This story contains very little sex. It is about a husband with a hang up opening up a Pandora’s box of information about his wife’s past. Move on to another story if that isn’t for you.

Jim had recently taken a new job in a new state. He enjoyed the job but missed his family, His wife, Marie, and kids hadn’t yet made the move. They were waiting for the house to sell. Jim was temporarily living in a small apartment. He was often feeling lonely but looked for ways to keep himself occupied. It was not uncommon for him to go out alone to get dinner.

This Friday night was one of those times. Jim wasn’t flying home this weekend. So, he headed out for pizza and beer. He had found a place that actually had good pizza and the fact that they had craft beer on tap was a bonus.

Jim settled into a seat at the bar, placed his order and relaxed with his beer, watching a ball game while waiting for his pizza. Jim was surprised when the pretty twenty something girl settled onto the stool next to his. In his mid-forties, Jim was no longer used to hot young women sidling up next to him.

Jim kept stealing glances at her. She was an attractive brunette with a slim, attractive body. She was dressed simply in tight jeans and a tank top. There was just something about her that he found very appealing.

She caught him by surprise when she leaned in to talk to him. She said, “Why are you here alone? Where’s your wife?” She had spied the ring on his finger.

He gave an abbreviated version of his story. The gist was he took a new job and his wife hadn’t relocated yet. They continued to make some small talk. She was simply hanging out waiting for her boyfriend to get off work. Her name was Sarah.

Over the course of the next few minutes, Jim learned that Sarah and boyfriend, Mark, had been dating for nine months and Sarah was expecting that they would eventually get married. Sarah liked to talk. After spending a good amount of time talking about herself, she looked at Jim and said, “So, how long have you been married?”

Jim told her they had been married for 14 years. She wanted to know what it was like to be married that long. Jim let her know that like all marriages, they had had their ups and downs but loved each other and had what he considered to be a happy marriage. They had been pushing 30 when they met, so they knew what they were looking for.

Sarah asked if he or his wife had been married before and Jim let her know that they had not. She asked Jim if he had had any long term relationships or lived with anyone before he met his wife. He told her that his longest relationship was about two years. She asked about his wife. He let her know that he wasn’t sure. They had never discussed the details of past relationships. He didn’t really want to know. He did say that his wife had made passing references to former boyfriends so he could guess a little about her past but that was it.

Sarah seemed surprised. She had always been under the belief that when you started a new relationship, you needed to have a frank discussion of each person’s sexual history. Jim disagreed. He felt that one, he didn’t want to have to think about that and two, people usually lied anyway. Sarah didn’t think so, saying she had told her boyfriend exactly how many guys she had been with.

There were a few minutes of silence and then Sarah said, “So, what is sex like after 14 years of marriage?”

Jim was surprised by the question but answered anyway. “Not as frequent as I would like, especially now that we’re in this transition but it’s still good. After a bunch of years, you’re more relaxed and willing to try more things”

Sarah thought for a minute and then got a mischievous grin on her face. “What is the kinkiest thing you’ve done,” she asked.

Jim was somewhat taken aback but thought ‘what the hell, this could be fun,’ He smirked and said, “I guess it depends how you define kinky. Is oral sex kinky? Is anal sex kinky?” He thought he was going to make her squirm but she was smiling. She was into it.

“You did anal with your wife,” she said with a grin. “Was she into it? Did you do it more than once?”

Jim couldn’t believe how excited she was becoming. He told her that he and his wife had indeed engaged in anal sex and that even though they had only done it a few times, his wife had enjoyed it.

Sarah wanted to know how they had gotten to that point. Jim told her he never thought it would happen. Early in their relationship if his hand got near that hole, she would push it away. But over the years she had come to enjoy having her ass squeezed. He had gotten to the point where he was squeezing both cheeks with his fingers very close to her hole. This really turned her on.

He also gave her rim jobs and this drove her crazy.

One night, he was fingering her with two fingers. When he pulled them out, he rolled one over her anus. As he was moving the other over her anus, he pushed the tip in. She went wild and started bucking up and down on his finger. They started incorporating that into their love making until one night she was on top and said I want to try this and tried to stick his cock in her ass. It didn’t work. They needed lube.

Jim went looking for something they could use. He came back to bed, lubed up his finger and slid it in. She moaned. When she was good and lubed, he lubed up his cock and slowly slid in. It was over quickly but it was amazing.

Sarah couldn’t believe what these old dudes were into. She hadn’t even been able to bring herself to do some of that and she saw herself as very open minded. She leaned over to Jim and said, “So, what makes you good in bed?”

He laughed and said, “I know how to use my tongue.”

Sarah started to blush but recovered and asked “How good are you in bed?” She was hoping make him squirm.

He just smiled and said, “I don’t know. You’d have to ask my wife.”

“Can I?”, asked Sarah.

After some more back and forth banter, Jim was on the phone, calling his wife wondering if she would play along or if he was doing something stupid. He hoped she was in a playful mood. After he and his wife had exchanged small talk, he told his wife that a girl was sitting next to him waiting for her boyfriend and had started to ask him if old married people still had sex. His wife laughed. This was a good sign. He then told her that she had asked him if he was good in bed and he had let her know that she would need to ask his wife that question. “So, what’s the answer?” he asked.

She gave one of those this is stupid laughs and said, “Yeah, sure, you’re good in bed,”

“She says I’m good,” relayed Jim.

Sarah said, “Let me talk to her.” She pulled the phone out of Jim’s hand put it to her ear and said, “Is he telling the truth?” Jim smirked. Sarah then said, “Well how is he compared to your past lovers?” Jim didn’t like the direction this looked like it was going. He didn’t want to hear about her past lovers and really didn’t want to hear comparisons.

Sarah looked at Jim and said, “You’re definitely in the top five.” Then into the phone she said, “In the top five out of how many? Is it more than five?” Jim was getting very uneasy. He had never wanted to know how many guys she had slept with, He was afraid it would be more than the seven women he had been with. Sarah looked back at Jim with a smile and said, “In the top five out of 28. I’m impressed”.

Jim nearly fell off his chair. He couldn’t believe his wife had been with so many guys. He had sometimes wondered if she had gotten to ten. Now he knew she was way past that. It was getting worse. Sarah was now asking his wife, “Does Jim know any of your past lovers?” She looked back at Jim and said, “You only know two of them. Joe, a guy she worked with when you met. She told you they were just friends but they were friends with benefits. They were sleeping together at least twice a week before and even for a while after you guys met, Also, Dan, her high school friend. They had actually dated briefly and had had sex a few times before deciding that they were better as just friends.”

Jim’s head was spinning. It was going to be difficult for him to put this behind him. He couldn’t believe his wife was giving this stranger this information. Sarah was talking again, “So, was Joe the last guy you slept with besides Jim? No. Really, a one night stand? When was that? You’re kidding me. You had a one night stand the night before Jim proposed? Did you feel guilty when he popped the question? No, I wouldn’t either.” Sarah smiled at Jim. Jim had a growing knot in his stomach.

Now Sarah was asking, “So how old were you your first time?” She squealed and said, “You’ve got me beat. I was 15.” Jim wondered if this could get any worse. Sarah was now asking where they met. Jim thought that at least now there wouldn’t be any more uncomfortable revelations. Sarah’s eyes got wide. She said, “Are you sure?”

Jim wondered what was going on now. Sarah looked at him and said, “The night you guys met at your friend Mitchel’s party, Marie told you she was there because her friend Barb was friends with Mitchel. That was true. But it wasn’t the first time she was there. She was at a Party with Barb the previous week and had met Mitchel. They hooked up and she had spent the night at Mitchel’s. When you two started to hit it off she asked Mitchel not to say anything. So, Marie has had sex with three people that you know, not two. And Mitchel was in your wedding party? That’s funny.” Jim didn’t think so.

Sarah said, “She wants to talk to you again”.”

Sarah handed him the phone. Jim put the phone back to his ear. He was barely able to get one syllable out before his wife said, “That’s what you get for talking to a bimbo about our sex life and dragging me into it. Oh, and by the way, at our wedding I danced with Mitchel. When no one could see, he squeezed my ass and asked if I was gonna fuck you as hard that night as I had fucked him. I had let loose the night with him like I typically did on one night stands. So, obviously the answer turned out to be no.”

Marie continued, “It’s funny, you didn’t want any of my past boy friends at the wedding because you have a hang up about me having had sex before you. I didn’t invite any old boy friends but there were four of my past casual fucks there. One of whom was your friend and in the wedding party. I always got a kick out of that.” She hung up.

Sarah’s boyfriend had arrived and she waved bye as she was leaving. Jim sat in stunned silence. He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been. He couldn’t believe how many guys his wife had slept with or how this five minute conversation that never should have happened would affect his marriage.

A short while later, his phone beeped. It was a text message from his wife. It said, “You know I still love you. I was just pissed that you had spoken to a stranger about me. I knew from the time we met at Mitchel’s party that we were meant to be together. I’m sure that what we’ve built after all these years won’t be affected by you learning about my previous sex like. I was 28 when we met. You knew I wasn’t a virgin. The past is the past. You can tell me some stories about the girls you banged. We’ll call it even.”

Jim knew it couldn’t be even but he would certainly try to put it behind him. Funny thing is he didn’t have an erection like the guys in the stories usually do.


I had been fantasizing about it for years, although I had never been able to coax my wife either drunk or sober to show herself off to another man. I have purchased her revealing outfits and bathing suits and such, but she had never worn them in the presence of anyone else, not even on vacation.

My best friend Randy thought my wife was really hot and we had talked about many different schemes whereby he could get an eyeful. We had tried a couple times to set up situations where he could see her, but for one reason or another they had never worked out.

About a year ago, Randy went to work in South America for 3 months. Shortly after his return he called me up and asked me to meet him. Apparently he had a proposal for me and wanted to discuss it over coffee. I thought perhaps he had a business opportunity for us, but when we sat down a few days later, I had a hard time believing my ears. While he was away, Randy had befriended a fellow who claimed to be descended from a long line of black magic practitioners. Randy was fascinated by some of the stories this fellow told him about magical spells and they spent many nights drinking and talking, but it was the night he heard about possession that was about to change our lives.

Randy explained that he couldn’t help thinking about our fantasy as his new friend described his ability to inhabit another person’s body. Over the ensuing 2 months Randy had studied the magic until he was able to connect with and take over the body of another acolyte. As we drank our second coffee, Randy told me that he thought he could possess my wife and make our dreams come true. I wasn’t the least bit sure about that. It was one thing to fantasize about showing her off, but it was a completely different thing to let my friend inhabit her body. We made a date for the following Saturday so he could give me a demonstration.

As planned, I went to Randy’s place for the demo. Randy set up a video camera in the corner of his rec room and gave me a cup of herbal tea. Within minutes, I started to feel a bit woozy and Randy had me stretch out on the recliner. It only took about a minute for me to fall asleep.

It was mid-afternoon when I woke up. I noticed immediately that I was lying on the couch not on the recliner where I had fallen asleep. Randy was sitting across the room smiling at me.

“That was fun,” he snickered, “Let me show you the video.”

For the next hour, I watched myself moving about the rec room, drinking a beer and eating some nachos. That explained the full feeling and slight indigestion I had. It was unnerving to see myself doing these things while I knew I had been unconscious. When I asked him how he controlled both bodies, Randy explained that we actually swapped consciousness, and I was still out from the tea, but in his body. He then asked if I was convinced, and ready to try it on Pam.

I thought about it and a chill ran through me as I imagined Randy in total possession of Pam’s body. Showing her off was one thing, but this was far and away beyond that. I balked.

“This is too much. Way too much,” I whispered, “I don’t think I can let you do this to her.”

“Aw COME ON,” he growled, “I thought you would be all in. You have no idea how hard I worked on this.”

All kinds of possibilities ran through my mind. Randy possessing Pam? No. I would have no control. Randy possessing me? No. I would be unconscious. Would it be possible for me to possess Pam? I would be there. I would be in control of her body. I could show as much or as little as I wanted.

“Randy, could you teach me?” The words were out of my mouth before I knew it.

“It would be better for you because it would be like it was her showing off for you, and I could be right there.”

When I saw Randy start grinning from ear to ear, I knew we would have a deal.

Randy and I met several times a week and he took me through the training sessions. The first time I looked out through his eyes and saw my own body lying on the couch, I almost fainted. The grand finale came a month later when I spent the afternoon puttering around his place in his body. We were ready.

I had a half hard-on and a permanent knot in my stomach for two weeks trying to figure out how to make this thing happen when Pam had an emergency at the office and needed to work double shifts for most of a week. When she came home exhausted on Friday evening I turned on the charm. I let her relax while I made her a light dinner with a glass of wine. I then guided her into a big easy chair with a cup of herbal tea and returned to the kitchen to call Randy.

After the call, I quickly took over of Pam’s body. It was a totally different experience than possessing Randy. My center of gravity was way off. My ass felt huge, and I was totally distracted by Pam’s breasts bouncing on her chest as I walked towards our bedroom. It took me a few minutes to strip off her work clothes and drop them in the hamper. I rummaged around for some of the sexy clothes I had bought her and could never convince her to wear, and found a pair of thong panties and a push up bra that accented her cleavage. I slipped into her shortest skirt from the back of the closet. I left the top two buttons of the plain white blouse undone, something I had never been able to get her to do. When I looked in the mirror I saw that she looked hot. When I bent over, a generous amount of her cleavage was on display. This was going to be fun. I tried on a pair of high heels I thought would accentuate her legs, but I almost broke an ankle trying to walk, so I slipped them off and ran barefoot down the hall when the doorbell rang.

I thought Randy’s eyes were going to pop out of his head when he got a look at my outfit, but it was clear he wasn’t sure I had pulled off the swap. When he asked me if Brian was home. I laughed right out loud.

“He’s right over there on the couch,” I said, watching his eyes as he looked at the couch, then back at me as the realization dawned on him.

“Wow,” he whispered. “How are you feeling? What’s it like in a woman’s body?”

“It’s a lot different. I’m a bit off balance and I just can’t get used to these,” I said as I cupped Pam’s firm tits with her hands.

“Why don’t you come on in and let’s have a drink?”

I spun around and walked down the hall and into the kitchen, knowing that Randy’s eyes were probably glued to Pam’s ass as it wiggled under the tight skirt.

“Beer for you?” I asked as I opened the fridge door and bent over to pull one out.

The instant I bent over Randy was there with both hands cupping my ass and almost pushing me into the fridge. His attack knocked me a little off balance and it took me a few seconds to recover during which time Randy took full advantage of my position.

“Whoa, whoa, hands off there buddy” I scolded as I stood and spun to face him.

He just smiled and stayed right up close taking the beer from my hand and letting his eyes fall to my cleavage.

“Wish I had been in the fridge when you were bent over,” he whispered, “I bet the view from in there was interesting.”

I stepped around him and poured myself a glass of wine. It was such a weird situation, and I was so nervous that I drank my wine right down. Randy quickly refilled my glass.

“How do you want to do this?” He asked as his eyes devoured me, anticipation clearly visible on his face.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I was just trying on some heels when you rang the bell. Would you like to see her in heels? I don’t think I can walk very far, but it might be fun to at least stand and pose her.”

Randy went to the living room as I retrieved the heels from the bedroom. When I got back he was sitting in the easy chair sipping his beer. I dropped the shoes to the floor and steadied myself, one hand on the wall as I slipped them on. The right shoe was a bit snug and I needed to bend over and wiggle it over my heel with my hand. Just as my heel slipped in Randy called my name. Still bent at the waist, I quickly looked up at him and saw him snap a picture with his phone.

“Great shot” he said smiling broadly.

I realized immediately that he had captured a “downblouse” shot.

“Hey! No pictures. How the hell would I explain them if Pam ever saw them?”

“Awe come-on,” Randy pleaded, “They’re just for us to remember this by. Besides, I’ll give them to you before I leave and you can delete them if you want. Now turn sideways and let me get one from that angle.”

It did seem like a reasonable argument. After all, we were doing this so I could show Pam off, and so I just turned and let him shoot. Randy said he had always loved Pam’s legs and that the heels accentuated her calves. He also mentioned that he loved the way they made her butt stick out. For the next half hour or so Randy gave directions and compliments to me and captured me posing Pam in a variety of increasingly revealing positions. With each pose I became more excited. My dreams of exposing Pam were coming true, and I was going to have pictures to enjoy when it was all done.

“Let’s move this down the hall,” he commanded, “we can get a few bedroom shots.”

I thought my stomach was going to fall through the floor as he reached for my hand and led me back through the house. My whole lower abdomen felt like it was melting as we entered the bedroom and he guided me to a seat on the bed.

“Here, let me help you take these shoes off.”

With that he knelt in front of me ran one hand up the back of my calf and lifted my foot pulling off the high heel. He then placed my bare foot on his thigh and lifted the other leg. It never dawned on me until I saw his eyes flit upwards that in this position, he could see up the skirt. When he was finished taking off my second shoe, he moved my foot to his other thigh. I was now sitting with my feet spread on my best friends thighs and his hands were rubbing up and down my calves. When I looked down, I could see a bulge in his pants. I nervously stood and moved away from the bed.

“OK” I said moving carefully around the bed “This touching thing, and your hard-on have me feeling a little weirded out, and I think for now I’m just going to give you a quick look, then ask you to go. Promise to keep your hands to yourself?”

Randy nodded his head and as he sat on the edge of the bed, my hands moved nervously to the buttons on Pam’s shirt. Randy’s eyes went wide as I unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders. Randy was speechless, staring wide eyed at the breasts encased in thin lace in front of him. I have never been as turned on as I was when I raised my hands to the clasp on the bra.

“Wait. Wait” croaked Randy “Rub her nipples. Make them stand out before you go any further”

It was like I was in a trance as I complied with his request. Electricity was shooting from my nipples to my crotch as I rubbed them into hard points. I could feel pussy juices seeping out into my panties as I stood before him.

“I’m really getting wet” I admitted “I better get this skirt off before it gets soaked”

Randy’s eyes never left my hands as I undid the button and zipper and slipped Pam’s skirt over her hips and down her legs. I saw Randy’s eyes move to the mirrored doors behind me to take in the view of her tight ass cheeks as I uncovered them.

“MMM, I love the thong.” he moaned “Turn around”

It was not a request and I felt strangely compelled. I closed my eyes, and slowly turned my back to him. I jumped when I felt his hand caress my right ass cheek. The first caress quickly turned into both hands kneading Pam’s ass. This was more than I had bargained for, but as I tried to move away I tripped on the skirt and stumbled. Both my hands flew forward to the wall to catch myself. In that instant, Randy’s hands slid up my back and unhooked the bra. Totally off balance, I was defenseless as the bra popped free and Randy’s hands flew around to cup my tits. My knees almost buckled as he pinched and pulled my nipples.

“Enough!” I panted as I pulled free “This is too much. You promised not to touch.”

I had never been so turned on in my life. I really needed to catch my breath and get back in control. I kicked the skirt across the floor so I could walk as I told Randy that if he didn’t sit down and keep his hands to himself, this would be over and I was going to throw him out.

Randy just sat there and watched my heaving chest as I stood before him in only a thong. Suddenly he seemed to snap out of his trance and quickly took several pictures.

“Brian. She’s so fucking gorgeous. I can’t believe we are doing this. Please. Please. I’ll be good. Just take off the panties and let me see all of her.”

Unable to resist, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of the panties and pushed them to the floor. Randy’s eyes were riveted to my pussy as I stepped out of the panties to stand totally naked before him. My nipples were rock hard points as he raised his phone for another shot. I had never intended to go this far, particularly the first time, but somehow, I couldn’t stop myself. I had lost the ability to resist his commands, which now started to come in rapid succession

“Put your hands on your head. Turn around. Spread your legs a bit. A bit more. Rub your hands down over your tits, pull your nipples. Harder. Stand still.”

He had taken several more pictures, and I was insanely turned on. My best friend was commanding me to display my wife’s body while he photographed it and I was obeying. I couldn’t breathe and I remained riveted to the spot as Randy stood and moved towards me. His hands slipped around my waist and cupped my ass, squeezing and kneading it as he pulled me close.

“No” I whispered “It’s too much” But he didn’t move and neither did I. As his left hand moved up my side to cup my breast, his right slid around my hip and moved to my pussy.

“God you’re wet” he whispered “I don’t think I’ve ever felt a wetter pussy in my life. This is really turning you in isn’t it?”

“It’s unbelievable” I panted “I can hardly think straight”

He bent me back a bit and lowered his head, sucking my hard nipple into his mouth, as he pinched the other one between his thumb and finger. It felt like my head was going to explode. Then it hit me. It was one thing to show Pam’s body off, but we couldn’t do anything that would leave any evidence. I would be in big trouble if Pam woke up with sore nipples or, worse yet, a hickey! I struggled free.

“No. Please. We can’t do this she will feel tender when she wakes up. She will figure it out.” I said, pulling away.

“Oh no you don’t.” Randy spoke harshly “There’s something I’ve dreamed about doing for years”

With a strong hand grabbing my arm he spun me onto the bed. Before I could react, he grabbed both my arms, knelt between my legs and looked up at me.

“You just lie back and enjoy while I eat your wife’s pussy”

I started struggling to get free, but those thoughts vanished the instant I felt Randy’s mouth close over my pussy.

Through a haze of arousal, I could hear a woman’s throaty moans and cries, and was shocked to realize it was Pam’s voice, my voice urging Randy to eat me to make me cum. And that’s exactly what happened. My body went rigid. I couldn’t breathe at all. Then stars exploded in my brain and my whole being was wracked with an orgasm of unimaginable intensity. Randy still had a firm grip on both my arms and held me down as he kept sucking and licking causing the orgasmic spasms to continue for several minutes.

