* * * * * * * * * * *

This story is the brain child of my number one fan, Kirsty Mia, who requested I write a story based on one of her recurring piss fantasies. If you don’t like golden showers or wet sex, please don’t read any further. If you’re into that stuff as much as Kirsty and I are, read on and enjoy!

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Kirsty Mia sat cross-legged on her bed. In front of her was her laptop, opened up to Literotica, of course. Under her was her thickest beach towel, folded three times.

And on the screen were the words.

His words.

The words that always made her cum so hard.

She sat there reading the latest story from her favorite Literotica writer in only her white cotton panties. Her left hand was squeezing and pinching her right nipple, while her right hand was rubbing her clit through the sodden material covering her hairless pussy.

As Kirsty Mia read his words, she continued to wet herself, releasing short blasts of her hot piss into her panties, the thick towel protecting her bed linen. She loved the feeling of hot urine on her most sensitive parts, and found the aroma of fresh piss incredibly intoxicating, even when it was her own.

Bringing her wet fingers to her mouth, she licked and sucked them, enjoying the taste of her own pee, wish it was his. She’s read everyone one of his golden shower stories, and always left him public comments of how his words brought her to the most incredible orgasms. She had also come to eagerly anticipate his inevitable replies, as he always responded to let her know how much her feedback meant to him. And this is how they started to get to know each other.

Over the months, and in between sharing their most private sexual fantasies, they would frequently email each other, just to talk about what’s going on in their lives. She learned that he was in a loveless marriage, with a wife who was no longer willing to indulge his kinks and fantasies, which is what got him started writing his erotic stories. He learned that she was single and very sexually active, but found it difficult (but not impossible) to find partners willing to embrace her deepest and dirtiest desires. Which is how she got started reading his stories on Literotica.

Soon they got past the anonymity of their Literotica handles, and knew each other’s full names. She thought it was kind of ironic that a write of piss stories would be named John. They had grown to a level of trust, where it seemed safe to share that information. As a matter of fact, this past year they shared Christmas cards, she sending hers to his office to avoid any trouble at home. Their online relationship had grown well beyond the standard reader/writer of erotic stories, and they both expressed their desire to meet in person, if the situation ever presented itself. They were kindred spirits, on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Like the story unfolding on the screen before her, his narrative always hit most of her hot buttons, taboo situations with vivid detail on what the characters are thinking, planning and feeling. Long, slow build-up, with plenty of tension and desire. And when the story gets around to the requisite fucking, there is a lot of ass play, and the perfect amount of steamy hot piss, two of her favorite activities.

Sometimes it’s full-on golden showers, with the characters releasing the contents of their bladders on and in each other, drenching their clothes, hair and bodies. Other times it’s a leak here, or a squirt there, teasing the reader and making them wish for more. But with every story, it seems that the level and amount of pee play is just right for the characters and the situations that they find themselves in.

Returning her had to her pussy, this time pushing it under the waistband of her soaked, yellowing panties, she let her fingers glide over her clit, then dip into her moist folds, wet with her urine and natural vaginal secretions. The action on the screen was picking up, and the young woman in the story had her boss’s cock up her ass, the mail room boy in her pussy, while the black janitor with the horsecock covered all of them in piss.

Kirsty Mia ripped her panties off her body and grabbed the paper cup beside her, filling it with the remainder of her bladder. Wiggling on the butt plug that she had inserted before she sat down to read his story, she brought her buzzing vibrator to her engorged clit, as she slowly poured the hot piss from the cup over her face, letting it run down over her nose and mouth, dripping onto her aching nipples and down to her bare pussy, pooling on the towel in between her legs.

She didn’t have to fantasize about being the girl in the story, because she WAS the girl in the story. He had written this for her, based on one of her fantasies about some of her coworkers that she had described to him in her emails. She was mimicking the action on the screen, incredibly impressed on how vividly he could recreate her fantasy with only the few details she had provided, deftly filling in the gaps because he had gotten to know her so well.

As the characters in the story reached climax, the young secretary’s ass and pussy were being filled with cum, as the janitor pissed in her mouth, Kirsty Mia let out a long, loud moan, as her pussy clenched around the vibrator and she came in another mind blowing orgasm, provided once again by her favorite Literotica author, Peebudy, aka John.

After coming down from her ogasmic bliss, she instinctively went to click the Add a Comment tab, then hesitated with a giggle. Looking down at the RSVP cards lying next to her laptop, she thought to herself, “I’ll just tell him when he gets here!”

As luck would have it, the company John worked for was sold to an international conglomerate six months ago, whose headquarters was in London, just an hour and a half away from where Kirsty Mia lived. When the merger was completed, he learned that he would have to go oversees for management training, in September, which meant his wife wouldn’t be able to make the trip, because the kids would be in school. As soon as he made his flight reservations, he contacted Kirsty to let her know he was coming.

Two weeks later, he received an engraved invitation at his office. Opening the envelope, he found an invitation, an RSVP card and three round disks, one yellow, one white, and one red, covered in the same material as scratch off lottery tickets. In fancy, hand-written calligraphy, the invitation read:

You are cordially invited to the inaugural game of

Three Hole Roulette

The rules of the game will be explained upon your arrival.

You must bring the three enclosed disks with you

and the protective covering must still be in tact.

If you scratch off the covering, you will be disqualified

and not eligible to play.

Please use the RSVP card to reserve your spot on the team.

As with all athletic endeavors, be prepared for a work out

and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Your hostess and playing field,

Kirsty Mia

The date, time and hotel name and room number was included on the invitation, and John noticed that is was scheduled for the Saturday after his training was completed. He was already booked to stay in town until the following Monday, for the cheaper airfare and to do a little sight seeing, so there was no way in hell he was going to miss this party. Thinking back to the many detailed fantasies she had shared with him over the past several months, John had an idea what this was all about, or at least he hoped it was what he thought it might be about. He quickly filled out the response card and tucked the three colored disks into his passport so he wouldn’t forget them.

Around the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Michael was returning home after another long day at the restaurant, shuffling through the daily post as he unlocked the door to his flat. Opening the curious invitation he scanned it quickly, trying to make sense of it, a naughty smile coming to his face when he saw the name Kirsty Mia.

* * * * * *

It was about a month ago when she came into the restaurant he worked at late one night. She looked simply ravishing. Her auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail, showing off her sparkling green eyes and freckled complexion. She wore a silky white blouse that was loose around her frame, covering her smallish chest, but showing off the top of her lacy black bra. The black skirt hugged her tight hips and was smooth over her ample round ass. She stood about 5′ 6″ but gazing down her smooth legs at her black stiletto heels, Michael guessed she was five-foot-nothing in bare feet.

She sat down at a table, and he quickly walked over with a pitcher to fill her water glass and hand her a menu. She muttered, “Thank you” without really looking up from her phone. Grabbing the glass she quickly emptied most of it, her eyes glued to the story unfolding on her smartphone. It wasn’t just any story, but one of Peebudy’s stories, and her nipples started to poke through her bra under the loose fitting blouse.

Michael reappeared at her table to refill her water glass. As she heard the flow of the water and the tinkling of the ice, she felt a sudden urge between her legs, which just made the words on the screen that much more erotic. This time she looked up at Michael to say, “Thank you” and found herself awash in his beautiful smile and deep blue eyes.

Michael is often compared to Russell Brand, tall, thin, longish hair, cropped beard and moustache, and a scathing quick wit. She was just sitting there, bathing in the pools of his eyes, without saying anything for an uncomfortably long time. From his vantage point Michael could see down her blouse and was enjoying the sight of the freckled flesh of her breasts encased in that lacy black bra, so he didn’t mind the pregnant pause.

Finally breaking his gaze from her cleavage, he said, “Why don’t I get you some bread while you look over the menu” and headed back to the kitchen, hoping she might pull herself away from her phone long enough to make a dinner selection before he returned. Returning to the table, he set the basket of bread down and then once again refilled her empty water glass.

“You keep drinking like that you’ll have an accident,” he said with a smirk, as he slowly refilled her water glass.

Looking up to drown in those deep blue eyes again, she replied, “you say that like it’s a bad thing”, accentuating her statement with a sly smile of her own. She noticed his gaze has drifted south from her cleavage to the ample amount of thigh that was on display, her little black skirt having bunched up in her lap when she sat down, now barely covering the damp panties that were concealed underneath.

“It’s only bad if you waste it,” he quipped, then immediately regretted the innuendo with an unknown customer, realizing he needed to keep this job to pay the rent. It was bad enough that she was making his dick harden in his pants, the bulge in his pants thankfully hidden under his apron, but he couldn’t risk another complaint about him coming on to another young female customer.

“Don’t worry love,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye, “if I can’t make it to the loo, I’ll be sure to call you over so we don’t waste a drop.” Her cheeks immediately felt flush and she knew she was blushing, but John’s story was making her feel bold and randy. She watched Michael walk back to the kitchen, sure that she saw the tell-tale adjustment of his bulge as he entered the swinging door.

The flirting and innuendos continued through dinner, and they definitely seemed to be hitting it off. She learned that she was his last table for the night, so she took her time eating, enjoying several glasses of wine with her meal. She continued reading the story on her phone while she ate, and coupled with the flirting and the drinks, she ended the meal incredibly horny with a bladder that was ready to burst.

“So, are you part camel or do you have a wooden leg?” Michael asked as he brought her the check.

“Whatever do you mean?” she replied sarcastically, knowing full well what he was getting at.

“I’ve just never seen someone drink so much liquid without visiting the loo,” he explained, “are you saving it up for a rainy day?”

“This is summertime in England love,” she retorted, “you never know when you’re going to get caught in a warm, wet shower.”

He was sure she could see his growing erection despite his apron, so he quickly grabbed her credit card and retreated to the kitchen to run her charge. When he came back with her receipt, he thanked her for putting up with him, and for ending his shift on a high note. “If I’m not being too forward,” he continued, “I’d like to take you out for a drink sometime.”

“Well, if you’re interested in getting something to drink,” Kirsty offered, while adding a sizable tip to the bill, “meet me out front in 10 minutes.”

She watched him almost sprint to the kitchen to change out of his uniform and close out his shift. She knew he’d also have to come back to clean up her table, so she couldn’t help leaving him a little extra incentive. Hiking up her skirt, she shifted in her seat so only her panty covered crotch was in contact with the woven material of the seat cushion. Relaxing her bladder, she felt her internal damn burst and she flooded her panties with her golden nectar, leaving a large tell-tale stain on the chair.

Standing up with a giggle, she admired her handiwork while she smoothed her skirt back over he sodden panties, and walked quickly to the front door to wait for Michael to join her.

“Oh my God, you’re a nasty one,” Michael mock scolded her as he closed the gap between them, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her to him. Not waiting for a response, he leaned into her and planted a long, wet kiss on her lips. As she probed back into his mouth with her tongue, he started to explore her body with his hands, rubbing over her silky blouse and reaching down to her thigh, moving his hand upwards under her short skirt.

Spreading her legs, she invited his hand to move further, until his fingers came in contact with her piss soaked panties. At that moment, she felt the kiss abruptly end as he pulled his head back in shock.

“You really did it?” he exclaimed, assuming that she had just poured her water glass on the chair to bust his balls, his hand still cupping her damp crotch under her skirt.

“I told you I wouldn’t waste it love!” she replied, releasing her bladder again and flooding his hand to emphasize her point.

This made him practically lose his mind, and he started kissing her like a madman, his hand dipping inside her panties and fingering her while she continued to piss over his probing digits. Realizing that they were standing on a well lit street in front of his restaurant, he pulled his lips off hers and said, “Don’t waste any more of it, hun,” cupping her pussy again in an attempt to stop her stream, “you promised me a drink, remember?”

Grabbing her hand, they practically ran to his flat, which was just around the corner, and soon they were sucking and fucking in every position imaginable, covering each other with cum and piss. She did give him that drink she promised, as he swallowed her golden nectar directly from her spread open cunt, while tonguing her clit. Shortly there after, at the conclusion of one of the best blow jobs he had ever received, she washed down a mouthful of his cum with a torrent of his hot urine. They fell asleep that night as a tangled naked mess, huddled up in the only dry spot they could find on his bed.

Unfortunately he had to get up early the next morning to work the opening shift at the restaurant. Before he left, he covered her naked body with a blanket, placing a peck of a kiss on her exposed ass prior to covering it, hoping she’d be there when he got back. Alas, when he got home later that afternoon, she was gone.

* * * * *

Michael hadn’t heard from her again until receiving her invitation today. Needless to say, he quickly completed the RSVP card and tucked his coins away in his wallet. He figured he’d quit his job if he couldn’t get the day off on Saturday, as he wasn’t going to pass up another chance to be with this totally inhibited and unflappable lover.

Leafing thru the rest of the mail, sorting out the junk from his and his flat mate’s mail, he suddenly called out with a hint of anger in his voice, “Jason, get your ass out here!”

Jason stumbled out of his room, half asleep and dressed only in a pair of baggy boxer shorts, like he did most mornings. “What’s the problem mate?” he asked Michael, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he shuffled toward the kitchen.

“What the hell is THIS?” Michael yelled, shoving a familiar looking envelope into his flat mate’s hands.

“I dunno,” said Jason, a little hung over and perplexed at what was up Michael’s ass. “Looks like an invitation of some sort,” the three colored coins falling to the floor as Jason fumbled to rip the envelope open. Still trying to get his eyes to focus in the bright morning light, Jason read the name Kirsty Mia on the invitation and gasped “Oh bollocks!”

Suddenly he realized why Michael might be upset, and he started to stammer out an apology.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Jason blurted out, “I didn’t know who she was. It was an accident.”

“What the hell happened and why would she be inviting YOU to this event too?”

Jason rubbed his hand over his bald head, trying to recall the events of that morning several weeks ago. Jason was a soccer player which was evident by his lean, firm body. He was about 5′ 10″ and 175 pounds, with zero percent body fat. As he remembered the events of that fateful morning, his dick began to harden and poke out of the gaping fly in the front of his boxer shorts. Ironically, that’s how he managed to get himself that invitation too.

“I heard you get up and leave for your early shift,” Jason started recounting his tale, “so I thought the flat was empty.”

“Go on,” Michael encouraged, trying to avert his eyes from the growing length of cock now sticking out from Jason’s shorts. In addition to being in tremendous shape, Jason had an unusually large cock that bent up like a boomerang, with a huge mushroom head.

“Well, I stumbed out of bed like I usually do, and shuffled into the loo, where I saw this incredibly cute and naked redhead sitting on the toilet.”

Michael stood there listening, already figuring where this story was going.

“I said, ‘sorry hun, just popped in to drain the monster’,” Jason continued, “and I was trying to hide my morning wood.”

“She replied, ‘Sorry hun, beat you to it,’ then spread her legs and started to piss.”

“Yeah, that sounds like Kirsty Mia,” Michael conceded, actually hoping he didn’t have to hear all the gory details at this point.

“Well, mate, you know how I get around a pissing woman,” Jason admitted, “and my cock grew and peeked out, kind of like it’s doing now.”

“I can see that,” Michael pointed out to him, “how about you put that thing back in its cage.”

Tucking himself back in, Jason told Michael how she stared at his growing cock while she pissed, and licked her lips and smiled, so he walked closer to her. He explained how the sound of her piss hitting the water was not only making him harder, but making it harder to hold back his own need to pee. He said how she reached up and grabbed his cock and started to rub it, and then looked in his eyes and just said ‘go ahead.’

“Michael, her legs were spread so wide open, that I thought she was just going to point my cock between them and let me piss in the toilet,” Jason defended himself, “I swear on the Queen I had no idea she was going to do what she did.”

“So what did she do?” Michael asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“She pointed it down, alright,” Jason continued, “but as soon as I started pissing, she aimed it at her clit.”

He continued to explain how his piss splashed all over her pussy and she started to rub herself which splattered his piss over both of them. She continued to rub her pussy, then raised his cock so his piss pelted both of her nipples, until her entire torso was soaked in his hot urine. Finally, she pointed his cock at her face, then opened her mouth and drank the rest of his golden liquid.

“When my piss died down, she took me in her mouth and sucked me until I filled her mouth with my cum,” Jason said with more pride than regret. “After that she just showered quickly, dressed and left. I’m not sure what this invitation is all about, but if it’s a problem for you, I just won’t go. Your friendship means more to me than some piss slut from Brighton”

“Naw, that’s okay,” Michael offered, “I’m not sure why I was getting jealous. It’s not like we were dating or anything.”

“Thanks Man,” Jason replied, “I’m glad you feel that way, because I’m really interested at having another go with that wildcat.”

“I hear ya!” Michael agreed, promising to drop both of their RSVPs in the post on his way to work that morning.

* * * * * *

Back her in room, Kirsty Mia fondled the three RSVP cards, eagerly looking forward to next Saturday. She hoped that Michael and Jason would be alright coming together, but didn’t really know who else to invite, because she needed two other guys who were totally into pee. Looking down at her Literotia screen, she realized that the only unknown quantity was John.

She ran John’s RSVP card under her nose again, sure she could smell his cologne on it. She hoped he would be as tender and attentive a lover as he is in his stories, and at least as good looking as his pictures. She knew he was older, going to be 50 this year, and that he had a bit of middle-aged spread. However, his face was extremely handsome, especially his twinkly brown eyes. He was very modest about his cock size in his stories, and she was hoping he wasn’t too small. The more she thought about him, she found herself vacillating between being incredibly turned on by the prospect of finally getting to meet him in person, and being terrified that she has set herself up to be totally disappointed.

* * * * * *

As John sat in the training class, he continued to day dream about what might be in store for him in a few short days. He and Kirsty had agreed that they wouldn’t meet or contact each other until the day of the event. This supposedly would allow him to concentrate in his training classes, and keep her from chickening out. He knew from her emails that this event would include another guy or two, because most of her fantasies did, but he was also assured that there would be no expectation of any guy-guy action.

Since he made his travel reservations, he started to watch what he ate, so he could lose weight and be in better shape when they finally got together, knowing this would make him more comfortable in front of the other guys. His hard work had paid off, and he was looking forward to showing off his new body to her on Saturday.

* * * * * *

Michael and Jason were first to arrive at the hotel on the day of the big event, heading straight up to the specified room, on the top floor. When they got there they found the door ajar, being held open by the deadbolt leaning against the outside door jamb. They pushed the door open, calling out for Kirsty Mia, but got no answer. They caught site of the bar in the far corner of the room and headed straight for it, where Jason fixed them both a scotch on the rocks.

Looking around the huge room they figured it had to be the honeymoon suite. There was a gas-lit fireplace on the opposite wall, and a large leather sofa in the middle of the room. There was a large set of double-doors on the West wall, which they figured was the master bedroom. They both fiddled with their set of colored disks as they talked about the strange invitation, trying to guess at what she might have in store for them that night.

“Hello?” the voice called into the room in an obvious American accent, as the door pushed open.

“Hey Pops, I think you’re lost,” Michael called back with a snicker, “the shuffleboard court is down by the pool.”

As Michael and Jason shared a hearty laugh at his expense, John looked at the two strapping young men and wondered if he had gotten himself in over his head. He saw their sets of colored disks on the bar and realized he was in the right place. Fear and doubt started to creep into his head, but then he fought back against those feelings. Stirring up his courage, he pulled his disks out of his pocked and then quipped back “Sorry I’m late boys, but after I finished fucking your mum,” pointing at Michael, then Jason, “your mum demanded that I cum on her face before she would let me leave.”

There was an awkward silence for several moments, and then Michael and Jason burst out in laughter.

“Get your ass over here you Yankee sonofabitch,” called Jason, then quickly poured a third drink stiff drink and handed it to him for him.

The three men introduced themselves to each other and started discussing how they all new Kirsty Mia, Michael and Jason continually talked over and interrupted each other to try to tell John their own Kirsty encounter story first. They clinked their glasses, talked loudly and were well into their third drink when they heard the sound of someone clearing their throat in the center of the room.

The room fell silent and the three men turned slowly to see Kirsty Mia standing in the center of the room, in sort of a green felt toga with white stripes draped over her body, barely covering her naughty bits, and showing off the full length of her legs, almost up to her crotch. Realizing they were finally in the same room, in person, she ran to John and they embraced tightly, her rock hard nipples burrowed into his chest as he held her within his strong arms. They hugged each other like they never wanted to let the other go.

After a few long minutes, Kirsty Mia pulled herself away and turned toward the bar, holding him by his hand. “Michael, Jason, this is Peebudy….err….I mean John.”

“Thanks for the introduction love,” replied Michael, “but we covered that about 20 minutes and three drinks ago! Can we get on with it then?”

Kirsty pulled John toward the bar, and he took his seat next to the other two while she walked around behind the bar.

“I see you all have your disks,” she said, “you boys follow directions well.”

“So what’s with your get up?” Jason asked, gesturing at her with his drink glass.

“You of all people should understand, Jason,” she replied. “You see tonight, I’m not only your bitch, but I’m your PITCH!”

Michael and Jason laughed at the pun, but John stood there looking confused.

“You daft Yankee,” Michael explained, “over here a football…errr…soccer field is called a pitch. She’s telling us she’s our playing field for the night.”

“So what are the rules of the game love?” asked Jason, his competitive nature kicking in.

“OK, listen up, because this is a little confusing, but it should be fun,” she continued. “I call this game Fuck, Cum, Piss, although it doesn’t have to be in that order. Each of you has three disks. The Red Disk will tell you which of my holes you get to Fuck. The White Disk will tell you where to deposit your cum. And the Yellow Disk tells you which of my holes you get to fill with your piss.”

“You can trade your coins with each other now,” Kirsty continued, “but each of you must have a red, white and blue disk, and once the coating is scraped off, the game is set. Any questions?”

The three men looked at each other suspiciously, neither of them willing to swap any of their disked. They then grabbed coins from their pockets and started scraping off the protective coating to see which holes they’d get to use for each activity.

“You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this,” said John, staring at the body he had only conjured in his mind up until now.

“You have no idea honey,” she replied, pointing over to the open doors leading to the master bedroom, from where she had magically appears moments ago.

The men looked through the now open double-doors and saw that the floor was totally covered in plastic and there were candles lit all around the room.

“The mattress is covered in a rubber pad, and I had them put a triple layer of bath towels under the satin sheets,” Kirsty explained, proud of the thought and preparation she put into this event. “A good friend of mine is the night manager here, and she helped me with the details.”

Standing up and handing her his Yellow Disk, John grabbed her hand and lead her to the master bedroom, the other two men in close pursuit. Looking down at the disk, Kirsty Mia saw the word MOUTH peeking out from the scratched off coating, excited that her mouth would soon be filled with the golden nectar that she had repeatedly fantasized about while reading each of his erotic piss stories.

“Hey fellas,” John turned to ask a favor of them, “I’ve traveled a long way and waited a long time to be with her, and judging from your stories, I’m the only one yet to experience her talents. You mind if I get things started?”

“She’s all yours mate,” Jason and Michael said, almost in unison.

They watched as John hugged her again and gave her a long, slow, deep soul kiss. Reaching behind her he loosened the belt on the toga and let it fall to the floor, bunching up around her feet. Kirsty stepped out of the garment and flung it to the other side of the room with a quick flick of her foot.

John stood there and examined her body, which seemed to shiver in the anticipation of the events about to unfold. Her pert breasts, capped with her pebble hard nipples, heaved up and down as she drew in and released her breath. He could see the sheen of the moisture on her smooth bare pussy, and the reflection of her beautiful round butt in the full length mirror on the opposite wall.

Instinctively, she knelt in front of him, and reached up to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. She unzipped them and grabbed his pants and boxers in her hands and slowly lowered them to his ankles, causing his rock hard cock to spring out and nearly hit her in the face. It was John’s turn now to step out of his pants and fling them out of the way. He shrugged his shirt off as she reached up and took his cock into her hands, both of them now naked in the middle of the candle-lit room.

She looked at it like it was a precious artifact, and smiled. It was a nice cock. Not huge like Jason’s, but certainly not as small as he lead her to believe. She stuck out her tongue and ran it up the underside of his shaft and then closed her lips around the purple, circumcised head.

Her head bobbed slowly up and down his shaft, while she fondled his balls. Jason looked at the work MOUTH on his Red Disk and elbowed Michael with a mock “what the fuck?” expression on his face. Michael snickered and continued to watch the action unfolding in front of them.

Kirsty pulled his cock from her mouth and just started to stroke it lightly. She settled back and rested her bottom on her heels. She then lifted her breasts up, leaned her head back and opened her mouth, awaiting the inevitable.

“I’ve waited so long to taste your piss John,” Kirsty said, while she looked up at the single eye winking at her from the end of his prick, “fill me.”

With a quick squirt, John’s piss flew from his cock and splashed across her face and open mouth. She laughed as the warm liquid dripped down on the flesh of her freckled breasts. With a little more concentration, his piss started again, this time in a forceful hot stream that was aimed directly at her open mouth.

“Oh Kirsty, I can’t believe we’re finally doing this,” John moaned as his piss filled her open mouth, “it’s so much better than I ever imagined.”

He watched in awe as he saw his piss bubbling up over her tongue. Not yet swallowing, she let his piss spill out of her open mouth, and it ran over her chest and belly, then down to her hairless pussy, pooling on the plastic between her knees.

With her eyes locked on John’s, she closed her mouth and he saw her throat flex, knowing his hot piss was now running down the inside of her body, the same way it flowed over the outside. While her mouth was closed, John directed his piss to splash off her aching nipples.

“Oh John, that feels sooooo good,” Kirsty moaned in reply, while her hands reached up to push her tits into his piss stream, “you are definitely my pee buddy”

Remembering the rules of the game, he directed his piss back toward her face, and she swallowed another mouthful before his stream died down to a dribble.

Licking the piss off his cock and balls, she looked up and said, “Oh my fucking God….I waited a LONG time to do that with you,” wiping her chin with the back of her hand, “it was delicious!”

“Hello? Remember us?” said Michael and Jason, who were now stark naked and moving toward Kirsty to pull her back to her feet.

Cat-like, Kirsty Mia crawled up on the oversized round bed in the middle of the room and seductively looked over her shoulder, where she saw Michael and Jason crawling up on the bed to join her.

John stared at Jason’s enormous cock for an uncomfortable number of seconds while he wondered how she was going to get her mouth around the tennis ball sized head at the tip of his bent shaft. He then watched in awe as Kirsty unhinged her jaw and opened wide, easily taking the pulsating head into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Michael crawled up behind her and guided his impressive tool into the folds of her soaking wet cunt. The two flat mates worked together, simultaneously fucking her at both ends, their synchronized movements looking like a couple of lumberjacks cutting through a log with a two-man saw.

“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph,” was all Kristy could manage with her mouth stretched wide around Jason’s thick shaft, his bulbous head invading the small opening at the back of her throat.

With his bladder now empty, the little blue pill that John took earlier began to have its desired effect, and he watched the his own cock grow into a sizable erection, the likes of which he hadn’t seen since his teen years. His eyes met Kirsty’s and he saw her smile around Jason’s cock when she saw the hardened treat he now sported between his legs.

Jason reached down to hold Kirsty by her ears and fucked into her mouth with a vengeance, as he pistoned into her open mouth, drool hanging from her chin, dripping on the bedspread below them. The room was filled with the sound of Michael’s balls slapping off her clit while he pounded into her from behind with equal enthusiasm.

John could see the lump in Kirsty’s throat as Jason’s cock plunged into her open mouth, and he was impressed that she was able to take him so deeply. Jason started jerking his hips sporadically, then pulled his glistening cock from her hungry mouth, knowing that he didn’t have the white MOUTH disk.

At about the same time, Michael slapped her firm ass cheeks a few times, and then pulled himself out of her pussy, moments before he was about to dump his load deep within her cunt.

“Aw, why did you guys leave me,” Kirsty whined, feeling the emptiness in her cockles pussy and mouth.

“You made up the rules love,” Jason reminded her, as his athletic mindset continued to try to figure out how to win this game.

John admired the self-control of his new best friends, and only hoped to exhibit the same level of dedication when his turn came. He also looked down at his red ASS disk, and then at the dramatic difference between the girth of their tools, and worried that Jason might stretch her silly with that baseball bat of a cock, if he stuck it in there to cum before John had a chance to fuck it.

John quickly moved over behind her, to claim his territory before Jason could, but before he could plunge into her tight brown hole, Michael elbowed him out of the way.

“Let me lube that up for ya mate.” he said with a smirk, as his piss sprayed out of his softening cock, all over the small of Kristy’s back and her exposed ass. His deep yellow urine flowed through her ass crack like a roaring river, She reached back to rub her clit while he pissed, and her hand splashed hot piss all over both of them and the bed.

Michael moved his cockhead right up to the pucker between the firm globes of her ass, and his piss now shot up her ass like a little Jacuzzi jet. Kirsty’s hand was now a blur over her clit, and she pushed herself back toward Michael’s pissing cock. With a loud moan, she started to shiver and shake in an intense orgasm, her first of the night. With one last squirt of piss, Michael fell on top of her back and they both collapsed in a heap on the bed, hugging each other and laughing.

John held his viagra-enhanced erection in one hand, and the Red Disk with the word ASS in the other. He wanted to get at Kirsty’s hot ass quickly, not just because he loved the tight smooth feeling of anal penetration, but he knew she’d be too stretched out for him if Jason got to it first!

Climbing up on the bed, John laid on his back, pulling Kirsty’s body over on top of him. He placed the red ASS disk in her hand, and reached under her thighs to pull her legs toward her chest. Kirsty reached down and guided his steely rod to the pucker of her ass, still wet with Michael’s piss. The head of John’s cock nudged against her tight brown hole, and Kirsty let her hips roll forward taking the full length of John’s cock into her tight hot ass.

“Ohhhhh,” Kristy groaned through the duration of the initial thrust, until she felt her bottom come into contact with John’s thighs, indicating that he was completed buried in her rectum. She placed her feet on the sides of his thighs and Kirsty began moving herself up and down on John’s cock, as he fucked up into her ass from below. Her sphincter muscle clenched around his shaft and John couldn’t contain his own moans as he reached around to grab her breasts, rolling her hard nipples between his fingers.

Kirsty leaned toward the edge of the bed to take Michael in her mouth, slurping down his hot tool as she bounced her ass on John’s hard cock with an increased pace. The three of them were lost in the heat of the moment and they didn’t see Jason crawl up in between Kirsty’s legs.

“Sorry Mate, when you gotta go, you gotta go.” Jason said as he flipped his yellow PUSSY disk on the bed, landing on the pillow under John’s head.

Before he could yell out “Noooo,” John felt Jason’s hot piss flowing down from Kirsty’s pussy over his lap as he fucked her ass from below. Even though this was his first golden experience with another guy, hot piss on his skin always sent John over the edge, and he knew he had to pull out before he filled her shitter with his spunk. While he slowly pulled out of her ass, John felt the knob of Jason’s cock as he entered Kirsty’s pussy and his piss continued to flow out of her cunt and around John’s lap.

Her pussy now spread further than she’s ever been stretched before, Kirsty’s body began to tremble in orgasm again, as she moaned around Michael’s cock, the vibrations sending shivers through his tool. Her orgasm continued to wrack her body like a tidal wave, as Michael’s back straightened, and he finally busted his nut within her mouth. His hips bucked into her face as he threw rope after rope of cum down her throat, and she eagerly swallowed every precious ounce of his seed.

“That’s it, I’m out of disks,” Michael announced, as he walked back out to the bar, “God I need another drink.”

“Well then,” Kirsty said to John and Jason, “looks like you boys need to switch places.”

Anne’s body shook in her next orgasm. She panted, wanting to fall to the ground, but she knew she was not allowed. Whimpering she remained on all fours as the dildo was rammed deep into her throbbing cunt. Natalia’s jaw ached as Todd thrusted his cock deep down inside, enjoying the warmth and the moisture of her throat. Natalia was becoming weak too and Todd could sense it.

He yanked his dick from her throat and backed up, rubbing his hand on his thick eight inches. “You can stop now, slaves.”

With satisfied sighs of relief the girls stopped moving. The dildo remained in each of their pussies, which were red and in pain. They both dripped juices down their inner thighs. Sweat was forming on their pale white flesh and Todd admired them while still stroking his cock. He walked to them, pushing their asses apart so the dildo fell out onto the bed.

“Sit. Hands behind your backs, legs wide apart.”

Natalia, the Russian mistress, and Anne instantly turned and sat on the edge of the bed. Their hands went behind their backs and they spread their legs wide. The lips of their pussies stretched too as their inner tunnels tried to tighten back up after such a rough encounter with the massive dildo, which still laid on the best soaked in their cum. Especially Anne’s.

“What good little slaves you have been. Natalia ate your pussy so good, Anne, didn’t she? Then you both took that dildo like the whores you are. Now I think it’s time to add another player. He’ll be your co-master actually. Aren’t you excited?” Todd asked as he sneered.

The girls shook, trying to keep eye contact but unsure of where this would go. They watched the attractive young man walk to the door and peek his head out. Within seconds he opened the door completely and in walked a friend. His friend was equally attractive.

“This is Scott.” Todd said. Todd walked to the wall of toys and began going through a chest on the ground. Meanwhile, without a single word, Scott began to undress. First the boots, then the socks, and then his pants and shirt. When he turned around the girls could see his perfectly shaped and built body. He was tan with brown hair and brown eyes. He looked very Italian. There was a massive bulge under his boxer briefs which soon came off and sure enough there was an erect seven inch cock, thicker than Todd’s.

“Hello, slaves.” Scott said in an Italian accent. He stood before the girls, stroking his thick shaft and looking down at them. He got to his knees slowly, between the two girls and instantly reached his hands out. Ignoring their plump breasts with their erect nipples, he rubbed his index fingers on their clits at the same time. He looked from one swollen clit to the next. Natalia and Anne squirmed in pain and pleasure as he applied more force. Natalia began to moan gently as she bit her lip and closed her eyes. She tilted her head back and her dark hair ran down to her back dimples.

“C’mon Scott, let’s get to working these hoes.” Todd said as he stood behind his friend. In his hands he held two sets of anal beads. “On all fours, slaves. Hurry up!”

His yell made the girls jump right up and Anne shoved the dildo away so they could get in the middle of the round bed, in the purple lit room. They were on all fours, their asses pressing together in the middle. Natalia hoped they were kneeling the right way. She did not want any further punishment. There would be enough coming soon enough as it was. Todd and Scott separated. Todd stood in front of Natalia’s face, his massive cock still glistening with her saliva. Scott stood in front of Anne. He put his hands up and Todd tossed him some anal beads. At once, as if they had done this before, they leaned over and wiped the girl’s cunts to get their fingers wet in their juices. Each man rubbed the girl’s assholes, lubing them up for the beads. Todd began to shove his into Natalia’s tight ass hole first. Her ass stretched painfully to allow them to slide deep inside of her. Anne whimpered in pain as her beads began to go in. Once fully in their assholes were stretched an inch all around. Natalia’s knees shook and Todd slapped her ass.

“You better stay up, bitch!” He yelled. “Do you understand me?”

“Y-y-yes, master. Please forgive me, master.” Natalia whimpered to him as she looked into his eyes with tears in her own. This made Todd smile.

Meanwhile, Scott was leaning over for the dildo. He pushed Natalia and Anne slightly apart, just enough to be able to slide the double ended toy into their eager cunts. Their juices made slurping sounds as their tunnels stretched wide for the dildo once again. Natalia and Anne could feel the pressure on the anal beads even more.

“Ohhh” They moaned at once. Their juices began to slide out and down their spines already, even though their assholes and pussies were already in pain. They knew it wouldn’t get any better any time quick. They were right. Todd and Scott were moving closer till their cocks entered the girl’s mouths.

“Suck my dick like the hungry little whore you are.” Scott hissed in his Italian tone. He didn’t wait one second before he was thrusting his hips hard. Anne’s pussy was swelling as it was forced to eat the dildo, shoving it into Natalia who lurched forward, causing Todd’s dick to slide deep down her throat and make her gag. Todd laughed, grabbing Natalia’s dark hair with one hand and playing with his own balls with the other. As Scott thrusted Todd did too. The girl’s gagged and choked on the massive cocks slipping down their throats.

Their pussies were soon red once more as the dildo slipped and slide in and out of them. The asses tensed around the thick inch beads that were logged into their ass holes. They moaned, groaned, whimpered, and gaged. Todd and Scott continued to thrust with their jaws down, panting already. Scott grabbed his balls and fondled them. He let out a loud and long moan.

It felt like hours to Natalia and Anne but it was only fifteen minutes when Scott finally reached his max. He yanked his dick out of Anne’s aching mouth and squirt cum into her hair, letting it drip down her face. Todd kept on going. Scott got beside the two girls and leaned forward, rubbing their clits. Natalia and Anne shook, their knees and elbows getting sore and weak. Natalia moaned loudly into Todd’s thick cock as he continued to fuck her face. Anne screamed as she came yet again! Her cum leaked all over the dildo. Scott slowly pulled the beads from her tight asshole, making her orgasm even more intense. She collapsed on the bed panting and the dildo fell from her pussy and Natalia’s as well.

Scott would not give up on Natalia getting off. He shoved Anne off the bed and ignored her yelp of pain and surprise as she landed on the ground. He got on his knees behind Natalia and rubbed her plump ass cheeks before shoving his cock deep inside her soaked cunt. Natalia gasped at the thick size that was now ramming her cunt. He kept his thumb on her clit, rubbing as fast as he could. Todd moaned and close his eyes, shooting his load deep down Natalia’s throat and forcing her to gag. He pulled his cock out, stumbling back into the chair and sighing as he relaxed in pleasure. Natalia swallowed his cum and finally screamed as well. As her pussy tightened around Scott’s monstrous cock he knew she was cumming at last. He pulled the anal beads from her ass slowly and rammed his cock deeper and harder into her until she collapsed on the bed. He pulled himself out and smirked, slapping her ass and leaving a red print.

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Part 09

Cat and Mouse

I felt the metal of her claws dig into my chest as she used her ‘paws’ for leverage as she rode me in slow movement of her hips and legs. I looked down and saw the silhouette of her body and could see her drop down over and over again as she impaled her pussy on my iron hard flesh. Droplets of her sweat fell from her forehead as the heat of the suit and the exertion of her being on top combined to tax her.

“MMMMMMMMM feels so good,” she purred.

The mixture of her tight wet pussy and the vibrations coming from the toy in her ass were driving me crazy.

“Can’t hold on much longer,” I said through gritted teeth. “That toy of yours is almost too much,” I told her.

“Tell me about it, you should be on the receiving end of an anal vibrator,” she growled.

“You want me to take you from behind lover,” I asked and saw her eyes light up. “Good, get on your hands and knees and let me do all the work.”

She smiled and slowly rose up and moved to the foot of the bed. Her head was near the edge pressed down into the mattress while that lovely ass of hers was high in the air. I accepted her invitation and knelt behind her. I caressed her right ass cheek softly and felt her tremble beneath my touch.

“Do you like that,” I asked and she wiggled her ass at me. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I took cock in hand and slapped her ass cheek with the head and again she trembled but when I slid the tip up and down along her sex Cyan let out a long drawn out moan.

“You want this…” I growled and her only answer a whimper of need.

I slid just the tip between her pussy lips and heard her sudden intake of breath and I paused for a long minute before feeding her a single inch of length, pause then another inch and so on until I was completely inside of her. Her whimper now turned to a deep purr in her ample chest.

“Fuck me lover, take your pleasure from me please!” she begged.

I laid a hand on an ass cheek and began to rub and caress and I’m not sure if it was me, the vibrator or perhaps both that was the nudge she needed. Cyan cried out her voice echoing off the walls there were no words just a sound giving voice to the pleasure her body could no longer contain. I could feel her pussy spasm around me so I chose that moment to start slamming my hips into her and with a gasp and strangled groan one orgasm followed the other. As I thrust my hips and felt her tightness around me and the rhythmic vibrations from the toy I knew it wouldn’t be long before I followed suit and came and with that same intensity she had experienced. As she knelt there recovering I increased my pace and rammed my hips into her as hard as I could and once she had caught her breath she began to grunt each time I pierced her to her core.

“UNNN UNNNN UNNNNNN,” she moaned louder and louder now.

I loved the view that fucking her from behind provided but now I wanted to see her eyes, her hunger as I pounded her pussy. I stopped and pulled out of her. I walked to the foot of the bed with one of her ankles in my grip. I rolled her onto her back and yanked her so that her ass was right on the edge of the bed. She slipped a leg over each of my shoulders and I saw her half lidded eyes smoldering with lust.

“MMMMMMMMMMM fuck me lover… drive that fat cock into me…” she said dreamily.

I took my hard flesh in hand and eased the tip into her watching her sex open to me again. Then I rammed it into her as deep as it would go and saw her eyes roll up in her skull.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” she whimpered.

I began to move my hips slowly as I reached up and unzipped her suit and freed her tits. I leaned forward and cupped them both and began to tease and play with them and felt her body shiver as the simple caresses drew out profound pleasure from her. Cyan bit her lower lip and clenched her fists and I slowly made love to her now.

“Oh god baby…” she whispered, “…feels so damn good!”

I lightly pinched her nipples and as I felt the first inklings of my climax building I thrust just a little faster now. However when I pinched her nipples a little harder I felt Cyan’s ass lift off the bed just a bit. ‘HMMM’ I thought and the closer my climax got the harder I pinched and the harder I pinched the higher her ass lifted up. Soon I was slamming my cock into her pussy and her butt had cleared the bed and her back was arching now as my cock swelled and with a few last powerful thrusts of my hips my orgasm hit me with such force my knees nearly buckled. I didn’t realize I had screamed until my brain had moved through that wonderful fog of pleasure and the echoes of my cry finally registered. Panting and wheezing I fell atop the equally over stimulated Cyan Michaels who wrapped her legs around me and not so subtly removed the toy from between her ass cheeks. When we could talk again she rolled me onto my back and kissed me nearly starting another round of love making but her phone went off and she had to take an important business call.

“Saved by the cell,” I moaned and lay there listening to my heart pound in my chest.

Was the sex in my life getting better or was my choice in partners improving? I didn’t really care at the moment. I closed my eyes and basked in that freshly fucked after glow. I felt the weight of a curvaceous body settle on top of me and smiling I opened my eyes. But it wasn’t Cyan who was straddling me it was Lilith. In this current incarnation she was the succubus personified with her ruddy skin and eyes the color of molten gold. I looked down as she pressed her tits against my chest with their nipples and aureoles like polished brass. Purring in my ear she stretched out her bat-like wings until they nearly touched the bedroom’s walls. I felt her long snake-like tongue as it licked and teased my neck and earlobe.

“Master… that was fucking intense!” she whispered in my ear.

“As glad as I am to see you Lilith why are you here?”

“It has taken me a few days to compile that information for you and since I was finished I thought you might reward your loyal servant with an orgasm or two,” she purred.

“Wait, you can have orgasms?”

“Master,” she blinked a few times in surprise before smiling. “Of course I can. With all the data you provided in your home movies…”

“…you watched them all?”

“Some more than once, one like ten times it was so fucking hot!”

“Okay, so I still don’t get the orgasm thing.”

“When a man and woman really like each other the man sticks his…”


“Sheesh, I thought I could get a smile at least with that one.”

“Okay that was funny now would you please explain how YOU can have an orgasm?”

I felt her cool hand wrap around the shaft of my cock and slowly begin to jack me off.

“I could show you,” she growled but saw my look and stopped what she was doing. “Another time perhaps, when you recorded your little trysts with sis and dear old mom and others… you also recorded their blood pressure, heart rate and so on. My programming allows me to emulate all those bodily responses which as you know culminate in a mind blowing body shaking conclusion.”

“Wow,” I said.

“Wow indeed, I masturbated like a gazillion times waiting for you and her to finally finish.”

