I showered.

I dressed carefully.

I took my time.

I had two and a half interminable hours until noon.

It never occurred to me I might not like her.

I already knew she had to be very much like me.

Since I liked myself, I had little doubt I would like her.

I wondered about her. A lot. Who she was. Where she was from. Where she went to school. What she did for a living. Was she married? Divorced? Bi-sexual? I assumed she was, given our mutual show, but I knew nothing about her. Absolutely nothing.

I ordered another pot of coffee. I drank it.

Finally, at 10 minutes before 12, I left the room. Made my way to the elevator.

It was 5 minutes to noon as I made my way toward the front door. I didn’t even know where the front of her building might be, but as I came through the doors, I realized I had no need for concern.

I recognized her immediately.

And she, me.

She introduced herself first, in a delightful Parisian accent.

She said her name was Larissa.

I already was in a state of lust.

Close up, she wasn’t merely pretty. She was beautiful. Her body was exquisite. As was her taste in clothing.

I suggested lunch. A glass of wine. Conversation.

She took me by the arm, and I felt the power of her touch in the depths of my being, or, at least, in the depths beneath my panties.

Her eyes sparkled. I knew mine were, too. I could feel it.

She knew a little Italian restaurant. As she described it, “A little hole in the wall, with the most exquisite food …”

How could I resist?

We were arm in arm moving down the street. I could see we were catching attention, even in New York City. I was certain we looked very, very good.

And I already was turned on. Every touch, every bump, merely heightened the sensation.

And I knew I wasn’t alone. I could feel her heat. I could see it in her eyes, each time we looked at each other.

It was so strange: We hardly knew each other, were trying to catch up on the highlights of our lives, but the electricity, the erotic tension, was palpable. We hardly knew each other, yet we already knew each other intimately.

We talked of our lives, her of NYU, where she had attended school and discovered a passion for women, me of Wellesley, where I brought my already finely tuned taste for women.

We both talked of our exhibitionism, its earliest roots, the pleasure we took in it. So similar it shocked both of us.

Half way through lunch, I succumbed to an urge that swept over me like a tidal wave. It was impossible to resist its power. I leaned forward, looking into her eyes, and kissed her. On the lips.

She moved her arm behind my head, pressing me closer to her lips. I felt her tongue wet my lips. Her tongue entered my mouth. My hand dropped to her thigh, intimately high. In an instant, we were both breathless.

I have little doubt we could have had sex in the booth in the restaurant. Passionate sex. It was clear we would. But it also was clear we wanted to prolong the pleasure.

We said as much, suggesting almost simultaneously that we do some shopping after lunch.

And we did. Heading directly for Saks Fifth Avenue, at Larissa’s suggestion.

We looked at shoes, flashing each other as we tried them on, giggling like schoolgirls the whole time.

We had our first taste of each other’s nipples in the dressing room, as we ostensibly tried on blouses. We kissed. We touched. We nibbled under each other’s bra. We kissed some more. Hands were everywhere. And we returned the blouses without ever trying on a single one of them.

Now, it was too hot. We both needed release. Soon. But not in a changing room.

I suggested the hotel.

We grabbed a cab. We could see the cabbie watching us, as we kissed. We didn’t care.

I had a hand under her skirt, where I already could feel her wetness. Through her pantyhose. I was the same. Wet. On fire.

I don’t remember entering the hotel. I don’t remember passing through the lobby. I don’t remember the elevator ride.

But I know that as soon as we reached the room, we were ripping each other’s clothes off. Kissing. Ripping more clothes off. Kissing.

We were naked by the time we trumbled onto the bed.

Kissing. Entwined. Lips. Hands. Fingers. Legs. Everywhere. Exploring. Touching. Sucking. Kneading. Pinching. Pulling. Fingering. We couldn’t wait. Patience was gone. Lust was in command.

I don’t think I have ever found myself in a 69-position with another woman so quickly. It just seemed so natural to be so hungrily seeking immediate satisfaction.

This was no quiet exploration, no attempt to explore erogenous zones.

This was explosive, uncontrollable sex. We both needed, were demanding, immediate satisfaction, the best possible climax in the shortest possible time.

Guys act like they are the only ones ever in need of a “quick fuck.” If only they knew.

The fire, the fever was never more obvious than it was right now, as our mouths closed over each other’s clit. Now, it was about release. Nothing more. Nothing less. Release.

There would be time later to learn about each other’s passions and sensitivities, desires and quirks. There definitely would be a “later”.

We came almost simultaneously, our oral skills bringing on an earthshaking climax that left us pushing away, shaking uncontrollably on opposite ends of the bed, before quickly uniting in a tight, tight embrace.

Our lips locked.

Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, just as they had explored each other’s pussy.

We were momentarily sated _ but only momentarily.

Just looking at each other, we knew there would be more, soon.

We talked then.

I ordered a bottle of wine. Two glasses.

We talked still more.

Our backgrounds were quite different, but we were not. We had come from different places, but now found ourselves in the same time and place. With similar interests. With identical passions. With powerful needs to explore the depths of our sexuality.

We shared, in the next hours, the deepest and most revealing of our secrets, our fantasies, our need to live out as many of them as possible.

We both were bi-sexual, and both agreed any men had to be much younger _ or much older, to be of any interest. I was 32. She was 31.

Our passion for women was more indiscriminant. Neither of us knew why.

When I made the confesssion that so often ended relationships in their infancy, I knew this was different.

I told Larissa I was incapable of monogamy. Always would be. I just couldn’t imagine being limited to one lover. I wanted to be free, so when a situation like last night, like today, presented itself, I was free to pursue it passionately, without guilt.

She shocked me when she admitted she had never been able to maintain a relationship for much the same reason.

We both agreed men, and women, somehow became more boring in an erotic and in a sexual sense the longer you knew them. Neither of us knew why, but we both believed it had to do with familiarity _ and, as everyone knows, familiarity breeds contempt.

We laughed, but we understood relationships, those we had been in, those we knew about among our friends, tended to be stifling, over time, far less fulfilling than the variety we pursued.

We were in love with the erotic.

At times, often, we both agreed our sexuality overwhelmed us, but we had no desire to learn to control it. It brought us far too much pleasure. And would bring much more in the future.

Now, we kissed. We hugged. We touched. We explored each other, in intimate detail.

No rushing now.

No uncontrollable passion.

We knew we both were real. We knew we would not suddenly disappear. We knew this was a beginning, not an ending.

So, slowly, we made love.

Our lips. mouths, tongues were everywhere. We took turns. We took time. No rush. Just a slow, building passion …

I brought Larissa to the peak first. And watched her face as she crashed over the top. This time, I didn’t stop. I immediately renewed my efforts, my mouth glued to her pussy. Almost immediately, I could feel yet another climax beginning to build. I slowed my pace. No rush. Not now. I gently nursed her back up the mountain, and again watched as the waves of pleasure shook her body.

She repaid the favor. Twice. Slowly.

As we showered, together, we planned dinner. And the rest of the evening.

Over dinner, we talked of other lovers, mostly women, and the possibilities that loomed. I admitted threesomes or foursomes were a favorite of mine. She had never been involved in a foursome, just twice in twosomes, once with two men, once with a man and another woman. But she made it clear she was open to the possibility, in fact, that she welcomed it.

We walked the streets holding hands.

We kissed in the cab.

We kissed in the restaurant.

In New York City, no one cared.

I fondled her ass as we walked. She smiled. Even as she glanced at the man behind us who nearly walked into a street light because he was staring at my hand instead of where he was going.

By the time we had returned to the hotel, we were in love, the passionate kind of love, not the love of poets and romantics.

It was an erotic love.

It was a sexual love.

For now, it was what we wanted, needed.

And we already were making plans for a winter vacation in the islands. A vacation we planned to spend in very tiny bikinis _ or nude.

Jessica and her stepson Ken slept in their own beds the night before. When Jessica woke up she was horny and hungry for her stepson’s cock. She walked naked into his room and found him still sleeping. She peeled the covers back and she was pleased to see him asleep in the nude. Jessica ran her finger over his ball sac and tickled it. She smiled when she saw his cock stir and then she ran her finger up and down the shaft. Within minutes Ken was fully erect and Jessica kissed the impressive cock. She ran her tongue all around the head and tickled his pee slit. She continued toying with his dick until he was awake.

As he slowly woke up she said, “I have been thinking about your cock all morning.” Then she flopped on Ken’s bed on her back and told him to fuck her with his big dick.

Ken’s cock was big all right as it was most mornings when he had a piss hard-on. “I have a piss hard-on,” he told his stepmother, “Let me take a leak first.”

“No way,” said Jessica, “You know that it will take you longer to cum and I want you to last as long as you can.”

Ken got between her legs and eased his big dick into Jessica’s cunt. He fucked her long and hard until Jessica couldn’t take anymore. Ken felt the constant pressure of trying to cum along with the pressure to piss.

Jessica told him, “Go take your piss now and give my pussy a rest. Make sure that you wash your dick so that I can suck it”

After a long piss, Ken washed his cock and his hands before joining Jessica in bed again. Jessica told him to lie on his side as she lay on her side facing him in a 69 position. Jessica took Ken’s erect cock into her mouth and left it slide down her throat. Little by little Jessica kept messaging Ken’s dick with her throat muscles taking more and more of it down her throat. Jessica eventually had Ken’s entire cock down her throat and then she blew him away when she licked his cum filled balls.

For several minutes Jessica massaged Ken’s cock with her throat as swirled her tongue around the bloated testicles. Ken had never felt anything like it. Only his stepmother was this skilled with oral sex. He knew he was close to cumming and he warned Jessica. She just cooed and continued with another incredible best blow job. Ken started to shoot his juice down Jessica’s throat and into her stomach. Jessica milked the life out of him with her throat. It took Ken several minutes before he stopped cumming and regained his senses. His cock was still buried in Jessica’s throat when he felt her slowly let it escape from her mouth.

Jessica and Ken watched in awe as his big thick cock came into view. Jessica took a deep breath and liked her lips, “Delicious!” she exclaimed.

Ken had never felt so drained from just one morning cum session. “That was unbelievable,” he sighed.

Jessica told him how good he tastes and then she said, “Come on let’s hit the shower”.

Jessica and Ken jumped into the shower together and began to wash each other’s body. Ken ran his hands all over Jessica’s curvy ass and tits and diddled her clit with his soapy finger. Jessica stroked Ken’s cock with her soapy hands and brought him back to an aroused state. Ken fingered Jessica’s asshole and put one then two lathered fingers in her bum. Ken turned Jessica away from him and positioned his cock at her asshole. He eased his hips forward and slid his slippery dick into her asshole. Jessica braced herself with her hands on the shower wall as she arched her ass toward Ken to provide him better access to her bunghole.

Ken fucked Jessica’s asshole and watched his slick dick slide in and out of her ass. Jessica moaned as Ken tweaked her clit with one free hand. He reached around and played with her hardening nipples as well. Jessica started to orgasm and Ken put both hands on her hips as he fucked her ass. Jessica replaced Ken’s hand with her own as she fingered her cunt while he pounded her ass. Ken stroked her shapely ass as he buried his cock in her asshole and filled it with his seed.

Jessica and Ken finished showering for real this time. They dressed and had breakfast. “What time are you due at Lisa’s house?” Ken asked.

“Sometime after lunch, we were going to hang out by the pool but it’s raining.” Jessica reminded him.

“So it is just sex on the agenda today then,” Ken said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, it will be Lisa’s and Greg’s first foursome.”

“Are you going to go for her pussy today?”

“I’ll play it slow and see if she is receptive. I know that she hasn’t been with another woman before.”

“I’m looking forward to that,” Ken added.

“Me too,” Jessica confirmed.


After lunch Jessica and Ken arrived and Lisa greeted them and invited them in. Once inside Lisa made every one a drink and from there things moved rapidly. It didn’t take long before they were hugging, kissing and fondling each other. Greg steered his stepmother Lisa into the bedroom and they were followed by Ken and Jessica. The four of them quickly shed their clothes and then quietly admired their naked bodies again. It was the first time that the women had seen each other naked but their bodies were familiar to their stepsons.

The four of them got on the king size bed with both stepmothers on their back. Ken got between Jessica’s legs and Greg got between Lisa’s legs. Greg slid his cock easily into Lisa’s sopping wet pussy and the two of them began to rock back and forth. Ken eased his thick cock into Jessica’s tight cunt and worked it slowly until he was balls deep in her pussy. Jessica always felt that she could feel every ridge and vein on his cock touch her vaginal wall. Jessica gasped as he hit bottom.

Jessica and Lisa were so hot that they both had mild orgasms when the cocks first entered them and rubbed against their clits. Lisa was working Greg’s cock now and she really liked to fuck. Lisa had her legs wrapped around Greg’s torso and she humped her hips at him and kept her clit in constant contact with her clit. Greg could feel the friction of his cock rubbing her clit and the contractions from Lisa’s pussy.

Jessica on the other hand was so stuffed with cock she let her stepson do the work. Ken was doing a marvelous job of bringing her from one climax to another as he pounded his cock deep into her pussy. His cock never lost contact with her clit and Jessica came so much that Ken’s cock moved easily now in her soaked pussy. Jessica was grunting and groaning as she went through multiple orgasms. Her last one was very intense and it was finally brought on when Ken fired a barrage of cum into her.

Lisa and Greg tensed up next to them and Greg shot his wad into Lisa’s cunt as she too experienced yet another orgasm. Lisa couldn’t wait until she sampled Ken’s bigger cock again. The two guys rolled off their stepmothers and lay next to them on the bed. Lisa slid down and took Ken’s wet soft cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of Jessica’s and Ken’s cum. Jessica lay there with her body still quivering from the intense fuck session. Greg smiled down at her and then moved between her legs. Greg began to lick her quim and both girls were surprised that he didn’t seem to mind that Ken had cum in her pussy.

Ken was soon hard again and Lisa mounted his cock emitting a gasp as she slid all the way down on it. She began to move her hips and clench her buttocks as she fucked his big cock. Greg watched her bum and then he decided to fuck his stepmother’s ass. He grabbed the nearby lube and applied it generously to his cock. He knelt behind Lisa and fingered her asshole applying lube to it as well. Lisa just kept on fucking Ken as if she knew what was coming.

“Come on get your cock in there,” Lisa yelled back at her stepson.

Greg pushed forward and his cock slid right into her asshole. Lisa had obviously been butt fucked before but it was her first double fuck. Lisa was ecstatic with two cocks in her and she thrust her hips wildly fucking both cocks. The three of them were humping each other with abandon now. Ken would thrust his hips up driving his cock deep into her pussy as Lisa slammed her cunt down on his cock causing Greg’s cock to slide almost out of her ass. Then Lisa pushed back against Greg and his cock filled her asshole as she lifted herself off of Ken’s cock. Ken made sure that his cock did not leave Lisa’s cunt.

The three of them pounded each other as Jessica watched. It was exciting to watch her girl friend get skewered in both holes. Lisa tensed her body as it was rocked with a massive orgasm.

“Oh sweet Jesus, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Please hold me, hold me!” she cried out as her body shook with tremors from the intensity of her orgasm.

Greg shot his load deep into her ass as he shoved his cock in as far as it would go. Lisa’s ass muscles milked Greg’s cock of his cum as if her ass had a mind of its own. Ken stiffened below her and flooded her cunt with his spunk. Lisa felt his cock throbbing in her pussy as rope after rope of cum bounced off her vaginal walls. Lisa collapsed on top of Ken as he held her tightly to him. He could feel her hard sharp nipples pressing into his chest. Greg knelt back and caressed Lisa’s shapely ass. He massaged her ass cheeks and toyed with her bung hole as his cum trickled out it.

“God, I loved it. I loved being fucked like that,” Lisa gasped.

Lisa then rolled off of Ken and lay on her back with cum oozing from her pussy and asshole. Jessica had fingered herself during the threesome fuck but she had not yet got off. Jessica moved toward Lisa and then straddled Lisa’s face. Lisa had a confused look on her face. Seeing this Jessica said, “It’s about time that you learned to eat pussy.”