As I lay there in post-orgasmic daze, it hardly registered that he was taking more pictures. I closed my eyes to bask in the afterglow, and when I opened them again, Randy was standing between my legs stroking his cock.

“Don’t move”. Again, it was not a request. “I’m almost there” he grunted

The first jet of his cum, flew through the air and landed on my cheek and chest. The remainder of his load was deposited with less intensity and covered my belly. The last remnants dribbling into my pubic hair. Randy smiled, zipped himself up and picked up his phone, snapping a few pictures of me covered in his spunk, including a few close-ups of the large glob on my face. Through it all I lay there submissively, in shock over what had just happened.

“Well, that was a lot of fun buddy, but it looks like you have some cleaning up to do. Don’t worry about me. I’ll see myself out.” With that he was gone.

Looking at the clock I realized that it had been two hours since Randy arrived. I was lying naked, covered in cum and time was running out. I needed to get Pam cleaned up, and fast. I quickly returned the skirt and blouse to their hangars, but had to hide the thong to deal with later. I took a quick shower, making sure to keep her hair dry.

When I was sure I had covered my tracks, I pulled on her big flannel nightie, climbed into her side of the bed and swapped back.

When I woke in my own body, I was instantly hard. Yes. It had gone too far. I would have to be more careful if we ever did it again, but it had been amazing fun to show her off. As tired as she had been, I thought that perhaps Pam would sleep all night so I decided it would be fun to look at the pictures and masturbate. That’s when I realized that Randy had left with them instead of giving them to me as he had promised. Oh oh.


I looked down at my wife’s tiny manicured hand stroking the hard cock protruding from between Randy’s thighs and felt his muscles tense as he neared his climax.

“Get down in front of me.” he commanded. “Let me come on your tits.”

It had only been a week since I had swapped into my wife Pam’s body to show it off to my best friend Randy. During that session he had taken a number of very revealing photos of her body and when the session ended with a load of his jizm spread from her cheek to her hip, he had slipped out without giving me the sim card as he had promised.

I had called him the next day and he told me in no uncertain terms that the only way to get the pictures back was to have another “session” so he could spend some more “quality time” with Pam. I had argued and cursed and told him we were through as friends, but when he sent me the close-up of Pam’s face clearly in a post-orgasmic haze, and with a big gob of his cum on her cheek, I realized I had no choice. If Pam was to ever see one of those pictures, she would leave me, taking half of my fencing business with her. Both my life and my business would be in ruins.

So I found myself, for the second time, in possession of my cute wife’s body. Randy had given me a package containing the outfit he wanted me to wear and told me to put it on with nothing else but a coat and be at his door at 9. I struggled with the lace bustier until I realized that the bra cups had never been intended to cover my nipples. The sheer nylons were even more difficult but I finally got them clipped to the garter straps that hung from the bodice. After pulling up the tiniest thong I have ever seen, I grabbed a long coat from the closet, slipped into the heels and tottered across the street to ring his doorbell.

Randy answered with a huge shit-eating grin.

“Hi Pam. Come on in. Nice of you to drop by. Can I take your coat?” This last part with a bit of a leer

“Fuck off. Don’t call me Pam.” I replied with venom. “And I’ll keep the coat on for a moment until I’m sure there’s no camera in your hand.”

“If you’re not going to play nice, then I guess I’ll just hit send on this invite for Pam to link to my Internet file sharing folder with all those cute photos from last time” he said lifting his phone and moving his thumb over the keyboard.

“No. NO. OK. I’ll do it.” I blurted, as my fingers reached for the buttons on the coat.

Slowly I undid the buttons each one revealing more of Pam dressed as a walking wet dream. As I did, Randy stood before me, eyes devouring each new bit of exposed flesh. When I had undone the last button, Randy commanded me to pull open the coat. Although it had gone too far last time I had maintained some semblance of control of the situation. That is, right up until the end when Randy had sucked my pussy until I had a mind blowing orgasm. This time, Randy was in control and that thought combined with the cold air of the room caused my nipples to spring into hard points the instant they were revealed. Randy stepped around behind me and slipped the coat off my shoulders, throwing it over the hall chair.

When he stepped up close behind me and moved his hands lightly over my shoulders and down my arms I felt goose bumps rise on my flesh making my areolae contract causing my nipples to harden and grow even more.

“Oh yessss Pam. I’m in control now and there’s going to be a LOT more touching this time.”

I shuddered as his hands reached the ends of my arms and moved between us to cup my ass.

“I love your ass Pam.” He whispered in my ear. ” I’ve always loved your ass and it is going to be so great to have some time to play with it. Walk across the room” He commanded, giving my ass a little pat as he did.

I slowly walked across the room, knowing that his eyes were glued to Pam’s backside as the heels caused me to sway it to and fro.

“Magnificent. Now turn around and come back. Nice and slow. Let me savour it.”

I spun on my toe and sashayed back towards him. I wasn’t happy about being blackmailed into doing this, but the act of exposing Pam to Randy was getting me very turned on, and like last time, I was starting to feel a bit submissive.

When I reached him, I stopped, facing him, and felt his hands run up my arms and over my shoulders. At this light touch, the goose bumps returned and my nipples throbbed. Palms down, he dragged his fingertips from my shoulders down over my heaving breasts and finally agonizingly he gently cupped them and strummed his fingers back and forth across my nipples. He continued this sweet motion as he leaned down and kissed me gently on the forehead

“Oh Pam baby. As much as I love your ass, your tits and nipples are incredible. I knew this would be the perfect outfit for our evening together”

He wouldn’t stop calling me by her name. Randy kept treating me like I actually was my wife. The entire center of my body felt like melted butter, and I could feel some of that butter leaking out into the thong.

“Randy” I could barely form the words. “Randy. I’m so turned on. I’m so wet. We have to stop. We can’t go too far. She’ll know, she’ll know if something happens.”

It was the first time I had admitted that “something” could happen, and Randy was quick on the uptake.

“Something? What something might that be?” He groaned. Something like this?” And he moved his hand down my belly and into my panties.

In one smooth unimpeded motion he sank his middle finger up to the knuckle in my cunt. The suddenness of the penetration and the intensity of the feelings it elicited caused my knees to buckle and my head to arch back. Randy’s hand left my breast and slipped around my waist to support me as he leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth. At the same time, with his finger still wiggling inside me he pressed the heel of his palm into by pubic bone, causing me to moan into his mouth. When his tongue started to press between my lips, I freaked.

“No.” I said, pushing away from him. “I’m not Pam. I can’t do that with you.” I panted.

But deep inside I wasn’t sure that I would be able to resist if he did try it again.

“OK. Just as well” he whispered. “So far Pam has been getting all the attention and I think it’s time for some payback.”

I didn’t know exactly what he meant, but I didn’t really like the sounds of it.

“I know that you won’t fuck me because you’re afraid that she’ll know when she wakes up, and I know if you won’t let my tongue into your mouth, you probably won’t let me push my dick in there either. So a hand job sounds like the best compromise for us both” He said smiling as he pulled his tee shirt over his head and started unbuckling his belt.

I stood there stunned as Randy kicked off his jeans and shorts and walked towards me naked with his cock sticking straight out. When he reached me he hugged me to him and for the first time I felt a hard cock poking at my tummy, then slipping upwards between us as our bodies met. I could feel the heat of his rod on my stomach as he leaned in for another quick kiss.

“Come on Pam,” He whispered, “just a little hand job.”

He grabbed my right hand and slid it between us toward his thick cock, then pressed my fingers around his manhood. As he did this I realized Pam’s fingers were barely able to go all the way around. Holding his cock in my hand I could feel it pulse with his arousal and then he started to move my hand on his cock.

“Oh God Pam. This is so great. Let’s sit down so you can really work it over.”

He grabbed my other hand and guided us to the sofa, where he sat me down next to him. He squeezed my fingers around his turgid cock and guided my stroking motion with a slight twist (Just the way he liked it he said). Randy put one arm around my shoulder and the other on the back of the sofa and watched as I stroked him. It was taking some time, but I knew it was working as his breath started to come in small gasps. I looked down at my wife’s tiny manicured hand stroking the hard cock protruding from between Randy’s thighs and felt his muscles tense as he neared his climax.

“Get down in front of me.” he commanded. “Let me come on your tits.”

I didn’t argue. I just slipped to my knees between his spread legs and continued stroking.

“Use both hands.” he whispered. “Don’t squeeze so hard. Use a little spit”

I could tell he was getting close and I needed to finish him and get back home. So I spit on his cock as I stroked it towards me.

“Again. More spit”

I complied. Once. Twice. Three times I spit on his cock, stroking, always stroking.

“Not enough.” He groaned. “Lick it. Lick the head”

I didn’t think. I simply complied. I opened my mouth and licked the end.

“Again. Keep going”

Submissively I obeyed. Licking again and again. Lost in my own arousal

“Hey. Look up.” Breathless

And as I raised my eyes to his I saw the camera at the same instant as he blew his wad onto my tongue and into my mouth. It was a huge shot that covered my tongue with jizm. Sputtering and spitting I tried to pull back but he grabbed me and squirted four more jets onto my forehead and cheeks.

I was furious. Pam was covered in cum and it was going to take a long time to clean her up and get this taste out of her mouth. The front of the bustier was soaked in spit and cum, but that was assholes problem.

“YOU BASTARD. YOU SON OF A BITCH” I screamed. “You tricked me. You came in my mouth. WHAT THE FUCK?”

At that instant , we heard approaching sirens and then a horrendous thump that felt like an earthquake. We ran to the front window and looked across the street to my house, and saw the back end of a muscle car sticking out of my living room. Half of the front of the house was collapsed around it. People were starting to come out of their houses, yelling for someone to call 911. Two police cruisers pulled up lights flashing. The horror struck me immediately. Pam, in my body had been asleep on the couch which must surely by now be trapped under the car and rubble. Oh no.


All I could hear was a woman’s voice screaming and wailing. Howling at the top of her lungs. Then I felt the slap on my face, and the screaming stopped. It had been me. Randy grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me until I came to my senses. What senses I had left anyway.

“Pam” he yelled “Pam we have to get over there. Make it look like you were in the house too, just in another room or something. Pam. PAM”

“Stop calling me Pam you asshole” I blurted “For all we know Pam’s dead” I moaned “DEAD”

Randy slapped me again to stop the hysteria.

“PAM” he said slowly. You have to put your coat on and get over there. NOW!”

He grabbed the coat and pulled it up my arms draping it across my shoulders and quickly fastened the top few buttons, then opened the side door.

“Here” he said giving me a shove towards the street. “When you get to the street find a cop and get as hysterical as you want. Just remember it’s Brian, it’s your husband Brian who’s trapped in the house. I’ll get dressed and be right out”

I was in shock and I stumbled toward the street. Everyone was looking at the wreck and nobody saw where I came from. I grabbed the nearest cop and started screaming that my husband was in there. That I had been in another room.

“Who are you lady?” He asked gruffly. “Where did you come from?”

“The house. THE HOUSE” I screamed. “I was in another room. Is he dead? OH GOD is Brian DEAD?” and I started screaming again as the cop led me to the ambulance.

As I was guided into the bright lights of the ambulance, my state of undress became obvious. The cop and the paramedic both took a good long look at my exposed lower body before they pulled my coat closed and sat me down.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” The paramedic asked. “You have something spilled all over your face, and there’s a redness showing that something might have hit you. Let’s get you into the rig and I’ll give a quick check over.” This as he guided me into the back of the ambulance and closed the doors.

“Here. Let’s just slip this coat off so I can examine you” he soothed as he opened the buttons and pushed my coat open.

I heard a faint gasp as he took in my attire. My wife’s, now my body, was sitting in a topless bustier, garters and hose, completely exposed to this stranger. He quickly grabbed a sheet from the shelf and draped it over me.

“Do you know what this is all over your face? Here. Let me help you clean up a bit.” He said kindly.

As he started to wipe the come off my face and out of my hair, he got a funny look on his face. Then he slowly began to smile.

“There. There.” He soothed let’s get this spunk off our face before anyone else sees it.

It struck me like a thunderbolt. I had been in such a panic, that I had run into the street with Randy’s cum all over my face and hair and this paramedic knew exactly what it was. I started to cry uncontrollably and the paramedic became concerned.

“Were you anywhere near the crash? Are you hurt anywhere?” He asked.

“No, no, I’m fine” I sniffled “I’m just ashamed of how I must look.”

“Don’t worry about that. You look fine. I got your face pretty much all cleaned up. Here’s a package of wipes and a set of scrubs that should fit you. You can clean up the rest and cover up. Regulations say I can’t leave you in here alone but I’ll turn my back while you change.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much for your kindness and consideration” I said as I started using the wipes to clean up my chest and breasts.

There was spit and cum all down my front so I stripped off the bustier and hose and slipped on the scrubs.

“Do you have a garbage can where I can toss these away?” I asked as I turned to face him.

He turned back to me and indicated a bin near the door. I handed him the bundle of clothes and he pushed them into the garbage can. I was starting to feel better now that I was clean and covered up.

“Thank you again for your kindness.” I said “It really means a lot to me.”

It was about that time that the rescue squad reached “Brian” and declared that he had indeed been killed in the accident. So had the joyrider who had stolen the muscle car. When the officer came over to the ambulance and told me, I freaked out. Pam was dead. My little fetish had killed her. It was all my fault. I couldn’t fight the panic and sorrow over what had happened and I threw a screaming, crying, cussing, all-out tantrum. To the outside world I was a distraught woman who had tragically lost her husband. The paramedic stuck a needle in my arm and, suddenly I was very woozy.

“There you go ma’am. It’s just a sedative to help you relax a little bit.”

I became the only witness and had to spend a long time with the police. I was able to convince them that I had been in a different part of the house when the accident had occurred.

When the police finally released me, Randy was right there soothing me and telling me I could stay in his guest room tonight. He explained to the police that he was, had been, my husband’s best friend and he would be sure that I was OK.

By the time we got to Randy’s place the emotional trauma and the sedative had me out on my feet. Randy guided me to the guest room, Stripped me, slid me between the covers and kissed me good night. I fell into a deep and troubled sleep. In the morning I left before he woke up.

“Brian” had left everything to Pam in his will including his fencing business. There was also a sizeable insurance policy that paid double because his death had been an accident. It was a strange experience being my own widow. I arranged the funeral, cleaned up the estate and collected the life and house insurance. The house was a total loss. I realized that I couldn’t live there again anyway so instead of rebuilding, I sold out and moved to a small town-house across town. I needed to get back to work so I quit Pam’s job and took over the fencing company. I had to pretend not to know too much for a while, and I had to hire a new man to take over the heavy work Brian used to do, but soon enough the business was ticking along. I had cut off all ties with Randy. I was so mad at what he had done to me that night and certainly didn’t trust him any more.

Obviously I couldn’t hang around with my old friends, but Pam’s friends were very supportive and I started to socialize with them. It took a while to get the hang of “girl talk”. Obviously this was dangerous territory, so I told them that I was starting a new life and didn’t really want to talk much about stuff that happened before the accident. At first it was hard, but they seemed to accept it and as the months went by we had more and more “new” things to talk about.

The first time the girls suggested that I needed to start looking for “someone” I was shocked and laughed it off. They kept it up though and gave me a gift box. I squealed when I opened it and saw it contained a life-size penis shaped vibrator and a small bottle of lube. I must have blushed because they all laughed hysterically as I quickly closed the box.

That night I started thinking about what I should do. At first I thought I might look for a girlfriend, but that might be hard to explain since Pam had been totally heterosexual. Besides, when I thought about it I realized that women held no sexual attraction for me. About a week after the first suggestion Jill and I were sitting in a coffee shop when she leaned over and whispered to me.

“There’s a hottie for you. You should walk over and introduce yourself.”

I looked at the man she indicated and a felt a little flip in my stomach. He was kind of cute , and before I could stop myself I blurted that out to Jill.

“I bet he would be a lot of fun in the sack” Jill continued. “Check out those broad shoulders, and those tight buns. I love a man with tight buns” This as he passed by and moved to the counter to order.

A warm melting feeling started in my lower abdomen. I had felt that feeling before. With Randy. When I was turned on. Looking at and talking about bedding this guy was turning me on. Oh. No.


Panic. A sudden freezing chill ran through me from top to bottom. It must have shown on my face because Jill quickly asked me what was wrong in a very concerned tone of voice. I made up some lame excuse about stomach upset, and excused myself to go home. Jill insisted that she accompany me to make sure I was OK, but I declined saying I would call her if it was anything serious. When I got home, my mind was in turmoil. What was happening to me? Was I turning gay? Then I remembered something I had seen about trans-gendered men who had previously only been sexually attracted to women, and how they became attracted to men after they started hormone therapy. It started to make sense. My brain was flooded with estrogen. Like it or not, my psyche was changing. I had to find out.

I booted up the computer and pulled up a porn site that I had enjoyed periodically as Brian. As I scanned through the pictures of the women, I felt no arousal whatsoever, but when I clicked on a picture of a couple, my eyes drifted to the man and I felt it. It turned me on. I Googled another site with pictures of men and found myself scanning through them mesmerized. It took about 15 minutes before I stumbled upon my Adonis. He was big and muscular with a large pink cock hanging between his legs. As I clicked through picture after picture of him in various poses, I started to feel the wetness seeping into my panties. Broad chest, strong arms, ripped abs, his cock. I opened my pants, jammed my hand down the front and started to diddle my clit. The orgasm that shook through me was nice, but unsatisfying. Not enough.

The vibrator! Where the hell had I left it. I ran to the front hall, opened the closet and there was the gift box. I grabbed it and ran back to the computer. It took me a few frustrating minutes to set up a slide show of Adonis’ pictures change into a robe and get a towel to sit on. I leaned back and watched the pictures as I pleasured myself with my hands. It only took a couple minutes before I felt an urge, a desperate need for something more. I grabbed the vibrator, turned it on low and brought it to my pussy. The intensity of the sensations took my breath away. My arousal skyrocketed into the stratosphere. I’d had no sexual feelings for almost 8 months and I was being blown away. I felt achingly empty “down there” I felt a strong need to be filled. My pussy was actually drooling so there was no need for the lube. I repositioned the vibrator in my hand so the tip was at my entrance and slowly pushed it in. The loud sexy groan I heard was me. I was being stretched and stimulated in a way that I had never imagined. I leaned back in the chair, lifted my legs, and placed my feet on the edge of the desk on either side of the computer. I could look between my bent knees and see the pictures of Adonis flashing up on the screen. I couldn’t resist. I started to stroke the vibrating cock in and out. Slowly at first, and then as I became more excited, faster and faster.

This was it. This is what it felt like to be fucked. I continued to stroke in and out, adding a little twist which made me think of that night with Randy. My hand on his cock. Stroking with a little twist. Then I thought of the first time when I had opened my eyes and seen him standing between my legs jacking his cock over my nakedness. The huge spurt of semen onto my body. My mind raced back to the second time. My small hand stroking his cock. Then,spitting on his cock Licking the head. Tasting his cum. OH GOD. Tasting his cum. Every muscle in my body went rigid, and then I orgasmed. I felt my pussy clamp down on the rubber phallus, and then pulse quickly, as the waves of pleasure washed over me. Again and again my muscles spasmed until I thought that it might never stop. My whole body was jerking and spasming. I kicked the computer and knocked things off the desk. I almost fell off the chair. Enough. I couldn’t take any more. I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy allowing a flood of my juices to pour out into the towel. I was still feeling little orgasmic aftershocks.

When I finally came back to earth, I pulled my robe together gathered the wet towel and headed for the bathroom. I felt so mellow that I decided to take a nice long bath. When I poured the bath oil into the steaming water the whole world smelled gorgeous. Stripping off the robe, I slipped into the hot water and, totally relaxed, closed my eyes. The hot water caressed my body sensuously. I started to drift. Unbidden, visions of cock swam through my mind. Change rooms, rest rooms, friends. I started to think of that cute paramedic. The one who had been so kind to me. And how he had cleaned the spunk from my face and how he knew what it was. I wonder what his cock looks like? Oh my.


Clean and relaxed, I slipped into bed and fell quickly asleep. There was much confusion in the days that followed. Visions of cocks large and small drifted through my mind and I had a hard time focusing at work. Randy was still on my shit list for what he had done to me the night Pam died, but I couldn’t get the memory of our encounter out of my head. Masturbation, even with the vibrator left me wanting. There was only one person in the whole world who knew what had happened and that’s the only person I could talk to about this. Finally I picked up the phone and dialled Randy.

It started out like any other normal week day. Normally, I would get up dealt with the husband and kids. Go to work. Flirt with the guys at work. Go home; deal with the husband and kids again. Sounds boring right… It is normally. Today was different though.

I have been flirting with Keith for sometime now. We both are in marriages that aren’t as sexual gratifying as we would like them to be. We both have deviant sexual thoughts. How would I know this you ask? Keith is my friend; he is the one person in this office that I actually trust. Since he is a guy, I have been sharing some of my sexual thoughts with him, just to see if he reacted like my husband, Derek, the prude. Keith has helped me to feel normal, or as he jokes with me maybe we are both just sexually deviants.

I have been saying to Keith that we should hook up. Friends with benefits I say. He keeps on telling me no, he would never do that to his wife. I keep on saying come on, please. He has held his ground. Well that is until today…

While I was out to clients, Keith texted me that his chocolate candy was not wrapped well. I texted back joking with him that I had tainted it. When I got back to work, I went in his office to joke some more about it with him. The next thing you know, he was daring me (or maybe I dared myself) to stick a miniature kit-kat in my pussy. I told him I would if he ate it. We laughed; I took a kit-kat and left his office.