“You can masturbate? Oh yeah… Petra… the park… MMMMM,” I shivered at the end of that memory.

I looked up and Cyan was still on the phone and I saw her expression. She was going to have to leave on business. I guess I should have guessed. The more I thought about it I was amazed that she was able to stay as long as she had.

“Off you demon wench you,” I whispered to Lilith who smiled brilliantly revealing her curvaceous canines and flapping her wings rose into the air allowing me to rise and move towards the bathroom and the shower.

The hot water felt amazing after the afternoon I spent with Cyan and once I had cleaned off the funk and fluids from my body and my hair was washed I noticed Lilith watching intently. But to my surprise she just stood there her wings folded down over her back to form a cape-like structure. I could see her spiked tail swishing behind her but her distance and aloofness made me wonder.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“Nothing… okay daddy scolded me for being too familiar with you,” she pouted.

“When did this happen?”

“Just a little while ago while you were walking into the bathroom.”

“If you behave you can scritch my back,” I said smiling.

“I’ll behave… I promise,” she purred and I noticed her left hand was behind her back, fingers crossed no doubt.

“Alright come here you little minx you,” I said as she walked over emulating Petra’s sensuous walk perfectly.

She moved in front of me and pressed her body to mine and I felt her arms go around me and her wickedly sharp nails moved lightly down my back.

“MMMMMMMM how does that feel Master?” she said as she nibbled an ear lobe.


“I have a surprise for you later,” Lilith promised as her nails continued to work their evil magic upon me.

Despite my time with Cyan and more than one body shaking mind blowing orgasms I was hard… again! And I could feel Lilith’s hot wetness above my cock as she rubbed her slit along its length.

“Damn it,” Lilith cursed and was gone.

Cyan stepped into the bathroom 30 seconds later and smiled at my current situation but then frowned.

“I am so sorry Nikolas,” she licked her lips. “But I must leave at once for Antwerp for a business meeting.” She said as she shed the cat suit peeling it from her sweaty body. “MMMMMM perhaps a quickie before I go,” she said smiling her fangs gleaming in the bright illumination the bathroom provided.

“Well, you talked me into it.”

After a rather long quickie in the shower and road head in the back of the limo to the airport; I said my goodbyes to Cyan Michaels and watched her private jet taxi from the small airport and fly away into a scintillating sunset. By the time true night had fallen I was back aboard the Numenor and having dinner with mom, Kat and the ethereal Lilith.

“It’s kind of nice just the three of us again,” I said munching on an amazingly prepared steak.

“How did things go with Cyan,” Mom asked raising an eyebrow and just the hint of a smile curling her lip.

“Very well indeed, but she had to head off to Antwerp for business. Speaking of business about that position with the company I offered you?”

Petra graced me with one of her brilliant smiles.

“I have to apologize for not telling you in person that I had accepted it. I have been busy with damage control and now that the pest problem is under control we can proceed unhindered.”

“Are you two talking about sex or actual business?” Kat chimed in.

“Business sweetie,” Mom replied.

“Speaking of, we are going to Stockholm in a week or two,” I said and Kat lit up. “I got a strange email for a business opportunity there and if everyone is okay with that?”

“Shopping!” Kat squealed.

“It would be nice to visit Europe again,” Mom said in a kind of melancholy voice.

“Good it’s settled,” I said and returned my attention to my meal.

“Are you going to be training again tonight Nick?” Kat asked.

“You know I am,” I replied.

“I just wondered if it would be okay if I watched,” she asked.

“I would have to ask Akira if she would be comfortable about that but if she is cool with it

I don’t mind. Just no laughing or commentary from the sideline; it is a great honor and opportunity I have been given.”

“I would never disrespect you or her Nick,” Kat said her feelings hurt.

“I am sorry Kat, I over reacted.”

“It’s okay I know how important this is to you,” she said with a brave smile.

“I have an idea,” I said looking at mom. “I don’t need a secretary what with Surfer and all. But what I really do need is a personal liaison between Terry, William and me. Someone who could travel from site to site and get a hands on feel for how the plants are shaping up and get me reports on a regular basis. Of course as the business expands it will mean travel to Europe, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. What do you say?”

“Nick,” Mom began to argue for the safety of her daughter but I shut her down with a look.

“I will be sending Sora with you as a personal bodyguard to keep you safe and sound.”

“Can I mom,” Kat asked looking intently at her mother.

“You are a grown adult Kat and I can’t protect you forever,” she said smiling. “The decision is yours; I don’t want to hold you back.”

“When do I start?” Kat asked.

I was walking down the hall to my room when I felt Petra’s hand on my shoulder and when I turned to look into her eyes the anger and fear there were overwhelming. But I turned and faced her wrath unflinching.

“Have you lost your fucking mind!” Petra nearly screamed. “That’s my daughter you are talking about!”

“And my sister,” I replied. “I care about her too.”

“Apparently not enough,” she spat followed by the open handed smack to the side of my face.

My composure flew out the window at that point and when I turned to look at her Petra knew that she had crossed a line.

“Give me your ring,” I said low and full of menace.

Petra pulled her hand to her bosom and shook her head.

“I said give me your ring woman,” there would be no argument and with head hung low she tugged it free and handed it over. “You need to learn a lesson in discipline, gentlemen.”

The three crew members I had recruited a few days earlier now appeared one holding either arm the third following.

“You have been a naughty girl Petra and you need to be punished. They are going to hand out that punishment.” I said never looking back at her.

I led the way to an unused cabin that had been prepared for this event it was just going to happen under different circumstances. When this was all over with I don’t know if she was going to check this off her bucket list or not. The foursome stood in the center of the room while I sat on a nearby chair and watched.

“Strip her,” I said handing Corwin an antique straight razor.

He unfolded the gleaming blade and with precise cuts her blouse and slacks fell to the floor in pieces. Then he tugged on the piece of material on her bra that connected the two cups and neatly sliced it. Her large firm tits fell out and exposed for all to see. Next her panties followed the bra to the floor and she stood in only her shoes.

“Loose the heels,” I said and Ulrich bent down and removed and tossed them into the corner. “Now slut on your fucking knees,” I ordered. Petra never looked up she just bent her knees and dropped to the floor. I nodded and the three men undressed and stood around her sporting erections of varying lengths and girth.

“Corwin you have the honors,” I said and he moved to stand in front of her and without the need to be told Petra opened her mouth and he slid his cock in and she began to lick and suck him off.

Meanwhile she reached out and began to stroke off the other two while I watched. Not surprisingly Lilith chose this moment to reappear and sit on the floor next to me watching intently.

“MMMMMM Master,” Lilith cooed, “remind me to piss you off sometime.”

“I have a task for you and it won’t take long. I want you to…”

“Master has an evil streak in him, MMMMMM I like I will be back momentarily,” Lilith said with a wicked grin and did her Cheshire cat disappearing act.

“Switch,” I called out and Ulrich took Corwin’s spot in front and Corwin moved behind Petra and eased his saliva slick cock into her pussy.

“UNNNNNNNNNNN,” she moaned as he slowly slid into her and began fucking her.

“Looks like you are enjoying yourself sweetie, a cock in your pussy, one down your throat and one in your hand,” I said grimly. I saw the look of confusion on her face and it was moments later that there came a knock on the door.

“Come in the doors unlocked,” I called out.

In walked Kat and Akira and the energy in the room changed instantly. Petra suddenly realized that this was a punishment as Kat was going to watch her fuck three men at once. Kat’s jaw dropped and she nearly let go of the small suitcase she was carrying. Akira smiled and closed the door behind her as she moved to stand by my side. Moments later Lilith reappeared kneeling on the floor on the other side of me.

“Kat be a good girl and set the suit case on the bed.” She did so still in mild shock at seeing her mother in so compromising a position. “Now have a seat on my lap.” Kat moved over and settled her firm ass right over my growing erection.

“You see Kat, Akira that woman over there slapped me in the hallway and that is something I can’t let slide. Switch!”

Corwin pulled out of her pussy and Ulrich moved behind Petra and RAMMED his cock into her and her yelp of surprise and pleasure filled the room just before the third man slid his dick into her open mouth. Corwin went to the suit case and opened it and perused its contents and held up handcuffs and a butt plug. I nodded my approval and with a nice metallic click Petra’s hands were handcuffed behind her back. Then lube was applied to the plug and handed to Ulrich who slowly worked it up and into her tight ass.

“So Kat what do you think of your mom now,” I asked.

“She shouldn’t have slapped you,” Kat said in a sensual voice.

“HMMMMM, are you envious of your mother Kat? Getting all that male attention? Are you thinking I wish that was me?”

“MMMMMMMMM yessss,” Kat purred in my ear.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM,” I nibbled her ear and looked at the helpless gaze that Petra was giving me. “Do you want a cock in your pussy Kat?”

“Oh yes please!”

“Do you want a cock down your throat?”

“OH Yes Please!”

“Do you want a cock buried deep in your tight… little… asshole?”


“MMMMMMMMM,” I moaned. “I don’t know Kat… can you show me how bad you want it?”

“Yes I can,” she growled. “Tell me what I can do to prove it to you.”

“Wow, so obedient and eager to serve arent’ you Kat,” I asked.

“MMMMMMMMM you better believe it.”

“Well, first off while your mom has her pussy and throat fucked why don’t you start by cleaning off your mom’s pussy juice from Corwin there.”

“Gladly,” she said dropping to her knees and motioning for Corwin to come to her.

Eager to feel the girl’s lips and tongue on him Corwin walked over and presented her with his ten inch erection which Kat began to lick and suck with complete abandon. I gestured for Akira to lean down and I whispered in her ear.

“What do you think Akira, could you or Sora teach her the ways of sexcraft?”

“MMMMMMM Master, you know I could but I believe Sora would want it more. She has grown quite fond of Kat.”

“I am sending Sora with Kat as her bodyguard; I am thinking while she is working for the company she could be learning some valuable ‘skills’ on her downtime. What is your thought on the matter?”

“Assigning bodyguards is not my purview Master that is the privilege of the Majestrix.

But for my opinion only, Sora is very skilled and a good teacher.”

“Excellent, give me your hand Akira.” I said making sure that Petra didn’t miss this action as I slid the Majestrix ring on Akira’s finger. “You are acting Majestrix, if Petra manages to find my good graces I ‘may’ ask for the ring back. But until then you have the full might and authority of that office. Your first task is to choose your finest soldier to protect my sister.”

“I believe Sora Kobayashi would make a fine choice Master for both her skills and her fondness for Kat,” Akira said.

“Make it so.”

Akira lowered her lips to my ring and then left without a glance back. Tears streamed down Petra’s face and I shook my head that I had been forced to this course of action.

“Is that cock clean yet Corwin,” I asked.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM goddamn but she can suck a dick and uh yeah it’s clean as a whistle.”

“Excellent,” I said standing and moving behind Kat. “Up,” I motioned for her to get to her feet.

Kat rose and she stood between Corwin and me. I reached around and grabbed her blouse from behind and yanked hard. Material tore and buttons flew and Corwin taking my hint unbuttoned Kat’s jean shorts and yanked them down and tossed them over in the corner with Petra’s shoes. I cupped Kat’s tits and teased her nipples while Corwin placed one of Kat’s legs over his shoulder as he began to eat her out.

“OH GOD,” Kat cried out as the strange man’s lips and tongue began to pleasure her already soaked sex. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah baby lick me… yeah… yeah… yeah… that’s my clitty!”

I rubbed and lightly pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger and heard her growl of approval.

“Hey Corwin, hand me those nipple clamps from the suit case.”

I felt Kat stiffen as Corwin twisted and reached inside of found the length of chair with a small metallic clamp on either end. He handed it up to me and I opened the first clamp and carefully and slowly settled it into place.

“How’s that,” I asked and Kat growled her approval and so the second clamp was soon in place and Corwin noticed with a smile how much wetter Kat had become.

“She’s fucking soaked man,” Corwin said.

I reached down and between her legs and true to his words Kat’s pussy was literally dripping now. I slid two fingers into her pussy and began fingering her slit while Corwin returned to licking her clit.

“UNNNNNNN UNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNN,” Kat moaned louder and louder.

When my fingers were slick enough I applied her pussy juices to her asshole and began working it in. Kat reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM how’s that,” she moaned.

“Better… you know what comes next,” I asked and she nodded vigorously. “Tell me.”

“You are going to ease those fingers into my ASS so that you can get it ready for your COCK!”

“Hehe,” Corwin grinned. “She got it one.” I eased my fingers into her ass and Kat threw back her head and came right then and there.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS… MMMMMMMMMMMMM I love it when you finger my ass!”

“Wait until my cock is buried in it,” I said grinning as I began thrusting my fingers into her tight nether region.

“UNNNN UNNNN UNNNNN oh god yes finger my pussy please!”

Corwin did as he was asked and Kat’s knees almost buckled under the pleasure.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…” Kat panted now in anticipation of what was to come.

“She’s definitely ready on my end,” Corwin said smiling. “I am eager to get my dick wet with this one.”

“I think her ass is stretched out enough,” I said easing the fingers free and Corwin eager to start the fucking portion of the night did likewise.

I stood up and walked over to the chair and sat down. I patted my lap and Kat walked over and stood in front of me.

“Turn around, grab those ass cheeks again and slowly lower that tight young ass onto my cock.”

Without another word Kat did just that she turned around, bent over a bit and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart so I could easily see her ass and then began to lower it down onto my waiting erection. When the head of my cock touched her asshole she stopped and then slowly let gravity do the work. I watched as the puckered brown sphincter slowly opened for me and then with a ‘pop’ I slid inside. Kat was panting but was pleased at how easy it had entered this time. Now she bent her knees and with a long drawn out moan I was balls deep in her ass.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM it’s in…” she said softly.

“Now lean back and put your feet on my legs,” I told her and she did so easily. “Corwin it’s your turn… slide it on in.”

He walked up and slowly fed Kat all ten inches of his cock until she was filled from both ends now.

“Oh god it feels so fucking good,” Kat purred. “Fuck me Corwin… slowly but let me feel that monster.”

He moved his hips and as Kat was moved up and down my cock moved a bit inside of her as well. I reached for her hips and did a little lifting and dropping in time with Corwin’s thrusts enhancing my own pleasure. Kat was reveling in the sensations filling her body now. All the while Ulrich and his friend took turns with the forgotten Petra. Who looked enviously on as her daughter was being double teamed. I hadn’t given them the signal to take the plug out of her ass yet and this made her want it all the more. When Ulrich and his friend were changing places I motioned for Ulrich to come over and soon Kat’s moans of pleasure were muffled by his cock slick with her mom’s juices. We made a pretty amazing team. When Corwin blew his load onto Kat’s stomach Ulrich slid in right behind him and began fucking her with complete abandon. Kat’s orgasms seemed one to flow into the next and so on. When Ulrich shot his load he moved to stand on the opposite side as Corwin and Kat began taking turns sucking them both off as the third guy left Petra for a younger tighter pussy. I had to ask him his name when this was all over and done with I thought to myself. As I felt my climax getting close I reached up and around and found the chain to the nipple clamps. I gave it a gentle but regular amount of pull and I felt her body stiffen in response and did the guy in her pussy.

“Do that again, she squeezed me like crazy,” he said.

I gave the chain another pull and that was all for him he yanked out of her and after two or so strokes send a thick load of cum onto her tits and belly. Corwin never hesitated and took his place now that Kat had sucked him back into shape. This nice little cycle of cocks in her ass and pussy lasted a few hours until Kat and them wore out and begged off. The three men Corwin, Ulrich and Stan (I later learned) left weak in the knees and very satisfied. I poured Kat into the shower and washed all the sperm from her hair, face, tits, stomach and ass. Then I carried her to her down to her cabin and tucked her in with a kiss. Petra was still kneeling on the floor of the cabin when I returned. Her face was stained with tears and I saw in her eyes defeat and sorrow.

“If this were just about a slap between mother and son none of this would have happened.

But we are not just mother and son are we? No, we are more than that. You were supposed to be my confidant and anchor Petra. I was supposed to be able to trust you with critical life changing decisions. But you didn’t trust me to keep Kat safe and sound knowing how close we all are. You are still a part of that sisterhood and you will do what is required of you. But just not as Majestrix and what happens next I hate to do but I have discovered from my avatar that those three men were selected to serve on this ship by members of the Order who wish me harm. They want to lull us into a false sense of security but sadly they won’t live out the night.”

I turned to Lilith and nodded.

“Give the order,” I said and felt a part of me die.

Even as I removed the handcuffs Akira and Sora were doing their duty to defend their Master from harm both from without and within.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry,” I said. “Now get out of my sight and when I have calmed down we can speak again.”

The Untempered Truth

September slipped into October and as that month began to wane and Halloween approached I decided it was time to return to Arkham and take a break from the Numenor for a little while. So much had happened in the six weeks since the ‘incident’ and our little family was more or less back to normal. Kat had left the ship with a new friend, a new attitude and a new pair of Jesse’s patented contact lenses. It wasn’t until the pair meant for me was cleaned and inserted did I realize why he wanted me to be the only one wearing them. First of all they could ‘bond’ as well as ‘split’ in case of future software or hardware issues. Second, the extent of their abilities far outstripped my original pair. As far as optics were concerned these lenses allowed a much fuller visual range from the ultraviolet to the infrared and even was sensitive to gamma and x-ray radiation.

And as always Jesse was thinking outside the box and created an optical option for seeing sound from the ultra to infrasonic. The first time I tried it, it was like looking into a pool and seeing ripples spreading out from a dropped stone. Akira’s heartbeat was like watching a slow eddy moving through the air in a windmill sort of fashion. Each chamber of her heart sending out a little distortion that faded like a smoke ring from a wizard’s pipe. It was by sheer accident that during one of my nightly excursions exploring the Numenor and playing around with the contacts that I discovered a surprising benefit of seeing sound. It was a rainy night and so I was on the observation deck of the 500 foot long yacht and watching the sound of the falling rain when an especially cool pattern formed on the roof of the deck and I let out a whistle of appreciation. I was pleasantly surprised when my whistle for lack of a better term painted the interior roof illuminating its complex construction. Suddenly I was all over whistling and watching as the subtle geometry of the Numenor was revealed. There is so much the human eye misses or takes for granted. That night I learned a new appreciation for the beauty of the engineer’s art.

Petra and I had mended our fences and we had a long talk about Kat, safety and trust issues. We still hooked up from time to time but that level of intimacy seemed marred and fragile. A broken piece of pottery glued together but one good gust and it would crumble again into its myriad shards once more. That saddened me and she knew the cost of that single bitter moment when all she had to do was pull me into her embrace and ask me if everything would be okay and I would have told her unwaveringly and without hesitation yes.

Six hours or more of each and every night was spent either in the cabin that had been converted into a full sized gym or atop the helipad training with Akira Kusanagi. She was my teacher, my confidant and my friend. We both decided no matter how strong the attraction that while she was my instructor and I her student we could not have a physical relationship. I longed for the day when I could pass my final test! My martial training was progressing at a very acceptable pace as far as she was concerned. Some aspects of the training I excelled at and was well ahead of and others that I struggled with. My Ki training was well above the learning curve but the mirror training was going slower than she liked. So I decided to try something different while she was busy one day on business for the sisterhood. I called up Lilith and having her upload the training footage I had been gathering I let her play the part of Akira while I married the two lessons together. I would bring up my Ki and attempt to maintain it while Lilith guided me through one of the mirror exercises. Perhaps I could use my Ki to sense Lilith’s intentions and kill two birds with one stone.

“Are you ready Master,” Lilith said using Akira’s form, well if Akira was born without a single physical flaw. Damn that Morrigan template!

“Yes,” I said and closed my eyes.

I began channeling the Dragon Ki figuring it would work best with the slow build up it would progress as I moved through the exercise. With a nod I laid my hands on top of hers and wasn’t sure this would even work with an avatar but if it did I could show Akira and maybe earn some points for resourcefulness. I felt her hands begin to move but I wasn’t receiving any visions or whatever it was I was supposed to be sensing. Our hands lost contact and with a groan we started again and again. But after the fifth time I was growing weary by the effort required to maintain the Dragon for so long a period of time.

‘Don’t try and summon the Dragon Nick become the Dragon,’ came a voice neither male or female, nor young or old. ‘Let go Nick… let me in… trust me Nick just… this… once…’

There was a wall of fear, the fear of losing control of trusting something outside myself. But if I held onto the fear I would never know.

“Okay,” I muttered to no one and nothing. “I am letting go.”

It was like being picked up by a tornado and swung around, disorientated but then the voice came again.

‘Center yourself Nick, breath, find your center…’

I remembered the Dantian Point and brought it to mind and the sensation of movement ceased as if I had reached the eye of the storm.

“Lilith, try again,” I said. “Try to tell me what you are going to do.”

I could feel her hands beneath mine and then there came the faintest tug and when I followed it her hands were still there. It was like tracing a cobweb with a tree branch but I could finally feel something! We were crawling through the exercise but it was the farthest I had ever gone so far. I don’t know how long we moved like that but in the end the Dragon faded and the whirlwind and all of it were simply gone.

I awoke in my bed and there sitting on the edge was Akira and she was looking very cross at me.

“Do you have any idea the long term damage for maintaining the Dragon for so long?”

“I wanted to try something different,” I tried to explain.

“Tell me what this entailed,” she said patiently.

“Since my Ki work was progressing and the mirroring was not, I wanted to merge the two and try to sense intent thru the flow of Ki.”

She sat there silent and her face was unreadable and then she cracked a smile.

“I must say that is a very inventive solution, but instead of using your avatar I suggest we try it once you’ve recovered your strength. Thankfully there is no permanent damage Kouryou.”

“I will work hard to recover Sensei.” She shook her head and grinned.

“You will rest, not work on recovering. Meditate and relax and when you are ready we will continue your training,” she said as she rose and left.

I heard her soft footfalls as she walked into the room and then the scent of her perfume removed all doubt.

“Petra, I know how this looks,” I said as I opened my eyes.

“This is becoming a habit with you isn’t it? Pushing your limits playing all alpha male to impress the ladies; you can stop now I am impressed.” She said smiling.

I was still weak as a kitten but it was good to see her despite everything that had passed between us.

“How goes the business,” I asked and she shrugged.

“Kat is bopping back and forth between Dunwich and Arkham and from the emails she has sent me things should be ready a couple of weeks early. Never underestimate the desire of people who want to make a good first impression on the boss.”

“I never doubted her ability to do her job… I just didn’t want to see her become a prisoner on board this ship,” I said.

“I know Nick and I was dead wrong I just hope that someday you’ll forgive me. I am a mother and I over reacted.”

“Yes you are a mother and no you were protecting your daughter. I forgave you that day but I haven’t forgiven myself yet.”

“I don’t understand; what are you blaming yourself for?”

“Petra, I can’t restore your position as Majestrix… ever.”

“Oh thank god!”

I blinked a few times and realized what she had sacrificed for me.

“I am an idiot,” I said sitting up slowly. “You are the most wonderful woman I know.”

“I know, and if you offered me that position again today I would turn it down flat. I think your choice of Akira is a great fit. I only did it because at the time there was no one else who could. I wish her the best and I know she’ll shine and never falter in her commitment to you.”

“I plan on meeting dad in Europe for Christmas what do you think?

“That would be lovely Nick, so what should we get him to show him how much we miss him?”

“A waterbed, you and a case of champagne,” I suggested.

“You left out the chocolate, strawberries and whip cream…”

“So what do you want for Christmas,” I asked and she just smiled.

“You in one piece, Kat home safe and your father in one place for more than a few days,” she smiled with a distant look in her eyes.

“Then you shall have it,” I said not sure I could deliver all of it but I would give it my best.

Breakfast arrived just then delivered by an unfamiliar female face and I looked quizzically at Petra and she just grinned.

“My last official act as the big M was to juggle the crew roster around as you wanted. It just took a little while to pick out the best candidates. They are all loyal and not bad on the eyes to boot.”

“You make me out as a shallow, immature male,” I said.

“When it comes to women,” she left the rest unsaid as she turned and left me to my meal.

I attacked my stack of pancakes, sausage and eggs with gusto and emptied two carafe of orange juice. After a failed attempt to stand I decided I at least had the strength to check up on emails and act like I was running a company.

“Surfer, to me my herald,” I called out and there he was my gleaming mirror bright avatar.

‘Milord, it is good to see you conscious again,’ he said with a wry grin.

“So how far backed up are my emails?”

‘Not terribly Milord, ‘she’ has been handling your affairs while you slept.’

“She, who the hell is she?” I asked as Lilith made her presence known.

“Oh don’t be cross sweetie, I just answered a few emails and kept things humming. And speaking of humming,” she licked her lips.

“I thought I was the horny teenager here,” I said and was rewarded with two smiles. “Okay Lilith please be a good girl and display the emails you responded to and tell me what you’ve been doing.”

Lilith produced what appeared to be a remote control and pointed it at the empty air and pressed a button. Instantly there appeared the first email and I skimmed through it and once I had the gist I asked her to display the email she sent as a reply. The next hour was Surfer and Lilith vying for my attention and it was like two kids in desperate need of some parental one on one time.

“Now that the old business is caught up with is there anything that needs my undivided attention?”

“Actually yes,” the two said in perfect unison.

“Surfer, fill me in, Lilith I need you to do some digging for me on a project. I want a complete and thorough examination of the group called the Iron Rain. Mom wants a quiet Christmas and I intend on giving it to her. Dig up everything you can, every connection, every affiliation… I want it all.”

“Yes Master,” she said and did her disappearing act.

‘Show off,’ Surfer muttered.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were jealous.”

‘Sir is most observant; I have become an inadequate avatar for Milord.’

“Where the hell did that come from?”

‘Lilith possesses traits I cannot possibly match. She is more acquainted with you than I can ever be. She can scan vast quantities of documents with ease. She can touch you Milord and I am just a hollow ghost.’

“Surfer she may have some bells and whistles you do not have but I still rely heavily on you.”

‘Truly Milord,’ he asked smiling.

“Besides I need some male bonding from time to time and you are it.”

‘Sir is too kind, are you ready for the aberrations I have been monitoring Milord?’

“Oh I don’t like the sound of that,” I said grimacing.

‘I am not saying that these are bad things Sir just unexpected.’ He said gesturing and summoning a satellite view of Africa. ‘As Sir may be aware of, the continent shown here has had some severe droughts over the last decades.’ Twenty metallic dots appeared all around the coastal regions of the map. ‘These denote building sites for Numenor desalinization plants. Most are well on their way towards completion. Pipelines are also being built to take the processed water inland to much needed locations hardest hit by the droughts.’

“That’s great news Surfer,” I said smiling. “What’s so strange?”

‘The plants were paid for by known bank accounts belonging to the Silver Twilight lodge.’

“So the presentation that was conducted here was seen by at least one high standing member of the lodge?”

‘That would be my assessment. But there are other plants elsewhere being built.’ Dozens of dots appeared all over the globe and according to Surfer they were all in equal stages of construction. ‘This does not include the large scale power plants also under construction in many major population centers.’ Gold dots sprung up all over the map as well.

“How much money are we talking about Surfer?”

‘Tens of billions Sir and all being sent to Numenor Technology’s bank accounts,’ he said puzzled. ‘The level of organization and the amount of capital being spent is staggering.’

“The only person with that kind of clout is the Eternal Master. But why is he doing this? What kind of profit can he hope to make?”

‘He stands to make a considerable amount if you look at the restructuring of the power grids and the undercutting of existing power providers. People will flock to purchase their electricity from a plant that can provide it for easily a third of the cost.’

“Wow, it looks like our company is a huge success and when those desalinization plants come online think of the suffering they’ll relieve.”

‘That and the military security we are providing for them.’

“Say that again? What military security?”

‘The countries involved want to make sure the pipelines remain secure and only agreed to their construction if ‘we’ Numenor Technology provided adequate security measures.’

“But we don’t provide military grade security or hell any kind of security.”

‘Apparently we do,’ Surfer said and displayed over one hundred patents filed under Numenor Technology’s name that appeared to be military vehicles and weapons ranging from pistols to tanks.

“What the FUCK!” I tried to get to my feet and the floor rushed up and I was thankful for the thick plush carpeting.

Surfer alerted two of the new crew who helped me back into bed and then called for Akira. She arrived within minutes and saw the grim look on my face and stared at the hologram not understanding its significance.

“Master,” she asked eyes downcast.

“My friends and I created Numenor to be a peaceful benefit for the world. We saw that the silicon computer was going to become obsolete so we created the next generation to maintain the global economy. We solved the cost effectiveness of desalinization plants so that people everywhere could have clean fresh drinking water. And we found a cheap and clean way of providing power to millions of people. What we did not do was create a fucking war machine!” “Master I understand you are upset but…”

“No I am way passed upset at this point. Surfer I want you to take over the project I gave to Lilith okay?” I tried and failed to calm my breathing or heart rate but once I ranted and cursed for a while I would feel better. “LILITH!”

She appeared instantly and her look of concern was clearly evident.

“Master, your blood pressure and heart rate are dangerously high you need to calm down now!” Lilith said afraid for me.

“Lilith,” I said pointing to the image of the weapon patents. “I want to know who did this. I want to know today. I want your full stealth mode on this. No one but me sees the information, not daddy, not Terry and not William. My eyes only on it, do you understand?”

“Yes Master, your eyes only,” and she was simply gone no Cheshire cat fade, poof ninja vanish.

“Now Kouryou you need to rest and calm yourself,” Akira said softly. “In your weakened state I fear something might happen.”

I nodded but I wanted to do something, anything but she was absolutely right. I needed to attack this thing from a clear mind and not while angry. Angry made you stupid and that meant mistakes. I closed my eyes and willed my body to calm and after a minute or so I felt better. I dove into that silent darkness and drove away the thoughts, the pain and the anger. There was nothing, I became nothing and in that place that was no place I found solace and healing.

I opened my eyes and saw that it was dark out and a deep fog was all about us. I tried to sit up and found the dizziness gone. Carefully I got to my feet and discovered my full strength restored. I dressed and stepped out onto the observation deck. I might as well have been in London the mist was so deep and complete. Then out of the darkness and obscuring cloud came another ship, she was at least as large as the Numenor. I moved to the edge of the deck to see it better. It was a freighter of some sort and as we got closer I caught her name as she silently slipped past us, it was the U.S.S. Cyclops. They had no running lights on and there was no sign of movement either on the deck or the wheel house. Strange. I started to call out to them but the fog rolled in again and she simply faded silently away. I carefully made my way up to the larger of the two helipads and stared out into the fog. I never heard him or sensed his presence until he spoke.

“Am I a man dreaming I am a dragon, or a dragon dreaming I am a man?”

“Oswald Sebastian Kane,” I said turning to face him. “I thought the crew roster had changed, didn’t expect you’d still be on the ship.”

“As you can see I shed the garb of the ship’s livery for a more mundane costume.”

“This fog must make you feel at home,” I said and he nodded and smiled.

“Yeah actually it does, I miss London I haven’t been there in years,” he said and it was the heavy emphasis on the word years that rang wrong in my ear.

He looked about the same age as me but then I saw his eyes and that haunted ancientness that dwelt there. Oswald had been through a lot in his short life and only a fool disparages wisdom no matter the source.

“So Jesse tells me you opened his eyes to a much larger world, is that so?”

“Yes,” he said nodding sadly. “I hated to do it really. He was so innocent but he was my only chance to speak with you.”

“Why me Kane, what is so special about me?”

“This could be a bit of a shocker so we will take this journey together and slowly. First of all Jesse told me you haven’t activated the special feature on your lenses yet. There is a drop down selection called Securitas.” More curious than wary at this point I brought the drop down menu up and lo and behold there was a darkened option called Securitas. I selected it and bright red letters on a darkened background filled my vision.

‘Securitas Protocol Initiated… Your Identity Will Be Confirmed…’ there was a bright light and when I had finished blinking and could see again there was more. ‘Identity Confirmed Retinal Pattern Match… Welcome Nicholas Shaw would you like to activate Securitas Protocal?’ “What is it,” I asked.

‘Securitas allows you and your avatars the ability to detect and tap into any and all Numenor Technology property within line of sight or remote access certain key systems as designated by the user.’

“The user being me,” I asked.

‘That is correct.’

“Can I keep my avatars from being accessed?”

‘That is possible yes; do you wish to activate Securitas?’

“Absolutely,” I said feeling a sense of control again after this heinous military security issue.

‘One final notification for the user, with great power comes great responsibility. Securitas Protocol initiated.’

With that the Securitas option on the drop down disappeared. This was a one way door and there was no going back now. I looked at Oswald and saw that his eyes had a faint violet glow about them; he was wearing a pair of Jesse’s contact lenses! Jesse must trust him a lot indeed!

“Whoa,” I muttered.

“Yeah, he trusts you utterly Nick and he knows what you need to survive what is coming.”

“How can Jesse know what’s coming? Hell even I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Jesse knows because I told him,” Oswald said sadly.

“What exactly did you tell him?”

“The truth, the clear untainted and untempered truth,” he said.

“I can’t see how the truth can be a bad thing,” I told him and then I saw the weight of an enormous burden in his eyes.

“I wish that were true,” he began. “I am going to do a little rant but listen carefully and maybe you’ll get a glimpse of what I have to offer you. If after my erratic path around emotional pitfalls you still want more I will tell you my story in full.”

“Agreed,” I said. “Just not here, how about a cup of coffee and a nice comfy seat?”

“I will take you up on your kind offer,” he said and we headed back to my cabin and there one of the new crew arrived with a pot of coffee and all the amenities.

I couldn’t help but notice how cute she was and remembered Petra’s words. I was an immature teenage man whore and that was a truth I could live with! I looked over at Oswald and gave him the nod, I was ready.

“I have put much thought into what to say and what to leave out, well here we go,” he said as he began his rant. “History is a document meant to give comfort to those who write it and allow it to be read. Do you ever wonder why humanity in its bulk lives in cities? When we lived in small settlements for thousands of years or wandered the land then we suddenly not only built cities but fashioned them so very similarly by cultures that ‘apparently’ had no contact with one another? What purpose did they serve and do they serve today? Are we really happier with these great concrete and steel edifices? How is it that these great stone structures that lay in the deserts and high up in the mountains Stone Age people constructed but we cannot duplicate to this day? Life, its sole purpose is to survive, reproduce and evolve. There have been multiple extinction level events on this planet and life as we know it was wiped out or so we thought. But there are microbes that can be traced back billions of years; the very first life didn’t perish. Makes you wonder what else might have survived. Something clever, something evolved… something sentient? This amazing crystal technology ‘you’ have developed is cutting edge and new and will no doubt alter the very nature of our society. Is it and will it? And the last, what is the role of the child with the triple helix DNA?”

His voice faded into silence and I sat there and let the images his words had painted take form in my mind. Like walking through a museum I saw each question or subject he had brought up as an exhibition piece. There were scrolls and stone tablets and bound books that represented history. Then there was a mock up of Arkham in all its simple complexity as a small city. Beyond stand the pyramids of Egypt, South America and South East Asia in all their simple and complex glory. Then there was a hologram showing the evolutionary path of man from microbe to Homo Sapiens. At the very last a gleaming image of my DNA strand composed of multi-hued crystals representing the most basic components of my cells. This strange young man with the London accent posed some interesting questions. Now I had to ask myself did I want to know the answers.

Since Lilith and I had gone over William Bell’s library and I had learned the long and winding history of the Order and its viral nature in the young civilization of humanity. There wasn’t a corner of the world they didn’t touch or know about. I knew the hidden ties between Egypt and Central and South America. I was aware of the magician priests who crossed the ocean and sought out their brothers who followed the Jaguar God and how they were swayed and lulled with the promise of power and wealth. There were the slave ships that had carried the captured enemies of Egypt to be harvested on the blood altars of Tezcatlipoca and the ships that carried gold back to help swell the power and might of the Eternal Master. All the hidden treaties with expanding nations in secret and openly for those eager to join something that offered power and station and wealth. How the Eternal Master managed through might of arms to unite a divided China. But not all lands welcomed him; some chose to remain as they were and thrived anyway. Then there were the blank spots that glared out of the pages where entire cities vanished literally overnight. Thriving communities that for reasons no historian, even the Hidden Master could put down for posterity, or would not? Were there reasons he chose not to record what had happened? Was there a secret so terrible that even the Order feared to pass it on? Life grows, evolves and survives.

“I will admit that my curiosity is peaked Oswald,” I said breaking the silence. “I know things that perhaps you do not, things about the history of the Order that answer some of those questions but raise some other more disturbing ones.”

“I imagine you do Nick, before I tell you anything else I will give you a teaser truth as it were and after you verify or in your case rediscover this thing if you still want to know more you know how to contact me.” He said tapping the side of his head indicating the contact lenses.

“Okay, what is your teaser?” I asked.

“Find out what you can about the Bloodstone Ring,” he said smiling.

“That’s it?” I said.

“Yep, but trust me it’s more than enough. If you actually manage to find out something I will pay you for the information.”

“I’d like to think we are friends Oswald, and friends don’t charge for information.”

“I would like that too, but you may not feel the same when all is said and done. Goodbye Nick Shaw we will see each other again.”

He rose to his feet turned, opened the door and stepped out into the fog. I followed and when I looked for him he could not be found no matter what spectrum I sought him in. What the fuck? I returned to my pot of coffee and poured another cup before summoning Surfer and Lilith.

‘Milord,’ Surfer said.

“Master,” Lilith greeted me.

“Hold still this might tingle a bit,” I said and activated Securitas and indicated my two avatars and like that they were free from access save by me.

‘That was strange Sir,’ Surfer commented.

“MMMMMM daddy is not going to like that,” Lilith purred.

‘Like what,’ Surfer asked.

“Master has severed our access with daddy, only Master Nick may command us from now on.” Lilith explained.

‘Why would you do that Milord? Do you not trust father anymore?’

“I trust Jesse with my life and he trusted me with this new protocol. I have to believe it was for a very good reason. You must trust me that I know what I am doing.”

“MMMMMMMMM Master I trust you completely,” Lilith purred.

‘And I Sir, you will always have my unwavering loyalty.’

“So, tell me about the military security files Lilith.”

“Not much to say, they were filed physically and there is no electronic trail to follow.”

“Someone just walked in to file these documents,” I asked.

“Yep, someone who knew we could track any electronic transfer of data.”

‘Have you recovered any security footage, it is a government building after all,’ Surfer asked.

“Already ahead of you Surfer dude,” Lilith said with a smile. “You are not going to be pleased on two fronts Master.”

She projected the stolen video of the person who filed the patents and it was none other than Morrigan. Then Lilith displayed a copy of the signature on the paperwork.

“That’s my signature, mother fucker!” I cursed and as I left the room and headed for the wheel house to speak with the captain or whoever was piloting this thing, another long string of harsh syllables fell from my lips echoing all the way down the hallway.

Akira and I sparred and as expected I was getting my ass handed to me but on the plus side I was getting a little better each night. After our warm up sparring match and my chance to vent some steam we worked on my mirror technique. Unlike my last attempt with Lilith I drew on the weaker form of Ki to help me attempt and sense Akira’s intent. This form could be maintained longer with much less chance of injury. The energy flowed to my hands with barely a thought and I listened as Akira projected her next move and much to my surprise I felt that little tug but it was a bit stronger this time. I managed to get half way through the form before my Ki began to fail and I faltered. So I sat down on the floor of the helipad and caught my breath as Akira pondered my success and how to progress from here. Since the founding of the Black Lotus School there had never been a male student and she was beginning to think there was a reason for that. But the fact that I was having any success at all was changing her opinion on my chance for eventual mastery of the ‘many forms that are one’. So as I sipped from my water bottle and caught my breath I decided to broach the subject of the Bloodstone Ring with Akira.

“Since your family has a long standing with the Sisterhood and therefore the Order I have a question for you.”

“If I can be of help I will tell you whatever I know,” she said smiling down at me.

“Have you ever heard of an artifact or relic of the Order called the Bloodstone Ring?” Her face darkened and her body language changed immediately to a cautious stance.

“Where did you hear about that?” she said looking around like the night might explode with enemies any second.

“From someone who knows things and feels if I learn about the ring I will have a better understanding of the world at large.” I told her honestly.

“Master,” she kneeled next to me and I could see the fear in her eyes. “It is dangerous to speak of such things. But I see that if you do not hear it from me you will continue your search and that way lies folly and death.”

“Really, I mean it’s just a ring isn’t it?”

She shook her head and took my hand that had the signet ring on it.

“That is like saying that ‘this’ is just a ring,” she patted the back of my hand and continued. “When the Order was young there were four masters not just three that maintained the status quo. The Lost Master as he is known now was known then as the Master of Blood and was tied to the deeper and darker rituals the Order performed in those bygone days. To maintain control and order among the tribes who carried out ritual sacrifices the Eternal Master added the fourth master to appease them. It is said that the material for that ring was brought over from Central America and forged in the Black Pyramid. The Bloodstone Ring is also called the Star Fall Ring because both the metal and the stone set into it fell from the sky. It was rumored to give the bearer supernatural powers but that is only legend. What is fact is that the last Master of the Blood tried and failed to challenge the Eternal Master for his title and fell during the battle. Neither the body nor the ring were ever recovered.”

“How did you learn about it,” I asked.

“I am a direct descendant of the man who forged the Star Fall Ring.”

“If the ring survived, what would happen if it were recovered?”

“I don’t know you would have to bring it up before the Eternal Master. But I doubt he would want to return to the days where people were sacrificed to heathen gods.”

“Do you know where this Black Pyramid can be located?”

She shook her head and took her feet.

“Q&A is over its time to try something unusual,” she said seriously. “I think we need to try a different tack on your mirror training. We are going to attempt a synergetic cleansing.” Akira said as I took my feet.

“Never heard of it, what does it involve?”

“As you know when the meridians that carry your Ki are blocked you get ill and after all that you have been through I never thought about it but it may be hindering your ability to sense my intentions,” Akira said.

“So I may still be able to project it but the flow may still be hampered in the traditional sense… hmm makes sense to me. How do we do this thing?”

“We clasp hands so,” Akira said taking my left hand in her right and my right hand in her left. “Now relax and listen to my voice Kouryou. Close your eyes and don’t fight me. When you feel my Ki enter through your left hand let it flow through you and back into me from your right hand. Once the circuit is established we can send more energy until we are certain your meridians are completely open and flowing normally.”

Danni had just come out of an almost loveless marriage and needed to have some fun; she decided to jet off to the sunnier climate of Ibiza with her friend Lorna for some sun, sea, sand and whatever else took her fancy; she hadn’t seen Lorna for months well ever since she began divorce proceedings against her womanising brute of a husband; Danni booked and paid for the suite and flights, but asked Lorna her oldest school friend to book the flights as she was able to get a better deal through a family friend…

They arrived at the airport and decided to upgrade in order to gain access to the V.I.P. lounge; once inside the friends ordered a bottle of the most expensive champagne…

“Danni are you sure you can afford it?” Lorna asked.

“Oh yes, I can afford it, I took that bastard to the cleaners!” Danni said laughing.

They drank their champers; and then boarded the plane; it was the first time in years that Danni had been away and she was so looking forward to it; she even vowed to Lorna to have sex every night. Arriving at Ibiza airport Danni knew it would be a holiday to remember; especially as they were approached by two good looking guys asking if they wanted some fun; they declined of course, but this Danni saw as a sign of exciting things to come…

In the taxi on the way to the hotel, they chatted about what they were going to do for the four days they were there…

“I’d love to clubbing,” Danni said smiling; being thirty five and on the larger side, she felt she was too old, but then thought ‘fuck it, I am going’. “Other than that I’d like to do whatever or whoever takes my fancy?” she laughed.

“Wow Danni you are getting brave, but that’s a great idea, I like your thinking,” Lorna teased.

