It’s hard to describe your emotions while watching your husband eat another woman’s pussy. Anger, lust, jealousy, humiliation, excitement, arousal, embarrassment. All of these and more. I was kneeling on the other woman’s bed in my bra and panties as she laid spread eagled on her back with Troy, my husband, burying his face in her snatch. And I was a bit jealous of her as I watched. She was prettier than me, had bigger tits and long brown curly hair with any almost perfectly flat stomach. I unfavorably compared this to my close-cropped blonde hair, smallish boobs and a definite tummy bulge. I was momentarily thrilled to see that she had a C-section scar, since I did not, but then realized that meant her pussy was probably tighter than mine.

Maggie had trimmed her pubes down to a nice, neat, light brown triangle that pointed directly at her slit. I’m certain that Troy didn’t even notice it as he was nearly up to his ears in her pussy. She was certainly enjoying the attention; one hand rested on his head, gently guiding him to the right place and the other pinching her left nipple. Even with my conflicted emotions I couldn’t resist slipping my hand inside my panties and teasing my clit. I was turned on and worried at the same time.

I glanced over at the chair where Maggie’s husband was tied up. He barely noticed me. His eyes were focused on the fornicating couple. Of course he couldn’t say anything because of the ball gag shoved in his mouth, but his erection told me everything I needed to know. I was happy to see that his straining cock was a size smaller than Troy’s. This pleased me for no good reason.

It took only a few minutes together for me to learn that Maggie was a noisy girl in bed. While Troy prided himself at being an expert around a woman’s cunt with fingers, lips, tongue, and cock, it was obvious that Maggie had been waiting for the return of her high school boyfriend’s affections for a long time.

Yes, they dated and fucked in high school. Then they broke up. Troy and I met in college then married shortly thereafter. Fifteen years later with the help of Facebook she had tracked down her old boyfriend and enticed the ex-boyfriend, his wife and her husband into a group scene in their bedroom. It was as unlikely as it sounds, except it’s probably a lot more likely than most people want to believe.

“Stop, stop!” Maggie cried, pushing back Troy’s head, the heel of her palm on his forehead. I looked between her legs; she was shiny with wetness everywhere. “You’re gonna make me cum too many times,” she complained then laughed. “I want a taste of your wife tonight too.”

That made me nervous. And excited.

Maggie pushed Troy further away and crawled over to me. As excited as I was, I was too nervous to react with anything other than a smile and a giggle. I realized I was acting like a teenager instead of a woman well into her thirties.

“Are you a little nervous?” she asked me, glancing at her husband who was still silently and eagerly watching us. Behind her I could see Troy observing us very carefully.

“Uh-huh,” I managed to say. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a naked woman this close to me. Probably never.

“Me too,” she whispered to me, leaned in, and kissed me on the cheek, then the neck, then she wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me gently on the lips. I could feel her naked breasts against the thin semi-sheer material of my bra. She didn’t try to slip her tongue into my mouth, though I’m certain at that point I would have eagerly accepted it.

With a gentle nudge and not so subtle hints, she pushed me on my back and let her weight rest against my body. Her skin was perfect, soft and smooth against mine. Freckled dotted her nose and cheeks and shoulders. Why I would choose to focus on her freckles at the moment was beyond me. “Is it okay if I go down on you?” she said softly in my ear.

I nodded my assent. We had already worked all of this out beforehand, but it was nice to know she was polite enough to ask permission again. There wasn’t any slow trail of kisses down my body, just one more against my lips, then a quick, soft one on my neck, and her body was gone. Next thing I knew she was tugging at the waistband of my panties trying to get them down over my hips. “Lift up your butt a little,” she instructed me.

Immediately I complied and she slipped off my undies. I was now naked except for my bra. She smiled briefly at the carefully shaved tuft of pubic hair I kept to ornament my pussy. Normally I keep my hair fairly well trimmed, but I don’t do a lot of shaving. For this special occasion I had tamed the forest to a nice little puff-ball at the top of my slit. Maggie didn’t care. She spread my thighs apart, laid down on the bed, kissed me once on the inside of my right thigh, then on the tiny bit of pubes I had left behind, then her tongue worked its way into my pussy. I sighed and grabbed the bed sheets while I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations Maggie was causing in my body.

