forced oral

Joey finished up the kitchen while Robbie stood in the office and watched me finish my paperwork. My hands were trembling so bad that it took me twice as long. Robbie said nothing to me. His brown eyes, which were usually so soft and warm, were cold and hard right now. I wanted to break down and tell him everything I was feeling, but I couldn’t. I was already in such a vulnerable position, and if I couldn’t protect myself physically I could at least keep my emotions from being used against me. At this point, it would probably just be more ammunition.

Finally we were finished and ready to go. We locked up and left the building. Robbie kept a firm grip on my arm, as though I were going to try to run away or something. I kept glancing at Joey for some kind of reaction but he seemed noncommittal, like he was just along for the ride.

We drove to my house, Robbie in my passenger seat and Joey following us in his car. I finally mustered up the courage to speak to Robbie.

“Robbie, I don’t feel anything for Joey…at all.”

“That’s fine, he doesn’t give a damn about you either. He just enjoys fucking with you. We’re both about to fuck with you now. ” Robbie responded with a grin. I shook my head, trying not to react to his words.

“The truth is, I’ve always cared about you, Robbie. I swear. I never thought you’d feel the same about me.” I sighed, not knowing what else to add.

He didn’t respond.

We pulled into my driveway a few moments later. I turned off the engine, then faced Robbie and looked him in the eye. One last plea.

“Robbie…please….don’t do this.”

He leaned over and kissed me. Softly, gently. Not rough like Joey. I smiled as he pulled away, thinking that he finally understood me.

“So that’s what it feels like to kiss a slut.”

I felt defeated. Joey pulled into the driveway behind us and I saw him pull a small duffel bag out of his backseat. Robbie had climbed out of my car and a moment later they were pulling me out of my seat and practically shoving me towards my front door.

We got in the house and they took me in the kitchen and sat me down at the table. Joey tossed the bag onto the table in front of me and lit a cigarette.

“Look inside,” he said simply. He had always been a man of few words.

I unzipped the bag and began pulling out various items. They were all brand new, still in the packaging. There were handcuffs, bondage rope, lubricant, condoms, and a painfully large butt plug. The worst looking item, however, was a large paddle with the word “slut” imprinted on it, backwards. When they hit me with it, it would leave the word on my bare flesh.

The boys were obviously enjoying my reaction, and when I pulled out the “slut” paddle, Robbie’s eyes lit up.

“Oh, yeah…I picked that out for you, babe.”

I swallowed, hard, and kept my eyes down. I could feel their eyes on me. I wanted to make a smartass comment, but I had no courage left. Maybe if I kept my mouth shut I could retain some dignity.

Joey took one last draw of his cigarette and crushed it out in the ashtray on the table. That seemed to be the signal Robbie had been waiting for, as he stepped forward and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me to my feet. It seemed he was fond of doing that.

We went to the bedroom, Robbie holding me in one hand and the duffel bag in the other. Joey followed us, and sat on the bed. Robbie let go of my arm and ordered me to strip.

I glared at him, but slowly removed my clothes. Once I was naked, Robbie walked around me, inspecting my body.

“Not too bad,” he said. “I’ve had sexier girls, but you’ll do. What do you think, Joey?”

Joey grunted. “She’s alright.”

There’s nothing worse than having your naked body judged by two guys who are about to have their way with you. Robbie grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back, and I felt him putting the handcuffs on me. He brought his hands to my shoulders and pressed down.

“On your knees,” he told me, pushing me down. I dropped to my knees somewhat awkwardly.

This got Joey’s attention as well, and he stood up. Both of them stood before me, unfastening their pants and pulling out their cocks. Robbie’s came out first and I gasped. He was about 8 inches long and very thick, with a fat swollen head and precum at the tip. Obviously he was very excited. Joey pulled his out as well, and it was a bit shorter than his brother’s but pretty thick as well. He didn’t seem to be fully hard; that was almost an insult in and of itself.

Robbie wrapped my long hair around his hand and pushed my head down on his cock. He wasn’t gentle; I gagged on it and he left it in my throat for a few moments. I blinked away tears rapidly and tried my best to relax my throat. I was drooling and I knew I looked like a total whore. I shut my eyes tightly as he began to thrust in and out of my mouth.

“Open your eyes,” he growled, reaching down to pinch my nipple hard. I whimpered and opened my eyes to look up at him. In spite of the situation, I was fully aroused and could feel my pussy getting wet as he fucked my mouth. Robbie withdrew a moment later and Joey pushed his cock in my mouth. It was a relief to feel Robbie’s large cock being replaced with Joey’s slightly smaller one.

Joey fucked my mouth for a few moments before he pulled out. He walked over and lay on the bed, on his back. Robbie grabbed my arms and helped me to my feet, then pushed me to the bed.

