Joey, Bill and Morty. The three amigos back in town at the same time for the first time in 30 years. They had been best friends, and had gone through first bicycle crashes together. First girlfriends, first drinks and unfortunately that one time they had gotten hold of some stink weed when they were 15. That was a memory all three friends would rather forget.

Back in the day it took a lot of plotting, but all three had found dates to the grade XII graduation dance, and three willing girls they were. The boys lost their virginity side by side, parked in their three cars. It was a night to remember.

Joey’s prom date got pregnant and before he could leave town for college, he found himself settled down and married, working for his dad. Now he owned the family business and only once or twice in the intervening 40 years had he wished things had gone differently. She truly was the love of his life. Family was the most important thing to him, but on this night, his buddies came first.

Bill went on to college, became a film director for nature documentaries and traveled the world. A broken hand had given him an unexpected hiatus, and his thoughts were on his hometown. Twice married, twice divorced, he decided to go home and lick his physical and his emotional wounds.

Morty, always the playboy. Jet setting around the world. Anyone with enough money was his love of the week. Or the day or the month, it all depended on how much money they were willing to part with. His last job had just ended in disaster. Snuggled up with Natasha, on her private island in Thailand. The only other inhabitants, her native employees who saw they had all they needed. Natasha had neglected to mention that the private island was owned by her and her husband who arrived with his own flavor of the week. No one seemed to be up for a foursome. Morty grabbed a boat and rowed himself to shore. Jumped on the first airplane out and decided to go home, possibly to rethink his career choices.

Perfect timing too. It was Halloween night and there was a party. The three amigos headed to the costume shop, only one in town and only one costume left. They looked at each other and started to laugh. It was almost as if it was meant to be. One costume, meant for three people. A three-headed monster complete with masks.

Bill, pulled out his wallet and quickly paid the rental fee. “It gets pretty hot in there, it’s been the only complaint, and it makes going to the bathroom interesting…there are zippers about crotch level though. Hope you guys are close.” she giggled as they walked out the door.

They took the costume back to Morty’s house. He never had the heart to part with the old family home and all three of them knew the insides like the back of their own hands. It was a familiar place, adorned with pictures on the wall of all of them as they grew up. This was Morty’s safe haven. None of his clients ever learned where he was from, or where he called home.

The men relaxed on the couch, Morty keeping the beer flowing and the conversation got louder and louder until the phone rang. It was Joey’s wife. “Are you three ever going to make it to the party? Do I need to come and pick you up?”

Joey laughed, “Yes, and bring the van!”

“Ok, suit up boys, our chariot is on the way.” he laughed as Morty cleared the beer bottles.

Bill headed for the bathroom, “And you both better piss before I zip myself into this with you two fools.”

When he emerged from the bathroom he could only stare at the two of them as they prepared to step into the costume. Joey and Morty had stripped to their socks and underwear. “What the hell are you two doing?”

Morty answered, “The girl at the shop said it gets hot in here…we don’t want to start stripping down at the party do we?”

“Damn fools, I cannot believe I am zipping myself in there with you two half naked idiots for the night.” he chuckled as he tossed his clothes on the floor.

Joey took the right side, Morty stepped into the middle and Bill took his place on the left. They sat with a bit of difficulty and pulled on the monster boots. The three headed, six footed monster…but only two arms.

Morty started to complain, “Hey, there aren’t any armholes for me. How in the fuck am I supposed to drink?”

“I guess you’ll have to be nice to us and ask please, we’ll hold the glass and let you drink from a straw.” Already drunk, Morty thought that was the perfect solution.

A honking from the driveway signalled the arrival of their chariot. As they bumped and shoved their way out the front door, they were illuminated in the van’s lights. By the time they shuffled close enough to open the door, Joey’s wife was laughing so hard that there were tears streaming down her face. As they fought their way into the back seat she finally got a hold of herself long enough to speak. “I knew you three were close in high school, but that has got to be both the most ridiculous and funny thing I have ever witnessed.”

Bill just groaned and Joey said, “Just drive, you’re the chauffeur, no comments required.”

She leaned back between the seats and gave him a kiss. “This is going to be an interesting evening.”

The party was as every Halloween party should be. Lots of costumes, lots of laughs, lots of great food and lots of alcohol. By midnight the drinks were making their way through the three headed monster and down to the three bladders. Joey said, “I have to piss, and now, let’s go outside and take a whiz in the bushes like we did when we were kids.”

With nods of agreement, they stumbled out into the back yard, a quick glance over their shoulders to make sure no one was watching and down came three zippers. Three cocks peeked out of the costume and Morty glanced at the other two men, “I remember you guys having bigger cocks when we were kids.” Neither of his friends answered him, just the sound of emptying bladders splashing in the bushes.

Up came the zippers, back in to the party they went. Joey’s wife met them just inside the door, leaned in for a kiss and whispered in his ear, “I am so horny. I am going to fuck you senseless when we get home…wear the costume, it makes me hot.”

Unfortunately, her beer drinking whisper was not so quiet and the other two chuckled as she continued to drive her tongue down her husbands throat.

Morty’s hands, hanging uselessly all evening started itching to do something. And with his friend deep in a french kiss, it seemed natural to reach over and stroke Joey’s cock through his underwear. Joey didn’t pull back, so Morty’s hand reached in and stroked Joey’s bare cock. He could feel it throb in his hand. His fingers tightened, and he licked his lips. So much smaller than he remembered from that day long ago after their one time experiment with pot. But then again, his hand was probably bigger now. Joey groaned under his wife’s kisses and as he did, Morty stroked him faster.

Bill said, “Hey, I think I need another drink.

Morty quickly hissed, “Not yet, this is so hot!”

Bill leaned over to Morty’s ear, “I’m getting a boner watching them go at it…lip to lip. We need to pull them apart. Before I lean in and kiss her myself.”

Morty’s free hand reached over and rubbed at Bill’s cock. He grinned and whispered back, “I can feel that.”

So there, in the midst of a Halloween party, he jerked his two buddies cocks, well hidden by the costume. Joey kept smooching his wife, moaning and groaning, thrusting his hips, fucking Morty’s hand.

Bill started to pull back, but Morty’s hand tightened, stroking faster, and Bill decided to return the favor by reaching his own hand into Morty’s boxers, finding a large, hard prick to wrap his fingers around. A triple jerk off right there, in the costume, in front of anyone and everyone who happened to glance their way.

Joey’s wife oblivious to what was happening, finally pulled her lips from her husbands. “Wonder how quick you can get that costume off and cum.” she asked him with a grin.

“At this rate, might not get the costume off first,” he replied.

She giggled, “Glad my kisses still affect you that way.”

Morty piped up, a little too quickly, “Well, we are going back to my house for a while, still have some catching up to do. We’ll send him home eventually though.”

She kissed all three men on the cheek then winked at her husband, “Don’t send him home all wore out…I have work for him to do when he gets home.” She started to walk away, then added, “Jump in the van, I’ll drop you off on the way home.”

The van ride on the way to Morty’s house was breathless. All three men were having their cocks stroked, slow and steady, right in the back seat of the family van. Joey’s wife, concentrating on her driving and keeping up a constant commentary on anything that had happened at the party that they might have missed, completely oblivious to the triple action at work right under her nose.

In the driveway as the three men let go of each others cocks, she said, “Can you walk home when you’re done?”

He managed to choke out a, “Yes.”

The three friends shuffled into the house. When the door was closed, and locked, and they were sure that the van was long gone up the road, the costume came off in a hurry, leaving three men standing, staring at each other in just their underwear.

Morty’s erection was apparent, tip peeking out through the hole in his boxers. “I’ll get beer.” he said.

When he returned, the two men were still staring wide eyed at each other, as if awakening from a dream. Morty, now naked, erection bobbing shamelessly, set the three beer on the coffee table, and plunked his ass dead centre, gesturing to the empty seats on either side of him. “Wasn’t that night years ago, wasn’t it Halloween night too.”

Broken from their hypnotic stare, the others looked at him. Joey said, “I was just thinking that.”

Bill turned to look at Morty, “That is weird, I was just thinking that too. It was Halloween night, that old man’s place, when we walked by, he offered us a Halloween treat that night. Big old reefer. Always wondered what he put into it to make us so horny.”

Morty started to smile, “I don’t think there was anything in it, that was just an excuse for us to experiment a little. Who better to experiment with than best friends.” He patted the couch again.

Joey frowned, “I have never cheated on my wife. I can’t do this.” But as he spoke he walked over to the couch, stood in front of his long time friend and dropped his underwear. Uncertain of what was possessing him to get naked and stay, instead of running for the door, he resigned to the fact that this night was probably inevitable. He had thought of that night, when they were kids a few times, wondering what would have happened if Bill hadn’t gotten sick and brought them all back to their senses. Too much smoke, too much beer, too young. Tonight was just beer…so let it play out this time.

Bill finally joined them, grabbed a beer and dropped his scant pair of underwear to the floor. “Ok, I’ve never done this before. What do we do now?”

Morty grabbed Joey’s cock in his hand, brought his lips to the tip and licked. Joey’s cock sprung to attention, throbbing and hard, hips thrusting forward. His eyes closed, lips pursed, a low moan emanating from deep in his chest. Bill’s hand migrated to Joey’s ass, his fingers splayed, feeling the flesh under the fine layer of light colored hair. His fingers kneaded, pushing Joey closer to Morty.

Morty pulled his lips away from the thick prick, not wanting to taste cum too soon and spoil the fun. He pulled Joey’s head down to his lap, his own cock standing up, anticipating a hot wet manly mouth. He was rewarded swiftly as a warm set of lips engulfed his prick, Bill’s hands still on Joey’s ass encouraging, almost forcing him forward. Joey stiffened, sucked harder as he felt his cheeks being parted.

Bill ran his nose up and down the spread crack before him, then tentatively poked out his tongue and licked over the tight brown bud presented to him. Joey shuddered, took Morty’s cock deeper in his mouth, tongue stabbing along the pulsing vein, his ass cheeks quivering as the tongue rimmed and probed.

Bill spit on Joey’s tight asshole, placed a hand on either side, spreading him, opening him up and let his cock run up and down the slippery crack. “I won’t actually fuck his ass, I’ll just let him get a taste of Morty, then I’ll stop. Then we’ll be done until Halloween 20 years down the road.” His thoughts were muddled, fuzzy with the beer, and the lack of blood coursing through his veins, his cock was so hard, he was afraid he might pass out as all the blood flow diverted to maintain his hungry, horny, ready to fuck anything cock.

So he did, he thrust his hips hard, driving his cock into one of his best friends in the world, while that man sucked his other best friends cock. Joey’s ass opened up like a virgin bride. Tight, but willing. bill thrust in and out, his balls slapping upwards, banging on Joey’s hanging jewels. Three sets of man grunts filled the room. Three hard cocks in action, Joey pumping his own, fisting it, jerking his cock as his ass got fucked.

Morty sat on the couch, eyes closed, enjoying the sound of sex, knowing that the three of them were joined forever in friendship, joined physically and emotionally. He was about to cum when Joey pulled back. He opened his eyes to see Joey’s thick hard cock bobbing in front of his face. “On your hands and knees buddy, I have a cock in my ass, and you need one in yours.”

Morty spit on Joey’s cock, spread the make shift lube with a few quick strokes then got on his knees on the couch. He reached back to spread his ass, presenting it to his friend. He grabbed his own cock, anticipating the initial pain. He loved that intense pain associated with man love. That moment when a cock pressed inward on his tight hole. The pain as it started to press in, opening that little orifice that was always so hungry. He fed it regularly, anything that would fit. Cucumbers were his favorite. Plenty enough girth and length to bring tears to his eyes, before making him cum like crazy.

No woman ever made him cum like a stiff cock ripping his ass apart and Joey’s cock was pushing past the point of no return. His hole spread, kissing that cock, sucking that cock inside, making his own cock almost cum from the sheer joy of being filled, stretched wide open.

He could hear the others moaning, knew that soon they would both cum, filling two asses with thick delicious spunk. He couldn’t wait, his mouth watered at the very thought. His cock needing to cum, he squeezed the tip as hard as he could just as Bill screamed out his release, bringing about Joey’s orgasm as both asses spasmed on spurting cocks.

As the other two men pulled back, Morty’s cock was still hard and wanting an ass. He looked at Bill, stroked his rock hard weapon and said, “Bend over and grab your ankles, I need to cum, it won’t take long.” Bill only hesitated for a moment before offering up his ass for an old fashioned plowing.

Morty positioned himself and with a scream of animal instinct drove his cock deep and hard, from tip to base in one thrust. Bill lost his breath, forgot to scream as the pain tore through him. He felt like throwing up, felt like he had been stabbed with a hot knife. Morty held fast to Bill’s hips, feeling that tight ring of muscle choking on his thick length of fuck stick. When Bill started breathing again, he took it as permission to start moving, slowly withdrawing, feeling the reluctance of that ass to let go of its unexpected treat. With a primal yell, Morty started fucking Bill’s ass, no mercy, just full hard thrusts until he too shot a load of cream deep into the bowels of a friend.

Three naked men, sitting side by side on the couch, beers in hand. “What is it about Halloween? I have never had sex with a man before,” said Bill, “nor do I anticipate doing it again, but damn fucking Joey’s ass was hot!”

Joey nodded, “I’ve never had sex with anyone other than my wife. Does this count as cheating?”

Morty smiled, “I have sex with whoever pays to take me to some exotic destination. Man or woman, or both in some cases. I love sex, an ass is an ass, male or female, a mouth is a mouth, but I do like a good tight pussy. Don’t get me wrong. Sex is sex, period.” he frowned, “I just never found anyone to fall in love with, well except you guys of course.”

“I need a shower before I go home to my wife.” As Joey started to go, Morty said, “Just wait one minute , you need to start with a tongue bath.” He stood up and pushed his friend forward, driving his tongue deep in Joey’s ass, sucking out the cum. He loved the taste of fresh cum, hot and oozing from a newly fucked ass. Joey’s cock sprung to attention at the unaccustomed sensation.

“At least I’ll have a little something for the wife when I get home.” he left for the shower, humming a song and smiling.

Morty cleaned Bill’s ass, probing deep, loving the taste on his tongue, savoring the aroma, smacking his lips and rubbing his cock as he did. They curled up on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

When Joey came downstairs he found his two best friends laying on the couch, spooning, still naked but asleep. He put his clothes on and enjoyed the crisp fall air as he walked home. Home to his wife, his family, his comfortable life. He paused, wistfully looking over his shoulder, wondering what would have happened if things had been different way back then.

[Chapter One was submitted as Scorpio44 some time ago (years). An email or twenty prompted my rereading it and my notes. Chapters 2 & 3 are the result. Ch 3 will be submitted before April 2011. There are some surprises for those familiar with my mind through reading Scorpio44 (120 submissions) and Scorpio 44A (100+).]


Monday morning started earlier than usual. My first class was at nine. Up until that Monday morning I left home at seven-forty-five, drove to school, spent forty-five minutes in my office and walked to King Hall to teach my first class. On that Monday morning, with four weeks left in the semester, I woke up at five-thirty! By six Melissa and I were in the shower together and by a few minutes before seven we were in my car headed for school.

My first class was at nine. Melissa’s first class was at eight. As I drove, we talked.

“Are we parking in the faculty lot?” Melissa asked.

“Of course. They may not pay me the big bucks but great parking is a big perk.”

“What will you say if someone sees me riding to school with you every day?”

“We’re green. We live really close together and it makes sense to only drive one car.”

She nodded. A minute later she said, “Mister Peterson, I saw a young woman in your car this morning. Are you and she…?”

“Yes! I’m me and she’s a she.”

“There are rules about faculty and student relationships, Mister Peterson.”

“If you think there is something improper about our relationship I recommend you go see the Dean of Student Affairs or the head of my department. They are the only people who can ask questions about my behavior expecting that I will answer.”

“Oh, Mister Peterson, you’ve thought about this before this morning.”

“Miss Watkins, I’ve been thinking about the answers to those questions ever since we met by the picnic table. The thinking got serious when you spent the night with me and it’s been serious ever since.”

“If I may ask, what’s our next move?”

“My next move is to go talk to the Dean of student Affairs and my Chair. If they find out, after the fact, about us and how I’m handling the grading we could both be in a jam. I’ll tell them how I’m handling things and ask for their input. We’ll be fine. Your next move is up to you… and I have a recommendation. I recommend you spend this week getting ready and on Saturday I’ll rent a truck and we’ll move you from your “tiny, dingy, cheap apartment” into my spacious abode.”

“I meant what do I say and do about us being a couple?”

“If someone asks tell the truth, we met socially away from school and things clicked. I’m not grading you for the class you have with me and I love you.”

“You want me to tell people that you love me?”

“Will you be telling a lie?”

“No. You did say it.”

“Did you believe me?”


“Then it must be so. We haven’t set a date or anything like that, but if my memory is still working I did ask you to marry me and you said yes.”

“Ok. I think I’m ready for my first day on campus as an engaged woman.”

“After school today let’s go buy a ring for you. Then it’s show-off official.”

