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My wife, Chastity, has a sister, Bella, several years her junior, who has always been on the wild side. My prim and proper wife was usually aghast at the latest information concerning her little sister’s sexual exploits. It wasn’t that she condemned her, she just didn’t understand her. I, on the other hand was always fascinated, and frequently aroused by her actions and her appearance. She looked spectacular in a mini-skirt, and I loved hearing from my wife what Bella had told her about her latest lover’s big cock. I secretly hoped in fact that Bella’s influence would corrupt my wife, and when I look back now I can’t help but wonder if I’ve merely reaped what I had sown. Many years ago I told my wife that I was impotent and I simply couldn’t get aroused anymore. She took it very badly; she felt it was a reflection on her. I said that we were still married and that didn’t mean she could cheat on me. She seemed offended by the mere suspicion. Even to this day she has always maintained that she just isn’t interested in having sex with another man. Imagine my surprise, though, when I found out she had told her little sister all about my problem and my accusation! I was completely embarrassed that someone in her family, particularly someone with so little sense of discretion, was aware of my peculiar sexual dysfunction. But Bella told Chastity she thought she should get some action from a “real man” and actually offered to let her use her apartment to meet her lovers! My wife, politely but chastely, thanked her for her offer but declined her invitation.

It took me awhile, and I eventually accepted the fact that my wife intended to keep her wedding vows and remain faithful all her life. It even seemed that her sister was settling down. We had moved away and didn’t see her sister much, but rumor had it that she had met someone she wanted to marry. I think it was troubling to the family that Luke was in his thirties, twice Bella’s age. My wife and I soon became the only family members that were not against her marrying Luke. So it didn’t surprise us when Bella and Luke showed up on our doorstep on their “honeymoon” asking if they could stay with us. They had eloped we were told, and couldn’t afford a proper honeymoon, but wanted desperately to get away from the rest of the family for a few days. We were sworn to secrecy about their marriage because Luke was black and Chastity’s family was pretty racist, her dad was always complaining about “niggers”. But we were happy to help them, Bella was her little sister. It was a happiness that didn’t last too long. As we got to know Luke it was hard to escape the conclusion that Chastity’s family had been right. Luke was obnoxious, arrogant, vulgar, and aggressive. At 6’5″, a good 260 lbs, he reminded me of the school yard bully who, secretly ashamed of spending year after year in the sixth grade, realizes that he can use his superior size and strength to punish the other students for his stupidity. “Remember when I said you can’t see other men,” I told my wife, “that goes double for anyone like Luke!” Prompted by my remark she told me how Luke had crassly propositioned her before he’d even spent an hour with us, and had been nearly unrelenting in his pursuit. “Don’t worry,” she replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a more loathsome man.”

We probably should have asked them to leave then and there, but we didn’t know how to explain it to Bella. I think because she knew I’d make a scene and embarrass her sister if she told me, Chastity didn’t mention that Luke’s advances had included attempts at kissing her, fondling her breasts, and feeling her up. And since I didn’t know the full extent of what had been happening, we agreed that for Bella’s sake we’d let them stay the week and just try to make the best of it.

Whether Luke mellowed or we became more tolerant, by the third day of their stay, we seemed to be getting along well enough for the four of us to go out dining and dancing. Both Bella and Chastity wore mini-skirts, and according to my wife, had mutually agreed to wear crotchless pantyhose without their panties. And since Chastity told me, I suspect that Bella had shared this fact with Luke as well. It seemed a curious and provocative choice given the circumstances, but it was terribly arousing to view our sexy wives together knowing what they weren’t wearing, and though I can’t imagine Luke being any less affected, he appeared to be on his absolute best behavior.

The evening proceeded along rather innocently. It wasn’t until after midnight and several drinks that Luke asked my wife to dance. I danced with Bella and my cock was stiff the entire time. All I could think about was fucking her. Looking at Luke and Chastity I was surprised to observe his remarkable restraint, given his actions of the past few days. He could have been her brother.

