Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website and its members.

I lost my temper with my contractor the day before, pitching a fit because he tried to tell me that the price to complete the job was going to be almost double of his original estimate. Not only did I refuse to pay for the extra estimate, I refused to pay him the money I still owed him. That is when things got ugly cause I told him that he would not see a dime unless he stuck to his original estimate and finished the job we agreed to. Upset by my refusal to accept what he had said, the contractor and his men left early that day and I thought I would never see them again.

So I was very surprised when they showed up the next day for work. The contractor had brought coffee and bagels for everyone and had a smile on his face. Since he was eager to get his men back to work I had assumed that he was going to honor his original estimate that we had agreed to. I felt proud of myself for taking a stand and stood there drinking my coffee and watching the men as they all got back to work. A few minutes after things seemed to be back to normal, I started to feel dizzy. As I fell down on the floor, the last thing I could hear was someone coming over and asking if I was all right.

When I started to come around, I finally figured out what had happened. My coffee had been spiked. The contractor wasn’t here to work, he was here to hand out a little payback to the bitch that was refusing to pay the bills. Everything was still a little hazy as I started to wake up, I realize that I was gagged. There was a rubber ball in my mouth and when I tried to touch it, that was when I found out that I had been cuffed to my own bed. I was tied up and drugged, and there was no telling what these men were going to do to me. I could hear them talking, something about how amazing my breasts looked, and I got the feeling that they were going to do a lot more than just look at me, and it scared me. They realized I was beginning to wake up and seemed eager to get started. They wanted me to be awake for what they had planned. That scared me even more. I tried to talk and scream at them but they merely laughed.

There were six men in the room, and it was the contractor who came forward and took a seat right beside the bed. “Today this bitch is going to get a good attitude adjustment and I’m just the man that’s going to give it to her. She’s going to learn that you pay hard working men what they earn, or we will take our payment through other means.” after he said that, the contractor stood up and began to remove his overalls. “Now it’s time for her to pay her bill. Take her pants off.”

I could feel the hands of the other workers as they tore my jeans off with little or no effort. I watched in fear as two men grabbed my legs and forced them apart as wide as they could possibly be. I was still wearing a thong, but that was going to put up little if any resistence to what this man wanted to do to me. He climbed ontop of me, and I could feel his hand started to feel my thong, and then with a quick movement, he pulled the loose pair of panties out of the way, expsoing my clean shaven pussy to entire room. “This is what we do when bitches refuse to give us our pay.” the contractor whispered in my ear. Just after he finished saying that, I could feel the head of his cock rub against the lips of my pussy and I started to shake and squirm, hoping and praying that I could get out and escape. It was no use, as the restraints on my hands and the two men holding my legs held tight, and I started to cry as the contractor slowly started to push his cock inside me. I could tell the fucking bastard wasn’t even wearing a condom, as I could feel his skin as he started to push deeper and deeper inside. His cock was huge, and after several probing strokes, he was balls deep inside me.

“How does that feel bitch?” the contractor asked, “I can tell your husband has a small cock, you’re cunt is squeezing the shit out of my meat.” I started to moan as the tears were falling down my cheek. “It’s too late for that, you’re going to pay for the work we did and I’m going to my money’s worth right now.”

I wanted to respond but I couldn’t and right after he said that he began to thrust back and forth as hard as he could. He began to pound my pussy with little or no concern for how I felt as he balls slapped hard against my ass with each thrust. His cock was pumping me harder than I had ever been fucked by anyone, and I bit hard into the ball gag as I could tell I was beginning to have an orgasm. I didn’t want to give that bastard the satisfaction of hearing me moan, but he could tell what was going on as my pussy was getting wetter with each stroke, and his cock was covered in it. I could hear how wet it was getting down there and the contractor laughed as he kept fucking me as hard as he could. That fat, smelly piece of shit leaned over and whispered to me as he was pounding the shit out of me, “Your cunt is so fucking wet. I bet you’re loving this!” I didn’t respond and turned my head away from him. He grabbed my head and turned it back to face him. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to cum inside you now, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

After he said that I started to fight back, shaking and trying to squirm free like I had before, but like my previous attempt it was in vain. The contractor began to moan and I started to feel his cock throb and with one final thrust, that bastard shoved himself as deep as he could before blowing his unwanted seed inside me. I had never felt so much sperm inside me, as it just exploded like a fire hose, filling me up and leaking out and down the crack of my ass. I cried some more, being humiliated in front of his crew and violated for doing nothing more than stand up for myself. The contractor finally pulled his cock out but I could feel how stretched out I was, as the cool air shot inside as the head of his cock released with a pop. I looked up at the contractor as he started to put his underwear and overalls back on. He had a grin on his face that disgusted me, proud that he had taught me a lesson for standing up to him. He had demonstrated his authority to his men by raping a woman in front of them. Taking what he wanted and doing it by force. He looked down at me, “Now the real fun begins, little lady.”

I looked back up at him, a confused look on my face.

“Tyrone, you’re next.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My nightmare wasn’t over, it was just beginning. What looked like rape had suddenly developed into gang rape. The contractor was going to share me with every man in his crew. The two men holding my legs turned me over, so I was no longer on my back but instead on my stomach for my next assault. They also took the two cuffs that were binding me to the bed and detached them from the bed. The placed my arms behind my back and cuffed both cuffs to the other arm… binding them together. I looked to the side and I could see Tyrone getting ready to go next. He had removed his overalls, and was stepping out of his boxer shorts. I could see why the contractor wanted to go first, as Tyrone’s manhood made his bosses cock look tiny. I had never seen a cock that huge, and he was also black, something else I had never done before. I started to struggle, but I was held down to my own bed, forced to take it again by force.

Tyrone came in from behind, eager to take me like a dog, and I kept my legs closed, refusing to go willingly. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my hair back. “Listen up bitch.” Tyrone growled. “I’m going to fuck that pussy hard, so you better spread cause the tighter you make it, the more it’s gonna hurt.” He was right, and I had no choice. He was going to rape me anyway, and as much as I didn’t want to submit, I spread my legs out, exposing myself to be taken from behind. I could feel the weight of the bed shift as Tyrone got into position and seconds later I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my already violated pussy. I love fucking my husband in doggie style, but Tyrone wasn’t my husband and his cock was bigger than the contractor’s and the thought of never being able to fuck my husband like that the same again made me feel sad. Tyrone wasn’t in the mood to wait, and was aware that I was stretched out a little as he just shoved most of his cock inside with one giant thrust. Again my teeth grit into the ball gag as the pain from Tyrone’s thrust sent a shock that went all the way up my spine, and then I began to feel him pump in and out, fucking me like a dog and doing it as hard as he could. His thursts hurt more with each pump and I thought it was never going to end, but it did without warning as Tyrone pulled out. He didn’t even orgasm so I was confused to what was going on.

The answer came seconds later when I felt a lubricated finger enter my asshole. Shocked that I was being violated in a new fashion, I began to wiggle and resist, but there was nothing I could do. I was being held down by two men, and Tyrone was now putting two fingers inside my asshole, lubbing up my ass. I had never let anyone fuck me in the ass, and I think Tyrone could tell by how tight my ass was when he was fingering it. “This bitch is an ass virgin!” Tyrone called. The other guys in the room whooped and clapped as Tyrone began to put some lube on his cock. I felt two hands grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart exposing my virgin ass to Tyrone. Mere seconds later, Tyrone pushed the head of his cock inside my asshole and I screamed for the first time. If felt like someone had shoved a piece of glass inside my ass and I really thought his cock was gonna rip my ass apart. He went slow at first… fucking my ass with just the head of his cock. Then with each throbbing pulse Tyrone began to thrust deeper and slowly fill my entire asshole, stretching my little ass to its limits. There was nothing I could do about it, as his enormous cock began to fuck my ass harder and harder once he got balls deep inside. My ass was being ripped apart, and just when it couldn’t get any worse, I could hear Tyrone groan just before feeling a rush of liquid squirt deep inside my ass. My ass was so tight around his cock, Tyrone had to literally force himself out, causing a gush of his sperm to seep out of my ravaged ass and dribble down my pussy and legs.

Before I could even get my breath back, the two men holding my arms lifted me up in the air off the bed. I looked down and watched as another worker laid down on my bed, the same one I made love to my husband on, and waited for me to come back down. The two men holding my arms lowered me down on their co-worker, forcing me to straddle him. His already hard cock entered my pussy and filled me back up, and the two men bent me over my new rapist so that he could fuck me harder and fondle my breasts at the same time. After the ripping that came at the hands of Tyrone, this man’s cock while big was not as harsh to take as took my pussy to town again. I was started to lose the will to fight, realizing that there was nothing I could do. I stopped making any sounds, and just prayed for the end to come soon.

They were never answered because while being fucked from below, I felt a new finger probe my asshole from behind. I could hear the guy below me talk. “Joe, what are you doing up there?” he called up.

“Since she was a virgin before Tyrone went in there, I’m sure she’s never taken two at the same time. Let’s give this bitch a double pen.”

“Right on, shove it in there.”

I started to squirm at the thought of being fucked in both holes at the same time, and the two men holding my arms were too strong, and without warning, I felt a new cock enter my asshole, and again I was in pain. Two cocks were pounding me at the same time, and despite the pleasure it was creating inside me for the first time, I refused to give either of these assholes the satisfaction to think they were doing something for me.

Then I heard a familiar voice as the contractor walked back into the room to enjoy the view. I was being fucked in both holes, and he gave out a chuckle at the site. “That bitch is getting it good but I think she wants more.” he walked over and pulled my head up by the hair. “I’m going take this off, and if you scream once I will make you regret it. Understood?”

I nodded and he removed the ball gag. “Please, stop! I’ll pay anything you want, just tell them to stop!”

“It’s too late for that bitch, but you will know not to say no to me from now on.” as he was saying that, he was taking his overalls off again and I looked at him in shock as he pulled his big cock out again. I was going to say something to him, possibly beg him not to do what I thought he was going to do, but at that time Joe rammed his cock into me harder than before and my mouth popped open with shock. The contractor shoved his cock inside and started to fuck my face while my other two holes were being fucked by his men. With both hands on my head, the contractor forced his big cock down my throat causing me to gag as he was pumped my throat. He pulled out on occassion to let me breath, but shoved his cock back in before I could muster the energy to say anything.

With his hands on my hips, Joe was slamming my asshole as hard as he could so much that I forgot there was another cock pounding my pussy. Both men began to groan and I knew what was coming, as both cocks exploded inside me at the same time, and I whimpered softly as I had again been forced to take someone’s seed inside me. The contractor didn’t care as he kept fucking my face, shoving himself deeper inside with each thrust. I was tempted to bite that fat fucker’s cock, but was afraid of what he would do in response. At this moment, my only goal was to survive. The contractor began to moan and for the second time that day, he was going to force his semen inside me. He grabbed two handfuls of hair and pushed my head down hard, shoving his cock deep inside my mouth. I couldn’t breath, but felt multiple shots of hot cum squirting down my throat. After he finally pulls out, I gasp for breath and sob uncontrolably.

“That’s enough guys. We’re finished here.”

After the contractor said that, the man underneath me got off the bed and the two men holding my arms tossed me onto my bed. The contractor walked over after putting his cock away and knelt by the bed so that his face was less than a few inches from my own. “We are going to get back to work. You are going to take a long, hot shower. Stay in there for at least thirty minutes and I want you to scrub that body down as much as you can. Then you are never going to speak to me or any of my men ever again. Are we understood?”

I nodded to him that I understood.

“You will tell your husband to handle the finances of this job from here on and you will never tell anyone what happened here. If you do, we will make what happened today look like a picnic. Are we clear on this?”

I nodded again. “I hate you.”

“You are entitled to that opinion.” the contractor said as he stood up. “Have a nice shower and do as you’re told.”

I didn’t want to anger the man again, so I gathered what was left of my clothing and left my own bedroom and into the bathroom that was attached. I locked the door and for the first time, I was safe. I paused for a few moments and listened to what was going on outside, and the contractor was true to his word. They were going back to work on the house and chatting like nothing had ever happened. I considered calling the police, but the thought of having to tell my husband what happened scared me. How would he ever look at me after what I had been through? After thinking about it for a while, I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I walked in and started to clean off the dirt and sperm that had been forced upon me. I wanted it all to go away, and I was afraid of the wrath I might inflict on myself and my husband if I defied that contractor again. He had won the day, and I would have to accept that… for now.

The four of us were friends since elementary school, always together. Lisa, Rory, Joey and I were more like siblings as we grew up together and shared our successes and setbacks. In our senior year of high school things began to change as Lisa became more distant and didn’t spend nearly as much time hanging out with us. A tomboy growing up, we couldn’t help but notice our friend was turning into a major piece of ass. About 5’6″ she had curly brown hair that hung down just past her shoulders, a nice pointy pair of tits that curved upwards, flat stomach and a tight sexy ass.

We all had just graduated and for the second year in row had gotten jobs with a large local farm. As the prior year, the four of us were on the same team, our job being picking the produce in the large fields. Each Monday we would be given our assigned field to harvest and had till Friday to complete it. The fields were scattered throughout the region and each team was basically off on its own. This particular Friday it was unbearably hot and we were struggling to finish on time. All week Lisa was slacking off and today was no different as the three of us struggled to pick up her load. She began to get bossy, telling us what to do and really riding Rory. It was embarrassing for us to listen to her ragging on him and we could tell he was getting pissed. Finally we finished on time and left for the weekend.

My parents were gone on vacation so Joey and Rory came over for some beer and swimming in the pool. We didn’t invite Lisa since we were all pissed off at her and figured she wouldn’t join us anyway. As we kept drinking the subject of girls came up and eventually Lisa in particular. Rory started by saying we should teach her a lesson. Fueled by alcohol we all agreed and began making a crazy plan to get even with her. We ran out of beer and the guys went home after we made plans to meet up at the game on Saturday. Sitting in the stands I had forgotten about our plans for Lisa when Rory said “I really think we should do it.” There was silence as we all began to remember what we had discussed. We decided if we fine tuned it and got what we needed in advance it could work. When the game ended we all went back to my place and worked out the details with each of us assigned a list of things to get. We decided Friday would be the best day as we all began to get excited at what we were going to do.

Monday we got our assigned field and went to work. Lisa wasn’t as lazy as the prior week and the three of us worked non stop so we could finish up Friday morning, giving us most of the day with Lisa. Thursday after work the three of us gathered what we would need and drove back to the field to find the right spot to hide the stuff. We found a nice flat spot along the river that was hidden from view and under some shade trees where we stashed our stuff. Friday around 10 we were finished. It was time to put our plan in motion.

“Hey Lisa we put some iced tea in the river to keep it cold, want some?”

“That sounds great, thanks!” I suggested we go down to the river where the drinks were since it was shaded and we all walked down there. Rory fished out the drinks and we all sat down to quench our thirst. The three of us were in jeans and sneakers having taken our shirts off to beat the heat. Lisa was wearing a tight fitting red tee shirt and a pair of denim shorts with short white socks and sneakers. Her legs looked great and I couldn’t help but think how sexy she looked with the sweat on her forehead and her head tilted back. We quickly finished our drinks and Rory got up to get another round out of water. While he was out of sight he set up the air mattress we had left and got everything ready.

“Lisa you must be hot, why don’t you take off that tee shirt, nobody can see you from here.”

“Not happening pervert!”

Rory had circled around and was silently sneaking up behind Lisa, just as we planned.

“Oh, I think it will happen.” Rory came up behind and grabbed Lisa’s arms raising them over her head and dragging her to her feet.

“Let go of me you asshole! I’m going to report this!”

She kicked out at Rory who turned away in time to avoid getting kicked in the nuts. Lisa was yelling every profanity she could think of and was still kicking when I grabbed her by the ankles and yanked her off her feet. The two of us carried her kicking and screaming down to the river and forced her down onto the mattress face up, still holding her down. Joey grabbed the sledge hammer and a sharpened wooden spike driving it deep into the ground. While Rory held her wrists, Joey tied them together and attached the other end of the rope to the wooden stake. Next he drove two other stakes into the ground on either side of her knees about a foot away from them. Joey undid her shorts and yanked them down as we held her legs. We were greeted by a lacy red thong that barely covered her pussy. Quickly Rory and I bent her knees and Joey tied her ankles to the stakes. There was our friend, arms above her head and legs spread apart, fully tied and at our mercy.

“This isn’t funny guys, let me go now!” None of us replied, we all just stared realizing we could do anything we wanted and she couldn’t resist. “You fuckers let me go!”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my folding knife, opening the blade. Lisa’s eyes went wide and tears began to form as she realized we were in control and there was nothing she could do. She began begging us to stop and let her go before we did something we would regret. I answered by sliding the point of the blade under her tee shirt and slowly pulling it down, slicing the front of the shirt. She was wearing a matching red bra, the sight of which made my cock harden. With the front of the shirt sliced open, only the sleeves held it on. I quickly sliced those and yanked the shirt off her trembling body, leaving her in her bra and panties.

“Guys, please… we been friend for years, don’t do this! Please… you can’t… I’m a virgin!”

We looked at each other and almost on cue began taking off our jeans. Lisa looked like she was going to faint as three hard cocks sprang into view. Tears were flowing down her cheeks now as she realized she wouldn’t be a virgin much longer. I sliced both the straps of her bra, then grabbed the front of it and ripped it off her body. She gasped and begged us to stop. Rory knelt down, straddling her face. “Suck my cock Lisa.”

“No! I won’t!” Rory pinched her nose closed until Lisa opened her mouth for air then quickly shoved his cock into her mouth. He warned her not to bite and then began to slowly fuck her mouth as he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled her head up. Joey began to lick and suck her nipples pulling them up with his mouth while lightly biting down on her. Lisa’s nipples began to respond growing larger and standing a good inch and a half tall. Joey continued to work her nipples as Rory began to increase the force of his thrusting, jamming his cock into her throat. Lisa began to gag on his cock as her eyes watered. I sliced both sides of her thong and pulled the material free of her body. She had a closely shaved landing strip above her cunt, the rest shaved smooth. I licked her slit slowly as the other two continued their assault. I worked my tongue over her clit as it hardened and slowly began to emerge. Her cunt was getting wet as I continued to work my tongue all over the lips, sliding the tip inside her as I worked it from side to side and sliding it up towards her clit again. Lisa’s hips began to buck up towards my tongue as she began to moan around Rory’s cock. I looked up to see him hammering her mouth as he began to moan and I knew he was going to blow his load down her throat any second. I began sucking her clit hard while flicking my tongue over it as she began bucking harder, her stomach muscles convulsing. Rory gave one last deep thrust as he began shooting his load down her throat. Lisa had no choice but to swallow it or choke as she did her best to take it all down. Joey was biting harder on her nipples now sending her over the edge as my tongue continued to ravage her cunt. Lisa errupted into orgasm, her juices drenching my face. Rory milked the last drops out of his cock and pulled it out of her mouth, getting off of her. Lisa was panting her eyes closed as I moved up between her legs and aimed my cock at her virgin hole. I gave one hard thrust into her, ripping her hymen and sinking balls deep into the hottest, tightest cunt I ever felt. She let out a scream which allowed Joey to ram his cock into her mouth as he began to throat fuck her. I pulled my cock almost all the way out, looking down I saw it was coated with the blood of her virginity. I slowly slid it in and began to fuck her in a slow, deliberate way, bottoming out with each stroke. Joey continued to fuck her mouth and we alternated strokes into both her holes. Lisa began to meet my thrusts and I could feel her cunt start to clench down on my cock. I began to go faster now enjoying the way she was responding and loving the tightness of her. She moaned around Joeys cock as her body began to shake and buck. Joey yelled out and began to pump his cum down Lisa’s throat as she swallowed every drop. He got off of her, leaving me the only one in her body as I began to ram my cock in as hard as I could. He eyes were closed, her head turned to the side as her tits bounced from the impact of my thrusting. One last shove and I bottomed out, flooding her cunt with my cum as I kept shooting for a good 15 seconds. I pulled out of her, a river of cum following my cock. Rory was ready to take my place his cock already hard.

“Untie her feet.” I undid the ropes as Rory positioned himself between Lisa’s thighs. She wrapped her legs around him and seemed to suck his cock into her gaping, dripping cunt. Rory began to pound her hard as she met met him thrust for thrust.

“Fuck me you bastards, make me cum!” Lisa was on fire, yearning for cum. She didn’t have to wait long as Rory picked up his pace, driving her higher on the mattress with each thrust before blowing his load deep inside her. He stood up on shaky legs as Lisa yelled to Joey to take his place. Joey was only too happy to to oblige as he took her deeply and slowly. Her legs were resting on his shoulders as he fucked her now sloppy cunt for about 20 minutes, forcing her to cum 3 times before he added his seed to the mix.

We untied her arms and led her down to the river where we pulled her into the water and washed her gently. Lisa kissed each of us, her tongue exploring our mouths as her hands worked our cocks. We got out of the water and led her back to the mattress, putting her on all fours. She was really in heat now as Rory knelt before her, pulling her mouth to his cock. Lisa opened willingly and began sucking him deep into her throat. I saw that beautiful ass sticking up and went over to the bag we had placed the night before. I found the lube and coated my cock, then poured some onto her puckered asshole. She pulled Rory’s cock out of her mouth, turned to me and said “please be gentle.” I slid one finger into her slowly as she went back to work on Rory’s cock sliding it in and out slowly so she could get used to it. I added another finger and slowly worked her tight hole as I got ready to take her anal virginity. I pulled out my fingers and guided the head of my cock to her opening.

“Push out Lisa, it will go in easier.” She followed my direction as the head of my cock slipped past her puckered opening. I never felt anything so hot and tight in my life as her asshole clamped down on my cock. She moaned as I held it in place letting her adjust to her first cock in her ass. She was sucking Rory harder now, consumed with lust as I slowly slid it in further. I worked it slowly until my entire cock was up her ass. I began to slowly and gently fuck her, building a nice pace. Rory screamed out and shot another load in her mouth which she greedily sucked up. Joey was ready for action his cock hard from watching us.

“Let’s both fuck her at the same time!” He slid under Lisa and guided his cock to her sopping wet cunt, sliding it in as I continued to fuck her ass deeply and slowly. We began to alternate strokes, me pulling out as he pushed in. On and on we continued to fuck Lisa slowly. All the anger we originally felt was gone as we gently made love to her. She began to cum in waves one after the other as her body craved the pleasure our cocks were giving her. I was ready to blow my load deep in her bowels and slid in as far as I could go, shooting load after load deep into her. Joey gave one last thrust into her cunt and began to flood it with his hot sticky seed. We both pulled out of her slowly, Joey crawled out from under her as she collapsed onto the mattress. The three of us picked her up and carried her back to river where we washed her again, each of us getting deep kisses from her willing mouth. We led her back to the mattress where we dried her off. Rory gave her his tee shirt to replace the one we cut off. We all got dressed in silence. We picked up our stuff and jumped in the truck to return to the gathering place. The silence was scary as no one knew what to say. We got back, and left for the week, the tension thick in the air, none of us knowing what was next.

We each hung out alone over the weekend. On Monday we made our way back to work and got our new assignment. The four of us got back into the truck, still not having said a word to each other since Friday. As we got out to begin working Lisa finally spoke. “Guys, I told my parents I wanted to use the cabin for a party this weekend. I thought maybe the four of us could hang out together.” With that she gave a smile. We all grinned knowing this was going to be the best summer of our lives.

Thats what it said on the envelope.

Typed in. Not handwritten, but not exactly official looking either.

I’d been expecting it, my job hasn’t exactly been keeping me in ferraris.

The contents of the envelope were as follows…

“Dear Tenant, I know times are tough. I am willing to accept certain bartered services for the remainder of the rent.”

Respectfully, The landlady.

“P.S. If you’re interested, show up at my home at 11pm. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with, but be sure to wear a mask that conceals your face.”

That was it, nothing more.

I knew what this meant. This landlady can be evil. Totally taking advantage of my misfortune, she has had me do some horribly humiliating things.

The last time I was shy on the rent, she made me entertain several of her very attractive lady friends at her home. She made me wear a thong like Chippendales,and called me Poolboy all night, that all the girls loved. One of the girls even put a bit of lipstick on me for the humilitation and laughter of it all.

None of them hurt me, but they all laughed and I guess hurt my pride, pinching my ass, waving their tits in my face, while serving them drinks. I do remember coming home with a massive hardon though. That lady loves control.

So, after a shower, dinner, a couple glasses of wine, I went to the closet and, after digging for a bit, pulled out an old “HE-MAN” skeletor mask and made my way to the home of the landlady.

When I got to the door, I hesitated, took a breath, put on my mask and rang the bell.

When the door opened, I was surprised to find we were alone. Just me, and her.