Reaching the hotel suite, they both flopped down on the double bed; Danni apologised to Lorna for it being a double as it was her who booked the accommodation, Lorna didn’t seem to mind that much, in fact she quite liked the idea…

They decided to get showered and changed and head down to the pool;

“Danni have you lost weight? That swimsuit looks stunning.”

“No I’m still a size eighteen, 38DD tits and a nice chunky ass, but thanks for the compliment.” Danni replied rolling on the bed laughing.

“I can see we are going to have lots of fun, whilst we’re here,” Lorna said looking at her friend lustfully.

Lorna had always found Danni attractive with her flowing auburn hair, her voluptuous figure, her beautiful lightly tanned skin and her sexy green eyes; she hated her being married, but now she isn’t and for the next four days they will be sharing a double bed; and Danni did vow to have sex every night!!

“Lorna are you listening to me, I asked if you were ready?” she smiled at her friend.

“Yeah sorry I was daydreaming,” Lorna replied laughing.

Heading down to the pool dressed in their loveliest of swimsuits and floppy sunhats; it wasn’t too difficult to find a sun-lounger; most of the guests were still having breakfast; the sun was beating down even though it was only ten o’clock in the morning…

“This is amazing, thank you so much Danni!”

“Don’t thank me now, thank me later!”Danni said winking her eye.

They had an amazing time by the pool; swimming, sunbathing and taking in the sights of the people passing by: “Lovely isn’t it?” Danni said raising her eyebrows.

“Oh yes, beauty is all around me today!” Lorna replied whimsically.

“Can you rub some oil on my back for me please?” Danni asked.

“Yeah sure, give me a minute,” Lorna said enthusiastically, trying to contain herself…

Danni passed her friend the suntan oil; she slowly rubbed the oil into Danni’s back with slow sensual movements; imagining how she could gladly rub it all over her friends voluptuous body; Lorna’s pussy was getting wet and she could feel herself getting more and more aroused; she wondered whether her fantasy would ever be realised…

“Thanks Lorna, would you like me to do your back?”

“Oh yes please,” Lorna said excitedly.

Danni started to rub the oil into her friends body, gently smoothing the oil into her skin; Lorna began to mumble and groan, she suddenly jumped up…

“Are you okay Lorna?” Danni asked in a concerned tone.

“Yeah I’m fine, I just have to go back to the room,” she shouted as she quickly made her way back.

Danni thought to herself ‘but I’ve got the key’; after a few minutes Danni put on her sarong and followed Lorna back to the apartment, her friend was already in the room; the following minutes were the most erotic that Danni had ever witnessed; Lorna was lying on the bed with her eyes shut, thrusting a dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand and with the other she was rubbing at her clit; her breathing was heavy, her groaning was loud and she was panting; she let out one last elated groan and she opened her eyes…

“How long have you been standing there?” Lorna asked her friend, looking embarrassed.

“Erm long enough, that was so sexy,” Danni said smiling lustfully. “How did you get in anyway?

“So you liked it did you?” Lorna replied, wishing that Danni would let her do it to her; “The maid let me in.”

Lorna looked stunning with her blonde locks, blue eyes, enormous size 40DD tits and her size fourteen athletic body.

Sensing that her pussy getting wetter rather than moist Danni needed to remove her swimsuit, she went to the bathroom, showered and changed into her short bath robe; she wondered if Lorna would show her how to masturbate as she was still quite naive when it came to sex; returning from the bathroom her friend was still on the bed…

“You look pleased with yourself,” Danni said smiling.

“Yeah it’s been a while since I relaxed enough to have two orgasms in such quick succession,” she replied blissfully.

“Wow, I wish I was relaxed enough to have one never mind two,” Danni said glumly.

Patting the bed Lorna beckoned for her friend to lie next to her on the bed…

“Let me give you a massage!” she said yearningly.

Danni removed her robe and lay on the bed; Lorna removed the cap from her body lotion bottle, she gently squeezed some into her hands and rubbed them together; slowly and sensually Lorna started to massage the lotion into her friend’s shoulders, kneading and squeezing at her friends soft supple skin, gradually working her way down to her fantastic ass cheeks, she squirted more lotion onto Danni’s ass making sure some trickled down the crack, her friend giggled and Lorna dared to gently massage Danni’s ass hole with her thumb; Danni began groaning and her pussy was getting even wetter than before, she opened her legs giving Lorna access to her pussy if she wanted it. Lorna little by little worked her way over her friend’s ass and down to her thighs, which were now open for easier access to her twat if she dared to…

“Would you like your front done?” Lorna asked longingly.

“Yeah why not,” Danni answered wantonly.

Turning over onto her back, revealing her fabulous tits, Danni had a huge smile on her face…

“This feels fantastic,” she said to her friend.

“It certainly does,” Lorna said beaming.

Lorna dripped the lotion directly onto Danni’s body making her giggle from its coolness; she tenderly massaged the lotion into her friends huge mounds, her nipples hard, looking good enough to suck, gently working her way down her curvaceous body, her friends groans much more lustier, she arrived at her waxed fleshy pussy, once again Danni opened her legs; Lorna continued to massage her friend, Lorna’s fingers slowly probing into her friends chubby lips, flicking her rock hard clit and going deeper into Danni’s soaking wet love hole two fingers at first while her thumb was still working on her friends clit; Danni’s wanton groaning sounded heavenly…


Lorna stopped rubbing her friend’s clit and began to lick it instead, long strokes with her tongue changing to quick licks in succession with the tip of it, lapping up all the love juice coming from her pussy, as wave after wave of euphoria swept through her body…

“Fucking hell that was fantastic,” Danni said lustfully.

Lorna smiled and then kissed her friend, probing her tongue deep into Danni’s mouth; both of them rolling around naked on the big double bed; Danni began squeezing Lorna’s huge tits, pinching the nipples wantonly before flicking the ends with her tongue…

“Lorna you have a gorgeous body, your tits are fabulous,” Danni said before kissing her friend longingly.

Lorna smiled back at her friend whilst stroking her face softly; Danni began to kiss her way down Lorna’s body, once more kissing at her mammoth mounds; daring to go further down towards her friend’s Brazilian styled pussy; Lorna spread her legs wide to allow her friend to probe deep inside her soaking wet pussy; Danni was inexperienced at licking pussy but from the mewls and groans that Lorna was making she was doing a good job; she licked and chewed at her friends love button, her tongue followed the tight lips down to probe deep inside her wet box, drinking all of the love juices that were trickling out…

“DANNI…DANNI…AAAHHHH…YES…YES…DON’T STOP…PLEEZZ…DON’T STOP,” Lorna screamed with desire as her senses reeled from the ecstatic explosion within her.

The two friends lay on the bed, both totally satisfied from within; they lay there chatting and Danni wondered why she hadn’t done this years ago…

“Danni are we still going clubbing tonight?” Lorna asked her friend.

“Oh I thought we might just go for a walk around the town, to see what action we can find,” Danni replied cheekily smiling.

“Well in that case, I best show you some more moves,” Lorna replied with a big smile; adding “now come here and let’s see how you like this?” Holding her dildo in her hand; it was about eight inches in length and three inches in girth.

“I can’t take that! It’s far too big,” Danni laughed.

“Yeah ya can, it’ll be easy now you’ve got a soaking wet pussy,” her friend pleaded.

“You can use it if you can catch me!” Danni said making a dash off the bed; she knew she had no chance of out running Lorna, but wanted to play the game anyway…

Dashing around the apartment was fun and exhilarating, both still totally naked and not caring if anyone else could see them as they darted out of one patio door and in through the other; Danni was soon out of breath she wanted to be caught so she slowed up, her friend quickly capturing her, pushed her onto the bed and jumped on top of her tickling her ribs; Danni had never used a dildo or had one used on her, but she was really looking forward to it.

“Right Ms. Cox, let’s get those sexy legs spread nice and wide please?” Lorna told her friend.

“Please Miss Burrows, be kind to me,” she said laughing as she spread her legs.

Danni lay on the bed with her legs spread wide; as her friend sat by her softly stroking her inner thigh; before probing once more at her chubby pussy lips with her fingers; gently rubbing Danni’s clit once more with her thumb, making her groan with desire; Lorna gradually pushed the rigid cock deep inside her friends sopping wet pussy softly at first and then began thrusting it harder and deeper; Danni’s groans were now ecstatic and she was close to the edge of another mind blowing orgasm; Lorna was now licking her friends clit and the thrusting was intense; Danni was now fucking the cock…


Danni was now riding the cock as if it were a horse, panting and groaning; beads of sweat rolling down her angelic face…

“FUCK ME I’M COMIN…YES…YES…YES!” Danni cried out with joyous euphoria; her pussy now gushing out her love juices all over her friends hand and onto the bed; her senses still reeling from yet another ecstatic orgasm.

“Lorna that was fucking amazing!” she told her friend.

“No you are fucking amazing, is there anything else you’d like to try?” Lorna replied.

“Like what, you tell me what you want me to do, I’ll give most things a whirl,” she said winking at her friend wantonly.

“Right in that case we will have to go shopping, come get showered and dressed, Sexy Ass!” Lorna said smacking her friend’s ass playfully.

“You can’t call me that, someone may hear you!”

“Okay we will see if I do or don’t, now get ready Sexy Ass,” Lorna said laughing.

Whilst Danni was choosing her outfit Lorna quickly went onto the internet and checked out where about the sex shops were located; she thought ‘if Sexy Ass wants fun, she’ll make sure and give it to her’; she’d wanted her friend for years and now she has her, but for how long…

“Oi Titty Galore, come and wash my back for me please?” Danni said smiling.

“Yeah give me a sec, and who are you calling Titty Galore.”

It had been years since Danni felt this happy and she’d do anything to keep it that way; she loved messing about with Lorna, but she might want more than that in the future…

The two friends finished getting ready; went out of the hotel and down into the shops; the shop that Lorna wanted to visit was quite a way from the hotel and she knew they would have to make a few stop offs at the various bars along the way; Danni wasn’t really wanting to shop she wanted to play…

“Miss Galore do we have to shop?” she moaned.

“Yes we do Sexy Ass, now stop complaining; do you want a drink to cool down?” Lorna said smiling.

“Yes please make it a big one? You know I like big ones!” Danni laughed to her friend.

Going into the next bar they went past, Danni ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and asked for two large glasses of ice; in such sexy outfits the waiter was very attentive to the two friends; both dressed in blue denim hotpants, red bikini tops and a white shrug type blouse tied underneath their amazing tits; they chatted and giggled their way through the bottle of wine and then decided to shop some more. Danni was now very relaxed and stopped suddenly in the street; Lorna walked on and then went back for her friend…

“Danni are you okay?”

“I am now,” she said smiling and giving her friend a passionate kiss.

“Erm I can see that you are, look the shop isn’t much further and I promise we will get a taxi back to the hotel,” Lorna said admiringly.

Walking a little further and down a few side streets and along the dockside where you can catch the ferry to Formentera, Lorna decided to let her friend rest once more, at an eatery on the dockside in Santa Eulària where they chose to dine Al Fresco…

“What would you like; my treat?” Lorna asked smiling.

“Well I would love something to eat, but nothing to heavy, oh and a drink,” Danni said laughing.

Ordering a bottle of wine and two fresh Tuna steak salads they were both happy…

“So where is it you’re taking me?” Danni asked whimsically.

“Well if I tell you, you’re not allowed to freak out!” Lorna said.

“Is it a sex shop? Did you find one? Oh my god, I knew we were going, where is it? Danni squealed like a teenager.

Everybody looked as the two friends laughed uncontrollably as the waiter brought their wine and food…

“Disfrute de sus comidas damas,” the waiter said smiling.

“Gracias, estoy seguro de que lo haremos.” Lorna replied confidently.

“When did you learn to speak Spanish Miss Galore?” Danni teased.

“Oh a few years ago Sexy Ass, why are you jealous?”

“No not really, but what did he say,”

“He told us to enjoy our meals and I said thank you I’m sure we will,”

“Oh that’s okay then, I thought I had a rival for a minute,” Danni said smiling lustfully at Lorna.

Chatting and laughing their way through their meal and the wine; Danni finished her meal before Lorna so she took the opportunity to play with her friend, she began running her hand slowly and sensually down the outside of Lorna’s thigh, making her friend groan and shut her eyes smiling…

“Will you cut it out Sexy?”

Before Lorna could finish her sentence, Danni shocked herself and Lorna by giving her friend a long loving kiss; even the feeling that they were being watched didn’t bother them; when they had both finished the meals the waiter came out with the bill…

“Espero que la comida era Buena, damas.”

“Sí, fue muy agradable. Gracias.” Lorna replied fluently.

Smiling as he left the table, the waiter gave Lorna a wink…

“Did he just wink at you then?” Danni asked Lorna in a stunned tone.

“Yes, he was only being friendly,” Lorna said adding, “You’re not jealous are you?”

“Well a little bit, if you must know,” her friend replied honestly.

“You’ve got nothing to be jealous about; you’re more than enough for me, now let’s get to that shop before it closes.” Lorna said holding her friends hand as they walked on…

“Was he only asking about the food again?” Danni asked as they walked.

“Yes he was and I told him it was very nice, now enough about him; Come here I want you.” Lorna said pulling Danni into a deserted side alley.

Once down there Lorna kissed Danni with animalistic passion, squeezing her ass cheeks and pawing at her tits…

“Bloody hell Danni, you are one hot chick,” Lorna said wantonly.

“Erm I could say the same, now let’s get to the shop then we can get a taxi back to bed!” Danni replied with a beaming smile.

The friends came out of the alleyway and walked just a few yards more and there it was; at last they had got there; after entering the door Danni looked around in awe at all the different sexual aids and devices on display…

“Hola,” Lorna said smiling at the assistant, adding “Hablas Inglés?”

“Sí, cómo puedo ayudar?” she replied.

“Thank you, I don’t think I could ask for the things I need in Spanish.” Lorna smiled.

“I studied English before getting a job, I thought it might give me a better chance, the assistant replied with a smile.

Lorna noticed whilst her and the very pretty assistant were talking she couldn’t keep her eyes off Danni’s ass; she began to wonder if she could dare ask her friend to have a three-way, that’s if she could arrange it not for tonight but they are here for a good few days yet!!

The two friends chose the items that they wanted from this visit anyway; it was a strap on triple which included an anal probe, dildo and clit vibrator with a free strawberry body paste; happy with what they had purchased the assistant now wrapped them and was now staring at Danni’s amazing tits; almost licking her lips as if she was imagining sucking on her pert nipples; Lorna asked her friend to wait outside the shop whilst she bought her a surprise…

“Sorry I didn’t get your name, but I’ve noticed you lustfully looking at my girlfriend,” Lorna said confidently to the assistant.

“Yes, she has an amazing body,” the girl replied smiling, adding “my name is Lucia.”

“I will bet you €50 that you can’t get her into bed, all three of us together!” Lorna said with a smile.

“Where are you staying? Lucia asked.

After telling her the name of the hotel, Lorna told Lucia not to come that night and to come at eleven the next day; Danni had already hailed a taxi and was eager to try out the new toys; once back at the hotel the two friends made their way back to the room; ordering another bottle of wine from room service once they arrived after almost falling through the door…

“Put some soft music on,” Danni said peeling off Lorna’s top to expose her fabulous tits.

“Well let me go and I will,” her friend said laughing.

“Your surprise will be here tomorrow at eleven! Lorna added whilst walking into the bathroom.

“Hang on let me join you!” Danni answered intrigued…

Danni joined her friend in the shower; lathering each other with shower gel each softly caressing, affectionately, touching the others body, kissing almost uncontrollably, probing each other’s pussy; the moaning and groaning quite frenzied as they both reached an ecstatic orgasm; smiling afterwards to one another they put on their bath robes and went to the bedroom; Lorna fell onto the bed her robe open…

“Now that looks inviting! Ooh what have we got here,” Danni said holding the clit vibrator and smiling impishly.

“No, no please don’t,” Lorna begged…

It was too late her friend was already working it on Lorna’s love button; her groans exquisite, her pussy juices glistening in the light; Danni thrust two fingers up deep into her friends pussy whilst holding the toy onto Lorna’s clit…

“PLEZZ NO MORE…NO MORE PLEZZ…AHH…YESSS…PLEZZ…YESSS,” Lorna shrieked harmoniously with desire, her body tingling for more…

“Thought I might try your tactics,” Danni said triumphantly to her friend.

“I don’t know what you mean, but that was out of this world!” she said confused.

“Well did you know I could lip read? Danni announced to her friend, “I must add that I saw what you said to Lucia!”

“Oh right… okay then; so you know what your surprise is?”

“Yes I’m guessing it’s Lucia… Let’s get in some practise.” Danni said excitedly…

Now picking up the anal probe, four inches in length, not that thick one inch girth tapering off to a ball type end and she had named it Pearl; she asked Lorna what it was for, her friend told her to kneel on the bed to find out; Lorna stepped into the harness leaving her hands free, Danni knelt on the bed with her chunky ass in the air…

“Fucking hell Danni your ass is amazing!” Lorna said kissing and playfully biting it…

Lorna licked right at the top of her friend’s ass cheeks allowing spittle to dribble slowly in between the cheeks; Danni groaned with pleasure whilst her friend kissed further parting her ass cheeks and probing and flicking her tongue around the bullseye; readying it for the gentle fucking it was about to get…

Lorna slowly and lovingly began pushing Pearl into Danni’s ass, her squeals and groans sounding blissful, she started to push against the gentle thrusting…


“I won’t stop, I promise, fucking hell I’m coming, yes, yes!” Lorna squealed, as her friend thrust down on Pearl; making the harness rub against her clit; beads of sweat dripping from the two friends as they climaxed simultaneously in elated harmony…

Falling forward onto the bed and rolling onto her back Danni opened her arms; Lorna removed the harness and fell onto her friend; they kissed with frenzied desire as they softly pawed at each other’s sexy bodies neither of them wanting to break off the kiss…

“Lorna I have never felt anything like that ever in my life, it was out of this world, my whole body is pulsating,” Danni said smiling amorously.

“Glad you enjoyed it, I did it was so intense.” Lorna replied tenderly kissing her friends neck.

“Shall we open that wine we ordered ages ago?” Danni asked.

“No I have a better idea, come on get dressed and we’ll go to that Chinese restaurant we saw earlier.”

“Oh do we have too,” Danni moaned adding, “I thought we were enjoying ourselves.”

“Yes we are Sexy Ass, but we need food for stamina, so get bloody dressed and stop ya moaning.” Lorna said, playfully whacking her friend on the ass with a towel.

“Ow that hurt, now come and kiss it better!” Danni said playfully rubbing her ass cheek.

Lorna bent down to kiss her friend’s sexy ass and thought to herself she is fucking gorgeous; I love her so much but will she ever know…

“Right now get dressed or you won’t have Lucia in the morning,” Lorna teased.

“You are so mean, I was so comfortable,” Danni protested as she got off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Yes I know, but you must really want that three-way!” Lorna jibed.

The two of them headed out of the hotel dressed to impress Danni in her new designer short red dress co-ordinating with black six inch heeled shoes and matching clutch and Lorna wore a designer floral print shocking pink above the knee dress accompanied with black six inch opened toed shoes with a black handbag. Walking along the paved street the two friends got plenty of unwanted attention from the guys that they passed; one particular such moron got more than he hoped for from Lorna…

“Look just let us pass you wanker,” Lorna said in a raised tone.

“Let me squeeze yours and ya girlfriend’s tits and I might,” he replied.

“Only if I can squeeze your nuts,” Lorna retorted, before raising her knee swiftly into his balls; the pest dropped to the floor and Lorna added, “Oh did I forget to say I wanted to squeeze them with my knee, you fucking wanker, NOW FUCK OFF!” she shouted as they walked off laughing; leaving him on the ground in agony…

Danni and Lorna giggled as they walked away; looking back they saw the guy being helped off the ground by his mates. Reaching the restaurant they were glad of the rest; settling at the table they ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio Rose and asked for a little more time to discuss what they would like to eat; it seemed to take them an age to decide, but eventually they chose a Dim Sum for two starter which included steamed grilled Peking dumplings, small spare ribs in king po sauce and chicken spring rolls and for the main course they had plain fried noodles with beansprouts and a beef curry; whilst the two friends were waiting for their main meal they held hands and kissed across the table, gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling intently…

“Lorna, what is a three-way?” Danni asked.

“It’s us two having fun, but with an extra person like the lovely Lucia, why do you ask? We won’t do it if you don’t want to my sweet.” Lorna said in a soft tone.

“Well I’m not sure; this is all new to me.”

“Okay we won’t do it, but we will get Lucia to watch us and see what happens, I just want you to have a memorable holiday.” Lorna said before kissing her friend again.

“Yes that will be okay, I think,” her friend replied nervously.

“Look she couldn’t keep her eyes off you; she wants to devour your stunning body,” Lorna teased.

Lucia was a beautiful looking girl in her mid-twenties with a soft face, nearly jet black shoulder length hair, her eyes were big brown and beautiful, her body was shapely with nice sized tits for her height of around five feet six inches; who looked like she liked to play, but if Danni didn’t want to then Lorna had decided not to force her lover into it, after all she had fallen in love with her.

Finishing their meal they went on to a small wine bar a little off the beaten track, but away from the moronic wankers that they came across earlier in the evening. The two friends had a couple of drinks and were about to call it a night when a familiar face came walking towards them, dressed so elegantly in a little white dress and white wedged sandals…

“Hello I thought it was you, what would you like to drink?” Lucia asked.

“Oh we were just leaving,” Danni said smiling.

“We could stay for one more,” Lorna added trying to encourage her friend to stay.

“Oh okay then why not, I’ll have a large glass of Pinot Grigio please Lucia,” Danni smiled.

“What will you have?” Lucia said looking at Lorna.

“Oh I’ll have the same please, by the way I’m Lorna and my sexy friend is Danni,” Lorna replied laughing.

The three of them chatted and laughed their way through a two bottles of wine; before they noticed that it was three in the morning and they were the only customers in the bar…

“Right it’s time we all went to bed!” Danni said smiling at the others, adding “well are you two coming or not?”

“I thought you said,” Lorna started her reply only to be silenced by Danni.

“Never mind what I said earlier, let’s go and have some fun!” she said winking cheekily to the others.

“Danni are you sure this is what you want?” Lucia questioned.

“Yes now let’s go before I change my mind!”

The friends finished their wine and headed to the hotel in a taxi; the three of them sat on the back seat with Danni in the middle; Lucia began stroking Danni’s inner thigh slowly parting her legs until she reached her fleshy mound, now only Danni’s silk panties were between Lucia’s fingers and Danni’s ever wetting pussy, she started slowly rubbing the rock hard clit that she could feel through the thin piece of silk; her groans becoming more vocal as her new friend pushed her closer to the edge of yet another orgasm; Lorna leaned over and kissed her friend wantonly whilst lovingly squeezing her voluptuous tits, before whispering in her ear…

“Enjoying yourself darling?”

“Fucking hell yes!” Danni tried to whisper but failed miserably.

Lucia slowly but sensually moved her hand from Danni’s inner thigh, telling her “Don’t worry Sexy Ass, I’ll finish you off with my tongue,” before kissing her with passion.

The car came to a halt and the friends noticed that they had arrived at their hotel…

“How much is the fare please?” Danni asked the driver.

“€15 por favor! The driver replied in a gruff voice.

Paying him the money the three friends left the taxi and headed for the big double bed… Reaching the apartment none of them had all of their clothes on, Danni had removed her dress, Lorna had taken off her thong and Lucia was completely naked except for her shoes and handbag!

“Let’s play!” Danni squealed at the top of her voice laughing, throwing herself on the bed; now that everyone was naked.

Lucia walked over to the bed squatted over Danni’s face and said, “Lick my pussy.”

Not really needing the invitation to eat the fleshy shaven pussy, Danni licked away, long generous strokes of her tongue along the huge rock hard diamond, Lucia’s groans blissful to listen to; Lorna gently massaging her ample tits, flicking the nipples before chewing them; the two friends sensed that Lucia was on the verge of an orgasm, her groans louder, her body tensing with a bead trail of sweat running down her immaculate body…

“YES, YES,YES… JEEZZ…SWEET MOTHER…FUCKIN HELL!” she screamed at the top of her voice.

Lucia lying back elated after her mind blowing orgasm now had Lorna’s pussy near her head; moving it slightly she managed to reach Lorna’s hard clit with her long tongue…

“Come on give it to me!” Lucia begged.

Moving herself over to her new friends face, Lorna closed her eyes and knew what was coming, before not too long the euphoric of Lorna’s groans reached fever pitch as she exploded her love honey all over Solana’s face, splashing onto the bed.

“Fucking hell your tongue feels fantastic! LICK ME…LICK ME BITCH,” Lorna shrieked, droplets of sweat trickling down her beautiful face, her body reeling from the explosive orgasm within; she fell forward onto the bed ecstatic from the enjoyment she just experienced and kissed her new friend lustfully…

Danni lay watching the two new friends in awe; her own pussy dripping with her love juice, she decided to get the dildo they bought earlier and began pleasuring herself, thrusting it hard into her sopping wet pussy with one hand, the other being used to frig her hardened clit…

“Oh Danni you don’t have to do that yourself, I’ll do it for you; Lucia will take care of your clit, while I fuck your pussy!” Lorna told her friend taking the dildo off her…

Making sure that her friend’s legs were nice and wide; Lorna began thrusting the dildo gently into Danni’s pussy whilst Lucia licked and nibbled her clit; nice long strokes of the dildo matched with the chewing of her love button made Danni groan in ecstasy, wave after wave of rapturous emotion ripping through her body; her groaning becoming more frenzied; Lucia started to pull and pinch at Danni’s nipples making her groans more euphoric…

“Come on darling, sing for me!” Lorna said lustfully.

“YES…YES…JEEEZZZZ…HARDER…HARDER…YES…YES…YES,” Danni wailed ecstatically. Pushing her body to meet every thrust from the plastic cock, her juices now gushing out of her pussy; Lucia lapping wildly trying to drink as much as possible…

Danni lay on her back her body totally spent from her sensational orgasm and her three-way adventure; Lucia rested her head on Danni’s pussy and Lorna lay next to her girlfriend kissing her with the love of a lover, gently, softly biting at her bottom lip the kiss being reciprocated in the same way; they lay there for what seemed like ages, but in fact was only about ten minutes…

Danni was wide awake and thirsty, Lucia had dozed off and Lorna was drifting to sleep; she loved the fact that two people had paid her some attention; Danni hadn’t been this happy in years and could easily carry on her relationship with Lorna when she got home, if that is what Lorna wants too…

“Who would like a drink?” Danni asked.

The other two drifting out of their slumber…

“Erm yes please, but where are you going to get drink from at this time?” Lorna replied.

“Yes please,” Lucia said.

“Well I need to get up then please,” Danni laughed; her two friends moving aside to let her off the bed, “I’m going for a shower, then I’ll go for drinks so make ya mind up what you want please!” Heading for the shower she turned her head and smiled, looking back to see her two friends eating each other’s pussy and thought to herself ‘fucking hell they’re insatiable’…

Her shower was invigorating, reawakening all her senses Danni began to wonder what her two friends were doing, were they asleep or not; she finished her shower and dressed quickly; entering the bedroom Danni found them both lying on the bed chatting and joined in…

“Have you decided what you are having to drink ladies?”

“Well we would both like your sweet love juice but we’ll settle for a bottle of JD to share!” Lorna replied smiling softly kissing Lucia on the lips.

“Okay then, well that’s what we’ll have!”

“Do you look stunning all the time, with or without clothes? Lucia asked Danni.

“I don’t know, do I,” she answered confidently; standing there in a soft pink playsuit with her hair in pigtails. Lucia just lay there looking at Danni, softly stroking at her pussy and said…

“Yes you do!”

Lorna smiled and nodded to Danni in agreement; thinking to herself ‘I hope she is this happy when we go home’, they only had a few days and they both really needed to get some sun…

“Right I’m going to get us a drink, be good girlies while I’m gone.” She said smiling heading out of the apartment…

Danni went down to reception, stood there with her back to the desk and waited for the receptionist; after a couple of minutes…

“Hello, how can I help you?” A voice from behind the desk asked.

“Oh hello, erm I’m trying to get a drink,” Danni said in a surprised voice, smiling; she wasn’t expecting to see such a stunning receptionist; she stood about five feet six inches, about mid-twenties, long jet black hair styled with two squaw plaits, gorgeous big brown eyes, fabulous tits and beautiful complexion.

“What would you like?” the receptionist asked smiling coyly.

“Well I don’t think I could have what I like, but to drink I’d like some JD please.” Danni said lustfully, as she leaned over the desk making sure the receptionist could see her tits.

“Erm very nice,” the girl said smiling and staring at Danni’s tits.

“We are having a little party in our apartment, any chance you can come and join us?” Danni asked boldly.

“Well I can come on my break, I get off in about ten minutes,” the girl said smiling sweetly.

Danni thought to herself ‘oh yes, you will be coming on your break a few times if I get my way with you!’…

“Yes that will be fine, you best make it a bottle of JD then, oh sorry I didn’t catch your name?”

“Oh my name is Maria, I’ll just get that bottle for you,” she smiled.

“I’m Danni by the way, we are in apartment 369; would you like me to wait for you?” Danni asked; smiling taking the bottle from Maria.

“No it’s okay I will see you in about ten minutes,” her new girl said beaming.

On her way back to the apartment; Danni grinned like a Cheshire cat thinking to herself ‘a few days ago she wouldn’t have dreamt of doing anything like this, now she was insatiable, picking up complete strangers’; she reached the lift and pressed the button when she heard Maria shouting her name asking Danni to wait for her; she waited at the lift, watching her new friend walking along the corridor towards her…

“I’ve taken my break early, so let’s go have some fun!” Maria smiled.

Pressing the call button on the lift they waited patiently for it to arrive; the sexual tension building between them for what seemed like an age; knowing that they couldn’t touch each other until they were inside the lift; finally it arrived; once inside they were like wild animals pawing at each other’s clothes with wanton animalistic passion; Maria ripped open Danni’s playsuit exposing her magnificent tits, gripping and pinching her hard nipples making Danni whimper and groan. Danni pulled up Maria’s skirt to reveal a completely smooth pussy and no underwear, probing into her pussy lips with her fingers finding a sopping wet pussy; she pushed two fingers deep inside and gave them a couple of gentle thrusts, before pulling them out and licking them, making Maria mewl like a cat…

“Mmm you taste sweet Maria, can’t wait to get you on my bed,” Danni said smiling.

“That sounds wonderful; so how many people are in your room?” she asked.

“Oh not many, this is our floor,” Danni answered.

Straightening their clothes they both walked out of the lift holding hands; reaching the apartment Danni wasn’t sure of what sight would behold her when they opened the door; they opened the door to see Lorna fucking Lucia with the strap-on Lucia’s joyful groans getting louder as another orgasm streaks through her body…

“Hey girlfriends, I’ve found us another playmate.” Danni announced smiling.

“She’s a stunning one too!” Lorna replied lustfully smiling.

Danni helped Maria out of her uniform, so that she could feast her eyes on what she was about to ignite with wanton pleasure; her body firm and soft to touch, her tits large, magnificent and pert, her ass was peach shaped and she had a small tattoo of a butterfly on her left ass cheek…

“Don’t keep her to yourself? We want to look too!” Lucia moaned.

Danni took Maria into the bedroom and introduced her to her friends, they all sat on the bed chatting while they had a glass of JD…All of the time Danni didn’t take her eyes off her new girlfriend; looking at her with lustful eyes…

“How long do you have for your break Maria?” Lorna said in a jealous tone.

“I have forty five minutes, but if I’m late I can just make it up tomorrow evening,” Maria answered sweetly.

“Well in that case, let’s have some fun!” Danni joked leaning over to Maria and kissing her, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth; making her lie on the bed Danni probing once more into her sweet tasting pussy with her fingers, thrusting gently, getting her juices flowing…

“Can my friends have some of your sweetness Maria?” Danni asked.

“I thought they had each other,” she answered nervously.

“Oh no we all share, I can guarantee you will enjoy the experience,” Danni smiled.

Maria nodded her approval and the girls were about to make sure she had the orgasm of a lifetime; Danni instructed the others as to what she wanted them to do and then Maria’s experience began… Lucia got the clit vibrator and placed it on Maria’s hardening love jewel, she groaned exquisitely, every little whimper joyful to listen to; Lorna picked up the dildo and gently started to thrust it deep into Maria’s dripping wet pussy, her groans delightfully ecstatic as Lorna expertly pushed it faster and deeper in her. Danni devoured her body with lustful eroticism, beginning on her face kissing her wantonly, biting gently on her bottom lip, moving down to her firm tits sucking and chewing Maria’s pert nipples, gently teasing them with her teeth, slowly moving down Maria’s body kissing and softly biting until she reached her smooth pussy taking the place of the clit stim, she lovingly ate Maria’s love button; the sweet taste of her honey juice tasty on her tongue as she lapped like a dog making her new friend’s pussy explode her sweet honey all over Danni’s face into her mouth…

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Mistle-Blow: Three Nerds & a Beauty

When we hired Amber we did so with rock hard cocks.

The three of us, Ben, Eugene and I (Blair), were all nerds, who spent way more time working on computers than talking to people.

Yet, when our online computer help business really took off, it became a major hassle to answer the phones, and billing was a bitch to keep up with.

We put an advertisement in the paper for a secretary, preferably with some accounting experience. Thankfully, the market crash had made jobs tough to get and our advertisement had hundreds of applicants.

It ended up being more work than anticipated but after narrowing the field to ten, we interviewed and were in awe with the applicants. They were all great and we really had no clue who we were going to hire, until Amber sauntered into the room.

She walked in, fiery red hair, hypnotic green eyes, in a black dress, with a gold belt that really accessorized the outfit bringing out her voluptuous breasts and hourglass shape body. Her legs in shiny black pantyhose had my cock begging for attention and the five inch gold heels were both sexy and a statement.

Yet, besides being ridiculously hot, a solid twelve on a ten point scale, she was also incredibly intelligent, surprisingly nerdy (she knew how to play Dungeons and Dragons and quoted Lord of the Rings) and was way over qualified for the position. Yet, she really wanted a job and we really wanted her.

Of course, we all had a crush on her. Not surprisingly she had a-just-as-ridiculously-hot-as-she-was boyfriend who actually played professional hockey for the Los Angeles Kings.

The beauty of Amber though was when you got past her cover girl looks and to her warm heart. We were all used to being treated like crap by the pretty people in high school, but Amber treated us as equals and never acted above us. On top of that, she had a wicked sense of humour and a naughty one too, as she instantly spiced up our lives.

She just had a sweet demeanour, and a way of building our self-esteem.

Eugene was a lot like Raj from the Big Bang Theory in how he struggled to complete a sentence when speaking to any girl that wasn’t his mother, but through constant work, Amber had got Eugene talking without stammering and to look her in the eyes.

She had also helped Ben with his online profile as he tried to meet a woman and move out of his parent’s house, Ben being our Howard.

Lastly, she had helped me by changing my fashion sense and my hairstyle being closest to Leonard in regards of my Big Bang character; of course, Amber was our Penny.

It was amazing how a woman so out of our league fit in so well. On weekends when her boyfriend was on the road for a game, she would often hang out with us playing board games, watching movie marathons and so forth, she had become one of the guys (the only difference being each of us was secretly in love with her).

It was almost Christmas and Amber was fitting in perfectly when one night everything changed.

It started like most days do, with Ben talking about his latest scheme…one that was bound to fail like every other so-called brilliant scheme of his.

“Mistle-blow,” he said, walking into the office.

“What?” I asked, hearing his words but not listening.

“The best Christmas outfit ever,” he said, “Mistletoe on your belt that is right above your junk…mistle-blow.”

“That is the dumbest idea of yours yet,” I sighed, Ben always coming up with bizarre ways to get women he could never get.

“You’ll see,” Ben confidently said, as he did with all his bound to fail ideas.

“Oh I can’t wait,” I replied, my sarcasm always wasted on Ben.

“You can’t wait for what?” Amber asked, walking in looking ravishing as always.

Ben stammered, never able to walk the walk that he talked, “N-n-nothing.”

“Go ahead, tell Amber about your new full proof way to get a woman,” I teased.

“It’s nothing,” Ben said.

“Oh come on, what is it?” Amber asked curious.

Ben relented and said, “Mistle-blow.”

“Hmmmmm,” Amber purred, loving to tease Ben. “So instead of a kiss you get a blow job?”

“Precisely,” Ben said, still rather proud of his idea.

“Well, I think it is an adorable idea,” Amber smiled.

“Adorable, oh God the kiss of death,” Ben sighed dramatically.

“What?” Amber asked. “I like the idea.”

“A puppy is adorable, a new baby is adorable,” Ben rattled off.

Amber said, trying to make Ben feel better, “Well I guarantee you my boyfriend would love the mistle-blow idea.”

“You should market it,” I quipped.

“Fuck you,” Ben retorted, his usual comeback line.

“Don’t you mean suck you,” Amber corrected, making Ben blush.

We eventually got to work, which this time of the year is tough to focus on with Christmas just a couple of days away. When unfortunately Amber’s world fell apart when she learned that her boyfriend was cheating on her, just a few hours before a Christmas party she was supposed to go to with him.

Unfortunately, dating a semi-celebrity, she found out the hard way, when a reporter came to our work and asked for her thoughts. She broke down on camera and I had to send the nosey reporter out.

We spent the next hour trying to cheer her up.

Between crying she said, “I even bought a new dress for tonight.”

I said, “Well that shouldn’t go to waste.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, her tears finally running out.

“Isn’t your dress here?” I asked, recalling her saying she was leaving right from work to meet her boyfriend at his place.

“It is,” she said.

“We can have our own Christmas party tonight,” I suggested.

“We could?” She asked.

“Sure,” I said, the idea actually quite logical the more I thought about it. “We will all get dressed up, go out for supper at Weldon’s and come back to the office for a few drinks and games.”

“You guys would do that for me?” She asked, her sweet innocence so adorable. I would jump in front of a bullet for her…we all would.

We all chorused, “Of course,” each of us willing to do anything for the most beautiful girl in the world.


Four hours later we were at Weldon’s, a five star, five course meal, restaurant. It takes six month to get a reservation to this often celebrity sighting hot spot, but we created their website for them and they always got us in somehow.

The conversation and the wine went down rather freely and we were all well on our way to drunk by the time dessert was done.

We were at the door, while Eugene was paying with a company business credit card when Amber said, pointing up, “Look.”

I followed her hand and gaze and saw mistletoe directly above her.

She closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

I looked at Ben who was more stunned than me and he just nodded as if vicariously living through me.

I moved forward and kissed her quickly on the cheek.

Opening her eyes, Amber said pouting, “That doesn’t count. Stand under it, Blair.”

I awkwardly moved under it, nervous and yet with a growing anticipation of being kissed by Amber.

Once under the mistletoe, Amber moved in closer and kissed me. Her lips tasted like strawberries and were so soft and sweet. I was instantly in love (as if I wasn’t already) and didn’t want the brief tender moment of intimacy to end.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled and winked, reaching up and taking the mistletoe, “There is more of that if you play your cards right.”

My cock begged to be released from captivity as the brief kiss sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout my entire being with the promise of more.

Fifteen minutes later, we were back at the office and Amber suggested, flooring all of us, “Let’s play poker…strip poker.”

Eugene in full anxiety mode stammered, “Y-y-you serious?”

Amber lifted the mistletoe over her head, and said before closing her eyes and puckering her lips, “I’m deadly serious, now come and kiss me, stud.”

Eugene had a deer in the headlights look, completely unaware what to do next.

Ben said, trying to act suave after missing his chance at the restaurant, “I’ll kiss you, Amber,” and moved between the ravenous beauty and the bewildered Eugene kissed Amber.

Once the kiss was done, Amber smiled, “Not bad, sexy.”

Ben, always trying to act confidently, said, “That’s what all the ladies say.”

I joked, making sure to keep Ben in line, “Your mom doesn’t count.”

“Bite me,” Ben quipped back.

Amber, way more flirtatious than usual, added, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Ben’s eyes went wide at the implied implication.

Amber and I laughed before she moved to Eugene and kissed him before he had time to react.

“You were his first kiss Amber,” I joked, although it was the truth.

“Maybe I’ll be his first everything,” she smiled, shocking us all with her words and a quick squeeze to Eugene’s crotch. She added her tone sultry, “I think he liked it.”

Eugene’s face was beet red and he was paralyzed as Amber walked to our conference table, sat down and said, “Let’s get this game started.”

Ben joined her at the table with lightning speed and I wasn’t far behind. Ben asked, “Are you serious, Amber?”

“About what?” She smiled playfully, knowing full well what Ben was asking.

“Playing strip poker,” Ben asked, trying to remain suave and casual when he was anything but.

“Of course,” she said, chugging her wine that we had brought from the restaurant. “If you guys are,” she paused, before stressing the word ‘up’, “up for it.”

My cock was bursting at the seams as I am sure was Ben’s. Playing on her words, I replied. “Oh, I am big time up for it.”

She smiled, understanding my implication completely, teasing me relentlessly with her words and look, “We will soon see if that is true.”

“Eugene come sit down,” Ben demanded, eager to get started.

Eugene, still in a comatose stunned state, wandered to the table and sat down.

“So the rules,” she said. “Since I am the only girl we need to level the playing field.”

“What would they be?” I asked, anxious to get started myself, before Amber changed her mind.

“If I win all three of you take off a piece of clothing,” she said.

“Fair enough,” Ben agreed.

“And if we win?” I asked.

She smiled flirtatiously, “I start getting naked.”

“Let’s play,” Ben said, grabbing the cards that were on the table from last night and starting to shuffle them.

Eugene remained quiet, but played the first hand intensely like he always did, hating to lose. The gods, seemingly against the nerds like it often feels they are, had Amber win the first two hands.

Each of us took off a shoe after each loss and I was thankful that I was wearing a suit and had a lot more clothing on than the scantily clad Amber.

She giggled, as she finished her wine. “Can one of you studs get me another glass of wine?”

Ben quickly filled it up and finally in the third hand one of us won as Eugene had a straight flush.

Amber stood up and asked with such sexiness I wanted to come instantly, “Eugene what do you want me to take off, sexy?”

His eyes bugged out like a cartoon character. He was literally speechless.

Amber said, smiling naughtily, “It is getting kind of hot in here isn’t it?”

Ben quickly tried to help Eugene out. “It is getting really hot in here.”

Eugene, not one to catch on at all, replied oblivious to the hints, “Your shoes?”

“My heels?” She asked, lifting up her leg to Eugene. “Can you take it off for me?”

“S-s-sure,” he stammered, his hand shaking as he slipped Amber’s nylon-clad foot out of her five-inch heel.

I stared at her red painted toenails in sheer nylons and my already hard cock flinched. I was a legs guy and particularly had a fetish for nylons and seeing her leg and foot in nylon was the hottest thing I had ever seen that wasn’t on the internet.

“Thanks,” Amber cooed, leaning down and kissing his forehead before sitting back down with one less shoe.

I won the next hand and Amber who was sitting next to me, rolled her chair back just a bit, flipped her leg onto my lap and said, “Would you be a dear?”

I put my hand on the back of her ankle and let out a slight gasp. The nylon was so silky smooth that it turned me on even more, if that was possible. I slowly slipped the heel off her foot, the whole time never taking my eyes off her stocking-clad foot.

“Actually, Blair, would you mind giving me a foot massage? My feet are killing me,” she said, as she moved her second foot onto my lap.

“Of-of-of course,” I agreed, my fantasy actually happening. I slowly massaged her feet, my stiff cock underneath her legs.

Amber said, after emptying another glass of wine, “Let’s take a break and play a bit of truth or dare. Ben, truth or dare.”