Jessica lowered her pussy onto Lisa’s face and the two stepsons watched in awe. “Just do to me what the boys do when they eat you,” Jessica told her.

Lisa tasted Jessica’s pussy and she found that she liked the taste of her. They rolled over with Jessica keeping her cunt fastened to Lisa’s mouth. Lisa got into it and now between Jessica’s legs she went to town. Lisa learned that she loved to eat pussy especially Jessica’s and she wanted Jessica cum in her mouth. Jessica welcomed Lisa’s mouth on her pussy even though so wasn’t sure how Greg would react.

Lisa picked up her pace as she licked and sucked Jessica’s firm swollen clit. Following Jessica’s instructions Lisa’s fingers entered her pussy and located and stroked her G-spot. Then Lisa shoved a moistened finger into Jessica’s ass. Jessica climaxed as her body bowed up and her pussy slammed against Jessica’s mouth. Jessica sucked her friend’s clit and ran her finger around inside Jessica’s sweet sex. Lisa felt Jessica’s pussy and asshole clamp down on her fingers as she screamed out her passion. Suddenly Lisa felt a gush of juice against her lips and she quickly moved her mouth down a little to let it squirt into her mouth. Lisa popped her finger out of Jessica’s ass causing her to squirt again.

“Oh, yes make me cum. Make me cum. I’m so hot. Please!” Jessica cried out as her entire body lifted off the bed and collapsed.

The foursome next started out in a daisy chain like position where Ken ate Jessica’s pussy as Jessica sucked Greg’s cock. Greg ate Lisa’s pussy as she sucked Ken’s cock. They stayed like this until they were aroused and ready to pair off. Lisa wanted Ken to fuck her doggy style so she got on all fours with her head on the bed and her ass pointed in the air. Ken slipped his cock into her hot pussy and began to fuck her from behind.

Jessica decided that she too wanted to be fucked doggy style, so she and Greg assumed a similar position. The two women were side by side on their knees with their faces turned toward each other on the bed. They reached out and held hands as the two cocks pounded their pussies from behind. Greg massaged Jessica’s shapely ass as he fucked her pussy and let his finger trail over her anus tickling it at the same time. Jessica had a sensitive ass and she loved to be butt fucked.

Ken already had a finger in Lisa’s bung hole and she loved it as he rubbed his cock through her thin membrane. Lisa was groaning softly with the double penetration and Ken’s finger felt almost as big as Greg’s cock. Lisa could feel another orgasm building in her loins as Ken slid his huge cock in and out of her pussy. She reached for her clit and pinched it slightly as she climaxed again. Lisa’s body shook with her orgasm and she felt Ken hold onto her hips so that she didn’t pull off of his cock.

Lisa shot her juice all over her fingers as she stroked her pussy. Her ass felt fuller as she thought that Ken must have added another thick finger to her bum. Lisa then realized that Ken was holding her hips with both hands and it had to be his cock in her ass. Greg had inserted one of his fingers in Jessica’s asshole and she also loved it as he fucked her pussy thoroughly. Jessica too had reached for her clit as Greg’s ample cock filled her pussy. Greg moved his finger around in her rectum and she could feel his finger and cock rub together through the thin membrane separating her passages.

Ken continued to press his cock deeper into Lisa’s ass and Lisa surprised herself with her ability to take it so easily. Ken was gentle he fed her a little at a time and then stopped to allow her to adjust to his size. He was patient before he was able to really start fucking her ass. At first Lisa’s body was so tense that she found herself holding her breath. Then she felt his cock begin to saw in and out of her tight asshole. Lisa relaxed and let herself breathe then her fingers dug into her own pussy and diddled her clit.

Jessica was experiencing yet another orgasm as Greg’s cock pounded her pussy from behind and her fingers danced all over her pussy and clit. Jessica tensed briefly and then thrust her hips with the intensity of her orgasm. Just as Ken had done to Lisa, Greg did to Jessica. He seized the moment of her orgasm and slipped his cock into her ass. Jessica felt an increased pressure in her rectum as she was climaxing but she couldn’t stop her body from thrashing about. As she did thrash about she further impaled herself on Greg’s cock. Greg was stroking his cock all the way in and out of her hot ass now and Jessica just relaxed and let her butt be fucked.

Greg shot his load into Jessica’s ass. She loved it when she felt a man cum in her ass. Jessica liked the feeling of his warm seed filling her rectum. It was a feeling that was hard to describe but one that she would look forward to again and again. Ken stiffened and pushed his cock all the way into Lisa’s ass as he blasted another good sized load into her ass. Lisa was rubbing her clit frantically and she too came as she felt the hot spunk fill her asshole once again.

They were drained and sexually sated. They rested and then one by one they showered and dressed, Lisa and Jessica made dinner for everyone and afterward they relaxed with drinks. Lisa invited them to spend the night and Jessica accepted. That night Ken slept with Lisa and Greg slept with Jessica. It was erotically strange to sleep with the other’s stepson. Ken was already looking forward to fucking Lisa senseless in the morning with his piss hard-on.


On Sunday morning Ken woke up with his usual piss hard-on and as he planned he fucked Lisa senseless. She had to beg him to stop as she was sure that she would pass out if he didn’t. Ken got out of bed and went to check on his stepmother. When he looked in on her he saw that Greg was between her legs drilling her pussy. Knowing that his stepmother was getting a sound fucking from Greg, Ken went to the bathroom and relieved the pressure in his bladder. Minutes later Greg was taking his morning piss too.

The two boys hadn’t cum but there was plenty of time for that. They threw on their shorts and headed to the kitchen. Greg made the coffee and then they sat on the deck as the stepmothers recovered from the morning sex. Later the women joined their stepsons and they were grateful that the coffee was made. It was a beautiful sunny day and they looked forward to spending it by the pool.

Lisa then remembered that she had invited her friend Betty over for a swim that afternoon. Betty also had a stepson named Danny. Over a light breakfast Lisa told the others about Betty and Danny coming over later.

“It’s not a problem. It will be nice to meet them,” Jessica offered.

“I wonder if Danny is fucking Betty,” Greg said with a snicker.

“Greg, stop it,” Lisa told her stepson.

“That would be something though, wouldn’t it,” Jessica added.

“Come on let’s get a foursome in before they arrive,” Ken suggested.

The four of them went back to Lisa’s bedroom and got naked. Ken got on his back in Lisa’s bed and then she straddled him and lowered her asshole onto his cock. Lisa then leaned back on Ken and Jessica moved in to eat Lisa’s pussy. Jessica knelt before Lisa and then she buried her face in Lisa’s cunt. Greg lubricated Jessica’s ass thoroughly and then filled it with his cock.

The two women were in heaven as the two boys worked their bodies and Jessica devoured Lisa’s pussy. Ken reached around Lisa and massaged her tits as he fucked her ass from the bottom. Greg caressed Jessica shapely ass globes as he plowed her ass. Lisa came first into Jessica’s mouth and Jessica gobbled up her friend’s sweet nectar. Jessica was rubbing her own clit with a fury as Greg pounded her ass. Ken came next blowing his load into Lisa’s ass and then Greg fired his cum into Jessica’s ass. That was enough for the moment and they all showered and put on their swimsuits.

After lunch Betty and her son Danny arrived and the introductions were made. The three boys hit it off as did Jessica and Betty. The three boys were in the pool and they were having their own conversation as the women chatted in their little grouping. Betty appeared very nervous and she kept looking at her stepson with the other boys.

Lisa noticed Betty’s uneasiness and asked, “Are you okay Betty?”

“I don’t know how to start. I feel so guilty,” Betty began.

“Guilty, what do you feel guilty about?” Lisa pressed.

“Oh my God I don’t know how to say it so I’ll just tell you that I have had sex with my stepson,” Betty admitted.

“What?” Lisa faked a gasp, “You had sex with Greg and Ken.”

“Yes, it just happened and then I couldn’t stop,” Betty admitted.

“How long have you been having sex with him?” Jessica chimed in.

“Over a month now, I hope he’s not telling your sons about us,” Betty replied nervously and then added, “I am so ashamed.”

“Betty, don’t feel ashamed. I too had sex with my own stepson and Greg too,” Jessica confessed.

“I did too,” Lisa also admitted.

The three women looked at each other and then Jessica and Lisa laughed at Betty’s predicament. Betty was stunned by their admission but also relieved.

“Okay it’s time to tell tales. I want to hear all about each of our experiences. Who wants to go first,” Jessica stated.

Lisa and Betty were silent so Jessica said, “Okay I’ll go first.”

The three mothers spent most of the afternoon telling tales. One seemed wilder than the next and they still had a difficult time believing that they were capable of such debauchery. The story telling had stoked the mother’s fires and they were all horny again just from talking about sex. The mothers entered the pool to cool their jets.

The six of them spent the afternoon sunbathing and taking dips in the pool. Lisa made frozen daiquiris for the women and the boys drank beer. More than once the mothers spotted one of their stepsons checking them out. In a way it made the stepmothers feel good to be desired by these virile young men. It got close to dinner time they had a cookout. The next couple of hours were spent cooking and eating burgers, hot dogs and salads. The boys helped clean up after the cookout and they were done in no time.

I called “E” at home. The instant she answered I heard the stress and upset in her voice.

“Emily called you.” I said, “Do not come apart. We are a family and as a family we can and will work this through.”

“But she says she won’t come to Christmas as long as you are taking advantage of me. She can and will come between Brad and all of us.”

“You give her too much power. I have already started a plan to help her see the light. The most powerful force in the world is love. Remember how miserable she was when Brad was out of her life? She instantly leaned on you. How would she do if you weren’t there and neither was Brad?”

“She’d totally fall apart!”

“She doesn’t like seeing you so happy without her Daddy. She doesn’t like the fact that you could love someone besides her Daddy. And, she hasn’t faced that is what’s going on. She just doesn’t like what she sees. She drops a bomb in the machine and prays all it blows up is the love between you and Liz, Beth and me.”

“She wants me back being her Momma, nothing else!”

“Are you willing to give us up to please her?”

“No.” Her voice was flat. Not angry and not happy, flat.

“Are you willing to give up making dinner for us? Taking care of us and laughing with us?”

“No! And I’m not willing to give up calling you Master and having sex with our family, either!”

“When she sees her ultimatum is going to cost her her Momma and possibly her husband, she may rethink her position.”

“Her husband?”

“Brad is going to talk with her about the options. You came to us because you wanted to be wanted, needed and to contribute. The options he’ll talk about are how those things can still happen. We’re pretty sure she will recommend you move in with them. He’s going to say, “Fine, as long as she has sex with me two or three times a week. I’m not willing to live with a woman I can’t have sex with.” That gets her to face losing him to have you, if you’ll leave us.”

“My daughter didn’t think this through very well.”

“She’s running on emotions only. She wants her Momma back. Momma moved into a loving relationship that doesn’t focus on Emily. This is her tantrum.”

There was a pause and then “E” said, “I love you, Pete. I’m Ok now.”

“We love you, too. If the phone rings look at the caller ID. If it isn’t Beth, Liz or me, let it ring. Our machine will answer. If she comes to the door, the door stays closed. If she wants to stand on the porch and talk to you go to our bedroom and turn on the stereo and stay in the bedroom.”

“Yes, Master.”

“This is a family problem. When you turned your life over to me all problems became my problems. Let me handle this.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

“And, be ready to have dinner as soon as we’re all home. We have an appointment tonight.”

“Yes, Master.”

I hung up. I called Camelot Jewelers in the valley and asked Mike if he had four identical wedding rings. He asked if I meant wedding sets: an engagement ring, her wedding ring and his wedding ring. I answered, “I want three wedding bands, about size six, seven or maybe eight for three women and a wedding band size twelve for me.”

He paused and asked, “White gold or yellow?”

“Do you have both?”

“I have three sets in yellow and one in white. You’re sure you don’t want engagement rings?”


“Ok. That’s what I have.”

“Can we come to the store this evening and see all four sets?”

“Yes, of course.”

“How long will it take to size the three female rings? I know for a fact my finger is a twelve.”

“If you come before six I can have all three ladies sized by eight-thirty. You can pick the rings you want, go to dinner nearby and when dinner is over, you all can wear the rings home.”

“Perfect! My name is Pete. I’ll ask for you when we arrive.”

“I’ll probably be able to spot you.”

“Yeah, probably. Thanks.”

I called “E” and said, “Cancel dinner at home. We need to be in the valley by six. We’ll eat out there. Can the meatloaf save until tomorrow night?”

It could. I asked “E” to call Liz and have her come home promptly after work. I called Beth and asked her to meet me at the truck a few minutes early. She didn’t ask why, she just agreed.

I left my office fifteen minutes early. Beth was standing beside the truck. A minute later we were on the road home. When I pulled into the driveway “E” and Liz were standing beside the driveway. I opened the back doors to the truck and helped them inside. Kissing is part of the help. We were home less than a minute and back on the road. All three talked about their day, but didn’t mention Emily, Brad or where we were going. They let me drive without bothering me with questions about anything.

It was twenty before six when I stopped the truck in front of Camelot Jewelers. I opened their doors and helped them out of the truck. Beth and Liz each got out of the truck showing me their pussies. I ushered all of us inside. We were met by a tall, slender man in a silver-gray suit who said, “Pete?”

At my nod her led us to a corner of the store and four pre-set chairs around a semi-circular table. He sat on the flat side of the table. He put a display case on the table and opened it. Inside were four ring sets. Each set was a man’s ring and a woman’s ring.

I said, “For the moment, just look. Mike, please take a piece of paper and write down a price for each set, just the way I described them to you. Then give me the paper.” I pointed to the sets one at a time. “This is set number one, two, three and four.”

He got busy with paper, pen and a calculator. I knew he knew to the penny what the bottom line was for all four sets. The calculator was part of the show. The ladies had ignored him completely and were communication non-verbally as I waited for the paper.

Mike handed me the paper. I put it into my pocket without looking at it. I said, “Mike, I would appreciate it if you would stand far enough away that you cannot hear our conversation. I promise only one ring at a time will be touched and it will be replaced in the display before the next ring is touched.”

He made the appropriate noises about trust and insurance policies and then he moved about fifteen feet away. Softly I asked, “You knew you had to agree. Which ring is it?”

“E” asked, “There are three of us. Only one ladies ring.”

“He has two more of each one. They will be sized and on your fingers by eight-forty-five tonight. Which one?”

Beth said, “He gave you prices. We’re worried we may pick the most expensive one.”

“Do you want rings?” I lowered my voice. The implication was evident. Beth pointed at number two. I picked up the smaller ring of set number two. It fit on Beth’s hand. I moved it to Liz’s hand and it fit there too. “E” held out her hand and it was shaking. Liz and Beth helped by holding her hand steady as I slid the ring on her finger. It fit.

I motioned to Mike. “Number two.”

He came closer and said, “I saw that the seven fit each hand. Ladies was that ring the size you want?”

They all nodded. He said, “Then, if you’ll give me a minute, you can have the rings now. They’re all the same size.” He left us and went to the far side of the store. Beth picked up the size twelve ring and held it out to me. I reached for it with my right hand and she pulled it back.

“If you want to put it on yourself, we will not stop you but… I think we would be honored to put it on you.”

I nodded and held my left hand out. Beth held the ring and Liz and Elissa held her hand as the ring slid onto my finger. I kissed each of them and whispered, “Thank you.”

Mike came back. I took the rings from him and placed one on Liz and the last one on Beth. We kissed again. I handed Mike a credit card. He smiled wide and dashed to the cash register. When he came back I said, “Thank you so much. I know this is a bit unusual and I appreciate you being so helpful.” We were watched by most of the staff as we walked out to the truck and drove to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. After dinner was ordered I said, “Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on in your heads.”

Beth started, “You bought all of us rings. Even in the face of Emily starting a fire. We don’t understand.”

