forced tranvestite

Only a few days after Miss Jennifer agreed to let me be her housewife, she informed me that now that I was “pretending to be a girl” and was required to always be dressed completely as a girl, she expected me to service her the way one girl would service another, with my mouth and tongue. At least three times every day (always in the morning before she left for work, and again when she got home from work, and almost always just before she went to bed) and on the weekend sometimes as many as five or six times every day she made me kneel between her legs and lick her cunt until she came before laughing at me and sending me out of the room. It had been years since she let me sleep in her room with her, in the big king size bed. I’d always slept in the small twin bed in the guest bedroom.

As I left her the very first time she’d had me lick her to orgasm after she’d let me become her housewife she warned me, “I know you used to masturbate in your little bed, but that disgusting practice is now over. From now on you will only be allowed to play with yourself when I allow it, and I don’t ever want to even see you touch that useless little thing between your legs unless I give you specific permission. If I ever find you masturbating without my permission, or find out that you’ve been masturbating, I will punish you in ways beyond your imagination. I know you’re a little slut, and that you love to touch yourself until you squirt your disgusting cum out of that little tiny pee-pee of yours – but don’t even think about doing it without my permission.”

With that she reached down and grabbed my hard little pee-pee in her right hand and said, “You will never ever cum again in your entire life without my permission.” Then still holding my little pee-pee in her right hand she leaned down and with her left hand slapped my tiny little balls harder than I thought was possible, sending an electric shock of pain up through my balls, pee-pee and groin, filling my entire body with agony. My eyes flooded with tears that rolled down my heavily made up cheeks and I burst out, crying like a little baby, but she slapped my balls again and again until I thought the pain would never stop, sobbing and crying, begging her to stop spanking me.

Finally to my relief she stopped, and just stood there squeezing my little balls in her left hand, while slowly slapping her right hand back and forth, spanking the incredibly hard but tiny little shaft of my pee-pee, while she glared at me, her eyes narrowed. “And if you ever fail to be my properly subservient little wife every moment of every day, if you ever let me see you not dressed properly as a slutty little housewife, and keep your makeup absolutely perfect for me, you will be severely punished.

“Do you understand me, little slut?” I could think of nothing but the relief of the pain that she’d been inflicting on me. “Yes, Miss Jennifer. Yes, yes, yes…I understand. I promise, I’ll never ever play with myself unless you tell me I can. I promise I’ll be a good little wife; I’ll always do everything and anything you tell me to. Please, I promise, please don’t hurt me any more…I promise I’ll be a good girl, a good little wife for you.”

But she just turned away and told me, “Get out of here, you little sissy faggot, you are such a waste, so completely useless as a man, you disgust me.”

The next evening I got home before her and did all the cleaning up around the house as I was required to do. Knowing what she’d commanded, I’d changed out of my boy’s clothes as soon as I got home from work and dressed as a proper little wife should; lacy brassiere, frilly lace panties, a tight satin corset, suntan nylons attached to the garters of my corset with a short white skirt, pink lace blouse and long, wavy golden blonde wig. It was wonderful to be able to put on full and very feminine makeup, facial powder, crème rouge, sparkling pink powder blush, pink and lavender eye shadow, mascara, one of my many gorgeous hot pink lipsticks with at least two lovely lip glosses and one of my many pairs of sexy, feminine earrings. My wife had told me she was waiting for my hair to grow past shoulder length and that then she’d decide whether to have me quit my job and get my ears pierced so that she could keep me dressed as a girl all the time for the rest of my life, but she hadn’t decided yet.

She knew that I was hoping that would be what she’d do, because she knew that I truly loved being her obedient little housewife, and she told me that if I was a very good little girl, a sweet and obedient little wife that maybe she really would do that – so I did everything that she told me instantly, which of course she loved.

She’d told me that morning that she’d invited some friends to come over on Saturday and I knew that naturally as her little housewife I would do all of the work. When she got home I had a glass of champagne in my hand as I greeted her at the door dressed, of course, as a sweet little housewife in nylons, high heels and a skirt and blouse with my hair done up very prettily and my makeup perfect. She plopped down on the couch and started sipping the champagne when a mischievous smile came across her face. She ordered me to come over and stand in front of her, then said, “Let me see your panties, sweetie.”

