This story is told from both perspectives, of the man and woman

I was wiped, a busy day of overbearing class schedules, and teachers and their unnecessary bullshit, was what I had just endured. Now I was just passed out on the couch in my apartment, I couldn’t wait till senior year was over.

No sooner did I fall asleep, did I feel my boyfriends body pressing up against mine, caressing me and planting gentle kisses on my neck. I smiled, “Hey baby.”

“Hey,” he kisses me, “How was your day?”

“Fine honey, I just want something so I can take my mind off all this damn work.”

And I fell back into him, closing my eyes, just wanting to stay here for eternity. This was the benefit of having a sexy strong boyfriend, you could rest in his arms all day, and he’d just let you.

“Guess what I wanna do?”

I turned around and kiss him, and bit my bottom lip, “What?”

“Close your eyes, I’ll be right back.”

So I waited, I don’t know how he was so quiet, but the next thing I knew, I feel the heat of his dick against my nose. He grabbed it, then started to rub it all over my cheeks and face. Then stuck it in my shirt in between my tits, and moving it up and down….hehe fucking my tits

“Take your shirt off.”

(I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath)

“Naughty girl not wearing a bra.”

I laughed and he puts it up to my lips, and his hands cup my boobs.


I started to suck him and he started to play with my nipples. It was encouraging me to suck it harder, take him deeper. And so I did. And he began to pinch them. I really wanted it. He took one hand away from my nipple, and grabbed my hair then started to force feed me his dick, and pinch my nipple even harder, then stopped. He pulled my head back and pulled his dick out. He started sucking my nipples and massaging my clit with the other hand.



He bites it, and pinches the other.

“Baby….fuck me now…”

Pulling away from my boobs, he pulled my hair back and shoved it back in my mouth.

“Take me down your throat.”

I felt him push past my gag reflex (it feels like there’s a wall blocking him until he pushes past it)

“Hold it there.”

It had become easier to do over time. When I first started sucking it was difficult for me to go fast, or even take him in even halfway. But I loved doing it and everytime I did it I got better. Everytime going deeper, and going faster. Now I can duck, take him all the way down without hesitation.

He grabbed my hair and started to feed me his dick again, he was starting to cum, I could feel him swell.


He slowed his pace for a little bit, giving me room to swallow. He sped up his pace for a little while longer then completely pulled out.

“All fours baby.”

I obeyed, and I knew all fours meant facedown ass up, so that’s how I positioned myself. I always felt so much more vulnerable this way, seeing as how, he was in control of my body. After a few minutes, I still didn’t feel him behind me, so I began to wonder what was taking him so long.

“Spread your legs wider.”

I didn’t know what the hell he was up to, but I complied.

“Keep your face down.”

Then I felt him tying my hands together, then I felt him bite my breast. I could feel the moisture between my legs growing, and it just added to my unknown excitement.

For a while I didn’t feel anything, but then I felt the couch move, and I felt the head of his penis at my ass.

“Ba-” he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, “Don’t make a sound.”

It started to hurt, and I couldn’t take it, “Baby that hurts….”

“I said quiet,” he slammed my face into the couch, then shoved it in all at once.

Then pain was unbearable, I think I screamed – I think I liked it, I think my heart stopped beating. My whole body was in shock.

“Good girl. Take all my dick up your ass.”

It was hard for me to take it up the ass anyway (I could only handle it for so long) but because he was completely in control, he could keep this going as long as he wanted, and because my body was still in shock, the sweat as building with every movement I gasped, and with every stroke I grew closer and closer to my orgasm. The pain that had once been, had turned into unbearable pleasure…I was so close….so close.

He started to slow his pace, up until this point he kept his hands on my hips, now he had stopped to rub it, “Hows it feel baby?”

“So…soo good.”

He started to harden his pace, “And you’re….a very….very bad girl aren’t you?”

“Yess…yes baby.”

“Dirty, naughty girl,” he mumbled.

He lifted up his hand and brought it down with a hard smack. I began to buck underneath him, I couldn’t take it anymore. He just kept spanking me, and my panting, my bucking beneath him was only turning him on.

“I like your ass red….your big chocolate sexy ass.”

He was going so hard I couldn’t speak. One hand was spanking me, his legs ere keeping me in place, and now one hand was pinching my nipples. My insides were burning with sensations, and I was close, I just needed a little bit more….just a little bit.

And then he came, so I came , he pulled out still hard as a rock.

“It’s dripping out your ass.”

I was still catching my breath. He turned me on my stomach, “I want it dripping out your mouth.”

And he shoves it in my mouth.

“Suck it….just like that.”

I tasted his cum in my mouth. Before I could take it all in he pulled out, brought himself over me, and positioned himself at my ass with my legs over his shoulders. It was so close to my hole that all he had to do was move closer and it would go in. He moved the hair from my face, and looked down at me with curiosity as if he had never seen before. Then he lowered himself for a kiss. One long kiss to my lips, one to my cheek, and one to my forehead.

“One more time beautiful, just let me have you one more time before the night is over.”

I nodded, “Yes love.”

He kissed me once again and then looked at me as he pushed in forward. It felt so much different this way, maybe because I was more vulnerable and exposed. Whatever the case, it was so much more intense.

“You feel soo good baby.”

He pace started to fasten, then he let out a low grunt when he came, he pulled out limp.

He untied my hands, and held me in his arms, “You are so beautiful.”

I stood in the way of our bathroom door; in my silk black robe, lace bra and thong.I knew I was only going to get this done if I could arouse him and open him up to the idea.

Walking over to the bed I ran my fingers up his body.

“Hmm…” he sits up, “You want more baby?”

He watches me and smiles as I lay on the bed, “Lookin all sexy.”

“Uh huh,” I kiss his forehead.

I revealed the handcuffs I had been hiding and he smiled, “I get to tie you down?”

Taking his hands, I handcuff both to the opposite bedpost, spreading his arms apart.

“No I get to tie you up.”

He grins, “I like you on top…it’s all ready for you baby.”

I made sure his binds were tight, “I don’t want that though, at least, not right now.”

He seemed dumbfounded, “Excuse me?”

I walk over to the dresser and get my Vaseline, his expression tells me he understands, “Member that thing I wanted to try?”

Taking a glob of Vaseline on my finger, I find his asshole, and slowly start to push in, he was so tight.

“Baby stop it.”

“Yes?” I answered.

“I will kick you in the vagina if you do anything to my ass.”

I remove my finger then climb on top of him, “Don’t be mean.”

My lips braze his, “Member the first time you had my ass baby, what you said to me?”

He didn’t respond, I wish he would have. “No?” I nibble on his ear, “You said I want this hole.”

I pulled back, and pulled my box from underneath the bed, revealing to him, a strap on. 8 inches of plastic dick. “Look, it’s as big as you are.”

He almost looked scared, but then again, I was scared when I thought of his 8 inch dick going into my virgin hole. I wish I could’ve made him feel better, this was all for him anyway. So I started to soothe him. “It’s okay baby, I’ll make it feel good I promise.”

I kissed him, but he didn’t kiss back…it hurt my feelings. “Baby can you at least respond?”

“I don’t want to fucking my ass.”

That angered me, “Why? Would you rather have another man do it?”

“No I’m not gay, and I’m not gonna take another man’s dick up my ass.”

“Then you can take mine.” I said sternly, “We have been together for years and everything you’ve wanted to do, we’ve done. Everything you’ve wanted to try or teach, I’ve let you. So the least you can do is let me make you feel good the way I want to.” I put on the strap on and rubbed some Vaseline on it.

I spread his legs apart and tied them to the opposite ends of the lower bed posts, then I positioned myself in classic missionary, so that his legs wouldn’t be an issue and so that I could see how good I made him feel. I started to push forward, and I felt his muscles open right up. The Vaseline really did the trick.

I guided my hand down his face, “Relax baby.”

He looked nervous, almost scared like I was when he first tried. He was too mad at me to show any signs of pleasure it he was feeling it, I hated that he was stubborn, but at least he had accepted the situation.

I kissed him deeply, “It’s okay baby.”

I wasn’t even pushing but I felt it going in. His ass was swallowing my dick.

I started to push and I heard him gasp in pain.

“No, no, no baby shh…” I kissed him again, “Shh.”

The more his muscles relaxed, the further I got in, and the further I got in the more of a reaction I got from him. He let out a moan and I smiled, “That’s it baby.”

Then I started my pace. I couldn’t feel anything, but I was enjoying it plenty. It was like riding him but instead of me getting pleasure it was solely about him, and I could still be on top. I was loving this new found sense of domination, so I started grinding faster. Once I really got him to enjoy it, and he really started to moan, I bit my bottom lip. I had never worn a strap on so I wasn’t entirely sure how to pull out, but once I could I realized how easy it was to slip out and in.

I watched him squirm under me, and moan uncontrollably.

If he liked it, he’d let me do it again. I just hoped that above all he hadn’t felt emasculated.

My thrust became harder, and so did his breathing, “Damn baby….”

I watched his already hard dick start to swell, so I quickly pulled out. I pulled off the strap on and positioned myself between his legs and sucked him like a baby.

“Yes baby…suck it just like that…ohh yes.”

Then he came, and I swallowed every drop. Amazingly when I took it out my mouth he was still hard, and just as I was about to get up to kiss him a stream of cum shot up at my face.

“I’ve always wanted to see your face covered in my cum.”

I liked my lips, then went to the bathroom to wipe off my face. When I returned he was sitting straight up and the restraints were broken.

“How did you…”

“I’ma beast baby, are you really that surprised.


And as he walked towards me, I only had one thought in mind.

I. Am. Fucked.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was written as a joke in response to being woken up by my lover who was, well, in midst of — uhm — the deed … all unbeknownst to me. I woke up all kind of confused and I slapped him (kinda hard). He was all indignant, then got all spooked and apologized (ahem, after we’d finished), stating he thought it would be cute to wake me up like that. Entitlement is a funny thing at 4:30am though.


It’s okay if they don’t fight back, he recited to himself feeling the limp body over his shoulder and his growing erection straining against his acid washed, Guess jean waist. He hefted her weight over his shoulder and she flopped down on the table groaning incoherently. She mumbled something about the metal lamps overhead being shiny as he stretched her left leg over the stirrup and strapped it in, only to do a half turn and repeating with the other leg in relevant silence. She was naked already except for a blanket that he had wrapped around her but it now failed to protect her exposed sex. As any good boyfriend would have done, he had wrapped her to protect her modesty but now was no time for modesty. The breeding was to begin.

Tyler — at least what he’d decided to call himself here — really did love her but knew, deep down, that their mutual love for each other was dangerous. When he began to mistake their love making for a real human relationship it was time to impregnate, imprison and move on. She had no free will under the power of his race. Sure, he was hominid but his race was long dying and their time tables had shifted to a matter of priorities verses sensibility. Offspring were important to the tribal leaders than love or emotion, just as were the female vessels they needed to conceive their young and no woman had been born to his people since the Great Tainting. It was earth’s women that held the key to their survival. They were the queens of tomorrow; willing or not.

Adele was the prime of that type, a young black haired and blue eyed beauty with great lineage, prime in her health, well-educated and perfect in all the many ways he needed her to be. Her figure was chiseled and yet accented with fine curves that in the fleshy-tan of her body, soaked only in the bright Hawaii sun, she was a marvel to behold. And, yet, her fated quality was that she was alone. Having left her comfortable nest, two thousand miles away from home, and working long hours to live in paradise, it had taken him months to even land a date with her, months to court her, and now he was going to reap his wild reward.

Her birth control he’d sabotaged with sugar pills and he’d been cooking dinner for weeks, priming her with enough hormones to stimulate the ovulation he needed. At night he’d prick her very gently for a drop of blood off from her finger while she slept under his hypnotic gaze and tonight he knew she was ovulating.

Tonight she’d get no choice, and he grieved for that fact, that she was another missing person poster amongst a mass of nobodies. But her reality would change. It was a price the best had to pay and he was no longer capable of empathy when the ends truly justified his means.

He shifted around her, opening the blanket and exposing her breasts in his ship’s operations room. Very coldly he conducted his prep business, as he made his logs and adjusted her. Then he undressed.

Cold hard muscle crawled out of his layers of clothes, linking each frame of his body in smooth transition to the next. By the time he’d stripped to his boxers his erection was shifting up out of the elastic waist band like a big purple flare, the second head, which fell just above his testes was smaller, but it was meant to stimulate the anus as well. He was not small; but she’d taken him before — although he’d never exposed his dual genitalia to her.

He stepped forwards and took a side instrument, a long and slender colon cleaner, and he used a lube bottle’s contents to prepare it liberally. He took some excess and he found her anus with his finger, very gently applying pressure and lubricating the opening. When pleased with that he took the soft but firm head of the contraption and very easily slipped it into her.

She gasped and her head lurched up, blue eyes rolling with a, “Please…” But her protest was cut short by a long stare and a bead of sweat formulated on his forehead.

Adele was as strong willed woman, but not strong enough as the head if the chrome-shimmering machine popped past her sphincter and was announced with a pleasurable groan out of Adele. Using a hand pressurizer he expanded the side bulbs in the contraption to lock it in place as she wriggled in her restraints. Then he clicked on the water.

It took a few moments before the pain hit her, as her bowels flooded with a soapy water mixture. As quick as it hit, it fell away with the pleasure of being able to pass the water while he drained her bowels.

For fifteen minutes he proceeded to repeat the procedure, until he was satisfied to her cleanliness and the state of arousal at the enema process compelled. Finally he released the pressure knot inside, withdrew the instrument, and set it back to its compartment. His own fluids, now dribbling out the head of his penis, coated his shafts and balls. He wanted to take her and the pheromones produced let him know she was ripe and ready at such a response.

First he slipped in two of his fingers into the folds of her labia, working them slowly upwards to feel the glands respond.

She shot up, “NO!” Her eyes dilating rapidly as she screamed and thrashed. He withdrew his fingers suddenly and felt her buck under him. He gritted his teeth realizing she was aware of his assault.

Guilt and shame shot through his being and his lips quivered. His hesitation was enough of a tell but his pride and his mission were of more potent strength. This could not fail.

“I am so sorry, Adele. I love you — I do. But to be together is impossible. You have to bear the burden of being chosen; I’ve tainted you. No man, no other man can give you a family. I’ve had you Adele, I’ve made your body change in great ways,” he held her thrashing frame down at the waist and his arms coiled around her then, up her ribs and cradled her neck. “I’m not here of this world, love.”

He shot a look at her that put her back down hard in the physical paralyzed state again but her eyes still shifted and watered as she focused on him.

“Listen,” he growled, guilt and frustration trembled in his intonation, but moreover he was inwardly amazed at her resilience. “I found you. You are mine for the sake of my peoples. Don’t forget that I love you but my burdens are your burdens now.”

Tyler gave no time for her to respond as she started shifting again. He first positioned his main shaft and slammed it into her causing her to gasp. He was big and knew how to use it against any woman. She clamped down over him like a vice grip and he shifted his arm under her as he withdrew slightly. This time her asshole, resolved to the previous assault, opened just enough to wedge the head in and then he bucked his hips forward causing Adele to scream. There was no patience or slowness this time. He began assaulting both holes without mercy and with great physical enjoyment.

The mental anguish he experienced was more than he really could stand though. Her eyes plead with him for a general explanation and her body, yet, betrayed the fact she was in love with him still. The passion and fire shot through her only to be soured in confusion and a frustrating inability as his mind and a bunch of straps kept her locked to the procedural table.

She cringed and her eyes flickered at him, but she truly felt the pang of sex run deep up her spine warping her mind to how deep he always went, how big he was and how fantastic sex had always felt with him. Even now he betrayed her and it still felt the same awesome pleasure. It raced across her inner thighs and her nipples rippled in hardening shock. Although the emotional violation sent her reeling and rage kept her ability to break through to him, she still loved this strange man in his confusing and mad antics.

Adele’s own hips bucked back against him spontaneously — but not trying to rhythmically merge their thrusts. No, she was trying to escape the metal table, the leg stirrups and the mind hold he had over her.

She offered herself to him – offered her love to him, her life, her feelings, her emotions. Was it a mistake?, she wondered. Each thrust confused her more just as his own mind-control over her slipped away in the throes of his love making — or was it still a breeding? — he shuddered and she shuddered against him. Their conjoined orgasm was building to a powerful crescendo. The tempo increased as she felt the sliding of his massive dual organ press home into her. When he thrust the final time she cried out while his concentration snapped away from him.

They writhed together an she grabbed for his face, her lips latching onto his for a split second and she felt her belly contract as his seed bed down into her womb with immeasurable force and a different type of physical bliss. For a few moments the orgasms kept coming — harder and faster than anything she’d ever felt in her life. It was spontaneous, wonderful and a beautiful in a bizarre way.

When she looked at his face, a spinning whirl of emotional distress, she ran her hand across his cheek to mop up the tears he bled.

She loved him. She really did. That was why forgiveness bled out of her being for even this type of action — a seemingly great big betrayal. Granted, he deserved a punishment for all of it… So she picked her hand off his wet cheek and swatted him across his face. The clap it made echoed in the big star ship walls and then a glow of red instantly charred his pale features.

He looked shocked and then his face furrowed as her grinning face glared up at him. With a sigh she simply said, “You could’ve just ASKED.”

WARNING – this is an historical (probably inaccurate) story about an arranged marriage, where the wife is forced to participate in her husbands sexual whims. The lady finds she is turned on by such treatment. If you find this theme offensive or uncomfortable, then I suggest you chose another story to enjoy.

Also, this is a very long tale. So, if you do like these types of adventures, sit back, relax and I hope your do enjoy the experience.

- Melairkalana


Megan was a woman in love, unconditionally. However, the man she had married was not her heart’s desire. The man who forced the ring on her finger was Lord Drake, a suitor chosen by her powerful father for his exceptional wealth, social status and political prowess.

Tuning out the cruel ceremony taking place around her, Megan closed her eyes and the memories of that fateful day, two weeks prior, invaded her fretful mind…

“Oh… I love you John…”

Kissing her passionately, John, the Stable Master, strived to fulfil his master’s daughter’s desires. As regular as clockwork, at the break of day, Mistress Megan went for her ‘riding lesson’. They would take the horses out into the forest, to the hunting lodge and they would embrace and kiss each other fiercely.

“Hmmm… I love you too Mistress.”

Megan sighed with relief, he rarely echoed her words of love and she desperately needed to hear them. Her life at the estate was lonely. Having lost her mother during her birth, she was raised by her father and brothers who showed no emotions or affection towards her. Her trysts with John were the only reason she got out of bed each day.