She was soo hot. Dark eyes behind a crimson mardi gras feather mask,an evil grin leering underneath. I can see those sexy lips, dark hair, and a schoolgirl pair of legs to die for. If she wasn’t so evil, I’d probably try to fuck her more often, but she’s a strong bitch, and likes to keep it that way.

She leads me in and hands me a glass of wine, and sipping her own, leads me to the couch.

“So!” I say, “Whats with the mask?”

“All in good time. Now as I see it, you owe a substantial amount for rent, and I assume you don’t have it nor the late fee. Am I correct?”

“Yes Ma’am,” was all I could say, feeling very “scolded”.

“Very well, I’m giving you a treat today Lateboy.”

“Lateboy? Better than Poolboy.” I thought to myself.

“I’m feeling extra frisky tonight Lateboy so if you let me have my way with you, I’ll waive the entire rent, all of it. Do we have a deal?”

“Have your way with me? You mean, sexually?”

I was going to lose my mind. I’d kill to fuck this hottie, and here I am getting the proposition of a lifetime,to basically be her “boytoy”. There must be a God! But I better make it look good, so in my most reluctant sounding voice I say,

“Ok. I’ll do it. Whatever you say.”

“Excellent!” She exclaims. I’ll just slip into something more comfortable.

So there I was, left alone in a lovely home. surrounded by various antiquities, signs of a very sophisticated and cultured woman. I’ll bet she’ll teach me a thing or two.” I joked to myself.

After an eternity she was back, still wearing the makeup, but instead of the evening gown she answered the door in, she was in a very flimsy negligee. The kind you see in magazines, and various soft porn. Nothing too revealing, just enough to make my bulge rage in my pants. she looked hot, and the mask with that evil grin made it even hotter.

She leads me to the couch, and after sitting down, she leads me in to kiss her lips. They were awesome. I can’t believe this is happening. I lay on top of her kissing her holding her face and graze her cheek in my hand as we passionately envelope each others tongues.

Suddenly I hear the creaking of metal teeth against metal teeth and the tinkle of a small chain. I was handcuffed. Before I could react, the other cuff was attached to the arm of the couch we were sitting on. I was helpless.

She breathes heavy with delight and she literally takes my shoulders and applies pressure signaling me to head south. I kissed her neck, her throat pausing only to cup her breasts in each hand and gently kissing the nipples through the negligee fabric. and after kissing and licking her cleavage I continued down my chosen path once more. Kissing her stomach, licking her “happy trail” until my lips found her mound, and as she spread her legs wide she leaned back on the couch and the words “Lick me Lateboy.” whispered from her lips.

I pulled back the black panties with my one uncuffed hand and revealed her sexiness.

Beautifully hot and sexily shaven, already glistening with the anticipation of my hot mouth.

I lean forward and gently place my mouth on her. No tongue, more like an open mouthed kiss. The scent and the taste sent me into orbit, I buried my tongue gently inside her, as she let out a whimpering “Yeah.”

As I buried my face inside her, I reached up with my free hand and began grazing the tips of my fingers back and forth over the bulging fabric of each of her nipples pressed against her nighty.

They were full and erect, telltale signs I was doing a great job for her.

She took my head in her hands and guided me to the prize. her clit was throbbing in my mouth. I kissed and sucked her hungrily, eagerly, I was in heaven. It tasted so good, and whats more, I think I am more turned on at the fact she is making me do it, I have to do it and do it good. Why does that make me so hot?

She reached down since I was at a 90 degree angle, and started stroking my already swollen cock. it was awesome. She didn’t bother licking her hand as I was already starting to drip precum she smeared my wetness all over the head of my shaft, and stroked me lovingly as I ate her.

I could feel her heartbeat, her breathing was getting shallow, her pulse raced, I could tell she was going to cum. I licked and sucked her with reckless abandon. Gyrating my head touching her nipples in slow circles, my cock getting pumped like a piston engine, and then, finally, She lets out a moan that in itself almost made me lose it right there,and I start to feel the warm flow all over my lips. My Sexy landlady, is cumming in my mouth, despite the awkwardness of the stupid mask. I knew I had done my job and done it well. I think I earned my rent and then some. Maybe she should just GIVE ME an apartment for that performance. I continue to eat her until I know she is spent, and I have lapped every drop of honey from her.

I sit up, and she passes me my wineglass refilled, as we both peer into each others eyes, we smile. I say “cheers” and we drink til our glasses are empty.

So after I put down my glass, I say, “Well that was awesome, I guess we’re even now?”

Thats when she laughed.

“No no no hun, you’re not going anywhere. You’re mine tonight remember?”

Besides, you haven’t even cum yet. The least I can do is make you cum too.”

She was right, on all counts. I agreed to be hers tonight, so I am hers. How bad could it be? Ok She lets me fuck her all night. I’m cool with that.

“Of course of course.” I sigh, still trying to make it seem like I’m not TOTALLY LOVING THIS.

“Wonderful. Pour us some more wine while I get ready.” she exclaims as she gleefully runs out of the room giggling.

I pour our glasses full with my free hand, and after a sip, I get undressed the rest of the way.There I am naked kneeling on the floor in front of the couch, because I am handcuffed to the damned thing. When the landlady returns and stands in front me with a big smile on her face, and says in a sultry tone “I hope you’re ready for me “Lateboy.”"

Thats when I saw it. She was wearing the same outfit, the mask, the sexy black negligee’ only instead of the matching panties she was wearing something much more sinister. A strapon cock.

I gasped when I saw it. It was huge. 7 inches easily.

she held it in her hand like a weapon. It WAS a weapon, and I think I was to be her victim.

“I always wanted to try this.” She says evilly.

What could I do? How can I get out of this one I thought to myself, but I was at a loss. She owns me.

“Get to your knees!” She demanded,” And think of every girl you made suck your cock, and start sucking mine.”

I had to do what I was told. I had to do it. I climbed to my knees, though it was awkward still being cuffed. and looked up at her. Even with a cock, she was so fucking gorgeous. Her evil smile still leering under her mask. Her firm tits poking out of that negligee like they were trying to escape from their silky prison.

She waved her cock in front of my face, I think I even heard her giggle as she placed her hand on top of my head and pulled my mouth to her cock.

“Good boy” she said as I opened my mouth, closed my eyes, and put her in my mouth.

I could taste her, on the cock, as if she fucked herself with it prior to wearing it just to make me lick her cum off it.

With her hand on the back of my head she began to slowly buck her hips, pushing herself deeper into my throat.

At first I physically protested pulling my head back, which she seemed to enjoy that much more, forcing me to suck a cock. Her cock. This powerful lady wielding more power over me than any other woman ever had. I sucked her. Her shaft in and out of my mouth, “She is fucking my face.” I thought. All I could do was take it.

As I was being mouthraped, I did start thinking of all the girls I made suck my cock, how humiliated they must have felt, how out of control. How weak they must have felt. I’m feeling it too. She shoved her cock in and out of my mouth, I was repulsed, I was disgusted, making me do something horrible like this. So why is my cock so hard?

As I totally forgot about everything else in my life and world, but pleasing my Landlady, I sucked her. I sucked her cock. She was bucking her hips holding the back of my head literally fucking my mouth. still naked and on my knees, my hard cock is literally banging up against her legs as she pulls me back and forth to her big strapon.

I think the Landlady came again because of this half moan half chuckle she let out before she finally stopped ramming her cock down my throat.

But as soon as I no longer tasted her pussy soaked rubber cock on my lips I started thinking of what could happen next. She wouldn’t would she? I remained silent as she eased herself back on the couch arms draped over each side, with her big rubber tool waving back and forth as if swaying in a breeze.

“Did you like that?” she asked?

I didn’t know what to say. If it was some guy land lord saying suck me for rent I’d decline only AFTER beating the hell out of him.

But the humiliation this girl put me through, and now going as far to make me do something I would never do under any circumstances, is what turned me on. Looking up and seeing her tits bouncing as she fucked my face turned me on, and the thought that she was truly enjoying herself really turned me on.

“Do you want me to like it?”I asked making sure I stay in my “role.”

“No,” was all she muttered.

There was a long pause, as I looked down at the ground sitting at her feet. When I looked up, I noticed she was literally stroking her cock. Not hard or fast. Slowly, thoughtfully as if her mind was preoccupied with the possibilities of what she is capable of.

At the moment, my mind was pretty occupied with the possibilities she was capable of too.

Finally she spoke…

“So, guess what happens next?”

“We kiss gooodnight and I go home with my rent paid?” I asked sarcastically.

As she finishes yet another glass of wine, she murmers, “I’m sorry baby, but I’ve always wanted to try one of these. You’re gonna be a good boy and take my cock.”

“Please, not that.” was all I could manage to whisper before she got up and starts pushing me over the couch.

“I’ll pay the rent, just gimme a couple more days I’ll have it.”

“Too late hun.” she says as she has put me into “position” on my knees in front of the couch. my one free hand supporting the weight of me as my other hand was still tethered.

I could feel her kneeling behind me, I was scared, I didn’t want this. I again pleaded with her.

“Please I don’t want this. You’ll be raping me.”

“Thats right big boy.You’re gonna take my cock, while I have my fun and fuck your little brains out.”

“No Please baby.”

Not a word as she is positioning herself behind me.

“No I can’t”

I feel a glob of some kind of lubricant slathered on my crack.

“No please!” I cry out.

Suddenly I feel the tip of cock pressing against my ass.

I let out a yelp of some kind, as she pushes the head into my ass.

The pain was intense, I cried out, and she released the pressure against me, but before I could take a breath again she entered me only deeper this time.

Again I cried out, she laughed for just a moment and pushed her big cock even further. Once she was confident I was taking all her cock, she began slowly fucking me. Slowly and rhythmically her cock starts sliding in out of me. She was raping my ass. I clenched my fists I gritted my teeth as I felt her bucking against me, hands on my hips, fucking my ass regardless of how much I cried out, yelped, screamed, she just kept going.She was in control, and I was nothing more than her little bitch. My sweat building inside my rubber mask,

“I heard her mumbling under her breath, ” Not having the rent huh Lateboy? Do you think money grows on trees you piece of shit?”

She grabs my hair and I pull my head back only to see another rubber cock in front of my face attached to the couch. “Suck it while I fuck you.”

She gagged me on it, and went back to fucking me.

“That oughta keep you quiet.” she says happily.

“Fucking bitch” I thought to myself.

All I could do was hope beyond hope, that if I did what she wanted, the way she wanted it, she would cum that much quicker, and this ordeal would be over with.

So I obliged, I sucked her cock, but the pain in my ass was intense, she was fucking me so hard, she wanted it to humiliate me, make me her bitch, and I knew that.I accepted my fate.

Suddenly, my ass didn’t hurt as much, as if my body relaxed a bit to the ramming she was giving me. As the pain lessened, I realized suddenly that there I was with this hot girl fucking my ass, making me suck her and fuck her, and it was then I began to not only bear with the situation, but I start enjoying it. I begged her to stop, only for effect if nothing else, which made her start grunting and fucking me harder, which in turn made me that much hotter.I buck back matching her every thrust with my own, I suck the cock she put in front of me. My own cock bouncing and flapping against my stomach raging hard, she fucks me hard and fast, both of us moaning in ecstacy. She reaches around and grabs my cock, and noticing how hard it was goes back to pumping my cock like before using my precum as lubricant. All the while fucking my ass. she starts moaning louder, as I do as her thrusts get shallow, and less rhythmic, she was going to cum again. Not only does a hot girl take me for the first time like this, but is going to cum too.

I begged her to stop again, and she pumps me, both my cock and my ass, Suddenly she cries out as she grabs my ass and pulls me to her deeper than ever, and I know she is cumming just as I started to cum as well. the timing could not have been more perfect.We explode in an orgasm that rocked the very foundation. We both cry out together is if the mix of pain and pleasure humilition and control all mixed into one amazing burst of energy. She collapses on top of me and uncuffed me. I’m still on my knees and bury my face into her couch cushion as we both take a needed breath. We just stay there, frozen in time. I think even she was amazed with what just happened.

Slowly we finish our wine, dress, and realize we both just had the night of our lives.

As she walks me to the door, she hands me a receipt that says PAID IN FULL in bold letters. We both let out a little chuckle.

“You will have next months rent on time I presume?” She questions.

“I hope not.” I thought to myself.

It wasn’t a week later when I received an Email that gave me a link to a video called, “LATEBOY PAYS THE RENT”

I had to click, and there I was, Skeletor being raped by the landlady. We’re on the top 5 Hitlist on that website. I guess she paid the rent with it. At least we wore masks. I must have watched the free video preview a hundred times today.


My name is Jack and I’m kind of a romantic. Not by choice though, it’s my choice in women. All the women I like are no less than 5 star. Big perfect tits, perfects skin, tight ass. All my women were the model types and they were a pain in the ass. High maintenance, stuck up bitches and I was tired of it. Fancy dinners, expensive jewelry, the gas guzzling sports cars I had to drive to impress them, the designer clothes, it was exhausting. I have a large bank account because, I am a genetic physicist. Which is why I can write this story. I finally decided if I can’t find a beautiful girl that would fulfill my every fantasy. I was going to make one. I made so much money and this one particular year, I was able to design my own lab with all the necessary equipment to clone. Shit, I’d better have some cash after working for 3 different science teams and only getting 3 hours of sleep a night, on top of holding stock for every major company known to the world and being very skillful at it. I needed a fuck toy and all I needed was a DNA base from a gorgeous woman.

So, I went out with a few woman to get my base and I’d pick the one I liked most. I’ve been bragging and tagging woman for 7 years. I guess a few more wouldn’t kill me. So, I roamed the busy streets of every beach front in the whole U.S. looking for the perfect woman. Finally, I found……. The one. She was kind of tall, natural red hair, blue eyes (very rare), perfect D tits, dangerous curves. She looked like she was made for me but, actually I wasn’t even going to give her the chance of denying me anything and I was just going to make her so she couldn’t. I slowed down my Mercedes and rolled down my window as she was roller blading down the sidewalk.

I came right out and said, “Hey there Angel.” With my most charming smile. She didn’t even acknowledge me. I’ve never seen this before and I was pretty upset and tired of dealing with these bitches and I let her know how pissed I was. “Hey bitch, when someone pulls up to you with a two hundred grand car calling you Angel. You should probably fucking acknowledge their presence.”

She didn’t like that very much. She braked her blades and my driver braked the car. She looked right at my face and let it flow, “What the fuck did you just say to me?!………. I can’t believe you rich type, you think because you have money you can just say whatever the hell you like to people…………. FUCK YOU!” Then she went back to blading like nothing happened……… Fuck no, I don’t think so.

I didn’t like this at all. Nobody ever spoke to me like this. Lucky for me I installed a napkin dispenser inside my side of the back door where people usually have those stupid little handles that no one ever uses. I told my driver, “Stop the car.” He did and I got out, ran after the woman, grabbed that bitch by her hair and her feet flew right out from under her and she fell right on her ass. As soon as she went to open her stupid mouth, I swabbed the inside of her mouth with the napkin and started walking back to the car. I looked up and suddenly noticed everyone stopped and was staring at me. About 10-15 people. I turned around and seen her start to get back up shocked and confused from what happened.

I always kept cash in my pockets and I decided it was a good time to use it. I had about $1,000 worth of 20s kept in my pocket. She was on her feet now. All I did was look at her and smile as I pulled out my stack of 20s. She yelled at me, “You think you’re going to pay me to keep my mouth shut………. Really!? Fuck you, you pig!!!! I should kick your ass!!!!!”

I calmly and smoothly replied, “Oh darling, it’s not for you………. It’s for them.” I threw the cash up in the air and shouted so everyone can hear, “Nobody seen anything here today!!!” The crowd that was once about to be a witness in court to my crime all flocked around me to collect the cash.

Smugly I approached my recent (hot) victim and said with a lethal potency that ended our dispute, “not only when you have money can you say what the fuck you want.” I got right in her and spoke lowly and pronouncing every syllable to make an imprint on her memory for life. “You can do what the fuck you want to too.” With those last words I brushed her face with my hand and said, “Thanks for the date darling, I had a great time.” I turned around and walked right past the still greedy crowd picking up my cash and got straight into my car to drive off unaffected. It was a awesome display of the social hierarchy in my favor……. As usual. With the napkin in my hand, I put it on the inside of my jacket pocket where I already had a plastic lining ready. I told my driver, “Back to my lab, I’ve got some work to do.”

He replied the only sentence it seemed he knew how to say, “Certainly sir.” I got back to my lab and got straight to work and after 2 years of work (I’ll skip the boring details) BAM!!!! I made the woman of my dreams. She was a 23 year old woman with a blank mind. All she knew how to do was walk and eat. Fresh out of the cloning process, I went straight to my brainwashing. I taught her it was wrong to wear clothes. I also taught her she wasn’t to leave the house. Her only purpose in life was to eat, sleep and fuck me how, when and wherever I wanted. The only words I taught her right off the bat was dirty sentences like, “Do you want to fuck me?” Followed by, “How?” and “When do you want me to suck you cock?” followed by “Do you want me to gag on it?” She was my real life sex toy, without the worry of the wine and dine, kissing ass bullshit. After a few months of this intensive training, she was fully operational and she was all mine. It was magnificent.

I just got home from work and I hollered out for my sex slave, “BITCH!!!! (that’s what I named her) I’M HOME!!” She ran down the stairs at full speed, titties jiggling and flopping everywhere; just as she was trained.

She asked me, “what do you want me to do?”

I simply said, “Suck my cock.” Without delay she got on her knees, pulled down my pants and went straight to sucking. “As soon as I get hard. Stand up and put your hands on the wall.” She knew it didn’t require an answer. She just knew what she had to do. Sure enough, she got me hard and did exactly what I told her. “Ready to get your ass fucked Bitch?”

Sexily she replied, “Yes Master. Fuck my ass as much and as hard as you’d like, I love it when you fuck my ass.”

I smiled with gratification. “That’s my Bitch.” No lube or anything, just her spit. I shoved my cock straight up her ass and fucked her with no mercy. She just took it and moaned in pleasure, just like I taught her. I drilled her ass as my butler Duffrey walked by and asked if he’d like his cock sucked while I fucked her ass.

He asked me politely, “may I sir?”

I told him, “Yah man, no problem. She’s my whore, I made her to fuck. Fuck her anytime you want man.”

He smiled a giant smile as I gave out the order. “Suck his cock Bitch.”

“Yes master.” I slapped her in the face from behind while I fucked her in her ass and still fucking I said, “I didn’t ask a question Bitch. You know better than that. Don’t speak unless your hungry, have to use the bathroom or I ask a question. Unless you’re hungry while I’m fucking you. Then, I don’t give a shit. You can eat my cum as an appetizer and then eat whatever the fuck you want when I’m done. Got it Bitch? Now suck his cock.” She bent over and opened her mouth waiting for Duffrey to whip it out. He did and she waited for him to fuck her mouth. I mentioned, “She wont start unless you ask her to. I trained her that way so, either stick it in or ask her to start sucking it. She’s like a robot all she knows is sex and once she starts thinking otherwise I have another clone trained and ready to go in the cryo-chamber ready to go………. God, I’m fucking awesome.” I laughed, “Just thought I’d throw that out there.”

My butler laughed too, “Indeed you are sir, indeed you are.” He ordered her, “Suck my cock Bitch.”

She took the order like a waitress and reached around, grabbed his ass and pulled his cock over to her ready mouth. There was my creation, taking it up the ass and sucking my butlers cock and man I was going to work on her ass. Right as I was going to cum. I showed off another trick I taught her, “Bitch, I’m going to cum.”

She took my butlers cock out of her mouth and asked, “Where do you want me, how do you want me and where would you like to cum?”

“Get on your knees, open your mouth, lick the tip, spit my cum on your tits, rub them a little bit, suck out my after cum and leave the cum on your tits and finish off the butler.” I stopped fucking her ass and watched her do exactly what I told her. She got on her knees and opened her mouth as I aimed my cock right in her mouth as I stroked out my sperm. She moaned in anticipation, licking the tip gently, waiting. I let out my orgasm and came all in her mouth and watched as she spit my juice all over the middle of her chest. She breathed heavily letting out little koos as she spread my cum all over her tits and rubbed her nipples and then finally sucked me dry. Then, leaving the cum on her tits just as she was told, she turned around and took my butler back in her mouth and started sucking him off again. I told my butler, “If you want her to do anything else just ask…….. Bitch!”

She stopped for a second, “Yes master?”

“Do everything he asks, anytime he asks, O.K.?”

“Yes master.”

she went back to sucking and my butler showed his gratitude, “You are the best boss I’ve ever had.”

I smiled and confidently replied, “I know Duffrey. I know.” I went upstairs and went about my normal business. Then, as I got ready for bed I yelled for my slut, “BITCH!!! TIME FOR BED!!!” I waited and she didn’t come. I got worried and pissed at the same time. I ran from room to room looking for my bitch. Finally, I found her in the master living room riding my Duffrey’s cock in reverse cowgirl, while he sat in my giant velvet red antique chair. I laughed relieved, “Oh, I see your enjoying my new gift.”

He chuckled and said, “Very much sir, very much.”

I barked my order, “Bitch, when your done with him come to bed.”

She didn’t say anything. She just kept fucking as he commanded, “Faster, faster, faster Bitch, faster.” She was fucking the shit out him. Ass bouncing like a jackhammer. I sat and watched instead of going back upstairs. I’ve never seen my creation fuck anyone else. I just sat and admired my work as Duffrey then yelled, “Maria (the maid) come here darling.” Maria was the butlers wife and the maid.

They cheated all the time so, this was no big deal. Maria entered the room, “Oh, I see you’re having fun.” She smiled a big smile before asking, “What’s up dear?”

“Maria, You know masters bitch, right?”

“Oh Yes dear, why?”

“Wanna join?”

She got excited like a little school girl, “Would I?!!!”

Duffrey gave out the order, “Bitch, suck her tits.” Maria took off her maids gown and walked over as my bitch was fucking him like a maniac. My bitch sucked on her tits just like she was ordered switching back and forth like she’d been doing it every day of her life. Without ever even been with another female before. Porn pays off obviously. Duffrey announced, “O.K. time to get this really going. Bitch get on your hands and knees, I’m going to fuck you while you lick my wife’s pussy. O.K.?” Like a good girl she knew better. she didn’t reply yes master.

She knew already that I’d slap the shit out of her. She replied, “O.K.” She got on her hands and knees as Marie got on her back.

My butler got behind her and slowly inserted his cock in her and she moaned more with every inch which was a lot because, my butler seemed to be a freak. It had to be at least 11″. No wonder Marie didn’t mind him cheating. He had enough to go around, if you know what I mean. All the while Marie got on her back and spread her legs; soon following my Bitch sticking her tongue in her clit flickering it like a pro porn star as my butler started plowing her with all 11 inches. My butler announced, “Honey, why don’t you get underneath her and lick her muffin and I’ll cum on your face when I’m done fucking her.”

Marie looked a little unsettled but did it. Duffrey knew it too. I had to comment, “Better shape up that attitude Marie, otherwise I’ll have to do away with your job. Ship you off and make Duffrey a clone for himself.”

She looked a little shocked but, politely answered, “Yes sir, sorry sir.” I winked and nodded like I was just being a dick but, I wasn’t I’d do it haha. I watched as my bitch got her 69 on with the maid while being fucked. About 4 minutes later. I heard Duffrey begin to climax as he pulled out and came a horse puddle of cum all over his wife’s face…….. Damn no wonder she didn’t want to do it…….. She nearly drowned…… It was exciting watching females get glazed with another mans cum. Especially when it’s in your own living room.

After finishing, Duffrey got a little carried away and nearly tried to take my position. “Bitch! Now finish my wife then go upstairs with Jack.”

I regained my dominance instantly, “Excuse me Duffrey! Bitch ignore him and go upstairs to bed. Duffrey know your place. You will address me as sir and when I want her I get her. I’ll fuck your wife too if I feel like it and you know I will, I’ll even make you watch and won’t let you join or even pleasure yourself while I hurl insults at you and make you feel like my bitch. Do you understand? Don’t answer that was a rhetorical question that doesn’t require an answer. Now…… I gave you a gift and you better not abused this. I will forget this incident, just don’t let it happen again. Are we clear?”

Duffrey took a deep breath to regain his composure, “Yes sir, forgi……”

“Another rhetorical question. Shut the fuck up.”

” Right. Come Marie, let us finish cleaning the masters linens.”

Marie nodded her head in agreement looking a little shaken and with a quiver in her voice replied, “Right darling, let us go…… Goodnight sir.” I nodded in approval and let them carry out the choirs I’ve assigned them.

When I got upstairs Bitch was waiting for me as usual legs spread on her back, waiting for her nightly fuck but, I was much too tired today. “Bitch, I’m too tired to fuck you. So, you’ll being doing all the work tonight. Let me lay there, suck me off and then after about 5 minutes of sucking my cock, climb on top, put your tits in my face, theeennnnnn we’ll take it from there, O.K.?”

