Meanwhile back at the ranch, Peggy and I finally opened up her picnic basket about midnight. The food was great, and so was the company. We toasted each other with ice cold sparkling cider (she noted that she did not drink either, not due to a metabolic issue like me but that she had seen ‘alcoholism close to her family’ and she just wanted to stay away from it to be sure), and I made toasts to Peggy’s marvelous breasts, her perfect pussy, and her awesome ass, and she giggled and blushed at each one. We took the grapes out of the homemade chicken salad and fed them to each other. She toasted my tongue, saying she had never had so many orgasms in her life, and my cock, saying it was now her favorite snack. I discovered that holding some of the highly carbonated cider in my mouth while sucking on her nipples provided her with some extra stimulation, and she quickly applied the same technique to my nipples, with great results. Finally she rolled over onto her stomach and said “Please just fuck me from behind!” and I did my best. Once again she could take everything I could dish out, and she enjoyed catching just as much as I liked pitching. I listened to her Suzie signal almost absentmindedly and she came three times with me on autopilot. Her third orgasm triggered mine, and suddenly I was violently spent, and then lay peacefully on top of her for some time, then we snuggled together and slept again.

When we awoke we went into the family room of the ranch house, which had been constructed around a patio that contained three big tiered bird baths with a flowing water system, planted all around with plants that attracted butterflies and other tasty insects that attracted birds, plus several traditional bird feeders. Hummingbird feeders where hung so they would be visible from the floor to ceiling windows. As the sky began to show pink to the east, she was captivated by the birds that began to arrive, and spotted two additional new ones on their way to winter in South and Central America, respectively. Soon the patio looked like the tarmac at DFW, with all manner of birds landing, eating, watering, bathing, and taking off again. We stripped the bed in the guest room, took a shower together, and then put the sheets and towels in the washer. We dressed and went outside and Peggy took the lead on checking the drip systems, demonstrating considerable knowledge by spotting the clogged emitters quickly and also spotting the tools and spare parts kits on the gardening bench. In twenty minutes all was functioning perfectly. She also demonstrated easy familiarity with deer feeders and salt licks, and here I thought she was a city girl. We took the sheets out of the dryer, made the bed, and hung the towels in the guest bathroom, and suddenly our chores were all done. We packed everything into the Rover, armed the alarm, locked the door behind us, and hid the key again. We took a driving tour of all three lakes in the full daylight, then passed through the gate, closed it, and accelerated onto the county road.

Peggy drove smoothly and confidently, and it made me realize how comfortable I felt with her. I sent my grandma a quick text telling all was well and we had just locked things up and left. She replied ‘any new ones :) ’ The radar detector sounded as we approached the state road, and Peggy set the cruise control for the double nickel, passing a state trooper writing a ticket for an eighteen wheeler. Once we were out of radar range, it was back to 100 mph and we covered the ground back to campus very quickly. We made our goodbyes with some sweet kisses and she dropped me at the dorm. I was not the least bit hungry, and immediately took a nap. I awoke when Kevin arrived back at the room to shower before dinner. He had been playing touch football for ZZZ against another frat. He shouted at me from the shower as I tried to wake up. “I haven’t seen anything on Alpha Gamma in the press yet, but every fraternity and sorority has seen all the videos and I have heard some really wild stories being told about who was recognizable in the videos. Nobody can find the guy who runs their website, and their house is sealed up tight. No one is answering the door or the phone, but they send a guy out every once in a while to pick up all the jars of mayonnaise that pranksters are leaving on their lawn. I heard that someone panicked and took a welding torch to the webmaster’s PC at the house, thinking that would take down the website, but it is still up. And the hit count is blowing up like a bomb! My dad has two potential clients signed up already, but he says there may be some criminal charges happening too.”

He shut off the shower, but continued talking. “Everyone is ecstatic except perhaps the Kappa Kappa Alphas. They used to be certain there was one frat lower and more despicable than they were, but if the AGs get the death penalty, then ‘KKK’s will be the lowest thing in the food chain.”

I spoke up. “Speaking of that, Kev, how did a nice Jewish boy like you end up with the initials KKK?”

He laughed. “My dad was trying to build his brand. He thought that was thumbing his nose at the anti-Semites and it would help to make him look like the baddest Jew trial lawyer on the East Coast! It may have worked, but I have taken some shit, too. Let’s go do dinner.”

About 260 miles south southwest of campus, the AG sysadmin/webmaster was waking up to the most awful headache and hangover he had ever even heard of, much less experienced. He vaguely remembered floating the river and the two girls and then the drinking game. The girls told him he was winning, but it seemed to him he was losing more clothes and drinking way more shots than they were. He had a fleeting memory of them naming him “King Stud” and something about giving him a chance at ‘every girl in boy’s town’, but he was not sure what that meant. He did focus his eyes for a few minutes while they were driving and saw a sign for ‘Laredo’ and then seeing lots of signs in Spanish. They went to some sort of night club with topless dancers and a donkey and then everyone was cheering and the two girls from the river were gone but there were lots of other nice dark haired girls that were paying him a lot of attention and the lights were very bright. He forced his eyes open now, wincing at the pain the harsh sunlight caused. He was in some kind of really cheap and dirty motel room. He had no clothes on, and could not find any in the room. His phone was on the floor, but he could not find the battery anywhere. Someone knocked on the door. He peeked out the peephole and saw a tall dark man with a big mustache in a light brown uniform with a badge and sunglasses and a dark brown cap. Maybe this nice policeman would help him out.

I was surprisingly hungry at dinner, and Kevin gave me an update on all the latest gossip. Janet’s roommate Melanie had dropped out and gone back to Houston, and Janet and Lou were hanging out together a lot now. Lou was great in bed but a little bossy, and what happened to double teaming her? I told him I was having trouble keeping up with my best girls and did not have the energy for a ‘spite fuck’ right now. He said he understood. He said he was amazed that he had been ramping up his kinky demands on Lou, not really caring if she broke up with him, but the kinkier he got the hotter she got and the more orgasms she had, and he was now reluctant to break up with her. He said Lou was apparently not nearly as wild as her reputation led people to believe, and Kevin was only the second guy she had slept with since she started school. We talked about the Halloween party at ZZZ and I told him I would be there but was also going to a lot of others after that. He asked if I would bring Suzanne or Lara, and I said yes. He looked at me funny, and then asked “Both of them!” I smiled. “What kind of costumes will they be wearing?”