I proceeded to go to the ladies room. I was horny as hell after talking to Keith. There is something about him that drives me sexually insane. I have imagined what his cock looks life for years now…is it normal length? Is it thick? Is it long? Oh god, all I have wanted to do is feel it in my hands. To hold his stiff strong cock…. I start to rub my nipples as I sit in the bathroom thinking about Keith. To just suck him, till he cums, would give me so much pleasure. As I am sitting there, I start to finger fuck myself. Oh it feels so good; I wish Keith was doing it to me instead of my self. I remember the kit-kat. I start to chuckle, and insert it into my warm moist pussy. I leave it there just a second as it is starting to melt. I remove it; put it back in the wrapper. I wash my hands and then return to my desk. I text Keith:

I did my dare are you going to do urs?




The smell of chocolate smell and my pussy is driving me crazy.

No – besides I can’t get out of my chair.

What if I cum to u?


But, I want to. I really want to feel this chocolate melt more in my pussy. Will you be mad at me if I do it?

I could never be mad at you.

That was all I needed. I took that piece of chocolate and reinserted it in to my vagina. Oh, how I wished it was bigger. I could so get off on the feeling of the melting chocolate mixing with the juices inside my pussy. I walked down the hall and stood in his office door. “Keith, can you help me? I have a problem.” I said as I shut his door and locked it behind me.

Do, I really have enough balls to do this, I think? All I have thought about every night for the last week was seeing him hard, touching him, and sucking him. “Did you just lock my door?,” he said.

I tell him that I did. I sit in the chair, looking at him. I can feel the chocolate melting. So, I stand up, reach down and pull that melted kit-kat out of my pussy. I hold it to his lips. He doesn’t respond. I then wipe the chocolate on his lips and as he opens them to lick the chocolate, I place it in his mouth. Oh, how I wish he was licking the chocolate off of my pussy. Instead, I lick my fingers enjoying the taste of chocolate and my juices.

I proceed to walk over to him and ask him if I can touch. He doesn’t respond. All I want to do is feel that cock. Is it rock hard? Is it average size? I lean over his chair and start to touch. Groan, it is rock hard and at least average if not bigger. Oh, Lord I want to suck him right now…. I touch a minute longer. If I stay any longer, I am going to rape him as I know he doesn’t want to be a willing participant. I then leave his office and go back to mine and text him.

I text to him:

I hope you r nt mad at me.

I told you I could never get mad at you.

I prop my feet up on my desk. And grab some Kleenexes wiping at my moist yummy chocolate pussy. I text Keith again:

I am down here cleaning up a chocolate mess. I am resisting the urge to lick my fingers.

Why are you resisting?


As I inserted a finger into my pussy, out came a mixture of chocolate and wetness. I try to texting him another time:

Yummy… I couldn’t resist any longer. U should cum down.

I can’t.

Please it is delicious and I am going to eat it all myself.


I sat there with my feet propped on my desk. Finger fucking and licking the chocolate mixed with my juices. I was sticky and wet and loving every minute of it. I sat there for 10 minutes enjoying myself and thinking about Keith. About all I can think about is his cock in my pussy; fucking each other. I don’t allow myself to cum as I decided it was time to get back to work.

Everyone is gone in the office but me. Keith had a seminar to attend with a happy hour ending it. I hope he has something to drink, I thought. Maybe, I can convince him to stop by the office on his way home. I sent him a text:

I am alone in the office.

No response.

Any chance u will stop by?

No response.

So u rnt going to talk to me?

No Response.

Fine whatever…

I sit there thinking about him. I wonder, does he want to fuck me and is just too devoted to Lisa to do it? Is it me that turns him on or is it the lack of attention from Lisa that makes him react to my flirting? Oh the head trash that I am dealing with. I hear a noise that brings me back to reality. I realize that someone came into the office. Probably the cleaning lady….

All of a sudden my office door flies open. It is Keith and he is looking at me with anger in his eyes. I look at him and stand up asking him “what is the matter?”

In a voice that I didn’t recognize, he says, “I came to give you what you want.”

He then reaches over shakes me and slaps me hard in the ass. I should be scare, but I am more turned on that I could have imagined. He pushes me hard and I slam into the desk. “I am going to fuck you now Jackie and you are going to scream for me to stop.”

He grabs me by the throat and pulls me to him. I whisper “Not to hard or you will bruise me.” A chill races up my spine as my pussy beings to throb and ache. Oh fuck me, please now just take me, I think. He pulls me closer, shoving his tongue forcefully into my mouth. I try to keep up with him, but he has a hunger that I can’t match. I pull away and look at him and ask him “Do you want me?”

“Shut up and bend over your desk,” he says as he shoves me into my desk again. I bend over and he rips my pants and undies down. I can feel him rock hard as he reaches up and grabs my tits with his one hand. His other hand, I assume is on his cock, as I feel pressed against my body.

He kicks my legs farther apart and smacks me down again. I feel his cock approaching my pussy lips. I shiver with anticipation. The brutality of his forcefulness should be making me nervous. Instead, I am dripping juices from my eager pussy. He shoves his cock into my ready pussy as hard as possible. I groan. He says to me, “Is this what you want Jackie?”

I don’t say anything. “Answer me Jackie”, he says as he pounds me with anger and excitement.

“Yes, Keith, this is what I want.”, I say as a tear rolls down my face. What is wrong with me?, I think as he is slamming into me. I moan as he reaches his hands to my anticipating clit. He starts rubbing it hard as I moan.

“Feel good?,” he asks.

“Yes, I am about to cum.” As I say this, he reaches up and grabs my nipple with so much force, I scream. It hurts yet feels so good at the same time. I can feel the orgasm starting as my vagina starts to shiver and throb with the much needed orgasm. I am panting as he pulls out. “What are you doing? You haven’t cum yet.”

“Who said I am done with you yet. Grab your goodie bag.”

I keep a goodie bag at work, with lubes, jells and other stuff. I have been know to fuck Derek in my office on a weekend, so I just keep it there in case the rare chance that Derek will want to fuck if we are driving downtown. I showed it to Keith about a week ago. What the fuck can he want in the goodie bag? I think.

He looks at me and says, “Did you forget that you tell me everything? Did you forget how much we both think about anal sex?”

My heart starts to pound in nervousness. I could never convince Derek to have anal sex. The last time I had anything in my ass it was about three years ago. I love feeling a dildo in my ass. But, it has been so long ago, I have almost forgotten how much I love it.

He takes my goodie bag and looks at me. “Do you want to put it on?”

I take the lubricant out of my bag and squeeze a good amount into my hand. I place my hand on his hard shaft and rub it. He groans in need and shoves me back bending over the desk.

I am so scared and so eager at the same time. I feel the head of his dick at my puckered asshole. I can feel him pushing slowly and find myself backing up. His head starts to enter my ass. I breathe deeply. Oh, the pain. Try to relax I tell myself. His head is entering my ass as he is moaning. He continues to push as I try to relax my sphincter muscles.

This is so different then a dildo that I controlled going into my ass. It hurts so bad, yet feels so good. He enters his shaft all the way into my ass, moaning with delight. I think I am going to pass out from the pain, although my pussy is starting to quiver. He reaches and starts to massage my clitoris. The mixed feelings are too much to handle.

“Are you ready”, he asks. I nod my head yes. He starts to pull his shaft out a couple of inches and then rams it hard back in. Oh, I scream. “Did you like it?,” he asks.

I nod my head yes. I have never felt anything like this. He does it again removing it farther and slamming back into me. The force of it takes my breath away. Yet, it feels so good.

He is now really fucking my ass and I find myself matching his pace. I touch my clit and start stroking it. I moan as I begin to cum, my whole pussy throbbing as my ass tightens around his hard cock.

He starts to groan and I can feel him stiffen up to cum just as I reached my peak. He fills my ass with his load. I tighten myself against his dick and pull the last bit of cum from his shaft; I can feel myself starting to cum again. I scream in delight as we both collapse against my desk.

I am not sure if I am going to be able to walk anytime soon. He is still leaning against me. He leans up and kisses me on the cheek. “I am sorry I was so rough on you. I hate the fact that I want to fuck you. I hate the fact that I just cheated on Lisa.”

We slowly part from being as one. I am so sore, but yet I feel complete and whole. I have never felt so wanted in all my life. So sexy and needed. I look at Keith and say. “I am sorry too. I am sorry that I pursued you so much that I make you want me.”

“Don’t be sorry. I have never experienced what we just did with anyone else. I think I am going to be okay with being friends with benefits.”

The first time I had sex with my best friend, was completely unplanned but totally worth everything that had happened that night. Of course’ alcohol was involved; but it seems like it always is in these type’ of situations. Alcohol brings out the truth, or so they say, and I say their very correct in that aspect.

We were sitting around in the basement bored out of our minds. There was no cable down there just yet, as I had only just moved into the basement a few months earlier and’ my parents were reluctant to add another box to the bill. I was unemployed and could offer no income, but I promised once I found a job I would pay them for my box. They were taking it into consideration so they said, but for the time being we were’ left with nothing really to do.

It was around 8:30 when Jimmy suggested that we go into the garage and grab the old bottle of Rum my grandfather had left behind when he passed away. He’d’ lived down in the basement for a long time and bought the bottle at least six years ago, and’ when he got sick it just sat there. But’ they say rum gets’ better with age so I saw no problems with the idea.

“You know where it is?”

“Yeah,” I replied to Jimmy as I shuffled through the garage and finally leaned down to pick up the bottle and held it up for Jimmy and Michelle to see. “Right here,”

“Well come on, let’s do this,” Michelle urged.

We went back to the basement and hid the bottle before walking around the corner to the pizza shop to buy a couple bottles of Coke to go with the rum. When we came back, I locked the door to the basement behind us and we dug in right away.

We poured three glasses and started drinking. As the alcohol took its slow effect, we started talking and soon we were babbling as the night went by slowly. It wasn’t’ long before the three of us were talking out a full conversation and the boredom had all but worn off without much effort.

As Jimmy walked across the room to pour him a second glass of rum he stopped suddenly and turned around, smiling at Michelle and me as though he had just had some sudden great idea or something.

“I have an idea,” he said. “We should play a game,”

“Oh right, like what? I fucking hate board games,”

I laughed and Jimmy shook his head pouring himself his fresh glass of rum.

“No, no this is a drinking game. It’s kinda like strip poker but instead of poker its strip dare.”

“Strip dare, like truth or dare?” Michelle asked.

“Yeah, except it’s only dares and you have to do sex related shit.”

I was a little reluctant at first but to my surprise, Michelle seemed very open to this plan. She was a bit of a light’ weight though and so I figured the alcohol was probably already hitting her, hence the reason she agreed to this. For her sake’ only I decided to say okay and give this a shot.

“Alright, how do we play?”

“It’s simple,” Jimmy said before proceeding to explain the rules to the both of us. Basically’ we went around in a circle daring one person to do one sex related act.

The deal was since Michelle and I were dating we would both be dared to do sex related things only to each other and when it came to dares we would give to Jimmy, we would basically dare him to do something to himself instead of one of us. That was the plan; originally.

It started’ off simple enough; Jimmy went first and he picked me. I was’ dared to simply lean over and start sucking on Michelle’s nipples, which I was more than happy to do. I sucked on them each individually and groaned getting off on the sounds she was making as I did so. When the dare was’ over it was my turn and I dared her to finger herself for me and’ Jimmy to watch. Then when it came to be her turn she dared me to jerk off in front of them both which I proceeded to do very nervously in front of my best friend.

Around and around in a circle we went; but when Jimmy had been dared three times to just masturbate it started to get a little boring.

There was only so much you could do with one couple and one single guy’ this game was a couple’s game, which meant it, would work better if Jimmy had a girl as well. After thirty minutes, I had already been’ dared to eat out my girlfriend’s pussy and she had already sucked my cock. We had both came twice already and there wasn’t much left for us to do except maybe anal, but then what else was there for Jimmy to do besides jerk off again; he looked bored and so were we.

With the help of the rum though, things heated up again soon as we started branching off. That point came when Jimmy found my old toy light saber kicked under the mattress in the corner of the room.

“I have an idea,” he slurred releasing the fake plastic purple light saber blade and smirking evilly before handing it to Michelle.

“I dare you to shove this up your ass,”

We all started laughing and I pretty much assumed Michelle would tell Jimmy to go fuck himself; I was surprised though when she reached around and carefully started trying to push the tip of the toy light saber into her ass. What a hot sight before my eyes; just watching the purple tip slide into her ass my cock was hard within seconds and leaking pre-cum.

“That’s hot,” Jimmy said. She fucked herself in the ass with the light saber for about two minutes while fingering herself and playing with her clit at the same time before Jimmy smiled over at me.

“Chris, I dare you to fuck her in the ass.”

I had no protests there and as she pulled the light saber out of her ass’ I slid behind her and started pushing my aching cock into her. She moaned as I pushed deep into her tight hot asshole and started pounding the shit out of her. She was screaming now, sweating, her tits bouncing around as I fucked her as hard as I possibly could until I exploded pumping my’ cum into her ass.

When we finished, we lay there on the carpeted floor exhausted and both of us covered in sweat. Now it was Michelle’s turn to dare one of us to do something and I waited hoping she’d’ dare me to have another go at her asshole. This next one was directed at Jimmy though; and quite shocking to,

“Jimmy,” she said seductively. “I dare you to come over here and fuck me,”

He looked at me and his cock was hard as a rock and I could tell he wanted to do it but was a little afraid of how I would feel; after all, she was my girlfriend. I knew deep down if we were sober there was probably no way in hell she would even consider’ doing something like that with him.

“You okay with that man,” he slurred.

“Yeah,” I said a little unsure. “Sure…I guess,”

He didn’t’ ask me again; he simply crawled over to her as she lay on her back smiling up at him and spread her legs for him. I sat there watching as he lifted her legs up and’ moved between them and pushed his throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy.

I couldn’t believe I was sitting here drunk off my ass watching my best friend get it on with my girlfriend; and worse yet, I was still so fucking horny even watching this unfold.

She was moaning so loud and I could tell that Jimmy was getting close when he glanced over at the light saber and smiled at me.

“Hey Chris, hand me the light saber.”

Confused, I picked up the toy and handed it to Jimmy but he handed it back to me. “I want you to stick it in my ass,”

“W-What? Dude, are you fucking nuts?”

“No man, I’m serious; just stick it in there.”

“Oh that sounds hot,” Michelle moaned and motioned for me to go ahead and do as he told me to do.

Against my better judgment, I ignored how awkward it was going to feel too even’ be anywhere near’ my best friend’s asshole and proceeded to spread his cheeks and guide the purple plastic blade into him. Jimmy moaned as I pushed it into him and he gripped the carpets driving his cock deeper into Michelle’s pussy.

“Okay,” he gasped. “Let it go,”

I did and he cried out in a mix of discomfort and pleasure. I could hardly begin to imagine what that probably felt like; good or bad, I had no clue but judging by the look on his face, I

didn’t’ think it felt to bad.

He reached around and held on to it trying to keep it in his ass as he continued fucking Michelle until he gasped and yelled in pleasure, and his cum began to flow from the tip of his dick right into her. It was only then that I realized, my best friend just ejaculated into my girlfriends pussy and he wasn’t even wearing a condom; if she got pregnant, I would have a hard time knowing if the kid was mine or’ his.

He pulled out and motioned for me to come over and I did and took his place, sliding my cock into her pussy.

It felt weird fucking her after she had just’ been fucked by my best friend, but I was not going to complain; I was still very aroused.

Jimmy watched as we went at it again and’ again and eventually I pulled out and turned her over, then proceeded to start licking her pussy from behind. As I did this, I inhaled the smell of cock and semen and tasted my own cum which was obviously’ mixed in with Jimmy’s,

I ignored how awkward it was that I was licking a pussy leaking my’ cum and my friends and continued going down on her and she seemed to be ‘loving it.

That’s’ when things got a little too weird; as if everything we had done hadn’t’ been weird enough as it was. As I went down on Michelle, Jimmy suddenly moved over next to us and’ the next thing I knew his cock was right up in my face.

Normally, I would have probably punched him for even suggesting such a thing, but for some reason I’ actually felt kind’ of turned on.

“Hey Chris,” Michelle said looking back. “I dare you to suck Jimmy’s cock.”

Don’t’ get me wrong; I may have been adapting to the idea, but that did not mean I wasn’t’ nervous. I was as nervous and confused as you could imagine possible, I mean what the fuck were we doing anyway? This whole experience had been completely random and fucking weird and I was beginning to wonder how we were all going to feel about it in the morning when the three of us had sobered up enough to figure it all out.

I pushed these thoughts aside though and without really knowing what I was doing, I moved my lips away from my girlfriend’s cunt and wrapped them around my best friends cock. He tasted salty, and his dick was still very wet from fucking Michelle just a few minutes ago.

I did my best to accommodate my mouth to his size, and once he reached my throat I realized I was doing an all right job for my first time sucking dick.

Michelle turned around and watched as I sucked Jimmy’s dick and she started to play with her clit while she watched. Then she reached for the toy light saber and waved it in the air, smiling at Jimmy who got the point.

“Well Chris,” he said seductively. “How about we have a little more fun,”

I felt Michelle behind me with the light saber and I felt the tip of the plastic pressing against my anus. I tensed up a bit but relaxed as she started running her hands up and down my back trying to soothe my nerves. I kept sucking Jimmy’s cock while she pushed the tip of the plastic into my ass and I gripped the carpet beneath’ me grunting and shaking like a leaf.

She eased the plastic blade into my ass inch by inch until it was at least six inches or so inside of me and then she started moving it around a bit’ so that it kept pressing up against my prostate gland. As it rubbed against my gland, my entire body shook and I tried hard not to scream out in pleasure.

It was the weirdest feeling in my life, and to this day’ I have no clue how to explain what it really felt like without making it sound ridiculous. I started trying to push my ass back against the light saber but it kept sliding out from underneath of me and’ Michelle had to readjust it a few times.

Eventually, she got the idea to slide underneath of me and started sucking my cock in 69 while holding the light saber in my asshole.

Jimmy grabbed a handful of my hair forcing his cock deeper down my throat while I was getting fucked in the ass by a toy light saber and having my own dick sucked by my beautiful girlfriend; it was the most awkward situation ever but it felt fucking incredible.

I could feel my cock starting to swell up and I released Jimmy’s cock so I could get a bit more vocal without scraping his dick with my teeth.

I moaned louder then I had ever moaned in my life as my cock began to spew cum down Michelle’s throat and all over her face. Giggling as I finished, she slid out from underneath of me and kissed me on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth and transferring my’ cum from her mouth into my own.

“That’s right,” Jimmy said. “You like the taste of your own cum?”

I moaned my response and he laughed and so did Michelle.

“Good,” he said. “Now try some of mine,”

He shoved his cock back into my mouth, throat fucking me for another minute or so. I was making all the gagging and slurping sounds that I was use to hearing my girlfriend make. After a minute and a half, Jimmy crammed his dick down my throat and bit his lip swearing under his breath as he shot what felt like a gallon of cum down my gullet.

He pulled out and I swallowed it all before he wrapped his lips around my dick and started sucking me back to life. As he sucked my cock, Michelle started licking and sucking my nipples which’ were currently so sensitive I could have screamed at the sensation.

It wasn’t’ until that moment that I realized the toy light saber was still in my ass. As he sucked my cock, Jimmy reached around and’ grabbed hold of the toy and started pushing it in and out of me causing me to arch my back and moan again. He moved it in and out for a few moments before releasing my cock and then pulling the saber from my ass and tossing it aside.

“Time to see how the real thing feels,” he said as he moved behind me. I knew what he meant and what he was going to do; Michelle’s eyes were’ filled with passion as she watched Jimmy move behind me. I felt his hands on my hips and the edge of his cock against my hole as he pushed up into me. He slid right in since I had already been’ loosened up by the toy light saber, but his cock felt completely different then the toy had felt.

Jimmy started off slow thrusting in and out of me carefully until he noticed my cock was as hard as a rock at which point he picked up the pace and started fucking me harder and faster. As he did, Michelle continued licking and sucking my nipples and stroking my cock as well.

Eventually, I allowed Jimmy to sit down and pull me back onto his lap, his cock still buried in my asshole and as I did Michelle stood over us both and lowered herself down onto my cock as well. Now we were all fucking at once, with Jimmy fucking me in the ass and Michelle riding my cock at the same time.

With the stimulation from him being inside of me and the warmth of Michelle’s wet pussy around my cock I didn’t’ last very long before I cried out in pleasure and ejaculated, Cumming inside of my girlfriend. Just seconds later, Jimmy pulled me back and lightly bit my neck as he too started to cum filling my ass with it until it leaked down along his shaft and down his balls.

All together, we collapsed to the floor and Jimmy slid out of me, the three of us lying side by side on the carpeted floor. Sweat and sexual fluids escaped our bodies as we fought to stay awake and not fall asleep; the night was still young and I could think of a few more places I wanted to stick that light saber.

Namely, in Jimmy’s hot asshole,

“So, would you really fuck Amy?”

I did a classic “spit-take” with the beer I was enjoying in our back yard, and looked at my wife Sasha.

I opened my mouth and said, “Uh…” She snickered. I’m sure I had the same look on my face our dog has when we catch him doing something he’s not supposed to … because I HAD been thinking about fucking Amy. A lot. I’d been thinking about her, in fact, since I’d met her at Sasha’s high school reunion a couple months ago.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t cheat on my wife, and I certainly wasn’t planning to sneak around with Amy behind her back. That would be fairly hard to accomplish even if I was planning on it, because Amy still lives in the small town Sasha grew up in.

