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The last few days had been a hazy blur of torrid sex. Everywhere I went I seemed to encounter a cornucopia of juicy pussies, bountiful tits, and succulent asses. I had fucked two of my students, banged my PhD advisor, and gotten a hand job from a random shower nymph. Life was good, but it was also draining. I was losing my focus. I couldn’t hone in on my grad work, and I could feel myself falling farther and farther behind. Instead, I was slipping into a steamy dream world that dripped with horny passion. I knew that I was still fine, but I also aware that my course work and teaching assignments would soon suffer.

So I resolved to buckle down. I needed to get some work done. I got home fairly early on Saturday night and went immediately to bed. I was dog-tired; I think I fell asleep while my head was still en route to my pillow. I got up early the next morning, showered, and took a brisk walk around my apartment complex. I felt rested. The cool morning air cleared my head, and the lust driven veil seemed to lift. It was a beautiful day, all puffy clouds and blue skies. The college based apartment complex was, of course, deserted. Sunday morning is not a good time for students, as the impacts of the inevitable Saturday night revelry are often still lingering.

I thought about the tasks that lay ahead of me. Several papers were quickly coming due that demanded my undivided attention. I plotted out a quick mental schedule, and decided to get to work. Sex would wait until later.

When I got back to my apartment I made myself a hot cup of green tea. From there, I went to my room and sat down in front of the computer. I flicked on the monitor and banished the screen-saver. Quickly, I began to peck at my keyboard. An outline for my first paper began to develop on the screen in front of me. I loved this, the intellectual exercise of wrestling with theory. I never knew quite where it came from. Somehow, when I sat down to write, the thoughts and theory would flow. The process always seemed like a test of wills with ever shifting schemas. One word moved the status of the thought to and fro, forcing the meaning to subtly mutate with the slightest touch. When the words appeared on the screen, however, my understanding was transformed. My ideas popped into place and were made stable.

I spent the rest of my day hammering away in front of my computer. When I went to bed, I felt like I was on a roll, that my thoughts could not – should not – be stopped. Consequentially, when I got up the next morning I decided to beg off of my teaching duties for that day. I called up a fellow grad student and friend named Sarah and asked her to cover my classes for the day. She grumbled, and made me promise that I would buy her dinner before agreeing to sub-in for me. I guess a night away from Ramen was all any good grad student could ask for. “Fair ‘nough,” I said to her over the phone and then went back to work.

Time ticked by. The day came and went. The inevitable mess from two days living like a hermit built up on my desk. Several mounds of books marked by sticky post-its were strewn about the room. Crumpled notes lay on the floor, where I had missed tossing them into the trash can. A plate of sandwich crusts was forgotten next to my computer. I was a little jittery, as I had just settled into my third two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. I had been at this, without a real break, for the last two days. While I needed to go back and edit, a couple of hours ago I had completed a decent first draft of a twenty-five-page research paper. The last few hours, though, had been frittered away, staring down the fearsome wall of writer’s block. I had failed to adequately transition from one paper to the next. My mind felt like pulverized mush, and I am sure that the excessive levels of caffeine circulating in my bloodstream weren’t helping any. Perhaps I needed to call it a day.

The ring of the telephone woke me from my research-induced stupor. I debated for a moment, whether I should pick it up; a caller might distract me from my work. But, I thought, I am not really accomplishing anything at the moment anyway. Maybe a brief conversation might clear my head. I reached for the phone.


I heard a deep breathy voice on the other end of the line pant, “Hey big boy. Thinking about me?”

It was Jessica – my student, who had fucked me for a grade. I heard her sultry voice and I was transformed. It called up memories of her luscious, 18 year-old body writhing in pure sexual pleasure. She was so beautiful when she came. I remembered the feel of the soft mounds of her tits in my hands, against my chest, and around my cock. Her mouth was an instrument of exquisite pleasure that could drive me to an instant rock-hard state. Jessica’s tongue would slather my shaft with long, wet, teasing licks that would make me boil over with pre-cum. And Jessica’s pussy – Jessica’s pussy! – dripped with a sweet nectar that I craved in the origins of my soul. Thoughts of me fucking her, pounding her tight, shaven, little snatch, banging her deep and hard until she screamed in orgasm, echoed and reverberated in my brain. I gulped, caught my breath, and replied, “Sure. What red-blooded guy wouldn’t?”