I laughed. “I don’t know that myself. I won’t get to see them until that night. But I would bet my left nut they will look pretty good!”

Kevin grinned. “You fucking dog. I guess we better warn the photographer!”

I brushed my teeth and walked over towards Lara’s, taking a little detour to the east and walking by the AG house on the way. There were two police cars and some yellow tape now, and two vans from TV stations idling outside with their antennas poking up. I saw a tall woman in a dark suit near the door arguing with some old guy in a very bad suit. The tall women looked like the DA I had seen on TV talking about a recent and very scandalous drug related murder that happened just west of campus. The door opened and two evidence technicians carried out a partially burned desktop PC and some DVDs. I walked on by, not wanting to draw any attention to myself.

Lara let me in and gave me a quick kiss, and said “We have a few more minutes to go on Suzanne and then you’re the next model up. You may not see our costumes yet, so amuse yourself surfing the web here for a few minutes. After we measure you, I need to talk to you in private for a minute about Suzanne.” I started with the AG site and it was still up! Further searching revealed a ‘police blotter’ one paragraph teaser on the local newspaper site that said that police were investigating a complaint about homosexual child pornography and the destruction of evidence at a local fraternity. Wow! There were a few blog posts saying things like ‘be sure to check out the AG site’ but not much else.

The bedroom door opened and I stepped up on the little stool and they began fitting me with a pattern made of something tougher than tissue paper that needed a lot fewer pins and marks, so I assumed they were making progress. Suzanne then headed for the bathroom and closed the door, and Lara began whispering in my ear “Suzanne wants to be our sub for the night, and she does not want us to go easy on her! She has always had some fantasies about being dominated and used, and she figures she will never get a better chance to try it with someone she trusts than with us. I want to make it great for her, but that means no mercy! Do you understand?”

I had sort of turned off my Suzy receiver since my nap this afternoon, but suddenly I realized that Lara’s little crafty Suzie was about to make a try at getting me and Suzanne both to submit to her. I sure didn’t see that coming, but I had to squash it now! I remembered what Asa had said about Lara and how she needed to perceive me and my feelings for her.

“On your knees, slut!” I pushed her down on her knees, and not gently. Her little crafty Suzie burned with irritation, but then I sensed excitement, and surprisingly strong contentment. “I will do anything to please Suzanne except to ruin my relationship with you!” She looked thunderstruck. “You are mine to do with as I please! I will never submit to you or allow you to submit to anyone but me! Suzanne will not be ‘our’ sub! She is my sub, just as you are mine! Put that ass up in the air!”

I spanked her very thoroughly, and her lovely ass got very red and I got very hard. “You are mine! Do you understand? Mine! You belong to me and no one but me!”

She cried and blubbered. Her Suzie signal blasted like a tornado siren, screaming simultaneous excitement and contentment! She hugged my knees, and her tears fell on my legs. “Oh Master please forgive me! I love you! I don’t want anything but to be yours and to please you!”

I used my foot to push her head down to the floor and held it there. “You may serve as my assistant to punish Suzanne for not being honest with me much sooner about being a complete slut. If you show any mercy I will make an example of you and then deal with Suzanne myself. Now go choose your implements and begin her training. And if you do not take her into new territory and make her not only admit to herself that she is a total slut, but embrace it, and then you will pay the price too. She started to stand up and I slapped her back down. “Crawl, slut, and make her crawl to me also!” There it was: that tight little smile I loved so much, and those blue eyes shining like never before. She was so wonderful.

I sat on the couch in the living room, and soon Suzanne crawled in, wearing a little grey leather hood just like Lara’s electric blue one, and nothing else. Lara followed behind slapping her ass with the short multi strand leather whip. Suzanne’s skin was already red all over, and there were red marks on her amazing ass. Her nipples were hard as rocks, and she was breathing like she had already run ten miles. In short, she was spectacular. And Lara was in fine form, too. “You know you are a slut, I know that you are a slut, and Master knows that you are a slut. Why have you not been honest with us?” All of this was punctuated by lashes with the little whip.

Suzanne sobbed. “I didn’t admit it to myself until yesterday!”

Lara laughed diabolically. “You are about to discover how much of a slut you truly are!”

I stood and grabbed Suzanne’s head using the little handles on her leather hood, and fucked her mouth with absolutely no concern for her, studiously and deliberately ignoring any Suzie signal she was sending. I concentrated on my pleasure and my pleasure alone. She literally had to fight to keep breathing. I pumped my come down her throat like an old bull topping a young heifer. She sucked me dry and worked hard to breathe through her nose. I listened to her Suzie and it was frantic with fear and humiliation, suddenly giving way to excitement.

Lara did not miss an opportunity. “Look at your pussy drip with slut juice! You were made to be a fuck toy, weren’t you!” She grabbed the handles and fucked Suzanne’s sweet face with her golden pussy, showing her even less regard than I had. Lara came several times, and her Suzie sang domination and pleasure, and Suzanne’s sang humiliation that then morphed four fold into rabid excitement. Lara grabbed her head and positioned her face right next to my cock. “Now suck that cock and get it hard again!”

Suzanne moved forward, searching with her mouth, as her hands were bound behind her. She touched it and I moved it away. She chased it and finally sucked it into her mouth. I had to steel myself not to laugh as Lara began to criticize Suzanne’s technique. “You call that a blowjob? What are you, in 7th grade? Suck that dick like you mean it slut. Sucking cock is your highest calling! Except perhaps your destiny of licking my ass.” Suzanne’s new humiliation suddenly summed with all the previous excitement, and her Suzie was screaming. Lara was just getting started.

“Don’t even think about coming until Master gives you permission, slut! Faster, suck harder take it all the way down your slut throat. Lara begin whipping Suzanne like a coxswain beating the time for oarsmen, and Suzanne struggled to suck me at the blistering pace Lara was setting. I looked down at Suzanne’s reddening thighs and ass and suddenly got as hard as I had ever been in my life. Suzanne felt it in her mouth and groaned, perhaps thinking I was about to come again. But I was in the Zen zone now, ready to fuck for a long time before I had to come. I watched as Lara donned something new: a strap on dildo. She put a little lubricant on it and grabbed Suzanne again with the handles and pulled her back as if she was going to sit on Lara’s lap, and then penetrated Suzanne’s perfect ass with the dildo and pulled her back down toward Lara, fully impaling her with no warning or fanfare.

