Part 2: Felicia Romero

This story takes place in Stormbringer’s E&I Series.



“Hey, boss man, just wanted to be one of the first to congratulate you on your latest purchase.” Will said, talking into his cell phone.

“Thank you, however, kudos to you as well for suggesting this to me. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team; I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I’m a little mad at myself; I should have made this move a long time ago.” said Will’s boss, Solomon King, who just bought out the entire Dallas Cowboys football franchise.

“Well, the important thing is you’re doing it now what we are really after obviously are those soon-to-be slut Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. And it’s

probably a good thing that you did purchase it now than sooner because I think, at least in my opinion, compared to other squads in the past, I have never seen a more fuckable group of DCCs. So, maybe you can look at this as a blessing instead.”

“Yeah, I guess you are right, but I think it wouldn’t make any difference. But I’m glad someone thinks otherwise.”

“I do. I have favorites in Sydney Durso, Angela Rena, & Alexandra Caroline. Also, some rookies like Kali Nicole, Chelsea Elizabeth, Jessica Marie among others. However, I’m just one guy. I bet some of your employees, friends and fans will maybe agree with me. But, you’re doing it and that what matters.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” said Solomon.

“So, what are the first changes you are going to make now that the Dallas Cowboys are under new ownership?”

“Well, first of all, I’ll be taking some of your ideas in having an all-enhanced black football team, put some hidden cameras all over Cowboys Stadium, and to hire black-enhanced coaches. I also I have one idea for the cheerleaders’ performances on games of “special” occasions.”

“Really, what’s that?” asked Will, intrigued.

“Well, for these performances at these games, only people who are 18 years or older are invited to them and it will be the same for those who watch from their TV screens in providing them with a “viewer discretion is advised” warning.” Solomon explains.

“Is that so?” Will said with a smile.

“Yes. In those performances, the cheerleaders would be wearing either lingerie or bra & panties during their cheers and the moves they themselves do will also be naughty & risque like bending over & spanking their half-naked asses to the people and rubbing & gliding their hand along their exposed bodies.”

“Sam, I think your idea just trumped all of mine combined. I’m getting real hot thinking about it now.” Will said, fanning his face with his hand.

Solomon laughed into the phone.

“I’m glad you’re on board with that, but first, we must have the team turn all of those virgin white cheerleaders into dirty whores for our superior bodies.”

“No doubt about that.” Will replied.

“Well, Will, I’ve got to let you go as I’m putting these plans into motion right now.” Solomon said.

“All right, then. Send me some video pieces.”

“Will do.”


“Okay ladies, here are your room keys and enjoy your stay.” Tom the enhanced hotel clerk said as he handed two hotel keys to a pair of women checking into the hotel on the paradise of Trinibogo. Felicia & Crystal happily took the keys on the opposite size of his arms as he then extended his arms again at each of them for a handshake.

“Thank you so much.” Felicia said with an excited smile on her face, lifting her hand up and getting it engulfed by his massive black one.

“Yes, thank you.” said Crystal the same happening to her.

“Not a problem, gorgeous.” Tom said.

“You want to get a drink? It’s really hot.” Crystal said, fanning herself with her hand.

“Yeah, I’m dying for a drink.” Felicia replied, in a slightly anxious tone.

“OK, I saw a bar that close by here.”

“All right, let’s go.”

The duo walked a little over a short distance away from the hotel to the bar so they could quench their thirst in this intense heated day. There, the pair took a seat in two stools next to each other when a big African native turned from working behind the counter and turned his attention to the two hot pair of females that just showed up.

“Allo, I’m Osir, what can I get for you two fine ladiees?”

“Um… just two iced teas on the rocks.” Crystal answered a little taken aback.

“Just iced teas?” Osir said.

“Yeah, we’re meeting a friend after this and we don’t want to be tipsy when we do.”

“Oh, I see. Well, coming up.”

The women were a little startled by Osir’s accent. Every black man they’ve met so far had normal tongue incredibly as this was a foreign African island. Yet, he is the first black with an African tongue that they have come across. Osir poured the beverage into two glass cups. He also discreetly poured two concentrated doses of X-Cite in the drinks and also put X-Cite laced ice cubes in for good measure.