“Yes Master.”

“Alright then, lets go, times wasting and you have a job to do.”

I laid on the bed and went over everything I had to do tomorrow while my sexy bitch sucked away at my cock, God she sucked sooo gooood. once I started getting into it, I snapped back to my fantasies at hand, “Alright Bitch, climb on top, tits in my face you know the drill.” She listened as usual and slid her moist cunt over my rock hard cock. I don’t even know how to begin to tell you how lucky I am. Her pussy stayed so tight all of the time. Either the woman I cloned her from was like this or something went horribly right in the cloning process but, every time I fuck my bitch she is as tight as a virgin……. In both holes……….. I know you probably wish you were me and I’m a nice guy……… I wish you were me too haha. So she was fucking me with her insanely wet pussy, working her legs to get it in perfectly, flexing her pussy muscles to make it feel like her fuck hole was like a super mouth.

I got really excited licking her tits and occasionally looking down past her Ds to see her wet flowing cunt dripping her fuck juices all over my steaming hot cock reappearing and disappearing making me tingle all over. I wanted my candy tho. “You know what bitch?”

“What baby?” As she kept fucking me.

” I got really excited watching you 69 Marie earlier. Why don’t you bring that wet pussy up to my face and let me lick it to my desire, while you wrap your lips around my cock and suck me the way you like.”

“The way I like is the way you like.” Normally I’d slap her for speaking again but, it was hot so I let it go. I watched as she slid off my cock and turned her glazed muffin into my face and it was inches from my lips as I stared at her asshole that smelled like roses and knew I was going to fuck it one more time before the night was over. Then, I felt her lips slide back were they were meant to be at least 2 hours a day. Mmmmmmmmm I love her sucking my cock and hearing those slight slurping sounds while, I lick her slit and bring my tongue all the way up to her puckering ass. Almost as if it’s trying to lick me back. She increased her speed as I increased mine. In 3 minutes of starting all you heard was slurping and alternating moans.

I was going to cum at any moment now. I commanded another time, “Fuck me.”

Her natural response, “How?”

“With your pussy, quick, fuck me.”

She climbed back on top of me and began fucking me again as I sounded just like Duffrey, “Faster, faster, harder, harder, faster, ass.”

“What baby?”

“Ass!! Fuck me with your ass now!! ASS!!”

She reached underneath her and quickly stuck it in her ass and began fucking me with her ass like a good girl. I was in a control freak testosterone induced fuck frenzy. “Pussy!!” She put it back in her pussy without even using her hands and went back to work before you know it about 15 seconds later I commanded ass again and we were both in a juicy, sweaty rage of sex. “AAAAASS!!! FUCK YAH, BITCH, OOOHHHHHH FUCK YES!!!! RAISE IT UP!!” Like a magician I slid underneath her and was behind her and back in her ass before you could say fuck that ass. I was railing her harder than ever before and was going in her ass working her like the pocket pussy she was. “YOU LIKE THAT YOU USELESS FUCK TOOL??!!!!!”




“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU CUM, YOU STUPID SLUT!! Your jobs to make me cum………. OOHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!” Still holding on to her hair. I nearly broke her neck flipping her around and ramming all 7″ I had down her throat and cumming at the same time yelling, “YOU BETTER NOT PUKE!!! CHOKE BITCH!!! CHOOOOOOKE!!!!!” I shot stream after stream down her throat as she swallowed as much as she could and coughing up the rest as the other half came out her nose. I laid down and began resting as I told Bitch, “Clean me up and then clean yourself up and come to bed.” She got up and cleaned licked me clean. Then, got a towel and dried me off before cleaning herself off. Finally, laying herself to rest. I broke from the passion, I couldn’t help it because, that was by far the best fuck I’d ever had, “Bitch?”

“Yes Master.”

“I love you……. More than I’ve ever loved everybody.” I heard her begin to cry and then she spoke, “I never thought I’d here you say those words master, you don’t know how that makes me feel.” master?”

“Yes my sweet.”

(sniff, sniff)………. “I love you too…. (sniff, sniff) and I’m glad you created me to fuck you.”

“You don’t have to call me Master anymore, you can call me whatever you like……………. But, you still have to fuck me whenever I say cause, as much as I love you, you stop your purpose, I’ll kill you and re-create you and thaw another one of you out and no one would miss you……….. Except me. Now go to sleep you have a lot of work to do tomorrow. I have a porn convention I want to show you off in.”

Warning- this story depicts a graphic scene. Do not read if sensitive to violence or sexual crime.

Forced Entry

He must have been standing in the darkness of the hallway when she came in, because he tackled her hard when she paused and knocked her onto the bed, landing on top of her and never giving her a second to think or struggle. The surprise was enough to make her scream, though, and she started screaming loudly and trying to fight out from under him. He grabbed her by the throat, then, and backhanded her hard.

“Shut up, bitch,” he screamed at her through clenched teeth, but it didn’t do anything to quiet her, so he squeezed her throat hard and choked her until she didn’t have enough breath to scream anymore and then he eased up.

“You fuckin’ stupid country people never think to lock your doors. I bet you start locking them now,” he sneered at her. She was across the bed on her back and he was sitting on top of her, pinning her down.

“Please, don’t hurt me. Please, you can take anything you want,” she begged him.

“Shut up. I already own everything you have ever since I got in your back door. What I want is some fun.”

“NO,” she yelled at him and began to fight. Initially she was able to push him hard enough to unbalance him on the soft mattress, and she began trying to crawl out from under him. He came back up quickly and shoved her retreating back, forcing her onto her stomach and climbing on top of her again. She began screaming, again, and he slapped her hard in the back with his hand, knocking the breath out of her.

“I fuckin’ tol’ you to SHUT UP! There isn’t anybody close enough to hear you anyway.”

She continued struggling and fighting him, so he grabbed a fistful of her hair and shoved her face into the pillow. He opened the flick knife next to her ear so that she could hear it. At once she lay still and something like a sob escaped from her throat.

“The more you struggle the more it just makes my dick hard,” he told her.

He put his hand between her shoulder blades to hold her against the mattress and climbed off of the top of her, instead turning to face her feet and straddling her again facing the other direction. He was sitting with his full weight on her shoulders with his legs pinning her arms.

“Now, you just do everything I say and you’ll come through this with nothing but memories. Otherwise you’ll have some nasty scars.”

He slid the knife under the waistband at the back of her jeans and began hacking through the jeans and her cheap, imitation leather belt. A blind panic struck her then and she began struggling again, kicking and wiggling under him and trying to move, but he pulled the knife through the belt and then waited while she tired herself struggling. When she gave up he put the knife under the cut part of her jeans and continued slicing through the fabric in a diagonal across the right cheek of her ass until he had cut several inches of the pant leg at the back of her right thigh. He did the same with her jeans across the left cheek, then folded her jeans open like a babys’ diaper, then cut off her maroon panties and threw them across the room.

When he tried to climb off the top of her she began fighting, again, this time with the renewed vigor of a panic-stricken woman, terrified and about the be raped. He had managed to keep her face down, but she was able to move a foot or so on the bed and get her arms free. He brought his left knee down on the back of her left elbow and pinned it there, then grabbed her by the hair, again, and let her feel the point of his knife under her right ear.

“Just right there, cunt…I could cut you right there and you’d bleed to death, and I could finish fucking you before you got cold.”

“Please, you don’t have to do this,” she pleaded with him, her voice muffled in the pillows. “I don’t even know what you look like. I couldn’t tell the police anything.”

He ignored her and began unbuckling his pants with one hand while still holding the knife against the tender skin under her ear. She began sobbing, again, and he tugged at the cut material of her jeans to fully expose her ass.

“Damn, bitch, you have a fuckin’ beautiful ass. I don’t think this is going to take long.” He worked his mouth into a pucker and gathered some saliva, then drooled a mouthful of spit so that it fell on her tiny, puckered asshole. She understood what he was going to do at last and the blind panic seized her again. She bucked and struggled in spite of the knife he held against her ear. He held his shins and feet across her calves and held her down from behind with his knife hand, and then forced her face into the pillow until she was gasping for breath and too weak to struggle further. When she had settled down he gathered another mouthful and spit in his left hand and rubbed it on his dick.

She was sobbing again, resigned to the rape she was about to endure as he spread open her ass cheeks and laid the head of his cock against her asshole. Without giving her a chance to breath he suddenly forced his cock into her ass and she screamed as the head of his dick forced open her asshole.

“OH GOD, that FUCKIN’ HURTS,” she screamed. “My ASS!”

He continued shoving, forcing his cock into the tight sphincter of her colon as she screamed, bucking against her now and then as he buried his cock to the hilt in her tiny asshole. She screamed more and cursed him.

“FUCKIN’ COCKSUCKER, THAT HURTS! YOU FUCKIN’ ROTTEN BASTARD! You won’t get away with this they’re going to catch you!”

“The won’t catch me before I shoot my wad up your pretty asshole. Now fuckin’ shut up and let me enjoy this.”

She broke into sobs again as he pushed himself into her, then yanked a pillow from underneath her head and began stuffing it under her hips to prop her ass higher. When he was satisfied with that he began pounding his cock into her ass, each time pulling it more than halfway out and then shoving it deep again so hard that his pubic bone hit the crack of her ass. He ripped the tee shirt off of her back and then unfastened her bra so he could grope her breasts.

“Come on, honey, move around a little. I like it better when they struggle a little.” He grabbed her nipples and began pinching and twisting them, until she cried out and began flinching. He bucked harder against her ass, slowing down now and then to push his rod especially deep and relish the feel of her ass around his cock and the feel of her tits in his rough hands. Suddenly, instead of pounding hard and fast against her ass she felt him slow down, as if relishing every stroke and he suddenly grabbed her shoulder and pushed himself hard into her and groaned a long groan. His body spasmed and jerked, and then he tensed his body and rocked back and forth like he was balancing on her ass.

He relaxed, flattening his body against hers and he lay across her back. He lay against her for several minutes, spent and exhausted. She stirred enough to turn her head and look at him.

“Was that a good one,” she asked?

“Oh God, yeah. You deserve an academy award, hun, once or twice it sounded like you were actually crying.”

“I wasn’t crying, I was coming!”

“Well, you deserve a fuckin’ academy award. Did I hit you too hard?”

“No, I keep telling you that you can hit me as hard as you want, as long as you don’t break anything. You know I can’t come unless it hurts.”

“Oh geez…,” he rubbed his head, “you made me come so hard my head hurts. I think I must have shot about a quart of come up your ass.”

She grinned at him. “Yeah, it feels like it. The knife play was good! I started coming almost as soon as you flicked it open, but you owe me a new pair of jeans!”

“Gladly,” he said. “That was fuckin’ amazing. What do you want to do now? Do you want to watch television?”

“HELL NO, I don’t want to watch television, I want you to tie me up and fuck my pussy.”

“Oh, baby, I don’t know if I’m up to that yet. You tire me out when you struggle that much.”

“Well, then just tie me up and stick a dildo in me. I’ll bet your next paycheck you’ll get hard by the time you do that.”

He rolled toward her far enough to kiss her on the cheek. “Where the hell did I ever find you, I must be the luckiest pervert in the state.”

“You didn’t find me, I FOUND YOU. If I hadn’t heard your stupid ex complaining about leaving you because you wanted to do play rape all the time I wouldn’t have known where to look.”

“Baby, you could have found a million guys that wanted to play rape with you.”

“I know, but they wouldn’t appreciate me as much as you do.” She smiled at him and there were love lights in her eyes that seemed oddly out of place, like a Hell’s Angel carrying a teddy bear.

“Do you want me to use the gag on you.”

“Yeah, I love feeling helpless.” She sat up and kissed him full on the mouth. “But, honey, even if you gag me…I promise I’ll scream just as loud.”

He reached under the bed and pulled out a coil of rope.

I began teaching Lindsey self-defense. What started as a few tips here and there became hour long sessions when I could her learning katas and practicing techniques. She was diligent in her efforts and her execution of technique was perfect. She was getting stronger too. That tight little body of hers contained real strength. If she kept practicing she would soon be taking no shit from anyone.

Anyone except for Chris. She was still showing up at work with bruises. Intellectually I understood that it was her problem to deal with but I still seethed over the need to take Chris out.

I mentioned this to Mary. We had just finished a particularly long session we liked to call “on but not in”. She looked so slutty with cum dripping from her lovely tits. She slid a finger over a soaked erect nipple and licked the cum from it. Then smiling wickedly she looked me in the eye, took her boob in both hands and sucked and licked the rest of my cum from it. I watched her antics and contemplated eating her pussy more when she leaned back on the pillow and sighed.

“Chris does need to be dealt with and I’m tired of listening to the fighting. I should just let Harry handle it.” She suggested.

“Who is Harry?” I asked.

“Harry is the Nanny.”

“They have a male Nanny?” I asked slightly amused. “Isn’t that rather odd?”

“Harry has been with the family for quite some time and he is an excellent Nanny. Besides, I wouldn’t trust my niece and nephews with just anyone. He may look like an old man to you but I believe he is just as capable at taking care of himself and the children as you are. Maybe more so. He came to us when he retired from the SAS,” she went on.

“The British SAS? You’re kidding!” I was astonished.

“You’ve heard of it? Yes he was a sergeant-major when he retired. He’s fantastic with the kids and they call him Uncle Harry.”

Retired SAS sergeant-major? Seriously? What the fuck more did they need? “Uncle Harry” probably knew more ways to take someone out than I knew how to cook eggs. Sometimes Mary scared me.

“Great idea but not very subtle. Besides we don’t want him dead just taken down a few notches. Maybe that will make him start acting like a reasonable man and father.” I said.

An idea came to me then. It would take not just a little clout and coordination. I almost dismissed it as too complicated but looking at the lovely lady next to me I began to think it might be done. She had clout. I knew all the players.

“Mary I have an idea but it’s gonna take some doing. Nobody is going to get hurt. Well, Chris might but nothing he can’t recover from physically. It’ll involve a lot of people but they’re all ones that can keep their mouth shut.” I outlined what I had in mind.

Mary sat in silence. I knew her well enough to know not to bother her when she was thinking. Her acute mind was weighing the possibilities. I stroked her arm lightly with the backs of my fingers. I traced circles over the flesh raising goose bumps. I brushed from her arm to her shoulder and towards her throat. I was rewarded by the site of her nipples growing stiff.

The one closest to me just looked so delectable that I just had to lick it. Mary purred at the feeling. I raked the stiff nub gently between my teeth and her purring grew to a moan. I kissed my way to her other nipple and raked it just as gently savoring the feeling of the soft stiff flesh. I held her nip firmly at the tit with my teeth then lashed it with my tongue. Mary’s leg began to quiver. I slid a finger down to her clit and rubbed gently. I switched back to the first nipple while massaging her clit with my thumb. I slid two fingers then three into her cunt. I was wiggling my pinky in too when she grabbed my head in her hands pulling me deeper to her chest. I tasted my cum from earlier on her hot skin. I continued to caress her clit and finger fuck her pussy until I felt the ripples inside squeezing me back. She cupped both of her tits together for me to suck her two nipples at once. I happily complied feeling the eraser sized nips stiff and slick against my tongue. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers as her orgasm took hold of her. I pulled harder on her nipples with my tongue and she cried out, “So good!”

A few minutes later when she composed herself Mary agreed in principal to the plan. “I can take care of most of these arrangements. I really want to see my brother gets his. He’s too big for me to kick his ass like when we were kids. What are you going to do to him?”

“I’ll leave that up to how things play out. Too many things have to go right for all this to work. Don’t tell Lindsey about any of this. She has a strange sense of loyalty and she may not like the idea.” I said. “Hey I have an idea. If you can massage my prostate I’ll massage your tonsils with the head of my cock.”

I stood up making Mary kneel on the floor. She looked amazing settled on her knees with her huge tits standing high and proud. Soon her long middle finger was pressed firmly against my prostate and she was actually swallowing my cock in her throat. I was in heaven.

The plan changed several times. Mary and I discussed added and discarded details until our plan seemed fool proof. I needed the help of someone who I didn’t think Mary would approve of.

“We’re going to need help of a certain kind, Mary. Chris likes his little “excursions” and I think that’s where we have him. He’ll be most comfortable where he’s used to going. That’s a “massage parlor” he likes to visit if he can’t score at the strip clubs. What do you think?”

Mary was mixing us margaritas. She filled out my old gray robe in such a way that you’d think it was a $10000 original. The lady had class and elegance for days. Even sans wig she was lovely and feminine.

“Makes sense. Who else do you want to bring in?” she asked.

“Her name is Big Shirley and….” I began.

“Sam? Sure I know Sam. He’d be perfect!” she said.

I must have looked pretty stupid there with my mouth hanging open. Not too many people knew Big Shirley’s real name. Her name belied her stature. She was 5’2″ and 100 lbs. Her man-made 32 C’s were a testament to her surgeon’s skill. They were as natural looking as a real pair. Big Shirley had mesmerizing almond shaped eyes. Her blue black hair shone like a midnight moon. She was demure, flirty and was genuinely fun to be around once she accepted you. Big Shirley was the product of a South Korean peasant girl and an American soldier.

Big Shirley loved women. She loved women so much she wanted to be one herself. Big Shirley started life as Samuel. She could never bring herself to continue to the next operation so she still had all of her equipment. From what I had heard, Big Shirley had enough equipment to satisfy a pony. Big Shirley also owned several nightclubs and one very nice restaurant. But her real money maker was the exclusive, very expensive “Gentlemen’s Spa” she operated. The cops never messed with Big Shirley because she never gave them reason to. It helped that her clients included several affluent folks who ran the town and the state.

“How the hell do you know Big Shirley?” I asked shocked. “How the hell do you know her real name?”

“Calling him “her” sounds strange to me. I knew him when he was still “Sam”. We had business together.” And that’s all she would say. There were times that Mary really scared the hell out of me.

“Now get that look off your face and fuck me. My pussy needs some attention,” she purred letting the robe slip from her shoulders as she climbed on my lap.

Nearly a month later Chris was in his favorite strip joint drunk as hell and being an asshole. A rich asshole to be sure that the girls tolerated because he spread the wealth while there. They always stayed with him in pairs using the “buddy system”. So long as nobody was left alone with him nobody got hurt or forced into anything. The few times a girl was left alone with him ended unfortunately for the girl. If she was lucky the best thing that happened was that she would up with a mouthful of cum. If she was lucky.

Jenny and Suzy, the Korean strippers, fawned all over him. They pushed his face back and forth between their two racks until he was dizzy. The girls giggled and whispered that they wanted to party away from the eyes of the managers and bouncers.

Jenny rubbed Suzy’s tits and exclaimed “I love to see an ass get fucked.” Then she turned those almond shaped eye to Chris. Suzy cried, “Me too!” and both girls started laughing.

Chris nearly came in his pants at the thought of fucking these two beauties in the ass. “Let’s go!” he slurred. The girls each took and arm and led him out of the club. A limo stood at the curb waiting for them. In his lust and drunkenness Chris didn’t bother to wonder how the car came to be there. He simply pawed at the long nippled tits of the Korean girls while attempting to get more attention for his throbbing hard on.

They arrived at a large 3 story “office” complex. It was on the outskirts of the town near the interstate but far enough away that is couldn’t be seen. Chris had been to the “Rub and Tug” there many a time and was wondering how he was going to fuck them there.

The girls pulled him from the limo into the building. “We have a big massagy room there. We can all get comfortable and take our time.” Jenny said to Chris as they walked down the corridor.

Big Shirley and I watched from the far end of the room in the shadows as the girls led him to a large cozy room with two massage tables. They helped him get undressed as he pawed at their tits and asses. He was rock hard when they laid him down on the massage table. Suzy stood next to him rubbing her tits on his face while Jenny rubbed his shoulders.

“We take our time now. You get massagy. You’ll love our massagy. Then time to fuck ass!” Jenny said.

“To hell with the “massagy”. Let me fuck your ass now!” said Chris trying to rise.

Suzy pushed him back on the table. “We have all night. You get massagy!” she said.

Chris stopped struggling and lay back down. Suzy rubbed warm oil onto his back and Jenny rubbed some onto his ass. Both girls worked on Chris until he began to relax. Jenny worked her way down his legs to stand at the end of the table. She uncloaked the latch separating Chris’s legs.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Chris mumbled feeling his legs swing apart. Jenny’s oil coated hands massaged Chris’s balls and he relaxed again. “I like that!” he said as Jenny coated his asshole with oil. She deftly put a ring around his cock and slid it to the very base. “Now you dick stay hard all night.” The added another one tightly around his balls. “No you don’t cum till we ready”. His dick throbbed pointing right down at the floor. His balls looked like a lopsided balloon.

“You gonna really like this. Hold on tight. I don’t want to fall off, “she said shucking her clothes as she climbed on top of him. Her firm muscular ass straddled his back for a second then she fell to the left.

“You move too much. Hold on I strap you down!” she said. Before Chris could protest Jenny and Suzy strapped a wide leather belt across the small of his back pinning him to the table. Suzy stood next to Chris’s face fingering her pussy and feeding him her fingers while Jenny strapped his legs then his arms down too. Jenny came round to his other side and pulled his face into her ass cheeks.

“You suck my ass good before the fucking OK?!” Chris blubbered and feasted on the wrinkled brown asshole. He slobbered and moaned into her asshole with complete abandon.

I looked up at the camera that covered my part of the room and nodded. It was time.

As I approached the supine man Big Shirley came behind him taking Jenny’s place and rubbed his asshole with more oil. She wormed a finger into him making him squirm. Big Shirley may have loved women but she did like the occasional dick or asshole. She slowly finger fucked his ass while stroking oil all over my half hard cock. She smiling and winked at me while I enjoyed seeing her tits sway with her efforts.

Jenny moved away from Chris when a light illuminated the petit blond form of his wife. Startled but still dunk enough to not realize the full gravity of his predicament Chris mumbled, “Hey what are you doing here?”

“I heard there was going to be some ass fucking going on. I love to watch an ass get stuffed full of cock.” Lindsey said.

Chris must have thought he won the lottery because he was suddenly excited bellowing, “Let’s get started!”

Big Shirley pulled her finger out of Chris’s ass and held me firmly by the base of my now completely hard cock. Positioning it at Chris’ oil soaked asshole she rubbed the head over it.

“What the hell is that?” Chris angrily complained.

“It’s the cock that’s going to fuck your asshole, my darling husband. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying it up mine.” Lindsey told him delightfully.

I leaned forward pressing the head against Chris’ asshole. Big Shirley put her hand on the small of my back and shoved. All seven inches suddenly slammed through the tight ring of protesting muscle and I was suddenly balls deep in the asshole of my love-slave’s husband.

The sound of pure agony tore from the man’s mouth. He screamed and cried out as I tried to slowly fuck him. The Korean girls would have nothing to do with this. They pulled on my hips to withdraw then pushed on my ass forcing me back into him. The result was that Chris was being prison raped. Lindsey watched her husband being sodomized. His every cry a triumph for her; his every whimper payback for all she had endured. I let the girls use me to fuck him while he cried and screamed. Soon he was just whimpering as his asshole widened enough to accept me.

I slowed the pace forcibly when Lindsey grabbed Chris by the hair pulling his face to look at hers.

“Don’t you like it? Doesn’t that beautiful dick feel good pumping your ass? I love it up mine. I love it when he cums in my asshole. I love sucking his cock and licking his asshole. I do all things with him I’d never do with you. You are a fucking worm and I can’t stand you. I’m just so glad you are finally getting what you deserve!” she said.

She walked over to the other massage table and pushed it right up to the end where Chris’s head lay. Stepping back she unbuttoned then stepped out of her jeans. She looked at me then patted a spot on the table. “Come here. Right here,” she said.

I pulled out of his asshole and stepped aside. Big Shirley had dropped her pants as Suzy stroked her big thick cock getting it ready for Chris’s next surprise.

Wiping my cock clean with a wet towel I hopped up on the table where Lindsey wanted me. I settled down inches from Chris’ face my cock hard and proud. Lindsey poured oil on it then swung up over me. She held my cock in her hand positioning her asshole right on it. Chris watched as my cock slowly disappeared into his tiny wife’s tight beautiful ass. Then his eyes widened and he cried out as Big Shirley thrust that huge cock into him. All I knew was that I never wanted anything that big in my own ass and here I was seeing the reaction of exactly that. Chris bit the sheet covering the table he was laying and cried out as Big Shirley happily pumped his ass. Lindsey in the meantime kept up a string of abuse piling it higher and higher on her husband as she rode my cock milking it with her asshole. The surrealism of it all was too much and I shot off inside her asshole.