She laughed and said, “So professor, Shan and I missed you in class today.”

“Yeah, I had a lot of work to do, so I asked Sarah to cover for me.”

“I know. It’s a pity, though that Sarah chick was kinda hot. She has such huge tits for that tiny little body. Do you think she likes girls?”

I grinned, “Well I don’t know if she is into ladies, but I do know that enjoy guys – if you know what I mean.”

“Fuck, professor! No way!” Jessica exclaimed. “You sly dog! You did it with her, huh? You boned her, right?”

“Maybe,” I said, knowing my tone gave everything away.

“You did it. You totally tapped that ass! When did you guys hook up? You two aren’t an item are you?”

I wasn’t sure if I heard a drop of concern or jealousy in Jessica’s voice. I decided to answer her with the somewhat uninteresting truth, “Yeah, Sarah and I got together a couple of times right after we met each other. We were both starting the PhD program, and were probably a little lonely.”

“Horny is more like it, knowing you,” Jessica quipped, cutting into my train of thought.

“Right, like you’re not a total slut,” I responded. Jessica giggled and I continued my story, “So anyway, we got together. It was great, and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but we just drifted apart. No real reason. I guess life just intervened and we got busy.”

“So you guys were like, fuck-buddies? That’s cool. She is totally do-able. So would you like to know why I asked if your booty call liked girls?”

I laughed out loud, “Sure.” “So today we planned everything – we were totally gonna tease you when you were teaching class. Shannon and I wore matching tank tops and micro, Catholic school- girl skirts. Our hair was done up in these cute, little girl pigtails. We were totally hot, like schoolgirl sluts. I was so hoping to make you hard behind the podium. C’mon, ask me if we were wearing underwear.”

I chuckled. She was incorrigible, “Jessica I know it’s a dumb question, but were you and Shannon wearing underwear?”

“Nope,” Jessica giggled on the other end of the line. “Not a stitch. I was totally going commando. My bare little pussy lips were blowing in the breeze. Your teacher friend had a hard time dealing with it. I so bet she likes girls.”

I couldn’t believe it. “You flashed Sarah?”

“Yeah. It was so sweet. Her eyes totally bugged out behind those sexy glasses of hers and she just sort of stared. I then looked at her and totally caught her eyeing my little baby snatch. So I wet my lips and blew a kiss to her.” Jessica’s words were coming faster now. I could tell that she was excited. “Sarah then started stuttering and babbling right in the middle of talking about that boring Monroe’s motivated sequence stuff. She became so flustered she couldn’t teach class. We totally got out, like, twenty minutes early. It was so cool!”

“My god, Jessica. Wow!” I was speechless.

“Yeah, Shannon, that little hypocrite, called me a whore. But she would have totally done it too if she had thought of it. Like Denny’s, her pussy is always open,” Jessica paused for a moment before changing up the conversation, “So professor, whatcha’ doing?”

“Trying to get some work done for my classes. I’m a little behind on my studying. Someone seems to keep finding ways to distract me.”

Jessica laughed, “Is that a complaint? Has our fucking been too much for you? I mean we can stop if you….”

“No, that’s not what I am saying. Things are just a little busy and I am falling behind. I am not sure if this is the best time for anything right now. Can we wait for a couple of days?”

“I don’t know, professor, Professor. I’m horny. And I need a little help with something for sorority rush. It won’t take too long, trust me. I would be really grateful. Pretty please? I’ll even put my cherry on top.” Jessica laid the cute, pleading voice on pretty thick.

I thought for a moment. Maybe I could get out for a little while. Maybe I was deserving of a break – or a fuck. Or maybe this was the beginning of my downfall. “Sure, what do you need?”

“Can you meet me in forty-five minutes on campus? Wait for me on one of the benches near the fountain. Cool?”

“Yeah, I guess. What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be a surprise. I am sure that you will enjoy it. See ya’ soon.” With that, I heard the click of the phone as Jessica hung up.


I quickly showered and shaved before making my way over to campus. I had to clean up, since I been wearing non-presentable-work-in-the-apartment-all-day-and-be-scruffy clothes. I put on some blue jeans, a sweatshirt, and a dark jacket. I looked nondescript; hopefully I would just blend into the scenery. I ran a comb through my hair, glanced in the mirror, and headed out the door.