However, they had never done anything besides kiss. Despite her pleading, John had refused to defile her modesty. Not once did his hand stray to an area of immorality. His kisses were hard and passionate yet never once crossed the line. Occasionally, this made Megan doubt John’s feelings towards her but he insisted that to do anything else was sinful. They were not married and never would be. His suit would never be accepted by her aristocratic father.

Megan cared for none of this, she would have them run away, flee and live the life of a humble stable hands wife. John would silence her with kisses if she ever raised the idea. This was all they would ever have and it filled Megan with sorrow.

Then, one miserable day, all that was shattered, as returning from her ‘riding lesson’, Megan saw a grand carriage situated outside her house. Upon entering, she could hardly ignore the hustle and bustle of the servants as the air buzzed with excitement. As to what all the fuss was about, Megan was unsure and therefore headed straight for her father’s study.

“You’ve made a wise decision Sir Thomas, the union will provide you with many contacts to expand your ventures and ensure the security of your estate and heirs.”

The voice Megan heard was confident and strong and definitely from another district. It seemed her father was talking to a new business partner. This was a relief, as recently she had overheard her father and brothers arguing over the questionable future of their company. Times had been hard and it seemed her father had made some bad investments. Money was tight and they had even had to relieve several of their servants of their services.

Megan was about to leave as she heard her name being called from inside the room. It seemed her presence at the door had not gone un-noticed by her father. Walking in as gracefully as possible, Megan entered her father’s study and stood facing her father and his mystery guest.

“Megan, I’m… glad… you were… passing by. I’d like to… introduce you… to Lord Pierce Drake.”

Megan noticed an uncharacteristic stammer in her father’s voice. His guest seemed to unsettle him and it was clear he had more to tell her. She had an un-nerving feeling she would not like what was about to be spoken.

“Megan, Lord Drake has offered… to finance some ventures… which will secure all our futures. As my son-in-law… he will provide us with the contacts and status we require to consolidate our… standing in the business world.”

Megan struggled to maintain her wits. The words hit her with such force they threatened to take her legs from under her. Son in Law? Her father had no other daughter’s besides herself. For Lord Drake to be his son-in-law meant he had to marry his daughter and that was she. Her father was not bargaining with his company, he was bargaining with her future, her life and her happiness.

“Father, please tell me that you do not mean for me to marry this stranger?! Tell me that have misunderstood your words.”

Megan did not hear these words. Her father’s eyes betrayed him as he stared back at her with a mixture of authority, anger and guilt.

“Megan, you are my daughter, and as such it is my right to arrange a suitable match to ensure your prosperous future.”

Her future? More like her father’s and brother’s. At that moment, she felt like one of the wanton women of the village, sold for the highest price. Her father was treating her like a whore. However, this was not uncommon are rather typical in her social circle. Only last month, her good friend Lucy had been married off to an aging pastor to keep her family in good standing with the local church. Maybe one day such arrangements would seem strange, but for families of certain positions a union was seldom about love.

Megan could do nothing but hold her dignity, which was difficult as the eyes of the stranger bored into her. Raising her gaze, she looked at her future husband in more detail. What she saw astonished her slightly. Resigned to being sold off, she was taken aback that Lord Drake was younger than the confidence in his voice portrayed. His self-assurance was mirrored in his stance and stature.

It was clear this was a man of action. His broad shoulders braced two powerfully built arms and stood upon a firm, lean body. Most surprising was his facial features; strong, defined and dark. This was a man who seldom smiled. The lines of his face created a shadow of ferocity upon his face.

“Sir Thomas, I would like to talk to my potential bride for a few moments. Please excuse yourself.”

How dare he? Demanding her father retire from his own study! Also, there was no chaperone present! That was most irregular. However, in his phrase she latched on to the word ‘potential’. The deal had not definitely been sealed. She had a chance to stop this union. If he found her unyielding, then surely he would take his suit elsewhere?

Amazingly, her father left the room with no backwards glace at her, leaving Megan alone with the mysterious, and seeming dangerous, Lord Drake.

“Well My Pet, I would like to ask you a few questions before we proceed with our nuptials.”

My pet? How dare he? He was not her owner yet, nor will he be after she was finished with him.

“Ask away Pierce, what is it you wish to ask?”

“Firstly My Pet, let me make it clear. Whatever the outcome of this encounter, you will always address me as Lord Drake. My name is for my friends alone. Now answer my questions honestly. First, do you still have your maidenhood intact?”

Stunned, Megan hardly knew how to answer. His words were chilling as he admonished her for her deliberate use of his name. However, to ask an un-chaperoned lady about her virginity was disgraceful and she was not going to give him the satisfaction of a response.

“If you will not answer me, I’ll have to instruct a doctor to perform a thorough examination to determine your chastity.”

Megan looked sharply at the man. There was no way she would allow a doctor to look at her private areas for any reason.

“You can be assured, Lord Drake, that my maidenhood is certainly intact and will be until the day of my marriage.”

“Fair enough, My Pet, for that I will take your word. If the marriage proceeds, the evidence will be visible enough for me to verify. Now, how often does your father have to punish you and what does he use?”

Confused, Megan is unable to respond for a few minutes. All the while, the stranger just stares at her. It seems like his eyes continuously travel across her body.

“Lord Drake, my father has never had to punish me for as long as I can remember, certainly not since I was a small child. I have never given him cause.”

“Spare the rod, spoil the child. Hmm… I wonder. Now tell me, why do you forsake the modern fashions for such unflattering garments, My Pet?”

Now, Lord Drake was bordering on rudeness! She was not spoilt, she had never caused her father to punish her behaviour and how she dressed was none of his business. Yes, it was true she preferred the more modest patterns to the new revealing designs. However, it was also due to necessity that she had not been able to change her wardrobe this season. Funds had been short, and she did not wish to ask for new dresses when her father was struggling.

“I dress how I feel is appropriate. Is there anything else personal you wish to ask me… Lord Drake?”

“Hold your tongue woman. I will not hold with sarcasm in a lady. Yes, I have another personal question. Tell me about your relationship with the Stable Master John?”

At this, Megan could no longer keep her stability. Collapsing on the nearby chaise longue, she fought to regain her composure. How did he know? Would he tell her father? Could she use this to destroy the hold he had over her family and get him out of her life?

“John and I are very close. Actually, I am in love with him. Nothing inappropriate has ever happened and I again can reassure you my modesty is without compromise. Can I ask, Lord Drake, what are you going to do with this knowledge and how did you find out?”

Finally, a smile crossed the Lord’s features.

“How I found out is none of your business and what I do with the knowledge depends on yourself and your future behaviour. I find your potential as a wife extremely appealing so I will instruct your father to start the nuptial proceedings. Now, My Pet, I will leave and see you again upon our wedding day, I look forward to seeing if you have told me the truth.”

With that he walked straight out of the study. Megan could hear him talking to her father and then the bustle as he is walked to the front door. As for herself, she was unable to move. His vulgarity astounded her, how could she marry such a verbal brute? Surely, if she showed her unwillingness to her father he would relent. There were surely other suitors out there she could marry if she had to, ones who were softly spoken and could even care for her?

Finally, gaining the strength she needed, she rushed out to meet her father to tell him, whilst her courage remained. Finding him deep in conversation with her brothers she blurted out all she had to say in one long monologue and all three of them stared at her uncomprehendingly.

It was only as she sees her father’s face turn red did she realise the mistake she has made. It was not until instructions were barked at her brothers that she started to fear the consequences. However, it is only when they each took her by an arm and bent her forcefully over the table did she realises she had crossed a line she couldn’t get back from.

Never has her father punished her. That was the truth she told Lord Drake. However, that was then and this was now. Unceremoniously, her father lifted her skirts over her head. Shame filled her face as she was exposed in the middle of the dining room. This was made worse as her undergarments were pulled to the floor leaving her buttocks bare to the chilly elements.

“How dare you embarrass me? Lord Drake will be the saviour of us all. He told me you acted like a spoilt brat but I defended you to him, told him you were nervous. Well maybe he is right, I spared the rod but you will not ruin this for us like you took away my beloved wife.”

With that he released the leather belt from his waist, doubled it over and struck her with unfathomable force. However, it was the words he used that cut even as she moaned in pain. Never once did her father openly blame her for the death of their mother. Hearing it now caused a dark pit to form in her stomach as he lashed at her again and again.

Her brothers were unmoving as their father took out his pent up revenge on their little sister. Neither held her gaze as they pinned her down so father could punish her so severely her voice threatened to give out on her. Tears streamed her down face, as blow after blow reminded her of her impending future as Lady Drake.

It seems an age before her father had relieved his tension on her tender posterior, but finally he stopped and ordered her brothers to take her away to her room where she was to be locked until she was needed.

Each taking an arm, she was dragged upstairs, as her shaking legs are unable to support her shaking frame. As they reached the door, she was pushed through onto the floor on the other side. She heard the lock click into place. Trapped in her own room, she cried herself to sleep on the floor, unable to even lift herself onto her bed for what little comfort it would offer.

The next few days passed by in a haze. Not once was she allowed to leave the prison of her room. Her food, mere basic rations, was brought to her by unspeaking servants. Welts tended to by the head maid, not once acknowledging the conversations Megan pleaded with her to engage. There was also the rough seamstress, employed to create her wedding dress. However, she felt like a pin cushion as the woman roughly attached the fabric together.

It was not difficult to realise the pattern was of the new design, the top barely containing her ample bosom. The corset so tight it cinched her waist by several inches and her nipples were partly exposed above the top. The skirt was full and straight with no train and no fussy under garments. Megan despised it. It stood for all she feared about her future.

Over the days, her only solace was to look out the window and watch John wave discretely to her. Determined, she decided that was soon as she was married she would run away. John would free her and they would live together in a distant county. That was her dream, whilst she was living her nightmare.

However, on the day of her wedding, John was not there to wave at her as she was constrained inside her crude bridal gown. He was not there as rouge was painted on her lips and, appallingly, onto her slightly exposed areola! Megan thought about arguing, but the bruises on her buttocks prevented her from complaining.

Since that fateful day, she had not once seen or spoken to her father or brothers. No-one had said more than a few words to her for two weeks. Only now did they boss her around and explain her duties, the vows had been placed in her room each day so she could rehearse them. The words were engraved on her memory as she envisioned saying them to John.

Only a few minutes after her maid declared her ready, her father was at the door. His face betrayed no emotions as he took her arm and walked her out of her room and down the stairs.

“I’m sorry Father for all that I’ve done, I never meant to displease you, or hurt you so. Please forgive me?”

Feeling the grip on her arm tighten, Megan is relieved to hear her father’s voice once more. However, the words shock her to the core.

“I forgive you for your outburst, for your selfish desire to remain unmarried as we slump into bankruptcy. However, I have never forgiven you for the death of my darling wife. If only it was you that died that day, we would not be in this position and my boys would have had a mother to love them.”

Stunned to tears, Megan was partially dragged down the aisle, as the musicians play the wedding march. Due to her father’s religious nature, they had their own private chapel on the estate and now it was full with aristocratic dignitaries. However, one guest was a surprise as she was herded to the front. There, sat on the groom’s side is Stable Master John. Dressed like a member of the peerage, grinning at her from his pew.

Dazed, it takes a while for Megan to see the stunning blonde attached to his arm on the other side. It’s only when the lady leans forward and kisses her companion, does Megan stall in her approach. It is only momentarily, as John gives her a sly wink and she is dragged along the procession.

Why was John with that woman? Who was she? Maybe she was a sister, but that looked like no sisterly kiss she had ever seen. Megan was a woman in love, and that love had just been crushed under foot as she was passed to Lord Drake at the altar.

The ceremony was a blur. She recited her vows like a parrot and was finally led outside to the congratulations of the congregation. Megan smiled as demurely as possible to all those who spoke to her. Her mind was still reeling from her father’s revelation and the sight of her beloved with another woman.

It was not until John approached with the blonde, that her attention came back to the surface. Lord Drake still held a tight possessive grip on her arm as he introduced his guest to her.

“Wife, My Pet, I would like to introduce you to my lifelong friend Sir John. Ah, but you already know him don’t you, as he has been working at your stables. A punishment from you father wasn’t it?”

John’s voice was light and joyful as her responded to her new husband’s words.

“The old goat said if I was to go around gambling his money, I’d better learn what I was gambling on! Hence he sent me out to train as a Stable Master, or he’d have cut me off for good! Wasn’t going to have that! Met up with him last week and he’s forgiven me. He even arranged a most fortunate courtship with this delightful specimen.”

With this, John turned and kissed the blonde with the same passion he had with her a few weeks prior. Her beloved was nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Had he ever truly loved her? Was it all a lie?

“My Pet, it was John who first told me about you. Knowing I needed a wife soon, he told me all about your beauty and … what was the word you used John? Oh, that’s right… passion. He said you were very passionate about your horse riding.”

Now she understood it all, John had been using her all along and once he’d had his fun he’d passed her along to his friend. That was how Lord Drake knew about their relationship, John himself had told her new husband.

As she watched, the men congratulated each other and John even had the nerve to ask Lord Drake if it was alright to kiss the bride. It nearly made her vomit, as he planted a chaste kiss on her cheek. She fought the urge to rub her cheek, to erase the feeling of his lips on her.

“So, My Pet, how did you like my surprise guest? Now, I think it is time to see if my friend has been truthful when he promised me he hadn’t defiled you.”

Megan had no more fight in her. Her will had been broken. She had no energy to resist as Lord Drake led her away from the guests. He headed towards the carriage that would lead to the guest house at the back of the estate. It did not surprise her that her husband would take advantage, even in these few minutes.

As soon as they were both in the carriage, he descended onto her, his hands entwined in her hair forcing her face in front of his. Here he bruised her lips with his kisses, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Whether it was exhaustion or resignation, it did not take long for Megan to be kissing back.

Unexpectedly, the kiss aroused something deep inside of her, even when she was kissing John she had never felt like this. It seemed like Lord Drake was her lifeline. That he was the air her body required to breathe even as it took her breath away. It was urgent, hungry and full of desire and it elicited an unimaginable response in her body. Between her legs she felt herself moisten. It was the knowledge of this that brought her back to reality and she tried to break the kiss.

This was met with resistance from Lord Drake. His grip tightened in her hair and his tongue explored even deeper. Now, however, his hand had strayed to her lap, digging his fingers into the folds of her wretched dress, squeezing her upper thigh harshly. Thankfully, it was only for another few moments as the carriage jolted to a halt. When Lord Drake pulled back, it was as if he’d done nothing, his composure was complete as he guided her out of the carriage and sent the driver away.

The guest house was the size of a city town house and was as grandly furnished as the main estate house. Keeping up appearances was important, especially in times of great financial need.

Megan waited for Lord Drake to open the front door. However, he just stood there in the remote gardens looking at his new bride. What a delightful specimen she was, her skin so pale and her brunette hair so long and vibrant. When John had first spoken of her, he had told him to be silent. Recently, he had been hurt badly by a woman he had loved whole heartedly. She’d betrayed and humiliated him and he had sworn he’d never give his heart to another.

His mother was dismayed, she needed Lord Drake to secure an heir to the estate and for that he needed to be wed. Reluctantly, and being a practical man, Lord Drake agreed. John’s tales of his plaything Megan had intrigued him. Surely such a woman would be easy to control, would fit into his life effortlessly and cause him no inconvenience. However, when he met her she was strong and stubborn, and aroused in him a curiosity that caused him anger at himself.

No woman was going to rule over his mind or emotions, she would become his wife but he was going to be in control. He’d even arranged the reunion of John with his father and his friend’s betrothal to the beautiful blonde (a woman far too vain and high maintenance for himself). He’d waited for her response, as he watched her walking down the aisle towards him, and saw the instance he had made the small victory.

Lord Drake was not going to let this woman win anything, when he’d kissed and groped her in the carriage he had nearly given into a lust he had long thought forgotten. Now it was time to take back that control and show his new wife what life as Lady Drake would be like from now on.

“Well, My Pet, the time has arrived for us to consummate our marriage. It is time for me to see the product I have paid so dearly for with my own money. Remove your gown.”

Megan had thought that the day could hold no more shocks. Yet here she was being asked by her new husband to strip off her clothes outside in the garden. It was preposterous. He knew she had no intention of agreeing to such an absurd request. Still, the look in his eyes had bled to a dark place.

Lord Drake only gave her moments to process the request before his inpatients got the better of him. Then in another moment, he was in front of her, with another he’d swept her feet from under her so she tumbled to the earth and the final he was on top of her. With skilled hands he unclasped his belt and trousers, whilst his other hand held her slender wrists above her body. Suddenly, her skirt were ripped away from her body, the tearing fabric echoed in the silent early evening air. It took no effort to pull down her pantaloons and position his cock ready to enter.

Then he stopped, looking down he not realised she had not once struggled. Her face looked back at him with innocence. Tears streamed down her face but there was a faint look of curiosity in her eyes.

Megan was about to be deflowered. She hated how it was happening but she’d only ever heard the crude comments of the maids as to what it would be like.

Lord Drake’s heart softened for a fleeting second and he leaned in to kiss her and was delighted when she responded with vigour. It is in this moment, he realised the tip of his cock was becoming damp. Not from his pre-cum but from his helpless wives tender body.

“Well, My Pet, it seems like I have no need to force my right to consummate with my wife. It is clear that you are no different to the wet and willing whores I screwed as I was growing up.”

Megan’s face blushed bright red with shame as she could feel the truth in his statement. She was no whore, but her body was intrigued by the dominance and power of her husband. When she felt him push inside, she almost rose up to meet him. Then the pain hit, as she felt a part deep inside of her tear. With a pleading look, she hoped her husband would give her mercy and time to adjust to the intrusion into her body.

Lord Drake saw the moment upon her face as he realised his wife, and John, had told him the truth about her virginity. He also felt the barrier he ripped inside her, as he thrusts his hungry cock inside the wet cunt beneath him. He knew the pleading look was a request for patients and time, but this night is about him showing he had the control. That no woman would ever again cause him pain and humiliation, especially not his brought and paid for wife.

In a calculated move, Lord Drake shoved his cock even deeper into Megan’s straining cunt. It felt like heaven as her tight walls massaged his throbbing member. It was lucky his wife was wet or he would have performed substantial damage.

Once hitting her cervix, he knew he could thrust no longer, remarkably she had taken his whole length. Thankful that he has been blessed with a woman whose cunt has room to take his 9″ cock, he slowly started to slide back out and could see the look of relief on her face. Cruelly, he smiled as he waited until the last inch and then slammed back inside to the hilt.