Suzanne screamed, and then a clarion Suzie like I had never heard from Suzanne sounded. It was the Suzie signal equivalent of those huge long horns that the Vikings blew to announce the conquest of a new land. Suzanne was now like a beautiful butterfly impaled by a spike in someone’s collection. She was trapped and owned and she loved it. Lara lay down on her back and used her hands to grab Suzanne’s legs and spread them apart, while still fucking her ass with the strap on.

I knelt between Suzanne’s legs, lined up my cock with her pussy, and entered her slowly and teasingly, reminding her “You may NOT come yet, slut!”

Lara had her wrapped up like a wrestler, and Suzanne strained to move forward and get me into her pussy deeper, but like Tantalus, Lara kept her from getting where she wanted to go. Her Suzie signaled desperation to get more of my cock into her, desperation to get more of the plastic cock in her ass, and desperation to find release. I slowly increased my penetration and pace, while Lara continued to fuck Suzanne’s ass like a machine. I looked down at these two incredible women fully inflamed and considered how lucky I really was. I touched Lara’s arm to get her attention, and indicated to her to let go of Suzanne’s legs and to begin pinching her nipples instead. She smiled wickedly at me. I was almost overcome with my feelings for her, and I found myself sending her an involuntary ‘Suzie blast’ that combined my feelings of contentment, lust, and fulfillment. Her eyes widened, and suddenly the pressure on her clit as the fucked Suzanne with that strap on made her come, too. I drank in Lara’s orgasm signal like a fine wine. I grabbed Suzanne’s legs and almost bent her double, and began stroking into her at a frantic pace. Lara matched my moves mercilessly working into Suzanne’s ass. She began to pinch Suzanne’s nipples hard and even stick the edges of her fingernails into them.

Suzanne was red and frantic and her Suzie was beyond desperate. She keened and moaned and clinched her teeth, and the muscles corded in her beautiful neck. I leaned into her face, gave her a ridiculously tender kiss given the vigor with which I was fucking her, and then whispered “You may come, slut!” At first I was not sure that she heard me, but then a look of peace spread over her face and she came so hard that her Suzie felt like it was slapping me in the face. She squirted juice from her pussy so strongly that I felt it spray up onto me and down onto Lara. But I was still in the zone, and continued to fuck her steadily, and so did Lara. Suzanne had three little orgasms one after another; her Suzie sounding like someone was hitting a kettle drum. Then she froze in rictus, and was completely silent for a moment. Lara started fucking her even harder, and Lara’s Suzie said she was about to come again. I opened up my Suzie receiver all the way, and heard both girls rapidly approaching another crescendo. I locked into their signals, and just as I was sure Lara was going to come, I let loose inside of Suzanne, exploding with what seemed like more force and volume than I had ever felt before. Lara came a moment later, and then Suzanne came in a final crowning muscle wrenching orgasm that was like one big Charlie horse as every muscle cramped and then finally released. Both girls were frozen for a few moments, and the only motion I felt was my prostate, pumping the last few spurts into Suzanne. It was a memory for the ages.

Suzanne relaxed against Lara, and Lara unzipped her hood and removed it from her head. Suzanne burst into tears and balled like a baby, beads of sweat welling up from every pore. ‘Lara swung her over onto the floor between us, and we began to kiss and caress her as she sobbed and shook. She drew in a gasping breath and moaned. “Oh God, Oh God, I love you both, I love you both!” and then shook and sputtered just as Lara had. “That was a bigger rush than finishing a marathon!”

Lara’s eyes filled with tears and she kissed Suzanne’s cheeks tenderly, saying “You are with us baby, let it all out.” Suzanne cried and shook and tears ran down her face for a long time. Suddenly a massive contentment signal came up and dominated my senses, joining with the same kind of signal from Lara. We kissed Suzanne, and snuggled, and kissed some more. We slept, and kissed, and slept again. At some time after that, I woke up with a tremendous hard on. Suzanne’s eyes were open and she was watching me with a funny expression on her face, and then she looked at Lara and then back to me. Then she surprised me by slipping off the side of the bed and kneeling at the foot of the bed, putting her hands behind her as if they were bound. I thought back to the first time the three of us were together, when Lara was submitting to Suzanne, and realized what she wanted. I smiled at her, and her eyes shone with excitement. I wanted it too.

I began kissing Lara, slowly waking and exciting her, listening to her Suzie and pushing it higher like pumping a swing at just the right time. I spread her out on the bed, and began to paw her breasts and nuzzle her navel. She woke up fully and spread her legs brazenly. As I settled in between them, she saw Suzanne kneeling beside the bed, and Lara’s Suzie signal suddenly sounded in concert with Suzanne’s. Lara’s perfect snatch was just like the nectar Mrs. Douglass had talked about, and I enjoyed her like a wonderful fluid buffet. Her first orgasm tasted so good I had to work for another one, which was also delicious. I heard Suzanne’s breathing accelerate as she watched, and my cock ached to be inside Lara. I paused above Lara and entered her slowly but deeply, taking advantage of her wet and wild state, and began fucking her enthusiastically. I was in the zone again, and Lara came beautifully, her pussy twitching and grabbing at my cock. I rolled over on to my side, so that Lara and I were both lying on our sides with me in front of her, and I held one of Lara’s legs up high to facilitate greater penetration into her pussy. I looked at Suzanne. “Slut! Get your tongue in Lara’s ass, now!”

Suzanne was behind Lara in a flash, and began some remarkably enthusiastic ass worship. Lara began to groan and I tried to get even further into her. She came again and squirted on me and Suzanne moved up a little and licked her juices from the bottom of my dick. Life was very good. So good, in fact, that I could not hold myself any more. I grunted a few times and shot into Lara with everything I had, and after the fifth or sixth squirt I pulled back and said “Eat that pussy, slut. Clean it out completely!” Suzanne leapt onto Lara’s pussy and began to eat it like a drunken sailor eating watermelon. She dove in and got it all over her, and then sucked it up and swallowed it all with relish. Lara came twice more in the process, and I am not sure which one of them enjoyed it more. Their Suzie signals were almost perfectly synchronized, and their perfect melodies filled the room. Suzanne showed no hint of stopping her enthusiastic pussy eating, and Lara came again. Then, wonderfully, they were lying on either side of me, toying with my nipples and talking. All was definitely right with the world.