“At this moment Emily may believe I am taking advantage of “E”. Seeing a ring on her finger, your finger and Liz’s finger as well as on my finger adds weight to the commitment being stated. It also says the commitment is there between each of us. I can ask you, Beth, who are you married to?”

“To you… and to Liz and Elissa.”

“Liz, who are you married to?”

“To you, Master and to Beth and Elissa.”

“Elissa, who are you married to?”

Tears streamed down her face and she said, “To you, Master and to Liz and to Beth.”

“When Emily tries to talk some sense into you I want you to see and feel the ring on your finger and know I wear it too. Know your sisters wear it, too. We are a family. We don’t look like the family on “Leave it to Beaver” but we are a family.”

Liz asked, “Were the rings expensive?”

“The rings are worth more to me than money. In some relationships like ours the women wear collars. You don’t. That may change. You wear rings and soon each of you will be Elizabeth Peterson. Your emotional, spiritual and physical support is centered here at this table and in our home. Hold tight to it and give it freely to each other. If it helps, hold hands as you walk together, touch each other. I will touch each of you often. Sometimes I may even leave a bruise.” They smiled.

Dinner arrived and we started eating. Each of us had an entre’ and after a few minutes I said, “Pass your plate one person to your left.” We each got a new entre’. We switched enough that everyone got some of all the dinners. I paid the bill and we headed back home.

We threw pillows and blankets on the living room floor that night. It was where we could all sleep together. There was plenty of touching, kissing and play but not one orgasm. Sleeping with all three is like sleeping in a game of musical chairs. Liz was close to me on my left side. She woke up needing a trip to the bathroom. When she came back “E” had taken that spot. When Beth got up to pee, Liz moved into her spot. I held on until morning. I didn’t want to lose my spot. Then I realized, I could get up, go and when I came back they would give me whatever spot I wanted. Life is good.

In the morning we all got up together. Together, we went into the new bathroom and used the new shower together for the first time. It took lots of water and laughter to get us all clean. I washed each of them and they washed me. The shower was a success.

Liz went with “E” to the kitchen to make breakfast. She could go to work a little later than Beth and I. We dressed. I noticed Beth looking at her finger often.

During breakfast I noticed each of my wives looked at her ring often.

Brad called me at ten. He said, “That was a terrible evening, brother.”

“Terrible because?”

“Because she’s irrational! I couldn’t get through to her. I told her about the options and when I said Momma could move in with us she was excited. When I added the part about having sex with her she exploded. I slept on the couch last night.”

“Brad, are you going to live on the couch from now on?”

“God, I hope not.”

“Last night she moved to the bedroom first. She’s doing it to assert her power over you. She wants you to move Momma in and have everything her way. If you lose this battle, you lose the war.”

“I see that. What do I do?”

“At about one, call her. Ask for something special for dinner, something she knows you like. After she agrees and just before you hang up tell her that you’re sleeping in your bed tonight. She can either sleep with you or on the couch, but you’ll be in the bed.”

“I’m taking back my power!”

“Then, this evening don’t say anything about Momma or the fight the two of you had. If dinner is good, compliment her on it. Go to bed earlier than normal. Tell her you didn’t sleep well last night.”

“I’ve got it!”

“Set the alarm for half an hour earlier than normal. If she doesn’t sleep with you, then in the morning ask her why. Do not argue with her. If she wants feedback about what she tells you, tell her you want to think about your options and leave for work.”

“She won’t like it. She’ll be pissed.”

“Are you pissed?”


“It’s obvious that you being pissed is Ok with her. She may be counting on you trying to avoid pissing her off so she can get you to cave in.”

“I’ll call you in the morning.”

“I’ll be thinking of you all evening.”

For the rest of the morning I handled phone calls from vendors, clients, friends and bosses. Just before I was about to head out for lunch my phone rang. I looked at the ID and was surprised to see the number was Brad’s home number. It had to be Emily.

“Good Morning, Emily.” I said, cheerfully.

“Is it?” She asked. “Brad and I had a fight last night and I think you were behind it!”

“For the purpose of this call, let’s assume you’re correct. What would be your purpose in calling me?”

“I want my Momma back!”

“Is she being held prisoner somewhere?”

“Yes! By you! And quit being a smart ass!”

“I leave her at home every morning with car keys, credit cards and cash. She has clothes to wear. How is she a prisoner?”

“I don’t know! What I know is she’s not my Momma any more. She’s living with you and dishonoring my father in the process!”


“She’s living in sin with you and Liz and Beth. You asked me to help make a bed so you can all sleep and fuck together! God doesn’t like it!”

“Plenty of men in the Bible lived with and slept with more than one wife. Some of those men were prophets. It isn’t God who’s pissed, it’s you. Can’t you find a way to be Ok with your Mom being happy with us?”

“You turned her into a lesbian!”

“If she were a lesbian, would she be having sex with me?”

“I don’t know what to call it, but she’s having sex with women!”

“It’s called bi-sexual. It’s called being loved and loving. And I didn’t convince her to do anything she didn’t already want to do.”

“She never kissed women before!”

“You haven’t known her all her life. Maybe before you were born she loved women and loved your Dad. Have you ever asked her about her sexual past?”


“You created an image for your Momma and never bothered to see if the image was your Momma. You opened this can of worms. You are also the only one who can get the lid back on the can. I love your Elissa. Beth and Liz love your Elissa. She has made a commitment to each of us for the rest of her life. Your Momma, Elissa, loves you and she loves Brad. If you make her choose between you and all the people who love her, I think you’ll lose. I think a better choice would be to be happy that she is so loved and loves you, too.”

She sobbed and the line went dead. Beth sat beside me at lunch. None of the men at the table noticed the rings. Alison had been at the table long enough to take one bite when she said, “Oh my God! You got married!”

Beth blushed and held out her hand to Alison who gushed all over both of us. When she calmed down Phil asked, “Why weren’t we invited to the wedding?”

I answered, “Some ceremonies are intended for the public. People put notices in the newspaper and invite hundreds of people to come and watch. Society is not ready for us to be married. Beth wears her ring as a symbol of us being family. We can call it a domestic union, a marriage or something else. Whatever we call it, it’s a family.”

In a low voice Alison asked, “Is Liz wearing a ring too?”

I said, “Liz and Elissa both wear identical rings to the one on Beth’s finger. We are a family.”

Phil said, “Bravest man I’ve ever known.”

Alison asked, “So, are there plans for babies in your family?”

Beth put her hand on my arm and I nodded. She said, “Liz and I had our tubes tied many years ago. “E” is in menopause. There will be no babies in our home.”

My hand topped Beth’s and I said, “However, we would love to be uncle and aunts to some wonderful children. Surrogate grandparents is also a possibility.”

Beth squeezed my arm. She couldn’t have said it, but she was happy I did.

“I think Mike and I would be thrilled to be related to you all in that way.” Alison said.

Lunch ended and I walked Beth back to her spot in the building. She said, “Thank you. You gave me, us, another gift.”

“I love you. My aim is for your life to be full, of love, contribution and loving. Giving to Alison and Mike’s kid will be good for all of us.”

We were at her office door. She asked, “May I call Liz and “E”?”

I nodded and walked on to my office.

At almost two my phone rang. ID said it was Brad. I answered.

“Damn! I don’t think she’s done anything but cry today.” He said.

“What did she do when you asked for dinner?”

“She said she’d make it. When I told her I was sleeping in the bedroom tonight she said she couldn’t sleep on the couch. I saw she was bating me to give her the bed, by herself. So, I told her she could sleep with me. I said I liked having her in bed with me. She said she was still upset about what I said about her Momma.”


“I said she was welcome to sleep wherever she wanted and I was sleeping in the bed. She accused me of not loving her! I said, “If you believe I don’t love you then move out. You shouldn’t live with a man who you believe doesn’t love you.”

“Damn! What was her reaction to that?”

“I don’t know. My other phone rang. I said I had to take that call and I ended the call with Emily.”

“Are you gonna call her back?” I asked.

“Nope. Let her spend some time thinking about her choices. She can call anyone she wants to work through her thinking. I’ll be home at my usual time.”

“You’re doing well. Hang in there, Brad. Call me anytime you need to. You can call anyone in the family.”


The rest of the afternoon was all business. At five minutes to five my phone rang and the ID said “INTERNAL”. The call was from inside the company. I answered professionally.

Beth giggled and responded, “It is five minutes until five o’clock. Quitting time. This time announcement was brought to you by three pussies at your mercy in our new play room… hopefully tonight.” The line went dead.

For the first time in our lives we had a dedicated exercise and play room. I could experiment with water! My mind wandered as I walked out to the truck. I was halfway home before I said anything to Beth.

I said, “I think it may be wise to go easy on dinner tonight.”

She looked down and said, “As you wish, Master.”

As soon as we were home and in the house “E” looked at me and asked, “When would you like dinner, Master?”

“In half an hour. Until then I will be in the playroom, do not interrupt me unless it’s an emergency. Half an hour from now knock on the door. All three of you will be freshly showered, shaved and nude.”

“E” said, “As you wish, Master.”

I left “E” and Liz in the kitchen and went to the playroom. On the way, I got the toy box and dragged it into the playroom. For the half hour I made the playroom ready for our first playtime together. That included three trips to the garage.

A single loud knock came on the playroom door. I was ready. I was nude. The room was ready. Before I opened the door I shut all the lights off in the playroom. Then I said, “Face away from the playroom door.”

I opened the door, stepped out, slapped three beautiful asses and closed the door. “What is for dinner tonight, Sweethearts?”

“A tostada salad, Master. Light, filling and healthy. The meat is turkey.” “E” said.

We sat and ate. I asked Beth to tell about the lunch conversation. Liz told about two of her co-workers noticing her ring and asking questions. She said that having to answer their questions forced her to think even more about our family and what the ring she had on means to her.

I turned to “E” and asked, “What about your day, Love?”

The phone rang six times today. Once it was Liz. Once it was Beth and the other four were Emily. I didn’t answer Emily’s calls. I listened to them on the machine, but I didn’t answer.”

“And?” I asked.

“She wants to talk to me. In the last call she said she had some questions for me.”

“If you call her, do you want us close at hand for support?”

She nodded and said, “If you all could be touching me, holding me while I talk to her, it would help.”

“After dinner I’ll sit in my chair, you’ll be in my lap with Beth on one side and Liz on the other. We’ll put the phone on speaker. We can do this. We are a family, created in love.”

After dinner that was exactly what we did.

The phone at Brad and Emily’s home rang four times before Brad answered. I said, “Brad, Elissa wants to return Emily’s calls from today. Is this a good time?”

“About as good as it’s likely to get. I’ll call her.”

A few seconds passed and Emily came on the line. “Momma, I tried to call you!” Her tone gave away that she had been crying and she was angry, accusing and hurt.

“I know you did. I listened to your messages. In the last message you said you had questions you needed to ask me. Ok, ask.” Elissa held her voice neutral and calm.

“This is so hard. I don’t want to ask, but I need to know: have you ever made love with a woman before you met Liz and Beth?”

“E” didn’t hesitate, “Yes.”

“Did Daddy know about it?”

“One of the women I loved was his sister. He was in the bed with us. After you were born we stopped a lot of our play, and became more secretive about all our play.”

“But, we went to church!”

“Remember Reverend Newman and his wife, Patti? They were our lovers. We didn’t see a conflict between believing in God and loving each other.”


“You have been really upset now for days. Are those the only questions you have for me?” She squeezed Beth’s hand and Liz held her naked breast.

“No. Isn’t it disrespecting Daddy’s memory for you to be fucking Pete?”

“No. Your daddy and I talked about after. He knew he was dying and he wanted me to go on loving. He pointed me towards a couple of me and at Reverend Newman and his wife. I think he’d be pleased at how I’m loved.”


“More?” “E” asked.

“What if Brad wants to love someone else, like Pete does?”

“He already does. He doesn’t express it to them because he has an agreement with you. He agreed to monogamy so he could fully love you. It’s an unnatural thing for men. As unnatural as asking a woman who just gave birth to triplets to only love one of them. He works hard every day to express his love fully with just you.”

“Are you just saying that?”

“No. Pete loves all three of us. I’m also sure he loves you and his brother too. He loves Alison at work and his secretary too. Loving all of us is good for each of us.”

There was a long pause. Finally Emily said, “I have to get off the phone. I have a lot of thinking to do.”

“Loving Brad, appreciating Brad are much more important than just about anything right now.”

“Yes, Momma.”

“Emily, we all love you. Want some advice?”

“I think so, yes.”

“Take off your clothes and express you love and appreciation for Brad. Call me tomorrow. I’ll answer.” She didn’t wait for a response, she jut hit the button and ended the call.

“I think that went well.” I said. “Now, get to the playroom!” They squealed and flew from the room.

Inside the room I stopped them at the first set of shelves. I picked up three ball gags and gave them to them. Each gagged their sister. I moved them farter into the room and they found a basket filled with multi-colored clothespins.

“This is a challenge and a learning experience. Each color denotes a different strength pin. Any pin you pick must be used. “E” pick a pin, please.”

She picked a yellow one. I said, “You can attach it to either Liz or Beth or you can hand it to me and I will attach it to you.”

She thought about it for a few seconds and handed the pin to me. I pinched it open and pinched the soft flesh of her areola, attaching the pin there. I slowly released it. Her body shuddered and she said, “Thank you, Master.” Her eyes filled with tears that did not fall.

“Beth.” I said. She picked green and handed it to me, without hesitation.

As I had with “E” I attached the pin on her areola. She had tears flow and panic showed on her face. I knew the green to be the strongest of the five colors.

I looked at Liz and said her name. She picked black. The weakest color. I attached it to her areola and she hardly reacted at all.

I was back to “E”. She picked black. She had paid attention to Liz’s reaction. I pinned black to the same areola. She winced but nothing more. We continued the game until each of them had all five colors on each breast. I went to the stereo and got music ready. I said, “When the music comes on you will dance. I will stop the music when a pin comes off. Whatever color that pin is will be removed from each of you.” I turned on an old recording of the Pointer Sisters singing “Jump!”

It took five jumps before the first pin came loose. It was blue and came from Beth’s right breast. I said, “Beth, remove all the blue pins and put them in the basket.”

She reached for a blue one on Liz and removed it suddenly. Liz moaned. The second one she removed slowly. Liz moaned again. She removed both blues from “E” at the same time, and slowly.” The blood rushing back into her sensitive tissues got “E” to moan and bend forward.

I touched the stereo button and the music resumed. Four more jumps and a black flew from “E”. The torture continued until a green finally came off. It came off “E”. I picked it up and had her come stand in front of me. I helped her spread her legs and I reapplied the pin to her pussy lip. I reached up and unpinned the other green from her breast, attaching it to her other pussy lip. She had to remove the other green pins and reattach them to her sisters.

I said, “I’m very proud of you. Now, please lie on your backs, legs up and spread.”

I uncoiled the hose from the sink and turned on the water. I regulated the temperature and the directed the flow directly against Beth’s open cunt. The stream landed directly on and around her clitoris, from about six feet away.

The longer I left it in place the more obvious her arousal. When she asked if she could cum, I moved to “E”. I aimed at her clit but used my thumb to vary the stream and I noticed her arousal progressed more quickly.

When she asked to cum I moved to Liz and said, “Cum if you can.” The water sprayed and she held her legs open wide. I moved closer and the stream pushed against her clit.

“Beth, “E” suck on her tits! Suck hard!” They did. Her back arched and she screamed taken by her orgasm. “Release her.” I said and they did. I directed the stream towards the drain and waited for her to calm down. When she said, “Thank you Master. That was incredible.” I told her to start sucking on Beth’s tits.

“E” looked at me, waiting for her instructions. Beth was on her back, legs spread, water directed against her open cunt. I said, “Straddle Beth. Put your cunt just above hers. Pinch her other tit and cum as soon as you can.”

Their pubic bones touched. “E” pinched the tit Liz wasn’t sucking on. Pinched, twisted and pulled. I moved closer, aiming the hose from beside them and down. I could see both women starting to shake.