I blushed with embarrassment, but lifted up my skirt to show off the white satin and lace panties that I’d gotten at Frederick’s of Hollywood a few months ago, and that she knew were one of my favorite pairs of panties, because she’d had me lay out all my lingerie and insisted that I tell her which ones were my favorite.

“Now why am I not surprised that you’re wearing your sexy little Frederick’s panties, you naughty little slut,” she laughed. “And I see that your little thing is nice and hard in those pretty panties.”

It was incredibly humiliating to have to show her my panties all the time, and to have her tease me about how excited my little pee-pee got when she made me show it to her in my pretty panties, but she loved embarrassing me, humiliating me, and I loved it when she did.

Two weeks later she informed me that she’d decided that since she never wanted to see me dressed in any “ugly boy’s clothes” ever again, and that I would always be required to wear girl’s clothes for her, she wanted me to put all my boy’s things except the few that I’d need to go to work in bags to donate to charity.

She then told me that she’d read an article on the internet about how a woman could change her husband into an obedient little housewife and had decided she’d like to try it even before the day when I’d first begged her to let me be her housewife. She said that I’d always been a complete waste as a husband, with my tiny little pee-pee; such a wimpy little pussy and that she’d never really thought of me as a real man, just a little sissy faggot, so when she’d seen the article on the internet, she’d decided to turn me into her wife.

I would never forget that first night when I’d dressed as a girl for her, hoping that she’d decide I was pretty and feminine enough to become her obedient little housewife. The next morning she’d told me that from then on I would also be expected to keep my legs, crotch, chest, underarms and bottom completely smooth shaven, and that I would always be required to wear a brassiere, panties and either pantyhose or a corset or garter belt and nylons to work under my boy’s clothes when I went to work, just to be sure that I never forgot that I was really her wife. She then reminded me that I would always be required to wear a rubber to make sure I never soiled any of the pretty feminine panties I would be wearing with my pre-cum.

All of this flitted through my mind as I stood there in front of her, holding the hem of my skirt up so that she could see my panties. She then surprised me by taking out a very high quality digital camera and taking several pictures of me, first just standing there holding my skirt up to show off my hard little pee-pee in the lacy panties, then more pictures of me walking both towards her and away from her and then set down the camera on the table beside her chair and told me to just stand there while she looked at me, sipping her drink.

She giggled and said, “Now tell me how much you love being my pretty little housewife, and be specific about it. I want to hear how you love dressing as a girl, wearing makeup, doing chores and everything.”

“I love being your pretty little wife,” I said submissively, my eyes cast down, looking at my feet in the sexy spiked platformed high heels that I was wearing, “I love to dress up pretty and soft and sexy for you, Miss Jennifer,” I continued. “I love wearing makeup and shaving my legs and being a good little housewife for you.” I paused, unsure how to go on. “More,” she commanded, “and I want you to look at me while you tell me how much you love it.”

I of course looked up at her, meeting her eyes, but blushing deeply at the humiliation of the incredibly condescending, amused and disgusted expression on her face. “I love it that you let me dress up as a girl, Miss Jennifer. I love wearing a lovely sexy lace brassiere and beautiful sexy matching panties, and filling my bra with my wonderful falsies so that I look like I have big full breasts like a real girl. I love wearing eye shadow and mascara, and lipstick and lip gloss, and I love putting crème rouge and pink powder blush on my cheeks. And I love that you let me wear big hooped earrings and my beautiful long blonde wig. And of course I love shaving my legs and wearing nylons and high spiked heels for you. I can’t wait until my hair gets long enough so that you’ll let me go to a beauty salon and have my hair done, and have my ears pierced so I can wear pierced ear earrings like a real girl.

“Thank you so much for letting me be your sweet little housewife, Miss Jennifer.”

