forced-sex fantasy

Note: The Week is a 13 Chapter, 150 page, novella-length, wife-sharing story. I feel obligated to suggest you will not fully understand the storyline or the contents of individual chapters unless you start at the beginning. In any case, I hope you enjoy the story. Feverman. Copyright 2011, 2012 Chad Sanders, all rights reserved.

Chapter 7 — Saturday, Day 4

I woke up, slipped on some shorts and made my way to the kitchen. Sarah had let me sleep in and it was eleven a.m. already. Lee was reading the newspaper in the great room. “Morning,” I offered as I made my way to the coffee maker.

“Good morning,” Lee answered with his strong, always-friendly voice.

“Where’s Sarah?” I asked as I poured a cup of coffee.

“She said she had some errands to run and would be back in a couple of hours,” Lee told me.

“How was she feeling this morning?”

“She seemed to be feeling fine, but she was in a much different frame of mind than she was when I went to bed last night. I couldn’t even get a good morning kiss,” Lee said. He laughed and asked me, “What did you do to her after I went to bed?”

I ignored his question for the moment and asked, “Why? What did she say?”

“She came out fully dressed, walked to the kitchen, put two breakfast sandwiches in the microwave and announced, ‘Your breakfast will be ready in ninety seconds. I have some errands to run,’” Lee told me.

“Is that all?” I followed up.

Lee went on, “I walked over to her as she was opening the door to leave, thanked her for making breakfast for me and asked for a kiss. She opened the door, walked out and said, ‘Maybe later. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.’ So, Ryan, what happened with the two of you?”

“I may have really screwed up,” I confessed. “I took her to bed after you left us last night. Something about the way she responded to your dominant behavior made me do the same with her. I made her admit that she had been keeping some of her sexual desires hidden from me. I told her I was pissed off that I had to learn about her sexual fantasies from watching her with you. I was experiencing a jumble of emotions and found myself saying things and acting in a way I knew was not me. The last thing I told her was that I wanted her to be faithful to me and monogamous until we could talk more. It was very late and between the dominant role-playing we did and my crazy behavior I didn’t know how she might feel this morning.”

“Well, from what I saw she definitely took your request to heart,” he told me.

I didn’t know what else to say to Lee at the moment, but I offered, “I hope I haven’t screwed things up too much. I guess we’ll find out when Sarah gets back. I’m going to take shower. Do you need anything?”

“Nope; I’m good. I wouldn’t worry about Sarah, Ryan. She seemed fine, except for the personal affection part. I’m sure she was just doing what you asked. She didn’t seem particularly disturbed.” Lee offered to comfort me.

“Do you think she really wants to do some of the wild things Denise did?” I asked.

“It is hard to be sure. It could be that she just got carried away and let her exaggerated feeling in the heat of moment overstate her more realistic desires. On the other hand, she did show a strong interest. Time will tell,” he opined.

“Supposing for a moment that this is something she really wants to experience, how could we accomplish something like that and keep it under control… have it be safe for her?” I asked.

“If she really wants to try such an experience, what I would do is get some professional help. I would hire some pros to make it happen, but not tell her. That way it would seem real and spontaneous, but be much safer. We would need to plan things out, define a course of action and set the limits with the other players ahead of time, kind of like a loosely scripted play,” he explained.

“Where could we find that kind of professional help?” I asked.

“I can probably help you arrange all of that with some local sex club members, when and if you want me to do so,” Lee offered.

“Should I open that door?” I asked for his opinion.

“I would say that depends entirely on what else you learn about Sarah’s desires. If it was me in your position, I wouldn’t take a step in that direction without knowing it was something she truly wanted to experience. I would make her tell me it was something she really wanted, and make her say it in no uncertain terms,” Lee advised.

I told Lee, “I’d like you to help me by probing her desires in this area more. She seems to find it easier to open up and talk to you about her deepest sexual needs. I would really like to get this all out in the open, to know and understand what Sarah might enjoy trying. I love to know the extent of her sexual desires. I want Sarah to be happy. I want her to be fully sexually satisfied and not feel like she missed out on something she really wanted to experience. On the other hand, I really don’t want to go through the nightmare you went through with Denise.”