She was certainly talented at giving a girl head, I had to admit that. Troy was better, but maybe I was biased for his technique. But I was receiving this from a girl. A woman. Something I had never had before. I felt a finger worm its way up into my vag while she concentrated on licking and sucking my clit. I started to breathe heavier. This didn’t make me a lesbian, I told myself, I still liked having sex with men and cocks were the perfect toy for me. But there was nothing wrong with tasting the fruit from the other side of the orchard, was there?

I was more than enjoying Maggie’s ministration’s to my pussy when her gentle licks and sucking started to get interrupted by shakes and bumps. I opened my eyes and looked down between my legs. She was still there, her face ecstatic and her tongue busy where it should be. The problem was right behind her. My husband.

Maggie had gotten up on her knees, presented her pert ass to the air and Troy had taken the invitation. He was fucking her from behind. I couldn’t immediately tell if she was enjoying this extra attention, but it was disturbing my enjoyment of what Maggie was doing to my pussy. I wasn’t upset that he was fucking her. We had agreed that would eventually happen. I wasn’t even jealous or conflicted about the fact that my husband, whom I believed to be completely monogamous since the day we married, was fucking another woman. I was pissed off that he was interrupting my impending orgasm.

“Quick knocking her around,” I shouted at him. “I can’t cum!”

His look changed from complete bliss to literally red-faced embarrassment. “Oh. Sorry,” he apologized. “I’ll stop.”

This caused Maggie to pull away from my pussy. That was not the reaction I wanted. “Don’t stop!” she ordered him.

“Fine. Keep fucking her. Just make me cum,” I ordered Maggie.

She smiled at me. “Will do, hon. You have a tasty pussy.” And she plunged back between my legs, her tongue twice as busy on my clit now. This tremendously improved my attitude and Troy took a much gentler approach to fucking his ex-girlfriend. It didn’t take much more time for Maggie’s busy lips and tongue to find my perfect spot. I tightened up, felt that oh-so-wonderful rush of warmth to my pussy and then I was gasping for air as my orgasm finally arrived.

I usually black out for a few moments when I cum and this time was no exception. When I came back to reality, Maggie was still between my thighs though she was not actively eating me out. Instead she was enjoying my husband’s cock in her cunt. “It was wonderful to see you cum,” she said to be. There were little huffs and gasps between each word as Troy fucked her. “It was beautiful.”

“Thanks,” I replied. It was a little weird to watch the woman who just gave me a mind-bending orgasms get fucked by my husband. The whole situation was weird. I was going to have to get over that.

“Do you mind if he cums inside me?” she asked.

I blinked at her question, trying to figure out why she would ask such an odd question. We weren’t in a porn shoot. Troy wasn’t going to pull out at the last minute and spray his spunk all over her ass. I’m sure he wanted to cum inside her because it felt fantastic doing that and I knew she would love the hot rush of that liquid filling her up. Then I remembered the fetish.

And that helped me remember our initial meeting.

It was strange, meeting your husband’s ex-girlfriend from high school. Facebook is a semi-wonderful thing and while I tried to remember that I’m not the jealous type, his admission that she was the one he lost his virginity to, and vice-versa, made me a little tentative about the situation.

“Don’t be jealous,” he said to me as we drove to their house which turned out to be very nice, not ostentatious, but it was obvious someone in the family worked very hard. “If I was trying to get her into bed, I wouldn’t have mentioned any of this to you.”

“Uh-huh,” I agreed. “Why’d you even want to meet her again?”

“She’s the one who found me,” he protested. It was the truth. He even allowed me to look at his Facebook messages and chat logs. If it wasn’t the truth, it was one hell of a cover-up with a lot of effort that didn’t need to be expended. Beside, truth be known, I was curious to see what the girl who first got to bang my husband was like. He’s a great guy and all, but certainly still more than a little geeky spending too much time on video games and comic books when he wasn’t teaching biology classes at the community college. I attract geeks, of course. Working for the IT department of a smallish bank isn’t exactly the glamorous side of the computer world, but you do see a lot of taped glasses.

Maggie and Jamie were charming and nice. Blandly nice. He turned out to be an attorney for one of the area towns and she worked as a consult for medical insurance agencies. Very boring. The small dinner party was nicely put together, the food was good, their two kids were well-behaved and went to bed on time. Then Maggie broke out the third bottle of wine and the talk got very racy, very quickly.