“Here you are, ladies.” he said as he walked over to the counter and put each of the cups beside the two females.

“Oh, thank you.” Felicia said.

“Yeah, thanks I really needed this. It’s really hot today.” Crystal said.

The girls then anxiously guzzled down their liquids as they really needed cold ones on this oddly hotter than normal day.

“The weather is not the only thing that hot.” Osir said, quietly.

“What was that?” Felicia asked.

“Oh, nothing. I’ll be in the back if you guys need me.”


“All right.” Crystal said.

Osir went to take care of matters further into the place, leaving Felicia and Crystal decide to look around their surroundings and chat among themselves.

“All those men. Look at all these black guys.” Felicia said, amazed.

“I know. Every one of them are freakin’ huge.” Crystal said, just as.

Indeed, every single black native on this island were just as big as bodybuilders they would see on the internet or in muscle magazines. They were all shaped to perfection; in their arms, chests, backs, from head-to-toe. As they ogled all these buff guys up and down, they eventually stopped their pupils on their body parts that was really an eye-opener and that’s what was in their pants. They noticed the blacks in denim had noticeable bulges running down the pant of their legs. The ones wearing much looser clothing sported rather large tents extending fairly in front of them. The pair looked dumbfounded as they also noticed a few

women cuddled next to their own black guy, rubbing their hands all over their ebony carved bodies. One even had her hand in one guy’s pants! They noticed when they got closer views that the women looked very humid. Their cheeks looked very puffy & red, but they despite that, they appeared fine as they were moving really well. The climate was unusually humid today so that’s probably why some of the women looked out of it. Looking at these men in nearly all their buff glory seemed to take the heat within them up a level; the two became slightly aroused and intrigued at the thought of maybe trying out some of that… w-wait, what are they thinking?!

“Um…oh, Osir!” Crystal remembered, calling his name.

“Yes, ladies?” he asked, emerging again.

“Can we have refills?” Felicia asked.

“Of course.”

He looked and saw that Felicia & Crystal’s glasses were totally empty. Even the ice cubes were gone from the cups when he got back. He went to serve the girls their refills, knowing that those bitches will be horny for a while…


Around half hour later, the women came back into the hotel. They felt really strange for around the last 20 minutes or so. Their bodies suddenly had an urgent craving for a man. Much of their horniness was stemming from their most private areas, their crotches, tits, & their nipples were killing them. Unaware to them that it was all of the X-Cite that they unknowingly consumed that was doing this to them. They drank enough for the effects to last an entire month.

Trying to ignore their bodies’ sudden urges, they walked down the halls of the hotel to get to their room. They wanted to be close by to Jean so they rented a room just across the hall of her new place of living on the island. Which was next door to the deluxe pad where Will Jefferson was staying. Jean visited Will everyday in his room everyday ever since she sat down to talk to him. Her two friends have seen what he looked like; they knew he was interesting when they first saw him on the count of seeing how handsome and good-looking he was. They could also tell that he must exercise on a daily basis because of his massive size. But was he really that amusing to present herself to him in his place of stay and to actually move close to him now?

“Did you see a big those guys were?!” Felicia asked amazingly.

“Yeah, they were freaking huge!” Crystal said, just as amazed.

“I know, huh? And not just him but all the black people here. They were even bigger than some of the players on the field.”

Felicia was always used to seeing big and athletic men in person on the the count that she is a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. However, seeing all these even more physically gifted powerful men made her encounters with ripped males feel somewhat new again. As if, deep down inside her, she couldn’t help but think that these were real men!

They couldn’t get over the amount of buff men there were on this island. Everywhere they turned, there was a ripped, big, African. In fact, not one of them were along the lines of average or skinny.

As the women finally got to their room, they noticed a pair of huge double doors just across the entrance to their place for temporary living.

“God, I wonder what’s on the other the other said of those doors.” Felicia said as she and Crystal looked at them in wonder.

“Yeah, but will never find out though.” Crystal replied.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that.”

“Wait,… you don’t really mean….”

“What?” Felicia asked.

“Like… breaking in?” Crystal said, a little timidly.

“Oh, wait, no. We just ask Jean, since she knows Will now, to see if she can get us an invite into his place.”