Not much of a dancer myself, and half wasted, I soon grew tired of dancing with Bella and managed to suppress my distaste for Luke, allowing him to monopolize Chastity on the dance floor. Pretty soon there were guys coming over to the table to ask Bella to dance (an event to which I remember thinking that Luke was strangely untroubled) and I found myself frequently sitting alone. It gave me plenty of time and opportunity to pay close attention to Luke and my wife. With each dance he got a little bolder and Chastity a little more drunk and little more receptive. She apparently got tired of pushing his hands away from her ass, for eventually I watched her just shrug and rest her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped loosely around his neck, while his large hands just held and kneaded her big butt. Though I was greatly disgusted with her casual acquiescence to Luke’s pawing, I was also more than a little aroused and made allowance for her inebriated condition. When we got back to the house we went to our room and Luke and Bella went to theirs. I know Luke was “climbing the walls” horny, but Bella was so drunk we had to carry her into the bedroom. Chastity and I didn’t even bother going to bed. I sat her on the bathroom sink and pushed her skirt up, eating her pussy through her crotchless hose. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I just stood between her legs and fucked her right on the sink, still clothed, her red spike heels digging into my ass. Chastity went into the kitchen afterwards to get something to drink and I stayed in the bedroom and watched a late movie on TV while I waited for her. I guess I dozed off for a couple of minutes and when I came around and she still wasn’t back, I went looking for her.

Heading downstairs to the kitchen I was arrested by a jumble of movement in the living room below me. I stopped cold at the top of the stairs trying to understand the scene in front of me. There was enough light drifting into the living room from the kitchen to make out my 5’4″, 125 pound, wife on the sofa, struggling to get away from Luke, who was on top of her and trying to kiss her. I remembered their last dance in the bar and stepped back into the shadows out of sight wondering if she’d arranged to meet him. It just didn’t make any sense; it was hard to imagine her taking such a chance particularly with the children in the house. Still I hesitated. A part of me, even while automatically trusting her, felt an irrational jealously. I wondered if she had lied about her repulsion to his brash vulgarity. I wondered why she hadn’t cried out, or had she while I was sleeping? Maybe she liked him after all. She’d always said she preferred older men. He was tall, muscular, and powerful. Bella had even bragged confidentially about his cock size. Maybe she was turned on by his physical prowess and rugged good looks. Thinking about it filled me with self-doubt and self-loathing, diminishing me and sapping my confidence. By the time I realized with certainty that her behavior was anything but consensual, I had already felt the last instinct for action drain slowly out of me and I kept my place in the dark.

Luke sat astride her waist and held her arms over her head, clamping both her wrists together with one big powerful hand. He used his other hand to prevent her head from turning away as he showered her face with kisses and alternately licked and sucked her lips. He was taking his time with her, savoring every second. Whenever she opened her mouth to speak or cry out he buried his tongue down her throat. I could hear her grunting as she tried to buck and heave her hips up to throw him off but there was just no way she could dislodge him with his greatly superior weight and strength. Kicking him in the back with the spike of her heel seemed to have some minimal effect, but by this time he had pulled her blouse up and pushed her bra over her tits, and he managed to diminish her enthusiasm for this approach by simply pinching and tweaking her nipples.

Repositioning himself to cover her mouth with his free hand, he sucked her nipples alternately, one then the other and back again. He was at it for at least ten minutes before I finally heard him speak. His boldness shocked me. His loud voice was almost a challenge. It left me with the feeling that nothing could make him stop. Little did I know that he was taunting me, having spotted me lurking cowardly upstairs in the dark. “I don’t know why you’re fighting this,” he told my wife, “telling your sister about your crotchless pantyhose so she’d tell me, letting me grab your ass on the dance floor with your husband right there, I’ve never seen a cunt hotter to get fucked than you.” She pleaded with him to leave her alone, even promising not to tell if he’d just stop. Ignoring her appeals, he tried kissing her again but she turned her head away, and this time rather than hold it in place he just tongued her ear, licking her face and tonguing the other ear whenever she turned her head to escape his hungry mouth.

“Bella told me about your husband’s teeny little weenie. And I know she told you about my big dick. How much she loves it. You’re gonna love it too baby. You’re gonna be all mine once you get fucked by a real man.” Still holding her arms over her head with one hand he used his other to unbutton his jeans and extract his cock. It was so big and hard he had some difficulty getting it out. Chastity just stared, stunned at the sight of it. It was a good nine or ten inches and thick as her wrist with a large purple helmet. It was a magnificent specimen and dwarfed my own cock in length, girth, and sheer beauty. He moved up to straddle her chest and rubbed his huge prick all over her face. “Open your mouth and suck it bitch,” he commanded. She turned her head away and he slapped her check with his cock. When she continued to refuse his instructions he held her head again with his free hand and pinched off her nostrils to force her to breathe through her mouth. “Ok,” he sighed, “if you won’t suck it I’ll just have to go ahead and fuck you now.”