“Truth,” Ben chose.

“How many girls have you fucked?” Amber asked bluntly.

Ben’s face went beet red like Eugene earlier.

“You’re not serious?” She asked, reading between the lines.

Ben, wanting to defend his humiliation, tossed the rest of us under the bus, “Eugene and Blair are virgins too.”

“Fuck off,” she gasped, looking at me, “You too Blair?”

“I got head once in high school, but never penis in vagina,” I admitted.

“We’re not in high school so please don’t talk like we are,” she said, purposely rubbing her foot on my cock. “I have a pussy or cunt and you have a cock, a seemingly hard one.”

“Oh God,” I groaned, her words coming from someone so sweet had me ready to burst.

“So have either of you two got head?” Amber asked directing her question to Eugene and Ben.

Ben and Eugene both shook their heads no; meaning Ben was full of shit about last summer and his trip to New Orleans.

“Do you want to?” She asked, pulling out the mistletoe. “What was your idea again?”

Ben’s eyes went wide.

“Mistle-blow, wasn’t it?” she smiled, dropping to her knees in front of him and putting the mistletoe above his crotch.

Ben stammered, “Are y-y-you serious?”

“Take the mistle-blow,” Amber ordered in response.

Ben took it and placed it over his cock.

Amber, shifting from naughty playful flirtation to action, unzipped Ben’s pants, fished out his cock and purred, “Hmmmmm, what a delicious cock,” and took it in her mouth.

“Oh God,” Ben groaned.

Eugene’s mouth dropped open and I stared in shock unable to believe the strange turn of events and what I was currently witnessing, a pang of jealousy coursed through me.

Amber moved back and forth, taking all of Ben’s cock in her mouth.

Ben, never having had a blow job didn’t last long, as he warned, “I’m going to come.”

Amber bobbed faster and seconds later Ben’s facial expression made it obvious he was coming in Amber’s mouth.

Once done, she allowed Ben’s cock to slip out of her mouth and she took the mistletoe from Ben’s hand, crawled on all fours, which was incredible hot, to Eugene, handed him the mistletoe and ordered, “Hold the mistle-blow above your cock, honey.”

Eugene obeyed even though his facial expression implied he couldn’t believe what was happening.

Amber fished out his cock, not surprisingly hard as a rock, more surprisingly his cock was huge, and she purred, as she stroked it slowly, “Oh my god! Why have you been hiding this beautiful thing.”

She didn’t wait for the answer as she took his cock in her mouth.

Eugene, who hadn’t said a word in a long time, moaned, “That’s it Amber, take more of my cock in your mouth.”

Amber obeyed as Ben joked, “He speaks.”

Eugene, suddenly a completely different person, put his hands in Amber’s red hair and began pulling her further onto her cock.

Surprisingly, Amber moaned on his cock, as she took more of his massive member in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes, Eugene ordered, “Take all my cum,” as he closed his eyes and Amber swallowed her second load of cum in ten minutes.

Eugene let go of Amber’s head and Amber sat back and said, smiling, “Has the real Eugene just been awakened.”

Eugene, having shot his load, realizing what he had just done, returned to his old self, “I’m s-s-so sorry.”

“For what?” Amber asked with a smile, reaching back and stroking Eugene’s cock again.

“For being so, um, bossy,” he explained.

“Oh, I liked it, sexy,” Amber purred, swirling her tongue around his cock head. “I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it,” she said, as she then made eye contact with me.

Taking her words and facial expression to heart, I said, “I dare you to get naked.”

“You do, do you,” she smiled, still stroking Eugene’s cock.

Sensing that she was submissive, which would make some sense based on many conversations that transpired the past couple of months, plus obeying Eugene’s surprising aggressiveness, I replied, “I double dare you.”

She smiled, “Well, a dare is a dare,” and she stood up and turned her back to Eugene, “Could you unzip me, stud.”

It was obvious she loved making Eugene squirm, but to my surprise, he quickly unzipped her dress, I guess wanting to unwrap the best Christmas present ever.

All three of us watched with bated breath as Amber turned back around, looking at each of us, before slipping the dress off her shoulders and allowing it to drop to the floor, revealing pure perfection. Standing in a lace black bra that seemed to be fighting a losing battle to keep her breasts in, black panties that barely hid her cunt and to my utter delight black thigh high stockings, she had us completely under her spell.

“So, what do you boys think?” She asked, posing.

We all stared like the nerds in the eighties movie Weird Science where they created a girl. We had joked more than once that was the only way any of us were ever going to get a beautiful woman, a movie we had watched with her during a eighties movie marathon. If I built a woman she would be exactly like Amber.

“Hmmmm, you said completely naked, didn’t you?” She questioned, her hands going behind her back as she unsnapped her bra and allowed it too to drop to the floor.

All of us again stared in stunned silence.

“I’d take off my panties too, but then the butt plug will fall out,” she said, shocking us yet again.

“Show us,” Ben finally spoke.

“You are so baaaaad,” Amber smiled, turning around and pulling her panties down a bit to show a black plug between her ass cheeks. She explained, “This was supposed to be that bastards Christmas present, my virgin ass.”

“Wow,” I said, thinking how stupid her boyfriend was to cheat on such perfection.

She smiled, “Thank you, Blair. I had spent a month preparing my ass for him, slowly widening it with plug after plug.” She pulled the black plug out of her ass and said, “That said, his loss is someone else’s gain. Blair, I dare you to fuck my ass.”

I joked, as I quickly got out of my trousers, “This is the best Christmas present ever.”

Amber, quickly tugged her panties off, leaving on her thigh highs thankfully and moved to the small couch we had in the office for break times. Kneeling down, she positioned her ass up ready for me.

Naked myself, I moved behind her, not really believing what was being offered. Yet, knowing this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, the stars lining up perfectly for this moment, I moved my cock first to her cunt and said, “I dare you to beg me to fuck your cunt first.”

“You bad boy,” she purred, looking back at me as her hand went to her pussy and began rubbing, “Please Blair, fuck my cunt with that long hard cock of yours.”

I took my eight inches and in one thrust forward I filled her pussy. It was so warm, so wet and unlike anything I could possibly have imagined. I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to enjoy the moment and feeling.

“Hmmmm,” she moaned, as my cock filled her. “You are so much bigger than that bastard ex-boyfriend of mine.”

Now, if you’ve been into swinging for years, hang out in orgies all the time, participate in one gang-bang after another, well, this may be a bit too lame for you. All I can say was that it was pretty exciting for us. Here’s how it happened.

Jerry and Amanda have been friends of ours since college days. Amanda and I went to high school together, even dated a bit. Yes, a few fucks back then. Don’t worry, both spouses know. But, while our sex was good (still is, that’s later on), we didn’t think we’d be the right people for each other long-term. Probably still true.

So, I met up with Sharon and Amanda ended up with Jerry. We’ve stayed in the same area so we’ve become friends in the last three years after college and marriage.

None of us have kids but we all four have pretty active and busy careers. Jerry and I both travel more than our wives and that does take away from our sex lives because all four of us would probably like sex in one lovely form or another just about every day. That’s pretty much the way it is when we’re home and not traveling. Each of us likes sex and likes it different ways.

A few things started earlier in November after a particularly wine-laden dinner at our house where the table talk was mostly about sex including swinging and trading partners.

“Well, Jerry and I’ve talked about it and, well, if it was someone we knew and trusted, yeah, we think we might try something,” Amanda said.

Sharon came right back with, “Well, you know us and, well, I guess trust us and you two have already fucked in college. Not that I’m suggesting it or anything. I’m just saying.”

“Kinda sounds like you are, hon,” I told my wife, Sharon.

“Well I didn’t mean it that way, it was just that we know you and Amanda did the naughty back in college. That’s all.”

“True, so what you’re saying is we already know what sex is like for the two of us and the only two of us who don’t are you and Jerry?”

“I’m not trying to say anything, though that is true. We’ve all had sex together except for me and Jerry.”

“Well, why don’t you and Jerry have sex and we’ll watch,” Amanda said.

“Now, this discussion’s getting interesting,” Jerry added.

“So, you want to do my wife, Jerry? Well, look after all, I did yours. Even though it was before you even knew her,” I put in.

“Sure I’d want to do Sharon, what guy wouldn’t?”

Well, the truth is, we had finished three bottles of wine for the four of us and that probably had a little to do with it.

“I think you two should do what we did in college, have some fun,” I said.

“Yeah, Paul and I had some fun, it’s about time you two did, too. Be great fun to watch,” Amanda agreed.

“Well, Sharon, I’m up for it if you are,” Jerry told my wife.

“Lemme see just how up for it you are, Jerry,” my sweet, hot wife shot back.

“Oh, Sharon wants to see your equipment, Jerry, sounds like she’s interested,” Amanda said.

Jerry stood up and unbuckled his belt.

“Ready for a showing, Sharon?” he asked my wife.

“Get it out, Jerry, let’s see what you’re hiding in there. I may want to take it for a test-drive.”

Down came the zipper, then his pants, then his briefs. Out fell a long, thick, pinkish-brown cock with a large head. It was pointing straight at my wife who was grinning.

He walked it over to her, it wobbling back and forth as he went. As he stood there in front of her, my wife reached out and wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed.

“Mmm, really hard. Well, Amanda, this must keep you pretty happy, huh?”

“Oh, it does, it does. I can recommend it highly.”

“So, think I should try it?” she asked.

“I do,” I told her.

Amanda added, “Oh, I do too. Paul and I can watch and cheer you on.”

“Well, Jerry, what do you say?” Sharon asked.

“All I have to do is take my shirt off,” which he said as he took his shirt off.

Well, well, it looked like some hot action was going to happen, when Amanda popped-up with, “If we’re watching, we’re sure not gonna watch you two fucking while we still have our clothes on.”

So, Sharon stood up, took Jerry by the cock and said, “Follow me, Jerry,” and pulled him down the hall to our bedroom. Once inside, she was quickly out of her clothes and into his arms as they kissed while their hands roamed the other’s skin.

I looked at Amanda and she was almost out of her clothes so I started trying to catch up. We have a nice upholstered wing-backed chair in our room and I sat down and Amanda carefully sat in my lap making sure my cock was up between her legs with the tip up showing as she circled her thumb around in the precum seeping out the slit.

Jerry and Sharon were soon up on the bed as she spread open for his tongue to prepare her for the fun ahead. He was licking and sucking on her as his hands also rubbed along her thighs and labia.

“Mmm, oh, good, mmm, right there, Jerry, mmm, right there.”

My hands are on Amanda’s lovely breasts, feeling, squeezing, rubbing her nipples as she put her fingertips in a circle and began twisting back and forth over the head of my cock like it was a twist-off cap. Mmm, that felt nice.

He licked her a few more minutes as Amanda opened her legs so she could rub up and down my shaft as we watched.

Jerry raised up, gripped his cock and moved close to begin rubbing the tip up and down, then, a shove and she reached down and helped pull him up inside.

“Mmm, oh, yeah,” she moaned as Jerry began going back and forth. I had dipped my hand down now and was rubbing Amanda’s pussy which, not surprisingly, was quite wet.

She bent forward, reaching under to hold my cock, then sat back down wiggling my cock up into her as she pressed down. I was now back inside her pussy for the first time since high school. Such memories it brought back as she moved slowly back and forth on me.

“Mmm, this is better than just watching,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, I’d forgotten how nice your cock is,” she whispered back as she twisted on me.

I slid my legs straight out to get my dick aimed up as well as I could while Amanda rocked up and back with her delicious pussy. We almost forgot about our spouses fucking over on the bed, almost.

Sharon had rolled over and was up on her hands and knees, her favorite position, the one that gets her off over and over as Jerry was taking long strokes forward and back.

She was rotating her butt in that wonderful way she does, it just sucks the cum out of me when she does that, I’m sure Jerry is affected the same way. Then, she dropped her head down and began to tremble as she moaned, “Uhhn, uhhn, mmm, mmm, ooh, ooh, ooh,” and I knew she was cumming as I watched. I was close myself as Amanda began twisting as she moved up and down, mmm, just so good.

Jerry was up over her taking the long, slow, deliberate strokes that I know Sharon just loves when he arched back and pushed her to the mattress.

Right after that Amanda and I also got off and were soon joining them in bed, a naked foursome of hands feeling each other.

So, that’s how it all started.

Our next get-together was an intimate, oh, very, intimate New Year’s Eve party for the four of us at Jerry and Amanda’s.

As soon as the chime rang, Jerry pulled back the door, gave me a quick hug, then Sharon a much longer hug and kiss and grope as he swung the door closed.

He was wearing a short kimono robe as he greeted us, “Hi, guys, big night tonight, I’ve been warming Amanda up for this all day,” and he led us into their great room. Their tree was still up along with ribbons and wreaths and such.

I looked over and there was Amanda, naked on the sofa, spread apart and tied by her arms and legs, her pussy filled with a large purple dildo.

“I’ve been warming her up for about an hour and a half, guys, now you can have a turn with her, either or both.”

“He’s right, I’ve already got a load of his cum in me and he’s been spreading it around with my big dildo,” she told us as Jerry untied the obi on his kimono, allowing his cock to stand out.

Sharon and I began getting undressed for the night’s festivities as he went back to Amanda and began fucking her with the dildo.

Now, naked, my cock hard and ready, I went over and took the dildo from Jerry and began stroking his wife with it while he began embracing Sharon. I knelt between her legs and fucked her with the dildo as I leaned over to suck a nipple.

I decided to go ahead and fuck Amanda and pulled out the dildo and put it in her mouth to suck off her juices as I looked back to see my wife down on her knees sucking Jerry. Lucky him, I know how good she is.

I put my cock right up along her pussy lips and, with my fingers, pressed the shaft down on her labia and begin stroking it back and forth along her wet pussy lips without entering her. I rocked back and forth on the pussy lips for several minutes, then pulled back a bit more and, when I pushed forward, my cock went right up into her all the way.

I kept it pushed in deeply as I wiped some of the juices off her pussy and rubbed my index finger around her clit as I took small pushes into her, less that an inch each time. I kept these very short strokes up for a good while as I circled her clit.

“Mmm, oh, push, Paul, push, oh, yeah, hard, ummm, MMM, UUH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as I started taking longer strokes. I learned with the first woman I had sex with, she lived next door when I was growing up, that if I kept my dick deep inside her taking short strokes, pressing hard each time, I could get her off several times before I ever ejaculated. She taught me well.

So, I again pushed in deep just using short little pushes and, yes, once again, Amanda cummed once again. Then, I really wanted my own pleasure so I started taking long, deliberate strokes and soon was adding my cum to Jerry’s.

Jerry had Sharon bent over a chair and was pumping in and out of her as I looked over the variety of toys on the coffee table, picking up a double-pronged vibrator and put it into Amanda and turned it on, pressing the clit finger down on her and letting it rip.

As I was toying Amanda’s snatch, Jerry was cumming Sharon full and they were now kissing and hugging afterward.

Then Paul crawled up on the sofa over his wife and put his cock in her mouth while Sharon got down between Amanda’s legs and began feasting on her friend. Seeing my wife’s pussy empty, I wriggled up behind her and began on her.

Sharon soon got her friend off and shortly after, I emptied myself into Sharon’s pussy as above us Paul was sucked by his wife. After that was all over, Paul untied his wife, then put on some music so he and I could dance with the other’s wife, all nice and naked, my favorite form of dance.

We danced for a while and it was getting toward midnight, so we went into their bedroom and got up on their big bed, Jerry turned on the television and we all got down in a circle to orally ring in the New Year.

My head was between Amanda’s legs, she was sucking Jerry, Jerry was eating my wife, Sharon who was nursing on my cock. Amanda was on her side, my head laying on her leg as my tongue wiped back and forth across her wet slit.

Then, I heard her moan a bit and she turned to put her thighs on the side of my head and push down, rubbing her pussy all over my face as I struggled to keep my tongue inside her.

Sharon was taking these wonderful long sucks up and down on me which felt so good. Then, I heard the television announce that the one minute countdown had started. We all knew what we had to do now.

So our oral lovemaking became timed and deliberate, aiming for the stroke of midnight to ring in the New Year with four simultaneous orgasms. We knew that we might not hit it perfectly but it was for no lack of trying.

We sucked and licked and tongued down through the count and right before the two second mark, Amanda began quivering and started her orgasm. I think she was sucking so hard on Jerry that he went right after she started, then my cock started filling my wife’s mouth and right at the beginning of the first chorus of Auld Lang Syne, the one that is about ‘taking a cup of kindness, yet,’ that was when Sharon began humping my face as she moaned and groaned. What a perfect way to start the year, four wonderful orgasms.

Our champagne was finished and we all snuggled together in bed, sleeping and fucking throughout the night and long into the next day.

Happy New Year, everyone. May you cum often and well.


I believe that as long as people all agree on the sexual acts committed they should do so with the people they want. I do not see gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners as doing anything wrong. Therefore one should be warned before reading any of my stories that gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners can occur. If you are offended by any of this? Stop reading now.


Me and my cousin, Jamie, are very close and we spend a lot of time together. Seeing as we are only a few years apart, and living next door to each other, we’d often go out on adventures in the woods behind our houses when we were younger. Our Dads, who are brothers but a few years apart, both shared the same birthday. And if that day of the year happened Jamie’s cousin’s also came and it always lead to us running around and doing all kinds of goofy things. Playing hide and seek when we were younger or simply building tree houses.

Me and her cousin, Jake, were the same age, and we always got along. He had short blond hair compared to mine being black shoulder length. Also he stood a good few feet above me, being long and slim, with me being shorter but wider shoulders. Both him and me were a bit protective of Jamie. Jamie had her mothers features with her hair being blond, down to her shoulders and although she had a small frame, her breasts were definitely not, even to the point of rivaling her mother’s big jugs. She was a bit of a tomboy in her behavior, but her looks certainly didn’t portrait that.

Her cousin, Cindy, had the most beautiful face you could imagine, brown hair that would go all the way to her butt, with big brown eyes, and if she smiled you couldn’t help but smile back. She was a little bit smaller then Jamie, and not nearly as developed breast wise, so you could pretty much lift her with one hand if you’d wanted to.

I’d never paid much attention to Jamie’s features before, until a couple of years ago when that day of the year happened again. Jamie’s Dad and my Dad both were having their birthday. Our parents as well those of Jake and Cindy would sit outside and have some beers and laugh and joke. We would pretty much set out to the woods right away. We had packed some food and drinks and with it still being early and already very hot in the sun, it would prove to be a very nice day.

With all of us over 20, except for Cindy who had just turned 18 that month, we pretty much agreed that hide and seek was out of the question, and jokingly we sat in one of our old forts we had build some years ago and talked about the fun times we had. Now with me and Jake being young and healthy males we of course talked about, would be girlfriends and how they looked while the girls would comment about boys having one tracked minds. Now I knew from Jamie that she had had only one real boyfriend during a holiday trip she had taken with her parents last summer, and he had taken her cherry, she never went into anything specific with me but I had learned he was a lot older then she was. Jake I also knew of having had some girlfriends, Cindy on the other hand I knew very little off, Jamie never really talked to me about her and for all I knew she could be a virgin.

Myself I had 2 girlfriends but only one where we went all the way. We dated for 7 months before she and her parents had to move because her farther had gotten another job.

Jamie even caught us once, when my parents were away, in our backyard swimming pool. We were skinny dipping and when things started to get a bit raunchy we moved to the lounge chairs, she was lying on her back in the pool chair and I was starting on eating her pussy when I could hear a small gasp from my left, so I looked and sure enough there was my cousin looking at us, while I was licking my girlfriends cunt and a massive boner stood out from my shorts. A look of shock was clear on her face, turning bright red as she saw me looking at her, I don’t think my girlfriend noticed it, and if she did she never said anything. I looked surprised up at her and she just put her finger to her mouth and motioned me to be quiet and she gave me a small smile and walked away. I never really talked about it with her, I was a little embarrassed and I was sure that she was too.

So we were sitting in our fort talking and joking when Jamie had an idea to go look for baby ducks, that would surely be hatching this time of year by the lake. Cindy was very much up for that idea, being the youngest of us all, me and Jake didn’t really care but we all agreed not knowing what else to do.

We all, except for Cindy, were wearing jeans, and seeing as the ground near the lake was always muddy we rolled them up and went barefooted. Cindy was wearing a dress and this caused Jake to make a joke about all the guys rolling up their jeans so she should roll up her dress, this was rewarded by a playful slap to his stomach from Jamie.

We were walking around looking for any nests, when Cindy started slipping and almost fell into the black mud, I could just in time reach out and grab her, saving her from getting her yellow summer dress dirty. “My hero!” She joked while sticking her arm through mine.

After walking for some time we stumbled upon a small bank near the water that wasn’t covered with mud and we decided to sit down and eat and drink something, seeing as it was only mid day yet and the sun was shining above us. The water looked clear and the girls agreed they should have brought bathing suits.

Jake looked at me with a bemused smile and said “Well hey don’t let that stop you girls. We’re all family here!”

Jamie didn’t say anything but I could tell she was thinking it over.

“Well me and David aren’t!” Cindy spoke up with a smile on her face.

“I doubt you have anything he hasn’t seen already though” Jamie said while smiling and looking at me.

“Don’t start!” I said as I smiled back.

She just looked at me and said “You guys want to hear something funny?”

Oh god here it comes I thought. And sure enough she recounted the swimming pool incident to Cindy and Jake, but that wasn’t the end of it, little did I know she had spy-ed on me and my girlfriend for a good few hours more then I had thought! She never went into detail about I had flipped her over and fucked her doggy style, and after awhile even fucking her in the ass. To top it off she told them about how I had for a finish pulled out and sprayed my cum all over her face. At the end of the story both girls were looking at me with a bright red face. Jake was the first to speak up.

“My man!” he said while giving me a high 5.

“Well good for you,” Cindy spoke up “not a lot of guys do that for girls you know? Giving head I mean. God knows I could use some attention once in awhile”

I could feel my self getting red, and when I looked at her she was smiling right back at me. So much for being a virgin I guess. Jake and Jamie just had big grin’s on their faces at the stuff Cindy was saying.

“So uhh… how big was he?” Cindy asked looking at Jamie.

“I don’t have much experience with… cocks,” she laughed shyly “but compared to what I know…” letting it hang in the air, “Pretty big.” Cindy looked up at me and smiled.

“Man I need to pee” Jake spoke up.

“Just pee?” Jamie said with a smirk on her face. “Looks like you could do a bit more then pee.” staring directly at his crotch. Jake looked down too, laughing as he saw his dick outline being clearly visible through his shorts.

“For now” he said as he looked at her.

“Ill join you, can use some relief myself.” I said.

“I bet you can.” Cindy said mumbling more then anything. We both stood up and walked away from the clearing a bit, standing behind a small bush were we could see the girls. They lay down, close together and we could hear the giggling.

“Man I feel I can pound a hole in a rock with this thing.” I heard Jake say as he unzipped next to me.

And as I looked to my left I saw it. The biggest cock I had ever seen, not that it were that many but man!, this thing was huge. And not only long but thick too! I was about 6 inches, not all that big by any means, and it made me wonder what Jamie had seen but that thing of his was as big as a hose. I figured he was close to 10 or 11 inches, and he was right, he seemed close to the point of bursting, much like my own was.

“Jesus dude!” I said not caring that he knew I was looking. “That thing is like a fucking snake man.” “Like a shit…”

“Ha ha thanks.” He said as he looked down and pulled the foreskin back a few times. “Guess I’m pretty big eh?”

“Yeah ill say.” Unzipping myself and feeling a little shy in front of this much bigger dick I pulled mine out.

“Uhm now what…” He said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” I spoke back still looking at his dick from time to time not Cindyn noticing he’s watching me.

“Well I can’t pee like this.”

“Nah me neither.”

“Sure… but look… David?” He waved his hand in front of me. “David look.”

And as I did I saw he had once again resumed stroking his dick.

So we stood there for a few minutes, staring ahead of us at the girls and the lake.

“Damn dude that story has me really turned on!” He spoke up, looking at me. “Hey you got a nice cock too man, but look how thick mine is… look how big…”

I just tried to swallow unsure how to respond.

“Can I hold it?” He said while reaching out and taking my dick in his hand before I could say anything.

I mumbled a little, unsure of what to make of this.

“Relax man, you know how good it feels to stroke your own cock? Well now imagine two of them!” He said matter of fact, pulling a bit on my cock causing me to moan softly.

“Man Jamie is become a real hot-y now eh?”

I looked down and replied “Yeah” He was still stroking me.

“Cindy is also really growing up.”

I just nodded, I could feel my mouth get dry hearing him talk like this, only a few feet away from our cousins and his hand on my dick. It wasn’t helping in making my dick go soft at any rate.

“You like this?” He said softly, tightly gripping and releasing my cock again.

“Yeah.” I breathed.

“What’s taking you so long!” I heard Cindy yell, and when I looked up they were already standing up and walking towards us.

Suddenly I could hear Jake call out to them, not fully realizing what Jake was saying, “If you wanna talk about long, ask David!” He yelled and that had us both laughing as his other hand clearly indicated his own dick.

And as they got closer me and Jake both made no effort to cover ourselves up nor did he remove his hand from my dick.

“Oh my god!” Cindy cried out as she got closer, covering her mouth with her hands. “You guys are jerking off aren’t you!.”

“No way.” Jamie said looking at our faces.

I smiled and held up my hands. “How can I be jerking off without using my hands?”

Jamie doing a double take, still seeing Jake’s arms moving back and forth, gasped!

“Jake is stroking your dick!”

“That’s so hot!” Cindy mumbled her mouth hanging open.

“Please let us watch?” Jamie said, standing a bit on her toes, trying to peek over the rather small bush that was between us.

Time seemed to crawl, but Jake was the first to speak up. “Well that depends, what’s in it for us?” He looked at Jamie’s loosely buttoned blouse.

Jamie looked with a big ass grin on her face at her tall cousin. And slowly she started to unbutton her jeans, never losing eye contact with Jake. I heard a small moan escape from her lips. Slowly she pulled her jeans down reaching for Cindy for support, and there she was standing in only her white panties and her blouse, with all eyes focusing on her. She proceeded to unbutton her blouse and once more she was taking her time. Me and Jake were breathing heavy now. We all but forgot to breath as her bra become visible, she really did take after her mother.

Her mother would often wear these visible low cut tank tops around their home and it was clear that Jamie had the same size, if not perhaps bigger then her mom’s. She looked at Jake and then at me, clearly trying to see if we liked what we saw, but there was no doubt about it both him and me were enthralled. Slowly she reached up, softly cupping her bra covered breasts. Neither girl spoke, but as Jamie looked at niece they both seemed to function with one brain. Cindy stepped up behind Jamie and unhooked her bra, never letting it fall then she reached around and slid her hands in, letting the bra fall too the ground and Jamie’s tits covered with these tiny hands. Both girls were breathing heavy now, and with a deep breath in, Jamie nodded and Cindy slowly let her hands slide down and gave us full view of the most perfect tits we had seen. Full breasts with big red nipple’s on it that were visibly sticking out. Turning around she showed off her ass with only the tiniest strap of her g-string visible.

Cindy put her hands in the tiny fabric and dragged it down. Smiling at us but mostly at Jake Jamie got down and stepped out of her string. Jamie turned around and we were treated to a golden haired pussy.

Jake, thank god, had stopped stroking me as well as himself or i would have cum right there and then.

“Okay now its my turn.” Cindy spoke up, also visibly excited by all of this. Now seeing as she had only a summer dress on it went a lot faster, unhooking her shoulder straps, she slowly let it fall to the ground, her small round breasts befitting her petite frame came into view and small bright pink nipples were on top of them. Sliding it off her tanned legs, and then ever so slowly over her feet, her blue silk panties came into view, liberating Cindy’s small bald pussy that was slightly opened and the shear wetness of it was visible as the sun was reflected by it.

“So how about it?” Jamie said mischief in her eyes.

“Okay but close you’re eyes first.” Jake seemed to have an idea.

When they closed their eyes we quickly pulled our t-shirts over our heads and walked towards them, now ill be honest and say that at first I tried to walk to Jamie… but I saw her look and shake her head without looking at me. And ever so slowly Jake pushed me aside. We stopped when there was a few feet between us. “Okay open your eyes girls.” Jake spoke up. We all looked into each others faces for a few minutes, it became a competition who would look down first.

I lost as I slowly looked down at Cindy’s small breasts with pointy brown nipples, this close to her I could almost hear her heartbeat.

But with a tiny step she pressed herself up to me and put her lips to my ear, softly whispering “Tell me you will fuck me today? Promise me, I have had the biggest crush on you since ever.”

I could feel my dick almost pressing on her breasts, even though I wasn’t big she was even smaller. “I promise.” I said as I looked into her eyes and kissed her.

As our tongues touched for the first time we heard a “Oh my god!” from our right. Looking over we saw Jamie had lost and was looking at the monster cock of her cousin. She clearly liked what she saw as her nipples were sticking out from those amazing breasts.

“This will never fit me!” She said as she could only stare at it. Cindy moved in front of me, my cock held fast in her little hand, guiding me down until she was resting on her backside on a big towel.

“We will just have to help you then.” She said as she too looked at her cousin and her breathing became ever more ragged. Cindy looked at me and kissed me softly on the lips. But then both girls crawled over and sat on their knees looking at this thick snake.

Jake looked at me, seeing I was looking at his dick too.”Its okay if you wanna take a closer look too mate.” He said smiling. Cindy reached over and reached out with her hand towards mine, dragging me down. “Its okay if it turned you on, I hear that from a lot of guys” A lot of guys huh?

“I wonder what it looks likes while it’s cumming and pumping that sticky stuff out.”

Cindy said with a haze across her eyes but smiling as she looked at her female cousin Jamie. Jamie just sat on her knees staring transfixed on the big organ.

“Perfect.” Was all I could bring out once more enthralled by this cock in front of me.

“Fuck us?” Jamie said as she looked up at her cousin.

“Fuck us all?” She added as she smiled and made eye contact with me then looked back to Jake.

For the longest time all that could be heard was our breathing. Jake was the one to move first. Slowly he let his hand slide down towards his cousin’s breast, first gently moving over it and then trying to cup it completely in his hand.

Then his other hand went down and reached for his other cousin, his big hand covering her breast completely. Just as I thought I might even get left out Cindy had moved her right hand towards my rock hard dick. Slowly stroking it, sliding with her thumb over the slit pre cum was slipping out.

Jake’s cock was weird looking in a way. It looked so big. So perfect. Jake appeared to be cut so the massive head was bulging straight at Jamie’s chest. I saw Jamie smile and reach for my hand as she took it and brought it up to Jake’s crotch. Jake smile seemed to grow a little wider as he nodded in approval. And then for the first time I was holding another man’s cock, but somehow if felt like the most perfect thing in the world. I drew back the smallest sliver of foreskin there remained and back again, some precum was forming. The thick head was already wet as my hand, that seamed so small, slowly cupped it in my palm. I felt some effort from his groin and looking up I knew what he wanted. I softly guided him towards Jamie’s face, it must have seemed like the biggest thing in the world to her, I steadily drew if over to her closed lips, instinctively she opened her mouth. She slit her lips over the head like you would lick a lollypop. Then next I guided it towards Cindy, who made the tiniest of effort to take him in, she didn’t get far. Half of his head disappeared but it seemed to be the biggest thing in the world compared to her mouth.

Then it was my turn. I looked up and saw pure lust on Jake’s face, I was in a haze and leaned forward to suck the first cock I would ever have in my mouth. I drew his skin all the way back and then put his head between my lips. I could feel the sour taste as I brought my hand back again. God I wanted more, I needed more!

“Jamie first.” Jake said as he looked down at her.

“YES!” Jamie actually squealed as she stood up and walked a bit towards a grass covered spot, as I saw her move I could see drops of liquid run on the inside of her thigh. Her engorged cunt clearly visible to us. We all followed her and stood and watched as this heavenly body lay down. She lay down and drew up her legs, her pussy spread open, a small streak of slime traveling down to her butt hole. She was wet all right, as Jake knelt down between her legs, and placed the giant head of his cock against her cunt, first mixing the tip that held a big amount of pre cum with her juices. As he started rubbing the thick dick through her lips and back it was only a matter of time before he would slip in. Me and Cindy stood on and watched, we would fuck, but we needed to see this.

“Aaah ooh” was all she cried out as the thick gleaming bulb entered the tight hole, she reached with her hand towards Cindy, reaching out for support during this. Cindy walked over and stood by her cousin as she was being penetrated by what seemed an alien device. I walked over towards the other side of her and kneeling down, softly kissed her breast while rubbing the lower part of her stomach. A small tear escaped from her eyes, that got kissed away by Cindy. I looked down and Jake was half way in. I looked back at Jamie’s face and she was still crying a little and holding in her breath. I saw him draw out and watched as thick string of juices trailed from the tip to her.

Author’s Note:

This story could easily fit into a number of categories. Namely, Group Sex or Anal. I’ve chosen Loving Wives, because the struggles that take place would mean nothing without the vow of marriage being at the crux of it.

If you are a devoted fan of my more romantic works or my BDSM novels, you might not like this story. This one is sex first, love on the side. A stroke story with a pulse.







I guess there’s some lesson to be learned from this story that can be summed up neatly in a single axiom. Like, “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”, or “two wrongs don’t make a right”, or some bullshit like that. Looking back, I just shrug and think to myself, Shit happens.

The thing is, if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t change a damned thing. I don’t feel one ounce of regret over initiating this whole sequence of events that resulted in one couple’s divorce, two men’s fantasies fulfilled, and three happy fuckin’ people. For me, once I got my mind wrapped around it all, it became one long hard-on. Fuck what anybody else thinks.



One: One Crazy Idea



“Why the fuck do you always root against my boys?”

“Because it’s the Yankees. Everyone who isn’t a fan roots against ‘em.”

“I’m living in the wrong goddamn state.”

“You just figuring this out? How long have you lived here, 10 years?”

“Since college. Too damn long.” An uproar came from the patrons at the bar. “Fuck! I can’t believe he’s still pitching. I can’t watch this.”

Jack lifted his beer mug from the counter as he swiveled his barstool to face the other direction.

“So how are you and Kelly making out these days?”

Kevin shrugged and took a swig of beer before answering. “About the same.”

“Sorry to hear that. You still talking about divorce?”

“She hasn’t brought it up again after that one time, but nothing has changed.”

“What does that mean?”

“We’re still not, you know…”


Kevin chuckled; he didn’t exhibit the same level of bluntness as Jack. “Yeah.”

Jack shrugged. “Everyone goes through dry times. We went two weeks without, once.”

Kevin shook his head. “We haven’t done it in two months.”

Jack nearly spit his beer out, then choked down what he had in his mouth. “You fuckin’ kiddin’ me?”

Kevin shook his head.

“And you put up with this?”

“I don’t have a choice. I tried.”

“She frigid or somethin’?”

Kevin half smiled at Jack’s upstate New York accent. It was more pronounced when he drank. “No, that’s the part that hurts. I caught her in the bathroom with a, uh, vibrator, the other day. She was reading some book on her Kindle.”

“When Em reads that shit, I am guaranteed to get laid.”

“Well, Kelly didn’t want anything to do with me afterward.”

Jack frowned and swiveled back toward the bar. He avoided looking up at the television screen. He could already guess by the cheering in the room how bad his team was doing. Instead, he focused his attention on his troubled friend.

Nearly eight years earlier, Jack hired Kevin to paint the interior of an add-on his crew had just built. Kevin fashioned himself an artist, but to pay the bills, he offered his skills to general contractors in need of freelance painters.

Despite their differences in general demeanor, they became fast friends. And then best friends. Kevin was the only person other than his wife that Jack confided in. It was just the way he was raised.

Growing up near Buffalo, Jack had been raised to be tough-minded and self-reliant. It was rare for him to talk about feelings, especially his own. And other than the casual gripe about his baseball team or the weather, he never discussed his own problems. This was probably the biggest complaint from his wife, Emily, though being raised in a similar environment to Jack, she’d never say so out loud.

But that didn’t stop him from being a good listener. Much to the credit of the general earthiness of New Yorkers, Jack could identify with his fellow man. Pain was real to him. It made sense and kept people humble. It was this trait that drew workers to his business. And created lifelong friends like Kevin.

“How long has this been goin’ on?”

“A year, maybe. I don’t know, maybe even longer than that.”

“Everythin’, you know, workin’ right with you?”

Kevin laughed and nodded his head. “Yeah, man, I’m fine. No problem there.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Jack felt that everything was simple. If you just peeled away the layers of bullshit, you could uncover the problem and solve it.

“I don’t know. Boredom, I guess. We just sort of fell into a routine. In her mind, that’s a fate worse than death.”

Jack nodded his head slightly and drained his mug. He made eye contact with the bartender and presented his empty beer flagon. In turn, the bartender held up two fingers and Jack nodded in affirmation.

His own mind was churning. He recalled a recent similar conversation with Emily. Although the exchange was brief, brought on by Emily’s unusual request while they were making love, the gist of it was the same.

“I think these books they read do more harm than good.”

“I hear ya. I picked up one of Kelly’s. The main guy in the story was over six-foot tall, body-builder physique, hung like a stallion, and rich as snot.”

“Sounds like me. Except for the rich part.”

“Yeah, well, he was also gentle and sensitive, and completely unselfish in bed.”

“Doesn’t exist.”

“That’s my point. No man has all that.”

“No. Although I’m pretty close.” Jack stopped to chuckle at his own humor before continuing. “It’s total bullshit.”

“Try to tell them that.”

“You’d have to combine several dudes to get close to that shit.”

“I know. And on some level, I think Kelly realizes that, because get a load of this … she suggested we should look into swinging.”


“Wife-swapping and stuff like that.”

“Really? Damn.”

“I know.”

“What did you say?”

Kevin shrugged. “There was nothing I could say, except that I’d think about it.”

“Are you seriously considering it?”

Kevin shrugged and glanced up at the last inning of the game. After a couple of seconds, it was obvious he wasn’t going to answer.

“What? You’re just gonna go sleep with some strange couple you’ve never even met?”

Kevin’s head dropped forward in defeat. He shook his head, “I don’t know.”


As Jack was climbing between the covers, he couldn’t seem to get his mind off Kevin’s dilemma. The last inning rally by the Yankee’s got them off the heavy topic before Jack could give his two-cents worth. They never went back to it after that.

The thing that bothered him was that he didn’t know how he felt about it, other than he couldn’t imagine himself in a million years climbing into bed with a strange couple. But he wasn’t put off by the thought as much as he thought he might be, either. In fact, he thought, the idea might have some merit.

For Kevin and Kelly, of course.

Emily slid across the king-sized bed to snuggle with Jack as he got settled.

“Did we win?”


“Glad I didn’t go and watch, then.”

“What did you do?”

“Watched T.V. Read some.”

Jack’s thoughts shot back to his earlier conversation with Kevin at the bar, but were soon interrupted by Emily’s roaming hand. It had snaked down his bare chest and stomach and into his briefs.

“That book make you horny, Em?”

“Mmmm-hmmm.” She wrapped her fingers around his thick meat, tugging and stroking it to life. It didn’t take long for it to be fully erect in her palm.

Ordinarily, Jack would reciprocate by fingering her pussy to get her ready. He’d been drinking, and it was late. For men in the construction business, the workday started early. He was more than happy to indulge his horny wife, but he needed to do it in the least possible amount of time. Then Kevin’s words rang in his ear “…gentle and sensitive, and completely unselfish in bed.”

“What do you want?”

Emily lifted her head from Jack’s chest to look up at him. “Are you asking me what I want you to do?”


A tiny smirk formed on Emily’s face. “I want you to go down on me.”

“Is that all?”


Emily removed her hand from Jack’s underwear and rolled onto her back. A wicked smile had settled on her face that shone through the darkness. Jack caught a glimpse of it as he began his descent.

When he got to the end of her nightshirt, he noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Expecting some action tonight, were you?”

She ran her fingers through Jack’s coarse, thick locks. “Yes.”

Jack mumbled to himself as he parted her thighs, “I should play hard to get every once in awhile.”

The scent of her arousal assaulted his senses and sent his mind to reeling. Nothing smelled as sexy as a woman’s pussy.

Jack stroked Emily’s silky inner thighs and then slid one of his thumbs into her opening. “Damn, Em. You’re fucking soaked.”

Jack twisted his wrist so he could slide his beefy middle finger inside her. It glided in with complete ease, making his cock twitch with jealousy. It would be so easy for him to fuck her in her current condition. She’d already worked herself up to a sexual frenzy, practically. But, he’d agreed to do what she wanted. This time.

Emily moaned quietly as Jack finger-fucked her wet cunt. She liked to be fucked. Got off on it as much as he did.

“Use your tongue, Jack.” Emily had never had trouble expressing herself in bed. It was one of the things that turned him on most about her.

His mouth lowered to her hot center. He swiped his tongue along her deliciously hot, wet folds as he continued pumping his finger into her.

Emily sucked a sharp breath into her lungs. It was music to Jack’s ears. He adored the sound of her arousal. So much so, he was sure he could get off just on that. Almost, anyway.

His head dipped for another taste. He was teasing her. He’d given up on the idea of a quick fuck and decided that as long as he was down there, he might as well make it worth the loss of sleep.

She emphatically moaned as his tongue swirled around her slick flesh. She was wound tight; already teetering on the edge of release. Jack slowed his fingers to a gentle massage as his tongue worked circles around her swollen clitoris. Emily’s hips rocked in rhythm with his tongue in a lustful display. It drove Jack to the edge of control. He fought his urge to just fuck her right then.

“Yes, yes. Ohhhh.”

Emily was in rare form; writhing around and groaning like a cat in heat. She slid her hands underneath her hips and spread her butt cheeks.

“Please, Jack.”

He knew what she wanted. It was the same unusual request she’d made the last time they were in bed.

Jack removed his finger from her pussy and positioned it at the puckered opening of her anus. He swirled it around a few times, using her own juices for lubrication, then he applied pressure.

There was resistance to the intrusion, which he was expecting, but once he got past the tight outer ring, his digit invaded her hot channel with some ease.

Jack had never really gotten into anal. And up until a week ago, neither had Emily. Must be those books she’s been reading. But he had no issues with fingering her in the heat of the moment. If it turns her on, I’m game. He just didn’t want to invest the energy to take it further.

He turned his attention to her clit and went to work in earnest on it, hardening his tongue and flicking it hard across the distended nub.

Emily arched her back, panting and groaning; spewing half sentences beneath her heavy breathing. “Yes, fuck me.”

Jack suspected she was fantasizing about another man fucking her ass but he didn’t care. In a moment she was going to come. Hard. And when she did, he’d be on her in a flash to give her one vicious fucking.

In fact, if he was perfectly honest about it, the visual image of his wife being fucked by another man turned him on. But that was a thought he kept well suppressed. Except at times like this.

“Oh, baby, I’m close. Yes.”

Her lewd whispers drove him to increase the rhythm. His own imagination was riddled with outrageously obscene images. Of fantasies unrealized; wild, lurid scenes that could only exist in his mind.

Emily’s hips lifted from the mattress as she wailed her release.

Jack didn’t hesitate. He swiftly clamored into position and drove his steel cock into the slick hole that was now quaking in orgasm. He held her thighs still as he fucked her with a frenzied rhythm. It was a scourging fuck; hard and fast, with one goal in mind.

Emily’s body had inched up the sheets until the top of her head was tapping the headboard with every stroke. Jack didn’t seem to notice, his eyes black and glazed over in wild desire.

A few minutes later, he could feel it building. All the muscles in his body tensed. He managed to slap his hips into her for three long strokes as waves of cum shot through his rod. “Fuck. Yes.”

All the tension released at once. Jack loosened his grip on her thighs and let his weight come to rest on top of her. He panted and huffed into the mattress next to her shoulder.