“You know I will do anything I can for you, Ryan. And, you know how much I care for both of you. I’ll do whatever you ask of me,” he assured me. “I understand your concern about things getting out of control, but I am not nearly as worried about Sarah as you are. She is a mentally healthy woman. I promise you that even if she wants to stretch her limits and try the wild side, she won’t be addicted to a sexual need the way Denise was. Denise had both unusual physical needs and her addictive personality working against her. Your wife doesn’t have either of those problems. She loves you and will only embrace her fantasy desires as long as she sees you willingly embracing them with her and while you are supporting her. Hell, she wouldn’t even give me a kiss this morning, remember? In the end, this is going to be up to you. I suggest you think things through and come to grips with how much freedom you will be comfortable giving her to explore her sexual fantasies,” Lee thoughtfully advised me.

“How about checking around for that professional help you mentioned, just in case. Just find out what is available and when,” I suggested. “I have a feeling she is serious about this. I’m thinking she used the opportunity last night created to send me her message.”

“That could well be the case,” Lee opined.

I wondered what Sarah was doing and why she had left the house. I considered calling her on her cell phone, but didn’t. I showered and continued to wonder what Sarah was doing. I decided to mow the lawn to kill some time. I got sweating and dirty doing so and showered again. Still she hadn’t returned or called. Lee made a slew of phone calls and worked on the computer to prepare for the possibility of fulfilling Sarah’s implied sexual fantasy. As Lee and I were discussing his progress, Sarah came in and cheerfully announced, “The trunk is full of groceries. Would you two gentlemen like to take care of that for me?”

When we put up the last of the groceries, I suggested, “Would this be a good time to have a serious conversation?”

“Do you mean just the two of us?” Sarah inquired.

“Not necessarily, but either the two of us or with Lee included,” I told her.

“Sure,” she said without expressing a preference.

I had no idea where my request to talk more about Sarah’s feelings and desires would eventually take us. Opening up this conversation to talk and flush things out was like tripping the first domino in a long chain of dominoes that only ends when they all fall.

I took a seat at the dining room table and they joined me. I looked at Sarah and said, “First, love, I apologize for my behavior last night. I let my conflicted emotions get the best of me again. I acted in a way with you I knew was wrong, even as I did it. I am sorry and I would like very much for you to forgive me.”

“I’m not sure exactly what you mean, honey. Under the circumstances, I think what you did and the way you acted was perfectly understandable. I assure you, nothing you did offended me. The way I see it, I’m the one who needs to ask for your forgiveness. I haven’t been completely open with you. I fully understand how finding that out is something that bothered you. I would be upset too if the tables were turned. The truth is, I’m disappointed in myself that I haven’t trusted you enough to be completely open about my sexual urges and fantasies. I should have shared my secrets with you long ago,” she explained.

I sat there amazed at her obvious love for me and her willingness to accept part of the responsibility for my internal conflicts. I caught myself admiring both her physical and inner beauties. I felt like the most fortunate man in the world to have Sarah as my loving life-partner. “I will only forgive you if you forgive me,” I said jokingly, as if to make her acknowledge the wrong I felt I had done to her.

“Okay,” she said, and laughed at my persistence.

Lee just grinned in self-satisfaction that he had read my wife’s state of mental wellbeing so accurately.

I felt in awe of both of them because they were each amazing in so many ways. I got the sense I was leading this sexual adventure from the rear. In spite of that realization, I pressed on, asking Sarah, “About your sexual desires, would you like to share with us now some of the sexual situations that you find arousing to think about, some of the things that you have fantasized about doing?”

“Yes. I’ll tell you about my sexual fantasies now, love. I truly wish I’d done so earlier,” Sarah said. “I like the idea of being in situations with very dominant men who lust after me. I like to think of them finding me in vulnerable circumstances. Their desire grows to a point they have to have me. I sometimes fantasize about men taking me by force. They find me so desirable they can’t stop themselves. They just have to have me. That’s the Cliff Notes version of what turns me on when I’m alone and entertain myself with a personal, sexual fantasy.”

“So, the idea of being forced to have sex with a man is what turns you on, is that right?” I asked.

“Not exactly, hon; it turns me on to be so desirable to a man that he will do whatever it takes to have me,” she clarified.