She tried to clamp her legs together but he appeared to find little difficulty in prying them apart and positioning himself between her thighs. I could still see her red heels at the end of her open, pantyhose covered legs. Her skirt was pushed up almost to her waist and her blouse and bra had been pulled up over her tits. She continued to struggle and plead with him to stop, wiggling her hips to forestall his entry, and he briefly contented himself with rubbing his cockhead over her slit. “Please don’t do this,” she begged. “I swear I won’t tell anyone if you’ll just let me go.”

“You’ll be begging for more of my big cock when I’m through with you baby,” he replied. Pushing his fingers into her pussy he detected her cum filled cunt and mistook it as a sign of arousal and desire. Her wetness seemed to inflame his lust. “Damn baby,” he exclaimed, “you just may be a bigger slut than your sister.” Suddenly he lost all control. In a flash he had both hands holding her hips, steadying his target, and before she had time to react his cock was driving into her cunt.

“UUggghhhhh,” she grunted, loudly, as his big prick bottomed out into her cervix in one quick plunge. “Oh, oooohhhh, god baby,” he moaned, “your cunt is so fucking tight.”

Realizing, I suppose, that her resistance had failed to deter him, Chastity apparently had decided to quit fighting. Perfectly still now, she turned her head away and lay limply while Luke pumped his cock into her. Luke was unaffected by her indifference. “Your hot cunt feels so good around my big cock baby,” he told her as he alternately massaged her breasts and tongued her ear. “I’m not in any hurry honey. I think I just may spend the night in here.” My wife didn’t look at him and didn’t answer and he continued to take his time with her. She made no attempt to resist when he hooked his arms under her knees to raise her thighs against his chest in order to increase his penetration. He fucked into her with deep, slow, strokes, and eventually his technique began to produce results.

She started to grunt each time his cockhead bottomed out into her cervix and she turned her head to look at him. Her lips were pulled tight around clenched teeth. “Ooohhh,” moaned Luke with every thrust. “I love your cunt. I love fucking you.” Chastity’s grunts were softening now. Her breathing was becoming deeper and was followed by long, raspy exhalations. I could see her hips begin to move in almost imperceptible undulations. “That’s it baby,” Luke exhorted her, “now you’re gettin’ into it. Move your cunt around on my cock. Show me what a slut you are. Show me how much you love my cock”

“Ooohhh God, uummmhhhh,” moaned my wife, her head tilted back, mouth open and groaning openly. Luke moved to kiss her and this time she didn’t turn her head away, but met his hungry mouth with open lips. Her whole body was moving now. Every muscle stretching tight to force her pelvis up to capture every centimeter of the cock pumping into her greedy cunt. Both her hands reached out frantically to pull in his pistoning buttocks as if, filled and stretched with more cock than she’d ever had, she craved still more. Still unsatisfied she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his back. Her red heels dug into his flesh as he fucked her, but he was oblivious to anything except the feel of the hot, tight vagina wrapped around his throbbing cock. The sofa creaked and squeaked under them in a rhythm of lust. “Oh god, fuck me” she pleaded now. They were like animals, totally out of control. Luke asking her a series of short and nasty questions. “Do you like getting fucked by my big dick? Is it bigger than your husband’s?” My wife answering, “yes, oh God, yeesssssss!” “You hot fucking slut,” he told her. “Shake your big fat ass!! Make that pussy dance around my cock you nasty fucking whore.” She came in an explosion and almost at the same time, Luke drained the content of his balls deep into her wet cunt. After Luke had finished fucking my wife, he remained on top and began to kiss her. Having cum, and now apparently feeling guilty about her ultimately willing capitulation to Luke’s brazen violation of the sanctity of our marriage, Chastity signaled that her cooperation was finished, by turning her head away in shame. Suddenly terrified at the thought of being discovered, I shrunk back further into the shadows and literally crawled across the upstairs landing and back into our bedroom. When my wife joined me just minutes later I pretended to be asleep and she made no attempt to wake me.

The next morning I was sure she would say something about what happened, but not a word was mentioned. There was a certain tension in the air between Chastity and Luke, and though Luke was boldly attentive to her, she accepted his attention with almost a grim resignation. All of my repeated attempts to find out if anything was wrong were greeted with the same half-hearted “nothing at all.” I assumed Chastity felt guilty for the way she had responded to Luke and I longed to console her, but I dared not even hint that I had timidly witnessed her ravishment. Luke cast a knowing grin in my direction several times and I assumed he was reveling in his memory of how he had used my wife without my knowledge, an error of judgment on my part that was soon to be corrected.