Lara was being very complementary, I supposed. “You are such a little come slut! You couldn’t wait to eat Robbie’s spunk out of my pussy could you?”

Suzanne giggled. “Guilty as charged. I have been thinking about it ever since you sucked it out of my pussy, you shameless slut! I even had a nasty dream about it the other night. That’s what made me talk to you about this. But getting it in the pussy and the ass at the same time by both of you was even more amazing than I could have imagined.”

Lara laughed. “I am glad that you did, but one time won’t be enough, you know. You are going to have to kneel and eat me on a regular basis, you little bitch! And make sure you know how to use that strap on dildo on little old me, too.”

They both laughed at twisted my nipples. Suzanne said “Assuming that our sous-chef here can keep supplying the proper sauces for us!”

I laughed. “I’ll always give you my best, girls. And speaking of strap-ons, I am going to need you two little monsters to help me out in the near future, possibly just after Halloween, with training another sub!”

Both girls arched their eyebrows. “What is going on?”

I smiled. “Well, there is a wonderful woman who helped me out with a little problem recently, so I owe her a big favor. And she hasn’t yet realized what a wonderful and complete slut she can be! She had been holding back and denying herself that pleasure. That is what we are going to help her with.”

Both girls began to signal excitement. I continued “She is going to spend an entire weekend with us, in complete submission to me and completely available for our pleasure. I will need you both to help give her an experience she will never forget. To awaken her full potential and learn how happy and satisfied she can be.”

Lara spoke first. “When will we meet her?”

“Most likely at one of the Halloween parties. I will point her out. And when you do meet her, I want you to heighten her anticipation and excitement for the weekend when she will serve us. But right now I have to get back to the dorm for my curfew. I am a growing boy with classes tomorrow.”

Monday I got up early because I was absolutely starving. Keeping up with several women was draining I suppose, but I would just have to do my duty for God and Country without complaint. It was early enough that I did not see Nora or anyone else, but I did get a chance for a lot of protein replacement. I went over the upcoming week in my mind. This coming Saturday was a big home football game, and ESU was riding high. There were still undefeated through all their games, especially the last three tough games that most analysts had predicted they would lose at least two of. This week’s foe was a formidable basketball school, but in football ESU was expected to win, and to rise even further in the BCS standings. Lara’s dad was coming down and we were again invited to the game with him. Halloween was on the following Wednesday, and I was lined up to visit the Halloween parties at the Phi Iota Gammas, ZZZ, and the Bi Phi’s, and then planned to spend the balance of the evening at UDP, hopefully talking top honors in their costume contest, and taking in the new and wonderful music from the band Oiler and Ralph had bragged about. So I needed to work out my dating plan for Friday and Sunday, which meant figuring out if we were holding another set of sewing circles. I also wanted to fit Peggy in somewhere, set a date for Millicent’s ‘submission weekend’, and follow the AGs demise. But most of this week would be making sure I was caught up and even ahead in my classes so I could enjoy Halloween without guilt.

I made it through Monday morning’s classes and decided to skip lunch and try to get in four miles before Suzanne showed up at the track, to get my total to 11 miles for each day of this week. I made the four miles, and when Suzanne showed up, she wanted to talk about AG and more about the ‘mystery sub’ we were to train. “Well”, I said, “The two subjects are related. But tell me what you have heard about the AGs.”

She laughed. “A Houston TV station has a story about James Craig and his son appearing in gay porn on the web, and his refusal to comment on the story. All the major networks have picked it up now. I heard from Mei Ling a few minutes ago that the AG webmaster was lost across the border in Mexico all weekend, and they only found him this morning, and got him to shut down the webpage. Then the county DA subpoenaed the backups of the webpage as evidence in her investigation, and things are really getting interesting now!”

“That sounds like fun! Did you meet Cisco when you met Mei Ling?”

“Oh yeah. I figure she jumped his bones as soon as they were alone! You could almost feel the tension between them.”

I laughed. “Well, we owe Millicent, the president of Mei Ling’s sorority, for working with us to get Mei Ling on our team. And I suspect the Bi Phi’s are also the reason the webmaster was conveniently out of touch all weekend.”

“How did you get hooked up with the Bi Phi’s?”

“Via the president of ZZZ, and Millicent is our mystery sub! She was convinced that Mei Ling did not have the hots for Cisco, and I could tell they were totally going for each other. She proposed a little bet, and I won!”

“Are the Bi Phi’s all really bi?”

“I don’t know about all of them, but I think Millicent is, and also needs to get her ashes hauled big time, which is what we are going to do for her.” Both of us considered the possibilities as we finished our run.

I made my afternoon classes and dutifully copied down all the layers of assignments they were stacking on. It would be late nights all week, and next week too, Halloween included. When I went to dinner, the AG story was all people were talking about. The DA had filed charges against a bunch of the AGs for destroying evidence, and everyone was waiting for a story teased on TMZ for tonight about ‘fraternity homo erotic rituals’ at ESU and Dartmouth. Dartmouth? Millicent texted me to be sure to catch TMZ in a few minutes, and I replied that I would but I would also be in touch to schedule her ‘weekend’ soon, and looked forward to seeing her at Halloween, and that she might be interested to meet my ‘dates’ for the parties. She did not reply. I stopped by the floor lounge to watch TMZ and they had the Little Jimmy Craig singing video and another ‘slip and slide video’ that apparently featured an AG alum who was now a weatherman on a big TV station in LA. The Dartmouth story was apparently the same kind of sliding thing, plus a lawsuit that resulted from an injury during a drinking game at Dartmouth very similar to the one at ESU. Kevin’s dad was interviewed, and I remember thinking I would certainly not want him after me or my money. The TMZ crew, including a new girl that one of the guys said was an ESU grad, closed out the episode by bantering back and forth using some terrible and predictable groaner puns, including ‘sticky situation’, ‘Greek tragedy’, and ‘slippery slope’.