“Liz, go to the sink, please.” She broke the lip lock on Beth’s tit and ran to the sink.

I kept flicking the stream between their cunts. Beth’s back arched. I knew it was time.

“Shut off the hot water.” I said. Three seconds later the stream of cold water struck Beth’s cunt and splashed up to “E”. They both screamed and thrashed in orgasm and shock.

I moved the stream away and said, “Shut off the water, please.” Liz shut it off.

I gathered dry towels and wrapped all three in them. When they had calmed I had them sit together on our bed in the bedroom and I left the room, having given them the instruction to discuss their adventure in the new playroom.

I listened from my office.

“I love the new playroom!” Liz said.

“Me too!” “E” added, “I missed the cold water. It looked so powerful when you both came like that.”

“My pussy exploded! I was so focused on my orgasm I didn’t hear him tell you to shut off the hot water! The cold hit and it was like electricity! I think I passed out for a second.” Beth said. Beth and “E” were still not totally calmed down. I could hear their breathing and knew they were still hot, still wet.

As they sat on the bed I came back into the bedroom with lotion. I massaged their feet and legs up to their knees. They relaxed and Beth fell asleep. One at a time I folded them into bed, covered them and shut off the lights. I slept on the couch, alone for the first time in memory.

I heard from Brad every day. Emily was fucking his brains out every night, cooking his favorite foods and telling him she loved him three or four times a day. She stopped mentioning Momma.

December kept getting older, day-by-day. On the twentieth I called Brad at work and opened the conversation with, “I have the big gift we got for the two of you for Christmas. When I wrap it, do I put to Brad and Emily on the package or to Brad and get something else for Emily?”

“We may not be married next week. I hope what you got is something I can use without her.” He sounded pissed. Very pissed.

“Whoa! Aren’t you getting your brains screwed out? Isn’t Emily being the perfect little wife?”

“It was a trick! Last night she sucked me off when we went to bed. She said it was because her period started. Then, after she swallowed she said, “I want you to help me get Momma back.”

“Damn! I almost thought she had given up on that.”

“She has a plan. She wants me to help her get her Momma over to our house without the three of you. She’s convinced she can undo what you’ve done to her.”

“Thanks for the heads up. I have a plan too, I just thought of it. I’ll have “E” call Emily and invite herself to dinner, tonight. It will be an interesting evening for Emily and even more interesting for you. Emily still believes her Mom is the fantasy Mom she used to have. That ends tonight.”

“What should I do?”

“E” is going to tell her the truth. Your role is to believe her, accept her and love her no matter what her past. If she cries, get her some tissues. If her story touches you, let it.”

“This is going to help?”

“This needs to come to resolution, one way or another. Yes?”

“Yes! I can’t keep living on this rollercoaster.”

“Then, yes, this will help. And, if she chooses the marriage is over, she leaves, not you. You’ve paid all the bills, if she wants out she finds the door.”

“She has no where to go.”

“She’s been doing everything she knows you like, but not because she loves you. She’s done it all to manipulate you. I know that. You know that. When it hits her in the face, maybe she’ll start appreciating the husband she has, the family she has and the love she’s offered. “

“God, I hope so. I don’t want to lose her.”

“She’s at a crossroads. Her car. She’s behind the wheel. You can stand on the curb and call out instructions forever, but only she can choose the road she travels.”

“Ok. I’ll get a flak vest and go home for dinner.”

I called “E”, described the conversation with Brad and asked her to call Emily and invite herself to dinner. “Tell her you want to spend some time with her and Brad. Tell her things still feel uncomfortable between you and her. Ask if you can come for dinner, even cook if she wants. Offer to make something you know she likes.”

“What do I do when I get there?”

“You be gracious and loving. Walk through the door and hug both of them. Help with dinner; compliment whatever can be complimented, honestly. And, after dinner tell Emily about your romantic life history. How you met and bedded her Dad, the parties, the sexual friendships, the experiments and how they helped the two of you to deepen your love. Tell her about the decisions the two of you made about how to raise her, what sacrifices you made for her. Explain what you needed and weren’t getting living in a condo alone.”

“And then tell her what I found here? Tell my own daughter about finding the love I crave, here with the three of you?”

“Yes, but do not tell her about craving pain. The pain is the most private part of this relationship. I’m not ashamed of it; I’m honored by the trust. Learning of the need for pain may explode any possibility of the family coming together. It may scare her so far away we all lose her.”

“The pain is frosting. I’ll describe the cake, Master.”

“Call me back after you talk to her. I’ll take care of dinner at our house.”

“Pizza, again?” She laughed. I couldn’t remember the last time we’d eaten pizza.

“Call me.” I hung up.

Half an hour later she called back. Dinner was set. Emily wanted her to help make something special so wanted her to come over at about four. She agreed. Ten more minutes and Brad called.

“Emily called me and thanked me for doing whatever I did to help get her Momma over for dinner. I told her I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even speak to her Momma.”

“Just remember, no matter what you hear, you love and accept Elissa.”

“I don’t think there’s anything she could say that would stop me from loving her. She’s a really great lady and it’s hurt to see her as sad as she was after her husband died.”

“Hold that thought.” My other line rang. I ended the call with Brad and took a business call.

At five Beth and I drove home. When we pulled into the driveway I honked and Liz came out the back door. From the window I said, “Get shoes, we’re going to dinner, Honey.”

She dashed back inside and carried her shoes to the truck. I got out, helped her inside and we left home, headed for a nice restaurant. The Cheesecake Factory had tables overlooking the marina and even though it was just a few days before Christmas it was warm outside. We ate outside. Their radiant heaters did a good job and nether Liz or Beth were cold. I explained where “E” was and why.

Twice during our meal I reassured them that all would be well. Elissa had been dancing with Emily all her life. I trusted her completely.

It was almost eight when we got home. Elissa’s car was absent. We discovered the pads had been delivered and Elissa had unwrapped them and put them on the floor of the playroom. We checked them out and the three of us stretched out on them, discovering they were actually quite comfortable. I would have recommended we sleep on them, except we didn’t have the mattress covers, sheets or blankets yet.

We played a little on the pads. Affection, fondling, kisses and gentle stimulation were the plan. I loved watching them sixty-nine next to me and I loved adding little touches, kisses and other stimulation to their loving. When they had both cum twice I snuggled them and we talked a little more.

On impulse I asked, “How often do you shave?”

Liz answered, “I almost never shave my own pussy. Pits and legs I do every day. Beth shaves my pussy, usually every other day.”

Beth said, “That’s true for me, too. I like shaving her pussy. I like how it looks when I get it all smooth.” She paused and added, “I like how she smells, too.”

“You don’t cum when you do it, do you?”

“No, Master. We only cum when you say to.” Liz answered.

“Ok. Have you finished Christmas shopping?” I asked.

“Yes, Master.” They answered as if they had one voice.

“You may not be able to give Emily her gifts. She may be leaving the family. “E” is telling her about her sexual history tonight. The illusion she had about Momma being a saint is being dealt a fatal blow, I’m afraid.”

“What shall we do when Elissa gets home?”

“Be prepared to hold her, love her, care for her. If Emily rejects her Momma, Elissa will be devastated. She’ll need all our love just to hold herself together.”

At that moment I heard a car door close. I said, “Elissa’s home.” We got up and met her in the kitchen. One look and we saw she had been crying. When she saw us she sobbed and we enfolded her in our arms. We got her undressed and from the kitchen to the bed accompanied with kisses and loving touches. When she lay on the bed she spread her legs and non-verbally invited me between them. Beth lie on her right side, Liz on her left with me between her legs.

“Elissa, you don’t need to speak, unless you need to. We love you and we’re here for you.” I said. I kissed her lips, softly.

Beth kissed her breast. Liz kissed her other breast. Our hands held her. She cried for a while and finally we felt her relax.

She spoke softly, “Emily was manipulating me from the moment I arrived. I know she knows how to make that dinner, but she kept asking for help, guidance along the way. It was like she was twelve again, asking Momma to teach her. When Brad came home she almost ignored him. He helped set the table, carried the big platter to the table and never got a thank you or even a hello kiss from Emily.”

She paused. We stayed quiet.

“When we finished eating I said, “I came here because there are misconceptions you have that need to be corrected.” She wanted to stop me. She told me she didn’t care about the past, she wanted me back in her life and was willing to do anything to get me back.

I asked if that meant she was willing to accept I was a slut. She said I couldn’t be a slut. I asked, do you think I was a virgin when I married your Daddy?” She said yes. I laughed. I told her about the first time I had sex, when I was fourteen. I told her how I practiced on my cousin so I’d be good at sucking cock. I admitted to her that I let Tom Culver have my ass on his sixteenth birthday. I went through my whole history with her!”

She paused again, sobbed a few times and continued, “I told her about the great life her daddy and I had and that monogamy wasn’t part of it. I told her how alone I felt when he died, how I thought about dying, too. She told me I was never alone, she was always there.” Another pause.

“I told her what I craved was a man fucking me the way only a man who loves you can fuck. I told her how I had dated a couple of me after her Daddy died, looking for that physical love and they didn’t give it to me. I told her I also craved the touch of a woman, a woman who loves me. I told her about the disasters I’d had looking for a woman who would love me.” She took a deep breath and said, “Then I told her about meeting the three of you and how easily I slipped into feeling and knowing I was already loved, accepted and needed. Emily cried, sobbed and completely broke down. I held her. Brad held her and we let her cry. After a while she said, “Momma, I think you should go.”

She cried and we comforted her. She cried herself to sleep. Beth, Liz and I cried too. Her daughter had rejected Elissa. She had told her the truth and given up all the sexual secrets of her life only to be rejected. I felt helpless. I had her bare herself and now she was devastated.

I fell asleep on top of Elissa. When I woke it was completely dark in our bedroom. It wasn’t morning. Then I knew why I woke up. Someone was knocking on our door!

As quickly as I could I grabbed a robe and headed for the door. I flipped on the porch light and saw Emily standing on the porch. Her hair was a mess, her eyes swollen and she was wearing a robe. I opened the door. “Come in.” I said.

“I have to apologize!” She said as she walked passed me. I saw the clock. It read 1:22am. She headed for our bedroom. I realized all three women were in the bed, naked and probably at least partially uncovered. I raced after her, but too late.

She rushed into the bedroom and landed on the bed, waking all three women. Fortunately she hadn’t turned on the bedroom light. She said, “Momma, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know! I wanted you to be the Momma I had when I was little and even when I was little you weren’t her. You were, you are, a real woman. Please forgive me.” She looked and even in the dim light saw her Momma in bed naked with two other naked women. She said, “Beth, Liz I apologize to you, too. I made you bad, nasty women who wanted to corrupt my Momma! You’re loving gentle women. Please, forgive me.” All four women hugged and cried together. Whispered and spoken words of loving, acceptance and joy were said. I went back out to the living room, intending to shut the front door when I saw Brad sitting in the car.

I flashed the porch light and he responded by getting out of his car and coming in.

As he entered I shut off the porch light. “Little brother, I hope I don’t look as bad as we both feel.”

“How are things here?” He asked.

“Go take a look.” I pointed him toward the bedroom. He came back a minute later.

“Well?” I asked.

“Emily’s robe and nightgown are scattered on the floor. The four of them are snuggled together and sound asleep.”

“If you want a blanket I’ll get you one and you can have the couch. I’ll sleep on my recliner.”

Two minutes later we were asleep.

When my alarm sounded, I was in the living room. I didn’t hear it. Brad didn’t hear it. A few minutes later I was awakened with a kiss. I opened my eyes and Beth backed up a bit, holding a cup of coffee for me. She had on a t-shirt. I saw Emily standing by the couch in her nightgown and robe waking Brad with a cup of coffee. Liz, Beth and I went into our shower while Emily and Elissa made breakfast. When we were dressed we joined them at the table.

Emily apologized to Brad and to me. She said she needed to get home pretty soon; she had lots of sewing to do. She said she understood why we sleep together, and wanted us to have a great big bed as soon as she could get the sewing done.

Brad and I did the dishes. Elissa showed Emily the pads and they talked and hugged like the crisis had never happened.

Brad said, “That was close!”

“How so?”

“She was angry when Momma left. Angry at me, at Momma and well, all of us. I went into our bedroom and got my suitcase. She thought I went to bed and came into the bedroom saying she wanted the bedroom. I said she could have it for one more night. I was leaving for the night and filing for divorce in the morning. I yelled at her that if she could reject a woman who gave up so much to be a great Mom to her, then I couldn’t live with her. She stood there and watched me toss a day’s clothes in a bag and she watched as I brushed past her headed for the door.”

“You didn’t make it to the door.”

“Nope! She finally got it!”

“Elissa came home devastated. Wait! She was home before eleven. You didn’t get here until after one!”

“She wanted to apologize.” He blushed. I smiled. I’d have bet the apology would be repeated. Beth and I made it to work with two minutes to spare. I was dog-tired, felt like a truck was parked on my gut and needed a nap at lunchtime. Instead we had lunch. I bought food and barely touched any of it.

Usually I walk Beth back to her work area after lunch. She walked me back to my office and told my secretary I’d stayed up most of the night with a family crisis. She took me into my office, closed the door and spent a few minutes being tender with me. She kicked off her shoes and sat in my lap. I almost went to sleep with her in my lap.

Two minutes after she left my phone rang. Ken Barnham in the warehouse had a crisis and the afternoon disappeared in solving the problems. I met Beth at the truck at a quarter after five and handed her the keys. She drove and I napped.

When we got home she went inside and Liz came out to help get me inside the house. They got me into bed and I slept. Somehow I caught something and spent the next two days in bed with the flu. Any man who gets the flu or has ever had the flu should have my three angels to care for him. I got better care than I would have received in the ICU of the best hospital in L.A. I was back on my feet on the twenty-third of December. Liz and Elissa had used my truck and brought home a tree. Emily and Brad came over and helped as I supervised the set up and it looked great when they were done. Actually, my supervision was to rest in my recliner and make suggestions. They took every suggestion.

The house was clean and ready for Christmas with family and friends. Emily delivered the bedding and they made the big bed. Brad and I talked on the phone every day. Our friends were still coming and all the things I had ordered via the Internet were delivered.

On the twenty-forth I wrapped presents. As I remembered from our childhood I wrapped presents so that the contents were disguised. I had found a watch for Mike and I wrapped it in a cheap cardboard guitar case. I wrapped the case in green Santa paper. I bought skirts for all three ladies from Pendleton. They were wrapped in three-inch diameter tubes with a piece of rebar inside to give them weight. The cruise tickets for Brad and Emily I taped to the bottom of a model ship, inside a huge box with three pounds of peanuts in the shell for padding. The cruise tickets for Elissa and I, a week long cruise to the Mexican Riviera for March, were taped to a smaller model boat, taped to a 2X6 board in a box two feet long. The cruise tickets for Liz were inside a model cabin I got on EBAY. Beth’s tickets were for a train trip in the Canadian Rockies. They hid inside a box that originally held an Easter egg coloring kit.

I had already wrapped and stashed three computers. They were inside suitcases. Inside the cases of the computers were gift cards for buying clothes for their trips. I was ready. Each of our friends got gifts designed specifically for them. Alison got a gift card for a professional massage. Phil got a CD filled with computer games. Bob got a gift card to buy music CD’s or movies. Veronica got a book on vegetable gardening. I knew she could get her husband to eat his veggies since Beth taught her how.

Some presents went under the tree Christmas Eve. Some I kept hidden for our private celebration. Our private celebration had expanded. Brad and Emily were invited. We gave them our bedroom for Christmas Eve night. We slept in the playroom.

“E” was up before dawn, and in the kitchen. She made French toast, pancakes, ham, sausage and chiliquilles. She made enough that when our friends arrived she convinced them to eat, or “I’ll just have to throw it away.”

Phil did himself proud and I realized I needed to buy him a bib for his birthday. He must have eaten almost two thousand calories for breakfast.