That didn’t stop me from fantasizing about Amy, though. I do a fair amount of fantasizing about other women, and Sasha is well aware of it. When my wife and I first got together, our fifteen year age difference didn’t have much of an impact on our sex life; as we both got older – and she went through menopause – we found ourselves on different rhythms. I was in my early forties and still had a healthy appetite for sex. She was in her mid-fifties and had “slowed down” a bit sexually.

This could have been a big problem for us. Luckily, over the 20 years we’ve been married Sasha and I have made a commitment to be open and honest with each other, and to “check in” regularly to make sure each of us is giving the other what we need. A couple years back we had one of those “check in” sessions because she was concerned that her lowered libido might take a toll on our marriage. I told her not to worry — our relationship is about much more than just sex… besides, I had the situation “well in hand.” I’d been taking care my needs with fantasy, my right hand, and a little internet porn. Any time she felt a little randy and we got the chance to play together… well, that was a bonus.

After that conversation I got to enjoy one of those “bonuses” under the stars on our back porch… but that’s a story for another time.

On this particular day, I kept that same spirit of open honesty – but I took a long drink of my beer first, and considered what to say.

“Well, yeah,” I said, and watched her reaction closely. “Why do you ask?”

“I’m just remembering something you said when we were back home,” she replied. “When Amy was complaining about not having a date for the reunion. You said, ‘Well if she’s looking for someone to take her home I can take care of her.’ Remember?”

“Oh — right!” I chuckled. I did remember the comment – it was one of those casual off-color jokes I throw out from time to time. It had gotten a laugh out of Sasha, which was the point… I was surprised she remembered it.

“But you were only half-joking, right? I mean, if you had chance you’d totally do Amy… wouldn’t you?”

I opened my mouth. Then I closed it. I was stuck. I’d already admitted I was attracted to Amy (well, that I’d “fuck her”) so it was too late to back-pedal. I looked at her and nodded my head, waiting to see where this was going.

“Huh,” she said as she settled into the porch swing next to me. “Really? I would have thought you’d go for Gina, not Amy.”

Gina was another woman Sasha had gone to high school with. Like Sasha she was in her mid-fifties, but I would have guessed she was 8 or 9 years younger. Gina had gone on to be a high-powered lawyer in New York, and she dazzled everyone at the reunion when she showed up in expensive, tight and VERY short dresses – dresses that that showed off her well-toned body.

“Nah,” I said to Sasha as I ran my finger down her shoulder, around her left breast, and onto the swell of her belly. “Too –”

“Too skinny,” she finished, laughing. “You sicko…”

Sasha knew my tastes well. I’ve always preferred nicely rounded women to the super-thin model types. That’s one of the reasons I love looking at my wife — naked or clothed — and it’s one of the reasons I felt drawn to Amy. Like Gina, Amy had gone on to a high-powered career in the big city after school. That’s where the similarities ended, though. Amy returned home a few years ago to take care of her aging parents, and stayed. While Gina obviously worked out religiously to keep her figure, Amy had grown soft and round, with a nice large pair of breasts, wide hips, and a generous ass.

“It’s not just that,” I protested, “though it’s certainly part of it. Gina’s impressive, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’d kick her out of bed. Amy, though… there’s something about her. A fire. That’s what I found really attractive about her.”

Moving back to the small burg she and Sasha grew up in hadn’t dampened Amy’s ambition. She had been the major organizer of their high school reunion, and even though she couldn’t find a job in Podunk West Nowhere giving her the opportunities she’d had earlier in life, Amy threw herself into projects for local causes that had gained national attention.

“Remember when she was sitting outside the hotel having a cigarette with us,” I said, “telling us about the community center she’s helping rebuild? She had a real spark about her… that’s what I found sexy. Sure, body-wise she’s my type… but it was her energy that really got me going.”

Sasha laughed ruefully. “I remember sitting out on the park bench, and thinking she was about three for four drinks ahead of us. I also remember her saying she hadn’t been able to get a date since moving back home… and I wondered if she was hinting at something. She couldn’t keep her eyes off you.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Oh, please,” I said. “She hardly knew me — I doubt she was ‘hinting’ at anything.” Really, I’m not much to look at. Just an average guy with an average build. Sure, I try to go to the gym occasionally, but I’m no Brad Pitt.

Sasha shook her head. “You never take me seriously when I tell you women are checking you out. Well, never mind… dinner’s going to be ready in about twenty minutes.” She got up and walked into the house, her round ass swaying as she opened the door.


Nothing more was said about Amy during dinner. After we’d eaten and washed the dishes, Sasha and I stripped and took a dip in our hot tub with a glass of wine. We watched the sun go down over our neighbor’s house and soaked in the heat from the water as the air began to cool.

After a few moments, I heard her voice in the semi-darkness. “So, how would it have worked? At the reunion, I mean?”

I’d been looking at the water bubbling between her large breasts. Now my eyes snapped up to meet hers. “What do you mean?”

“Remember when we were driving into town, and you made that crack about having a threesome with my high school girlfriends? How would that have worked?”

Another off-color comment I’d made, and she’d remembered. I had to learn to watch my mouth! “I — uh – I don’t know,” I said. “It’s just one of those cliché male fantasies, you know? ‘Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me but…’ that kind of thing.”

“Yeah,” she said, “that’s what you said at the time. I know you, though… you’ve been using that ‘cliché fantasy’ for masturbation material ever since we got back, haven’t you?”

I could feel my face getting a little red, and it wasn’t from the heat of the tub. I took a sip of wine and said, “well, since you mention it…”

“Oh, I’m mentioning it,” she said and sent a playful splash my way. “So, how does that scenario go? Is Amy in it?”

Amy again. Where was this leading? I took another sip (well, more of a gulp) and searched Sasha’s eyes. “Yeah. She is.”

I tried to gauge her reaction, but all I got was a slight quirk at the left corner of her lips. “So, what happens in this fantasy of yours? When you get out of bed after I fall asleep and ‘take care of business,’ I mean?”

“Well, you know… you, me, Amy. Our hotel room. All three of us in bed, getting to know each other better.”

“That’s not what I mean,” she said settling back and taking a sip from her own glass. I watched the reflection from the water play on the skin above her big full breasts and under her chin. “Lay it out for me. Beginning middle and end.”

This was new territory for us. Sasha had never been all that interested in my fantasies. Sure, she’d ask me once in a while if I fantasized about a particular woman, as she had with Amy. She’d never been interested in the details, though. I started to wonder if I was going to get a “bonus” tonight.

I felt a stirring between my legs as I said, “Well, ok. It starts with a knock on our door.”

“The door to our hotel room?”

“Right. We’re in bed, watching television, and there’s a knock on the door. I throw some pants on, you pull the sheets over those amazing tits of yours – ”

She smiled demurely and lifted her boobs up to just beneath the surface of the water. “These amazing tits?” She began to rub her breasts, moving her palms around her nipples and areolas.

I gulped and felt my dick swell a little more. “Yes, those amazing tits. Anyway, I go to the door, and it’s Amy. She asks if she can come in and talk. She looks upset, and she’s carrying a bottle. Her face is flushed, and I think she’s been drinking a little from it.”

“Hmmmm…” Sasha said as she started to twist and pull on her nipples. “You like ‘em sloppy drunk, huh?”

“She’s hardly falling-down drunk,” I said. “She’s just a little buzzed, and she says the bottle is for us to share. She comes in and settles into the chair by the door. She tells us that she made a pass at Jack — you know, that football player you were both hot for in high school? I get a couple of glasses from the bathroom and sit in the chair next to her as –”

“Hang on,” Sasha said. “There was only one chair in the room we stayed in.” Her nipples were standing out almost half an inch, and she’d gone back to rubbing around the outsides of her large, luscious breasts.

“My fantasy,” I replied. “I threw an extra chair in — hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh, do continue,” She said with a wicked little grin. Her hand started to trace its way down her belly, towards her pussy.

“Well, I pour us each a drink –”

“Hang on,” she said, sitting forward in the tub. “What’s Amy wearing in this little fantasy of yours?” Her arms came together as she moved, forcing her breasts together so they formed a deep cleft in the front of her chest.

“Oh, the outfit she wore on the second night — remember, it was a shiny purple metallic blouse, black pants, and –” my breath sucked in involuntarily as I felt Sasha start to stroke my balls under the water.

“And those high heels,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “I remember. Go ahead — you pour us each a drink…”

“Right,” I said. I’d forgotten where I was in the story; her fingernails tracing across my scrotum had taken all my attention. “So, I pour us all a drink and she tells us about Jack laughing in her face when she asked him to come home with her, and leaving with someone else. She tells us she’s so lonely — that she hasn’t been with anyone in years, and she misses the feeling of a cock inside her. You say, ‘Well, if that’s all you’re missing, Curtis has a really nice one I’d be happy to share –’ “

Sasha burst out laughing. “Seriously? What porno script did you adapt this dialogue from?” I felt my face redden a little and I started to pull back defensively. Sasha took a firm grip on the base of my dick. “No, no, I’m only teasing. It’s your fantasy… what happens next?” Her hand started to slowly stroke up and down the shaft of my cock.

“Everyone’s a critic,” I mumbled, enjoying the sensation of her fingers. I put a hand on her breast and started to toy with her nipple. “Well, she looks appropriately scandalized, but intrigued. She looks at you and says, ‘Oh Sasha, be serious.’

” ‘I am serious,’ you say. ‘Look, Amy, Curtis is 15 years younger than us. He’s got way more energy than I do, and he’s always hungry for sex.’ “

“That’s true enough,” Sasha growled as her other hand started to move up and down my chest.

” ‘I know he’s been checking you out.’ Amy looks at me, then back at you. Her eyes linger at the edge of the sheet, which has slipped down your tits a little. I run a finger down the neck of her shirt and say, ‘She’s right, Amy. I’ve been thinking about you all night.’ I start to open her shirt…”

“Lets go inside,” Sasha said, letting go of my cock and giving me a light kiss on the lips. We hastily stepped out of the tub and dried off, then walked naked into our living room. I poured us both another glass of wine, and I watched Sasha’s lovely round body as she trotted off to the bathroom.

When she came back, she was holding one of the vibrators I’ve bought for her over the years — a thin purple one with several pre-programmed settings. She also held a bottle of lubricant that she tossed to me. Sasha sat down on our recliner and motioned to the couch next to it.

“Play with yourself while you tell the story,” she said. She watched me expectantly as she leaned back in the recliner, spread her legs, and started to stroke the vibrator up and down her labia.

I smiled and poured a little lube into my palm. “So, I’ve got her shirt open,” I said, rubbing the lube onto my dick. “I start to trace my fingers up her neck and down to her bra.”

“What color is her bra,” Sasha asked as she turned up the vibrator.

I grabbed the first thing that popped into my head. “It’s a purple push-up bra. It holds her boobs up nice and high. I start to stroke around her tits, and then down to her belly, then up to her tits again. She’s starting to breath a little harder, and her eyes are focused on you. I lean over and kiss her neck. She sighs and says, “Sasha, show me what you’ve got under that sheet.”

“Do I? Do I pull the sheet down, Curtis?” The vibrator was going around her pussy in tighter and tighter circles. Her other hand was back on her boobs, pulling and teasing her nipples.

“Yeah, you do,” I said. “As the sheet slides down your body, she can see your hand between your legs playing with your pussy. She groans a little; I put my hand between her legs and start to rub her through her pants. She’s starting to pant a little when you say, ‘Unzip his pants, Amy. Pull out his cock.’

“Her eyes are locked on your body, your tits, your cunt. She reaches up and undoes my pants, then reaches inside and puts her hand on my dick. She gasps a little bit when she feels it, and I gasp a little bit when she puts her hands in my underwear and touches the head.”

Sasha’s eyes were closed as the vibrator zeroed in on her clit. She was panting as she said, “Suck his cock, Amy. Put it in your mouth and suck it.”

“She does,” I said, my hand going back and forth across my cock. “She tells me to stand up, and I do. My pants fall down around my ankles and my dick is a couple inches away from her cheek. She looks at you, then she turns her head and opens her mouth. She puts just the head in first and closes her mouth around it. I can feel her tongue, exploring the skin beneath the head. Slowly she starts to move down my cock, then back up, then down again. I look at you and you’re watching us; your hand is working your clit hard as you watch Amy sucking my dick.”

Sasha’s eyes were closed tight. I could tell from her breathing that she was close. I moved over to her and ran my fingers around her vaginal opening. “Now she’s got her hand at the base of my cock and she’s starting to pump up and down,” I said, slowly pushing my middle finger inside her cunny. “I’m starting to pump into her mouth too. I’ve got my hands in that frizzy brown hair of hers, and I’m pushing deeper into her mouth.” My finger pushed up into Sasha’s G-spot “She’s got me all the way down her throat now — her hands are on my ass and she’s pulling me into her.” I started to rotate my finger left, then right, as I felt the buzz of the vibrator on Sasha’s clit. “She’s making little sounds… ‘Mmmmm… Mmmmm…’ while she sucks my entire cock into her throat.”

“Oh God! Oh God! UUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Sasha cried out, her hips bucking around my hand and the vibrator. I kept my hand in place as she rode the tide of her orgasm, then slowly pulled my finger out as she came back down to earth.

“I love watching you cum,” I said, kissing her neck, her ears, the bangs of her short grey hair.

“I love it when you make me cum,” she said, breathing hard. I picked up her wine glass and handed it to her so she could take a drink, then looked around on the floor for the vibrator which was buzzing against the recliner’s leg.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Then what happens? Don’t tell me all you’re fantasizing about is a blow job.”

I smiled at her. “Oh no… there’s more.”

“Well, you didn’t cum yet, and there’s plenty of lube. What happens next?”

I settled back onto the couch and Sasha came over to snuggle against me. She poured a little more lube into her hand and started massaging it onto my cock. “Well, after a little dick sucking, Amy asks if it’d be ok for her to touch you. Your hand moves up from your pussy, across your belly and onto your tit. You say, ‘Of course Amy. Get over here.’ “

Sasha chuckled. “Well, aren’t I assertive!” Her fingers started to play around the tip of my dick. They rubbed along the edge of the head and down the underside.

“So,” I continued, “I help her get undressed. I kiss her all over as I do it. She crawls onto the bed and starts to go down on you. I watch the two of you — her head between your legs, your hands in her hair. Her hands run up your body and start to rub your breasts as she eats you.

“After a while, you look at me pulling my cock while I watch you. You reach down and lift Amy’s chin. ‘Hey Amy,’ you say. ‘I thought you wanted to feel a cock inside you.’ ‘I do,’ she says. ‘No reason you can’t have both of us,’ you say, and motion me over to the bed.”

Sasha put her own head down between my legs and started to lick my cock — first one side and then the other. Her hands kept moving along the shaft as her tongue feathered along the underside.

“Amy crawls up your body and starts to kiss you,” I groaned. “I climb up behind her and stroke her calf, her thigh, and her ass. Your hand is stroking down to the small of her back to the crack of her ass. You pull her legs open a little wider, break the kiss, look at me and nod.”

Sasha’s mouth was around my dick now. I could feel her hand pulling up from the base as her mouth traveled down from the head, meeting in the middle. I started to feel the pressure building deep inside me.

“You have your other hand between Amy’s legs now. You’re playing with her clit while I move the head of my cock around the opening to her pussy. You reach out, and your fingers find my cock; they pull me towards Amy’s twat. The two of you are still kissing, but I can hear Amy panting. She looks over her shoulder at me and says, ‘Please, put it in.’ I slide inside her.”

By now, I was the one panting. It was getting harder and harder to put words together, so instead I put my hand behind Sasha’s head, running my fingers through her short grey hair. I thrust into her mouth with short, sharp jerks as she put her hands onto my balls and squeezed a little.

“I – I’m fucking her from behind while she lays on top of you, and your tits are pushed together, and you’re kissing, and — “

And that was it. I could hold out no longer. With a roar I started to cum. Sasha pulled my spurting cock out of her mouth and milked it onto her bare tits, smearing the cum between her breasts and rubbing the head of my dick against her soft tit flesh.

I collapsed back onto the couch, spent. When my eyes finally un-crossed, I looked up at my smiling, gorgeous, radiant wife. She had a big smile on her face as she rubbed my cum into her chest.

I took a long drink from my wine glass and closed my eyes, enjoying the rush. I heard Sasha in the bathroom, then I heard her outside covering up the tub. After far too long I roused myself and joined her outside. She lit a cigarette, then lit another and handed it to me. We sat and listened to the night for a few minutes.

I am 45 year old. I have been married to my college sweetheart for 20 years, have 3 kids and work full time. I am your typical middle aged woman approaching menopause. Well with one exception. I think about sex all of the time. Not, just sex, but kinky sex. I am open to all ideas and am willing to try anything once. I had never cheated on my husband, but I think about it a lot.

I love to suck cock. I have been with my husband for the last 25 years and I go down on him as much as he allows. He isn’t into oral sex or sex, in general as much as I am. I would love to suck cock much more than he allows. I love the control I have when I feel his shaft start to get hard, and how he rolls his eyes when I am taking his cock in my throat. I love the control that I have over him when his cock is in my mouth. Several years ago I met Keith. He is about 5 years older than me. He is average build, average height and average looks. I can’t figure out why I am so attracted to him. I keep on telling myself he must be releasing a hormone that makes me horny. I felt like at any second that I am around him I am going to suck his cock. Every time I am in his office, I would have to resist the urge to say this out loud and then go down on him.

One day after working for 10 hours. I realized it was only Keith and I in the office. I decide today is the day; I am finally going to approach him. I walk into his office and sneak behind him. I take my silk scarf and wrap it around his wrist and then through the chair. Keith looks at me and says what are you doing? What I have been wanting to do for years now. Having my way with you. What, he said. I am married. I don’t care and so am I. I don’t want anything back, no strings attached, friends with benefits. While he was pondering this, I tied his other hand down. What do you think you are going to do with me? he asked. Whatever the fuck I want to do with you. Do you trust me? He paused looked me in the eyes and shook his head yes. I leaned over him and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Chills of excitement ran through my body. For the first time in years, I felt alive, really alive. Already my pussy is starting to get wet with anticipation. My clitoris is throbbing with desire.

I looked at his nipples and ask him if he likes them to be licked and sucked. He said of course, who doesn’t. I laughed if only he knew how boring my husband is. I went down on my knees, eagerly looking at his nips. Before I leaned in to suck them, I take a look at his package. I have been checking that package out for years and wondering what it is like. He asked me what are you thinking, I say you will soon find out. I focused my attention back to his chest, it is perfect. Just enough hair to be manly, but not so much to be a turn off. I lean in and place my mouth around his nipple. I lick and flick my tongue on his pink nipple. My hand reaches to roll his other nipple in between my thumb and finger. I squeezed it just a little. He sighs giving in to my control. I switched nipples and then said to him barely in a whisper, Can I bite them, please? He says do I really have a choice? I told him yes, I will honor what you request. He said whatever you want mistress you can do. I think, mistress why is he calling me mistress? I have thought about domination, masochism and sadism for years. My husband would never allow that. Enough thinking about your husband as I continue on.

I bite his right nipple while caressing the left one with my hands. He lets out a primal growl. I say to him let the pain turn into pleasure. He looks at me and says I will try. I continued to gently bite down on his nipples, switching from one to the other. He continues to moan in what I think is pain. He looked at me and said I get it now, you are right the pain does turn into pleasure. I just smile at him and continue to play with his beautiful chest. As I reached down to caress his cock, he looks at me and says I am afraid I am going to disappoint you. I think to myself, really, men have the same self-doubt issues as women. I laugh out loud and said you could never.

I caress his cock on the outside of his pants. He moans and looked at me. I can’t do this, I can’t cheat on Lisa. I made a commitment to her. I look at him and whisper does she satisfy you sexually? Does she like to suck your cock until you cum? He looks down and says no. Then you aren’t cheating on her. If she was satisfying you sexually, you would have never let me get this far. Look we both have needs and we both aren’t getting them met by our spouses. We are friends, I trust you and you trust me. Now do you trust me enough to let me continue on? He looked almost sad and said I guess.

I get up from bending over him. I walk over and sit in my favorite chair in his office. I say why don’t you take the time to think about it while I wait. I reach slowly into my bra and bring my massive DD breast out its bra cup. I lift my nipple to my mouth and suck on it. I am so horny all I want to do is make us both cum. He watches me with anticipation. I remove my pants and underwear; I turn towards him so he can have a view of what is next. I reach down and stroke my clit. I am so wet and turned on; I could have cum at that touch. But I won’t allow myself to just yet. I look at him and said I am going to make your chair wet. He just chuckled and told me to continue on. I rubbed my clit some more and then entered a finger into my pussy. Oh the feel of myself all wet and ready to be entered. I let out a moan at about the same time he did. I continued to finger fuck myself until I almost cum. I force myself to stop. Keith is breathing hard and not concerned with Lisa anymore. I asked him if he has decided. You are right, we both have needs. I am okay with friends with benefits. I look at him and started to suck my juices off of my fingers and say are you sure? He shakes his head yes. I ask him if he would like a taste of what am tasting. He shakes his head yes again. Ask me, I told him. Ask you what. Ask me to taste me, ask me to finger fuck myself again so I can get the sensual taste of eager pussy on my fingers for you. He looks at me and says would you finger fuck yourself again? I smile and say no, you didn’t ask nicely. Please mistress, Keith says, please finger fuck yourself so I can taste your juices. I grin at him and say as you wish. I sigh with excitement and start to finger myself again. When I had gathered my juices, I walk over to him and asked him if he wants a taste. He shakes his head yes and I slowly start to finger fuck his mouth. I lean over and began to kiss him at the same time. How I love the taste of his mouth with my juices on them.