Megan screamed. Her body was physically moved by the force of her husband’s plunge inside her throbbing hole. How could he expect her to survive such force, surely this was an accident. That he didn’t realise his own strength? It wasn’t until he repeated his actions, over and over again, that she realised his intent. As her body started to scream in agony at the pain of his powerful thrusts, as each one reached to his hilt and forced its way inside her narrow wet passage.

No, it is no accident. Lord Drake had every intention of giving his wife no relief from his onslaught. She felt divine as he used every ounce of his strength to rid her of her innocence. Looking down he could see the pain across her face, the look of defeat and the inability to do anything to stop him. This just drove him to try to go harder and faster, to rip her innocent world apart.

However, there was now something on her face that he did not expect. Her former moans of pain have altered slightly. They have softened and adjusted to moans that were altogether different. This revelation confirmed by the vibrations in her cunt that electrified his tense cock. These are his undoing. The feel of her tight slit was already proving difficult to ignore but this new sensation caused his cock to nearly explode. He only had seconds to withdraw and aim its contents at the bodice of her ruined gown.

Megan was astounded as well. One minute her voice was screaming in pain and then a new feeling manifested inside of her. With each forceful stroke, something caught inside her and caused small waves of pleasure through her body. Each one more pronounced than the last. Finally, as she felt his cock harden, she could contain herself no longer. Opening her mouth wide, she screamed with satisfaction as she exploded at her sexual core.

Megan felt it when he pulled out and knelt high above her, leaving her juices alone to drip out of her gaping hole. She saw as a torrent of juices hit her bodice in a jet of pressure. It seemed never ending as he used his hand to pump every last drop. Some even landed on her exposed chest, ran over her slightly exposed nipples and down into the depths of her cleavage. Small drops of pearls glistening on her flushed skin.

Within minutes, Lord Drake used the rags of Megan’s gown to clean his spent cock and return it to the restraint of his breaches. Next, he lifted her like a sack of potatoes and flung her over his shoulder. Marching towards the door, he opened it and carried her over the threshold as if she was a purchase from the market and not his new wife.

Megan offered little resistance as she tried to comprehend what has just taken place. Not once had anyone, even the servants, ever mentioned what had caused her to scream with content. No one had ever told her she may enjoy the act of union with her husband. Mostly, the maids talked about the variety of ways they could get their men to finish as quickly as possible so the awful experience was not prolonged.

On the other side of the door, Lord Drake dumped his wife in a heap in the middle of the floor. Stepping back he sat down on the lounge chair and looked at his bride. Her dress was stained from the garden and shredded around the base. The tatters revealed various flashes of exposed flesh. He could even see the stains from his seed against the ivory embroidery and the gleam on her exposed bosom. Her hair strayed in all directions and her face was streaked with tears. However, even in her state of disarray, his new Lady looked beautiful.

This took Lord Drake by surprise, his former love, which broke his heart, was an attractive woman but he never saw her as truly beautiful. Yet here was a lady, merely a piece of equipment to produce a future heir, which looked absolutely delicious. The thoughts themselves caused a stirring inside him. Not of love, he was absolutely sure, but lust. He desired this woman, undeniably, but he was not going to let that control him. He was going to use it to rule over her and make her his whore.

“Well, My Pet, you are not very presentable at this moment in time. Also, I think it is time to see what I will have to put up with in my bed chambers. I asked you before to strip, you will do so now or I’ll remove my belt and beat you out of that gown.”

Megan shuddered at his words, she had no doubt he would follow through with his threat. His treatment of her earlier showed his complete disregard for her feelings. However, the thought of being completely naked in front of this awful man filled her with dread. In her hesitation, she noticed Lord Drake’s hands move to his belt.

“I will not be defied My Pet, if I give you an instruction it is to be carried out immediately. If not, you will be punished… severely!”

Fearing his wrath to be true, she started to unlace her bodice. Her fingers trembled as she untied the knot and loosened the cords. It only took a small amount for the bodice to slacken and drop slightly. Megan blushed as her nipples were clearly exposed and instantly hardened in the cool rooms of the town house. Startled, she looked up as Lord Drake and took an involuntary gasp. Seeing his eyes upon her, with a look of pure desire across his face, gave her a lift in spirits. Maybe she could tame this man, maybe she could make him fall in love with her and therefore he would be kinder.

With a new found resolve, Megan pushed aside her modesty and fears and pulled the corset over her head. Now her breasts bounced free. They were large and full, with large rouged nipples, so they shook as she moved. Next, her fingers moved to the fastenings on her skirts. Most gowns were in two sections and often had several layers of petticoats and underskirts. Thankfully, Lord Drake had banned these from her bridal gown and it was only a matter of allowing her only skirt to drop to the floor.

Lord Drake nearly released himself in his own breaches. Megan was not beautiful, she was stunning. Her naked body was now revealed fully to him. Her tits, as his friend John had taught him to call those delightfully full mounds on her chest, looked perfectly edible. Lord Drake had to force his eyes to leave them and trace the rest of her body. Looking down he smiled at her wide hips, good for childbirth and even better to hang onto during fucking (another of John’s subtle terms), and then her nether regions. The latter was covered in dark hair that seemed to be an arrow pointing to an unimaginable treasure.

Lord Drake imagined what he could do with that body. He also remembered the warm tightness whilst taking her on the grounds outside. Once again, his thoughts were nearly his undoing. Even with the wenches in his home town, he rarely ever released more than once in an evening. Yet here he was, ready to plunge that treasure over and over again if he was able.

No, he was not going to allow her to have so much control over his body. He needed to regain the upper hand and show her that he was the master. Standing quickly he left the room, instructing Megan to remain still. In the next room were the supplies he had delivered earlier. Selecting one case, he picked it up and returned with it to the drawing room. Here, Megan was still in the same spot, but her arms now covered her tits and cunt, another charming word he learnt from the irrepressible John.

Standing directly in front of her he placed the case on the floor, opening it carefully so Megan was unable to see the vast array of contents held within. Choosing deliberately, Lord Drake lifted out a reel of rope and closed the lid tightly.

“Now, My Pet, you are a fine slight to behold. However, those limbs of yours are blocking my view. Now hold still, if you fight me, or attempt to run, I’ll fetch the horse crop and ruin that delicate skin of yours. I also want you to be silent, you will only speak when I ask you a question, for the remainder of this evening you will need to be respectful and hold your tongue.”

Megan opened her mouth to rebuff the man when it was closed by a backhanded slap from her husband.

“I do not approve of hitting a lady, but I will not be disobeyed in my own marriage! Remain silent and do not give me cause to teach you your place.”

Tears rolled down Megan’s face but she did not say another word as Lord Drake closed in on her. In turn, he took her wrists and pulled them away from her private areas. Her confidence from earlier was shattered, how could she ever tame a man like this, he was wild and without conscience!

Lord Drake pulled each of his bride’s slender arms behind her back and entwined them in rope. He allowed the whimpers she gave as he secured each wrist as tightly as possible. He could have angled her arms downwards for comfort but he didn’t. Instead, he crossed them at her back. He had no doubt that they hurt her but he felt no remorse. She had to learn his dominance over her was absolute.

Next, he created a wide plait of rope that he wrapped around her neck like a dog collar and joined it to the ropes securing her arms. The collar was loose, but he secured it knowing that if her arms tired they would pull at her throat, if she slacked it her arms would start to ache. He’d learned this from discussions with former slave traders during his travels, never once did he think he’d be able to put it into practice!

Hooking his finger into the front of the rope at her neck, Lord Drake pulled Megan to the couch and onto his lap. Here he had the joy of an up close and personal view of her juicy, plump tits. Unable to fend him off, Megan endured as her husband used fingers, lips, tongue and teeth to maul her breasts. His rough fingers alternated between stroking and caressing, to pinching and squeezing her tender nipples. His hands moulded and squashed her mounds together. His lips and tongue acted like his fingers, but his teeth were what startled her the most.

After satisfying himself of their softness, he took one perky point between his sharp incisors and bit. Not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough for her to struggle to keep quiet. Flicking the entrapped tip with his tongue caused a strained moan to stray from his wife’s slender throat. Yet, the moan was not of pain, but the undeniable sound of pleasure. Was this really causing his wife to be aroused?

Testing the theory, he repeated the action with her other ripe nipple. This time he bit slightly harder, digging his nails into the flesh around it and using his freehand to pinch the previously abused tip. Again he heard her moan. This time another obvious sign gave away her reaction, his breaches, beneath her lithe body, started to dampen with her juices. Was his wife really such a slut that this was turning her on? Was she even aware of how her body was reacting?

Megan was very aware! Her body simultaneously stung from the cruel administrations of nails and teeth, but also craved their continued assault on her breasts. Each bite, claw or lick caused a wave of sensations similar, but not as strong, as those she felt outside earlier. Shame filled her face as she tried to deal with the conflicting emotions. She lowered her face, but that caused the rope to choke her, so he had to hold her gaze up and look into Lord Drakes amused eyes as he continued to test her resolve.

Finally tiring of her tits, Lord Drake moved his attention elsewhere. Down towards that inviting arrow of dark hair that pointed to a realm of warm, wet promises. Moving Megan sideways, he pushed her torso over so she fell onto the couch, unable to stop herself due to the ropes. Making sure she could still breathe, he positioned her groin on top of his lap so her hips were raised up and her legs slightly parted. He could feel her struggling to keep them closed, but with a firm grip on each thigh he caused them to part easily before him, revealing her damp cunt lips.

Lord Drake was unsure how he was going to prolong this exploration of her body before he exploded with need. However, he fought to keep composed as he ran a hand from her tits, which were still in tantalising reach, all the way down to her exposed navel. As he crossed this point, he could feel her tense up and when he reached his goal he didn’t hesitate to spread her cunt lips wide apart with his fingers. Before him, Lord Drake delighted in looking at Megan’s exposed cunt, glistening from her own body’s juices.

Allowing himself only a few minutes to look, he moved his other hand up her thighs and buried two fingers forcefully inside her tight hole. It was struggle, but her wetness helped to ease them up her tight walls in her warm, moist passage. Lord Drake then started to piston his fingers in and out of his wife’s powerless body. Imagining it to be his cock, he pushed them as high as they would go, with as much force as he could muster. His other hand’s fingers kept her lips open whilst its thumb rubbed over the small private nub hidden beneath.

Megan was mortified as her husband battered her private area with his fingers. At first, her body screamed in pain at the violation. Then it started to ease, as it adjusted to the penetration, and finally it started to trigger a recently familiar response. It seemed to start in her stomach, with small butterflies flying inside, and then it grew and moved lower down. Eventually, her whole mid section was filled with heat and desire. The need was so much that Megan started to buck her hips in time with the thrusts of the fingers, her aim was to help them enter her body deeper and faster, to help her fuel the fire inside.

For Lord Drake the sight below him was divine! To have his wife practically fucking his fingers would be unbelievable, if he wasn’t witnessing it first… ahem… hand. Having plenty of experience at pleasuring wanton women of his town, he knew that Megan was close to spilling over. At the penultament moment, he withdraw his fingers and denied her. Laughing deeply, he grinned at the distraught face gazing at him from the sofa.

“Ah, My Pet, so you liked that did you? Well I’m pleased, but your release is mine to deliver when, or if, I’m ready. Now, it’s time you earned your keep and gave me some pleasure.”

Pleasure?! Watching her fall into sin had been a pleasure all in itself. However, his cravings could be denied no longer. Rolling Megan off his lap and onto the floor, he grabbed her hair in his hands and guided her to kneel in front of him. Standing, but keeping a tight grip, he released his belt and allowed his breaches to fall to the floor.

Directly in front of Megan was Lord Drakes cock, standing proud and tall. His hand in her hair stopped her from turning away, as he used his free hand to hold his length and aim it at her face. Its tip glistened as he rubbed it against her check, across her face and towards her mouth. Megan tasted the bitterness as it caressed her lips and pushed at the opening.

“No My Pet, open wide and learn there is more than one way to take you virginity tonight. Be warned, if I feel those teeth, I’ll knock them out!”

As if to reinforce the point, Lord Drake once again struck his wife across the face. Using the shocked gasp, he forced his cock as deep inside her open mouth as he could for a first attempt. He felt her start to choke but also fight to keep her teeth away from his manhood. Holding himself deep and allowing her no movement with his vice like grip in her hair, he allowed himself to enjoy the warm, shuddering feeling of her throat embracing his cock.

His huge length trapped off Megan’s airways, she fought to force the invading object to leave her throat so she could breathe. It seemed her husband left it until the last possible minute, before she passed out, to pull out and allow her to gulp down the oxygen. Her reprieve was short lived as he entered her mouth again, this time pushing it down her throat even further. This time he did not stay as long, instead he withdraw out and rammed himself in again and again.

For the next few minutes, Lord Drake fucked his wife face. He’d done something previously, with woman used to having their mouth taken, but his bride was not and she struggled to cope as he made her take his entire length over and over again. It only lasted a few minutes, as that was all the restraint he had left after playing with her tits and cunt. Plus, her throat was tight and trembled as she choked.

As his seed was released, Lord Drake made sure his shaft was embedded deep in Megan’s mouth, so his first spray jetted straight down her throat. He nearly collapsed as he came, the force of it caused his legs to shake. Holding her to him, he sat back down on the sofa. Pulled his cock out of her mouth and aimed his remaining spurts at her face. Watching closely, he grinned as it landed on her closed eyes lids, her cheek and into her gaping mouth.

Once spent, he used the end of his now limp cock to rub the semen into her skin, pushing it around her face and mixing it with her tears. Lord Drake was stunned by his wife’s obedience. She clearly did not like his actions but she was holding her tongue as instructed. Maybe this could be a very advantageous marriage indeed.

His mind held many dark fantasies that he previously feared he would never get to enjoy, but here was a woman who did as she was told. Not only that, here was a woman who seemed to take some pleasure out of her body being used, as even now he noticed the wet trail down her inner thighs. Yes, he was going to enjoy this honeymoon. He had a week to break his new wife into how their marriage was going to be conducted. He was going to show her how to pleasure her husband in many different ways and how her happiness and pleasure was dependent solely upon his whim.

Pleased with his new mission, he shoved Megan backwards onto the floor and sunk his fingers to the hilt in her cunt. As before, the fucked her relentlessly, and it wasn’t long before she was fucking his digits back. Kneeling at the side of her, he used his other hand to pinch and pull at her nipples as he watched her face closely. Stopping once again when she got too close, he held still until she subsided and then started again to build her up until another wave of orgasm threatened to hit.

Over and over again he did this, every time Megan thought she would explode, he stopped. Her body ached with nearly unbearable longing. As it went on, he only had to hold his fingers as she moved against them to bring her own pleasure. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he allowed her to have release. However, the build up had been so great it not only released her once, but over and over again. As if each time one was denied her, it had queued up for this moment and came with vengeance at being deprived.

Lord Drake laughed as his brides body bucked and shuddered around his fingers. As he saw her dignity stripped away, for him to see the wanton whore beneath. So many possibilities, so much time! Leaving her to recover her wits, he left the room to go and clean himself up. He would not allow her the same luxury, this week she would be covered in their juices as he wished.

Stripping, he took his cock in hand and started cleaning it with a damp cloth. Doing this, he thought about the last three hours, for that is all the time that has passed since they departed from the party. Closing his eyes, he remembered assaulting his bride in the car, taking her on the grounds, tying her up so he could play with her fine tits and explore her unshielded cunt. He shuddered as he relived each moment in his head, with the grand finale of her fucking herself on his fingers.

Then for the third time, his cock was hard and eager. Being able twice was surprising, three times was a shock but one that caused a cruel smile to play across his lips. Returning naked to the living room, he was determined to prove there was indeed more than even two ways to take her virginity this eve.

Finding her still lay on her back and half asleep during her afterglow, it was a simple task to roll her onto her front. Placing a cushion from the sofa under her hips, it raised her round, white bottom in the air.

“Well My Pet, you have been very obedient in not talking and I appreciate that and therefore allowed you your release. However, I fear you will not be able to keep silent as I take another of your virgin holes. Feel free to scream and beg as much as you like, of course I will not listen because I am your master and this will please me very much. This final victory will show you who is in charge.”

Using his fingers to scoop up the juices from her wet cunt, he smeared them onto his cock and around the puckered hole of her anus. Then holding himself tightly, so he was rock hard, he started to push himself inside her inviting ass. He knew he should have prepared he carefully for this, he had seen whores have anal training with butt plugs and by using prying fingers to open them up before copulation. Lord Drake knew this, but did not care. He planned to have all of her tonight and would let nothing stand in his way.

Megan screamed, she begged and she cried. When he had taken her womb it had hurt, her mouth had caused her to choke but this was unbearable. Unable to move, all she could do was pray he would take mercy on her and stop. Surely he was going to rip her open with his manhood! Each inch he pushed inside caused her to scream even more. However, that was nothing to when he’d reached his hilt pulled out slowly and shoved himself fully back inside.

Stars crossed her vision as she feared, or hoped, she would pass out. Then he repeated the plunge and it didn’t hurt quite so much, each one after was slightly easier to deal with until it felt no different to him being in her womb opening. She didn’t even mind as he slapped her firm bottom with each of his thrusts. It even seemed to generate that feeling again, surely she was not capable of feeling pleasure as be defiled her in this most private of places?!

Yet Lord Drake knew the answer to that question, he was barely able to stop himself from exploding inside her on the first stroke. Not wanting to deny himself this dark experience, he forced himself in and out of her body. Adoring the tightness of her ass, loving the feel of it gripping him tightly and indulged himself by listening to her beg and scream for him to stop.

Knowing she had no way of controlling the situation, he made himself go faster and harder and was shaken when her screams turned to moans, and the begging turned to pleading. That the only movement she had was not to pull away but to push herself onto his cock and urge him onwards. Did she even realise what she was saying, what she was doing and how her body was reacting?

Unable to ignore the sexual stimulation he was receiving from his wife’s slutty behaviour, he sank himself to the hilt, used her wide hips to hold her firm and shot his spunk deep into her ass until he was empty. Then, exhausted, he collapsed to the side of her and used his fingers to continue the fucking of her anus until she too shuddered and jerked her discharge of passion.

It was a an hour later that Lord Drake woke, still lying on the floor next to his wife’s peaceful body. Chilled, he stood and went to clean himself up and dress himself in a night shirt. Returning with a blanket, he was all set to cover his wife’s cooled body, but at the last second he didn’t have the willpower to cover such a lovely sight. Instead, he lifted her up cautiously and carried her to the bedroom, where it was warmer.