It didn’t surprise me when we were in bed that night Chastity seemed distracted and completely uninterested in sex. But it did surprise me that she seemed in such a hurry for me to go to sleep. I did my best to convince her that I’d drifted off, almost giving up when it appeared to have produced no results, but ultimately my patience paid off and I felt her gently sneaking out of bed. Again I crept out of our bedroom and took my place in the shadows at the top of the stairs, but this time there was no one in the living room. This time they were in the library. And this time my vantage point allowed me to see them easily while making it much more difficult for them to see me.

I could hear them talking clearly as the sounds waved upward to my position at the top of the stairs. My wife was telling him that she had only agreed to meet him to be given the opportunity to tell him what a lout and a bastard he had been to force her into sex the previous night. Luke chuckled and said, “I might be a ‘lout’ but I’ve also got the kind of hot cock that you love. Don’t you, bitch?” Chastity’s silence revealed more than I cared to know. Her intentions might have been honorable in meeting him, just to tell him off, but faced with his strong dominant personality, she had melted and was now just standing there as he removed his pajama bottoms. With a flick of his wrists he removed her skimpy translucent dressing gown “besides, bitch, if you didn’t want some more of this big cock of mine, you wouldn’t have shown up in such a sexy outfit just to confront me, isn’t that true.” Again my Chastity said nothing but she slowly nodded her head in agreement. Now, I was truly crushed, knowing that my wife was no longer simply being forced by her crude and rough brother-in-law into sex but was actually his willing participant. It was now obvious to me that my Chastity loved the strong way he manipulated her and was interested in sex from the kind of strong forceful man that I could never be! Without further words he forced my wife onto her knees in front of him.

Then, Luke sat naked in one of our big reclining library chairs. The top of the doorway blocked my view of his head but I could see everything clearly from about his neck down. My loving wife was now naked too, and she was on her knees before her brother-in-law struggling to swallow every inch of his big, fat, cock. Luke’s huge hands enveloped her head and held it firmly in place as his hips bounced up and down, fucking his prick into my wife’s hot, hungry mouth and down her throat the same way he had invaded her hot, hungry cunt the night before. “That’s it bitch,” he told her, “swallow that dick you little cock hungry whore. Choke on it! Make your mouth a sloppy wet cunt to eat my dick!” She gobbled him ravenously, choking almost every time his balls slapped against her chin, but redoubling her efforts with each new stream of rough and dirty talk. I thought it would end with his cock blasting loads of stringy cum down her greedy throat, but it eventually became clear that she wasn’t going to let him cum just once, and it didn’t take long to find out why. If I harbored any remaining thoughts that my Chastity was being coerced into her sexual activities with Luke they were now completely dispelled as Chastity was now the initiator of the actions. Getting up off her knees she pushed Luke back in the reclining chair and then straddled his hips, guiding his cock to her pussy lips and then sitting down on it, slowing swallowing every inch inside her hot, velvety cunt. She threw her head back in ecstasy and then began working her slick box up and down Luke’s fat prick in earnest. “Oh baby,” he moaned, “you’re driving my cock crazy with that tight cunt of yours!”

Wendy put her hand into my hair and pulled my head up to look at her, “It appears that my boots are soiled, Dildo Whore. You better go get something to clean them up quickly or I’ll have you use your tongue.”

I got up and quickly ran into the bathroom to get a towel. I returned to the living room and knelt by my mistress. Her foot was tapping and Mark was still kneeling next to her, cock in hand. I used the towel on each of her boots in turn, wiping up the white cum that was sprayed onto them. I was shocked at how much fluid there was, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as she had kept us on edge for so long.

When I was done, I tossed the towel to the side and knelt next to Mark, figuring that was what Wendy would want.

“That was slow, Dildo Whore. Next time be quicker about it or you’ll taste it instead. Nice try lining up next to Servant, but you aren’t going to be so lucky. Go get the pony bench, and bring it in here.”

I went into the bedroom and brought out the pony bench. It was a contraption I created to Wendy’s specifications made from PVC pipe. There were two horizontal sections about 4 feet apart and parallel which were connected by a center section. It looked like a giant capital I on the ground. On one end was a vertical “T” bar about 2 feet from the ground, and on the other end was a vertical bar which had a round PVC section.

“Put it next to the chair and mount it.”

After placing it where she indicated, I bent over the vertical “T” bar, putting it against my hips. On all fours, this placed my wrists and ankles right at the spot where the ends of the horizontal poles were. My mistress came over to me, and opened up the circle which I put my head into, then she locked it around my neck. My wrists and ankles were then encircled with leather straps and tied to the four corners of the “I”, forcing me into a pony position on all fours, ass up.

