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Samantha wasn’t perfect, she was a real woman. She had curves, a plump bottom and large breasts. She wasn’t very popular with the male sex. They made her self conscious and nervous.

She was tired of being alone and thought making a trip to Amsterdam for her birthday would help. She was turning twenty five and she was tired of not having a lover.

Sure she’d had sex, many times with her friend Clyde, but he wasn’t anything special. He had a new girlfriend though and didn’t want to continue their Friday night ritual. Dinner out, a rented movie, a bag of pot and then sex in his living room. She didn’t want to be a virgin forever, that’s why they’d begun their ritual.

She booked her trip for May, spring time. She spent the next few months preparing for her trip. She found some coffee shops she wanted to try, she loved pot and hoped to try some new varieties. She also found tourist attractions, a town tour and what she was interested in the most, an escort service that would take you to dinner and a show of your choice.

As she packed her bags, she made sure to include her sexiest clothes. She’d had to order a few new things off the internet, but combined with her rare special occasion items, she was able to pack an ample sexy wardrobe.

Boarding her plane the next Monday, she bid Clyde goodbye and told him she’d phone him when she could. She took off for her gate and felt a rush of satisfaction fall over her.

After boarding the plan, she settled in with a good book. She was in the window seat next to a tall man, muscular and good looking. Over the course of the flight, they chatted and found out they lived only an hour apart.

When it came time to land, she was sad that her flight ended and she had to leave the man. She’d learned he was from Amsterdam and going home to visit his parents. He was a lawyer and his name was Alexander. They parted ways at the gate, after a quick hug goodbye.

She found a cab and headed off to her hotel. She was still tingling from being so close to Alexander. He was a very sexy man and she’d held his attention for hours. If only she’d had the courage to get his telephone number or ask him out.

She looked out the window, in a daze, all the way to the hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel, she checked in and found her room. Settling in, she unpacked her bags, put things away and then lay down for a nap.

Awaking hours later, she was rested and ready for her trip to begin. She headed out to check out the first coffee shop she’d found near her hotel. Slinking in and finding a table, she ordered a chef salad, latte and a brownie baked with the best pot they had.

She finished her food up and noticed the man from the plane across the room. He was deeply involved in a conversation with an older gentleman. He didn’t notice her at first, but when he did, he waved before turning back to his friend.

She cleaned up her table and headed off to see the city. She walked for an hour, then turned to head back to the hotel. It took longer to return because she’d stopped to check out the sidewalk vendors on the way back. She’d found so many exotic items on her way back, she was having trouble carrying them all.

Suddenly, Alexander was at her side, helping her gather her things. She became shy, “Hi, how’d you find me?”

He smiled, “I followed you from the coffee shop. We had such a connection on the plane, I needed to see you again.”

She became nervous, no man had ever needed to see her before. She wasn’t gorgeous or sexy, she was just plump.

He continued, “I’ll help you back to your hotel if that’s alright. I thought we could have a drink.”

She laughed nervously, “Sounds like fun, let’s go.”

They made it to her hotel, made their way to her room and he ordered wine from room service. When it arrived, they filled their glasses and went to the balcony. It was the reason she’d wanted this room, this hotel.

Sipping their wine, they talked and talked. Suddenly, she leaned over and kissed him. His lips were tangy and hers were sweet, the combination of the two set her spinning.

He pulled her into his lap, pushing her hair back from her face and trailing his fingers down her neck. He followed with his lips, tracing her skin with his tongue. She nibbled his ear, teasing him, setting him on fire.

He found his way under her shirt, her breasts overflowing out of her bra. He cupped them, rubbing her nipples through the fabric with his thumbs. They instantly became hard, ready to be sucked on.

Pushing her shirt up, he released one from it’s holder. He caressed her, watching her nipples grow under his touch. Pinching her nipple, he undid the clasp on her bra and released her other breast. He lifted his head to her bosom, licking one nipple then the other.

She moaned, pulling his face closer, helping him to latch on to her nipple and suckle. He stayed like that for almost ten minutes. Switching from left to right, suckling and teasing her. He nibbled and caressed, he licked and sucked. He had tasted just about every inch of her naked chest.