“Oh, OK, then.” Crystal said, very relieved.

“Yeah, but we’ll do it after we change.”

“Yeah, let’s just go in our room finally so I can relax some.”

The twosome walked over to the door of their room. Crystal took her key, inserted it into the hole in the knob and turned, unlocking the door and opening it.

“Oh, wow!” they said in unison.

Their place was a really snazzy one. Just right from opening the door was the bedroom. However, the first view that they both had was that of the tropical trees, the sandy beach, and the very large widespread view of the ocean going into the distance; thanks to the ground-to-ceiling large windows which were framed along side of the room instead of a wall. The door on their left led to the bathroom and on either sides of the door were a very comfy bed. The blankets were neatly done and the pillow were properly stacked accordingly. The room on the other side of them was the kitchen.

“Aaaahhhh.” said Felicia as she just threw herself onto the bed on the right and got comfortable in it, completely ignoring the well-organized pillows and just leaving her stuff by the door where she dropped them.

Crystal then took her own bags & luggage, dropped them next to her bed on the left, sat on it & leaned into the mattress with her hands spread out.

“Damn, this bed is comfy. Can’t wait to be sleeping in this.” Crystal acknowledged.

“Ditto.” Felicia replied.

“So, I guess this island really is all that.”

“Yeah, nice rooms, great service relaxing paradise. But, I think the best feature of this paradise are the ripped, sexy, negros here.

“I know, right? I have never seen anyone so ripped, chiseled, and well-defined. Hell, they even put my personal trainers at the bottom of the list.

“And not only that, amiga, but it’s all the natives. I haven’t seen anyone of them so far who didn’t look like they were carved out of ebony and brought to life.”

“Oh god, this is getting me hot now.” Crystal said, fanning her head with her hand.

“Haha, me too. I heard that some American women even found love in the black islanders, you know?”

“Well, that doesn’t surprise me seeing how good they look. They are probably just as gifted in the charm department.”

“I even heard that a few times women have cheated on their husbands for these guys and that they’ve got it from more than one black man.” Felicia said.

“Oh my god, what’s wrong with women this generation? Are they that horny?”

“I don’t know girl, but I’ve been hearing that they couldn’t help it and they just wanted a piece of a black man once he makes the moves on them.”

“Unbelievable. Luckily, that’s not going to happen to us.” Crystal said.

“No doubt.” Felicia replied.

“Well, we should change now. We said we were gonna hang with Jean on the beach.”

“Oh, yeah, right.” Felicia said, immediately getting up from her bed and started to take some of her beach swimwear out of her luggage. Crystal then did the same thing.

Crystal decided to got with a red two-piece bikini that looked very hot and sexy on her tight slender body. At 5’6 & 110 pounds, Crystal was always considered the most beautiful & sexy of the three original cowgirls. She had long dark brown hair & brown eyes which accented well with her cute & blush-like smile. She is also considered to have the most delectable body of the three especially in her chest. She had a gorgeous pair of size 35C titties on her that men just drool over. When she saw her lively breasts in the mirror, she could see now how painfully erect her nipples were. She hadn’t remembered seeing them this upright in her life. She went to feel one of them with two of her fingers and was surprised at how sensitive they were; sending erotic shivers surging through her body on contact. That made it somewhat tougher for her to put on clothes over her chest. Crystal ignored how noticeable her nipples were under two layers of clothing and moved on. She had a very flat tummy on her & small, yet curvy ass on her. Her body was more alluring with the red two-piece she put on. She checked herself out in the mirror and was satisfied with herself by the pose she did while smilingly looking at herself.

“So, you like?” asked Felicia, walking over to her in her white two piece bikini and turning around for Crystal.

“Oh, wow. So sexy. Loving how good it looks on your curves.”