Lindsey jumped off when she felt the first spurt inside of her. The next one shot into the air to land on the floor but she directed the next one right at her husband’s grimacing face. That was all that came out as my orgasm stopped short of its usual length. Seeing that this was all she was going to get, Lindsey reached down sliding finger up her own ass. Taking a cum covered finger out she spread it all over Chris’ face and hair while Big Shirley continued to fuck him.

Big Shirley gasped loudly then groaned. Her eyes closed and you knew she was filling Chris’ bowels with cum. Big Shirley just kept right on pumping and cumming while Chris whimpered and cried.

Lindsey sucked the head of my cock then began licking me clean. My cock softened gradually but stayed half hard. She kissed me her eyes grateful.

“I can’t wait to be rid of him. He’s such a fucking waste.” Lindsey said.

“She just doesn’t stop does she?” Jenny said. I looked up to see what she meant and I realized that Big Shirley was still fucking Chris in the asshole.

I raised my eyebrows in question at her and she said, “I got my second wind.” She pumped in and out of his asshole with an unhurried rhythm that almost made me wince. Taking pity on him Suzy slid the ring off of his balls and gave his cock a tug. We watched Big Shirley as she pulled all the way out of Chris who cried out when the cock left him. His asshole was so wide open you could see the pools of cum Big Shirley shot into him. As his sphincter began to close Big Shirley shoved her huge dick right back inside.

“I’m so glad we have all of this on video. I haven’t had an ass this tight in years. I’m going to love watching this again and again!” Big Shirley said loudly. Suzy got behind him and began licking his balls and ass while Jenny sucked his nipples. It was the most bizarre site I had ever seen.

Chris picked his head up at that realizing how bad his life just became. Big Shirley slapped his ass hard then took his hips in her hands and jack-hammered him with that huge weapon. “Get back down there and take it Bitch!” She snarled.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Mary standing next to us. She was running the videos making sure everything was captured at several different angles. Her eyes were glued to Big Shirley’s cock as she drove it full length in and out of her whimpering brother’s backdoor.

“Lindsey I don’t think he’s going to be bothering you much anymore. As a matter of fact I’d think he just came from Big Shirley fucking him. Isn’t that right Chris?” She asked loudly.

“I thought that’s what happened,” Big Shirley exclaimed. “He got really tight then squeezed the hell out of my joint. I loved it!”

“There’s a puddle under him,” Suzy said after checking out the floor beneath the massage table. “I can’t believe he came from getting fucked with such a huge dick! That hurts my pussy just looking at it! No way I’d take that in my ass!” she said warily.

Jenny started rubbing her tits on Big Shirley and kissed her. Suzy joined in and they took turns caressing his balls. Lindsey fondled my half hard cock and Mary hugged her big tits against my back. “We did it didn’t we?” she whispered.

“We sure did. Lindsey sure surprised me though,” I smiled.

Big Shirley gasped again from all the attention and came in Chris’ ass again. This time though he ground his pubic bone against Chris ass making sure all of his impressive cock was buried inside the man. Chris just cried and babbled in his humiliation.

“Should we untie him?” I asked the girls.

“No. Sam wanted him to play with for a while. He promised me he’d have Chris home by morning.” Mary said as she led Lindsey and me out the door. I turned back to see Chris watching us leave. His eyes showed pain and pleasure and I thought to myself that there sure were some strange people in this world.

“Who’s hungry? I feel like opening a bottle of wine and cooking something.” I said.

“We’d better go to my place,” Mary said. I looked at her startled. She never wanted to go to her house with me. “It’s too late to go to the resort and you can’t cook at Lindsey’s house without waking the kids.”

I put an arm around both of them. They looked at me each with “that look” and I knew I was in big trouble. Fucking was fun. Sex was the best. The emotional part was creeping in and the two ladies focused on me. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could Lindsey said, “I think I love him, Mary. How about you?”

I bent over to tie my shoe when suddenly I felt a hand on my ass and a voice say, “well what do we have here Johnny?” I instantly tried to stand up, but another hand on my back pushed me back down. “You’ll stay there for now, I like the view,” the man said as he rubbed my ass through my spandex running shorts. I was terrified, I knew there were at least two men there seeing as my name isn’t Johnny and the man had clearly spoken to someone else. I was too shocked to speak and I knew I was in for something I wouldn’t like.

A bit of background before I go any further. I’m a 19 year old college student. I’m about 5′ 9″, 130 lbs, pretty thin, and kind’ve a “pretty boy”. I’ve been running for a LONG time, and just recently started doing triathlons. Because of this, I started shaving my legs (and most of the rest of my body hair). The shaving has of course added to the “pretty boy” comments, and I’ve had more than a few gay guys start coming on to me. I’m not, by the way, gay, or even bi. Not my thing. Ok, maybe a little curious. I will admit I really liked it when my girlfriend fingered my ass while she blew me, but that’s it.

So anyway, back to the story at hand. My girlfriend and I had just broken up and I took it pretty hard. We’d been dating for about 6 months, and it was going great till it just stopped going. So I decided I’d sort out my feelings on a long run at one of the local parks. The weather was great and I knew that I would probably have the park to myself, so I decided to forgo a shirt and just run in the tight spandex shorts that I race in for triathlons. I was about 8 miles in to a 13 mile run when my shoe came untied. I bent over to tie it which is when two guys came out of nowhere and my day went to shit.

“I think we could have some fun with this one, look at that ass, and those legs,” said the second man, Johnny I assumed, speaking for the first time.

“Mmmm you know it,” the first man replied as he slapped my ass.

“Get the fuck off me!” I yelled, finally getting over the shock of the situation. I tried to kick the one behind me as I attempted to stand up again. My kick met nothing but thin air and just served to piss the two off.

“Boy you better calm yourself,” Johnny said, “Me and Will here are gonna have a good time with you, and if you chill the fuck out, you just might enjoy it!” At that the one behind me (Will) pulled my shorts down as Johnny walked around in front of me and I got my first real look at him. He looked to be about 6’2″ and at least 190 lbs of muscle. He was already naked and his cock was BIG. I’d say around 8″. It put my 6″ to shame.

“Not only are his legs shaved, but his asshole is too!! Damn I can’t wait to slide in there,” Will said from behind me as he began stroking my ass with one hand and his cock with the other.

“Guys please stop. I’ll do anything but don’t do this. I have money!” Which was aa complete lie by the way, I’m in college after all.

“I’m not missing this ass for anything,” Will said as he began to tease my ass with his fingers. I tried to move away, an act made harder by the spandex around my knees, but Johnny pushed me back.

“Why don’t you put that mouth to better use,” he said as he pushed his cock towards my mouth. “Go on, suck it. I know you want to pretty boy, you probably take dick all day every day.” I had no choice, I took his cock into my mouth, a definite first for me. It tasted kind of salty, especially the pre-cum already pooling on the tip. As soon as his dick was inside my mouth, Will pushed a finger (lubricated with something, thankfully) into my ass.

Johnny pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I clumsily attempted a blow job, by this time deciding if I could make them cum I could get home faster. Seemingly in response, Will added a second finger to my ass and began to finger fuck me. As Johnny moaned in response to my sucking, Will began to rub his cock across my ass. I don’t know how big it was, but it certainly felt hefty.

Almost subconsciously, I pushed my ass back onto Will’s fingers, enjoying the sensation. Will immediately noticed exclaiming, “Look at that Johnny! This little queer is already enjoying it!” Johnny did nothing but moan in response. I could feel a trail of pre-cum on my ass from where Will had dragged his cock. For whatever reason it turned me on, and my cock began to harden.

After another couple of minutes, Will and Johnny switched places. I noticed that, to my surprise, Will was black (surprise because there weren’t many black men in our town). Will certainly had the cock of a black man, and I struggled to take his cock into my mouth in much the same way that I had struggled with Johnny’s. I managed, however, and then began to give him a halfway decent (in my opinion) blow job.

Johnny managed to put 3 fingers into my ass, then began to spread them, stretching my ass far more than it had ever been before. I moaned around Will’s cock, which Johnny must have taken as his signal that I was ready to fuck. He spread my ass cheeks and put a bottle of something, presumably lube, against my asshole and squeezed some in. He then lined his cock up and began to tease me with it, pushing the tip in, then taking it out. In and out, in and out.

By this time I was happy to be Johnny and Will’s little slut for the day. I pushed back towards Johnny’s cock as I sucked on Will hard. Johnny leaned with me and continued to tease me. Finally, without warning, he grabbed my hips and pushed his cock the whole way into my ass. I moaned as loud as I could around Will’s pulsing dick, enjoying being spit roasted by the two hung guys.

As Johnny let his me get used to having his cock inside my ass he told Will, “From back here, he really looks like a she! Smooth legs, nice ass, skinny. Damn I’d fuck this dude any day.”

“True dat,” Will replied, “Put some tits on him and we’d have ourselves a real shemale! Hell, even without the boobs he’d be passable with a thong and bra. He’s so slim he almost has curves!” The way they were talking about me like I wasn’t even there was really turning me on. I could feel my cock throbbing, pulsing up and hitting my stomach then falling back down.

Before I could think about the long term implications of my present situation, Johnny began to fuck me, slowly and almost sensually. I forgot where I was, my entire being was focused on the sensation of his cock pulling out, then thrusting hard back into my ass, slowly but forcefully. With every stroke, he pushed Will’s cock deeper into my mouth.

After not much longer, actually a surprisingly short amount of time, I felt Will’s cock begin to pulse. He began to shoot cum into my mouth. I, of course, could not keep up with the amount that was spurting from his cock and it began to dribble out the sides of my mouth. He pulled his cock out and shot one or two spurts of cum across my face before his orgasm began to subside and his cock began to soften. He put it back into my mouth and I started cleaning it off.

Johnny grabbed my hips and began to fuck in and out harder and faster. I moaned loudly as his cock too began to pulse and he shot jet after jet of hot cum into my tight little hole. After he stopped cumming he pulled out with an audible pop from my asshole as his cum began to dribble out and down my leg. He pulled my spandex up, sealing the cum in my ass.

“Can I go now?” I asked tentatively?

“Nah, you’re coming with us.” Johnny said as I felt a prick on my ass and my world went dark.

I’m thinking about writing a second chapter, I’d love to hear any ideas people have. Right now I’m thinking some sort of she male thing, but I’m not quite sure. As always, eedback is greatly appreciated, positive and negative. Thanks!

Note: Contains some intense scenes

Thanks to all those posting comments I hope you enjoy this one as much as those that have come before.


Going Native:

A few days later I was in the backyard practicing with a bokken, a wooden sword carved into the shape of samurai’s katana, when Kat stepped out on the porch and watched as I flowed from one kata to the next. Katas are a series of precise movements to mimic combat that can be practiced alone or in groups.

“Mom said you wanted to see me,” Kat said after I had ended my last movement.

“Yeah, I was talking to her earlier and she said neither of you have ever had homemade bar-b-q.”

“Nope,” she replied smiling now. “Are you going to cook for us again because last time was amazing?”

“That’s the plan, but I need to go the grocery store for meat and supplies.”

“You want me to drive you?”

“Unless you are too busy,” I asked.

“I always have time for you,” she purred.

“Great, I am going to take a quick shower and then we can go,” I said and saw the frown form on her face. “I have something extra special prepared for you… do you want to let your hormones percolate a bit longer?” I said giving her my evil smile.

“Extra special huh,” she said purring louder, “I guess I can wait a little longer for that.”

Thirty minutes later I was shaved, showered and on my way to the grocery store with a very horny Kat.

“I ordered something special for us and it came in today,” I said as we drove.

“Ooh… sounds naughty,” she growled.

“Oh it is I hope you like it, I know that when I saw it I thought immediately of you.”

“Now I am absolutely dying to know what it is, can you give me a hint?”

“Nope,” I said imagining her and the toy I had purchased and smiled all the more.

“Please… I’ll drag you to the restroom at the store and suck you dry…” she let the last syllable hang in the air.

“I am not going to risk getting kicked out of the one place in the entire city that has its own farmer’s market,” I told her.

She sat there pouting but I could tell she wasn’t angry just disappointed.

“I’ll give you a clue,” I told her and she brightened immediately, “it’s something you’ve been missing for a long time.”

Her face screwed up in complete and absolute puzzlement and I left her like that as we arrived at the store and who should be walking out but none other than Officer Linda still in her uniform. Damn she looked hot!

“Hey Linda,” I called out as we parked and she looked up and smiled.

“Nick,” she replied and walked over to the car.

Kat and I stepped out and I introduced the two.

“Linda this is my sister Kat, Kat this is the partner of my best friend growing up Linda.”

Kat visibly relaxed and they shook hands.

“Hey, we are shopping for some bar-b-q supplies why not drag Jim over and we can make an evening of it.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll give him a call and we can stop by say seven,” Linda offered.

“Perfect, see you there,” I said and Kat smiled nice enough.

“Dinner guests… I better warn mom before she goes on the warpath,” Kat said.

“Another rule of the house I didn’t know about,” I asked sheepishly.

“Yeah, mom is kind of anal about uninvited guests arriving, but since he is a friend of yours she won’t mind.”

“Hey, I’m sorry I should have asked you first.”

“I’m not worried; it isn’t like you’re going to fuck her in our home.”

“That never crossed my mind,” I told her honestly.

I wanted to fuck Linda out in the park while she was in uniform. Kat called and talked to mom and all was well with the universe once more. Inviting two cops over for dinner was fine by her and the fact that one of them was an old friend, even better.

“Speaking of fucking in our home,” I brought up.

“Hmm what?” Kat replied cautiously.

“So whose idea was it to call the delivery girl?”

“Mine sort of; mom was a little miffed that I sucked you off in front of her.”

“Did you tell her I was fucking you from behind while she masturbated?”

“No… you think I’m crazy, oral sex is one thing actual penetration is a whole different animal in her eyes.”

“Interesting and anal sex,” I said grinning evilly.

“NNNNN we still haven’t done that… yet.”

“Yet, I take it you still want to?”

“Duh, I have been trying some of mom’s toys just to stretch it out for you silly boy.”

“Really do tell,” I said as I grabbed a shopping cart and headed down the grocery aisle.

“She has a variety of sizes to help work my way up to that big ‘ol cock of yours.”

“So you have been lubing them up and sliding them up your very tight asshole just for me?”

“Uh huh,” she moaned. “Right now I have a set of her anal beads up inside of me.”

“I may have to see the truth of that statement with my own eyes.”

“NNNNNNN I wish you would lover,” she said walking next to me.

“My cock buried in your pussy while I pull out the beads one by one ever so slowly.”

“YESSSS,” she moaned in my ear.

“I guess we had better finish our shopping quickly then.”

“Fuck the shopping Nick,” Kat was begging now. “Please take me to the bathroom and fuck me!”

“Let me think about it.”

“Think about it,” she moaned. “Do you know how wet I am right now? You can fuck my ass tonight, right here, right now… please Nick.”

“Are you wearing underwear?” I asked.

“You know I’m not,” Kat purred.

“And your tight little pussy is absolutely soaked?”

“Yesss… you could slide into me with no effort at all.”

“I will take you to the bathroom and ravage you,” I began.

“Yessss,” she hissed in joy.

“But first you must do something for me.”

“Anything lover,” she moaned.

“You see that cute Japanese girl fondling the cantaloupe over there?”

“Yes,” Kat’s eyes were blazing with lust.

“If she will agree to join us in the bathroom I am all yours.”

“Naughty boy, you have a deal!”

I was pushing the boundaries of our ‘relationship’ by making demands of this kind but I was curious if she would comply to my whims and to my pleasant surprise she had no qualms about adding another girl to the equation. I stopped the cart and examined the celery while Kat stalked over to the petite Asian girl and began to chat her up. I could see the girl blush and then look over at me and smile. Kat and her talked some more and the two of them came over. By the gods this might just happen.

“Nick is it?” her English was heavily accented.

“Yes and you are?”

“Akiho Watanabe and this beautiful girl here made a very interesting proposal.”

“What did she say,” I asked.

“She wanted the three of us to go the restroom and have sex, is that correct?”

“Well either there or our home whichever is more comfortable for you.”

“You both want me to come home with you?” the girl looked from me to Kat and back again and saw the eager nod Kat gave her. “Very well but I think I would feel better if you came to my apartment. Is that acceptable?”

“Fine by me,” I said and Kat followed suit.

“Tonight won’t work out but tomorrow night I have no plans,” Akiho moaned.

“Excellent! Do you have any questions for either of us?” I asked.

Smiling wickedly the petite Japanese girl pulled Kat to the side and they spoke softly and rapidly with many hand gestures.

“Shave…” Akiho muttered loud enough to be heard then smiled at whatever Kat said next.

With the huddle being done Akiho approached me and informed me she liked hot Saki and told me where I could purchase it.

“How much do you want?” I asked her.

“Oh a few bottles will go a long way,” she said moving close and tentatively reaching out and tracing my erection with two fingers. “Mmm you are big, bigger than I am used to you must promise to be gentle.”

“Of course and by the way I am not fully erect just so you know.”

Akiho licked her lips as she stepped back and let out another low moan.

“This is going to be the longest 24 hours of my life. She has my address I will see you two soon.”

And with that she returned to her shopping and Kat was purring in my ear.

“Now?” she whispered in my ear.

“Now, now what,” I asked.

“You were going to pull the anal beads out of my ass,” Kat was growling with need.

“If she agreed to follow us to the bathroom,” I said smiling.

“But what about tomorrow night, that has to count for something,” Kat begged.

“I was just messing with you, let’s finish our shopping and we can find a nice quiet place to park and I will fuck you silly.”

“NNNNNN okay let’s hurry up and…” but she saw the look on my face and stopped. “Okay we will make sure we have everything for dinner before you pound my naughty little pussy.”

“And stop by and get the Saki for tomorrow night.”

Shopping went off without a hitch and after a surgical strike in the appropriate departments we were on our way in record time. I prided myself on my hunter gathering skills. Kat on the other hand noticed all the sales that had nothing to do with what we were getting. She still managed to sneak a few extra items into the cart. We had to use her driver’s license to buy the two bottles of wine and cube of beer and I never said a word assuming it was a fake I.D., but then I didn’t really know how old Kat was. As we drove home I accessed her file and discovered she was in fact 22 years old. That explained a lot, her maturity and sexual experience.

After picking up the Saki we found an industrial park and parked behind a warehouse and practically raced to the back seat. Kat was on her hands and knees with her skirt pulled up waiting for my iron hard cock. We both knew we didn’t have much time and that made it even more exciting. I unzipped and rammed my cock home burying it deep while I grabbed the plastic ring at the end of the string that held the anal beads.

“Just pull nice and slow,” Kat moaned.

So while my hips moved forward and back, I gently pulled on the ring until the first bead appeared and popped out with dramatic results.

“Did you just come?” I asked Kat who nodded her head as she rode the orgasmic wave.

We began to thrust our hips together as I continued to pull on the string until the second bead popped out with similar effect upon Kat. Bead after bead appeared and exited her tight ass and one orgasm rolled into the next. Finally the last bead was out and Kat was literally a puddle of quivering flesh. I was eager to take her anal virginity but I also didn’t want to rush it. I continued to ram my hips forward into her pussy and take my pleasure that way.

“Aren’t you going to fuck my ass lover,” Kat asked.

“Do you really want to rush it?”

“NNNNNNNNNNN No,” she moaned as I pounded her as hard and fast as I could.

“Good now be a dear and suck me off… I want to see you swallow my cum.”

I pulled out and she spun around and gobbled up my cock inch by inch. She licked and sucked the tip as she double fisted the shaft driving me headlong into a mind blowing orgasm. I watched her intently as her hunger grew and grew.

“So fucking close!” I growled through gritted teeth.

She sucked harder and squeezed while she stroked me and with a toe curling body shaking rush of sensation my orgasm hit like a tidal wave crashing over me and with greedy gulps Kat swallowed every last drop.

“I just hope were not too late,” Kat moaned as she slipped the beads into her purse.

We got home and I set to work starting the fire. I ignored the gas grill that looked for all intents and purposes brand new; I found out later that it was. But I preferred charcoal for my cooking fires and soon a plume of white smoke was billowing up and the meat was ready to be put over the flames. Seven o’clock sharp the pair arrived, Jim in his Miskatonic University t-shirt and jeans while Linda was wearing a skin tight shirt and jean shorts that hugged her ass like a second skin. Kat’s eyes narrowed the minute Linda walked in the door and it took mom to distract her and help with the salad, wine and dessert. I was placing the steaks, potatoes covered in aluminum foil and veggies also wrapped up for the grill. I heard the sliding glass door open and close and smelled the scent of perfume I was unfamiliar with.

“Hello Linda,” I called out not turning around.

“How did you know it was me,” she asked moving behind me pressing her body against me.

“Your perfume,” I said, “when you are the only guy in a household you notice certain things.”

“So very observant of you, maybe you should join the police force or FBI as a profiler,” she moaned in my ear. “What did you notice about me when I walked in?”

“Athletic, you work out regularly. You showered and shaved before coming over; your hair is still damp. You are not wearing a bra or underwear; so I am guessing you are either planning on fucking your partner tonight or me.”

“Wow, very accurate on all accounts,” she nibbled on my ear and I felt myself getting painfully hard and refocused my attention on the grill. “Anything else about me you noticed?”

Her hand moved forward and around cupping my cloth covered cock and rubbed it slowly.

“You grew up in house with at least one person who spoke Russian as their only language; I went to a school with a guy who pronounces his R’s just the way you do.”

She gripped my cock now and started to rub harder along the length.

“I want you now,” she growled, “I want to suck you off while you cook and swallow your cum before you bend me over and fuck me rotten.”

“Can’t, the meat will burn but after dinner when I take the coals out to be dumped I might let you suck me off.”

“Might,” she said in shock

“Yeah… might… if you are good,” I said coolly. “Now behave yourself.”

Frustrated at being shut down she went inside and grabbed a beer and drank it down in one long swallow.

“I am so proud of you,” Petra said from the shadows.

“I smelled your perfume too,” I told her, “it would have been rude to fuck her in front of you.”

“I don’t mind watching… but are you sure she can be trusted?”

“She’s a cop and my best friend’s partner…” I shrugged. “There is always the panic room.”

“Now why would you say something like that?”

“Why would you ask if a police officer can be trusted?”

“You’re right, it’s just that your father isn’t here and I get nervous sometimes.”

“It’s okay mom, hey before you go inside can you hand me the bokken leaning next to you.”

She grabbed the wooden sword and walked it over to me; she looked down and saw how hard I was and smiled.

“Looks like she got to you a little excited,” she moaned and headed back inside.

Jim passed mom on the way in and walked over just as I dropped the bokken over the side of the patio onto the lawn below.

“What was that,” he asked.

“Stick for some tomato plants mom wants to plant.”

“You are going to till some soil for her?”

“That sounds too much like, are you going to plow her fields?”

“She is your step mom after all and hot as hell or the red head I’d do her in a heartbeat,” he said handing me a bottle of Mountain Dew.

I found I was deeply offended but if I reacted too harshly he would know the truth so I smiled and nodded.

“I have seen Kat, the redhead, in only a towel already and damn is all I can say.”

“I won’t tell, anyway how is civilian life treating you?”

“Surprisingly I find that I am still going thru the daily routines they drilled into my head for four years.”

“No shock there, we should go by the batting cage and hit a few balls sometime.”

“Now that is an awesome idea!” I said and flipped the steaks and adjusted the vegetables and potatoes on the grill. “So you and the police academy, really?”

“Yeah my uncle begged me to at least try it and keep the family tradition alive.”

“Your dad didn’t pressure you to join,” I asked.

“On the contrary he didn’t want me to set foot anywhere near it but he respected my curiosity. And who knew I had a knack for it?”

“I won’t say that a military academy is for everyone but it kept me sane and I met and made some unique friends.”

“Unique… I like the sound of that,” he sniffed the air and I heard his stomach growl.

“Soon, another five minutes why don’t you tell mom it’ll be ready in a little bit.”

“Mom…” he looked at me funny, “you call her mom already?”

I could almost feel the bitterness in his voice.

“I learned I can’t live in the past and dad really loves her, loves all of us.”

“Sorry, it just took me by surprise.”

“No worries we are all friends here,” I said and gathered up the platter and began filling it but Jim was already gone and inside.

I carried the platter in two hands and had my soda bottle clenched in my teeth as I entered the kitchen. Linda raced over and took the bottle from my mouth and set it down on the table next to her. Kat didn’t miss this gesture but a look from mom quelled her instantly. Mom and Kat helped me set out the platters with the meat, potatoes and veggies and then we all sat down and ate in an awkward silence. I broke the tension and quiet…

“I think I have decided to go to dad’s college.”

“Miskatonic University, how wonderful he’ll be thrilled and you can still live here if you want.” Mom offered.

“So what field are you going to go into Nick?” Jim asked.

