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“Action!” Wanda screeched as she worked the camera. Immediately Crystal went into her acting mode, setting up the pool balls on the table as I selected a cue to play with.

“So what will it be this time sailor?” Crystal teased, bending over the table as she placed the rack over the balls. “I know you’re out of money, so the only thing I see left to play for is that shiny gold watch on your wrist.” I caught a glimpse down the front of her blouse which revealed a black satin bra, the soft flesh of her C cup breasts slightly spilling out. Wanda also saw the same thing, only she was making sure to capture the sight through her camera lens, oblivious to what I was doing.

“Sure, take the only thing that I have left of any value,” I teased back, setting up the cue ball for the first shot. “So how’s about we play for something more, maybe raise the stakes a little?” This brought a sly smile to Crystal’s face as she played off the scene wonderfully by walking up to me and flicking my cue stick with her chalk.

“What did you have in mind sailor?” Crystal jokingly cooed, looking me deep in the eyes as Wanda brought the camera in to capture the look.

“Well, for the last hour I’ve been losing money while looking at that cute little ass of yours sway around the table. How about if I win I get a taste of it?” My heart was racing, not from the real life situation of being under Wanda’s control, yet for the fact that here I was, standing in front of a beautiful young woman whom I was about to taste again.

“Sounds more like a loser’s bet, but what the hell? You’re on!” Crystal mused back, turning away from me as I watched her tight little ass work its magic on my eyes. She had one of those asses, the ones that turn most guys into staring fools as they follow her down the street, almost enchanting if you will. I snapped out of my trance momentarily; remembering that we were still playing out this scene and lined up the cue ball once more, sending it spinning down the table as it crashed into the other balls, the sound emanating throughout the room. Unfortunately I couldn’t sink a single one to save my life. Crystal lined up her first shot and sunk it without so much as a doubt and I assumed she must have played a lot while being shackled up for so long without anything to do. Wanda followed her around the room, capturing her stances from various directions as the young woman downed ball after ball until she finished me off like a pro by sinking the last one.

“Looks like you lose, again!” Crystal deadpanned. “But to show you I’m a good sport I will let you kiss my ass.” My cock twitched with excitement as I knew where this was going. Slowly Crystal turned to face the table right in front of me and placed one leg up on it, the short woollen skirt riding up the backs of her thighs as her tanned ass cheeks came into view. I could make out the thin string of material from the g-string that she wore as I smirked at the thought that they wouldn’t be on much longer anyway, but that it was a nice touch. “What are you waiting for? My offer doesn’t last forever you know.” Crystal urged, wiggling her ass for effect. I bent down and planted a soft wet kiss on her exposed left cheek, nibbling at the warm flesh as my hands roamed along the insides of her thighs. Much as I needed to figure a way out of Wanda’s present scheme my mind was telling me different things at the moment. Crystal seemed to echo my sentiments as she let out a soft moan of approval while Wanda filmed the entire scene contentedly.

By now my fingers had reached the soft material of Crystal’s g-string and I began to stroke along the surface, feeling her hips sway unsteadily from her perch.

“Mmmm… yeah, right there…” Crystal cooed, shifting her weight so that her soft outer pussy lips made more deliberate contact with my probing fingers through the fabric. “I want to feel your tongue in there.” She added, running her finger down along her ass crack as the g-string slipped from between her cheeks. I brought my lips closer towards her sex, planting wet kisses along her thighs until I reached her moistening cunt, already dewy with excitement. With one swipe I tasted her, savouring her sweetness as my tongue dove into her more deliberately, causing the young woman to sway so much that she had to grab the edge of the pool table to keep herself from falling over. Wanda ecstatically filmed the entire scene, the bright white light mounted to the camera catching the pearl droplets of Crystal’s nectar that were becoming more evident as I lapped at her from behind, worming my tongue deeper into her womanly flower.

My cock had hardened to full stance by now as I inhaled the young woman’s fragrance and I couldn’t resist the urge to rub it through my jeans, the first drops of pre-cum wetting my shorts. I wanted to just pull my jeans now and slide my meat into Crystal’s warm pussy but I had to keep reminding myself of the present situation. Wanda was just inches from me, filming the entire scene as she whispered directions to us. She was a stickler for details and it would piss her off if I went straight for the young woman’s quivering pussy right away.