I slowly make my way with my lips back down his chest and then to his cock. I ask him do you want me to unzip your pants. Please mistress, please. I slowly unzip him. After I did that, I reach to my bag of goodies. What are you doing? he says. I am cleaning you master. I gently lift his cock and balls out of his underwear. I then take my wipe and begin to gently clean him as he moans in pleasure. I looked at him and said I am not disappointed, you are what I expected. His cock is about 6 inches long and nice and thick. As I clean it, he is hard in my hand. I then lift his balls and clean around them. I also pay attention to his anus as I have plans for it as well.

I complete my cleaning and reach into my bag again. He just stared at me and said what all do you have in there. I smiled and said you will find out in due time. I grabbed my lubricant. One of my favorites, it is bubble gum flavor and it tastes really good. I squeeze it into my hands and gently rub his shaft. Keith shuts his eyes and concentrates on what I am doing. I placed his head into my mouth and run my tongue around his edge. He moans, and I ask him do you like? He said yes, Lisa never acts like she likes it. I look at him and say it isn’t an act. I love sucking cock especially yours. I continue to lick his head and rub his shaft. What a turn on, I am so horny watching him get off. I start to rock as I am sucking. I take his entire shaft into my throat. I love to feel the gag reflex begin. I take a deep breath through my nose and fight the urge, shoving his cock further into my throat. I begin to hum as I continue to rock. I switch my position so I am sprawling his leg, like a dog fucking and I start to hump while he continues to enjoy his dick being sucked.

I reach up and start to play with his balls. He moans in ecstasy. I remove my mouth from his dick and start to suck on them. Oh I love this. I continue to rub his shaft and I cup my hand around his head and embrace it so it feels like he is fucking a virgin’s pussy. I am so close to cumming as I continue to fuck his leg while softly sucking on his balls. I won’t allow either of us to come yet.

I stop sucking his balls and ask him if he close. He shakes his head yes. I put his head back in my mouth and continue to rub my tongue around his head. He moans. I tell him lean back into your chair and scoot down a little. He looks at my curiously. I look at him and say I hope you don’t mind that I am humping your leg while I am getting you off. He smiles and says of course not. I smile and I say I hope you don’t mind what I am going to do next.

I put more lubricant on my hands. I continue rubbing his shaft and fist fucking his head. I lean into him again and start to lick his balls. Oh, I can’t handle this. I need to cum. I tell myself to hold on. It can wait… I then start to lick around his asshole. He looks at me again with that look on his face. I say what you don’t like it. He said you don’t have to rim me. I ask again, Keith don’t you like it? I do like it, but you don’t have to he says. I told you I want to. There are woman out there who enjoy this, I am one of them. If I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t. I then go back to licking his asshole. I lubricate it with my tongue. I then take my finger and slowly enter his anus. I am so excited. My husband would never let me touch his asshole. I know how much I would enjoy it and I am eager to please Keith.

I slowly finger fuck his ass and I turn my mouth back to his dick. I then realize that Keith has untied his one arm. He takes my hair and starts to shove my head onto his dick even more. I am so consumed with Keith’s dick and balls that I almost can’t breathe. The urge to cum is beginning to be too hard to fight off. I continue to suck and finger fuck his ass as I gyrate on his leg. I can feel him stiffen up just as I am about to climax. He is moving my head and then he says I am about to cum you can stop sucking. I think, are you kidding me, I am cumming at the same time you are and you want me to stop sucking. I continue on caressing, licking, sucking, and finger fucking his ass as I hump his leg. I can feel it, I am almost there. He is almost there. His breathing has intensified, oh lord I am cumming just as he starts to stiffen to achieve orgasm. I can feel his cum in my mouth as he moans in pleasure. I have just had the best orgasm I have had in 10 years. He is still cumming as I lick and suck and swallow his glorious explosion. Oh how I love the control of giving head. I love the power to make him cum. He has finished and lays there panting.

I look up at him and smile. Was it good? Good that is the best blow job I have ever had. I look at him and laugh and said next time will be even better now that I know what you like. Next time he says? Yes, next time. Friends with benefits, ok. I say and grin. He grins back and says friends with benefits I like that. I think to myself, wait until the next time Keith. I still have toys you have never seen and a pussy that you have never fucked. Friends!!

(Somehow, I remember this night. I didn’t remember it so clearly at first, but the pictures ring a bell. -Names have been changed-)

I had moved to Ohio away from my friends and most of my family. It was almost a year and decided I really missed them. I had stayed in Washington with my sister for a few weeks, and in that time I decided I really wanted to see my friend Jake. My sisters, Amelia and Hannah, had old me to invite him over, and we would have a little ‘mini-party’ (with a bunch of booze of course). Although I was 18 and he was 19, we had both drank a bit, but never together, and this excited us, we always wanted to see each other drunk.

He arrived at my sister’s house at around 8 or so, (after getting lost more than once). We had left to go to the store, and while we were there my sisters were joking around with us because we were so close, that we should be together.

“You guys would look really cute together,” said both Amelia and Hannah, But we just blew them off. After all, we were just friends. We had never even kissed each other!

We arrive home with the munchies we had gotten (soda, chips, gummy bears), and start by each taking a Jell-O shot that my sister Hannah and I had made earlier. That led to another one, which led Amelia to taking margaritas, then piña coladas, and with all of us taking shots of tequila in between.

Jake busted out the gummy bears, and with me, wearing a low-cut top, and with him sitting across the table from me, my sisters dared him to try and see if he could make it in between my tits. He missed a few times, until he got it in. My sisters were really trying to push us to together at this moment. They decided to get him to eat the gummy bear out of my shirt. He did it, with little hesitation, he was a little feisty, and bit my boobs a bit, it kind of turned me on, but I wouldn’t let anyone know that. Amelia decided he didn’t do it right because he didn’t bite my nipple in the process. They dropped another one in between my boobs which were beginning to pop out of my shirt a little. He went in the second time, getting close to my nipple, but not quite, and my sisters somehow knew that. Hannah walked up behind me, pulled down the right side of my shirt, and showed him my C-cup breast out for everyone to see. My sisters and I are comfortable with each other so seeing each other’s boobs doesn’t bother us. But me and Jake turned bright red. I tucked my tit back into my shirt but could do nothing but laugh. There was too much alcohol in me, and a part of me wanted him to see.

Another drink had started to put me over the top, and I started to get really horny, and my pussy was beginning to get really wet. Putting all sexual thoughts out of my mind I finished off my drink, and I was done for the night. Hannah had then brought out the whipped cream, and had gotten Jake to take off his shirt and let her spray it on his nipples. Their thought was, he put his mouth on my tits, it was my turn. I bent over and licked the whipped cream off his nipples, I turned an even brighter shade of red, and so did he. Jake went into the bathroom and changed into his sweats for bed, so did my sisters, but I was so comfortable with what I was wearing, I didn’t want to change.

Hannah was the first to lay down, me, being drunk laid on top of her until she rolled me off on the floor. Jake then came and laid down on top of me. I rolled him off and we started to wrestle. I was so wet, so horny, and this was only making it worse. He grabbed my breasts, doing as my sisters told him, but we sort of drew the line at that. We had calmed down and cuddled up next to each other, both of us drifting off from the alcohol, Hannah laying on the couch about to sleep, Amelia turned off the lights and right before she went in her room she jokingly said,

“If you need a condom I might have one.”

I knew we weren’t going to have sex, I had had sex before, but he was a virgin. Both of us, kind of ignoring what she said had fell asleep in each other’s arms.


A couple hours later I had woke up because I was really cold. We had fallen asleep without a blanket, or pillow. We only had each other. I stumbled to the bathroom. All that drinking really had to make me go. I wiped my pussy, which was still soaked with my own juices, washed my hands, and stumbled back to the living room grabbing Jake’s pillow and blanket on my way. I pretty much flopped to the floor, which would have hurt if I hadn’t drank so much, tucked the pillow under Jakes head, (who was still passed out), threw the blanket over us both and cuddled up as close as possible. I have never been so close to someone mentally or emotionally in my whole life. He smelt amazing. I drifted back off, breathing in his scent.


Another hour or so later, I woke up again, just as horny and wet as when I went to bed, I moved my arm to stretch and accidentally had felt his cock. It kind of surprised me, so I felt it again, he was still sleeping. Slowly rubbing it I felt it get harder. He moved his hips closer to me. It was longer than I had ever felt. Jake’s cock had to be 7 or 7 1/2 inches, not too skinny and not too thick. He let out a sigh. I said his name,

“Jake, hey, Jake, baby,” I gave him a little nudge. He opened his eyes and looked at me, “You want me to suck you?” As I gently rubbed his hard, throbbing cock through his sweat pants.

“I really have to go to the bathroom first,” he said.

Standing up, he kind of tripped and wobbled down the hall.

“Damn,” I thought to myself, “I was hoping to be spontaneous, now it seems more planned. What am I thinking? Do I really want to do this? Of course I do, I came on to him, I rubbed his dick…”

I had rubbed my pussy through my jeans, just enough to give it some attention, what it’s been craving.

Jake walked back to me, passing and looking at my sister who was still sleeping on the couch, not 5 feet from where I was. Laying down back in his spot I grabbed ahold of it through his clothes, it was soft, but it only took a few strokes to get it back to its erect state. He let out a sigh and pulled his sweats and boxers down to reveal his 7 1/2 inch uncut hard dick, lying flat against his belly. I licked it, teasing him, I moved my tongue up and down and kissed it, ever so softly from the base to the tip. I gripped it and I gave it a few strokes until I inserted his head into my warm, wet mouth. No complaints from him as he started thrusting his hips slightly and breathing heavier, begging me to take more. Pushing myself down his shaft, I used my tongue and moved it side to side against the underside of his cock. Thrusting his hips faster up I took as much as I could by myself, and he forced the rest. Letting out moans and saying things in such a whisper it was inaudible.

This turned my on, I never thought of him as one that would take control. I pulled back up to focus on sucking the head. I gripped his shaft with my right hand, slightly jerked with a firm grip, while my tongue swirled, the suction not stopping. I looked at him, we made eye contact for more than a few seconds. His hand reached down, tucked my hair behind my ears, and threw his head back. I could tell he wanted to be louder, but again with my sister sleeping right there he was afraid of waking her. I went all the way down again, with him forcing his cock down my throat, then he would release, and force it again, allowing me to breathe.

He began breathing heavier, I knew what that meant, having given a few blow jobs before, I took his dick out of my mouth and started jerking it fast and angrily.

“Stop,” Jake said with a whisper, “I think I am shooting blanks, I took care of myself before I came over in the shower, don’t get me wrong, it feels good. REALLY good, but I don’t know if I am going to cum.”

Understanding, I had pulled up and laid on my side beside him, we made eye contact again and had kissed for the first time. Getting more into it I strattled him, and grinded my pussy against him for a minute, until our lips broke and he whispered,

“Want me to eat you?”

In my mind I screamed, “YES! PLEASE!” But instead I said “Only if you want to. Do you want to?”

“Yeah,” he said without any hesitation, he laid me on my back and kissed me a few times.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and he helped pull them off. My hairy pussy was dripping by this time. Jake spread my pussy lips and licked all over, getting rid of all my juices. I felt his index and middle finger slip inside me, I had let out a small sigh. I reached down and spread my lips for him so he could get direct contact with my clit, he flicked it with his tongue. It felt so good I let out a high pitched moan, grabbed his pillow and bit it. He pulled his fingers out for a minute, just so he could stick his long tongue inside me, and inserted them in again. I knew I was getting close, grinding my hips, he sucked on my clit and didn’t stop licking up my cum or finger fucking me. I had hit orgasm. I grabbed his pillow again, placing it over my face so I didn’t wake up my sister. He finished up the last of my juices and came up in between my legs.

I pulled him up between my legs, and I kissed him, tasting my cum on of his lips. We stay in that position for a minute, making out like we were hungry for more. The whole time, the only thing that is stopping is from actually fucking is his sweat pants. I wanted to take his dick out and have him jam it inside me right there. But I remembered my first time… I wouldn’t have wanted it on a living room floor while I was drunk with his sister asleep right there, so I resisted the urge. He laid next to me and I slipped my pants back on. We grabbed the blanket and pulled it over ourselves and kissed again, it was so meaningful because we had been so close and we were so comfortable with each other (drunk or not) that we can do that without ruining anything. I started rubbing his cock again, all I wanted was to get him off, I wanted him to cum for me.

“I want to get you off” I said to Jake. “I want you to cum.”

Slightly hard he slipped his cock out, and fed it to my mouth without losing eye contact with me. He shoved my head down on it again, making it rock hard.

I sucked his dick in a bobbing motion, until he said, “Try sucking just the head.”

I listened, I sucked and licked it until he started breathing really heavy.

“Oh gawd, oh yeah, fuck,” he whispered with a moan attached.

I took it out of my mouth and squeezed and let go of the head, licking and spitting on it to give it extra lubrication.

“Oh my gawd,” Jake moaned, “It’s going. I’m cumming,” in the softest whisper he could with being in so much pleasure.

It was dark, but I could feel him cum all over my hand and his stomach, slightly thrusting his hips while he jizzed.

He kissed me and said “I can’t believe you got any out of there.”

Smiling at him all I could say was “I knew I would.”

He puts his semi-hard, cum coated dick away, and pulls me close to him. We lay next to each other, kissing. I get up and wash my hands, he follows we share the sink as we scrub one another’s cum off of our hands. I look at him through the mirror and smile, he does the same. This moment was one both of us, no matter how drunk we were, will remember the rest of our lives.

Jake and I snuggled up close on the floor. I used his arm as my pillow, and we shared one more passionate, sloppy kiss with each other right before we both slipped away in a drunken, peaceful, euphoric sleep with our best friends.

“Tonight, I’m going to fuck this cute little ass. I’m going to ass fuck you, tutor girl. I’m going to pop your little anal cherry and make your cute little ass all mine!”

Those words had echoed in Haley’s mind all day long ever since Brooke had whispered them into her ear this morning.

They had both been in the toilet where Brooke had first fucked Haley, reapplying make-up after Brooke had insisted on some before first lesson fun. As had become routine with them one minute they were acting like normal friends, like nothing had changed between them, then Brooke was pressing up against Haley from behind, poor little Haley blushing as the other girl grinded her hot centre into her butt and growled in Haley’s ear, “Has Nathan ever told you what a cute little ass you have?”

“N, no.” Haley had whimpered.

“Well he should. Your hubby should tell you just what a cute, fuck-able little ass you have.” Brooke had whispered before gently kissing Haley’s neck and nibbling on her earlobe.

Wherever her lips had touch felt like they were burning all day, the ghosts of those kisses lingering as Haley remembered herself softly responding, “Brooke… we… we ohhhhh… we have to get to class.

Completely ignoring her Brooke continued kissing and grinding, eventually adding squeezing into the mix as one of her hands gripped onto Haley’s butt. It was then Brooke finally spoke again, whispering huskily, “Tonight, I’m going to fuck this cute little ass. I’m going to ass fuck you, tutor girl. I’m going to pop your little anal cherry and make your cute little ass all mine!”

After that Brooke had let go of her, turned and walked away like nothing had happened, leaving Haley just standing there like some kind of idiot, as horny as she’d ever been despite cumming hard on Brooke’s fingers only a couple of minutes before.

It wasn’t really surprising. Brooke Davis and her secret girlfriend Peyton Sawyer were surprisingly good actresses, continuing to act as if they hated each other and there was nothing weird going on while Haley found herself secretly terrified their secret love affair was going to be discovered at any moment. Brooke wasn’t helping given her insistence on fucking Haley in toilets, closets and even empty classrooms during lunch, but it wasn’t like Haley could stop it from happening. She could never say no to Brooke, especially when giving in was so rewarding. Which was why Haley knew with every second that past she was closer to losing her anal cherry.

Good girls like Haley didn’t take it up the butt. Anal sex was wrong. Forbidden. Gross. Disgusting. And yet Haley had never been happier than when she was being a good little lesbian fuck toy for her best friends and as nervous as she was after all her obsessing Haley found she was actually looking forward to Brooke butt fucking her.

She’d been looking forward to it before, but Brooke’s words actually awoke the slutty side of Haley like never before, which was really saying something given what a lesbian whore Brooke had turned her into.

This time not even fingering quenched Haley’s lust, the poor girl barely able to concentrate in class all day as she counted down the seconds to the end of the day when she could run over to Peyton’s house and become lost in the lesbian debauchery which had become the highlight of her life.

When the torturously long school day was finally over Haley barely took the time to mumble some lame excuse to her husband before she rushed over to Peyton’s. To her surprise Haley was greeted at the door not by a naked Brooke, which she had almost become accustomed to seeing, but by a fully clothed Peyton who proceeded to wellcome Haley into her home without a hint of teasing or sexual innuendo. It was so… normal that for a brief moment Haley wondered if she’d woken up from some kind of extremely vivid sex dream.

Then Peyton said, “Listen, I just wanted to make it clear that no matter what Brooke says you can say no at any time, ok?”

“Ok.” Haley smiled warmly.

“I’m serious.” Peyton said firmly, “Any time you feel uncomfortable-”

“I’ll say something.” Haley said, again smiling warmly, “It’s ok, I trust you guys. And, I really want this.”

Peyton returned the smile, leaned in close almost like she was going to kiss Haley and said, “Good… follow me.”

With that Peyton turned and walked up the stairs, allowing Haley to follow her of her own accord. Once they reached the blonde’s room Haley let out a gasp and blushed a little as she was greeted by a sight she had expected to see at the door, that being a naked Brooke. Well, a almost naked Brooke, the thing that was in between Brooke’s legs making Haley blush even more.

It wasn’t like this was the first time she’d seen a girl wearing a strap on, or even a girl wearing a strap on that she intended to use on her, yet still the sight of Brooke Davis wearing a strap on that she intended to use to fuck her virgin ass with was definitely something that made Haley’s heart skip a beat.

“Glad you could make it tutor girl.” Brooke grinned as she advanced on her prey.

“No, no problem.” Haley stammered, her mind going blank for a second before she added, “So, how come you beat me here?”

“Oh, we skipped our last class especially to set up for you.” Brooke explained, “As you can see I’m ready for you, but you seem a little overdressed, don’t you think?”

Again blushing slightly Haley nodded and began stripping off her clothes. Oddly enough Haley found it comforting that Peyton started doing the exact same thing, the two of them sharing a couple of glances while mostly focusing on Brooke and her fake cock while they stripped.

Brooke stayed quiet throughout this, just enjoying the sight of the other two girls getting naked in front of her. When their last items of clothing were off Brooke grinned and said, “So… since you’re an anal virgin Peyton thought it would be a good idea if we only used our little 8 inchers on you. Personally I think you could handle a 10 incher, but what do you think Haley? Is this cock big enough for you?”

Haley blushed and nodded, “Ye, yes… that looks fine.”

“Are you sure? It’s not as big as it looks.” Brooke assured, reaching out, gently grabbing hold of Haley’s hand and pulling it towards her strap on, “Here, have a feel.”

Instinctively Haley wrapped her hand around the shaft and began stroking it up and down. The dildo was a very realistic model but it was cold to the touch, or at best room temperature, Haley becoming lost in the feeling of it for a few moments. This didn’t make her blush as much as it did turn her on. What made her blush was looking up into the smirking face of her friend.

“How about you get a closer look?” Brooke suggested, that smirk never leaving her face.

Getting the hint Haley slowly got down on her knees, barely pausing her stroking of the fake dick as she got eye level with it.

“Good, now how about you see how big it feels around your mouth. That should be a good indicator of how big it’s going to feel inside your cunt and ass hole.” Brooke grinned, that grin becoming wider as Haley surprised her by not hesitating to swallow the head of the strap on, “Oh that’s it tutor girl, suck my cock! Nice and wet for your fuck holes. Unless you want a bigger cock stretching those tight little holes of yours, in which case we can definitely accommodate you. Make sure we give your pussy and butt hole a proper stretching out.”

Haley blushed and tried to block out Brooke’s words so she could concentrate on sucking the fake cock. It wasn’t easy as Brooke continued murmuring all sorts of filthy things, each one of them unfortunately making Haley hotter.

Nathan never talk to her like this, and she could never ask him too, but Haley loved hearing it from Brooke, and Peyton… and Rachel.

Haley had been trying unsuccessfully not to think about the redhead a lot over the past week and now she was on her knees and sucking on a strap on while another girl talked dirty to her it was impossible for Haley not to think about that bitch. Fortunately there were a few big differences, like Brooke was only gently stroking her hair instead of yanking on it, and Brooke’s words were far more complementary than Rachel’s had been, although Haley didn’t want to think about their differences. She didn’t want to think about Rachel at all. She wanted to concentrate on what mattered, and that was making Brooke’s cock as wet as possible.

“Wow, great job tutor girl.” Brooke said, genuinely impressed with how much dildo Haley was taking down her throat, “Suck my cock just like that, mmmmmm, Nathan is a lucky man. Your husband is so lucky to have such a great little cock sucker for a wife. Mmmmmm, but tonight you’re my cock sucker. Tonight you’re going to give up all your tight fuck holes to my dick. Be an orifice for my cock! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, you’re my own personal cock depository tonight Haley! I’m going to fuck your pussy and ass nice and hard, so you better put that great little cock sucker mouth of yours to good use and suck my cock you dirty little cock sucker!”

Brooke could see out of the corner of her eye that her girlfriend was giving her a look of slight disapproval, but Peyton was mostly concentrating on the same thing Brooke was, that being Haley eagerly sucking strap on cock.