Laying her down, he released her ropes without waking her and secured her wrists to the headboard, he also attached a rope carefully to each ankle and secured them to the base. Not once during the night was she able to cover that stunning body of hers. Lying down under the covers next to her, Lord Drake slept more soundly than he ever had before. Content, deeply satisfied and pleased with himself, he’d found himself the perfect slut of a wife to command and control.

Megan woke in the earlier hours of the morning and was confused by her surroundings. Where was she, why was she here and why was she unable to move her arms and legs? Looking sideways it all came back at her, the previous day she was married to this man that slept like an angel beside her. Then he’d brought her to the visitor’s house on her own families land and proceeded to ravage her in many unspeakable ways. Looking up, she could see the reason for her immobility, the ropes that had bound her to be helpless to her new husband debauchery, now fastened her tightly to the bed.

“Ah, so My Pet has awakened before me. Good morning Wife, are you ready to celebrate our first day as man and wife? First, let’s remove these ropes. You should not need them any longer. You are ruined for any other man so you have no reason to leave. Also, it seems as if you are a simple whore who delights in being used by her husband.”

“I am not a whore, how dare you call me that. I hated everything you did to me! You took me against my will and hurt me. You are a cruel and despicable man! Wait until I tell my father what you did to me, he’ll see you arrested!”

Lord Drake, was shocked by this outburst, he thought she was resolved to her fate. Now she was speaking to him like a servant, with disrespect and vehemence.

“Silence, Pet! You will not speak to me like that, ever! For that you will be punished! Now, as for you allegations upon my person, I will remind you that I am your husband. No police will interfere with that union. Plus, if you insist, I will explain your obvious sexual desires. It won’t take much to convince them to have you taken to the mad house for being a nymphomaniac. As for your father, he told me about the nature of your birth and you ungratefulness, I doubt very much he will go against me taking you however I chose to use you. You are my Wife, My Pet, Mine!”

With the last of his speech, he untied the ropes, flipped her over and dragged her until her legs hung off the bed. Without ceremony, he stood between her legs and stabbed his enraged cock straight into her cunt and fucked her. With each thrust he took his anger out on her body, holding her legs wide apart so he could beat himself into every inch of her. He fucked, and he fucked and he fucked.

Megan managed not to scream at this violent treatment of her body, as if she was merely an object to be used and abused. Again, she was even more ashamed of the fact it was causing her to be aroused, this time not in one large outburst but as he took her over and over again, she came once, twice… several times. How could she ever tell anyone what happened to her without him revealing that it caused her to react this way?!

In all of this, Megan remembered one of her childhood friends, Sally, a quiet girl who vanished one day at the age of 16. One day, she heard the kitchen hands discussing what had happened. It appeared she had been caught with four stable hands in the barn, it seemed as if she was unwilling but the lads pleaded that she had gone in there and flirted with them. That she had teased them and caused them to lose control.

Megan knew this was a lie. Sally was so shy that if a boy even came towards her she would try and leave instead of talking to them. There was no way she would tease anyone, but that is what was believed by her family and society. It seemed Sally was taken to a mad house for her obscene behaviour and the men were allowed to return back to work. A ruined daughter was worth less than four strong stable hands.

Lying there, being taken by her husband, whilst she spasmed around his cock, she knew she would tell no one what had happened to her or what will either. They would always take his word over hers, especially with him being a Lord. Her father hated her for the death of his wife so would support whatever her husband decided. She was trapped. Yet would that be so bad, yes she hated his actions but the results were amazing!

Finally, feeling his anger abate, Lord Drake pulled out his cock and spurted his seed all over her back. It seemed that sight never failed to satisfy him. Striking her hard on the ass, he let her fall to the floor, spent and well used. Going to clean himself up and dress for the day, he thought about what he should do to amuse himself with his new plaything.

Remembering his pre-arranged engagement at the main house, he selected an outfit, and some extra accessories for her to wear, and returned to the bedroom to find his wife curled up sobbing under the covers on the bed.

“Come here My Pet, whilst I dress you appropriately for the day. I have arranged to go and visit some of our wedding guests.”

Megan forced herself out of bad, resigned by the knowledge that she had no choice and fearing his wrath. Standing in front of him naked, she was made to place her hands at the base of her neck, whilst he used the rope to truss up her breasts. Wrapping the coils above, below, around the sides and in the middle, he squashed them together tightly. They bulged forwards, filled with a throbbing pulse and slowly turning a light shade of purple. The veins clear on the surface and the skin taught, as if any tighter and they would burst.

Once completed, Lord Drake took his time to enjoy his handiwork. Her tits were poked out and begged to be played with. Taking one in each hand he noticed they were rock hard and knew at once how sensitive they would be. Using rough fingers, he pinched each nipple and tugged them forwards causing her to stumble into him.

Walking backwards he led her around the room by her nipples. Megan kept her hands on her neck and allowed it to happen. Feeling totally degraded, she shut herself off. Ignored the pain, but still aware that even that was causing her body to react favourably to his touch. Why did this pain make her feel so much pleasure? Surely it was ungodly to behave this way. There must be something really wrong with her as a person.

Amused by his wife’s obedient behaviour, Lord Drake stopped, selected another piece of rope and used this one between her legs. Tying it around her waist, he pulled the strap tight between her cunt lips, allowing it to rub against her sensitive clit. Satisfied with his creation, he helped her dress in her skirts and bodice, this one with a high neckline to hide the ropes restraining her engorged tits.

Finally, she was ready. Knowing that is wife was bound beneath her gowns was a real turn on for Lord Drake. His cock twitched in his breaches and begged to be released and pleasured. Not wishing to deny himself anything, he pushed Megan down onto her knees. Let his cock out and slipped it straight into her warm wet mouth.

“This time My Pet, you can do all the hard work. Use that pretty little mouth of yours to give me the pleasure I deserve as the master of your body.”

Unsure as to what to do, Megan slowly sucked on the member inside her mouth but found it difficult to manage. Eventually, she decided to use her hands to help her, wrapping her small fingers around his shaft and guiding it in and out, trying to use her tongue to lick as it went back and forth. This seemed to have desire effect, as her husband’s manhood seemed to come alive in her fingers and mouth.

Twitching and throbbing, Megan was startled when the formally soft flesh hardened and suddenly erupted. Obviously aware it was about to happen, her husband had pushed her head firmly onto himself so she was unable to miss a drop from sliding down her throat. Again, trying not to choke and gag, Megan fought to swallow all that was offered as she felt the ropes cutting into her breasts and private areas.

Pleased with his wife’s efforts, Lord Drake pulled out of her mouth and cleaned himself off with a cloth from the side. Helping his wife up, he kissed her. He hadn’t really meant to, but once her mouth was next to his and it just happened. Expecting her to pull back he held her head again to stop her from fighting, instead she was pliant and surprisingly active participant.

The kiss was deep, it was intense and it was wonderful. Megan had not felt this emotion since her rendezvous with John. It seemed to awaken things inside her that had previously been missing. Yes, he had brought her to satisfaction many times the previous evening and again this morning, but this contained a passion he had yet to show her in their marriage.

However, Lord Drake broke off the kiss and physically grabbed her arm and led her through the house. Angry at himself for getting lost in emotions he would not allow himself to feel again. Never again would he be humiliated by a woman, especially not his wife. He would not allow himself to feel for this woman, to have her betray him and leave his reputation in tatters for all of society to see. Determined to make her pay for his error, he continued to drag her through the house and onto the carriage he’d arranged with the gardener earlier.

Once in the privacy of the carriage, Lord Drake forced Megan to lift her skirts to sit down so her bare ass was against the cold of the seat and bunched up at the front. This allowed him to tug on the rope between her legs and slip a finger in-between to play with her clit as they rode along in silence. He thought about getting her to remove her bodice but decided it would be too troublesome to re-dress as the journey would only be short.

However he made the most of the ten minute trip, he could see her discomfort at the rope and reassured himself that by treating her this way was the only way to maintain order in his life.

“Well My Pet, we are nearly at your former home, I’ve sent word that we will be arriving and have asked some guests to gather to join us for the day. I expect you to be obedient at all times and show respect for your husband. Do I make myself clear?”

Megan could only nod her head as the mixtures of vibrations from the carriage, the pulling on the rope and his delving fingers were causing her to once again spill over with pleasure. Trying so hard not to cry out aloud, she bit her lip as it rippled across her body and left her feeling dazed and ashamed. What if the carriage driver heard her moans? Why would her husband treat her this way in public and what did he have planned that he had expressively ordered her dutiful behaviour?

Upon arriving at the mansion, Lord Drake helped his wife from the carriage. Smiling as he noted the smell of sex hanging around her frame, he was sure at least one of his guests would notice the smell and be well aware of its meaning. He also couldn’t help but realise that his wife looked beautiful in the mid morning light. Her skin was radiant, aided by the glow of her orgasm and her face framed by her dark hair. Her outfit fitted her perfectly, it was modest but due to her bindings it protruded bountifully in all the correct places.

He also saw the smile on her face fall as she saw his intended guests arrive at the door to greet them. Lord Drake knew she had assumed it would be her father and brothers, not the two whom stood there now. The buxom blonde and the former stable master, better known as Lord John and his betrothed Amanda, were standing arm in arm ready to spend the day together with them.

How was she supposed to cope? How was she supposed to spend the day with the man she thought she loved, who had betrayed her and given her away to another man? As her husband took her by the arm, she suddenly felt very self conscious. Her breasts ached inside her bodice, trussed up and squeezed into the bodice that made her feel every pulse in her body. The rope between her legs didn’t chafe but made her aware of her sex constantly and it even rubbed at her other violated hole.

“John, my friend, so glad you and your lovely lady could spend the day with us. I’m sure we can make this a very… eventful day. I thought we could take our lady folk and ride out to the hunting lodge on the other side of the valley?”

Both men agreed and organised the arrangements as the ladies stood looking cautiously at each other. Was Amanda aware of her liaisons with John? … sorry, Lord John… would she ever get used to calling him that after knowing him for so long as being John the Stable Master? Yet she had made a silent promise to her husband to be courteous and obedient and that is what she would do. She would hold her tongue unless spoken to and rebel by doing only as instructed.

This would be her undoing, as only two horses were brought out. It seemed they would be riding two to a horse, so silently Meagan walked over towards her husband but was stunned when he ordered her to mount up in front of Lord John.

“I think it would be good for My Pet to get to know my best friend, I’m sure he can tell you that there is nothing better than a ride out to the hunting lodge to fill up a day. Then again, he’s told me you’ve also made that trip many times.”

Yes, she’d made that trip often and so had Lord John. Together, it was their special place and now she was returning with him as a married woman. This had been her dream for many months, yet now it had turned into a nightmare. One heightened by his strong hands slipping beneath her skirts as she rode. Shocked at his actions, she batted at his hands and even turned to slap him as he persisted.

“Now, now then my dear, this is what you have asked me to do for many months, why the hesitating now? If it is the fear of your husband, well let me ease you doubts. We discussed this as we organised the horses, he thought it only fair for me to have a taste of what I prepared so sweetly for him. Even asked me to remind you that he asked you to be obedient and respectful, I hope you give me no cause to tell him any different?”

Megan’s heart sank. No longer protesting to his hand, she sobbed as he explored her nether regions whilst cantering along on the horse, in no hurry to get to their location. Her husband’s horse disappeared into the distance leaving her alone with the man who betrayed her and was now using her body.

Finding the rope between her legs John let out a loud laugh and tugged it playfully. So the old goat had followed through with his drunken threats of tying up his bride so he could take his pleasure as and when he wanted it. Well, he’d have to see if it had any benefits so could implement the technique with Amanda.

Yes, his new betrothed was quite a handful and may be quite expensive on the trust fund he’d inherited. If he could find a way to subdue her and teach her to be meek, mild and pliable it would be so much better. He remembered Megan could be quite the firecracker, yet here she was obviously bending to her husband’s will. Well, he wondered, just how far could he test this.

Slowing the horse right down, holding onto the reins with one hand he moved the other out from under her skirt to the laces of her bodice. He was surprised by her modest top but grinned when the reason was revealed. Unthreading the top bindings allowed him enough room to reach his hand inside to feel the rope wrapped around her tits.

Moving into even further, he could wrap his fingers around one of the hardened mounds beneath and grip it tightly in his rough fingers. He heard a moan escape but was amazed at the control she showed to not stop him from running his fingers over the perky nipples at the end of the bound breasts.

How he longed to take each one in his mouth and feast upon them, Lucas had allowed him to touch but would he allow him to play even further later? He sorely hoped so, even if it meant his friend renewing his former relationship with his own bride to be. He could share if it meant sampling the sweet meat he restrained himself from for so many months.

Megan could do nothing but hide her face as Lord John abused her breasts. He’d always been so tender with her but now it felt like he was tenderising a piece of meat. What was worse was that the vibrations of the ride were once again quivering the rope up against her private area. Surely her body would not betray her now, not whilst she was with another man, especially not with this man.

Yet the sensations started to build within her and Lord John’s mauling of her breasts, in particular her sensitive tips, pushed her over the edge. She had to lean back against him as she shuddered and rode out the wave of sensations that rippled through her body. Gasping out aloud she was sure the man behind her knew exactly what was happening and was enjoying the sight.

Lord John was certainly enjoying the view and feel of a woman he had held many times writhing against him. His own cock twitched at the thought of joining her in her ecstasy but he managed to reign himself in and remember his agreement with his friend. Instead, he moved out of her bodice, took hold of the horse and urged it full speed towards their destination. The sooner he got there, the sooner he could renegotiate that understanding.

It only took a few minutes, at the new speed, to reach the destination. They saw the horse tethered up outside but Lord Drake and Amanda were nowhere in sight. However, noises could be heard from inside, noises that surprised both Megan and her rider. Dismounting, they both moved towards the sounds within the hunting lodge. There they were greeted by the debauched sight of her husband drilling his cock into the rutting ass of the lady beneath him as she moaned for him to do it harder and faster.

“Took you time didn’t you John? Thought you may want to renegotiate the agreement after sampling her assets so I started without you on my side of the deal. Hope you don’t mind. Left the cherry intact, but I hate to say I’ve tried this ass before and couldn’t wait to try it again.”

Megan thought for an instance that John would accost her husband and beat him for defiling his bride to be. It didn’t help that not once through his explanations did Lord Drake stop thrusting himself in and out of the ladies naked rear hole. Yet the man beside her seemed to suddenly reconsider and, instead of shouting, he started laughing and even urged his friend on with their copulation.

“Ha, it seemed too good to be true that you’d pass such a beauty along to me without having tried her out before. You said she was still a virgin but I forgot to ask where she wasn’t! Fair play, my friend! Now, as you seem to be busy fucking my wife to be, it’s only fair I get to take my frustration out on your wife.”

With this, Lord John turned to Megan and locked his mouth upon hers, one hand reaching under her skirts to finger her cunt whilst the other worked at pulling loose the cord that bound her bodice.

“Stop, how dare you! Unhand me this instance! John, why are you doing this? You told me you loved me. How could you treat me this way? Let me go!”

“Silence wench. I’m doing this because you’ve teased me over and over with your lustful body. Also, your own husband has consented to the arrangement and I plan to take full advantage as he reams my lady’s ass. As for loving you, yes, I sure loved that body of yours and I plan to love it even more so now”

Disgusted and broken by his words, Megan froze as her bodice was pulled over her head. No longer able to fight, she endured her former love delighting in her bound breasts. She tried to avoid looking at her rutting husband, as the man she hoped would save her was now sinking his fingers into her private areas with no tender care. Tears streamed down her face as he pushed her to the ground and placed his cock in her mouth.

John could see how this was destroying the girl he’d shared many private moments with. However, his lust seemed to take over. He cared not how she felt as he licked and kissed her tits. He loved how they had turned a soft purple and his finger tips left white marks as he kneaded and mauled them. He could barely contain himself as he drove his fingers into her wet cunt. Amazed at her tightness, he longed to sink his cock in that slit but knew that was out of the question. Instead, looking at her stricken face he knew he had to pleasure himself with the lips that had aroused him so many times with their kisses.

Pushing her roughly to the ground, John quickly released his member and rubbed it around Megan’s quivering lips. Quickly glancing at his friend for agreement, he noticed Lord Drake was pre-occupied using his bride-to-be’s tits as a cunt. Laughing, he quick shoved his cock into Megan’s mouth.

Offering little resistance, Megan accepted her fate and took in the full length of John down her throat. Having only seen one man’s cock before, she was surprised how this one differed from her husband’s. Whilst her Lords’ was long and straight with a fair breadth, the one in between her lips was of a fair length but wider and curved. It ticked the roof of her mouth as it jutted in and out but did not restrict her breathing even at full hilt. It did stretch her achingly wide however, especially as he moved as quickly in and out.

John was amazed by the compliance of the woman he was ravaging, she had even started to lick his cock with her tongue. It was like she was a pro. It seemed Drake had given her some practice at the visitor’s house. Smiling, John decided to continue testing her limits. Pinching her nipples as tight as he could with himself stuffed down her throat, he could feel her fighting to keep her teeth at bay whilst she moaned in pain. These abuses on her tender nipples caused her throat to contract and quiver around his cock and nearly brought him then and there.

John, however, did not want the situation to end so quickly. Looking back at his friend, he could see he had finished copulating with Amanda. Now he sat against a wall, the lady lain naked across his lap as he idly played with her tits. Catching his eye, John gestured his intentions and received a smile with a nod.

With permission granted, he pulled out of Megan’s mouth before he shot his load down her gullet and pushed her forwards so her face was buried in the dirt and she balanced on her knees and forearms. Holding her in position by her neck, he moved around her body. Knowing, as a good Christian he was not allowed to take his pleasure at her cunt, he lined himself up with her other hole.

Now Megan panicked, held down with her check crushed against the rough earth, she could feel the implement being pushed against her most private of openings. From gauging his width in her mouth, she knew this was going to cause unimaginable pain. However, her begging and pleading did not stop him as he sank himself inside her inch at a time. Each movement was like a red hot poker was being inserted into her rectum.

John listened to the begging and pleading and remorse fell over him, he nearly pulled out but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Looking backwards he saw it was Amanda, kneeling next to him she kissed him hard. His free hand moved to her tits and he caressed them gently. This woman was to be his wife, and here she was naked and unashamed. He was a very lucky man indeed. Ignoring the sounds of the woman beneath him, he continued to explore his fiancée’s mouth and breasts as he pulled slightly out of Megan’s ass and plunged back inside hard.