“What kind of men are you taking about? Who do you visualize the man or men being in these fantasies?”

“It’s not with just one kind of man,” she explained. “I fantasize about men with different appearances and background. I like to think of gentlemen, handsome playboys, neighbors, friends, or even strangers who just find me in a vulnerable situation. The main thing is they desire me with such intensity they abandon self-restraint and have to have me. It’s all about their intense desire, their hunger for me. As long as they want me more than anything, it doesn’t matter what they look like or how they treat me. That they are really different in appearance and background only adds to my excitement. Sometimes they are nice and other times mean. Some are handsome and some not. I get turned on by their insatiable need to possess me sexually.”

I was more amazed than before at her desires and the clarity with which she expressed them. “Do you have other fantasies?” I wondered and asked.

“Yes. I have others from time to time, but that one is the most recurring and dominant one.”

“Why do you think that particular fantasy turns you on so?” I asked.

“I have no idea why,” she told me. Sarah turned the question back to me by asking, “Why does watching me make love with Lee turn you on?”

Just as Sarah had no understanding of why her forced-sex fantasy turned her on, I had no idea why watching her have sex with Lee aroused me. Nor did I have any idea why it did to imagine h her with any other man. In that moment, it dawned on me that our sexual desires came from somewhere beyond our consciousness. That realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I focused on the question of where my sexual fantasies came from and wondered who could answer these “why and from where” questions. I asked Lee, “Do you know?”

“I don’t,” he admitted, and added, “I don’t think anybody does.”

“Bullshit; how can that be?” I blurted out, expressing my disbelief, and continued. “Surely somebody has studied sexual fantasies and knows where this one or that one comes from.”

“Sadly, Ryan, they don’t,” Lee firmly stated. “There are many formal studies of sexual fantasies, hundreds of them, but not one of them attempts to understand the origins of sexual fantasies. There is not a single scientific study I could find published anywhere which even attempts to correlate a specific recurring sexual fantasy with its causes. I know that terribly sad fact because I researched sexual fantasies exhaustively when I was trying to understand Denise’s sexual needs.”

“Really?” I asked, more out of shock than as a real question.

“It’s absolutely true,” Lee assured us.

“Nobody knows?” I had to ask again.

“I was as amazed as you are, but it’s true. Like I said, I can’t find where science bothers to address the question. Virtually nothing is known about the origins of sexual fantasies and very little about the causes of our sexual preferences. It frustrated me to no end that I couldn’t find any help understanding why a specific type of fantasy appears in a person’s life, in my case, Denise’s. I honestly don’t think anyone is attempting to determine the sources of our sexual fantasies and collect data on them in a systematic way,” Lee went on to explain.

“Well, they have to come from somewhere, don’t they?” I questioned him.

“I spent a lot of time researching Denise’s sexual needs and trying to figure out the sources of them, thinking there might be a key there to help unlock a solution. I learned a lot about sexual fantasies, such as what types of mental projections are the most popular ones people use to help them get sexually aroused. A great many categories of fantasies have been defined such as incest, forced sex, partner sharing, dominance and submission, age and gender specific, homosexual, etc. Some studies suggest what percentage of men and women in the general population where the study was conducted use this type of fantasy or that. Some attempt to understand the benefits or paybacks to the person having the fantasy. Unfortunately, I could never find any scientific data on causation. The “why” questions, like the ones you two just asked each other, remains a scientific mystery, at least from what I could learn. Strange as it sounds, the best explanation I found came from an online-published, erotic story “Daddy and Little One,” by an author, Bronzeage. The story opined that we simply don’t have control over what turns us on, that our control is limited to what we do about the sexual urges we feel. In other words, we don’t get to choose what excites us sexually; we can only choose to a course of action to deal with our sexual desires. We can suppress/ignore these inner urges or find a release.” Lee shared.

“How common is it for women to fantasize about being forced to have sex?” Sarah asked.

“The studies I have read suggest it’s very common. In the ones I recall, about half the women studied reported having actually had such fantasies. I think the real percentage is likely to be even higher considering the reluctance of some women to admit that such socially-unacceptable thoughts turn them on,” Lee explained to her.