“I am thinking P.R. would be a good fit,” I said looking mom dead in the eyes.

“Public Relations,” Linda asked, “sounds kind of dry and boring.” Her hand settled onto my thigh under the table.

“P.R. would be a good fit for you to help your dad out with the business,” Kat said softly.

“Maybe something more exciting,” Linda said her hand moving closer to my crotch. “Like law enforcement, it’s never dull.”

Her hand crept closer so I reached down and took her wrist and guided it to my iron hard cock that I had freed after I sat down.

“I do want to get a grip on the business end of things,” I said to all as her fingers wrapped around me.

“I see what you mean… it’s so hard… I mean following in dad’s footsteps,” her hand was squeezing and stroking me now.

“The competition is so rigid and unyielding one has to beat the competition or fall flat,” mom said smiling. “Wouldn’t you agree Kat?”

“If Nicholas has anything in common with his father it’s his inflexible will. They are both tough as nails.”

Her hand was stroking faster now and I looked over and saw the unbridled lust there. No poker face at all but no one embarrassed her by calling her out.

“I think I’ve got everything in hand,” I said smiling and went on eating my steak, “oh Linda don’t forget to use your napkin wouldn’t want the juices from that steak staining your shirt or shorts.”

Jim oblivious to all that was going on around him decided to put his two cents in on the conversation at just that moment.

“Yeah… be careful I spilled sauce on my favorite jeans once and it took forever to get the stain out.”

It took everything for the three women and me not to start laughing but he just looked around puzzled and attacked his grilled potato with gusto. Linda draped her napkin over the head of my cock when she felt it swell in her hands and with a small cough I shot a load into it and was saved the mess that would have screamed to all what she had been doing under the table.

Tucked in and zipped up I got up and cleared the empty dishes and brought in the triple chocolate cake we had gotten at the store for dessert. I got myself another bottle of soda from the kitchen and headed out to the backyard. As I walked down the stairs of the patio to the backyard itself I heard her behind me. I walked over to where I had let the bokken drop and smelled the faintest hint of Linda’s perfume and I smiled grimly, damn I hate it when I am right. I turned and saw Linda painted in moonlight and pointed to the ground at my feet. Nodding she stripped off her shirt letting the chilly night wind caress her nipples. I could see them stiffen even more as she walked over to me. She unbuttoned her shorts and tugged them off and over her tennis shoes.

“On your knees slut… you will swallow…” I said with just a hint of anger in my voice. “Then I will fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

“Mmm good,” she growled as she dropped to her knees. “I won’t disappoint you.”

“I know you won’t,” I said grabbing her by her hair and thrusting my cock between her lips.

Linda began licking and sucking my cock like a starving woman who hadn’t had sex in years.

“When’s the last time Jim fucked you,” I asked yanking her head back so she could answer.

“Jim and I have never…” I rammed my cock back into her mouth cutting off her lie.

“Slut, when I ask you a question you better tell me the fucking truth,” I said ramming my cock into her throat. “Now, when is the last time Jim fucked your pussy?” Yank!

“Three nights ago,” she moaned. Slam!

My cock hit the back of her throat and I heard her gag a bit before recuperating.

“Keep sucking slut… is your pussy ready for my cock?”

I saw her slide two fingers into her tight pussy and heard the sloppy sounds as she finger fucked herself. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure she was giving me.

“At least you can suck cock, but then a whore like you should be good at it,” I moaned as my cock began to swell a bit.

I rocked my hips and began fucking her throat in nice long slow thrusts. She would gag from time to time but I didn’t care. I tightened the grip on her hair as I felt my climax rising. She began to push her head against my thrusting hips and I was bottoming out in her throat as that tingling sensation crashed over me. I pulled her head forward and held it there as I shot down her throat. She somehow managed to swallow my cum without choking. I pulled out and yanked her to her feet.

“Your turn,” I pushed her back against the patio and knelt and began to lick her pussy lips and clit.

She gripped my hair and pulled me to her sex and I eased two fingers into her pussy and began fingering her as licked and suckled her clit. I began to ram my fingers in and out of her and she was panting and moaning begging for my cock. I reached into my back pocket and took out the bottle of lube and applied it to my cock covering it entirely before I stood up, spun Linda so that she faced away from me and bent her over until her sex was lined up with my cock.

“Ready,” I moaned in her ear.

“Yes baby ram that cock home!”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

I teased her soaked slit with the head of my cock and she purred then I pulled back and lined up the head with my target and in one smooth motion drove my cock into her ASS. Her yelp of surprise and anger was evident.

“What the FUCK are you doing? That’s my ass you idiot!”

“You told me to ram it home, now shut up whore and enjoy the ride.”

I began to fuck her in one smooth motion and enjoyed every inch of her very tight ass. It was clenched making it grip me all the better.

“Mmm you ass is squeezing me so nicely… how does it feel lover?”

“Come on don’t be a pussy, if you are going to fuck my ass then let me feel it!”

“Ass you wish…”

I pulled back and slammed my cock as deep as it could go and kept up the brutal assault on her nether region and she actually began to moan and groan.

“Does Jim’s cock feel this good up your ass,” I asked her.

“We’ve never… he’s never…”

“But I’m not the first am I?”


“Who was the first… a boyfriend who date raped you… or maybe one of guys at the academy… no… maybe it was your father…”

At the mention of her father she went berserk and began pushing back trying to dislodge me but all it did was drive me deeper.

“Oh… so dear old dad was tapping your ass huh… that’s sick,” I said nibbling her ear.

“Oh god…” she tried to bite back her moan but couldn’t hide her orgasm.

“You fucking came with my cock in your ass!” I said loud enough to reach the house.

“Be quiet Jim might hear…”

“Okay, so it was alright for you to seduce me with your pussy but not your ass.”

“Nnn…” even as she tried to deny it I pulled back until only the tip remained inside then rammed all the way into her. “Coming!”

“I repeat… you are a fucking slut…” I said grinding my cock into the deepest part of her ass. “Where do you want me to cum?”

“Face… I want to see you cum on my face!”

“Beg for it…”

“Please baby spray my face with your cum…”

I began to fuck her ass hard and fast and she couldn’t stop the cry of pleasure that cut through the night.

“Louder…” I moaned into her ear.

“Please baby! Spray my face… with… your…” her voice nearly drowned out the crunchy tearing sound… nearly.

I yanked my cock from her ass and she spun and dropped down onto her knees waiting for me. She reached up with one hand and stroked the shaft of my cock pointing it at her face. She closed her eyes when I warned her I was coming. My sperm pulsed from the head of my cock and hit her cheeks, forehead and lips. Even as she opened her eyes she brought up the gun in her ‘other’ hand, the gun she had hidden on the bottom of the patio with Velcro tape. But before her finger could slide into the trigger guard and squeeze the trigger the business end of the bokken came down on the side of her temple and her eyes closed again. I grabbed the gun from the ground and fired three shots into the earth, the weapon had a silencer but the muzzle flash was easily visible from the house. I zipped up and used her t-shirt as a gag and the Velcro tape to bind her hands around one of 6×6 beams of the patio.

“Nice tattoo bitch!” I whispered as I slunk off to the front of the house as quick as I could.

I reached the front door and stole into the library to see where Jim was and if Petra and Kat had heeded my warning. Jim was pacing by the back door waiting for Linda to appear but she wasn’t going to anytime soon. Jim hadn’t drawn his gun yet and I didn’t see the girls so I assumed they were hiding upstairs in my room. I slipped off my shoes and silently edged up behind Jim and noticed the bulge in the small of his back. He would never draw that gun! Jim was turning as my leg snuck out and took his feet out from underneath him and even as he fell I rose up and brought the bokken down in an elegant arc to his collar bone breaking it in one stroke. His cry of pain was silenced as the second strike hit his temple robbing him of his consciousness. I wanted to kill him right then and there but I needed to know why. I searched him and found his handcuffs and rolled him onto his belly and cuffed him with hands behind his back. The pain from his broken collarbone would keep him compliant. I went upstairs and raided mom’s toy box and got her ball gag and then down to the basement for the lengths of rope I had hidden there. I headed out to Linda and had a special treat for her that I was saving for Petra. It is called Kinbaku, the Japanese art of knot tying, and is a bondage art form I had learned from a book I borrowed from Master Akira. The original art is called Hojojitsu and Kinbaku evolved from this. Once the ball gag was in place I removed the Velcro tape and half an hour later Linda couldn’t move a muscle I didn’t want moved. I tossed her over my shoulder and carried her into the house and straight down to the basement. I laid her on the floor and went upstairs and with some effort I managed to carry Jim down without doing any more harm. I went upstairs and made sure the girls were okay. The door to the panic room slid open and Kat literally jumped into my arms and began kissing me. I looked passed her to mom and smiled. When I could speak again, Kat’s tongue was out of my mouth, I told them how happy I was that mom had understood my message.

“You are a very clever young man,” Mom said.

“I’m so glad you figured out my P.R. reference,” I said.

“He’s your friend what is going on?” Kat asked.

“It’s not him that was the real threat,” I said. “It was Linda she was sent here to kill all of us.”

“But why…” Kat asked but I looked her in the eye and raised an eyebrow.

“She has the same tattoo that mom does,” I said. “Same place too.”

“Tattoo,” Kat asked, “what tattoo… and where is it?”

Mom lifted up her skirt showing off her shaved pussy and her inner thigh where the three gray tears were located. Kat paled knowing the meaning of the tattoo and her and Petra shared a look.

“What are you going to do with them Nicholas?” Mom asked.

“I am going to ask her a few questions about the Iron Rain and how much they know then I will remedy the situation,” I said as I turned to head downstairs.

“Who told you about them,” Kat asked.

“No one, I’ll explain it all after I take care of this situation.”


I left them hugging each other and tears trailing down their cheeks. I headed straight down to the basement to see if either of them had woken up yet. Linda glared up at me as she struggled at the rope holding her.

“Don’t bother those knots will hold so just relax,” I told her. “There is the tiniest margin you might just walk out of her alive so listen carefully. I am going to ask you some questions about the Iron Rain and you are going to answer truthfully and tell me all you know or else. I will know if you are lying or keeping things from me.”

I activated the lenses and took her wallet and grabbed her identification and scanned it.

“Search for all identities and aliases,” I whispered to myself.

‘Enter Search Parameters.’

“Use facial recognition software and seek all possible ties to the organization Iron Rain.”

‘Trace Will Take Approximately Ten Minutes.’

“Execute search,” then I returned my attention to Linda, “well it looks like I have time to kill do you want to answer questions now or later?”

I removed the ball gag and waited for her reply.

“You are a dead man, when they find out you are still alive they will come here and kill you all.”

“But you see they won’t be looking for me or my family here.”

“You can’t hide from them forever.”

“I don’t intend to… they will be looking for you first.”

“No they won’t I am a loyal member of the Iron Rain!”

“Not when they discover the money transfer in your account and your image at the airport leaving the country.”

“I am not going anywhere with you.”

“You don’t have to… they will see an image of you at the airport and a paid flight out of the country in your name. That’s all they need to consider you a traitor and hunt you down.”

“I told you I am not going with you.”

“I have a digital scan of your appearance; all I have to do is hack the airport’s security footage and overlay your face over another woman’s features. It’s all digital smoke and mirrors and then poof you are out of the country.”

“You can’t do that there are safeguards… firewalls…”

“Not if you know someone with an IQ over 200 and a computer enthusiast. Now do you want to start answering some questions or do I get the answers another way?”

I saw the first inkling of fear in her eyes but then she hid it behind a mask of bravado and glared at me.

“You would never hurt a woman.”

“Linda… you came in here with the intent of killing me then my family. What makes you think I won’t end your miserable life?”

“I am defenseless.”

“Yes you are and because of your poor planning and execution you have only yourself to blame for that.”

“How did you know the gun was there?”

“Your perfume, when you planted it while I was at the store you left behind your scent.”


“Yeah, I dropped my set of tongs for the bar-b-q and when I bent down to pick them up I smelled your perfume. Then I noticed the shadow of the gun you taped to the beam of the deck.”

“So you left the gun there taking the chance you were faster than me?”

“You really are an idiot,” I laughed at her, “I took out the rounds and replaced the clip. I went to a military academy silly girl.”

“And raping me that was also part of your plan?”

“Rape, you can’t rape the willing.”

“You fucked me in the ASS you fucking bastard!”

“As I recall you climaxed while my cock was buried in that sweet tight ass of yours.”

Again she glared at me with a look that could kill.

“You’re just pissed because your body betrayed you. Nothing would have changed if I had fucked your pussy and fingered your ass then fucked your ass. I just cut to the chase.”

“Bastard,” she spat at me.

“Whore, at least my dad never ass fucked me like yours did.”

Click! She flew off the handle and began to curse me in English and Russian.

“Well now you have a mouth on you, where can I find the Iron Rain?”

“Fuck off,” she growled.

“Let me explain a few things to you so we have a complete understanding of what I can and cannot do. First I can make them believe you took a bribe and skipped town. Second I can access your computer at home and work and track them down that way. Third your gun has at least one more round in the chamber and I can put it in your fucking head. Lastly, I can make you and Jim over there vanishes without a trace, no blood, no DNA, nothing so start talking or I ghost your ass and you never see another sunrise, your choice.”

“You can’t…” the rest was garbled as I replaced the ball gag and shook my head at her.

“I told you, you had a small chance of surviving this if you cooperated. For my family’s sake you leave me no choice and believe this or not, I am sorry for what happens next.”

I walked up to my room and grabbed the tablet computer and walked back down to find mom and Kat sitting in the kitchen brewing coffee.

“I’ll be up in a bit for a cup,” I said.

“How did you know,” Mom asked.

“This,” I said holding up the tablet, “the software is as advanced at the hardware. The picture I took of you I had it search for any references of you. I expected to find a mundane background is all. But it discovered all of it, the Iron Rain, the murder of your husband and the witness protection program. I knew Linda had planted a gun after they were in the house but I wasn’t positive she was a part of the mob until I saw her tattoo.”

“What are you going to do to her,” Kat asked her eyes tearing up.

“Whatever I have to, to keep our family safe,” I replied frowning.

“If you can’t… I will…” Mom started to say and I cut her off.

“NO, you have done your part in things this falls on my shoulders. Don’t forget I like sugar and creamer in my coffee.”

I walked down the basement stairs and held up the tablet and Linda just shook her head. I sat down by her head and looked down at her.

“Still doubting my ability to discover your secrets? Good, I am going to start with your home computer and see what that little tidbits that will reveal. I figure you wouldn’t keep any incriminating evidence on the one at work. Even you aren’t that stupid.”

I started up the BORG program and set its task to copy every piece of information from her computer, phone or any other tech device. Ten minutes later I had every email, internet history, every file deleted or otherwise and every phone call she had every made along with her entire address book. I read aloud the entire list of her alias from each and every town the Iron Rain had used her to infiltrate either police or the government. Her expression was priceless.

“Now Linda let’s take a look at your emails shall we? Most are in English… boring, however look at all of these in Russian bet they must be interesting. I will just translate them and look; here are your orders to determine if Petra and Kat are the ones they are looking for. It looks like you sent them an email last night saying you would investigate but were uncertain. You didn’t tell them for sure that they were the ones you were hunting! Sloppy work, now when they find you dead in a car accident no one will be the wiser. Pity that you ever walked into this house eh sunshine?”

Linda’s eyes grew wide with fear and shook her head. I removed the gag and suddenly she was begging for her life.

“Please don’t kill me! I could leave here and no one needs to know what happened.”

“You are going to leave here and no one is going to know,” I told her. “You see you are going to send an email saying that this address was a false lead and you are heading home to continue your search. Sadly you won’t make it home alive.”

“Please I’ll do anything!”

“Hmm let me ponder the debasing sex acts that you might entertain me with while I have the email drafted upstairs.” I said as I put the gag back into place.

I walked upstairs and had Petra read the emails concerning the hunt for them and had her write up the email I wanted saying that this house was a dead end. Once it was transmitted to Linda’s computer and then sent from her laptop so that if they back tracked it they would see that it originated from her home. I sipped my coffee as we awaited a reply and it wasn’t long at all before they sent her a new city and new family to investigate. Never underestimate the value of deception. I looked at the clock and it was only ten o’clock plenty of time to ponder what to do with my prisoners.

“How are you going to do it?” Mom asked.

“Does it really matter? When the sun next rises this threat will be over.”

I fired off an email and told mom that I would be expecting a delivery and to come down and give it to me when it arrived. I finished my cup of coffee and headed downstairs with an evil grin on my face. Linda’s plan to murder my family had awoken something dark inside of me and it wanted bloody vengeance. They were both awake when I walked down this last time and I looked at Jim and shook my head.

“I trusted you and you were willing to help murder me and my family for what money? I don’t even know you anymore! And you, you have been very helpful in leading the wolf away from this place so as a reward you won’t be awake when you die. You will pass quietly in your sleep.”

I removed her gag and let her beg some more for her life.

“Please I will do ANYTHING if you let me live! You can do anything to me and I will enjoy it! Fuck my ass again and again to your heart’s content. But please don’t hurt me!”

“Mmm that is a tempting offer,” I said rolling her onto her stomach. “She has such a cute ass don’t you think Jim.” I said rubbing one cheek then the other. “Pity you never got a chance to tap it.”

I took out the bottle of lube again and spread a generous amount over her puckered hole and true to her word she moaned for me. I eased two fingers into her ass and began finger fucking it.

“Heck of a sight eh old friend, once she’s ready I am going to let you watch me punish her tight ass. Course I’m not the first to fuck it am I sweetie?”

“No,” Linda said.

“Tell him Linda tell him who first tapped your fine tight asshole.”

“My dad… he fucked all my holes when he came home drunk.”

“And you liked it didn’t you Linda, you looked forward to those nights. Sat up masturbating waiting for the old man to come home and pleasure you.”

“Yeah, I used to finger both holes getting them nice and wet for him.”

“He taught you how to suck cock didn’t he?”

“Yeah, I was daddy’s little cock sucker!”

Jim looked like he was going to be sick but I gave him that look if he threw up the gag would stay on.

“Such a dutiful daughter you were. Now I am going to play daddy and you are going to get your tight… little… ass fucked!”

“Daddy’s home,” Linda squealed. “Is daddy going to fuck my ass tonight?”

“You know daddy loves ramming his cock into his sweetie’s tight young ass.”

“Goody… hurry daddy I’m all wet and ready!”

“I’ll be the judge of that sweetie,” I said rubbing her pussy lips but she was dry as a bone. “You know what daddy does to little whores who lie don’t you?”

“Please daddy,” fear etched into her features, “please rub my pussy and then I’ll be all nice and wet.”

“Oh,” I said rubbing her clit and pussy lips, “how can I stay mad at you.”

I unzipped my pants and freed my semi hard cock and climbed up behind her. I pressed the tip to her lubed and stretched asshole and pushed.

“Unnn… daddy your cock is so big!”

“The better to fuck your ass with my dear,” I moaned.

I reached around and pinched her nipples hard.

“OH daddy your fingers are so strong!”

“The better to pleasure you my dear,” I whispered as I slid two into her wet pussy.

“Mmm daddy you feel so good inside of me.”

“I know pumpkin… I have another treat for you.”

“Do you daddy? What is it, I can’t wait.”

I pulled out of her and she moaned and then watched in horror as I unzipped Jim and freed his limp tool. I picked Linda up and carried her over and placed her so that her mouth was on top of his flaccid cock.

“Be a good girl and get dear Uncle Jim hard now.”

“Yes daddy,” she said and captured the head of Jim’s cock and began to lick and suck.

“Once he’s nice and hard he’s going to fuck your pussy while daddy continues punishing your ass. If you can’t get Uncle Jim hard daddy will be very cross indeed.”

She licked and sucked for her very life and Jim despite the situation rose to the occasion. Soon she had him hard as a rock and I lifted her up and lowered her pussy onto his rigid member and it slid in easily. Once she was properly positioned I eased my length back into her ass and heard her moan like the filthy whore she was.

“Daddy what a very special treat you have given me. Both holes filled with hard cocks!”

I thrust into her with a nice slow rhythm savoring each and every inch of her tight ass. Then when I felt my cock start to swell and my orgasm getting near I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her hard and fast and both Linda and Jim began to moan as they were both stimulated by this. As if we had rehearsed it a hundred times when I thrust into her that last time and painted her insides with cum they climaxed right along with me. When I turned to look over my shoulder Petra was standing there her eyes alight with lust and holding two bottles of water.

“I’m sorry you had to see your little surprise before I gave it to you,” I told her.

“You mean the knot tying?”

“Yeah,” I eased out of Linda and took the water bottles from Petra.

“You’re not going to poison them are you?”

“Yes and no,” I said opening the first bottle and pouring its contents down Linda’s throat. Then I did the same to Jim and before too long they were asleep. “Help me get them into their vehicle.”

“What are you doing… wait what was in those water bottles?”

“Oh you’ll see, in about seven hours.”

Rise and Shine:

We lifted Linda, still tied up to the passenger seat of her car and sat her there as is. Kat tucked Jim in and zipped him up and we removed the handcuffs and together we placed him in the driver’s seat and let it all unfold.

At precisely six a.m. I got up with a fresh pot of coffee and knocked on the driver’s door of Linda’s car waking Jim up. His eyes opened reluctantly and I smiled in at him.

“Rise and shine lover boy,” I offered him a brimming cup of black coffee.

“Nnn where am I,” he moaned just as Linda woke up.

“Ow, my ass is on fire!” Linda groaned, “And why am I naked and tied up?”

“Truth or dare gone horribly wrong,” I said smiling.

“Huh…” she muttered.

“You both were pretty lit last night and Linda wanted to play truth or dare.”

“What was the dare,” she asked.

“If you ever had two guys at once,” I said.

“Ah, that explains my violated ass,” she said smiling.

“Yep… coffee?”

“Yes please after someone unties me.”

“I’ll take care of that,” I said moving to the passenger’s side and untied her quickly. “Your clothes are on the floor board at your feet.”

“Thanks, so who…?”


“Who was in my ass last night?”

“Oh that would be me,” I said smiling.

“Lucky you,” she said. “Sober that never would have happened.”

Jim turned to move and he cried out in agony.

“You did take a tumble down the basement steps last night,” I told him. “But you kept saying you were okay. Need a lift to the hospital?”

He managed a nod and I went inside, threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and helped Jim into the back seat and off we went to the hospital even as Linda dressed in the passenger’s seat.

“So how was it?” Linda whispered.

“You mean…” I asked and she nodded. “Tight… very tight.”

“Good, I just wished I remembered it. Like I said I don’t let that happen too often.”

“You don’t remember having both your holes filled?” I asked.

“No, maybe it’ll come back later on after I sober up.”

“Let’s hope so,” I said winking at her.

“Why,” she asked smiling back at me.

“I’d like to tap that ass of yours again.”

“You are a naughty boy.”

“Yes I am.”

After x-rays, treatment and drugs for the pain I dropped Jim off at home and Linda said she was too tired to drive home alone.

“I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you,” I told her.

Fifteen minutes later we were parking her car and unlocking her front door. She walked over to her laptop and checked her email.

“Did I come home last night?” Linda asked.

“Yeah you went and were back in no time, but you never would say why.”

“Ah okay, it appears you better have your way with me now.”

“Why is that?” I said moving to stand behind her.

“I just got a job offer out of town,” she said pressing her ass against me. “Ouch… okay it’ll have to be my pussy lover sorry.”

“No need to apologize I tapped your ass like three times last night.”

“Mmm that explains the tenderness, pity I would love to feel you in there one more time.”

“Let’s just see how things go, now be a bad girl and yank down those shorts of yours.”

She unbuttoned her jean shorts and tugged them down revealing her soaked slit.

“Like the view,” she asked as I slid my cock into her without any warning.

She moaned and began to thrust backward against me; I moaned in her ear and started fucking her pussy hard and fast.

“Oh… oh… oh… damn lover that feels so good!”

I took out the bottle I had swiped from the hospital and drizzled a little on her asshole and gently rubbed it in.

“The pain… its going away what was that?”

“Lidocaine… I wasn’t going to take any chances you’d change your mind.”

“Mmm… well don’t waste time you naughty boy… slide that fat cock of yours into me.”

I did as she asked and took a sick sort of satisfaction that all the mental anguish she had suffered was for me alone to cherish. I took out a condom and wrapped my cock not wanting the lidocaine to numb it when it entered. Linda started to purr and I grabbed her hips and started banging away at her from behind. She moaned and cried out egging me on to fuck her harder and deeper.

“It’s a pity Jim isn’t here,” I said as our bodies met, “he really enjoyed the feeling of you wrapped around him. And you were in seventh heaven with two cocks in you.”

“I bet I was that has been a private fantasy for a long time.”