“Aren’t the bruises enough proof?” She gently rubbed her mound.

“Not unless you’ll be showing them to people!”

“Then I know what we’re doing after school! Thank you.” I pulled into my parking space and shut off the car. Twenty feet in front of me Professor Marquez was getting out of her car. She started to smile and wave and stopped when she saw Melissa. She watched as we got out of my car and gathered our things.

I said, “Good Morning, Professor. I trust you had a good weekend.”

“Mister Peterson, I am sure you are aware of rules concerning faculty student relationships.”

“And I am also aware that gasoline is now four dollars a gallon. Miss Watkins lives walking distance from me. It makes no sense for us to drive two cars to the same campus every day when we can share a ride and save the planet.”

“Commendable. Very commendable.” She picked up her briefcase and waddled off. We picked up our things and started walking.

Melissa said, “I want to hook your arm or hold your hand.”

“Not yet, my Love. Not yet. And, for the record, I want to walk you to class and pat your cute behind as we part!”

“Not today, my Love. Not today. But soon.” We parted smiling. She went to class and I went to the Dean’s office. He heard me out and liked my ideas on how to grade Miss Watkins for my class. In fact he volunteered that he and my department chair would both grade her written work. I left her mid-term exam with him. He approved having the class grade her presentation.

I walked to the bookstore and bought ten dollars worth of five-by-eight cards in four different colors. In my office, I printed labels with the names of the four presenters who would be presenting first in both the nine o’clock class and the one o’clock. When I got to class I pasted the labels on the cards, thirty for each speaker in different colors for each speaker.

At eight-forty-five I had four stacks of cards on the table beside me. As students came in I gave the instruction for them to pick up one card of each color. In big letters I had written on the board, “Don’t ask!” Eight people asked anyway, “What are the cards for?”

I waited until nine-oh-two and began. “There will be four presentations today. You have a card for each presentation in front of you. On the label with the student’s name on it print your student number. Use this card to grade and evaluate their presentation. The grade they get is a number to be written in the upper right hand corner of the card. The number is between one and fifty. The possible grade for this assignment is fifty points. I will take all the cards and do the math from the twenty-nine grades each presentation gets from all of you plus the one grade from me. Whatever the number is that’s what grade you’ll get.”

The first presentation began. She spoke about her topic, the research she did, the results and the personal work she did. Her presentation took twenty minutes. The class asked questions for twenty minutes and I gave them five minutes to finish writing her grade cards. Her topic was to interview HR executives for ten companies she would consider working for. She was to find out what it would take for her to get a job with them that would pay $100,000 a year, with full health benefits and a stock option or profit sharing plan. Get their coaching on what you need to do between now and getting hired. She got a score of forty-eight from me.

The second presentation began with the student, one of that classes ding-bat sisters, reading the assignment to us. “Number twelve: Interview twenty-five adults with disabilities that you do not know. Identify their disability and find out what aspect of life they find the most enjoyable. If possible interact with them (or one of them) in a social setting and evaluate how their disability affected you.” She was obviously embarrassed to have been forced to be with disabled people. The socializing she did was to attend a dance at the private high school where all of her subjects attended. Her evaluation of how their disability affected her was summed up by her telling the class that people with Cerebral Palsy can’t dance very well. The first question asked her what Cerebral Palsy is. She answered, “It’s something that messes with your brain.” The second question asked, “What other disabilities she interviewed?” She said, “The school only had one kind.” I gave her a twenty score.

The third presentation was for number twenty-two: “Interview twenty-five people you don’t know who work in a career about money. (An accountant, banker, loan officer, stock broker, investment counselor, etc.) Find out their personal attitudes about money. Have them define their personal concepts of being rich, poor, spending and saving. Get their advice on how you can become rich. Evaluate their advice and tell us what you have done to begin to get rich.” The man who presented wore a suit to class. He spoke about interviewing bank managers and stock brokers. He showed nicely made charts about how much money bank managers thought qualified as rich compared to how much stock brokers defined as rich. He ignored their ideas about poor. He told the class that how he was beginning down the road to getting rich was to begin dressing and behaving like someone would dress and behave if they had money. The students asked him what career he was preparing for. “Playing first base in the pro’s.” They asked how much money he thought it took to be rich. “A million a year.” I asked, “How much of the million a year would he need to invest to stay rich?” He guessed and said, “Half?” He scored a thirty.

The fourth presenter was a no-show. I told the students to give a score of no higher than ten points and then stack the completed cards on the table and they were dismissed until Wednesday. I named the next four presenters.

As I stacked the cards and put them away Melissa came in, carrying our lunch. We closed the classroom doors and had a quiet lunch together. I asked how her morning had gone.

“The instructor was ten minutes late. I sit by Barb and Jo and they told me about a party they went to. Then Barb asked if I wanted to go to a party with them this next weekend. I said, “No, we have plans.” Barb asked, “We who?” I said “We. On Sunday a man asked me to marry him and I said yes!” We would have said more but the class started.”

We kissed and smiled. Half a sandwich later there was a knock on the door. I got up and went to the door. I opened it and a cute woman said, “I’m looking for Melissa. Is she here?”

I asked, “Are you Jo or Barb?” Another head appeared and they said, “Both!” I opened the door and they came in. They joined us for lunch. I didn’t say much. At one point Jo said, “I’ve got to go buy flannel shirts and worn jeans. Melissa dresses like she’s at the University of Montana and gets engaged to a man with a career! I dress like miss fashion and haven’t had a date in six weeks!”

Melissa looked at me and I shrugged. She said, “It wasn’t my clothes that attracted him.” As she said it she blushed.

Barb asked, “Ok, out with it! You met in class? Right?”

I shook my head. Melissa said, “Remember that assignment about doing something that scares you? I met him doing the assignment. I’d seen him in class, but we didn’t meet.”

Barb asked, “What did you do for the assignment?”

I looked at the clock and knew Melissa would be giving her presentation in two hours. I said, “Don’t tell them. Melissa will be presenting all about her assignment in two hours. If you are here you’ll hear part of the story.”

“Wait! The assignment is for your class?” Jo asked. I nodded. She said, “I’m cutting Econ III today!”

We were finished eating. I gathered the trash and said, “Class starts at one. Between now and one I’d like a little face time with Melissa. I hope that’s Ok with both of you.”

Jo said, “I think he wants us to wait outside.” She smiled and got up. Barb said, “I want to stay.”

I said, “What you want and what you get aren’t always the same thing.” I helped her to her feet and ushered them outside. I pulled the door closed and turned to see Melissa unbuttoning her blouse.

“Why do you think I wanted some alone time with you?” I asked.

“I have no idea. I wanted you alone because I’ve discovered I love having my breasts sucked on by you. Would you?”

My answer began on her right breast. Learning all about the things that light her fires is such a pleasure. It may take many years, but I’m in no hurry. As I had her areola and nipple in my mouth she said, “No hickies please. When I show the class my chest I don’t want hickies to show.”

I popped back and released her breast from my mouth. She looked at my face and started laughing, loudly. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding! I’d never show them my chest. Oh, Honey! Your whole career flashed before your eyes. I’m so sorry.” She hugged my face to her breasts and I smiled. She was loving me and promising not to bare it all for a good grade.

At ten until the hour she redressed and I went to open the door. Melissa was sitting in her center seat when people started coming into the room. I set the stacks of cards on the table and told everyone to get one of each color. I saw Barb and Jo headed for the cards and announced that only registered students of the class could have cards. When everyone was in, seated and semi quiet I asked that the doors be closed. I told them about the grade cards and how they worked.

The first presentation was number two: “Interview at least twenty-five people you don’t know. Find out their beliefs about global warming. Find out what they are doing or not doing to help global warming. If you agree that human’s are a big causal factor in global warming tell us what you were doing before this assignment and what you are doing now.”

The young man speaking basically replayed Al Gore’s movie for us, quoting from his sources and his stated beliefs. He didn’t quote from a single non-believer. In my mind it was like attending a church service. It wasn’t “fair and balanced.” He told of how he recycled before the assignment and now had also given up eating things with a face. Six people clapped when he was finished. He asked, “Any questions?” And no one in the class asked a question. I did. “Did you attempt to find someone to interview who didn’t believe that global warming was man-made?” “Yes, I asked around but no one knew of anyone who didn’t know about it.” I asked, “Were any of your interviews off campus?” “No.” “Of Older people?” “No.” I wondered if he had listened when I explained how the objective of the exercise was to get away from their comfort zone and out into the larger community. He got a twenty as his score and a note telling him why.

The second presentation was by Enrique. He had come to me early on and wanted to know how to do the project. Find a job paying $100,000 a year… the same assignment as the third presenter in the morning class. He was nineteen and usually dressed like he wanted to blend into the street crowd in East L.A. For his presentation he had a fresh haircut, clean shaven, a dress shirt and tie, charcoal slacks and shined shoes. He began by telling the class how scared he was when he read the assignment. He talked with ten men he knew who had good jobs, looking for a career to aim towards. Of the ten none made anywhere near $100,000. He went to the owner of a real estate company near where his family lives and interviewed him. That man sent him to three other men, successful men. Each of them sent him to others. Two of the men he interviewed offered him jobs to see if he liked the work and to see if he was interested in starting now towards the $100,000 job. He told the class about the work and the decision he made. He was staying in school and working part time for an architect. In six years he would have his degree and his license to be an architect. His mentor guaranteed him a job and benefits starting after graduation at $100,000. The questions came hot and heavy. He had answers for every question. Good answers. Many students clapped when his time was up. I gave him a fifty.

It was Melissa’s turn. She came up front and began. She was dressed in her normal school attire. She opened a notebook and read the assignment, reminding everyone that she picked first and picked number twenty-three. “Interview twenty-five people you don’t know finding out what social activity they fear the most. Pick one of the activities they fear and that you have never participated in and do it. Report on your research, their reasons for their fears and your reaction to doing something new and possibly scary.” She read a list of things people told her they were afraid of, social things, not spiders and snakes. The list included public speaking, singing, public displays of affection, dancing, passing gas loudly and being seen naked. She told the story of interviewing a teacher who said she had nightmares about standing in class teaching, looking down and realizing she was naked. She decided to find a way to go to a place where being naked would be legal and Ok. She told about using the internet to find a nudist resort, but not so close there was any chance of seeing anyone she knew. She told herself it would be Ok to be seen by people she didn’t know but not Ok to be seen by anyone she knew. A couple of the men in the room made under-their-breath comments. She ignored them.

She told about driving two hours away and going into the office. A naked woman took her money and gave her a brief orientation and a map. She parked and took off her clothes and headed for what she thought was the safest place for her, the swimming pool. When she got to the pool there were about six people near and in the pool. She looked them over and was scared, but feeling a little better when no one paid any attention to her. She said she looked for a place to put down her towel and beach bag when she realized the man sitting at the picnic bench was someone she knew. The class gasped.

“I didn’t know if I should run back to my car and fail the class or let him look up and see me. While I was frozen in place wondering, he looked up! He smiled at me and came to me. Over the next couple of hours he introduced me to his friends, couples and singles and I got comfortable. When it got late I put a sleeping bag on the ground and he went to his cabin. The next day I interviewed lots of people about nudity and found that the ideas I had about nudists were way different than what I found. By the time I drove home on Sunday I had a new attitude about being nude. I had some new friends, too.”

She didn’t have to ask if there were questions. There were hands up all over the room. She pointed at one of the ding-bat sisters. She asked, “Were the men walking around naked with… with erections?” Melissa answered as if the question was valid. “Yes they were nude but nudity isn’t as sexy as dressing in lingerie. In the whole weekend I didn’t see an erection in public.” She pointed at another hand, belonging to a man about my age, thirty-five. “Were there any out of shape people there?” “Yes.” On it went until I was about to call time. Melissa called on Barb. She asked, “Does the man you knew go here?” “Yes. But I don’t have his permission to say who it is, so I won’t.”

I called time and asked them to fill out their cards. I didn’t. Like the morning class the last presentation was a no-show. We collected all the cards and dismissed the class. Barb and Jo waited quite a while before the rest of the class left. They quietly came to me and whispered, “That’s where she met you?” I nodded and said, “I was sitting at the table grading mid-terms.”

Jo asked, “Was that last weekend?” I shook my head.

Melissa said she needed to talk to me for a moment and the three girls still hanging on let go and left. As soon as they were out the door Melissa was in my arms. After we kissed she asked, “How’d I do?”

Jo answered, “According to the grade cards you got an “A”. At least a forty-eight I’d say.”

I packed up while Barb and Jo asked a few more questions. They walked with us in the direction of parking and I said, “If you don’t have plans for this weekend we’re throwing a bbq and you’re invited.”

“At your house?” Barb asked.

Melissa smiled and answered, “No. We’re making ribs, beans, salad, cole slaw and you could make cornbread down at the resort. There’s tennis, swimming, a biking trail, lots of trees and lawn.”

“Nick would see us naked!” Jo said.

“You don’t have to decide now. Just be packed with a towel and sunscreen and meet me at my office or my car on Friday. We’ll leave right after five.”

They headed for their cars and we headed into the faculty lot. As I drove onto the freeway headed home Melissa said, “I didn’t lie.”

“You also didn’t tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you.”

“They don’t need to know the whole truth.”

“They can’t handle the whole truth!” I said.

“Oh, Jack Nicholson, you’re so manly.”

“Do you think Barb and Jo will come with us?”

“Maybe. I think they are curious.”

“We ought to pack sleeping bags for them, just in case.”

“I have Jo’s phone number. I’ll call and give her a list for both of them and we’ll supply what they don’t have, Ok?”

“Yes. By the way, I love you.”

“I felt it while I was presenting. I’m still feeling it.”

“How are your bruises?”

“I may need new ones sometime soon.”

We stopped at a large jewelry store on our way home. Melissa walked out with an engagement ring on her finger. I had the rest of the set in a small box in my pocket. One block towards home she called Brenda and said, “I think you and Daddy should come to our house sometime soon.”

“Our house? You’re all moved in?”

“Our house. Most of my stuff is still in the apartment, but our house is where Nick and Melissa and an engagement ring live.”

We beat them home by twenty minutes. While Brenda and Melissa conferred about female things I showed Walter the grade cards for his daughter’s presentation. Of the twenty-six cards the low score was forty-six. An “A” where I live. He read some of the things people wrote.

“She’s braver than I am.” “I could never do that.” “I wouldn’t do it for a grade! Maybe for a thousand dollars.” “I wish I’d been there.” “Who is the man?” “She showed no fear in front of the room, either.”

Tuesday night they came for dinner and we planned the bbq. Walter would buy and bring the ribs, charcoal and sauce. Brenda would bring her special cole slaw. Melissa called Jo and gave her a list. They were making cornbread. Carol was making a bean casserole. Walt said, “We’ll be cooking all day Saturday. I made the mistake of calling to reserve the smokers. The word is out. There will be lots of hungry people to feed. They will bring lots of slaws, salads, beans and such, but the ribs are on us.”

“How many racks are you bringing?” I asked.

“None. I have a friend in San Diego who will deliver sixty racks late Friday night.”

“Sixty racks!?” I’d never cooked one.

Melissa hooked my arm and smiled. “Don’t worry. We’ve cooked that many before for Daddy’s banker friends.”

“OK, but I’m the novice. Remember that.” They laughed and said, “Never say that again.”

I found out that Brenda wouldn’t make the slaw until the ribs were almost cooked. They would take all the ingredients and she would get others to help mix it together. I wondered about Jo and Barb making cornbread for a hundred people. Would they mix and cook it at the resort or try to bake it all in an apartment kitchen? Did they know how much cornbread was needed? I asked Melissa and she said she had already talked to Jo and Barb and they were making the cornbread at the resort.

After Walt and Brenda went home Melissa took me to bed. She said, “Friday night and Saturday night we will be exhausted when we get to bed. There won’t be enough energy for sex. I have enough now. Do you think I could convince you to fill me up?”

Knowing what was on her mind was all the convincing needed. Our kissing lessons were progressing to the stage where I was focused on her left breast when the phone rang. Melissa’s cell phone. She leaned out of bed and found it in the pocket of her jeans and said, “It’s Barb.” She answered and five seconds later started laughing. Then she said, “I’ll ask him. Nick, Barb and Jo want to know if the men at the resort prefer women who are Au Natural, trimmed or shaved smooth?” She was at the edge of laughter as she asked.

“I cannot speak for all men, but I prefer shaved smooth.” I pantomimed pulling hairs from my teeth. Melissa slapped my shoulder and said, “Nick prefers shaved, so he doesn’t get your hairs caught in his teeth!” They laughed and I slid Melissa onto her back and slid my tongue into her pussy. She moaned a little and said, “I have to hang up now. Nick is checking to make sure I did a good job shaving my pussy for him!” She giggled for three of four seconds and then hung up the phone. I kept eating her.

After a couple minutes of her on her back with my face at the “Y” she twisted around and as she did she said, “I used to peek and watch my parents. This is something my Mom really likes.”