“Some time ago I shared with Sarah some of the information I had found about husbands fantasizing about watching their wives having sex with other partners,” I told Lee. “Do you know how common that fantasy is?” I inquired.

“Wife-watching fantasies are also very popular. I haven’t looked into that area of sexual fantasies as deeply, but my guess would be wife-watching is high on the list of the sexual fantasies enjoyed by married men,” Lee shared. “Just look at the amount of both formally published popular writings and amateur stories about those two categories of sexual fantasies. The number of stories alone suggests a very high level of interest. Take, for example, the number of romance novels published each year where the woman character is forced to do the unthinkable things her heart secretly desires with some man who just can’t help himself. Also, look at the huge number of “wife” stories published in adult magazines and on the internet.”

“Good point,” Sarah agreed.

“About your fantasies, Sarah, would you like us to help you experience them?” I pointedly asked.

Sarah thought for a few moments, obviously struggling with the notion. Eventually she said, “I don’t know… no, I don’t think I want to go there right now. My fear of doing those kinds of things is too strong. Honey, in some ways I really want to, but I’m too reluctant, too filled with fears. I don’t want to now. “

“Tell me about your fears,” Lee requested.

“The biggest one is how doing something like that might affect my relationship with Ryan. Next I guess would be the worry about diseases. Another concern is over the other men involved and their behavior, over how far they might take things. I mean a woman could really get hurt,” she explained.

“Paint me a purely imaginary picture of a set of circumstances that would work, one where Ryan would be okay with it, the men were clean and free of disease and you wouldn’t get hurt,” he suggested.

Sarah considered Lee’s request and asked, “Do you mean just make up something?”

“Yes. Share one of your fantasies with us,” Lee told her.

“Okay, let me see… I have been noticing that a very handsome new neighbor can’t seem to keep his eyes off me. Every time I see him he stops whatever he’s doing and stares at me with desire written all over him. Ryan is out of town working and I am sunbathing in the nude by the pool. I have my eyes shut and suddenly two big strong hands are rubbing lotion on my naked butt. I turn and scream at him to stop, but he kisses me to prevent anyone from hearing. After the kiss, he can’t stop. He has to have more and he takes me.”

“Very good,” Lee told her, “You just described the number one reason women gave for having that type fantasy. The benefit women mention most often was being so admired by a man he had to have her, even if it meant taking her by force.”

“I know that now. You just told us that such fantasies are pretty common. But, I always thought I was a bit perverted for getting sexually aroused thinking about things like that,” Sarah commented.

“Far from it,” Lee assured her. “I think you are perfectly normal and there is nothing sick or perverted about you, Sarah. You are a beautiful well-adjusted female with a healthy sexual appetite and curiosity.” He paused to let his supporting words sink in and asked, “How about telling us one of you fantasies that is a bit wilder?”

It was easy to see that Sarah was comfortable talking to Lee, comfortable sharing her most secret sexual thoughts. I think part of it was that she had observed his total acceptance of Denise with her much darker side. He had just beforehand assured Sarah that she wasn’t a total pervert for having her particular sexual dreams. He said he believed she was “perfectly normal” in so many words. As a result, Sarah felt very much at ease. Thanks to Lee’s tactful approach, she willingly opened up more to us.

She answered, “Okay. This is one I visualized recently. We are in Las Vegas and Ryan is playing poker with a bunch of really rough men and I am watching them. They all keep giving me these lusty, admiring looks and I can see their desire in their eyes and faces. He looses all his money and we are ready to leave when a guy says, ‘I have an offer for you. Let’s cut the cards for a thousand dollars.’ Of course, we don’t have a thousand dollars and Ryan tells him that. The guy says, ‘A thousand dollars against letting me fuck your wife.’ Ryan tells him, ‘No way,’ but the guy keeps goading him, calling him ‘Coward,’ ‘Pussy whipped,’ and stuff like that. Ryan takes me by the arm and leads me toward the door when the guy says, ‘Two thousand.’ I don’t know what comes over me but I say, ‘Do it.’ Ryan asks if I’m sure and I tell him I am. Ryan looses and the guy pulls me to the couch and strips me right in front of all the other men. He makes me give him oral sex with all of them watching and then he bends me over the arm of the couch and fucks me. Another guy bets with Ryan and he looses again. After the first guy comes in me the other one takes over. His lust is out of control and he is really rough with me. Another guy bets and Ryan wins. Then another one bets with him and he looses. It goes on like that. I get fucked in a hotel room by a group of men with even more horny men watching me. But, we also leave with several thousand dollars.”