“No doubt the next city or town you can find some lucky pair of guys to fulfill that little itch of yours.”

“True, all work and no play.”

I lowered us to the carpet and pulled her backwards so that she was on top and she took the hint easily. She rode me and drove her hips down with a vengeance driving my cock as deep as it could go.

“I am getting real close…” I told her.

“Don’t hold back; let me feel you fill my ass with cum lover!”

I pulled out long enough to lose the condom then I rammed my hips up and into her once more. She rode me for another couple of minutes until I felt my toes curl and with one last downward thrust I exploded inside of her spraying her ass until it overflowed.

“Nice,” she purred.

“Gets better every time,” I said catching my breath.

I took a cab home and let her get ready to leave town and returned home a hero without ever having to pull the trigger on those two. Mom and Kat were waiting for me when I got home and I had to explain it all.

“One of my friends in the academy was a chemistry freak. He brewed, grew and synthesized quite a few interesting cocktails. He knows how to get ahold of anything in a very short period of time. I slipped our ‘guests’ a variation of GHP, the date rape drug. The effects are stronger but leave the person feeling less crappy. They won’t remember anything over the past twenty four hours or more and the best part they won’t care. Linda is on her way out of town and I suspect Jim will be visiting since he will be off work for a while. I cleaned and reloaded Linda’s pistol since it was fired last night and stuck it under the driver’s seat. But I also placed a tracer program on her laptop so if she does come back we’ll have more than fair warning.”

“I’m just glad this is over with,” Mom said smiling with relief.

“Not quite yet, there are still people gunning for us and I don’t like the thought of them showing up unannounced on our doorstep,” I told her.

“What are you going to do?” Kat said softly worried about my course of action.

“I am going to find these guys and make them hunting us the least of their worries.”

“How,” Mom asked.

“Simple, Interpol. These guys aren’t located in the U.S. so I plan on locating, monitoring and exposing all their operations to the authorities. Eventually they are going to be looking for one of their own and when the time is right they will find their leak.”

“That’s brilliant! And when all the dust settles they will be too worried about the law to look for us,” Kat cheered.

“I am starved,” I announced and Petra rose and headed for the kitchen to fix breakfast.

“By the way,” I said, “I need a lift to the hardware store.”

“Why,” Kat asked.

“I need to buy more rope.”

The dish mom held tumbled from her nerveless hands and came crashing to the floor. I got up, walked over to her and bent down to help clean up the mess.

“By the way I washed your ball gag I used on Linda.”

“I threw it out,” she said moving closer. “Maybe we should go out shopping for a new one.”

“Toy shopping, sounds like the perfect thing for a Saturday afternoon,” I said.

“Me too, I want to go and pick out some new outfits,” Kat begged.

“How can we say no to such a face,” Mom said.

Dunwich Redux

Jerome’s email left me eager for the arrival of the equipment he was sending to start our business. Now all I had to do was pitch the business proposition to my dad. The startup cost was not terrible but the market was very limited but if it sold we would make tons of money. We still needed a name for the company and we were going to Skype and vote on something we could all agree upon. I was excited and had some serious decisions to make and I needed a voice of reason. I looked around for mom and found her in the library reading.

“Am I disturbing you?” I asked.

“Not at all what’s up?” she said closing her book and setting it aside.

“My friends and I want to start a business but I don’t know if I should put going to college on hold or not?”

“Hmm I am glad you came to me. Have you figured out how much time you are going to need to dedicate to this business?”

“Actually, sometime this week my partner is sending me equipment key to the business. I am going to beta test the equipment and I will figure out how long the process will take. So I will know very soon, next week or two.”

“Good, so how much starting capitol will you need?”

“I am looking at property and other things so I could guestimate around five hundred thousand.”

“How long before you are up and running?”

“After constructing the building… three months,” I said.

“So right away then… how much profit do you estimate?”

“If we sell one hundred units we can clear two maybe three…”


“No… hundred million,” I said smiling.

“What? What the hell are you selling?”

“Supercomputers,” I told her. “Add the consulting fees and maintenance… half again that amount.”

“So your partners have agreed that the product is stable enough to sell?”

“Yep, there are certain programs we won’t be selling for obvious reasons.”

“Yeah… national security and all that… can I buy one?”

“No, but you can have one. We agreed you and dad’s business would be a great impact study of its capabilities for business applications.”

“So,” she purred, “are you going to tutor me on how to handle it?”

“You don’t need any help on that… oh you mean the tablet!”

“We still haven’t played the bondage game yet…” she pouted, “How long do I have to wait lover?”

“How wet are you now?” I asked.

“Drenched,” she said lifting up her skirt revealing her pussy in all its sensual glory.

“Mmm… a little longer,” I said turning and leaving. “I will drop off the tablet in your bedroom later tonight be ready.”

I went up to my bedroom to lie down and see what if any reports BORG had for me on the Iron Rain’s operations. The tablet lay on the bed and an icon was blinking. I got comfortable and picked up the tablet and opened up the waiting program and it was my trace program and a series of emails from Linda’s laptop and once translated my heart dropped. Linda sent an email in regards to her memory loss and her handlers were sending someone else. I traced Linda’s handlers and got their GPS signal and had BORG keep an electronic eye on them and once they reached a base of operations find out anything and everything about it. Then I had BORG trace the new operative and find out how he or she was getting here. My mood darkened but I had to be patient and deal with this harshly when the opportunity presented itself.

“My aren’t we mister grumpy face,” came Kat’s voice from the door. “Can I cum in?”

“I could use a stress reliever…” I said and her face lit up.

“You could hit the gym… punch a bag…” Kat said smiling brilliantly.

“Not exactly what you had in mind… I mean what I had in mind.”

“Suck… fuck…?” She asked as she stripped off her shirt and shorts. “What do you need from me lover?”

“Mmm how about you wrap your hand around me for a start,” I said.

“Love to…” she said kneeling between my legs and reached out and tugged my sweats down as I lifted my ass off the futon. “You are already hard for me… I love that… how does this feel baby?”

Her hand wrapped gently around me and we both moaned as I got harder still. She began to slowly stroke me and I was purring to beat the band. Kat’s eyes glittered with lust as this simple act got her hot and bothered. I watched intently as her hand moved up and down slowly and she licked her lips knowing that soon I would nod telling her it was time use her mouth.

Ding! Went the tablet computer signaling me that the Skype session was ready to begin?

“Are you shitting me?” I muttered and looked down at Kat.

“Don’t fret… I’ll take care of you while you’re talking to your friends.”

I picked up the tablet and hit the accept icon and the split screen showed Jerome, Terry and William. I almost didn’t recognize William, gone was the military style buzz cut his hair showed a full six months of growth. He also had a kind of haggard look like he wasn’t sleeping much and his brown eyes were deep and sunken.

“William, are you okay, you look like hell,” I asked.

“Just been real busy is all once next week is passed I can get some much deserved rest,” he said with a half smile.

“I am going to check out the property you suggested tomorrow with my mom and sister,” I told all of them.

“Mom… Sister? You said your mom died years back and you were an only child,” Terry chimed in.

“My dad remarried…” I explained.

“Ahhh…” Jerome said, “So is she hot?”

“Which one,” I said.

“Your step sister… is she like smoking hot?” Jerome asked.

I looked passed the tablet’s screen and saw Kat’s head bobbing up and down but her eyes were staring intently at me.

“Yep,” I said with barely a pause, “she is this fiery redhead with an absolutely amazing body.”

“Have you seen her naked yet,” Terry jumped in at this point.

“Maybe…” I said as Kat wiggled her ass high in the air now.

“You dog,” Terry and Jerome said at the same time.

“Guys… please back to business… we need to discuss the hardware and software updates.” William said putting us back on task. “Terry how goes the new version of the OS?”

“The new AIM program I have been working on has allowed me to finish and polish this new version two months ahead of schedule.”

“AIM program,” I asked.

“Artificial Intelligence Maintenance, it monitors and keeps the AI stable and lets it sleep during upgrades,” Terry explained.

“Does it dream,” I asked.

“Funny you should say that…” Terry said smiling, “I have been working on that concept for a little while now and I think that will be a definite upgrade in the near future.”

“Sorry I asked,” I said shaking my head.

“No it is a good question,” William said, “dreaming will allow us to make sure the core programs are really stable and maintain safeguards to keep the AI’s in line.”

“So no Skynet or anything like that then,” I said shivering as Kat was lowering her pussy down onto my iron hard cock reverse cowgirl style.

I watched as the head of my dick pierced her pussy and with a very soft moan Kat sank down onto me.

“So William… explain to me this crystal hardwiring…” I asked distracted.

“I will put it as simple as I can… as the crystals are being grown the OS and any additional software we feel necessary is hardcoded into the crystal as it grows…”

“So instead of a two step process of manufacturing and then programming we do both at the same time,” I asked.

“Exactly, saves us time, money and manpower. If we wish to add more software later we can but for all intents and purposes we have a finished product once the chip is installed into the motherboard.”

“Nice…” I said as Kat slowly rode me savoring every moment and every inch of me. “I have a feeling my mom will talk to my dad and get us the start up capitol once we have all the information to present to her.”

“Excellent,” William said, “have you given her the tablet yet?”

“Not yet… she has some free time later today.”

“Good, email me when you get her opinion on how well it performs,” William said.

“Any other business,” Terry asked.

We all shook our heads and it was agreed same time next week. I shut off the tablet and set it aside.

“Mmm… that feels fucking amazing baby,” I told Kat. “Keep that up…”

“…Let me take care of you lover…” she moaned as she began to move quicker.

I reached up and fondled her ass while her hips moved up and down. I watched my cock sink into her tight depths over and over again.

“Like the view baby,” she asked.

“Mmmmhmmm… and the feel… you are so good to me…”

“I’m glad…” she said biting her lip as she looked back over her shoulder at me. “I’m getting close… is it okay…?”

“Let me feel your pussy squeeze me when you cum lover…”

“Mmmmm…” she ground her pussy down driving me as deep as I could go, “I love the way you fill me up…”

Now she lifted up and rammed her hips down impaling herself and driving her body headlong into a mind blowing orgasm. She slowly lifted her hips and then she slammed them down and I felt my own climax getting close.

“Keep that up and we’ll cum together,” I said and she did.

Her hips kept up that lovely rhythm and the tingling sensation got stronger and stronger. I was panting and so close to climaxing and just before I did she lifted all the way off and caught the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked and stroked me for all she was worth. I bit back a scream as the greedy little minx drank deep of that body shaking orgasm of mine. I frowned when she pressed her body to mine and snuggled up.

“Why are you frowning did I do something wrong,” Kat asked.

“You didn’t cum…”

“The hell I didn’t… I came three times… twice while stroking and sucking you and once while riding you.”

Nina was barely conscious as she felt herself being carefully lifted from the car. She was desperately trying to remember what had happened and how she got there as she felt his hands cradle around her limp body, holding her against his chest. Her mind was a jumbled mess of racing thoughts, as she struggled to reassemble the images from that night. But the thought at the forefront of her mind was who was carrying her and where was she?

He transferred the weight of her body onto his left arm, as he opened the door to the house. He was careful entering the doorway, as to not hit her head against the frame. He could hear her starting to stir; she was waking. He marched up the stairs to the far bedroom. He gently laid her down on the bed. He took a moment to admire her simple beauty, before he moved to her, and began to remove her clothes.

There, she was naked. It was an image he had only dreamed about until now. And here she was, finally his. Movement was coming to her lifeless body, and he knew she’d be fully awake soon. He quickly moved to her side once more and took each of her wrists in his hands and raised them up towards the head of the bed. He fastened each wrist in the restraints and tugged on them slightly, checking to make sure she was secure. And then, he waited, ever so patiently as her eyes began to flutter open, focusing in on his face.

Recognition was settling in. She knew him, though not well, but she recognized his face. He worked just the next hall over from her office. He was quiet and shy. She always thought he looked so sad. When she’d pass him in the hallway, she’d offer a polite smile. Who was he, and why was he doing this to her?

He ran his fingers down the side of her face ever so softly; it was as if he was touching her for the very first time. He continued to trace the curves of her body, down her side past her breast, to her hip and around her buttocks. She jumped at his touch. Her heart was racing, pounding in her chest. She wanted to scream; she knew she should. But she couldn’t. Something was stopping her. He ran his hand across her stomach. What was he going to do to her?

Her breathing was uneven, and she began to take in quicker, shallower breaths. She could feel the wet streaks down the sides of her face as tears formed in her eyes and then spilled overflowingly down her cheeks. She looked into his eyes again, and they looked troubled, worried. He took his finger and wiped the tears off her face. He then took his hand and cupped the right side of her face in his palm, and ran his thumb across her cheekbone. It was like he could sense her fear, and it saddened him.

He leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead. As he started to move his head downward, he stopped just for a second and gazed into her eyes. Then he moved to her mouth and kissed her lips. His kiss was deliberate, and almost rough. He was letting her know she was his. Emotions began to overwhelm Nina, as she processed what was taking place. But the one thing that caught her most off guard, was that a part of her, liked it.


Ryan knew what she wanted; what she wanted but would never say out loud. They were her fantasies, her innermost secrets. He had known them for months, but tonight was the night they would come true.

He recalled the first time he noticed her. Sure he had seen her around the office floor, or in the elevator, but that wasn’t it. He had been working late trying to reconfigure a system error he had encountered when running a routine diagnostic. It could have waited until Monday, but he had an expense report due & a video-conference that day, and he figured he might as well fix the problem now, and come in late Monday morning. That’s when he heard her voice. He had thought everyone had gone home for the weekend, but when he peeked out into the hallway, he could see the light to her office still on.

I wish Cynthia had given this to me sooner. I was hoping to stop by the hospital on my way home to see Dante, but it’s too late now. I’ll go by in the morning. He’s in a coma after all…

He was wondering what she was working on so late, and wondered why it couldn’t wait until Monday. And who was this Dante person in the hospital? He figured he’d stopped by her office to see if she needed anything, when he heard her again…

Ugh! This isn’t even my client! Robert needs to keep better track of his files. Why do I do this? This should be his problem, not mine. Well, technically, it isn’t mine; it IS his. But I know he’ll come strolling in late Monday morning, and with the contract meeting Monday if this report isn’t filed in time, we’ll lose this client…

Ryan started to laugh to himself as he listened to her rambling on, debating with herself out loud when… he nearly fell against the wall, holding his breath. It wasn’t possible. No. He forced himself to peek around the corner once more. He could hear her rambling on through her thoughts, but her lips were not moving! He could hear her clear as glass, but her mouth was shut. It was impossible. He dashed back to his office, gasping. He was hearing her thoughts…

The rest of the weekend he couldn’t sleep. He replayed every moment of that late evening in his head. He had to have been dreaming. He was working late, and was tired. Dreaming was the only explanation.

Monday morning he got to work early, before most people had arrived. He was on edge; he had to see her. He tested his theory out on those who started to stroll into the office. He watched them intently as they strode to their cubicles. Nothing. Not a sound. He went back to his chair and started to roam through his email.

Okay. So I’ll just quickly go over Robert’s files once more. And then I’ll put the finishing touches on mine. Then I’ll send Cynthia these edits… WHAT?! Oh gosh! The meeting has been moved up to 9 AM. Ugh. There’s not enough time! And I haven’t even gone over the Covington account since Thursday…

Ryan had run to his doorway just as she passed by catching the last bits of her strained thoughts. He took in a deep breath, and sighed silently to himself. Her mouth never uttered a word.


For the next 6 months, Ryan watched her. His eyes mesmerized by her. She was 5′ 7”, with brown hair that had natural auburn highlights weaving through it. The length fell down her back, a couple inches past her shoulders. She was small for her size, maybe only weighing around 115 lbs. She had breasts that were just the right size, he thought, not too big and not too small. Her small frame suited her. Her pale skin had a hint of bronze to it, and she had these deep brown eyes that he loved to try and catch a glimpse of. He had to know the reasoning behind this mystery. He had to know everything about her.

At work he tried to leave her be, for most of what was on her mind was her work. It bothered him that she seemed to take on the work of others in the office who didn’t seem to be as compelled to complete their tasks as she did. People like Robert, who chose to do the bare minimum of their job and leave the rest behind for others to finish; and by others, Nina. Ryan figured that at least 5 of the last 12 clients the company landed contracts with in the past year, was all do to Nina finishing the files for those such as Robert. He wondered what would have happened had she just left Robert’s mess for Robert to finish cleaning up. He decided to stop listening to her for a while, because such things angered him. It was what entered her mind when she left the office that interested him.

Almost every night Nina went to the hospital to visit Dante, who Ryan found out to be her brother. He was in a coma due to a climbing accident, and had been for nearly 8 months now. Ryan admired the devotion to her brother even though he was not conscious to appreciate it. She’d stay at least 2 hours usually, talking to him, telling him about her day (well, she’d omit the parts about how she basically kept the company in its good standings due to her taking on the work of others, but nonetheless…), or reading him a few chapters from one of the classics. She was a good sister. When she was with Dante, most of her thoughts swelled around memories of them growing up as children. Ryan liked these; it gave him insight to who she was. What he found most interesting of all, is that after the death of her parents when she was 19, she got a full-time job interning at a law firm, while she continued to attend college, and took custody of then, 14 year old Dante. Between their inheritance and her job, she was able to support herself and her brother until Dante was old enough to take care of himself. She graduated at 23 and has been working with the company for the last 4 years; she was now 28.

After she left from the hospital, Ryan would follow her home. He climbed up into the tree to the side of her apartment and watched her through the windows. He watched her cook herself a simple dinner and then head to the shower. Then she’d crawl into bed, usually with a book, and read for a while until she turned the lights out and went to bed. Sometimes, Nina would leave the window open and this is what Ryan waited for. With the window open he could hear her mind at work. She’d run through the day, checking to make sure she didn’t forget anything that needed to be done the next morning. She thought about Dante, and Ryan could sense her sadness. And finally her thoughts started to drift into dreams. It was here Ryan started to explore her secrets. Soon Ryan would climb down from the tree and leave her to sleep. It was hard for him to do, for he grew to care for her. He longed to do something for her to bring her happiness. For now, he would head home and reflect on all he had learned.


It was like he knew her every thought, the way he anticipated her every secret need. His gentle touch set her at ease, almost blocking out the fear trying to rage inside of her. His tender eyes looked at her with sincerity; she wanted to trust him. He continued to glide his hands over her naked body; caressing her, as if he was trying to assure himself she was real. Soon he lowered his head just above her left breast and slowly took her nipple into his mouth. He lightly sucked on her, massaging her with his tongue, while his hands moved to her hips. She gasped when his hands moved to the small of her back just above her buttocks, and then slowly ran down under her backside. He moved his mouth to her right nipple and started to suck and taste her with his tongue as his hands now slid down her bottom and rested just underneath, on the backs of her thighs.

All that could escape from her mouth was a barely audible whisper, “please.” He stopped and looked up at her. He wished that in that instance he could make her understand that this was all for her. But words could not convey what was going to take place. He had to just show her. She would thank him in the end. She had to, he thought.

He moved his lips next to her ear and whispered to her, “Shh. Just relax. I am not going to hurt you.” She sucked down a sob, and tilted her face towards the ceiling to force the tears back into her eyes.

Ryan reached his left hand up to her hands bound securely above her head. He cupped her fingers in his, and then slowly dragged his fingertips down the side of her right arm to just underneath her right breast. He then took his hand and carefully tilted her chin back down to meet him, and kissed her again. This kiss was not as rough as before, still passionate, but she could feel tenderness in it this time. She could feel his breath on her face, and it had a sweet scent to it. She tried to focus on what it was in an attempt to try and settle her mind a little.

She was distracted but a moment, before she could feel his hands behind her shoulders, sliding down her back. His mouth was kissing a trail down her sternum, to her bellybutton, and then stopped just at her pubic hairline. She didn’t like hair down there, so she was clean and shaven. It wasn’t for anyone, for she had never been touched there before. She was a virgin, and he knew it.

Her mind knew where this was going, and her heart started racing again. She tugged on the restraints that bound her wrists, and her legs started to squirm. “Shhh.” He whispered again, “Just relax.”

Darting his eyes from where he was about to go, up to her eyes and then back down again, he concealed the slight smirk on his face. He had watched her lips utter, “No, please,” but in her mind she was picturing what he was about to do, and in her mind he heard her sigh, “yes.”

Ryan positioned his mouth just in front of her clitoris, and moved in slowly, as to not startle her too much, as he softly guided his tongue against her. He moved his hands to her hips once more as she arched her back and drew in a deep breath. For several minutes he pleasured her, massaging her clit with his tongue, sucking on her ever so gently. She could feel herself growing sticky & wet, dripping from her vagina, and she started to cry a little from shame and embarrassment. Her body was betraying her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She arched her back again, as his tongue went to work, and she could hear the moans starting to escape from her mouth.

His mouth worked harder at her clit as her moans grew louder and more frequent. He then, without moving his mouth from her, shifted his position a little, and she could feel him slide a finger into her pussy. His finger was gliding in and out of her, touching her sensitive skin. She didn’t understand her body, and was overwhelmed by all the new sensations that she screamed out ending in almost a screech, “AHHHHH-HHMM!” She was now panting, and she felt like she was sitting in slime. What had just happened?

Ryan moved away from her and walked into the bathroom. She found herself fighting back her dissatisfaction that he had walked away from her in this state. But then the fear returned as she saw him enter the room again, wearing just a towel around his waist. He climbed back onto the bed, and removed the towel from his waist. He moved to her legs, and climbed between them as he pulled them apart. Everything inside her was telling her to fight back! To kick and scream, and try to get away, but she was petrified, unable to move. She felt him place each of her legs up and over his shoulders as he leaned towards her. He lifted her bottom just enough to slide the towel underneath her. He finally grabbed a condom and slipped it onto his penis, now erect and ready to work.

He inched closer to her, and positioned himself. He spread her legs a little further apart, and she could feel the tip of his manhood at the entrance to her virginity. He took his hands and placed them up on her knees, and ran them down her thighs. Then he leaned himself forward a little, and she could feel him start to enter her.

“Please.” She pleaded. But he seemed to ignore her as he again ran his hands down her thighs once more as he continued to insert his penis further into her vagina. Her lubricant aided him as he slowly slid into her. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore than he had to. He knew being her first time there would be some pain, but he promised he would still be gentle.

She could feel him widen her the deeper in he went. She thought for sure her heart would beat out of her chest. She let out a whimper of pain as he stretched her more. She didn’t think she could take much more, “how big was he?” she thought to herself. And then, with one final thrust, he was all the way inside her. She yelped in pain, and begged him to pull back out of her. But again he ignored her pleas. Instead, he patiently remained still, allowing her to adjust to this new fullness she was experiencing. He spoke to her kindly, telling her to take deep breaths, and to try to relax. With one hand he supported himself against her, and with the other he went to work messaging her clit once again.

Nina took in a couple deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves, and to relax. She felt his hand move to her clit, and started to feel that sensation of desperation and pleasure begin to consume her again. Distracted by his stimulation, she was able to relax her vaginal muscles around his penis. As he felt her relax, he knew it was his cue to move again. And slowly at first, in rhythm with the fingers on her clit, he thrust in and out of her.

Nina was afraid of the pain when he started to move his body again, but to her surprise, mixed with the pain was a new pleasure, and she reluctantly welcomed it. Soon the pain was subsiding, and there were only the pleasurable sensations. Her hips began to move in sequence with his thrusts. Moans were escaping from Nina’s mouth again, and Ryan took the cue and initiated moving faster and harder. Between his hand and his penis, Nina could not hold herself back any longer, and her cries grew louder. She wasn’t sure what it was that she needed or wanted, but as her body continued to move in time with his, she needed something.

“OH MY GOSH, OH NO OH!” Nina cried. “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I need, I need, UHN UHN UHN!”

Ryan knew what she needed. She needed release, and she was on the brink of her first big orgasm. He didn’t want her suffering any longer, so he moved faster and harder in and out of her, until she finally reached her climax.

“OH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Nina screamed, as she arched her back and pulled down against the restraints. Ryan felt her legs lock against him as her vagina convulsed around his manhood deep inside her. The feeling was sensational and he felt a sense of great pride knowing he had given her such pleasure. He started to ease up on his thrusting and slowed his fingers on her clit as she came down from her climax. When he felt her body go limp and relax again, he pulled out of her and crawled up to cradle her body in his arms. He released her hands from the restraints, and turned her body onto her side. He allowed her hands to relax and just held her in his arms as her breathing slowed. He stroked her face and smiled down at her, kindly.

He could see that she was exhausted. He still had plans for her, still had places on her body to explore, but that could wait. He wanted her to rest a little. So he lifted her up off the bed just enough to pull the covers back and then placed her back down underneath them. He pulled the blankets up around her, kissed her forehead, and let her drift off to sleep. Once he was sure she was out, he climbed off the bed, threw on some sweat pants & a sweatshirt, and headed out of the room. Just before he closed the door, he turned back and whispered to her, “Sleep well my beautiful Nina. For I have more planned for you in the morning.”