I set the parameters for the opening of presents. I said, “Each person selects a present that is neither for you or from you. In turn we will deliver our presents to the person whose name is on the tag. Our guests go first. Alison, pick, please.”

She picked a present for Mike, the one that looked like a guitar. She read the tag, “To Mike from Santa.” He said, “I don’t need to open it. It’s a guitar.” Then he held the present and realized it was the wrong weight. He said, “Whoa! There’s something wrong. This is too light.”

He ripped the paper off and opened the guitar case. He smiled and immediately took off the cheap watch he had worn every day since I met him. He put the new watch on and said, “Thanks, Santa.” He looked at me.

I shook my head. I think he believed me for maybe a minute. I said, “Ok, Mike you choose.”

He picked up a box wrapped in shiny foil. She read, “To Phil From Veronica.”

Phil opened a new wallet and key pouch. Inside the wallet were pictures of Phil and Veronica and two hundred cash. When he pulled the cash out he found a condom. Veronica blushed and Phil laughed and blushed too.

Phil picked up a tube almost two feet long and read, “To Elissa from Pete.” He delivered it to Elissa. She looked at me, I nodded and she kissed him and said, “Thank you.”

He said, “You’re welcome, but the present is from Pete.”

She nodded and said, “You delivered.” She opened the end of the tube and pulled out a tissue wrapped wool skirt.

Her eyes showed tears and she said, “It’s a Pendleton. My first. The thank you for this is bigger than a kiss.”

I said, “Give me the kiss anyway, please.” She did, however, she held back a little.

All the smaller gifts were dispensed and the paper all cleaned up by about noon. In my office were a few more boxes. Alison knew there were more presents and wanted to know what they were. She came over by my chair and said, loudly enough it was not a secret, “Why not let us all see what you bought for Brad, Emily and your wives?”

“We set a limit on what the gifts we gave could cost. For my family I ignored the limit.”

All our friends applied pressure, even Emily and Brad. I surrendered. I asked that the wrapped presents from my office closet be brought in. They were piled near me. Then packages from “E”, Liz and Beth arrived.

I said, “Since Elizabeth knows what is in the biggest box, let’s start with it.” Liz and Beth gave it to Elissa. Emily was next to Brad and asked if he knew what was in the box. He said, “No.”

Elissa was crying as she opened it. The lid came off and she saw a model boat. Bewildered, she looked up as if to say, “What is this?”

Liz said, “Lift it up!”

Elissa lifted it and saw the cruise tickets taped to the bottom of the boat. She squealed and jumped up, landing in my lap and kissing me without restraint. When the kiss ended I said, “It’s tickets for two. You need to invite someone to go with you.”

Liz, Beth and Emily raised their hands. Brad pulled Emily’s hands down. In the laughter Elissa said, “I invite you, my husband.” And, she kissed me again.

The next box was for Liz. Because she needed a new computer that box was for her. It started life as a box for a bracelet. Inside the box was a note, telling her where to look. She dashed from the room and came back a minute later and said, “It’s an IMac. Big flat screen and all the bells and whistles!”

I got another does of kisses.

A square box was given to Beth. She got the lid off and found a plastic log cabin in it. She lifted it and didn’t find anything taped on it. She lifted the roof and yelled when she saw the packet of tickets for our trip in the Canadian Rockies.

I got another dose of kisses. Alison nudged Mike and asked, “Are you making notes?”

He nodded.

The box with the ship, peanuts and tickets to the Mexican Riviera was next. Brad picked it up and asked me, “Do I open it or Emily?”

“You start at one end and let Emily start at the other.” I said. He put the box between them and every move she made he duplicated. When her end of the box opened a hundred peanuts spilled out.

She said, “Peanuts! A big box of peanuts?”

Brad opened his end and more peanuts spilled out, and he caught a glimpse of something else. He said, “There’s something else!” Emily reached in and found the boat. She pulled and thousands of peanuts filled her lap followed by a boat. The way they were sitting neither could see the envelope taped to the boat.

Phil could. He asked, “Does it have a motor?”

Emily had the boat in her lap and was having trouble turning it. Brad got up to help her and saw the envelope. “Hold on, there’s an envelope attached.”

He tore it off the boat and handed it to Emily. She tore it open and screamed when she realized it was a cruise. She jumped up, scattering thousands of peanuts and leapt on my lap, kissing me.

Brad responded, “What?”

From my lap she waved the envelope, saying, “We’re going on a cruise! Your great brother gave us a cruise!” Brad slumped back down to the floor and said, “I can’t go.”

It came out that Brad had been on a boat once. It was a twenty-one foot sail boat out of Marina del Rey on a windy day. He’d thrown up food he hadn’t even eaten, he was so sick. We promised this would be different. A nine hundred foot ship doesn’t rock, bob and weave the way a twenty footer does.

When all my presents were given Alison got a present from her huge diaper bag. She handed it to me. She and Mike were beaming. I opened the box and found two pictures. Somehow Mike had PhotoShopped a bunch of pictures together into one shot of Beth, Elissa, Liz and me. The other picture was of Mike, Alison and their baby. Between the two pictures a brass plate read, “Grandparents of the heart, not the DNA. Thanks, Mike, Alison and all our children”

I handed it to my wives and they gushed all over Alison and Mike. It was hung on the wall before dark.

Emily said, “Maybe we cheated, a little. I made bedding for the family bed. They slept on it last night.”

“E” said, “What you did was much more than make bedding. You made it Ok in your heart that we slept there last night. I love you.” They hugged and the hug grew into a huge group hug.

When everyone calmed down Phil said, “I guess that leaves us. I feel sort of stupid. Veronica got this present for all of you. She wrapped it and insists she delivers it. I don’t even know what it is.” He didn’t have a box, bag or anything. Veronica said, “For me to give you this gift you must agree to play along. You must let me feed you something special, and you must keep your eyes closed. Agreed?”

Everyone agreed. Beth and I almost laughed. Veronica went to the kitchen and brought back a bag she had kept in the fridge. She looked around to see who was peeking and then she dipped a small tomato in her juices and slid it into my mouth. I moaned, theatrically.

She moved to Alison and repeated the gift. When the reality hit Alison her eyes flew open and she made appreciative noises. Phil was next. His eyes popped open, too. When Veronica gave a tomato to Mike he started to protest, stopped and made a huge moan of satisfaction. When she had fed everyone she came back to me. Everyone was watching. She lifted her skirt, dipped three fingers into her honey and fed the fingers directly into my mouth.

Alison asked, “There’s something I’m missing. Are the two of you having an affair?”

Veronica answered by telling the story about Beth feeding me tomatoes at lunch while we were at work.

Alison said, “I’ve seen her do it! I never thought…” Veronica raised her hand and continued her tale. She told how one day she got a call from Beth who told her what we were doing. Veronica had been after Phil to eat veggies for months without much success, so she tried our method.

Phil said, “I have no trouble eating vegetables. No trouble at all.”

Time was spent cleaning up and getting ready to eat, again. After a great meal our guests packed up and left. Brad and Emily were the last. They thanked us for getting the family back together, for a wonderful Christmas and a cruise to look forward to.”

Brad had made two comments during the day about not going on the cruise. As they were leaving, Emily put her arms around my neck, kissed me and asked, “If Brad doesn’t go on the cruise, can I call you and have you go as my husband?”

“Depends. I won’t come for dinner unless I’ll still be there for breakfast.”

“If he won’t go, if he won’t take me on this romantic trip and love me like crazy, I’m asking… would you be my husband… for the rest of my life?”

“I’m not sure you know what you’re asking. Brad is going on the cruise.”

“My invitation stands. I love you both, hell, I love all of you. Brad and I will talk. Thank you and good-night.” Each of us got a kiss and they were gone.

“Sit,” I said, pointing at the couch.

“I believe Emily is saying much more than “can I use you as a lever to get Brad o do what he’s afraid of.” Beth said.

“E” said, “She’s serious. And, she knows exactly what she’s saying. When we were making the final adjustments to the mattress pads and linens, I found her in the playroom looking in the toy box. She asked lots of questions and I answered every one. A big part of her sexual frustration with Brad is that he desperately wants to be the good guy, the gentle lover.”

“Jesus! When was this?”

“Yesterday. You were asleep and it was just the two of us.”

“Ok. She knows. Elissa how do you feel about having her change from daughter to sister? Can you have sex with her? Can you be Ok with me having sex with her, or Beth or Liz?”

Beth asked, “Does she have to leave Brad?” Her question snapped us back and had us think.

Liz said, “Maybe Brad can learn. Before Kaye screwed up Pete was also Mr. Nice guy gentle lover.”

I asked, “Beth, do you have another copy of that story?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Please make a copy we can give to Brad. Then I’ll talk with him at dinner tomorrow night.”

Elissa said, “One of us needs to talk to Emily. I know her well enough to know she’ll be full steam ahead, if we don’t.”

I said, “Get a phone, please.” She had it on the couch beside her. “Dial.” She did and handed me the phone.

It rang twice and Emily answered. As soon as she knew it was me she said, “Momma told you about yesterday.”

“Yes. Thank you. I learned something. I need to get locks for things, certain things, to avoid too much openness.”

“You’re calling to ask me not to talk to him about any of it.”

“No. I’m asking you to wait. It is still a conversation you’ll need to have, but with preparation. We would like to assist you in introducing him to the wife he didn’t know he had.”

“If this doesn’t work out…”

“That conversation is not happening. Now the focus is on preparation for both of you for a new way of living. Can you give me two hours of your undivided attention sometime tomorrow?”

“Yes, Mas… Pete.” She almost called me Master. “E” was right. When she moves she jumps all the way in.

“Master is a term that is earned and is only used by someone I allow to use it. You will be very clear about the when, where and how to use the word when the time comes for you to use it. Until then I am Pete.”

“Yes, Pete. I understand, Pete.”

“During the day tomorrow I want you to write. Long hand or by computer I want you to write a letter to yourself. Describe life with you as a sub and either Brad or me as your Dominant. Describe how your life would be, the every day, the way I will talk to you. What Brad will expect from you. Your responsibilities and mine. At four o’clock fax or email it to me. The letter is not to me, it is to you. Imagine either Brad or I as the perfect Master for you and tell yourself what that would be like. Be specific. Do not say he might slap me. Write, he will slap my tits, sometimes.”

“I understand. May I send a draft to you, to see if I am complying?”

“Yes, one. Now, is Brad there?”

“He just came out of the shower, Sir.”

“Pete!” I corrected. “Let me speak to him, please.”

“Yes, Pete. I’ll give him the phone.”

I heard her say, “Brad, it’s your brother.”

He answered, “Pete? What’s going on between you and Emily?”

“First, not what you think. I have plenty going on here and I am not nor have I been scouting for another woman in my life. Second, after work tomorrow I want us to have dinner, you and me. Can that happen?”


“Where is Emily right now?”

“Right here, next to me.”

“You’re still wet?”

“Yeah, I just got out of the shower.”

“Hand her the towel and say, “I need to talk to Pete. Would you please dry me?”

He repeated my words exactly and came back on. “It worked.”

“For tonight you don’t need to understand. For tonight she needs you to be a bit assertive. If you want a drink, ask her to get it for you. If you want her sexually tell her what you want, don’t ask her if it would be Ok. Just for tonight.”

“Won’t that piss her off?”

“Not tonight. Meet me at our house when you get off work tomorrow. Are you dry?”


“Tell her to stop sucking you. Hand her the phone and leave the bathroom. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

He said, “Answer the phone, please.”

Emily’s voice said, “Yes, Pete?”

“This is a test. It is not the only test, just the first. The first step for being a good sub is learning to follow directions. As of right now, Brad is your Dominant. He doesn’t even know it, but you do. For the rest of the night whatever he wants, he gets. If he wants a pizza and you don’t think a pizza at eleven is a good idea, you get him a pizza. You don’t tell him a pizza’s a bad idea. If he wants sex, you enthusiastically give him what he wants.”

“I understand, Pete.”

“Don’t ask him for what you want, crave, desire or need. Not tonight. Tomorrow he will not be coming home for dinner. He is eating with me. You will be home waiting for a phone call from Elissa or me. You will be wearing a cotton dress that can be as easily removed as a t-shirt and slip on shoes, nothing else.”

“Yes, Pete.” Her voice was soft, compliant.

“If I call, you will drive here knowing that all of us will see you naked and will control you as a slave as soon as you are here. Do you agree to all this?”

“Yes, Pete.” Her voice was softer still, compliant and filled with tension.

“Unless Brad wants sex, you will not masturbate in any way between now and when I call you tomorrow night. During the day tomorrow you will be nude unless you need to leave the house. If you must leave the house, you will wear a dress or skirt, no panties, no pants. As you drive your car you will sit on a folded towel, not on your clothes.”

“Yes, Pete.”

“If Brad presses you to talk about what you and I spoke of before you left, tell him you promised me you wouldn’t. If he continues to press tell him to call me.”

“Yes, Pete.”

“Thank you.” I hung up.

Over the next hour I compiled a list of books, articles and web sites for Brad to study, if he was open to treating Emily as she deeply needed to be treated. Beth gave me a flash drive with the story on it. I printed it. I was caught up in the Emily drama and had put Christmas and the excitement into the background. Beth and Liz snapped me out of the drama.

The stood quietly just inside my office, dressed identically. Each had removed two ornaments from the tree and hung them from their nipples. The first time I looked up I saw them and burst into laughter. They didn’t move.

I did. I closed down my computer and went to them. I took the ornaments off them and asked Beth to return them to the tree. Then we went to the playroom and settled down on the big bed. Elissa was already there. She was first to ask questions.

“Master, may we talk?” She asked.

“Until I fall asleep.”

“Are you angry with me… for talking to Emily?”

“No. It’s on me. I expect you to be honest. If I had locked the toy box the situation may not have developed so quickly, but I do believe it would have developed. Emily craves something and that craving would keep gnawing at her until she discovered what it was. Brad has already begun asking questions about how we live. So have most of our friends. Now the question is, how will Brad and Emily do when they know the whole story and have to confront being there for meeting each other’s needs?”

“I will do anything to help.” Elissa said. Elizabeth nodded.

“Brad is coming here for dinner tomorrow. He and I will begin talking then. I’d like all of you present. I want you to honestly answer any question he asks you, but don’t volunteer. At some point I may ask you, Elissa, to call Emily and invite her over. She has her instructions for what to do when the call comes. You may be asked to show them both how we play, how we express the care and love here. Can you give each other sex and allow yourself to be hurt as an example?”

“As you wish it, Master.” They said.

“I may ask one or more of you to fuck Brad.”

“As you wish it, Master.” Was stated, again.

“I truly wish I knew more about this whole lifestyle. Half the time I think I’m making shit up as I go along.”

Beth snuggled closer and said, “Master, we know all that. We trust you. We trust you completely.”

Elissa said, “Emily has only really known you since Thanksgiving. She knows what she has asked for means. She trusts you with her life! She wants into the life she sees here.”

“I want her to stay with Brad. I want them to have a family like ours, if that’s what serves them. Elissa may get to have a daughter who is also a sister. You may all get a sister who doesn’t live with us. Now that we’re facing this new creation, I have no idea how it will play out.”

Liz kissed me and said, “Relax, Master. No matter how it plays, we’re yours. We trust you and love you.”

“Ok, Good. I feel better. Now, let’s sleep. We can celebrate our gifts for weeks to come.”

Liz asked, “May I ask one more question, please?”


“The cruise you gave me, is it really just you and me for a week?”

“Yes. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Peterson on a cruise ship for a week. Call it a Honeymoon Trip.”

Beth asked, “Where?”

“There is a cruise that visits four islands in Hawaii in a week. I have a few friends in Hawaii and we’ll visit them and be tourists for the week.”

“Thank you, Husband.” Liz said.

I turned on my side and they spooned either behind or in front of me. I was asleep in less than a minute.

The alarm woke us at 6:15. Somehow Elissa was already up, coffee made and breakfast cooking. By seven we were at the table and eating. Huevos Rancheros with fresh salsa and guacamole were on the table and disappearing fast.

