friend’s mom

This story is true. The names have been changed to protect the fully-clothed.

Throughout my teenage years, I had a best friend named Lisa. We were close; however, we never had a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. It was one of those rare relationships between a boy and a girl where we connected on a friend level. We were best buddies.

I was always hanging out at Lisa’s house. She lived with her parents, Debbie and Joe. After about five years of living across the street from each other, Lisa’s parents divorced. Debbie took Lisa, and moved farther north, about three hours away.

Naturally, I didn’t see much of Lisa for awhile. But, the summer I turned 18, I went to visit her for a couple of weeks, which is where this story really begins.

I’d been at Lisa’s for about a week, and we passed the time as always…hanging out in her room, listening to music, and meeting her new friends. Debbie worked every day and was out of the house until about 5 p.m., which left Lisa and I plenty of time to hang out and have fun.

One afternoon, Lisa had to take the bus downtown for a job interview. Since her mom was already at work, that left me alone in the house for several hours.

After Lisa left, I decided to take a shower. The house had two bathrooms. One, in the hallway, with a standard tub-shower…and one in Debbie’s room. The shower in Debbie’s room was a luxurious and spacious, black-tiled walk in, surrounded on three sides by clear glass. I’d used it two or three times since I’d been there, but always when someone was home.

Stripping in the spare room that I slept in, I headed down the hall, totally naked, knowing that nobody would be home for a few hours. I’d planned to use the tub-shower; however, as I passed Debbie’s room, and incredibly naughty thought entered my mind.

Now, Debbie was a cougar if there ever was one. At this time, she was in her early fifties…but let me tell you, she was hot. She was Hawaiian and Hispanic…long black hair that fell to her hourglass waist, dark skin, and brown eyes. Her skin hardly gave away her age. And the best part, at least in my young eyes, was those boobs. Good lord. She’d obviously had a boob job in the past, and today, I’d guess them to have been at least an E-cup if not bigger.

Debbie often wore low-cut tops and tight leggings around the house, which fueled my young masturbatory fantasies. I spilled many loads picturing her naked.

Anyway, as I passed Debbie’s room, I thought about how dirty it would feel to lay on Debbie’s bed, totally naked, and masturbate. The fantasies were raging through my head like the blood through my cock. The thought of that made me so hard it hurt.

Sneaking into her room, I sat down on her bed for a moment. She had a full-length mirror on the wall, and I could see myself, fully naked, with a pounding hard-on, sitting on the edge of the bed.

I was totally nude in the room of the mother of my best friend…and the thought of it was turning me on to the point that it was becoming difficult to breath.

There was a photo of Debbie on the night stand. In it, she wore a low-cut top, and her beautiful, jet-black hair cascaded around her huge breasts. Taking the picture in hand, I lay back with my shoulders on her pillows, and began to slowly stroke my rock hard cock.

Staring into Debbie’s eyes on the photo, I imagined that she was there, standing in front of me, watching me stroke myself. In my imagination, she was fully-clothed, while I was totally naked.

In my fantasy, Debbie watched me and smiled…encouraging me to stroke my cock on her bed, as she slowly unbuttoned one button at a time on her blouse. I imagined her huge, gorgeous tits, slowly coming into view with each undone button.

Soon I was lost in the picture of my friend’s beautiful mom, stroking my cock harder, and faster.

In my mind’s eye, Debbie had finally unbuttoned her top completely, letting it fall open to her sides. She stood there watching me, her enormous, bra-covered tits, heaving with excitement. I spit on my hand for lubrication and attacked my cock…stroking fast, pulling and squeezing, while clutching her picture to my face. My eyes feasted on her while my mind conjured my dirty fantasy.

I was jerked from my fantasy of Debbie by the sound of the front door opening and closing downstairs. Thinking that Lisa was back early, I continued to stroke in spite of myself, because I knew she’d go into the kitchen.

Besides, the thought of stroking, to her mom’s picture, naked on her bed, while Lisa was in the house made me so hot, I really couldn’t stop. I fantasized about Lisa catching me as I beat harder.

Thinking that I had a few moments at least, I jacked my cock hard and fast. I was close to coming…I licked Debbie’s picture, imagining that I was licking her huge titties. In my mind, I was now fucking Debbie, while Lisa walked around downstairs.