“Were all of them white?” Lee unexpectedly asked.

“No, two were black,” Sarah admitted.

“Holy shit,” just popped out of my mouth, and I asked, “Is that a regular thing for you to think about, doing it with black men?”

“I wouldn’t say it is a regular thing, but sometimes I do. I like the variety of skin colors and personality types. I think including different types of men in my fantasies reinforces that I’m desirable to all kinds of men. But yes, there is something about the mystique of making love with a black men that excites me,” she shared.

“Assuming the men were safe and Ryan wanted it, would you like to try something like you just described?”

“Oh god, I don’t know, Lee. Fantasies are one thing, but doing something like that for real… I just don’t know,” Sarah told him, and then asked, “Why did you ask me that?”

“Because if it is something you both feel comfortable with, I might be able to orchestrate a real life situation that I think would fit you fantasy desires,” he told her, and added, “But, I will only do it if the two of you talk it over and are in total agreement.”

“I don’t know if I could,” Sarah uttered.

“How about you talk it over with Ryan and let me know?” he suggested. “If you both will excuse me, I haven’t showered yet today,” he said as he stood to leave so we could have some privacy to talk things over.

“What do you think, love?” Sarah asked.

“I was wondering the exact same thing about you,” I told her.

“You first,” she said.

I launched in, “Well, it may be a bit strange without understanding the depth of your desire to experience more adventurous things, but I will share some of my feelings. First, I want you to feel free to share your true feelings with me no matter what they are. Second, I want you to have a fully satisfying sexual life. Third, I am willing to let you try whatever you want to experience so long as it is just for short-term sexual pleasure. What I don’t want is for either of us to do anything to hurt the other one or to harm our relationship. So, it’s your turn. Tell me how you feel about Lee’s offer.”

“The thought of doing something like that for real frightens me. I feel scared, anxious, and really nervous, but I also get aroused at the thought of actually doing something so wild and exotic. I never in my wildest dreams believed I would actually consider doing anything like what I have imagined in my mind. I keep switching back and forth between the desire to try something so sexually stimulating and my fears. I haven’t been able to resolve my conflicting thoughts and emotions. I just keep going back and forth between my different feelings,” Sarah shared.

I tried to add some relevant information to help her resolve her conflict. I reminded Sarah that if she wanted to try this adventure, Lee’s presence and help could be invaluable. I pointed out that I was sure he would be glad to help us anytime we wanted, even if it was remote assistance once he got back home, but that having him with us might make a big difference. This might be the best time we would ever find. I concluded by saying, “I don’t want to push you into anything; be sure of that, love. So, this decision is totally up to you. I want you to think things over for awhile and then make up you mind. I will gladly support you no matter what you decide.”

I hugged Sarah and kissed her. At the end of it, I told her, “Remember me asking you to be monogamous again last night until we could talk?”

“Sure, I do,” she said, and added almost defensively, “and I have.”

“I know that. That is not why I mention it. I mentioned it so I could tell you I trust you and you are free to share your affections with Lee again whenever you want. I wanted to assure you I have my emotions under control now.”

The three of us spent the afternoon at the pool without further discussing Lee’s offer to Sarah. Lee was floating on an air lounger and Sarah was sunbathing beside the pool when I returned with drinks for us all. After I gave Lee his drink, I nudged Sarah and she took hers. After a sip, she calmly told me, “I’d like to ask Lee to set up something. Let’s just do this thing that has been teasing my imagination for so long and get it over with. I’ve decided I want to find out what it’s really like.”

After another hour of phone calls and internet time, Lee joined us as we sat together on the couch in the great room. He announced, “All set for tonight.”

Sarah closed her eyes, I suppose with resignation to the fact her fantasy experience was locked in, a done deal. I wondered what the night might hold as I watched her shiver for a long moment with nervous anticipation at the news. When her chill passed, she opened her eyes. Her only question of Lee was, “What should I wear?”