“That’s it Steve, lick her there, don’t forget about her clit.” Wanda purred as I shifted slightly and wrapped my lips around Crystal’s little pink bud, sucking and licking it as her hips bucked slightly as the young woman moaned loudly. It felt great to know that Crystal was relaxed enough to enjoy herself, as god knows what she had been doing the last few weeks with Stuart and Wanda. Surely knowing the reasoning for being held there, without any contact with the outside world, surely would have weighed on her mind as she performed for the two.

Just then Wanda reached for Crystal’s legs and motioned for her to get up on the pool table, guiding the woman until she was propped up on all fours. Without missing a beat Wanda then reached for my arm and lifted me to my feet so that I was standing behind Crystal’s ass, which wiggled slightly before me. I didn’t need any further encouragement as my tongue returned to work, this time more deliberately as I wanted to give the young woman an orgasm she wouldn’t soon forget. I know it was supposed to be acting, but I was enjoying every single moment of the whole scenario as I had wanted to hook up with Crystal ever since the last time at Deana’s. By now Crystal’s moans had turned to whimpers as her knees shook. I took this as a cue and moistened two of my fingers, inserting the glistening digits into her tight love hole as my thumb found her clit, massaging the bud as she rode herself towards orgasm. Every once in a while I would remove them from her snatch, tasting the copious amounts of her girl cream, even sharing it with Crystal herself, who once confessed to me that she loved to taste her own juices.

Soon the room echoed her first orgasm as Wanda came in for a close-up of her quivering pussy, soaked with what I imagined to be the first real climax in a long time. As her cries subsided she looked back at me, her lust-filled blue eyes a telling sign that she wasn’t finished with this scene. I took the hint and stripped, easing my torso underneath her firm body as my cock slid passed her hanging breasts, making me jump slightly from the light contact. Almost immediately her lips wrapped themselves around the head of my prick, her tongue teasing and tasting the drops of pre-cum that had gathered there. Crystal had never actually sucked my cock before and I was beginning to feel what I had been missing out on as her mouth worked its magic.

I continued licking her wetness, pulling her hips down as I drove my tongue as far as it would go into her pussy, savouring each and every new taste as Wanda panned closely on the action. We slowly built a rhythm where Crystal would engulf my cock so far down her throat that her nose touched my pubes and then she would rock back, impaling her cunt on my probing tongue, my nose bumping against her pink star. The sensations, tastes and smells of this little vixen’s body were all becoming too familiar from our previous encounters and needless to say the expert tongue work on my cock was pure magic!

With one final thrust I bucked my hips upward as the first load of cum surged from my prick, painting the back of Crystal’s throat stocky white. I think this must have caught her off guard as I felt her mouth let go of my cock for a moment before clamping down again, milking the loads of hot cum from me as I growled excitedly my climax. Occasionally I glanced up at Wanda, a shit eating grin on her face as the camera whirred away. As I lay there Crystal lapped up the last few drops of cum that had dribbled down to the base of my softening cock, purring with contentment.

“Saving that for a while there big guy?” She quizzed sarcastically, amazing me with how she could remain in character after all of that. “But I need some more wood, and it looks as if it’s going to be a while before you’re ready, so I guess this will have to do!” I watched in slight admiration as Crystal reached for the pool cue beside her while she lay back on the red felt of the pool table that was now stained with our sex. I wasn’t sure if this was planned or not but in my post-climactic bliss I couldn’t move, so I just turned around and propped my head on my hand. I watched the young woman draw the large end of the cue to her outer pussy lips, rubbing the carved wooden handle along her slit. “Mmmm….that feels so good…” She added as the camera light reflected on the end that was becoming more wet with Crystal’s juice. With a deep breath she ever so slowly began to insert the object into herself, her pink outer lips parting as the cue disappeared into her love hole, until a good three or four inches had gone in.