Nina wasn’t sure what it was that woke her, and she almost was annoyed that it had. She felt so warm and comfortable in the bed that she didn’t wish to be awake just yet. She went to stretch her arms & legs, and let out a whimpering, “OW.” Her body ached, and her head spun. All that had taken place last night was still a jumble in her head. She remembered stopping by the diner last night after she had gone to see Dante because she was too tired to make dinner. She had opted to enjoy a beer with her food and wondered if that had turned out to be not such a good idea. She remembered paying the bill, and then walking to her car parked just off to the side of the back lot. She had almost made it to her car when she had reach in her bag to take out her keys, and had dropped them to the ground. She bent down to pick them up, but when she stood, she felt light-headed and faint. She couldn’t remember actually making it to her car, but she must have, right? She was home in her bed. She opened her eyes to welcome the sunshine, and suddenly had a sinking feeling feel her stomach. This was not her bed, and this was not her room. She shot up to a sitting position in the bed, and quickly regretted it. She felt a pair of gentle but firm hands on her back and shoulders guiding her back down on to the bed. She rolled back towards him so she could see his face. As she made eye contact, recognition hit her and the images, emotions and feelings from last night, with him, flashed through her mind. It was real. Last night really happened.

Ryan brushed a strand of hair from her face as he took in the look of confusion and anger on her face. “What did you do to me last night?” she demanded, a stern look across her face.

“Nothing you had never thought about before,” he responded, as a coy smirk appeared on his mouth.

“I never asked, thought or wanted you to drug, kidnap, and rape me!” she yelled back.

“You never thought or asked out loud. But you have thought about it, in fact you’ve dreamt about it. I only brought your dreams to life. And I intend to bring some others to life as well, later on…” Ryan let the rest of that thought trail out as he turned back to Nina’s face growing with rage. She obviously didn’t believe he was doing this in her best interest, and that hurt him a little.

She could see a glint of disappointment in his eyes as he looked at her, but she dismissed it and continued with her retort. “How would YOU know what I dream about, huh? And what gives you the right to carry them out anyway? They’re MY dreams!”

Although he could clearly see she was angry, he could also see her replaying the scenes from last night in her mind, and as she reexamined her moments of climax, her pulse quickened. This gave him the edge he needed. “Tell me then, can you say with 100% certainty that you did not enjoy anything from last night? Not one moment? Can you tell me that no part about last night you would want to relive? Do you regret everything that happened to you last night?”

Nina couldn’t believe what he was saying to her. Did he honestly expect her to say that she enjoyed what he did to her last night? And again, the moment of him inside of her as she was thrusting in unison with him as he stroked her clitoris, bringing her to orgasm entered her mind. She could feel herself getting damp down there. Her breathing sped, and she had to fight to regain her composure. She couldn’t let him know that last night was amazing. That last night she felt free for the first time in a long time. She couldn’t let him know that she longed for him to touch her…

“No!” she screamed inside her head.

Ryan could hardly hide the smile that crept over his face.

She looked at him at first with a terror that he may have heard everything that just ran through her mind. But she quickly dismissed that thought… he couldn’t know what she was thinking, how silly of her.

Before she could go back to being angry with him, he yanked the blankets off from her, and tossed a robe over. Suddenly his mood was light and playful as he said to her, “put that on and come down for breakfast. I know you are hungry.” And with that he exited from the room laughing to himself.


Reluctantly, Nina donned on the robe and went downstairs. She could smell the aroma of food in the air when she pulled open the door. And she had to admit she was starving. She took her steps carefully as she came down the stairs. She was still sore from last night. She walked over to the table. She could see he had replaced one of the chairs at the table with a padded more comfortable chair. She assumed it was for him, but was taken aback, almost touched, when he motioned for her to sit in the chair.

There was juice set out on the table, apple-raspberry, her favorite. There was hot cereal, a bowl of mixed fresh fruit, hot scones with sweet cream & jam, and some hot tea. She could hardly believe it. This was a typical breakfast for her perhaps, but not for him. He sat down across from her, gave her a soft smile, and then ushered her to eat. She was reluctant at first, but she could tell her stomach was about to growl and quickly tossed a piece of fruit into her mouth. They ate in silence, every once in a while he would try to hide a smile or a laugh. It was like there was some inside joke going on that only he was in on. But the food was delicious, and she ate until she felt full.

When she was finished, she looked back towards the stairs for a moment, and then jerked her head back to the table when she heard him get up. “You can go take a shower or a bath and relax if you’d like while I clean up here.” He spoke to her so kindly. She could sense a bit of concern in his voice, and she wondered what it was for. Nina nodded to him, and then got up from the table and headed back up the stairs.

With each painful step she took, she was grateful when she reached the top. She dashed back into the room. She first ran to the window and looked out. Forest. There was nothing around that she could see, aside from trees. Great. If I tried to make a run for it, I’d probably end up tripping and falling into a ditch. She looked around for a phone, but couldn’t even find a phone jack in the room. And no phones. For a guy that works between our department and the IT department, you’d think he’d be a little more technologically up to date. She half expected him to have touch screen videophones in every room. Either that or flat screens & blue-ray.

She decided to concede for the moment, and to go relieve her aching muscles. She went into the bathroom to draw a bath. She looked under the sink to find some bubble bath solution. Why in the world does he have this in here? She wondered. Who cares. She poured some of the soap into the bath water and watched it suds. When the bath was about half full, she dipped her toe in to test the temperature. Perfect. She stepped into the bathtub and laid down in the water, and let herself just forget about it all for a few minutes.

“You just about done in there?” Ryan asked popping his head in through the door.

Startled back to reality, Nina eked out an, “I think s-so. How long have I been in here?”

“About 30 minutes,” Ryan teased.

Hmmm. She thought.


He came in a grabbed a towel off the rack for her, and held it out for her. She gave him a look, and then sighed. She stood up out of the water, stepped out of the tub and into the towel, and his waiting arms. He wrapped her in the towel, drew her to him, and kissed her forehead. He leaned into the tub and pulled up the drain. As the water escaped from the tub, he turned back to her and led her back into the bedroom, and towards the bed. As she entered, she saw something strange hanging on the post. It was a large hot water bottle bag with a tube hanging out the bottom of it. She clenched her fists around the towel afraid of what was about to happen next.

Ryan guided her back onto the bed and had her lay on the towel on her left side, with her right leg brought up to her chest just a little. “I told you I had some plans for you today. And they are about to begin. I know you are frightened, but you don’t need to be. This is not going to hurt you. You might even find it pleasurable after a while. Just try to relax, and take in the sensations you feel. Remember to breathe.”

And with that, she felt Ryan come up behind her and spread her butt cheeks open with one of his hands. She reached back instinctively to try and stop him, but he caught her in mid-air. “If you are gonna fight me on this, I will restrain your hands like I did last night. I think I have proven I am not going to harm you. Just trust me on this, and don’t fight me, okay?”

Nina thought about it for a second, and then answered sharply, “Fine.” She felt his hand return to her bottom and spread her again, exposing her anus to him. She felt embarrassed and ashamed that she was letting him touch her again, and then she felt the cool gel on her. She felt his finger carefully and gently rub the gel onto her anus. Very slowly she felt him start to push some of the gel into her. Then she felt the tip of his finger enter her, and she jumped a little. “You’re okay, just try to relax. I’ll go slow.” She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. She grabbed a near-by pillow and held it against her chest.

Ryan gingerly moved his finger in and out of her, each time pushing a little more of the lubricated goo into her orifice. Soon he pushed his way past her sphincter and into her anal canal. He continued to move in and out of her, and rotated his finger as well, being sure to coat all of her with the lubricant evenly.

Nina clutched the pillow tighter and tighter to her as she felt him insert his finger further into her anus. The feeling was uncomfortable, but not painful. She just wanted him to hurry up and do whatever it was he was doing and to pull his finger out of her. And soon she got her wish and she felt his finger finally exit her anus all the way. She took in another deep breath and opened her eyes, as she eased her death grip on the pillow. But her relief was short lived when she heard the next words come from his mouth.

“Okay, I am going to give you an enema now. I’ve lubricated your anus so the nozzle will go in easily. Once I have inserted it into you, I’ll release the clamp and you’ll feel warm water start to flood into your rectum. We’ll start off with a pint or two and see how you do. Then we’ll go from there. You ready?” That was all the warning she had before she felt him spread her backside open again to insert the nozzle.

Nina barely had time to process all he had just said to her. She felt the nozzle press against her anus. Her instinct was to clench herself shut at the feeling. She heard him laugh a little before he spoke to her. “It’s okay, it won’t hurt, I promise. Just relax. Try pushing out like you are going to the bathroom. It’ll open your sphincter and will help the nozzle insert easier and faster.” She couldn’t believe this was about to happen. But, she did as he asked, and pushed out like she was going to the bathroom, and she felt him tenderly push the nozzle into her. It slid in effortlessly due to the lube he had put in her. And she could feel it sitting up inside her. She didn’t like the feeling. It was hard, and uncomfortable, and it made her feel full. She wanted it out. And then she heard the clamp “pop” and shortly after that, the water started to fill her.

“Ohhhh.” Nina closed her eyes again, and pulled the pillow closer to her. The water was filling her so fast, and the sensation was overwhelming to her. The warm water felt nice, but then there was a little cramping and she let out a groan.

She felt him come sit beside her. He placed one hand on the small of her lower back and the other on her abdomen. He alternated massaging her back and her abdomen to help relieve the pain of the cramping and fullness. She could hear his voice speaking softly to her, telling her that she was doing great, and that it was almost over. She didn’t think she could take any more water, when she heard him say, “Okay that’s enough for this one.” He helped her up off the bed and guided her to the toilet so she could expel the water. He closed the door behind her so she would have some privacy.

When she was finished she opened the door and came back into the bedroom. She was horrified to see him gesturing her to come lay back down on the bed again. Oh no, I can’t do this again… she thought. He smiled at her, and reached for her hand. “You can do this. We’ve got to clean the soap out from the last enema. Now lie down, this time on your stomach.”

Nina did as he asked, and lay down on the bed, on her stomach. She felt him spread her cheeks again, and he massaged a little bit more of the lubricant into her. Then she felt him go to insert the nozzle, and again she push out to help the nozzle ease in. “Good girl,” she heard him say to her. Once the nozzle was in place, she heard him release the clamp again, and felt the water come rushing into her. It felt like the water was coming in faster this time, and the cramping started again. He massaged her back and reached under her to massage her belly. Her breathing started to speed up as she fought to take in deep slow breathes. The feeling of overwhelming fullness came over her again, and she didn’t think she could take much more. And once again, just after the thoughts of her turning into a human geyser entered her mind, he was clamping the hose off, pulling the nozzle out and helping her off the bed and to the toilet.

As Nina returned from the bathroom, a look of defeat entered her face as she saw that there was going to be yet another enema. “You took almost 2 pints this time. This is the last one, I promise.”

She slowly walked back over to him, and climbed onto the bed. This time, he positioned her on her knees, and then bent her at her waist down onto her elbows, so her bottom was up in the air, and already spreading for him. She felt ridiculous. Better get used to this position, Ryan secretly thought to himself.

He pushed her knees apart a little further, and then went to her bottom. He pulled her cheeks apart and massaged a little more lube into her. He then went to insert the nozzle. The water came gushing into her, and Nina let out some groans at the experience. She could feel the water diving deeper and deeper into her. Her abdomen was starting to distend, and she grew anxious. “You’re okay, love,” he said to her. He massaged her butt cheeks, and her back, and her abdomen until all 2.5 pints of water had filled her. Nina waited for him to remove the nozzle and then help her off the bed to the bathroom, but instead, after he removed the nozzle, she felt something else shoved into her. It was thick, and sort of round she thought. And it was much bigger than the nozzle or his finger had been. She had no time to protest before she felt it pushed passed her sphincter and into her anal cavity. She felt herself fall forward onto her arms a little, as she let out a scream, “AYEE!”

He reached under her to catch her, and lifted her up, and rolled her onto her back to face him. “I have inserted a butt plug into you to help you retain the water for a few minutes. This enema is larger and has gone further up into your bowels. It needs time to work. It’s cleaning out anything lingering. Just try to hold this in for as long as you can.”

Anything lingering? Gross, Nina thought to herself as he said that. She caught him holding back a smirk. I swear he hears me…

She laid there in his arms for what seemed like an eternity, trying not to think about the building pressure inside her. It had only been about 10 minutes, but he finally helped her up and to the toilet. He helped her remove the plug from her anus, and the water came gushing from her. Her body was shaking from the torrents pouring from her. This time he didn’t leave her alone in the bathroom. He stayed by her rubbing her shoulders, arms, and thighs. She felt embarrassed that he was still in the room, but she was far more grateful that she was finally able to get all of this out of her. When she had emptied herself, he handed her a wet cloth to clean herself with. He then helped her from the toilet, and back onto the bed. Nina lay on the bed worn out from the enemas. She had hoped that he was done with her for the day, and that she could rest. But when she felt him come to her, she knew, he was not done with her quite yet.


Ryan crawled up behind her, and whispered in her hear, “My beautiful Nina. Now is when I make more of your dreams, come true…”

“What if I don’t want any more of them to come true?” She whined. Ryan chuckled a little before he answered her. “But you don’t really mean that, Nina. Give in to me, Nina. You know you want to.”

“Noooooooo, I don’t want to!” She protested. “I want you to leave me alone!”

And then she felt his hands on her again. His lips were moving up and down her neck. His left hand reached around her to caress her breasts, while his right hand moved down to her clit and began to rub her. She tried to struggle against him as his lips moved to her nipples and began to lick and suck them. He had adjusted his hand so that his thumb was on her clit while his fingers were moving in and out of her pussy.

Nina’s body was betraying her. Her anger was being overcome by the sexual pleasures she was feeling. She let out a half-hearted, “Stop,” before a moan escaped from her lips.

Then suddenly he pulled himself from her and stared down at her, trying to be serious. “Really, Nina? Okay, I’ll stop.” She looked up at him puzzled. Her breathing was labored, almost to panting, and her pussy was dripping, her heart was racing… she was so confused about what she wanted that all she could do was scream, “RAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She dropped her hands to her sides, and nearly started crying. No, I don’t want you to stop. I want you to keep going, I want to feel you. I, I need you. I shouldn’t, but… she thought silently to herself.

And then she felt his hands on her once again. He took her body and moved her into the position he wanted. Nina was too overwhelmed and defeated to fight him; she wasn’t even sure about what he was doing. He moved her back onto her knees, and spread them apart like before. He bent her at her waist and eased her down on to her elbows, turning her head to rest on the pillow. He took the lubricant bottle and squirted it onto his finger. And from there, he moved his finger back to her anus. She felt him massage her private place again. She welcomed the sensation. He pushed his finger into her, and he could feel her relaxing this time, allowing him to enter her more easily. He rubbed the lube all around inside of her, in and out, first one finger, and then two. He could feel her sphincter accepting his fingers and then closing around them. He could hear her quietly moaning into the pillow. She was embarrassed by how good this was feeling. She felt him remove his fingers from her, leaving her with a feeling of emptiness. She gave him a whine alerting him of her disapproval.

“Haha, don’t worry, you’ll be filled again… just hold on one moment.” He responded to her. Ryan took the lubricant once more and squeezed some of the gel onto his erection. He was sure to coat himself on his whole shaft. He didn’t want to risk hurting her. He positioned himself behind her, guiding the head to her opening. She could feel him start to push into her. She pushed back both with her hips, but also pushing out opening her sphincter for him. He slowly started to slide into her, carefully.

She could feel him stretching her, he felt huge. She wanted to cry out from the pain, but she also wanted to feel him inside her. She pushed out with her anal muscles and she pushed back against him with her hips. Ryan felt her muscles open to him inside her, and with that he advanced himself into her a little further. He was about half way in her, when he told her to just hold on and relax a minute. He could sense her anxiety, hear her breathing turn into a pant, and hear her thoughts both crying out in pain & begging for him. He needed her to relax her body. So he held his position, and rubbed her back, buttocks & thighs. When he felt her body ease up its tension, and her inner muscles release, he eased himself in a little more. He was almost there.

“Nina, when I tell you to, take a deep breath, and push back against me.” Ryan coached her, knowing he was just one good thrust away from being fully inside of her. “Ready? Now! Push Nina!” Nina took a deep breath in, and pushed back against him, opening herself the best she could. Ryan thrust one good thrust into her, and with that he slid the final inch into her.

“Good job, Nina. I’m all the way inside you now. Just rest a moment, and keep breathing.” He said to her, trying to calm all the racing emotions and thoughts rushing through her.

“You are so big, so big inside me. I don’t know if I can take any more. It hurts, it hurts feeling you stretch me, but, but, I don’t think I want you to…stop. I just, I just…” she couldn’t finish her sentence. Her body started to shake. “Breathe NINA!” Ryan called to her, as he rubbed his hands over her back.

When I woke up all I had on was very small running shorts that had a slit up each side and a t-shirt. The shorts were unable to contain my hard-on so I let it stick out the bottom. No one was around and it felt nasty hot. I snapped out of my daze and began to panic.

“What had happened? and Why was I here? and Where was I?”

I looked round and there she was the woman I had been talking to in the bar, she must have drugged me. The thing that had attracted me too here was that she was very tall, at least 6 foot.

Her body was hidden by a plush bathrobe barely held closed and easily showing her smooth, firm breasts and washboard belly.

“Come into this room.”

she said quickly and gently taking my hand and leading, well slightly pulling, my dazed body inside. Her house had a very nice decor, was warm, relaxing and dimly lit.

“Ooooooo you look soooo nice she said walking around me. Her hand brushed my ass.”

I like this firmness. (I moved away) She reached out with one very brief lite stroke and said

“Your cock hanging out is a nice way to say hello.”

(The feeling of her stroke made my cock jump before I could pull away and I was embarrassed, I had forgot about my cock hanging out Oh My God!).

“Your hips are so beautiful, you must show them more, here…..”

She rolled the waist of my shorts down, as she gently hiked them up a little at a time until they disappeared firmly up into the crack of my ass. (I panted like crazy but she had me at the waist and was very quick in rolling those shorts up to where they turned into a thong.) I now had a waistline a few inches above my shaved cock and the shorts disappeared between my cheeks leaving my pelvis, ass cheeks, cock and balls fully exposed.

I realized my shirt was barely waist long so my lower belly showed a little as well. I grew scared when I realized the slutty appearance she effortlessly had just put me in. As she touched my hips and ran her fingers around the firm bones that make up my pelvis I had to exhale nervously because it felt good and it had always been erotic when I would gently feel myself there imagining someone else’s hands holding me. I was so nervous.

“Now your sensual hips show.”

She said whispering from behind,

“You let those sway from side to side and you’d could have a line of STUDS waiting to mount you.”

Her fingers danced over the front skin of my pelvis which was very sensitive. Her hands were very big and easily engulfed each side, thumbs teasing my ass cheeks apart.

“Close your eyes.”

She whispered from behind.

Her hands continued a slow sensual rub of my hips and lower belly.

“I am going to say a few words and I want you to completely immerse yourself in what I say.”

She paused and moved in close.

“You are an innocent little girl, wide eyed and very trusting. Blonde hair soft skin a figure to die for and you like to flaunt it to playfully tease boys, oblivious to the raging bulges of dangerously hungry flesh in their pants. You are such a cute little thing with your big breasts.”

She gently slid a hand under my shirt and cupped the breast area before a flat hand caressed an imaginary breast, fingers lightly teasing my nipples.

“Your waist is tiny and you love to feel hands on it.”

Her hands slid my shirt off effortlessly I barely felt it. Then she caressed my waist and belly.

“Your hips lure the eyes of men and you like that, it makes you feel like a big girl. You like your waist and belly bare to get attention.”

Once again the gentle sensuality of her touch made me not want to move.

“Be a little girl for me, my little girl. You want to do that don’t you?”

I found it easy with her urging and words to think like a little girl and she was setting up something very erotic and I couldn’t help but play along.


I said in a small faint voice

“You want to please me and make me like you don’t you?”


“I want to make you feel good too, do you want to feel good?”

The little girl in me could think of no other answer.

“Yes I do.”

“Spread your legs a little.”

Her hands now gently working my lower belly, hips and ass.

“Doesn’t this feel uncomfortable she said pulling up slightly on my bunched up shorts.”


“I got a present for you but first you have to take these off, will you do that for me? Can I take them off you?”


She slid them down slowly so I could feel them come off. I stepped out of them. I opened my eyes briefly and the room was very dark with a deep red light and a couple candles lit which had a red shade on them. I panted hard, so nervous but the warmth of the room was deceiving. As I looked down she slipped on a shoe. It raised my heel off the floor.

She motioned for the other foot and slipped on the other. As she stood I felt strings slid up my legs as she eased a g-string into place, my cock bulging the tiny spot of fabric in the front out. I was in red pumps with 6″ heels.

“There now you look beautiful.”

She said as the g-string slid over my hips. The part that slipped in my crack touched my hole and was wet but warmed quickly. I felt a little tingle back there and moved my hips a little with a girlish


“Yes they feel good don’t they? Go ahead and wiggle those pretty hips.”

I did! They made me feel very naughty and the fuck me heels were absolutely wicked thrusting my ass up and back.


She said feeling my ass.

“Do you like your new shoes?”

“They make my behind stand out more.”

I said hearing a more feminine little voice (I liked the little voice)

“Yes they do, boys like that.”

“They do.”


“OK I like that too.”

“You want to raise your little ass high so all the boys can see how pretty it is. They will like you a lot more and want to get closer to it. Now curl it back and point it up. That’s it curl your lower back.”

I did and it felt good to stick my ass out.

“Now come over here.”

She cupped my ass with a big hand and almost lifted me over to where she wanted me.

I took quick little steps in my heels, trying not to fall, visualizing a little girl doing the same the first time she wears them. She put a silk blindfold on me.

“Here this will be easier now relax and even open your eyes if you want. I’m going to do something to your chest, it will be slightly cold at first.”

I felt some kind of wet stuff brushed on. My nipples immediately got firm and hard. I felt something gently attach onto my nipples, which made me squirm, then something completely covered each breasts and was heavy. My GOD!! she must be giving me breasts. I got to see this and I think I object a lot and should get the hell out of here this has gone too far!!!

OK now feel yourself she said putting my hands on my belly and slowly working them up my body guiding them and letting go right before my breasts. As my shaking hands flowed over the large mounds I could feel the sensation on my chest underneath. When I pinched a nipple it pinched my nipple and my cock jumped wildly. The breasts felt smooth and warm like my skin, LIKE REAL BREASTS!! This was wild!

OH MY GOD I muttered.

“Now you need a top.”

WHAAAT I thought as I felt a top pull over my head.

“Now open your eyes.”

She said sliding the blindfold off.

There in front of me were “HUGE” breasts straining hard against a tiny top, slightly visible from the bottom and looking absolutely real. Big nipples poked obscenely through the fabric making my cock spasmed wildly. These look fantastic! I love it when a woman’s breasts look exactly like this. Mine look 100% real. I turned left and right and my cock spasmed at all the different ways the tiny top was stretching to hold me in.

“You like your breasts sweetheart?”

I was so excited, thrilled and horny I couldn’t think of anything else to do but take her hand and slowly suck her index finger erotically into my mouth. You know, the kind of suck that says I want all of you right now, exploding in my mouth, choking me with cum.

“Oh yes you do don’t you?”

I gulped hard at what I just did. She put her other hand on the back of my head and pushed her finger to the back of my throat making me gag. Then she inserted two then tried to get 3 I gagged trying to pull away. She twisted and turned them really pushing my mouth open.

“We’ll work on that later.”

“Now walk around and strut your new body.”

I hesitated awhile till she talked me into it. It felt awkward.

“Let me give you some motivation.”

She said as she slightly opened her robe and showed her massive breasts.

“Now let me blindfold you and let you be more uninhibited.”

I kept gawking at her breasts.

I started moving smoothly with real slutty poses and every few moments felt her tits against my back and she gently grabbed my rock hard and aching cock.

“Do you have your naughty little girl tease feeling?”

“Oh Baby do I.”

Came out of my mouth in a very erotic tone. And I thought to myself a nasty shemale feeling as well.

“Then tease me, flaunt that pretty body.”

My body now had a mind of its own. I used the wall and did dirty little movements against it and I erotically fondled my breasts with her approval. I slithered and arched on the floor before standing up and pushing my breasts against the wall rubbing them and feeling every sensation. Then like so many pictures I had seen I put those heels back spread wide and arched my ass back as if begging to be fucked, not even aware of what signal I was sending her. She walked up and put a little more pressure on my shoulder blades with her big hand and said.