Felicia decided to picked out a white two-piece that very well wrapped up her most intimate curves. Felicia was a 5′ tall, 113 pound, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and fellow former FSU Cowgirl prior. She had dirty blonde hair & brown eyes and the most physically fit and athletic of the three. The most common feature in the Miami Dolphins was that they were all gifted in their chests or they gifted themselves big chests. For Felicia, it was the latter. Breast size 36C on her part, however big tits were very common among the majority of the Dolphins. The squad were known for their curvaceous bodies and Felicia was no different. She has some really toned, gorgeous legs on her. Not to mention, a very sexy fatty on her like every other Dolphins Cheerleader. She then looked at her nipples; she had never seen them so hard. Like Crystal, when she went to touch them, she gave out a light gasp at how erotically vulnerable they were. She had never felt herself this horny before. Maybe the weather was having some kind of effect on her. Her most disciplined feature on her, however, was her abs. Her tummy was the most impressive out of her Crystal, & Jean. So built & sculpted, it was like her stomach was chiseled out of stone. The white bikini complimented her skin well when she put it on her fit body.

“What about me?” asked Crystal, turning herself around to show off her body.

Felicia then proceeded to spank Crystal’s half-naked ass when it faced her.

“Ooh.” Crystal said as she jumped in surprise and her two hands instinctively responded to the playful action, grabbing her rear.

“How’s that for an answer?” Felicia said, jokingly flirting with her.

“You are such a bad girl, Felicia.”

“I know I am.” she said, bending her own ass for her which Crystal then playfully spanked.

“All right, let’s finish changing.” said Crystal.


The girls, of course, didn’t realize that they were being filmed by hidden cameras all over the island including the hotel itself, following their every move. The feeds were being broadcasted to the subscribers of eivoyeurcam.com and their viewership spiked when the women got naked for the people to see.

Crystal put on her red FSU top over her red bikini. The shirt which was torn very much along the center(nearly reaching the bottom), cutting the FSU logo in half; the “F” and one half of the “S” on her right breast & the other half of the “S” and the “U” on her left. She then put on some short, tight pair of jeans. Now, she looked like the complete package, showing off much amounts of cleavage(half of each breast), a little stomach, and a lot of leg. Unlike her, Felicia decided to just don a see-thru white t-shirt over her beach body.

“All right, you ready?” Felicia asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Crystal replied.


As they closed the door behind them, they heard some quite loud sounds in the hotel hall.

“Did you hear that?” asked Felicia.


“Ohhhh… fuck…. oh shit!”

Those were moans and whimpers they were hearing. They listened intently to figure out what the noise was.

“Yeahhhh…Ohhhh, yeah!!”

They were the sounds of a woman’s voice! The duo got closer, putting their ears closer to the cracked entrance.

“Hey, it’s coming from inside.” Crystal whispered.

They quickly realized what was happening, because they could also hear manly grunts and groans. Was this girl really getting it that good?

“Come on, let’s check it out.” Felicia suggested.

“What?!” Crystal sharply whispered.

Felicia’s curiosity took over to the fullest effect. She had faintly heard left & right that even the most will-powered women are throwing themselves over to the natives to be used however way the islanders want to use them.

“Crystal, you heard the rumors. Don’t you want to see if it’s true about the black islanders?”

“Well, yeah I do, but-”

“Then, let’s go.” Felicia insisted, as she just barged into the deluxe suite.

“But Felicia… oh, man.” she said, as she then reluctantly followed her friend in.

Both women got a good look of the room they just entered. It was the bedroom which looked exactly like their’s. The only differences between them was that the room was much bigger, the view was that of the rest of the island rather than the beach, it looked more expensive, and the bed was bigger as well. Speaking of the bed, unlike how they first saw their’s, was very sloppy & very much undone. And when they looked closer, they saw some big amounts of white, gooey stuff laid upon the mattress, pillows, & the sheets. If they didn’t knew better, they’d say that white stuff was-


Crystal & Felicia then turned their heads in the direction the woman’s voice was coming from. They were open-mouthed and stared at each other for a second, shocked at how loud & vulgar she was being. Also, was it just them or did the woman say “cocks” as in more than one?

“It’s coming from that room.” whispered Felicia, making her way to the double doors.

“Oh, I don’t know about this.” Crystal said, nervously.

The women quietly tip-toed to the two doors, the moans, groans, & whimpers sounding more noticeable and evident as they got closer. They motioned their ears for a better sense of hearing the wild activity taking place just on the other side of the wall. The girls had a pretty good idea on what to expect, but did not know for sure so just in case, they had to be as quiet and as discreet as

possible to obviously avoid being seen and/or heard.

