forced sex

Kelly never said anything about what happened that night Dan spanked her and forcefully used all three of her holes, but it changed her attitude and their sex life forever. Her depression seemingly disappeared overnight and she behaved like a giddy newlywed again. She never openly asked Dan to spank her and use her in that manner again, but several times a week she would intentionally make some minor mistake and then suggest that maybe she should be punished. She broke dishes, forgot to wash clothes, burned part of dinner, and even suggestively refused sex. Dan knew what she really wanted and was more than happy to give it to her.

Her mood had improved so much that when Dan again offered to send her to her sister’s for a visit she happily accepted. As soon as she was on the plane, Dan began creating in his workshop. He had been visiting websites that sold BDSM gear, but found most of it too expensive and not quite meeting his vision, but they gave him some ideas. He ordered a few things from one site, a ball gag and a fiberglass cane, but he decided everything else he could build himself.

He built a platform with solid wood sides, and a top that was just long enough for someone to lay their torso and waist on. At one end of the platform he built and mounted stocks to restrain head and hands. He brought all the pieces to their basement for assembly then covered it in foam, for comfort and then faux leather for easy cleaning. He screwed two sets of belts on each side of the platform to restrain the legs at the knee and the ankle. He added a short piece of wood that jutted out just under the head hole in the stocks to force the head up, and a strap at the top of the head hole to hold the head in place.

He worked on his contraption every night for a week while Kelly was gone so that he could finish it before she came home. Unfortunately he had spent so much time up late that his work suffered and his boss noticed. He got called into Mr. Kendrick’s office the day his wife was to arrive home.

“Dan, for the past two weeks your work has been late and below your usual standards,” Mr. Kendrick said, after the usual pleasantries.

“I know sir, I’ve been working on a project at home that I just completed. It won’t happen again, I promise,” Dan explained.

“Let’s hope not, because you are one of three candidates from this office that are being considered for an experimental work-from-home program and they want people who are self-motivated as well as good at their jobs. The job pays about half as much more as you currently earn, and you’d have much more freedom to work as you want,” Mr. Kendrick told him.

“I assure you, Mr. Kendrick, that the last few weeks have been out of the ordinary, and that my work will be up to its usual standards,” he said. Dan was a little worried, he had a pretty good guess who the other two candidates were: Jim Jennings, a typical software engineer with the typical software engineer people skills and social life, and Janet Kensington, an unattractive shrew who had never been asked out on a date. The one thing the other two had in common was that work was their life. Neither had any family or friends and dedicated all their time to work. Most of the time Dan felt sorry for them, but now their antisocial lifestyles gave them an advantage for the job.

Dan and Mr. Kendrick talked for a few minutes more about the details of the new job and then Dan went back to his desk. He noticed that Jim and Janet were both called into Mr. Kendrick’s office at different times during the day, probably getting much the same information about the job that he had got. Just before leaving work he went into Mr. Kendrick’s office to assure him that his work would improve and he was very motivated to get the job.

He went straight to the airport after work to pickup Kelly. She jumped into his arms as he met her in the baggage claim and rained kisses all over his face. Dan was certainly happy to see her and was excited about the night he had planned for her. He had to concentrate to keep his growing erection under control.

When they were in the car Kelly reached over and began to stroke his cock under his pants. “I was a bad girl this weekend, Dan,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Dan looked over at his wife and grinned. “What did you do?”

“I teased some young men on the beach,” she said. “I made them so horny and then left them with their hard cocks straining in their shorts. I think I need a spanking.”

Dan chuckled and looked at her. “Well if you need a spanking, I am more than happy to oblige.”

Kelly squirmed in her seat and continued to stroke his cock all the way home. When they got home, they quickly unloaded the car and raced inside. Dan was eager to show her the toy he had built in the basement.

Kelly was on her way upstairs when Dan grabbed her hand. “I have something to show you first,” he said.

“Don’t you want to go to the bedroom,” she said with mock disappointment.

“Later, there’s something even better in the basement.”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Don’t tell me you bought yourself some new toy.” Dan had always talked about turning the basement into a man-cave, and putting a TV and pool table down there.

“You’ll see,” he said as he led her down the steps.

He flipped the light on in dramatic fashion as they entered the basement. Kelly gasped when she saw the bench. She immediately knew what it was for even without the cane leaning against it. “I see you got a toy for both of us,” she said with a giggle.

“Actually I made it,” he said, giving her a playful spank on the ass. “Now get undressed so I can give you the spanking you deserve.”

“Ok, Dan, just don’t hurt me for real,” she said, for the first time sounding a bit reluctant. “I mean, that cane looks like it can really hurt.”

“Don’t worry,” he told her. “I’ll take it easy the first time.”

Kelly seductively stripped off her clothes and playfully tossed them to him one by one. When she was fully nude he got into dominant mode and roughly led her to the bench. “Lay down, slut,” he commanded. Kelly obeyed and lay face down on the bench with her head and hands in place. Dan closed the stocks and bolted them, then secured her legs in place with the belts.

“Can you move at all?” he asked, as he admired his handiwork.

“No,” she responded in a voice slightly tinged with fear.

“Good,” he said. Then he got the ball gag out and began securing it to her head. “This is so the neighbors won’t hear you scream,” he told her. Her eyes went wide at his remark, but she saw the smile when he said it. Finally he strapped her head in place so that she was completely immobilized.

He stepped back to look at her and pulled his cock out and began stroking it. God, she was beautiful, and looked so vulnerable laying there. The way she was secured pushed her butt out, granting easy access to both holes, as well as a nice target for a hand or the cane. He was getting close to cumming just standing there tugging on his meat when the doorbell rang. He cursed silently and looked at his watch. “Right on time,” he thought.

“Kelly, hon, I’m going to get the door then I’ll be right back,” he said quickly as he zipped up his pants.

Kelly tried to protest but she couldn’t speak or even move her head his direction. She heard him run up the stairs as he left to answer the door. “He’ll be quick,” she told herself as she waited.

Dan took a deep breath before he opened the door. He was a little nervous about Kelly waiting downstairs, so he opened the door before the visitor could ring the bell again.

“Good evening, Mr. Kendrick,” Dan said to his boss at the door, “please come in.”

“Thank you, Henderson,” Mr. Kendrick responded as he entered. Dan offered to hang his jacket up and asked him if he’d like a drink.

“Scotch, please,” Mr. Kendrick said as he looked around the Henderson’s home.

“You have a lovely home, Henderson,” Mr. Kendrick said. “Where’s that beautiful wife of yours?”

“She’s busy in the basement,” Dan answered quickly.

Mr. Kendrick hardly paid attention to Dan’s answer but nodded his head as if it made perfect sense. “I assume you invited me over to talk about the new position,” Mr. Kendrick said, getting right to the point. At the moment, all Mr. Kendrick wanted to do was drink the scotch and hear Dan’s pitch so he could get out of there and back home to his wife. She had been rather upset when he told her he was going out to talk with one of his employees.

“Yes sir,” Dan said as he handed over the scotch. “I know that Jim and Janet may seem like they are better suited for the position because they’ll be able to devote more time to the work because they have no families to distract them. I just wanted to assure you that I will be able to devote just as much of my time and effort that they will, and that just because I have a wife and a social life doesn’t mean my time will be split between the two.”

“You know I can’t discriminate based on marital status,” Mr. Kendrick said with a smile that said he had already done just that.

“I know that’s what the law says, sir, but I also know the reality of business. But I don’t see my marriage as something that will take away from my work, in fact I see it as something that proves I can work hard and focus on any task I’m given. Maintaining a marriage takes hard work, wouldn’t you agree.”

Mr. Kendrick rolled his eyes at Dan’s speech, “Yes, I suppose it does Henderson, and I’ll take that into consideration. Now if there is nothing else…”

“Sorry, sir, but there is one more thing,” Dan said with a smile. “If you’ll indulge me for a moment I would like to demonstrate another benefit my marriage has to offer. If you’ll follow me to the basement.”

Mr. Kendrick sighed heavily and downed the rest of his scotch. “All right, Henderson, but you better not be wasting my time.”

Dan led the way to the basement. The door had closed behind him when he ran up to let Mr. Kendrick in. He paused for a moment with his hand on the handle and briefly considered telling Mr. Kendrick that it was all a joke, that there was nothing to see in the basement, but he realized his cock had stiffened in anticipation as they walked down the stairs and dismissed the thought.

He opened the door and both men were blessed with the sight of Kelly, restrained in all her naked glory on the bench. Dan felt a little guilty at tricking his wife, but the thought of having so much control over her that he could have another man use her excited him greatly.

“My my my, Henderson, what do we have here?” Mr. Kendrick said, his mood suddenly changing as he admired Kelly’s naked body.

“My wife and I like to play a little, sir,” said Dan, “and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for you to play with us.” Dan was glad Mr. Kendrick was having a positive reaction. He had been a little afraid the man would bolt from the room in horror, but he felt confident most men thought with their dicks. “She’s being punished tonight because she was late coming home,” he lied.

“I thought you said she flew home from California this evening,” Mr. Kendrick said, confused.

“She did, but the plane was late,” Dan said. “I know you think it’s not her fault but it was a terrible inconvenience for me, so she’s being punished,” Dan explained.

“She doesn’t mind that I’m here?” Mr. Kendrick asked. “She seems very agitated.”

Indeed, Kelly was trying with all her might to get free of her bonds. She didn’t know what kind of game Dan was playing but she wanted no part of it, but all she could was move her hands and feet slightly. The bonds were too strong and she could barely make a sound because of the ball gag.

“That’s all part of the play, Mr. Kendrick. It isn’t much fun if she seems like she’s completely enjoying it all the time,” Dan told him.

Mr. Kendrick rubbed his hands together excitedly and walked over to Kelly. He ran a hand down her back and caressed her ass before feeling her cunt between her legs. She was still wet from her earlier excitement and he easily slipped a couple fingers inside her hole. Her eyes bugged out at the unwanted intrusion and tried futilely to squirm away. Luckily Mr. Kendrick wasn’t too interested in her face, his concentration was focused solely on her pussy and ass.

He saw the cane leaning against the bench and picked it up and swished it through the air a few times listening to the sound it made. “You use this on her?” he asked.

“Yes, but sparingly,” Dan said quickly. “She prefers the more intimate touch of a hand spanking her bottom.”

Mr. Kendrick set the cane down and began removing his tie. “Well, Henderson, I’ll play this little game with your wife, but I must insist on playing with her alone. I don’t perform well with an audience.”

Dan was about to object, and under any other circumstances he would have, but at this point if Mr. Kendrick didn’t get what he wanted he could not only deny Dan the promotion, but fire him as well. He had really wanted to watch and guide Mr. Kendrick for his own enjoyment and to make sure Kelly didn’t really get hurt, but he saw no way out of this predicament.

“Ok, sir, I’ll be upstairs in the living room if you need anything, but please don’t remove any of the restraints or you’ll ruin the fun,” Dan said as he reluctantly turned to head back up the stairs.

“Close the door on your way out, Henderson,” his boss said absently as he began to unbutton his shirt. Dan closed the door behind him, not even turning around to acknowledge his boss. This had not turned out the way he had hoped and he dejectedly walked up the stairs with his cock still hard and throbbing in his pants. He walked slowly, hoping to hear some sort of sound coming from the basement to indicate what his boss was doing to his wife, but by the time he reached the top he had heard nothing.

Kelly tried desperately to think of some way to communicate with Mr. Kendrick, to let him know that Dan had lied about her consenting to this. She could hear him behind her removing his clothes and whistling to himself. He hadn’t even once walked to her front to look at her face so she couldn’t even try to convey her feelings with her eyes. She was helpless, and when that realization struck her she got a tingle in her stomach that spread down to her groin. “Oh my God,” she thought, “this can’t be happening to me!”

She fought against the growing excitement in her pussy. She didn’t want Mr. Kendrick to fuck her, rape her actually although he didn’t know it, but the thought of being helplessly spread in front of him turned her on. She tried to think of something else, but she couldn’t, and when she heard him pull down his zipper as he continued to absently whistle some ridiculous tune she nearly exploded in orgasm. She heard his pants hit the floor next, and then he pulled his underwear down. There was more rustling that she guessed must be the sound of him folding his clothes, all the while he whistled that tune.