“No push them harder, now I want that hole real high she said as a slippery finger pushed into me and lifted suddenly.”

I gasped, panicked and squirmed but I have to admit I liked that sudden finger.

“Asshole up always.”

She said with gentle yet firm yank.

“Always up for cock baby. Now legs back a little more and spread, angle your toes inward. Now wiggle a little.”

She continued to pull up.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm wow you pick it up quick. SLUT!”

I felt something tighten around my balls. As I looked down she said:

This is a leash to make sure you don’t run away. You are getting really scared, I can see it. She was standing back not touching me. Now just calm down if you can. We have a long evening ahead of us.

“I-I …..I need to stop now.”

I said quickly.

“Let me out of here.”

“OK, after all I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Well I guess that’s not true, I want to rape you but that would be against the law wouldn’t it.”

She said with a smile.

To my surprise she took the leash off.

“Ok take these off.”

I said motioning to my breasts.

I’ll let you go but I won’t take your breasts off, they look too nasty hot.

“Take them off please? Come on stop fooling around.”


“OK I’ll go home and get them off.”

“Go ahead.”

I got dressed, quickly fumbling to pull my shirt on over the tight top I already had on.

“Let me show you out.”

She said kindly

I started relaxing, everything was fine, this isn’t some wild girl that was going to tie me down and rape me. GOD! I was so relieved as I walked to the front door. Maybe I should stay and get more…… naw I better get out of here.

“Keep the shoes.”

“They go perfectly with your new breasts you’ll want them.”

“I smiled uneasy, no the shoes are yours.”

“Now go.”

She said pushing me gently out the door again quick little steps as I tried to walk in heels.

“Read the email I send you tomorrow.”

As the door closed.

I looked up and down the street and heard two people coming, I rushed around the side of the house in my heels, breasts bouncing. GOD! I thought as I made it in time. After they passed I leaned over, almost losing my balance. GOD these tits must weigh 10lbs each. I reached under and pulled on one but it was on tight and hurt just slightly when I pulled. I’ll get them off when I get home. I quickly took the heels off and raced down the road to my car, breasts everywhere and yes I almost poked my eye out.

There were no back streets to get home and it was early enough for many people to be driving. I crouched down, hunched over and did everything I could think of to not be seen with big breasts and THEY WERE HOOKER HUGE!

I finally got there and ran up the drive and went inside my house but as quietly as I could. I sat down and rested, huffing and puffing my breasts straining obscenely against my shirt, lunging out with every breath. I started getting horny just seeing this. I pulled my shirt off to reveal the skimpy slut top she put on me. I slowly leaned back and fondled myself, closing my eyes and really, really getting into it. GOD this is sooooooooo exciting to have breasts. I’m a wicked, irresistible, Shemale I fantasized.

I masturbated many, many times, and bent over for what must have been miles of dildo thrusts pretending they were cocks. I am definitely sleeping with my breasts on I thought. What luck tomorrow is a holiday, I think I’ll stay inside all day and fantasize about getting fucked. An idea shot to my mind and I cupped a mound of flesh and tilted the nipple to my mouth and it reached! I started sucking. It sent shivers through my breasts and body. I was hard instantly and another hour of jacking off and being penetrated followed. I couldn’t stop it seemed and the Internet was the perfect partner. As the clocked passed 3:00am I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I awoke to the sensitivity of my nipples rubbing the sheets. I stretched and sprawled out on my big bed doing every slutty pose I could think of, slowly, erotically. I got up and went to the kitchen nude to eat breakfast. I relaxed for the first time and gave my breasts a rest from constant fondling, licking, fingering and caressing. They were pretty sensitive. After a leisurely breakfast I decided it was time to take them off, plus I’m sure I could get some of that glue to put them back on with. I mean, I want them on all the time when I’m indoors. I want to be a whore every minute.

I pulled them gently but after a short while it was evident they were not budging. I got a bad feeling. How do I get the glue to soften. I went on my PC and did a search and found a web page with solvents for different glues. I started trying them one at a time if I had the ingredients. I certainly couldn’t go shopping. Nothing was working and I was getting panicky. Wait she said to read her email. That probably says how to get them off. I quickly open my email and sure enough there was one from her titled. How to get your breasts off. I let out a deep sigh of relief and my panic dissipated as I smiled and chuckled to myself.

I opened it and started to read.

Dear Sweetie,

Did you enjoy your breasts last night? Did you lick, fondle and suck them? You little SLUT. Did you bend over and get fucked by imaginary STUDS. My little busty girl bent over and fucked in her pretty ass with a big cock. It makes me so horny thinking about it. I bet you squirmed on the bed pushing your chest up and arching your back didn’t you? I am glad you like your breasts so much and they got you plenty of cock.

Only now I bet you are wondering how to get them off. Well there is a special liquid that will take them off. Wait! Yes I have some right here. It is made especially for this type of glue. OH! That means you’ll have to come over here!! Wait that could be dangerous for such a sweet, well endowed virginal girl like yourself.

You see you left my cock so hard and hungry last night, I feel like an animal in heat and I’m ready to mate baby. I’m ready to hunt and conquer and you are my prey. I have the type of animal heat that a dog has when he won’t stop jumping up and humping you or your leg? It’s intense and is all consuming. I’m pacing my halls with a, driving, craving, lust to hump a BITCH senseless!!! My balls are bigger than last night as more and more seed bulges them in anticipation of your arrival. I am ready to impregnate my BITCH and you have all the sensual, sexy equipment needed to satisfy my animal lust.

You see you left but you are still going to get FUCKED by my MASSIVE COCK!!

1. I expect your cunt to be cleaned out and tight.

2. I want you dressed to kill in the cloths that will be delivered to your door shortly.

Tonight I will make you do what you have been too scared to do, slut your body for a huge cock. In the morning we will discuss a regular schedule when you will service my needs. Be here at 10:00 p.m.

Let the conquest of your ass begin. You are about to experience the voracious appetite of a monster cock!!!

Pure Lust and seed await you



I shouted. What the hell is going on I was so confused and then another email arrived and it was titled. All Is Explained. I opened it and it was blank but there was an image attached. I opened it and there stood the woman full naked with her massive breasts and muscular body and her long hard 12 inch cock……

“HER LONG HARD 12 INCH COCK!!!!!!!!!!”

I shouted. She was a shemale.

What have I gotten myself into. I looked at the clock it was 11:00am. I had 11 hours to go. I panicked and started crying, tears dripping on my breasts.

The day was agonizing as the hours passed slowly. The package arrived and I got it when no one was looking. It was a pair of frilly panties and beautiful bra. And the dress was viscously sexy, nasty and made me hard. The cloths were full on babe meat hot. They screamed for the entire football team to fuck me. Eight o’clock finally arrived and I began to get ready. I couldn’t imagine what was waiting for me. This shemale was going to have her way with me. I’d spent all day on the Internet trying desperately to find a way to get them off, but I was fucked! I sighed at my choice of words.

“You’re FUCKED! alright.”

I said out loud to myself.

I sneaked to the car and it was harder this time, fully dressed, ready to whore. Four people were on her street and it took awhile to get to her door. She opened it and eyed me up and down.

“Sweeeeeet, come in.”

As the door closed her robe slid to the ground.

“There is no need for this from here on. It doesn’t matter how scared you are tonight does it?”

I turned and looked at her then her cock and started shaking. Her body was exquisite and her cock massive as she slowly stroked the length of it with lubricant. She took a step to my side, her big cock pushing against my dress. She began to caress my ass.

“Tonight is the night every wicked nasty dream you have ever had about being FUCKED comes true.”

She whispered

“You’re a lamb and my bedroom the slaughterhouse.”

Her hand hiked my skirt up over my ass. It was all slow motion as her left hand massaged my nipple through the material and her right hand fondled my ass and began to move in. Then I felt it, her finger began to massage my hole. Slow deliberately pushing easing off circling pushing.

“Spread a little for me.”

She whispered.

I did as I was told.

“Very good, just keep doing as you’re told and you’ll be screaming very soon.”

she whispered.

“Let’s go to the bedroom my sweet bitch.”

She led me using just her finger that was ½ way in, pulling my ass up, guiding me.

“You’d make a hot prostitute. Maybe I should pimp you out and make some money.”

As we walked in her room the window and walls were covered with soundproof foam and a red light was on.

“Now you can make as much noise as you want and no one will hear.”

She whispered

Her hand slid inside my top fondling me. I couldn’t help but like her finger probing and when she squeezed my nipple it just added a surge of excitement. I tried not to become aroused but her technique was smooth and sensual and she just knew how to turn me on.

“Now for a little training. I’m going to step over here and put my hand to my side and motion to you with my middle finger to come here. That means I want you to put your asshole right against my finger. Let’s try it.”

She walked across the room turned casually put her hand to her side, palm facing me, fingers curled closed except for the middle then a little motion with her middle finger signaled me to come. Her finger announced her intentions loud and clear. I walked over and turned.


It shocked and stung slightly.

“That was pretty good but when you get here I want you to spread your cheeks and back right up to my finger until it touches your hole. Go do it again.”

I walked over, turned and began to walk back.

“What are you doing? I haven’t motioned for you yet.”

I turned and returned to the spot and waited. Moments later her middle finger motioned “come here”. I walked over turned, eased my cheeks open a little and smoothly slide up next to her finger. She teased me with light tickling type motions right on my hole.

“Very good.”

The itch immediately started and I knew she had applied her special lube to my hole.

“Walk back stand do it again, stand still until I motion for you.”

I did as I was told and realized the lube started itching me extremely intensely.

“Don’t fidget BITCH or I’ll spank you.”

“Just let the lube eat at that hole of yours.”

I gulped and she saw on my face how effective the lube was working, then her finger motioned for me. I walked over quickly and spread hard and wide, the itching seemed to ease when I was pulled open wide. The lube obviously being quite effective in its sole purpose to get someone to spread open for sex. With my hole exposed it only took a second before I felt a finger teased it, then a little push to slip past the muscle and in a quick jolt, a painful hard forceful stab into my ass up to her knuckles which pushed me forward slightly. She quickly kneeled and put her left arm around my thigh holding me against her chest as she thrust her finger into me with hard deliberate jabs. I whimpered and turned every which way and tried to step away but she kept assaulting me amid my frantic hand grasps to make her stop. Then with a pain that made my knees buckle she pushed 3 fingers up in me. I yelped over and over with futile hops. She quickly pulled out and walked to the other side of the room. Casually she motioned for me again. I didn’t come until I saw a paddle removed from a drawer. I quickly came, spread and allowed her access again. She fondled my breasts as her fingers rubbed around the rim of my hole frequently pulling up or to one side.

“I’m just loosening you up to be FUCKED.”

She whispered.

“I’m pretty thick tonight.”

Her fingers were now smooth and wet and slid in deep with a gentle firmness. I moved up on my toes a little each time, which brought a little “mmmmmm” of approval from her lips. I instinctively arched my back, which made her push her cock against me a little harder. I felt it throb wildly against my leg then realized why. My big breasts were straining hard against the top and right by her face.

As her left hand moved underneath to cup my balls she pushed my pelvis under from the front while her right hand punched three fingers hard up my ass pulling up from behind. It hurt but was effective, I yelped and whimpered a little each time.

“Pussy up high.”

She whispered as she stood to my side.

“Get that FUCK ME tilt to those hips she said gently, ahhh that’s a good little girl.”

“Sweeeeeeeeet!!!! You know it didn’t even occur to me that you might be a white BITCH! But the moment I saw you I became a white meat man. Look what you’ve done to my cock, it is so raging hard and anxious to have a taste of YOU!.”

She cupped my cock and balls firmly. She eased me against her side as her fingers worked my itchy asshole, which was really driving me crazy with its sensitivity.

“What’s wrong baby, your ass itching?”

I whimpered a “yes”

“It is only to help you get in the proper mood, to make you desperate.”

She picked up a bottle and held it up, it read


Turn a wife into a hor

The neighbor girl into a slut

A Slut into a Skank

HIM into your BITCH

Make him/her itch for COCK all night

I squirmed my ass in her hands, because it subsided when she fingered me and itched when she stopped. I moaned and whimpered for it. Her arms cupped my body from the front and back as she held me, hands working my cock/balls/pelvis and ass. Then she eased out, separated her fingers and pushed me ass cheeks open, her huge hand practically covering my ass. She gently started a light tapping around my exposed and loosened anus with her middle finger, which sent shockwaves through the nerve endings. Every touch was a tease on my itchy asshole.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm I like this, you tight little bitch. Why don’t you come over here honey, you’ll be much more comfortable.”

Two fingers slid in me to the knuckle and pulled up firmly on my ass guiding me, her other hand holding a breast, pinching a nipple. She forced me to walk like a SLUT, a little bowlegged from a gangbang. I took little dainty steps as told. Along one wall was a gold bench that was very ornate. It looked extremely sturdy and had a large padded surface, which I knew she was going to lay me down on. The sides had various straps and I knew she tied people down to fuck them. My legs shook and I was visibly scared. I didn’t try to hide it and even paused not wanting to go over to it but she kept me moving.

“I feed off your fear.”

She whispered.

“It really brings out something very primal in me. An uncontrollable drive to mate, to capture and conquer, to play with then go for the kill and violently impregnate. Very soon you will carry my seed inside you. It will become part of you.”

Her hands yanked at my dress ripping it off.

“No please don’t!”

I begged

“I can’t take it I beg of you please!”

My thighs touched the front of the bench and she firmly pushed me over, the weight of her body holding me down. I panicked and struggled wildly but straps quickly went around my neck and held my face firmly against the bench. She dropped to the side and with great struggle each leg was strapped. I was trying to get the straps off my neck when one wrist at a time was grabbed and strapped down. I started crying and yelping when my mouth was filled to the back of my throat and as I gagged hard a strap was pulled over my head. Silence filled the room as I continued to gag many times my head now free. I cried nonstop.

I liked your struggle but now you are indeed mine. Her breathing and voice were so dead serious and hungry sounding tears flowed freely as I cried.

“I call this bench my Sacrificial Alter. I have leaned a lot of guys over this bench and taken pleasure by ravaging their bodies. They all screamed uncontrollably. But tonight is different, tonight I will FUCK as hard as I have always wanted to. Upon impregnating you I will consider you property. A “thing” for my pleasure, a piece of meat with a hole in it.”

She eased my legs apart, way apart and stepped in between. The bench displayed my ass like an offering, pushing it up high and back.

“Let me relieve that itching a bit.”

Her left hand entwined in my hair, lifted my head and shoved my face gently into a pillow, as her finger slipped into my ass. It was gentle at first but then she began to furiously fuck me hard, ramming into my ass. I screamed and cried against the gag and into the pillow. Then she slowed to a rhythmic pump before another hard assault with multiple fingers.

“Juuuuust relax.”

“Now let’s work the inside she said as I heard a drawer open and close then a rubbery long cock slid in me.

“This is just a thin dildo 14″ long to open you up a little.”

It only went in 6 inches then banged something and stopped. I knew it had to get around the curve inside me to get deeper, so did she.

“Relax and think of something else.”

She said as she held it in me with a little pressure. She leaned over and whispered,

“Think of a big thick dildo, angled up, sticking out from a wall. It is attached to a board on slides that can be raised and lowered and locked into place at any height. Now think of a very petite 4’10″ girl 85 lbs. with double D’s and a 19″ waist. Very tiny little thing, lifted and placed on top and how exciting it would be to see her slowly agonizing slide to the base of the cock. Then to position it on the wall so her toes would desperately reach for the floor inches away. The poor little thing would be impaled and hung like a trophy.”

“Ooooooooo there it goes 6-7 more inches right up in you makes 12. Very nice now let’s stroke it.”

She stroked all of it in and out at a slow speed for a couple minutes. Her speaking changed to a teasing erotic low voice as she reinforced how good it felt reminding me how erotic I had spoken about this moment and how my dreams were coming true. She whispered for me to relax and enjoy it, I did. It felt good to relax and be fuuuuucked. I’d fucked myself at home like this but it wasn’t the same, having to reach around and do it myself. Plus being strapped down and exposed was sensual sensory overload.

She kept doing it for quite some time until I stopped crying and really did relax. She was very supportive and disarming. It did feel good, my thoughts betraying me. I just relaxed and …………. damn it! enjoyed the fuck while pushing my ass up into the dildo. The dildo’s width was not much larger than a regular cock so it was easy to take and I liked those deeper.

I noticed a mirror she had placed on the opposite side of the bench, slightly high angled down so I could see the back of my ass as the rubber invader smoothly had its way with me.

The drawer opened and closed, moments later another object slide in me, this one a little thicker but just as long. I took the length of it with a little squirming and some moans. The extra mass pushed me open and I had no say in it and no way to stop it.

“Now you stand here with full breasts, in a g-string, stilettos and a horny asshole. Leaning over my sacrificial alter legs splayed taking 12″ of smooth dildo. What a hot SLUT you are. And your body just makes me sooooo hard. You secretly knew when you walked in the door you were here to be FUCKED you just didn’t want to admit it to yourself.”

My moans let her know it felt good to succumb and let someone work my ass.

“I bet you think I am going to fuck you huh? Well my cock is too thick for you. That’s one of my problems, my cock is just too damn thick and long. It seems like it would be great but in reality if it doesn’t fit in a hole all I can do is jack off. That’s why I’m on the Internet. So just relax and take dildos.”


I thought very loudly to myself.

Damn she said it so gently and I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“That’s it, you can really relax now can’t you?”

This was going to be great, just keep getting fucked with dildos and me bent over with big tits for pillows. Now her big huge erection pressed into my side and seemed to start at my waist and end below my arm pits, my legs were still shaking and it was very erotic to picture myself in my mind.

Her hand around my cock was expert in producing a raging hard piece of flesh which seemed to be completely under her control not mine, I could not resist as the throbbing grew more intense pounding in her palm. Whenever I was ready to cum her firm grip made me whimper, stop coming and most importantly let me know just how much in control she was.

She pulled the dildo out and kneeled. A moment later I felt her tongue begin to flick around my rim as she firmly held me wide open. Oh My God I had no idea that could feel so incredible. At first it just felt nice, but as her tongue began to show it’s incredible skill I began to want more, squirming my ass, which I could tell, excited her tremendously. I was so scared still and my chest gasped for air. I had a very bad feeling developing but my body was screaming a different message and it came in loud and clear which really scared me (“FUCK ME!!!) I was awash in all kinds of conflicting emotions.

“That’s it let the moment overtake and devour you, don’t resist. Now you know what a virgin piece of girl meat feels like when she knows she going to be FUCKED. You’re a sweet little toy (her hands brushed over me). My private all night FUCK TOY. Do you like that thought. Does it make you want another finger fuck. Or maybe you dream of your asshole being raped and ravage until you are weak. How far do you fantasize my cum will force its way up in you? How much would fill a hot bitch like you up? I know secretly, deep down you want that. You’re a big titted SLUT so let it come out, act like it. Make me want to mount you.”

“Why is she still talking like this? I thought her cock was too big. This is looking bad!”

She leaned her whole body over me pushing my face into the pillow. With one loud powerful thrust she violently rammed the tip of her cock through my asshole and POPPED! it open with her big mushroom head.

IT HURT! And I screamed hard, struggling wildly!

Then she pulled out, I breathed heavy with desperate moans trying to escape my mouth. Then again my hips were eased back……….

She pushed me open painfully wide and she tortured me with her thick head moving in till my hole was stretched wide then letting me pop down onto her shaft engulfing her knob. I jumped as it hurt every time. She did this over and over and had me whimpering sounds I had never heard before come out of my mouth.

“Relax your asshole and hips, you can squirm and do anything else you want but relax your hole. That’s it….. let me have it……mmmmmmmmmmm. Damn you’re nice and tight.”

It was brutal as she only used the mushroomed head of her cock. I was sweating hard but each time it hurt a little less as she forced me open and I popped. I moaned and whimpered hard as she stopped and said

“Why don’t you relax a moment.”

“I love popping assholes open she said, the violent panicked reaction and the feel of stabbing at tender flesh and injuring it just excites me. Like a trapped animal slowly being devoured a little at a time. Hmmmmmm I like the thought of my cock as an animal slowly taking a little from you each time.”

“OK so I lied, I am going to brutally fuck your ass. Well wait a minute, that’s not true…”

She said as she pushed in me and my body stiffened again, whimpers and moans coming hard.

“You would squirm and crawl away if not tied down so this really is something quite different, more forceful and very erotic. Now I’m going to leave it in you awhile, just relax and try to adjust to the size. Breeeeath. That’s it.”

I weakly glanced in the mirror and saw her fully bent over me, her big cock pointing straight down into my ass. She looked so ready to…………

“Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can tell you’re thinking. Don’t look at what’s about to come just relax.”

She began rubbing my hips and belly, massaging and feeling it in a strange way, a very calculated way.

I was scared and cried as my whole body shook with fear.

“You’re tight right here.”

She said rubbing my belly very gently,

“Just relax.”

Just listen to my soft voice and relax, that’s it, your legs, now back, arms, deep breathes.

She cooed softly in my ear

“Is this the kind of FUCK! You dreamed of?”


“I know it hurts but I bet to a slut like you it also feels sooooooooo good doesn’t it? The feeling of being used for my pleasure. Finally what you always have wanted, a big thick cock in your ass. And now you are lying here on your big sensitive tits nice and relaxed. Do you feel like a WHORE? A SLUT! A piece of fucking meat? Now as you so deliciously and erotically put it on the Internet, it’s time to GO FOR THE KILL!”

She leaned into me slightly letting her big knob pulse against my opening.

I whimpered, white with fear my whole body tingling. She leaned back, holding my hips at arm distance and then pulled himself forward hard ramming her hips against my pinned body. The thud against the bench was loud, my rim muscle exploded open my inside shoved out of the way as her mass of flesh forced its way up in me. I screamed as it felt like my legs were being forced out on each side. My hips seemed to be yanked apart to accommodate her. It felt like a leg was on either side of her big cock and I was being pulled apart like a wishbone. My insides tried to come up through my throat interrupting the screaming already in progress, but both were stuff by the gag which crept into my throat ever so slightly. I couldn’t even feel my ass, it was numb with pleasure or pain all I could feel was the inside of my body being filled.

Her strong hands and outstretched arms held my quivering hips as she leaned back, arms sliding my ass slowly up onto her mass of flesh, inching deeper and deeper. As she leaned over my back I felt her begin to withdraw. I moaned and moaned as the feeling change to a suction. My legs shook uncontrollably at the sensation.

With recoiled hips she was ready for a second thrust. She snapped her hips hard as she plunged into me with more force. I felt it in my stomach as her shaft exploded past the curve in my intestines deep into my bowels. A whoosh of air left my lungs as I frantically tried to climb forward off her but her strong arms pulled me back. I cried and bucked trying to get her out of me but it didn’t work. My whole body was tingling as my hips separated hard once again.

She quickly recoiled and slammed her cock deeper into my ass knocking the air out of me again before I could breath in. She held it in me deep, the restraints on the table holding me tightly and I SCREEEEEAMED!!!!!!! OVER AND OVER INTO THE COCK GAG IN MY MOUTH, ARCHING MY BACK WILDLY.

“Never enter a bitch slow.”

She pulled almost all the way out slowly then WHAM!!!

Back in me. She was breathing really hard and her whole body looked lustful and scary as her hips recoiled and snapped forward again. WHAM!!! Her pelvis smashed into my ass, her cock digging deep. My screaming was non-stop and her thrusts began to pick up speed.


She climbed forward on my ass a little more and let loose humping me hard and fast. My body flailed as I screamed. My vision blurred as the pain and pleasure began to blur and become indistinguishable. Yet every thrust sent shocked waves through me, like a animal wounded. She pounding, I fought, she squirmed on top of my ass maneuvering for the deepest thrusts, I squirmed and struggled desperately trying to get free but it was useless. With each thrust I felt all my energy to fight, squirm and even scream drain away as she began to literally beat me senseless with her massive cock.

Her cock stretched me so far I was in an erotic pain. The seal was airtight so every time she pulled out a huge suction was created and I thought my insides where being sucked out. Every time she thrust in it was like a telephone pole was rammed in me. My head spun and vision blurred as the last of my struggling energy disappeared. I was at the mercy of her hungry cock.

The next thing I knew I was unstrapped and dropped on a padded floor. She got up and circled me, juice dripping from her glistening purple cock. But the view of massive balls straining with seed was what I saw the most.

I was weak and sore, moaning uncontrollably. She went to all fours and crawled around me before disappearing behind me and mounting me again, this time her thrust propelled me forward into the mat. Her arms grabbed my hips and pulled them back and up off the mat, my legs forced to each side spreading me open. She swung her hips forward again and the force of her insertion propelled me flat onto the mat with a sting.

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