By 7:30 Beth and I were on the road. Liz left twenty minutes later. Beth and Liz were each wearing plaid Pendleton skirts. When I ordered them I remembered how excited Kaye was when I bought her two such skirts for our second anniversary. Remembering that again got me thinking about her, again.

It was like she was two different women, fighting for dominance in one body. The traditional woman filled with thoughts of a family, a home, two point three kids, an SUV and all that and a ball-busting feminist CEO somewhere who would and could take care of herself and use men as dildos. I actually felt sorry for her. The war inside her for control must have kept her in turmoil. She let Mark get her marked, tattooed, while the traditional woman wanted to please her man. I imagined the fear and loathing she felt when she realized what she had done, an hour or a day later.

I thought about how much responsibility I felt for her death. When I saw the tattoo I gave up on her. Up until that moment I was willing to forgive everything and every one she had fucked. I was ready to take her back, make a new life for us, right up until I was six inches from her cunt and his sign of ownership.

When I parked Beth said, “You’ve been very quiet.”

“Sorry. I had some thinking to do. I was not ignoring you to ignore you.”

We went inside and she went one way and I went another.

A little after nine my phone rang. It was Brad.

“I’m losing my mind. I don’t want to wait until dinner for us to talk.”

“Can you take today off?”

“Sure. The place is dead.”

“I’m going to email you some stuff. Read it then meet me for lunch at Pollywog Park. I’ll get us lunch and bring it with me. You like Subway’s?”

“Yeah! Turkey, lettuce and tomatoes. Veronica tomatoes if possible.”

“They are good, but Beth’s are better.”



As we had talked I sent him Beth’s story and two links to stuff on the Internet. I handled two small problems in warehouse number three and took the rest of the day off. I called Beth to tell her I’d be back for her at five when she said her boss had released everyone for the rest of the week. Since Christmas was Thursday he had given them four or five hours off.

I said, “I’m taking you with me. You have more knowledge about this lifestyle than I do. You can help me help Brad to understand us and thereby understand his own wife.”

“Do we have lunch plans?”

“Yes. We’ll stop at Subways on the way to Pollywog Park.”

“Where shall we meet?”

“At the truck in twenty minutes.”

“As you wish…Pete.”

When we met at the truck she was carrying a roll of butcher paper. I asked, “What’s the paper for?”

“Half for me to sit on and half to protect my new skirt. Pendleton’s are not usually picnic clothes.”

We bought sandwiches, drinks and chips for our picnic. At 11:50 I parked at the park. We picked a table some distance from any other table and from any of the playground equipment. As we started unpacking lunch we saw Brad park. Beth waved and he waved back.

When he was close Beth kissed him and asked, “Is it Ok that I’m here? If you want this to be just you brothers I’ll understand and have my lunch over by the truck.”

“No. It’s fine. I’ll just blush a little more often.” We sat and started eating. Beth hadn’t gotten a sandwich. She had a salad. Brad watched her take a couple bites, then he said, “I’m totally lost here. Last night Emily volunteered to marry you, join your family and leave me!”

“She didn’t mean it quite the way you heard it.” I said.

“I heard her. She said, “If he won’t go, if he won’t take me on this romantic trip and love me like crazy, I’m asking… would you be my husband… for the rest of my life?”

“We all heard her. But before we go there, did you read the story?”

“Yeah! I don’t get it.”

Beth touched my leg. I nodded. She said, “The woman in the story discovered a need, deep inside herself. A need to be controlled, to surrender her life to someone who she could trust would keep her safe, nurture her and give her what she needed.”

“I got that part.”

“Her husband grew up being taught to be a gentleman. You and Pete were brought up that way. The woman in the story needed more than Mr. Nice Guy. I’ll be blunt. Every time you take Emily to bed for sex you are tender, slow and pay attention to her arousal first. Right?”

“That’s what the magazines and books say!”

“And they’re right for most women.” I said, “But not ours. Beth taught me that there are women who need to be dominated. When you asked Emily to dry you last night, what was her response?”

“She acted like I gave her a gift. She loved doing it!”

“After we got off the phone, what did you ask for?”

“A Coke. It came in a glass with ice, just the way I like it.”

“Emily wants to serve you. There is a part of Emily that is happiest when she is serving you, making your life work. She is an independent woman, but only because society says she needs to be. Want her to be happy? Go through her closet and tell her which things you like and don’t like. She’ll throw away the things you don’t like. Tell her what you’d like her to wear tomorrow. She’ll wear it and be happy because she’s pleasing you.”

Brad looked at Beth and asked, “Is that true?”


“Give him an example.” I sad.

“Like all girls my age I was taught how to dress modestly. Wear panties; keep my knees together, all the normal things. Pete doesn’t like panties. If he wants to touch my pussy panties are in the way, so… I don’t wear panties except when I’m having a period. All day long I’m aware that being bare is a gift I’m giving Pete.” She stood up and lifted her skirt, treating Brad to a look at he bald, exposed pussy. She sat back down. “I used to shave my legs and trim around my pussy. Hairy or bald I can pee and fuck either way. If Pete liked hair, I’d grow a shrub for him.”

“Brad, did you notice that Beth, Liz and Elissa didn’t give me any presents yesterday?”

“Yeah. We all noticed. Why?”

“They are the gift. I watched as Beth unwrapped the skirt she has on, that was enough and more for me. Being loved like they love me is all I ever want. My joy is in their lives.”

“And, our joy is in having Pete’s life please him.” Beth added.

“Ok, but in the story the man hurt her.”

“A small percentage of women in the world need that or something similar in order to get the most from the physical part of their relationships. Near the end of Kaye’s life we discovered that she was looking for a dominant person to control her life. Unfortunately she picked a man who didn’t care for her. He just liked the sadistic part of domination. She was also hampered by a belief that said I should know what she needs and give it to her, because I love her. She couldn’t tell me what she needed. By the time I discovered what she needed she had been so damaged and I was so confronted by her damage that we couldn’t repair it.”

“What? She was damaged?”

Beth asked me with her eyes. She said, “The man who Kaye turned to for dominance had her tattooed as his property. He had her tattooed with the word, “Mark’s.” right above her pussy.

“If I had been who I am now when I saw it, my reaction would have been different. She ended her life because she believed I wouldn’t love her any more. She believed Beth had already replaced her.”

“Damn. I thought I knew the story. I didn’t know shit!”

“Emily was telling me, publicly, she needs to be dominated. She already trusts me, completely. Her Momma trusts me and needs the pain as a part of how she feels loved and cared for.”

Beth touched my arm again and I nodded. “It also enhanced our experience of sex. There are things Pete does to me that I explode when he does them. Sometimes those things leave bruises. Even the bruises tell me he loves me.”

“Emily wants me to hurt her?”

“Emily wants you to control her body, mind and spirit. It’s a gift she wants to give you, not something you’ll take away from her.”

“If you say so.” He didn’t look convinced.

“Beth tell him about the story, please.”

“The story isn’t fiction. I wrote it about my first marriage. He had died of cancer before I ever met Pete. When he talked about the problems he was having at home I offered him the story, hoping it would open up a new way for Pete and Kaye to be together. When she ended her life, I offered Pete my life. I already knew what kind of man he was. I trusted him with my life and I’m happier now than I’ve been in my life.”

“And he beats you?”

“No. He uses physical techniques to enhance our sexuality and to reinforce his dominance. He thinks of himself as a novice but he is so gentle with his dominance that any time I think I might have missed something I can be rendered speechless and crying by just a look. It doesn’t take a flogger. He knows and understands my body better than I do and we keep expanding how we care for everyone in our family.”

“I’ll have to take your word on that.”

“Maybe not.” I said. “Emily is at home right now, waiting for a call. If I call and say, “Come” she will drive to our home and be ready to see if this Dom-sub life is what she wants. She knows that if she comes to our house she will be physically given pain as a part of sex, that she will be nude in front of all of us and that it will hurt. Elissa and she talked for hours on Wednesday. Each woman in my life has different boundaries. You and Emily will be able to discover what works for you both.”

He was quiet for a while. It might have appeared he was watching some kids playing at the swings in the park. I doubt if he saw them.

“You don’t want Emily?”

“Are you asking if I want to break up your marriage and have her move in with us? The answer is no. I want the two of you to have a great life together. You are at a creation point. I want us to help, if that’s possible. Did you hear how I responded to her? I said, I’m not sure you know what you’re asking. Brad is going on the cruise. I didn’t know she and Elissa had talked. I’m not and I wasn’t after Emily. I will not say this to her, but I will say it to you: If the two of you cannot create a life together and you divorce, I will welcome her into our family. In my mind and heart she’s already in, as are you.”

“I don’t want to lose her!”

“Beth, ride to our home with Brad, please. Answer any question he has. Don’t let him get lost.” Beth cleaned up our lunch mess and when Brad stood up I pulled out my cell and dialed Brad’s home.

Emily answered, “Yes, Pete.”

“Come.” I hung up. We walked to our vehicles and Brad opened the door for Beth. She got in without giving him a look. Thirty-five minutes later we were home. Emily’s car was parked in front of the house next door.

We went in through the back door. Elissa, Liz and Emily were in the kitchen. Liz and Elissa were wearing long t-shirts. Liz said, “You didn’t tell us what to wear, so I guessed.”

“You did well. My fault for not leaving better instructions. Where are the sleeping mats?”

Elissa answered, “Stacked against a wall of the playroom, Master.”

“Good. Thank you.” I motioned and everyone followed me to the playroom. There were two chairs in the room. I got one and handed the other to Brad. I said, “In the playroom I sit in a chair. Wives sit on the floor, as a sign that they are mine by their choice. Beth, Liz and Elissa sat on the floor, cross-legged. They held the hem of their t-shirts over their pussies.

“Did I ask you to hide your beautiful pussies from me?”

“No, Master.” They uncovered.

Emily wasn’t sure if she should stay standing or sit. I said, “Brad, your wife is waiting for you to tell her what to do; sit or stand.”

“Sit if you want to.” Brad said. Emily didn’t move.

“Brad, you make a thousand decisions a day. They’re easy for you. You’ve been trained for your whole life in making decisions. They are the most difficult part of Emily’s day. She has trouble deciding which she wants. When you offer to go for ice cream, she wants to go to Thrifty not Baskin-Robins. Too many decisions. Tell her what to do. She’ll love you for it.”

“Emily, sit please. Doesn’t the please take away from me telling her?”

“No. If I said, “Beth, stand”, it’s an order and an assertion of power and control. When I say, “Beth, please stand”, she hears the unsaid part of the request. “Beth, I love you and want the best for you. At this moment that means standing. It will please me.”

He looked at Beth, who was standing, smiling. Emily was sitting next to Beth, legs crossed and her pussy exposed. He stared.

I asked, “Liz, when was the last time you had an orgasm?”

“Christmas eve, Master.”

“What time?”

“Near midnight.”


“Just before Liz.”


“I was first. It was about ten or so.”

“Elissa take off the t-shirt, please.” In two seconds it was off. She stayed sitting.

Brad said, “It’s Ok with you that I see her naked? It’s Ok with her?”

“She trusts that I have a good reason for what I do. That trust is so big that no matter what her opinion is she will do what I ask. To be honest that level of trust scares the hell out of me. She knows something most people miss about subs. She lets me have control, which ultimately means she’s the one in control. This is not a power struggle. Some dominant-sub relationships are power struggles, at least at first. Here, it is a gift. Obedience is a gift, one she wants to give me.”

Brad faced Emily; “It would please me if you were naked, too.”

The dress was off in three seconds only because she was sitting on it and Elissa hadn’t been sitting on her t-shirt. Emily smiled at Brad.

“Why are you smiling?” Brad asked.

“I did what you asked. Pete’s right I see it as a gift to you. Most of the time you don’t let me give to you.”

“What? You take care of the house, the shopping, the laundry…”

“I thought you thought it was my job.”

He turned to me. “What do I do?”

“Would you like to wear the blue Hawaiian shirt tomorrow?”

“Yeah, Ok.”

“If you asked Emily if it were possible she would say yes, and bust her butt to make it so. Her gift to you. If you notice she did the laundry, made something wonderful for dinner, dried you after a shower… acknowledge the gift. Instead of being self-reliant at home, allow her to contribute to you. Don’t get up and get your own Coke. Ask for one.”

“Emily,” Brad said, “Would you go get Pete a diet Coke and me a Coke, please?”

She was up and moving for the door as she asked, “In a can, a glass with ice or how?”

“Cans will be fine. Thank you.” She was gone less than a minute. She opened the cans for us. Then she resumed her seat on the floor.

“Just how far does this go?”

“Elissa, please help me undress.” She was on the job instantly. I was undressed and my clothes folded and stacked on a table.

She asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Master?”

“Yes. Please suck me hard.”

She moved between my legs and my penis disappeared into her mouth. Brad’s eyes bulged and he watched as Elissa’s focus and attention was on my pleasure and nowhere else.

When I was hard she stopped, but didn’t remove my cock from her mouth. She looked up at my face, waiting for instructions.

“Are you wet, Honey?” I asked. She nodded. “Thank you. Please resume your seat.”

She didn’t hesitate.

“Emily, Are you moist, wet or dripping?” I asked.


“There are towels on that table.” I pointed. “Get one.” She got up and got a towel. She came back but didn’t sit.

“Emily, the floor where you were sitting is wet. If you put the towel down there then the towel will be wet. I think it would be best if you sucked up as much of your juices as you can before you put the towel down.”

She got down on her knees and bent her face to the floor. She became a human vacuum and sucked the juices off the floor. I waited a minute and said, “Please stop, and let me see how well you did.”

She moved aside and I said, “Excellent. Put the towel down and sit on the towel.”

“Brad, what are you thinking?”

“I don’t even know her! She just showed us her ass and pussy! She sucked her one cum off the floor! This is not my wife!”

“You’re wrong. This is the authentic Emily. She’s been hiding this Emily from everyone, including herself. In her mind she hasn’t done anything wrong. She’s doing what the men she trusts ask her to do. If I ask her to pick a woman in the room and suck her to orgasm, she can’t. If I say, “Emily, lean Beth back, crawl between her legs and eat her pussy until she screams”, she’ll do it. I’m responsible.”

“No. I’m responsible! Emily, do what Pete said. Eat Beth to orgasm.” Emily didn’t move.

“Now what?” Brad asked. Emily said, “I am sorry. I am yours to control. I am your wife. Beth does not belong to you. It would be assault without Pete’s permission.”

I was impressed. Emily was very intelligent and thinking about every step we were taking.

Brad asked, “Peter is it Ok if Emily sucks Beth to orgasm?”

“Yes.” Beth leaned back, spread her legs wide and welcomed Emily between them. Emily’s ass and pussy faced Brad and I. It did not take long and Beth was quivering. A few more motions and her back arched, her legs squeezed Emily’s head and Beth came.

Emily stopped eating Beth and returned to her towel.

Brad asked, “Have you done that before?”

Emily said, “No” as Beth said, “Yes!”

I asked, “Emily, what day of the week can you come over and eat one of my wives? A different wife each week.”

“I have time on Thursdays. Brad doesn’t get home until seven, usually.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm from having someone eat your pussy?”

“Yes. Brad does it, sometimes.”

“Brad, I want you to remember that last orgasm Emily had while being eaten. Can you remember it?”

“Yeah! It was a good one!”

“I want to show you something new. Trust me a little longer, please. Spread Emily’s legs and eat her to orgasm.”

He hesitated. We were all watching. A minute after he started he was into it, forgetting he had an audience. I whispered into Elissa’s ear, “When she cums, pinch her nipples just like you like yours pinched. She wants to feel the pinch clear until Sunday.”

Elissa smiled and moved near her daughter. Emily had her eyes closed and her back had already arched a little. She quivered and began to shake. She suddenly took a big breath and I saw Elissa’s hands grab Emily’s nipples, pinch and twist. Emily came up off the floor, screaming and flooding Brad with her cum. Liz caught her head as she collapsed back onto the floor and flopped and twisted around as she groaned. Elissa moved back a little.