Drake admired the sight in front of him, his wife calling out in agony as the enlarged cock up her butt fucked her viciously, whilst her assaulter was more concerned with his future bride. He watched them kiss and caress each other and knew that he had nothing to fear from John where Megan was concerned. His eyes were only for Amanda and Megan was merely a piece of equipment to be used until he could take his lady the same way. Drake also enjoyed listening to the sound of Megan’s pain turning into the familiar sound of pleasure. Yet again, what should have broken her down to the core was causing her to fire up in ecstasy.

Megan was ashamed deeply to be experiencing the pleasure she was feeling with another man’s appendage in her rear. Tears stung her eyes as she watched her formerly beloved John delight in another woman’s body as he took her own so vigorously. Why did her body have to betray her at the most degrading times? There was no denying her passion as the orgasm hit her, as she bucked up to meet his pushing cock and as she screamed in pleasure into the rough ground.

John was momentarily distracted from Amanda when Megan screamed, her previous noises had been dampened by the earth but this one echoed around the lodge. Not of pain, but of pleasure. Had Megan really come from being fucked up the ass? Yes, he could feel the dampness on his balls as they bounced off her cunt. Amazed, he renewed his attack on her ass with vigour, removing his hand from Megan’s neck he now used both to explore Amanda’s delicate frame.

John had already had his pleasure once this morning with a maid at the house, he’d taken her mouth as she’d come to collect his breakfast tray. Thankfully, this release meant he could hold on and enjoy both bodies simultaneously. When he did finally feel the urgent need to release, he pulled out of Megan and aimed his load at Amanda instead. Turned on by the sight of it hitting her ample tits, he was even more turned on by her using her hands to rub his spunk all over her bosom. She even took a slippery nipple into her own mouth and sucked it clean.

Megan fell to her side and could do nothing but watch as John ignored her to watch his fiancée erotically play with her own naked body. Megan even admired the confidence, as the woman held John’s gaze with sultry eyes as she licked herself clean of his juices. Pure lust emanated from this woman as she even drove her own fingers into her private area as John took her breasts in his hands and mouth.

She could also do nothing when Lord Drake joined the couple, kneeling behind Amanda to hold her breasts for John to suck, lick and bite. Watching exhaustedly, she saw the two men position the woman so one could insert his manhood into her mouth whilst the other filled her rear end. Shocked at the lewdness, she saw the woman continue to impale herself with her fingers as both men started to take their pleasure from her. Both rocked back and forth and she was mesmerised by the sight of the appendages going in and out of the lady’s body.

Both men did not take long to gain full speed as they performed an act they have practiced many times on the wanton women of the town’s brothels. Here it was common place for them to team up with a whore so they could get a two for one deal. However, never once was it as erotic to have a willing woman to engage with. A woman who was an active participant who pushed and bucked onto their cocks and seemed to be intent on milking them both dry as they shot their loads down her throat and deep up her ass.

Falling into a pile onto the floor, the three lay entwined as Megan lay alone in the lodge. All four were spent and fell into a slumber as the morning sun shone down onto their exposed naked flesh

It wasn’t until around noon, that Megan felt herself being lifted up and carried out of the lodge. Half asleep, she thought she was being taken back to the horse, but was surprised when she was carried out into the nearby woods. However, it wasn’t until the bounds of her breasts were removed that she woke fully. The blood rushed back to every area causing a stinging sensation which she ached to massage better. This relief was denied, as the rope that bound her was used to tie her upright into the branches of an old dead tree.

Lord Drake secured her by the wrists, as John helped to pull her up so Megan had to stand onto her tip toes. Amanda was still naked beside them but had been ordered to remain silent. Lord Drake ran his hands up and down the dangling body, using a scrap of fabric he fashioned a crude gag and slipped it between her lips. John joined him in his exploration. They pinched, clawed and prodded at her flesh. Sinking fingers into various orifices and using their mouths to lick, suck and bite at her tender flesh.

Slowly, Megan’s body was coved in nail and teeth marks. Her skin was sucked into patches of bruises that ranged from her neck to her inner thigh. Unable to talk, Megan moaned as they abused her body and moaned as it once again caused her juices to run down her thighs. Juices that were licked clean as they sank their tongues into her private areas and licked her tender spot. At one point, Lord Drake was licking her front hole as John licked her rear. Both pawing at her nipples and making her come over and over again. The strain on her body made her shoulders ache as she struggled to stay on tip toes, but she was helpless as her legs were rendered unusable by the men’s administrations of her vulnerable body.

“Ah, My Pet. How delightful you look hanging there for all to look at. Nothing but a wanton whore! Ah, sorry, I was cussed for using such a word wasn’t I? You dared correct me and I promised a punishment. I think now is as good a time as any to receive it! It may remind you that you’re MY wife, that I am your master now and that you will is to be controlled by myself. John, pass me a horse whip if you may?”

Megan shook at the final words. Only recently, she had received her first beating, by her father, in living memory. Now, within a few weeks, she was to receive another, this time with a cruel whip. How could she ever cope? She had seen servants caught stealing being treated as such and even her brothers struck by the cane and they had screamed in agony. Hopefully her husband would be satisfied with only a few strokes as what she did was not so bad, was it?

Lord Drake had other ideas. He planned to make his wife learn her place and how to hold her tongue. After a quick discussion with John, he moved to stand behind with wife with the whip. He had many times been beaten as a boy. He was always getting into trouble. However, he always feared the whip the worst. The sting could be directed over and over again into the same area, if delivered correctly it left marks and welts on the skin but did not break it so the punishment could go on indefinitely.

This was the plan as he aimed his first strike on Megan’s lower thigh. Gag still in place, it barely muffled her scream as he landed the second, third and fourth in the exact same place. Then he moved on to her other thigh, her lower buttocks, middle buttocks, lower back, mid back and upper back, leaving a trail of livid lines behind him. He’d had much practice at his estate in dealing with wrongdoers who requested punishment over losing their jobs. Time would heal wounds but jobs were hard to find and he paid well.

Tiring, he passed the whip to John, who stood in front of Megan. Her eyes lit up as he rained down a volley of blows on her breasts and stomach. Both men were practiced and none of the blows broke the skin. None would cause permanent damage and all the red marks would be gone in a matter of days if tended to correctly. This was designed to punish with instant pain rather than prolonged abuse.

Seeing his friend tire, he even passed the whip to Amanda and got her to deliver a few strikes. None with the same velocity but Megan’s skin was already a flame with heat. So each lick of the whip, however light, still burnt. Lord Drake also commanded Amanda to rub ointment into the hanging woman’s limp body. The cream itself stung as it was applied. However, both men enjoyed the sight of her rubbing her fingers into Megan’s tits and ass to spread the cream.

John, taking a chance with his new beau, even instructed her to kiss Megan better and then grinned from ear to ear as she did exactly that. Starting from behind, she kissed the battered back before her, using her tongue to lick between kisses. The ointment was salty but not distasteful. Moving lower, she knelt as she kissed the bruised buttocks and soft inner thighs. Moving to the front, she kissed around her bosom and even licked at the tips. Kneeling once more, she kissed the stripped stomach and pelvic region.

All too much, John moved up and pulled his future wife away with him, echoing the kisses she had delivered to another but this time sinking his tongue into the folds of her flesh until she was writhing in ecstasy.

Ignoring his friends, Lord Drake released Megan and was once again surprised by his wife. There, down her leg was the glistening of her juices. What had caused it, the whipping or another woman touching and kissing her body? Looking at her he could see the shame in her eyes. This was a broken woman, one he could do anything too now. He had so many plans to use that body in so many different unspeakable ways, yet all he wanted to do was remove the gag and hold her. To kiss her deeply and tell her how proud he was of her.

So that was what he did. Ripping the cloth from her lips, he replaced it with his mouth and tongue. He held her close as he kissed her passionately. He caressed her body carefully as he lost himself in the embrace. He rejoiced as she returned the passion, as she kissed him back as fiercely as he took her mouth, that she held him as tightly as her own hands caressed his body. He barely managed to contain himself as she reached for his cock and started to massage it back to life. After today, he thought sure it would not be until tomorrow that he could resume his sexual duties. However, the feel of her fingers reaching under his clothes and grasping him in her fingers was enough to arouse any man.

Laying her back, he pulled his cock free and lay on top of her. Never once did he break the kiss and never once did he stop caressing her lashed body. It was she, who used her nimble fingers to guide him into herself. She set the rhythm as she bucked to meet his thrusts. Megan was the one who clung on to his hips and wrapped her legs around his back so he could drive himself deeper into her flesh. For the first time, Lord Drake made love to his wife. It was everything their first time should have been. She came before him, only giving him moments to pull out and unload his seed onto her patterned stomach.

Collapsing on top of her, Lord Drake took the time to re-evaluate his circumstances. Yes, he’d been hurt previously by a wretched woman. However, this heavenly wicked creature below him was different. He decided he could learn to love this woman. No. He was already in love with this woman, and probably had been from when he first met her. The fact that she seemed to be a wanton whore, beneath her modest exterior, was a bonus.

Just because he loved her did not change how he was going to treat her. He saw how much it turned her on. Yes, sometimes they would make love but he knew she needed to be dominated. Some women were just made that way. Whilst he may not push her as far as he previously planned, he did plan to make sure she led a sexually fulfilling lifestyle, especially one that was fulfilling to him.

Would he share this with her? Never! If she knew, it would change the dynamics of the situation. He would never utter those three little words. He would show her in other ways. He would show her when he fucked her into oblivion by using her various holes. He’d show her when he tied her up and ordered her to do various debauched activities. Show her by sharing her with John, as he hoped to share with Amanda. Show her by punishing her body in many ingenious ways that would cause no real harm but cement his rule over her life and body.

No, he’d never tell her, However, he planned to make her tell him over and over and over again as she screamed his name in pleasure. That was his promise and his wedding gift to his wife. Now, it was time to return home and enjoy the remainder of the week. Then it was time to make plans for their return to his homestead where the rest of his strategy would be fulfilled.

Drake Manor was huge, Megan previously lived in a substantial home with her father and brothers but this was something else. The house dominated the landscape, situated on top of the hill overlooking the valleys below. Whilst on view, the land around was owned by the estate and was private property of Lord Drake himself. His mother still lived at the homestead, but had withdrawn to only a few private chambers with a couple of servants. Lord Drake controlled the rest of the house and now Megan had become Lady Drake, mistress of the house.

The journey from her home had been long and eventful .Lord Drake took every opportunity to confirm his control of her. After only a few minutes, he had her on her knees in the rambling carriage with her mouth pleasuring his manhood. He’d made her wear only a simple shift dress, covered by a cape, so it was easy to slip on and off when appropriate. When travelling through the remote fields and countryside, she would be naked and made to perform various intimate tasks. Whilst moving through towns and villages, she would be dressed and her modesty, for a short time, preserved.

Lord Drake revelled in ravishing his wife on the journey. He also noticed how wet and willing she had been. Yes, she blushed and needed to be asked twice on some occasions but she’d screamed so much in orgasm he feared she’d wake the dead! Over and over he played and used her body, only limited by the space the carriage provided. Keeping her clothed in the populated areas was disappointing but he had a reputation to uphold.

He enjoyed using her mouth the most, loved shoving his cock to be back of her throat and enjoyed watching her try to control her urges to gag. To his delight, she had becoming quite the expert during their honeymoon. However, his greatest joy was pulling out and watching his seed decorate her enchanting visage. Overjoyed, he watched it glisten on her skin as he rubbed it in with his spent cock. Mesmerised, as she followed his instructions to raise it from her skin with her finger and suck it clean.

Never before had he been so ready to take someone again so quickly after the fact. Yet he had. With great urgency, he physically threw her, still kneeling, face down into the bench on the other side. Then dropping to his own knees behind her, he slid his cock straight between her thighs and into her dripping cunt. Then he fucked her, this was no gentle love making. Holding her neck firmly, he used his spare hand to grip her hips tightly. As he pushed forward, he angled her body back to greet him. Feeling his cock being massaged by her inner folds was exquisite! At this angle, he could also feel himself hit her inner limit and the action seemed to cause her to explode over and over again.

Lord Drake knew that some women didn’t like having their wombs filled so completely. Some whores he’d frequented actually screamed in pain. However, for some, he knew that mix of pleasure and pain was seamless. Megan was truly a woman whose pleasures senses were confused. Once Lord Drake would have pitied or been disgusted by such a female, however as he thrust into is wife over and over again he couldn’t be more thankful.

Yet, Lord Drake was ever conscious that this freedom could only last so long. As soon as she was pregnant, he would not be able to carry on such debauchery. With the last of his willpower, he forced his engorged cock from her cunt and placed it firmly up her ass in one swift movement. He was not disappointed, as he rode her hard and exploded deep into her bowels. This was one act he knew she felt ashamed about the most, his violation of such a delicate and private area. Maybe that’s why he stayed in longer than normal, maybe that’s why he spoke so dirty to her afterwards.

“Ah My Pet, I do so enjoy fucking you in your ass. Ah, I see from your soaking wet cunt you like it as well you dirty little whore. Tell me what you are. Tell me you’re a Dirty… Little… Whore.”

Megan refused to speak. She refused to allow herself to utter those fowl words. Yet she knew there would be consequences. They were swift, his hand striking her buttocks over and over again, whilst his flaccid member was still inserted into her rectum. The previous night, Lord Drake had taken particular care on using a wooden paddle to punish her for the disobedience she showed when ‘entertaining’ their guests again. Being forced to kneel in the carriage was a relief to her aching rear. Now, her Lords’ heavy hand was causing all that pain to resurface. Finally, she could take no more.

“I’m a…. I’m a dirty… I’m a dirty little *sob*… I’m a whore… a dirty little whore. I’m your dirty little whore who likes to be taken in the rear.”

“Ass, say you’re a dirty little whore who likes to taken by a cock up the ass.”

So she did, she uttered those exact words. They poured from her mouth and with each she felt as if she were uttering the truth. She did enjoy it, she was reluctant, she hated the humiliation and embarrassment but her body loved every minute. Even having him in her mouth gave her a feeling of arousal, between her legs was heaven but even in her most private of areas it caused her to be excited. What was wrong with her, why did she feel this way and was she morally wrong?

Megan had been brought up as a strict Christian. From as young as she could remember, she had been taught that acts upon the body were all sinful. That time with your husband was to be endured for procreation wholly. That a woman should lie there and bear her husband’s seed but never enjoy the act. Yet, Megan, who had been raised around horses and cattle, knew that all the unions she and her husband had engaged in, none of them were intended to get her pregnant.

The journey lasted for 12 hours, they only stopped briefly to swap horses and to frequent lodges for food. At the last rest spot, Lord Drake paid for a room and for some help, so she could be dressed properly. When they arrived at Lord Drake Manor, Megan was mentally and physically exhausted. Lord Drake carefully helped his wife from the carriage and took her to greet his mother and staff.

Having already sent word ahead, when reaching their last stop, the servants were lined up on the steps to great their master’s return. Megan was shocked by the amount of staff he employed. Her husband was indeed very rich. The dress he had provided her with was divine. It was made of soft lilac satin, with delicate lace and beautiful matching ribbons and laces. The jewels he had hung around her neck were elegant and tasteful. Megan felt like a princess and not merely a Lady.

As she headed up the steps, the servants bowed or curtsied. Each sneaked a look at the new mistress of the household. Megan wondered what they thought of her, did they approve? They all seemed pleased to greet her husband home. He shook hands with a few and spoke with great familiarity, even with those in the lowest positions. She could tell he was genuinely well like by those who worked for him. This gave her a glimmer of hope that Lord Drake was not really the ogre he’d been with her. That here he would be different, even possibly loving.

Lord Drake was glad to be home. He was happy to see familiar faces and was proud to show off his prized catch. His wife certainly got many approving glances from the men in his service. Let them look, he thought, I’m the one that gets to see beneath these annoying clothes. However, it was time she met his mother. A woman notoriously hard to please! As he grew up, she was a very involved parent. She taught him, like a governess, herself and helped him appreciate the arts, literature and politics. Mama had always been the driving force behind her father and had helped him make the success he had to procure such a vast estate. As she taught him, she was ensuring he would not waste it and lose all she had made her husband work for.

Yet, Lord Drake knew his Mama loved him fiercely. He only hoped she would love his new bride as much. She was not happy at being unable to choose his beau and even more unhappy that she was housebound so unable to attend the ceremony. He could have held it here, but Lord Drake had convinced her that it was best the other family paid. Frugal as always, his Mama saw the benefits of this, even though they had great wealth and a wedding would not have even dented their finances.

As he took Megan into the house, he could feel her trembling with anxiety. Approaching the study, where he knew his mother would be engrossed in her books, he too felt the nerves. Mama had never spent much time in the parlours doing ladylike activities. In her own chambers, she had amassed a vast quantity of books and literature and, when at the main house, she always retired to her husband’s old study. Lord Drake, in remembrance, had turned another room into his own personal study and let her have this peace.

Opening the door, he did indeed find Mama reading. He smiled as he recognised her favourite book on politics. He knew she knew it inside out and could quote it on a whim. However, she never did. The former Lady Drake was a mystery to outsiders. None knew her role in her family’s lives, often abstaining from the usually social circles and obligations. She was seen as a quiet and humble lady. Little did they know of the volatile debates she shared with his husband and himself, they could never imagine that she would win those contests every single time due to her intellect, wisdom and stubbornness!

Lord Drake issued a small cough to announce their arrival and was pleased to see the grin form on his Mama’s face.

“Ahhh, so Prince Charming has arrived with his Cinderella. Let me look at her. Now Lucas, you don’t need to be here for this. Shoo! Go sort out the finances with Humphrey and gives us some time to be acquainted. Hurry along!”

Megan was amazed as her dominate husband just laughed and left the room leaving her standing there.

“Well my dear, let me see. Well you are certainly a beauty. However, I hope he did not select you on looks alone. Now, stand up a little straighter… hold on. Ahhh… let me guess, my son gave you a sound thrashing last night didn’t he? Speak up child. Did he strike you or not?”

Megan fixed her eyes to the floor and uttered a murmur of a yes.

“So, he’s had to punish you already? That does not bode well. Tell me child, and speak honestly, why?”

Megan blushed a deep crimson. How could she tell her mother-in-law she had been punished for refusing to perform a sexual activity?

“Ah, no need to speak child, from your face I can tell it’s an erotic matter. You probably displeased him in the manly rights. Fair enough, I will not stop a man teaching his wife to pleasure him the right way. I myself was rigorously trained by my husband. He thrashed me senseless on several occasions and taught me the art of sex. Once I’d learned, I’d never been happier. It is not something to be ashamed of my dear. Whilst I ruled the house and mind, he ruled my body and I was much better for it and so shall you be.”