Peyton had warned Brooke not to push Haley too far, but if Brooke hadn’t pushed at all they would never be in this fun position of having Haley as their lesbian fuck pet. Besides Brooke’s words only seem to be having a positive effect, making Haley suck more easily and take even more of the dildo down her throat, so as much as Brooke loved Peyton and respected her opinion she felt she was inclined to disagree and ignore her girlfriend on this occasion.

It wasn’t like Peyton even bothered to openly complain, the two of them far to wrapped up in watching Haley’s head bob up and down on the dildo until much to the delight of particularly Brooke every inch of the cock disappeared down Haley’s throat, the innocent little married girl deep throating every inch of the strap on cock. Of course that meant they were ready to move onto the next step, but Brooke waited on that for a while just so she could enjoy the little show Haley was putting on.

Eventually though Brooke’s desire to fuck Haley took over and she firmly pulled the other girl’s head away from the dick and said, “Ok, that’s enough tutor girl. Get on the bed and spread your legs. I wanna see what your little hubby sees whenever he fucks you.”

With the last line Haley was once again reminded of Rachel and the one night they had spent together, Haley quickly repressing that memory as she got up onto the bed as she was instructed. Luckily shortly after she spread her legs wide apart Brooke crawled in between them with this wicked grin on her face, Haley quickly finding the only thing she could concentrate on was her own desire to get fucked by this beautiful goddess.

Grabbing hold of the base of the dildo in one hand, while supporting her weight with the other, Brooke began to rub the tip of her cock up and down Haley’s sensitive little pussy lips, causing Haley to close her eyes and let out a long moan of pleasure.

“Look at me tutor girl.” Brooke ordered softly but firmly, waiting until Haley complied before adding, “I wanna look into your eyes as I enter you for the first time.”

This confession had Haley whimpering softly but she kept her eyes open as Brooke pressed the dildo firmly against her entrance and then pushed forward, both girls letting out a joyful cry as the strap on slowly slid into Haley’s welcoming cunt.

Not hesitating for a second Brooke pushed all the way into Haley and began fucking the other girl with long slow thrusts, Haley instinctively wrapping her legs around Brooke’s waist shortly after the founder of Clothes Over Bros began pumping her pussy, hoping to encourage Brooke to fuck her harder without having to say a word.

Again this very much pleased Brooke, “Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, good girl. Good tutor girl. Ohhhhhhh I love the feeling of your pretty little legs wrapped around me while I fuck you. Mmmmmm yeah keep them there. I like that. Oh, I like that very, very much. Mmmmm oooooooh, keep those pretty eyes open tutor girl. I want you looking at me as I’m fucking you like your little hubby fucks you.”

Brooke loved it when Haley blushed for her. It was so cute. Of course despite how it may have looked Brooke was very careful about how much she taunted Haley. After all the last thing Brooke wanted to do was freak Haley out and make her second guess what they were doing as Brooke loved having Haley as a little fuck toy. That was why Brooke always kept a close eye on Haley’s reactions, especially when they were fucking.

Of course history told Brooke that she could pretty much push Haley as much as she wanted, and this time seemed to be no exception. No matter what filthy little thing she said Haley just blushed and moaned in response, the look on the other girl’s face telling Brooke that her little lezzie pet was enjoying every moment of getting fucked by her strap on. The look in Haley’s eyes, her moans, every little thing Brooke could think of only reinforce this belief. However that didn’t mean Brooke didn’t remain cautious.

After all, this occasion was something extra special, something Brooke had been looking forward to ever since Haley had stumbled across herself and Peyton making love. It was kind of weird because if anything Brooke was a bottom. A power bottom who bossed around her girlfriend and everyone else, but a bottom nevertheless. She felt naturally submissive towards Peyton and most of the women she fantasised about, Brooke always much more comfortable getting fucked with a strap on than using a strap on in her fantasies or the wonderful realities of being with her girlfriend. However Haley just seem to bring out her inner top, Brooke just itching to dominate the innocent little married girl and turn her into a total slut for girl cock.

It helped that Haley seemed so shy and submissive in bed, so easy for Brooke to boss around. Right now for instance Haley was keeping those eyes of hers wide open and her legs were wrapped firmly around Brooke’s waist because that was what Brooke had wanted. No matter how many times Haley’s eyelids fluttered from the pleasure she was receiving she kept them open, and those legs firmly stayed were they were even though it would have probably been more comfortable for the young tutor just to relax them back against the bed, Haley silently proving what a obedient little bitch she could be. And later she was going to give up her one remaining virgin hole, just as she was now giving her tight little pussy which she was supposed to save only for her husband, Brooke grinning happily as she took all the submissive little thing willingly gave her.

Continuously looking up into Brooke’s eyes was difficult for Haley, not simply because each sensation of pleasure was making her eyelids droop but because of that wicked smile on Brooke’s face. Of course Brooke Davis had always had a devastatingly beautiful grin but lately Haley saw it in a whole new light. Now whenever she saw Brooke smile, or thought of it, or if just Brooke’s name was mentioned Haley would think of the type of wicked smile Brooke was now giving her, the type which made her insides melt and once again made her feel like she would do anything for this girl.

That she was receiving this type of grin while being fucked only made what Haley was feeling that much stronger, everything that was Haley James Scott melting away until the only thing that remained was Brooke Davis’ submissive little lesbian fuck toy. That’s all Haley was in this moment. Brooke’s little fuck toy. A warm body this goddess could lay on top of an thrust into for her pleasure, Haley almost feeling like she should be content with just bringing joy to this magnificent creature and that it was unfair that she should also be receiving pleasure from the fucking. Almost.

Yet despite the fact Haley should be concentrating on the goddess on top of her she was unable to stop thinking about a demoness. But at least Haley was thinking about how much better the goddess was compared to the demoness. How wonderfully slowly Brooke was fucking her. How Brooke was slowly building up the pleasure. How Brooke was gently caressing her body, going out of her way to make her feel good, perhaps feeling like they were everywhere, those eyes… staring down at her with such lust and dominance… the look in the other girl’s eyes telling Haley that she owned her, that right now her body was hers, that she was Rachel’s bitch, Brooke’s! She was Brooke’s bitch!

Haley blushed at her mental slip and desperately tried to push the thought of Rachel out of her head. It wasn’t easy, but Haley just about succeeded as she repeated over and over all the many reasons why Brooke was better than Rachel. Unfortunately as the phrase ‘Brooke fucks you better than Rachel’ entered Haley’s head it was quickly followed by the very true phrase of ‘Brooke fucks you better than Nathan’ which again made her blush, and all this blushing did not go unnoticed.

“What’s the matter tutor girl? Do you want me to stop?” Brooke asked cautiously, hoping the answer was no.

Haley quickly gave Brooke the answer she wanted, “NO! Don’t stop, ooooooohhhhhhh, please don’t stop!”

Smiling with relief Brooke found herself asking, “Then what’s the matter tutor girl? Why are you blushing so much?”

“I, I, I…” Haley stammered, not sure what to say.

Brooke knew she shouldn’t push the issue, but she just couldn’t help it, “Are you embarrassed by just how much you love my girl cock? Is that it tutor girl? Are you embarrassed that your little married cunt likes my cock better than your husband’s? That your straight girl pussy loves the feeling of girl cock inside it, fucking it so good, turning it out, making it a little queer girl pussy, mmmmmmmmm, is that why you’re so embarrassed Haley? Are you ashamed how easily I’m turning your straight little pussy queer?”

“Yeeeeeeessssssss!” Haley admitted, blushing perhaps more than she’d ever done before in her life, “Oh Brooke, I love feeling your girl cock inside me! Ohhhhhhhh God, it feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big hard girl cock! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Oooooooooh Gawwwwwwwd, oh Brooke, Brooke, fuck me Brooke, fuck my queer girl pussy! Mmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh Brooke, you turned my pussy gay Brooke. You fucked me with your tongue and fingers, mmmmmmmmm, made me crave you, ohhhhhhhhh, turned me into a lesbian fuck pet, oh God, I’ll give you anything you want Brooke, please just fuck me hard and make me cum like only you and Peyton can! Mmmmmmmmm Gawwwwwwwwwd, you fuck me so much better than Nathan, oooooooohhhhhhhh Brooke, I’ll give you my ass Brooke! I would have never taken it up the butt for a boy, but you can have my virgin ass hole because you fuck me sooooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Brooke! Fuck me Brooke! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER THAN MY HUSBAND EVER COULD!”

It hadn’t really been a lie. Certainly Brooke had made Haley feel more pleasure than Nathan ever had, and made her cum so much harder, however as gentle as Nathan was with her there was always a point where he would fuck her hard. That usually happened a little while before he came, Nathan forcing himself to hold back long enough so he could make Haley cum first. Haley had always loved that about him, and while his initial fucking couldn’t compare to the build up she had received from Brooke that hard fucking she received from Nathan sort of made her two lovers equal, at least for a little while. Then Brooke started fucking Haley hard, unknowingly taking away the only thing Haley’s husband had over her in the bedroom department.

Not that it was a total surprise. Haley had quickly learned that Brooke really got off on being told she was better in bed than Nathan, and that she was turning an innocent little straight girl into a little lesbian slut. Of course the fact that Haley had succumbed to Brooke’s rather blunt seduction and enjoyed the lesbian sex so much suggested she was not as straight as she or anyone else had originally thought. That might even explain why Brooke was out doing Nathan, although Haley didn’t like to dwell on that.

One thought she couldn’t help dwell on though was just how surprisingly hard Brooke was fucking her. After all Brooke was the captain of the Tree Hill High cheerleaders so wasn’t exactly surprising she was in phenomenal shape, but still the power behind her thrusts were borderline brutal.

Perhaps Brooke felt like she had something to prove. Perhaps even at his most deliriously horny Nathan held back, concern for Haley’s well-being more important to him than his own pleasure. Perhaps it was a combination of both. Regardless in what felt like record time Haley felt herself pushed right up to the edge of an orgasm and then quickly pushed over that edge, the young tutor screaming loudly and writhing underneath the girl on top of her as she came the only way she could with Brooke, wonderfully hard.

A grin of triumph crossed Brooke’s face as she made Haley cum for her. That grin stayed in place as she made Haley cum again, and again, and again. This was one of the many things Brooke loved about girls. They could just keep cumming and cumming. Fucking and fucking. Hours after hours of mind numbingly blissful sex.

Of course if Brooke was pounding into Peyton’s pussy she might not have even thought about stopping. And if it had been Peyton on top of her pounding into her pussy Brooke would have no doubt been begging her not to stop. To never stop. But even though this was literally a dream come true for Brooke she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about taking Haley’s anal cherry. That was definitely something she wanted to save more than a little energy for which was something she was very mindful of while slamming Haley’s tight little twat.

Fortunately whenever Brooke wasn’t fucking her girlfriend, or Haley, or engaging in mostly boring school activities she was working out. Well, fucking Peyton and Haley was also kind of a work out, the best kind in fact, but the point was Brooke Davis was no couch potato. She had spent the majority of her young life pushing herself not just to stay in shape but to be as athletic as she could possibly be. She did it to keep her stunning good looks, and to make sure she was worthy of being the captain of the cheerleader squad, but ever since she and Peyton admitted their true feelings for each other and they had started fucking she mostly worked out so much so she could fuck her girlfriend as long and as hard as possible.

Haley was definitely receiving the benefits of all Brooke’s hard work right now if her almost hysterical screams of pleasure and the way her body was shaking was anything to go by. However she was far from the only one as the constant hammering on Brooke’s clit and the sheer mental bliss that was fucking little tutor girl just how her big tough husband fucked her make sure Brooke came almost as hard and frequently as Haley. It was so good Brooke was tempted, if only briefly, to just continue the pussy pounding after all. Instead when she felt herself beginning to tire Brooke pushed herself and Haley to one more simultaneous orgasm and then pulled her strap on cock out of the other girl and collapsed beside her, both of them panting heavily.

Luckily it only took a few moments of rest, and the thought of violating Haley’s virgin butt hole, and Brooke found the strength to roll over onto her side and gently kiss the other girl. To her delight Haley was only too happy to kiss back, Brooke’s tongue being welcomed into Haley’s mouth as the kiss slowly became more passionate.

After becoming lost in the rejuvenating kiss for a while Brooke pulled back slightly and asked, “Have you ever tasted yourself on your husband’s cock?”

Haley blushed and shook her head.

Brooke grinned, “Good. It can be another first for us.”

As if that wasn’t enough of a hint Brooke rolled over onto her back, glanced down at her strap on dildo and then back up at Haley expectantly. All this had the shy girl blushing again, however she obediently crawled down Brooke’s body until she was eye level with her friend’s fake cock.

The fact that it was glistening with her juices made Haley stop in her tracks and just stare at the shiny shaft for a few long moments. She probably wouldn’t have done this for Nathan if he’d have asked, especially not before Brooke seduced her, but whenever she was having sex with Peyton and especially Brooke nothing seemed too nasty, too perverse for her to do. Besides, she’d tasted herself on Brooke’s and Peyton’s lips and fingers many times now. This wasn’t so different to that.

Focusing on that last thought Haley closed her eyes, slowly lent forward, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of Brooke’s cock. Immediately she was hit by the sweet taste of pussy, and while it wasn’t quite as yummy as Brooke’s and Peyton’s it still tasted really, really good. And really familiar… which shouldn’t really be that surprising Haley thought with a blush.

Concentrating on the task at hand Haley began sliding her lip up and down on the cock, gradually taking more of it into her mouth with every bob of her head. When it hit the back of her mouth Haley relaxed as best she could and began taking the fake dick down her throat, desperately trying to control her gag reflex and mostly failing but continuing to take more of the dildo into her gullet anyway.

Brooke was impressed at just how much of the strap on she was able to take into her mouth. The other girl even deep throated the toy, several inches disappearing down her gullet before she ultimately had to come up for air. Haley could never seem to take it all, but she slid her tongue all over the base to make sure she got as much of her own pussy cream as possible. That really made Brooke hot.

After all Brooke loved tasting herself on one of Peyton’s dildos. Or Peyton’s lips. Or Peyton’s fingers. Or Haley’s lips and fingers for that matter. And Brooke really loved blow jobs. Mostly giving them to Peyton’s strap on, but there had been something extra thrilling about seeing her girlfriend sucking on her cock on the few occasions their roles were reversed. And seeing the innocent little married girl Haley James Scott sucking her dick was almost too thrilling for words.

Despite trying to restrain herself it wasn’t long before Brooke was stroking Haley’s hair and offering her friend words of encouragement, “Ohhhhhhh yeah, suck it tutor girl! Suck my cock! Mmmmmmmm ooooooooh, you look so good with a dick in your mouth tutor girl! Nathan is a lucky guy. Mmmmmmmm yes, Nathan is so lucky to have a little cock sucker for a wife. Ha, I’ve heard most girl stopped giving head after marriage, but you give phenomenal head Haley. Mmmmmmm, you could be a professional. Yeahhhhhh, a professional cock sucker. And a professional cunt lapper. Speaking of which, you like tasting your yummy little dyke cunt on my big cock? Mmmmmmm, I bet you do. I bet you love it. I bet you fucking love tasting your yummy little dyke cunt on my big cock, just like you love tasting it on my lips and fingers! Fuck, you’re such a dirty slut tutor girl! Mmmmmm, and I fucking love it!”

To Brooke’s delight rather than put her off the dirty talk only seemed to encourage Haley to suck her cock more eagerly. Well, Haley was still clearly blushing, which was rather ridiculous under the circumstances, but Brooke still found that very cute. Of course as hot as the sight of Haley sucking her cock was Brooke had been itching to fuck her innocent friend up the butt since before she started seducing her and Brooke knew she couldn’t wait much longer to pound Haley’s virgin ass hole.

So inevitably Brooke ordered, “Ok, I’m pretty sure you got all your tasty dyke juices off my girl cock now, so… are you ready to give me your anal cherry?”

First Haley blushed furiously, then slowly took her mouth off the dildo, looked up at Brooke and after a brief pause nodded slowly.

“Say it.” Brooke pushed.

“I’m… I’m ready to give you my anal cherry.” Haley said softly, slowly turning around so that her ass was pointing at Brooke before adding, “Ass fuck me. Fuck my ass. Take my ass and make it yours.”

Grinning widely Brooke snatched the tube of lubricant she had placed on the bedside table earlier, squirted some of it on her dick and rubbed it in, then coated her fingers and pressed them against Haley’s virgin butt hole. She’d practically moved at the speed of light up until this point when she paused and then slowly pressed forwards, Brooke savouring the moment of her finger entering Haley’s untouched hole.

Haley let out a gasp and concentrated on relaxing while simultaneously Brooke let out a moan as she enjoyed the exquisite tightness of her friend’s butt. Brooke very nearly complemented Haley on her tight ass hole, and that she couldn’t wait to fuck it, but biting her lip firmly she just about managed to restrain herself. She also managed to restrain herself from immediately slamming her finger all the way inside Haley’s rectum and butt fucking the other girl with her finger, Brooke instead finding the self-restraint to slowly push her finger into Haley’s butt before beginning to pump it in and out of her wonderfully tight back door.

Brooke fingered Haley’s ass for as long as she could bare, turning her finger this way and that as well as in and out, eventually adding a second finger to loosen Haley’s hole, the whole time Brooke practically salivating about what was going to happen next. That was why the moment she thought Haley was ready Brooke pulled her fingers out of her friend’s ass, greedily cleaned them and then stared down at her prize.

“It’s time Haley… spread your cute little cheeks.” Brooke commanded huskily, adding in a more pleading tone, “Please? For me? I wanna see you spread your ass cheeks for me soooooooo bad. I wanna see innocent little tutor girl offering up her virgin ass hole to me. Please Haley? I promise to pop your little anal cherry real slow, take my time shoving every inch of my strap on cock through your tight little virgin ass hole and deep into where no one’s ever put anything before, ass fuck you nice and gently until you’re begging for me to pound your little pooper hard and deep, make your ass all mine and you my anal slut. Just please, spread your little cheeks for me first. Show me that cute little ass hole that I’m about to make all mine.”

For a horrible moment Brooke thought she had gone too far. Then to her delight Haley slowly reached back and pulled apart her ass cheeks as widely as she could.

Licking her lips Brooke savoured the sight before her for just a few seconds, although for all three girls in the room it felt like hours. Then Brooke pressed the tip of her strap on against Haley’s rosebud, slowly but firmly applying pressure so that the cute little virgin hole in front of her slowly began to open.

Haley gasped and gripped tighter to her ass cheeks, the poor girl obviously in pain. Brooke was quick to try and comfort her, “Relax Hales. Remember, it’s just like taking a cock in your pussy for the first time. It’s going to hurt no matter what at first, just-”

“I know Brooke.” Haley interrupted flatly, “Just… do it. Take my anal cherry. Please Brooke, make my ass yours.”

Brooke had a sneaking suspicion that the last couple of sentences were designed to manipulate her into getting it over with. It’s somewhat worked as she did speed things up, at least compared with the speed she’d intended to use, however Brooke still went slowly enough that she could savour the stretching of Haley’s ass hole, the cheerleader captain watching intently as her fellow cheerleader’s back door opened wide enough to allow the head of her dildo to pass through it, that trademark grin of hers crossing Brooke’s face as she officially took Haley James Scott’s anal virginity.

Haley let out a loud cry as she experienced that uniquely odd sensation of pain mixed with excitement that Brooke had experienced when Peyton had popped her anal cherry, Brooke feeling very proud that ‘tutor girl’ offered up no other form of protest and kept her ass cheeks spread as she tried to get used to the sensation of having something much bigger than a finger inside her ass.

Brooke continued being proud of Haley as she began pushing inch after inch of fake cock deep into the other girl’s rectum, pausing for a long time between each inch and going slowly as she could. Or at least Brooke thought she did, although in what felt like no time at all she was balls deep inside Haley’s now formally virgin butt.

Once her hips hit Haley’s ass cheeks Brooke had an almost overwhelming urge to gloat. Almost. She pushed it down as she didn’t want to provoke Haley anymore. Besides, it almost felt like it would ruin the moment, Brooke determined to savour this precious point in time after she had shoved every inch of her cock up Haley’s butt and before she had begun to sodomise the other girl.

Even though she didn’t have as much experience on this end of the strap on Brooke was able to establish the same slow, steady rhythm Peyton always used to fuck her ass with. That was no easy feat as Brooke found herself very distracted, Haley still obediently spreading her ass cheeks and thus providing the horny cheerleader captain a perfect view of her big dildo sliding in and out of her fellow cheerleader’s ass hole. Brooke found the sight rather hypnotic, her body switching to a sort of butt fucking autopilot as she became lost in watching her strap on dick pumping in and out of Haley’s now no longer virgin butt hole.

Haley also found it hard to concentrate on anything but her ass stretching for that big fake dick. At first the pain had been intense, like nothing she’d ever felt before, however even then there was a certain taboo feeling to this act which to her shame Haley found herself enjoying. And of course, she’d been expecting pain. Far worse than what she actually received, the slow pace in which Brooke inserted the dildo into her ass making the pain surprisingly bearable. Then the strap on cock had been fully embedded in her butt, and the pain faded to a dull ache, then a weird sensation of fullness, and then finally any discomfort was gone or at least unnoticeable thanks to the overwhelming pleasure Haley was feeling from deep inside her ass.

Ever since Brooke had made it clear she intended to butt fuck her Haley had been obsessing about this moment. She had been afraid of how having her ass stretched out so much would hurt, but not nearly as much as Haley had feared that she might like it. After all Brooke had succeeded in turning her into an insatiable little slut who no matter how she might hate herself for it couldn’t stop cheating on her husband with other women. Two women she considered her best friends no less. So it was hard to imagine that Brooke wouldn’t succeed in turning her into a anal slut, just like she turned her into a pussy eating slut.