She positioned me on my back and she straddled my head, lowering her puss onto my mouth. Her hands were against the wall for balance and she was looking down into my eyes. I licked, sucked and probed her tender areas and she wiggled herself around to get the maximum effect. I love looking up at the underside of her breasts and across the expanse of her almost six-pack abs. The sight brought back some wonderful memories from my past. I was tasting lots of her juices as gravity helped feed them to me. My hands caressed her butt and hips and moved up her torso to hold her breasts.

I could feel her quivering as she approached an orgasm. My thumbs pinched her nipples against the side of my first fingers and she said, “Pinch me hard!” I did and she flooded my mouth as she came! I sucked her pea sized clit and flicked it with my tongue almost causing her to fall off the bed. “Stop! Oh Sweet Heaven, Stop!”

I stopped. I released her nipples and helped her lie beside me. She held her eyes closed and she was still breathing hard. I put a hand on her belly and she said, “Don’t move! Stay still, please.”

Her breathing slowed and she opened her eyes. I leaned to her mouth and kissed her. She said, “I know why Mom loves it that way. That was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever felt. I may have passed out for a second or two.” She rolled over on top of me, pressing her tits against my chest and we kissed a few more times.

In a voice that was very soft Melissa said, “I’m twenty-six years old. Most girls my age have probably had a dozen or more lovers. You’re my first and only lover. You can sell your stock in Energizer. I’m not buying batteries any more.”

“I’m thirty-five years old. I was married from twenty-six until I was twenty-nine. For the last five years I haven’t been in a bed relationship with anyone. You are the first and only woman who has ever stayed in this house for the night. Neither of us is what I’d call experienced. Feeling you as you came was so powerful, so wonderful and intimate that I’m willing to have you give me that gift often. I love you, Melissa and I love how loving you makes my life incredible!”

We fell asleep holding each other. I didn’t feel like I needed to cum. I felt completely loved and satisfied.

At five-thirty the alarm went off! Melissa rolled quickly and shut it off. She rolled back to me and somehow straddled me and invaginated me in one smooth move. She leaned over and kissed my mouth and began moving her hips.

The kiss ended and she said, “Last night was about me. This morning is about you.” She rode me hard and I loved watching her smile and move on me. Her eyes danced in joy as we mated and played. The morning may have been about me but I managed to get her to explode in the process. We learned she loved being on her side with a leg high as I slid in and out of her. We learned that she could cum without screaming. And she learned that I don’t mind at all eating her well-fucked pussy after.

She was ten minutes late to her eight o’clock class. I asked her if she wanted a note. She laughed and said she’d tell the class why she was late. I don’t think she did. I watched and listened to eight more presentations that day. During my lunch break Melissa, Jo and Barb brought lunch and we shared sitting at the table in my classroom. Jo and Barb were getting excited about the weekend, the BBQ and the resort. Jo loved BBQ but had never known anyone who cooked it. Barb was shocked when she learned that Melissa’s parents were a part of the whole thing. She asked, “You’ve seen your parents naked outside?”

Melissa said, “Didn’t you peek at your parents when you were growing up?”

Barb said, “My mom is so conservative she told me she’d never seen my Dad naked in the thirty years they’ve been married. She changes clothes in the bathroom with the door closed.”

I asked, “Did she talk to you about sex?”

Barb laughed, “Yes, one afternoon during the summer before eighth grade she sat me down and said, “I don’t want you getting pregnant. So, when you’re with a boy, don’t.”

I asked, “Don’t what?”

Barb said, “Same thing I asked. She said, “If he wants to do something and you want to ask if it’s Ok, don’t do it!” That was my sex ed from Mom.”

Jo said, “When I started high school I worried that I could get a disease from kissing and maybe even get pregnant! I was so ignorant!”

Melissa asked, “When did you become sexually active?”

Jo said, “I gave my virginity to Roger Banks in the bleachers of our football field the summer between freshman and sophomore years. I spent the rest of the summer doing him every chance we got. That September he and his family moved to Ohio.”

Beth said, “I gave mine away the same night I first drank beer. I was twelve and a mess of us cousins were at a big family picnic in Iowa. I got drunk and one of my cousins dared some of us to take off our panties. I did it and while we were messing around I got screwed. I’m not even sure which cousin did me.”

I shared, “I was fifteen. I was on a field trip to the state capitol with about fifty kids and some parents and teachers. They put all the boys and men on one floor of the hotel and all the girls and women on the floor above us. An adult was stationed by the elevators all night to stop us from getting together. We used the fire escape and went upstairs. I went into one of the rooms and the lights were off. A girl grabbed me and we started kissing. We got naked and did it on her bed. We never turned on the light so I didn’t know who I did until we were walking around the state capitol building and Sherry Carter stuffed my underwear in my pocket!”

“You left your underwear in her room?” Jo asked, almost laughing.

“Yes! I couldn’t find them in the dark.”

“How’d she know they were yours?” Melissa asked.

“My Mom wrote my name inside my clothes!” The three of us laughed and Melissa said, “Let me check and see if your name is in the undies you have on now!”

I stood up and spread my arms. Both Barb and Jo stopped laughing. Melissa loosened my belt and unbuttoned my chinos. I said, “Maybe we should wait until we’re at home.” She buttoned me back up and I fastened my belt.

Jo said, “Are we invited for dinner?”

I asked, “What’s going on here?”

Barb said, “We’re both still a little scared about Friday. We know we’ll be busy with all the preparation for the BBQ on Saturday and all, but there’s still getting used to being naked with other people.”

Jo added, “Men!”

Melissa said, “So come for dinner! What shall we make?”

Jo said, “Swedish meatballs!” And we all laughed.

I said, “My family is from Denmark not Sweden.” We laughed harder. The door to the classroom opened and students started coming in. We quickly cleaned up our lunch and Melissa said, “I’ll call you with our address.” They went to their classes.

I passed out the colored grade cards and class began. As soon as we were ready a hand was up. I called on the young woman who had her hand up and she turned to Melissa, asking, “Were you wearing that ring on Monday?”

Melissa blushed and said, “Monday evening I was, but not here in class.”

“You’re engaged?” The young woman asked. Melissa nodded. Before anything else was said I needed to speak, so I interrupted.

“Excuse me. We have an item of business that needs to happen and it needs to happen now. I have never given classes the grading power I’ve given these two Monday, Wednesday classes. You determine the grades for everyone in these classes. In the last session twenty-six people turned in grade cards for the three presenters. I turned in a grade card for two of the three presenters. I totaled the scores for the cards for each presenter and divided by the number of cards. That is your grade.”

A hand went up. I pointed at the young man and he asked, “Three people presented and you just said you only graded two. Why?”

“I was getting to that. The whole reason I went to the grade cards was to avoid any possibility of someone thinking I might be grading someone unfairly. If you do all the grading, that cannot be the case. Instead of a grade card for Melissa on Monday I put a ring on her finger.”

Melissa got out of her seat and came to me in front of the class. We kissed. There were hands up and hands clapping and a few hoots in the room. When it calmed down a little I called on the same young woman who had asked about the ring. She asked, “That means you’re the man she saw naked at the resort?”

“Questions about her presentation were supposed to be asked on Monday.” I nodded my head and said, “Draw your own conclusions.” Melissa nodded her head as well. I kissed her one more time and she resumed her seat. The four presentations went well and they got good questions and good scores. As soon as I dismissed class Melissa was swamped by the ladies. One of the ding-bat sisters came to me, not Melissa. She had come to my office to get me to change her assignment and had offered me her body.

Alisha asked, softly, “What did she offer that I didn’t?”

“She didn’t offer anything at all. She was doing her assignment and we met. We discovered something wonderful and it became love. You came to me and offered the use of your body for an unspecified period of time in exchange for a grade. There’s no comparison.”

“I didn’t offer…” I held up my hand. She stopped.

“Did you know that I videotape every conference in my office? Would you like to see and hear your tape?”

“No, Thank you. I guess I just learned something.”

“I hope you did. I did. By the way, You have everything to offer that Melissa does, but the way you offer it to the world is different.”

She walked away, picked up her things and left the room. I turned my attention back to Melissa. Ten minutes later I could see her. The crowd had thinned enough. I went and sat next to her. MS Cartwright asked me, “Were you looking for someone? I mean were you both looking for someone to date with the intent to find a wife?”

“I’ll put it this way. A little over five years ago I got a divorce. Between then and meeting Melissa down near San Diego I hadn’t dated. I was not looking for someone. I don’t think there’s a formula for how finding someone works.”

Another woman asked, “Honestly, how long have you two dated?”

Melissa answered, “My first trip to the resort was a month ago. I’d guess we’ve been on four dates. Now, we need to leave. We have people coming to help cook dinner.”

“You live together?” The woman asked.

I smiled and said, “It’s the green thing to do! Saves on utilities and its more fun!”

The woman said, “Save water, shower with a friend!”

Melissa stood and said, “Ok, I think I will.” She took my hand and we were on our way.

Jo and Barb were sitting on our porch when we arrived. We headed for the kitchen and Jo carried in a bag of groceries. She put them on the table and said, “I brought everything we need to make Angel Hair pasta and a meat sauce. I also brought stuff for a green garden salad.”

“Great,” Melissa said, “Because I have no idea what we could have made for dinner otherwise.”

I said, “We could have made grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers or canned soup.”

Barb reached into the bag and pulled out a head of lettuce. Then she stopped and said, “Wait! This isn’t really about cooking. We came over to see if we can be naked. Together.”

I said, “If that’s what this is about then please come with me.” I led all three into the living room. I positioned Jo at one end of the couch, Barb by the recliner facing the television and Melissa at the other end of the couch. I stood at the end of the coffee table. I asked, “Melissa, when you came to the resort the first time you drove your bug into the parking lot. What did you do then?”

“I got out and stood beside my car with the door open and I undressed. I folded my clothes and left them on the drivers seat.”

“Each of us is standing beside our car in the parking lot. We’ll each do what Melissa did.” I pulled my polo shirt up and off, folded it and put it on the coffee table. Melissa kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her jeans, lowering them and stepping out of them. I watched as Jo and Barb watched us start. Jo lifted her shirt up and off, exposing her white lace bra and pale skin. She folded the shirt. Barb waited and then unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. She wore a black satin bra. Her chest showed a bit of a tan.

I took off my chinos and shoes, folded the chinos and stripped off my boxers. When I looked at Melissa all I had left was my socks. Melissa was bare and smiling at me. I took off my socks.

Jo had started taking her jeans off and they were a pile around her feet. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking at Melissa and me. She was frozen in place. Melissa saw she was frozen and said, “Don’t take a step. You’ll fall.”

That shook her and she stepped out of her jeans. Her hands went behind her and she unhooked her bra. Then she looked at me, saw that I was looking right at her and she took a deep breath and slipped the bra off her shoulders.

“I did it!” she whispered. My eyes shifted to Barb. She decided to take her panties off before her bra. Her panties were part of a black satin set with her bra. She bent at her waist and lowered them then stood back up and stepped out. The second foot out flipped them up and she caught them in her hand. When she looked up and saw that we saw her do it she blushed. “No one ever saw me do that since high school gym.” She said.

She unhooked her bra and took it off, folding it so one cup fit in the other and putting it on her pile of clothes. I looked at the four of us standing nude in my living room. It was the first time four nude people had been in my living room. Melissa stood with ease, no tan lines, a tan and shaved. I loved her, but it was so new I wasn’t sure if she was a “C” cup or maybe a “D” cup sized woman. At the other end of the couch Jo was four or five inches shorter than Melissa, pale all over and had small conical breasts and pale areola. Jo had strawberry blond hair and a trimmed pubic area, trimmed so that what she actually had was a patch of strawberry blond hair above her slit. Both sides of her slit were smooth and bare. Barb, in contrast was about five-nine, at least a “D” cup, and in well toned shape. Her hair was dark brown and she was smooth from her shoulders down. Jo and Barb were looking at me.

In the fashion magazines over the last few years men have been shown who are shaved. I’m not. When I was in Japan the kids in the neighborhood called me “Gorira” or gorilla. From the front I’m really hairy but somehow my back is nearly hairless. My butt and legs are pretty hairy.

Barb said, “I’ve never seen a man with so much hair.”

Jo said, “I’ve seen guys at the beach with hairy legs and maybe a few chest hairs, but I’m amazed.

Melissa said, “At first, I was afraid to touch all that hair, but when I did I liked how soft it is.”

I said, “I’m hungry. Let’s make dinner.” I headed for the kitchen. As I walked I heard Barb say, “He’s that hairy and he wants you to shave?”

“I think it’s all about hair in between his teeth. Maybe if I get hair between my teeth I’ll ask him to shave too.” Melissa said. I shook my head.

As soon as we got to work making dinner the thoughts about being naked seemed to disappear, for a while. Jo was standing at the stove tending the water for the Angel Hair and turned to ask Melissa a question. She saw me slicing tomatoes and engaged her mouth before her brain. She gasped, “He’s naked!”

We all laughed. She turned back to the stove and never asked the question. When dinner was made we set the table together and I brought four towels from the bathroom, putting one on each chair.

~Authors Note: So to stop confusion, the memories start and end in the asterisks (*). Also, this is my first time submitting.. I hope you like it. If this story does well, I will post the second chapter and even another story I have in the works.~

I walked down the hall of my school carrying the guilt of what just happened last night. Not only was it the guilt of what I did, but it was also the guilt that I liked it. Thoughts were racing through my head as I walked by the shiny silver lockers that I’ve passed hundreds of times.

I really did it. I thought I slept with Steven. Well it was really just a blow job, but it still felt wrong. Those thoughts kept racing through my mind causing me to accidentally passed by my locker. When I got to the boy’s locker room I sighed and turned around paying more attention to my new school building then I ever had. The freshly painted off-white walls mocked me, forcing me to think about last night no matter how hard I didn’t want to.

*It all happened so fast, Me and Angelina had just walked into the party at Mitt’s house. A few beers were passed around, and we didn’t care that if we were caught we’d be kicked out of the pristine school were were in. Our parents would just scold us and send us on to the next one.

I was sitting near Angelina rubbing the side of her arm when she threw up all over Jessica. Both girls ran out of the house screaming. After laughing my ass off I realized I was now at the party alone. Steven, the band geek turned popular after he saved the head cheerleader from drowning in the ocean; had sat next to me and we started talking about the latest game the Cheetahs had won. Our school of course being the Cheetahs. When all of a sudden out of now where he grabbed my hand. I was too drunk to care and just kept my hand limp.

He moved his hand up and down my arm, almost like I had with angel. But instead of a friendly “it’ll be ok”, he caressed my arm causing my to shiver. I turned and looked up at his face, our eyes locked.

“Why I help you lay down before you pass out on the couch..” He said, getting up and dragging my drunken self with him.

I managed to mumble “ok” but due to his laugh I’m sure it came out sounding like a Neanderthal grunting. He wrapped my arm around his shoulder and walked past Mitt and a group of cheerleaders

“Hey Steve” they called out.

“Hey girls,” He replied “Mitt is there a spare room? I don’t think it’s safe for him to ride home let alone drive home.” Mitt gave me a once over and laughed a little.

“He sure can’t hold liquor,” He said ” Yea, down the hall and too the left is the guest bedroom.” Mitt turned around and started chatting with the cheerleaders again.

“Thanks man” Steve lead me down the hall and kicked open the guest bedroom door. The lights were off and we could hear moaning. The light shone on a couple fucking on the bed, the person on top quickly hopped off and covered himself and his female friend up.

“What the fuck dude” the guy on the bed said.

“Get out, you know what happened to the last couple Mitt caught fucking in his house.” Steve said. The couple got up quickly trying to keep themselves covered as they got dressed. Though the male wasn’t so lucky as the sheet fell off and revealed a 8 inch cock between his legs. He looked up and caught me staring, though I was so out of it I didn’t realize till he said.

“What you fucking staring at Fagg.” I let my head drop towards the floor, still leaning on Steve for support.

“Watch your mouth Brad,” Steve retorted ” He’s drunk as fuck and probably didn’t realize it” Brad quickly finished getting dressed and hurried out the door.

I’ve noticed that ever since Steve saved the cheerleader, he’s been trying to keep his popularity. He hooked up with the co-captain on the cheer squad, and even joined the football team. He wasn’t the lead player by any means, but he was still important on the team. He also had a short temper, and now that he was working out, he had the bullet to fit the guns.

As soon as the couple was out and down the hall probably hopping in their car to finish somewhere, Steve laid me down on the bed.

“Ugh” I said. My head was clearing a little and I suddenly realized I needed to get home. I tried to get up but Steve forced me back onto the bed.

“Oh no you don’t” Steve said “Your as drunk as leprechaun on St. Patties day.”

I tried to reply, but I realized just then that the bed was super comfy. I twisted around and fell asleep.*

I finally entered the class room glad that there was a distraction from my mind. Jessica, the girl Angel had thrown up on was sitting among her other friends laughing about something. I was glad that they all forgot about what happened to Jessica last night but I didn’t

I walked past them and smiled at Jessica. “Did you get the stain out yet?” I said sarcastically.