I talk too much when I drink too much. “What was it like deflowering my husband when he was but a young man?” I asked her and immediately regretted it.

Everyone else was as drunk as I was. Maggie didn’t even blink when she answered. “Awkward. It took us a few times to get the hang of it, didn’t it, Troy?” My husband had the good sense to blush and look embarrassed. “And I was terribly frigid back then. I wanted to have a fantastic sex life, but I didn’t know how. Jaime helped me with that quite a bit, didn’t you, hon?”

She had the habit of calling everyone hon. I wonder if that was because she was drunk or if couldn’t remember their names or if she was just that open with her affection.

Jaime looked away, then back at us with a smile. “I suppose that’s true. But we all have hang ups. Or most of us do. We get over them.”

“I wouldn’t call it a hang up,” Maggie said. “Maybe a burning fantasy.”

This piqued Troy’s interest, of course. “What fantasy?”

Before Jaime could interrupt Maggie blurted out. “He wanted to see me fuck another woman.”

I nearly dropped my wineglass and sat there frozen. My brain no longer functioned.

Troy jumped on this immediately. “Did you?” he asked.

Maggie said nothing and took another sip of wine.

“Yes,” Jaime said with a wide grin. “It was great.”

Maggie laughed. “Typical male fantasy,” she dismissed him. But then proudly added. “It was kind of hot to do, though.”

Troy couldn’t let this go. “Are you bi now?”

She laughed again. “I was probably bi my entire life.”

“Damn. And I lost out on this.” Troy shook his head sadly, but the grin on his face told another story.

“What was just as hot was watching her fuck another guy,” Jaime added.

Now, finally, Maggie looked embarrassed. “Don’t tell them everything,” she said, but there was a note of pride in her voice as well. She was no longer a girl who didn’t know what she wanted in her sex life.

Troy didn’t seem to know what to say next. “Um. So are you two swingers or something?”

It dawned upon me now why exactly Maggie had invited her old boyfriend over to her house. But I was still unable to find my tongue.

“No, I wouldn’t say that,” Jaime said. “We just like to experiment, I guess. And we know what we like and we’re not the jealous type and we don’t do anything—sexually—with someone else unless we’re both there or we both know about it.”

“Sounds nice,” Troy said. I could tell he was waiting for an invitation to get naked and start fucking. I still couldn’t move.

“It’s good, it works for us,” Jaime added.

“It also works well for his fetish,” a now obviously drunk Maggie added.

“What’s his fetish?” I heard myself asking. All three looked at me. It was my first contribution to the conversation since I had asked the deflowering question..

Jaime looked extremely embarrassed, but that wasn’t stopping Maggie. “Cream pies.”

Troy looked puzzled a moment, then a look of realization dawned on him and he tried not to laugh.

I was still in the dark, but then I remembered something I must have read on the internet, the place of final authority on everything. “What? You like to have a banana cream pie smashed in your face? Like that? That’s weird.”

Maggie laughed out loud at my suggestion. “No,” she managed when her giggling fit was done. “That’s something else. Jaime’s fetish is dirtier.” She paused and learned conspiratorially toward me. “He likes to eat cum out of my cunt.”

Now I was dizzy. “Oh,” I managed to say. “That is…different.”

She nodded. “Yeah, but it’s nice.” She reached her hand toward her husband who immediately took it up. “And involving another man in the game makes it a little more exciting.”

“I bet,” Troy said.

“Wow,” was all I could say. The conversation paused and I felt the need to say something else. “Troy always asks me if I’d go to be with him and another woman. He always wants me to tell the story of my one lesbian encounter.”

Maggie put down her glass and learned forward eagerly. “Tell me, tell me. I need to know.” She laughed. “This will be great.”

“It’s not that great,” I blurted out, embarrassed. I could feel my face turning red, and not just from the wine.

“Oh, it’s great all right,” my husband contradicted me.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Exactly,” he said. “Now tell the story.”

I sighed. “Fine. It was in college, of course,” I added before Troy could comment. “And my roommate and I went to a party and had a little too much to drink.”

Jaime mumbled, “Sounds like a typical college weekend.”

“We came back to our room…and then things get kind of hazy.”