Suddenly, I heard Debbie’s voice…”Lisa? You home?”

My heart stopped in my chest. She was coming up the stairs! I knew that I had seconds before she walked in and caught me. Dropping the picture, I jumped up and scrambled into Debbie’s bathroom and jumped into the shower, turning the water on at the same time.

Moments later, I heard Debbie in the bedroom. She was opening and closing dresser drawers. Then, it dawned on me…the picture! I’d left it on the bed. My cock was still hard, despite the terrified pounding of my young heart in my chest. “Lisa, you in there?” Debbie called out from the bedroom.

Not knowing what to do. I stood there, with the water running…my hard cock still wanting to be stroked, when Debbie walked into the bathroom.

She looked through the glass, right at me. “Oh, John,” she said, surprised…”I thought Lisa might be home already.” “” I stuttered, holding my hands in front of my throbbing cock, “she’s not home yet.”

The shower glass had not yet fogged up, and Debbie stood there looking at me for a moment. I was totally naked, and totally revealed to her.

She asked me why I was in her shower. I told her that I liked it better than the tub-shower. She smiled that gorgeous smile at me, (which didn’t help my cock), and asked why I wasn’t washing myself. Stupidly, I removed my hands from in front of my cock, and began to soap up. My boner was so hard it hurt.

Standing a moment longer, Debbie looked me up and down and smiled again, before walking out and leaving the door open.

I breathed a sigh of relief, but, the thought of what just happened was more than I could take. Grabbing hold of my hard rod, I beat for all I was worth…pretending that Debbie was still standing there, looking at me.

I was close to coming, when Debbie walked backed in. “I thought you might need this..” she said, holding up a towel.

She’d caught me in the middle of stroking and I couldn’t stop. “Okay,” I moaned, beating my dick furiously. What happened next was insane. Reaching out, Debbie simply opened the shower door.

My back was pressed against the wall. Every muscle in my body was tensed and screaming, as I stood on my tip-toes and beat my throbbing, angry-red cock.

I looked at Debbie…right into her eyes, and moaned.

“Oh…” was all she said.

She was openly staring at me. There was no way in hell that I could stop at this point. Seeing Debbie, standing there, her massive cleavage spilling out of her blouse, and her beautiful eyes looking me up and down as I jacked off, totally naked, right in front of her…I came…beating my cock for all I was worth.

I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh God, Debbie..” I moaned, as my knees bucked.

Cum sprayed from my dick, all over my belly, the floor, and the shower wall. I came harder than I can remember ever coming before. The whole time, Debbie stood there watching.

As wave after wave of ecstasy overtook me, I pulled on my cock hard, rocking back and forth.

“Debbie…Debbie..” I moaned over and over…unable to stop.

Finally, when my orgasm subsided, I stood there, with dick in hand and looked at her. I was so embarrassed.

“I’m sorry…” I said, hoping she wouldn’t be mad. I mean, I was pretty scared now.

A grin broke out on her face. “Sorry?” she smiled, looking at my cock…”you have nothing to be sorry for…” I smiled back at her, meekly, thankful that she wasn’t mad.

After a moment, she layed the towel on the sink, closed the shower door, and walked out again.

I stepped out and dried myself off, leaving the bathroom door open. I could hear her in the bedroom, and my young cock started to rise again.

Leaving the towel hanging on the rack, I walked out of the bathroom, naked. Debbie was sitting on the edge of the bed, where I had sat. She smiled at me, causing my cock to thob. “Wow” she laughed, “must be nice to be young.”

With that, she said I should go get dressed, because Lisa would be home any minute.

As I left the room, she called out to me again.

Turning, I came back in, and stood in front of her, my cock pointing right at her.

“Next time honey,” she smiled, “put my picture back okay?” I turned ten shades of red and apologized. I was so embarrassed.

She said that it was okay, she didn’t mind me masturbating to her picture…it was normal for a young man. But she just wanted me to put it back when I was done. I agreed, and went back to get dressed.

Nothing more was ever said between Debbie and me about that day. I never told Lisa about it either.

But, I did continue to jerk off on Debbie’s bed for the rest of my visit whenever I had the chance.

Today, I am in my late forties, and I still get a good jerk remembering my friend’s mom.

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