A few silent minutes passed. Jack’s breathing resumed to normal. He moved off of Emily and onto the mattress next to her, pulling her body against his in a spooning position.

His hand made its way up her nightshirt until it was on her bare breast. He liked to fall asleep like that. It comforted him.

“Jack?” Emily whispered.


“Are you okay with, you know…” She slid her hand over her hip and patted her butt cheek. “…That sort of stuff?”

Jack shrugged. “To an extent. I’m curious where this is coming from all of a sudden.”

Emily took a moment to think about her answer. “Different places. Books, mostly.”

“How far do these books go?”

Emily turned her face slightly into her pillow as she answered in a meek voice, “All the way.”

Jack sighed. “You really think you’d like that? My dick is a hell of a lot bigger than my finger, Em.”

“I know. What we’re doing is fine. If you’re okay with it?”

“I’m good. Is this part of some bigger fantasy you have?”

Emily shrugged but remained silent.

“Multiple guys?” Jack’s flaccid dick twitched at the thought.

“Sometimes. But, you’re always one of them.”

Jack suddenly remembered his earlier conversation with Kevin at the bar. He wasn’t in the habit of discussing his friend’s problems with his wife, but this was too coincidental to pass up.

And his dick was beginning to stiffen for some odd reason.

“That’s so weird we’re talking about this. Kelly is trying to talk Kevin into wife swapping.”

“For real?”


“She brought it up out of the blue?”

“They’ve been having problems. The ‘D’ word has come up.”

“Divorce? Really? Oh, shit. Why?”

Jack shrugged. “Who knows. He said they haven’t had sex in months. She wants to spice things up, I guess.”

“You know that’s not what I’m suggesting, right?”

“I know, Em. You’re allowed to have your fantasies. As long as I’m involved.” He squeezed her breast possessively as he pressed his semi-hard organ against her back.

After a few moments of silence, Emily spoke up. “We should have them over. Maybe they just need to interact with other couples more.”

“I think that’s what she has in mind.”

Emily elbowed Jack. “That’s not what I meant. I think we could be a good role model for them. Don’t you?”

Jack rolled his eyes. The conversation had stretched beyond his interest level and he was having some difficulty staying awake. “If you say so.”

If Emily replied, he didn’t hear it.



Two: The Party




Jack emerged from the bedroom doorway, “What?!”

“I’ve been calling you for the last five minutes.”

“I was in the bathroom. Jeez! What do you want?”

“Come get your work boots off the floor and bring me that pile of dirty glasses you’re collecting on that table next to your chair.”

You had to call me all the way in here for this? “It’s only Kevin and Kelly. They’ve been here before.”

“I don’t care. Are you going to argue with me on this?”

Jack sighed and rolled his eyes. No, of course not, DEAR.

The snarky comments rattled around in his head but he wisely kept them to himself. He hadn’t survived a decade of marriage by accident. He knew when to pick his fights.

“Do you think you can finish straightening up while I get ready?”

Jack looked around the room. What is there to ‘straighten’? He shrugged and nodded, “Sure.”

Emily huffed at him just before ducking into the master bedroom. “Jack, I mean it.”

What is her problem? He lifted the remote control and plopped down in his recliner. He was still surfing the guide for sporting events when the doorbell rang.

Emily hadn’t re-emerged from the back so Jack pulled himself up to answer the door.

“Hey, guys. Come on in.”

Kevin held up two bottles wrapped in paper bags. “Where should I put these?”

“In the kitchen.” Jack leaned over and hugged Kelly, pecking her on the cheek, “How ya doin’?”

Drifting from her hair was a subtle mix of lavender and vanilla. It struck Jack as somewhat odd. As she moved past him, he regarded her with amusement. She looks hot tonight.

She was wearing a wraparound mini skirt, which wasn’t unusual for Kelly. She was undoubtedly aware of her fantastic legs because she flaunted them at every opportunity. Emily had even commented on them. Appreciatively, as I recall. That was the other thing that Jack liked about Emily; She wasn’t the type of woman who was jealous of the way other women looked.

But there was something else about the way Kelly looked. Something beyond just the way she was dressed. Jack couldn’t put his finger on it.

Emily surfaced from the bedroom and made her way across the living room, snatching up the crumpled throw and tossing it over the back of the recliner as she walked. She rolled her eyes briefly in disgust before planting a warm and welcoming expression on her face.

“Kelly, hi. Good to see you.” Emily embraced Kelly in the foyer. “Come in. Would you like something to drink?”

“I think Kevin is getting it.”

Emily nodded and looked over at Jack. He was still somewhat in shock over his own wife’s appearance.

Although it was commonplace for Kelly to wear short shorts and skirts, it was not a usual practice for Emily. Especially not around the house. But there she was, donning a short skirt so tight it should be illegal, along with a bra that lifted her ample breasts and created a barely visible line of cleavage above her v-neck blouse. Damn, Em. What the fuck?

“Jack. Jack!”

It dawned on him that Emily was talking to him, “Huh?”

“Can you get me a glass of wine?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Bemused, and quite frankly a bit aroused, he joined Kevin in the kitchen.

“Is there something going on here?”

Kevin finished twisting the corkscrew and looked over at Jack. “What do you mean?”

Jack nodded toward the living room, prompting Kevin to stretch his neck to peer over the passthrough bar at the women. After a few moments of studying them, he shook his head and shrugged, frowning in curiosity at Jack. “What?”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

Kevin looked over the counter again. Kelly was situating herself on the sofa as Emily bent over to retrieve the remote. Her blouse fell open to reveal a black lace, push-up demi bra supporting two perfectly round orbs.

Kevin quickly peeled his eyes away and back to Jack.

Jack snorted, “Em doesn’t even dress like that on New Year’s Eve.”

Kevin shifted his body so he was facing away from the living room. “Sometimes women just feel like dressing up, I guess. What are you complaining about?”

“I’m not complaining. It just smells like a set-up.”

Kevin shrugged and glanced over at his wife. “Kelly doesn’t look any different.”

Jack took another look at Kelly as she leaned against the back of the sofa and crossed her legs. She doesn’t? I don’t remember her being that fucking hot.

A brief mental image of her wrapping her long legs around his waist as he pounded her right where she was sitting flashed across Jack’s mind. He swallowed hard.

“I need a drink. Can you pour Em a glass of that wine, too?”

“Yeah, sure. I brought a bottle of Glenfiddich. You want some?”

“Yeah.” Jack’s voice was distant. His mind was reeling with the possible explanations for his wife’s behavior, but he wasn’t about to even speculate out loud. That could get him in trouble.

Deep, deep trouble if he was wrong.

They situated themselves around the living room the way one might expect. Typical for two couples just casually drinking and engaging in conversation. Kevin sat between his wife and the arm of the sofa. Emily occupied the space on the other side of Kelly, while Jack sat in his usual chair. From his vantage point, he could watch the group dynamic as it played out before him. And it got more and more interesting as the liquor bottles emptied.

About the time he was opening the second bottle of wine, Emily muted the television completely and turned on some music. She and Kelly broke into song, taking turns like a karaoke duet. Afterward, they fell into a fit of laughter, almost knocking their fresh glasses of wine off the coffee table. It was a telltale sign that they’d had enough to drink, but neither Jack, nor Kevin were about to say anything.

Ordinarily, Jack might hint to Emily to slow down, but he could sense something was different about the whole atmosphere.

For one, this was the most Emily and Kelly had ever interacted. Usually they relied on Kevin and Jack to carry the conversation since they were close friends. One would never know it if they’d stepped into that party mid-stream. Kelly and Emily had managed to settle close to one another like two magnets on one end of the sofa, leaving the entire other half to Kevin, who didn’t seem to even notice.

Jack noticed, though. And he noticed some other things, too.

As the night wore on, the girls were getting more chummy with one another.

It started first with a few casual touches; arms, knees, shoulders. Then it gradually progressed to a steady contact. Jack even spied Kelly absentmindedly caressing Em’s thigh.

It had always been a fantasy of Jack’s to watch his wife with another woman. What guy doesn’t fantasize about that? But Em had never so much as hinted that she might be into it. Even as he watched them together, Kelly was instigating the contact more than Emily. But Em isn’t exactly shying away from it, either.

It had crossed his mind a few times during the evening. That maybe Kelly wanted to swap partners. But she showed no interest in Jack that he could tell. She sure is interested in Em, though.

No sooner he thought it, he got the signal he was looking for; the one that told him that he was, without a doubt, right.

Kevin had excused himself to the restroom and so Jack moved to the kitchen to fix another drink. While he was in there, he suddenly became aware that there was no conversation coming from the living room.

Peering through the passthrough and over the countertop bar, his heart tripped over a beat. Kelly was kissing his wife.

Regardless of the numerous signs that the party was heading in this direction, it was still shocking to Jack. And fucking hot as hell. He found himself holding his breath as his gaze locked onto the pair, fearing that one small noise might startle them into stopping.

Kevin stepped around the corner and froze. His wide eyes darted from the girls, to Jack, and back to the girls again. He moved very quietly toward the kitchen so as not to disturb them.

Jack’s eyebrows rose as he made eye contact with Kevin. Kevin’s only response was to shake his head slightly and shrug. Neither one of them knew what to do next. It was unfamiliar territory.

After several minutes of silence, Jack figured the women had to know that they were being watched. This was more than a single stolen kiss. They intended to go further.

Jack moved back into the living room with Kevin close behind him. His chair provided the best seat for watching, but the worst possible position if your goal was to get invited to participate. And after about 30 seconds of watching them kiss, that became Jack’s goal.

He waved at his chair to graciously relinquish it to Kevin as he slithered onto the couch. He was careful not to come into contact with the girls.

Kelly’s hand had begun to wander over Emily’s breast. She cupped and caressed it through the silky fabric as she deepened their kiss. After a few moments, Emily pulled away.

Her lips were puffy and crimson. She was out of breath from the interlude. She looked up into Kelly’s eyes and then over at Kevin. Quickly realizing that Kevin and Jack had switched places, she shifted her head in search of Jack.

Kelly started to pull away, but Emily held her steadfast as her eyes searched Jack’s for approval.

A half smile grew across Jack’s face and Emily released the breath she was holding. She lifted her arm from Kelly’s waist and outstretched her hand toward Jack. He responded by squeezing her hand reassuringly, expecting that it was what she needed in order to ease her doubt, but before he could pull his hand away, Emily grasped it and eased it onto Kelly’s hip.

Jack’s gaze rapidly moved from Emily to Kelly to Kevin. It was what he wanted, but it suddenly dawned on him that he was about to get personal with his best friend’s wife. And this was something they’d never talked about or even dreamed about happening. The closest they’d ever come to discussing this scenario was at the bar the previous week when Kevin mentioned Kelly’s desire to swing. Jack never once thought that would include them.

Kelly caressed the back of Jack’s hand as she smiled over her shoulder. It was obvious that she was game, along with Emily.

Jack fixed his gaze on Kevin. For a moment his face was difficult to read. He was still in shock over the whole thing. But then he realized why Jack was looking at him. He simply grinned and sat back. And with that, Kelly turned her attention back to Emily and resumed their kissing.

There were still unanswered questions. Jack had no idea how far to go, but he put the thought out of his mind for the moment, hoping that when the time came, he’d figure it out.

Jack moved closer to the pair as his hand explored Kelly’s hip, thigh and buttock. She had all the firmness of youth combined with the curves of a woman. It made Jack’s head swim. He hadn’t so much as touched another woman in twelve years, and all of a sudden he felt like he’d been given the key to the safe. And he was anxious to get inside.

His hand moved below the hem of Kelly’s skirt and onto her bare thigh, just above her knee. Then he slid it up her bare thigh, inching her skirt up with it until her pale blue panties were exposed.

Jack glanced at Kevin. His attention was glued to Kelly’s hand which was kneading Emily’s breast.

Leaving Kelly’s skirt bunched over her hip, Jack reached around her waist and snaked his hand up between the women to Emily’s top button. It took him a moment to get the feel of it between his fingers, but he managed to get it unfastened. Then the next button, and the next, and finally the bottom.

Jack gently caressed the back of Kelly’s kneading hand and then repositioned her hand underneath the open flap of Emily’s blouse. He then pulled the flap open to give Kevin a better look, all the while watching his expression out of the corner of his eye.

Jack was well aware of how magnificent his wife’s breasts were. A full cup size larger than Kelly’s, they were the embodiment of all things maternal and feminine. Soft. Luscious. And 100% real.

Kevin licked his lips and swallowed hard in appreciation, and somewhere in the darkest corner of Jack’s subconscious mind, a sleeping beast was roused. Blood rushed to his groin, stiffening his cock to steel. Just the sight of his friend getting turned on by his wife’s breasts fueled him.

Jack slipped his fingers just inside the elastic of Kelly’s panties and leaned over to whisper in his wife’s ear.

“Take off your bra, Em.”

Kelly sat upright as Emily arched her back to unclasp the bra. It sprung loose a second before she freed her hands and discarded the lace fabric and her blouse on the floor.

Jack took advantage of Kelly’s new position and slid his hand down into the front of her panties to grip her sex. It was probably a breech of protocol, if there was such a thing, but he was well beyond thinking.

Kelly gasped, and then moaned hungrily. Jack couldn’t resist the invitation. He flexed his middle finger and dipped it into her slick, quivering hole. All her efforts with Emily were evident in how utterly hot and wet she’d become. And she was so very tight. Jack could think of little else but how much he wanted to feel his thick cock inching its way inside, straining and stretching her channel to the hilt.

Ease up, man. You could blow this whole thing.

Jack’s feeble mind was finally catching up with his raging hormones. He reluctantly removed his fat finger from Kelly’s pussy and turned his attention back to his wife’s bare breasts. With Jack’s hand out of the way, Kelly was able to curl her tummy and lower her face to Emily’s waiting nipple.

Kevin grunted and shifted in his seat. It was an extraordinary sight.

Kelly extended her tongue so that her husband could watch her work Emily’s nip. She circled it, laved it, and flicked the nub rapidly until it protruded, proud and stiff. Every so often she’d slow down and peer up at Kevin through her eyelashes for a moment. Then her attention was back on Emily.

Emily’s hand reached out toward Kevin, her fingers wiggling in invitation. “Come here.” Her voice came out as a strangled whisper, barely audible over the music.

Kevin slid off the chair and tentatively approached on his knees.

Emily lifted her head to get a better look at him. “I want to see.”

Kevin glanced at Jack and nervously licked his lips. His desire to participate was evident in his bulging jeans, but the weight of the situation was bothersome to him.

Jack found it somewhat comforting that while Kevin had no issues with Jack fingering Kelly, he was hesitant to undress for Emily.

With a reassuring nod, Jack prompted Kevin. “Go ahead; She doesn’t bite. Much.”

Kevin chuckled and nodded, then turned back to Emily. “You want me to remove my jeans?”

Emily nodded and smirked.

Jack tried not to roll his eyes. I would’ve had the thing in her mouth by now if it were me. Jeez!

As Kevin went to work removing his jeans, Jack moved his hands over Kelly’s body, getting acquainted with the feel of her firm breasts and then her soft thighs that he so desperately wanted to feel wrapped around his waist. His focus stayed on the girls, on how expertly Kelly’s tongue worked his wife’s nipple.

His own need was building again. His hand moved up Kelly’s back and he wove his fingers in her hair. Feeling her head movement as she worked her magic on his wife was intoxicating. His grip tightened and Kelly let go a whine. Jack was about to release her when her whining turned into needy groaning. Fuck yeah, baby.

Jack lifted Kelly’s face from Emily’s bosom and pulled her back against his chest. She was panting and writhing by the time he had her legs positioned in front of her so he could slide his hand back into her panties.

He kept her back against him so they were both facing the other couple.

Kevin knelt beside the sofa next to Emily. He looked nervous as a cat, licking his lips repeatedly. Emily smiled and pulled him toward her, guiding his ear to her lips. She whispered something to him that made him smile, then kissed his lips gently for a moment before directing both of his hands to her bare breasts.

Kevin released a huff of gratitude, his eyes closing in what appeared to be silent prayer. The sight of it was nothing short of breathtaking for Jack. No man deserved to go without a sexual release as long as Kevin had. And the sight of him finally getting some with Emily was incredible. Somewhere in his brain the thought occurred to him: Shouldn’t I be jealous or something? But all he could feel as he watched Kevin caressing Emily’s breast and then taking her nipple into his mouth, was that they were happy. And that his own cock was hard enough to drive nails from the sight of it.

Jack turned his attention back to Kelly. His fingers had been lazily exploring the tender folds of her pussy as he watched the show in front of him. But her panties were beginning to hinder his progress. Besides, he wanted to give Kevin the same type of view he was getting.

He nuzzled Kelly’s neck and growled, “Take off your panties for me, babe.”

Kelly’s breathing hitched and her back arched. Her face contorted as though she were in some sort of pain. Jack watched her in puzzlement. It became obvious that she was conflicted.

“What’s wrong?”

Kelly twisted her neck to whisper in Jack’s ear. “I can’t … We can’t … No intercourse.”

Jack nodded his understanding. It dawned on him that Kelly and Kevin had already had some conversations about their limits. They’ve been talking seriously about swinging. It didn’t bother him. He was fairly certain that Kevin had no better idea this was going to happen than he did. This was Kelly’s doing.

As the thought of how Kelly had manipulated the whole thing sunk into his brain, he bit down hard on her lobe and growled.

“Take them off. I’m going to fuck you with my fingers.”

Kelly gasped and nodded. Her cheeks flushed pink and she began to pant as her delicate and shaking hands gripped the elastic waistband. Jack helped her get started but then turned his attention back to his wife as Kelly slid the garment down her luscious legs.

Emily missed none of it. Kevin’s face was buried deep in her neck, his fingers working her hard nipple between them. She was positively radiant.

Kelly sat back against Jack, holding her knees together in a suddenly shy and awkward posture. But Jack was fairly certain he could change that.

Keeping his gaze on his own wanton wife, he nipped and sucked at Kelly’s neck in a gruff manner. He snarled in her ear, “I don’t think so, sweetheart. Spread those gorgeous legs of yours so I can fuck you.”

He was beginning to understand what turned her on. It was his crudeness that fueled her. Kevin had been right; Women want it all. The kind, sensitive, gentle Kevin, and the gruff, unpolished, pure machismo of Jack.

Kelly’s thighs shook as she struggled to obey Jack’s wishes and slowly opened them.


Kelly shut her eyes as she broadened her spread.

A wicked smile grew across Jack’s face as Emily’s eyes widened. She was staring right between Kelly’s open thighs. Jack gave her an unfettered view for several moments before sliding his fingers over her hip.

He toyed with her pussy so Emily could watch. Kevin finally lifted his head and shifted his body so he could watch too, his hand never leaving Em’s breast.

Satisfied he had their full attention, Jack’s fingers went to work in earnest. He plunged his first two fingers into her sopping cunt, causing her back to arch, then he retreated and slid them up her folds to pinch her clitoral hood between them.

Emily writhed in longing as Kelly mewled her need. And Jack’s goal changed right then.

He’d promised Kelly he would fuck her with his fingers, and he intended to keep that promise. Eventually, anyway.

Jack worked Kelly’s clit in circles roughly, pressing his fingers hard against it as he rapidly flicked his wrist until Kelly’s mouth formed a permanent “O” and she appeared to be holding her breath. Then he penetrated her with his two thick middle fingers, fucking her impossibly tight cunt with a punishing rhythm.

When he detected she was once again on the edge of climax, he removed his fingers.

“No, please,” Kelly panted.

“It’s my turn. I want to watch you lick my wife’s pussy.”

Jack said it loud enough for everyone to hear which was evidenced by Emily’s whimpering.


Kevin lifted his eyes to meet Jack’s in curiosity. Jack tipped his head toward Emily’s skirt.

“Help Em get undressed, will ya?”

Kevin nodded and then leaned over and whispered in her ear before kissing her on the cheek. He then sat back on his haunches and began sliding the tight fabric up Emily’s thighs.

She was wearing one of her thongs. Which explained the lack of panty line that Jack took notice of when Emily leaned over the stereo to change radio stations earlier in the evening.

Kevin bit his lip as his fingers wrapped around the tiny straps. He was no longer nervous. He looked more like a ravenous man about to eat for the first time in weeks.

He tugged at the garment and paused when her mons were at last exposed. Emily was clean-shaven. She’d kept her pussy that way since she and Jack first started dating in college. He convinced her to do it as a birthday present to him and she’d just kept it up ever since. Probably because she derived more pleasure from it than he did.

Kevin leaned over and gently kissed her pouting pussy lips before removing the garment the rest of the way, eliciting a tiny coo from Emily’s lips.

The tender moment was interrupted by Jack’s gruff voice.

“Are you ready to taste my wife, Kelly?”

Kelly nodded, panting. To further fan the flame, Jack twisted her hair at the nape of her neck.

“I’m going to enjoy watching you do it. Then I’m going to fuck both of you at the same time.”

He was mildly aware that he was cutting Kevin out of the picture, but he wasn’t exactly experienced on how to work everything in. I’m not a fucking cruise director. He can find his own niche.

Kevin moved out of the way and Jack folded Kelly in two by easing her head forward until her face was inches away from Emily sex. He held her there by her hair, teasing the both of them mercilessly for a few moments. He stood up and then very slowly lowered his arm until Kelly’s mouth came into contact with Emily’s pussy lips.

He released her hair and took a step backward. Kelly repositioned her legs so they were behind her and she could more comfortably go to work on Emily.

It was a perfect angle for watching. With Kelly draped over Emily’s hip, it allowed Jack a full view between Emily’s open thighs.

Jack briefly glanced over at Kevin. He was sitting on his haunches with his back turned to Jack, but with ample view of his wife’s tongue as it snaked into Em’s slit. His upper arm and shoulder were swaying rhythmically. He was obviously stroking himself as he enjoyed the show.

Jack hurriedly went to work on his own jeans, not peeling his eyes away for a second. Emily was in full rapture. He hoped it wouldn’t take her long to climax because once his beast was free, it was going to take a hell of a lot of willpower not to just sink it in her wet cunt while Kelly was licking it. It had always been a secret fantasy of his. But somehow that seemed too much to ask. He was already taking more than his share. It wasn’t worth losing a friendship over.

Emily’s groaning changed pitch. She’s close. Jack gripped his steel rod and stroked himself gently as he stood between Emily’s open thighs. Come on, baby. Come. Come, so I can fuck the living shit out of your cunt.

Emily’s back arched and her fingers dug into the sofa. She cried out and bucked her hips, throwing Kelly off of her.

Jack fell to his knees and held Emily’s thighs still as he eased inside her. God, she’s so fucking hot and wet. Fuck. Fuck!

Jack gritted his teeth, fighting not to get too carried away. He held still, fully seated inside Emily’s pussy and turned his attention to Kelly.

“Come ‘ere. On your back.”

Kelly flipped over onto her back and waited for his instruction. Her lips were swollen and pink, and glistening wet with Emily’s juices.

Jack pulled her leg closer and then sunk his middle finger into her hole without warning. Then he added a second finger.

True to his word, he was inside both of them. The headiness of it nearly tipped Jack over the edge. He summoned every inch of restraint he could muster, turning his complete focus on shoving his fat fingers into Kelly’s wet cunt. If he had any hope of maintaining some semblance of virility, he was going to have to get his attention off his aching hard-on.

Emily curled her pelvis and Jack shot her a warning look. “Wait.” He tightened his grip on her thigh to hold her still as his hand pumped furiously into Kelly. Then he lowered his thumb onto Kelly’s clit and curled his fingers to flick them hard against the soft front wall of her vagina.

It was what she needed. She whimpered and squirmed. It wasn’t the same proud announcement that his wife usually made, but he was sure Kelly was climaxing just the same. The contracting muscles clamping tightly around his fingers was the telltale sign.

Jack stilled his hand and began slamming his hips into his wife. My turn.

He wanted to give her the same punishing fuck he’d given Kelly with his fingers but he couldn’t hold out long enough for that. After several hard strokes, blinding white light filled his vision as he injected his seed deep in his wife’s waiting cunt.



Three: Lies and Excuses



Jack glanced at his watch and tapped his knuckles on the half-finished kitchen counter. Where the fuck is he?

“What time do you have?”

The young man looked up from the baseboard he was nailing and pulled his cell phone from his pocket. “Nine O’five.”

“I told him eight.”

“Did you call him?”

Jack shot the guy a dirty look before answering. The situation was making him grumpy. “I left my fucking cell phone at home this morning. First time in ten fucking years.”

Jack rubbed his forehead and cussed under his breath. He was up against a deadline. The house needed to be finished in five days, which wouldn’t be an issue except it was forecasted to rain for the remainder of the week. This was the last nice day they had. And his painter was late.

He’d never worked with this guy before. He came highly recommended by a friend in the business and Jack thought it would be a good idea to make the contact. Ordinarily he used Kevin, but things had become a little awkward between them since that party they’d had at his house two months earlier. Nothing was said. There was no immediate fallout from it or anything like that. It was maybe a little uncomfortable after it was over. Jack wasn’t sure. His head reeled from his explosive release all the way until he passed out in their bed after Kelly and Kevin left.

But he made sure to never bring it up with Em. He didn’t want her to think he had a thing for Kelly. It was just one night. No big deal. Nothing could change the way he felt about his wife.

Jack blew out his breath in defeat and then stood upright. “Marty!”

Heavy footsteps approached from the back bedroom where a team of men were installing carpet. “Yeah, boss?”

“I’ve got to go back to the house and get my phone. I don’t know this bastard’s phone number. You have your phone on you?”


“It’s gonna take me an hour to get through traffic, but I have no choice. If he shows up while I’m gone, call my cell, will ya?”


Jack nodded. “Keep working on the bedrooms but wait for me to start on the hallway. I might change my mind.”

“You thinking of running the wood down to the bedrooms?”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“That’ll mean more thresholds.”

“I know. But we have more than enough wood and it’ll look better.”

Marty shrugged. “Okay. How long you gonna be?”

“I don’t know. Fuck. Two hours, probably. Get junior here to work on removing that wallpaper from the hall bath when he’s done with these baseboards. Show him what to do, Marty. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Call me if anything comes up.”

“Will do.”

Jack’s eyes swept the immediate surroundings. He wasn’t in the habit of leaving a job site and it unsettled him. But his crew was experienced and capable, and he needed his phone.

Pushing his F-250 as hard as he could through the tailend of rush hour traffic, Jack made it to his home in a record 45 minutes. He parked the truck in the driveway and went through the front door. Yanking his phone off the charger, he checked it for messages. Nothing.

It occurred to him that it was Em’s day off and she might be startled by his presence.

“EM?” Jack called out from the kitchen as he searched for the number he needed in his call history. There was no answer from Emily. Must be shopping.

Jack walked to the door leading to the garage and cracked it open. Her car was gone. Yep.

He located the number he was looking for and dialed it. The call went to voicemail.

“This is Jack Booth. I’m at the site and I need to know if you’re gonna show up. Call me.” Asshole.

Jack had been in the business long enough to know that it never paid off to get mad over the phone. If he would’ve said what was on his mind, the guy would’ve just ignored his message and left him in the lurch. At least this way, he still had a chance of getting him on site before the day was over.

Still. As of right now, I don’t have a fucking painter.

Jack called Marty to make sure the guy hadn’t shown up. He hadn’t. What the fuck happened to reliable, trustworthy people who just need to make a living?

His thoughts drifted to Kevin. He needed to line something up but he’d sort of shafted Kevin when he hired a different guy. Fuck!

But regardless of how awkward things had become, they were still friends. They hadn’t gone out in the past two months, but a lot of that had to do with how busy Jack had gotten with work. Aw, fuck! I’ll just drive over there and talk to him. Eat crow for choosing some other schmuck over him. What’s the worst that can happen?

The very moment Kevin’s house came into view, he saw it. Why is Emily’s car in Kevin’s driveway?

Jack slowed down to pull in behind Emily’s Honda but changed his mind. Instead, he kept driving past. At the end of the street, he turned around and selected a spot on the street about five houses down from Kevin’s.

He was mildly aware that his heart rate had kicked up a notch. What the fuck is going on? Jack dialed Kevin’s number and waited. It rang four times and went to voicemail. Jack hung up before the beep.

He tapped the steering wheel and tried to keep calm. Could be a perfectly good explanation for this. Kevin is probably working and Em is having coffee with Kelly. Even as Jack thought it, he knew it didn’t feel right. Neither before, nor after, that night at their house had Emily and Kelly spoken on the phone. Despite that one interlude, they were only acquaintances. And Kelly worked regular hours during the week. She wouldn’t be home at that hour.

Maybe something happened and they called the house and Em went over there. Maybe. Only one way to find out.

Jack dialed Emily’s cell phone. After four rings, it went to voicemail. Jack decided to leave a message this time.

“Em, call me as soon as you can. Bye.”

It was all he could think of to say. He was pretty sure that his voice would sound strained on the message. Rightfully, so.

Jack waited, staring at Kevin’s house and willing something to happen. Anything.

His silent and stealthy vigil was interrupted by his ringing cell phone. Emily.


“Hey, Jack. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“Your message … You sounded, I don’t know, like something was wrong.”

“No, no. I mean, just work stuff. I forgot my cell phone at home and had to drive all the way back to get it. I guess I missed ya.”

“Oh! Yeah, I’m shopping.”

There it was. The lie.

Jack felt like someone had kicked him in the gut. A searing pain shot up his spine and all the wind rushed from his lungs at once.

“Jack? Are you still there?”

For a moment he considered hanging up on her and pretending that it was a dropped signal. But he couldn’t do that. “Yeah, I’m here. Grocery shopping?”


“Can you pick up some of that cheese that I like?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure. Anything else?”

“No, no. The usual, you know.”

“Okay. Listen, are you all right? You sound funny.”

“I’m fine. Something has come up; I gotta run.”

“Okay. Love you.”

Jack swallowed before answering, “Love you too, Em. I’ll see you tonight.”

He hung up and fought back the bile that was rising in his throat. This can’t be happening. It can’t be. There must be some other explanation.

Jack’s phone rang again, startling him. He checked caller ID and frowned.

“Jack Booth.”

“Jack, this is Carl Wilder. Your painter?”

“Oh! Yeah. Where are you?”

“I’ve been rear-ended…”

Yeah, so have I, buddy.

“…We just finished with the police. I should be there in fifteen.”

“Okay. I’ll meet you there. Marty can get you set up, but I need to point out some things. I’m about 20 minutes behind you.”

“Okay. Hey, sorry about the delay. I would’ve called, but I accidentally deleted your number from my phone.”

“No problem. I know how it is. We’re too damned reliant on these things.”

“I know.”

“I’ll see you in a few.”

Jack hung up the phone and reluctantly put the truck in gear. He briefly considered pulling up to Kevin’s to surprise whoever was in there. But his work ethic stopped him.

He had a job to do. If he stopped and interrupted whatever was going on, he would never get back to the job site. Besides, he didn’t know for sure what was going on. For all he knew, they were planning a surprise party. It wasn’t very likely, with his birthday a full 3 months away… You never know. Could be anything.

As he made his way back to work, Jack searched his memory for any recent unusual behavior from Emily. He could think of nothing. They hadn’t even experienced a hiccup in their sex life, which is usually a sign of infidelity. Isn’t it? Jack wasn’t even sure what to look for. He never in a million years guessed that Emily might do something like this. Never. Has to be something else.

He’d practically convinced himself that he’d stumbled on nothing by the time he got to the job site. Practically. As the day wore on, however, he was less and less sure.

By the time he was driving home that evening, he’d turned it over in his mind a few thousand times. He kept coming back to one nagging thought: Why would she lie about where she was if it were innocent?

He’d already ruled out the possibility of any surprise party. He hated surprises. And in their entire 10-year marriage, Emily had never tried to plan one.

What the fuck am I going to do? I don’t want a divorce. Does Em?

It seemed like an absurd thing to even think about when they hadn’t even argued in the recent past.

We fight sometimes, but nothing serious. Is it the sex? No way. Fuck, we just had sex last night.

Jack allowed his mind to wander to the place he knew he shouldn’t. He starting imagining Emily with Kevin.

Real-life images of their night in his living room mixed with his imagination. God, we shouldn’t have done that. I could’ve stopped it and I didn’t. Jack was certain that if anything was going on between his wife and Kevin, it hadn’t been going on for longer than two months. If I could only take that night back. It’s not worth it.

Jack stopped himself before his imagination could go any further. I’m going to drive myself insane. This is stupid. He took the next left turn, a minor detour from his house and picked up his phone.


“Hey, Kevin. Jack.”

“Hey, Jack. How have you been?”

“Good. You?”

“Good, yeah. I saw you called earlier. I was tied up and couldn’t answer.”

I bet. “Yeah, that. I thought I saw Kelly across town and thought I’d give you a shout.”

“Oh! Well, you could have seen her. I wouldn’t know. She moved out last month. We’re separated.”

The news caught Jack off guard. “Why didn’t you call and tell me?”

“I don’t know. Things have sort of felt weird with us and I didn’t want you to think…you know, that you had anything to do with it. We were headed in that direction before…you know.”

“Hey, listen, I just pulled up outside of Harry’s Bar. On the loop. Do you have time for a beer?”

“I don’t know, Jack. I’m sort of beat. It’s been a long day.”

“C’mon. I’ll buy. And it’s only five minutes from your house. Besides, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Kevin sighed into the receiver. “Okay. I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes.”

“Great. See you then.”

Jack clicked ‘End’ and dialed again.

“Hey, baby.”

“Hey, Em. You haven’t started dinner, have you?”

“Nope. Why?”

“I’m gonna stop and have a few beers with the guys.”

“Okay. Should I wait and eat when you get here?”

“No. Go ahead and eat. I’ll grab something while I’m out.”

“All right. Have fun.”

“I won’t be long. See ya.”

Jack was off the phone before Em could add any endearments. He didn’t think he could take any more of those at the moment.

One thing that was cleared up in the short conversation he’d had with Kevin was that Emily sure as hell wasn’t meeting Kelly at that house because Kelly didn’t live there anymore. And Kevin was lying, too. Maybe not as extensively as Em, but he was definitely hiding the fact that she’d been there.

That mother fucker.

Jack stepped out of his truck and made his way through the front doors and to the bar. It was a light crowd; about what you’d expect on a Monday. He grabbed a bar stool at the least crowded end of the bar and nodded to the bartender.

“I’m gonna need two Buds.”

“Bottles or draught?”

“Draught. Tall ones.”

“Coming right up.”

Jack’s fingers drummed nervously on the bar as he waited for the beers. He had no idea what he planned to say to Kevin. He just knew that he’d go out of his mind stewing about it, and probably do something really stupid, unless he confronted him. At least this way it would be out in the open. If he was wrong, then fine. If I’m right… That was the part where things got fuzzy. I don’t know.

The bartender set the beers in front of Jack. “You want to run a tab?”

Jack considered it for a few seconds and then shook his head. He pulled a twenty from his wallet and tossed it on the bar. He didn’t know what was going to happen.

Kevin walked through the door and quickly located Jack. He slid onto the barstool next to his.


Jack nodded at Kevin. “Hey. How’s it goin’?”

“This mine?” Kevin pointed at the mug in front of him.


Kevin tipped his mug and drew a healthy swig from it. “Thanks.”

Jack nodded dismissively. “Thanks for coming down.”

“Yeah, no problem. What’s on your mind?”

Jack frowned and scratched his chin. He lifted his mug to take a drink and then changed his mind and set it back down on the bar. He swiveled his stool toward Kevin. “I, uh, drove by your house this morning.”

Kevin sighed and closed his eyes. His chin dropped to his chest.

It was all the sign Jack needed to confirm what he was suspecting. “You want to tell me what’s going on?”

When Kevin lifted his chin, his face was pale. He shook his head. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“No fuckin’ shit! Now why don’t you start by telling me what the fuck is goin’ on between you and my wife before I fuckin’ kick the shit out of you.”

Jack could feel the adrenaline building. He was finally starting to feel something he could understand. Anger.

Kevin held up his hands in surrender.

“It’s not what you think. I mean, we’re not having an affair or anything.”

“Then what is it, exactly?”

“It started out as nothing. I came by your place that Monday after we’d gotten together to bring back the ladder I’d borrowed. I thought you might need it for work. I was planning to just leave it in back, but Emily spotted me and asked me to come inside.

“We talked for awhile. Then we finished off the wine from that night. I don’t know what happened. I guess it just felt like a continuation of the party. We never really got a chance to … do anything. She wanted to make it up to me, and I…I don’t know, I was weak. Kelly and I hadn’t had sex in months. I thought, I guess, that if it was just that once, it wouldn’t be any different than if we’d done it at the party.”

Jack rubbed his forehead. His head was starting to ache.

“This can be fixed, Jack. Emily loves you. She…She’s gonna freak-out over this. I mean, seriously freak. She’d rather die than get divorced from you.”

“Divorced? I didn’t say anything about divorce.”

“Good. Because nothing has happened really.”

Jack’s jaw tightened. He was losing patience with the way Kevin was dancing around what actually occurred. Part of him didn’t want to know, and the other part needed to know. More than he needed his next breath.

“What happened, Kevin?”

“Like I said, we, uh, talked for a long time. The wine sort of loosened us up and the conversation turned to more, uh, intimate subjects. I was trying to understand why things were falling apart with me and Kelly. I asked Emily what sort of things she was into…you know, sexually.

“She told me that she had been starting to experiment…” Kevin glanced around him. “…Anally. And that you weren’t really into it. It’s sort of a particular, uh, thing of mine, so I was talking to her about it and answering questions.”

Kevin took a healthy swig of his beer and set the mug back down.

“She showed me the starter set she’d picked up at that place down the road here. She was having some trouble…” Kevin’s voice trailed off. He was swallowing like a man about to vomit.

Jack was almost starting to feel sorry for the guy. “I’ll give ya fair warning before I swing. Go on.”

Kevin nodded and took a deep breath. “I didn’t want her to hurt herself so I offered to show her how to use the thing.”

“On yourself?” Jack’s disgust was evident in his facial expression.


The picture of what happened was suddenly becoming clearer to Jack. “What happened next?”

Kevin shrugged and shook his head. “She got on her hands and knees on the living room floor, you know, without her shorts on, and I, uh, prepped her and, well, you know.”

“You fucked her ass?”

“No, NO! I showed her how to use the, uh, things she had. It was more instructional than anything.”

Jack’s eyes narrowed. “So, you didn’t get off on it at all?”

Kevin swallowed hard. “I wouldn’t say that. I, uh…I mean, she let me, you know, come on her back. As my payment for not getting to do much that Saturday night. But, that’s all. She didn’t touch me, Jack. I did it. I got myself off.”

Jack released the breath he was holding and relaxed against the backrest of the stool. That’s it? He remembered that Kevin was only describing the first time they were together.

“So, obviously that wasn’t this morning.”

“No. About four weeks later, she called me to ask some more questions. She’d bought an enema. They’re very difficult to manage the first time by yourself.”

Jack snorted. “So you helped her.” He was growing tired of Kevin’s unselfish excuses. Kevin was getting something out of it. He just wasn’t man enough to admit it.

“Look, I’m not trying to make excuses. What I did was wrong. I just don’t want you to blame her for any of this. If you and I aren’t friends after tonight, I can live with that. I won’t like it, but I can live with it. But if you leave her over this…”

“Hold it right there, buddy. I think I’m being pretty fucking patient here. The only thing keeping me in this chair is the fact that so far, the only thing you’ve done is touch my wife’s ass.” Jack shrugged one shoulder and wrinkled his face in partial disgust.

Kevin nodded. “Well, there isn’t much more to it. I did help her again. I refrained from jacking off until after she left.

“The next time I saw her was this morning. She just wanted to talk mostly.”

“About what?”

“About how she was going to go about taking the next step.”

“And what’s that?”

“You know, the real thing.”

“And, did you?”


Jack sighed a bit of relief.

“But I wanted to. She asked me if there was a way I’d consider it.”

The hair stood up on Jack’s neck.

“Only because she knows you won’t, Jack. She’s sort of desperate to do this. She didn’t know who else to ask.”

“What did you say?”

“I told her I’d think about it.”


Kevin shifted his gaze down the bar for a moment, and then back to Jack. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t considering it.”

Jack was expecting the anger to rise within him at any moment. But after they’d sat there in silence, allowing Kevin’s last sentence to hang in the air for several minutes, and he still wasn’t feeling anything that resembled anger, Jack was perplexed. He took a swig of beer and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I gotta go to the ‘john’.”

Jack slid off his barstool and headed around the bar toward the restrooms. He didn’t have to go; he just needed some space to sort things out. He couldn’t figure out for the life of him why he wasn’t holding Kevin down by his throat and beating the tar out of him. Why he didn’t even want to.

It wasn’t that he felt sorry for the guy. It was a shame that Kelly left him, but that was no excuse for the rest of it. For what? For wanting Emily?

He couldn’t even blame him for wanting his wife. She was a sweet, sexy woman with curves that could drive any man insane. Jack was a little surprised that Kevin had shown as much restraint as he had.

Jack perched his shoulder against the partition to the stall. The bathroom was empty, which wasn’t a surprise. There was maybe 3 other guys in the whole place besides Kevin and Jack, and that included the bartender.

Kevin’s desperate face as he confessed that he wanted to fuck Jack’s wife’s ass stuck in Jack’s mind. He briefly imagined Emily slung over the side of their bed as Kevin pounded her from behind. Grunting. Sweating. Emily gripping the sheets with a contorted look on her face.


Jack’s hand had instinctively moved to his groin. His dick was rock hard. And if he didn’t do something quick, he was going to have to explain the huge wet spot on the yoke of his jeans.

He dipped into the stall and locked the door, opening his fly and fishing out his steel rod. Fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this. He leaned over the commode and pumped his fist furiously.

Relief swept over him a few short moments later. It had to be some kind of record for him.

Jack huffed and panted, holding himself upright with one hand against the wall. His other hand was covered in his own cum.

It took him a couple of minutes to catch his breath. He quickly cleaned up the evidence and then tucked his still semi-hard dick back into his jeans.

What the fuck was that all about?

He knew the answer. He just didn’t want to admit it. Jack pounded his fist on the stall wall.

“This is so fucked up.”

The thought of seeing his wife with another man was a turn-on for him. When Kevin was drawing out the story, Jack wasn’t jealous. He was mad that he wasn’t there to watch. I’m some kind of fucked-up. Shit.

Jack opened the stall door and ambled to the sink. He caught a glimpse of himself in the dingy mirror as he washed his hands. He stopped and stared at the image looking back at him. He was a realist. Always had been.

It’s just the way it is. You can’t help it any more than Emily can help that she wants to be anally fucked. The only question is: What are you going to do about it?



Four: The Truth



The rest of the evening conversation was focused on Kelly leaving and Jack’s current work project. He confessed what had happened that morning that had brought him to parking outside Kevin’s house in the first place.

It was a good conversation. Cleansing in a lot of ways, for both of them. And by the time they were walking out the front door, it felt a lot like nothing had changed at all between them.

“So, are you going to talk to Emily?”

It was the first time they’d revisited the topic since Jack returned from the bathroom. “I don’t know. I want to think about it for awhile.”

Kevin nodded and looked down at his feet.

“I’m not mad, Kevin. You … What you did was, you know, not great, but it wasn’t bad, neither. I just need to figure some things out.”

“I understand.”

No, you probably don’t. “Don’t say anything about this to Em, okay? I told her I was having drinks with my crew.”

Kevin shook his head, “I won’t.”

“And for God’s sake, don’t …”

“I won’t touch her again, Jack. I swear to you on that.”

Jack nodded and sighed. “Okay.”

“Everything okay with us, then?”

Jack nodded, “Yeah. I’ll call you in a couple of days, when I’ve figured a few things out.”