Then she grinned and reached under her skirt to pull her panties off and spread her legs, revealing the soft light blonde curls of her lovely cunt hair. “Now get down on your knees and lick my cunt, sweetie,” she demanded as she pulled my face forward and pushed my lips to the opening of her twat. I started licking and sucking at the slit of her pussy, at her wonderful clitoris, sliding my tongue up and down her clit and plunging it as deep into her cunt as I could. She arched her back and slid her hips forward as I tried to get my tongue deeper and deeper into her twat. I slowly worked my way up to her clit and using a firm flicking motion on it with my tongue along with slurping and sucking gently, doing whatever she commanded. She moaned and started playing with her nipples. The pressure within her loins built as she continued to moan and started telling me how she was going to cum. When she came she grabbed behind my head with both hands, pulling my face deep into her soaking wet twat, and grinding her cunt into my face, covering my face with her pussy juice.

When she caught her breath she said, “You are such a good and obedient little wife that maybe I’ll take you shopping this weekend and get you some more slutty little things at Frederick’s.” She laughed, “In fact, I am going to reward you with something special tonight,” she added.

We spent the rest of the night with her relaxing on the couch, while I knelt at her feet, leaning against the couch. She would occasionally have me stand up in front of her while she took my little pee-pee out of my panties and played with it for a little bit, making my little tiny thing as hard as a rock, but then she’d make me tuck it back into my panties, leaving my balls aching. When the movie was over, she said it was time for my special treat.

She told me to walk in front of her up the stairs and into her bedroom, then told me to stand in front of her as she set the camera down on the end table beside her bed. “Tell me how you love being pretty and feminine for me,” she demanded.

I was as hard as a rock. Pre-cum would have been making a wet spot on my panties if I didn’t have on a rubber like she always made me wear to keep my panties clean, and she could tell that I absolutely loved being dressed up like this for her. “I love being soft and pretty and feminine for you, Miss Jennifer,” I submitted, “I want to be your good little housewife, I want to be your soft, feminine little wife, ” I murmured. I felt so horny as I stood there in front of her, all dressed up in lingerie, stockings, spiked high heels and my makeup, telling her how much I loved being subservient.

She giggled and said, “Would you do anything I wanted you to if I’d let you cum, sweetie?” “Oh, yes, Miss Jennifer, I’ll do anything you say. Could I please? Please, please, Miss Jennifer, I want to cum so much…”

She knew that I would do anything to get her permission to cum.

“Would you suck a man’s cock if I told you to, little girl? If I told you I wanted to watch my sweet little housewife suck a real man’s dick and make him cum in your mouth, would you do that for me, sweetie?”

I was stunned. I’d never thought about doing something like that, and she’d never mentioned anything like it…but as she knew I would, I had reached the point where I’d do anything she told me, and at that moment, I’d agree to anything if she’d let me spurt my cum out of my little pee-pee.

“Yes, Miss Jennifer, of course you know I’m a good little wife, and I’d do anything that you tell me to. I’d love to suck a real man’s cock while you watched me, Miss Jennifer, to make him shoot his cum in my mouth and let me eat it.”

She giggled again. “So you’d like to have a mouthful of cum, little slut, and swallow it down with those pretty lipstick covered lips. To feel a load of cum slide down your throat and fill your little tummy?”

“Yes, Miss Jennifer, please could I? Please could I? I’d love to have a man cum in my mouth?”

She stood up and reaching into a drawer she took out a lighted makeup mirror and set it beside the camera on the table, then put my mascara, lipstick and lip gloss on the table next to the mirror. “You wait right here, Tiffany,” she said, “and while I’m gone I want you to get down on those pretty nylon covered knees of yours and put on more mascara, lipstick and lip gloss for me. I know you love putting on your pretty girly makeup, don’t you?” And she looked inquiringly at me.

“Oh, yes, Miss Jennifer. I love putting on my mascara, lipstick and lip gloss most of all my makeup. Thank you for letting me put on more makeup for you, Miss Jennifer.” And she broke out laughing as she turned away and left the room. She was gone for nearly five minutes, giving me time to add two more coats of mascara to my already thickly covered lashes, and then put on both more lipstick and another coat of beautiful pink glittery lip gloss. When she came back she had me stand up in front of her, then she took out a pair of lovely black lace panties and put them over my head, pulling them down so that the panties covered my eyes. Then loving the humiliation of being forced to wear panties over my face, I was delighted to feel her touch as she reached down and started stroking my little pee-pee again. Then she reached inside of my panties and took out my hard little cock, took the rubber off of it, and then began stroke my tiny but rock hard pee-pee.

