Keira looked at Him from the corner of her eyes, head on the table. His hand came down on her ass with more force than she had

ever felt before.

“Suck on it like it’s My cock!”

Keira renewed her efforts, bringing the plug into her mouth and vigorously sucking, licking its length. She pulled it completely into her mouth, choking as it went down her throat. Over and over again. He continued spanking her ass, alternating cheeks. It was cherry red and still she sucked on the plug. Master moved behind her and thrust His hard cock into her ass.

He pounded into her painfully and grasped a hand full of her hair, pulling as He pushed into her. “Keep sucking that until I tell you to stop.” She sucked on the plug, moaning and gasping with every push of His dick in her ass. Her sore nipples rubbed on the table, each of His thrusts pushing and pulling her body.

He came out of her abruptly, without cumming, and said, “Hand Me the plug.” She reached behind her to give it to Him and he unceremoniously shoved it in her ass.

“Slave, you know I have to punish you for not sucking on that like I said the first time?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Crawl back to the cage.”

Keira crawled back to the cage, stopping at the door. Master followed and instructed, “Face me on your knees.” She did as told and Master looked at her cooly. “Do you have anything to say to me?”

“I’m sorry Sir.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t suck on the plug as though it was your cock Sir.”

“I’m just going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Master strode to a table in the corner and came back with the nipple clamps that Keira had on the night before. As she watched He added two more weights to each. “Put your hands on the back of your head.” Keira’s hands went to the back of her head and she grasped handfulls of hair in her fists. He slapped each of her nipples repeatedly until they were hard nubs and she was gasping in pain. Master affixed the clamps vertically, instead of horizontally as they were before. They pulled and stretched and He gazed at her, assessing. He reached down and tightened each until she screamed in pain.

“Crawl in the cage and sit with your back against the back.”

Keira did as told and Master tied both her wrists and knees to the bars. “How does that giant plug feel in your ass slave?”

“It hurts Sir.”

“Good. How do you feel about it only being an hour into your day and you already being in trouble?”

“I feel Sorry Sir.”

“You can tell me how sorry you are when I come back” and He walked away and out of the room.

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