Her pussy was throbbing painfully and she couldn’t help it. She wanted scream in frustration, but the ball gag prevented her from making any sounds other than a pitiful groan. “God, what is wrong with me?” she thought. “How can this be turning me on?” But it did turn her on immensely, even though if she had been released from her bonds at that moment she would have run from the room screaming.

Now that he was naked, Mr. Kendrick pulled on his dick as he looked at the beautiful naked woman before him. Although not a fit man, he was fairly trim due to his diet and at his age he had nothing to be ashamed of. He and his wife still had a very active sex life, but his wife didn’t look anything like the woman in front of him. He was tempted to just come up behind her and fuck her right away, but he knew he had been invited to do more than that and didn’t want to be rude. He wanted to make sure he did it right, so that maybe Dan and Kelly would invite him back for a repeat performance.

He realized as he stepped over to her that he was whistling the song from his favorite musical, “Singin’ in the Rain”, an absent habit he did whenever he was extremely happy or excited. Right now he was both along with extremely horny. His cock was as hard and engorged as it had ever been in his entire life. He ran one shaky hand along the smooth flesh of her ass down to her pussy. It was so wet that some of the moisture was running down her thighs. He shoved two fingers into her hole roughly and they went in easily. He wet his thumb with her fluids and then pressed it against her anus. It popped in with a little pressure and was sucked in by her greedy backdoor as her whole body racked with orgasm.

Mr. Kendrick could hardly believe that a woman could so easily come from having her ass violated by a finger. “What a fucking slut,” he murmured out loud. Kelly barely heard him as she came down from her orgasm, but his words nearly caused it to begin again. A short time ago those words would have sent her crying from a room, but now with her excitement at its peak they thrilled her because deep down she knew it was true. All of her anger was gone now, replaced by uncontrollable lust. All of the nerves in her body were supersensitive and exploded at the merest touch from his hand.

Mr. Kendrick pulled his thumb out of her ass with a plop and his fingers out of her cunt covered in her juices. He gave her ass another rub before swiftly bringing his open hand down across her butt cheeks with a hard smack. Her body erupted in orgasm again at the assault. Mr. Kendrick didn’t spank the same way as Dan, he brought his hand down again and again in rapid succession. Kelly’s orgasm continued unabated during the beating. Her pussy clenched and unclenched so much it started to become painful, but not as painful as her inflamed ass cheeks. Liquid from her spasming cunt poured freely out and wet her inner thighs so much it looked as if she had pissed herself.

Upstairs, Dan faintly heard the telltale sounds of spanking coming from the basement. He sat on the couch with his cock in hand, slowly stroking himself as he imagined what his boss was doing to his wife. He no longer regretted leaving his wife with Mr. Kendrick, the only regret he had was that he couldn’t see what was going on. Next time he would have to come up with a way to make sure he could see what was happening even if he wasn’t in the room. At that moment he realized that he wanted there to be a next time, and not only with Mr. Kendrick. He just hoped Kelly was reacting the way he thought she eventually would to the situation.

Mr. Kendrick’s hand was starting to get sore from the intense spanking so he stopped to admire his handiwork. He stroked his cock with his other hand as he stared at her reddened bottom. “I have to have that ass!” he thought. He aimed his cock at her sopping wet pussy and pushed it in to the hilt, but pulled it right back out, now covered in her juices. He lined it up with her tight anal passage and pushed hard. The head of his cock popped in and Kelly grunted in the gag from the sudden pressure.

He pushed more of his hard member in, her sphincter slowly opened up to accept it. He grabbed her hips and thrust forward sinking the last bit of his cock up her ass. He gasped loudly and rested for a moment to catch his breath and try to stave off his approaching orgasm. He had felt it coming close as soon as the head had penetrated her back passage. At his age he was only good for one a night and he wanted this experience to last as long as it could.

Kelly could feel his belly resting against her bottom and his balls pressing against her vagina. She absently noted that his cock wasn’t as big as Dan’s but if felt very good stuffed up her butt anyway. He started sawing it in and out of her anus and she continued to grunt into the ball gag in her mouth. Every once in a while one of his hands would squeeze one of her ass cheeks and she would groan louder in pain as he handled her abused flesh. All too soon, another orgasm rocked her as the cock pistoned in and out of her butthole. Her anus clenched tightly around the invading member as he worked it, but suddenly the stiff prick withdrew.

It was yet another late Friday night at the office. Kayla sighed, glancing at her watch as she carried the heavy bag that was their dinner down the hall quietly. What made it worse was that it was Valentine’s Day today, and while the rest of the office was out romancing their way into the weekend, she and Val (short for Valentino, but everyone called him Val) had spent the past six hours stuck in the conference room working non-stop. This had been happening for two straight weeks already, including Saturdays. Bad enough that she was single, what made it worse was that she had to spend the entire “romantic weekend” working!

The Diamond Room had become their second home as they prepared for the big presentation that was due in a week. Most of the time, Val and she worked perfectly together, they were so good that the rest of the office christened them as The Fantastic Duo. Sadly, at the moment however, things between them were far from fantastic due to the tight timeline and high management expectations that came with such a large-scaled project that would potentially be worth millions of dollars if they clinched it. They had been getting on each other’s nerves more often than usual and they both knew it was nothing personal, but Kayla did not like how this battle of wills and opinions was starting to create a hostile working relationship between them.

She stopped just outside the door and took a deep breath, bracing herself. Earlier she had stormed out of the conference room when he told her that her last idea was ridiculous and unrealistic. She in turn responded angrily that he was being narrow minded and mind-numbingly dull before asking if he wanted the usual for dinner and that she was going to get some right then whether or not he liked it.

He frowned and mumbled something under his breath. She took it as a yes and slammed the door loudly as she left. After driving for a few minutes to the restaurant, she cooled down and realized that she had probably overreacted. She decided to get a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from the nearby liquor store before heading back as a way of apology, knowing that it was his favorite wine.

She knocked on the door before opening it tentatively. His entire 6″ frame was lounging comfortably on one of the many conference chairs with his legs propped up and crossed together on the table, flipping through one of the documents feverishly looking for some piece of seemingly vital information. He was the ultimate catch to many girls, but yet he had chosen to remain single, primarily focusing on his career and financial investments. His dark hair was a tangled mess, his navy blue shirt was tucked out of his pants and his yellow tie had been tossed aside on the table along with the paperwork. Even in a state of disarray, Kayla still found him to be very attractive. Not that she would ever entertain the thought of actually falling for him since they were co-workers and team mates. Aside from the infrequent playful and mild flirtation during office parties, the professional in her simply would not allow anything further beyond that and she had suppressed her allure towards him by burying herself in her own work.

She thought it was ironic how that turned out. The more she delved into her career, the more time they ended up spending together working on increasingly bigger projects over the past three years, their work relationship inevitably blossomed into a rather dear friendship no matter how much they argued over work.

“Sauvignon Blanc?” he asked, one eyebrow cocked up inquisitively, staring at the paper bag that contained the bottle she was holding.

She blinked, slightly startled from her thoughts being interrupted. “Yes,” she started. “Just a small peace offering for earlier,” she smiled and shrugged sheepishly, placing the bag at the other end of the table, away from all the paperwork and laptops, taking out the contents carefully. “I’m sorry for calling you narrow minded and all that earlier.”

“That’s alright,” he replied, with a wave of his hand. “It’s already water under the bridge.” He leapt to his feet and in one stride went towards the small cart in the corner that held some bottled water, and a plastic storage box of disposable cutlery, and paper cups and plates. He took two cups and joined her at the table. “Hold on” he stopped her. She put down the box that she was holding and looked up at him, her honey brown eyes questioning his blue ones.

“Let’s drink some of the wine first.” He took the bottle eagerly from the bag and opened it expertly. Pouring the contents into both cups to the brim.

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?” she asked, knowing they were both on empty stomachs since they skipped lunch earlier. She shrugged off her jacket and placed it neatly on a chair.

“What the heck, it’s Friday isn’t it?” He smiled happily, she could see the joy in his eyes as he held both cups up, extending one arm towards her. “C’mon, take it. You deserve it after all that hard work.” He encouraged.

She was glad that the mere sight of the bottle of wine was putting him in a better mood now.

“You do know that today is also Valentine’s Day too, right?” She chided jokingly, taking the cup from him.

He blinked in bewilderment and looked at his watch with the tiny digital read out of the date. “You’re right!” He exclaimed. “Well, I’ll be damned, I do think it’s the first time we’re working together on Valentine’s. And good thing we’re both single at the moment, I guess. Otherwise, we’d be pissing off our significant others big time!”

Kayla replied with a wry smile and laughed.

“Screw love, right?” he joked. “Who needs that anyway? Although in any case of whatever I feel towards this overly commercial occasion, I must wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. May you, umm…find true love soon.” He raised his cup for a toast.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Val.” she laughed at the sound of the words. “I can’t believe I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day with a guy named Valentino.”

“Hey, remember it’s Val, okay.” He reminded her again. Truth be told, he did not like that his mother had chosen such a name for him.

“Fine, fine.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head, but the smile was still stuck on her. “let’s get on with the toast, Val!” She raised her cup too and they rejoiced with a cheer, quickly downing the wine in one go. She felt the warmth spreading over her and sighed a little at the happiness that came with it.

“Aahhhh…” he said, very satisfied and quickly refilled both their cups.

This went on continuously until there was only a quarter bottle of wine left. Feeling a little panicked, she started to protest at the refill once again, but then stopped when he made clucking chicken noises at her.

Amused, she replied with a devious smile, “Okay mister, let’s see how much of a drinker you really are.”

With that said, she knocked back her cup of wine, feeling a slight light headedness from all that alcohol as she tipped her head back.

“Oh, I love it when you challenge me like that.” He teased, his voice low and seductive before drinking his share of the sweet alcoholic beverage. Normally, she would squirm uncomfortably at such a remark, but she was contentedly intoxicated and too tired from all the work stress to care at that moment and decided to play along.

“Hmmm…”she purred. “Are you sure you’re up to it, hot stuff?” She looked deep into his eyes with a mix of desire and defiance. She could see the surprise in him for the first time. It was the surprise of a primal sexual awareness being turned on by her. She propped herself on the conference table, hiking her slightly above knee length skirt up a little more to reveal half of her thighs. He watched her kicked her stiletto heels off and rested her feet on the chair, coyly crossing her legs.

Val gulped a little nervously at the sight of her bare and nicely shaped legs. He had always found her to be the pretty and innocently sweet type, largely due to her Asian features on her mother’s side. She was the good girl that boyfriends would love to show off to their mums, but he had never once seen her as being the brazen wanton nymphomaniac who could seduce a man easily.

Until this instant. Seeing how this playfulness was taking a potentially serious turn, he cleared his throat and tried to steer it back to safer ground even though he could feel his other parts stubbornly disagreeing with his brain. Keep it cool, he told himself. He was no stranger to taking up offers of sexual advances made by fairer sex but Kayla was a good friend and he did not wish to see their friendship go sour later on because of one night of intoxicated passion.

“Maybe we should start on dinner.” He said, putting the cup away. “We shouldn’t get too drunk if we want to drive home later.” He chuckled, trying to hide his apprehension. He sat down and opened the boxes up. “Maybe you want to sit down on the chair.” He suggested. “Kind of hard to eat sitting on the table like that.” he noted.

“Sure.” She agreed, deliberately using this opportunity to uncross her legs and spread it slightly for a few seconds, knowing he could see inside her skirt, given the eye level, it was unavoidable for him to miss it. Plus, she had worn bright chilli red bikini panties that could have stopped traffic from miles away. Several moments passed and she was surprised that he was still acting nonchalant towards her little display. At the spur of the moment, she decided to throw caution to the wind.

Let’s try pushing things a little further, she thought to herself. She undid the bun in her hair and loosened up her tresses, allowing her pure ebony curls to fall past her shoulders. She threw her shoulders back and flashed a seductive smile as she slid down the table. But somehow in the midst of trying to get from the table to the chair in one languid move, she stumbled backwards instead, falling into his lap.

