forced orgasms

He stood watch outside the building in uptown London where she worked and followed her home to the east side, being careful not to draw attention to himself. He waited across the street from her flat and watched as she entered, following her every move first with his eyes and later with his binoculars. Seeing her undress in front of the full length mirror, kneading her naked breasts and toying her smooth pussy made his heart race and his cock grow firmer. Although she kept the room lit with a lamp on the bedside table, he was disappointed that she’d put on a camisole and knickers before crawling into her bed. It was difficult to tell exactly what she was doing, but it appeared she was sending text messages in between short periods of masturbating. “Good,” he thought to himself. “She’ll be ready.”

Sometime after midnight, she finally turned off the lamp. He decided to wait another 20-minutes or so before sneaking into her flat to have his way with her. He checked his duffel bag to make sure he had everything he’d need even though he’d done that several times before he left his house in the afternoon. After checking his watch a few times, he decided to move towards the door to her flat. Being careful not to be seen by neighbors, passersby or the CCTV cameras, he worked his way cautiously to the door, set down the duffel bag, carefully opened it and retrieved his lock picking tools. He had the door opened in just a few seconds and quietly entered her flat.

Once inside he turned on his portable torch so he could light his path and wouldn’t bump into anything as he inched his way to her bedroom. Once he was standing in her doorway, he paused and stared at her asleep in her bed. “This is going to be so much fun,” he thought to himself. He was pleased that she was sleeping on her side with her hands pressed together near her face. Her ankles also appeared to be together under the duvet. Holding the roll of duct tape outside the door, he carefully pulled off a couple of feet to wrap around her wrists, tiptoed into the room and quickly secured her wrists. By the time she was awake, he had the duvet off her body and was wrapping tape around her ankles. He covered her mouth with one of his large hands and told her not to scream. Her eyes wide with fear, she obeyed his command and lay still.

“You may think you’re merely scared,” he said confidently, “but your hard nipples tell another story. I’ll bet if I checked your pussy I’d find it soaking wet.”

She knew he was correct. She felt her nipples straining as they hardened and knew all too well how wet she’d become in that brief moment. She didn’t know if she wanted him to discover that or not. She’d had fantasies of things like this, but now it was actually happening!

As he pulled his hand away from her mouth, his fingers caught on the top of her camisole. Pulling the sheer fabric harder, he spoke again. “I’ve had my eyes on you for several days, and now that I know you want me to have my way with you, I’ll do just that.” The fabric ripped, exposing her full, naked breasts. He cupped both in his hands and as he squeezed their fullness he said, “If you’re a good little slut and do what I say, I’ll make sure you cum at least once before I go. I’d guess you’ve already had a couple of orgasms tonight. Am I right?”

She nodded her head “yes.”

He walked around the bed, surveying his surroundings. When he was behind her he quickly tugged her knickers down below the curve of her arse and lifted one cheek. “What’s this I see? A butt plug? How delightful!” He twisted it back and forth a few times. “I’m so pleased you enjoy having things put inside your arse! I’ve got just the thing for you, but you’ll have to wait a little while for that. I have something else in mind to do first.”

He walked to the end of her bed, grabbed her ankles and pulled them to the side and then off the bed. He moved to the other side of the bed and pulled her shoulders to the edge causing her head to tilt down. “Time for me to have a little fun now. Open your mouth, slut.”

He stepped out of his pants and out plopped his huge cock. He dangled it over her face just inches away before spreading his feet wide and dragging his balls over her face. After backing away a bit, he held his cock in one hand and slapped her several times with it. A few droplets of semen leaked from the tip and smeared over her cheeks and nose. “Alright, slut, tell me what you want me to do with my cock. You want it in your mouth, don’t you? Well?”

She wanted it, but also didn’t. She loved sucking cock, but he was a total stranger. Did she dare take him into her mouth?

He slapped her with it again. “Well, slut, if you want it you’ll have to ask for it nicely. Do you want it or not?”

Her brain told her one thing, but her mouth said differently. “I want it. Let me suck it.”

He slapped her with it another time and said, “You’ll have to ask better than that.”

“Please… let me suck your cock. I want it in my mouth.”

“Oh, I think you can do better than that! Try again.”