Beth got another towel and gave it to Brad. He wiped his face, neck and upper chest. Emily lay on the floor as if she had passed out, except she was awake and looking around.

“Ladies, clean her up. Take her to the shower and when she’s dry, bring her back.” I said.

“What about the wet spot?” Elissa asked.

I said, “I’d appreciate it if you’d clean it up while Liz and Beth take Emily.”

She got down and sucked the pool up, then wiped the rest with a fresh towel. When she was gone I asked Brad, “Was that just like every orgasm she’s ever had with you?”

“Hell No! That was incredible! And, you’re gonna tell me it was the pain of having her nipples pinched that did that?”

“You’ve eaten her plenty of times. The result was different this time. I didn’t get it either until Beth and Liz taught me what a difference a little pain makes, for them. Want more proof? You can have any one of the three to see what a difference meeting their needs makes. I still think about how to build a snorkel so I don’t drown.”

When the women came back Brad had been thinking for quite a while. He looked at all four women and said, “Emily, I notice that Beth, Liz and Elissa are all shaved. I also noticed that when I was eating you I had a lot of hair in my mouth and up my nose. I think it would be more fun for me if you were hairless, too.”

Emily turned to Elissa and asked, “Can I have a razor?”

Elissa asked, “Have you ever shaved it?”


She turned to me and I said, “Instead of giving her a razor, give her a shave. Then, if it’s Ok with Brad, give her the tongue test.”

“What tongue test?” Brad wanted to know.

“When I shave anyone I lick them after, to make sure they are really smooth.”

“You have my permission.”

Elissa and Emily left the playroom, arm in arm.

“I think that’s about enough for today. Let’s get dressed and get some dinner.”

Beth said, “Emily came in that flimsy cotton shift.”

“Do you have some things she can wear?”

“Yes, Master. The shave may take a little time.”

“I’d bet it would. It may be the second most intimate shared moment in their lives together, so far.”

“Second most?” Brad asked.

“I’d say that when Emily came sliding out of Elissa would qualify as the most intimate moment. Agree?”

Brad nodded, as did Beth.

“Master, shall I get clothes for Emily now?”

“Make it so.”

“Yes, Jean-Luc.” She saluted as she ran from the playroom.

Brad and I showered and dressed for dinner. I asked, “Where shall we go for dinner?”

“I have no idea.”

“New idea. You’ve been asking Emily what she feels like eating, where she wants to go and when you get somewhere you hand her the menu. Cut it out! Beth doesn’t want those decisions. Liz doesn’t want those decisions. Elissa hated it when her husband died, and part of why was that suddenly she had to decide. When we get to the restaurant they will look at the menu. The waitress will come and I will order. I recommend you tell Emily where we’re going and let her know you will be ordering for both of you.”

“She might not like what I order.”

“You’ll never know. She is being trained, just like you. She will learn that her Master chooses for her, because he’s making her life easier, because he wants to take care of her, because he believes what he chooses for her will benefit her in some way. She won’t see you choosing as you being a bully, mean or a male chauvinist.”

“This is really difficult for me to wrap my head around.”

“More difficult for each of these women. The media and their friends and family have been pounding them with ideas that run counter to what their hearts and minds tell them would work for them.”

“She never wanted me to pinch her breasts before, but she certainly responded to it!”

“She did want you to pinch her! She just couldn’t say it. Her “good girl” training said, “Good Girls” don’t! Her heart says, be a bad girl and the fight stays in her head. She found out today that it must be Ok to have your tits pinched, her Momma did it to her!”

“Ok. Don’t leave town for about ten years. It’ll take that long for me to learn all this stuff.”

“You’re going on a cruise. I’ll be here at home while you’re gone. You need to be careful. Mark misused his power over Kaye and had her do things she knew were wrong. You could get her down into Mexico, take her to a tattoo parlor and have whore printed on her ass. She’d know it was wrong, and she’d let you do it.”

“With power comes responsibility.” Brad quoted.

“Absolutely!” I agreed.

All four women joined us. Brad said, “I think I’d like to see what a good job was done.”

Emily blushed and lifted her skirt. Elissa did a great job. Brad used his fingers and stroked across her newly shaved pussy. Her head tilted back and she pressed her mons forward, into his hand. When he withdrew his hand he asked, “Did you cum during the tongue test?”

Emily looked down and nodded her head. Brad responded by lifting her chin until she was looking him in the eyes and he asked again, “Did you cum with your Mother licking your pussy?”

“Yes, Brad.” She whispered.

Brad thanked her and kissed her. I said, “Seat towels would be a good idea, don’t we agree?”

Liz got a stack and we went to the truck. Brad had Emily sit on his lap, making it more comfortable for everyone else. He put a towel on his slacks and Emily sat directly on the towel. As we drove Liz asked, “Master, may we coach Emily?”

I answered, “Subject to Brad’s agreement. Tell her how things are between us. Brad will decide how things are between them.”

Liz was close to Emily. She put a hand on each knee and pried them a few inches apart. She said, “Wearing panties is like keeping your legs closed. It says, “This is my pussy and you can only touch me if I give permission, every time.” When you stay open and available you are saying, “I am your woman, if you want me, any where, any time for any reason I have already given you permission.”

She looked at me in the rearview mirror and I winked. She continued, “If Pete wants a taste of me I’m ready to give it, even from the back seat. Panties are not in the way.”

I said, “I would like a taste.”

Emily watched as Beth smiled and Liz dipped into Beth’s pussy for the taste. Liz’s fingers went into my mouth and I sucked loudly. When I was done I pushed her fingers out of my mouth. I said, “Thank you, that was nice. However, you thought you were playing a trick on me. That was Liz’s fingers and Beth’s juice.”

Emily said, “You can identify them by the taste of their…”

“Yes. Their taste changes but I can identify each by her scent and her taste.”

Brad saw we were close to the restaurant and he said, “Sweetheart, I’ll be ordering for us tonight.”

“Thank you, Brad. Their menu is so big I’d never be able to choose.”

We parked and went into the Cheesecake Factory. We were given a round table. Brad helped Emily to sit and he sat to her right. I sat opposite Brad and pointed to the other chairs and said, “Elissa, Liz, Beth”. Putting Liz on the other side of Brad with Elissa next to her and me, Beth on the other side of me next to Emily.

The waiter came and I asked for extra napkins. He delivered the menus and went to get napkins. Liz softly said, “It’s not nice to sit our bare asses and pussies on their chairs. Pete asked for napkins so we can sit on them. When they arrive I’ll show you how to fold and get the napkin under you without making it a show.”

Emily nodded, as did Brad.

The waiter delivered six extra napkins. I gave them to Liz. They were folded into squares. She unfolded the top napkin, folded it in thirds and the folded the long strip in half, lengthwise. Emily said, “Like a pad.”

Liz gave that one to Emily and passed the others out. No one at any table noticed as any of my wives slipped the napkins beneath them. When Emily gave it her first attempt she did well.

Beth looked behind Emily and said, softly, “Lift just a little and scoot the napkin forward, about half an inch is sticking out behind you.”

Emily blushed. The waiter came back and I ordered drinks and dinner for everyone except Brad and Emily. The waiter got it all down and turned to Brad. He struggled. He didn’t know which things she wanted. When he faltered the second time I said, “Brad, if you’ll allow me.” I looked at the waiter and said, “He’s been out of touch for a while. Bring Emily the swordfish, rice pilaf, mixed veggies and start with the wedge salad, vinaigrette on the side. Brad will have the porterhouse, baked potato with butter and chives, no sour cream and broccoli only. He’ll want a small Caesar.”

He thanked me and walked away.

Brad asked, “How did you choose?”

“Since I met Elissa I’ve watched how she cooks and what she cooks. I figured that Emily was raised eating Elissa’s food. Elissa never makes steak unless I ask for it. She cooks fish at least twice a week. She prefers rice to potatoes, but she makes potatoes for me often. When she makes salads she tends toward salad that crunches so I could easily have gone with Caesar for both.”

Beth and Liz smiled. Elissa beamed.

“I should study Emily like you study Elissa, Liz and Beth?”

“How else can you take care of her? You could have ordered a sirloin steak, medium, a baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives and mixed veggies. She would do her best to eat it. You would have spent twenty-five dollars on a meal she might eat a third of. She goes home thinking you don’t know her, you’re not taking care of her and she’s still hungry.”

“I will learn.”

Emily turned and asked, with downcast eyes, “Do you mean that? I’ve studied you ever since we met. Pete can ask me anything about what you like and don’t like. I know you! You can’t even order me dinner. By the way, he got it perfectly.”

The look on his face said he didn’t believe her.

I said, “Beth, Honey, there’s a notebook in the glove box, and probably a pen or other writing tool. Please get them for me.” I gave her the keys and she went, smiling. The salads were delivered along with Liz’s soup. When Beth came back she gave me the notebook and a pen. I noticed she had three more pens in her hand. I tore out pages, one for each woman at the table and one for Brad. I said, “I’ll ask the questions. You put the number and the answer. Elissa I want you to write the questions and no answers for the questions about Emily. Answer the questions about Brad.”

The salads were cleared.

“All the questions I ask about Brad you can answer about me, Elizabeth. The questions I ask about Emily answer for yourself. One, what is Brad’s favorite color shirt to wear? Two, What is Emily’s favorite color clothing to wear? Three, what size shirt and pants does Brad wear> Four, what size slacks, blouse and dress does Emily wear? Five, What size shoes does Brad wear and how many pairs of shoes does he own? Finally, what size shoes does Emily wear and how many pair of high heels does she own?”

Brad had moaned at various points as I asked the questions. After each question I’d allowed enough time for them to write the answers.

“Put your name at the top and pass me the papers, please.”

Dinner arrived. We ate and talked about other things, logistical things. Brad asked, “Does Elissa do all the shopping for the family?”

I answered, “No, not all. Most. Food, household supplies, incidentals Elissa buys. She also gets things any of us asks for.”

“You manage all the money?” He asked.

“Yes. All of us have credit cards on one account. Elizabeth knows if she wants or needs something she can buy it. Anything unusual she knows I expect her to check with me before buying. They don’t check with me if they buy gas for their cars, but for clothes, they check. Elissa has a household budget and she’s been doing great about feeding us and keeping the house well stocked with everything without going over her budget.”

We were pretty well finished with eating and I took out the papers.

“Brad, what is your favorite color shirt to wear?”

“I have a dark blue shirt I bought from L.L.Bean.”

I handed Emily’s sheet to Liz and asked her to read Emily’s responses. She read, “L.L.Bean, dark blue, long sleeves.”

“What is Emily’s favorite color to wear? Brad?”

“I think it’s green.”

I handed Emily’s sheet to Beth. She read, “Teal”

Brad said, “That’s sort of green.”

I gave the sheets for Liz, Beth and Elissa to Brad. I pointed at each in turn and said, “Beth’s favorite color to wear is silver-gray. Liz loves rust and Elissa likes Navy blue.” All three nodded.

I went on, “Number three, what size pants and shirt does Brad wear?” Liz read, “34X34 pants and a 16 ½ X34 shirt Tall.”

“Of course she knows, she buys a lot of my clothes.”

“Four, what size slacks, blouse and dress does Emily wear?” Beth read, ” Size 8 slacks, Large blouse and an 8 to 10 dress depending on how it’s cut.”

I asked, “Liz what did Brad say?”

“A medium everything.”

“Number five, what sizes shoes does Brad wear and how many pair does he own?”

Liz read, “I have five pair of shoes. All are size eleven D. Hiking boots, two pair of athletic shoes and two pair of dress shoes.”

Beth read, “Emily says, Two pair of athletic shoes, two leather shoes, a pair of old hiking boots.”

“What size shoes does Emily wear and how many pair of high heels does she have?”

Beth read, “Emily has five pair of high heels. Two, two inch, two three inch and a pair of four inch. All are sevens.”

Liz read, smiling, “Size eight. Three pair.”

Brad said, “Ok, I get it. She knows me much better than I know her.”

“You are looking at becoming an unusual man. Most men don’t even remember their anniversary date, wife’s birthday or the birthday dates of their children, but they can tell you the batting averages of twenty different baseball players or how many yards a specific player ran last season. By knowing more about Emily than anyone else of the planet you prove to her she’s the most important person, place or thing in your life.”

He picked up the three sheets in front of him. “Their clothes?”

“Beth wears size six pants usually, but sometimes she goes to an eight. Liz and Beth can trade pants easily. Elissa is usually in an eight and she hems the legs about an inch. Depending on the style most of the time they all wear a medium blouse, but sometimes Beth opts for a large so she doesn’t get gaposis. All three wear an eight dress but Beth owns three tens, because the eight was too tight through the bust. Elissa wears a 38D bra, Beth a 36 DD and Liz a 36 C.”

“Ok. Point made.” Brad said.

“Don’t take all this as a put down. It isn’t. At the beginning of 2008 I knew one size on Kaye. She wore a 36C bra. I knew nothing else about her, not even her favorite color. I couldn’t order for her in a restaurant. Beth introduced me to a new world, and to properly and completely love her, them, I’ve been studying. I know you can do what I’ve done.”

“Do I have to memorize everything by New Year’s Day?”

“No. Take a week.” I smiled.

Brad smiled, “Ok, I can do it, in a week.”

“So, you’re accepting this new way of living is what Emily needs and you want to give her?” I asked.

“I love her. I want our lives to be great for a very long time. I still may freak out the first time I slap her or pinch hard, but I already know it works for her… so I’m in.”

I could see that Beth wanted to ask a question but it was outside her comfort zone. I paid the bill and we made it to the truck before she burst. When the doors to the truck closed I said, “Beth, ask Brad the question.”

She asked, “My question is to both you Brad and to my Master. Will Emily be permitted to play with us?”

“What kind of play are you talking about?” Brad asked.

“Sexual.” Beth said, head down, voice soft.

“Yes!” Brad answered.

I said, “Yes, with limitations. Each play date must be approved. Just because you go shopping together does not mean you can eat each other or use the toys in the playroom. I cannot speak for Brad on this but the three of you know you need permission to cum. I do not want phone calls while I’m at work asking if you can cum!”

“As you wish, Master.” Three voices yielded.

I asked, “Beth, you didn’t ask about Brad and I playing with all of you.”

“It took all my bravery to ask about Emily.”

“Aren’t you curious if I will be using Emily for my pleasure and if Brad will be using you for his?”

She looked at the floor of the truck and nodded. Liz and Elissa also looked down. Emily was on Brad’s lap and she looked out the window. I stopped the truck in the driveway and shut off the engine.

I offered, “Brad, have you got plans for New Years Eve?”

“Nope. New Years Day I want to watch some football, but New Years Eve? No plans.”

“Let’s do it together. You, me and four beautiful women.”

“I like it!” He said. We got out of the truck. Beth collected the towels and on our way into the house she slipped them into the laundry room.

We sat in the living room. I asked, “I have about two hours work to do tomorrow. Liz, do you need to work tomorrow?”

“No, Master.”


“No, Master.”


“I’ve got maybe two hours of sitting at the computer, but it can be done anytime before Monday. What do you have in mind?”

“Stay the night. You can have the king bed and I’ll sleep in the playroom. Before we sleep we can have some fun and see if we can force one or two of these women to cum for us.”

“Before I answer, can I speak to you outside?” Brad asked.

“Sure.” We went out in the back yard.

“Pete, are you intending to fuck my wife?”

“Would you like to fuck any of my wives?”

“To be honest, yes. But, we’ve spent years protecting the sanctity of marriage. Forsaking all others and all that.”

“The marriage you started with Emily is no longer the marriage you have. You and she are redefining the terms of how you are married. When we go back inside, walk up to Emily and say, “Emily, I want you to strip and help Pete get undressed. Then I want all of us to watch you fuck him until he cums inside you.” As soon as she starts to get undressed, reach into her pussy and if she’s not wet I won’t fuck her, tonight. If she’s wet go to anyone else and feel her. If she’s wet she’s yours for the night.”