“Oops!” she giggled. She placed both hands on either side of his shoulders as she clumsily tried to hoist herself up, grinding herself deeper against his groin unintentionally. Her legs were dangling over the arm of the chair and her skirt hiked up once again, revealing even more of her toned legs, barely concealing her panties. He looked down and found her chest right in front of his face. It had been Casual Friday at the office and she had chosen to wear a 1950s inspired halter neck top that showed off her curvaceous figure and cleavage slightly.

Val could barely contain himself and he felt his lower region uncontrollably rising to the occasion and so did she midway through the grinding. He could feel each breath becoming heavier as she clung to the fabric of his shirt tightly. He was a man and there was only so much he could take before the proverbial gloves came off and all bets were off.

“Oh dear.” She had stopped grinding abruptly. Suddenly very aware of what she had gotten herself into, especially with all that bold flirtation and provocative flashing earlier. She glanced into his eyes and saw a dark look there that she had never seen before.

“Are you trying to make some kind of point here?” he asked her softly. All the playfulness he had earlier was replaced with a new feeling that he had never felt for her before.

“Umm…” she felt like a deer caught in headlights, not quite sure how to respond. She felt her cheeks flush with heated embarrassment.

“You’re not one of those cock tease sluts, are you?” he asked seriously.

She was dumbfounded at the words he had spoken. She had never heard him talk like that before and while it was a mild shock to hear them, she strangely also found it a bit of a turn-on.

She shook her head meekly.

Val flashed a wicked smiled. That was all he needed as validation.

In one instantaneous motion, he carried her 5″2 frame easily in his arms and set her down in the middle of the conference table between the food and the paperwork. He wedged himself between her legs, forcing them apart, he kneeled over her, smirking conceitedly.

“What are you doing?” She yelped helplessly and felt a dread setting over her, sensing what was about to come.

“You don’t grind your ass into man’s lap without expecting him to get turned on by it, do you?” he whispered. One hand lifting her skirt up totally to expose her panties in full view, stroking one thigh lovingly, fingertips lightly touching the edge of her panties.

She struggled to get up but he put his full weight on her, quickly bringing both his hands to restrain hers. He pulled her arms above her head, her chest was crushed against his.

“Looks like you might be one of those cock tease sluts after all.” He grunted, reaching out to grab something to her right. She turned her head and saw that it was his tie. He used it to bind her hands, all the while grinning at her.

“Fuck you, Val!” she spit in anger. “Stop it, right now!” she told him sternly, masking her fear with a false bravado. As much as she was attracted to him, she was simply not ready to have sex with him, not when they had a daunting presentation to work on and especially not on the office’s conference table!

“Ah, but Kayla, my dear…We can’t stop. Don’t you see what you’ve done to me?” He asked her lovingly, as he tugged on the last part of the knot tightly. He raised himself above her a little. One arm resting on the table while he brought the other hand to slowly trail down from her lips to her neck to the bare skin of her chest. Caressing the top of her heaving breasts just above the fabric of the halter’s neckline. She shivered slightly at his touch and sighed when his hand rested on her left breast, massaging it gently.

“Thanks to your tantalizing little display earlier, I believe you’ve left me with no choice but to have you.” He whispered, kissing her softly on the lips. To her own surprise, she responded to his kiss and yielded a tiny moan as he applied more pressure to the kneading of her breast. His tongue probed deeper into her and she could not help but shiver again. She cursed herself for enjoying it as much as she hated it. At twenty-four, she had not had any sex for the past two and a half years since she broke up with her last boyfriend and even then sex with her ex had been a wretchedly uneventful part of their relationship. Presently, the best she could do was finger herself off before drifting to sleep on the weekends because she was just too tired on the weekdays to do anything else after work.

His hand trailed back up to the back of her neck where the strings of the halter were tied together. He slowly undid the strings and pulled the top down to reveal her matching red strapless half cup laced bra. She was only a modest B cup, but that was exactly the kind that Val liked. B cups were definitely in the firm and perky tits department as his male friends had described it so crudely to him once when he revealed his cup size preference on women.

“Val, please don’t do this, no!” she cried urgently. She tried to thrash around but that made her grind harder into his body, turning him on even more.

He ignored her struggles and pushed one of the cups down easily and released one breast free. His fingers delicately tweaked and teased her sensitive nipples. Immediately they hardened in response and he brought his lips down to kiss it, sucking, and licking with his tongue. She bit into her lower lip. One part of her wanted him to stop, while the other part of her was burning, enjoying his touch and kisses and badly wanted more. Her breathing came in short gasps as she felt her lower region undeniably stirring, heating up with every passing second.

While he was still sucking on the exposed breast, his right hand had now roughly pulled the other cup down to reveal the other one. He caressed, pulled and massaged it, teasing the other nipple till it swelled up to attention. His lips quickly moved over to it and he sucked and licked it like it was the most succulent fruit he had ever tasted, driving her wild with desire regardless of her protest.

His left hand trailed down to her hips. Fingers teasing the top of her bikini panties lightly before slipping his hand over her crotch, rubbing it , he could feel the material already moist with her juice. He pushed the fabric to one side and felt her swollen sex already dripping with her sticky fluid.

“God, you’re so wet.” He moaned, easily sliding two fingers inside her. She cried out at the sudden intrusion. Her pussy was soft, soaked and hot to the touch. To Kayla, his strokes and probing felt electric against her pussy. “Please, stop this.” She whimpered in a ragged breath.

To her surprise, he did.

He released all hold of her and brought his gaze directly above hers. “Look at me and tell me honestly if you want me to stop this.” He asked her candidly, daring her to tell the truth. “And I will never touch you again.”

She gulped uncertainly. Her mind and her body were conflicting against each other. She licked her lips nervously at the idea of him never touching her again. Would she be able to live with herself if she denied them both this one night of carnal pleasure? Her pussy was throbbing with the need of his fingers to get back in her.

“So what’s it going to be, Kayla?” His eyes darkened with an intensity that both scared and thrilled her at the same time.

“Don’t stop.” She answered shakily.

“Don’t stop what?”

“Don’t stop…touching me.” She whispered the last part.

“Good answer.” He grinned craftily, lowering his head to hers, he kissed her full on the lips, his tongue probing hers, and she moaned in approval and found herself naturally arching her body up towards him.

“Let’s get you more comfortable” he said, and with that his hands had pulled her panties down, tossing it aside. She felt the cool air against her skin and pussy. He spread her outer labia, two fingers gently fucking her while his thumb rubbed her clit, sending a shock through her entire body.

“I love that you’re totally shaved.” He growled, making her blush beet red. His fingers retreated back out to tease her outer pussy lips, her bare skin was soft and smooth to the touch. She attempted to push her hips forward so that his fingers would re-enter her but he eased back and laughed.

“Not so impatient.” He chuckled. He moved off her and grabbed something to the side. He reappeared quickly with a glazed strawberry with some whip cream still on it.

“That’s from our set dinner’s dessert!” she exclaimed.

He simply smiled and lowered himself, she felt him breathe against her vagina followed by his tongue flicking against her clit, causing her to cry out.

“You taste so sweet.” He looked up at her, licking his lips like a cat after a satisfying meal. “You should try it too.” Suddenly, she felt something cold rubbing against her pussy.

Involuntarily, she cried out as he pushed the strawberry in deep enough to arouse her further but not enough to make her cum. She could hear the soft wet sounds of her pussy being tormented by him. Val was using the fruit to massage the full length of her slit, causing her to get wet even more. He made it worse by concurrently using one finger to massage her clit, forcing her to the brink of insanity with that combination.

“Oh Val, please just fuck me already.” She begged.

He pulled the strawberry out and offered the fruit to her lips. “Take a bite first.” He told her.

She stared at him as she took an uncertain nip, the strawberry was warm now and tasted slightly salty due to her juices glazed over it. He took a bite too and threw the rest of the fruit aside.

“Let me clean up the whip cream.” He grinned again and disappeared down below once more. She felt his warm breath against her opening and widened her legs when he started to lick all over her nether regions starting from the outer lips to the folds inside and then deeper.

Linda calls Rebecca’s name. Still in a bit of a fog, Rebecca doesn’t reply. Lilith shakes her and Linda says her name again. Rebecca slowly comes back to the real world, the fog in her head starting to lift. Where is she, she wonders? Oh yes, the Master Bedroom. That must be where I am, she thinks as her senses start to recognize the familiar surroundings.

“Are you alright, dear?” Linda inquires of Rebecca.

Rebecca nods, then nods harder, “Yes, yes…I am alright. Why?” her senses still clearing.

Lilith holds Rebecca and says, “You passed out for a few seconds after Linda came in you, darling. You collapsed on the floor before anyone could catch you. Can we get you something? Are you feeling okay?”

Rebecca says, “I feel cold. Linda came in me? Oh yes, I remember now. The moment was just so intense that it left me woozy.”

Lilith takes a blanket that lies on the floor and wraps Rebecca in it. There is no doubt that Lilith loves Rebecca. Lilith thinks to herself that Rebecca has had enough for the night. How much cumming and cum can one girl take in a day? Surely, she needs a break.

Lilith says to the group, “I think we ought to call it an evening.”

The rest of the group thinks otherwise.

Rebecca says, “No! I am fine. I want more. I need more cum.”

The rest of the group stands above the couple with lust in their eyes. Rebecca smiles at them with a sparkle in her eye. She hasn’t finished yet.

Linda is the first to make a move toward Rebecca. She snatches her up easily and moves her to the bed. She lays Rebecca at the head of the bed gently. Treating her almost like a porcelain doll.

Linda smiles at Rebecca and says, “The night is young, eh? Yes, the night is just starting.”

Lilith attempts to protest, “Haven’t we made our point? She has proclaimed her need for cum, hasn’t she? Doesn’t that make her a cum-loving slut?”

Linda clearly states, “No, she isn’t quite there, yet. Rebecca belongs to us tonight. You agreed to that when the plans were made to turn her into a cum-loving slut. She won’t be permanently harmed or damaged, I assure you.”

Lilith realizes she has little to say in the matter. It was all her idea in the first place. As long as Rebecca isn’t harmed, she reasons, then we might as well make a night of it and enjoy ourselves.

Linda goes to the dresser and grabs the handcuffs. This time the cuffs go on Lilith with her hands behind her back. Ruby helps hold Lilith while Linda applies the cuffs.

Linda stands over Lilith and says, “I don’t want you getting too soft on us. You need a little help. I understand your concerns, but Wan-li went through the same thing and now she is quite the cum-lover.”

With the application of the handcuffs, Lilith has suddenly gone from Mistress to submissive in one simple action.

“I know you were once a submissive yourself. If necessary, I will put you there again, at least for the night, if not permanently,” Linda states casually to Lilith.

“Look at you! On your knees, head bowed.” Linda lifts a heeled foot chest high to Lilith and commands, “Kiss and lick my pump.”

Without hesitation, the confident and self-assured woman kisses and licks Linda’s shoe. She sucks the heel deep into her mouth. Linda smiles at the act of submission. Lilith is now humiliated in front of her slave. Tears form in her eyes, but she is not about to give Linda the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She is Rebecca’s Mistress and she will not be reduced to the roll of a slave. Rebecca lies on the bed, ready for more action, pleading for more. Ruby and Taisha stand around the bed salivating at the prospect of fucking Rebecca.

Linda now takes control of Rebecca’s fate. The group is anxious to get started. Linda says, “Rebecca, you are about to take cum from everyone with a cock. If you are good and take it like a big girl, I will have you fuck Wan-li.” Wan-li smiles broadly. Rebecca looks perplexed, but knows better than to retort. Fuck Wan-li? She can’t imagine how that will happen, not with her little cock.

Linda goes back to the dresser and picks out a length of rope. She moves toward Rebecca. Rebecca is frightened by this turn of events. Rebecca looks to Lilith, but Lilith simply nods to her. Linda orders Rebecca to get up on her hands and knees. Rebecca complies without a word or hesitation.

Linda throws the rope to Ruby, “Tie her hands to the headboard!”

Ruby grins knowingly and gets up on the king-sized bed.

She whispers to Rebecca, “Looks like I am gonna get another shot at that sweet ass of yours after all. Maybe even twice. You want that, don’t you?” Rebecca nods.