Wendy spanked my ass with a loud *smack* and said to Mark, “How does he look Servant? Aren’t you glad you were able to win my challenge?”

Mark answered, “Yes my Domina, I am very happy. He looks very vulnerable and helpless.”

“You’re right. Now that I think about it, I probably should have had him put wheels on the pony bench. Then we could have wheeled him outside to the parking lot for all to view. Oh well, an improvement for next time.” Wendy then came over to me and ran her fingernails lightly down my spine causing me to attempt to twitch.

“Servant, my drink needs refilling. Fetch me a refill as I ponder DW’s fate”.

“Yes Mistress, right away.”

Wendy sat down in the chair and put her feet on my backside. I could feel the heels of her boats dig into my ass cheeks as she awaited her drink. When Mark returned she said, “Servant, you are to rub my shoulders as I have my drink. It’s tough work keeping you two in check, you have no idea.” She was quiet for a minute as Mark rubbed her shoulders and neck. She kept digging her heels into my ass and questioned, “Just what to do, what to do? Decisions, decision… If it wasn’t so late I’d order pizza and have the delivery boy just come in to find you as my table. That would be sweet. I guess I’ll have to come up with another way for my slave boy here to pay his penalty.”

She stood up and picked up two clothespins. She leaned down and fastened them to my nipples making me wince in pain. “Oh, servant, help your mistress out and go fetch the large black dildo for me please,” Wendy asked in a sinister voice while digging her nails into my back.

Mark quickly answered, “Yes, Domina, at once.”

I heard his footsteps recede and I felt Wendy’s breath on my neck. She bit it and whispered in my ear, “Oh Dildo Whore. I think it’s time for you to earn your name. What do you think? Oh wait, it doesn’t really matter what you think, since you lost the contest, are now helpless and I get to do what I want.”

Mark returned with the sinister toy in his outstretched hands. It was twelve inches long, very thick, and black. It was double-headed and flexible. Wendy brought it around to my head and stuck it in my face. Smacking me with it across my face while saying, “Here it is my pet. Just think, in moments this will be shoved into your asshole, fucking you like the dildo whore that you are. Since I’m a generous mistress, I’ll allow you to lubricate it if you like. Open up!”

She then forced that monster dildo past my lips into my mouth. I tried to pull back, but strapped to the pony bench, I had to feel that piece of plastic invade my throat. I tried to get it wet as she moved it back and forth, fucking my mouth. Gasping for breath and almost gagging, she kept ramming it in and out of my mouth. Finally, tears in my eyes, she removed it and went around my bound body. I felt her spread my ass cheeks and put the head of her black dildo against my asshole.

I tried to move, but was secured too well, I felt that monster press against my tight hole. It wouldn’t go at first, but then Wendy gave a grunt and shoved it into my inner recesses. I yelped in shock as I was fucked by her toy. I didn’t think I could take any more, but she kept pressing it in, further and further. When I was sure I was about to taste it, she stood up, and surveyed her work, saying, “Oh my yes, that’s just the way my dildo whore should be; bent over and fucked with a big dildo hanging of his gaping asshole.”

Then her voice turned nasty and she said, “But again I don’t have the matched set anymore. Jeez, what is a girl to do? Servant, get on all fours. Then back up with your ass facing Dildo Whore’s.”

“But Domina, I thought I won the challenge?” Mark asked.

“Are you questioning your Domina? Bad idea servant. Don’t worry, your reward is in store for you, but right now I’m having my fun. And you are ruining my matched set, so if you don’t want to feel my wrath, you will comply, now!”

I couldn’t see what was occurring, but I felt Mark get on all fours behind me. Wendy instructed him to back up a few times and I felt pressure on the dildo in my ass. Mark let out some grunts and groans. Then I saw my mistress move over to the side of us, put her hand on her chin and smiled. “Oh that’s perfect. Now both my subs are on all fours, with the dildo connecting them by their asses. Since my dildo whore can’t move, Servant, you are to push back and forth and fuck each other while I go enjoy my drink.”

I felt Mark move back, forcing the dildo further into me. I grunted and was forced hard against the pony bench. Then he leaned forward, slowly pulling the rubber cock out a little. I couldn’t see what it looked like, but I could feel myself getting fucked up the ass every time he moved. I heard Wendy laugh and turning my head saw her sitting back in the easy chair, surveying us with a critical eye.