After the five-minute drive, I parked my car and walked over to the fountain. The night was cold with a slight winter wind. Nothing existed, but corn from the surrounding farms, to hold back the frigid breeze. Naturally, the campus was deserted. Scattered lamps illuminated the walkways with a soft evening glow. The fountain was dazzling, as always. It was tall, single column of water lit from below with a shimmering, liquid light. Standing in the center of a circular stone basin, the fountain gave off a mist that seemed to instantly become crystalline in the chill air.

I found a wooden bench at the edge of the light. Shoving my hands deep in my pockets, I sat down to watch the jetting water. The view was mesmerizing. Everything felt so still. The swirling chaos in my brain began to settle down. The papers drifted away, as did my Mountain Dew induced haze. The sound of the falling water was a soothing sedative, a massage at the edge of my brain. It relaxed me, sending my mind into a dazed, almost hypnotic, trance….


….Until I felt two warm hands over my eyes. “Guess who?” I heard Jessica query, just before she licked my ear with a giggle. My heart began to beat faster, as it always did in her presence, since I knew that I would soon be sliding my cock inside of her. She leaned over from the backside of the bench and slid her arms down my chest. Jessica then bent down and nibbled on my neck. The suction from her mouth was surely raising a welt. Certainly, there would be a hickey tomorrow. Who cares? She then whispered soft and low, “Did you miss me, professor?”

I just groaned an affirmative. One of my hands went to the back of her head. I lightly stroked the flaxen hair spilling out of her wool knit winter cap. She continued to plant burning kisses on the side of my neck. While I was quickly becoming aroused, my body had grown relaxed. I could feel the stress flowing out of me. This was what I needed. I could count on Jessica to find the perfect moment to give me the medicine I required.

“Damn, Jessica,” I moaned. “Let’s go back to your place.”

“Uh uh,” she replied. I felt her shift behind me, before she began to tongue the other side of my neck. “We’re gonna do it here. Would you like it if I sucked you off while you relax on this park bench?”

“I don’t know. What if someone sees?”

“God, I hope so! That would be so fuckin’ hot! Maybe I would then have to suck them off too. Or if it was a chick, you could bang her while I would eat her pussy. Now be a good boy, unzip your pants, and pull out that beautiful cock of yours. I wanna start sucking.”

I could not help but obey. She had planned this, the slut. She had set things up so that I would fulfill some exhibitionist fantasy of hers. Jessica knew that I would be torn, but that I wouldn’t say no. Instead, I would throw caution away and consent to have my cock sucked on a bench in the middle of campus. She knew me too well.

I opened my fly, reached inside my pants, and pulled out my dick. The chill night air felt dangerously tantalizing on my uncovered flesh. It was freeing and invigorating, another taboo that I would break at Jessica’s request. My life had become so damn crazy.

My sweet teen coed whispered in my ear, “Oh, I want to lick that up. It looks so tasty. And is that a drop of pre-cum for me? Yummy! But let’s make this even more interesting, professor.” With that my world went black. I could feel Jessica pull her wool hat onto my head. But she didn’t stop there. Instead, she continued to roll the hat down until it completely covered my eyes. She was going to give me a public blowjob, and I was going to be blindfolded.

I felt the wet warmth of Jessica’s mouth descend over my rigid cock. At first it was a breath, soft and subtle. Within seconds, though, I felt my skin being peppered with quick, sharp kisses. The kisses then became licks as she began to work the length of my shaft. She made light moans of pleasure, signaling that she was enjoying the “hard” task before her. My cock was now fully erect, as the strangeness of the situation compounded the erotic thrill of the moment. I had never had sex in public – or with a blindfold for that matter – before. This was something entirely new. The thrill of getting caught, while terrifying, made everything so much more intense. Without my vision every other sense became heightened; it felt like all the nerve centers in my body were on full alert.

I knew this blowjob had to be quick; this was not the place for a slow, languishing tease. We were in the open air in a secluded, yet public place, on campus. Someone could easily walk by and spot the fellatio by the fountain. The pink wool cap that was covering my eyes would only draw attention to our activities.