Ruby barks, “I didn’t hear that?”

Rebecca knows what to say. She swallows and speaks loudly, “Yes, I want you to fuck my ass, please?”

Linda corrects, “Oh darlin’, that isn’t quite right. Say what you really want!”

Rebecca drops her head, but Ruby grabs her by the jaw and raises it.

Rebecca speaks up and says to everyone, “I need to be fucked by everyone in the room until they are spent. Please fuck my ass? Please? I need the cum. I want the cum from each of you. Please give me your cum?”

Linda claps and shouts, “Bravo! You are learning, girl or should I say little one?”

Lilith’s eyes shoot lightning bolts at Linda.

“Back to the matter at hand. Ruby tie her wrists!” Linda commands.

Ruby turns to Rebecca and grabs her wrists and feeds them through the headboard and ties them securely. Rebecca can feel the sting of the rope tied tightly around her wrists, but says nothing.

Linda takes the reins and orders, “Lilith, suck Ruby’s cock until it is hard enough to penetrate Rebecca. Do it properly and perhaps the cuffs will be removed.”

Ruby jumps down from the bed and walks over to Lilith. At first, Lilith turns her head away from Ruby, not wanting to take orders from Linda. This definitely wasn’t part of the plan. Linda goes over to the dresser and grabs the riding crop and slaps it against the palm of her hand.

She coldly states, “We will have to insist if you won’t cooperate.”

Lilith get a sense of what Linda means and, rather than take a chance on feeling Linda’s wrath, she relents and turns her head back toward Ruby. Ruby, sneering, steps up to Lilith and puts her cock up to her lips. Lilith opens her mouth and takes the thick cock in. She can feel every vein against her upper lip as the cock invades her mouth. Ruby’s cock is too thick for Lilith to swallow, but Lilith manages to get most of it in and Ruby grins down at her. Slowly, Ruby’s cock comes to life. All of the fucking she has given to Rebecca and Wan-li has drained her, but she lusts deeply for another shot at Rebecca and her cock grows in Lilith’s mouth until it is hard. Lilith begins to enjoy the sensation of the moment and starts to really work Ruby’s cock. She tries desperately to take as much of Ruby into her mouth as possible. Secretly, she wants Ruby to cum in her mouth. It has been a long time since she had a large cock to suck on.

When Ruby’s cock is good and stiff, she pulls the cock from Lilith’s mouth with a popping sound. Lilith groans a little at the loss of Ruby’s thick member. Linda smiles at Lilith. The cuffs are obviously no longer needed. It was only a precaution to ensure Lilith’s cooperation. Linda can see that Lilith wants this night just as badly as the group.

Ruby advances on Rebecca. She stands at the side of the bed and asks, “Do you want my cock, Rebecca? Here it is, all hard for you and your sweet ass. Tell me you want my cock.”

Rebecca pleads, “Yes Ruby, please fuck my ass?”

Ruby slowly climbs up on the bed. She comes over to Rebecca and licks the side of her face. The feel of her tongue makes Rebecca moan softly. She has never wanted cock as much as she does tonight. She doesn’t want it to end. Rebecca sticks out her tongue and kisses Ruby, signifying once and for all that she wants her. Ruby reaches under Rebecca and squeezes her breast. Again, Rebecca moans. Ruby positions herself behind Rebecca. Rebecca’s ass is high in the air. Ruby stands up and squats down slightly to place her cock at the entrance to Rebecca’s hot hole. She strokes her own cock a few times, teasing Rebecca a bit. Then she removes the butt plug and feeds her cock into Rebecca’s ass. What Ruby lacks in length, she more than makes up in girth. Rebecca puffs hard at the sudden intrusion. Ruby’s cock has stretched her before, but it is so thick that the sudden introduction causes Rebecca to feel discomfort. She relaxes and adapts to and is soon ready for Ruby to fuck her. It feels so good to once again have Ruby inside of her. Once Ruby is inside, she starts fucking Rebecca with a fervor that she can’t contain, doesn’t want to contain. She has Rebecca at her most vulnerable and she knows it. It isn’t the tying to the headboard. It is her willingness to give herself to Ruby that drives her desire to fuck Rebecca so relentlessly.

Rebecca moans loudly and yells, “Yes! Fuck my ass! Give me your cum! Oh, Ruby!”

Rebecca can feel the throbbing of Ruby’s hard cock as it drives in and out of her ass.

That is what Ruby has been waiting for, Rebecca to scream her name while she fucks her. Linda looks on with approval, her own cock growing in size again at the sight of Ruby fucking Rebecca with abandon. Lilith looks on as well and her own cock is getting hard, betraying her reservations to continue. Ruby fucks Rebecca long and hard. Cumming is elusive for her, but the feel of Rebecca’s exquisite ass around her cock keeps her hard. As Ruby fucks her, Rebecca feels a full body orgasm building. She moans uncontrollably, her lust driving her over the edge.

Suddenly, Rebecca begins to feel that familiar quaking within and she starts screaming out her orgasm, “Yes! Fucking fuck me! Cum dammit, cum! I need it! Give it to me Ruby!”

Her body is bucking up against Ruby’s pubic bone of its own accord. This action drives Ruby over the edge, her knees are getting weak from her crouching position, but she can’t stop now. She has to cum in Rebecca, making her Ruby’s once again. She blasts her cum into Rebecca’s ass, this time the sweetest yet. She cums hard and her cock pulses as it shoots her spunk into Rebecca’s ass. Rebecca feels the pulsing of Ruby’s cock as her quaking continues. After Ruby finishes cumming, Ruby’s knees give out at a crucial moment and she collapses onto the bed beside Rebecca. She fails to insert the butt plug back in Rebecca’s ass. Without the butt plug, Rebecca’s ass leaks out a stream of cum and juices. It shoots onto the bed and leaves a large puddle.

Rebecca screams, “No!” but it is too late to stop it.

All of the cum from the days fucking streams out of her like an enema. Rebecca is unable to close her worn sphincter to stop the flow. Rebecca whines a little at this turn of events. Damn Ruby, anyway!

Linda smiles and quips, “Don’t worry my dear, there will be more cum for your ass.”

Linda turns to Lilith and asks her, “If I undo the cuffs, will you cooperate?”

Lilith nods enthusiastically and says emphatically, “Yes!”

Linda directs Taisha to remove the cuffs. Taisha goes to the dresser, retrieves the key and walks back to Lilith. She kneels behind Lilith and unlocks the cuffs and removes them. Moving her shoulders to stretch them out hurts Lilith a bit, but having the cuffs removed feels good. Her wrists are more than a little sore.

Linda states matter-of-factly, “It’s time to do your part Lilith. Suck Taisha to hardness. Make sure she is hard enough to fuck Rebecca.”

Lilith does as she is told and kneels down in front of Taisha. Taisha, who managed to stay hard after Rebecca sucked her off earlier, is now limp. Lilith has her work cut out for her as she reaches up and gently takes the cock in hand. At first, she strokes Taisha’s large cock and licks the head shamelessly. She can taste Rebecca’s ass on the cock. It isn’t unpleasant at all. It takes a few minutes, but Taisha’s cock finally starts to respond to the action. Lilith feels the cock get semi-erect and decides it is time to suck it. Once she sticks the cock in her mouth, it perks up and grows steadily. Lilith reaches up with her other hand and massages Taisha’s balls. They hang low and she marvels at their size. One testicle fills her palm completely. Lilith’s efforts are rewarded as Taisha’s cock gets hard, very hard. Lilith can feel every vein and bump of Taisha’s cock as it moves in and out of her mouth. It tastes good. Lilith feels a little proud of her accomplishment, having taken Taisha from soft to hard with her mouth. Lilith sucks on Rebecca’s little cock regularly, but it is small and rarely gets hard. It is good to know that she still has it in her to work a cock to hardness. Those thoughts betray her a little and they make her feel strange, but her own cock is hard from watching the taking of Rebecca and she salivates profusely at the taste of the cock in her mouth.

Linda orders, “Now Lilith, it is your job to feed Taisha’s cock into Rebecca.”

Lilith isn’t thrilled with this order, but she leads Taisha over to Rebecca. They get up on the bed together and Ruby moves over to observe the fucking. It is Ruby’s intent to watch the action up close. An evil grin crosses her face. Taisha positions herself behind Rebecca. Lilith gives the nine inch cock a couple of licks and sucks to ensure Taisha is still hard and then guides Taisha’s cock into Rebecca’s waiting ass.

The head is just penetrating Rebecca’s rosebud when Linda says impatiently, “No! Shove her cock into Rebecca. Do not take it easy and slow!” She smacks the crop against her palm commandingly.

Taisha smiles a little at Linda’s insistence. Taisha is much taller than Ruby and the head of her cock is at the right angle to go in.

Rebecca whispers audibly, “I need that cock, please? Please give it to me hard. Fuck me Taisha.”

Lilith positions herself behind Taisha and pauses for just a moment, then she pushes against Taisha’s ass with all the effort she can muster. Taisha’s cock slides into Rebecca’s ass in one quick motion that almost causes Taisha to fall on top of Rebecca.

Rebecca moans and coos, “Yeah, fuck me. Fuck my ass. Cum for me Taisha.”

Taisha needs no encouragement. She begins to plow into Rebecca’s ass fast and hard to satisfy Linda’s salaciousness. She enjoys the feeling of Rebecca’s ass. She slides in and out effortlessly. She withdraws a full 7 inches of cock and then shoves it back in with each stroke. This action drives Rebecca wild. She can feel Taisha’s cock against her prostate and her own little cock drips precum. Taisha’s cock is heavily veined and Rebecca feels each one as Taisha ravages her ass.

She gasps and screams, “Oh my God! Yes, fuck me Taisha! Fuck me and make me yours!”

Rebecca is possessed by the feeling of Taisha’s fucking. Ruby is a little jealous of this. Rebecca called Taisha’s name, too. That somehow violates an unspoken rule between Ruby and Rebecca. Ruby will have to reinforce this when Rebecca pays her Wednesday visits.

Taisha continues to fuck Rebecca at a rapid pace. She wonders to herself how Rebecca is able to take so much fucking. It doesn’t matter though. Taisha is enjoying it. Rebecca is screaming out all kinds of obscenities at the pleasure she is receiving. Rebecca does her best to tighten her ass to spur on Taisha’s climax. She needs the cum and she does her best to coax it out of her. Rebecca’s efforts don’t go without results for soon Taisha feels her climax coming. The fast fucking and pushing her cock in to the hilt is bringing her orgasm on. Taisha tries to hold off from cumming. She is loving the feel of Rebecca’s ass but the pleasure is more than she can handle and she starts squirting her orgasm into Rebecca. She keeps squirting more and more.

It is so much that she can’t help but moan loudly, “This is all for you Rebecca. Take my cum, baby!”

Rebecca can feel the familiar warmth of Taisha’s cum deep inside of her. When Taisha is spent and every last drop she has to offer is expelled, she pulls out her cock and grabs the butt plug. She inserts it and it goes in easily. Taisha’s cum leaks a little around the base of the plug. Rebecca seems oblivious to this fact, as she is still moaning and gasping from the harsh and relentless fucking.

Linda once again applauds the spectacle, “Excellent! Yes! Next!”

Lilith is the only one left, except for Linda herself. Linda offers Lilith the opportunity with the wave of her hand. Lilith climbs up onto the bed and leans over Rebecca and kisses her cheek. Rebecca, who has finally caught her breath, smiles weakly at Lilith, exhaustion written all over her face. Lilith looks over at Linda who makes a motion for her to get started.

Lilith thought she wanted a cum slut, but now she feels that they may have created a monster. Rebecca is changed forever and she wonders how it will affect their relationship. It is too late now. Once done, it cannot be undone.