“Oh my gods, this is so perfect! Subs, you are in the perfect position, on all fours and fucking each other for my enjoyment. Servant, pick up the pace a little, you’re being too nice to Dildo Whore. He can take it harder, trust me.”

I felt Mark quicken his movements, and my ass got violated harder. He was grunting in time with my own moans of pleasure/pain. My arms were getting sore from being forced in the position they were in, unable to shift position. After several minutes of this, I saw my mistress get up and get her strap-on harness. She stepped into it after removing her dress. It was an awesome sight, her perfect nude body shining in the light, an eight inch hard rubber dildo sticking out of the center of her waist.

“That’s good Servant, you’ve pleased me and you can stop now. You’ve prepared him nicely and now it’s time for me to take over fucking my Dildo Whore. Pull out and stand up next to me so you can watch me fuck him.”

I felt Mark stand up and the big black double-headed dildo came out of my asshole. He stood next to Wendy, looking all sweaty and worn out. She pulled his hands behind his back and fastened them in place with a pair of metal handcuffs. A ball gag appeared in her hands and she made him open his mouth. Fastening it tightly around his head, his mouth was forced into a grimace with a red ball keeping him silent. “We can’t have you making noises and ruining Dildo Whore’s fun, now can we?” she asked. Mark grunted and shook his head no.

Not finished, she then took a blindfold and coming over to me put it over my head, blocking off my sight. “Now now, Sub. No peaking. I want you to be able to focus on how I’m going to dominate your helpless body as you pay your penalty for losing the competition. It’s time for you to get my toy wet again, open up that mouth.”

The blindfold was taking away my sight, but as instructed I lifted my head as far as it would go and opened my already sore mouth. I’m sure my ass was already wide open, but didn’t want to let my mistress down by not getting her dildo lubricated. I felt her move in front of me and pull my head up by my hair. Then I felt her push her dildo into my mouth again. This time it was much smaller and I was able to wrap my lips around it easier. I felt her hips move slightly and the dildo slid deeper in my mouth. It was horrible being forced to suck her off like that, helpless to move. I was sure Mark was glad he had won the contest.

Just then I got a shock as I felt someone’s hands on my hips and something pushed into my already violated ass. I grunted and shook, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I heard Wendy laugh and she ripped the blindfold from my eyes. All I could see was Mark pressed up against my face!

“Surprise, Dildo Whore!” I heard from behind me. “Since he won the contest I figured I’d reward Servant with a blowjob. However, I wasn’t about to do it, so I guess that just leaves you!”

I was trapped in the pony bench, in the middle of Mark and Wendy. She had her strap on buried in my sore ass while Mark, handcuffed, had his dick into my mouth. I had been turned into nothing more than a whore for their enjoyment, a fuck toy for their pleasure. I know Mark hadn’t planned on this, but he seemed to have gotten over any reticence as he began to thrust faster into my mouth.

“That’s it servant, he can take it. If you want your reward, and not take DW’s place, then you are to fill his mouth with your spew. I want to see him humiliated, forced to eat cum for the first time.”

She kept up the pace, splitting my hole with her strap-on while spanking my ass. Whenever she thrust into me, I was pushed forward, taking Mark’s swollen cock further into my mouth. All I could do was gag on his meat, my saliva pouring across it. I heard him start to moan, and his hips began to buck wildly. I was feeling his dick begin to grow in size, stretching my mouth.

“Yes, now, feed him that dirty cock!” Wendy yelled with abandon. Mark shuddered and made one wild inarticulate yell against the ball gag. “That it, take it Dildo Whore… get us off! Fuck this is hot, why didn’t I ever think of this before? Oh yes, I’m about to cum, jam your meat into him my Servant!”

The both bucked and jammed their respective cocks into me hard. With a yell, my mistress grabbed my hips and forced her strap-on deep into my sore hole. I felt Mark shudder and then it happened. I felt his hard cock pulse and then felt it spew into the back of my throat. I didn’t want to take it, but it sprayed deep into my mouth, his sperm leaking out around his cock and down my chin. He groaned and slumped back, finally freeing my mouth as I gasped, trying not to think of what just happened.

Wendy sauntered to the chair, slumped down and put her feet hard onto my back with a thump. “Oh my pets, you have done well this evening and made me proud. That was a great release I just had. I may just leave you tied up like that until the morning when we can start a new competition.”

Mark groaned against the ballgag as I just slumped; locked in the pony bench, cum slowly dripping off my chin.

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