“So, are you going to put your penis in my anus now?” I asked Robin. Her member was still hanging limp between her legs. However, I knew she had a pretty quick recovery time. I can’t say I was really looking forward to taking her penis into my bottom but I wasn’t about to deny her. A little pain was a small price to pay for making her happy. Besides, I was confident that she would be as gentle as possible. Perhaps in time I would even come to enjoy anal sex.

She shook her head. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a rain check on that.”

That got my attention. Robin turning down sex? I was used to her half-hearted refusals at the bakery but those were all due to her fear of getting caught. And she always eventually gave in because I was only offering her something she very much wanted to have in the first place. But for her to refuse sex in the privacy of her own bedroom? “Are you feeling sick?”

She laughed at that. “What? Just because I said I want a rain check? No, I’m not feeling sick.”

I quickly considered other possibilities. One in particular stood out. “Is it that sex with me turned out to be boring and you don’t want to have sex with me any more?”

Her reaction was complete shock. “What? Maralee! How can you even ask that? For gods’ sakes girl, I’m not planning on dumping you. I’m crazy about you, how can you not know that by now?”

I looked away from her angry glare. “I know. It’s just that there’s a voice in my head telling me that you’re too good for me and eventually you’ll realize it.”

“I love almost everything about you, Maralee,” Robin said, “but I’d like to kick the shit out of that voice in your head. Even more, I’d love to kick the shit out of Trina because I suspect she’s the one who put it there.”

I shook my head. “No, I can’t blame her for the voice. She has hacked me in the past but this time she’s innocent. The voice in my head is all me this time. Believe me, I checked it out but this time there was no hacking.”

Robin’s eyes narrowed. “What?”

“I said that this time the voice has nothing to do with Trina-”

“I know that part! What I mean is I’d like you to explain about being hacked by Trina.”

“Well, she has hacked me in the past,” I explained. “A few weeks ago when I visited you at the bakery after Zaxie sent me grocery shopping. That day she had hacked into my audio filter settings and slipped in a file that replaced my name with the word ‘fuckshit’.”

“Let me see if I’m following you correctly,” Robin said. “Trina hacked you and made it so that whenever someone used your name you heard ‘fuckshit’ instead. So if I were to say, ‘Maralee, please suck my cock,’ instead you would have heard, ‘Fuckshit, please suck my cock.’ Am I hearing you correctly.”

I nodded my head. “That’s it exactly. Uh, if you want me to suck on your penis I’d be happy to, of course.” I couldn’t help but glance down to sneak a look at her penis, still limp between her legs.

Robin was furious. I had never seen her look so angry, her hands were clenched into fists at her side although I doubt she was aware of it. It was actually frightening despite knowing Robin would never use violence against me and even if she did she wasn’t nearly strong enough to cause any real damage. “Get dressed!” she snapped while she stooped to retrieve her clothes from the floor.

I didn’t understand why we should get dressed but I obeyed. “Where are we going?” I asked as I picked up my own clothes from off the floor.

“To see Doctor Eliza,” Robin answered. “It’s about time I had a talk with the doctor. Today is the last day that Trina will ever do anything to hurt you.”

“You’re going to tell Doctor Eliza about Trina hacking me?” I said, shaking my head. “No, you can’t do that. All it will do is make Trina that much more angry with me and she’ll make life for me even worse.”

“I will smack that bitch!” she snarled. “Nobody gets away with treating my girlfriend like this!”

“No offense but how are you going to stop her?” I asked as I pulled my jeans on and buttoned them. “As soon as you leave there won’t be anything to stop her from doing what she’s been doing all along.”

“Because when I leave you’ll be leaving with me,” she said.

“Oh right, I’m staying here tonight,” I said, nodding my head, “but there will be the next day and night, and every day and night after that.”

“Not at that house there won’t be,” Robin said. “Not for you.”

“How do you mean? ” I asked. I admit, I can be slow on the uptake.

“I mean that you won’t be living at the Doctor’s house any longer,” Robin said as she yanked a pair of shorts up her legs and buttoned them. “Yes, before you ask, you’ll be living with me from now on.”

“But there’s no way Doctor Eliza will permit that,” I protested, shaking my head.

“What the fuck, Maralee?” Robin snapped. “What part of ‘you don’t need her fucking permission’ don’t you get?”

I shrank back from her anger. “I’m sorry, Robin. Please don’t be angry with me. I would love to move out of the Doctor’s house and live with you but….”

Robin heaved a loud sigh and seemed to deflate, as if the anger was a physical presence leaving her body. “I’m sorry, Maralee. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. It’s not you I’m angry at.” She put her hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. “Do you not understand that you’ve been the victim of at least two felonies? What Trina did to you were federal crimes. If you were to press charges she could very well do time in federal prison.”

I shook my head. Trina going to prison for hacking into my various cybernetic augmentations? The idea itself sounded ridiculous. “There’s no way,” I said. “No one is going to send Trina to prison for something like that.”

“You just don’t get it, do you?” she said. “The language is, ‘Tampering with a citizen’s augmentations or the control systems thereof with intent to cause physical or psychological harm or distress.’ Whether Trina is guilty of committing federal crimes isn’t up for discussion. Only what your response will be. Mara, just this once, let me protect you. Please.”

I nodded. “Yes, okay. And thank you.”

Robin stepped away from me and turned to pick up her t-shirt before pulling it over her head. “This is not something to thank me for. What sort of girlfriend would I be if I continued to let this happen to you? I should have done this a long time ago.” She bent down, grabbed my shirt from where it had been lying on the floor, and tossed it to me. “Let’s get this over with.”


The ride to the Doctor’s house was a quiet one. It only took a few minutes to get there in Robin’s car but the silence seemed to stretch out the time. From the passenger seat I watched Robin as she drove. She kept her eyes on the road the entire time except for when we came to the only intersection between her apartment and the Doctor’s house and had to stop for the sign.

She looked over at me and smiled. She didn’t say anything when I smiled back but she did reach over and put her hand on my leg. I put my hand on hers and we rode like that the rest of the way.

Robin finally pulled her car into the driveway and parked it behind the Doctor’s grey sedan. “Just let me do the talking, okay?” she said as we both got out of the car. I nodded and walked around the car while she waited for me before grabbing my hand and leading me to the front door.

I was about to open the door when Robin stopped me. “Just ring the doorbell, please.”

Surprised, I looked back at her. “Ring the door bell? But I live here. Who rings the doorbell to their own home?”

Robin shook her head. “No, you don’t live here any longer. So you need to ring the doorbell.”

I rang the doorbell. After several minutes the door opened to reveal Zaxie who was already dressed for bed. “Maralee, Robin. This is unexpected. I would have thought the two of you would be very busy right now.”

“We were,” Robin said. “Then I found out something from Mara and suddenly I made sure to get unbusy. So here we are.”

“I…see,” Zaxie said, though it was clear from her quizzical look that she didn’t see at all. “Well, come on in.” I followed Robin through the doorway and into the foyer. The first thing I noticed once I was inside was Zaxie’s erection tenting her nightshirt. Zaxie followed my stare and blushed when she realized what I was looking at. “Sorry about that, I was with the Doctor when you rang the doorbell. Just give it a bit and it’ll go away.”

I’m sure I was blushing as well. “I’m sorry for interrupting your time with Doctor Eliza,” I said. “We can come back some other time when you’re not busy.” I turned to leave.

“No we can’t,” Robin said, grabbing me by the arm and turning me back around. “This needs to be dealt with tonight. Right now.”

“My, this does sound serious,” Zaxie said. “I’m guessing this will take awhile so why don’t we go to the living room? It’ll be more comfortable than standing here in the foyer.” After taking off our shoes Robin and I followed Zaxie out of the foyer and through the archway into the living room where we sat down on the couch. Zaxie took a chair facing us. “So, why don’t you tell me what this is all about.”

“When Maralee showed up at my apartment she told me all about how Trina sabotaged Doctor Eliza’s demonstration for a couple of corporate types today. What I didn’t find out until twenty minutes ago was how Trina directly attacked the control systems of Mara’s augmentations.”

“You’re talking about the ‘fuckshit’ incident,” Zaxie said.

Robin glared at her. “So you already knew about it and did nothing.”

I put a hand on Robin’s shoulder. “It’s not her fault. She wanted to confront the Doctor and Trina about it but I begged her not to. You’re angry at the wrong person. If you’re upset with anyone it should be me.”

Zaxie shook her head. “No, Robin’s right. I knew what was going on and did nothing. The fact that you asked me to remain silent was just an excuse I used to look the other way.” She rose from her chair. “I can’t undo what’s been done or not done but I can confront the Doctor about this now. I’ll go get her. She needs to hear this.”