Linda smacks the footboard of the bed with the crop and Lilith does what is expected of her. Her cock is hard and has been ever since Ruby climbed on top of Rebecca, and it continues to betray her instincts to save Rebecca. She positions herself behind her wanton slave and pulls out the plug. Taisha’s cum has puddled slightly beneath Rebecca. No matter, it is time to fuck her woman. She begins by placing the head of her cock at the entrance to Rebecca’s ass. She pushes her cock deep inside of Rebecca until she bumps her asshole with her pubic bone. Her cock goes in easily as Rebecca has been stretched so much. She sets a fast rhythm, keeping in pace with Ruby and Taisha’s fucking of her beloved girl. Rebecca coos and moans at the feeling of Lilith’s familiar cock in her ass. Truth be known, Rebecca can barely feel Lilith’s cock, but she wants Lilith to know that she is still hers so she squeezes down as hard as she can. She wants to feel the fucking. Lilith has fucked her so well for so long that Rebecca doesn’t want to disappoint her.

Eventually, Rebecca’s rosebud tightens enough for her to truly feel her fucking. Lilith has trouble staying hard at first, so she bends over and kisses the back of Rebecca’s neck, nuzzling her. Lilith’s erection comes back as she shows her little one that she still loves and wants her. Lilith’s cock begins to throb as she fucks her little one. She feels her climax coming on. She fucks Rebecca with all of the effort she can muster. The familiar feeling of Rebecca’s ass is returning and Lilith is moaning hard and breathing fast. She feels the need to cum in her girl. She strokes in and out of Rebecca, withdrawing her cock as far as possible before plowing back into her. Soon, Lilith is cumming and she cries out at the release. Rebecca lays there and coos at the warmth of Lilith’s cum in her ass. Lilith is breathing hard and fast from the workout. She takes her cock in hand and squeezes out every drop she has to offer. When Lilith is spent, she pulls out of Rebecca and inserts the plug once again, holding the sperm in Rebecca’s ass. Now, it is Linda’s turn.

Linda smiles broadly. Rebecca has been truly taken and has truly enjoyed being taken. Linda directs Lilith to untie Rebecca’s wrists. Linda wants to feel Rebecca’s lips around her cock before she fucks her, if she fucks her.

Linda pronounces, “It is time for a change. Rebecca come here and worship my cock.”

Lilith turns at this and says, “Please Linda, let me suck your cock. I have sucked the others to your satisfaction. I can suck yours too. You won’t regret it.”

Lilith is certain that Rebecca won’t be able to properly suck Linda’s massive member. Rebecca is too weak from all of the fucking. It is time to give her a rest. Linda can fuck her again after Lilith has sucked her cock to hardness. Rebecca might be able to handle one last fucking. Linda insists that Rebecca is to suck her cock and Lilith finishes untying Rebecca.

Authors Note: This story is intended as an artistic work of fiction, I do not condone forcing yourself sexually on anyone without their consent.

You are on your way to the hotel, walking home from an awesome stones concert, a little drunk so you stagger a bit. Suddenly a hand covers your mouth and forcibly pulls you into a dark recess between buildings.

There’s no light, so you cant see your attacker, your purse is slapped away and your hands are pulled roughly up above your head. Before you even know whats happening you feel a pinch and hear the distinctive sound of a heavy duty zip tie fastening your wrists together. before you can scream a leather ball on a strap is forced into your mouth and fastened behind your head. Then the metal between your arms is levered upwards, forcing you to a standing position. Leaving you hanging from the bottom of a fire escape.

If you stretch you can just touch the ground with your toes, you begin to scrabble for purchase but freeze in place when you hear the click of a knife being opened nearby. You begin to shake as the gleam of the blade shines into your eyes, then you feel rough hands pulling your short, sleeveless dress taught. There is a scraping sound as your dress is cut in from hem to collar, then roughly yanked from your protesting body, exposing your lacy bra to the night air. You begin to regret not wearing any panties as goosebumps spring up all over your exposed flesh.

The knife blade is cold against your skin as your attacker deftly slices through the front of your bra, exposing your perky breasts to the cold night air. The chill is replaced with warmth soon, as he lowers his mouth first to your right nipple then to your left, licking, kissing and sucking.

In spite of yourself you are getting turned on and a low moan escapes around the gag as your hips begin to gyrate rhythmically.

Suddenly, your weight is lifted in two powerful arms and you are pulled, hips spread, against your attacker. his muscular chest, obvious through his black t-shirt, feels warm against your naked breasts.

There is a moment of rustling while you try, ineffectually, to struggle before you feel the hot, hard, head of your attacker probing at your moist pussy.

With a grunt he slams his hips forward and you scream through the gag as you are roughly stretched to accept his girth. He holds for a moment, filling you completely and relishing in your writhing and faint protestations before pulling slowly out and slamming into you even harder than before.

He finds a rhythm and begins to pound into you, slamming against your cervix over and over with bruising force, his cock burying itself inside your now soaking pussy again and again tearing ragged screams from behind the gag. After several seconds (or hours you can’t tell) of this, just when you are on the verge of passing out from the combination of pleasure and pain, he pulls completely out of your throbbing pussy and takes a step back.

You quiver in the suddenly cold again night air while he chuckles to himself, then SLAP! He smacks your left beast, hard, while grunting at you to turn around.

Slowly you do so, then you try to scream once more as you are lifted from the ground again and held in position. Your attacker takes time to line his hefty cock up with your tight asshole, using your own juices on his cock head to smear the opening before roughly slamming himself home, deep in your unwilling rectum.

You almost want to pass out, the pain is so intense but he roughly slaps your tits again to keep you awake as he pulls out and pushes back into you ass, more slowly this time.

He soon finds his rhythm again and begins pounding your ass harder than it has ever been spread before, not caring if he hurts you. in fact, he seems to get harder when you scream!

After a bit, his thrusting grows frantic and he forces himself into your ass harder and faster than ever. Finally, with a bellow, he slams into you, his huge balls twitching against your pussy, and holds while his cock fountains wave after wave of hot cum deep into your rectum. The force of his orgasm is enough to send you over the edge, first into an intense orgasm then, finally, into blessed darkness.

When you come to, you are untied, bruised, bloody, naked and laying on the ground under the fire escape, your attacker has thoughtfully covered you in the remains of your dress as a makeshift blanket. As you stagger to your feet and contemplate what happened and the journey home, you begin to sob, not at the attack itself, but at the small, traitorous part of you that wants to come back down this street another night. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet him again!

Jenny crossed the street, pausing at a sign in the window. FACIALS, $50 EACH was written with black permanent marker on a cardboard sign. She had never been to a spa before. In the small town where she’d grown up, there hadn’t been anything like that, just a woman who cut hair in her kitchen for twenty dollars. But she had been in college here in New York for a whole semester now. She didn’t have a lot of money, but the scholarship covered her tuition and room and board. The money she made working at the library counter was hers to spend.

She edged closer to the blackened door, away from the heavy stream of people flooding the sidewalk. It was strange that the windows and doors were all dark, but she assumed it was to keep the proper relaxing ambiance inside. Besides, nothing shady would happen with so many people around. She would just get a facial, nothing more, and when she went home for the summer, she’d be able to tell her friends what it was like.

Stepping through the door, she blinked rapidly, trying to see in the sudden blackness. Finally her eyes adjusted enough that she could make out a woman behind the counter. The receptionist was Asian and very pretty, her eyes thick with eyeliner and her hair long.

“Hello. I’m here for a facial. I saw the sign outside.”

The receptionist looked Jenny over, head to toe. “You’re a good candidate.”

“Oh.” Jenny hadn’t even realized that facials worked better for some than others. “That’s great. It’s fifty dollars?”

“Payment is at the end. Come this way.”

The woman led Jenny through a hallway and into a small room with a bed in the center. There was a small counter with a sink and creams.

“Take all your clothes off and lie down on the bed.” Then she left, closing Jenny inside.

Jenny looked around, a little uncomfortable. Why did she need to take everything off? But she didn’t want to get her clothes wet, if there was splashing. Nor did she want to disobey—she had always been a rule follower, which her mother and father had always been proud about. Besides, this was a small indulgence. She wanted the full spa experience.

She removed her button down shirt and her skirt. After a brief pause, she also pulled down her briefs and took off her white cotton bra. Unfortunately, the only sheet on the bed was fitted, so she would be completely uncovered for whoever was doing the facial. She had assumed it was a woman… but what if it was a man?

But it was too late; she already heard a rustle at the door. She hopped onto the bed, crossing her arms over her breasts and squeezing her legs together. A sigh of relief fell from her lips as the same woman entered and shut the door behind her.

Her movements were brusque—professional, Jenny thought—as she bustled inside. She didn’t look interested or offended by Jenny’s naked body, so Jenny relaxed a fraction.

The technician did something by the sink, behind Jenny’s head. Then a plastic cup came over her face. She started to push it away.

The woman forced her back down. “No, this is some aromatherapy. To relax you.”

It seemed extreme, but she didn’t know how to say no. It did smell funny, so maybe this was aromatherapy. Everything started to get fuzzy. Yes, she was relaxed. She drifted in this state, seeing shadows come and go. She had no concept of how much time passed, but she felt wonderful, breathing in the strange-sweet scent of the aromatherapy through the plastic cup.

She came back to Earth slowly, aware that she was still on the table in the small room. Her position felt a little different though—strange. She tried to move but couldn’t. The stuff they gave her had made her too relaxed. But it was more than that. Something was firmly attached to her wrists and—she wriggled—her ankles. Her throat felt dry, her mouth sore… and she realized something was inside her mouth, holding it open.

A terrified animal sound escaped her, made more awful because she couldn’t form words. Fear had started to thunder through her body, making her heart pound and her head ache. Oh God, what was happening to her? Was this a horrible dream? She prayed it was.

The woman came in again, and Jenny tried to ask her what was going on, but the thing in her mouth made it impossible. The woman acted like Jenny hadn’t made a sound at all, and instead pulling her to stand up. Oh thank the lord, she was going to leave.

But the woman took her in the other direction, pulling her along by her elbow. Jenny shuffled after her, struggling to stay upright after the effects of the aromatherapy and the cuffs around her ankles.

They came into a large room with concrete floors, concrete walls, and a group of men in various stages of undress. Some were already naked, some had black socks and boxers on, still others were in full businesswear in the process of removing their jacket and ties.

Scared, she began to back out of the room, but the woman grabbed her hair and squeezed, bringing tears to Jenny’s eyes. “Shh,” she whispered in Jenny’s ear. “Be good or they’ll think you don’t want it.”

With a shove, she pushed Jenny into the center of the room. Jenny tried to look for the door, but the men closed around her, forming a circle. They were laughing and talking about her with each other.

“Look at those tits, practically pointing at the ceiling.”

“And the pussy. Look it’s all red. Do you think she just shaved?”

“Waxed, more likely.”

“Hope she did her ass too. I want to get in that.”

“She’s so pale. I’ve never seen a woman so goddamned pale.”

Someone scoffed. “All the women these days with bikinis and tanning salons. I like them like this, like a blank slate ready to be marked.”

Laughter ricocheted in the room.

Tears fell down her cheeks. Feeling helpless, she sank to her knees. The men sent up a cheer.

“She knows what to do.”

“Look at her, she wants it.”

“Don’t keep her waiting.”

One man stepped forward. She looked up at him, pleading with her eyes. Help me. Let me go. Don’t hurt me.

He caressed her cheek, following the trail of one tear. “So pretty,” he said, and grabbed her hair, guiding his stiff penis inside her mouth. The sharp, acrid taste of salt was a shock, as was the heavy weight at the back of her tongue, and she jerked back. The men cheered again, and the man held her head steady as he pulled out and then pushed back in.

He set up a steady pace—in, out, in, out—and her vision blurred with tears and the rapid motion of his ruddy, thickly-haired skin in her face. She gagged several times, and every time the men would laugh.

Another man came to kneel behind her, running his hands all over her body where no one had touched but her, feeling her throat, her breasts, down over her tummy and to the freshly bare skin that faintly burned.

His fingers dug deeper into her private flesh. “Aw, boys, this one’s dry.”

Another man laughed. “I’ve got plenty of liquid to lube her up with.”

She felt more hands on her, too many to keep count. Some were molding her breast and pinching her nipple until she squealed around the cock gagging her throat. Some were grasping her butt, pulling the cheeks apart to feel the tender pucker between them. Still others pressed into her vagina after being dampened with spit.

The man who had his penis in his mouth sped up, until most of the other men faded away. Except for the one who was behind her—he spread her legs wide and thrust up into her. She screamed.