After supper I dedicated myself to homework and got caught up on all the reading and assignments that were due through Wednesday, and planned some blocks of time for “classroom lecture to myself’ review work. I texted Suzanne about sewing, and she said they were through with the measurements, and she already knew about the football game and that she an Lara were planning a “touchdown club” at Lara’s place Saturday night after her Dad dropped us off from the game, and I was invited but only if I thought I could score. I texted back that I knew of two tight ends that I was planning to convert to wide receivers. Both of them soon texted me back “Bring it on!” That’s my girls! So I had Friday and Sunday wide open, so to speak. I called Peggy and got her voicemail, and left a message and suggested a ‘field day’ for Sunday, and hoped for an answer soon. I got a class distribution list email from the TA in Engineering 101 that we were getting a walk on Wednesday, because Professor Lillehammer was going to be out at a conference. I decided to start running earlier than normal Wednesday and see if I could do better than 4 before Suzanne showed up. I didn’t get to sleep until midnight, but I was good shape on my classes by then.

Tuesday was pretty normal. I got a few new assignments but managed to get them done and stay on schedule. Peggy called back and invited me to dinner at her place Sunday, and I accepted. I texted Nora to see if she wanted to do something Friday, but she said she couldn’t. Then Oiler called and said they were having a mixer Friday night, and I told him I was in. He replied to come really early and have supper with them, so my weekend was set. My solo classroom lecture reviews pointed out some stuff I needed to work on, but I got things straightened out about 1AM Wednesday morning and hit the sack.

Wednesday I had a big breakfast with plenty of protein followed by some pancakes for ‘carbo-loading’, figuring I would go for 13 miles total and see if I lived through it. Ms. Wyrickie smelled much better in Rhetoric and Composition, and when I smiled at her she smiled back and blushed. Sarah had missed the class. I took two water bottles with me and set off earlier than ever, trying to get 6 miles in before Suzanne joined me for a final 7. I felt pretty good when I got the normal 4, and okay when I finished two more and Suzanne showed up. But she had to carry most of the conversation for the last two miles. She had no trouble doing that, though. “So I think I might be an endorphin junkie, Robbie, because after you guys whipped me and fucked me so hard this weekend, I got a high like I have never experienced, like I ran 100 miles instead of 27!” I looked around to make sure no one was within earshot.

She continued. “So I am thinking we need to set up a date one weekend where I run 27 and then you two immediately ravish me! What do you think?”

I smiled, but couldn’t work up the energy to laugh, as we were nearing the last lap. She looked at me expectantly. I finally said “Just finishing 13 miles here, beautiful, so a little winded but getting a rush, too!”

She clapped and pumped a fist. “Hooray for you, Animal! Once you get to 15 miles steady for a couple of weeks you will be ready to tank up and try a full 27. That is awesome!” I didn’t even have the wind to tell her how much I was looking forward to devouring her piquant bouquet after she had finished her 27.

I was just able to drag myself out to the shower and make my afternoon classes, but the pleasant afterglow of my endorphin rush stayed with me all afternoon. I got really caught up in all classes, was really hungry at dinner, and slept like a big baby, but I dreamed that I was lying on Peggy, not my bed.

Thursday went swimmingly: I turned in all assignments and survived two pop quizzes to boot. I was ravenous for protein and thirsty all day. Friday was another good day, and I managed to run 13 without it totally destroying me, but had to miss lunch to do so. Suzanne was especially encouraging, and told me she was ready, willing, and able for anything that pleased me Saturday night. By the time I was ready to leave for the UDT port Friday afternoon, I was absolutely ravenous, once again. It was their monthly fried chicken night, complete with corn on the cob and green beans, and my 13 miles worth of stimulated appetite met good southern cooking in a perfect match. Three trips through the line later, I took my turn cranking the ice cream freezer and then got a dish of almost perfect homemade vanilla ice cream. I felt like a much improved fellow. By the time all the food was gone, we adjourned to the hall near the pool for the mixer.

UDP mixers draw perhaps the most interesting mix of girls of any frat on campus. To the first order, about 50% of the attendees were usually independent girls, not sorority members. Beyond that, the girls were not as made up and ‘formal’ as most sorority types, nor were they all natural beauties. But they all had bright eyes and were very intelligent looking, and even those without my talent remarked that there was usually something ‘special’ about them. But their Suzie signals were explicitly special: strong, clear, pure, delicious and open for easy reading. I was enchanted from the moment the first group of girls walked in, even though most of them were not sending for me. The UDP guys I had helped before were all hooked up and happy now, maybe not ecstatic like Cisco and Mei Ling, but not actively looking for new dates either, so I tried to listen for several of the other guys. And the hit rate was incredibly high: almost every woman who came through the line was sending a clear Suzie signal for at least one of the UDP guys there. I got the now familiar reaction of ‘that girl can’t really be interested in me’, a reluctance to approach the girl in question, followed by the delightful surprise of having her being interested and very receptive.

After the receiving line was finished, people milled around and Cisco sought me out and gave me an update, first on how wonderful Mei Ling was, and then on the AG situation. Oiler approached, and gave me a set of several previous year’s midterm and final exams for each of my courses this semester. I knew they had great exam files, but I wondered how they got my schedule, but then I realized they must have connections at the registrar’s office, too. Then I heard a Suzie signal so loud and clear that it interrupted my thinking and made me turn my head. When I did, Millicent Hathaway was walking toward me.

“I wondered if you would be here. I wanted to thank you in person for leading the effort to take down the AG website, and perhaps ultimately taking down the entire chapter here at ESU.”

I laughed. “Well, all I really did was to try find the right people to do what I could not, tell them what needed to be done, find out their motivation to act, and get out of their way.”

She snorted. “The essence of leadership, wouldn’t you say? And by design or serendipity, you also created some friendships and alliances. Eddie Estigoy and The Cisco Kid are already like lifelong pals, and Mei Ling is totally enchanted with Cisco, too.”

I looked at her eyes, and took her hand. Her Suzie was sending wild excitement, and was modulated with images of her being restrained and controlled, then ravaged and violated. “I am looking forward to ‘leading’ you for a weekend, Millicent.” I sensed her struggling to control her Suzie signals, but not entirely successfully. “Perhaps we can experience a little serendipity of our own!”

“I suppose so.” She said tersely. She was not saying much, but her Suzie sure was.

I smiled again. “I was thinking of the first weekend in November. You can look forward to serving me beginning Friday at sundown until Sunday at sundown.”

Her face was a mask, but her Suzie was a bubbling caldron.

“I am looking forward to seeing you at the Halloween party, too. I may introduce you to two women you will become very aware of!”

The cauldron bubbled a little more, but she was doing an admirable job of at least keeping a lid on it. I was looking forward to a full rolling boil.