“Why would you do this?”

“I think it strengthens the bond of their submission. They really want to be sluts and love fucking, but their good girl training is strong. The only way they can be sluts if by it being us who demands it. It’s not Ok for Elissa, the good girl, to fuck her daughter’s husband. It’s perfectly Ok for Elissa, my slut, to please me by fucking you.”

“Ok.” We turned and went inside. All four were waiting in the living room.

Brad said, “I want to watch my big brother play. May I direct some play with you, Pete?” I nodded. Brad said, “I think it would be great to watch him being undressed by you, Emily. Please, take off his shirt.”

She didn’t hesitate. She came to me and began unbuttoning my shirt. When she had opened the third button I said, “Sweetheart, when I get my shirt unbuttoned that far, I lift it over my head, leaving the rest of the buttons untouched.”

She said, “What a good idea. Thank you.” She pulled my shirt up and out of my pants and then kept it going up until it was all the way off. She turned to Brad and asked, “What would you like done with the shirt… Brad?”

He looked at me and I said, “Just toss it over a chair. I won’t wear it again until it’s been washed.”

“Yes, Sir.” It went over the chair she had been sitting in.

Brad said, “Help him off with his shoes and then his pants, please.”

She knelt in front of me and untied and then removed each shoe. When she reached for my belt she became really aware of what she was doing. She was undressing me. When she opened my belt Brad said, “Stop for a moment, please. My brother is bare from the waist up. None of the rest of us are. Emily, I think it would be nice if you were bare to the waist too. Please make it so.”

Her hands went to the buttons on Beth’s blouse, the one she had loaned Emily, and she unbuttoned three and then lifted the blouse up and off. She was still wearing one of Liz’s bras. It looked very sexy on her. She unclasped the front closure and removed the bra. It landed on the blouse.

After a moment’s hesitation she focused on removing my pants. When they slid down my legs I said, “Ladies, be bare to the waist, please.”

In seconds all four were bare to the waist.

Brad said, “Once again you have more on than Pete. You might as well get undressed and then get him completely undressed.”

“Yes, Brad.” She removed the skirt she had borrowed and stepped out of the shoes. Her hands held the waistband of my shorts and she pulled them down. When my shorts were at my knees her face was less than an inch from my cock.

Brad said, “Kiss his cock, please.”

I expected a peck, a brief touch of lips to my shaft. She kissed the tip of my cock as she held the shaft between her fingers. Two seconds into the kiss her mouth opened and she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock before swallowing over half.

Brad said, “Please stand up.” She released my cock and stood up. Her face was flushed and her breathing stressed.

Brad moved close and pushed a finger into Emily’s slit. She moaned and closed her eyes.

Brad got very close the Emily’s ear and whispered, “I want my brother to know the joy of tasting you. I want to watch him eating you to orgasm. Please, get on your back and welcome his face to your pussy. Make me proud.”

“Yes, Brad.” Emily whispered. She dropped to the rug on her back and spread her legs for me.

“Pete, if you would like, Emily would like you to eat her, taste her, as our gift to you.”

“I accept, on one condition. You must choose a pussy to eat while I enjoy Emily. To help you choose I want each of you to give Brad a taste.”

I got down on the floor and buried my face into Emily’s cunt. She was gushing. The good girl was suppressed and Brad’s slut was fully into having me eat her. When I looked Beth was on her back and Brad was face first into her pussy.

A few more seconds with my face buried in Emily’s juices and I pulled back for a moment and said, “Liz, please help me with Emily. Elissa, help Brad with Beth, please.”

Liz got down on the floor next to me and I moved to the side. Liz dove into Emily’s juices while I moved up and pinched her nipples. The way I was positioned Emily could easily reach my cock. She looked at it, but made no move to touch it. I moved and put it within two inches of her mouth.

A minute later I said, “Suck me.” A piranha would have been slower to my cock. She just needed to be told to do it. She sucked and released in a rhythm and I matched the rhythm with my pinches and thrusts into her mouth. Emily was grunting and thrashing on the rug. Looking over at Brad he was lost in concentration, licking Beth towards an orgasm while Elissa sucked on Beth’s ever-sensitive breasts. I noticed Brad’s hands were on the floor.

“Brad, use your fingers to hold her pussy open. Lick inside her vagina.” I said. He moved his hands to her puss and I refocused on Emily and Liz.

We pushed her to the edge of a great cum and I said, “Stop!” Liz instantly pulled back an inch. Emily’s eyes opened wide, her head came up off the floor and she said, “Don’t stop! I want to cum!” Her hands reached for her own cunt and we stopped her. Her eyes locked on mine and I said, “Liz will suck you after I cum.”

She focused and gave my cock all the attention a starving woman would give an ice cream sundae. I felt my juices building pressure and said, “When Liz sucks your clit, cum for us. Liz will love swallowing your cum and you’ll love swallowing mine.”

She felt the pressure build and she sucked and tongued me with more enthusiasm. She earned her reward. I touched Liz and she dove in. I pinched Emily’s nipples and held them tightly.

Her scream was muffled by my cock. Her body shook and she soaked herself and Liz.

As we calmed I kept my cock in Emily’s mouth. When I withdrew it I said, “You made a mess of Liz. First, you should lick all your cum off her, then dry her with a towel before you eat her to orgasm.”

She started to move as she said, “Yes, Pete. As you wish. Thank you for my orgasm.”

I looked over and saw Brad tighten up and empty himself into Beth. She thrashed and moaned like she was having an orgasm too. She wasn’t.

Brad collapsed next to Beth, panting. I said, “Elissa, get under Beth and sixty-nine with her. You both may cum.”

Brad watched as Beth and Elissa ate dessert, each other. When they both came they stopped eating and tenderly held each other. Emily was eating Liz, who was on her back with Emily on her knees above her. I stroked myself hard and moved behind Emily.

I asked, “Brad May I fuck Emily?”

“Yes!” He said and as he said it I pushed inside her. I pumped for a few minutes and felt her getting close again. I stopped. She pushed back against me, attempting to get me to stroke in and out again. I gave in to her desire and pumped until she came again.

She turned and licked me clean and almost dry. Then we all rested.

We ate a late night snack and moved our party to the playroom mats. Brad fell asleep holding Elissa and Beth in his arms. I spooned Emily who spooned Liz. When sunlight woke us I was spooned against Liz and Emily was spooned behind me. Brad was back to back with Beth and spooned with Elissa. The mats were a success.

When I released my stream in the bathroom the sound woke Elissa who joined me in the bathroom, smiling and holding my penis as I finished peeing. Then she sat and peed. I used some tp and wiped her when she was done. She stood up, thanked me and we kissed. At the end of the kiss she asked, “Any requests for breakfast?”

“French toast sandwich, sausage and ice cold milk.” I said.


“For everyone else. I want milk.”

We kissed again and she headed for the kitchen. I carefully went back to bed between Emily and Liz. I faced Emily. The playroom still smelled like sex. Emily and Liz stayed asleep.

The next time I woke up Emily was the only person in bed with me. Sounds of breakfast came from the kitchen. Her eyes were open and she was just a few inches from me.

She whispered, “Good Morning. Thank you for everything.”

“I didn’t give you everything.”

“I misspoke. Thank you for everything you gave me and gave us.”

“You’re welcome. Everyone else is up. Why did you stay here with me?”

“Every time I wake up alone, I hate the feeling I have. I didn’t want you to wake up alone.”

“Open your legs, please.” She did. I rolled slowly between her legs and my morning wood lined up and slid inside her. I kissed her and mated with her slowly and tenderly. The goal was not cumming. It was to connect. We kissed and connected, the tenderness and the warmth drawing us closer, uniting us. When it was perfect, we stopped. I withdrew and we lay together for a while and, without saying anything, we got up.

I held her face in my hands and kissed her again. When the kiss ended I moved my face back a few inches and looked at her.

She said, “I love you, too.”

We went to breakfast. It was noisy and filled with people laughing and enjoying being alive and loved. The energy from our joining seemed to me to be washing over around and through everything we did that morning.

Beth turned on the TV and we watched part of the Rose Parade preparations. The kitchen got cleaned up, preparations made for a big meal early in the afternoon and then Brad and I sat down to enjoy watching football. Beth came and sat on my lap during the lead in show to a game and I whispered in her ear.

“Take all the ladies in and get dressed in heels, stockings, garter belts and bras please. Be sure the bra Emily wears shows off her nipples. I want Brad to have his eyes pop out when he sees her.”

She kissed me and said, “As you wish Master. You make life so much fun!”

A few minutes later Beth called out from the kitchen, “Can we bring you anything? Anything at all?”

I answered, “I’d like a diet Coke and some chips, please.”

Brad said, “Chips and a Coke would be great. Thanks.”

I heard the clack of high heels on our hardwood floor. I looked at the kitchen door and saw Emily walk through the door. I said, “Brad!” He looked and his mouth fell open.

None of what Emily was wearing was hers. The garter belt and hose framed her bare pussy delightfully and she seductively walked in, carrying a large glass of Coke. A shelf bra in white lace that matched the white lace of the garter belt framed her breasts. Her nipples were not covered by the bra, but sported green clothespins that bounced with every step she took. She smiled and continued to Brad. A few steps behind her Beth came in, carrying my diet Coke. She was dressed in hose; high heels and a black lace bra that had the nipples exposed, and had black clothespins bouncing with her every step. When she got to me she was working hard not to laugh.

She handed me the diet Coke and showed me the straw she had in her hand. She said, “I brought this just in case you wanted to suck something.”

I accepted the straw and said, “Spread your legs, pretty woman. I want to see if I can suck a pussy through a straw.”

She spread her legs and held her pussy wide for me. I put the end of the straw on her clit and I sucked. Beth moaned. We both laughed and I said, “I can do it, but I don’t like it that way. Climb up here and put your pussy on my mouth, please.”

I put the diet Coke on the side table and helped steady her as she climbed onto the chair with me. She settled her pussy on my face and I enjoyed the snack. When I stopped the score was Beth one, Pete zero. I won. The first quarter of the game on TV was over.

I saw that Brad was on the floor and Emily was beneath him, legs spread and she was making noises like she liked what he was doing.

As soon as I picked the diet Coke back up I heard heels on the floor. Elissa came in with a bowl filled with chips. Liz followed her with two bowls, one with chunky salsa and the other filled with guacamole. They put their offerings on the table between Brad’s seat and mine. I got kisses from both women. Brad was busy and missed the action.

Both Elissa and Liz were perfectly dressed for the occasion. As they headed for the kitchen I called them back. “Who had the idea of the clothespins?” I asked.

Beth said, “I did, Master. Did I do wrong?”

“No. It’s a good idea. However, I want to make a couple of changes. Elissa, come closer please.” She did and I squeezed the pins off her nipples. I could tell it hurt when they were removed. I pinched Beth’s areola and attached the pins there, one on each breast.

Involuntarily she bent forward when she felt the pinch. I said, “Attaching to the nipple is fine, but for a longer pinch attach to the areola. I want these on your beautiful tits for a long time.” I turned to Liz. I said, “Liz, you love having your tits pinched, don’t you?”

“Whenever it pleases you, I’m happy to feel it, Master.”

“Elissa, bend forward and use your mouth to remove the pin from Liz’s breast.” She bent and opened her mouth. Liz watched as Elissa got the ends of the pin in her mouth and bit down slowly.

I said, “Very nice. Bite down just hard enough that when you pull your head back you pull the pin off Liz.” I waited ten seconds or so and said, “Pull back.”

Liz winced when the pin snapped off her nipple. “Finger her cunt. Tell me if she’s wet.”

Elissa’s finger went inside Liz and she said, “Wet, Master.” It sounded funny because she still had the pin in her mouth. I took the pin and said, “Get the other pin, with your mouth.”

As soon as she bit on the pin I said, “Stop.” I waited a few seconds and said, “Release the pin and take a step back, please.”

Elissa stepped back. Liz and she were looking at me, wondering what was next. I said, “Liz, close your eyes and keep them closed.” I stood. I whispered to Elissa. “When I slap your ass you will slap the pin from her breast. You will slap it hard! Do not slap her breast, just the pin. Understand, Sweetheart?”

“Yes, Master.” I sat back down and took a drink. Elissa raised her hand and watched Liz.

Suddenly I slapped “E’s” ass. Liz flinched and suddenly felt “E’s” hand slap the pin! She yelped and said, “Thank you, Master. Thank you, Elissa.”

“You’re welcome.” I said. Brad and I watched the second half of the game while being served by the ladies. When the game was over we sat to have food. In the back of my mind I was thinking about where this went from that moment into our future. My brother and his wife had lives separate from us, a house separate from us.

Brad opened the subject. “Big brother, we need to talk.”

“Ok. Talk.”

All four women were at the table and eating. He said, “In the last week things have really changed. Emily has discovered she needs to be controlled and I’ve taken on the role.”

“Are you still Ok with that?”

“Yes and no. I can and will adapt to loving her the way she needs to be loved, but it’ll be my way.”

I sensed he was making decisions based on his needs and on Emily’s needs as well. That was good.

“I may want and need some more coaching from you on being her dominant partner.”

“Any time, anywhere.” I said.

“However, we aren’t going to live as a family. We’re keeping our place and we’ll sleep there.”

“Excellent decision.” I said.

“You and I have shared all our lives, sometimes with knowledge and once without. I don’t ever want the sharing to be hidden again so, here’s what I propose: any time either of us would like we can trade ladies for a visit. Anytime you would like to enjoy Emily and it doesn’t conflict with plans I have already made, she’s yours. On those occasions you exchange by sending someone to take care of me while Emily is here with you.”

“Again, a great way of doing things. I like it. I agree.”

He addressed Emily, “Sweetheart, I love you. I want you to be cared for and loved as you need and want to be loved. When Pete and I are together I am your Master, your husband, you lover and so is he. When you are alone with Pete you are to trust him as you do me. He is your Master.”

It was my turn to speak, “Ladies, by your choice I am your Master. We are expanding the family to include a new Master and a new sister for you. When you are with Brad and I am not present, he is your Master. Trust him as you would me. Obey him as you would me. Take care of him as you would me.”

Three voices responded, “As you wish, Master.”

After a little more conversation the women went back to the kitchen and Brad and I went to the playroom. I opened the toy box and Brad examined the toys. He asked how and why things he found would be used. I explained. When he looked at some of the items Beth’s previous Master had bought I had never used them so I wasn’t sure how and why they were used. I called Beth and when she came to us she explained them. I decided I could throw some of them away. I’d never use them. Then I decided to ask Beth, in a way she could easily answer.

“When Jerry bought this, did he use it on Liz?” I held a harness in my hand that strapped around a head holding the mouth open with metal straps.

“Yes, Master. He used it on both of us. We both had times when we decided to be uncontrollable and he needed to teach us about being the women we promised to be. I think he only used it two or three times on each of us.”

“Liz liked being made that helpless. She liked that he fucked her face and she couldn’t even resist. Am I right?”

“Yes, Master.” She looked down.

I called Liz and watched her eyes and nostrils flare when she saw what I was holding. She stood near me and I handed the harness to Beth, saying, “Put this on Liz, please.”

Brad said, “If it’s designed for her to be helpless, maybe we should restrain her arms and legs as well. What do you think?”

“Good idea. Get some cuffs and we’ll do it.” I bent and probed her pussy finding her already wet. She looked bizarre in the harness.

Beth asked, “Do you want her nose held open as well, Master?”

“Show us what that looks like.” A strap snapped onto the harness and two wire straps went into her nostrils and held them open and pulled up. I had her leave them. We helped Liz sit on a pillow on the floor with her legs bent and sitting on her feet. Brad wrapped a strap of nylon webbing around her legs, holding the thigh to the lower leg so that she could not unfold her legs. I pulled her arms behind her and bound her elbows together, then her wrists. I found two leather bags in the toy box and saw they would hold her hands so she couldn’t use her fingers or her fingernails. We both stepped back and said, “She’s totally helpless.”

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