“That is so hot Crystal,” I commented out of character, much to Wanda’s displeasure as she captured the whole sight as it unfolded. Here was this stunningly beautiful young woman fucking herself with a 16 ounce pool cue! I had to say something even if it pissed the old broad off. Crystal just smiled her appreciation at me, and then closed her eyes as her head tipped back and more of the cue sunk between her dewy petals. She then slowly rocked the wooden handle in and out of herself, moaning as the carvings made contact with her outer lips, a wave of goose bumps covering her body. Crystal then began to rub her clit with her free hand when I decided to help her out.

I positioned myself alongside her soft warm body and grasped the cue just above where her hand was, taking over as she lied further back on the table to enjoy the sensations more fully as I plunged the new fuck stick into her. Dropping to my knees at the side of the table, my face was now just inches from Crystal’s sex, the smell of her juices emanating through my senses. My cock was at full attention again and I wanted to fuck her lithe little body but I waited, watching with curious bemusement at her body, swaying sweetly, impaled by the cue. I kept a steady rhythm, pausing only to lap at her bright clit, bringing her again ever closer to sweet release.

“Oh yes…That feels so fucking awesome!” The young blonde breathed, awash in the pleasure that was plunging into her, making her body quiver. I wanted to help her out, so I quickly jumped up and re-positioned her on all fours, re-inserting the pool cue to her warm moist folds as I placed the other end against the end of the pool table, where the cushion met the hard playing surface. This allowed her to work it into herself at her own pace.

As she fucked herself silly in front of Wanda’s camera I planted soft kisses and quick bites along her back, causing goose bumps to form on her soft warm flesh. I soon had made my way down to her pert little ass and gave her a playful smack on the ass that made her moan in surprise; sliding her snatch down further on the wooden fuck stick that occupied her wetness.

By now her juices were bathing the handle generously, making it shine in the light of Wanda’s camera. I ran my tongue down along her tight ass crack, letting her know of my intentions as Crystal instinctively reached back with both hands to part them, allowing my exploring tongue access to her pink star that winked invitingly with each stroke of the cue. Not wanting to waste any more time I dove for the crinkled flesh, worming my tongue into her tangy little asshole, swimming with the heady scent that filled my nostrils and it only made me want to fuck her with my tongue that much more. I shifted slightly so that I could dive in a little more as Crystal shrieked with lustful pleasure. She began to whimper and moan so I knew that she was close to cumming so I quickly shifted positions, swirling my tongue further up her ass, feeling her ring as it dilated and tightened with her rocking motion against the cue.

“Fuck, shit, fuck!” Crystal screamed; her blonde locks flailing as she threw her head back and forth, her eyes filled with fiery lust. I had never known her to lose control like this but I was glad that I could have been a part of it. “Steve, fuck my ass! I need your cock inside my ass right now!” Sweeter words were never spoken, or at least screamed, as I didn’t waste a second and rose to my feet above her sweet ass as I grasped my cock and guided it towards her rear entrance. I jumped slightly as my sick made contact with the target; the sensations making me shiver as I pressed the head of my cock slowly against her star, waiting until Crystal relaxed enough to press on.

“Oh yes, fill my ass with your sweet cock Steve, fuck me hard! I want it, now!” My ears rang with those words as I sunk deeper into her backside, until my balls touched her taut ass cheeks. Not wanting to waste another moment and sensing that my orgasm wouldn’t be far behind I began to fuck her hard, the movement of my cock in her tight ass causing Crystal to impale herself silly on the cue that was still lodged in her gripping cunt. Her warm asshole enveloped my manhood tightly, milking my cock like a glove inside a satin pillow. Although I was no stranger to anal sex, the way her ass gripped me was like nothing I had sensed before. It was as if she could almost control the tempo of our fucking by squeezing her ass cheeks firmly, then releasing them as I neared my own climax.

“Fuck her, fuck her hard! I want you to come in her hot little ass Steve!” Wanda ordered from behind us as she caught each nasty second on film. I was in no mood to argue at that time and began thrusting hard into Crystal’s backside, her groans of pleasure becoming more and more animalistic with each passing moment, her teeth clenched, eyes closed as she moaned her approval. Then I saw her reach between her legs and assumed that she was rubbing what I imagined to be a pleasantly throbbing clit. My assumption was right as soon her asshole contracted slightly and her moans became more deliberate, announcing the onset of her orgasm. The new friction that this effect had on her was now beginning to signal my own climax and I felt it increasingly difficult with the sights and sounds emanating through the room to control my own orgasm.