Robin put her hand on mine and gave it a squeeze once Zaxie had left to go fetch the Doctor. “Everything will be fine. So don’t be nervous, okay?”

“Sure, okay,” I said, despite the sinking feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. I knew that Doctor Eliza wouldn’t be happy to have to deal with this. Not at any time but particularly not at night when she had just been getting intimate with Zaxie. I had always admired the Doctor from the moment I met her but I was also intimidated by her. She had made my life possible and I was about to do something that risked upsetting the delicate balance of the household.

Minutes later both Zaxie and Doctor Eliza came downstairs from the room they shared. “So, Zaxie tells me you have something you want to talk to me about. I gather it’s about the incident earlier today.”

Robin spoke up before I could answer. “If it was only about that I would have waited until tomorrow. “

“I’m curious why this couldn’t have waited until tomorrow in any case,” the Doctor said. “I hate to be crude but when you interrupted us Zaxie and I were engaged in an activity, the same kind of activity that I’m sure you and Maralee have enjoyed from time to time.”

“Because tomorrow I won’t be nearly as pissed as I am right now,” Robin said. “Do you have any idea what’s been going on in this house?”

Doctor Eliza fixed her stare on Robin. Had the same stare been turned on me it would have shriveled me into a crisp. “I live in this house, so generally, yes, I know what goes on in this house. For instance, I know that Maralee has several sketch pads filled with sketches of you that she has drawn over the last couple of years.”

If the Doctor had been trying to sidetrack Robin with this revelation it was an utter failure. I was mortified and did my best to shrink down into the couch cushions but Robin was resolute. “Did you also know that Trina has hacked into the operating systems of Mara’s augmentations at least once prior to today?”

That set the Doctor back. She tried to hide her surprise but wasn’t completely successful. Someone unfamiliar with her might not have noticed but I could see what Robin had said troubled her. “No, I did not know that. Please enlighten me further.”

“Several weeks ago Trina hacked into-”

“I was hoping that Maralee would tell me directly,” Doctor Eliza said. “She’s fully capable of speech so I don’t see why she needs you to be her mouthpiece.”

“I’m her girlfriend, not her mouthpiece,” Robin replied, her voice full of the restrained anger that I was used to hearing when she talked about Doctor Eliza and the Doctor’s daughter. “But I did have my mouth on her piece earlier tonight if that’s what you’re talking about.” At that point my face was flaming and I found it impossible to do anything but stare down at the floor. So I jumped when Robin squeezed my hand and said, “Go ahead, tell the Doctor what you told me.”

It was by sheer willpower alone that I looked up to meet Doctor Eliza’s gaze. “It’s true,” I said. “My audio filter was hacked several weeks ago. Someone inserted a command which caused me to hear the word ‘fuckshit’ whenever someone said my name.”

“So that’s what the fuss was all about that morning,” the Doctor said. “I was wondering what had gotten into you. It makes sense now. But what proof do you have that it was Trina?”

Zaxie cleared her throat. “Actually, I was the one who originally suggested that it was Trina. Do you think that Maralee could have been hacked by someone outside of this household?”

“It’s very unlikely,” Doctor Eliza admitted.

“I didn’t hack her,” Zaxie continued. “And I’m pretty sure that Maralee didn’t hack herself. So that leaves you or Trina. Did you hack Maralee?”

“Of course not,” Doctor Eliza said, shaking her head. “But that’s hardly proof positive. I don’t suppose you have something more solid than mere conjecture do you?”

“Actually, I think Maralee does have something fairly convincing,” Zaxie said. “I told her to save all audio and video from that incident.” She turned to look at me. “Sweetie, do you have anything that will convince the good doctor?”

I nodded as I remotely turned on the wall-mounted TV and set it to accept wireless video and audio feed. “I think I do as a matter of fact.” I found the saved video footage from the date in question and uploaded it to the TV.

The picture on the TV showed me wearing my toolsets while working on my cybernetic hands. Obviously from my point of view.

“Hey, Fuckshit, come over here for a bit. I need your micro assembly skills.” The Doctor’s voice. I continued doing maintenance on my cybernetic hands, apparently unconcerned by Doctor Eliza’s order.

“Fuckshit! I said I need your help! Get your ass over here!” The Doctor’s voice again. I still continued to work on the hands.

“Hey, Fuckshit. What’s wrong with you? How many times do I have to ask you to give me a hand?” That time her voice sounded much louder. I looked up and the image of her face, twisted in anger, filled the TV screen.

“Whoops, this is a bit before the relevant parts,” I said, turning from the TV to shoot an apologetic glace at Doctor Eliza. However, what I saw was Robin glaring daggers at the Doctor who ignored her in favor of staring at the TV. I turned back to the TV and skipped the video ahead to where I had met Trina as she was walking home from school.

On the TV screen Trina was walking towards me, grinning. The sort of smile that a person might have if theyhad heard a particularly funny joke that you weren’t in on. “Hey, Fuckshit,”

“Hello, Miss Trina,” I said. “How was your day at school?”

“Oh, same as it ever is, Fuckshit,” she said. “You remember how it was, right, Fuckshit?”

There was a long moment of silence before I replied. “Sure, of course.”

“So, off to pick up some groceries, Fuckshit?” Her smile looked unnatural. Wide, brittle, forced; as if the effort of smiling had caused her great strain.

“Yes, that’s right,” I said.

“So, what’s Zaxie cooking tonight, Fuckshit?”

“I have to admit, I don’t know, Miss Trina,” I replied. “Miss Zaxie gave me a shopping list but she didn’t tell me what she was planning on making.”

“Ah, I see,” she said. “So, planning on stopping by your favorite bakery, Fuckshit?”

“If time allows,” I answered.

“Oh, I’m sure time will allow, Fuckshit. Zaxie always makes sure you have enough time for your little meetings-”

At that point I stopped the video. “That’s pretty much all the relevant parts. Looking back on it I understand now why she felt the need to say my name in every sentence.”

“It certainly looks bad,” Doctor Eliza agreed. “But I don’t think it’s enough to say for cer-”

Robin cut the Doctor off. “I want to see the rest of it.”

Exactly what I didn’t want to happen. I twisted around to look at my girlfriend. “Really, there is nothing more of interest to see.”

She gave me a hard look. “I know you’re hiding something. I want to see it.”

Doctor Eliza nodded in agreement. “Yes, let’s see the rest of the footage showing this incident.”

I shrugged and did as they asked as I turned back to look at the TV.

“-with Mayweather’s favorite little Asian baker. I don’t know what it is about her that interests you so much. She’s cute and all but she’s not nearly as hot as I am. Plus, I’m sure her cock is tiny.” Trina laughed at her own wit until I cut her off.

“It’s bigger than yours,” I said.

Watching it again on the TV I had the urge to giggle at the shock on Trina’s face. An urge which I had to suppress. I made a mental note not to delete that particular section of video. I realized that it would serve as a source of amusement for years.

“What the hell?” Trina snarled after she had recovered from her shock.

“You surmised that Robin’s penis is small. You are incorrect, thus I am correcting you. Her penis is both significantly longer and substantially thicker than yours. It’s also better formed and more pleasing to the eye. Although, I have to admit that is a matter of personal taste and entirely subjective. It’s entirely likely that some people will prefer your shorter, thinner penis.” My tone was reasonable and patient, as if I were explaining something to a petulant child.

The TV showed Trina glaring in fury for several long moments before she regained her power of speech. “I will see you later, Fuckshit! You better really enjoy yourself at the bakery because you won’t enjoy what’s in store for you!” She then stomped around the bicycle and down the road towards home.

“Well, after today I think we can safely say what was in store for Maralee,” Zaxie said.

“So the incident earlier today was actually about Maralee,” Doctor Eliza mused. “I had assumed I had done something to anger her. But apparently her true target was Maralee all along.”

“So you’re willing to admit that it was your daughter who hacked Maralee?” Robin asked. The edge seemed to have been taken off her anger, whether it was due to the prospect of the Doctor’s admission of Trina’s guilt, the video footage of my confrontation with Trina, or a combination of the two I couldn’t say. And it didn’t much matter, the fact that she had calmed down to some degree gave me a small measure of relief. I was used to the Doctor’s anger, even if I didn’t particularly care for it. However, Robin’s anger disturbed me in ways I couldn’t fully explain.

“She’s the most likely suspect,” the Doctor admitted. “I’m not saying that this is proof positive but she certainly looks guilty.”