Felicia took her hand and slowly took hold of one of the door’s knobs with Crystal close behind with her hand on Felicia’s shoulder. There, she proceeded to carefully turn the knob to the left and gently open the door just enough for her & Crystal to see exactly what was responsible for the voices they’ve heard. Their eyes finally caught hold at the activity taking place where the noise was coming from and the sight was a heart-stopping yet arousing one. What was self-presented to them was a very large group of black native islanders gathered around in another massive room(twice as much as the bedroom the duo was spying from) in a close circular fashion. There were also two other blacks each controlling a camera and looked to be recording what was taking place. But what had Felicia & Crystal really locked-on had them dumbfounded: they were all naked! All of them were completely undressed, even the two black cameramen. Not only that, but each & every single one of these males were superbly and hugely buff. Every man in there was built like a ebony greek god. Big & shapely arms, well-defined pecs, muscular backs, and rigid & rock-hard abs, not one guy in there was average looking. These Trinibogons were all athletically and physically gifted.

Some of them also appear to be stroking something in their crotches. The twosome couldn’t see clearly, but whatever they were stroking looked to be extended far in front of their bodies. By the looks on a few of their faces, they appeared to be struggling with their swift movements below the waist. However, when one of them removed their hand, they couldn’t believe what that man was packing.

What he was packing was the biggest & thickest cock that either of them had ever seen on a man!

‘Oh. My. God.’ the two each mouthed and for good reason.

His penis was nearly the size of a sausage! It stood almost straight up, pointing towards the ceiling. So big and so black; it looked like it had been slobbered on by it glistening in the sun’s shine. When the guy moved in another angle, they also got good looks at his nut-sack, but, god, those were not nuts his junk was holding. They were the size of oranges. Damn, how much semen could those thing hold?! It didn’t take long before another guy let his dick free his grasp for Felicia & Crystal to see. Soon, they would be able to see that every black man in that room had a gargantuan big black boner on them. Not one of them in that room had one that was normal or average. So, not only were the natives physically gifted, they appeared to also be blessed sexually as well. Forget their big & jacked up bodies, the girls’ eyes were locked on to their endowments and have never left the sight of them.

But wait? What about that woman who was screaming earlier? They had one shock after another thrown at them over these past few weeks ever since finding out about this island and their inhabitants. Well, if they were surprised at what they heard and at what they had just seen, then they were really going to get thunder-stuck at who was being pleasured in the center of this gathering because when some of the un-decent natives dispersed, at was there they finally saw the source of the satisfying screams come into view. This eye-opener topped them all.

“Oh, my god.” they said in stereo, albeit quietly.

“Ohhhhhh, come here. Gimmie what I want.” Jean said, seductively.

Crystal & Felicia’s eyes were as wide as saucers as they saw their own very good friend, Jean Sterger, nude herself, leaning her back against another black guy laying on the floor, as he then proceeded to insert his big cock… into her asshole?! His manhood fit like a glove in her; her ass immediately accommodated his huge member.

“Oh, fuckin shit, yeah!” Jean let out.

But was that really her? The twosome could clearly see her face, but it looked like she had work done on the rest of her. She now had bigger & rounder tits again like the old days and they could see that her ass now had more bounce to it when she was riding the guy’s black stick.

Her ass then bounced up and down on the guy’s abnormally-sized pole and had her cumming virtually from the get-go. As soon as the superhuman pleasure started, it suddenly stopped, much to Jean’s slight disappointment, as one more black guy came over to join the two bodies in the pornographic activity.

“Is that Jeff?!” Felicia said, dumb-founded.

“No fuckin way!” said Crystal, just as.

After looking closer, it was indeed Jeff. They almost didn’t recognize him as he was also among the big, buff, group of black guys. Wait a second? They were looking up & down at his body and what a body it was. He was superbly built exactly like his fellow blacks and, of course, they could see that he was also sporting a monstrous dark cock. On top of that, here he was: his upright, stiff, & beautifu…er…um…pole entering her body and proceeded to pump his shaft into her pussy while being taken in her rosebud by another native.

“Oh, my god! Yeah! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your girl!” she shouted.

‘His girl?!’ her two friends each thought.

“I love you, Jeff.”