“Get on your knees on the bed and keep sucking his cock,” he told me, reaching for the duffle bag.

I climbed on the bed and leaned over. Joey grabbed the back of my neck and pushed his cock back into my throat.

I couldn’t see Robbie, but I could feel his presence behind me. A moment later, I gasped as I felt the cold lube trickle down into my ass crack, and he brought a hand up to stroke my pussy.

“Mmm, you must be enjoying this. Your pussy is soaking wet,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, her mouth is pretty fucking wet, too.” Joey groaned, burying his fingers in my hair.

I could say nothing with Joey’s cock down my throat, but I moaned as Robbie slid a finger easily into my wet pussy.

“Well, we’ll have to play with that hole later. I intend to take your ass right now,” he informed me, removing his hands from my pussy.

He was using his knowledge of my sexual experience against me. During our conversations, I had admitted to him that I enjoyed anal play but had never had a cock in my ass. Apparently he wanted to be the first.

I felt him slide a finger into my lubed asshole, then another. He played with me, stretching me, for a few moments, adding more lube every few minutes. I was thankful he was being somewhat gentle with me.

Joey, however, was not. I felt like he was fucking my throat raw. I was working him with my tongue and sucking him the best I could, hoping that he would come soon. It didn’t seem like he was getting any closer. The fact that my hands were restrained behind my back made it even worse; there was no way to brace myself for his cock pushing down my throat. I had tears running down my cheeks and saliva dripping from my mouth.

I felt Robbie remove his fingers from my ass, and then I felt something larger at the entrance. Thankfully, Joey stopped fucking my throat and held me still so that Robbie could work on my ass.

“Make sure you keep your cock in her mouth so she won’t scream and wake the neighbors,” Robbie told Joey, in a manner of fact sort of way.

Joey grunted in agreement, and Robbie placed one hand on my ass. With the other hand, he began to push the plug into my tight hole. He didn’t give me time to get used to it; he just kept pushing and pushing.

“Relax, baby…you can take it, just don’t fight me. It’ll be so much easier if you don’t fight.” He caressed my ass gently with his free hand.

I felt him squirt a little more lube on the toy and I tried my best to relax through the pain. I was moaning and squealing around Joey’s cock.

“If you bite my cock, bitch, I swear you’ll regret it,” Joey said dangerously.

Finally the plug was all the way in. It didn’t hurt anymore, strangely, but I had the feeling it would hurt when he went to pull it out. Joey went back to fucking my throat.

I felt something cold and hard against my ass, and Robbie leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“Are you ready for your punishment, slut?”

I moaned around the cock in my mouth. I felt Robbie pull back and then I heard the thwack of the paddle on my ass. It took a second to register the pain, but when it did, I jerked so hard that Joey’s cock popped out of my mouth and I cried out in pain. My asshole squeezed around the butt plug painfully.

Robbie quickly pushed my head back down, and placed a strong hand in between my shoulder blades. Joey took a firmer grip on my head with both his hands.

The paddle came back down, hard, and I let out a loud groan. I don’t know how many times he spanked me, but Joey began to come in my mouth a moment later. I swallowed it and he pulled out of my mouth, and got up from the bed. I fell forward on my face, with Robbie still spanking me relentlessly. Each time the paddle made contact with my ass I could feel the butt plug twitch deep inside me.

He finally stopped using the paddle and tossed it aside. I felt limp and weak from all the pain he had inflicted on me.

In one swift motion, he yanked the plug from my hole. I gasped as the feeling returned and my asshole throbbed with a dull ache. I felt him pour more lube into my now gaping hole and he climbed onto the bed behind me, using his knees to spread my thighs open.

I glanced up to see Joey smoking another cigarette, watching us like it was part of a circus act. His pants were refastened and he seemed content. Maybe this is all I have to do, I thought.

I felt Robbie’s large cock at my entrance, and I relaxed my muscles the best I could to allow him in my anal passage. He began to push, gently. I groaned loudly and Robbie put his hand over my mouth.

“I’m just going to shove it in…it will be easier on you. No, don’t tense up, try to stay relaxed.”

I nodded, and a second later, he thrusted his hips up, his large cock filling my ass.

I cannot even describe the animalistic noises that came from me as he fucked my ass. He kept his hand pressed tightly over my mouth. At one point I thought I would black out, but no such luck. I felt his large cock sliding in and out slowly. The pressure was so great that I was terrified I’d have a bowel movement. Thank god I didn’t; that would have added a whole new level to my humiliation.

Finally, I felt his cock swell in me. He pulled out of my ass quickly, leaving me with that throbbing pain, and I felt him spurt his hot cum all over my ass and back.

I flopped forward on the bed, exhausted and shaking.

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