“That’s what she always says,” Troy added. “I think it’s actually the truth.”

“Um, well, yeah, there was some kissing, of course, and a lot of clumsy groping. We wound up in my bed and started taking off our clothes. Like I said, I don’t remember all the details. Tessa was beautiful. Still is the last time I saw her. She got completely naked except for her panties; that I do remember. She was never shy about taking off her clothes, but she had the chest of a boy, completely flat. I do remember putting my hand between her legs. That was nice. She was hot down there, and she came awful easy. I wanted to do more, but she fell asleep on me before anything else could happen. I was disappointed.” All three were looking at me. I always get too chatty when I drink.

“Tell the rest,” Troy prompted me.

I sighed. “Okay, I fell asleep with my shirt and panties on, of that I’m certain. Tessa got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. She woke me up. And she must have stripped down completely because she was naked next to me in the morning.” My face flushed again. “And so was I. And my pussy felt sore, like it had been busy the night before. But that I don’t remember.”

They laughed at me. It was a stupid story and yeah, I must have walked on the Sapphic side of life that night, even though I don’t remember the details. I was a bit proud of my history, and a bit embarrassed as well.

“What about you, Troy,” Jaime said. “What’s your deal?”

He shrugged. “Oh, that’s simple. I just want to watch my wife have sex with another woman.”

Maggie smiled. “I think I can arrange that.”

What followed after that was an intense negotiation of time and sex. What you never get told as a teenager is that having sex as an adult is a lot more complicated than you think it’ll be. We had to work out times when someone else would be watching our kids, when other pressing life matters weren’t taking up every bit of our attention, and find a moment to relax about what we were planning. Though they didn’t consider themselves swingers, Jaime and Maggie had worked out a checklist of sorts of what acts could be done with another couple, what wasn’t allowed and what was negotiable once things got hot and heavy. There was a lot stuff to consider.

And Jaime was thrilled to learn that Troy had a vasectomy. Which immediately led to more negotiations about fluids and condoms. Unsexy. Unless you’re Jaime. There was an awful lot of trust involved because most swingers automatically use condoms but that puts a crimp in Jaime’s fetish. We weren’t especially worried about STIs, but you never really know. Since I said I didn’t have a problem with Troy fucking Maggie, why should I have a problem with Jaime wanting to eat Troy’s spunk out of her cunt? The whole situation left my head spinning.

The final bit of information I learned from Maggie—who turned out to be the nicest and most understanding person I’d met in a long time—is that Jaime had a vasectomy too. Then she added that she was telling me this just in case I needed to know, but don’t tell Troy, it’ll be a surprise for him.

“Well, do you mind if he cums inside me?” she asked again.

I was snapped back to reality. “No,” I shook my head. “That’s fine.” I looked up at Troy as he was pumping eagerly back and forth into Maggie’s pussy. “Go ahead and cum inside her,” I told him. He nodded and thrust a few more times before groaning and emptying his load into Maggie who exclaimed her pleasure with a happy yelp.

“That’s good,” she moaned.

Troy kept his grip on her hips and thrust a few more times. I knew he was trying to bury his semen deep in her. That’s what he does to me when we fuck. When he was done he released his grip on her ass and she slid forward to her belly, squeezing her legs together.

“Will you release Jaime for me?” Maggie asked me, her eyes closed, still basking in the thrills running through her body.

“Sure.” I slid off the bed and went over to the chair where Jaime was handcuffed. This was something they had done at least a few times before. I could see small scuffs and scars on the wood arms of the chair where the handcuffs holding Jaime in place were fixed. He still held a small bell in his hand, the signal device he was supposed to use if there was a problem with his gag. I took the key off the end table next to his chair and opened the cuffs. Already naked, he stood up and pulled off the ball gag. In a flash he was on the bed, on his back and slithering under Maggie’s legs.

She laughed. “Slow down, Mr. Eager,” she told him as she repositioned herself, getting up on her knees and carefully placing her cunt over his face. They had turned around so that she was facing his feet and could lean forward to give him a blowjob if she wanted. Instead she just sighed and settled in to enjoy the second round of oral sex she had received that night.

It was odd watching them in this oddly intimate act. If they had just been fucking missionary style, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but here was a married couple performing some kinky act right in front of me and my husband—though admittedly we had both done our part to facilitate their kink.

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