“I love you.” he replied.

Jean then grabbed the back of Jeff’s neck with her right hand, pulled her head in close and passionately put her tongue down his throat. He tongued her right back. Felicia & Crystal heard from Jean how much of a arrogant, persistent, pervert this guy was to her when they worked together on H!. They had spoke of how Jean said she would never get together with such a horny, womanizing, jerk. Yet, here she was getting lovingly & willingly fucked by that same horny, womanizing, jerk and was proclaiming her love to him! She was also being gangbanged by a pack of others and it was getting on film! Was doing some porn now?

“You a whore, baby?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, I’m your dirty fucking whore!” Jean proudly said. “I’m a fucking slut for big black cock! Ahhhhh, fuck my holes!”

Clearly, the sexy duo couldn’t believe what they’re eyes were locked onto. Their friend was being thoroughly taken by these pack of African wolves and she was loving it! But it seems that she wasn’t the only female in these black adonis’ presence that appear to be enjoying it. The smell of enhanced sex filled the room and the women’s noses caught the scent of the aroma and it effected them so. They didn’t seem to know it, but Felicia & Crystal’s hands were gently rubbing & sliding inside their clothes along their tight & fit young bodies. They had what looked like seductive facial expressions as well, evident that they were turned on by the visual experience. The outlines of their nipples showed well under their beachwear, slight shivers of arousal went through their bodies, & their pussy leaked just a little, although Felicia’s crotch was more noticeable than Crystal’s as the latter was wearing denim shorts and the former wasn’t; Felicia’s small cum-drippings fell from between her bikini bottoms and fell to the rug below.

Suddenly, Crystal hears sounds from behind them. She turns around to see where and figures out that the room was coming from the bathroom. They thought for sure that no one else was here. But all she knew was that she & Felicia had to get the hell out of there.

“Felicia… Felicia, there’s someone in the bathroom. We have to go now! Felicia!” Crystal said, urgently.

But Felicia being so enamored with the explicit scene taking place before her, could not feel Crystal’s hand urgently tapping and rubbing her back in trying to warn her. Also, her head stuck out in the crack between the doors, she also couldn’t hear Crystal’s pleas and the sight and smell of the sex she was witnessing effected her much more than it did Crystal.

Crystal then could see two small shadows in the crack beneath the door.

“Felicia!!” she yelled, rubbing her shoulder harder to warn her, but to no avail.

Once she saw the bathroom’s doorknob turn, she began panicking and then, without thinking properly, looked around the room; her head turning swiftly in every direction looking for a place to hide. She then found the bed, scurried to it and crawled under it for safe haven, abandoning her friend as she was too immobilized by the gangbang. Now, from under the bed, Crystal could then see the door to the bathroom opening and out came another almost naked, ripped black guy wrapped in a towel from the waist down.

The guy then saw a female intruder spying on next room.

“Hey, who are you?!!!” yelled out Will.

Felicia jumped in surprise at the loudness of the voice in her direction. She turned around, saw who it came from, and realized… she was caught!

The second her pupils aligned with his body, they instinctively explored his anatomy. He was extremely well jacked-up, he had muscles on every part of him. He looked like a black greek naked god in a white towel. However, all that hit her was the very stern reaction of him seeing her, a complete stranger, intrude on his temporary place of living. She was just speechless.

“I won’t ask again, who are you?!” he forcefully asked.

It took a second for Felicia to speak.

“Uh…uhhhhh… I’m Fe-Felicia I’m a t-t-tourist.” she answered timidly.

“Go sit on the bed.”


“Sit on the bed! Now!”

Almost immediately, Felicia walked over to the bed and just noticed: Crystal was gone. She didn’t know what the hell happen to her friend. Did she get caught too? Whatever the answer she thought, she shouldn’t worry about that right now. Felicia then sat on the bed with her hand in her lap, shaking at the thought of what this guy will do now that she was caught trespassing.

Felicia was unaware that the brown-haired beauty was actually hiding just several inches under her. Crystal was very shook up at the tone of this guy’s voice. The sounds of it escaping his mouth sent frightening chills up her spine. Crystal could still hear was going on in the other room with Jean. But what she was really thinking about was getting out of dodge. The hell with Felicia; she told her this was a bad idea. The front door was still open so Crystal figured if she could sneak her way out, she’d be safe from whatever consequences that would be brought upon her. Until then, she had to stay put.