“Fuck off.” She said and swung her head around so her hair nearly whipped me in the face. I made a loud sniffing noise.

“Mhh smells like strawberry puke” I said my grin growing wider.

“You got a fucking problem ass face?” the guy on her right said.

“Nope, none at all” I said sarcastically and turned around walking to my seat just as the bell rang. Mr. Simonae our 12th grade English teacher walked in before the guy could say something else.

“Alright class settle down, I brought in a movie today on Hamlet. So be quiet and take notes.” The whole class groaned including me. Not that I don’t mind the story, but movies leave my mind open to thinking and I really didn’t need the time.

The teacher popped in the movie and I tried so hard to pay attention but my mind began wandering not even ten minutes into the move.

*I remember waking up after a wonderful dream. I can’t really remember the dream but I do remember what happened when I woke up.

I was lying on the bed where I fell asleep. Something was moving between my legs. Thinking it was Mitt’s dog I moved my legs closer to my body. I reached for the blanket and tried to pull it up but something heavier then a poodle was on it, I froze.

I realized it was a person. They were breathing heavy at the base of the bed, leaning on it most likely. The person removed the blanket from my body and I shot up.

“Who the fuck is there!” I whispered loudly.

“Calm down bro, it’s just me.” Steve said. I sighed when I realized I was in no danger.

“Why are you still here?” I asked, my eyes finally adjusting to the dim light.

“Well, I continued partying and hanging out with Mitt. Then everyone else left and Mitt passed out of the floor of his living room, so I helped him to his room. I realized that I can’t drive home because-” He hiccuped quite audibly “I may be just a smidge drunk.” He stumbled and fell next to me on the bed.

I moved over to the edge of the bed to give him some room. He flailed like a fish a bit until he came up to the pillow. He let out a soft sigh when he stopped moving.

“So comfortable” He said dreamily. That was the last thing I heard before everything went silent. I thought he had gone to sleep and I rolled over to my back and put my hands behind my head. I gave him all the blankets because quite frankly I was comfortable without them.

I started drifting off to sleep when I felt something moving closer to me. I turned my head and realized Steve was now pressed against my side. He looked up at me and smiled. Normally I would have moved away at this contact but I still had enough alcohol in my system not to care. So I smiled back at him.

He moved his hand from under him and placed it across my chest. I still was ok with it but now I was getting a little annoyed. All I wanted to do was sleep, and he wouldn’t stop moving. Finally when he stopped moving I closed my eyes again.

This time I knew he was going to move because I felt his arm muscles tense up. I sighed out loud and he started moving his hands downward. Again I was ok with it until he got to my waist. At first I didn’t do anything, but then his hands moved past my waist band and rested on my cock.

I hadn’t realized How horny I was until he rubbed my cock. I knew it didn’t feel right morally, but it felt good physically and I hadn’t been laid in almost 5 months. He got up and pulled my pants down revealing my 7.5 inch dick.

I moaned when he put his hand around it and began to stroke. At first he started real slow allowing me to enjoy the feeling, but then he sped up causing me to moan out loud.

“Oh yea” I moaned. I thought I was in heaven until I felt him stop. Now I had a raging hard on and whimpered slightly.

“No don’t stop” I begged slightly. I was about to reach for his hand to put it back when I felt hot breath on my cock. I knew what was going to happen next and I moaned.

He wrapped his lips around my cock and stroked the tip with his tongue. I felt his tongue stroking the slit, and I whimpered begging him to take more into his mouth. I thought he read my mind when he complied

He brought his head down painstakingly slowly. I thought I was going to split down the middle with sexual build up. I assumed he was going to stop half way like my girlfriend, but he didn’t.

“Holy shit yes!” I cried out loud when I felt myself enter the back of his throat. It wasn’t long before He was nose deep in my pubes. Then he pulled all the way up and went down again. I never knew he was a professional cock sucker.

He sped up moving his head up and down, I was panting in joy as he rubbed the base of my cock with his tongue. After a minute or two of his head lifting up and down, he pulled my cock nearly all the way out until just the head was inside. He took his tongue and circled around my sensitive head, then he moved his tongue up and down the bottom of my head, stopping when he reached my slit.

He sucked all my precum the was now flowing freely from my tip. Not satisfied with just that, he started deep-throating me again, bringing my cock all the way into the back of his throat and leaving it there, then pulling all the way up again. He did this until I felt pressure building in my balls.

“Fuck!” I said loudly, “I’m going to cum” I said, I took his head and shoved my cock deep into the back of his throat. Not caring if he choked or not. I didn’t last long fucking his face before I clenched up and released a bucket load of cum into his mouth. He couldn’t really keep up with the flow and it began dribbling from his mouth. But that didn’t stop him, he finished swallowing it all then he licked my cock clean. He even licked the area around my dick making sure he got everything.

“Damn you tasted good.” Steve said, licking his lips. Once he was sure he got everything he rolled over and didn’t move. I turned the other way and fell asleep as well.*

The bell rang signifying for the next class. My cell rang at that moment as well. I looked down and read a text from Angel.

“Meet u in nxt class, exitin nws” I looked down at the text and laughed at my friends texting style. I began to walk to my next class when I bumped into Steve.

Friday night started out like any other. Michael was in sales, and he had finished his appointments early. As he was already dressed, he didn’t bother heading home to shower and to get ready to go out. He knew if he did, he wouldn’t get out until late, if he was able to leave the house at all. Michael’s mother had recently gone through a couple of surgeries, and with his father gone, Michael moved in with his mother to help her out. With him still being married, and his mother not believing in married men going out on the town, it was always a fight, and she always seemed to come up with reasons for him to not go out. Considering that he had turned 37 just a month earlier, he hated having to ask Mommy for permission to stay out past his bed time.

Technically, Michael was still married, although he and his wife hadn’t been together in over a year. She moved out and told him she wanted a divorce, but she was insisting that he pay for it, not her. He had more than enough money for the lawyers and all of the things that went with it; however, it was the principal that if she wanted the divorce, she could pay for it. It wasn’t like he was sitting around waiting for her to come to her senses and take him back. He just wasn’t going to pay for her to rape him in court.

His normal routine was to go to the Underground, a bar in the basement of an apartment building. Realizing that he hadn’t eaten in the past 9 or so hours, he stopped into the diner for a quick bite to eat before going to the bar. He usually only had a couple, but he still hated to drink on an empty stomach.

Finally arriving at the Underground, he could hear the music from the top of the stairs. The marquee above the door said it was James’ Birthday Party tonight, and the music was being provided by the Party Express. James was the manager of the bar, and a real sleaze. He had an apartment upstairs in the building and was known to find one of the patrons to go upstairs with him at the end of the night by plying her with free alcohol all night, and then when the bar closed and she was in no condition to say “no”, he would take her upstairs, “to keep her from driving drunk”. If that didn’t work out, the bar always had some chick that was too drunk to say no.

As he opened the door, he had to stand there for a second to allow his eyes to adjust. Normally, the lights weren’t this low, and the DJ was going all out with the dancing lights, so it was hard to make out any faces, or where his bar-friends were sitting,. Getting his bearings, he headed for the bar.

“Cindy, my love! I have returned from the wars and I am parched. Bring me yon ale with which I might quench my manly thirst!”

“Mikey, you studly piece of man meat! How about we go back into the cooler and you can work off this beer? It’s been a long time, and I could definitely use some of your good loving.”

Michael and Cindy had gotten together a few times, but nothing had ever come of it. It was understood by the both of them that it was what it was. Neither was interested in anything more. They finally realized that they were going to be friends and that sex just didn’t feel right, so they stopped. Of course, it didn’t stop them from offering each other any chance they got.

“There ya go, Love,” she said passing over his beer. Michael dropped a five dollar bill on the counter and started walking to a table where a group of friends had gathered. He made it about half-way when he saw a flash of movement. With barely enough time to react, and almost dropping his beer, he turned and caught a female who had launched herself into his arms and buried her face into his neck. He had to pull her long brown hair out of his face.

“Save me, save me, save me, save me, save me…”

His mind finally cleared and he was able to recognize the woman who had attacked him as Debbie, a friend of his from a couple of college classes he had taken a few years ago. She was well known within the circle of friends that inhabited the Underground on the weekends. It was also fairly well rumored that she was still a virgin at the age of 22. Only a couple of her trusted friends, Michael included, knew for sure that she was.

Debbie was a bit of an oddity to Michael. She was young, barely 22, and he was clocking in at about 37, and she seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time with him, both here and away from here. There were friends that she had that were close to her age- there had to be- yet she went to concerts with him, ball games, movies… she seemed to spend more time around the “old man” than kids her own age. She wasn’t unattractive- in fact she was a kick boxer and had a body that only an athlete could maintain- and was actually basically the kind of woman that you would miss on the street, as she had nothing special about her to make you notice. Well, if she wanted to spend time with him, he wouldn’t object too much.

As he held her up, he moved his head away from her.

“So, what’s up, Kiddo?”

“James is trying to get me drunk. Please save me. If I get drunk, he’s gonna try and get me upstairs. I don’t want to go upstairs.”

She buried her head back into his neck.

“Save me, save me, save me, save me, save-”

“OK, OK,” Michael replied. “I get it. You want me to save you from Jimmy.”

He let her down so she could stand on her own feet and kept his arms around her. By the smell of her breath, James had not only tried to get her drunk, but had actually succeeded.

“What has Jimmy been feeding you?”

“Tequila Rose. It’s my favorite.”

“Yeah. How many of them has he bought you?”

Debbie giggled.

“I’ve only had about three shots.”

“Only three shots of tequila, eh?”

“Well,” Debbie replied, “that and three or four beers.”

Michael looked at his watch.

“What time did you get here?”

“Oh, about 9:30 or so.”

“So,” Michael looked at his watch again. “In the past two hours you’ve had three shots and three beers…”

He was right… James had succeeded in getting her drunk.

“OK, love. I’ll stick with you the rest of the night and make sure you get home unmolested.”

The next couple of hours went without too much of an incident. Micheal’s bar friends showed up at the table to say hello, and a couple of the girls made passes at him to judge their chances of after-hours activity with him, and then they all left. James stopped by their table once to see if Debbie needed anything to drink- on the house, of course.

“Yo, Jimmy,” Michael said. “You know she isn’t the kind of girl that is going to go upstairs with you. Just let her go.”

Jimmy smiled. “Maybe that’s her decision to make, not yours. Now, I offered her a drink, so I think it is up to her to take the drink and enjoy it.”

“Actually,” Michael said standing up, “I think she did make her decision. The fact that she is sitting here with me and you are trying to get her back over there with you so no one can stop you from your evil plan means that she has decided to stay here, and not end this evening with you bouncing up and down on top of her.”

“Jimmy, please…” Debbie pleaded.

“Let me tell you something,” James said, leaning forward.


“This isn’t over,” James threatened.

“Somehow, unless you and I are going to throw right here, I’m saying it is. Now, Debbie has told you she no longer wishes to have you get her too drunk to say, “no” and it is time for you to try and find another victim to rape tonight.”

James started to walk away with his fists clenched. He was not happy with the way this night was working out.

Debbie stood up and gave Michael a hug.

“Thank you for doing that. I know I am too drunk to stop him from taking advantage of this, and I don’t want my first time to be with some random asshole who gets me drunk and doesn’t care about me.”

“Not an issue. I don’t like people messing with my friends. Besides, your first time should be at least a little more special than being drunk and in a dump above a bar with no real furniture and that hasn’t been cleaned in a year. Anyhow… you want another beer?”

Debbie laughed. “Now, you’re trying to get me drunk? Don’t you think I’ve had enough?”

“OK, OK… you caught me. I’m trying to get you drunk and take you out behind the garbage cans in back so I can rip your clothes off, have my wicked ways with you and leave you for dead. Is it working?”

“Well, I am drunk….”

The music changed to something soft and slow. Debbie grabbed Michael by the arm and pulled.

“Come on, I want to dance with my hero.”

Michael allowed himself to be dragged to the dance floor. Debbie turned, put her arms around his neck and buried her face into his shoulder. As they stood there swaying to the music, Michael began to become quite aware of he leg grinding against his pelvis. Although, he was sure it was very simply an accident caused by the way they were dancing, it was still difficult to keep himself from becoming aroused at the sensation of her touching him, and the smell of her hair. Perhaps the alcohol was getting to him as well.

After the song ended, they stood there for another couple of seconds enjoying the feeling of holding the other. James walked past them.

“Why don’t you just take her upstairs and fuck her. Someone has to.”

By the time Michael registered what was said, and turned to meet the new threat, James had moved back to the bar and was drinking another beer. Michael led Debbie back to their table and looked at his watch. It was about quarter till 2:00 and almost time for the bar to close. About that time, the DJ announced last call.

“What do you figure? One more for the road, and then we head out to complete the circuit?”

The “circuit” was starting at the Underground until 2:00 when it closed. Then, everyone went to a local fire company that had an after hours club to hang out for a bit more, and then off to the all night diner for one last chance to hook up with some entertainment for the evening… although, if you didn’t go into the diner with someone, you really never left with anyone. It was the same every weekend in the small coal town they lived in: the same people, going to the same places with the same people…

“OK. How about another shot of Tequila Rose. That’s how I started this evening, how about you buy me one to end it?”

“Ok, then… one soda coming up.”

Michael went to the bar and got their last drinks, sodas for both of them. He wasn’t going to risk his job, or Debbie’s life by driving when he had been drinking. He returned to the table.

“There you go, Doll. One soda for the lovely lady at table 6.”

“Why, you flatter me so,” Debbie replied in her best fake Southern accent.

Shortly after that, the lights came on.

“Come on, Kiddo. Time to make the trek to the fire company. I’ll drive.”

“You’re gonna have to drive. I only live around the corner, so I always walk.”

They got up and left along with everyone else.


The after hours club was crowded like always with people from four or five different clubs who all met there at 2:00. State law required bars to close at 2:00, but allowed private clubs to remain open until 3:00, so everyone who didn’t want the party to stop, or who had not found a partner for the night, all congregated. It was set up like most dives: bar, pool tables, dance floor, shuffle board machine. This last piece of equipment is where Michael and Debbie found themselves. He left her standing there while he went to go get another round for them. When he got back, Debbie was trying very hard not to be seen.


Debbie pointed towards the door.

“James just walked in. I don’t want him to see me.”

“I’ll tell you what, Sweetheart, let him see you. In fact, we’ll make it easy for him to see you.”

Michael put their drinks on the shuffleboard track and grabbed Debbie by her hips.

“Come on, Debbie, jump up here on the machine. Trust me, it’ll be OK.”

She did as she was told, and Michael handed her another soda and stepped between her legs facing her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Simple,” he replied. “James is a first class letch, but a woman thief he isn’t. Once he looks over and sees us like this, he will realize that we are together and will leave you alone.”

Debbie put her arms around Micheal’s neck and gave him a quick kiss.

“Thanks, Mikey. You really do take good care of me.”

James walked over towards them.

“So, what the hell is this all about? Why the hell are you two standing here so cozy?”

“JIMMY! Well,” Michael said, “it’s kinda like this. You see, we stopped on the way here and joined the International Order of the Association of the Brotherhood of the It’s None of Your Damned Business League. All you need to know is that I am standing here with a beautiful woman who happens to have her arms around me. And you aren’t getting any of it. Have a great night. I certainly plan on it.”

James stormed off and Debbie buried her head in his neck and gave him a kiss and then straightened up, looked in his eyes and kissed him again.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t come into the bar tonight. I definitely want to have sex and to feel a man in me, but not the way he had it planned.”

“Not a hassle kid.”

“I don’t know about you, but I am kind of bored of this place,” Debbie informed him. “How about we go get something to eat?”

“Sure. We can head to the diner early.”

“Actually, I was thinking that I should show you my thanks properly and make you breakfast at my place. It’s less crowded, and there is absolutely no chance of Jimmy being there to start trouble. Besides, you can get anything at my place that you can get a the diner. I have eggs,sausage, bread for toast, and coffee.”

Michael looked at her to see if she was actually talking about breakfast or if she was suggesting more. She seemed serious about breakfast, so he agreed. After they got to his car and Michael started it, Debbie grabbed his hand and held it. As it wasn’t a huge deal, Michael didn’t stop her. They held hands in silence the fifteen minute ride to her house. Although, they both seemed to instinctively know what was about to happen, neither one of them wanted to break the spell and to prevent it from happening.

When they got to the house, Michael opened the car door for her, and they walked up to the porch holding hands. As she opened the door, they faced each other and for a second neither said anything. Michael finally broke the silence.

“Are you sure about this?”

Very carefully, very gingerly, Debbie leaned up and kissed Michael. It wasn’t the hungry kiss of a woman who wanted to get laid as quickly and as passionately as possible. It was the tender kiss of long-lost lovers who, after years of being separated, want to spend a lifetime loving each other again.

They both walked inside the house and shut the door behind them. Debbie kissed Michael again, and led him upstairs to her bedroom and kissed him again as they stood beside her bed. This was the moment she had been waiting on for almost two years, and it was finally happening: she was going to lose her virginity to Michael.