“Don’t wait too long. She needs … something. You know what I’m saying?”

“Yeah. I get it. I’ll call you. See ya.”

Jack turned toward his truck and started walking. He didn’t feel like talking about it, anymore. It was just the way he was. He knew Kevin meant well and was just trying to warn Jack off of falling into the same situation he was in. But that wasn’t going to happen to them. Jack would see to that.

Emily was asleep on the sofa when he walked through the door. He headed straight for the shower without waking her. The short drive from the bar to home didn’t give him much chance to think about things. Unfortunately, his short shower didn’t hold any answers, either.

When he emerged from the bathroom in his briefs, Emily was tucked between the covers of their bed, peering up at him.

“Hey.” Her voice was raspy from having been asleep.

“All the lights off?”

“Yeah,” Emily managed to answer before a yawn overtook her.

Jack climbed between the covers and turned off the lamp next to his side of the bed. He settled onto his back rather than curling up around his wife.

He felt a little dejected. His wife had turned to his best friend to satisfy a need she had. She didn’t ask me. Rationally, he knew why she didn’t ask Jack. He wasn’t into it, plain and simple. He never had been. But that didn’t stop him from feeling excluded. Neglected. Even though it made no sense whatsoever, and he still had no intention of fucking her there.

Emily inched her way across the sheets and onto Jack’s bare chest. “Hard day at work?”

Jack shrugged.

“Anything I can do to help?”

It was Emily’s code phrase for, “Will sex make it all better for you?” Historically, it worked for Jack. It worked for them. Instead of discussing what was bothering them, they usually fucked their way through it.

Jack stroked Emily’s hair as he replayed the evening in his mind. Kevin’s desperate expression once again haunted his thoughts.

There was one real simple solution to the problem. But it could have consequences.

Emily’s fingers found their way to Jack’s briefs. His cock was stiffening again at the thought of Kevin ass fucking his wife. It sickened Jack. And pissed him off at the same time.

Jack’s fist tightened around Emily’s hair. He yanked the elastic waistband of his briefs over his stiff cock and eased her head down to his groin.

She took him into her mouth without question and began swirling her tongue around his girth. Jack used his tight grip on her hair to push and pull her face from him until her mouth was fucking him.

“That’s it, baby. That’s what I need. Just keep fucking my cock with your mouth until I come.”

Emily moaned and relaxed her muscles so Jack could drive deeper. He adored that she did this for him. That after ten years of being married, she still let him fuck her face until he came. She was one of the kindest, most giving people Jack knew. And he loved her. With everything he had.

As he watched her take him all the way to the back of her throat, he was overwhelmed with adoration. It was selfishness holding him back from giving her what she needed.

He suddenly realized that he wouldn’t be giving anything up by letting her get her kicks with his friend. He’d be there, watching.

“Oh, fuck, Em, I’m…FUCK!”

Jack’s entire body tensed as he shot his load into her waiting mouth. It wasn’t much in terms of volume, but the explosive force behind his climax was something he hadn’t experienced in a while.

The last half-lucid thought he remembered crossing his feeble mind was the mental image of the three of them in bed.

Oh, fuck, I must be out of my mind.


As promised, the next day brought a steady drizzle that looked as though it might stay for the remainder of the year. It was one of those gray, dull days that made everything outside look drab and uninteresting.

Jack didn’t seem to notice. He was uncharacteristically jovial at the work site, to the extent of even playing a minor practical joke on Marty.

He’d made his decision. And it was as if he’d just shucked a fully loaded, 2-cubic-foot cement mixer off his shoulders.

At around two in the afternoon, he picked up his cell and dialed Kevin.

“Hey, man.”

“How’s it going, Kevin?”

There was a slight pause in answer, “Good. What’s up?”

“The bathroom will be ready for you to paint tomorrow.” It wasn’t much work, but it was the least he could do for his friend after he’d shafted him on the bigger paint job.

“Okay. What time you want me there?”

“I don’t know. Ten sound good?”

There was another pause. “You asking me?”


“Oh! Sure. Ten sounds fine. You sound chipper today. Something happen?”

Jack chuckled, “Yeah. I got my head on straight for a change.”

“That’s good.”

“I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over Friday night for a few beers.”


“I thought the three of us could, uh, hang out for awhile.”

“Are you asking me to do what I think you are?”

“Yeah. I mean if Em’s up to it. You still game?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m definitely game.”

Jack’s dick twitched at Kevin’s eagerness. “Good. In the meantime, keep it quiet. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to spring this on her. Maybe not until you’re there. The whole spur of the moment thing worked last time pretty good.”

“It would, uh, work better if you brought it up in advance this time. So she can, you know, be ready.”

It dawned on Jack what Kevin was hinting. “Oh! Yeah, okay. I see what you’re sayin’. I’ll, uh, figure somethin’ out.”

“You really should talk about this first, anyway. Just so there isn’t any confusion or mixed signals. I know this is a bad example because we’re split, but we did that part right. Kelly and I discussed our limits in the event we ever went through with inviting someone else into our bed.”

“Did you guys ever do that?”

“You mean, other than with you guys? No. We didn’t. But it came in handy that night. No one got upset over it afterward. I know you’re not much of a talker, Jack, but you need to at least try to talk about it with Emily.”

“All right. Jeez! You sound like my mother or somethin’.”

Jack changed the subject back to business, giving Kevin the details on the work site location before hanging up and getting back to it.

That evening, he struggled over how to bring up the topic with Em. It felt like too awkward a subject to just launch into out of the blue. And every time he walked through it in his mind it sounded sordid and wrong. He was beginning to think he’d made a mistake in agreeing to do it.


By Thursday, he still hadn’t brought it up to Em. He was running out of time. He decided that he’d just tell Kevin not to come over. It would be easier than all the stress he was experiencing over talking to Em about it. It’s not fucking worth it.

Emily took a long bath after dinner, and then slipped into one of his old undershirts for bed. Jack lifted the bottom hem of the tee with the tip of his fingers as she walked past him toward the kitchen.

“What do you have on under there, Em?”

Emily smiled wickedly over her shoulder, then slowly slid the tee up her hips, exposing tight, bare ass cheeks, separated by a skimpy pink thong. She wiggled her ass at him for a few seconds, then chuckled and released the tee, continuing her trek to the refrigerator.

“Are you teasing me?”

“I wouldn’t do that to you. Besides, if I wanted to tease you, Jack, I’d flash you my cleavage, not my ass. I know what you like.”

There was no disappointment in her voice, but he felt it just the same. He needed to man-up and go through with what he had planned. For her.

“I don’t know, Em. Maybe you should get that wiggling ass over here and convince my hard-on that you aren’t a tease.”

Emily stood in the doorway with her hand parked on her hip. She had an open bottle of water in the other hand. “Now look who’s teasing.”

Jack sighed. Just talk to her. His facial expression and voice took on a more serious tone. “Come here.” Jack patted his lap as he looked Emily in the eyes.

She frowned for a second in confusion and then set the bottle of water down on the counter and padded toward Jack. He pulled her onto his lap when she was within arms reach.

“You know, we never talked about that night Kevin and Kelly came over. How do you feel about what happened?”

Emily shrugged and frowned. “I don’t know. Fine, I guess. I don’t think about it much. Why? Something wrong?”

Jack reached up and caressed Emily’s breast through the tee. “No, baby. Nothing’s wrong. Have you talked to Kelly since that night?”

“You know, as a matter of fact, she called me while I was at work today.”

“What did she want?”

“She wanted to let me know that she was filing for divorce. She’s already met someone else.”

“Whoa! Shit. Does Kevin know, yet?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask. We only talked for a couple of minutes. She wanted me to know that it had nothing to do with us, and that her only regret was that we hadn’t done that sooner.” Emily shrugged.

“Do you wish we’d done that sooner?”

Emily furrowed her brow in thought, then shook her head, “No. Do you?”

Jack shook his head. “I don’t regret it, though. I got to fuck my sexy wife in front of friends and that was somethin’ I never thought I’d do. And watching you getting eaten-out by a woman was hot.”

“Your face was priceless. It’s what made me come, to be honest with you. I’m just not that into chicks.”

Jack chuckled, “What about two guys? Think you could handle just Kevin and I?”

“Oh, yeah. Piece of cake.”

Jack knew that her bravado was coming from believing that the situation was hypothetical. He stifled his chuckle. “How about tomorrow night, then?”

Emily’s eyes widened. She pivoted to face Jack. “Are you being serious?”

“Yeah. I’ve invited Kevin over.”

“What? For…Why?”

“I get the impression that he doesn’t have the same aversion to anal sex that I have.”

“So, what are you suggesting?”

“I’m suggesting that if you think you can handle it, I’d be okay with Kevin fucking you in the ass while I watch.”

“Are you sure about this?”

Jack grinned. “More than sure.” He pulled Emily’s hand to his crotch. His cock was painfully hard. “I’ll probably get off on it more than you will.”

“Where did this come from?”

Jack shrugged, “I don’t know. It’s fucked up, I know, but the thought of watching you with another man does something to me.” He squeezed her wrist as he held her hand to his crotch. “It does this.”

Emily released a breathy moan. “God, that is so incredibly hot.”

Jack pulled her face down until her lips were on his. He shoved his tongue in her mouth and kissed her hungrily for several seconds.

“I really need to be inside you right now.”

Emily nodded and stood up, sliding her panties to the floor while Jack opened his jeans.

He slid to the edge of the chair, pushing his jeans to his ankles, and helped Emily straddle his lap. Then he held his stiff cock upright as she lowered herself onto him.

She slid onto his cock without a problem; her pussy was slick.

“Damn, Em.”

Emily blushed and lifted one shoulder, tilting her head shyly. “Sorry. You got me all worked up.”

Jack lifted her up by her waist and settled her back onto his shaft again. “Oh, yeah. Me, too.”

His hands snaked up the loose t-shirt and grasped both her breasts, caressing them roughly and pinching the nipples to fine points. Emily arched her back in response, then tilted her pelvis back and forth to facilitate a nice fucking motion.

“That feels so good, baby. Keep riding me.”

Jack lifted the tee and held one of her breasts so he could suck her nipple between his lips. He flicked it hard with his tongue and then gently worried the protruding stiff nub between his teeth.

“Fuck me, baby.”

Emily increased her pace, using her legs for more force. Jack couldn’t resist helping. His hips thrust to meet her with every stroke.

“Oh, Jack. I can’t…”

Her arms began to shake. Jack felt her heartbeat all around his cock. And then the unmistakable muscle contractions.

“Fuck, Emily.” Jack held her waist steady as he thrust his hips rapidly. A few moments later, amidst his own growling and grunting, he found his release.

He held her on his lap for several long minutes. When their breathing had finally resumed to normal, Jack tilted Emily’s face to his and kissed her gently on the lips.

“I love you, Em. More than anything in the world.”

“I love you, too, Jack.”

“I don’t want you to worry about that tomorrow night.”

“Have you planned this out with Kevin?”

“A little.”

“And he’s okay with this?”


“Jack, I have something to tell you.”

“I already know about everything, Em.”


“It’s a long story. It doesn’t matter. You didn’t do anything wrong. Neither of you. If I felt any different, he wouldn’t be coming over tomorrow night and you and I wouldn’t have just had incredible sex.” Jack grinned up at Emily.

“God, you can be so cute sometimes.”

“I know. When I’m not being such an asshole.”

“I wasn’t even thinking that.”

Jack shrugged off the teasing. “Kevin thinks we should discuss limits.”

Emily bit her lip. “Okay. Is there anything you don’t want me to do? Or, say? Or, whatever?”

Jack tilted his head to one side, “I was more wondering about your limits. I want you to just be yourself and do what you feel like doing. But if there is something you know you won’t be able to handle, it would be nice to know that now.”

Emily shook her head, “Like, what?”

Jack shrugged, “I don’t know…What about if things sort of heat up and, I don’t know…How do you think you’d handle both of us at once?”

Emily sucked in a sharp breath.

“I take it that means ‘no way’?”

“No. I just…don’t know. I’m not opposed to it. But…”

“What? Just say it.”

“But not the first time.”

Jack nodded. “I understand. You just let me know.”

“Is that something you want to do?”

“Very much so, yes. But only if you do.”

Emily bit her lip and nodded. “I very much want to, also.”

Jack pulled Emily into a kiss. Then deepened it by tilting his head and filling her mouth with his tongue. After a few moments, he pulled away and grinned.

Emily looked at him incredulously. “You’re hard again.”

“Yeah. And I have a feeling I’m going to stay that way until Monday.”



Five: Sex and Baseball



Jack stepped through the door of Harry’s Bar at five o’clock sharp on Friday. It was no small feat, given the heavy rush hour traffic. Kevin was sitting in the same bar stools they’d occupied that previous Monday. It was a wild coincidence, considering the place was pretty full.

“How did you get these seats?” Jack mused, as he sat down on the vacant stool next to Kevin’s.

“Total dumb luck. Here, have a beer.” Kevin slid one of the two mugs sitting in front of him over to Jack.

“Thanks.” He took a swig and grinned slyly at Kevin. “So…you ready for this?”

Kevin smirked and nodded his head, “Yeah. I think so. The question is, are you?”

Jack didn’t hesitate with an answer. “Without a doubt. Seriously. Em and I talked it over. Everything is going to be fine.”

“That’s a relief.”

“It took me awhile to get over some things at first, but after we talked, whatever shred of doubt I still had just went away. She’s an incredible woman, Kevin. And I love her.”

“I know you do. And she loves you, though I still can’t figure out why.”

“Watch it…”

“Seriously, I couldn’t do this under any other circumstance.”

“I know.”

They both took a break from talking to drink their beers and scan the multiple television monitors hanging over the bar for sporting events. There were two baseball games that peaked Jack’s interest. He switched from one monitor to the other, following both games.

They ordered another round of beer and argued over the merits of the designated hitter. Jack had been defending his league’s position on it for ages, so when the idle conversation around the bar headed his direction, he didn’t hesitate to weigh in. Kevin was less invested in the discussion, and opted to watch the debate from the sidelines.

Just as they were finishing their second round of beers, Jack leaned over to Kevin.

“Hey, why don’t you go to the house first? I’ll catch up in a few.”

Kevin’s brow furrowed. “Why?”

“It might be less awkward for Em if you two can talk things through without me there. You know what I mean?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ll be along in a few minutes.”

“Okay. Thanks, buddy.”

“For what?”

“For trusting me.”

Jack nodded and waved off Kevin. He heard his team mentioned, and he knew which argument was coming up next.


Jack managed to peel himself away from the heated discussion on payrolls in Major League baseball. It wasn’t easy.

Kevin’s car was parked in the driveway, forcing Jack to park his truck on the street. He cussed Kevin under his breath as he hopped out of the truck cab. He was a tad tense, even after the two beers and the shot he threw back at the bar after Kevin left.

Emily and Kevin were sitting on the sofa when Jack walked through the door. She was tucked under his arm with a glass of wine in her hand. She was wearing a short skirt and button down blouse. She’d kicked her shoes off and was sitting politely with one leg crossed over the other.

“You guys look cozy. Need anything from the kitchen?”

“No, thanks.”

Jack continued into the kitchen and pulled a cold beer from the refrigerator. He popped the top with a bottle opener and sauntered into the living room to sit in his usual chair.

“How was work?”

It was clear that Emily wanted to keep things as normal as possible. Jack wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol in his system finally taking effect, or the simple truth that he was close to both his wife and his friend, but he didn’t feel all that awkward. This should feel weird, right? That’s my wife with my best friend.

Jack had been nervous walking up to the house because he wasn’t sure how he was going to find them. He expected them to be naked, or at least partially naked.

As it stood, there was some evidence that they’d been fooling around, but not much. The top button of Emily’s blouse was undone, and her skirt was hiked up a little higher than necessary for sitting.

“It was good. We’re done. Just some minor shit and then cleanup. I thought you guys would be…” Jack stopped and considered what he was saying. “…Don’t let me interrupt what you were doin’.”

Kevin kissed Emily’s hair as he gripped her in a reassuring hug. It was evident that she was working through some tension. “We set some things up in the bedroom, is that all right with you?”

“Yeah. More room in there.”

Jack was trying to come across as calm and casual as he could muster to ease Emily’s fears.

“Mind if I turn the television on? The game was tied when I left.”

“No, go ahead.” “No, that’s fine.” They answered in unison. Jack leaned over the arm of his chair and grabbed the remote control.

Once the familiar sounds of the baseball game filled the living room, the atmosphere seemed to change. The focus was no longer on them sitting on the sofa and what they might do next. For Jack, it didn’t feel natural to just sort of sit around staring at them. And although sex was never far from his mind, he wasn’t in the habit of concentrating on it all the time.

The effect the game had on Emily was immediate and abundantly evident. She was a fairly avid Yankees fan, and had watched her share of baseball games. This was the one common ground the three of them shared. And it didn’t take her long to relax and become engrossed in the game on the television.

The score was tied, the bases were loaded, the crowd was roaring, and it was a rivalry game. In baseball, it could hardly get any better than that.

Jack briefly wondered if Kevin was disappointed that Jack had changed the mood, but when he stole a glance in their direction, Kevin appeared to be just as into the game as everyone else. And he was relaxing. His hand had settled back onto Em’s bare leg where Jack was certain it probably had been before he walked in. It made Jack smile inwardly.

During the commercial break, Jack took over drink duty in the kitchen. The kitchen trash can had filled, so he lifted the plastic bag and lugged it out to the garage. Jack then replaced the plastic bag and washed his hands. He stopped in the doorway to check on the game. The relief pitcher was still warming up, so he went to the bathroom.

He didn’t even do it on purpose. His efforts toward giving them space wasn’t intentional, anymore. It was what he would do if Kevin wasn’t there.

Sometime during the previous inning, he stopped noticing what was happening on the sofa. It wasn’t that he wasn’t interested, or probably more accurately, that he wouldn’t become interested in it again, it was just that it didn’t bother him. At all.

He wasn’t the type of guy that needed a constant reminder that his wife loved him. And he sure as hell didn’t need perpetual attention. If he and Em were sitting around watching the game, he wouldn’t be thinking of ways to fuck her.

This actually was working out great for him. Although Emily liked to watch baseball on occasion, she rarely made it through an entire game without needing something else to occupy her attention. In their early years together, she’d try all sorts of things to distract Jack. She even tried seducing him. But all it did in the end was annoy him. They’d long since worked that out, of course. Emily took to reading books or surfing the internet during the latter part of games. But with Kevin there to distract her in other ways, the situation was even better. Perfect, actually.

The batter was wagging his bat and waiting for the pitch when Jack returned to the living room. It was the ninth inning and the guy at bat was a home run hitter. Jack’s wide eyes were glued to the set, his breath bated as the ball left the pitcher’s hand. The ump called a questionable strike and Jack turned to voice his objection to Kevin, who he thought would surely agree with him.

But Kevin hadn’t seen the pitch. His lips were locked onto Emily’s as his fingers worked on the buttons of her blouse.

How can they think about sex at a time like this? This batter could change the whole game.

Jack turned back to the game. The next three pitches were high and away. Obvious balls. The following pitch was not, however, and the sound off the bat resembled a clap of thunder. The ball descended into the bleachers, just inside the left field foul post for a home run. Jack was on his feet.

“I can’t believe it. Oh my God, game over. Shit!”

Kevin and Emily had broken their embrace to watch the home run and all the cheering that ensued afterward. They half-heartedly expressed their shock, along with Jack who was already settling back into his chair.

“Can you believe that shit?”

“No, man. What a ninth inning save.”

Jack slapped the arm of the chair and shook his head. “That’s why he makes the big bucks, I swear.”

Jack leaned forward to concentrate on the after-game show and the highlights from the other games in the league.

A heavy sigh peaked his curiosity and he turned toward the sofa. Emily’s blouse was carelessly discarded on the floor and Kevin’s mouth was planted on her right breast.

Jack’s dick twitched as if woken from a deep sleep. He froze in place to gawk at the splendor before him. God, Em looks so beautiful like that.

Her raspy voice startled him. “What are you thinking about?”

Kevin lifted his face from Emily’s bosom and looked up at Jack.

Sitting back in his chair, Jack cocked his head. “Right now?”

Emily nodded, “Yeah.”

Jack smiled and sighed. “I was actually marveling at how beautiful you look right now.”

“You want to join us?”

Kevin smiled at Emily’s invitation to Jack.

“Not really. I like watching.”

Jack moved his hand from where it was resting on his lap and nodded to the bulge in his jeans. He got an appreciative moan from Emily in return.

Kevin looked down at Emily’s breast and smiled. Her nipple had bunched into a hard pebble. He flicked it with his tongue for a few moments before closing his lips around it. He then inched Emily’s skirt up to her waist. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Jack had no idea if she’d started the evening out that way or Kevin had already removed them. Either way, he didn’t care.

Kevin’s kisses trailed down Emily’s bare tummy until they reached the waistband of her skirt. Then his face moved to one of her inner thighs, laying a new trail of kisses toward her center.

Every raspy groan his wife elicited seemed to travel down Jack’s spine and tickle his testicles. Jack’s cock had swollen to an impossible thickness, causing his jeans to bind him in an uncomfortable way. Without taking his eyes off his wife, he unfastened his jeans button and lowered his zipper. The relief was immediate.

Kevin glanced over at Jack for the briefest second before laying his first kiss on Emily’s slit. He moaned his gratification when his tongue slid between her waiting lips for his first taste of her, and Emily joined him in harmonious chorus adding her own octave of moans to his.

Jack dug his fingers into the arms of his chair to keep from stroking himself to release. He was damn close just from watching. It would take hardly more than a touch to tip him over. He willed his ass to remain firmly in the seat so he wouldn’t inadvertently get himself off.

God, that’s one incredible sight.

Kevin continued his ministrations, his face moving rapidly from side to side as his tongue worked Emily’s clit furiously. Jack didn’t have to see it directly to know precisely what was transpiring between his wife’s open thighs. He’d been there so many times he could practically taste her, even as he sat there four feet away.

Emily writhed and cooed. Her heavy lidded eyes would close a second after they rolled backward. Over and over again, as she climbed closer to her goal. She was utterly wanton, without hesitation. Beyond reason and decorum.

In that moment, she was the most beautiful creature Jack had ever laid eyes on. He was in complete awe of her; his heart filled with love and adoration the likes to which he’d never felt before. Nothing else mattered to Jack except her. It was probably the first time in his life that he’d felt absolute unselfishness.

Jack concentrated on her every sound, her movement, her facial expression. He watched her climax build and blossom before him, detecting its arrival even before her sweet nectar gushed onto Kevin’s tongue.

Kevin held her thighs still as he laved and suckled every drop from her in her after glow. Jack wondered how long it had been for Kevin. He’d indicated that he and Kelly hadn’t had sex for months, but did that include oral? It wasn’t exactly a detail that men discussed at the bar. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Emily’s fingers wove into Kevin’s hair and he responded by crawling up her body to kiss her tenderly on the lips. It was their intimate moment after what they’d shared. Jack found himself sighing in relief that his friend treated the act, and his wife, with the respect deserved. He wouldn’t have been able to tolerate one ounce of irreverence after what he’d just witnessed.

Kevin whispered in Emily’s ear and lifted himself off the sofa. “I need to use the restroom. I’ll be right back.”

Emily rolled onto her side and peered up at Jack. His fingers were wrapped gingerly around his shaft, gently stroking the length as he gazed back into her eyes. She smiled sweetly at him and sat up just enough to swivel onto her knees to crawl to him.

Jack released his grip and spread his thighs so he could wrap his arms around her and hold her close.

“That was so beautiful, baby. You are beautiful.”

Tears rapidly welled in her eyes and she blinked, sending them rolling down her cheeks.

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m not. I’m just relieved.”

Jack pulled her face to his and kissed her. He detected a hint of her tangy flavor from Kevin’s earlier kiss and it sent a tiny shockwave of fresh arousal to his groin. He groaned in her mouth as he deepened their kiss.

By the time he retreated from his lip assault, they were both out of breath. With her eyes locked on his, Emily gingerly reached forward until her fingers were caressing Jack’s stiff rod. A smile slowly crept across his lips.

Jack leaned back in his chair to allow her better access. Rather than directing her face to do as he pleased like he ordinarily did, he simply let her gently explore him. He wanted her to take her time so he could keep riding the incredible edge he’d been on for the previous half hour. And he knew it wouldn’t take much for him to lose it.

Emily moved her head into Jack’s lap and took his cock into her mouth.

Jack caressed her hair and whispered, “Easy, baby.”

She paused and looked up at him, her eyes glimmering with delight at his vulnerable condition.

Kevin returned from the bathroom. He stood and watched Emily working Jack in and out of her wet mouth. He’d left his jeans unbuttoned and partially unzipped. After a few silent, contemplative moments, he walked into the bedroom and returned with something in his hand, then dropped to his knees behind her. He lifted her skirt over her hips and proceeded to ease her butt cheeks apart with his thumbs.

Jack opened his eyes and watched as Kevin’s tongue extended to her anus, laving and circling it. Although it was certainly something he’d never consider doing, Emily seemed to enjoy it. She dug her fingernails into Jack’s hips and arched her back like a cat in heat.

Kevin sat back on his haunches and slid his index finger in her ass. He probed her, twisting his hand left and right with each stroke. It was evident that he was experienced at it.

Jack remembered Kevin mentioning that he had a thing for anal. He briefly wondered how much of a thing it was for him. Judging by what he’d seen up to that point, Jack guessed it wasn’t just a thing, it was his favorite thing.

I’m letting you take my wife’s anal cherry. You better know what you’re doing.

He turned his attention to his wife’s efforts and petted her cheek with his knuckles. She was starting to lose focus with Kevin’s finger probing her ass. Jack considered saying something. He knew she didn’t want her first anal experience to be like this, with her head in her husband’s lap. She’d been pretty clear about it with Jack.

But no sooner Jack thought it, Kevin removed his finger and quickly replaced it with the small object he held in his palm. He fished his hard dick from his open jeans and began to stroke himself as he stared at Emily’s ass. Every so often he’d lean forward and use his tongue on her as he fisted his cock.

Judging from her heavy breathing, Emily’s own urgency was beginning to mount again. She gripped Jack’s rod and sucked it in earnest sending waves of wicked sensations up his spine. He held her face still as he thrust his pelvis into it for the final two strokes before exploding in her mouth.

At some point during Jack’s climax, Kevin had managed to expel his own cum across Emily’s buttocks and back. It must’ve been fairly explosive.

Emily sat back on her haunches and looked over her shoulder at Kevin. He still had his rod in his hand and was stroking himself gently. He reached forward and toyed with the plug he’d seated in Emily’s ass.

“Are you ready to move into the bedroom?”

Emily nodded and then turned back toward Jack with questioning eyes.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up in a few.”

Kevin nodded and stood up, helping Emily off the floor and leading her into the bedroom.

Jack felt a twinge of loss once they were out of view. Jealousy? No. Not quite. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was he was feeling. It was more like a generalized feeling of loneliness. Odd. Much like missing someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

He had wanted to go with them into the bedroom but he really wasn’t up to watching the whole anal prep. It was tedious to him. Too much work. He was afraid that it would be too much of a turn-off for him and he’d just end up spoiling it for Em.

Em. God all mighty. This is not at all how I thought it would be. I thought I’d be itching to kick him out by now. But, Jeez… Jack adjusted his swollen dick. …I’m still fucking hard. This is the hottest fucking thing we’ve ever done.

Jack leaned over and untied his shoes and slipped them off. He then removed his socks and stood up, sliding his jeans and briefs down his legs to the floor. His partially stiff cock waved proudly in front of him.

He reached for the remote and turned off the television. He could hear faint noises in the bedroom. Kevin’s deep reassuring voice. Then Emily’s whimpering and gasping. Jack’s feet started moving toward the bedroom door with an instinctive, protective motivation.

Jack stopped when he reached the doorway. Emily was once again writhing in rapture. They’d created a mound of pillows and covered them with a towel. Emily was draped over the mound, her ass elevated. Kevin was behind her, working something in and out of her hole. They both were beaded in sweat. See?! Way too much fucking effort.

Next to Kevin’s knee was a tube of something, probably lube, a square foil packet…condom…and a half folded towel with several devices on it, some of them used.

Despite his own misgivings around anal sex, Jack could feel his cock swelling again at the sight of his wife in bed with another man. Jeez. He still wasn’t fully comfortable with the idea that he was probably not wired quite right, but he was willing to at least accept it for the moment and see where it took him. So far, no one was worse for the wear because of it. Shit, best sex of my life.

Kevin reached down for the foil wrapper. A moment later he was sheathing his cock in latex and slathering lube over the condom.

He positioned himself directly behind Emily and removed the device he’d been fucking her with, then pressed the head of his dick to her opening.

Emily gasped and gripped the covers in her fists.

Kevin groaned, “Push, baby.”

Emily’s face contorted and Kevin’s hips eased forward until he was fully seated inside her.

“I’m in. Now, just relax and breathe.”

Sweat was running down the sides of Emily’s face. She panted and huffed, her eyes closed while Kevin caressed her back and hips.

“That feel better?”

Emily nodded.

“We’re going to take it nice and slow.”

Jack stared incredulously at the pair. He was developing a newfound respect for Kevin. The patience and restraint he exhibited was remarkable.

Kevin slowly pulled his hips away and then forward again. Emily’s face tensed but she made no sound so he continued the slow pace.

After a few minutes, it was evident that Kevin was luxuriating in the act. He tossed his head back, eyes closed, as he rocked his hips in a steady rhythm.

Jack matched Kevin’s rhythm as he stroked his own cock.

Emily let go a quiet whimper and Kevin stilled his hips. “No, don’t stop. Please.”

Her pleading affected both of them the same way. Kevin gripped Emily’s hips and picked up a more rapid pace.

“Oh, God, yes.” Emily screeched and growled her climax, sending Kevin immediately over the edge. Jack a mere five seconds later.

Jack’s chest collapsed against the door jamb. He gripped the molding as he fought to stay conscious and on his feet. It was the second explosive climax he’d had that evening. He was damned sure another one would downright send him to the hospital. If he survived this one.

Kevin had collapsed onto Emily’s back. The both of them remained in a heap, panting for several minutes.

Jack finally managed to amble to the bathroom and clean up the mess he’d made on the back of his hand. There wasn’t much. He was damn near dry. He glanced down at his shriveling cock. Finally. It was usually his goal to stay hard for as long as possible, but this evening was getting downright ridiculous. He’d never stayed hard for that long. The sad part was, he was pretty sure he could get it up again after only a short break. God, what’s happening to me?

Kevin was moving around by the time Jack returned to the bedroom. He’d removed the condom and gathered up the towel and toys. Emily climbed off the bed and stood timidly. Kevin set the things down and wrapped his arms around her.

“You okay?”

Emily nodded.

Jack approached tentatively, not sure what to do.

Kevin gripped Emily’s elbow and eased her toward Jack. “Can you take care of her while I clean up?”

“Of course.”

Emily buried her face in Jack’s chest as he wrapped his arms fully around her. Gentle sobs began to wrack her body.

Jack flashed a startled look over at Kevin and then sat on the bed, pulling Emily between his thighs and brushing her hair from her face to make eye contact.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

Emily shook her head, the sobbing seeming to grow worse.

Jack pulled her to him and allowed her to sob into his neck as he held her. After a few short minutes, they subsided and Emily pulled away on her own to look into his eyes and explain.

“I don’t deserve all this.”

“All what, baby?”

“All this…attention.”

Jack chuckled. He heard Kevin doing the same behind him. “I don’t think either one of us are feeling slighted at the moment.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, yeah. Positive. So, what did you think? Was it what you expected?”

Emily nodded slightly and glanced briefly over at Kevin.

“Feeling okay?”

Her nod was more convincing this time, “Yeah. I’m fine. I just need a shower. And I’m real tired all of a sudden.”

“Yeah, me, too. Go shower so we can get some sleep.”

Emily walked to the bathroom doorway and pivoted toward Kevin. She smiled at him before turning and disappearing around the corner.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? If that wasn’t an invitation to join her, I don’t know what was.”

“You sure? Don’t you want to shower with your wife?”

“Nah, I’m too tired. I’ll be out by the time you guys get done. Anyway, I’m not the one covered in goo.”

Kevin glanced down at his hands and his abdomen. He was glistening everywhere from the lubrication. “Good point. We won’t be long.”

Jack shrugged. Take all night for all I care. I’m going to bed.



Six: Settling In



An unfamiliar sound of faint snoring woke Jack. He lifted his lids just a slit to see what it was. Light was streaming through the edges of the bedroom blinds. It was morning.

Emily stirred in his arms as he lifted his head to see the clock. His view was blocked by Kevin’s bare back. Emily must’ve talked him into staying. I don’t remember them coming to bed at all.

Jack tried to recall falling asleep. He simply couldn’t. He barely remembered pulling the covers over his waist. That was the best damned sleep I’ve had in ages.

Bits and pieces of the night before crept into his mind, playing like a homemade, amateur compilation porno. And his dick responded.

He was suddenly aware that he wasn’t wearing anything. And neither was Em.

Jack nuzzled Emily’s neck and nipped at her ear as he palmed her breast. Her soft moans indicated that she was receptive to his advances. Even though their sex life was fairly active, waking up to sex in the morning was still a crapshoot. Jack’s regular morning erection was no guarantee that Emily would be willing.

His hand slid down her abdomen and petted her bare mons. She was clean shaven from her late night shower. Jack briefly wondered if she had let Kevin shave her. God, that would be so hot to watch. And just like that, Jack’s cock stiffened to steel.

He pulled her leg over his hip to part her thighs and slide his middle finger into her slit. She was slicker than usual. A welcome after-effect of their wild night of sex. Jack lifted her buttocks and tilted his pelvis to position his cock at her opening. Then he slid easily into her wet warmth in one smooth thrust.

It was such a gratifying sensation after all that had happened. To be gliding through her luscious heat first thing in the morning as though her only purpose on earth was to be there for him to fuck.

Jack held her thigh and continued fucking her from behind as they lay on their sides. It wasn’t an ideal angle, but it was great for longevity. He could pound her like that for hours without coming.

Kevin sighed and shifted onto his back. He stretched his arms over his head as he yawned and then placed them beneath his neck with his elbows splayed out to the sides. A crooked smile painted his lips as he ogled the couple shamelessly.

Jack slipped out of Emily and hoisted himself up to his knees. He rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips to meet his. A moment later his pounding resumed in much longer, deeper strokes.

He reached up and took a fistful of Emily’s hair lifting her upper torso until she was fully on her hands and knees.

“Suck his cock.”

Emily gasped between Jack’s heavy thrusts, then nodded.

Kevin pushed the covers down to expose his hard cock. A second later, it was sinking deep into Emily’s mouth.

Jack had to slow his pounding to keep from coming. It was all too perfect. The way her pussy felt, the way her head bobbed up and down on his friend’s cock. Even the appreciative and wondrous look on Kevin’s face.

He gave in. Jack gripped Emily’s waist and jackhammered his hips into her backside until he came. Hard.

Emily’s thighs quivered. It had tipped her over as well. She collapsed onto her elbows as she fought to catch her breath.

Still swollen and stiff inside her, Jack lifted his palm and came down across her butt cheek with a loud slap.


Emily lifted herself back onto her hands and lowered her lips onto Kevin’s neglected shaft.

“And don’t stop until you’re swallowing cum.”

It was a game that he and Em used to play before they were married. Only with just the two of them. And it had always been a huge turn-on for them. Why did we ever stop? Jack suspected that it would be even more exciting with a third person.

He was right.

By the time Kevin had come, Emily’s ass was a lovely shade of pink. Jack’s cock stayed hard inside her the entire time, but instead of fucking her to release, he made her suck him off, too. Then he ordered her to shower without a climax.

It was all in good fun. Once Kevin realized that this was just how they played sometimes, he relaxed and went with it.

While Emily was showering, Jack slinked off to the living room to retrieve his abandoned clothes and make coffee. He was settled in his chair reading the paper when Kevin joined him fully dressed.

“There’s coffee in the kitchen.”

“Perfect. Thanks.” Kevin poured himself a cup and sauntered into the living room.

“Hey, I’m thinking about driving out to the site today to get a head start on the cleanup. You want to go with me? I’ll make it worth your while financially.”

Kevin shrugged, “Sure. I don’t have anything else planned today. Kelly called and left an urgent message, but I really don’t feel like talking to her right now. It would sort of ruin my good mood.”

Jack opened his mouth to tell him about her conversation with Emily but changed his mind. It can wait. No sense in ruining his morning.

Kevin lifted the Arts and Leisure section from the floor and Jack frowned at him.


“What the fuck do you find interesting in that section?”

Kevin shrugged, “Upcoming art exhibits, trends, plays. Stuff you wouldn’t understand, obviously.”

“Stuff I don’t want to understand.”

They read in silence for several minutes, drank another cup of coffee, and then lounged around watching ESPN.

Emily appeared with fresh makeup and styled hair. Her wavy brown hair fell loosely over the shoulders of her red V-neck tee and bounced carelessly as she moved past them to the kitchen.

“Hey, I’m going to the store, do you want anything special?”

Jack ignored her question, engrossed in the interview on the television.



“Do you want anything from the store?”

“I don’t know. Why do you ask me that? Just get what you normally get.”

“Kevin, are you staying for dinner?”

Kevin shook his head, “I wasn’t planning on it.”

Jack turned to Kevin, “Why not?”

Kevin shrugged. “I don’t know. No reason, I guess.”

“You should stay. Emily makes a great meat loaf. Don’t you, Em?”

“Is that what I’m making tonight? I thought you didn’t want anything.”

Jack rolled his eyes and went back to his show.

Emily’s voice softened. “Do you like meat loaf, Kevin?”

“Yeah. That would be great. Anything you make would be a real treat, Emily.”

Jack tilted his head to one side and rolled his eyes at Kevin with even more zeal. “Oh, for God’s sake. With that, I’m off to the shower. Then we’ll head out.”

“Where’re you going?”

“To work. Kevin’s gonna help me get things wrapped up at that job site.”

“I hope you’re paying him.”

“I am. Jeez!”


Jack and Kevin nearly finished the entire cleanup by that afternoon, leaving only minor tasks for Jack’s crew.

“I can’t believe we got this much done. You just saved me a ton of money. And I get to take Monday off. My crew can finish the rest.”

“Hey, that’s great. Emily is off on Mondays, right?”


“That’ll be nice for her.”

Jack walked through the house to check the door locks, then returned to the foyer where Kevin was waiting.

“We get everything?”

“Yeah. I threw all the tools in the truck.”

“That’s fine. Marty and I will sort it out later.”

“Hey, Jack?”


“I want to talk to you before we get back to your place.”

“What’s up?”

“Are you okay with me hanging around and everything? I mean, how do you see this thing playing out with the three of us?”

Jack shrugged, “I don’t know. I’m sort of just playing it by ear, ya know?”

Kevin nodded.

“To be honest with you, I thought I’d be sick of you by now.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m sorta expecting you to kick me out at any second.”

Jack shook his head and scratched his scalp. “I’ve been trying to find a way to ask you to stay over another night without sounding gay, ya know?”

Kevin chuckled.

Jack quickly added, “But not in my bed. We can get the guest room setup.”

Kevin held up his hands in surrender. “I understand. Emily made me do it.”

“No, I figured. I’m glad you didn’t drive.”

“She’s really special, Jack.”

“I know she is. I married her, remember?”

“She, uh, she took to it like a fish to water.”

It took a moment for Jack to realize what Kevin was talking about. “Oh. Yeah.”

“I think maybe one in ten women climax like that during, you know.”


“She’s really into it. I know this sounds a little funny, but if you want my help in that department…”

Jack frowned and shook his head. “Me? You think I can get this thick thing in that tiny hole?”

“I think she can work up to it, yeah.”

“No thanks, buddy. No offense or anything, but it just isn’t my thing.”

Kevin nodded, “I understand. But what I’m saying is that it is her thing. You can’t just ignore that.”

Jack sighed. “I hear what you’re sayin’. She’s gotten through ten years without it, though, so I doubt it will kill us.

“Anything else you want to talk about? You gonna ask me to talk about my feelings next?”

Kevin laughed. “You ready to kick me out now?”

“Just about. C’mon, let’s get out of here.”

Their conversation took a less personal path as they made their way to Jack’s house. It was the same as it always had been with them. Sports. Work. More sports.

“Hey, can you swing by my house so I can pick up a change of clothes?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Jack waited in the truck as Kevin packed a few things in an overnight bag. It would feel too weird to stand there and watch him pack like it was a sleepover. Jack was trying to get his mind around the fact that when he wasn’t thinking about how it looked to everyone else, he was fine with it. Eh, fuck what anyone else thinks, right? When have I ever given a rat’s ass what anyone thinks of me?

Kevin threw a duffel in the backseat and climbed into the passenger seat.

“You got everything?”

Kevin nodded and frowned. “Yeah. Kelly called and left another message. I’m going to have to face her sooner or later.”

Jack shifted the truck gears back into park and sighed. “Fuck!”


“Kelly called Em a couple days ago. She’s filing for divorce. I didn’t want to tell you.”

“Oh. Wow. That didn’t take long.”

“She’s met someone.”

Kevin nodded and turned his head to gaze out the window.

“I’m sorry, man.”

“It’s okay. I knew it was coming. Did she say anything else? About the house or anything?”

Jack shook his head and shrugged. “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Em.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Jack eased the truck out of Kevin’s driveway and onto the road. They rode in silence for the remainder of the drive.

Once inside the house, Kevin turned to Jack, “Where do you want me to put this?” He held up his duffel as he asked the question.

“Oh, yeah. Uh, I just need to clear some shit out the back bedroom. It won’t take long. You wanna beer first?”

“Yeah, that’d be good. I need to shower, too.”

“You still have a towel in our bath, right?”

“Yeah, unless Emily…?”

Emily heard her name and looked up from the kitchen counter. “What?”

“Is the towel I used earlier still in the bath?”


“I’m gonna go jump in the shower. I’ll take you up on that beer when I get out, Jack.”

“Sure thing.”

Jack continued his path to the kitchen. Emily was finishing up dinner preparations and washing her hands. A dish of raw meatloaf sat on the counter next to the oven.

“Looks good, baby.”

“It’ll be ready in about an hour.”

Jack had gone into the kitchen to grab a beer but decided to make a detour. He walked up behind Emily and pinned her to the counter with his body, placing his palms on the countertop on either side of her.

Emily snickered. “You could use a shower, too, ya know.”

Jack nuzzled Emily’s neck. “You used to like how I smelled when I got done working. Remember?”

Emily nodded and smiled. “I remember.”

Jack took a step back so Em could turn around and face him. “I asked Kevin to stay the night.”

Emily bit the side of her mouth. “Why?”

Jack frowned and tipped his head to get a better look at her face. “I thought you’d be happy.”

Emily sighed. A deep wrinkle formed across her forehead as she looked up in his eyes. “I’m happy with you, Jack. I don’t need all this. I’d be perfectly content with that being just one crazy thing we did.”

Jack tilted Emily’s chin upward as he leaned down to kiss her. His hands moved to cup the sides of her face as he deepened the kiss.

He gently pulled away, holding her face a mere couple of inches from his own.

“I love you, Em.”

“I know you do, baby. I love you, too. You don’t have to do this for me.”

“I’m not.”

Jack released Emily’s face and she tilted her head with a curious expression, waiting for him to explain.

“Last night was…God, incredible. And this morning… It wasn’t just the sex part. It felt like it did when we first started dating. Like I was falling in love with you all over again.”

Emily nodded. “I felt it, too. Even when I was with him and you were watching, I felt so close to you. Closer than I’ve felt with you inside me sometimes.”

“I should be jealous as hell right now. I know it.”

“There’s nothing to be jealous about. I’m not going to stop loving you.”