Jessica’s mouth completely engulfed my dick. She made a soft gagging sound as the suction of her teen lips descended from the spongy tip of my dong’s head. Her wet lips smoothly slipped down to the base of my shaft. I felt her nose hit bottom. She had swallowed my entire length and buried it in the back of her throat. The hot breath from her nostrils flared in my pubes, circulating with the cold, night air. The moment was a study in contrasts. Her mouth was so beautifully warm. It was a haven from the harsh chill of winter that otherwise enveloped me.

She came up for air, gasping for breath. While she recovered Jessica grasped my cock in her hand and gave it a few sloppy wet strokes. Once again, saliva was everywhere. For now it felt seductive and warm, but later it would be a wet mess in my pants. But who gave a fuck? I had a gorgeous 18 year old cocksucker on her knees before me, and she wanted nothing more than to get back to business. She snarfed down on my rod again, this time going part way. From that vantage she was able to work my shaft with her soft, pliant tongue. It was amazing. I could the metal ball of her tongue piercing caressing the flesh of my dick. That piercing raised things higher, sending pleasure coursing through me in ways I had never….

Wait! What the fuck!? Jessica didn’t have a tongue stud. I had been tricked. The hat that had deepened the eroticism of the moment, had also blinded me to a cunning switch-a-roo. I pulled on the cocksucker’s head, trying to disengage from the mystery blowjob unfolding in my lap. She didn’t want to stop, though; that much was obvious. Her hand grasped my thighs as she fought to maintain suction on my dick. I felt another pair of hands massage my shoulders. Jessica whispered in my ear, “Easy big boy. Don’t worry. It is just another one of my slutty coed friends that needs the cock. Lie back, enjoy it, and give her some cum.”

I thought about it for a moment. I trusted Jessica. Sure, she was a wicked teen slut that would do anything to get properly fucked, but I also knew that she would look out for me. I released the death grip on the cocksucker’s head, eased back, and prepared myself for the orgasm that would certainly overtake me.

I could almost feel the smile creep onto the lips of the woman sucking my cock. She slurped in contentment and satisfaction as she continued to ply me with her tongue. Round and round it swirled, with that piercing compounding the sensation. I threw my head back and moaned, losing myself in this strange and sexy turn of events.

The mystery woman’s head popped off my cock. Without the warm, wet loving of coed lips, my member felt strangely sad and alone. I heard some whispering, as Jessica continued to rub my shoulders. Then Jessica spoke to me, “What do you say, stud? Do you wanna get fucked? Would you like a fresh, juicy pussy?”

Goddamn! “Sure. Fuckin’ bring it on,” I growled deep and low.

I felt a hand firmly clasp my throbbing dick. She held it up straight as she squatted over me. The mystery woman then rubbed it along the outer lips of her pussy, teasing her clit. I could feel my cock brush against a pair of lacy panties that she had pulled to the side for our impromptu, outdoor fuck. She was wet, and very obviously turned on. The moisture from her cunt coated the tip of my cock as she ran it along the length of her slit.

But it was clear that she was not looking for a tease. I felt her descent onto my lap, and in a short, glorious moment I was engulfed in the raging, damp heat of her hungry pussy. We both groaned in pleasure, letting the sensations of the fuck wash away the built-up tension of the day. Instead, a new type of tension took hold of our bodies. I felt the muscles in my legs become taught and my breathing grow tighter as I fell into the fuck.

For the first moments of our congress, the mystery woman was hesitant. Her ass cheeks bottomed out at the base of my cock. While she had yet to really move, she was now fully impaled on my length. I am sure she was gauging the situation, letting her pussy get used to its newly invited resident. She quickly, though, lost all uncertainty. She began to rise up and fall down with mounting determination. I could hear her gasp, short little intakes of breath that were becoming more fervent.

Jessica was nibbling on my neck as she whispered, “Does that fuckin’ pussy feel good wrapped around your hard, throbbing, cock? I bet it does. You feel so good right now, don’t cha you little slut? You little whore?” I heard my mystery girl moan an affirmative as she slid down on my pole again. I could feel her ass ripple lewdly against my pubic bone as she banged into me. Jessica laughed mischievously and continued her naughty commentary, “Damn, that looks so good, all sticky and wet. I know its gotta feel good. I love that cock in my pussy, plowing in and out of my teen fuck hole. Fuck her, professor! Screw that little college-coed, sorority teeny-bopper slut. Give her what she needs, that fucking slut! Make her cum. Make her cum like the dirty, fucking twat that she is.”

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