Megan didn’t know what to say. Secretly she was hoping to get an ally against her husband’s unusual intimate practices but that was certainly not the case.

“It will take time to adjust. I know of my son’s reputation with the ladies. I’ve helped his father cover up a few minor discretions. His temper can get the better of him, but he has never been violent for the sake of violence. The Ladies of the Night in town were well rewarded to satisfy his needs, I’m sure they will curse the loss of their business. He had such… particular tastes. They may be scary, as it was when my husband first planted his love tool in places I never imagined. Yet, he learnt that I was his master intellectually and I learnt he was my master in private. I still have the scars! Now, sit on that tender rear of your. You need to learn how to hide your body’s tenderness when you mix in the society circles, although you will find many in similar circumstances. Lady Tilsly has an especially difficult time of it, you should think yourself lucky!”

So Megan sat. She tried hard not to wince as her buttocks lowered themselves onto the cushioned surface. Then she talked with her new mother, for never having one, it was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. She was easy to talk to and was often led into discussions on intimate subjects. Yet, despite the lady’s former declaration, Megan knew she liked her and she would help her overcome her insecurities. She also knew she would not stop the treatment she received by her husband, in fact she thought they were healthy for a productive relationship. Megan admired this woman greatly. Could she be the master of Lord Drake in some way? In what way? Or could she at least be his equal? She could only hope.

For the rest of the week, Megan enjoyed the quiet life of Lords Drake’s home and spent many an afternoon with his mother. They’d sit and talk for hours, or just sit in comfortable silence as they read books on art, politics and history. The rest of Megan’s days were spent adjusting to her new role as wife and head of the house.

Every morning, Lord Drake woke his new Lady and held her firmly by the hair as she woke up his cock with her lusciously soft lips. He delighted in pushing her firmly onto himself and spilling his seed straight down her throat. He’d even started to call it her ‘breakfast’. Over the week, she’d became better and better at taking his full length and was using her tongue much better to caress his shaft, whilst it was rammed in her mouth.

Then, Megan washed, groomed and dressed her husband. For this she remained naked herself, desperately trying to ignore his caresses as she moved around his body. Quite often, her husband would impale her on his fingers as she combed his hair or would nip at her breasts if she strayed too close.

During the rest of the morning, Megan worked with the senior House Keeper and discussed the daily menus, cleaning rituals and the forthcoming ball that Lord Drake had announced to celebrate their marriage. Megan found she was good at her role, she was decisive, organised and was complimented routinely by Lord Drake’s mother on her selections.

After dinner, Megan’s wifely duties were often required. At one each day, she would be called to Lord Drake’s study. On the first day he merely bent her over the desk and took her roughly from behind. The next, he bent her backwards over a low table and spread her legs wide so he could drive himself in as deep as possible. One day, he even made her stand naked in the window. She blushed deeply as her breasts were squashed against the glass as he entered her rear and pounded away.

Once he was finished, she was sent away so he could return to his work running the estate and she would go and spend time with his Mama. It was the evening she both dreaded and looked forwards to the most.

Lord Drake expected Megan to be lying on top of the bed, naked and ready for him as he came to bed. Every night he had the stunning view of his wife spread eagled, face down on the bed. Her hips raised by a pillow she had placed beneath herself so her ass was high in the air. Never once, since her sound thrashing, had she failed a request. Yet it still bothered him that she did not do these takes more willingly.

It may have had something to do with their nightly routine. As he slipped his belt from his waist, he doubled it over and could see his wife tense in anticipation at the sound. Upon the first stroke to her exposed flesh, he could hear the whimper that was both pleasure and pain. Yet she did not move, holding tight to the rails of the head board as if her life depended upon it. Every night, 10 lashes was the limit, enough to redden her skin but not enough to cause prolonged discomfort.

Then he would climb on top of her. As he took her deeply in the ass, he would strike her stinging cheeks with his open palm. The combination of the two never failed to bring her over the edge, often she was screaming well before he was ready and was still screaming in pleasure as he sowed his seed right up her back passage.

For two weeks, this was Megan’s life. What Megan was afraid to admit was that she loved it! She loved caring for her husband in a morning, and often fingered herself to orgasm when he left, as she was so turned on by his teasing of her body. Even Lord Drake had complimented her on her organisation of the Ball and the orgasms she received every night let her drift off into satisfied sleep.

Yet, something was keeping Lord Drake awake. After two weeks, whilst lying playing with his sleeping wife’s tits, he also had to admit how happy he was. He had no plans to fall in Love with this girl. Yet, that is what he had done, he’d fallen hard and was worried what that would do to him. At first he tried to cover this by treating her meaner, taking her in embarrassing and forceful ways. However, that brought him no relief. What was he to do, no woman was going to rule his heart or he feared she’d soon end up ruling his head!

With that uneasy thought, he roughly pinched the nipple of the breast he was fondling. The startled cry told him it had the desired effect. Pulling her out of bed, in the middle of the night, he ordered her to dress him. Taking every opportunity, he pinched and prodded at her slender body. He slipped two fingers up her cunt, two in her ass and his lips on her tits as she fastened the buttons on his shirt. Once dressed, he made her dress in simple men’s breeches and shirt and half dragged her out to the stables.

Here, he quickly saddled a horse and mounted it, with Megan seated behind, and set off to the local town. His destination was sure to be open at this time.

Upon arriving, he pulled Megan off the horse and literally threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the side building on the dark street. Megan had hardly any time to think before he tugged the blouse off her tender frame and pulled her breeches to the floor. Scrambling to cover her modesty, he defeated her plan by using a length of rope he’d brought from the stables to tie her hands above her head and onto the low rafters above.

Megan was visible to all who wanted to look. Her breasts bounced as she struggled to free herself from her bonds. How dare he do this to her, she was his wife not some common whore!

Looking around did not ease her fears, for she was obviously in a den of sin. All the women in the room were either half dressed or naked. All the women were laughing at her.

Lord Drake took pleasure in watching his prized catch dangle on the rope for all to see. The look in her eyes was murderous but he didn’t care. She’d get used to being treated as such and he cared little for how she felt at that moment. Throwing a couple of large bills of cash at the man behind the desk, the grabbed two whores and manoeuvred them in front of his wife. Sitting in a grand chair, he pulled one woman on to her knees, quickly got out his cock and pointed it at her mouth. She soon got to work licking and sucking it like the professional she was. The other woman sat on the arm of the chair so he could feast on her tits and probe her holes as he desired. All the while he stared at his wife.

Megan did not know what to do. She had seen her husband with another woman once before but now he was using two Ladies of the Night whilst she was tied up naked and helpless. All she could do was watch as he tired of using one of the women’s mouths and placed it up the other ones rear.

Lord Drake was having a fine time banging the whore’s ass. It was far looser and more well used than his wife’s, but the whore was an active participant in the affair and even encouraged him to do it harder and quicker. Once spent, he got the other dame to clean off his cock and sat thinking as he continued to explore the various crevices of the ladies bodies.

“Well, look who’s slumming it old boy! Rumour has it you’ve run off and got married? Never expected to see you in this place again!”

Turning, Lord Drake was amused and pleased to find two of his oldest, and dearest, friends. Tom and George, like John, were former school friends. They had all been on many adventures together and shared many experiences.

“Good to see you my friends. I did indeed tie the knot but no woman will keep me from my ladies. In fact, I brought her with me! She’s the one dangling over there.”

Both men turned to look and Lord Drake laughed out loud at their reaction. He could see the shock in their eyes but it was quickly followed by pure unadulterated lust. They’d come to get laid and he was going to kill two birds with one stone.

“I’ve rather got my hands full with these two, would you mind keeping my wife company for a bit. I’m sure she’d like to get to know you a whole lot better. She’s a good little cock sucker and her ass is tighter than any you’ll find in this place.”

Surely her husband was joking. Surely he did not mean for these strangers, as they were to her, to use her body as her husband only should. However, she had a lingering memory of the last time she refused her husband’s sexual games.

Within minutes, the two men had lowered the naked woman from the rafters and set her mouth and hands to work. Tom shoved his cock into her mouth and worked it hard in and out. George grabbed her hands and wrapped it around his shaft and set her off at a rapid pace. After a few minutes, Tom moved out of her mouth and George took his place. He was much bigger and wanted to feel the back of this new whore throat. Holding her head firm, he stuffed it deep inside and held himself there as he saw what Tom was doing.

Tom was lining his cock up with the ass that wiggled in frustration in front of him. As he saw George stuff the cunt’s mouth, he plunged his cock to the hilt in her heavenly tight ass. If she screamed, it was lost with the face filling she was receiving. Having worked together before, both men matched rhythms and rode the body that was pinioned between them. Both knew how to hold out and made the most of the fuck. Tom fingered the cunt beneath and George groped and pinched at the nipples dangling in front of him. They would have to pay the house well for this bitch’s rough service but she was worth it.

George even realised she was getting off on the fucking. His fingers were getting wet and even Tom noticed the muffled sounds were becoming more willing and urgent. When both men pulled out and shot their loads all over the whore, the woman let out a scream of pent up pleasure.

“Ha, well we fucked that ‘wife’ of yours well. So where did you buy her from and when do we get to meet the real Lady Drake?”

Lord Drake could barely contain himself. He’d just watched his two closest friends fuck his wife with reckless abandonment and they hadn’t even realised it was his real wife. They thought he was having a joke with them!

“You just did meet her! Wife, meet Lord George Buntly and Sir Thomas Stavely. Lads meet Lady Drake, my new wife. I hope you enjoyed her, hahaha!”

Both men looked around the room and looked at the expressions on everyone’s faces, as they realised their error they could not help but laugh also.

“Well congratulations old boy! She was a mighty fine fuck and you are a very lucky man. If I was you, I would not be willing to share a cunt, or ass, so fine!”

With that, all the men greeted each other and retired to another room to play cards. Megan was left in heap on the floor, discarded by the men and still covered in their seed. It also became apparent her husband had left clear instructions. Quickly, her hands and feet were tied and she was left on the floor. During the course of the night many men relieved their manly juices over her prone naked frame. Most aimed their jets at her tits or lips. None ventured lower than her navel.

At the end of the night, Megan didn’t even stir as Lord Drake lifted her in his arms and took a carriage back to the house. There was not even a murmur as he took her up to bed and wiped her down. The aim of the experience was to dampen his need for her but her acceptance at being taken by his friends, and the vulgar use of her body as a seed receptacle, was frustrating. He loved her more now than before. He was determined not to let her win! He had to break the spell somehow. Tomorrow was the Ball she had so carefully organised. Maybe it could hold a few surprises she had not planned for so very, very carefully. With an exhausted grin, Lord Drake finally drifted off to sleep.

The next day was very busy for Megan, after servicing her husband’s member with her mouth and dressing him, whilst he played with her body, she had a Ball to oversee. Hardly taking any time to think, still worn and sore from the late night violations, Megan busied her mind with a host of tasks. Instructing the cooks, ordering the servants and helping to decorate the dining room was a welcomed relief. Here she was finally in charge of something. Every member of the household bowed to her commands and followed them dutifully. Even Lord Drake did as requested, although she never dared look into his eyes and always asked politely.

At one, she took her break from planning and went to Lord Drake’s study. There she was welcomed by her husband sitting at his desk. Closing the door securely, she stood and waited.

“Ah, My Pet, I hope the preparations are going well. I have many friends and work colleges coming and I do not want to disappoint them. I have a reputation and high standards that you will meet. It seems that you are quite enjoying you role as mistress. Even daring to issue me with orders! Well, I think you need to be reminded of your position. Whilst you are mistress of the household, I’m master of you. Strip and bend over chair.”

Megan shuddered, she knew what to expect. This had happened only once before, when she’d been late for their ‘appointment’. Quickly, removing her gowns as not to further anger her husband, she bent forwards over the hard wooden chair so her rear was raised high in the air. Last time her husband had used his belt and threatened that next time he’d use a cane. She ensured there would be no next time, always being ready outside the door for when the household clocks chimed one.

Whilst Megan had indeed been brought to orgasm after the belt that time, she had no idea how the cane would feel and was afraid. Yet she was even more startled when Lord Drake rang a small bell on his desk. Hurrying to cover herself before someone entered, she was stopped with a stern word from her husband. Returning to her position, she was unable to see who had entered the room.

“Ah, Humphrey, thank you for coming so quickly. I’ve been looking over the accounts carefully and wanted to commend you on the fine job you have done in my absence a few weeks ago. Yet, it seems this Ball of mine has become quite costly at the hands of my lavish wife. I would be most grateful if you’d use the cane on my desk to teach her the art of moderation. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how many strokes she requires to learn the lesson.”

With that, Lord Drake left the room. Megan shook with fear. She hated Humphrey, the stoic accountant. Since her arrival, she often felt his beady eyes staring at her with a look that was most inappropriate. During the day, she took care to make sure they were never alone together and had as little contact as possible.

“What a nice round target. I’ve been telling the butler all week how you needed to be taught a good lesson. Wasting money on this Ball! Well, let’s see. How many strokes? How about as many as it takes for you to beg me to fuck you up that lily white ass of yours?”

With that, he raised his arm and sent the first arc of the cane crashing down on his victims buttocks. Immediately, a vivid red line formed and was quickly followed by a second and third. After the tenth, Megan was indeed begging. Not for what he asked, but for him to stop and have mercy.

“Mercy? No, what you need to taking down a peg or too Miss High and Mighty.”

A clattering sound told Megan that Humphrey had dropped the came to the floor. The ruffling of fabric meant he had also dropped his breaches. The push at her rear confirmed that he was going to take her as intended. She screamed and heard the door open and footsteps come into the room.

“What the hell is going on? My Pet, I leave you for one moment to be punished and you’ve tricked this man into giving you pleasure. Well, don’t let me stop you Humphrey, get on with it man.”

Humphrey needed no further encouragement, seeing as his Lordship was obviously not going to stop him as he suspected. He shoved his small wide cock straight up the bitches arse. For several weeks he’d watched her parade herself around the home, even watched her being fucked whilst stood naked at the window. This whore had no shame! No righteous woman would allow anyone to do the things he’d glimpsed her husband do to her. Certainly no woman would make those blasphemous screams of sin they all heard coming out of the study every day.

Making sure his angle was right, we thrust in and out over and over again. Digging his fingers into the beaten flesh of her caned cheeks, he made sure she felt every stroke. Using his nails he scratched and clawed as he increased his pace and delighted in her tightness. Yet, as her screams of pain turned to pleasure he became more and more frustrated. How dare the little bitch enjoy this! What type of demon was she to be so lustful?

Growing angrier, his trusts became deeper and more violent. Instead of gripping her flesh, he started to strike it with his open palm. Started to call her all sorts of dirty names and tried to get her to repeat them in order to receive some sort of mercy from him.

However, Megan never uttered a word and required no mercy. The spanking was all she desired to push over the edge. Whilst he ground her into the wooden chair, she screamed in ecstasy and clenched her rear muscles as hard as she could to milk the intrusion in her rear dry.

“Ha, My Pet’s lustful desires have won out again. Yet Humphrey, you seem displeased? I think perhaps your work here, and at my home is done. You shall of course have my highest recommendations to find work elsewhere. Good day sir, I will have your personal belongings sent to your home.”

Still looking hatefully at Megan, Humphrey didn’t utter a word himself whilst he pulled out, wiped his cock on the slut’s ass in front of him and dressed slowly. He’d already had several good offers of work and knew he could no longer stay in a household with this whore. Nodding appreciatively at Lord Drake, he left the room, the house and the grounds. Yet the images of him ravishing the tender ass of the delicious strumpet stayed with him for many years to come.

Megan slumped to the floor and sobbed. How could he husband sit and watch her be disgraced like that? Especially with a man so fowl?

“So, My Pet, I hope that you’ve learned your place? Never deign to give me orders again! Now, you have a Ball to finish. Off you go, I hope those stripes on your ass will be a pleasant reminder during the evening of who is master?”

Megan did indeed remember, for the remainder of the day she was unable to sit. However, her anger at being used was turned towards to rest of the staff. Her commands became more forceful and her tolerance for mistakes was minimal. Let Lord Drake be the master of her body but she was the mistress of this house. It was clear from her encounter with Humphrey that the staff knew of her ‘appointments’ with her husband. Embarrassed by the notion, it made her harder and firmer in her dealings.

Soon it came time for the evening’s proceedings. Lord Drake looked around and admired the work of his wife, the hall looked dazzling and the food from the kitchens smelt delicious. Whilst it did indeed cost a pretty penny, it was worth every shilling and pound. His entertainment earlier was more a test of his former accountant. He’d long suspected he was a strange and curious man but was unprepared for the viciousness of his feelings. He was dismayed at himself for disbelieving the female servants of the house, who’d spoke to him about the man’s sinister advances. Tomorrow, he’d make sure their pay was suitable compensated for any suspected wrongdoing.

Eventually, the guests started arriving and he waited at the entrance of the hall to greet them. It was his Mama’s idea that Megan was to make a dramatic entrance once all the guests had arrived. Lord Drake was amused by the idea, knowing his wife would find the experience uncomfortable to have all eyes on her. Especially as he’d helped her dress himself and made sure a few extras were secured in place.

Earlier, as Megan stood naked before him, her elegant dress hanging ready to be worn, he’d inspected her body closely. The cane marks were still a vivid red and would be for a few days to come. Other markings, from previous encounters, had faded, as none were ever intended to scar.

Taking a quill, he dipped it’s nib into the special ink he had procured. From his experiences at the brothel, he knew there were ways to mark the body without causing pain. Many whores had intricate designs on their skins, a style brought in by some of the exotic women from abroad. Now, using the natural ink, he started to write on his wife’s body in places that would be covered by her gown. Trawling his extensive vocabulary, he wrote every obscene word he could think of on her skin.

Below each breast he described what you could do to that particular appendage. Bite, lick, squeeze. On her stomach, in is immaculate hand, he wrote in large letters — Dirty Little Whore. Other words appeared around her body; cunt face, fuck bucket, whore, slut, wet wench, cock gobbler, spank me, whip me, take me hard, stick you cock in here etc. Standing her in front of the mirror, he made sure she saw every word he wrote, taking pleasure in the tears that streaked down her face. Yet, inside the folds of her anus, where he was sure she could not see even with a mirror, he wrote those three words — I Love You.

Once satisfied with his handiwork, he opened a box that was delivered earlier that day. Inside was a large, smooth object with horse hair attached to one end. Next to it were two small metal clamps and a range of straps made out of black leather. Quickly, and careful not to smudge the writing, he manoeuvred Megan into a position where her ass was raised invitingly towards him. Within moment it was occupied by his cock, as he filled it with his seed. He could tell it was still worn from his accountants poking earlier but that did not stop him from being as forceful as usual.