“Oh yeah…yeah…fuck yeah!” Crystal shrieked as her body tensed, her hands slapping at the table surface like we were part of a sexual wrestling match and I had just won. Really and truly my victory was made even sweeter by the fact that I was fucking the tight hot ass of Anna’s best friend, who Anna had no knowledge of being back in the same city. Although I still had feelings for her, this was one sexual feeling that was never going to probably ever be re-enacted. I then buried my cock deep in Crystal’s ass just as the first spasm of my orgasm filled her ass with hot, sticky seed. I was like an animal in heat, bemoaning my orgasm and all the electric sensations that came with it. As the heat surged through me I flashed through all sorts of wondrous images that made the experience that much more excitingly decadent.

Crystal and I slowly parted, my softening cock easing from her reddened asshole. Just then Wanda pulled me back so she could capture the sight of Crystal’s winking eye as the first few drops of my cum slipped from her bung, running down over the pool cue that was still deep inside her. She even went as far as to ease her ring finger into Crystal’s yawning star to urge more of my sticky cum out of her ass. I thought this was a little over the top and slightly extreme, but that was Wanda; as power hungry as she was perfectionist.

“Lovely! Just fucking magical!” Wanda purred, putting the camera down and giving Crystal a hug, the blonde’s sweaty cheeks still flushed red from her orgasm. “I knew you would come around and start putting more effort into your scenes my darling!” I couldn’t help but feel for Crystal, having to act as if she was into something when in fact it was Wanda’s blackmail that was the driving force behind the young woman’s motives. After all, as long as she kept Wanda happy then life was great, which led my train of thought back to why we were all here; prisoners of the domineering bitch. I was beginning to think of the next part of my plan, how I was going to get Crystal and myself out of there when the young woman spoke up.

“So….I can go then right? I mean, now that you have what you need from me and you know that neither I nor Steve will say anything, we can go right? Crystal questioned with an uneasy smile, looking Wanda deep in the eyes. Wanda just cackled wickedly, tapping on the video camera.

“Oh you poor young thing, so young, so immature… I can’t let you go now, you and Steve here are going to be my main attraction and make me a lot of money because as soon as this baby hits the internet the funds are just going to start pouring in!” Wanda’s voice grew more menacing with each word.

“So we don’t have any say in it?” I asked, my mind wandering through thoughts of endless imprisonment in Wanda’s basement. “Look Wanda, you got what you wanted, so just let us go or I will knock down that fucking door and do it myself!” I seethed; grabbing the pool cue from the table as the older woman stepped back.

“Oh, so now you are going to add murder to break and enter Steve?” Wanda shot back, her voice suddenly trembling as she backed away quickly, reaching for the door behind her. “Well you can think that over and get back to me, but for now you two can stay put.” The older woman added as she fumbled with her keys at the door. I reached for her as she opened the door and began to shut it but I put my bare foot against it so that she couldn’t close it. I had to ignore the searing pain that surged through me as Wanda tried to slam the door shut, my foot wedged between it and the frame.

“Look Wanda, you got what you wanted, now let us go!” I raged, pushing against her as she tried in vain to close the door.

“Step back or I will tell the police that you raped Crystal and me. I have some friends in high places down at city hall that would crush you like a maggot if something like this ever got out!” Wanda groaned back, pushing on the door until the pain in my foot was too much to bear and I had to let go, falling to the ground in pain. I had never broken a bone before, but I had the feeling that the solid oak door and Wanda’s weight had accomplished just that.

“Steve! Oh my god what are we going to do now?” Crystal screamed as she ran over to comfort me when suddenly we heard a loud crash from behind the closed door and the faint sound of footsteps.

“Crystal? Steve? Are you in there?” The angelic yet muffled sound of Anna’s voice was the next sound we heard. The door flew open and there she stood, “What the hell is going on? Why are you two in here?” She asked, helping Crystal tend to my throbbing foot.

“It’s a long story but let’s get the hell out of here!” Crystal replied; hastily throwing on the school girl outfit that she had wore for the scene. “What did you do to Wanda?”

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