Robin gave the Doctor a self-satisfied smile, as if she had won a significant victory. “In that case I’m sure you’ll have no objections with my de-, er, my request.”

“Yes, I’ll make sure that Trina stops hacking Maralee if that’s what you’re worried about. I think it goes without saying.”

Robin shook her head in refusal. “That’s not enough. I want Maralee out of this house and away from Trina.”

Doctor Eliza’s face took on a stony look. “You’re going to make demands of me?” she said, incredulous that anyone would dare to be so presumptive. “I allowed Maralee her little fling with you because it made her happy and it didn’t interfere with her duties. However, I’m beginning to regret that decision.”

Most people would have backed off at that point, Doctor Eliza was not someone to trifle with. However, Robin refused to take the hint. Instead she upped the ante. “You allowed? Who the fuck do you think you are? Maralee is legally an adult and a citizen of the Galactic Union. You don’t get to allow her to do anything!”

Hearing that the Doctor gave me a look of confusion. “What? When did that happen? I thought I was her legal guardian.”

“I turned eighteen earlier this year,” I informed her. “You were off-planet and missed my party.”

“You haven’t been her legal guardian for six months now,” Zaxie said with some amusement.

“Shit, this is just like the time I forgot my parents’ anniversary all over again,” Doctor Eliza muttered.

“You forget their anniversary every year,” Zaxie reminded her.

“This is all very interesting,” Robin said, “but it’s getting a bit off track from the point of why Maralee and I came here tonight.”

“Oh yes, that,” the Doctor said, waving her hand as if brushing off a minor and insignificant point. “I’m sorry but Maralee can’t move out. It really doesn’t matter if she’s legally an adult.”

“You’ve got balls the size of boulders, I’ll give you that,” Robin said. “I’d love to hear why you think you can control Maralee’s life even though you’re no longer her legal guardian. What, is she your indentured servant now?”

“You can get off your fucking moral high horse any time now,” the Doctor retorted. “It’s a matter of simple practicality. Maralee’s augmentations run off a power cell which needs to be charged periodically. It’s best done when she’s asleep.”

“Oh,” Robin said. She pondered Doctor Eliza’s answer for a moment. “She couldn’t just charge her power cell at my apartment?”

“It’s not as simple as plugging into a wall socket,” the Doctor said, “but I think you probably already realized that. Maralee’s power cell charges off a fusion generator. Even if it were possible for her to charge off your electric service I doubt you’d want to pay the bill for it.”

“But it’s not like I need to charge my power cell every night,” I protested. “Or else I wouldn’t be able to stay at Robin’s tonight.”

“So, how often do you need to charge your power cell?” Robin asked.

“About once a week under normal activity,” I told her. “Perhaps twice a week if I’m extremely active. Periods between charging my power cell can vary greatly from week to week.”

“No problem.” she said. “So Mara can stay here when she needs to charge her power cell and the rest of the time she can stay at my place.”

“You know, so far no one has bothered to ask Maralee what she wants to do,” Zaxie said. “Doesn’t she get a say in her own life?” She gave Robin a pointed look. “You of all people should appreciate that.”

Robin had the good grace to look guilty. “Zaxie’s right. I never even considered that you might not want to move out of this house and live with me. It’s your decision after all. What do you want to do?”

“Of course I want to live with you,” I said without hesitation. I shot a worried glance over at Doctor Eliza. “But….”

“If that’s what you want then that’s what you should do,” the Doctor said. “I can’t blame you for what you want. In your position I would want the same thing. It does seem a bit inelegant to have you traipse back and forth between Robin’s apartment and here but if that’s your decision then so be it.”

“Or Robin could move out of her apartment and live here,” Zaxie suggested.

Robin frantically shook her head in refusal and the Doctor seemed to concur with her negative reaction. “And where would she stay? In Maralee’s room? That would be pretty cramped.”

“Yeah, I agree,” Robin said, still shaking her head. “I can’t imagine it would be comfortable at all. Besides, I don’t think I’d enjoy living in the same house as Trina.”

“Oh, that’s unfortunate,” Zaxie replied. “We have a whole giant attic that’s just gathering dust. I was thinking that Maralee might enjoy taking on the challenge of fixing it up.”

“Wow, you mean it? I can really do that?” I asked Zaxie.

“Of course I mean it,” Zaxie said. “I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.” She then addressed Doctor Eliza. “You don’t have a problem with that, do you, Doctor?”

“Not now I don’t,” Doctor Eliza said, drily. “I’m not the one who’s going to tell Mara she can’t. I mean, just look at that face. She looks like she just opened the best Christmas present ever. Besides, it’ll piss off Trina which would make it worth while if for no other reason.”

“Hey, I still haven’t agreed,” Robin said. “It’s a little premature to go making plans.”

“Awww, Robin, please,” I whined as I sat back down next to her. I would have sat in her lap but with all my augmentation I’m not exactly light. I’m no expert but even I know that crushing someone isn’t the best way to start off trying to seduce that someone. “I really would like it if you said yes.” I leaned close to her and whispered in her ear, “Plus, if you agree I’ll let you do anything you like to me. I’ll even let you put your penis in my ear. Or my nose.”

She laughed. “I told you it was a joke, Silly. Anyway, I’ll think about it.”

“You’ll live here rent-free if you do move in, of course,” Zaxie said.

“Now I’ll really think about it,” Robin said.

“Is that all?” the Doctor asked Zaxie. “Are you sure you don’t want to tell Maralee that she can build a movie theater in the attic or promise them a big mirror over the bed?”

“Oh, now the mirror idea I like!” Robin said. “When can I move in?”


“So, are you really going to move out of your apartment?” I asked Robin as we left the house and walked to Robin’s car.

“I said I’ll think about it,” Robin told me when we had reached the car. “By the way, I want to thank you for sticking up for me during that little episode you had with Trina.”

“Which episode would that be?”

“From the fuckshit incident,” she answered. “When you ran into Trina on the way into town. I was wondering, what you said to Trina, was it true?”

“What part are you talking about? I said a number of things to Trina.”

Robin hesitated a moment before replying. “Er, well, that bit about my cock being thicker and longer than Trina’s.”

Before that moment Robin had never expressed any insecurities about her body. Certainly she had never seem worried that she was inadequate in any way. “You’re actually worried about that?”

“It’s not like I obsess over it,” she said. “But I admit that what Trina said to you bothered me. I know it’s not rational but there it is.”

“If there’s anyone on the planet who understands feeling insecure about your own body it’s me,” I said as I reached over and put a hand on her leg. “You have nothing to feel insecure about. Believe me.”

“I appreciate that,” Robin said, “but I notice you still haven’t answered the question.”

I almost lied out of hand. Lying to Robin to protect myself had become almost a habit. Lying to protect her feelings wouldn’t even budge the needle on my guilt meter so much as a micron. However, if we were to have a relationship based on trust more lies was not a good way begin this new phase. Fortunately, the truth wasn’t that bad. “Well, what I told her was mostly true.”


“You’re thicker and more attractive,” I said. “That much is true.”

“So I have a short cock is what you’re saying,” Robin retorted.

“I’m surprised that you would take anything Trina has to say to heart,” I said. “Thi-”

“Yeah, well, I normally don’t but she hit a nerve I guess. I’ve always had a bit of a complex.”

“As I was saying, this might come as a surprise but length isn’t everything,” I said.

“But it’s a lot,” Robin said.

“Did you know that Zaxie had purchased a device to help me relieve sexual frustration?” I asked.

“A device to relieve…do you mean a vibrator?”

“Zaxie called it a dildo but it does have a vibrate function,” I said. “So yes, I guess you could call it a vibrator.”

“That’s very interesting,” Robin replied, “but I don’t see what that has to do with the topic at hand.”

“Do you know what was the very first thing I did with it?”

“Well I imagine the first thing you did was masturbate with it. That is the purpose for having one,” Robin said, chuckling.

“Well yes, but specifically, the first thing I did was jam into my vagina as deep as it would go,” I said.

Robin winced. “Ouch, what a way to bust your cherry.”

“Oh, my hymen had already been shredded long before that,” I told her. “However, my cervix was very much intact. I don’t care what’s written in pornographic stories, having the tip of a hard penis, or in my case, dildo, slam into your cervix is not a pleasurable experience.”

“Well, okay, but I still don’t see what that has to do with me.”

“Robin, you’ll never slam the head of your member into the end of my vagina,” I said. “That’s a good thing. Are you more worried about having a contest with Trina or pleasing your girlfriend?”

“Pleasing my girlfriend,” she said. “Okay, I get it. Message received.”