Will marched right up to Felicia. The demeanor in his walk had her body quaking in fear. His massive body engulfing her more and more with each step. Just what was going to happen?

“Now, why were you in my room?” he said, towering in front of her.

Looking up at this impressively masculine black man had her very overwhelmed yet strangely at the same time, his physical stance made her hot for him. She had never felt a presence like this before. It had a vibe of dominance and manliness and that’s what attracted her so. Him being half-naked heightened her fascination of him. And was that his natural scent?

However, as inferior as she felt, she replied to his question as clear as she could.

“I-I heard some loud noises coming from y-your place.”

“What kind of noises?” he asked.

“Um… sounds of a woman shouting.” she replied.

“Mmm. OK, so let me ask you this: what did it sound like she was doing?”


“Be honest.” Will sharply ordered.

That command right there convinced Felicia she couldn’t afford to lie even the slightest because somewhere in her body she knew she had to give this… this stranger the cold hard truth. How could she let herself be intimidated by a guy she “just met” three minutes ago?!

“Well, it sounded like she was having… s-s-sex.” she hesitantly got out.

“So, knowing what was going on in my hotel room, you still sneaked in here and wanted to spy on the action anyway?!”

Felicia sensed the outrage coming out of his mouth. Crystal could also hear the seriousness of his voice. She was very relieved that she wasn’t alongside her friend in getting read the riot act, if you will. But, his sound of his rage yet made her somewhat aroused. This gorgeous man now taking charge of the situation is what made her so deep down lusting for him.

“M-My curiosity got the better of me and I was concerned for my friend. I-I’m sorry.” Felicia stuttered.

Will just stood there staring at her for a second.

“Oh, so you’re friends with Jean. Well, I guess I can’t blame you on both parts.” he replied in a calm voice.

“It is natural for women to want to be a part of interracial sex in some way.”

Felicia just sat there somewhat surprised at the sexist sentence that came out of his mouth yet he was telling the truth. It did fascinate her at how Jean took that big and that many cocks at one time. In fact, she actually got horny watching her friend be taken by so many perfect male specimens. Also, he’s seemed to have finally cooled off.

“But, you still invaded on my space and my place of living so I have to report this now.”

The thought of him doing just that had Felicia fearfully thinking: If all the black men here were exactly like this one, the punishment would be very severe.

“Oh, no. I beg you please don’t tell them.” begged the blonde latina.

“What? You think I’m just gonna let you get away with committing a crime? That wouldn’t be the right thing to do.” Will explained.

Felicia then got up from the bed, but his dominant presence made her immediately lose all feeling in her lower legs, falling to her knees. Seeing her bow before him like all females should, and eventually will, he came up with a solution in how this will be kept between them.

“Well, let me ask you this…” he said as he step forward to the kneeling former cheerleader; his towel wrapped waist directly in front of her face.

“Did you like what you saw?”


“Did you like what you saw?!” he said more sternly.

“U-um y-yes.” Felicia said.


He seemed to like her answer.

“Did you like seeing you’re friend with all those real men?

Hearing that question gave Felicia flashbacks in her mind and just thinking about it, made her moist.

“Yes.” she answered seductively & absent-minded.

Will snickered a little.

“Didn’t matter if you lied to me.” Will explained.

“I can smell your arousal just from several feet.”

He knew she was horny! It didn’t hit her just how powerful this guy was until he said that. She was singing like a canary, was very obedient to him, was on her knees before him; this guy clearly had took a hold on her physically, mentally, emotionally, & maybe… sexually?

“Did you feel any jealously toward that woman in that room?”


“Be honest!” Will said bending her face to her with his arms folded.

“Yes, yes I was.” she said rather quickly.

“You know, I was going to have you put behind bars for trespassing and since the island will never be big enough to have separate men & women’s prisons, you would have to serve your “punishment” sharing a cell with a group of men in one of the Trinibogo Correctional Facilities.”

Felicia was in utter shock. Had he chose to put her behind bars then she would’ve been in for the roughest days of her young life, but thank god, he reconsidered.