She slipped her top over her head and let her bra drop to the floor. She sat in his lap, his face burrowed against her smooth skin. She kissed the top of his head, running her hands down his back.

He looked up to her face and they embraced. She felt the electricity run through them as their lips met. Their tongues tangled and their lips felt magnetized. Her blazed a path from her lips and down her neck to her bosom again.

She’d never felt so alive, she’d always been ashamed of her body. She wasn’t thin like the others, she didn’t have a tiny waist or fit into the tiny sizes. She was plump and filled out and he made her feel gorgeous.

He worshipped her body, every curved inch of it. She stood, sliding the tight skirt down over her bouncy ass. She turned as she did so, allowing him a full view of her body. When she had her back to him, she slipped her panties down too. Slightly spreading her legs and bending over at the waist to give him an ample view of her bare, waxed pussy.

His pants grew tight, the bulge was thick and long. She turned back to him, aware of how badly he wanted her now. She straddled his lap this time, aware of how naked she was, how pudgy she must look.

She didn’t care, he thought she was gorgeous and he told her. Every breath he took, he called her the names she’d longed to hear. Sexy and tasty, lovely and fine, sweet and sensual. Though she loved the one he’d said first, fuckable.

She even felt fuckable. She found herself slowly trailing her hands down to his chest. Sliding them under his shirt to feel his skin, hot and searing against hers. She helped him tug the shirt over his head, then he tossed it aside and gathered her in his arms. Their lips met and she shivered.

He thought it was the cool breeze and stood with her in his arms. Carrying her inside the room and laying her on the bed. He stood near, admiring her body. She felt sexy and alive, so she had no problems playing it up for him. She spread her legs and pulled her knees up closer, giving him an excellent view of her wet cunt. She used her fingers to spread the lips apart and rubbed her clit with her other hand.

She slipped a finger inside, his lips curved into a mischievous grin. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to his ankles. His cock bobbed as he stepped out of them. It was larger than she’d hoped and thick too. She sat up on the edge of the bed, panting and drooling at this masterpiece right in front of her eyes.

He stepped closer, his cock still bobbing. It playfully slapped her cheek, she reached for it. As she took control of his cock, he groaned. Her lips kissed the head, then her tongue flickered across. She ran her tongue down to the base, flickering against his balls. Making her way back up, she licked and teased him. His cock was so meaty, she grasped it with her hand. Sliding up and down, her mouth sucking on the head while her hands jerked him into her mouth. He was making soft moans, his eyes shut and his hand on his hips. He pressed forward to further enter her mouth. His head touched her throat, he held it there.

She gurgled on his member, massaging his balls with one hand. They were shaved or waxed. She wasn’t sure, but they were so smooth. She let his cock go and lowered her head. She licked each of his balls, then took them one by one into her mouth. Suckling them, she almost pushed him over the edge.

He cried out, begging her to let him taste her sweet nectar. She let him go and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs to show him all of her. He lowered his face and breathed in her scent. He ran his tongue across her clit in the shape of a figure eight, then licked all the way to her asshole. He made a circle around her asshole, pressing his tongue over the opening when he was finished. She rubbed at her clit with her finger until he licked his way back.

He had her on the verge of cumming when he slapped her ass and motioned for her to stand. When she did, he relaxed on the edge of the bed. Just enough that his ass was on it, but his legs stretched out in front of him. She straddled him, letting him enter her for the first time. She could feel him filling her.

Her pussy wasn’t big enough, Clyde hadn’t been very big himself. She felt filled, every inch of her filled with him. She lifted her knees to the bed, pushing him back on the comforter. She rocked, all the while holding his chest back. He ran his hands down her sides, over her ass. Helping her stay steady on his cock. She could feel the heat, knew she was going to explode. Wanting him to fill her with his delicious cum.

He moved his hands to her waist, pushing her away from him. She fought back, rocking her hips to take more of him back inside her. Their movements collided, setting them both into an outrageous orgasm. She called out his name, “Oh Alex, you fill me.”

They pulled up on the bed and lay together. Naked, complete and intertwined. Knowing that this began the story of Sammi and Alex.

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