I reached over and placed a hand between her legs. “Speaking of pleasing your girlfriend, I don’t suppose you’ve had enough time to recover, have you?”

“Is this some sort of pity fuck?” she asked.

“I couldn’t say,” I replied. “Do you feel pity for me?”

“I meant that you were the one who-”

I pressed a finger to her lips, silencing her. “You talk too much sometimes. I have something more useful for you to do with those lips.” I grabbed her by her ears and pulled her mouth to mine. She didn’t need much convincing. When our lips met she opened her mouth and poked her tongue out. I was content to tongue wrestle with her for a few minutes

When we finally separated she was panting. “Best way ever to shut someone up.”

I reached down to feel between her legs. “Something else is up as well. Very much up. Incredibly up.”

“You could say it’s hard up,” Robin said.

I leaned close to her ear. “I want you inside me,” I whispered. “Let’s go back to your apartment.”

Robin gave me a smirk. “No need, we can do it right here.”

I looked around. “What? In Doctor Eliza’s driveway?”

“Sure, why not? I’m betting that the Doctor and Zaxie are way too busy right now to bother worrying about what we’re up to.”

I wrinkled my nose. “That may be true but I don’t want to do it outside in the open. I don’t feel like lying down in the grass and dirt.”

Robin jerked her thumb towards the back seat. “You won’t need to. We’re going to do it in the comfort and safety of my car. Now go on and hop in back.”

I gave the back seat a dubious look. “We’re both going to fit back there? While engaging in sexual activity? It doesn’t look like we’ll be comfortable.” Indeed, the back seat of Robin’s sporty little car looked particularly cramped. I tried to envision how the both of us could fit while still having enough room to have sex. My imagination wasn’t up to the task.

“It’ll be fine,” Robin assured me. “Besides, part of me will be inside you. That should free up a bit of room.”

“Not that your member isn’t big, because it’s much more than adequately sized, but I don’t think it will make much of a difference.”

“See, I was making a joke,” Robin said before slapping me on my bottom. “Now get your ass back there.”

I did as she ordered and climbed into the back seat. “I suppose you want to take my clothes off.”

“It would make it very difficult to fuck you in the ass if your clothes were still on,” she agreed.

The thought of Robin shoving her thick member into my anus caused equal amounts of fear and excitement. Given the girth of her penis I knew that there would at least some pain. But I also knew that it would please my girlfriend. The thought of Robin groaning above me while she rutted against my bottom filled me with heat. Despite the fear I was already wet by the time I peeled my jeans off.

I started to pull my panties down when Robin stopped me. “Wait, leave those on for now,” she told me. “Instead, I want you to kneel down on the seat. Down on your hands and knees.”

I folded my jeans and put them to the side before complying. Then I scooted around so that I was kneeling on the seat, the seat cold against my forearms, knees, and the side of my face. The position forced my bottom into the air and I gave it a little shake from side to side.

I heard Robin’s strangled groan from the front seat. Looking up from where the side of my face was pressed against the car seat I saw Robin staring hungrily at my panty-clad backside from over the head rest of the driver’s seat. I shook my bottom again, doing my best to make each rounded cheek jiggle. An action which did nothing to lessen the intensity of her stare. “Oh, gods, Mara, I am so fucking hard right now!”

“And I’m really wet,” I said, my voice needy and anxious, matching the need growing between my legs. More than anything I wanted Robin to take me. “I know you want to put your penis in my bottom but I want you to put it in my vagina first instead. Please!”

“I’ll do anything you want,” Robin promised. “I want to fuck you so bad. But first….”

Her hand came down hard on my upturned bottom and I shrieked in surprise. “Robin! What was that for?” The only answer I got from her was another hard swat on my backside. I shrieked again and was answered yet again with another slap across my buttocks. This continued until my cries turned to breathy moans.

I was in quite a state. My upraised bottom burned and my panties were soaked. The heat caused by Robin spanking me seemed to have spread throughout my body. I was sweating despite the mild chill of the evening air. The sensation of her hand cupping the hot tender flesh of my buttocks was muted, as if I was remotely feeling my own body from a great distance.

Then she hooked a finger under the waistband of my panties and pulled them off my bottom and down over my legs to my knees. Everything snapped back into focus. Robin’s hands gripped and fondled my buttocks. “I think I just discovered a new fetish.” By that point I had closed my eyes, savoring the pleasure of Robin molesting my backside. The slit of my sex was soaking, indeed, my thighs were already wet. Which Robin discovered when she touched me between my legs. “Shit, you’re dripping, Mara!”

I wiggled my bottom. “Please, touch me some more. The same spot you used your tongue on earlier.”

“You mean your clit?” Robin said as her fingers parted my vaginal lips and stroked along the slit.

“Yes, there!” I cried out as she touched the nub of my clitoris with a fingertip and gently stroked back and forth. I couldn’t help myself, I moved my hips, trying to hump against Robin’s fingers.

“Fuck, this is so hot,” Robin whispered, her voice sounding ragged, as she slid a finger deep inside me while vigorously rubbing the soft pad of her fingertip against my clitoris.

I lost control and rutted against her hands. “Oh yes! Robin, uhhh!”

“Holy shit, you’re really getting into it, Mara,” Robin said as she stroked my sex.

“Just a bit more,” I begged. “I just need a bit more!”

Robin didn’t reply as she continued tease my clitoris and the slick lips of my vagina. I was lying limp on the car seat with my eyes closed when she climbed into the back of the car and knelt down beside the seat. I felt her nose press into the cleft of my buttocks. As she pressed her face into my bottom I feel the wet tip of her tongue flick against my anus. The thought of her tasting my dirtiest of places was at once disgusting and exciting. The thought flashed through my mind that the excitement was probably precisely because it was so disgusting.

Then she stabbed her tongue into me, forcing my anus open. I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing my rear-end against her face. Robin didn’t protest, in fact she pushed her tongue all the deeper into my backside. She seated her tongue deep inside me and it felt like my mind shattered. I cried out, an incoherent scream of release as I slammed my hips back, impaling myself deeper onto Robin’s fingers and tongue. She gamely rode out my orgasm, working both orifices as my body uncontrollably spasmed underneath the assault.

When I finally came to my senses I found that Robin was fondling my still smarting backside, her hands squeezing and kneading the tender flesh. When she realized that I was back in control of my faculties she shifted her grip to my hips. “Was that good? You seemed to space out for awhile there.” She leaned forward and the wet tip of her erection pressed into the crevice between my buttocks. “You have such a sweet ass, Maralee. I really want to fuck it.” Her voice was low, almost husky with desire.

“Just be careful,” I pleaded. “Please.”

“I won’t hurt you,” she promised. “I’ll go nice and slow.” I felt the tip of her penis slide against my anus, the wet tip pressing against the tight ring in a kiss almost as wet and gentle as that of her tongue. I expected pain but Robin was as good as her word, working the tip of her member into my anus oh-so-slowly.

I grunted as the head of her penis slowly forced the tight ring of my anus to open. Her tongue had already loosened and lubricated the passage, preparing it for her thick prong. She tightened her grip on my hips, her fingers sinking into my flesh as she ever so slowly buried herself in my rectum. It was less painful than I had feared it would be but by no means was it comfortable. I knew from experience just how thick Robin’s erection was, she felt thicker still as she penetrated the tight sphincter.

Suddenly, the head of her penis slipped past my anus. I groaned in relief, counterpointing Robin’s moan of pleasure as she sank deeper into me. “Oh fuck, your asshole is so tight, Mara. Fuck, this is incredible!” She eased the rest of the way into me and soon her hips were pressed against my bottom, my anus stretched around the base of her shaft.

“Robin, you’re so thick,” I grunted. “Please be careful, I feel like you could easily rip me apart.” While I wasn’t in any real pain there was noticeable discomfort. I wasn’t overly worried about serious injury but I imagined Doctor Eliza’s reaction if I ended up requiring medical attention because of bleeding due to anal sex.

Robin shifted a hand from my hip and ran her fingers through my hair. “Relax, Sweetie. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. You know that, right?”

“Just go slow,” I said. I did my best to ignore the thick member in my rectum and concentrated on the hand stroking my scalp. Her fingers running through my hair lulled me into a near-dream state and I was barely aware when she began to move her hips again.

Robin was as good as her word, moving her hips slowly and with painstaking gentleness. As she rutted in my bottom my discomfort eased and then disappeared. Moreover, my arousal re-awakened, aided by Robin’s girlish moans as she moved against me, her hips grinding into my backside.