“No, I know. I get that. I totally trust that part. Even though I’m pretty sure Kevin is falling for you already.”

“Jack, don’t…”

“No, listen to me. It’s okay. I’d feel the same way.”

“Yeah, but, this is…not right.”

“Who says?”

“I don’t know, everybody? Our wedding vows.”

“I don’t give a shit about what other people think. What do you think? Does it feel wrong to you?”

Emily turned her head slightly to escape Jack’s interrogation.

“Em, look at me.”

She reluctantly looked back up at him. “I don’t want it to break up our marriage.”

“I think it might do the opposite.”

“It feels that way today, but it’s only been one night.”

“So…we just take it one day at a time.”

“If what you’re saying is true about Kevin, he could get hurt by this. I can’t do that to him. Not after Kelly…”

“Yeah, I know. He just found out she’s filing.”

“Oh, no.”

“She’s been calling and leaving messages. I told him, Em. I had to.”

Emily nodded. “I would’ve done the same. How is he taking it?”

“He’s upset, I can tell. But I think being here is helping. I think you are helping.”

“It’s risky, Jack.”

“I know. But anything worth doing is. I think we should stop making such a big deal out of this and just go with it. Have some fun. And if it starts to feel awkward and weird, then we reevaluate. Sound good to you?”

Emily smiled weakly at first, and then more assuredly. “Yeah. Sounds good.”

Jack looked over at the counter behind Emily. “You want me to put that in the oven, or should we eat it raw?”

Emily gave him a teasing punch in the gut. “Smart ass.”

It was how Jack ended most serious conversations. With either sex or humor.

He maneuvered around Emily and transferred the meatloaf onto the top oven rack. When he turned around, Emily was holding an open beer bottle for him.

“Here. You probably need this now. That was a pretty heavy conversation for you.”

Jack nodded and smiled. “You know me too well, Em.”

“Yeah, well, not well enough because I never saw this one coming.”

Jack winked at her and smiled, “Me, either.” He took a good swig and licked his lips. “Kevin could probably use one of these about now. Why don’t you take him one?”

I awoke. I tried to figure out what had roused me. I didn’t think I’d been dreaming; it was still dark; it wasn’t the alarm clock.

I rolled over, and hooked my arm over Em’s side, under her arm. I listened: there it was, a noise from next door. It came again: a little moan.

“Em?” I whispered.

“Yeah, I’m awake,” she murmured back, wriggling back towards me slightly and nestling her butt on my crotch enticingly. I shifted my hand, searching for and finding a breast. I cupped it, lazily, my thumb nudging her soft nipple once. There’s a casual pleasure in having a naked—or nearly naked—woman to hand in your bed.

“I’m not hearing things, am I?” I checked. She chuckled, softly.

“Nope. They’re at it. Again.”

“Well, Mel is. Though if we’re awake, there’s no chance he’s not, even if she was going solo to start with,” I mused.

The moans were coming more frequently now. Irregular, quiet, but inescapable.

“Oh, he’s awake. He’s eating her out,” Em clarified, calmly.

Drowsy, I couldn’t see how she would know. After a long, perplexed pause, I made a quizzical noise.

“That’s the noise she always makes when someone’s gone down on her.”

No, this still didn’t add up. How would Em know…ah. Keeping my voice steady, and holding back my amused interest, I had to ask.

“And when was the last time you went down on her to find that out, pray tell?”

She sighed at me. I suppose I asked for it.

“I know it’s hard, but don’t jump to conclusions led by your second head. We’ve been flatmates a long time, I’ve heard this before. Besides, you know I prefer to have a dick involved in my sex life.”

Em rolled over, onto her back, and turned her face to mine.

“I didn’t have you down for a lesbian fantasist, hon,” she smiled.

“Nah; no place for me in a lesbian tryst, so it’d be a bit pointless.”

We fell into silence, peppered by Mel.

“Poor lad,” I observed, “he’s getting a work out.”

” ‘Poor lad’,” scoffed Em, “pull the other one.”

Her hand reached across, and traced its way down my side, across a hip, and down my thigh.

“You can’t be telling me you wouldn’t enjoy being in his shoes. I bet you’re lying there, silently thinking about what it’d be like, getting your mouth on her pussy…digging your tongue deep between her lips and finding that secret little button…feeling her hips rock as you hold them?”

Her hand now found its way into my shorts and down to my balls. She gave them a squeeze, and a soft tug, and laughed quietly at my surprised silence. Em’s a quiet girl: generally softly spoken and—as she’d say—brought up proper. Her use of the vernacular was…uncommon. And her hand was telling its own story. An evolving story, as it wrapped around my shaft, and began to stroke.

“What’s wrong, honey? Not what you were thinking?”

“Uh…well, it’s all I could think when you gave me the idea. And what’s come over you, anyway?”

“Maybe Mel’s not the only one whose horny. Besides, if we’re awake anyway, you probably can.”

Her verbal non sequitur threw me, until I realised my own unintended double entendre had been matched, and answered her grin with my own.

“So, if that’s not what you’d been thinking,” she continued, impishly, “maybe you were imagining her pretty blonde head bobbing up and down on your cock? Perhaps she was laid out on her back, taking you all the way down her throat? She’s only little, and it’s such a big dick,” she teased me, squeezing the lamentably average organ, “it’d be a wonder she didn’t choke…

“Or maybe you thought she’d be straddling you, riding you while you watch her get off above you, pushing herself hard onto you?”

My cock, hard and extended now, was pushed by her hand, mirroring her description. Her eyes bright as she stroked slowly along my shaft, she made one last postulation,

“But then, since it’s just in your imagination, maybe you think she must a dirty girl, maybe she’d let you fuck her in the arse? After all, you probably think she’s quite insatiable, shagging Andrew all the time…and now you’re thinking of spreading those pert little cheeks, and pushing deep into her butt?”

The breath hissed from my lips, as Em giggled at my obvious enjoyment of the lascivious visions she was supplying, and the hand gently pumping me.

“Now, I’m not sure you should really be thinking of Mel, when I’m lying here next to you: I think I feel quite neglected,” she pouted. I had to agree. “Shall we see if you can make me as loud?” she asked, her eyes aflame.

I do so love a challenge like that. I rolled her back from where she’d lain on her side, and kissed her. Her mouth, hot and passionate, reacted to mine, her hand still pumping, and the other clutched in my hair. I moved down her body, forcing her hand out of reach of my crotch, as I nibbled my way down her neck, and tickled a path to her breast. Her small breasts were tipped pink, with nipples that were no longer soft, but engorged and pointed to the roof. I covered one with my mouth, nipping, then circling, while the other I twisted slowly between finger and thumb. Her back arched, and her head went back, as the first sigh broke her lips.

With my other hand, I pushed down my encumbering shorts, kicking them from the bed, and then reached for her crotch. I laid my hand, shield-like, over her mound, and rubbed her softly with my palm. Em rubbed back, pushing herself against me. Leaving one hand to toy with those rigid nipples, I wrought a trail of small licks down her flank, down to her hip. I paused on the bony crest of her hip. An insistent moan came from above, and her pelvis shifted as she rubbed on my hand with new urgency.

However, I was intent on listening, and I made her wait. I increased the pressure, just slightly, that my fingers made against the depths of her crotch, and pinched the other nipple. The moan came again, a little louder, and her hand, still in my hair, encouraged me down.

“Get a move on, Chris, she’ll come before long,” Em begged. I had to agree: Mel had shifted key, and a rhythmic series of moaning squeals was coming from the room next door.

Looping a finger in the waist of her panties, I softly nudged them downwards. Ever cooperative, Em lifted her hips. The black lacy triangle slipped down, and, inches from my face was her pussy. A small squared patch of auburn hair crowned her slit, leaving the beautiful lips bare. My work so far meant that her outer folds had flared, exposing her inner pussy. I savoured the view, as I worked her underwear down her legs and away. Then, loosing no more time, I plunged in, tongue first, in pursuit of her clitoris.

The response was immediate, as a growl emanated from the girl beneath me; back curving up once more, and legs thrusting out to extend down the bed. As I found my pace, and flicked her clit back and forth, I brought my right hand round, alongside my head, and sought the opening within her lips. Blindly, I fumbled my left hand up her arched back, locating her tit, and plucking the nipple.

Em’s urgent moans were my guiding counterpoint to the stretched out squeal that Mel produced, climaxing noisily and yet unseen. Rising to the opportunity the following silence offered, Emmy’s vocalizations grew louder, as her hips began to buck under my mouth, and her hand pushed at my head. Focussing with new vigour on the sensitive nub I couldn’t afford to lose, I tried to hold her roughly in place with the two fingers I had stealthily inserted into her.

It worked, as her chestnut-topped pussy pushed up into my mouth, her cunt clamped around my fingers, and Em came, deliberately loudly and long. My tongue slowed, and my fingers stilled, as she relaxed, gracefully, under me.

“Good work,” she giggled, “Who won, do you think?”

Before I could answer, though, there was a knock at the door, which, unlocked and unguarded, immediately opened. I froze, buck naked on the bed, with my hand in my girlfriend’s twat, and her juices on my mouth.

Framed in the doorway, and silhouetted against the hallway light, stood a small, feminine figure. One hand on a hip, and pelvis and head cocked to one side, Mel practically purred at us.

“I see you’re awake.”

As she answered, Em fumbled for the light switch, as I tried to discreetly extract my hand from between her legs.

“Your fault, hon, you woke us up with your performance.”

“I shan’t apologise,” smirked Mel, stepping into the light. If ever the phrase ‘freshly fucked’ was appropriate, it fitted her then. A pink flush stood out against her light skin, spreading from neck down over small, delicate tits; her pussy lips, smooth and naked were pink and slightly spread; she moved with a poise that spoke of orgasmic languor.

“You didn’t just come over to gloat,” pointed out Em, “What’re you after?”

Mel smiled, mischievously, then recomposed her face into one of innocence.

“We thought you’d like to join us in person, seeing as you made it obvious that you were joining us in spirit, you noisy girl.”

I choked with laughter at her brazenness, and she looked at me for the first time. My erection, which had subsided somewhat while I concentrated on racing Em to an orgasm, twitched as her gaze ran over me, and smiled.

“What do you think? Come round, if you’d like,” as she turned, and sashayed out of the room, my stare locked on her departing arse. Only when it disappeared from view, did I drag myself back to Em, looking at me with raised eyebrow.

“Can’t say I’d object,” she murmured, “It was fun last time, after all.”

“I thought that was probably a one-off,” I mused.

“Well, it appears not. Mel and I were brought up good girls, and we like to share,” she reached across to grab my cock, serious but smiling at me, “so we’ll have fun, and you can put this where you like: but I’ll want you myself, so don’t wear yourself out, ok?”

I nodded: this was a rule I could work with. Em stretched her lithe body out, and elegantly swung her legs off the bed and rose.

“Come on, then, let’s see what she’s done with poor old Andrew who you worried about so much,” she teased me, leading me through the door.


Poor old Andrew was in a bind. I had to laugh, it was such an incongruous and unexpected sight. He was tied up, limbs extended to the corners of Mel’s bed. Mel, on the other hand: Mel was atop him, sitting on his stomach, fondling his balls while she absentmindedly stroked her twat. She smiled beatifically at us.

“I knew you’d join us.”

“Andrew, how the hell did she get you there?” I teased him, “She’s half your weight, and a good foot shorter.”

Andy looked diffidently at me.

“It didn’t seem such a bad idea, an hour ago. Of course, then she sat on my face and woke you up, and now I’m not as sure.”

His flagpole erection didn’t convince me that it was so bad. Mel twisted and pouted at him,

“I thought you liked eating me out.”

He laughed, rocking the little blonde riding him.

“I do, I do; such a pretty pussy,” he grinned at her, “And you do make such encouraging noises.”

Turning back to face me and Em, Mel grinned, and winked. What, I thought, did that presage? I didn’t have to wait to find out, as Mel leant forward, lifting her arse into the air, and enfolded Andy’s dick in her mouth. He groaned as his shaft disappeared into her warmth, and her exposed pussy danced in front of his view. He groaned again, realising his conundrum: his hands tied, and their height difference held the perfect cunt out of range from his mouth.

Andrew’s head sank back on the pillow, as Mel bobbed over his crotch, a curtain of pale hair blocking our sight. Bound to the sight, I reached across to caress Em’s taut arse, as she reached a hand across to once more, infinitely slowly, stroke my shaft. Her view similarly intent on her flatmate loving her boyfriend, her other hand lazily circled her snatch.

Mel looked up from Andrew’s hard and wet penis.

“Come on, you’re not here to just watch.”

Shuffling her knees forward, she matched her hips to Andrew’s, and, holding his cock by the root, lowered herself onto it. Her eyes, locked with mine, glazed slightly, as Andrew, unable to take any other action, lifted his hips to send the last few inches of his shaft into her. As one, Em and Mel sighed: Em, with one last friendly squeeze of my balls, strode forwards, mounting the bed. Straddling Andy’s face, she lowered her own pussy onto his waiting tongue, her eyes closing as he delved into her wet lips. Her hands rushed to her boobs, pinching her nipples and tugging her small tits upwards in time with Andrew’s lapping along her slit.

Mel beckoned me, as she lowered herself forward onto her hands, and her gaze shifted to my proudly carried shaft. I knew, now, what she wanted, and knelt before her. She led with her tongue, extending it out to whisper over the sensitive frenulum before encompassing the head with a circling lick. I watched, enthralled, as my cock vanished into the warm, swirling depth of her mouth, only to emerge for another pass of her tongue over the head, and then to plunge into Mel almost to its full extent. I looked up, to see Em, tits bouncing gently, as she looked back: her view of Mel’s pussy swallowing Andy’s dick, and her mouth swallowing mine. I recognized the sound she was making, even as I hadn’t recognized Mel’s, as Emmy’s pattern of moans asserted itself.

I wound my hand into Mel’s long loose hair, careful not to force her movements, or impede them, while the other rested on her shoulder. Her breathing came raggedly as her hips drove her cunt on Andy’s shaft, and her rhythm came more sporadically as she gently sucked on mine. One hand shifted from supporting her slight weight, and dove to her cleft. This, inevitably, did nothing to improve her rhythm, as her hoarse breathing changed to a panting squeal.

Expecting her orgasm to break over her at any moment, I was surprised when she pulled me abruptly from her mouth, locked bright green eyes with mine, and demanded more of me in a gasp.

“Fuck me: I want you both, now.”

While I computed what she meant, she twisted, facing Em, now, as she continued to ride Andy’s cock. Curving her back, her buttocks faced me. I watched as her cunt gripped his shaft: her hips were almost still, as he provided the lunging motion to drive into her. She looked back, plaintive,

“Please: now!”

I came to, in sudden shock at Emmy’s prescient vision of earlier. I scurried forward, and grasped a buttock in one hand. Spreading her wide, I could see her rosebud anus. Wetting my thumb, I pressed, gently, on this hidden hole. Mel groaned, from deep within, as my digit sank into her tight passage, past the two resisting rings of muscle, and into the gently ridged depth. Andy’s motion had paused, and I could feel the rigid mass of his cock and her cunt beneath me through the thin wall of Mel’s gut.

“Chris?” Em interrupted me, “Use this: I want you clean to screw me next.”

Always the clear thinker, she held out a rubber from the nightstand. Realising my one-handed predicament, she grinned, and unwrapped it, passing it across. Struggling only slightly, I rolled it on, realising that the extra lube would help. Slowly, I pulled my thumb from Mel’s butt, dragging at the same time another moan from her. I carefully positioned the head of my cock at the opening, and, inexorably, pushed forward.

If Mel moaned before, she positively squealed this time, as both her arse and cunt were simultaneously impaled. Long seconds passed, as I slowly transfixed her fully. Mel convulsed slightly, and I reached round her slender waist, down, and pressed a finger into the folds of her pussy. Andy dropped his pelvis, pulling from her; as he pushed back in, I timed my retreat so that we worked Mel in synchrony. My finger found her clit, and her head came back as she withdrew into the intensity of the fucking.

Mel’s squeals once more found an increasing tempo, her pace and pitch increasing as, held in place by my hand on her cleft and another on her hip, she was stuffed full in one hole then the other, over and again. Em watched in fascination, a finger furiously flickering across her engorged clitoris, as her little blonde flatmate was double-teamed before her.

A wail tore loose from Mel’s throat as she came. The convulsing waves shook her, and her arms buckled as her hips bucked involuntarily. Breaking down her frame, the convulsions shuddered through her arse, clasping tightly at my deeply buried cock. A hiss came from Andy, as his dick was caught in Mel’s pulsating pussy, but he managed not to break stride as she rode the waves of her orgasm, driving deep into her with every stroke.

I paused, conscious now of Em, quietly biting her lip as she watched, and of how close Mel had taken me to the edge. She nodded at me, needing more, now, than just Andrew’s steadfast tongue on her cunny. Lifting herself from his face, she laid a grateful hand on his chest, and undid his hands, then moved to his feet.

Andy, flexing his inevitably sore arms, and smiling round a tired jaw, enfolded Mel in an embrace as she crumpled onto his chest, still filled with his cock. I used her collapse to gently extricate myself. I felt the muscles of her stretched passage push, as I withdrew my cock, discarding the rubber into the tissue Em brought.

Smiling at me, Em lay back, and drew her knees up. Her inflamed clitoris, highlighted by the damp chestnut hair above it, seemed to beckon me on. As I knelt to enter her, Andrew positioned Mel’s lethargic frame next to Em, with him behind her. My cock in hand, I stroked the head along Em’s lips, lubricating it with her copious juices, as we watched. Andy lifted Mel’s leg with his, and, reaching in front to grab his shaft, pushed it into her pussy. With one hand meshed together above their heads, his dominant right slipped forward to delicately orbit her sensitive nub with his middle finger, while Mel tugged her nipple in time with his plunging cock.

As I lanced my cock between Em’s flared lips, her eyes danced back to mine. The long awaiting filling of her cunt forced a satisfied sigh from her, mirroring my own pleasure. Emmy’s raised legs stretched her passage out, and as it elongated to accommodate my length, I marvelled at the heat and pressure of it on me. I brought the mushroomed head of my cock almost out of her, before smoothly pitching back, balls-deep, into her trembling pussy, as I fought my instinct to rush, and only slowly increase the rhythm.

Andy, too, was struggling to defend his long-exerted control, and his thrusts into the slender girl before her were jolting her over and over: the smooth slight swell of her tits bouncing, and her hips jarring forward with every slam into her. Mel’s eyes were screwed shut, her mouth a perfect ‘o’, as Andrew’s pounding dick, and increasingly focussed finger-work drove them both towards a final climax.

My hands on Em’s shins to brace us both, I too was nearing a precipice, as I ploughed into Emmy’s warm, responsive cunny. Her breasts bouncing under the rhythm I imposed, her eyes bored into mine as she plucked at a nipple and fingered herself frantically. Finally, inescapably, my climax rushed through me, my knees buckling slightly as the release came, and I instinctively forced myself as deep as I could delve, the sticky warm seed juddering from me into Em’s welcoming, answering convulsions. Seconds later, I heard Andy groan as he, too, splashed his cum against Mel’s cervix, his hand clawing into her flushed cleft.

I fell forward, exhausted, onto Em, her legs splaying to bring me closer. Resting my head on her shoulder, I could look across at Mel; the tension of her last climax lost, and face in repose as she murmured.

“That was…grand,” as her eyes re-opened, “I’m glad I woke you.”

Em laughed, tiredly, but happily, “I know you: you always meant to.”

Cornered, Mel had the decency to blush, the pink of her face matching the post-orgasmic rosiness of her chest and throat: “And you were always going to be happy to watch!”

NOTE: Things get intense in this part. I felt that the trauma that caused Joe’s burlap condition had to be incredibly painful to produce such painful and long lasting repercussions. It’s a cruel and horrific moment, but I thought it necessary to the story. Just wanted to warn you. –max

Part IV

As it turned out, his ladies should have worried. When Joe saw Consuela Mufti in spotlight with a cello between her knees playing the string quartet she had composed beginning her incredible recital, the naturally deep tanned skin of her soft oval face framed by raven black hair that ended as if pointing at her full breasts filling a silky deep maroon shirt that barely contained them, the face shining with a compellingly sweet beauty despite the slight contortion taut with concentration, she seemed to exude a glow beyond the hot spotlight that reflected off her, an internal glow, an aura the orange red color of persimmons. He was spellbound and remained so throughout the solo that followed the string quartet and the chamber orchestra piece she conducted concluding the recital; all her compositions.

Adding the awesomeness of her music to her awesome beauty completely floored him.

At first he thought the music oceanic in its sort of undulating bed with great swells, but realized it more resembled a landscape of fiery coals that licked up unexpected flames or popped explosively. She used sliding notes similar to the great contemporary Greek composer Xenakis, but with more control; less random. In the group pieces what seemed unharmonious, like the melody and rhythm centered music of her father’s India that never embraced Western harmony, would suddenly find surprising mixes of thirds or fifths or more jarring harmonies as the sliding notes would somehow join together, often in the shorter slides that created that sort of bed that Joe had misinterpreted as ocean. The solo piece also full of sliding notes but with plucking on occasion, had a structure of lovely sparseness framing a long passage of frenetic, incredible playing, true tour de force stuff, that, after the last echo of a final pluck resonating surprisingly, made him realize, despite the contrasts of speed and slowness, that the piece had held a thematic melody resonating with him far longer than the final note and the silence that ended with an explosion of applause.

He didn’t know what to say to her afterwards. It’s like what he would imagine would happen if he were to meet one of his heroes: Daevid Allen or Mark Rothko or Thomas Pynchon or Gandhi (to be Indian about it, her father being from India). Surprisingly though, he didn’t feel tense. Perhaps it was his ladies beside him or her warm deep brown eyes and sweet, kind face.

“That was incredible,” he told her amongst the small throng of fans greeting her backstage. He offered her more to weigh her down–her arms had been filled by roses and other lovely flowers–though his was a different sort of offering: rosemary and mint. The smell had pleasured his nose throughout the performance though for some reason he smelled persimmon as well. She still emanated that color, but only faintly.

“You must be Joe,” she murmured, smiling broadly, her eyes lit by post performance excitement and shining with surprising moisture. Surrounded by Maya and members of the band must have clued her in to his identity. Despite the throng, she seemed to have eyes only for him. “I’ve heard you have a great knowledge of music and are not one to give out praise when undeserved.” She actually bowed her head before claiming his eyes with hers again. “Thank you.”

Finally her eyes lit on the others, catching Barb’s and that infectious smile that increased her own.

“That was great, babe,” said Barb.

“Thanks,” she giggled most enchantingly. “Give me half an hour or so to change. I’ll meet you guys outside the stage door.” With a last glance that held a moment, she actually winked at Joe before receiving more well deserved praise from the small throng. And more flowers.

Dinner proved even easier for Joe being in the company of the lovely half Indian and half, well, Indian (of the Mexican, perhaps ancient Mayan extraction) musician, Consuela. It reminded him of the inauguration of his threesome relationship with Carol and Maya at the Moosehead after the premiere dance performance the year before. At first it seemed an intimate bubble had formed as it had then around the two of them. But the bubble expanded to include his two lovers. Connie seemed to encourage that. At the same time, much to Barb’s consternation, Connie hardly noticed her sitting in the seat beside her despite Barb’s attempt at conversation, gaining rarely more than one or two word responses. Eventually Barb shrugged and shifted her attention to her two lovers.

“Do you mind me calling you Consuela? It’s such a lovely name and therefore appropriate,” Joe asked her.

“Such a silver tongued devil, isn’t he ladies?” Consuela chuckled.

“I guess he has his occasional moments,” Maya smirked.

“They’re memorable in their rarity,” Carol added.

“Thanks,” Joe murmured though chuckled along with the three ladies’ giggles.

“It’s my name, Joe,” she responded, avoiding smugness when she added, “It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.”

“Good. So why play in a lowly rock band? You obviously have great skills playing classical and contemporary compositions. And I found your compositions…well… brilliant.”

“Thanks,” Consuela blushed charmingly at the complements. “But choices in the profession, especially the composing part, are few and far between. It’s even worse than writers. How many poets live on their publishing?”


“Maybe five or six that I can think of still alive,” said Carol.

Consuela nodded. “In that highly artistic realm of writing, many survive on teaching the next batch in improving their own unmarketable skills. The same looms for me and my young colleagues.”

“Speaking of teaching,” Maya interrupted, “Joe needs lessons to play electric bass. We’ll pay whatever your fee is teaching kids if you have the time.”

“Sure,” Consuela smiled. “I have lots of time since school’s done. I could always use another student.” Her grin broadened. “And I think I’ll enjoy it.”

“Me too,” Joe grinned back. “But what about your playing? There must be orchestras out there that could use your skills.”

Consuela sighed. “Sure, it’s a highly skilled profession taking years of obsessive training to hone talent into a competitive gleam unlike say a naturally talented poet…”

“Or a rock bassist,” Joe added.

“Right, but even though there’s a hell of a lot less of us competing, there’s not a lot of positions being filled and there’s enough of us at my level to make finding such a position in the realm of the unlikely.”

“So, just like a rock band,” Maya suggested, “you create your own position.”

“Actually I’m hoping that may be happening,” Consuela replied thoughtfully.

“The string quartet?” Joe guessed. And when Consuela nodded, he added, “I thought you four meshed beautifully, almost intuitively.”

“Thanks. Stop with the complements already. You’ll give me a big head.”

Joe shrugged, “Only what you deserve. I can tell you know your talent, but I don’t see it going to your head. You’re too grounded. Being confidant is certainly no flaw. In fact in terms of creativity, it’s necessary. So you guys are sticking together?”

“I think so. We’re going to try to meet at least once a week. You see, we’ve rehearsed and played together all through the year. All four of us compose music and play each other’s music in various permutations, sometimes with others playing their instruments in the composers’ workshop we’ve been attending together for the past school year.”

“So you’re all composers!” Joe spouted enthusiastically, an idea popping in his head.

“Uhm, yeah,” Consuela chuckled. “It’s why we chose to call ourselves the ‘Eclectic Quartet’. All four of us compose differently. Actually we’re debating the name, with the alternative being ‘EQ’ because we could assign the ‘E’ different words such as ‘Ecstatic’ or ‘Electric’ or ‘Exotic’ or ‘Effervescent’ or whatever depending on the performance.

“Cool,” said Carol

“Yeah,” both Joe and Maya agreed.

Consuela shrugged. “Again who knows if there’ll be any shows for us beyond this recital which happened to be our debut for an audience.”

“Do you have recordings of your work?” Joe asked her, still a bit excited. “I mean all four of your quartet’s compositional work?”

“Of course,” Consuela grinned.

“I know someone who might give you a chance to perform for an audience.”

“Who?” asked Maya.

“Randy,” Joe replied looking at Carol whose face tightened with a cute wrinkle between her eyes before she relaxed and smiled slightly and nodded.

“He’s always looking for new music,” she said. “And dancing to those sliding notes…”

“Sensual, just the way you like it,” Joe chuckled.

“I’ll bring the tapes to our first class,” Consuela smiled. “Sunday afternoon?”

“It’d have to be after 4:30. I work that day.”

“Five it is.”

“Cool,” said Carol. “I’ll cook dinner.”

“And we can rehearse after dinner,” Maya decided. “If that works for you Barb?”

“Hmm?” Barb responded. Despite Consuela’s surprising and disappointing snub she had kept half an ear to her conversation. “Oh yeah. I should be done by eight at the Modern.”

“I’ll be there,” said Consuela. “Oh, and Joe, as far as slumming playing rock, I love to do it. It’s fun.”

Joe saw the sparkle in her eyes revealing the truth in her words. They shared a laugh.

When the dinner ended, everyone going Dutch paying for it, Joe sensed a longing to continue the shared conversations between him and his ladies with Consuela, but exhaustion overwhelmed her. She looked paler despite her dark skin and her eyelids drooped. After a beguiling body stretch that accentuated her full bust accompanied by a lengthy yawn, she hugged the ladies and Joe, leaving him for last and longest. “I’d love to continue our conversation,” she whispered into his ear, “but…”

“I understand,” he whispered back, his cock swelling at the thought of her interest in him which she could feel at her belly and she pressed into it and subtly rubbed it. Their eyes connected briefly when their bodies separated. The connection seemed to linger afterwards like a bright flash of light in a dark room.


“Thump thump. Thump thump.” Joe plucked his bass in the easiest of configurations, or at least so he thought. Just four simple notes from John Coltrane’s exquisite composition, ‘A Love Supreme’. And yet being so close together made the notes somehow harder to hit in proper rhythm or with any resonance.

Consuela’s choice had surprised him.

When she arrived and they went into the basement, Joe enjoying the sight of her voluptuous butt moving down the stairs in front of him, her jeans tight enough to reveal the mesmerizing shifting, she sat and watched Joe attach his bass cord to his amplifier and tune it. She looked pleased watching him almost as much as it pleased him seeing her and her soft, sweet face and shapely body.

“Show me what you got, Joe,” she requested.

He had never played any of Chris Squires’ riffs without the recording accompanying him, but he had played them enough, copied the Yes bassist enough, that he thought he could play solo. He did remember the notes, his mind imagining playback in the room that only actually had the sounds of his bass. With only that sound, he realized he kind of sucked at it. It just didn’t flow. But it was busy.

Unlike the Coltrane.

“Okay,” she smiled after he bashed through the solo. Pulling out her cello, she bowed those four notes. Thoughts of envying the cello so intimate between her legs quickly evaporated from Joe’s head when he heard them.

“A Love Supreme?” Joe muttered.

“If I’m satisfied with your playing,” she told him with a smirk, “you can accompany me when I play Coltrane’s solo intro and the fist few lines.”

“You know his solo?” Joe asked her in wonder.

She grinned and nodded. “Try,” she said and gave him the key.

She let him struggle with it for a good (or bad) fifteen minutes.

“Wow. Why so hard?” he finally asked.

“It’s the attack and release. How you strum the string and when it’s strummed just enough to produce the note and no more. Watch my fingers on the fret board.”

He got a little better after he watched, but still struggled.

“Good,” she said. “But you need to relax.”

At that word he laughed tightly and tightened his body even more. The burlap effect for the first time playing the bass had taken over completely. He strained to say, “But I have to press hard enough to hold the string down. That takes muscular tension.”

“True, but the moment you release that note, you need to let it free so to speak. It’s like that for pretty much every instrument needing to be struck.” She stood and carefully rested her cello against the seat of the chair. “Let me show you at the most basic.”

He followed her to the drum set where she grabbed one of Barb’s drumsticks and demonstrated the difference between leaving the stick on the skin after the strike and lifting it swiftly away. “Try it,” she asked him, letting him sit where she had sat. When he settled in, she began notice the way he moved as stiff as an old man whose back curved from the weight of years.

“What’s wrong Joe? Where’s your graceful movement?”

“I…get tense,” he replied, holding the stick much too hard.

“Everyone gets tense.”

He chuckled tightly. “I get extra tense. I didn’t expect this. I feel so comfortable around you. And I feel at ease when playing bass. I guess…I wanted to impress you with my ability even as a beginner and…”

“Look at me Joe. Wow you really are tense. And you get like this a lot?”

“Unh-hunh,” he replied, a corner of his mouth lifting tightly in a pathetic half smile. “Not as often lately and not…this bad for awhile. I’m sorry.”

“How long has this been happening?” she asked him.

“Since I was a kid. Since I can remember.”

“Something happened to you, Joe. Something happened before memory, like before you were four or five. Something incredibly traumatic.”

“Maya suggested the same thing,” Joe nodded tightly. “She said she looked inside herself when she loses her temper and sees scenes involving her father, a sort of Elektra complex sort of thing of seduction to get her way when she just started getting sexual.”

“The same thing happened to me,” Consuela admitted with difficulty. “I mean the tightening up.” She seemed to want to hold the next words back as if the words were a roped calf restrained at its kicking feet. “I was…raped.”

The word struck him at his diaphragm taking his breath away. Someone robbed this sweet and peaceful young lady of her innocence. Who could be so cruel?

“A man I trusted,” she seemed to answer his thoughts, “even had a crush on him in my stupid youth. I couldn’t even speak his name afterwards let alone accuse him. I got tight like you and nervous and got stomach aches to the point of hospitalization, but of course no one could figure out what was wrong until a psychologist interviewed me. She referred me to another psychologist and she referred me to a woman who specialized in hypnosis.”

“All women?” Joe noticed.

Consuela nodded. “They had to be. Men freaked me out.” She actually chuckled. “It worked. I relived it and understood my victimhood and the particularity of the man.” She shuddered. “He was no longer every man.” Consuela looked up at Joe. “I still feel more comfortable in the arms of women. You know Annie was once my lover?” Joe nodded. “Sometimes I get tight again and I self-medicate in a way hypnotizing myself. It’s a meditative process.”

“Could you hypnotize me?” Joe asked.

“I’m no doctor,” Consuela objected. “I could do more harm than good.”

“Let Maya and Carol know. They can help restrain me if I get wild and crazy, bring out the net and send me to the loony bin.”

“I don’t think you’ll get violent, but you could actually go nuts.” She paused and smiled. “You know I’m attracted to you.”

“I am too, which is weird since I’m fully satisfied by two incredible women.”

“I think that’s why I allowed the attraction. I knew you didn’t need to…have me.”

“I’m safe.”

“In a way. You’re awfully tall and I can tell you’re strong. I mean you could easily overwhelm me physically.”

“I would never…”

“Maybe I want you to, but in a loving way? I don’t know. It doesn’t hurt that I find Carol and Maya sexy. But I’m not as lesbian as I seem to be. I am attracted to men more. Only they scare me too. Maybe that’s why I flirted with Barb and Steve. I had learned he was sort of safe, weak sexually and all that, and I found his admittance to his impotence eased my fear considerably. It’s very brave of him, so anti-masculine or something. But I find you much more attractive. Of course you’re taken. Of course I knew that.” She chuckled. “I wanted to borrow you from your lovers, Joe, to get permission to…experiment. Except…I never felt jealousy from them. They actually like me.”

“What’s not to like?” Joe smiled; his tension easing. He noticed. “Well done.”


“You changed subjects. You avoided hypnotizing me.”

“Did I?” she smiled coyly. Immediately afterwards she became serious. “I can give you the hypnotist’s number.”

“I prefer you. I trust you.”


“Go get Maya and Carol. Do you have the equipment you need?”

“I can make do. You sure?” she asked. He could sense her excitement overcoming her trepidation.



She used a small metronome to focus his mind. He got lost in it. He heard her gentle voice.

“I know you’re relaxed, but I need you to feel the tension again. You feel frustrated. You can’t hit that note on your bass. You can’t impress me. Let your mind explore. Follow the tension to its source. Keep following it. Find the source. Have you found it?”

Joe dully answered, “Yes.”

“That’s great. Listen to it. Do you hear anything?” When Joe nodded she asked, “What do you hear.”


Consuela paused, swallowing her fear. “What kind of scream?”

“Very high pitched. Like a young girl. No a boy. Young. Barely walking. And there’s grunting. Excited grunting.”

“Go back in your vision. Trace it back a few moments.”

“We’re so happy playing in the muck. It’s cold but we don’t care. We barely notice it.”

“Who is with you?”

“He says his name like it is the most wonderful fun. ‘Jeff!’ He bounces everytime he says it. And my name, ‘Joey!’ with excitement, with a kind of affection. I’m there to play with him unlike Mommy and Daddy who soothe him or he needs them or something. Where’s Mommy? She left us telling me to watch out for my brother. ‘Okay Mommy.’ We’re bundled up like two round balls from head to foot. It’s cold. The muck attracts us like bees to flowers. He squeaks his delight. It leaks out from the pigpen. ‘Look Joey! Let’s play.’ I don’t like pigs. They’re scary and noisy and ugly. I figure Jeff feels the same. He doesn’t. He follows the muck under the fence. ‘Good piggy.’ He reaches up to pet the snout. The pig’s teeth grabs on to his tiny hand, squealing and snorting, overexcited. Jeff screams which just seems to excite the giant monstrous pig even more. Another hog joins in. It’s mouth squeezes at the source of Joey’s scream. I am petrified. ‘Mommy!’ I want to scream, but I can’t. I want to reach out and pull my little brother away, but I can’t. I can’t! Then my mother screams an adult scream. ‘Jeffrey!’”

Joe hears a soft unsteady voice. It lures him away from the horror. “You’re in your mother’s warm and strong and comforting arms. She murmurs to you, ‘It’s not your fault. Things happen. Terrible things happen.’

“But I showed him the muck. I lured him to it and to his death.”

“No you didn’t. You couldn’t stop him. You couldn’t stop it. It’s not your fault. You’re older now, Joe. Months have passed. You sit beside your mother. You can still see her grief but its less.”

“‘I’m sorry, Mommy. I should have stopped him.’ Her tears well up again. I hate it when she cries. She blames herself. ‘That stupid phone call,’ she says. ‘I should have let it ring. I can’t even remember…Mary Johnson wanted to chat about something… something to do with her daughter whining about some dress she just had to have. And for that I lose my baby.’

“‘I thought he was afraid of the hogs. Who wouldn’t be? You hate me.’”

“?I love you. You are my only son now because of a moment of foolishness. Just a moment never to be redeemed.’

“‘Just a moment.’

“‘Just a moment. We need to move on. We need to forget. Forget you ever had a brother. Forget I ever lost my son. You’re my only son, my angel, my youngest, my baby.’

“‘Your only son,’” Joe murmured. “‘Your only son.’”

“Listen, Joe,” a sweet voice broke through his memory. “Return to now, to your beautiful new home, to the basement surrounded by those you love. In your fine adult mind you remember that very early memory. You remember your brother, his enthusiasm, his cuteness. And you remember his terrible death. And you realize it’s not your fault. It’s not your mother’s fault. Things happen. Terrible things. But we all move on. We have to. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Joe murmured without emotion. “I understand.”

“When I snap my fingers twice, on the second snap you’ll awake feeling calm and refreshed like you’ve just finished a really great nap. Wake up Joe.” Consuela snapped her fingers twice.

Joe found himself embraced on two sides by his two beautiful lovers. Tears streamed down their faces. He kissed each kneeling woman, feeling the heat of their emotions on their lips. He looked up at the beautiful sweet face of Consuela also crying. “Can I get some sugar?” he asked her, his own eyes filling and a tear sliding from the left eye.

“Oh Joe,” Consuela muttered and surprised him by straddling him.

By the time their lips joined together his long strong arms pulled her into him. He felt his jeans tightening at the groin as her groin squished against it.

“Now that’s some sugar,” he said when the lips finally separate. All three ladies laughed through their tears. He became quickly serious. “I need to call my mom.”

Consuela nodded and smiled a heartbreakingly sweet, sad smile and lifted herself off his lap.


“Hi Mom.”

“Hi Joe. Everything okay?”

“I’m fine, Mom. Tell me about Jeffrey.” Joe could hear her inhalation as she paused,

“You remember?”

“I got help remembering.”

“I wanted you to forget.”

“I know. It didn’t help.”

“When you get all tense?”

“Unh-hunh. You could have brought me to someone.”

“Your dad didn’t want that. And I…I was afraid.”

“You thought his death might be causing it.”

“You were like that when I found you.”

“What…Is there a marker for him?”

“You know we don’t stand on ceremony. You know that big maple tree on the back left of the yard?”

“You can’t miss it.”

“We got it when it was not much bigger than Jeffrey when he…and we planted it where we buried his ashes.”

“So he’s there all the time for you.”

“Unh-hunh.” Joe could hear her sorrow.

“So you haven’t forgiven yourself.”

“Not really.”

“You should.”

“Why should I. If I hadn’t…”

“Things happen, Mom. Terrible things. We all have to move on.”

“I keep moving on,” she chuckled. “It doesn’t hurt so much, like a shadow of a pain, but it’s there. I think it always will be. I talk to the tree you know.”

“No I didn’t.”

“It used to be often, but now it’s twice a year at his birthday and…the day he died.”

“So you don’t blame me?”

“I never blamed you. You were so young.”


“Maybe for an instant, but you’re my lovely son. I look at you now just like I looked at you then and all I see is a good soul. I’m proud of your goodness, Joe.” She unexpectedly chuckled. “We were a couple of real sad sacks for awhile there Joe. I mean I never saw a sadder little boy. But we had a chat and resolved some things.”

“I remembered that too.”

“Unh-hunh. How?”




“So you’re feeling better?”

“For now. Consuela says it won’t totally cure me or anything, but it will help.”


Joe changed the subject. “So I forgot him after that conversation.”

“Not right away, no. You’d dream about him. I heard you shout his name.”


“Yeah. But that stopped after awhile and I guess you forgot him. We got rid of all the pictures in the house except some we’ve stashed.”

“I’d like to see them.”

“Of course.”

“What did you do with the hogs?”

“Your dad killed them and had them slaughtered pretty much right away. It actually helped in a way. Revenge I guess.”

“And what happened to your relationship with Dad?”

“It got rocky, that’s for sure. Just like that shadow of pain it still reverberates. We lost some closeness. But he’s my best friend. That will never end.”

“And you’re his.”

“Unh-hunh. When are you coming to visit? It’s been since…”


“I miss you.”



“I’ll get back to you on that.”

“And bring your friend Myra.”


“Sorry. She’s an interesting lady.”

“She is that,” Joe chuckled. “And maybe another friend.”


“Bye Mom. I love you.”

“Love you too sweetheart. Bye,” she sniffled.


Once he settled the phone into its cradle he looked around and noticed no one in his vicinity. He found no one in the basement either.

“Where is everyone?” he shouted.

“Upstairs!” came a female voice.

Joe scampered up the back steps and quickly opened his and his ladies’ bedroom door. What he saw inside surprised the hell out of him.

“What’s going on?’ he asked.

All three ladies laid on the California king bed, his girlfriends on their sides surrounding Consuela who lay on her back. Her tight jeans had been removed and her shirt opened revealing matching deep crimson bra and panties. She had a small pooch of a tummy that worked well with her overall voluptuousness, and a small a ruby gleamed from her bellybutton. Her deep tan skin looked soft and inviting. His girlfriends remained fully dressed except for their bare feet.

“How’s your mom?” asked Maya.

“Good,” he answered distractedly. “She invited us up to the farm. I suggested I would be bringing Carol.”

“Cool,” said Carol.

“What’s going on?”

His girlfriends giggled. Consuela looked nervous yet she smiled sweetly at him. “Please,” she said, reaching her arm over Carol. Joe took the offered hand and let her pull him over her. His girlfriends scooted off the bed giving him plenty of room to rest between brown and shapely legs.

“She wants to be alone with you,” Carol told him.

“And you’re okay with that?”

“We’ll join the fun later,” Maya explained with a giggle before his ladies left him with Consuela, Carol shutting the door behind her.


“I need you to kiss me Joe. Kiss away my nervousness.”

The softness of her lips thrilled him. He had never experienced such softness. Her skin too was beautifully soft and giving. He began with a couple of light kisses before pressing his lips deeper and harder against hers but retaining some gentleness. But when her tongue reached into his mouth and touched his tongue, the spark intensified his passion several fold. His hands slid between the cloth of her opened shirt and the skin of her back feeling the smoothness and the give, pulling her against him.

“Wow,” Consuela grinned, her eyes sparkling when the kiss ended. No more fear could be seen.

“Yeah,” said Joe.

She pulled at the bottom of his t-shirt. He knelt to pull it off. She sat up and removed her shirt, tossing it aside just as he did his. He began leaning forward, but she pushed him back and embraced him and kissed him. His legs straightened up as hers enveloped his hips.

“Undo my bra,” she breathed.

While he did so smoothly, she reached down and unbuckled his belt. “Take off the bra, Joe,” she murmured.