“Oh shit, she was a virgin.”

The man holding her head groaned. “That felt fucking amazing. Make her do it again.”

The one behind her pulled away and then rammed back inside. It felt her insides were being ripped apart, torn away from her body. She couldn’t help it; she screamed again. This time the penis in her mouth jerked and sent something thick and warm down her throat.

She fell onto her face, unable to catch her fall with her hands cuffed behind her back. She coughed and sputtered, some of the liquid falling out onto her lips.

Hands on her hips kept her anchored back. Another man stood in front of her and shoved his penis inside her mouth. It tasted stronger than the last one, kind of dirty, and it made her stomach turn. She had no time to get used to it before he began hammering it inside her.

“Come on, man. I want some of that. Make her scream. I want to feel it around my cock.”

The man behind her rammed inside her again. She screamed at every thrust, until the pain all blurred into one and she stopped.

The man holding her hair groaned in disappointment. “Goddamnit.”

“No, I’ve got an idea. Here, you finish fucking her, and then we’ll use this.”

She couldn’t see what it was, but she felt the man behind her thrust a few more times and then freeze, pumping hard against her until he fell away. She shut her eyes, so relieved that he was done with her. It hurt so bad, and she just wanted it to be over. It felt like a nightmare.

A high pitched sound whistled beside her ears right before a sharp painful crack landed on her back. She screamed in shock and pain, and the men cheered.

“Jesus, that felt great,” the man holding her head to his cock said. He began thrusting again, pushing it deep in her throat every time the unseen whip lashed her skin.

The skin on her back and butt felt like it was burning. The few times she didn’t scream when they hit her, they found other places on her body—the bottom of her feet, her breasts, the tender place between her legs.

When the man in her mouth jerked and spilled more liquid inside her mouth, she was released. She fell to the floor, panting and sobbing in horrible ugly sounds. A hot spray covered her breasts, and she looked up blearily to see one of the men stroking his penis—his cock, they called it—and coating her with his semen.

Another one was stroking furiously. He crouched over her face, aiming the tip an inch away from her mouth. The hot liquid met her lips, her nose, her tongue. She lay still, exhausted.

The final man stepped over her. He was the largest of them all, his hips wide and thick with rolls of fat, peppered with black hairs.

She looked up, fearful but hopeless.

He knelt, his knees on other side of her face. He pushed his cock inside her mouth, his stomach pushing over against her face, making it hard to breathe. She struggled, but it was futile. He was too large for her to move off. Sobbing around his cock, she lay still.

“Make her fight,” he grunted.

A lash landed on her thigh. She cried out and wriggled her body. The lashes came faster and faster, and she realized that her cries and the movement of her mouth around him was getting him off. All he had to do was kneel there and she was doing the word to make him come. Finally he grunted again and pressed himself deep inside her. She couldn’t breathe at all. She struggled and thrashed as black spots were in front of her vision. Then everything went dark.

When she woke up, she was back in the bed with her clothes on. Oh God, did that really happen? Please, let it be a bad dream. A horrible nightmare—not real. She wasn’t even sure she remembered, just flashes of skin and taunts. That couldn’t be real.

The receptionist came in. “Oh, you’re up.”

Jenny thought she seemed to be smirking a little, but otherwise she didn’t show any signs that something had happened. “What… was that?”

“A facial. Haven’t you had one before?”


She smiled. “You did great. In fact, you’re welcome back here anytime. I took the liberty of handling while you were sleeping.” She pointed at Jenny’s purse.

Jenny gulped in breaths, feeling dizzy and sick to her stomach. She grabbed her purse and lurched out of the shop. The sun was blinding, and she stumbled into the crowd. People ran into her and shoved her out of the way.

“Watch where you’re going!”

“Stupid bitch.”

She kept going, fighting the crowd until she stumbled off into an alley. She threw up behind a dumpster, though she hadn’t eaten anything today.

Gingerly, she looked into her purse, expecting that the woman would have taken all her money. If they were willing to rape her, they must be willing to steal. Instead there was a wad of cash. She counted it and realized there was fifty dollars for every man who had been there.

This is the sequel to Kayla’s Unexpected Valentine.

It can be read as a standalone story, but of course, it would be better as a sequel. Hope you all enjoy and I look forward to your comment and feedback. Thanks!


Val could not wait to do it again. The feeling was like being hooked on a drug that gave the best high in the world and her name was Kayla. To the world, she was a bright, funny and beautiful girl. And Val had been the only one who also bestowed with the knowledge that she was a divinity of pure wild sexual energy, just waiting to be unleashed given the right touch.

After that fateful Valentine’s Day, they were convinced that whatever it was between them was just too good to be a one-off situation. While they both weren’t ready to call it a relationship, neither were they ready to call themselves just fuck buddies (too crude) or friends with benefits (too weak) . So for the time being, they chose not to put a label on it and would literally ride this together till they could figure something out. Val had to admit that though he wasn’t the sort to want a girlfriend, Kayla would definitely be ideal girl he’d go for. He could just imagine his grandmother being elated with the fact that her youngest grand-bambino finally decided to let a woman make an honest man out of him that she’d even gladly overlook the fact that her possible future granddaughter in-law wasn’t of Italian descent.

The sex presently was still amazing between them but Val felt that there was just something lacking that was not quite there when they did it that first time three months ago. He had a devious suspicion it was likely that the missing ingredient was the thrill of doing it somewhere public, and despite Kayla’s objection to ever having sex in the office again, the idea took hold of him and planted itself in his mind like a seed and he had knowingly allowed it to quickly mature into a grand scheme.

He would give Kayla a night that she would never forget whether she was willing to or not, and in fact, he was definitely looking forward to her exquisite protests just so he could mercilessly transform them into cries of pleasure and pleading for more.

Tonight would be the last of a long series of late nights they’d endured since securing the project. For that reason alone, it would also be the perfect night for Val to execute his plan. Just the thought of what he had in store for her later made his cock twitch to life and he could hardly contain his excitement for the rest of the day.

Management was so pleased with the results and profits that their boss had granted them two weeks off following their final closing report submission. Val took the chance to invite her over to his place for a few days with the promise of great sex in his hot tub and takeaway Chinese food from her favorite restaurant in Chinatown. In return, all she had to do was wear her sexiest set of lingerie underneath her clothes today so that they could start the celebrations immediately when they got to his place. Val’s conscience undoubtedly felt a little guilty at the white lie and trap, but his lower region assured him that the sexual ecstasy in store for her would more than make up for it.


“Kayla, could you get us some dinner right now, please? I’m starving and you know I can’t work when all I can think of, aside from that delicious body of yours, is food.”

Kayla looked up from her laptop and glared at Val feeling slightly annoyed by his recent behavior of distractedness this past two weeks. She knew there was something going on with him but she couldn’t pinpoint any real reason what could have caused such a change. She could only assume that it was the excitement at the end of the project approaching and the expected sounds of registers ringing in millions of dollars that caused it.

“Please, baby?” he tried using a term of endearment to persuade her otherwise gloomy expression.

“Don’t call me baby.” She warned, half jokingly, ignoring his plea just to torment him a little for being so difficult to work with recently. She felt like she was the only one really working on this report the past few days and Val’s unusual behavior of complacency was starting to get on her nerves.

Val frowned. “Very well, I’ll call Cherrie that term of endearment then. I’m sure she’d like that very much.”

Kayla raised an eyebrow. Everyone in the office knew that Cherrie, the CFO’s somewhat bimbo secretary, had the hugest crush on Val. “Unless you want to have your balls whacked off and served as a cold dish at an exotic restaurant, I suggest you rethink that idea.”

This threat earned Val a big smile. “I love it when you get jealous, it’s so adorable.”

Kayla rolled her eyes. “I’m not jealous.” Even though secretly she thought so too. “So what do you want to eat tonight, your Highness?”

“I’m in the mood for Turkish food from Istanbul’s Finest, and with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, that would be perfect.”

She looked at him blankly. “Aren’t you part Italian? Why do you like Turkish food so much when you know it’s so hard to get around this area?”

“Because I only eat good Italian food and the only place to get that is my place.” He smirked. “I’ll make a mean lasagna for you this weekend if we can role play as professor and naughty school girl tomorrow night.”

Kayla gave him her best “dream on” look in reply and promptly continued updating her part of the report.

Unfazed, Val explained innocently ,”Besides, Turkish food is like…special occasion food. Totally appropriate for us to celebrate the closing of our project.” He was not planning on getting her drunk, but he did needed to buy a little extra time for setting things up while she was gone.

“Okay.” She said, not believing him in the least bit. “You do know that’s half an hour of driving back and forth just to get food and a bottle of wine when we already have eateries nearby our office. And we’ve still got all this work to do, Val!”

“Doesn’t this call for a special dinner though? After tonight, we won’t have to work late in this room for a long time to come. Although I do admit I love the idea of you and me all alone in this room late at night.” He wriggled his eyebrows cheekily, if she only knew it was a hint of what was to come.

“It won’t be the last time if we get drunk later and screw up the final closing report.” “I promise I won’t get either of us drunk.” At least that was certainly true, he thought deviously. In fact he had already done almost all the necessary paperwork and closing so they could have extra time for the surprise later, but of course, she did not need to know that just yet.


When Kayla finally returned to the office on the twenty-fifth floor, she was surprised to find all the lights out on their level, save for the waiting area outside the office itself which was dimly lit. She pushed through the glass doors and entered the office cautiously. She could hardly see through the darkness along the hallway to the conference room and wondered if maybe there was some sort of freak blackout on their level.

“Val?” she called out from the entrance, feeling a little nervous.

She bent down to carefully put the bags to one side of the floor and straightened back up to attempt switching on the lights, but before she could find the panel of switches, someone grabbed her from behind and placed a blindfold over her eyes, pushing her back against the wall roughly. He covered her mouth with his hand to stifle her screaming. Kayla kicked and struggled wildly with all her might, she even managed to kick her attacker’s shin. He cussed out loud and Kayla thought she recognized his voice and she felt her anger escalating for the panic and fear he caused her just a while ago. She struggled harder and tried to kick him again, but he eventually managed to press his whole body against hers tightly barely leaving her with any space to even breathe.

“Damn Kayla, you’re like a little dynamite, just calm down!” Val said in low and hushed tone. “I promise I’m not going to hurt you. I’ve something very special planned but you have to be an extremely good girl and follow every word I say, okay?” She had at times deliberately went against his requests out of sheer stubbornness, so he had to make sure she understood that this was important enough that she had to follow everything closely.

She nodded, feeling her anger subside a little, being replaced with mild fear and confusion at whatever was going on.

“Why do I need to be blind-folded?” she asked, her voice thankfully still steady and confident.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” He grinned and kissed her full on the lips, his tongue probing hers, she moaned in response, allowing his hands to roam all over her body, she dug her nails into his shoulders and arched her back sharply, offering herself to him. Within seconds, the buttons of her jacket came undone and he tugged it away easily, promptly tossed to the floor.

Next to come off was the silk shirt, it was roughly ripped open and pitched on top of her discarded jacket. He stood back and admired her petite and sensuous body overtly feeling more aroused by the second. His dick felt rock hard at the sight of her in that seductive lingerie.

“I know this might come across a little cliché, but I really do want to fuck you so bad right now.” He said. She wore a little black satin strapless corset that was so low cut that it barely contained her breasts, while the cups itself were made of a thin translucent lace mesh material that partially revealed her dusky pink areolas and nipples beneath the fabric. The outfit itself clung to her figure like a second layer of skin, accentuating every womanly curve on her body like a slim hourglass.

She blushed and felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment, even with the blindfold on, she could sense his eyes roving over her. Val kissed her again and while they were still tonguing like there was no tomorrow, he pulled out the soft padded cuffs from his back pocket and secured them with her hands behind her back.

She pulled back from his lips in alarm, “What the hell are you doing?”

“Cuffing and stripping you.” He replied factually.

“What?” she yelped. “Right here in the hallway?”

“That’s the plan.” He whispered.

“Are you nuts?” she shrieked anxiously. “What if we get caught? What if…a…a janitor or security guard or someone comes by?”