Each time Robin buried herself on the down-stroke I could feel her heavy scrotum pressing up against my dripping slit. I slipped a hand between my legs and tickled my clitoris with the tip of my index finger. I couldn’t stop my finger from flicking back and forth. I groaned and rocked my hips, instinctively humping against my fingers.

Robin sighed at the sudden movement. “Fuck, Maralee, that feels good. Oh gods!” Her hips slapped against my backside as I impaled myself on her prong time and again. Her hands were on both my hips again and she began thrusting herself into me with increasing strength.

I could tell she was near the edge when her moans began sounding more and more desperate. She was ramming herself into me with abandon, her testes slapping against my sex. I stopped rubbing myself and took her scrotum between my fingers, teasing her as she stabbed her length into my rear-end again and again.

“”Shit! Maralee!” She had a near iron grip on my hips and pounded into my anal orifice in long deep strokes. “Fuck, I’m so close!”

I rolled my hips, I was close as well. Despite the soreness caused by Robin pounding her thick shaft into my bottom I was desperate to get all of her inside me as deeply as possible.

Suddenly, she thrust into me with one last incredible stroke, burying herself to the very base of her penis. “Fuck, that’s it, I’m there! Oh fuck, Maralee. Shit, this is so good!” Indeed, I could feel a warm wet sensation deep in my bowels. A thought struck me and despite the burning soreness I squeezed down on Robin’s squirting erection. I had to bite my lip to suppress a whimper, as the pain turned out be more intense than I had anticipated. But the reward was more than worth it. Robin let out another strangled groan. “Don’t stop, Maraleee. Yes, gods yes!”

I frantically rubbed my clitoris as Robin rode her orgasm to completion. I was still masturbating when Robin slumped against me. She ran her hands down my back and over the curve of my bottom, trailing her fingertips over my skin. “Mara, thank you. That was the most intense orgasm I ever had. I thought my balls were gonna come squirting out.” She started to pull out, her flagging member sliding free of my anus.

“Don’t pull out yet,” I begged her, still furiously sliding my finger over the nub of my clitoris.

“Awww, you poor thing,” Robin said. “You didn’t get yours yet, did you? Let me take care of that for you.” She reached between my legs and pushed my hand aside before gently pinching my clitoris between her thumb and index finger. It felt so much more intense than my masturbation and I whimpered as she teased my sex, using her other hand to stroke the slick vulva. I was dimly aware of her bending over me until she was pressed against me, the hard points of her nipples digging into my back. I felt her warm breath in my ear and it took me awhile to realize she was whispering. “Did you hear me? I said I’m gonna make you come now.”

I was incapable of intelligible speech so I nodded.

“Good,” she whispered. Then she slid her warm wet tongue into my ear and my whole world went blank. I was floating in a warm white fog. I was dimly aware of my voice calling out for Robin again and again but I didn’t seem to have any conscious control over it. It wasn’t quite the same as the orgasm that Robin had given me earlier but it was no less incredible or pleasurable. Perhaps even better, part of the energy I was experiencing was from the knowledge that I given Robin pleasure with my body.

When I finally regained my senses Robin was still draped over me, her arms around me. She was kissing along my shoulders and the back of my neck.

“I love you, Robin Park,” I said.

“And I love you, Maralee Clearwater.”

“That’s very sweet,” came Doctor Eliza’s voice from outside the car, “but I can’t say as I’m thrilled to have you two fucking in my driveway.”

The sound of the Doctor’s voice was like a bucket of ice water down my back. I abruptly sat up, accidentally throwing Robin off of me and against the side panel. “Ow! Sheesh, Maralee, next time give me a bit of warning, will ya?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!”

Doctor Eliza knocked on the window. “Girls, I hate to interrupt your lovers’ squabble but I don’t want to be all night out here.”

Robin rolled down the window. “Sorry, Doctor, things just got out of hand.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” the Doctor said as she stuck her head through the window. “Although neither one of you looks all that sorry to me. Sorry to be caught maybe but other than that…well, I suppose looks can be deceiving.”

“I’m really sorry, Doctor Eliza,” I said, looking down at the car seat. “It won’t happen again, I promise.”

“And after the little talk we just had,” the Doctor said. “If you two do end up living together I suppose I can expect this sort of thing to happen all the time. On any given night I might be able to look out the window and see the two of you fucking.”

“So you’re telling me you never fucked one of your girlfriends in the backseat of an inappropriately parked car back when you were young?” Robin asked the Doctor.

Doctor Eliza stepped back from the window and stood up. “Hey, I’m not complaining. I just want to know if it’s okay if I bring a camera with me next time. I find that porn really gets Zaxie going. If you know what I mean.”

I crowded past Robin and poked my head out the window. “It won’t happen again, Doctor. I promise.”

“Zaxie tells me you’re an adult now, so you can do what you like,” the Doctor said. “But even if I’m no longer your legal guardian it just means I’m your employer now. I still expect you to report to the workshop for work at the same time every workday morning.”


“Can you believe the Doctor?” I complained from where I was lying on my side in the back seat while Robin drove. “I had no idea what a pervert she is. Wanting to take pictures of us while we were engaged in sexual activities.”

Robin just laughed. “Maralee, she was just jerking your chain. She wanted to give us a ration of shit because she caught us fucking in her driveway. She’s not going to take any photos or movies of us.”

I didn’t think so either but the potential embarrassment if I was wrong was too much to contemplate. “You’re probably right but if it turns out you’re wrong, well….”

“Don’t worry,” Robin said, “we won’t do it in her driveway again. Just consider it a one time thing. Anyway, I’ll bet she was just pissed because she hadn’t thought to fuck Zaxie in the backseat of her car in her own driveway.”

“Why would she care about that?”

“Marking her territory,” Robin replied.


“Nevermind, Maralee,” she said. “It was a joke. Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t funny.”

We both fell into silence and from the back seat I watched Robin drive. From where I was resting on the back seat I could see between the bucket seats and see her from the side at an angle. There was something about being driven around by my girlfriend while lying down in the backseat of her car that I found to be relaxing and it didn’t take long for my eyelids to droop.

I awoke to the sound of Robin’s voice. “What was that?” I asked as I sat up. Upon sitting upright I realized two things; the first was the car was parked and the second was that sitting on my bottom was quite painful.

“I said we’re here,” Robin said from the driver’s seat.

She opened the driver’s side door and got out of the car and I climbed out after her. I looked around and realized that instead of being at her apartment we were in the parking lot of a restaurant I didn’t recognize. “So, where are we?”

“My favorite Italian restaurant,” Robin answered.

“Italian?” The restaurant was an impressive English Tudor. The first level was all brick and the second level to the roof white stucco. The roof itself looked like slate and I counted no less than a half dozen tall brick chimneys. “There isn’t an Italian restaurant in Mayweather.”

Robin took my hand and led me across the parking lot. “Yes, that’s right. We’re not in Mayweather. We’re in Heatherford.”

“I didn’t realize I had slept so long,” I said.

“You were out cold,” Robin said, nodding her head. “You really had a rough day, you poor thing. First that business with Trina and then being molested by your perverted girlfriend.”

“I liked that second thing you mentioned,” I said. “I hope it happens more often.”

The parking lot was largely empty. Including Robin’s car there were less than a dozen cars all total. I assumed it meant the restaurant would be relatively empty.

My assumption turned out to be correct. There were only a few customers inside the restaurant when Robin I entered. The interior of the restaurant proved to be cozy which surprised me considering the impressive size of the building.

Everything was sturdy timber beams, rough cut boards, or brick and suggested antiquity. Set into the walls were light fixtures which I assumed were made to look like gas lanterns. An affectation I found to be silly since gas lanterns hadn’t been used in centuries and never on this planet.

Whatever other thoughts I had about the restaurant were interrupted by the young girl behind the counter in the restaurant’s foyer. “Good evening, Robin. So, who is your friend?” The girl looked me up and down, appraising me. She didn’t seem unfriendly, just curious. Despite the lack of overt hostility I found myself shrinking from her gaze and hid behind Robin.

“Stop it, Meggy, you’re freaking her out,” Robin said. “She’s really shy around people she doesn’t know.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Meggy said. She didn’t look or sound particularly sorry as she skirted around Robin and looked down at me. “So I take it you’re Robin’s girlfriend. The infamous Maralee.”

I was infamous? It was strange to meet someone who knew my name even though I had never heard of her. After a moment of confusion I realized that Robin must have told her about me.

Noticing my momentary confusion, Meggy said, “Robin told me all about you. I must say that you’re every bit as cute as Robin said.”

I was too embarrassed to reply. I looked down at the floor and shook my head. Then I felt an arm around my shoulders. “C’mon, Meggy, you’re embarrassing her. Mara has a hard time dealing with praise.”