Once he’d filled her ass, he quickly sealed it in place with the smooth object. It plugged the hole and her anus gripped its base and held if firmly in place, the horse’s tail dangling down and tickling her thighs.

Megan felt filthy, the words stained onto her skin made her feel ashamed as everyone was an accurate description of what she had been used for, and what she was. When he’d taken her rear she, for once, took no pleasure as she was sore and exhausted. Then he’d filled her with that vile object that made he feel no better than a brood mare. The tail irritated her skin and it was uncomfortably large.

I land after a ten hour flight and am exhausted. When I see you, however, all my senses come alive again: I see your beautiful eyes, hear your voice say my name, am kissed just like on that night on the street, taste your deliciousness, and smell your cologne and leather jacket. It all feels surreal. As we stand at the baggage claim, you nibble at my neck oh so subtly, just enough to make every hair on my body stand at attention. Your beautiful fingers lightly touch my throat and caress my lips; I am all yours indeed.

You open up the trunk of the car, and as we’re standing there the wind lifts my short skirt up so that you get a full view underneath. No underwear! You are ready to do it right then and there! On the drive I am playing with the hair on your arm and putting my fingers in your mouth, which you gladly take in and suck hard. The bulge in your jeans is unmistakable. We decide to go to one of the beautiful parks in the city. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day, and the park is crowded with people. We find a secluded hideaway in a thicket, spread out a blanket you’ve brought, and finally can take each other in completely. The moment has arrived! But looking at each other doesn’t last more than a few seconds; the attraction between us is magnetic and out of our control. Suddenly we are kissing: passionately, delicately, tongues swirling. Que rico! I could do this for hours. I break away every now and again to take in your endless eyes, and go back for more kisses and more tongue.

You move down to my neck, and I am writhing with pleasure. I can almost come from you kissing my neck…the front, the back, on my shoulders. I’m electrified. As you sense my rising excitement your rod gets even harder, pounding, pounding. I reach toward your crotch with my hand, rubbing through your jeans to feel your mound. You can’t help but reach out for my nipples, which are visibly hard and sticking out through my sheer blouse. I love the way you caress the curve of my breasts so tenderly. I want every second to go slowly, but I also can’t wait to see what else this beautiful man has in store for me. I’ve heard it’s around 19 cm long!

I unzip your jeans and pull them off of you; on the way back up I kiss your legs while my hand is getting to know your crotch. Your balls smell delicious, like they’ve been waiting for me for hours. I cup them in my palm, and as I do so you stroke my hair, which I love. Then I gently, slowly start licking your dick like a lollipop….you can’t keep your eyes off of my big lips loving your most prized possession. I alternate between licking, kissing, blowing softly, and taking the whole thing into my mouth. The blowing drives you crazy, and you beg me not to stop. But I do – because I love teasing you! I take breaks, coming up to kiss you, drink some wine, stroke your hair, etc. By the 3rd or 4th peak you’re begging me to come inside of me. But no…first you have to get me ready!

Just thinking about you going down on me makes me feel like I’m going to faint. It’s been so long since someone licked me who LOVES this territory! I know you love the taste and the textures and I can’t stand the anticipation of your tongue on my clit You untie my skirt and kiss my stomach in your gentle way, and in no time you’re digging in to my soft, wet pussy. You lick me inside my vagina, on my clit, around my clit, plus on the inside of my legs, not forgetting that my nipples also need some attention so they don’t get jealous! Your tongue swirling around my vagina is beyond what I can bear. I ask you, “should I come now? Or wait?” You tell me to come now AND later. But having been teased by me, you give me some of my own medicine – some licking, some blowing, some waiting with nothing happening – and I’m going crazy because I want you so much. The thought of your huge cock filling me up completely makes me so so wet. I have never been this engorged before! I’ve never been licked this way before. Are you spelling the alphabet? What ARE you doing down there? You’ve got your fingers in me by now, fucking me fucking me, sometimes hard and sometimes slowly, especially when you pull them out slowly and then plunge them back in hard. You seem to be everywhere down there. It’s as if all my electrical circuits are shorting at once! I’m out of my mind – can’t control it – and after you bring me to the umpteenth peak, I fly ever the edge. My vagina throbs as I come and you can feel it with the 3 fingers that are inside of me, along with my wetness. Now I’m ready for you.

You force apart my legs with your knees (well, it doesn’t take much persuasion actually, but I do like being forced…) and start to rub my clit with your dick, using my juices to lubricate. I reach for you, and we kiss and kiss and kiss. Then finally you enter me slowly, first just a third of the way, in and out, in and out…then two thirds…and then you’re all of the way in and it feels so so good! Up until now it’s been slow – you’re in no rush and know you can keep your erection for a long time. After a long time of thrusting, our hips moving in unison, you turn me over and enter me doggy style. Now you’re touching parts of me you haven’t been introduced to before – you love my warm, wet pussy surrounding your rock-hard cock. You reach around and touch my clit and then, only then, do we both come, screaming, groaning, crying. Thankfully there’s a lot of noise in the park as it’s near a busy street, and no one notices that we’ve shot ourselves into a different universe.

Afterwards, I lie down and you lie on top of me, still inside of me. We feel each other pulsing inside still, and can’t speak. We drift off, and when we awake we’re surprised to see that it’s started to rain every place in the park except our little nest, covered as it is with branches and bushes.

(For those who haven’t read part one, you need to know that I have organised two men to break into my bedroom and rape me).


That was when I realised that I was actually completely without any control over what they could do to me. Helen had placed me in a very bad situation and now she was going to pay for her carelessness too. I could see Helen following these men’s explanation of what had happened, and she seemed to understand that she was going to be at their mercy too.

“Please, I’m only interested in other women, I’m not into men. You can’t touch me because I hate being touched my men,” explained Helen.

“Sorry Helen but you’re in no position to make demands here. We’ll do whatever we like to both of you. If you were stupid enough to come into this room, you’re going to get the arse fucking of your life,” stressed Doug.

“Helen do you understand what’s happening here? If you don’t do as we instruct you to or you somehow escape, we’re going to make your gorgeous boss here really suffer. And there will be nothing either of you can do about it. You’ve given us an absolute right to do whatever we want to both of you,” berated Doug.

“Okay I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t hurt Kylie. Sorry gorgeous I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Helen said looking into my eyes.

I knew that Helen was concerned about me but the circumstances were actually better than I’d hoped. I wanted to be ravished, and watching these two men do perverted and play disgusting sexual tricks on Helen was even better than I could have hoped for, but I wasn’t about to tell anyone about my delight.

“Helen I’m going to let you go now. You are going to going to the top of the bed-end and lean over so your hands are resting on it. We want you to put your hands where Kylie’s hands are tied to the bed. You are going to be tied to bed as you lean over the bed,” instructed Steve.

I watched as Helen nodded and Steve let go of her. She placidly walked to the top of my bed and leant over and placed her hands next to mine. As she walked I watched her rubber cock wobble to and fro like some freakish protrusion. Doug then tied her hands to the bed end. I now could look straight into her eyes as I lay there still tied to the bed and completely at the mercy of these two conniving and horny men.

I couldn’t help myself I was staring at Steve’s body as he moved closer to me. His gorgeous body was even more impressive without the distraction of all the tension. The hours he and Doug must have spent in the gym; and knowing these types of men, in front of a mirror. His work outs were clearly worth every second of the effort. I could see from his nakedly exposed body that he was rock hard, and the cock I had sucked just recently now jutted straight out from a nicely landscaped flat patch of his crutch. He got very close to me and stood with his hands cocked on his hips, inviting me to look all I wanted at his desirable body.

By my best guess, Steve’s cock was an average in length, but his cock’s girth was unusually intimidating; but nowhere near as large as the strap-on that Helen had been using on me. I stared, mesmerised by Steve’s cock. Then I was surprised to see that his cock pulsed and jumped in a symbolic anticipation of its impending action. I was fascinated that it was twitching with a life of its own. I wondered if I would be able to feel it throbbing inside me when he had it buried to the hilt in my pussy.

I had seen Doug move around behind Helen. I wondered what he would do to her. I really wanted him to make her pay for the mess she had made of the arrangements. Then I watched as she inhaled so sharply that for a moment I wasn’t sure what had happened. “No, please not there,” Helen begged.

I watched as Helen was holding herself perfectly still. She was so still I could tell she was scared about what was going to happen to her.

“Please don’t touch my private arse. Ohhhh, please — no. Please don’t push your cock inside my arse. No man has ever done that to me,” begged Helen.

“I love it when you beg me not to fuck you in your arse,” Doug mused, “you’ll want more and more by the time I’m finished with you.”

Doug must have been pushing his long thin cock slow up inside Helen’s arse because she was gasping for air, almost cowering. It was clear she wasn’t experienced with this type of invasion of her arse.

“Relax and don’t clench those muscles or you’ll end up doing damage to yourself,” said Doug.

“Please!” she moaned. “Please… please…don’t do it. Stop now and I’ll let you do anything you want to me.”

Instead of stopping, Doug simply said, “Mmm, that sounds awfully like yes please to me.”

He held onto her thighs harder with his hand so that she couldn’t get away from him as he continued to push his cock deeper inside her. “Oh no! No, no, no, no… please… no…it hurts” her voice trailed off into silence as she shook in scared anticipation. His arms held her hard against him, giving her no chance of escape. “It won’t hurt you if you relax, sweetheart,” Doug said, “but if you don’t relax you won’t feel the pleasure it should give you.”

I looked into her eyes and said to Helen, “you have to relax. It’s fabulous if you relax and enjoy it. Let me see you being fucked in the arse. I want to watch you cum as Doug fucks your arse for the first time.”

She shrieked, trying to relax was a challenge. It was … tight… hard… invasive… Good?

Oh my god, so good, Helen thought, ashamed that she was beginning to enjoy it.

Helen was so conflicted by the sensations she was feeling. Looking at Kylie nakedly lying on the bed below her was such a turn on.

“Do you want more?” Doug asked.

With no response, Doug roughly twisted her left nipple causing her to scream out.

“Answer me slut, do you want a hard fuck in your arse?” he asked again.

“Yes, I want you to give me a hard fuck!” Helen retorted; knowing that Kylie would be hurt if she didn’t going along with his charade.

I knew that Helen would feel degraded, begging to be fucked in the arse by his prick. Knowing myself, I knew her damn body would be taking over as she needed to gain her ultimate sexual relief. Doug leant over and bit into Helen shoulder and she screamed out in pain as she felt him pushing his cock into her now swollen and bruised arse as he inflicted pain through his teeth.

“Ahhhhhh stop, please stop, you’ve got to stop. You’re hurting me!” Helen yelled through her laboured breath.

She tried moving away from him, by shifting her legs, to force him out of her, but he quickly wrapped an arm around her slim waist pinning her in place. But for Doug, it was only possible to achieve that by stopping his biting, and so Helen was able to once again breathe a little easier.

“You said you wanted a hard fuck in your arse, so here it is!” Doug told her.

He pulled his enormously long skinny cock out of her arse, giving Helen some moments of relief before he forced his throbbing cock deep into her inviting arse again. Being in this constrained position, only heighten the pain that was searing through her arse sending waves of conflicting excitement and anxiety through her.

Doug ignored her pleas and continued to slide his cock in and out of her arse. It felt so good to find a horny compliant slut like Helen that could really take his long thin cock up inside her arse.

Helen moaned in pleasurable pain as her arse was stretched wide to take the continual pounding of Doug’s long cock. With each forceful thrust he slammed into her arse which was sending shock waves of pain up her spine.

Helen couldn’t help herself and like so many times before, the pain slowly began turning her on. She ashamedly wondered, like she had in the past, how could she possibly end up finding pain such a turn on for her? Why does my body demand to be treated like this she thought to herself?

Doug reached down between her legs and began to play with her pussy. Then becoming frustrated that he couldn’t properly reach her pussy to tease her like her wanted to, he decided that he would flick her clit and strum it until she begged him to stop.

With Doug attention on her clit and the pain in her arse Helen felt the tingling spread through-out her body as the pounding continued into her arse. To Doug’s surprise, with each thrust Helen’s arse was almost massaging his cock — it was sending waves of pleasures through both of them.

Helen had completely relaxed how, even though the pain in her arse continued unabated. Doug felt the change and smiled to himself. Man, I’m sure lucky I picked this one he thought. He changed angles a bit, knowing this would further heighten the hammering inside Helen’s arse.

Sure enough, she screamed out “Ahhhhhhh. Fuck that’s so good. Give me more you nasty fucking pervert!”

The pain giving her intense pleasures through-out her body and she was so close to coming.

“Do you want to cum?” Doug whispered in her ear. “Do you want to feel how amazing it is to orgasm while I spurt my cream in your arse?”

“Yes,” Helen whispered quietly, ashamed of what she was doing and that she wanted to feel Doug shoot his cum up her arse.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear that,” Doug told her, stopping and then pulling all the way out of her before thrusting back into her with all his force.

“Please,” Helen screamed; while I watched her face glowing in ecstasy, “Yes cum in me! So I can cum! I’ll do anything if you just let me cum!”

“That’s a good slut,” Doug laughed.

He drove his cock into her as fast as he could while strumming her clit as hard as he could too. He felt her ass tighten around his cock as her orgasm hit her, making him unload his cream over and over again into her ass.

Helen felt amazingly light as waves of pleasure washed over her, almost causing her to pass out as she climaxed. She almost protested when she felt Doug remove his cock, but she remembered her situation and kept quiet.

Helen stayed immobile as Doug stepped back to look at Steve and I. Then I wondered what would happen next. It had been really wonderful to watch Helen being violated as retribution for the mess she had made of this whole situation.

“Good to see you enjoyed getting fucked in your arse,” I said as I looked into Helen’s half closed eyes.

“You fucking nasty little bitch,” Helen spat back at me.

Helen looked over at Steve and said to him, “when are you going to give that perverted bitch the rough treatment she deserves?”

“You heard her,” said Doug, “Kylie needs some of your rough love, so you’d better give it to her now!”

Steve smiled as he looked into my eyes.

“Close your eyes,” he advised, as he pulled the tiny bottle from his pocket, “and kept them closed.”

I did as he instructed. Seeing that bottle I was wondering what he was going to do to me. I couldn’t see that Steve had uncapped the bottle and was smearing the liquid in the bottle onto his finger.

I did feel it when her lathered the liquid onto my nipples. The mustard was designed to be very hot. So almost immediately my nipples felt like they were in fire.

“Ohhh shit, you bastard. My nipples, what have you done to my nipples. They’re on fire. Make it stop, it’s sooooo painful,” I screamed.

Instead Steve started flicking his finger back and forth across my burning nipples. My body jumped as Steve started tugging on my burning nipples. Oh my god, the pain was so intense it was erotically excruciating and breath-taking. It was all I could do not to arch my hips. With my need for more cock and the intense pain in my nipples while my eyes were shut I was close to passing out from the overwhelming stimulation.

As Steve began to suck my nipples and gently vibrate them while he was sucking, the burning sensation abated slightly but the erotic licking was causing my nipples to harden more, if that were possible. An unwanted moan escaped my lips, and I felt myself gushing with wetness between my legs. No, I thought, this can’t be happening.

“Please can I open my eyes now, I want to watch what’s happening to me,” I begged of Steve.

“If you’re going to be a very bad slut you can,” replied Steve.

As I opened my eyes I saw Steve smile as he stepped forward towards me, forcing me to kiss him. He continued to kiss me as one of his hands ventured down my stomach and between my legs. He had barely inserted one finger into me when he stepped back and started smiling at me. I knew he immediately could feel how wet I had become.

I could feel him insert two fingers into me, pulling them back and sliding them in again, pushing his thumb onto my clitoris. He moved his fingers faster, but I knew he wouldn’t let me come, he’d just be giving me a little bit of satisfaction.

I was desperate to come again. My body shook in anticipation, and I couldn’t help but moan; it escaped my mouth before I knew what I had done.

“Again, you want me to make you come don’t you? Just like the slut you are, you need a big cock to fill you up, don’t you?” Steve taunted me.

Steve removed his fingers, and I sighed. He climbed onto my bed where I was tied down. He positioned himself so that his cock slid quickly and easily into my drenched pussy.

I let out scream of delight as I felt my pussy being stretched wide open to accommodate Steve’s throbbing cock. Being the slut I had become, in this constrained position, I loved that feeling of my pussy being spread wide open to the point of feeling like it would tear apart. I moaned in enjoyment as I began to, as best I could, push back towards Steve’s hard cock.

I heard Steve groan in pleasured amazement as his entire thick cock was buried inside my sweet pussy. I knew he would thrust with his hips as I came down on him, plunging his cock head against my cervix.

“Ahhhh, that’s fantastic!” I screamed out, as the sensation in my cervix sent shockwaves of tiny goose pimples up my spine. I couldn’t wait to explode in orgasm so I continued to delight in Steve riding me. I was satisfied with the pleasurable feeling of the immense fullness and pain deep inside my pussy.

My breathing started to increase as I felt my glowing and sweaty body getting ready to reach yet another mind-blowing climax. I guess Steve sensed it too, yet he still had another treat for me as he didn’t want me to climax just yet. He stopped thrusting into me as he reached down and began to pinch me.

I let out an anguished cry as my body was stopped short of experiencing another climax. Not again, I would faint from frustration if I didn’t come again soon.

“What are you doing?” I cried out, “Why are you doing this to me?”

He smiled at me and said, “I have something else in mind before your climax.”

Steve then looked across and Doug and asked him, “is it okay with you if I take your place now?

Doug smiled and said, “well I’m finished for now so help yourself.”

I watched helplessly as Steve left my bed and me lying on it. I was very upset and angry as I desperately needed more cock in me so I could come. That bastard was going to stick his cock in Helen while I’d be left to just watch Helen come.

Helen looked at Steve and said “what the fuck do you think you’re gunna do? You’re not sticking your filthy little cock in me you pervert.”

And soon Helen felt Steve grab her thighs and Steve laughed and taunted her, “it’s not little you nasty slut! And when I shove my cock in you, you’re going to squirm in lust. You know how much you love having my cock inside you. You always cum so quickly when I do exactly as you need.”

It was then that I realised that I had been set up. That bitch Helen had arranged this whole thing. She must have known Steve and possibly the three of them had planned this whole alternative rape of me. Well I did ask to be raped but I wanted it on my terms not on someone else’s terms.

Steve smacked Helen’s bottom hard, I knew those smack were going to leave a distinct hand mark. I hoped he would beat the crap out of her arse, it felt good to hear her gasping in pain as he beat her bottom.