As they stood there kissing, their kisses grew more passionate and hungry. Debbie began to unbutton Michael’s shirt. When his outer shirt was off, they stopped kissing and stood there looking at each other, gazing longingly into each others eyes. Slowly, Michael took off his undershirt, Debbie her t-shirt.

With each half-naked, Debbie began to kiss his chest. Michael wasn’t built; however, he did work out, and had a body that was somewhat in shape. As she kissed him, electric sparks sent shivers throughout his entire body. Although, he had never truly thought about this girl this way, at this moment in his life, he felt more love than at any other point, and with any other woman.

As she kissed him lower and lower on his torso, he could not contain himself and his manhood began to swell until he could have sworn it could never have gotten any bigger. Finally, Debbie had worked her way to his waist and then back up to his shoulders. While she nibbled on his neck, her hands found his belt buckle and, and- undoing it- reached into his trousers and touched a man for the first time.

She had nothing to compare it to; however, she thought Micheal’s penis was rather large and large around. When it was hard, it reached to the top of his underwear, and when holding it, she was able to close her hand around it, but without a lot of room to spare.

Her fingers explored the shaft that was bent and crowded into his underwear, and when it became too difficult to maneuver her hand, she pulled him out and gave him the freedom his penis had been longing for. She then cupped her hands around his balls and, when he could take it no longer, wrapped her fingers around the shaft and gave it a few experimental tugs. Michael, fearing he was going to lose control and cause this night to end long before either of them wanted it to, stopped her and quickly took off his jeans. Debbie took hers off also. He then turned his attention to her.

Michael began to kiss her again with all of the passion he felt at that moment. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. The emotion of the moment was so strong that Debbie began lose her breath as she dug her nails into Micheal’s back.

Without losing his grip on her, and without stopping his kisses, Micheal picked her up and moved to the bed. He gently laid her down and laid down beside her. After a moment of looking at her to judge her reaction and her readiness for what was about to happen, Michael began to kiss her again.

Debbie had kissed boys, and men, before, and had even kissed them passionately as they were making out, but she had never felt the level of emotion that she was getting from Michael and that she had within herself. If this was what making love was all about, then she understood why people did it all the time. Of course, it didn’t explain why all of her friends seemed to be disappointed at their boyfriends, or their first time. If they were not being treated as wonderfully, or it didn’t feel as amazing as the sensations she felt now, then why would they have continued to do it? All she knew was that she wanted this man inside her more than she had wanted anything in her entire life.

After a few minutes of kissing, and of their hands exploring the backs of the other, Michael began his exploration of Debbie’s body with his mouth. He began kissing her neck and shoulders, giving them a nibble on occasion. As he worked his way down her body, Debbie was getting even more worked up than she even knew was possible. When he began to bite her breasts without touching the nipples and then started to move on she wanted to strangle him. All she wanted, more than anything on the planet, was to feel his mouth, his lips, his teeth, on her nipples and he was denying her that pleasure.

Before she could find her voice enough to complain, Michael was concentrating on the inside of her thighs. As she was feeling him bite her for the first time, she felt- she didn’t know what she felt: it tickled, it hurt, it… all she knew was that it was causing her more pleasure than she had ever felt and she wanted nothing more than to have him pay attention to her pussy. She could feel the wetness between her legs and she knew that she had to have him. If only he would…

Michael began to kiss and nibble down her right leg until he reached her knee. He was nibbling on the skin just beneath her kneecap and was rubbing the bottom of her foot lightly. The biting her knee didn’t do anything for her, but for some reason, his fingers on the sole of her foot was just like the inside of her thigh. She was feeling all of the emotions and sensations at the same time, which was leading her to the edge of sanity, and leading to an orgasm. She had them before by masturbating, but this was different. It felt different, but it still felt like she was going to cum.

Sophie was smart. One of those girls who was so smart she raised the IQ level of whatever classroom she was in. Once she raised her hand and started to analyze the reading in her clear, soft voice – sometimes letting out a small laugh at herself – all the guys began jumping over themselves to come up with smart things to say. Of course the guys were paying more attention to her looks than her brain. She had a certain way of dressing which was stylish and yet unpretentious. Soft fabrics, loosely draped and sometimes lightly patterned; below the belt, tight, practical jeans in dark colors. Her clothes did nothing to flaunt her figure but they couldn’t conceal it either. Her legs were slim and thighs smooth, ass small but perfectly rounded and firm. Her breasts, natural, and slightly large for her frame, made soft mounds in her loose shirts. Her hair was a dirty blonde, hanging below her shoulders and wavy. She pulled it back in a simple ponytail or let it drape onto one shoulder. Her face was pale and her eyes, dark brown, always seemed to have a slight smile. Her cheeks carried a light flush, and her lips parted slightly when she was lost in thought, which was how I often saw her.

The three of us were in our second year of college: me (Mark), Sophie, and Darien, my roommate. I hadn’t lucked out in the housing lottery and scored a single for myself, nor had I had the foresight to secure an apartment off campus. So I was stuck sharing again, but at least the room was decent. Larger than the typical narrow college-dorm setup, my bed was at a right angle across the room from Darien’s and there was plenty of space for our two desks, and the inevitable mess of clothing, textbooks, hard drives, and snacks that accumulated around the permanent fixtures of the hookah and the bong. Yes, we smoked in our room – religiously – and as long as Darien set aside a small supply of weed as tribute to our RA, no-one cared, and no-one was the wiser.

Sharing a room definitely put a crimp in my sex life. It was hard to be spontaneous and hook up with random chicks (which always felt like was happening all around us – whether it was or wasn’t) when I couldn’t even guarantee a private place to come back to. Still, we made do, and by the end of winter Darien had the luck, the looks, and the guts to ask out Sophie, and have her accept.

Darien was a music major, who could practice piano diligently for hours and get up to crazy hijinks in the same night. I was still torn at that point; was I going to major in history, political science, english? I was wandering, caught in my own head a lot. To Darien’s quiet confidence, fair hair, solid smile, you can contrast my black hair, the slouching gate, cynical attitude. I had a certain dark handsomeness, and I was capable of being charming, but only in bursts – if you ran into me in the halls or on the quads I was more likely to be frowning. I ended up a creative writing major, and I think that’s why it has fallen to me to tell our tale.

Darien and I liked to go to the midnight movies at the student film center: bizarre old noirs, blaxploitation films, Kurosawa flicks, you name it – they were all good, and they were even better high. We soaked up every experience we came across that year – with the confidence to get around campus and our city, and finally getting an idea of where we sat in the social stratum of the college, we were unstoppable. We found mind-blowing art and music, tripped on drugs I hadn’t even heard of before leaving my sleepy high school (Molly? Did they name the drug after a chick?), and explored the forgotten corners of the city. By the springtime Darien had brought his car to campus from home – so he could commute to an internship, he told his parents – but the real reason was so that we could soar around the city at all hours, windows down, drunk and high, blasting hip hop radio. It’s a miracle we never ran into trouble.

When Darien started dating Sophie she slid easily into our routine. She had a fierce curiosity, and while she came across as reserved and almost shy in her demeanor at first, it was impossible to embarrass her, and if anything she pushed our explorations and the crazy streaks in our behavior even farther. She took herself seriously, and by extension, took us seriously. It was easier to get into bars and clubs with her winning smile, and that was the year I fell in love with house music. By the time the school year was wrapping up, the friendship of the three of us had matured into a really tight bond. When Sophie and Darien wanted alone time, I would wander, and come back around 2 or 3 to crawl into bed with them sleeping soundly across the room. In the meantime I would go to the apartment of some friends of ours, go get laid myself if I was lucky, or borrow Darien’s car and just cruise up and down the shoreline.

Did I forget to mention the beach? As the weather got warmer, the beach quickly became our favorite spot. We would go late at night when no one was around, smoke a joint and drink a few beers, look at the city skyline on the curving shore, and plunge into the water to give ourselves a cold, exhilarating wake up call; emerging, all of our skins would tingle as if slapped. Feeling fresh, one of us would declare to mutual agreement that it was time to light the next joint. Sometimes I would bring a girl, too, other times some of our other friends would join us, but even when it was just me, him, and Sophie, it was never awkward. Thinking back, I suppose these nights at the beach were the first time I saw Sophie’s body. Perhaps I’d had a glimpse in the hazy predawn, her getting dressed across the room, turned away – but at the beach we would all strip to our underwear, and emerge soaked to lie that way in the sand. She wore practical bras, modest panties; it was dark; I was too busy soaking in the night to really lust after her on these nights.

Eventually something did change in our friendship, in such a subtle and unexpected way that I don’t think I noticed at first. Darien had declared that it was his summer goal to go out on a boat. Like, a yacht. Now, obviously none of us had a boat, nor did we want to spend money to book a boat tour or fishing boat – besides, the commercial experience wasn’t what he was looking for, Darien explained. We quickly realized that none of us knew anyone with boats; that nobody we knew knew anyone with a boat; or that if they did, they weren’t about to tell. So we hatched a bold plan.

It was a gorgeous day in the middle of May. We had finished classes and it was still several days before we had final exams. The chances of us studying were practically nil. We gathered, geared up, and made sure we had plenty of supplies. I was hauling a bag of ice in my backpack. Sophie had gotten a handle of fancy rum from the local liquor store – they made most of their money selling to college students anyway. Darien had weed and rolling papers. In our minds, these were the essentials for a trip on a boat. We drove down to a marina, a place we’d passed many times on the coast road that was well stocked with fancy yachts and their fancy owners. We wandered down the dock, sweet-talking our way past the light security, and set up our little stake out.

The traffic was brisk, as it was one of the warmest, breeziest days of early summer and folks were itching to get out on their boats. But we were waiting for the right people to approach. It had to be young people, obviously. And not too buttoned up. We waited until the right gang came walking down the dock. It was five people, two men and three women, who appeared to be in their early twenties. The men had grizzly partial beards, were wearing sandals and brightly colored bathing suits. One had on a Chuck Klosterman t-shirt. The women wore loose t-shirts, beach shirts, under which were obviously bikinis. As they were coming into view, Darien gave Sophie a nudge in her ribs and she entered her routine. Pressing her phone to her ear, she cursed out the imaginary person at the end of the line.

“What do you mean you can’t make it?”

“Well – we’re out here already! What are we supposed to do?… It’s your boat, we can’t just take it for a go. Do either of you guys even know how to sail?” We shook our heads – it was true, we didn’t.

“Come on, blow it off, just come down here! It’s a beautiful day, we’ll have fun. We’re sitting on the dock just waiting for you. Oh, god, you are so predictable. You owe me one, Dave!”

She spat the name Dave with such virulence that it was all Darien and I could do not to crack up. For the next several days, whenever we intended to express irritation we would end our sentence with a fierce Dave!

The ploy worked. The guy in the Chuck Klosterman shirt overheard. He wouldn’t have said anything, had Darien not made an offhand comment in his direction. Something along the lines of, “Have a good time guys, maybe we’ll see you out on the water some other day.”

Of course (I’ll just call him Chuck) Chuck had to stop and hear the story. We kept the fiction as simple as possible, not pretending to be anyone other than ourselves. The only thing we invented was Dave, our supposed stupendously wealthy friend who was supposed to take us out on his yacht and had ditched us to go golfing with his uncle. We struck it off immediately with these guys, and combined with the bribe of rum (they had only brought two six-packs! Amateur hour) they agreed to take us out on their boat.

That was an incredible day, and there was something incredibly sexy about it too. The boat belonged to Chuck – he was a 25 year old investment banker and apparently rolling in money. His friend Dylan was an old buddy from his firm, and it turned out the women were almost as much strangers to them as we were. One of them, Lauren, had met Dylan at a club where Dylan and Chuck had bottle service, and had brought two of her friends along with her for this boating trip because she was nervous about being alone with the two men. We made a merry band. We drank like – well, like sailors. We got along fabulously, intoxicated as much by the sun and breeze as the rum and weed. Because of course, we got high. Bonkers high.

But that was also the day I began to see Sophie in a different light. The whole atmosphere was sexually charged, from the skimpy bikinis of the women added with the thrill of our boldness, the excitement of the intimacy we were plunging into with these strangers, and the general intoxication. An undirected, heady sense of lust squeezed at my chest. Everyone was feeling it to some degree or another, and teasing abounded. Dylan was well muscled and tanned, while Chuck was slightly lankier like me or Darien. All three of the women were gorgeous, Lauren breathtakingly thin and blonde, with bright blue eyes, small breasts and an impossibly perky ass. She was from rural pennsylvania and was red blooded; she told us about the two shotguns she kept at home, for god’s sake; but we forgave her because she was just so damn cute.

Rachel and Drea were brunettes. Rachel, with breasts almost too large for her bikini, was shameless about propping them up between her forearms, jiggling them slightly with the motion of the boat. Drea had a shock of short dark hair, and perfectly bronze skin. Her bare neck looked ripe to be suckled and her bikini, strapless, was by far the most stylish. She gravitated towards Chuck which left Rachel to mercilessly tease me throughout the day. Dylan and Lauren escaped belowdecks for a reckless and uninhibited fuck after she’d sat on his lap for the better part of an hour. Perhaps Chuck and Drea hooked up eventually too but I never saw Rachel again – she was older, classier, and honestly not my type.

It only added to the sexual charge on the boat hearing the muffled sounds of Lauren being ravaged by the athletic Dylan. And Sophie and Darien were feeling it. Modest earlier in the day, Sophie had slowly undressed to match the other women, wearing a dark bikini that I had never seen before, the top tied loosely around her neck. It did little to conceal the shape of her pale, ample breasts, round, with just a slight buoyancy. At some point Darien had rubbed her down with a tanning oil that the girls had passed around, both embarrassed by and relishing the pure sexuality of the action. I hadn’t been able to tear my eyes away (though I did get the satisfaction of doing the same for Rachel). Now her skin gleamed slightly with the oil’s sheen, catching the light in its breathtaking whiteness and it was impossible to look away.

Naturally shy about her body, it took Sophie much of the day to open up, but she was not immune to the effects of the booze and weed. First her posture slackened and she allowed her legs to open wider. Later she leaned her head against Darien’s chest, which squeezed her left breast up against his side. He put an arm around her and rested it on the outside of her ass. Their eyes were both half closed, Rachel and Drea were cracking up as they wound their way through some office story, and it left me free to feast my eyes on my roommate and his girlfriend.

Sophie had that dreamy, lost-in-thought look, tempered by a quiet smile. Her chest rose and fell with her breathing. Soon Darien began stroking up and down the outside of her leg, lightly gripping her ass, and in response, she snuggled closer to him. Her breasts were pushed together, her cleavage seeming ready to burst out of her bikini. Then he gently moved his hand over to the inside of her leg, continuing to gently caress her, his hand straying as far as the edge of her bikini bottoms as she widened her legs slightly to give him access. Her breathing was accelerating, making her breasts rise and fall and allowing me to hear the faint intakes of air from my position across the boat.

For a moment I saw the potential for the afternoon to turn into a full blown orgy, and I was shocked at myself. I didn’t want to fuck Sophie, did I? I didn’t even want to watch Darien fucking her, that was their private business and their friendship right then was the most important thing to me in the world. Yet I was aroused, my head spinning with arousal actually, and I didn’t know what to do. This blatantly sensual image was the last thing I had expected from my music major roommate and his brilliant, slightly shy girlfriend. But then again it was an incredible day. At last to my relief, Sophie sort of poked Darien in the stomach and he withdrew his hand to rest comfortably on her hip. She snuggled closer to him and whispered something in his ear and that was that. It was soon time for another round of drinks, and they were roused, laughing again with the group.

A beautiful evening slowly darkened the horizon and after we had drank, and laughed, drank some more, and even danced, we finally finished the rum and Chuck guided the boat back to port. We exchanged mutual assurances that we should do this again sometime. We even swore up and down we would take them out on Dave’s boat sometime. Darien took Chuck’s number and visa versa and as far as I know, they never talked to each other again. I took a drive that night to clear my head – yes, I should interject here to stress that driving drunk as much as I did in college is probably not wise – and let Darien and Sophie have some privacy. I couldn’t shake the image of Sophie in her bikini from my head. There were only a few days left in the semester but I found myself determined – aching, actually – to get laid. So even as I continued hanging out with Darien over the following days, I found excuses to make my way to random parties, looking for girls I knew and trying to meet new people.

These efforts culminated on a Thursday night, the night that turned out to be so memorable for all of us. The next day, Friday, we were moving out of the dorm. I had sensed Sophie feeling a twinge of emotion as the semester wound down, not liking the prospect of having to separate from Darien, even though they would be able to see each other over the summer. It felt like the end of an era in a way, and I think it felt especially like that for them. So that Thursday night, they went out to have a special evening, just the two of them. They dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant downtown, had a delicious dinner, and then went to a nearby club where they danced their hearts out before sneaking off to the roof to smoke a joint and watch the city lights blinking out. They were infatuated, heads swimming and the night just slipped by. I learned all this later.