“I’m sorry,” Meggy said. “It’s just that I’ve been hoping to meet your mysterious girlfriend after hearing about her for so long.”

“It’s okay,” Robin said. “Just give her some space.”

“Well, I should get you two to your table anyway,” Meggy said as she picked up two menus from the counter. “Follow me and I’ll get you seated and then I’ll find a waitress for you.” We followed her into the restaurant. The subdued lighting from the faux gas lamps gave the restaurant an intimate feel. I imagined it would be a popular place for couples going out on dates. “So any table in particular?”

I looked around and found as empty table near a set of French doors on the far side of the restaurant. The French doors looked out onto a small courtyard garden and patio. Even better, all the nearby tables were empty. “How about that table over there,” I said, pointing to the table in question.

“Of course,” she said and led us to the table. She set the menus down as Robin and I sat choose chairs on opposite sides of the table.

I sat down a little too hard and gasped as a jagged bolt of pain reminded me that I needed to be careful when sitting down. I quickly shifted on the chair, leaning to the side to reduce the pressure on my sore and sensitive anus.

“Are you okay?” Meggy asked, putting a hand on my shoulder.

“She’s fine,” Robin said. “She just has a bit of a pain in her ass.”

“I bruised myself,” I said. “I was being clumsy and fell down. I’m fine, really.”

“In that case I’ll send a waitress over to take your order.”

“She really seems to like you,” Robin said as she watched Meggy walk away.

“Mmmm hmmmm,” I muttered as I opened the menu. The last thing I wanted to talk about was whether one of Robin’s friends liked me or not. I thought it far more likely that she liked Robin and that particular line of thought was one I didn’t want to have.

I looked up from the menu in front of me when Robin grabbed my hand. “I’m serious,” she said. “I know you think it’s perfectly alright that you don’t have any friends but it’s not. It’s not healthy, Mara.”

“I do have friends,” I said. I held up a hand and ticked off on my fingers. “I have you-”

“I’m your girlfriend. I don’t think that counts.”

“Okay, then. Zaxie-”

“Who is like a mother to you. Should I count my mother as one of my friends as well?”

“Okay then, how about Doctor Eliza?”

“A really strict step-mother. Well, next up I guess would be Trina. You going to tell me that Trina is a friend?”

“Um, I guess that would be stretching it,” I said.

“No shit,” Robin said. “With friends like her who needs enemies?”

“There’s lots of people in town who are my friends,” I said.

“They’re acquaintances, not friends,” Robin replied. “The fact that you don’t know the difference pretty much proves my point.”

The sudden presence of one of the waitresses forestalled my reply. “Are you both ready to order?” According to her nametag our waitress’ name was Lola. Whereas Meggy was cute with her green eyes and freckles Lola was sexy; her hair spilling over her shoulders in dark ringlets, an hourglass figure that her short skirt and low-cut top did nothing to hide. I could picture her at the beach in a bikini and sipping away at the sort of drinks that sported tiny paper umbrellas while working on maintaining her deep bronze complexion.

“I just want a medium meat lover’s pizza,” Robin said, closing her menu. She looked across the table at me. “Know what you want yet?”

Unfortunately, the children’s menu was like the children’s menu at every restaurant I had ever been to. “Just a spaghetti plate, please.”

Lola looked down at where I was pointing in the menu. “That’s the children’s menu.”

“Are you saying I can’t order from the children’s menu?” I didn’t have lot of experience at restaurants but some restaurants indeed had policies about adults ordering from the children’s menu. However, in Mayweather it wasn’t a problem. Everyone in town knew who I was and knew about my particular dietary needs. If it happened that I was eating at a restaurant outside the Mayweather area I was always with Doctor Eliza. The Doctor wasn’t about to let something as insignificant as restaurant policy inconvenience her or those who were with her so consequently I could order anything I liked from any section of the menu I pleased.

“Well, I hate to say you can’t but…” Lola said hesitantly.

“I have really strict guidelines about my calorie intake,” I told her.

Lola beamed upon hearing that. “Oh if it’s a medical reason then it’s no problem!”

“C’mon babe, you can let it slide for one meal,” Robin said. “You don’t have to order a shitty little bowl of spaghetti from the kid’s menu.”

“I can let it slide for every meal if you don’t mind dating the galaxy’s chubbiest cyborg,” I said.

“If it’s just about calories there are some good low calorie options,” Lola said. “You don’t have to order from the children’s menu.”

“Yeah, have a salad or something,” Robin said.

I ended up selecting antipasto salad and a small bowl of tomato soup. Lola bent over the table to take our menus. She didn’t spill out of her low-cut top but her breasts seemed to threaten to do just that at any moment. A fact that didn’t escape Robin’s notice. Her eyes seemed to be glued to Lola’s chest and it wasn’t until Lola stood up and walked away from our table that Robin noticed me looking at her.

“Shit, sorry about that,” she said.

“Sorry about what?” I asked.

“You know, staring at her tits.”

“It’s not a big deal,” I said. “She has very attractive breasts. It’s natural to enjoy looking at them.”

“Yeah, well I think I enjoyed myself a little too much,” Robin said. “And you hardly looked at all. I feel like a pervert.”

I shrugged, it wasn’t that big a deal for me. “I live with Zaxie, Doctor Eliza and Trina. Lola doesn’t have anything I don’t see much more of on a daily basis.”

“Yeah, you practically live in Tittyopolis,” Robin agreed.

“Anyway, I did a fair bit of staring earlier this evening when Zaxie answered the door,” I said. “So I’m in no position to criticize you.”

“That’s certainly true,” Robin said, laughing. “I was worried that maybe your eyes would lock into place. Not that I can blame you. She has a delicious looking…everything.”

“Makes it tough to go to the beach,” I said. “I sure can tell you that.” I decided that she didn’t need to know about the nightly routine Zaxie and I had. There had already been enough revelations that night. Surely it could wait for later.

“I’ve never gone on one of your little excursions to the beach, of course,” Robin said. “It’s probably just as well. I don’t think I could handle spending a whole day around Zaxie in a bikini.”

“I guess you’re going to find out the hard…er, the difficult way,” I said. “Since you’ll be going the next time the Doctor drags us all off to the beach.”

“I’ve never been invited to one of your little beach trips,” Robin said.

“That was my doing of course,” I said. “I know I blamed the Doctor for that but it was me. I didn’t think my little secret would have survived a beach outing with you.”

“Yeah, I had already figured that out some time ago,” she said. “I was actually rather hurt when I realized what was going on. If felt like you didn’t really want me around.”

I violently shook my head. “No way! That was the whole point of me not telling you the truth about myself: to keep you from leaving me. There isn’t anyone I would rather be with than you. If you broke up with me….”

“Didn’t I tell you that I wasn’t going to?” Robin said. “I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.”

“But you did think about it,” I pointed out. “What if you change your mind?”

“Yeah, I thought about dumping you for all of a second,” she replied. “Then I realized I was being stupid. I tried imagining my life without you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, Maralee. The cock just isn’t…well, no, the cock is important. It’s just that there’s something else even more important.”

“Vaginas?” I asked. “I don’t know if I can agr-”

Robin rolled her eyes. “No, Silly, I meant being with the person you’re in love with. That’s what’s more important.”

“Okay, but what I don’t get is if you had already figured out what I was trying to hide then why didn’t you just come out and tell me?”

“I had thought about doing just that,” Robin said. “But I didn’t know how to approach the subject. I guess I was worried that I might scare you off. I mean, you were obviously really touchy about the subject since you went to such lengths to hide it. After awhile it became easier to just play along with you than to confront you. I guess you could call it relationship inertia. You know, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. In this case, an unbroached issue tends to stay unbroached. The longer I didn’t say anything the harder it became for me to say something.”

“Are you saying you were worried I would break up with you?” It was hard for me to digest the idea that Robin was worried about me breaking up with her. I had been so obsessed with my own fear that I never stopped to consider that Robin could possibly experience the same sort of fear that I did.

“Well yeah.” she said. “You were going to such lengths to hide…well, you know-”

“My disfigurement,” I said. “It’s okay. I know what I am. It’s a serious and ugly deformity.”

“I prefer the term ‘alternately configured’. There’s nothing ugly about you, Mara. Besides, you were born without arms and legs yet here you are walking around and doing everything you need for yourself. Hell, you’re one of the physically most capable beings in the galaxy.”