“So beautiful,” he murmured at the sight of her full, dark, youthfully firm breasts capped with even darker silver dollar sized areolas and stiff eraser sized nipples of a reddish brown hue. His head immediately lowered to taste them, lips sliding across crinkling areolas before nipping the nipples, one after the other.

“Mmm,” Consuela hummed while struggling with the button of his jeans.

“Let me help you with that,” he smiled, taking over, though her fingers remained touching his fingers.

Once undone she moved back and knelt. “Stand up, Joe,” she commanded gently. He did so, his legs spread balancing on the mattress as she unzipped him. He had to narrow the spread to allow her to pull down his jeans. He kicked them off his foot and off his bed.

“So big,” she murmured touching the tenting cock pressing inches from his loins the cotton fabric of his sky blue boxers. The tenting increased as her hands delicately explored the shaft and the glans. She placed her face against it so that her mouth could embrace his plum, lips squeezing it gently.

“Ooh,” he moaned.

“Sit, Joe,” she murmured, and they returned to the earlier position this time feeling the exultant touch of naked torsos pressing and subtly rubbing together. Her hands wandered across his back. One of his explored her back too while the other slid between torsos and weighed her full, resilient breasts. Her hands caressed lower until they encountered the waistband of his boxers and slid underneath. Clasping his tight little buttocks, she pulled him against her.

He felt the dampness and the heat of her slit as it crushed against his stiffness, riding its length. Hips shifted, glutes tightening and releasing as they began a slow fucking motion thrilling both of them. Her hands enjoyed the pulse of his ass muscles and his enjoyed hers with a tight squeezing grip. He couldn’t help sliding fingers between her ample buttocks, soft yet taut beneath the layer of softness. Fingertips slid across her rosebud until they found the slippery folds of her slit.

“God,” she moaned, quickening the pace of the faux fuck and pressing harder downwards. “Mmm,” she hummed when his fingers slid higher encountering the crown of her pussy and brushing across her clit. Fingers stayed there and rubbed.

He watched her face, seeing the increasing of pleasure in her eyes and mouth and hearing the quickening and deepening breaths. She looked like she was reaching heights of bliss when he lowered his head, capturing a nipple and carefully nibbling on it with his lips and then his teeth.

“Too much,” she told him and he eased off, circling the abused nipple with his tongue which she approved. “God,” she moaned.

She seemed on the edge of climax as their genitals rubbed together frantically when she eased off and pulled away. “Lie on your back,” she murmured. Once he did she pealed away his boxers, her eyes looking amazed at his largeness bouncing free. Her fingers touched it and explored it. He moaned and sighed at her attention especially when she rubbed the ridge of his glans.

“Not fair,” he uttered. “I should get to explore.”

“Not yet,” she responded with a giggle. “I’m not done yet exploring. I do not wish any distractions”


“Be patient.” She pulled his thighs open and brought fingers to his balls.

“Gentle,” he warned.

“Okay,” she giggled. He decided he loved her giggles, so childlike and innocent, so sweet.

“What do you think?” he asked her.

Rubbing the head again, she said, “Such a formidable weapon. Such potential for destruction.”

“We can wait,” he suggested.

“I have no desire to wait. I know you’re gentle. You’ll be gentle.”

“I promise.”

She kissed the tip and licked the slit of his glans making him moan which caused another marvelous giggle. “Unless I don’t want you to be,” and she placed the glans into her mouth, her tongue swirling all around it.

“God!” he moaned.

When she released his cock from her lips and her hands, he already missed them. Standing unsteadily she removed her panties revealing a dark haired bush trimmed along the edges to prevent hairs to appear past the edges of her panties or swimsuit or whatever, but still rather full. “I hope you’re bringing that to me,” he said.

She giggled and straddled his face. He began digital examination of her damp and dripping pussy, full lipped and sweetly fragrant while she continued sucking his cock and rubbing it. When he at last lashed his tongue from bottom to top of her slit, she reacted by pressing her teeth against his sensitive shaft.

“Ow. No teeth, Consuela,” he told her.



“Won’t happen again, I promise.”

“I know,” he told her and returned to his lingual examination circling ever inward.

“Mmm,” she hummed appreciatively on his glans, the vibrations appreciated by Joe as well. “Ooh,” she crooned when his tongue lapped across her clit. “Aah,” she moaned when his tongue tip danced on it. “God!” she exclaimed when his lips surrounded it and he sucked gently and the tongue tip quickened its motions. He kept at it until her writhing shifted his target away and then back to his mouth. Instead of holding her still he used her shifting to stroke across her clit as it passed. This only increase the writhing. He could feel her tremble and the undulating stopped.

“Joe!” she moaned loudly and immediately lifted her beautiful, sweet pussy away from him. “Put it on,” she ordered desperately, grabbing the extra large sized condom packet he hadn’t notice on the bedside table and ripping it open, handing him the rolled up rubber. She studied the way he rolled it on without effort before she straddled his hips, took his cock from him, aimed the tip at her center and slowly descended. “Yes!” she exclaimed as he felt the pressure of the narrow opening slide past his glans.

“You’re so tight,” he murmured.

“I…can tell,” she giggled roughly.

“Any pain?”

“Feels…incredible. Lots of…pressure…but…good. So good.”

He helped her, holding her full buttocks, as she lowered gradually; an inch and a half in and an inch out until, finally, their pubic bones pressed together. She was deeper than even Carol, not a hint of her cervix.

Both Joe and Consuela had watched the disappearance of his cock with absolute focus. He almost laughed at the thrilled grin she gave him when they succeeded. She looked so adorable and so gorgeous he had to kiss her. A moment of resistance when he began pulling her body down ended when she sensed his intentions. “Oh Joe,” she muttered before their mouths met ecstatically. It was a messy, wide open kiss with tongues tangling in a wrestling match. His hands swept across the smooth skin of her back as her fingers combed through his hair. His hands continued southward until they claimed each buttock, spreading them, pulling them up and down, beginning the subtlest of fucks.

Again he nearly chuckled at her wide eyes when their eyes opened after the kiss. Her grin matched his as she went with the subtle shifting of cock in cunt and the delicious rubbing of pubic bones. “Mmm, so good,” she muttered.

“Incredible,” he agreed.

“I never thought…a cock would feel…so good. Everywhere you rub inside feels like shockwaves. Make me cum, Joe. Make me cum. Make me cum.”

As she repeated, the fuck became more heated. She lifted higher and crushed down harder quickening with each stroke. Keeping her lower back low she arched her upper back so he could enjoy pleasuring her nipples with his lips and tongue. Only a couple minutes from their complete joining had her bouncing fast on top of him and he thrust up against her. The coup de grace came when he slipped his middle finger between their abdomens and vigorously rubbed her clit.

Heavy breathing, still containing her demand with each exhalation, ended abruptly as her eyes, mouth and nostrils widened. All of her motion ended as she pressed her loins hard against him mashing his finger, but he didn’t care. He pressed that finger forcibly against her clit while his hips bounced her rigid form as he too became overwhelmed by orgasm following hers by only three hard upward strokes.

“Joe!” she moaned loudly.

“Connie!” he roared.

“Fuck…Joe,” her voice trembled along with the rest of her, the words emerging in a breathless whisper. “God. I love. You.”

As his cock pumped out liquid ecstasy it felt surrounded by profound quivering and he felt his balls become awash in her own ecstatic liquids just as Joe’s mind became awash in utter bliss that swept away all other senses.

When his mind retreated from that blissful state, it returned to sensibleness. “I love her too,” he thought. “Why? How?”

“Thanks,” he murmured. When she chuckled he asked what was funny.

“You just gave me an orgasm that beat all other orgasms to a pulp and you thank me?”

“Uhm…I meant for the hypnosis.”

“You thanked me with your body and I welcomed you with mine,” she answered him with a soft half grin revealed when she lifted her head, leaning on her elbows.

“You…are so beautiful,” he gulped.

“You are too,” she replied and then sighed when she felt his penis slip out. “I miss you inside me already. But Joe…”


“You should really see a specialist: a psychologist or my hypnotist.”

“Probably. But I’m thinking I could explore those memories when the tension comes again. It seemed to lessen it like a burden had been lifted. I didn’t completely freak out or anything.”

“It’s sort of a meditative state, this hypnosis,” she told him. “And I have learned meditation techniques that are a little more conventional.”

“You seem to have become my teacher in other things besides bass playing.”

She chuckled. “Those things will probably be a lot easier to teach you.”

“I suck as a musician, don’t I?”

“There are those that are blessed and those that are not. I have taught both kinds. The latter take more work to sound…uhm…pleasant should I say?” They both chuckled. “But we’re talking bowed instruments here. An electric bass never sounds like squealing chalk.” They both shivered. “I think we’ll get you to relax into the attack, to get your tone to swing, but I’m afraid bass solos should probably be avoided.”

“I got no problem with that.” His smile met hers in a gentle kiss. When lips parted his loving smile shifted into a more serious expression as did his loving eyes. “Uhm, Consuela…,” he began before being interrupted by giggling women entering the bedroom.

“You look well fucked,” said Carol.

“That’s an understatement,” Consuela responded.

“I think we arrived just in time,” said Maya. “Joe’s worried.”

The three ladies looked at Joe’s tightening expression. The two clothed ones quickly stripped and joined the naked one on the bed, surrounding Joe. At first Maya and Carol sat at Consuela’s sides, Consuela sitting up as well, her damp pussy pressing down warmly on Joe’s hairy pubic bone. His old lovers leaned into Consuela, each gripping a pendulous, weighty breast, their wrists touching as they chose the breast farthest from them. Consuela glanced at Maya whose mouth encroached on hers and met hers for a lengthy kiss lasting long enough for tongues to enter mouths. Carol, with a languid impatience, broke the kiss with a hand—the one that wasn’t weighing a breast and caressing a turgid nipple with her thumb–turning Consuela’s lips gently away from Maya’s lips and leading them to hers for a kiss equal in length and quiet passion.

“Her lips are so soft,” Maya murmured to Joe.

Barely nodding, Joe made his agreement with her statement more explicit with, “The most.” Then the idea of suggesting his newest lover was somehow better than Maya worried him ending the calm his ladies’ kisses had brought him. Maya silenced that worry by lying beside him and kissing him with the incredible intensity–no matter how gentle or hard she kissed him–she always brought to his lips. Her fingers traded one nipple for another as they caressed Joe’s. The kiss lasted longer than Carol’s and Consuela’s kiss.

When it ended and his penis had expanded in response to it furthered by Consuela pussy lips sliding over it, he qualified his comparative evaluation of Consuela’s lips. “Your lips stir me the most, Maya. They seem to reverberate with passion that always brings my cock to life.”

“I can see that,” Maya giggled.

“And Carol, your lips sing to me, communicating every ounce of love you bring to me.”

All four chuckled. “Did you note that down, Maya?” Carol asked. “I think Joe just created a love song.”

“I can’t help it,” Joe grinned broadly. “I feel inundated by love.” Again the grin disappeared. Like the tensing and releasing of muscles so familiar to Joe, it seemed his emotions kept moving from relaxed acceptance to tense worry. “Are you sure?’ he asked ambiguously.

The ladies understood his question and nodded. Further illustrating their understanding, Carol pulled Consuela off Joe and onto her back. Carol’s mouth attacked the nipple her fingers had been exploring. After feasting on it and expanding it, Carol moved to the other nipple.

Maya climbed over Joe to join Carol in the feast. Her focus seemed to shift completely towards Consuela. The two locked lips. Seemingly ever hungry for nipple pleasuring, Maya’s fingers traded back to fondling Consuela’s breast, twisting the saliva wetted teat.

Joe watched his established lovers bring sweet ecstasy to his newest lover only interrupting the voyeurism when he removed the used condom from his penis and got up to bring it to the toilet next door and flush it away. He immediately returned to watching. Without even touching it his cock got harder.

Carol’s kisses had journeyed down Consuela’s body, finally reaching the hot center. Lapping across those tender and thickening pussy lips dewy with fragrant nectar, she stopped and asked, “Do you need him covered, Consuela?”

“Hmm?” Consuela responded, her mouth occupied. She broke the kiss and breathlessly asked, “What?”

“Do you need Joe to wear a condom?”

“I’m not on the pill,” Consuela explained.

“Do you want to be?” asked Maya.

“I used to be. It actually helped ease my cramping. But just the thought of it and what it represented…after the rape…”

“Rape?” both Carol and Maya exclaimed, tightening.

“Oh, I forgot I never told you. I told Joe, and with everything happening today…”

“It’s why she understood my debilitating tension,” Joe explained. “She had the same result from trauma. It’s why she learned hypnosis.”

“I trusted the man,” Consuela spoke with remarkable calm. “He brutalized that trust. Joe…Joe was….is a cure.”

“Why Joe?” asked Maya sliding her fingers across Consuela’s forehead and combing through her dark thick tresses.

“It’s partly you two and partly Annie. I hadn’t seen her since she graduated. We’d been good friends and then lovers and then friends again while at school together. The lovemaking had been nice, but not very passionate; probably my fault. So I ended it, wanting our good friendship again. But when I caught the rehearsal of your band at MacPhail, we immediately restored our bond. I wanted to join the band as much to resurrect our friendship as to have fun playing Joe’s and your songs. Annie and I started calling each other or meeting for lunch or dinner. She told me about her and Barb and Steve. It amazed me that she allowed a male into her bed so she explained about his impotency and his gentleness. I thought it might work for me as well, even more than her because I’m not a full fledged lesbian. I had fantasies still. I didn’t necessarily dwell on them. To do so still disturbed me. But I’d get flashes of cock when glancing at an attractive man and it gave me insight into my sexuality. Was this my chance to explore these feelings safely?

“Problem was I wasn’t all that attracted to Steve and though Barb is sexy as hell and I wouldn’t mind sucking on her gorgeous tits or kissing across her soft pale skin, it wasn’t enough to lure me into her arms.”

“She wants you, you know,” said Maya.

Consuela sighed. “I know. Very flattering, but…And like I said with Annie, it’s strictly platonic the love I feel for her. Still I considered it, it being a safe way to encounter male flesh again. Only his impotence wasn’t all that attractive. I wanted something big and stiff and hard to puncture through all that fear, but somehow in a way that didn’t threaten me or bring back the trauma, you know?

“And then I saw you two looking all blissed out, all well fucked. I could just tell. Sometimes it would just be one of you and the other one would tease so warmly and lovingly it blunted any sense of jealousy despite the razor sharp wit. I could tell you both loved Joe and most importantly loved having sex with him. And it confused me even with Barb’s and Steve’s and Annie’s similar relationship. That had sort of structure to it, a reason for its possibility. But you two are such strong women. What kind of man would it take to share your love? Someone even stronger than the both of you? Or someone so weak you could both take command of him? Neither possibility instilled interest, though I couldn’t stop being interested because, well, unlike Annie and far beyond Barb, I was attracted to you. You’re both so sexy and in such different ways. I figured whatever form your relationship took with Joe, he had to be a lucky son of a bitch.”

The ladies laughed and Joe agreed, “I am.”

Consuela’s eyes met Joe’s and they smiled sweetly at each other.

“I asked Annie to describe you, Joe. When she told me how tall you are, I imagined the kind of cock that might match that tallness. That got my juices flowing. And a cock that managed to please two sexy, horny women. Wow. I really wanted to meet that cock. But what kind of man carried such a cock? Annie didn’t know you all that well nor the intimate details of your relationship with Maya. She’d never seen you with Carol. I’m sure she got suspicious when I wouldn’t let it go, wanting any and all insights into your character and the way you were with Maya. When I confessed my attraction to you ladies and my almost obsessive desire to solve the mystery of your threesome, she laughed. I mean a full throated, full bodied laugh the likes I had never seen. Once she calmed down and brought up Barb’s probable disappointment which I think hinted at hers as well, she talked about the loving glances and the Mutt and Jeff hugs and flashes of awe you both gave to each other and I knew you three loved each other on equal footing. I felt feverishly hot instantaneously, wanting, hoping, needing some way in.

“Problem was of course I had no desire to bust up an obviously devoted relationship. I wanted no part in hurting any of you, including you, Joe. I even considered the numerology of it, three being so much stronger than four. But oh did I want the chance to be with this man, to be with you, to feel your cock tear through my trauma, to bring me ecstasy instead of pain, love instead of rape.” Consuela sniffled. “I don’t know if it was to get to you through your lovers, but…”

“If it was, I don’t mind,” said Maya. “I loved our conversations.”

“Me too,” said Carol, kissing Consuela’s inner thigh.

“Me too,” Consuela smiled, kissing Maya gently but lovingly. “Ooh,” she moaned when Carol tongued her from frenulum to clit.

“Such a hungry little cunt,” Carol murmured. “So pretty and so sweet like the rest of you.” Her tongue circled the subject causing another moan.

“God,” Consuela moaned when a tongue tip dabbed at her clit, her loins tightening and lifting. “Let me finish.”

“Later, pretty little clitty,” said Carol, addressing it, kissing it.

“Mmm, so yeah,” Consuela started, taking in a deep breath. “We talked about other things, but half the time we talked about you, Joe, so I learned more about you and it only deepened my interest. I learned about your encyclopedic musical knowledge and I learned about your lithe and endless and graceful dancer’s body. And I started to wonder if I was bound for disappointment with all these expectations when I finally met you. I mean obviously the opinions were biased, clouded by love and all.

“God I swear I had a little cum when I saw you standing before me, your arms carrying rosemary and mint for god’s sake,” she giggled. “And your eyes…so warm and gentle and…full of desire.”

“I couldn’t help it,” Joe murmured with a tinge of guilt. “You enthralled me: your music and your…beauty. You could have commanded me and I would have had to obey.”

“I wish I knew that. I would have pulled you into the dressing room and fucked you immediately. It’s what I envisioned.”

“Me too,” Joe admitted, looking down shyly. Carol and Maya chuckled.

“Adorable, isn’t he?” said Carol.

“Such a cutie,” Maya added.

“Unh hunh,” Consuela said and grabbed Joe’s head and pulled. Joe figured out what she wanted and, leaning over Maya, kissed Consuela. The two enjoyed several light kisses before ending in a deep and heavy one.

“Mmm,” Consuela moaned as Carol began her newest assault on her tender sex. Maya grabbed both of Consuela’s darkly tanned and heavy and resilient tits, one with fingers and the other with lips.

Leaning against Maya, his ever growing cock slipping between her thighs and sliding against her wetting and heating cunt, Joe took hold of her own heavy tits caressing them and pulling and twisting the nipples while still connecting lips to lips with Consuela.

Consuela reached down and found his cock poking between thighs and caressed the head and lower, pushing his ever hardening flesh against Maya’s cunt, fingers sliding along the edges of the shaft also sliding along Maya’s opened labia. Only Carol remained unattended, although the flavor and perfume of Consuela’s cunt thrilled her as she added fingers to her lips and tongue in pleasuring Consuela.

With a lift of her head letting out a deep moan from the two pronged attack on her pleasure center, Maya surveyed the situation and saw Carol not receiving the proper attention that the rest of them received. “Consuela?” she said quietly.

Breaking the lengthy, passionate kiss and looking into Joe’s soulful gray eyes, Consuela responded, “Yes?”

“Would you like to taste Carol’s pussy?”

Giggling, Consuela answered, “Very much so.”

“Goody,” said Carol carefully shifting her tall lean body around to straddle Consuela mouth and lowering her cunt onto it. The others chuckled at her eagerness.

“She’s hornier than I am,” Maya explained to Joe while they retreated a couple inches to give Carol room to move.

“Hmm,” Joe whispered into her nearby ear before pinching its flesh between his lips. “Hornier?”

“Well…equally horny.”

Despite the shifting of positions, Consuela’s hand remained on Joe’s cock. In fact Carol had to negotiate her steps around Consuela’s arm. And that hand only became more aggressive in its caresses of both Joe and Maya. “Put him in me,” Maya requested.

Feeling he had regained full stature and firmness, Consuela thought that a very good idea. She pushed against the head seeming to push Joe back into position, though Joe helped, and she placed it at the well prepared entrance to Maya’s petite pussy. “Push,” she simply said.

He did as ordered entering into that ever tight slot he knew and loved so well, his favorite sheathe for his weapon truth be told. Though slippery with abundant lubrication manufactured by Maya’s ever horny pussy, at least when sex reared its luscious head, it always provided a tight and lively fit for his cock to open up. And as always he took care in the opening. Even at his horniest, he rarely took immediate possession of that narrow space, always gradual, pressing against resistance until he found the cervix with nearly two inches to spare and measured it.

“God I love your cock,” Maya murmured with a gasp. “It fills me so full. It sets me afire. Fuck me. Stoke the flames. Love me.”

“I love you,” he said, easing back to near exit before pressing forward with perfect easy force.

“Yes,” Maya gasped. “Love…you…too,” she added as his cock once again retreated.

As they fucked slowly and sweetly in a sort of sideways doggy style, Maya’s upper leg lifted and bent at the knee to open her to the gentle assault, Consuela’s fingers remained caressing the place in which Joe’s cock slid in and retreated. Mostly she rubbed Maya’s clit though she also enjoyed feeling that great shaft coated in Maya’s juices slide back and forth. Sometimes she circled it with her hand which barely reached around it. She even noticed the bit of dryness at the base of his cock and actually brought some of the natural lubricant to wet it.

Joe’s hands also remained where they were caressing Maya’s breasts. And Maya remained sucking and pinching Consuela’s breasts. Again Carol was left out, this time the tit caressing. Consuela realized this because neither of Carol’s hands could be caressing her own nipples since they were busy stroking inside Consuela’s pussy and, most surprisingly and intensely, inside her anus. Despite the exquisite, mind numbing pleasure being given her by Carol and Maya, Consuela consciously remedied this by dipping into the effluence of Carol’s cunt, in fact adding some aggressive strokes of Carol’s g-spot bringing Carol to the edge of climax, and her slickened fingers found those needy nipples and squeezed. “Harder,” Carol told her breathlessly. When acting as ordered while intensifying the speed and pressure of her tongue and with a final big suck on Carol’s clit, Carol became the first of the four to climax.

“Oh God!” she screamed into Consuela’s cunt, stiffening and trembling and gushing out cum juice into Consuela’s lapping mouth. Moments after, with Carol sucking at the crown of Consuela’s cunt while lost in bliss, she triggered Consuela’s own orgasm. And with all the moans of exquisite passion echoing in the room and Consuela pressing extra hard on Maya’s clit without even realizing it, lost in stiffening orgasm, while Joe tripled the speed of his thrusts, Maya too reached an incredible climax with a simple and resounding “Fuck!”

Slowing his thrusts, though keeping the intensity, Joe milked Maya’s orgasm for as long as possible. “So good,” she murmured as it began its inevitable abating. Joe slowed to a stop, closing his eyes to concentrate completely on the shimmering action of Maya’s tight, orgasmic cunt. Once it ended and Maya calmed, he slipped out of that wondrous hole, his cock pointing nearly straight up with a slight angle towards his head. All female eyes except Maya’s–she still languished in her bliss–took in the beautiful sight of the shiny conquering weapon. Glancing down and seeing Carol transfixed by it, Maya suggested, “Go for it, Carol.”

With a grin up at the sweet beauty new to her bed, Carol lovingly kissed the beautiful cunt she had ravished and lifted her body with remarkable grace off Consuela, stepping carefully over a still languid Maya who managed to look up at her and wink and finally stood above Joe, straddling him like the gargantuan statue that once straddled the Straights of Gibraltar.

“Guide me in, Joe,” she said, lowering her body. Gripping his cock at the base, his other hand pressed at her hot and swollen pussy, the middle fingers squishing inside to press along the top of her loving tunnel. Strong legs enabled a slow descent until she crouched above that favorite thick stick of flesh. “So good,” she muttered as it began its entrance.

“So hot,” Joe murmured back. Like Maya and her narrowness, Carol’s cunt had a heat to it that Joe had never experienced. That and her Kegel muscles made Carol’s a very close second to Maya’s. Unlike Maya, Carol had no problem sinking all the way down in one motion until their pubic bones met and mashed together. Not that her walls were wide for easy entrance. Joe squeezed in. There was just enough pressure to bring friction to his glans. In fact, with the tip of his cock barely grazing her cervix, Carol’s pussy seemed designed to fit Joe’s cock perfectly.

As soon as he reached her depths her Kegel muscles went into action and he too pinched his sphincter to bring her some action. They moaned and chuckled, the chuckling furthering the interior play causing another moan. Carol leaned forward and kissed him. Lips separated and eyes opened. “I love you Joe,” she said.

“I love you Carol,” he returned.

They kissed again, staying with it while her butt lifted and fell, officially beginning the fuck. His hands captured her b sized tits still resiliently round hanging from her broad, lithely muscled chest. He squeezed the flesh, letting it slide through his hands until he squeezed her nipples, all gently done. She couldn’t handle more until nearing climax.

It took nearly ten minutes to get there as the gentle fuck and caresses became faster and harder. By the end, with their lips separated allowing gasping breaths and their bodies shining with sweat, they smacked together at their groins nearly at the speed of applause and with nearly the same noise. Joe met her descent with upward thrusts at perfect synchronicity. No one could determine who set the pace. They seemed to mesh in some sort of telepathic agreement, though it was their bodies that communicated.

As Joe pinched hard and twisted one nipple and carefully crushed the other with his teeth, Carol reached the height of heights of pleasure, her body inscribing an undulating wave just above his. On the edge himself, Joe bounced her with his thrusts, somehow even more rapid than before until he too stilled and arched and grunted out his explosive climax while his cock throbbed, pumping her full of his seed. A whole stream of liquid pleasure, both hers and his, drowned his pubic hair and his balls.

“Incredible,” Carol barely murmured into Joe’s ear.

“Amazing,” said Consuela squeezing a tit of Maya’s with one hand and the top of Maya’s cunt with the other. Maya had just released Consuela nipple from her mouth and her own hand squeezed Consuela’s cunt similarly as she lay on top of the Indian/Indian beauty both watching the intense fuck beside them. In fact each had reached a tiny yet appreciative orgasm in sympathy with their lovers’ two grand ones.

A few moments later Consuela wondered, “How’s this going to work? I mean with three you get a mouth and a cock, but with four…”

“Good question,” said Maya.

“Easy,” Carol decided. “We take turns being the center of attention. When it’s Joe’s turn, the fourth can help Joe pleasure the other two.”

“And when it’s not Joe, we have the strap on,” Maya pronounced causing a roomful of giggles and a manly chuckle.

“Even if it is,” joked Carol adding intensity to the laughter.

“Definitely not,” Joe objected, his anus tensing at the thought as if fighting off any future intrusion, but only his anus tensed.


Somehow they managed to get out of bed. Two each shared showers with Consuela getting her first shower with Joe. It was a sensuous experience for both of them. She even managed to get him hard again, though neither remained long enough for completion.

Making dinner was out of the question, so they ordered a couple pizzas, one veggie only of course while the other was molested by round slivers of pepperoni. Steve and Annie arrived at about the same time as the arrival of the pizza and the extra large pies soon disappeared. They chatted comfortably together. Even Consuela no longer a virgin, at least in experiencing the joy of a loving cock fucking her, only had a slight bit of tension with Annie continually eyeing her suspiciously. It built enough for her to pull Annie aside.

“You look different,” Annie told her.

“Good different or bad different?”

“You look like something lifted off your shoulders. Good. You look really good.”

“I did it.”

“Did what?”

“I seduced him.”


“No. The girls let me. Did you look at them like you’ve been looking at me? What do they look like?”

Annie grinned, loving to say, “Well fucked.” She got more serious. “Joe looks different too, kind of like you do.”

Consuela nodded and smiled though her eyes shimmered with unshed tears. “I’ll tell you later,” she said.

“Okay,” Annie said submissively.

“I should work on teaching Joe bass before Barb gets here.”

“But I thought…” Annie grinned shyly. “Never mind.”

“Yeah, lessons got interrupted.” Walking back to the kitchen, the more casual and usual place to eat in the house, Consuela said to Joe, “Time for more chalk squealing before Barb gets here and we rehearse.”

Both she and Joe shivered and chuckled. Getting up from the table and hugging her, he said, “It’s your ears being tortured. I barely notice.” Hand in hand they left the kitchen and went downstairs.

“What’s going on?’ asked Steve.

“We’re now a quartet,” Carol explained to her brother.


“Connie’s joining us in our bed from now on,” said Maya definitively.

“Oh. Barb’s not going to like that.”

“She’ll get over it,” said Maya. “What about you?”

“She’s lovely, but I don’t think she was ever interested. I thought she was gay.”

“Nope,” said Maya and Annie simultaneously.

“Definitely not,” Carol smiled.


Two decades passed. Additions and subtractions happened to the foursome. The major subtraction occurred a little over a year after Consuela joined the others in their bed and their hearts. Three definitely proved to be stronger than four as Consuela had predicted.

During Carol’s first business trip, the beginning of her peripatetic life that followed in her father’s footsteps, she fell in love with a charming Spaniard with a thick body and cock. The others got to know that cock, albeit briefly, when it fucked Consuela (“I need one last cock I can trust to sweep away the rest of that rape,” Consuela admitted. “We understand,” said Joe, though Maya was more reluctant to accept it.) and it joined in double penetrating Carol, Joe fucking her ass. A one time thing because Consuela only needed it once and Joe ended up getting tight and uncomfortable during the double penetration.

But that burlap tightening ended up being a revelation. His cock remained stiff as he brought his two lovers to the shower, leaving Carol alone being fucked by her new husband. Also Joe’s arms remained loving when they embraced Consuela as Maya knelt at their feet cleaning the dirt off his cock. Neither the embrace nor the cock remaining stiff had happened before. “And those burlap moments have gotten rare as well,” said Consuela.

“Thanks to you, my love,” Joe said, his grin much less tight.

“My pleasure,” said Consuela proudly.

“Hey, it’s my turn to be pleasured,” said Maya, as usual getting the last word in. Her lovers abided her needs most intensely on the bed in Joe’s office, Carol tearfully watching the final straw of her loss of them from the doorway to the bathroom; her sweet new man, her brand new husband, comforting her.

Additions included three daughters and a son. One daughter, her only child, came from Maya’s womb, while the son and twin daughters emerged from Consuela.

Plans for these children entering their lives occurred at the aftermath of the wedding of Carol and her Spaniard (only a month engagement because both gaining dual citizenship from it, both involved in international commerce, rushed it) which occurred in the romantic setting of a small Mediterranean coastal town near Barcelona. The newly reduced threesome discussed the future of their relationship in the privacy of their lovely Barcelona hotel room. That discussion surprised Joe, but pleasantly.

“I marry you first,” said Maya while Joe fucked Consuela the morning after the wedding. “We conceive on our honeymoon like a good bride and groom. Nine months later: a baby.”

“A couple years later,” Consuela muttered, barely able to talk as she gently rode her lover, “you divorce Maya and marry me. Honeymoon. Conception. Baby nine months later. All legitimate.”

The idea thrilled Joe more than he would have thought, and the fuck became hard and intense resulting in an earth shaking climax that followed Consuela’s by seconds.

“You want just one baby?” he asked Maya once his breath had recovered.

“I figure with you conceiving it, the fetus will be a monster and they’ll probably have to rip me open to get it out what with your big head and everything.”

“Ew,” said Consuela.

“So?” asked Maya.

“I’d love to get you two fat with babies,” Joe grinned. “I can’t imagine anything more beautiful. I just hope they’re daughters because I want them as beautiful as you two and sons aren’t supposed to be.”

“Your sons would be,” said Consuela before kissing him softly but deeply.

“Hey slut, give me some of that sugar.” As usual, the old joke remained and Maya kissed Consuela first, thoroughly, before thoroughly kissing her man, the future collaborator for her baby’s creation.

The Barcelona wedding also brought, through Carol’s daddy’s deep pockets, exposure to Europe of both EQ, Consuela’s quartet, and Mad Jest, Joe and Maya’s band (the band name coming from riffing on the two song collaborator’s initials). Connections through Carol’s new in laws and through Carol’s insistence had wedding guests able to create European tours for both groups even with the caveat Joe insisted on that a mini tour be created with both bands and Randy’s Nordeast Dance Company combined. This odd combination had already been tested quite successfully in the Midwest, including Chicago and, most conspicuously at the famed First Avenue in Minneapolis where a rave review appeared in avant garde British music magazine, Wire.

Joe’s negotiating and promotional skills had proven remarkable several times and only improved. While considering himself only a high school graduate and a lowly record store clerk who somehow managed to fool two incredible ladies into falling in love with him and even marrying him, his ladies knew better. Randy actually did as well, since Joe had been the one to insist he start the dance company and essentially wrote the grants to cover costs as well as coming up with promotional strategies that ended up bringing the small dance troupe into cultural consciousness. And the weird juxtaposition of art rock band and string quartet (actually more than strings since all members could play various instruments, including Consuela playing a virtuoso tenor saxophone) and modern dance enhanced all three groups’ fan base immeasurably. And Joe had actually gotten Consuela and another of her quartet genius grants (or, as Consuela often remarked with awe, “A fucking genius grant!”). He got both groups decent label contracts that led to fair profits, actually substantial compared to others at their levels of fame again thanks to him and his brilliant promotional schemes. His connections via the record store to get great distribution helped immensely as well. It didn’t hurt the profit that they turned the basement practice space into a recording studio through Annie’s expert knowledge of electronics and acoustics and software.

The success of the groups sustained over the long haul. Their unprecedented longevity made them all legendary. Joe added to their resilience as far as Mad Jest went a few years into their longevity by encouraging the others of the group to compose their own songs making them feel less like underlings to Maya. She actually resisted losing leadership until she could see the excitement in both Barb’s and Annie’s eyes when they brought forth their first composition. Not surprising, Annie’s music was brilliant. Barb’s lyrics were far less. She had an interesting, sort of vulnerable voice. Maya liked it and wanted it as part of the group. But the lyrics…

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Barb,” Maya told her, “but I think you need Joe to help you with the words.”

“That bad, hunh?” Barb moaned.

“Just a nudge here and there,” Joe smiled. “Not enough to lose writing credit.”

“I’ll share the credit,” Barb said.

Maya sensed her reluctance, and Joe nodded his own awareness of it. “These are yours and Annie’s songs no matter what,” she told the cute blonde drummer and smiled at the sigh of relief.

Both Joe and Maya encouraged Consuela to try writing rock as well.

“Okay,” she said and bounced out of bed, hiding nakedness with a long terrycloth robe she’d stolen from one of the fancier hotels they’d stayed at, and ran out of the room. A minute later she bounced on the bed between them with pages of music paper in her hand. What surprised Maya and Joe were the lyrics written below the musical notations, even more when they heard them from Consuela’s mouth, sung weakly but in perfect pitch. Dark and rich imagery resonated from those words. Lovely dark images.

The surprise from her two lovers came from Consuela having always used Joe’s words exclusively in vocal pieces and especially the oratorio gleaned from the piece that Joe had originally shown Maya with the long Doors like spiritual poem embedded in it. Maya had rejected it. But Consuela, when Joe showed it to her, the first lyrics he had shown her directly, loved it. While she read it, Joe could swear he could see her mind working, the sinuous shifting strings already accompanying the words in her imagination, and it thrilled him. The result ended up being the key piece that brought her the genius grant.

“Why have you always used my words?” Joe asked her when she’d finished. “Yours are better.”

“Not better, Joe,” Maya insisted. “Just different.”

“They’re beautiful,” Joe emphasized. “So why?”

Consuela blushed. “I can’t sing worth shit. I…I knew I’d have to sing them to get the tune right…to present them right. It’s hard for me to sing. I had to at MacPhail several times and it just made me want to disappear.”

“But it’s us,” Joe reminded her.

“I know. It’s just hard and we have all those cool songs already.”

“So you thought you’d shame me?” Joe asked.

“No. First I don’t know if they’re all that good. Second I do love your words, Joe. Third, it takes me forever to compose songs like this, in a rock setting, so I could never be prolific enough.”

“So why now?” Maya asked her.

“Barb. She’s got this vulnerable voice so different than yours, Maya. I know you like it, and I like it too, but she’s nearly as self conscious as me. It took all her bravery to sing to you, especially with those shitty lyrics.” The three laughed. “So she shamed me into singing for you.”

“I’m glad she did,” said Joe, kissing his beautiful Indian wife.

“I’ll take those,” said Maya, saving the pages from being crumpled between the passionate bodies of her lovers.

“Of course,” Consuela chuckled between kisses. “They’re all yours.”

Maya threw on a nightie and dashed out of the room.

“She liked it that much?” asked Consuela between even more passionate kisses. Both knew their lover would be working all night on the arrangement the way Maya always did when a song thrilled her. Both could see the familiar excitement on her face.

“It’s absolutely lovely,” Joe told his wife. “Just like you.”

And they made long, slow, passionate love while their lover spent most of the night arranging the newest Mad Jest song, even calling Annie, used to late night calls from her, to help.

Annie had moved out of the house with Barb and Steve after Consuela gave birth to twin daughters to make room for them. More importantly the Annie/Steve/Barb threesome needed room for their own babies, since both she and Barb had given birth to a son and daughter respectively. But the house they bought—again mostly through Steve’s and Carol’s father’s help in cosigning the loan for the mortgage and the rebuilding of the interior using Steve’s design–ended up only a couple blocks away. Another saving of a house devastated by students kept the mortgage low. With Steve moving up in the architecture firm that hired him straight out of MCAD, they could definitely afford it. Like Joe had with his children, Barb’s child at least had become legitimate via marriage. Not really a big deal in this day and age, they figured it would be best for the kids. And just like Joe and his lovers, Steve getting married to Barb was an easy decision. He just wished he could marry Annie. Their love had eventually overcome any queasiness Annie had for the opposite sex, though she never could stomach blow jobs. The legit couple adopted Annie’s son.

Joe’s kids grew up bright and sensitive and gorgeous, especially the identical twins and Consuela’s son. Something about the mix of Joe’s and her genes just worked. With lots of aunties and at least one extra uncle, they were well loved.

Of all of the adult females, Barb proved to be the most maternal, which surprised her as much as anyone.

“Of course you are,” Annie said, embracing her lover. “You’ve always been sweet and innocent despite everything. You can relate.”

“Fuck you,” Barb grinned, kissing her lover.

And Joe proved to be a brilliant father even if he didn’t see it that way.

“Such incredible young ladies,” he sniffled when his sixteen year old daughters walked off stage, viola in one of their lovely naturally tan hands, the other twin holding her violin. They had soared with their instruments earlier, even managing their own mother’s difficult music. And when they looked up from their final bow during the standing ovation, they both seemed to zero in on him and his tear covered face and smiled and made kissy faces.

“Of course they are,” said Consuela. “They’re your daughters.”

“It must be because they’re yours too. They’d be shy and retiring if they were just mine.”

His lovers exchanged looks in front of his still lean torso as they settled into their seats, letting the rest of the audience gather their stuff and leave.

“Joe,” said Maya, looking older than her lovers yet still lovely and vibrant. She’d just passed fifty and entered it gracefully. “You’re thinking of your burlap condition.”

Joe nodded.

Consuela, who had thickened and broadened, most appealingly to her lovers but not to her, Maya having kept all of them in shape insistently enabled the broadening to be much firmer than the usual middle aged matron, told him, “How long since it’s affected you?”

“I…I don’t remember,” he half grinned in surprise.

“And how often did it occur when in your kids’ presence?”

“I don’t think it ever did since the beginning.”

“And why do you suppose that is?” asked Maya.

“I don’t know. I thought it would, knowing nothing about fatherhood. It was like taking a big step into an abyss. Such steps had always been tentative to say the least.”

“You’ve been a beautiful father,” said Consuela. “Why?”


His lovers laughed. “I remember you reading those books,” said Maya. “Proper Raising and all that. You’d practically spit at their ideas when you weren’t getting dazed with thought and unable to read. Research? Contemplation I’d call it.”

“You’re a careful man, Joe,” Consuela chimed in. “Careful to the point of fear. But the big steps, becoming our lover, becoming their father, you took more gracefully than any dance step. Careful yes, but thoughtful as well. And thoughtful is your domain. I told you you were the genius in the family.”

He snorted. “You got the genius grant.”

“No, darling. You got me the grant. I have the talent, yes, but you got me the grant. But the burlap thing that I helped you conquer and Maya and Carol did too, it’s what really makes you a beautiful father.”

“How so?”

“You completely understand the bedevilment of restraint and how much better it is to crash on through, through missteps and mistakes to proud accomplishments and successes. You dissolved any hint of burlap that might threaten the well being of your daughters or son or even Steve’s kids. You worked with them as if they were equals, not children in relationship to your adult.”

“The fear was there,” Joe spoke quietly and contemplatively, “terror actually. It had a sound, a horrid squeal. When we brought Celeste home from the hospital it was like the walls of the house echoed with those squeals as they closed in on me. You two were focused on our first child in her crib while I escaped to my private room completely encased in burlap. I thought I’d go mad because this was the beginning of many years needing to protect that fragile, beautiful thing. I could barely breathe.”

“I never noticed,” said a shocked Consuela.

“Me neither,” Maya swallowed.

The half smile and the quiet chuckle surprised them. “I got over it,” he told them.

“How?” asked Consuela.

“I guess by fixing it. By fixing every threat with a solution. I wanted the best intercom system to hear every breath she would take or if she stopped breathing I would hear that. I envisioned the gate at the top of the stairs that protected her from falling. I saw strong arms carrying her so that she could never fall from them. Arms of all of us, including Annie and Barb and Steve who I could see fell in love with our first little angel almost as much as we had. I even saw us as tasters assuring whatever we fed her wouldn’t threaten her health. And then I saw all of us, all of our individual exceptionalness being expressed to her and her gleaning so much from it and becoming so strong mentally. I saw her take her first step, her first bicycle ride, her first kiss, even her first fuck, and saw a wisdom there given to her from all of us who loved her which would make her brave and adventurous and yet with a caution brought forth from precocious wisdom. I saw her eyes full of tears coming to us with her hurt and letting us help her through it, whether patching up a skinned knee or a broken heart. Each problem I envisioned arrived with a pig’s squeal. Each solution silenced it. Until squealing ended and I heard the murmurs in our room of you two loving Celeste.”

Consuela chuckled, “I remember now. That’s when you brought us the ‘Laws of Protection’. It amused me until I saw how much those words calmed you. Only then did I realize the significance of protecting a baby, of preventing anything happening to her that happened to Jeffrey and especially if you could ever be the cause of it. I realized how scared you must have been to create those laws, but I didn’t see you scared. I didn’t know what hell you’d gone through and how much those laws had let you escape it. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help.”

“Me too,” said Maya. “And I’m afraid I never got the connection. I thought it funny how detailed you were, how Joe it was. And then it ended up being so useful down to the EMT training you insisted on for all of us. Those things made me feel like we’d be so prepared for our little ones that they eased my mind incredibly. But just like Connie, I should have seen your suffering, or at least anticipated it.”

Joe shook his head. “No, I had to be alone with the struggle. I had to give it all my concentration. It ended up being the worst of my burlap moments, and the most important. It almost completely freed me of them.”

“And that’s why you’re an exceptional father.” said Consuela, accentuating her thought with a kiss, tasting his tears and feeling the emotional heat of his lips, “You had to be for your own soul to heal. More than any other father you had to be.”

“So it was selfish,” he said, but with a grin.

“We’re all selfish,” said Maya, getting her own kiss. “No matter how connected we are with others and the world, we’re all stuck inside our own consciousness. It’s just that your selfishness has a certain large degree of selflessness connected to it. Come on. Let’s go dote on our brilliant children.”

“Samantha and Phillipa were amazing,” said Joe as his ladies held his hands as they walked through the nearly empty auditorium heading backstage.

“They all are, and they’re all here congratulating the youngest of our geniuses,” Consuela said proudly. “And wondering where their father is.”