I on the other hand went to a house party that migrated to a frat party, that migrated to another house party well off campus, at a place where I’d never been. I was smoking cigarette after cigarette on the fire escape, something I don’t normally do, with all my senses reeling. Slightly drunk, I felt like the experiences I had had all year were washing over me all at once, filling me with an intense sense of gratitude for the incredible friendships I’d had, but also a sharp disappointment that I had no love story, no girl to pull close to me as I was going to sleep that night.

I shook these feelings off, though I still felt them tingling in my spine, as I turned on the charm and tried to get laid. I spotted a girl off by herself struggling with a lighter, and I smoothly raised mine to her lips. Soon we were laughing and I was finding myself attracted to her. She was severely bony, wearing a cropped t-shirt that left bare a stretch of her midriff, and jeans that hung so low on her waist that I could see the bones of her pelvis peeking above the washed out blue waistline. Soon I had tucked a finger through one of her belt loops and pulled her towards me, sucking her lips, grabbing her ass and mashing her pelvis against my leg.

She led me to the bathroom where I was ready to drop my pants and fuck her up against the sink – instead she pulled out a thin pouch from her back pocket, laid out two lines of cocaine, and handed me a dollar bill. I had never tried coke before. I mean, there was plenty of it going around, but it had never been offered to me so directly. I did a line and so did she, and we made out some more; soon I unbuttoned her jeans and slipped a finger down to press against her pussy. She responded with loud but somehow mechanical moans. I was feeling the effects of the cocaine, my blood racing, and I wanted nothing more than to fuck her. But it was then that she decided to vomit.

The toilet was right there, thankfully, and she had good aim. There was no mess, and she soon had freshened up, looking like nothing had happened. But the moment was over, the coke running through my blood was making me restless and the small bathroom felt hot, and cramped, with a faint, unpleasant new smell. I excused myself and I suppose she found someone else to fuck that night.

I made my way back to the dorm; it was around two in the morning so I felt sure I wouldn’t be interrupting Darien and Sophie. Still I lingered outside and smoked the rest of my cigarettes, just drinking in the night air, feeling feelings.

When I tiptoed into my dorm room, I was surprised to find there was no-one there. I thought maybe Sophie’s roommate had already moved out, and so the two of them had gone to her room. But Darien hadn’t mentioned anything about that. I stretched out and tried to fall asleep. I had a hard-on but didn’t feel like masturbating. I kept seeing the slightly hollow eyes of the coked-out girl from the party, and hearing her unenthusiastic moaning. I didn’t fall asleep until three or maybe four in the morning, and even then I didn’t sleep deeply.

I heard them the moment they came to the door, listening to Darien fumble with the handle then quietly ease the door shut behind him; hearing their whispers. I snuck open one eye and I could tell it was almost morning, maybe 5 o’clock – a predawn light was filling the room and turning everything into a sort of greyish pink. It was a fantastic light and one I rarely see, not being much of a morning person. But at that moment, I was not watching the light. I was watching Darien and Sophie.

Tay opened his eyes, waiting for the headache to kick in. The night before had been great, they had finally managed to get the whole group together again for the first time since they left University. With everyone scattered across the country it had taken a year to manage.

Tay, being the only one still living in the city, had three people crashing at his flat, and it had been pretty crowded last night getting ready to go out – he dreaded the thought of having to give up his space politely for the rest of the day. He loved the guys, but he was used to his own space.

“Grin and bear it” he thought to himself.

There was a contented groan from somewhere in the depths of the bed sheets. An arm was thrown over his chest.

“Kai, dude, wake up!” he half laughed.

Kai’s free hand swept the sheet off his face and he focused for a moment on Tay. A look of confusion quickly gave way to intense fear flashing in his eyes. He searched his friend’s bare torso, not daring to look any lower. On route to his face, Kai noticed a previously unknown tattoo just above Taylor’s hip bone.

“Not helpful” he cursed at himself. How was his best friend going to react to this, what was he even doing in his bed? He hadn’t had that much to drink last night had he?

Terror building up, he chanced a look at Tay’s face, nobody knew about him, he couldn’t believe this is the way his group of friends would find out…

Taylor smiled, “Morning, bit disorientated are we?” he chuckled. Kai suddenly became aware of his arm; it felt like it was burning every second it kept contact with his friend. He gathered himself together and in a painfully slow movement, brought his hand up to brush through his hair, trying his hardest to look as confused as possible.

“How did…why am I in here…?” he stuttered out.

Tay chuckled again, “Ben and Nush got together last night – on my sofa” he grimaced with humour, “I thought it would have been a bit harsh to make you stay and watch that. Besides, it’s not like the bed isn’t big enough for two” He paused, looking over at Kai, “You okay, bud? You look kind of freaked out.”

“I’m naked, oh my God…” Kai blurted out, halfway between a screech and a confession. Tay noted the pink tinge creeping over Kai and wondered what the big deal was.

“Yeah, you gave me quite a show last night, I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off you after that striptease!” he joked.

Kai leapt out of bed, pulling the covers with him, exposing Tay’s morning erection.

“Shit, why are you naked too?”

“Calm down mate, I’m only messing with you. I was already in bed when you came through. Your striptease was more like a drunken tumble to the floor and a five minute wrestle with your flies – I didn’t see anything” He felt bad, he had no idea that Kai would be so sensitive. He might not have ever said the words, but he was sure Kai was gay, and he was sure he had dropped enough hints over the years that let him know he didn’t care.

Looking at the terrified look on his face, Taylor wondered if maybe he had been wrong about his friend.

“Don’t look so scared man, sorry, I thought you would see the joke, I mean it’s not like this is the first time you’ve woken up naked next to a guy is it? I thought I was being funny.” He tested – he could claim this part of the joke if this all went wrong, couldn’t he?

Kai looked dumb-founded “You know that…?” he said carefully, “Tay…how…?”

Taylor grinned, Kai looked so adorable to him in that moment that he tried not to reach out and grab him and hold him close. “Just a working theory” he shrugged. It was important to him that Kai not think this was a big deal, that he was comfortable he knew they would be friends no matter what. “Sit down before you fall down, and give me the covers back” he laughed.

Kai slid back onto the bed, keeping a distance and looking troubled.

Tay gave a few playful tugs to the corner of the sheet, without any reaction from Kai. With a smirk, he pulled hard, releasing the sheet and toppling Kai over, leaving him on his back, his head inches from Tay’s chest.

Looking down, Tay unthinkingly ran his hand through his friend’s dark hair, sweeping it from his eyes. He saw instantly the shudder run down Kai’s body and a look of apprehension cover his face.

Tay had messed about with guys before and had always enjoyed it, but it had always been beer fuelled. He had thought many times about his willingness to do anything when drunk, and the fear of acting on these impulses when he had no excuse to fall back on. Suddenly he realised his want for a relationship with a man that lasted more than a few minutes in a cloakroom.

With no further thought, Tay bent over and softly kissed Kai, throwing the covers off both of them. Kai took a few seconds and then responded – tentatively at first, sucking on Tay’s bottom lip, checking his friend’s face every few seconds for any signs of doubt.

“This can’t be happening” Kai thought.

Resolving to find out how far his friend would go, terror leached from him leaving adrenaline in it’s place and Kai pushed up into the kiss more forcefully.

The two men parted momentarily, searching each other’s eyes, when Tay pulled Kai up to face him.

Both kneeling on the bed, they pressed together in a way that every part of their bodies were touching, each feeling the other tremble under the touch and excitement of this new situation.

Kai felt Tay’s grip slacken slightly and watched as Tay questioned how to transition into the next step. With a sudden burst of confidence, Kai crushed his face into Tay’s, and pushed him down onto the bed. In one swift movement, he pinned Taylor’s wrists above his head and straddled his friend who was now squirming with anticipation.

Boring down heavily on him, he kissed Tay’s face, his eyelids, the tip of his nose and moved down from under his earlobe, kissing, licking and biting his way to his nipples. Tay arched his back in response, praying this would never end.

At that moment disappointment swelled in him as he felt Kai’s grip leave his wrists and his body lift off him. He wondered wildly if this had been some sort of sick joke, where Kai had in fact outed him.

Then he felt something new, Kai had moved off him, but he was now positioned between Taylor’s legs, kissing his stomach.

Taylor could feel his erection graze Kai’s neck, and he started to grind his hips, giving the indication that he was ready. As soon as the signal had been given, Kai took Tay in his mouth, licking the pre-cum from the tip of his cock, and kissing the length of his shaft before enveloping his best friend’s penis in his hot, wet mouth.

With his hands now free, Tay brought them to Kai’s head, stroking his hair and reaching down to pinch and nip at his nipples.

Taylor felt himself tighten, and wanting to prolong the experience, pulled Kai away from him, flipped him onto his back and rolled on top of him, starting to slowly grind. They were equally matched in size and Tay grabbed them together, stroking, while he kissed Kai deeply. Kai, having wished for this for many years, found it difficult to stop himself groaning and calling out his friend’s name. It had never sounded so good to him, and he felt compelled to whisper and sigh and call it out. This sent a chill down Taylor, who worked harder to please his friend.

Kai jerked and arched his back and came with force over himself and Tay’s hands. Tay rubbed it across Kai’s stomach, and used his mouth to clean his friend. He licked and sucked, and took Kai’s length in his mouth, tasting him for the first time. He ran his tongue along the shaft, and circled Kai’s head, before taking him completely down his throat, driving Kai wild as he was so sensitive after his orgasm, and Tay hadn’t given him any time to recover. He couldn’t control his body, and he bucked with every touch.

He started to soften slightly and Tay pushed his knees towards his chest, exposing the entrance he desired. He gently began to flick his tongue across Kai’s perineum, to more cries of delight. When he got to Kai’s tight hole he introduced his tongue, opening up his friend slightly. He pushed a finger in then, sweeping the insides of his tight friend. He brought his head up to kiss Kai’s stomach and look into his eyes, seeking permission to continue. As he did this, he noticed Kai was rock hard again, and leaking his sweet fluid, adding to the liquid pooled on his abs.

“Please, I want you inside me” Kai breathed.

Taylor brought his tip to his friend, and gently pressed himself onto his friend’s opening. He felt Kai relax slightly, and he increased the pressure and slipped inside.

Tay let out a gasp, and a smile pulled up the corners of his mouth. He rocked his hips a couple of times, entering deeper with each stroke, until Kai raised his hips and pushed himself onto Tay’s stiffness.

Taylor almost came at that moment, but stalled himself, stopping his strokes to kiss Kai more passionately than he had any other before. He bit down on his friend’s bottom lip and Kai whimpered. He had become accustomed to the stretch, and was now desperately trying to grind onto his friend, rocking his hips up, and pushing Taylor down into him as deeply as possible with his hand on his firm ass. Taylor took the instruction and began to pump inside Kai.

He took long, deep drives into him, hitting Kai’s spot with each delicious movement. Kai was streaming cum, and Tay quickly leant down to suck it off his friend.

Kai, wanted to be as close to the man that was inside him as possible, and pulled himself up, wrapping his arms around Tay’s neck, taking over the rhythm of their new found relationship. It made it so much more intense, being able to control each movement, and seeing the yearning and lust in Tay’s eyes, as he slid himself up and down Tay’s shaft, bringing him closer and closer to climax.

Taylor, feeling Kai’s hard cock rubbing against his stomach, and giving over all control, felt his balls tighten.

“I’m going to cum, slow down, oh my God…I’m….” Taylor gasped.

Kai bore down harder on his friend, tightening his muscles around Tay’s cock. “Cum with me”.

Both men exploded, Kai milking every last drop from Tay and feeling it flood him, and begin to overflow and run out of him.

Taylor fell onto his back, pulling Kai with him. Still connected, Kai gave a last few grinds, making sure he got every drop from Tay, before Tay pulled him up so he was straddling his chest, and took Kai into his mouth to clean him once more.

After Tay was satisfied there was no cum left on any part of Kai, he let Kai roll off him and moved his body so Kai could mould to his side, laying his head on Tay’s chest.

Both men sighed contentedly, “Wow” Taylor sighed as he brushed his lips on the top of Kai’s head before they drifted off to sleep again.

Dorian sat at the desk in the main sitting room. Three young women sat on the ornate couch across the room from him. Their high laughter tittered around, setting his teeth on edge.

“Dorian, come speak with us,” his sister, Jane, called to him.

“I must decline,” “he said, going back to his letter. Either it was his tone or Jane’s acquaintance with his personality that led her not to press him. He wasn’t a man to be swayed when he didn’t want to do something and at the moment he wanted to do nothing more than write his letters.

“You’re always so quiet, Dorian,” Elizabeth said from the couch, stirring her tea.

“I apologize.”

“You could make it up to us by joining our circle,” Emma added.

“Not now,” he said, not looking up from his letters to Jackson’s sister. He felt Emma’s gaze lingering on him, but would not raise his to his future fiancée’s. In her youth she found him fascinating, this infatuation was extending into her early womanhood. He found her endearing, as a sister to a brother. If a match must be made for him, she would work best. It was a relationship of the upmost convenience for their families. “Emma, when did Jackson say he would arrive?”

“This evening. He promised to be home before the ball.”

“Thank you.”

Then he returned to his letters with a small smile coming to his lips.


Dorian stood in front of his floor length mirror adjusting the black double-breasted jacket across his chest. The fastens were large bronze buttons. His ash short hair was fixed, but not overly so leaving the texture and ruffled look hardly tamed. His light gray eyes stood out nicely against his face. He knew he had many flaws. His appearance was not one of them. His pride, bordering on arrogance and quiet, nearly rude, demeanor could be among the highest on the list.

As he left his room he heard the women in their rooms yelling at each other for different articles of clothing. Servants were running this way and that to serve the young ladies. He avoided the business of the hallway and went to the stairs. People were already swarming the lower level, pouring in and out of the ballroom of his family’s estate, now only his, as his and Jane’s father and mother were dead for many years now.

“Mr. Bay, wonderful party,” the town banker called to him.

Dorian inclined his head. This party was of no design on his part. He would much rather be in his library reading. The raised voiced in the ornate hallways ricocheted and built. Emma was indeed beautiful. She was smart and quiet. She would be perfect for him.

As the night progressed, Emma, Jane and Elizabeth finally came downstairs. Emma made a grand entrance in a floor length light purple gown. Her pale hair was done in an elegant style. It made her neck look longer, more delicate. Her neck was his second most favorite feature about her.

The three women never lacked partners. Even Jane, his sister, who was already married to Jackson, had many partners. Dorian watched her dance and heard her laughter. He loved to hear his sister laugh, it was a sweet sound. The hours ticked away and the dances continued. The sun was setting and his nerves became increasingly taut. Soon he would have to make the announcement. He wanted Jackson to be there before he announced his engagement to his sister. It would be rude to do otherwise, among other things. Still, another hour went by and he couldn’t wait any longer. He did allow himself one more dance with Emma, it was their third that night. When people saw them dancing they received kind, sweet smiles. Everyone already knew what tonight was about. It was the way things were done. When the music for the dance ended, he took Emma’s hand and led her to the front of the ballroom.

He did not have to capture the attention of the surrounding people, his presence alone did that. The guests went silent. Emma’s hand became damp in his. He fought the urge to withdraw his from her grasp and wipe it on his pants. It would only stain them and it would look unseemly. That wasn’t to be stood.

“Excuse me, if I could have your attention,” he said to the room.

The room was already silent. Silent enough that when the heavy sound of someone walking in boots broke through the room, he looked toward the archway. Jackson stood in there from the opening room, still wearing the clothing he had been traveling in. His black jacket had dust on it. Their eyes met and Dorian swallowed hard.

“Dorian?” Emma asked quietly, bringing his attention back to the surrounding people.

“I apologize,” he said, turning back to her. He raised his voice again. “I have received the permission of Emma’s brother, Jackson Mialve, to marry her. She has accepted my proposal. She is beautiful, I am a lucky man,” he said, taking her hand then kissing the back. Then as decorum expected, he leaned down and kissed her. Her lips were soft, the shape of them familiar. They were his favorite feature about her. It was chaste, as all their kisses had ever been and pulled away.

Emma smiled at him nervously, an adorable blush rising in her full, pale cheeks. The applause echoed around the room until his head vibrated with it.


Congratulations were given to him through-out the evening. Most people who avoided him, giving him his space as he liked, came up to him now under this pretense. It was as if they expected his personality to change by this occurrence. His personality had not altered and the numerous well wishes annoyed him greatly. Emma had disappeared from his side to receive her own congratulations. She should be congratulated. The Mialve family had a large amount of money, but the connections that the Bay family could give her were wonderful. It was advantageous to be certain. It would be more advantageous for him, even more so than her.

“Congratulations,” a man called.

At the words, he was ready to be annoyed. At the voice it was spoken in, he never could be. He turned to Jackson with a smile already coming to his lips.

“Thank you, Brother,” he said.

Jackson’s light brown hair was disheveled, but he had changed out of his traveling clothes. His skin was tanned from his time away from the estate, giving his handsome face a warm healthy glow. Now he wore a jacket similar to Dorian’s, but with silver buttons. Their statures were similar, close in height, with Dorian maybe an inch or so shorter, but broader across his chest.