“There’s no one here at this hour, but if there was, I guess he could join the party.”

“I’ll kill you for this Val!” she cried, a genuine tear rolling down her cheek.

He kissed her solitary tear away. “No you won’t. You probably won’t admit it but I think you’d enjoy a threesome. And I have to add, that you made a damn good choice on the lingerie, by the way. It definitely brings out the porn star in you.” He started running more kisses down her neck and chest, while his hands groped and caressed over her breasts, happy to find that her nipples had already hardened underneath.

“Val, this really isn’t the place!” she pleaded, breathing heavily, she was still worried about someone seeing them right at the entrance and feeling herself get wet at the same time. She was not sure which problem was worse.

Suddenly she felt the first few hooks of her corset being released on the front and his bare hands shoving inside to grab her breasts. She gasped at the feel of his fingers tweaking her nipples.

“Val…” she felt herself fighting to stay sane as her pussy grew hotter. “We can’t do this here, please, anywhere but here!”

“You’re right.” He pulled his hands out of her corset and guided her somewhere else carefully. She felt herself being pulled into a room and edged against a thick glass desk. He bent her forward gently, and she rested her forehead against the cold surface, feeling both anxious and excited at the uncertainty of what was to come. He then proceeded to pull her skirt down forcefully to reveal her matching tiny black panties with garters and stockings.

He held her hips and used his legs to guide her legs apart. “Spread them for me, baby.” He asked. She obliged and stood as wide as possible without losing balance, feeling her heart beat excitedly. He had already angled the cameras to get a good view of her body from the bottom of the table, the side and back of the wall, and the fact that she had no idea she was being filmed in his office, turned him on even more.

He proceeded to unhook the corset from the back and remove it completely leaving her topless and cold. She shivered slightly as the air condition blew against her bare back, her breasts were slightly pressing against the glass making her sensitive nipples hard, and she could feel her panties starting to get increasingly damp.

“Val?” she called out shakily as he trailed his hands sensually along her thighs, caressing and kneading her legs, edging close to her panties, but not quite touching it.

“Hmm?” he answered lazily.

“You couldn’t wait till we got to your place to start this?” Her common sense was screaming that this was a bad idea, but her body was definitely being turned on by Val and his kinky preferences at enjoying sex.

“I wanted to do it here.” He admitted. “Fucking you right in my office, it’s going to be extraordinary, baby.”

Kayla, for some reason, did not find that last part very comforting. Val sometimes had a way of sugarcoating things that were not necessarily as good as what the receiver was led to believe. She could hear him rummaging through a drawer and then the familiar sounds of his belt unbuckling at top speed, followed by the zipper and fabric of his pants and boxers being removed.

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” she asked quietly.

“No hon, but you are going to feel great after this, I assure you. Remember how you told me you’ve never used a vibrator before?”

She gulped nervously. “Y..y..yes.”

Val slipped the tiny device over his middle finger and adjusted the strap to his size. It was a small, quiet, discreet and yet powerful fingertip vibrator with interchangeable attachments depending on the preference. He selected the one with the tiny dotted surface because it was suppose to be the most intense of sensations. With his other hand, he wedge it below her, stroking one side of her breast, playing with her nipple and squeezing it with a range of force.

Within seconds she was moaning and breathing heavily, inviting him to start on her pussy by grinding her butt into him. That was his cue to enjoy himself with her slit using the vibrating finger. He smiled at how hot she looked when she was in heat. Pushing her panties to one side, he turned on the tiny device and slipped his middle finger with the vibrator just around the inside of her labia, her wetness made it easy for him to play with her pussy, the rubber slid back and forth inside her with little frictional resistance. She screamed out loud at the sudden intensity, “What the fuck is that?”

“Do you like that?” he asked her, knowing that she did from her subtle hisses and soft groaning. He moved his middle finger over her clitoris, rubbing it gently so as not to let her cum too soon as he continued fondling and squeezing her breast with the other hand.

She managed to grunt a reluctant yes.

Then, he decided to try something he’d never done before. He moved the wet vibrating finger upwards until it settled just slightly into her ass, touching her anus ever so slightly. She had never done anal before and wasn’t planning on starting anytime soon. Val respected that and hadn’t planned on violating her down there anytime soon either, but the opportunity presented itself so rightly that he had to try. Her body laid still now, as she felt the change in direction. Val pushed his finger in a little deeper, and felt her butt tightened. Her entire body flinched away from his finger.

“Val, no, please don’t.” she begged. He could hear the fear and panic raising in her voice.

He knew she had just about reached her limits today and really did admire her willingness to be part of almost everything he wanted so far. Although he was tempted to try again, he didn’t want to distress her anymore than he already did today. After all, there was plenty of time for him to teach her many other things.

“Alright pussycat, hush now.” he teased, trying to calm her nerves. His fingers slid back to her pussy, rubbing back and forth, alternating the vibrations between her slit and clit. Soon she started panting and moaning, her volume gradually increasing, he picked up the pace until her legs buckled and started trembling faintly at the sensations he was causing.

“Oh God, Val, I’m cumming!” she screamed, her pussy sent rounds of tight spasms round his fingers, her juices flowed freely down his hand.

“All better now?” he asked affectionately, amazed at how beautiful her pussy looked from the back while it was sopping wet with her fluid.

She nodded a little. “Umm hmm.” She hummed, feeling too ecstatic to talk.

He drew his fingers out to flip her over gently, careful not to hurt her back while pressing against the glass. He practically tore her panties off and pulled up a nearby leather armchair in front of her, adjusting her legs such that each heel rested against one arm so that it spread her legs wide apart but was still comfortable enough for her to use that leverage to push her butt off the desk. All she had on left were her stockings, black stiletto heels and blindfold, Val had to stand back for just a quick moment to admire the spectacular view.

He quickly settled himself back between her legs once he was ready. “I believe now it’s my turn.” He asserted firmly. “So brace yourself for another good fucking.”

She nodded eagerly at the challenge, her skin was covered with a sheen of sweat and the smell of pure sex filled the room.

He leaned over her to suck on a nipple, pressing it with his tongue, while he used the middle finger still extremely slick with her juices to rub on the other, applying firm pressure to the nipple, causing her breast to shake slightly with the vibrations.

Kayla moaned feverishly at the simultaneously stimulations. She could even feel herself starting to leak down there again due to the intense arousal he was causing. She squirmed her body uncontrollably, pushing her hips upwards against his body. Frankly, she was surprised to feel her pussy already willing and ready so soon after the first climax. Growling in frustration at her bound hands, she swore in her mind to get her revenge on her conniving sex partner in the near future.

He moved his both hands down to her hips, grabbing her body still, while he kissed downwards until he reached her hot and wet cunt. This time he used his mouth to tease and suck her clit mercilessly, swirling his tongue around her clit until she whimpered.

“Val, you perverted bastard.” She panted.

“I’m not done yet, sweetheart.” Even when blindfolded, she knew that he was grinning ear to ear.

She felt his palm caressing downwards from her belly to the folds of her outer lips, rubbing her a little first before slipping his fingers inside. She felt his fingers moved in and out but there was something else there too, enhancing the movements of his stokes, the little wonderful vibrator was teasing her pussy too, Val stuck his middle finger deeper, firmly rubbing it against her G-spot repeatedly at a swift speed, creating a ticklish and overwhelming sensation. “Stop it please, you’re torturing me!” she begged. He knew if he kept going, she would climax again in a few minutes. “Babe, your pussy is telling me otherwise.”

He increased his thrusting according her body’s reaction, writing and contorting her upper body as she tried desperately to control herself from crashing into overdrive with the heightened pulsation riding on her orgasm at a velocity she never experienced before.

Sandy had just gotten off the phone with her now ex-boyfriend Jim. She was devastated even though they were only going together for 6 months. Tonight was the night she was going to sleep with him for the first time. Sandy had it all planned out.

She was going to cook him a great dinner, and after dinner she was going to slip away to change into some lingerie she had bought for the special occasion. She had purchased a sheer black baby doll for the occasion.

Sandy was still crying when she decided that it was his loss, and she would find someone else. Sandy finally calmed down, and started to get angry. Sandy decided she would show him. Sandy stripped off her t-shirt and sweats. Sandy stood there in her bra and underwear when an idea popped into her mind.

Sandy stripped off her underwear and put on the black sheer baby doll with matching thong she was going to wear for him. Sandy looked in the mirror, and saw how amazing she looked. Sandy stood 5’6″ in the heels that she put on with the baby doll. Her dirty blonde hair spilled over her shoulders.

Sandy’s 32Cs filled the cups of the baby doll, and she could see her small areolas and erect nipple through the fabric. Sandy looked down at the thong, and could see her neatly trimmed bush through it. The fabric of the thong clung to her pussy lips like it was already wet.

Sandy decided to take some pictures of the outfit to send to Jim. The pictures showed Jim what he was missing out on, but didn’t reveal anything she didn’t want him to see. Sandy got a little more daring with each shot she took. Eventually the baby doll was gone showing off her breasts, and Sandy’s nipples were now rock hard.

Sandy was now sitting on the in front of the mirror with her legs spread wide taking shot after shot. Sandy noticed a wet spot forming on her thong. Sandy was horny as hell, and needed some relief. She removed the thong, and stuck a finger in her wet pussy. Sandy was going nuts fingering herself, but managed to snap a few more pictures of her masturbating.

Her thumb started to play with her clit, and she put the camera down to play with her nipples. This went on for ten more minutes until Sandy came hard around her fingers. Once Sandy came down from her orgasm she decided she needed to clear her head.

Sandy went to the bathroom and showered to clean herself up. Every time she brushed her clit an electric shock went through her body. She was tempted to have another go around, but decided to wait until later that night and bring out her vibrator for the second round.

Sandy loved walking in the woods, and thought a walk in the park would be the best way to clear her head. Sandy made her way to the bedroom to get dressed. It was dinner time on a Sunday, so the park would be deserted. She picked out a t-shirt and tight shorts to wear for her walk. Sandy decided against a bra or underwear for her walk.

Sandy wanted to feel free, and decided no underwear was the way to feel the freedom. She put on the t-shirt and shorts, and looked in the mirror. She could see her hard nipples through the white worn t-shirt, and the pink shorts looked like they were painted on.

Sandy didn’t care. She was feeling naughty. Sandy turned around in front of the mirror, and had a great shot for her tight ass. Anyone seeing her wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of her.

Sandy sat on the bed, and put on some white socks and tennis shoes. When she spread her legs to tie her shoes the fabric of the shorts rode up between her pussy lips. The fabric rubbed her clit, and another shock went throughout her body.

Sandy stood up, but did not pull the shorts out of her pussy. She looked in the mirror one more time, and saw her camel toe fully on display. Sandy left the shorts the way they were. She figured if she pulled them out there would already be a wet spot where the shorts went in.

Sandy was ready for her walk and went to the door. Every step stimulated her pussy. Her body was on fire, and she loved it. Sandy hopped in her car and as she spread her legs to get in another shock rocked her body as the shorts rode up more. Even when she switched from the gas to the brake it stimulated her pussy. It took Sandy a lot longer to make it to the park this day.

Once at the park Sandy’s prediction of the park being empty was correct. There were no cars in the parking lot, and not a soul in sight. As Sandy exited the car she spread her legs wide again, and the shorts rode way up into her pussy. Her clit was on fire with the shorts rubbing up against it. Sandy almost got back into her car to finish herself off, but really needed the walk to clear her head.

Sandy started down the trail with her phone in her hand. Sandy sent Jim some of the tamer pictures she took earlier, and put her phone away in her sock to continue her walk. The park closest to Sandy’s house was well wooded, and there were always rumors going around of gangs using it for drug deals. Sandy never saw this going on, and she never believed the stories of the gangs capturing women and raping them in the woods.

Sandy was halfway through her walk when her pussy couldn’t take the rubbing anymore. The fabric of the shorts was doing a good job of hitting her in all the right places. Sandy looked down and could see her nipples almost poking through the fabric of the worn t-shirt. Sandy decided to get off the trail, and play with herself before heading back.