“Thanks to Doctor Eliza-”

“Yeah, without whom you’d still be in a wheelchair depending on people to feed you by hand and dress you. Even bathe you. You’ve told me enough times so it’s not likely I’ll ever forget. That’s my whole point. If the Doctor could construct your cybernetic prosthetic arms and legs why couldn’t she contruct a cybernetic prosthetic replacement for that other piece of flesh you lack?”

A prosthetic penis? The thought had never occurred to me but the more I thought about it the more attractive the idea was. Unfortunately there was one problem. “I couldn’t possibly ask Doctor Eliza to build me such a thing.”

AN HONORARY DEGREE Ch 3 ~ A Refresher Course!Beneath me, her foot moved slightly, her heel lodged against my swollen pussy lips, and I came again. I took the big-toe of her other foot all the way into my mouth and inhaled. I smelled it—the same thing that had turned Ed on so—Me! My scent. My pussy fragrance. I thought back on how that smell had come to be there and remembered how it had felt when Joanie’s toe—this very same one—had pushed excitedly up my cunt earlier in the day. I came again, pressed down hard against the bulge of Joan’s squirming heel and came again.

Then again.

With the lips of my mouth pushing down over her tender toes and the lips of my cunt rubbing passionately against the shape of her bare heel, I came three times without pause—just one after another—and finally opened my eyes to look.

Eddie’s eyes were trained directly on me! There was a gentle shock from his gaze—almost like being caught red-handed—and the feeling swept down through my whole body and excited me more than I already was. I slipped Joan’s small-toe out of my mouth and let my tongue linger on it and then a strong, purposeful feeling overwhelmed me.

No following—just doing!

I was done with being the third-person in this particular threesome—the guest who was ‘late for dinner.’ With my eyes and smile still mirroring Ed’s, I lowered Joan’s foot gently to the bed, lifted off her other foot and crawled around toward her head. Joan was now completely on her side with Ed still buried deeply up her butt, but both their heads turned to follow me. When I scooted up and knelt down on Joanie’s face, she was ready for me. Her lips formed a puckered cone up into my slit and a shiver went all through me. I gasped and arched uncontrollably. She rolled her shoulders flat on the bed and brought her hands up and around my thighs to hold me down on her mouth and then things went cloudy and out of focus for a long while.

All I can remember was riding—riding that sucking, pushing, smearing mouth of hers—riding and grinding, my hips rocking, my pelvis rolling—and me coming. It felt like my skin was on fire—all of it—but the more I shivered and shook on Joanie’s face, the more I wanted.

And while all this was going on, Eddie went on banging Joanie’s back-door, thrusting that thick, shiny shaft in and out of her—in and out and in!—while his hands roamed her beautiful thighs, her hips and belly. There was one point where Joan’s ecstasy became too much and her one leg rose up and stuck straight up in the air. Eddie and I both leaned close to kiss it, and for a moment we were sharing yet another part of Joan’s undulating, gasping body.

And as I kissed her smooth thigh and knee, inhaling as I rubbed my face against her satiny skin, I could smell my own scent; even after all these hours and all these happenings! My pussy goo—me! I licked her knee and heard (and felt) a muffled, fluttery gasp and moan beneath me, and wished I was covered in Joanie’s goo as much as she was with mine.

I shivered again just imagining what that would be like, but no one else knew why!

About ten minutes later though I needed more—more than just imagining! Joanie had lowered her leg to the other side of Ed because she had rolled flat on her back. I stared down at her muff, her spread thighs, her heaving tummy, and wasn’t able to resist her any longer. With Ed’s slamming crotch right there, I leaned down close and slipped my tongue between Joan’s pussy lips and found her clit. I licked her and she arched up beneath me, pushing my cunt off her face so she could breathe, and as Ed pulled back and slammed, I cocked my head to the side to give him more room, and really started to go to town on Joanie’s clit.

She was coming so hard and so fast, and was moaning and gasping so much, that her voice sounded ragged and raspy. I slipped sideways off her face so I could concentrate on her pussy and then another timeless moment seemed to crawl by. It only ended when the slapping crotch to my side stopped completely and pulled away. I looked up and watched Ed moving back. He was panting but when I looked I noticed his cock was still hard like rock. He hadn’t spurt and was just taking a break, so I moved around and lay flat on my front between Joan’s legs and went on eating her out. Her pussy was still so incredibly wet it was amazing; like the first melt where it’s all thick and creamy. I lapped it up and drove my tongue deeply into her and tasted some of what Ed had left there earlier.

Now I’m not much for guy-goo (except for Ed’s as I mentioned another time), but tasting it—or at least finding it in this particular place—was an instant increase in excitement for me! I remember getting my fingers in there and massaging some more of the stuff out and then licking my fingers clean. I did that a couple of times and then left my fingers in so I could massage the inside of her pussy while I went back to tonguing and sucking her clit. Then I heard a moist, sucking/kissing sound from Joanie’s other end and when I looked, she and Ed were kissing.

Somehow more of those silvery, gooey strings were connecting their faces again!

I looked at them, looked at how tenderly Ed cradled his gal, looked at her body and then looked at his. He was still so hard it was stupid, but I wished I had something like that right then because I would certainly have—

—I stopped in mid-thought. Then I stopped in my stoppage and got up, got off the bed, went to Joan’s dresser, opened the bottom drawer and brought out Tiny, the over-sized dildo Joan and I had gone halvies on. I went quickly back to the bed and did the sword-swallower thing with it—just to wet it—but when I pulled it out again there were four eyes totally focused on me!

I just shrugged. I’d only gotten six inches of it down my throat anyhow so I didn’t think it was that spectacular. But then I got back down between Joan’s legs, slipped the tip of the thing up her oozing slit until it found the entrance to her pussy, and pushed—slowly.

Joan gasped so deeply I thought her lungs would burst! She held her breath and seemed to be trying to hold onto her mind at the same time; I knew how that felt but went on penetrating without mercy! Her whole body went stiff. I could see her ribs, the contours of her leg and arm muscles, but simply went on pushing it in. I was always amazed at what this cute little lady could take but I kept pushing until only the base of the thing was showing. I waited, letting Joanie breathe and relax but then, not wanting her to have too much of a break, I pulled it and pushed it again.

“G-God—Cindy!” she grunted, and then I slid it out and in and out and then in again—deep! She made sputtering sounds—which were clear now because Ed had forgotten about kissing her in favor of staring!—and after about the sixth thrust Joan went limp and Ed returned to kissing her gasping mouth.

Oh, it was fun! To ram something that huge into Joanie’s beautiful cunt was like nothing else. I kept it going steady and deep and way faster now and she responded by grabbing her knees and holding her legs wide open for me. What a perfect sight! I wasn’t even doing anything to myself, but I was getting more and more excited by the moment. To be fucking such a sexy lady was a complete turn-on in itself! But since I wasn’t doing much but plunging a big dildo in and out of a gorgeous pussy, I had all this time to watch what Ed and Joan were up to. I noticed at one point Ed smearing his mouth down Joan’s neck to her shoulder, licking and inhaling deeply, and realized that maybe that part of her was in need of freshening. I watched as Joan lifted that arm to give him access to her armpit (which, like her other is so cute you just want to bite it!), and seeing that made my insides tremble. It also made me aware of another part of me, which at that point had just exuded more of what had been oozing out of it all this time.

I was so wet it was stupid! I mean the insides of my upper thighs were all gooed together and now there was more on the way. I felt like I should maybe be spinning a spider web or something! Then I noticed Ed putting his hand on Joan’s right boob (the one closest to him), and squeezing it. He was doing a great job, looking like he was working bread-dough or modeling clay or something, and I suddenly decided to make things a little tougher on him. Without really thinking about it any further, I slipped my other hand down between my legs, got it smeared with fresh pussy-goo and then reached up slathered it all over her tits.

Eddie went absolutely wild, and all I could do was grin. But with sucking, slurping lips now vacuuming her nipple, Joanie did a lot more than simply smile; she went nuts! She jerked and shivered, gasped and grunted, and I rammed our dildo deep, held it, and tilted it inside her. She was babbling something I couldn’t understand, but that didn’t stop me. In other words she wasn’t exactly saying Okay, I’m done; please stop now. So I held the thing in, watched Ed now lapping my goo off his girl’s boob and then reached down again and got some more. I smeared it on Joan’s other shoulder and sure enough Ed went right there, licking it all up, rubbing his nose in it and inhaling. He was like a bee drawn to pollen and was pretty much enjoying everything that was happening. Joan was simply undulating, squirming, legs sliding out and in, knees bending, straightening—totally agonized with pleasure!

Served her right, calling me up in the middle of things and having me come over!