“You looked happy doing the announcing.”

“I am happy.”

“Is that so?”

“It is.”

“And why is that?” Jackson asked.

Again, Jackson received a close-mouthed smile that so many others never did, “You of all people need not ask.”

“But I do anyway,” Jackson pressed. Dorian saw the flint of something behind his warm brown eyes.

He put his hand lightly on Jackson’s shoulder and leaned close as if to be heard over the loud music. “Her lips are the same shape as yours.” When he pulled away, the uneasy emotion in Jackson’s face was gone, replaced by the beautiful warmth in his deep brown eyes.

“Mr. Bay, congratulations,” Mr. Walker said, joining their conversation.

Dorian removed his hand from Jackson’s shoulder and inclined his head to Walker.


The estate was dark as Dorian made his way to his room. He had just watched the last of the guests’ carriages rolling away, carrying a very drunk Mrs. Walker. It was only an hour or so before sunrise. He was exhausted, but his body tingled with pins embedded beneath the surface. Emma and the other women were still downstairs speaking of what had transpired. He had given her a good-night kiss and went to his room.

The room was large and dark. He lit a lamp on his bedside table and turned it low as he began to undress. A small bookshelf held the volumes he was reading at the moment. Most nights he would read before bed then some nights he didn’t. The words on the thick pages helped him not to think on the nights that he must be alone. Tonight he was too tired to think about reading. Still, the pins beneath his skin remained. The night wasn’t over yet.

He had just taken off his jacket when the light knock came at his door, just as he knew it would. He went and open it. His heart pounded harder as Jackson stood there. Jackson pushed him inside and closed the door behind them as he pressed Dorian against the wall. Dorian met his lips in a kiss that would never be considered chaste.

He groaned into Jackson’s mouth, savoring the slight tinge of alcohol mingled with his natural flavor. He heard Jackson inhale deeply through his nose and pulled them closer together. When Jackson’s fingers went to the buttons of his shirt, he allowed it. Jackson finished and ran his hands over his chest and up to his neck. He tilted his head back against the wall and let Jackson kiss and suck.

“I missed you, My Love,” Jackson spoke quietly.

“Not nearly as much as I did you,” Dorian said, running his fingers through the soft texture of Jackson’s hair. “We can’t do this tonight. You have to go be with Jane.”

“I don’t have to do anything, but be with you,” Jackson said, going back to Dorian’s throat. He bit and Dorian kneaded the back of his neck as a spike went down his spine and spread through his stomach.

“You’ve been away for a month. The servants will talk if you don’t spend tonight with her.”

“Let them.”

He tried to breathe correctly as Jackson continued his assault going down his chest. Before he could go lower than his sternum, Dorian pulled him up and back enough so their lips couldn’t meet.

“Tomorrow, come to me tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to. I want to stay with you tonight,” Jackson nearly whined. “I haven’t kissed you, touched you, felt you in over a month. I need you.”

“And it is mutual I assure you,” he said, taking Jackson’s hand and pressing it to his erection through his pants. “Don’t press this. Not tonight.”

“Don’t press?” Jackson asked, pushing his palm against the hard flesh.

Dorian groaned, closing his eyes. “Jackson, please.”

“Anything,” Jackson laughed quietly, kissing his neck again.

“That isn’t what I mean,” he said. “Not tonight.”

Jackson exhaled heavily against his neck. “I can’t convince you?”

“We’ve been doing this too long for you to ask.”

“Fine,” Jackson said and got on his knees. He undid the fastening of Dorian’s pants and pulled them down.

“What did I just say?” he asked frustrated.

“I’m going to get off tonight, although not by the person I would prefer, and you should too. Stop talking.”

It wasn’t such a hard task when Jackson took his dick into his mouth. He moaned again and wound his fingers into Jackson’s hair. This is how it had all began when he was fourteen and Jackson was fifteen. It had even been in this room. That first time, he was been so nervous he nearly puked on his closest friend. After he had gotten off at fourteen, he had reciprocated. They hadn’t talked about it much in the beginning, but things had progressed over a few month period. Now, he was twenty-six and Jackson was twenty-seven and things were what they were. Watching Jackson’s lips sealed around his dick, moving up and down still thrilled him. True, it wasn’t the intense thrill it had once inspired, but it was wonderful. Jackson began working his length and after a month of separation his climax didn’t take long.

Jackson gagged slightly while trying to take him all the way. He had never been good at opening his throat, but he tried. It was adorable and exhilaration to see his brown eyes watering from trying to please him. He made up for his lack in depth by always swallowing his cum, even when they were young. It never failed to make Dorian’s heart pound, to watch the slightest grimace across his face and the bob of his throat. Dorian leaned against the wall after, panting while Jackson pulled up his pants and buttoned them again. Then Jackson stood.

Dorian kissed him lazily, already wanting to sleep. “You smell so good after you travel,” he said quietly, inhaling the scent at Jackson’s neck. He smelled faintly of country air, horse, sweat, and his own warmth.

Jackson laughed quietly, nuzzling into his check, while he rested against his shoulder. “I need a good bath. You are gross for thinking sweat smells good.”

“Says the man who swallows my cum.”

Jackson laughed again. Dorian nearly purred into his neck to hear the sound. He held him closer. They stood that way for a few more moments before Jackson led him to the bed. Dorian sat on the edge and took Jackson’s hand.

“I changed my mind, stay with me,” he said.

“You always change your mind after I blow you,” Jackson said, reaching to right an errant lock of Dorian’s hair. “You were right though, not tonight. I only had to see you after you kissed Emma,” he said with an uncommon frown.

“Love, I had to.”

“It doesn’t make it any easier.”

“I know it is painful.”

Jackson took a deep breath, grazing his cheek with his hand. “I need to go. Jane is most likely looking for me. I’ll see you tomorrow night?”


“I love you.”

“And I love you.”

Jackson leaned down and kissed him again before leaving the room. Dorian stood and took off his clothing before crawling into his large, cold bed. To keep from thinking of Jackson with his sister and his poor sister with a man who didn’t love her as he should, he rolled over and went to sleep.

Gina arrived back into town three days later sitting in Deanna’s living room sipping on a cup of coffee. She smoothed out her blue jeans with the cheeks cut out with a matching strapless denim blouse and brown strapless sandals with six inch heels. She wore a pair light blue diamond dangling earring’s and light blue crystal beaded necklace and bracelet. She just stared into her cup as she listened to Deanna and Ryan in their kitchen cooking breakfast. She was amazed at how they managed to maintain their perfect marriage from their swingers life style. Maybe they should be running group sessions. She thought as she sighed deeply. Her long white nails tapped the edge of her cup. Ryan, a very handsome bear type of a man came into the living room to join his sister-in-law who he would fuck sense less if she would just say yes.

“Good morning you sexy lady.” He said as he kissed her on her hand as her sweet scent made his cock twitch.

“Good morning handsome.” Gina smiled up at her brother-in-law.

“Come on breakfast is done.” Deanna yelled from the kitchen.

Deanna stood by the stove placing eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy on their plates. She wasn’t sure if Gina had heard about Sue or not. She placed the plate in front of Gina with her worried look that Gina had become accustomed to. She noticed that Deanna’s long red hair was as lovely as when they were teenagers. Deanna’s figure was still firm and full, her beauty was beyond words. They did luck out in looks she thought to herself.

“Gina, Sue was beaten and brutally raped the other night. She is in a coma.” Deanna told her as she sat down at the breakfast table.

“Oh my God! I feel so guilty that it is killing me!” Gina broke down crying into her hands.

“Gina why should you feel guilty?” Deanna asked Gina wondering what on earth could she have done.

Gina looked at Deanna as tears filled her eyes and spilt down her cheeks. ” I used her with sex and then dumped her like Steven has done to me time after time. I guess she couldn’t handle it and then she ended up hitting Mary.” She cried not realizing that Mark and Ryan were standing behind her.

“So you broke Sue’s heart.” He said almost in a whisper.

Gina turned quickly and the hurt in Marks eyes cut through her like a knife. Gina never wanted to hurt Mark who use to be her high school sweetheart and best friend. Mark picked up Gina’s orange juice throwing it into her face.

At Memorial General…..

Leo walked into his wife’s room where she laid in bed injected with Thorozine. He shuts the door as he locks it behind him with an evil grin. He stands beside her bedside dressed in his grey suit, with a silk white shirt under neath, he had on his diamond rings on almost every finger. He was showing the powerful man that he was.

“So wifey dear you look relaxed for once.” He told Peggy as she tried to fight the drugs and could not.

Leo walked to the window looking out in the parking lot at the attractive red head waiting for him in his car. A huge smile on his face as he lit up a cigar and inhaling deeply as he slowly turned towards his wife laying helpless in her hospital bed. A chuckle escaped his lips as he once again approached her bed and pulling back her blanket and pinched her nipple hard with the cigar close to her breast.

“I wonder would you feel pain with all those lovely drugs flowing through you?” He asked as he placed the cigars cherry on her nipple.

Peggy’s eyes reflected the pain she felt and no matter what drugs she was under she held her screams inside. She prayed he would just leave her alone.

“Aw what my precious wife doesn’t want to pleasure me?” He asked getting angry that he did not get the reaction he wanted from her.

” So. . . . You are even, a bitch all wacked out on drugs huh?” He asked smiling and rolling his cigar in between his thumb and pointer finger and then he once again burnt her breast and this time she did let the soft scream escape between her lips.

“That’s better my sweet whore of a wife. Now I have to go oh and I did check out your doctor I think he is just a bit sadistic, but I would have picked him for you myself.” He said as he laughed an evil laugh as he walked out of her room.

Mary laid reading a book when Leo walked into her room. Silence filled the room except for the sound of Mary’s heart beat in her ears. She wondered why he was here? Leo without any expression on his face was beside her bed when he suddenly and without warning had her neck clutched in his hand. He smiled wickedly at her as she struggled for air and for her life.

Gina’s Office….

Gina sat in her empty office where for one year she held group sessions with couples. Her eyes glistened as she looked around the room remembering all the memories. She was going to resign here until she could heal her own soul.

The door opened to Gina’s office, Charley walked in slowly and so humble. His big blue eyes were swollen from crying and all the sleepless nights since Mary’s accidents. His blue jeans fit his athletic body loosely and his football jersey was blue and baggy, but his blonde curly hair made him look so much like a little boy.

“I…I need someone to talk to Gina.” He said shutting the door and sitting next to her on the office couch.

“Oh Charley, I am so sorry for what happened.” She told him and placing her arms around his shoulder for comfort.

She felt funny when he began crying so hard in her arms, she cradled him as his heart was breaking into. Once their eyes met it was not long until their lips met hungrily and wanting. His hand moved up to her breast as he laid her back on the couch. Her back arched upwards as he kissed her neck and unzipped her jeans, he began to remove them with her help. Soon they were both naked and his cock was hard and wanting to fuck her. He could not believe the sensation he felt of this sinful pleasure with this devilish angel. His cock went deep into her hot juices, deeper with each thrust of his body into hers.

Gina wrapped her tanned perfect legs around Charley’s waist so could take him deeper within her pussy. He sucked on her nipples, licking them from time to time and holding her so close to his body as well as his hairy chest that made her feel comfort. Their bodies began rocking back and forth, faster and harder until their moans were heard throughout her office. They never heard Peter open the door until they sat up seeing him standing there speechless, but mostly he could not believe she would do this to him…to his heart.

To Be Continued. . .

My best friend Luke spends the night every weekend. We have a great time since we both are off of work for the weekend. So we play video games, drink, watch movies and whatever in general. Tonight is different though.

Normally every other weekend or so we buy a porn video off the cable channel and watch it. I know he at some point in the night goes and jacks off as I do myself. But, tonight when I hit the buy button, somehow I selected the wrong video. At the start, it is like any other porn, but when the first scene comes on it’s of two guys.

Now at first, we both complain and boo, but for some reason neither of us wants to turn it off. We each play it off as curiosity or something along those lines, but this is far from the truth. So we watch it to its fullest. Once it is over, we forget about it or so I think and after a few hours of gamming we crash.

I live in a one bedroom apartment, but the bedroom is large and so I have two beds. Yes, it seems odd, but if I had a spare room, I’d have a bed there for my guests. Since I don’t I use my room, I mean the bedroom is for sleeping after all, not for socializing in, unless I’m with a woman.

So as we lay, trying to go to sleep my cock is harder than ever. The video we watched earlier is still running through my head and I can’t stop thinking of those cocks in it. Now I’m not gay, but seeing a cock, especially being used by another guy is kind of a turn on. Apparently, Luke has the same idea. I look over toward his bed and see a rhythmic bobbing motion under the blanket. It gets faster as I know he is stroking himself. Before I know it, my hand is between my legs and I am rubbing my cock through my boxers.

When he notices me looking in his direction, he whips off his blanket showing me his naked body. His hand instantly goes back to his cock and starts stroking it again. Without giving any thought to it, I throw mine off as well then my boxers. I wrap my hand around my rock hard cock and start stroking it just as slowly as Luke.

We sit here for a moment, looking at each other as we both slowly stroke our cock. Then Luke breaks the silence by saying, “Your is pretty big.”

I admit it is nice being complimented on my size, even if it is from another guy. I release my grip and let it fall and then using my muscles, I start to make it bounce. I spread my legs a bit, to give him a better view, but I guess Luke takes the display as some sort of invitation, because before I know it, he is kneeling on the floor with his fingers wrapped around my cock.

Intense sensations rush through my body, ones I have never felt before. Feeling Luke’s hands on y cock feel somehow different than any woman I have ever been with. As he strokes it, his face gets closer to my cock and I start to wonder if he plans to suck it. The he takes a hand and slides it down to his cock to start stroking it while continuing with mine.

I stand, for reasons I do not know, and Luke stands with me until we are face to face. I reach around behind him and grab him by his ass, pulling him in closer to me. My cock head shoves into his balls as I feel his press against my skin. Before I know it, Luke’s arms go around my neck and his face into my chest. I reach down, grabbing onto his cock, feeling the hardness of it. He starts to grind against me and after only a few moments his cock starts to throb and hot wetness begins to coat my hand.

As is hot cum surges over my stomach, I cum as well, so much that I plaster his balls with big globs of cum that drip from them and onto the floor. Our cocks don’t even go soft, if anything mine gets bigger and thicker as we rub our mingled cum over both our cocks. I don’t feel Luke’s go limp either and it might be getting thicker too. We are so wet that we glide against each other. I move my cum covered hand from between us and without thought, grab the back of his head, pulling it to face me and kiss him. His arms tighten around my neck and he kisses back. Before long we are digging out tongues into each other’s mouths and our hands are groping all over each other’s bodies.

We fall to the bed and continue to grand against each other. I suddenly feel the urge to burst again as Luke’s slippery, hard cock and balls rub against mine. I grab his narrow hips and lift him up off me to stop me from exploding. His hands are pulling at my hair and face as we kiss and when I lift him, he ends up over on top of me.

We stare into each other’s eyes and as we do, thoughts of being gay start running through my head. Was I? I have never had thoughts like this before and I am into woman. Luke speaks up first, interrupting my thoughts.

“I want to suck it,” he says before crawling down my body and before I know it, he is pushing his tongue through the folds of skin at the tip of my uncut cockhead.

If it is alright with him then it is with me.

He pulls down my foreskin and sucks the whole unsheathed cockhead into his hot, wet mouth. I look down just as he takes it completely down his throat and that is all it takes. I slam my eyes shut and my whole body seizes. When the first shot explodes, I hear Luke make a noise. My load is so big that it hurts and the second blast is just as incredible. I can feel my hot cum spreading between my cockhead and the already hot and wetness of his mouth. A second later he sucks harder and I hear him gulping. He isn’t able to keep up with the amount of cum I am shooting into his mouth as I feel the warm flood of cum drip down my shaft to my balls.

When it becomes too much for him to handle, he starts to gag and choke, which only makes me shoot even more cum into his already full mouth. My whole body jerks involuntarily and I can’t believe the sensations running through me. By the time he slurps off the last few drops, I cannot do anything but lay here. He crawls back up my panting body and kisses me. I dig my tongue around in my best friend’s mouth, tasting and trying reclaim as much of my cum as I can.

When I can taste nothing, I start to relax, kissing him gently. I feel his hard cock press against my stomach and then it is gone and he starts crawling back up my body. I watch his body move slowly up past my head until his cock is level with my mouth with a thick strand of precum dripping from his cockhead. He tilts his hips inward and I open my mouth to graciously accept his cock. He starts thrusting it as deep down my mouth as he can.

I reach up to grab Luke’s hips so I can control how deep down his cock goes. I push his hips up so I can feel just his cockhead in my mouth and then he thrusts his hips trying to bury his cock in my mouth. I push up again and he thrusts again. We do this for several minutes before he lets out a grunt. On the next thrust, he puts a lot more strength in it and I feel his cockhead push down my throat. Then I feel Luke’s first hot spurt of cum and I immediately start gulping as I once again push his hips up. A second load shoots out, followed by a third and I try to swallow as fast as I can.