Mei Ling then walked up and introduced me to a few of her friends, one of whom, Dana Duke, was sending Suzie for me in an intriguing sort of lilting way that said not ‘tonight’, not ‘chase me and catch me’ , but rather ‘maybe you should chase me and maybe you can catch me’. It was an overtone of uncertainty that I had never encountered before. I knew from reading the campus newspaper that Dana was a sophomore and the rising star of the women’s golf team at ESU, and was considered a sure thing to go on the ladies PGA tour, maybe even before she finished school. She was smart and well spoken, and I was very attracted to her, but I filed it away for future action. Mei Ling, however, suggested that I walk them back by the Bi Phi house were Mei Ling lived, and then drop Dana at the her dorm on my way to the mine. Was Mei Ling playing matchmaker? She knew about Suzanne, but not Lara. What was happening here? I listened carefully, and there was another undertone of Mei Ling and Dana sending for each other, but very subtly. Hey, Baby, Que Paso?

Millicent walked with us to the Bi Phi house, and she was very restrained while Mei Ling gave me an enthusiastic hug and kiss. I liked it. I did squeeze Millicent’s arm and her eye’s got a little wide, and then they went through the door and were gone. Dana was watching the interaction between the other two women and me closely and then picked up the conversation as we turned and walked toward campus.

“May I call you Robbie? That’s what Mei Ling said she calls you.”

“Of course you can. Anyone as cute as you and Mei Ling are can call me anything you want!”

“That kind of remark is normally fatuous bullshit, but from you it actually sounded sincere.”

I smiled. “I never bullshit anybody, and that saves time and frustration all around.”

She snorted. “Even about emotions?”

“Especially about emotions! Otherwise everyone is guessing and wasting time and maybe getting their feelings hurt much more than necessary. Some if that is unavoidable, but it should be minimized.”

“Okay then. Are you attracted to me?”

“Yes, and you think you might be attracted to me.”

She looked at me funny. “You don’t sound very sure of yourself.”

“I am certain I am attracted to you. But you are unsure about your attraction to me. Why?”

We were already at her dorm. “We may talk about that later!” She disappeared into the lobby. I went to bed early, tired but full and looking forward to a well rested beginning tomorrow.

My Saturday started early. The programming gurus had expected ESU to be 4-4 by now and unranked, but they were instead 8-0 and highly ranked. ESU football always drew a sizeable national TV audience, so the Saturday football game got picked up belatedly for national network TV, and the network had the option to set the start time, so they moved it up to noon eastern and thus 11 AM local to make it the early national game. That made for a much accelerated game day routine for the ESU fan base. We walked over the stadium at 9, and Lara’s dad’s suite was already full and bustling. The bartender was serving Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, and luckily for me some plain orange juice, and the food line was breakfast tacos, which were especially good. I checked the wrapper and sure enough, they came from the same little place that Suzanne had taken me for breakfast. I thought I recognized the chorizo and the fresh Habanero sauce. The Game Day analysts were sticking to their so far season long story that ESU was about to collapse at any moment and lose all the rest of their games. Although they were and should be solidly favored, the analysts were calling it a trap game and expecting ESU to lose.

Marie Oroterrassier was nowhere to be found, and Lara whispered to me that she was now spending the vast majority of her time in Europe, setting up the company’s operations there, with Steadman in tow. But Lillian Gush was very visible, radiant, and still sending hot Suzie for Lara’s dad. He looked ten years younger and was animated and lugubrious, running around the suite and talking to everybody. Lara then leaned even closer and lightly licked my ear and said “Suzanne is watching the game at my apartment. I am going to text her when we leave here for dinner, and she is going to do a 27 mile run, timed to finish a few minutes after Daddy drops us off. She humbly requests that Master train her vigorously as soon as she arrives. I think she expects to be used and abused quite extensively. I hope Master will see fit train me too!”

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “We will see how well you perform under the table at dinner!” Lara drew in a huge breath and stumbled against me. Maybe she had forgotten! She sort of stumbled away and began talking to her dad, and I looked up and saw Lillian watching us with silly grin on her face. She came over and took my arm, steering me to two unused seats near the windows, just as the band was about to leave the field so the game could start.

“Lara looks better over the last few weeks than I have ever seen her! You must be taking very good care of her?” She sort of leered at me and squeezed my bicep, but she was sending Suzie only for Lara’s dad, not me.

I smiled, “She is a wonderful young lady and I am very fortunate to have met her” using my standard, prepared line.

She laughed heartily. “That’s a very gentlemanly way to say you are fucking her young blonde brains out, and I think it’s great! No woman looks that much better that fast without some frequent mega doses of Vitamin Dick, if you know what I mean!”

She seemed to delight in the scandalized look on my face, but I tried to recover. “You are looking absolutely radiant yourself, Lillian. One might say gushing!”

She giggled. “Guilty. Lara’s dad has been storing up a mixture of guilt and lust for years since his wife died, and he has been taking it out on me for the last two weeks, and I have loved every minute of it! By the way, thank you for suggesting it!”

I know I looked surprised. She continued “He told me about your advice, and it was doubly good for both of us. Marie is a cold calculating bitch, but I have been getting warm and wet for him for years. He turns out to be a perfect fit, although he is still a little conventional in the sack. But I am working on loosening him up! I am just glad he could see past my plain features to realize how much I liked him.”

I was a little surprised at her self-awareness and frank appraisal. “Real honesty and openness are always attractive to a smart guy, which he is. And a woman who truly knows what she wants, and says what she wants, is usually irresistible.”

She looked thoughtful. “I am afraid he may be put off by some of the things I want.”

I laughed. “Do they break any of my cardinal rules?”

She looked funny. “What are those?”

“No animals, no children, and no feces.” I smiled. “As long as a young lady avoids those, I am duty bound to give her anything she wants. And if you approach the subject honestly, I bet that would work for you, too. Can you get what you want within those guidelines?”

She snorted. “That leaves a lot of territory open, including all of my needs and fantasies. You seem very sophisticated for such a young man.”

“I had an excellent teacher. And the first lesson was honesty and openness.” I got up to get another glass of tea before the game started, and Lara slid in to talk to Lillian. While I was filling my glass, they were already talking a 100 miles an hour into each other’s ears and giggling like two school girls.

Lara’s Dad beckoned to me to sit next to him in the front row, which I did. The coin flip had just been completed and there was less than two minutes until the kickoff. “I suppose those two are talking about us?”