With every thrust Brooke proved Haley was right to be worried, the other girl stimulating places inside Haley she had no idea even existed. It felt like her entire back passage was tingling with pleasure, every movement of the dildo inside her ass making that tingle even stronger until a moan escaped Haley’s lips.

Trying to keep a shred of dignity, or at least trying to keep it intact as long as she could, Haley bit down roughly on her bottom lip and tried to hold back the moans as long as possible. When she could no longer do that she tried to keep them quiet, but it wasn’t long before no matter how hard she tried Haley couldn’t stop moaning like an anal whore. Like the anal whore Brooke was turning her into.

Haley’s moaning did not go unnoticed by Brooke, “Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, feels good doesn’t it tutor girl? Huh? Yeahhhhhhh, it feels good to take it in the ass like a little whore. A little anal whore. That’s what you are now isn’t it Hales, a anal whore?”

After initially just moaning in response the slap Brooke gave to her ass quickly had Haley whimpering, “Y, yesssss, ohhhhhhh, I’m an anal whore! Ohhhhhh fuck, I’m your anal whore!”

“Yeah you are!” Brooke grinned, smacking Haley’s ass, “You’re my anal whore. Mmmmm, your ass is mine. Yeah, you’re my little lesbian fuck pet and from now on you’re going to do whatever I say, whenever I say it.”

“I’m pretty sure we all do that sweetie.” Peyton murmured dryly, unable to resist butting in.

Turning her attention to her girlfriend Brooke grinned, “As you all should, but tutor girl has been holding back on us. Yeahhhhhhh, she’s been telling me all week how she’d do anything I want without offering up her ass to me, begging me to take every part of her and make it mine… I mean ours. Mmmmmm, yeah, tutor girl is our slut, and she should have turn down your little offer to wait a week and given up her ass to me the moment she became our little lesbian fuck pet, mmmmmm, that way I could have been ass fucking her much, much sooner. Shouldn’t you Hales?”

“Yeeeeessssssss, ohhhhhhhh my Gawwwwwwd Brooke!” Haley moaned as Brooke gave a couple of extra hard thrusts to prove her point, the extremely horny tutor adding once those hard thrusts were done, “I should have done this sooner! Mmmmmm, oh my God, it feels soooooooooo gooooooddddddddd! It feels so good in my ass! Oooooooh Gawwwwwd Brooke, Brooke, oh I love taking it in the ass for you Brooke! Mmmmmm, I should have bent over and given my ass up to you a week ago. Sooner! Oooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd, ahhhhhhhh Brooke, I should have given you my anal cherry the moment I found out about you and Peyton!”

“Yeahhhhhhh, you should have.” Brooke agreed, reaching forward to firmly, but not too roughly, pull Haley’s hair back, “But you’re going to make it up to me, aren’t you tutor girl? Huh? You gonna make it up to me by being my anal whore? My own personal ass slut? My little lesbian fuck pet who takes it up the butt whenever I fucking want?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeessssssss, oooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssss!” Haley promised, “I’ll be your anal whore! Mmmmmmm Gawwwwwwwwd, I’ll be your own personal ass slut, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, I’ll be your bitch, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I’ll be your slut, ooooooohhhhhhhh Brooke, I should have given you my anal cherry sooner, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, but I’ll make it up to you, yeeeeeeeeesssssss, mmmmmmmmm, make it up to you by being your little lesbian fuck pet who takes it up the butt whenever you fucking want! I’ll do whatever you want, ooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm, whenever you want, ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk, I’ll do anything, anything, just, oh Brooke… oh, oh… oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!”

As Haley continued to promise Brooke increased the pace. She did it infuriatingly slowly, but she did it, the pleasure gradually increasing along with it until Haley was struggling to form coherent sentences. As Brooke didn’t seem to care Haley gave up on being coherent, allowing a combination of jargon and simple moans, cries, whimpers and screams escape her mouth which almost but not quite drowned out the sound of Brooke’s thigh smacking against her butt cheeks as the other girl gave her that hard butt fucking she’d wanted.

That constant smacking almost made Haley feel like she was being spanked, however that stinging sensation only seem to add to the perverted enjoyment. She even got the same feeling when every so often Brooke momentarily removed her hand from her hips so she could smack her ass. And Haley was to lost in pleasure to feel ashamed about it. Worse, whatever shame she felt at loving the pain and pleasure she was receiving while being sodomised was in turn only adding to her perverted enjoyment, Haley truly feeling like she was becoming an anal whore. And she liked what she was becoming.

Her whole life Haley had try to be good, to do the right thing, to be polite, to get good grades, anything she could to be the best she could be. However the moment Brooke gave her a taste of being naughty she found herself totally addicted to it. Now she needed to eat pussy daily, and craved the feeling of another woman’s tongue in her little dyke pussy, and seemingly of this moment was going to need a strap on in her pussy and then up her ass too.

Brooke had fucked her pussy better than Nathan ever had, and this felt as good as the pussy fucking Brooke had given her if not better. So once again Brooke was out doing her husband. That was nothing new, Brooke had been showing her superiority over Nathan every time she fucked Haley. Brooke was also out doing a certain redhead, much to Haley’s relief, but again that was nothing new. What was different was how overwhelmingly submissive Haley felt taking it up the ass.

Of course Brooke had always been in control, a fact she loved to rub in, but as she neared her climax Haley couldn’t help focus on the fact that she was giving up her ass hole, something she would have never done for any man, even her beloved husband. But it felt right that Brooke was the one to take her back there, and absurdly Haley felt lucky, lucky that such a goddess would choose to use her ass hole as a fuck hole for her pleasure. And now this goddess would forever own her. No matter what happened in her life Haley would remember being fucked up the ass for the first time by Brooke Davis, would always remember this intense feeling of submission, this act feeling like it would forever turn Haley into Brooke’s bitch. And deep down Haley knew that’s what she wanted to be. What she would forever be. Brooke’s bitch.

That last thoughts sent Haley over the edge, the usually quiet girl screaming loudly as her body shook, her cum squirted from her and her mind melted under the sheer force of the bliss she was feeling, so much so she could no longer form any coherent thoughts.

Brooke struggled to keep a hold of Haley. The other girl was bucking wildly, threatening to knock Brooke off-balance and thus end the butt fucking, and in her current state of mind Brooke never, ever wanted the butt fucking to end.

Brooke was in heaven right now. It was completely different to the heaven she was used too, or more accurately heavens. Brooke had become very spoilt when it came to incredible sensations, but previously her strongest by far was when she was being ass fucked. Whether it was a singular strap on pumping in and out of her pooper or a dildo pounding her pussy at the same time as one pounded her ass that was how Brooke came hardest. Weirdly she wasn’t cumming right now, and while later when the stimulator against her clit helped her cum it wasn’t nearly as intense as the ones she received from getting butt fucked, or having her pussy eaten, but the sensation was a totally different heaven.

This was pure and total dominance, Brooke revelling in the role of a top like never before.

Peyton had tried to play the bottom, even letting Brooke take her anal cherry, but even though she came every time Brooke fucked her with a strap on Peyton could never get into it like Haley was now. Peyton was just too much of a natural top, and Brooke was too much of a natural bottom for Brooke to really dominate Peyton. That’s why they were both so much more comfortable when Peyton was the one dominating Brooke. When Peyton was the one butt fucking Brooke. It felt right. It felt natural. But so did this.

Haley was so naturally submissive towards her that it brought out a side of Brooke she’d never known before. Not the take charge part, as captain of her school’s cheerleading squad, among other things, Brooke was very used to that. But the animalistic needs to dominate that she was feeling now was almost completely new. Sure, she might have sampled it while topping Haley in the past, but there was just something about ramming a big cock into the supposedly innocent girl’s virgin ass hole which made Brooke feel like a powerful top. Maybe even a little superior to Haley. Like in that moment they were both just animals, and Brooke was showing who the alpha female was. Well, Peyton was probably the alpha female, but Haley was definitely at the bottom of the food chain.

After those analogies Brooke gave up on trying to analyse the way she felt and simply enjoyed it, becoming just as lost in the perverted act of anal sex as Haley was. She barely even noticed her own orgasms at first, but as one after the other trembled through her body Brooke noticed as she became tired. She definitely noticed when Haley fell face first into the bed sheets, Brooke groaning with disappointment as she realised she would have to stop.

Soon. She would have to stop soon.

Haley was still moaning softly in pleasure as Brooke fucked her ass so the cheerleader captain didn’t stop right away, and she was able to slam the other girl’s butt through one more mutual climax. However because she didn’t want Haley to pass out Brooke started slowing down the sodomy after that.

When she eventually came to a stop Brooke made sure her dildo was fully embedded in Haley’s butt, then she asked, “Hales, do you think you could do a favour for me? Reach back and spread your cute little ass cheeks. And keep them spread until I tell you to stop. Ok?”

There was a slight groan of acknowledgement, but then there was a pause, making Brooke wonder if it hadn’t been a groan of agreement, or worse if Haley had passed out after groaning. Then Brooke suddenly found herself grinning widely as Haley’s hands slowly reached back and pulled apart her butt cheeks. The moment those cheeks were spread Brooke pulled her strap on out of Haley’s ass in one quick movement, moving back so she could admire her handiwork. What she saw made her grin grow even wider.

Haley’s up until recently virgin ass hole stayed widely open, the fact that the tutor was spreading her cheeks making the gape look even wider providing an even better look at the inside of Haley’s rectum.

Turning to look over her shoulder Brooke asked, “So, what do you think?”

“Not bad.” Peyton admitted, “Not as stretched as your slutty butt hole normally is after I’ve pounded it, but not bad.”

“Well if you think you can do better, go ahead…” Brooke offered, moving aside to allow Peyton room to get behind Haley.

“I don’t know.” Peyton said, hoping to impress her little tease of a girlfriend by swooping down and sliding her tongue up Haley’s cum dripping slit, causing the brunette to let out a loud gasp, “Do you think you’d be up for more Hales?”

“I… I don’t know…” Haley moaned, her eyes fluttering as she felt Peyton switch to using a finger to tease her pussy, “Mmmmm, maybe… maybe if you give me a minute?”

“Sure.” Peyton said, straightening up so she was facing Brooke and then pressing her finger to her girlfriend’s lips.

Brooke eagerly took the finger into her mouth and sucked on it gently, Peyton giving her a few seconds to properly clean the finger before kissing her, both girls faintly tasting their friend’s cum in the other’s mouth. As a result their kiss was rough and passionate right from the get go, the two girls making out for several long moments as they let Haley recover.

None of the girls knew exactly how long it was but as she turned her face to watch her best female friends kiss each other Haley felt her energy return to her. Or that could have been just adrenaline making her think she had more energy. She could never tell, but that was the thing about having sex with these two insatiable sluts, no matter how many times Haley thought she was too exhausted and couldn’t possibly continue Brooke and/or Peyton did something to make her feel like she could go another ten rounds.

However despite the debauchery she had engaged in Haley still struggle to ask for it, “Erm… guys… do you think-”

“We could fuck you some more?” Brooke offered after quickly breaking the kiss with the blonde.

“Erm, yeah, but…” Haley blushed, “My ass is kind of sore, so… do you think… that maybe you could…”

“Fuck your pussy?” Peyton offered with a small smile, and then when Haley just blushed in response added, “No problem.”

With that Peyton knelt down again and started lapping away at Haley’s cunt. She knew that wasn’t exactly what the other girl had meant, not that she was complaining, but given how much Haley had cum Peyton was pretty sure her friend’s pussy needed a little tender love and care before it took her strap on inside it. Besides, it would have been a crime to let all the yummy girl honey go to waste.

Since finally giving in to her lesbian desires Peyton had become something of a cum slut. There was nothing she loved more than swallowing Brooke’s cum, Peyton in absolute heaven when she was in between her girlfriend’s thighs during that wonderful moment that Brooke’s nectar poured out of her, and if Peyton had anything to say about it directly onto her tongue. Getting to swallow Haley’s cum had taught Peyton that she definitely liked girls, and she definitely love girl cum. Peyton also loved eating pussy, and once all of Haley’s cum was gone it was tempting for her to just continue licking that yummy hole until more girl cum poured out of it. However Peyton was pretty eager to have her turn fucking Haley, just enough so that it managed to override her lust for girl cum, albeit temporarily.

So with a lot of effort Peyton pulled her mouth away from Haley’s pussy, straightened up and pressed her cock against her friend’s twat. She tried to go slow but Haley’s pussy seemed to eagerly swallow that fake cock, Peyton finding herself all the way inside the other girl in what seemed like a single second.

As soon as Peyton was in Haley moaned, “Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh Peyton fuck meeeeeeee!”

Not one to ignore a friend’s request Peyton began thrusting in and out of Haley’s extremely welcoming cunt, the blonde tightening her grip on her friend’s hips as she began to steadily fuck her from behind.

Peyton watched Haley’s reactions very carefully for even the slightest hint of pain or discomfort. It wouldn’t have surprised her given how much Haley had cum already, and if Hayley needed more of a rest Peyton was more than willing to slow down her thrusts, or better yet shove her tongue back inside the other girl’s cunt. Peyton could even switch to fucking Brooke who’s holes would no doubt welcome the blonde’s tongue or strap on. However Haley’s response to every thrust was to moan and beg for more.

Haley’s words weren’t very detailed, the young tutor pretty much simply moaning ‘fuck me’ over and over again in some variation. It was more than enough encouragement for Peyton who had been looking forward to this almost as much as Brooke.

There was just something about using a strap on. It gave Peyton this feeling of dominance, of power, and to be able to fuck another girl in this way was almost indescribable. Of course up until now Peyton had only ever fucked one girl like this, and while she loved Brooke being able to fuck innocent little Haley was an incredible thrill.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun Brooke moved in front of Haley, pointed her strap on in the other girl’s face and ordered, “Hey tutor girl, you wanna know something I always wanted to do? Be one of the pieces of bread in an all-girl sandwich. Now, thanks to you I’ve got to be the piece of meat, but now it’s my turn to be the bread, and your turn to be the meat. Because right now you’re going to suck my dick while Peyton fucks you. You’re going to take it in both ends like a little whore, because that’s what you are now. Our little whore. Our little lesbian fuck pet. And best of all in doing it you’re going to become our little ass to mouth slut. Mmmmmmm yeah, you’re gonna clean every drop of your ass juice off this big cock, aren’t you Hales? Huh? You gonna open up that mouth? Let me slide this big cock, which has just been up your ass, inside your mouth? The mouth you use to kiss your husband with? Let him taste your ass the next time he kisses you? Huh?”

Brooke absolutely adored the look on Haley’s face when she presented her with that butt flavoured cock. It was this cute little mixture of horror, discussed and arousal, and it pretty much stayed intact as Brooke taunted her classmate.

Given that Peyton was giving Haley’s pussy a skilled little fucking Brooke knew she could pretty much say anything and her friend would be way too horny to complain. Whether she could actually get her to taste her own ass was another matter. After all while Brooke had managed to get Haley to taste her own pussy this was a whole new level of perversion. Of course if Haley really was as slutty as Brooke was beginning to suspect she was then not only would Haley go ass to mouth, she would do it and end up loving it.

To Brooke’s delight after a while the first part of her prediction came true, Haley moving forward ever so slightly so that her lips were pressing against the dildo, pausing only briefly before she parted those lips to take the head of Brooke’s strap on inside her mouth.

The moment Haley began moving Brooke stopped talking, the only sound in the room now being the sound of Peyton’s body gently smacking into Haley’s. Then Haley closed her eyes and started gently sucking on the dildo.

Brooke immediately smiled widely, but waited for Haley to start bobbing her head on the fake cock before returning to taunting her friend, “Oh yeah, suck it tutor girl! Suck that ass flavoured cock! Suck the cock that was just up your butt. Suck on the cock I used to take your anal cherry, mmmmmm, clean every drop of your ass juice you nasty girl. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, suck my cock while Peyton fucks you with hers. Take it in both ends you shameless little slut! Take it! Yeah that’s it, take it like the little whore you are! Oh my God Haley, you look so hot getting fucked while sucking cock! Mmmmmm, innocent little tutor girl is such a dirty little whore!”

As always Brooke’s filthy words caused Haley to blush fiercely, which had never been more ridiculous than it was right now. Haley even wished it would stop. She was taking it in both ends like a shameless slut, why on earth was some words causing her to feel embarrassed?

Of course the simple answer to that was she wasn’t a shameless slut. On some level Haley was deeply ashamed of cheating on her husband with two women, allowing those women to turn her into their own personal plaything and do all manner of degrading things to her she would never let her husband or any men do. And the most shameful part of it was that embarrassment, shame she was feeling only made her hotter.

For instance the shame of actually liking the taste of her own butt had Haley slurping hungrily at the toy cock her mouth and eagerly bouncing her lips up and down most of the shaft. Haley even used her tongue to clean the base, making sure she got every drop of her own ass juices like a good little ATM whore.

The whole time she was sucking that ass flavoured cock and Brooke was talking dirty to her Peyton was skilfully fucking her, gently increasing the pace ever so slightly when Haley was done licking the base of Brooke’s cock and instantly went back to sucking it. That ever so slightly increased pace combined with everything else was enough to make Haley cum again, not as hard as when Brooke had been roughly fucking her but she still had a very satisfying orgasm.

“Wow, did you make this little slut cum already?” Brooke beamed.

Peyton grinned, “I think so, but if you want to know for sure why don’t you ask her?”

“Ok.” Brooke said, pulling her dildo from Haley’s mouth and asking, “Did she? Did my girlfriend make you cum already little slut? Did you cum from just a gentle fucking?”

“Yeeeeeeessssssss, ooooohhhhhh yessssssssss!” Haley moaned, her latest orgasm still vibrating through her body.

“Well in that case, shall we move on to the final phase?” Brooke asked with a grin.

Peyton bit her lip and looked thoughtful for a moment, “I don’t know Brooke, we’ve put her through a lot already.”

“Wha… what are…” Haley half gasped, half panted.

“Oh don’t worry P Sawyer, she’ll be fine.” Brooke said, moving forward slightly and cupping Haley’s face so she could be sure her friend was focused on her, “You remember what I said about the plans we had for you, don’t you Hales? How we were going to stuff your little married pussy with big strap on cock, and your tiny virgin ass hole too after I’d taken your little anal cherry with my strap on? You remember that, don’t you? Well Peyton hasn’t had her turn fucking your tight little ass yet, and I can’t think of a better way to end tonight’s festivities than for you to ride my big strap on cock while my girlfriend uses hers to pound your little butt hole. How does that sound tutor girl? You truly becoming the little piece of meat in our sandwich? The two of us fucking you at the same time, our big dicks pounding your slutty little fuck holes, you cumming like a total slut until you pass out, does that sound good to you Haley?”

“YES, OOOOOOOOH YES!” Haley cried out with all the energy she could muster before whimpering, “Fuck both my holes! DP me like the total slut I am.”

“Mmmmm, you heard her P Sawyer.” Brooke grinned in triumph, “Pull that big fake dick of yours out of tutor girl’s pussy so she can come ride mine.”

Peyton still wasn’t sure Haley had the energy for this but just trying this would be a lot of fun, and if Haley changed her mind the blonde could happily switch to fucking Brooke instead.

So Peyton slowly pulled her dildo from Haley and watched as her friend slowly crawled forward so that she was in position. Then with surprising quickness Haley reached down, grabbed Brooke’s dildo, lined it up with her pussy and lowered herself all the way down so she was sitting on Brooke’s lap. Without missing a beat Haley then began bouncing on the toy cock, moaning shamelessly much to Brooke’s delight.

Obviously amused Brooke grinned that grin which made Peyton’s heart flutter, and then after about a minute of letting Haley have her fun said, “Stop Hales. Stop. Ok, are you ready to take my cock up your ass?”

Haley blushed, nodded softly and then when it seemed she needed to clarify, “Ye, yes. Fuck me Peyton. Fuck my ass.”

Grinning almost as wickedly as her girlfriend Peyton ordered, “Well then… bend over. Bend over and spread those little ass cheeks of yours. Offer your ass hole to me like you offered it to Brooke.”

The curly haired blonde stop talking to lick her lips as she watched Haley do as she was told, Peyton taking a moment to enjoy the sight of her married friend bent over in front of her and spreading her ass cheeks. Then Peyton got into position behind Haley, pressed her dildo against the hole being offered to her and pushed forwards.

As Haley’s ass hole hadn’t completely closed after the first fucking it had received Peyton’s dildo easily slipped into the tutor’s rectum, the entire length of the strap on cock quickly being buried up Haley’s butt in one slow but steady thrust.

Once her hips were resting against Haley’s still spread ass cheeks Peyton paused for a moment to get a better grip on her friend’s hips and to allow her fellow cheerleader to get used to the sensation of being double penetrated. Then Peyton began ass fucking the other girl, her thrusts slow but steady, driving Haley at the same speed up and down the cock in her cunt.

Before she was with Brooke, a horrible time that thankfully seemed like a lifetime ago, Peyton had imagined having a boy/girl/girl, boy/girl/boy, and girl/girl/girl threesomes, the last of which was secretly her favourite. However she never imagined being double penetrated, or helping to dish out a DP. But Brooke had wanted to try it, and there wasn’t anything Peyton wouldn’t do for her girlfriend. So the first chance they got they made a Brooke sandwich with Peyton and Haley as pieces of bread, and it has been amazing, far surpassing Peyton’s cautious expectations. Ever since then Peyton had been looking forward to treating Haley to a DP, and was even seriously considering allowing herself to be the piece of meat as long as Brooke and Haley were the pieces of bread.