“Is my pretty little wife ready for her treat? Is she ready to cum?” she asked. “Yes, Yes…Miss Jennifer! Please let me cum…please, please, Miss Jennifer!” I begged. She was slow and deliberate in the way she was stroking me. I had to struggle to keep my balance teetering there in my radically high platformed spiked heels with her hand fondling my little pee-pee as I neared orgasm.

“Now hold out your hands in front of you, sweetie, under the tip of that ridiculous little pee-pee of yours,” and I immediately obeyed. Then she quickened her strokes on my tiny cock and I erupted an explosion of tremendous gobs of cum into my hands, feeling the splattering of the sticky wet sperm covering my fingers and palms, my hips involuntarily pumping as wave after wave of pleasure went through me until finally the stream of hot, sticky, wet cum filling my hands stopped.

“Now, little girl,” Miss Jennifer said sharply. “Now you get that little treat that I promised you,” she said as she reached up and pulled the sexy black panties off of my face. “Open your mouth wide for me, little slut.”

Suddenly I realized what she was going to do, but almost at the same second she grinned at me and reached down to put her hands under mine, lifting them to my lipstick covered lips. “Now, sweetie, you said you’d like to have a mouthful of cum, didn’t you?” She giggled. “So open up those pretty pink lips of yours nice and wide and take all of that yummy cum into your mouth.” Having her make me eat my own cum was the most humiliating thing she’d done to me yet, but I knew I had no choice. She giggled and shook her head as I lifted my girlish hands up and poured the double handful of wet, sticky sperm into my hungry, waiting mouth, licking and slurping it up like it was the most delicious thing in the world, although I felt some drops of it falling on my lips and cheeks. “Swallow it all up like a good little girl,” she commanded. “You said you wanted a mouthful of cum to swallow, so make sure you get it all. And then use your little fingers and that cute little tongue to scoop up those drops of your yummy cum off your face and lips and swallow all of that too.”

I had no choice and quickly swallowed all of my mouthful of sticky cum, then used my fingers to push the rest of it to my lips and slurped it all up, then swallowing every bit of it. She nodded approvingly and looked at me, still giggling. “I know you loved that, sweetie,” she went on. “You’re going to learn to love eating your cum, just like you love to wear panties and dress up as a pretty little girl for me,” she said with a grin. “Because from now on, every time I let you cum, you’re going to have to beg me to let you eat it, just like a good little slut.” And she laughed at me again. “Now get out of here and go to your room. You may come back to see me again in the morning. You disgust me, you little sissy faggot, and I’m tired of looking at you.”

The same night when she’d announced that I was to be her little housewife, and would be required to dress myself properly for her every moment of every day that I wasn’t out of the house, she’d also announced that I better make sure that I got up early enough every day to dress myself properly, put on my lingerie, wig, makeup and high heels, before she woke up. She also told me to be sure to buy lots of rubbers and to always make sure that I was wearing one of them at all times because she didn’t want me to soil my pretty panties with the pre-cum that always leaked out of my pee-pee when I got excited.

The morning after that first time she’d made me eat my cum for her I woke up with a hard on, thinking about how she’d forced me to do it while she just laughed at me, but I knew better than to even think about touching my little pee-pee without her permission. I quickly got up and got dressed, this time in all white lingerie with suntan nylons and white platformed spike heels, then put on my wig and light makeup, since I’d have to take off all my makeup before leaving for work in a couple hours. Then since I wasn’t supposed to walk around the house in just bra and panties, but didn’t want to take the time to put on a dress or skirt and blouse because I only had a couple of hours before I had to change and go to work, I slipped on a sweet little one piece baby doll nightie, in matching white of course. Then I went to my wife’s door and very softly opened it and peeked in, seeing her sitting up in bed reading.

“Ah, there’s my sweet little wife,” she chuckled. “Come in here and stand next over here next to me.”

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