I laughed. “I think so, and I think Lillian is fantastic. You look happy and she looks radiant!”

He smiled like he knew a secret. “She is wonderful. I would do anything for her!”

I smiled conspiratorially. “That’s my final piece of advice. Lillian seems to be very ‘passionate’ woman, who may need some special things. If she asks you for such things, you must do them for her. And if you need special things, ask her to do them for you. I’m sure she will.” He managed to look both guilty and hopeful at the same time.

Then he caught me napping with a quick question. “Are you fucking my daughter?”

“Yes, Sir, I am. Are you fucking Lillian?”

He smiled. “Yes I am, and proud of it, too!”

The canon fired signaling the kickoff and we both swiveled our heads to watch the game, along with more than 100,000 other people. ESU kicked off and proceeded to defy the analysts and critics again. The defense opened up with a three and out stop, giving the offense the ball back quickly inside the opponent’s 50. Three plays later the new ESU freshman running back phenom took it in from 36 yards out. A pick six on the very next drive put ESU up 14-0 very early, and the opponent’s lackluster running game gave the eager defensive line rotation carte blanch to rush the opponent’s promising new transfer quarterback. They all had fresh legs and lots of swagger. The offensive left guard and tackle slowed the rush down a little bit, and the center tried, but the right side of their offensive line could only wave as the ESU rushers went over, around, and through them. Their new QB mainly had to play duck and cover, and some of his best plays were to get the ball safely out of bounds before he got hit. We were enjoying every play, and ESU was up 35-3 at the half.

The mood was festive during half time. Lara’s dad was talking seriously to Lillian in the corner, and her eyes got wide and then she smiled and kissed him. Then she spoke in his ear and he smiled and nodded too. I found Lara talking to Asa and gave her a hug. She said she needed to hit the bathroom before the second half started, and Asa took up the conversation with me. “Looks like you did more to the errant fraternity than just take Lara’s video down. They may be occupied with other things for some time to come. Did you make any enemies in the process?”

“I actually made some real friends in the process. It seems there were several very capable people who shared my lack of respect for the AGs. I don’t think the AGs even know what happened to them, or who was behind it, and I don’t think anyone will find out. Lara does not even know she was connected the AGs in any way, and I hope we can keep it that way.”

He smiled broadly. “That’s good. Lara looks even better than last time I saw her a week ago. She is the happiest she has ever been, and her father is too.”

The ESU second units were getting lots of live game snaps, and looking really good. The TV analysts were even joking about how they were getting to see a lot of the highly touted freshman ESU recruits playing with the 2′s, and they all looked good. The ESU defense was still playing a ten man rapid rotation on the defensive line, so they just kept doing it, and kept getting sacks. When ESU went up 49-6, the opposing coach let his backup QB get some snaps. It was good that he had fresh legs, because the outside rush made him run for his life. He was pretty fast. ESU finished them off at 59-9, and the analysts were suddenly impressed.

Lara’s dad was in an expansive mood. He had made dinner reservations at one of the local standards just south of the river that had been recently remodeled and modernized, and I soon had some of the best lamb I had ever had in my life. Lara and I were sharing some sort of German chocolate cake tasting tart thing that would have made even my grandmother jealous of the chef. Lara was seated in the corner chair of the table with me next to her, and with another couple in the middle and then her dad and finally Lillian on the end next to him. Lillian was clearly playing footsie with Lara’s dad, and they were having a great time. Lara smiled at me with a hint of apprehension as I whispered in her ear. “On your knees, slut, be quick about it and swallow every drop!” Her face turned white, but then that wonderful sly little smile crept across her face, and her Suzie signal screamed like an air raid siren that only I could hear. She slipped down seemingly un-noticed, and I felt her fingers pulling down my zipper. I had come up with this whole idea from my research on how to excite her, but suddenly I felt my pulse thundering in my ears and realized I was frantic with apprehension and excitement. The shoe was on the other foot, or something like that. I swear I heard Mrs. Douglass laughing.

I tried desperately to put an expression on my face that said ‘everything is normal here, nothing to see here and Lara is probably in the ladies room’. But I knew my face was turning red and my blood pressure must be stratospheric. Luckily the table was tall enough and big enough where nothing was showing. I, however, was not a good enough actor to look completely calm in this situation. Then I caught Lillian looking at me and I must have blushed beet red. Lara brought me off just at that moment and I couldn’t help but gulp and jerk my legs a little. Lillian smiled this awful smile that said she was enjoying my predicament, but at least she was holding Lara’s dad’s attention and my expression stayed frozen until Lara had sucked me dry. Lillian then helped me out by coughing and drawing even more attention to herself while Lara fled from under the table toward the ladies room. Lillian then stood up and announced she was going to the ladies to check on what was taking Lara so long.

They were gone for a while, and then returned giggling and talking to each other. Everyone was ready to go at that point, and after some quick goodbyes the limo left us at the door to Lara’s building. Until that second, I had forgotten about Suzanne. Lara got a text saying that Suzanne would arrive in about 20 minutes, so we sat down to plan her reception.

Lara got a fiendish grin on her face and said “Come into the bedroom and let’s brainstorm!” She had some new things to show me. One was set of three ornate gold plated hooks installed into the concrete ceiling of her bedroom with big steel bolts and epoxy that were guaranteed to hold 1000 lbs each. Two hooks held what I could only describe as a cross between a trapeze and a bondage outfit, with all sorts of restraints and snaps and Velcro things, and the other hook had a ‘sex swing chair’ suspended from it, with some obvious places to sit and some obvious openings to facilitate penetration and several degrees of freedom for the associated motions. We figured Suzanne would be tense and we should make her tenser for a little while and then give her release, and we both wanted to do a little ‘wine tasting’ on her too. This should be even more fun that the football game was.