She stared right at his cock and imagined how it would taste. “Please, sir! May I please taste your cock! I want it in me, please! Let me suck it. I’ll do a good job, I promise!”

“You’re getting better, but I think you need to try a little harder.”

This time she strained to look up into his eyes. “Oh, please, sir. Please shove your cock down my throat and fuck me with it! Use my mouth and throat like it’s a warm, juicy pussy. Please?”

“Much better, slut. Now I know you really want it.” He held her head and positioned her so his cock would slide into her throat, and then did just that. “Relax, slut. Just lie still and enjoy it while I fuck your face just like a pussy.”

He leaned forward and grabbed her breasts, using them as support as he thrust his hips to and fro. After every dozen or so thrusts he pulled out completely and slapped her face with his cock. He told her she was his fuck toy and planned to use her every night. He said he knew that’s what she wanted, to be owned and controlled completely, and if she proved that she was worthy, he’d consider taking over everything in her life. He still hadn’t cum yet, but when he pulled out of her throat the last time, there was so much of her saliva smeared over her face it was almost impossible to tell.

“Those sure are pretty tits you have, slut. Let’s see what they look like bound with some tape.” He grabbed the roll of tape and placed it at the base of one, pulled it and the tape tightly around it and made it bulge out the other side. He then repeated the same thing on the other one before backhanding his fingertips across the nipples. He then reached into his duffel bag and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps connected by a chain. “Oh, yeah… these are going to make you feel good, slut.” He opened the jaws of each clamp and secured them to her hard nipples, squeezing them tightly. Next he pulled her bound wrists close to her stomach and then lifted them over the chain, placing their weight on the chain and pulling down hard on the clamps. He rolled her onto her side again so she wouldn’t be able to adjust her position.

“I may not be able to get to your pussy easily, but I think I can get to your arse. Let’s find out.”

He moved behind her again, lifted her top cheek and gave a sudden tug on the butt plug. It popped out leaving her arse gaping. Quickly positioning himself behind her he pushed in his still wet and dripping cock. They both moaned in unison. Before beginning his thrusting, he rolled her onto her stomach and told her he knew this was what she’d been wanting. Even with the thick coating of her saliva, there was still plenty of friction. As he pumped in and out of her, the saliva began to dry, making it feel tighter and rougher than before. She moaned, and not a good moan. It started to hurt. He didn’t care. All he wanted was to use her arse as his cunt and to cum in her. Her moans changed to cries and that just aroused him even more. His cock grew and hardened as he continued fucking her. She squeezed him as he thrust and eventually it sent him over the edge, flooding her arse with his cum.

Panting and sweating, he slowly pulled his cock out of her and stood up, wiped his cock off in her long, curly hair and then reached back into his bag and removed his trusty Hitachi Magic Wand. He looked around the bed until he found an electrical outlet, plugged in the wand and then pushed her onto her back. He roughly spread open her thighs and pushed the large rubber head of the wand against her pussy lips. “I told you I’d make sure you had an orgasm before I left, and I’m about to keep that promise.” He pressed the rocker switch to the low speed and slowly moved it up and down between the slit of her lips. Within seconds her body was quivering and jerking as her orgasm hit hard. Still holding the wand against her pussy, he ignored her as she begged for him to stop. He laughed and held it on her clit forcing her to orgasm again. Even though she struggled to avoid the massive vibrations of the wand, he continued to press it to her clit. With her body spasming with a continuous flood of orgasms, he switched it to the high speed and rubbed it up and down over her clit. She begged and pleaded unintelligibly with him to stop before he finally turned it off. He waited as her body slowly returned to a calm state and then he flipped on the power to force yet another orgasm from her. Her clit and pussy lips were red and swollen and the sheet was soaked all around her crotch. Smiling at the mess he was responsible for, he put the wand back into the bag.

He told her he’d come back the next night to fuck her pussy and force her to orgasm some more, and then he got dressed. He pulled out a pocket knife and slit most of the way through the tape that held her wrists, making sure it would leave him plenty of time to slip away unhindered. He snatched the nipple clamps off her very tender nipples and stuffed the clamps into the duffel bag along with the remainder of the roll of duct tape, snapped a few photos of her with his phone and then hurried to the front door. Before he left, he shouted back at her, “You’re a good fuck toy, Kara! See you tomorrow night!”

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