So little by little I refreshed and reactivated the scent that was still soaked into Joanie’s skin, doing her shoulders, both boobs, her belly and hips and then a little further. Ed was snuffling everything up, getting harder and more excited by the moment, but when Joan reached down and grabbed his bone, he stopped, pulled back and got off the bed. Going straight to the bathroom, he began washing and rinsing his dick off and came back a few moments later with the thing squeaky clean but hard as a board!

Eddie’s like that—always considerate and careful in not having Joan or even me in danger of licking some anal bacteria or something of his rod. But then he was back, Joanie grabbed his thing and virtually yanked poor Eddie toward her mouth using his cock as a handle! Then her mouth was full. She was making all these gasping contented/excited sounds through her nose as she gave Ed head. I sat back a little, watching Eddie kneeling there letting his cock get sucked, seeing the shape of it moving down Joan’s lovely throat, and basically gazing at the beautiful picture of a gorgeous, sexy woman basically receiving it at both ends at once! I got wetter.

After a short while Joan pushed Ed back a little, got a pillow under her shoulders and tilted her head all the way back. She motioned at her mouth and Ed got around above her and reinserted his dick. I watched Joan’s throat bulge again as she took his full length into her mouth. It made me smile and it wasn’t just my mouth that was grinning!

When the dildo package had arrived a few weeks before, Joan and I had spent some time practicing with it, and though I was pretty good at the deep-throat thing, Joanie had gotten really great at it! And now she held her breath and simply lay there letting Ed thrust in and out, and it was such a sexy sight I forgot to do what I was doing! Then to remind me (or just do things herself), Joan brought both feet together down in front of her pussy and gripped the dildo (and my hand) with the balls of her feet. She started to push and pull the thing into herself and I snapped back to reality and went back to doing it to her.

But…then I wanted more! I surveyed the heaving chest and tummy, the jutting nipples, and the restlessly moving legs of this incredible lady, and wanted much, much more than to just be laying there on my front, propped up on one elbow, working a dildo in and out of her. I wanted to—

—When the thought came to mind I instantly got off the bed, padded quickly back to the dresser drawer and took out the harness that had come with the dildo. Eddie and Joan were lost in their own world so they didn’t see me put the thing on, tighten it, and then head back to bed. I’d left the dildo in her and by the time I returned Joan’s darling feet had already clenched the dildo’s base and were working the thing awkwardly in and out, and for just a moment I knelt right there, watching.

Seeing a girl use her feet to fuck herself is something that rarely happens and to see it was a treat, but then I brushed those tense little toes away, took hold of the dildo, eased it out and then snapped it into place on the crotch of the harness. Thusly equipped, I took hold of Joan’s ankles, got her legs over my shoulders, and then inserted the thing into her. I pushed and she made a moaning sound deep in her chest somewhere. I pulled back and thrust, and she quickly got Ed’s dick out of her mouth and stared at me with frantic eyes.

“Cindy!” was all she got to say because I leaned in and started giving it to her deep and fast, and though her mouth stayed open, her eyes closed tight!

It was what I needed and wanted—to be able to simply fuck this beauty with my hands free to roam. I reached forward and kneaded her boobs, ran my hands up and down her beautiful smooth armpits, and even caressed her face. She wasn’t deep-throating Ed anymore—having opted for being able to breathe and simply tease the underside of his bone with her tongue—and though that went on for quite awhile, things then changed.

I’d been just ramming away, letting my hips do all the work while I snuggled my face against Joanie’s pretty legs, but all of a sudden the legs slid off me and there was a stormy, determined looking face staring right at me. Joan rarely gets like this, but I’d learned that when I see that look in her eyes, it’s best to just give in and let her do what she needs to do!

My turn, damn it!” she hissed, sliding back from the dildo. She reached down and unfastened it, passed it back to Ed—who seemed really pleased to be holding it!—and then waited with crossed-arms while I quickly got the harness off. I handed it to her and lay submissively on my back, and when she’d gotten the harness adjusted, she turned to retrieve the dildo and stopped short. I was staring at the same thing she was—Ed happily sucking on the dildo, enjoying the flavors that still drenched it!

I…liked seeing that, I have to say! There’s just something sexy about a guy sucking a big rubber dong, you know? But then Ed came out of whatever he was spacing out on and handed the dildo dutifully back to Joan. Joan got the thing in place, unceremoniously pushed my legs open, and got on top of me. I waited and then it was happening—smooth, slick, slow insertion of our one and only (but favorite) toy! I was coming before the thing was even halfway in me, and when Joan finally hit bottom, I was all hers!

It felt like forever was passing by—slowly—and it was like my whole insides were blossoming, spreading open to the incredibly horny lady on top of me. It was the classic missionary position and it was perfect. In fact, the orgasms I was having were classic—historic more like—and as Joan crouched over me, giving me every inch of that dildo, all I could do was come and come and gaze up into her eyes.

Her aggressive butch-elf persona was just her playing around. Moments after she made me orgasm the first time, her face softened and she started smiling in that warm, caring way she has. Her bottom half was still slamming me like a maniac, but her upper half was all warm and cuddly!

Then just like that, she stopped and pulled out. It was so abrupt there was a moist sucking Pop! as the dildo withdrew from my sodden cunt, but then Joan motioned to Ed and Ed was suddenly there on all fours, taking the dripping wet dildo in his mouth again! It was such a sight it made me orgasm just from seeing it! Eddie went back and forth slowly on the thing, slurping off every drop of my lotion, and when he—and Joan—were satisfied, she got down and put it in me again.

More orgasms. It had been a day of orgasms, so now I was just floating. I felt like a kite and the string—the only thing holding me down—was the big, fat rod pounding in and out of my pussy. Time stopped. My whole existence seemed nothing more than a shivering pulsation throughout my body. Then emptiness again, my pussy walls collapsing; Eddie sucking Joan’s wet, dripping dick. I could hardly move and only turned my head to watch. He was such a chick at times; not like a gay guy being all masculine and sucking a cock all manly and everything. He was like a woman sucking it—a woman on the inside—and I appreciated it. I reached for him, this lovely woman with his big, swaying cock, and touched his leg. He let the dildo slip from his lips and smiled down at me. I smiled back and then reached toward his cock. It was just out of reach but Ed understood and moved closer to let me hold it. It throbbed in my hand, stiffened and grew thicker, and then I curled myself that way and fed the head of it into my mouth. I sucked it and then pulled back and kissed it. Clear stuff oozed off its tip and I simply smeared my face against it. I heard a moan but didn’t care who it came from. I ran my tongue along the side of that huge prong—from base to tip—and then I heard a gasp. From Joanie! I twisted around into the same position she’d been in, arched up a little so I could let my head fall back, and waited; the spongy head of Eddie’s dick between my lips. The next moment he pushed forward and down and I took a quick breath and let his log plug my throat. He pushed further. I felt it sliding past my tonsils, down the back of my tongue. I relaxed and let it push all the way—all the way in to where Ed’s ball-sac was against the bridge of my nose, and then felt a similarly-sized thing push all the way into me at the other end. My body tightened. I shivered and then felt the warm rush as the orgasm took control of me. Eddie pulled back and I took a quick breath, but it all sounded like a moaning, gasping orgasm.

Because it was.

Then other endless moments slipping slowly by; pleasure that made my entire body feel like one single, oversized cunt, with things poking it at both ends. I was an open-ended tunnel and two people were reaching for each other through me. I remember looking up past the thick thing in my mouth and seeing Ed and Joan kissing above me. I remember Ed taking his cock completely out of my mouth and seeing (and feeling) Joan holding it, rubbing it against my face. It seemed like years went by but I remembered things in flashes.

And then there were wet, happy, frantic kisses to my face and I opened my eyes and saw Joan right there smiling. I kissed her back but then a thick, wet thing was pushing in between our mouths. I let my tongue out to touch it and Joanie did too, and then that became my whole world—two mouths kissing and licking around the stiff fleshy thing thrusting between them! I thought it would never end, and didn’t want it to.

But it did. I came out of the trance I was in and found myself alone. I looked around in a panic, but before I could focus on anyone, I heard Joanie sigh.

“Yes, of course it’s okay with me Eddie,” she whispered, and my vision finally cleared up and I realized Ed was kneeling right there between my legs. He was looking over at Joan, who had taken the dildo and harness off, and they both now looked at me. “If it’s okay with you Cindy,” she said.

It wasn’t exactly the first time Ed had ever poked me, but right then and there, with the way I was so completely melted into the mattress, and with a beautiful girl smiling at me and a cute guy kneeling right there—with a cock that was almost as thick as my arm—all I could, or wanted to do, was nod.

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