The Trinibogo Correctional Facilities was two small prisons located on opposite sides the island(East & West). The east houses just the white males while the west contained the female inmates. However, the west also jails black enhanced inmates so there wouldn’t be trouble among the two male races if they were to be confined together. Both were small complexes since the island wasn’t big enough. Because of that and the black & white males being unable to coexist, in the west building, the black inmates were to share cells with the women and naturally in prisons, whatever happens, happens. Once that door to their cells close, the black males and the women would have free reign to use their time however they please. However, unlike the blacks, the women have no control with their time during their sentence. With that, the women were forced (and eventually enthusiastically willing) to quench the pleasures of their male cellmates during their duration serving their time. In fact, their were even a few of the women who intentionally commit more offensives just to get sent back to prison to be ravaged again.

Instead, Will had something different in mind.


Will suddenly grabbed the latina’s impressive big tits. He caressed, squeezed, and massaged her two full orbs through her beachwear. Felicia strangely didn’t reject him or backed off. Her body wanted to get pleasured by a towering stud of a man. She looked down at her chest, fully engulfed by his two big black hands; she tilted her neck back & forth softly moaning and breathing at the heavenly treatment her body was receiving. He could feel her nipples erected on the palms of his moving hands even through her shirt and her white bikini. Crystal could hear her friend sounding like she was getting seduced. She had a look of confusion if that’s what was really happening.

“I want to be the first to break you in.” he said.

“B-Break me in?” Felicia asked, confusingly.

Suddenly, she saw that his white towel was forming a long tent, extending just inches from her face.

“Remember? You wanted the same experience that my friends are giving Jean and here it is.”

Will then unwrapped his towel from his waist and it dropped to the floor and Felicia’s head jerked back in shock.

“Oh, my god.” she cried out.

Crystal had the same look of surprise when she saw Will’s towel had fallen and it laid on the floor just beside her.

This intimidating yet very sexy black man took his own foot-long cock out in front her, getting her first good look at what a real man’s dick should be. Her eyes crisscrossed when it the head stuck out inches from her nose. She angled her head to get a better look at how long it was. Felicia would’ve gotten up and ran far, far away. However, the X-Cite in her body, his natural pheromones, & her fascination made her stay.

“11 inches.” he said as he took Felicia’s hand and guided it to his black shaft.

“Oh, wow.” she said, heaving yet amazed.

Her hand instinctively wrapped her fingers around the dark monstrosity. Her whole body tingled once her skin made full contact on the most prized part of his body. With his hand, he motioned her’s to stroke his endowment. He soon let go and now she was voluntarily moving her hand up and down his black shaft. It was like Will’s cock had Felicia under his control; she couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. It was so beautiful; the most perfect thing she had ever seen on any person.

Will took his hand, put it on the back of her blonde head, & pull it closer to his manhood; the tip touching her lip & her nostrils. She breathed in the enticing pheromones his cock was giving off and it hit her.

“Oh, my god.” she exhaled before inhaling a much bigger whiff of his aroma.

“I’m Will, by the way.”

“…Felicia.” she said.

She then anxiously leaned her head forward and started bobbing her head quickly & aggressively on his beautiful cock. Something about this beautiful man made her want to do this. He was a tall, dark(emphasis on dark), handsome, massively ripped human being. Although, it didn’t seem like he was human. However, it was the way he presented himself that caught a hold of her. His was very physically built, his dominant posture, & especially his radiating masculinity. When he was just inches from her, on the spot she had intense feelings for him she never had for anyone before. He also had a natural scent that made Felicia, deep down, lust for him. She got what she wanted there. She was now ramming her mouth back & forth on Will’s monster cock, getting what she deeply wanted after getting intimidatingly seduced into admitting it.

Felicia continued blowing on Will’s hard dark shaft as he put his right hand on the back of her head, assisting her in taking his dick inch by inch, little by little. Crystal couldn’t see clearly what was going on from under the bed because of Felicia & Will being so close to the bedside. All she could see was Felicia’s body motioning back and forth next to Will’s body. She couldn’t see her face. Wait a minute, her body rocking back and forth, Will’s towel on the ground. Was Felicia doing what Crystal thinks she’s doing?!

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