Sandy made it off the trail about 40 feet when she spotted a clearing a little farther ahead. Climbing over some logs to get to the spot did nothing to quench the desire she had to cum. In fact, the constant spreading of her legs drove her nuts. Sandy made it to the clearing when she heard voices coming from the trail. Sandy froze in her tracks, and waited for the people to pass.

The voices stopped, so Sandy thought the coast was clear. The excitement of almost getting caught was too much for her. Sandy bent over and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. Sandy had one foot out when she heard a voice behind her. Sandy looked back, and saw two large black men standing there staring at her bare ass.

Sandy tried to stand up and pull her shorts up at the same time, but only managed to fall forward on her knees. Sandy’s knees were spread and it gave a great shot of her pussy from behind. Sandy got to her feet, and had her shorts back on. The two black men were closing in on her, and Sandy knew she had to get out of there.

Sandy made a break for it. She ran towards the trail just to run straight into three more black men. Two of the men grabbed Sandy’s arms, and dragged her back to the clearing kicking and screaming. With all the movement Sandy’s shorts rode up. Sandy’s ass cheeks were on display, and her pussy lips were separated by the bunched pink fabric.

A quick slap to the cheek shut Sandy up in a hurry. Sandy was thrown down to the ground as the five men met. Each group asked the other if they brought the entertainment. Sandy tried to pull the fabric from her ass and pussy, but a quick kicked stopped her from continuing.

No one claimed Sandy as theirs, and they formed a tight circle around her. Sandy was staring at the ground crying when one of the guys stated money first, and entertainment second. Sandy tried not to look at the men as she sat on the ground sobbing into her hands.

As the deal was going Sandy was learning the black guys nicknames. The big guy who did most of the talking was Ty. He seemed to be the boss dealing the drugs. There were two men with Ty. The thin bald one was named Money, and the heavier man with the short afro was JT. The two men doing the buying were both heavy set, and looked like brothers. They went by the names DJ and Lucky.

The drug deal took several minutes, and Sandy knew they would be turning their attention to her shortly. The five men finally looked down at Sandy with big grins on their faces. JT grabbed Sandy by the arm, and stood her up for everyone to get a better look.

All of their eyes were traveling up and down her body. Sandy was aware that they were looking at her hard nipples poking through the white t-shirt, and the pink camel toe was proudly on display.

Ty grabbed Sandy and asked her name. Sandy lied and gave them Jennifer as her name. He asked her what she was doing in the clearing, and Sandy lied again saying she was lost. The big man told her she had some really bad luck, because now they needed a way to make sure she doesn’t go to the police. Sandy swore up and down that she would keep her mouth shut.

Ty told her he would like to believe her, but he didn’t know her and didn’t trust her. Lucky stepped in and came up with a plan. He suggested if Sandy did whatever was suggested to her that she could prove she was trust worthy. The other guys agreed to this, but Sandy was getting worried of where this was going.

Sandy reluctantly agreed to comply seeing that she had no other choice. The circle widened and Sandy’s first order was to turn around. Sandy immediately turned in circles showing off her body to the group. The next order stopped Sandy in her tracks. Ty ordered Sandy to give him her t-shirt. Sandy didn’t want these drug dealers to get mad, so she grabbed the bottom and pulled it over her head.

Sandy’s beautiful 32Cs were on display to these five black men. Sandy’s nipples were standing straight out in the cool air. Sandy covered her breasts up with her arms, but she knew they already had a good enough look when she was taking off her shirt.

The next order scared Sandy as DJ asked for her shorts. Sandy hesitated knowing that there was nothing underneath the shorts. JT took a menacing step towards Sandy. Ty stated that she was not trust worthy, and needed to be dealt with.

Sandy quickly pulled her shorts down, and took them off. Sandy stood up with one arm covering her breasts, and her other hand covering her pussy. If she would have had another arm she would have been covering her ass.

Lucky ordered her to remove her arms, and place them on top of her head. Sandy did as she was told. Sandy was displaying her body to these five black men. The black men took in the sight. Sandy’s perky tits jiggled with each sob. Her nipples were harder than they ever were before, and it made her small areolas look even smaller. Sandy’s bald pussy lips were red and puffy from the earlier attention.

JT noticed a bulge in her sock, and asked what it was. The nearly naked Sandy told him it was her phone. The man ordered her to give it to him. Sandy bent over at the waist giving the men behind her a great view of her ass and pussy.

She handed the phone to the man, and he immediately started going through it. JT started going through her messages and pictures as his smile got wider and wider. Sandy’s attention was diverted when Ty ordered Sandy to her knees in front of him.

Sandy complied with his order, and she knew what was next. Ty pulled out his large black dick, and ordered Sandy to start sucking. Sandy had no choice, and took his dick into her mouth. Sandy couldn’t believe the size of this guy’s dick. She could barely fit it her mouth and she only had part of it in.

Sandy started sucking as the other men were looking at her phone. Sandy heard some laughing to the side, but was too busy and was unable to see what they were laughing at. Ty grabbed the back of Sandy’s head, and started to fuck her face.

The guy’s dick was hitting the back of her throat as he forced more of it in. Sandy could no longer breathe and she started crying thinking she was going to die. Sandy’s sobs set the guy off as his hot sperm shot down her throat. Sandy had no choice but to swallow since Ty’s dick blocked her from spitting it out.

Ty pushed Sandy down to the ground, and she landed on her ass with her legs spread showing off her pussy. JT walked up to her, and ordered her to stand. Sandy jumped to her feet with her head down looking at the ground. She didn’t try to cover herself up this time since she knew it was useless.

JT called out Sandy’s name, and her head snapped up. She had been found out, and knew this was not going to be good. DJ grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him. Sandy begged for her life, but got nowhere with the five black men surrounding her. Ty slapped her face again, and told her to shut up. Sandy stood there sobbing awaiting her fate.

JT had a big smile on his face as he showed Sandy that her phone was sending messages out. He told her that the pictures she took earlier were being sent to everyone on her numbers list. Sandy was horrified at the thought of everyone seeing pictures of her masturbating in front of a mirror, and to make it worse JT told her pictures of her giving Ty a blow job were also being sent to all of her male contacts.

Sandy screamed “No” as his finger hit the send button. Sandy’s head dropped in defeat as the last confirmed sent came on the screen. Ty grabbed Sandy’s chin and made her look him in the eyes. He told her she needed to be punished for lying to them. The only response Sandy could think of was “Yes, Sir.” Ty cracked a smile as he knew she would be no more trouble.

He ordered Sandy to remove her shoes and socks. Sandy sat on the ground and quickly took them off. As she was removing them she had to spread her legs giving the guys another good look at her trimmed pussy. All five black guys started to remove their clothes. Sandy couldn’t help but stare at each guy’s extremely large dicks. Sandy’s thoughts were of how she was going to fit those things in her mouth.

Money ordered Sandy to get in position. Sandy got on her knees ready to suck the guys off. Money laughed, and told her that it wasn’t her mouth that he wanted. Sandy couldn’t believe it.

There was no way she was going to fit any of those large dicks into her pussy. She had never been with a man that large before. Sandy begged and begged for them to use her mouth, but they just waited until she finally started to get into position.

Sandy laid back in the dirt with her legs clamped shut. Sandy felt someone grab her ankles, and put her legs in the air spreading them wide. The next thing Sandy felt was a large tip of a guy’s dick at her pussy. The tip opened up her lips, and she felt the tip slip into her pussy easily.

The earlier excitement left Sandy still wet, and it allowed him push in farther. It was a tight fit, but more and more was being forced in. The guy even made a comment about how wet this white slut was.

Sandy felt the pressure building in her pussy as she finally felt his balls hit her ass. This was Money’s clue to start pumping, and he did without mercy. Sandy’s body jumped with each thrust as Money picked up steam.

Sandy’s body started to react to the constant thrusts as her pussy got wetter and wetter. Sandy’s legs wrapped around Money’s waist as her pussy pulsed with her first orgasm. Sandy’s moans turned into screams of ecstasy. Someone off to the side forced her shorts into her mouth to keep the noise down.

Sandy kept her eyes closed as Money pumped in and out of her pussy. Money ordered Sandy to open her eyes. Sandy opened her eyes and looked down to her pussy. Sandy couldn’t believe the sight. A large black dick shiny with her juices was stretching her tight white pussy farther than it has ever been before. Sandy’s first orgasm rocked her body.

Money did one last thrust, and buried his dick all the way into Sandy’s pussy. Sandy started screaming “No” through her shorts as the first spurt of sperm coated her pussy. Sandy was not on the pill, and he was not wearing protection. She was total unprotected, and now a black guy was flooding her pussy with his sperm.

Money waited until every ounce of sperm was shot into her pussy, and pulled his dick out with an audible pop. Sandy could feel the hot sperm that filled her pussy completely. For some reason it felt good inside of her, and her body started to crave more.

The next guy in line was Lucky, and he didn’t wait long before he was between her legs pushing his large dick into her pussy. Sandy just laid there shaking her head back and forth repeating the word “No.” Lucky’s pumping was fast and hard. Sandy felt Money’s sperm escaping her pussy around Lucky’s dick. The warm liquid felt good as it ran down her ass.

Lucky grabbed Sandy under her arms as he leaned back. The black guy was now on his back with Sandy on top of him. Sandy started to ride the guy hard taking his entire dick to the hilt with each pump. Sandy’s 32Cs were bouncing up and down, and Lucky grabbed them and started mashing them with his large hands.

Sandy looked down to see the large black hands as they contrasted the white pale skin of her tits. Sandy’s nipples were being pinched and pulled by the black fingers. This set off Sandy’s second orgasm. Sandy’s head flew back as a muffled scream was heard throughout the woods.

Money took the opportunity to pull the shorts out of Sandy’s mouth, and replaced it with his dick. Sandy started sucking the flaccid dick tasting their combined juices on her tongue. Sandy took her hands and started to play with his balls as he got harder inside her mouth. Lucky started thrusting up to make sure she did not forget about him. Sandy responded by rocking back and forth on his dick.

Sandy’s body was on fire, and she was close to another orgasm. Lucky removed one hand from her tits, and moved it to her ass. His big fat finger made its way to her crack, and was smearing cum around her anus. Lucky’s finger forced its way into Sandy’s virgin ass. Sandy never felt so full in her life. All three holes were occupied at once.

The third orgasm hit her, and her pussy started milking the Lucky’s dick. This was enough for Lucky as he exploded inside of her. Sandy couldn’t believe she just took two loads in her unprotected pussy, and her body loved it.

Money pulled out of her mouth, and Lucky pushed her off of him. Sandy landed on her back with her legs spread. Her pussy lips were still open, and sperm was running out of it. JT still had her phone, and was taking pictures of her. Sandy thought she must have been a sight. Her hair was a mess, she was covered in dirt and leaves, and sperm was running out of her pussy.

JT wanted doggy style, so Sandy got on her hands and knees waiting for him to enter her from behind. JT grabbed her t-shirt and cleaned most of the dirt and leaves off her back, and pushed his dick into the gaping hole that use to be her pussy. JT was not as large as the first two, but in this position he felt larger. His dick easily slid in her sloppy pussy making a squishing sound with each thrust.

It didn’t take long before Sandy was ready to cum again. It didn’t help that one of his hands played with her tits, and the other hand was playing with her clit. Sandy got into the rhythm and was thrusting back as JT thrust forward. Two quick orgasms racked Sandy’s body.

Lucky got down in front of her, and told her to clean him off. Sandy looked down to see a shiny monster in front of her. Sandy sucked and licked his balls, and the other areas covered in cum. Sandy then turned her attention to his dick. Which she hungrily took into her mouth, and started sucking.

Another big orgasm shot through her body as JT dumped his sperm into Sandy. The sun was starting to go down, and the guys knew they had to end this soon. They needed to be out of the park before sundown, so as to avoid any patrols that sweep the park. Ty and DJ decided to tag team Sandy. Dog got on the ground, and placed Sandy on his dick. Ty got into position behind her.

Once DJ positioned his big black dick at the entrance of her pussy he grabbed her hips and forced her all the way down. Sandy started rocking back and forth immediately. DJ reached behind Sandy and grabbed her ass cheeks spreading them wide. Sandy felt a presence behind her, and it was confirmed when she felt a warm liquid running down her crack.

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