Marti had awoken from her best night’s sleep since, well ever, to find she was alone in her room. This was not an unusual occurrence as regardless of how late she stayed up Savannah would wake up before the crack of dawn, and would have prayed, showered, dressed and had breakfast long before any of her other fellow Hellcats. But Marti would have thought that this would have been an exception, or that at least Savannah would wake her up so they could snuggle, and more importantly talk. Then again Marti was a pretty heavy sleeper so maybe Savannah tried and failed to wake her… no, it was far more likely the brunette just let her sleep which Marti appreciated. She was awake now though, and she wanted to see Savannah. She needed too.

So Marti went looking for Savannah. She ended up spending the entire day looking, the blonde becoming more frantic as every second ticked by.

Savannah wasn’t at her parents’ home, or in The RAT, or in Cheer Town, or anywhere at the University, or any church in the local area, Marti checking the last three places multiple times throughout the day.

She asked Dan if he knew where Savannah was, but he simply replied he didn’t and then there was this long awkward pause between them. It was like he knew what Marti had done with Savannah barely an hour after Dan had broken up with her, which Marti had to admit wasn’t exactly the actions of a good friend. It hadn’t been her intention of course but that was a lame excuse and she was in no hurry to give it, or to discuss what was going on with her and Savannah with anyone except the cheerleader captain. So she had lamely excused herself, almost literally ran away from him and kept all her following conversations brief as she asked around to see if anyone knew where Savannah was. At least until she had talked to every member of the Hellcats except one.

At the end of the day, even though she really didn’t want too, Marti knocked on Alice’s door, barely waiting until it open before practically yelling, “Is she here?”

“Hello to you too.” Alice smirked.

“Is she here?” Marti repeated firmly before adding, “Have you seen her? Do you know where she is?”

“Your girlfriend?” Alice questioned in a mocking tone, before quickly adding, “No. Haven’t seen her. No one has. But I’m guessing you already knew that.”

There was a moment of silence as Marti quietly acknowledged to herself that she was acting like a crazy person, and she really kind of hoped she was wrong because she didn’t want Savannah to see her like this. Then she roughly shoved Alice out the way, entered the other Hellcat’s room and frantically looked around.

Empty. Well, not empty but no Savannah… unless she was hiding.

Unable to stop herself Marti checked underneath the beds and in the closets before turning back to look at Alice, an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment flooding her body.

“Are you done?” Alice questioned dryly, and then when Marti didn’t answer added, “So… you two did it, huh? Thank God. I was beginning to think you’d screwed it up.”

“Right, everything’s peachy.” Marti snapped angrily, suddenly feeling like she needed to defend Savannah’s honour, or at least her reputation, and adding in timid voice the blonde didn’t really recognise as her own, “Besides we… we didn’t…”

“Oh please, you might as well have ‘I had sex’ written all over your face.” Alice smirked, “I mean, look at you. You’re being so… obvious. It’s kind of pathetic.”

Marti was used to wanting to punch Alice, but at that moment the urge was overwhelming. She even stepped forwards to the point where she was right in Alice’s face, and honestly she wasn’t even sure why she stopped. After all this was all Alice’s fault.

“If…” Marti began, not wanting to voice this insecurity out loud but feeling as if she needed too, “If you’ve just been messing with my head and… and Savannah really is straight and you made me do that to her you’ll-

“Let’s be clear.” Alice snapped, “I didn’t make you do anything. I just knocked some sense into you. And if you’re still deluding yourself into believing that there’s even the tiniest chance that the Queen of Queer Town Savannah Monroe is anything other than a total lesbo then you’re both screwed.”

“Then why isn’t she here?” Marti asked, suddenly feeling like she was going to literally cry with frustration, “Why did she leave?”

“Because you let her.” Alice shrugged, “What? Did you think this was going to be easy? Please, that girl and everyone around her have spent her entire life convincing her she’s something she’s not, and being anything else is unnatural and wrong, and what? One night with you is supposed to make all that go away? No. Like I said if you really want her, you’re going to need to drag her kicking and screaming out of the closet. You’re going to have to push her, scream at her, and make her hate you, and in the end even if you make her admit the truth she still might choose to live the life she’s been living all her life because it’s all she knows and it’s safe. If you can suffer through all that melodrama go-ahead, she’s all yours. No other girl is probably going to do it for her. I’m sure as hell not, and I don’t see her family encouraging her sinful ways. So again, if you want to save her from herself, go ahead. Now get the hell out and never push me again. And don’t come back here looking for another pep talk. I don’t like you, and I don’t want to be in the middle of this crap anymore.”

Marti stared dumbfoundedly at the other cheerleader for a few minutes then asked softly, “But what if I can’t find her?”

Alice rolled her eyes, “Please, where is she going to go? Her whole life is cheering so even if she’s going to transfer she’ll have to show up sooner or later.”

“But-” Marti began to protest.

“Did I mention how I don’t care?” Alice interrupted firmly, “Just get back to your room and wait for her. Hell, the bitch is probably already there.”


Annoyingly Alice was proven right, although Marti was far more preoccupied by the heart wrenching sight of Savannah shoving her belongings into a suitcase.

When Marti opened the door Savannah stared over at her like a deer caught in the headlights for several long seconds, but then she quickly went back to what she was doing after softly mumbling, “Hey Marti.”

“Hey.” Marti mumbled back.

The blonde had been thinking about what she was going to say to this girl all day, had imagined this scenario over and over again in her head, and the best she could do was ‘hey’. That was all she could get out, Marti just standing there dumbstruck as she watched Savannah run around the room like a frightened animal, grabbing whatever belonged to her and shoving it into a big suitcase. And it was shoving. The girl who had lectured Marti several times over the few weeks they’d known each other about the importance of properly folding away clothes and keeping everything nice and neat was desperately shoving her things into this case like her life depended on it, and it broke Marti’s heart because she knew it was her fault.

She’d made Savannah afraid of her, afraid of herself, and whatever was going on between them. And Marti didn’t blame Savannah, because it terrified the blonde to the point where she didn’t think she could breathe. But as terrifying as it was Marti knew one thing with absolute clarity, she couldn’t lose Savannah Monroe.

In some way, shape or form she needed this girl in her life, but in that moment she didn’t want to settle for friendship. She just… needed her.

Quickly closing her case Savannah grabbed it by the handle, straightened up and finally turned to look at Marti.

The two girls stared at each other for a few long seconds, then Savannah’s gaze dropped downwards and she tried to walk past the blonde. Marti didn’t let her, moving sideways so she was directly in the brunette’s path. Savannah tried dodging her unsuccessfully for a few moments and then she looked up into her eyes.

Marti waited for a few seconds for Savannah to say something, anything, then she asked, “Where are you going?”

Savannah just kept staring at her for a few more seconds, then her eyes darted downwards again as she murmured, “I… we… there’s a spare room now Wedge has quit. I thought…”

“That it might be easier to avoid me if you had your own room?” Marti finished for her, trying to keep any bitterness out of her voice. When Savannah didn’t say anything in response the blonde cheerleader added, “What happened to having roommates helps promote sisterhood huh? Isn’t that what you told me when I first moved in? Then again I guess what we did last night wasn’t very sisterly.”

“Marti, please…” Savannah said softly, still not looking up.

“Please what?” Marti huffed.

“Please, don’t… don’t make this hard.” Savannah whispered.

The words themselves flared Marti’s rage, but just then Savannah looked up at her with this teary expression which broke the blonde’s heart and made her anger fade away.

Deciding that was probably the wrong tactic anyway Marti took a step forward and reached out for Savannah, “Look-”

“Don’t touch me!” Savannah cried out, dropping her suitcase and moving back half a dozen paces until she was almost pressed against the wall behind her.

The hurt and the anguish in Savannah’s eyes and tone of voice broke Marti’s heart all over again, only this time it was worse because she got this rush of self-hatred and sadness that she had hurt this girl so much. But she had to push on. She just had too.

“You kissed me.” Marti murmured after a few long seconds of silence, then adding more firmly after a few more equally long seconds, “You, you were the one who kissed me. And you try doing it before-”

“I don’t remember that.” Savannah interrupted unconvincingly.

“Really?” Marti questioned, then when Savannah didn’t answer added, “Do you remember last night? What we did? Because… it was the greatest night of my life.”

“Marti…” Savannah whispered, finally looking away again, “I can’t-”

“I love you Savannah.” Marti said, slowly stepping forward as her eyes watered, “I don’t know how, or when, but… I fell in love with you. And if you really don’t feel the same way that’s fine. I swear I’ll never touch you again. I’ll move out of Cheer Town, I’ll transfer schools, I’ll do whatever you want. Just… just tell me you don’t like me back. Tell me I’m a disgusting dyke. That you hate my guts. That I can go burn in hell. Just look me in the eyes and say it. Tell me you don’t love me. Tell me-”

“Stop!” Savannah cried out loudly.

Marti had been so caught up in her little speech she hadn’t really noticed that she had backed Savannah right up against the wall, and tears were flowing freely out of not just her own eyes but out of Savannah’s.

“Please… don’t… don’t touch me, I… I…” Savannah whimpered, “I… I don’t love you.”

The words themselves made Marti feel like Savannah had torn her heart from her chest, but the way they were said made her feel like her heart was still beating in the brunette’s hand. Simply put she still felt like she had a slim chance.

“You have to mean it.” Marti croaked as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“I… I mean it.” Savannah wept.

“I don’t believe you.” Marti pushed.

“I don’t care.” Savannah snapped, becoming more angry than Marti had ever seen her, “Who are you to tell me how I feel? Who are you to tell me what I want? You don’t know me. I’m not some kind of deviant. I’m not like you. I do not give into temptation. I’m a good, normal girl, and I don’t care what you or anyone says, I am not in love with anybody!”

At this point Savannah was screaming at her and Marti felt like her heart was now on the floor being repeatedly stomped on, but as much as she wanted to crumple to the floor dead there was a burning rage inside her which pushed her to yell the second Savannah was done talking, “Why did you kiss me?”

“I don’t know.” Savannah said.

“Why didn’t you stop me last night?” Marti asked, forcing herself to sound somewhat calm, “If you’re such a good, normal girl why didn’t you tell me to stop? Why did you let me make love to you? Why did you moan and scream in pleasure, and cum in my mouth, and on my fingers, and all over my-”

“You tricked me!” Savannah snapped.

“You kissed me and then when I asked you if you wanted me to stop all you did was moan in pleasure!” Marti countered, “Why? Why did you let me do that to you? Why didn’t you tell me to stop?”

“I DON’T KNOW!” Savannah screeched, clearly breaking down, “You make me feel things I’m not supposed to feel, make me want to do things I don’t want to do… why are you doing this to me Marti? Why… NO, please don’t! Don’t touch me!”

Marti frowned. She had moved forward to try and comfort the crying girl without thinking, just as she didn’t really think when she asked, “Why not?”

“I… I… I can’t… I, I can’t think… normally, when you touch me.” Savannah stammered.

From the look in Savannah’s eyes Marti could tell she immediately realised she’d said the wrong thing, but before she could take it back the blonde took advantage of it by quickly grabbing the other cheerleader and pulling her into her arms. From there Marti softly but firmly held Savannah and pressed her forehead against the cheerleader captain’s, a fresh tear running down Marti’s cheek as she looked into Savannah’s eyes and softly murmured, “Why… why… why did you kiss me?”

Savannah opened her mouth and Marti waited for what felt like an eternity, barely being able to breathe as each agonising second ticked by.

Marti hadn’t wanted it to go down like this. She’d wanted to talk to the brunette like a rational thinking human being, but when she was around Savannah she couldn’t think rationally anymore. Apparently like Savannah, she flat-out couldn’t think. All she could do was run her mouth, like always, only this time it felt like she was going to lose everything that mattered to her just because she couldn’t keep her feelings bottled up, and she knew she was making a liar out of herself because if Savannah told her to go to hell she would dropped to her knees and beg for her to stay, for her to let her stay, for them to stay together as friends because in that moment Marti didn’t think she could handle life without Savannah Monroe.

Luckily it didn’t appear she would have too. Unluckily her actions led to fresh tears rolling down Savannah’s cheeks, “I… I… I’m… I don’t… Marti… Oh God…”

Trailing off Savannah started absolutely balling her eyes out, the normally so together cheerleader captain breaking down to the point where she collapsed like deadweight into Marti’s arms, crying into her shoulder hysterically.

For a long time Marti just stood there, her heart feeling as if it was being stabbed over and over again as the girl she loved cried in her arms. When it became emotionally too much for the blonde she gently moved so they could lie back down on Savannah’s bed, Marti never letting go while Savannah never stopped crying.

They lay like that for what felt like hours, Marti still trying to figure out what she could possibly say as Savannah ran out of tears to shed, her wails slowly decreasing to sobs, then whimpers and then finally the room was deafeningly silent.

The deafening, horrible silence just kept going and going, both girls’ minds racing a mile a minute, until finally Savannah croaked, “I can’t.”

Marti should have probably admitted defeat after those two heart breaking words, but she was determined to fight to the bitter end if need be.

“Why?” The blonde softly asked.

There was another couple of long seconds of silence and then Savannah whispered, “I’m supposed to get married. Have kids. Start my own cheer camp.”

“Supposed too?” Marti questioned dryly.

“Want too.” Savannah quickly corrected herself, “I want to do those things.”

“We could do those things.” Marti countered, quickly adding, “One day. We could do those things one day way, way in the future.”

There was another brief silence and then Savannah whispered, “Who’s going to send their daughter to a cheer camp run by a lesbian.”

“Parents who aren’t homophobic ass holes.” Marti quickly said.

More silence and then Savannah asked, “What about the girls? What if they found out and left? Or everyone new right from the start and not a single girl signed up?”

“Hey, look at me… look at me!” Marti said, waiting until Savannah raised her head to look at her before continuing, “By the time you open your camp you’ll have a championship ring on every finger and girls will be lining up to learn from you. Even the homophobic ass holes will want to learn from you, and maybe you will even help them not to be homophobic ass holes when they see how awesome you are.”

Savannah just stared dumbfoundedly at the blonde for a few long moments, then she croaked out, “My family-”

“Don’t deserve you!” Marti interrupted firmly, pausing to slightly smirk, “I mean, if anyone knows how families can suck-”

“Your Mom loves you. Unconditionally.” Savannah interrupted.

“So should yours.” Marti pointed out, “But she doesn’t. They don’t. I don’t understand why they don’t, but… they don’t, so they have no right to expect anything from you, or tell you what you should do or who or what you should be. And I know, you’re always going to love them, and always want their approval, but you were brave enough to go against their wishes once. You left Memphis Christian and joined Lancer so you could walk your own path. So that you could step outside their little bubble. Live a little. And… and you don’t have to turn your back on God. I looked it up, there’s a whole community of Christians who believe God accepts gay men and women. That as long as two people love each other that’s all that matters.”

Savannah lowered her gaze, “That’s not what I was taught to believe.”

“Well maybe not everything you were taught was right.” Marti said.

“How do you know?” Savannah asked looking back at the blonde.

“I don’t. But no one knows for sure. And I can’t wrap my head around the idea of anyone or anything hating you if you liked girls instead of boys. And… I don’t want anything to do with someone or something that hates you for that. Or for any reason.” Marti said softly.

There was more silence, the two girls feeling like they were staring at each other forever until Savannah softly asked, “How… how can you be so sure?”

“About what?” Marti asked.

“What you want.” Savannah clarified softly, “How can you be so sure you know what you want?”

Marti thought about this for a moment and then said, “I don’t know. I… I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I had my whole life planned out just like you, only replace championship ring covered camp councillor with being a Supreme Court judge. But… I don’t know… when I met you, there was this… spark. I mean… I never even thought about experimenting in college because it was so cliché, and before you I never even questioned that I was straight, then all of a sudden there you are, always on my mind, the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night, and… it got so much worse when you nearly kissed me. Then… then, we kissed, and suddenly… it was like everything before was in black and white and then all of a sudden everything was in colour, and in that moment I never wanted anything as badly as I wanted you. I needed you. And, I’ve pretty much felt that way ever since… and it scares the hell out of me.”

“You’re scared?” Savannah questioned, sounding surprised.

“I’m fucking terrified.” Marti admitted with a weak smile, “But, maybe anything really worth having is supposed to be that way. Maybe that’s what being in love is. Being terrified, and excited, and like you’re in this little bubble of happiness which feels like it could break at any second and you want to do anything you can to save it. And… it’s like…”

Ever since the first encounter I had with Maria, I spent more time at Tim’s than ever before. Maria and I never missed an opportunity to be together. At first we made sure that Tim was not home whenever we got together, to ensure he would not find out. It became increasingly difficult as we increased the risks by venturing out of the bedroom into other rooms of the house. To keep Tim out of the house, Maria had a friend give Tim a job to keep him busy.

Like many Saturdays before, I headed to Tim’s house but I was not going to spend time with TIm. I opened the front door and walked in the house. There seemed to be no one home, so I called out

“Anyone home?”

At first, no sound. Then Maria came around a corner. “Well hello there, how may I help you?”

She was wearing a chemise which clung to her body, showing off her curves. It pronounced her breasts and hid the little bit of fat she has around her stomach. I had an instant hard-on. Playing along with her teasing, I said,

“Well, it looks like your dress could be difficult to take off. I think you might need some help removing it.”

Giggling, she walked towards me slowly, seductively. When she was within a foot of me, she whispered “Yes, I could use a hand with this dress.” She turned her back to me, showing me the dress’s zipper. I pressed my body against hers and slowly started to undo her zipper. As I did so I leaned in and kissed her neck slowly and passionately. Maria let out a deep moan of pleasure.

Once the zipper was undone I slid the dress straps off her shoulders and while I continued to kiss her body I slid the dress downwards, to the ground. She turned her head towards me, her eyes were full of lust, she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me eagerly. While we kissed hard and long, I explored her naked body with my hands. One of my hands massaged her breasts back and forth between the two while the other hand made its way down to her vagina. Once I reached it, I gently teased her outside lips causing Maria to brake our kiss to let out a moan, before she resumed our kissing. I soon found her clit and rubbed it hard. I did not think it was possible but Maria still to kiss me harder. It was like she was going to eat my face. This did not last long before she broke the kiss to let out the moans she was holding in.

“Ohhhh, I like that, keep it up.” She managed to say, encouraging me to continue. I increased the pace and Maria moved her body against my hand, matching my pace. As i continued, her moans started to become louder and her body increased the pace against my hand, begging me to match it. I followed suit to cause Maria’s sweaty body to shake with ecstasy so much she nearly fell down.

Panting hard Maria continued to kiss me, but it did not last long. She stripped me out of my clothes so we were naked together. She led me over to the couch and motioned for me to sit. I did as she commended and showed off my hard erect dick, eagerly waiting for her. She knelt down, never taking her eyes off of it and leaned in to put her mouth on my cock. It felt incredible, she sucked on it like her life depended on it.

“OOOOoooooooohhhhh” I moaned and I could feel my balls start to tighten. In response, Maria took her mouth away, slightly disappointing me but surprising me when she replaced it with her breasts. The feeling of my dick between her large fleshy boobs was even more incredible than her mouth. She moved them up and down my shaft and I started to match her pace. Sooner than I hoped for, I felt my balls tighten and pressure start to buid in my dick.


At that Maria started to blow me again while my dick was still between her breasts. The feeling of both her mouth and breasts was too much for me and I shot my load in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop like a pro and eventually removed my dick from her mouth and between her boobs. She lay next to me and we held each other while lightly making out.

As we made out, I heard the house back door open and Tim shout “Hi Mom.” We broke our kiss and looked at each other in terror. All Tim had to do was walk around the corner and see his Mom and best friend lying naked together. Quickly and quietly we got up, kicked our clothes under the couch and threw ourselves into the main floor bathroom while shutting the door behind us just as Tim walked around the corner.

“Mom, you home?”

I motioned to Maria to answer. “Yes sweetie, I’m in here. Off work early?”

“Yeah, they sent me home early” Tim answered. “I’m just gonna go downstairs and watch some TV until Austin comes over.”

“O.k, sweetie, sounds good. I might join you once I’m done in here”

We heard Tim go down the stairs to the TV room and soon heard the murmur of voices from the TV.

“Well I guess I gotta go now” I said.

“Who says? I don’t know about you, but I think the idea of fucking you in the bathroom having to keep quiet is very sexy.”

I didn’t have much time to process what she just said before she was on top of my dick. She pounded me hard on top of the toilet seat wanting me to moan out loud. Maria could tell what I wanted to do, so she put my mouth to her right breast, wanting me to suck on it. When she started to utter soft moans herself, I took my mouth off her breast and kissed her hard on the lips. She continued to hump my dick as we kissed. The sound of our naked bodies hitting each other was so loud I am surprised Tim did not hear us. The excitement of having to keep quiet to avoid detection made us both so horny that it did not take us long to cum. I shot my load as Maria’s vaginal muscles contracted around my cock and we moaned loud into each other’s mouths.

We sat together on the toilet seat, humping/holding each other until Maria stood up, removing my dick from her insides. With one final kiss, she left the bathroom and I heard her go upstairs to her bedroom. I tip toed out of the bathroom into the living room, retrieved my clothes from under the couch and put them back on. Once I was done I opened the front door and shut it as if I had just walked in. I ventured downstairs to join Tim in front of the TV. Soon enough Maria came down the stairs fully dressed. She sat down next to me, rubbing her body against mine quickly enough so Tim would not see it. She gave me a quick wink and I smiled back at her.

“Hey Tim, when do you work again?”

I could not wait.

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