Luke grunts and groans as he shoots his load, his body withering. There is so much of it and I can feel it seep over his cock and out my mouth to drip down my cheeks and over my chin. When he finally finishes and I feel his body relax over me, I pull his body down so that his cock slips with a wet slurp from my mouth and we once again are face to face. I put my lips to his and shove my cum covered tongue into his mouth. Luke starts sucking my tongue, pulling as much of his cum into his own mouth as he can.

We lay here for a while until we fall asleep in each other’s arms. Tonight brought this on and I can only imagine what the morning will bring.

All characters are above the age of 18.

This is the first of many sexual adventures that I have embarked on with my new friend. I am Elizabeth. I am normal height for a girl, I have long, dark hair and brown eyes. I’m not super skinny; in fact, I probably carry a little more weight than most girls I know. But in my case, I feel like it is distributed quite well, and I actually like the fact that my boobs are a little bigger, and my hips a little curvier than those other girls; I’ve never understood how other girls think that starving themselves into sticks is a good idea. I mean really, what’s sexy about ribs showing?

The friend that many of these stories concern is Savannah. I think she’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. She is skinny, and tall, which makes her seem even skinnier. But hers is a natural thinness, which makes her that much more beautiful. Her height and slim figure grace her with long, thin, perfectly formed legs that run on forever, and meet in the most flawless little ass you’ve ever seen. She has long black hair that has the most incredible wave to it. Her breasts are only a B cup, but are shaped so perfectly and look so firm that it doesn’t really matter. Her eyes are clear hazel, and are almond shaped, so that when she smiles, her face looks angular and exotic.

She is absolutely brilliant in school and is a great tennis player. She and this genius, Connor, have been going out for almost two years now. With all this, you might expect her to be prim and proper, and to only ever focus on her studies, and never do anything unexpected or remotely interesting. For a long time, that is exactly what I thought about her, and so I didn’t really bother to try to get to know her. But at the beginning of my junior year, we had been talking, and all of a sudden I realized that she was nothing like I had expected; she was fun, and funny, and had quite a wild streak. I decided that we had hang out more. And just like that, we went from distant acquaintances to great friends. My life has never been boring since.

She and I take environmental science from this great super-hippie guy who gets everyone’s pop culture references and understands what it’s like to be a teenager. Part of the class is that in the second semester, both of his environmental science classes go together to the marshes outside Charleston to count snail populations or something. Nobody really cared about the snail counting, but the people in the environmental science classes were really cool, and we got to miss a Thursday and Friday of school, so we were all pretty excited. Wednesday afternoon, we were told to come back to school at four thirty to meet the bus. Savannah and I immediately agreed to meet back at my house to get my stuff and hang out before we had to leave. However, she was more than fifteen minutes late; I was about to call her when the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, her olive skin was practically glowing, and she had an absentminded half-smile on her face. “What took you so long?” I asked, playing like I was angry. She glanced around, then pulled me up to my room.

Once the door was closed, she turned back and said excitedly, “I guess I can tell you. I was on my way up to the parking lot to head over here, but Connor grabbed me and pulled me into that tiny bathroom by the lecture hall.” She paused, smiling dreamily and looking off into the distance. “And I sucked him off,” she said happily. I was confused; I had always thought that blowjobs were something humiliating and objectifying, and here Savannah was talking about sucking off her boyfriend like it was the best thing in the world.

“But I thought blowjobs were like…degrading, or something.” I said. “I mean, don’t you feel like a sexual object; he’s getting everything and you get nothing.”

She laughed and replied, “Oh, I get plenty from it: I just love how hard and big his cock feels in my hands, how my lips just glide over his skin, and the way his dick feels against my tongue and the back of my mouth. Just because he doesn’t touch my pussy doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel good. I’m sure SOME girls don’t like doing it, but I LOVE it.”

I frowned and said, “I can’t imagine how someone would like that….”

She hardly heard me; she was still caught up in her memory. “And then he came in my mouth so hard! It felt soooooo good when I swallowed it!” I recoiled a little bit.

“Ewwwwwww!” I exclaimed, “He came in your MOUTH? And you SWALLOWED it?! Ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwwww!”

She looked at me like I was crazy. “What’s so disgusting about it?”

“I don’t know…but it is!”

“Why? I think it’s great. It’s like you’re taking a little piece of him inside you. Doesn’t that sound even a LITTLE bit nice?”

“No, because it’s GROSS!”

She sighed and said, “I guess you just have to experience it to understand.”

“If you say so,” I responded skeptically. But despite what I had previously thought, the seed of an idea had been planted in my head. Maybe it really was as great as Savannah had said.

Evidently, she was aware that I was thinking this, because she said, “Ha. You know you want to try it. Just look at you!” I glanced down at myself. My skin was a bit flushed, and my nipples were just poking through my sheer top. I hadn’t paid attention and realized that my body had responded a little bit, just by listening to her story. She snickered a little bit, and said, “We have to leave soon. You should pack up, and probably bring a thicker top. And maybe you should change panties too.”

“Oh shut up,” I said, throwing a pillow at her, “I’m not that turned on.” But when I went into my closet to pack, I made sure to quickly stick my hand in my pants and check how wet I really was. Thankfully, I was only a tiny bit moist. I quickly threw together my clothes and we headed out to my car.

We parked in the back lot and walked around front, where the bus was waiting. About half of the other students had arrived so far. Everyone was milling around outside the bus, sitting on the grass, not wanting to get in the cramped bus until the teacher forced us to. Savannah and I attached ourselves to a group of girls we knew. We talked about frivolous stuff, but I was distracted, giving only short answers and not being very engaged. I was looking at the boys standing around us, wondering what it would be like for one of them to pull me into a bathroom, for me to pull their shorts off and suck on their cock until they came in my mouth and I could swallow it all. Savannah saw me looking, and smiled discreetly to herself.

On a whim, I grabbed my bag and dashed to the bathroom (unfortunately, by myself). After locking the door, I pulled off my top, and then, after a brief moment of thought, took off my bra. I took a brief moment to look at my naked breasts in the mirror, and allowed myself a quick squeeze. I then put on a tight top with a low neckline, without putting my bra back on. I stuffed my other shirt and my bra into my bag, and rushed back out to the bus. The teacher had herded most of the students onto the bus. Savannah stood waiting by the bus door; if she had any comment about my change in wardrobe, she kept it to herself.

We took a seat in the middle of the bus. There were girls in front of us and to one side, but behind us, there was nothing but boys. This was perfect. In the seat directly behind us there were two boys in our grade. After a quick glance at Savannah, I sat on my knees on the seat, turned around, and leaned over the back to “talk” with the boys. I bent over the edge, with the seat pressing my breasts up and together, and my neckline bunching to reveal massive cleavage. I was sure to keep my shirt stretched tight over my tits, both to define their shape and to keep it from falling away to reveal the entire breast. I wanted to tease the boys, not flash them.

The two boys I had targeted were a pair of best friends on the wrestling team. As a result of their endless working out, running, and cutting weight, they were incredibly chiseled and defined. The one on the right, Doug, had dark hair and was fairly outgoing; he was in one of the smaller weight classes, and so he was shorter and compact, and while his muscles were well defined, they weren’t huge. The boy on the left, staring absent-mindedly out the window, had wavy curls of brown hair, a soft face, and was in a higher weight class, and so was larger and more muscular than his friend.

I was on friendly terms with both of them, but I remembered how the one on the left, David, had had such a crush on me freshman year. He had gone to a conservative Christian middle school, and so when he came to our high school, he was overloaded by how the girls weren’t all wearing the nun-like uniforms he was used to. He had had no idea how to react to all these girls wearing less-than-modest clothes to school every day. For whatever reason, I had caught his eye more than any of the others, even though I didn’t dress slutty like some of the girls in our grade. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of flattered, and secretly loved every single look he ever threw me. After a while though, he got used to this new system without uniforms, and he relaxed around the girls.

Anyway, I was bent provocatively over the seatback, with my boobs practically falling out of my shirt. Savannah was watching me, but didn’t sit up next to me; both because she wanted all of their focus on me, and because she had a boyfriend back home (though I suspected that the second reason didn’t matter a ton to her; knowing her, she would just say that looking is free but touching costs you). I started up a conversation with the boys, but I don’t think any of us were actually paying attention to what we were talking about; they were watching my breasts spilling out of my neckline, and I was watching them watching me. I saw their eyes drop to my chest from time to time, even though they tried not to be obvious about it. For my part, I was following their eyes, and seeing how often they would glance at my tits. My own eyes would drop occasionally to their crotches, to see if I could notice any detectable bulging, but unfortunately for me, boys’ shorts are pretty good for hiding growing tent poles. Still, I couldn’t miss that telltale moment when they attempted to discreetly reach between their legs and flip their swelling members into their waistbands. It made me feel so sexy and hot, giving these boys hard-ons. I felt a stirring inside me, and I could tell that my nipples were hardening, which was impossible to hide beneath my thin, tight shirt with no bra underneath, but I didn’t want to hide them; I wanted the boys to see my hard nipples poking out.

I let them ogle them through my shirt for a while, then thought that I would take pity on them, and slid back down into my seat. Savannah and I shared a silent but intense giggle, and I whispered to her, “Oh my God, it makes me feel so sexy to have boys looking at me like that!”

“I know!” she whispered back, “I love to do it. You ought to try it more often. It’s so much fun.”

“You’re telling me. I thought their eyes were going to pop out when my nipples started to get hard.” She laughed, and surprised me by tweaking one of them through my thin shirt, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from me. I looked at her inquisitively, but she just looked away as if nothing had happened.

After a moment, I decided to let it go and ask her about something else. I tapped her on the shoulder and said in a low voice, “I’ve been thinking about, you know, what we talked about at my house today.”

She smiled knowingly and said, “Thinking you might be changing your mind?”

I thought a moment and said, “I think I definitely want to try it. But I don’t know who I would do it with.”

She laughed and replied sarcastically, “Well I don’t think that it’ll be too hard to find a guy who will let you give him head if you ask him nicely.”

“Well I don’t want it to be just anybody!” We spent the next half hour of the bus ride discussing who I could suck off, but we never made a decision.

We arrived late in Charleston, and our teacher took us to the place we were staying: a youth hostel on the outskirts of town. It consisted of a bunch of small rooms, most of which did not contain beds, separated from one another by thin wooden partitions. Our teacher claimed that it had a “rustic charm,” but I think most of the charm for the school lay in the dirt cheapness of the place. There was a rush to claim spots, but Savannah and I didn’t bother. There was no way we would end up in a room with a bed, so it was all floor to us, as long as we ended up next to each other. Savannah and I had struck up another conversation with David and his friend Doug shortly before arriving, and so we ended up together in the doorway to a tiny room that could barely fit three students in sleeping bags. David and Doug rock-paper-scissored for the third spot, as was obviously the manliest way to handle the matter. David won handily 2-0, and Doug rolled his eyes, grinned, and went looking for a room with one extra spot. We all rolled out our sleeping bags and flopped down. There were scattered muffled conversations echoing through the wooden walls, but soon almost everyone went to sleep.

But not me. I lay under my sleeping bag, thinking over what I wanted to do. By now I had thought about the idea so much that it was totally lodged in my brain, and I felt like I had to do it. Disjointed images and fantasies whirled through my restless brain, until I had worked myself up into a frenzy. After tossing and turning about, my gaze fell on David sleeping soundly next to me. I remembered the way he had looked at me on the bus, how he had had to hide his boner from me, and the way it had made me feel to get him hot. All of a sudden, the disjointed images from before fused into a single, continuous fantasy; David unzipping his shorts and sliding them around his ankles…his big cock springing from its fabric prison…me taking it in my hand and feeling it all over before opening my mouth to accept it…me bobbing my head and hands faster and faster, working to get him off…him grunting in pleasure as he spurted his hot cum into my mouth…me moaning happily as I gulped down every drop.

The harder I tried to ignore this fantasy, the more powerful it got. Eventually I got worked up to the point that I felt like if I didn’t do it RIGHT now, I would pop from repressed sexual energy. I sat up and held my head in my hands, trying to shake it off. I heard a rustling next to me. Savannah, who was naturally sleeping on the other side of me, had heard me sit up, and wanted to know what was the matter. I leaned over to her and quickly whispered how I was hornier than I had ever been, and couldn’t stop thinking about sucking David’s cock. I gestured miserably to my other side, where David himself lay sleeping heavily. Savannah thought for a moment, then grinned wickedly at me.

Because it was a hot spring evening in South Carolina, they had left the windows open, and of course it was hotter than hell in the cramped rooms. As a result, everyone had unzipped their sleeping bags and had them loosely draped over them. Savannah had crawled over to where David was and was easing his sleeping bag off of him. I hissed and grabbed her arm, but couldn’t make any more noise for fear of waking someone. I dragged her back over to my bed area, and whispered frantically, “Are you crazy?! What are you doing?!”

She gave me the same wicked smile and replied, “Making your fantasy come true.”

I couldn’t believe it; “You can’t!” I said urgently.

“Why not?” she asked.

“What do you mean, why not?! Because we’re surrounded by people, if he wakes up we’re dead, and he’s got a fucking girlfriend!” I retorted quickly.

She said back just as quickly, “Nobody can see us in here as long as we keep quiet, he’s like the heaviest sleeper I’ve ever seen, and it’s not cheating if he doesn’t even know it’s happening. Besides, you know his girlfriend; she’s sweet, but she’ll NEVER put out for him. If you suck him off, it’ll be the most action he’ll have gotten in months, even if he’s not awake for it.”

“Yeah but….” I spluttered. I realized quickly that she was right on all counts, but I knew that I could never do it. It just wasn’t supposed to happen. I tried to communicate this to her, but could think of no reason that I could give her.

“Would you just quit being a chicken and do it!” she said, and pulled me back over to where David was sleeping. I quickly realized that she had been right about how heavy a sleeper he was; he had not stirred at all during our hissed conversation—if anything, he was now even more deeply asleep. She pulled me to his side, and, after making sure I wasn’t about to scurry back over to my bed area, continued to slip his covers away. He had kicked half of them away anyway, so she had no trouble getting them off. Seeing him lying there exposed, I caught my breath. He had removed his shorts and shirt, and so he lay under me in nothing but his boxers. He was even more jacked than I’d thought. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I reached down and hooked my fingers under his boxers, slowly tugging them down until they were bunched around his knees.

I had never had a chance to really look at a soft cock before. In all the pictures I had seen, they were already erect; rock hard and huge. This wasn’t anticlimactic though; if anything, I was fascinated by it. I settled next to him, and tentatively reached down to touch it. It felt spongy and stretchy in my hand. I moved my hand down to play with his balls for a moment. I cupped them gently in my hand; they seemed so firm, but so soft. His scrotum was a little sticky from sweating in the hot room. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I rubbed my hand on the sweaty skin, then raised my hand to my face to smell it. The scent wasn’t really pleasant, but there was something in it; something animalistic, primal, powerful.

I returned my hand to his soft penis, and began to feel all over it, getting used to the pliable feel of the tissue. However, as I manipulated his cock, I could feel it swelling, stiffening, changing. I began to get excited; I was getting him hard! It made me feel hot to have that kind of power. Again, I don’t know what compelled me to do it, but I sat up and pulled off the loose fitting T-shirt I had put on to sleep in. I was left in just my panties, with my breasts exposed. The open air was so stimulating on my naked flesh; I felt goosebumps spreading across my bare skin, and I shivered from sexual energy. I returned my attention to David’s rapidly swelling cock. I ran my hands all over his growing shaft; I flicked my fingers over the little flap of skin just below the head of his penis, and the whole thing twitched. I suppressed a giggle, and did it again, then ran my hand up and down the length of his cock. I couldn’t believe how much his penis had grown since I had started to manipulate it; it had swollen from a little over three inches long to almost seven, and was now almost two inches in diameter.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a pair of hands reaching around me to grab at my breasts. I had almost forgotten that Savannah was there with me, but now she was grabbing at me from behind, fondling my breasts and flicking her fingers over my nipples. I didn’t really think about it being lesbian or anything like that, and at any rate, I wasn’t about to tell her to stop. I sighed and sat back to enjoy it, but she whispered in my ear, “Don’t stop touching it.” I quickly returned my hands to David’s cock.

I could tell that it was about as big as it was going to get. I have to admit that it was a pretty exciting sight; his cock fully erect and waiting for me to please it. I turned and whispered to Savannah, “What should I do with it?” She didn’t say anything, but took one of her hands away from my breast and placed it over mine. She guided my hand to his cock, and wrapped it around the base. She showed me how much pressure to apply, and began to run my hand up and down the length of it. She guided me for a few strokes, then returned to her assault on my tits. I continued jacking his cock up and down slowly, running my hands all over it. After a moment, Savannah pulled my hand away and told me to spit in it. I did, and returned to rubbing his dick, my fingers sliding smoothly over his skin. I loved the way it felt in my hand; how I could feel every inch of it.

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