Lara opened the door and Suzanne walked in, huffing and puffing. All her pores were open and soon all her desires would be known. Suzanne gave her a chaste little kiss and then snapped a pair of fur lined handcuffs on her, and zipped on the little grey hood that covered her eyes. Suzanne’s rapid breathing highlighted how cut and well defined she was, and the smell of her perspiration was soon joined by the aroma of her excitement, an azeotrope that had both Lara and I already near our boiling points. Lara then attached the handcuffs to rings on the ‘trapeze’ and lifted Suzanne up slightly, and then put restraints on her ankles, too. Suzanne struggled a bit and realized she was truly trapped. Then Lara did something to some hooks and swivels and suddenly Suzanne was upside down and swinging free. Lara attached a little rope to the swing and gave me one end, keeping the other in her hand. She pulled the rope, and Suzanne swung toward her, and then she held her there while Lara tasted her pussy. The she let Suzanne swing back and I pulled her to me, and tasted her too. She was hot, wet, salty and frantic with excitement. Her Suzie was a free running oscillator – she had no idea what was going to happen next and she was shaking with exhaustion, excitement, and anticipation.

I let her swing back toward Lara, who grabbed the handles on Suzanne’s hood and directed her mouth to Lara’s golden pussy. Suzanne was just beginning to enjoy it when Lara swung her back to me, and I grabbed the handles and put my cock down her throat. Just as she was beginning to like that, I swung her back to Lara. Lara used the handle to turn Suzanne around and then use the whip on her ass, very hard, five strokes per buttock. When she swung back to me I could not resist kissing her reddening butt cheeks, and using my curled up tongue to probe her awesome ass. Back to Lara, who attached nipple clips to both of Suzanne’s nipples, then back to me, to spank her butt and leave red hand prints. Back to Lara’s pussy for some frantic licking, then back to me for another spanking. Suzanne’s Suzie signal was now a plaintive wail – she knew random things were going to happen to her, pleasure or pain and she could not guess which. She lost all control and just accepted whatever we wanted to do to her. She was ready for the next phase. I moved her to a stationary point just below the hook in the ceiling, and Lara did something with another hook and swivel that lowered Suzanne down just a little, so her ass and pussy were level with our waists as we stood.

I reminded Suzanne. “You may not come until I give you permission!” and then began gently and teasingly licking her pussy. Lara did the same with her ass from the other side. Suzanne vibrated, right on the brink of an orgasm. Lara paused and donned the strap on dildo, and slowly entered Suzanne, teasingly just giving her the very tip of the plastic cock in her ass. Suzanne’s leg and abdominal muscles strained and flexed beautifully to try to push toward Lara to get a little more inside her, but it was strictly an isometric exercise, as we completely controlled her position. I stood up and positioned my cock at the entrance to Suzanne’s perfect pussy, teasing her by just barely touching but not entering her. Lara took the dildo out of Suzanne’s ass and used the whip on her again, and when her muscles clinched at each stroke she moved a little more toward me and just a little more of my cock slipped into her. Lara could not hear Suzanne’s signals, but she could somehow sense the delicious irony of the fall of the whip, the tensing, and the swelling pleasure from the increased penetration. Lara positioned the dildo in Suzanne’s ass again, and we played a game of teasing trapeze, swinging her back and forth between alternating partial penetrations. Each swing of our beautiful pendulum girl increased the penetration just a fraction, and soon Suzanne was shaking in the trapeze trying to get some sort of purchase to move further in either direction.

We kept this up for some time, observing all of Suzanne’s beautiful muscles twitching and straining against each other like some sort of sexual martial art, and then we let her motion increase; She swung toward me and got about two inches of my cock in her pussy. The she swung toward Lara and got about two inches of dildo in her ass. We kept the slow swinging pace, fractionally increasing penetration, and then Lara swung her 180 degrees so she got the dildo in her pussy and my cock in her ass. Suzanne was now sobbing and her incredible perfect pussy was wet and dripping like melting ice cream. Then, another surprise, and when she swung toward Lara’s side she got the whip instead of the dildo. Then back to the dildo. Suzanne’s Suzie signaled almost complete frantic excitement and a desperate desire for release. I pushed her back toward Lara, who penetrated her fully with the dildo in Suzanne’s ass, then swung her toward me and I slammed into her pussy as deep as I could. One stroke from each direction was not quite enough to get her off, and she was desperate. She cried out “Please! Please!”

Lara laughed and put a ball gag on her, saying “What’s the matter slut can’t come?” She threw Suzanne toward me and I held her stationary and fucked her as hard as I could, the first time she had had more than one stroke from either of us. I hissed at Suzanne “You may come, you dirty slut!” Lara began whipping her ass in synchrony with my thrusts, and on the fourth thrust which corresponded to the third blow with the whip Lara reached around and ripped off the nipple clips and Suzanne came in a fragrant squirt. I was zoned, hard, and just wanting to fuck forever. Lara stopped whipping and I just pounded into Suzanne, and she came again in about twenty more strokes, screaming and shaking. Then something amazing happened. There was no gap, no latency, no refractive period; Suzanne was simply in a complete frenzy for more stimulation. I pushed her toward Lara and Lara swung her so her ass was away from me and towards Lara. When Suzanne was just about to swing back, Lara reached out with her left hand, slipped it between Suzanne’s legs, and stuck her two middle fingers into Suzanne’s pussy like you would grip a bowling ball. Her index and pinky fingers lay just outside of Suzanne’s outer lips, which then slipped through Lara’s fingers like a pink salmon taco. She held her there and used the whip in her right hand on Suzanne’s butt and thighs even more strongly than before, continuing the same timing as my thrusts. The strokes with the whip had somehow become equivalent to the strokes with the cock or the dildo, and on the sixth swat Suanne exploded in another massive orgasm, her Suzie signal sounding like a string of firecrackers, with a tone and intensity I had never heard before. Another wave of juice cascaded around Lara’s hand and down Suzanne’s legs.

Lara pushed Suzanne toward me, and I spun her around and shoved my cock into her ass. Lara fell to her knees and then began to lick Suzanne’s pussy. Suzanne had one more little almost parenthetical orgasm and then I lost my Zen state and pumped my ejaculation into Suzanne’s ass with all the vigor I could muster. Lara sucked Suzanne’s clit into her mouth and Suzanne had one more of those shaking ‘Charlie horse’ orgasms that seemed to fire every muscle in her body at the same time. Suzanne literally stopped breathing for ten seconds and then took in a massive gasping breath and cried and sobbed like a baby. I held her up and Lara unsnapped the rings and restraints. I carried her onto the bed as Laura took out the gag and unzipped and removed the grey hood. We put her between us and kissed and held her while she fought for oxygen and sweat poured out of her. She shivered and got clammy and we pulled the blankets over us and pressed against her to try to warm her. It was almost like a child breaking a fever, and we lay there with her between us and were all just glad to be alive.

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