While Sarah showered, Lee revealed his plan to me and shared the progress he had made to bring her fantasy to fruition. He asked for my consent to several aspects of the plan. When he had revealed it all, he asked what I thought and if there was anything I wanted to change about it. I had to admit Lee’s plan for the evening was very well thought out. The plan was built on a number of sequential events (parts) that gradually unfolded throughout the night. Each new part was increasingly intense and demanding of her. The acts to unfold were designed to satisfy a specific aspect of Sarah’s sexual fantasy and to add realism to her experience. Since Lee was the master architect, I asked him to take the lead. I offered to provide whatever support he needed. If things went as Lee planned, this was going to the wildest night of Sarah’s life. If things got out of hand, it would be the wildest and worst night of all of our lives. Saying, “Go for it,” meant placing a huge amount of trust in Lee’s good judgment. But, I did trust him.

Chapter 8 – Sarah’s Fantasy

Our dinner reservation was for eight thirty p.m. at an upscale restaurant and night club. As we rode there in a cab, Lee took Sarah’s hand and said, “Last chance to back out. Is this something you are sure you want to do?”

Sarah told him, “I’m both excited and scared. I have this rush of excitement and fear that sweeps over me every few minutes, but somewhere along the way I switched from reluctance to determination. My curiosity and my desire are greater now than my apprehension. Thank you for helping with this, Lee.”

“You are welcome, Sarah. Now, things between us need to change. As of this moment and until we are back at home our relationship is not as it was before. There are some things you need to do for Ryan and me, and you have to agree to do them out loud for both of us to hear. You need to understand that you have no control over anything anymore. Are you willing to totally give up control to us right now?”


“You are to obey without question whatever we tell you. Do you agree?”

“Yes, I agree.”

“Pull your dress down and show our driver your breasts,” Lee ordered her.

Sarah looked surprised and hesitated for a second as if to build up her resolve before she dropped her straps off her shoulders and peeled her dress off her breasts as ordered. The driver adjusted his rear view mirror, took a few looks, and commented, “Very nice tits, lady.”

Satisfied she was committed to obey as directed, Lee went on, “Tell the driver thanks for looking at your naked breasts and for his compliment. You need to be grateful for whatever attention you get from admiring men tonight.”

Sarah didn’t hesitate again. She told our driver, “Thank you for admiring my naked breasts and for telling me you liked them.”

“Very good, Sarah,” Lee praised her on her obedience. “Put your dress back on now. Strict, immediate obedience is the one thing you must always do. Don’t think, just do as you are told. I will give you more instructions later. Your safe word is rainbow. Tell me your safe word.”

“Rainbow,” she repeated.

“That word “rainbow” will tell Ryan and me you want to end things. However, it will mean nothing to anyone else, and therefore, using your safe word will not alter the behavior of any other man you might be engaged with at that moment. It is just a signal to Ryan and me that you want to stop. We can’t guarantee that the other person will be willing to stop whatever he is doing with you even when we attempt to get him to do so. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she said.

“Say it for me five times,” Lee told her, and Sarah repeated her safe word for him as told.

Lee paid the driver and arranged for him to return for us later in the evening. He got the driver’s cell phone number and slipped him a couple of bills to be on standby in the area when we needed him.

Dinner was delightful. For Sarah it was stressful because she kept expecting something unusual or different to happen. The tension of her expectation was heightened by the fact that absolutely nothing sexual or even remotely suggestive of her fantasy was happening. Lee was attentive as usual and together we made sure Sarah’s wine glass was never empty for more than a moment. Lee entertained us with stories and jokes that kept us both amused throughout dinner. Sarah looked increasingly puzzled, if not downright bewildered, until dinner was over. I paid our bill and Lee led Sarah into the nightclub. I followed and caught up as they toured the bar and dance area.

Rather than take a table that was offered by a couple who were leaving, Lee walked us through the dance area and the tables, but he chose to seat Sarah at the bar on the only available barstool. Her seat was between two groups of unattached men. The two men on her right were Latino and the three on her left were black. Lee ordered drinks from a passing waitress and told Sarah, “Dance some and enjoy yourself. Pretend you are here alone tonight. I’ll be back for you later. Your orders are simple: you are to do whatever anybody wants you to do with them no matter how unladylike it might be. The only thing you can’t do is leave the building and go somewhere else. Do you understand?”

She swallowed hard and said, “Yes, I understand.”

Lee nodded to me to follow him. He suddenly stopped and said, “Oh, I almost forgot.” He took a gold necklace from his pocket, put it on Sarah and said, “I almost forgot to give you today’s present.”

The pendant he left dangling just above Sarah’s half-exposed breasts was cut out of a gold plate. It read, “Willing & Ready!” The exclamation mark was made from two large, brilliant diamonds.

“Have fun,” Lee told Sarah as we walked away.

Across the club, we joined two nice looking women waiting for us. Lee introduced us. A brunette named Sharon immediately asked me to dance. I did while Lee talked with the blonde named Kathy. As we danced, Lee reviewed the consent agreement both Lee and I had to sign. Lee had arranged for the girls to party with us to intensify Sarah’s sense of isolation, tweak her jealousy, and make it more difficult for her to pull away from the men Lee had recruited to be with her. It was all part of Lee’s plan, but Sarah didn’t have a clue of the extent to which she was being manipulated.

We danced and talked with our pre-arranged dates and made a show of it for Sarah’s benefit, but left her alone to fend for herself. The men on both sides of Sarah gave her all their attention. They took turns dancing with her and became more aggressive and bold with their intentions as the evening progressed. It was no accident that one of the men she found herself next to was black and the other was Hispanic. Nor was it an accident they had immediately given her their undivided attention. Lee had arranged for them to be there and had instructed them on what to do with Sarah.

Only a person with Lee’s life experience could have planned such an elaborate fantasy in such a short time. About a dozen people were directly involved and another half dozen available to help out if needed. All the people Lee recruited were either members of swingers clubs or were professional sex therapists. They were all experienced role-players and had participated in a number of similar sex games before. Some were volunteers and some were paid. I could only imagine what Lee was forking out for the evening. He wouldn’t discuss it.

The two ladies we danced and drank with were happily married swingers. One was married to the black man, Ray, who was playing up to Sarah most. Either Ray or the Hispanic man on the other side of Sarah danced with her to almost every song. They bought her drinks and constantly vied for her attention. Late in the evening when the players had Sarah worked into a state of wild willingness, they sandwiched her between their young strong bodies and let their hands suggestively roam her body while they danced with her. The next dance became more suggestive to the point of being vulgar. They literally pinned her between them and dry-fucked her on the dance floor. Both men had been kissing Sarah on her neck and cheek for some time. When they returned to the bar, Ray turned her around her bar stool to face him and openly kissed her on her lips. When Ray stepped back a minute or so later, the Latino man, Hector, stepped in and did the same. After their bold, initial kisses, both men actively kissed Sarah’s lips whenever they wanted.

With Sarah being pulled from one man to the other, kissing them and letting them touch her however they wanted it made Sarah appear very unladylike, actually, like a drunken slut. Even more so because, as ordered, she willingly gave in to whichever one had her attention at the moment. Her unusual behavior became an item of interest to a number of other people in the bar. She was a spectacle as a well-dressed, beautiful, woman being passed back and forth between two men. The way Sarah was openly sharing her affection with two ethnically diverse men was too much for some observers to ignore. The finger pointing and discussions that took place with men and women looking directly at her, made it clear she was acting inappropriately. Her trashy, overtly-sexual behavior was seen as increasingly outside the establishment’s standards of good taste. However, it was all part of Lee’s master plan for the evening.

At the bar, where one player could block the view of most of the other people in the club, Ray and Hector took the liberty of feeling her tits and putting their hands under her dress, teasing her sex with their fingers. The most aggressive manhandling and the quibbling over which man would take her home began precisely at twenty minutes before one a.m. It gave the two men just enough time to work Sarah into a final, heated frenzy before we moved to another more private location at one a.m. Things there would really get wild.

Sarah later told me she had long before surrendered her will to Lee’s order to let anyone use her however they wanted. By giving up control and acting in blind obedience, she was free to set aside her normally, socially-conscious behavior and enjoy the two attractive strangers’ blatant sexual interest in her no matter how bold and crude it was. Being made a spectacle in the classy bar added to her fantasy experience because it was so raw and inappropriate for a lady to behave the way she had.

Just before one a.m. Lee paid Ray’s wife for the bar expenses and gave the ladies a bonus gift. “Buy something nice with the extra,” he told her, and we said goodnight to them.

At the bar Lee told Sarah, “We’re going to another club. You can bring one of your friends with us if you want, but not both. If you want some more company besides Ryan and me, choose one of them.”

“I’ll go,” Ray offered.

“Me too,” Hector told her.

“They are both so… committed to me. How can I choose?” Sarah replied. Her voice was altered. It was apparent she was both tipsy and very sexually aroused by the dual attention focused on her.

“Only one,” Lee insisted.

The men began to argue and each repeatedly asked Sarah to choose him. They began pushing and shoving with mock aggression. It looked and felt very realistic, as if they were willing to come to blows right there in the bar to continue their time with her. Sarah wouldn’t make a choice and finally Lee had to. The scene was getting out of hand. He said, “Enough! Okay, let’s all go!”

Having an African-American and a Hispanic man vying to take control of Sarah was done to provide her a choice. Specifically, it was to allow Sarah to choose the type of ethnic group she wanted conducting her forced-sex fantasy. She didn’t pick up on the clue and didn’t understand the option was being offered. So, that part of the plan just flew out the window, or more appropriately, over her head. It left an extra player in the game with no purpose or support. Lee made Sarah’s choice for her and signaled to Ray he had picked the black team.

Outside the club our cab was waiting on us. Lee asked, “Either of you guys know a place we can get a drink, shoot some pool and maybe get a little wild?”

“Sure brother, Dante’s place; it’s one of my regular joints,” Ray said.

“Is it safe to take her there?” Lee asked and nodded at Sarah.

“It’ll be safe as long as I’m with you, but not without me. I know all the regulars there, bro. My cousin is the bartender, and the owner, Dante, is my main man,” he explained.

“Okay,” Lee said, “I’ll ride with you Ray. Ryan, bring Hector with Sarah and follow us in the cab.” Lee used the opportunity to finalize with whom and how Sarah was going to experience the remainder of the night.

As we rode to Dante’s Club, I pulled Sarah’s dress down off her tits and made a show of massaging her breasts openly in front of Hector. Of course our cab driver got an eye full too. I wanted Sarah to feel like she was on public display and available for group consumption. When I stopped and signaled Hector, he took over and did the same. Sarah was further gone into sexual surrender than I had ever seen her. She kissed the stranger with passion and let his hands roam freely over her exposed breasts. She was flushed and looked ready to totally submit and do anything Hector wanted by the time the cab stopped in front of the run down club. “Dante’s Club,” the neon sign blinked in pink and green.

Ray was there almost immediately to open the door of the cab. He took Sarah by the arm and led her into the club, proclaiming ownership of her by possession to the people inside. He wrapped his arm around her waist and guided her through the old and relatively empty place to a table full of empty beer bottles and used ashtrays. Two couples dancing, both black, four other black male customers and the bartender were the only people in the joint. Every eye followed Sarah in her bright-blue, low-cut, party dress to our table. An extremely large, black man playing pool was brightly dressed also, but their clothing was all the color to be seen in the dark, seedy-looking barroom. We pulled up another equally-used and dirty table to make a place for all of us.

I looked around the one and only room (other than restrooms) and saw two pool tables, one of them occupied by two of the four unaccompanied black male customers in the place. Two other black men sat at a table drinking beer and talking. They stopped talking and openly stared at Sarah. The walls were old wood-paneling that looked like they hadn’t been washed in years. Exposed pipes fed water to other parts of the building and the old, steam-radiator, heating system. A small, wooden dance-floor was located between the end of the bar and the pool tables.

“Bring us some beer, Cuz,” Ray yelled across the room, “and put it on my tab. Could you get rid of this crap? Don’t you ever clean up around here?”

“I clean when I can. It was busy earlier,” he answered. “Last call… you better get all you want to drink now,” Cuz called out.

“Bring us four rounds,” Ray told him and began to clear the table.

Cuz delivered the beer in two trips, locked the front door, pulled the blinds closed and shut off the neon sign outside. He loudly announced, “We are closed. I’ll let you out when you finish your drinks.”

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