“Please Steve no more. Please stop. Whatever you do, stick your cock in me. I can feel my butts on fire and I need your cock in me now,” begged Helen.

I looked up into Helen’s face and said, “doesn’t sound like you’re a lesbian, man-hating bitch now. It sounds to me like you’re a conniving bitch who wanted to take part in the rape of her boss.”

Helen just ignored me as Steve continued to smack her bottom. I wondered when he was going to stop because her arse must have been glowing bright red by now.

“Steve, please, I’m begging you, please shove your cock right up inside me now,” panted Helen, “I can’t take it any more I need to come so bad. Please, ohhhh, please, you know I need you to push your cock right up inside me and pump me full of your cum.”

Suddenly Steve stopped and then he told her. “Now just relax because my dick is going in your pussy in one giant push no matter what you need.”

“No please, not like that, take it gently on my pussy. Please babe, ohhhh, fuck,” gasped Helen.

It was just a guess on my part but I imagined that Steve had just plunged his cock right inside Helen. I was surprised that it seemed that every time he was pulling back; before shoving his cock back inside her, he was smacking her bottom. I could see in Helen’s face; the ecstasy that was a prelude to her trembling in painful erotic release as her orgasm engulfed her.

“Yes, yes, yes, don’t stop, smack me, fuck me, shot me full of cum!” yelled Helen.

And then it happened as I stared up into her face, I saw the explosion of relief as her orgasm took control of her. Her face was tensed into a hallo of pink as her climax turned her into a begging slut.

“Fuuuckkk, yesssss, ohhhhh, its sooo good, goood, sooo goood, ohhhh, it’s soo lovely,” screamed Helen.

Then when she had finished coming, Steve laughed and said, “well babe you certainly know how to cum, don’t you. That was fabulous. Now you’ve had your pleasure with me, it’s time for us to finish off the rich bitch.”

Doug untied Helen hands. Steve and Helen then joined me on my bed.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Helen.

Steve laughed, “Perhaps you like to jump up on her bed and kneel above her face.”

“Okay and why would I do that?” asked Helen.

“Because I want you to cut loose a stream of pee on her face,” smiled Steve.

I was shocked at Steve’s suggestion to Helen. It was one thing to have sex with members of one’s sex, and perhaps I did like to be dominated in a way but to actually allow someone to pee on you was taking it to a new level.

Helen seemed to like that idea, because all she said was “Okay I’ll do it!”

Next thing I knew was that my face was covered in piss. I shut my eyes and mouth, and tried to breathe out slowly through my nose so it wouldn’t get into me.

Once she’d finished I started calling her a dirty bitch and a slut.

“You perverted bitch,” I screamed at her, “my beautiful hair is ruined, my hair it’s all matted to my face. You’re so disgusting, it’s crass and you’re horrible.”

I saw Helen look at Steve and she smiled as she started to rub my hair to make it even more matted, she just enjoyed my desecration using her golden urine.

“Alright now we’ve degraded her, let’s have some more fun with her,” said Steve.

“I’m going to shove my cock back in her; I really need to come in her pussy. But babe, before I do that I want you to lower your pussy onto her face and make her eat you up,” explained Steve.

Next Steve said to me, “if you want to come, and I know you desperately want to come, then you’d better make sure that Helen comes. Once I see Helen come, then I’ll make sure you come too.”

I watched as Helen lowered her hands down to gently spread her labia and lower herself onto my face.

“I’m not a lesbian really you know, and I don’t care if you’re disgusted by my pussy or not. I just want to have a fabulously great orgasm and I think that you should give me one now. So eat my pussy and suck my clit until I come and then you’re free to orgasm too. I’m only giving you this chance one time — right now — so get to work,” said Helen.

My family is great! I lived with my parents; Vinny and Valerie. And my sister, Ally.

My sister is nineteen and I’m eighteen. My name is Mary.

My Uncle Ernie decided to take Ally and I to his house for the night because my parents wanted the house to themselves because they had a lot of work to do; which my sister and I both knew it meant they needed a fuck sesh.

“So, I miss you two!” My uncle said as we drove to his place.

“Miss you too!” I said as my sister was on the phone, not paying attention to her surroundings.

I leaned over her shoulder to see what she was texting, it was to her friend Carrie, I was shocked as I read the text;

“Carrie, I miss you!! It felt so good when you kissed me and made me orgasm!! We have to do it again!”

I quickly turned my head, I felt weird… I realized that my pussy got sort of wet… I was turned on by the fact that my sister was doing things with other girls.

My sister and I were so close when we were younger, but when I turned 16 Her boyfriend wanted me, and she’s hated me since.

We got to my uncles house and Ally didn’t say a thing as she got inside his house and went to the spare room.

I gave my uncle a weak smile as I headed into the living room and sat beside him on the couch.

I was very aware of him staring down my shirt at my 38 D cup breasts.

I felt naughty as I enjoyed it, made me feel sexy, at one point I purposely leaned across him to grab the remote and let my breast skim his dick.

It was getting late and I hugged him and let my breast press up against his chest.

I was passing by where my sister was asleep when I heard weird grunting noises; I think she was masturbating.

I opened the door about an inch and she had her hand down her pants and she was masturbating hard.

“Ally.” I whispered as I felt my cunt fill with juices.

“What?!” she demanded.

“You don’t hate me right?” I asked stepping into her room.

“Why would you think that?!”

“Ever since Peter… I just thought you hated me.” I replied sitting at the edge of her bed.

“Never, Mary. I’m just going through a lot right now. And it’s making me a bitch.”

“Like what’s going on with you and Carrie?”

“What?!” she demanded sitting up.

I moved closer to her, “I saw the text; you guys… Do stuff…”

“So what!!”

“No it’s okay! I think it’s… Hot… I mean I’ve thought of doing it myself… But I have no one to do it with, I mean I’m still a virgin….”

Ally laid her hand on my inner thigh, “It’s okay, it’ll happen.”

“By who?!” I asked.

She smiled at me lightly as her hand drew closer to my sweet wet cunt.

Her fingers traced around my pussy and made me so wet and my warm pussy pulsed.

“That’s making me wet.” I said to my sister.

“What I’m doing is wrong… I’m your sister.”

“Please Ally, it feels so good!” I replied.

Ally slipped her fingers into my underwear and slid her fingers up and down my slit.

She pulled off my underwear suddenly and began to kiss me romantically.

She played with my clit and kissed me. I didn’t know what to do! This was new to me.

She took hold of my hand and directed me to her pussy, her underwear was off already. I shakily slid my finger into her pussy and felt the warmth of her pussy.

I slid my finger up and down.

“No, here.” she said and directed my finger to her clit, “Now roughly play with it.” she said and I started to rub and play with it.

“Lay down.” she said.

I did it right away, she laid on top of me and I felt her warm bare pussy against mine.

Our juices mixed as she slid her body back and forth against mine.

She took my shirt and bra off and began to suck on my nipples.

It felt so good I think I must’ve fell asleep for a few minutes because when I woke up I was strapped to the bed. And blindfolded.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“You fucking cock tease! You knew what you were doing to me! And you did it on purpose!” I heard my uncle say. I couldn’t see him but I knew.

“Ally?” I asked.

“I’m here.” she said.

“What’s happening.”

“Uncle heard what was going on, suggested we both have fun with you!”

“What?!” I demanded.

“Just enjoy the ride.” my uncle said.

Nothing happened for a few minutes, suddenly I felt a tongue circle my outer lips, going around and around, driving me wild. The tongue finally went in towards my inner lips and licked them lightly, purposely driving me crazy. I was scared but very turned on by the fact I was tied to the bed and didn’t know what would happen to me; but this was my sister and my uncle.

Whoever it was was hardcore licking my clit and shoved their tongue in my virgin hole.

Suddenly a finger was thrusted into my hole and I knew it was my sister, the finger was too small to be my uncles, his hands were big.

Suddenly I felt someone sucking on my nipples and I was moaning.

Something touched my lips, “Suck it!” My uncle growled.

My lips quivered as I took his thick dick in my mouth and sucked hard.

My sister continued to lick my clit and thrust her fingers in my hole.

Suddenly I felt her other fingers play with my anus. Around and around she played. I got worried. What were they doing to me?!

She suddenly thrusted two fingers in my ass hole, I screamed around my uncles dick. But it felt so good I instantly began having a large orgasm.

My uncle started thrusting harder into my mouth, his dick began to quiver as he squirted warm fluid into my mouth.

“Please stop.” I breathed, swallowing the salty fluid.

“Not yet.” My uncle said.

My sister pulled away and walked away, I thought it may be over, when someone laid down in front of my face.

“Lick me, bitch!” my sister growled.

“Please don’t make me.” I begged.

“Don’t make me hurt you!”

I believed she would.

I stuck out my tongue and I felt her pussy pushed against my face and I began to lick.

I felt my Uncle get on the bed and put his legs on either side of me.

I felt something pressed against my wet pussy.

I realized it was my uncles dick.

He slid it up and down my slit, and it felt amazing! I hated to admit it.

He kept doing it over and over and it drove me crazy! I just wished he’d stick it in!

I sucked on my sister clit as she thrusted her pussy on my face.

Suddenly my uncles dick aimed at my anus, not my vagina.

I tried shaking my head but I couldn’t, my sisters cunt was pushed so hard against my face.

He pushed in a couple inches. Then a couple more, and a couple more, he must have a huge cock, at least ten inches.

Finally I felt his balls hit against my pussy.

He pulled out slowly and thrusted in hard.

I screamed against my sisters pussy.

He did it a few times then pulled out and placed the tip of his dick at my vagina.

“She’s a virgin right?” I heard my uncle ask my sister.

“Mmmmmhhmmmm” she moaned.

“I’ll go easy then.”

“No don’t! She took my Boyfriend now I’ll take her innocence!” so this was about Peter!

“Sounds good.” My uncle said.

The tip of his dick sat at my hole a few more seconds before he pushed inside a bit until he reached my virginal barrier. He pulled out and in till he hit the barrier again, he pulled out once more then thrusted inside and took my virginity.

I screamed and began to cry as I stopped licking my sisters vagina.

“Don’t stop!” she demanded and I started licking again.

My uncle thrusted in and out very hard, his dick was hitting my womb with so much force I began to moan.

My sisters pussy began quivering as she orgasmed and I licked her pussy clean.

My uncle pulled out and started to kiss my pussy.

“Untie me, I won’t try and run.” I whispered.

“Should we?” My uncle asked an I realized my sister was really in control.

“Fine.” my sister said.

He untied me, “And my blindfold?” I asked.

“Leave it on.” she said and I nodded.

I suddenly felt soft lips kissing me; my sister. I kissed her back and put my hand on the back of her head.

“You have to know I never loved Peter,” I said between kisses, “I liked him, he asked me out, I declined.”

“You did?” my sister asked pulling away.

“Yeah, your my sister, I’d never hurt you.”

“Oh my god… I’m so sorry about this… If I knew I would’ve never–”

“It’s okay, I like it…. Don’t stop!” I pleaded.

I knew she was smiling, I could feel it. She pressed her lips to mine and ended up on top of me as I fell back on the bed, I didn’t know what my uncle was doing.

My sister rubbed her wet pussy against mine hard and I moaned against her mouth.

She moved down and sucked on my nipples.

I suddenly felt something hard against my pussy as it rubbed against my sisters; my uncle was trying to involve himself.

My sister pulled my blindfold of and she was smiling at me romantically and I smiled back. I really loved her… Maybe more then sisters.

My sister pulled away with a smile and my uncle replaced her position, he started licking up my leg and lightly kissed my outer lips when he reached my pussy. It made me so wet again. He kept lightly kissing my pussy as one of his fingers slipped through my slit and right into my vagina hole. One of his fingers felt like two of my sisters. So when he entered two of his fingers it was a lot and I moaned loadly.

His tongue slipped through the slit and he sucked on my clit.

I looked down and realized my sister was sucking on my uncles dick.

I was moaning loudly.

“Don’t come until I say.” my uncle demanded, I tried to hold it back, but it was too hard.

“Please let me cum!” I moaned.

He then thruster three fingers into my hole and bit on my clit, I came hard and started gyrating my hips against his face.

“Fuck me!” I growled.

“Happy too.” he replied.

He flipped me so I was on my hands and knees then mounted me. He pushed his dick in and started to fuck me hard.

My sister laid in front of me and I leaned my head down and started licking her pussy.

“I’m going to cum!” My uncle yelled out.

“Do it!” I said as I felt my own orgasm approach.

I went harder on my sister and I felt my uncle begin to release his load, then I started to orgasm, and my sister followed. Then we all collapsed together and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I realized I was being eaten out, I looked down and saw my sister.

She was hungry for more. Then my uncle woke up and we were all ready for more!

Daniel Smith, an average British teenage boy had been truly obsessed with his English teacher, Miss Clarke for a year now. He has been fantasizing about her in bed, and he could not resist masturbating using a photo that he has secretly taken of her in class and since he was an A* art student, he also had drawings of her all over his room to stimulate him. He’d imagine her clothed in short skirts and the tights that sluts wear. 
Daniel has never felt like this about anyone… ever. He realized that unless he did something about it, this fantasy of his would never come true as he figured out that she probably had a husband and a few kids as well.

One day, Miss Clarke offered the 18 year old boy a one-on-one session after school to help him prepare for the English Controlled Assessment that he’d be taking in a month. Daniel needed the help and he really wanted to spend time alone with Miss Clarke: it would be a great opportunity to get close to her. 
He went up to her office at break time, and told her that he does not understand how to analyse poems, and asked her if she could tutor him after school. Miss Clarke wasn’t so happy about staying after school, but she agreed because she was a dedicated teacher.

Daniel imagined this tutoring session a hundred and ten times in his head; he was so nervous and excited that he kept going to the toilet to relieve himself. As the time came for the appointment, he fixed his hair with some gel, sprayed on some expensive Gucci cologne, and ate some breath mints before the meet-up. 
His legs and arms were shaking with anticipation.

”Hello, Miss Clarke” he said with a shaky voice.

”Oh, hello there Daniel. Nice to see that you came. Sit down and let’s start, we don’t want to waste time do we?” She asked with a serious expression on her lovely face.

Daniel took his English book out, but he didn’t remember the drawing that he’d put there that morning. It fell out of his English book, and landed faced-up right in front of his teacher. 
She picked it up and stared at it with a shocked expression for at least five minutes.

On his picture, there was a blonde girl who looked exactly like Miss Clarke. The image showed her fully naked with a mouth gag in her mouth and a dog collar around her neck. Her hair was being violently pulled by a white hand. In his illustration, she was pictured sitting next to a table and there was a plate in front of her. The plate was covered in the cum-load of the boy, whose penis was shown on the right side of the picture. The picture even said, “Miss Clarke and me, Daniel”, so there was no way he could explain himself out of this situation.
Miss Clarke was sitting there with a stunned, frozen expression on her face. She didn’t know how to respond to this.

”Do you mind explaining this to me, Daniel?” She questioned him.

”I… I … I just really think that you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met… and… Oh fuck this, I’m not going to lie to you Amanda, you are so fucking sexy and I have a very strong sexual desire for you. I have been fantasizing about you every single night, I have been jerking off to your pictures, and my room is full of dirty drawings of the two of us. I don’t care if you have me expelled for this; I’m just expressing my feelings. I love you, Miss Clarke” Daniel tearfully pleaded.

“So that’s why you came to see me today? To get closer to me? You dirty pervert!” She shouted in anger.

”Pretty much. Do you want to punish me now, Amanda? ” Daniel taunted.

”Don’t you fucking dare to call me Amanda you tosser! It’s Miss Clarke to you!” She responded, barely able to contain her fury.

“Ooh, what did you say, Amanda? Did you say the ‘F’ word? Oh, and did you call me a tosser? Oh my God, it would be such a shame if the head teacher knew about this, wouldn’t it?” He whispered menacingly in the teacher’s ear. 

“What? He wouldn’t believe you. You don’t have any proof!” She yelled

”Why are you so sure about that, Amanda? ” He responded tauntingly as he pulled out his digital recorder and played the line where the teacher had said ‘fucking’ and ‘tosser’.

”How dare you! You can’t do this! I’ll report you. Watch me if you don’t believe me!” She pouted, suddenly unsure of herself.

“Don’t worry Amanda. Just one little favor from you and this tape is yours.” He stared at her in silence.

Finally, she broke the uneasy silence.

“What do you want from me? She cried.

He smiled menacingly and he said:

“Oh I think you know what I want. I’ll just go and lock that door, and you take off your clothes in the meanwhile.” He smiled, while his confidence was growing.

”No way Daniel, you will not blackmail me. I’m not going to have sex with you!” she protested.

“Who said we are going to have sex? You are very confused, aren’t you?” He came closer to Amanda, and whispered in her ear:

”We are not going to have sex, Amanda… we are going to fuck…hard.”

”What makes you think that? I’m way stronger than you! I could push you away any time” she bellowed with false courage.

Just as Miss Clarke said this sentence, Daniel pushed her against the wall and roughly tied her hands together at the wrists with his green school tie. He then pulled a gag out of his book bag and forced it into her mouth, preventing her from yelling for help. He started to unbutton her top. She tried to push Daniel away by kicking him but he was stronger and bigger than she was. After a struggle, Daniel finally managed to get his teacher totally naked. He was lost in the sight of her size 36D. Finally, they were within his grasp and no longer a fantasy. He forcefully shoved the object of his fantasies back and onto her teaching desk, using her ripped leggings to secure her ankles to the legs of the furniture. 
She was all his now. She could neither scream nor escape. All that remained was for him to strip his own clothes down, and fuck his teacher…hard. 
He could see the fear in Amanda’s eyes, but this was the moment he had been dreaming of for such a long time. He was desperate to do anything he wanted to her for this precious hour. He would eliminate everything that could disturb this moment with the love of his life.
He stripped off his school uniform. When he took off his boxers, his long, yet thin penis popped out. 
It was already erect, just by seeing his teacher naked, tied up to the table. 
Daniel had always fantasized about BDSM, and exploring his fetish with his teacher was his dream coming true. He’d brought along a bottle of lube, as he had no idea how tight his teacher would be, so he lubed his penis liberally, placed his hard cock at the mouth of her vagina and enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding slowly into Amanda. He rammed it in the rest of the way and squeezed her nipples and huge breasts as hard as he could.

Her eyes were watery and full of terror as her student forced her.

Daniel moved faster and faster, and he could feel the teacher’s vagina becoming wetter. He didn’t want to miss the chance to taste her creamy liquid, so he got up and crouched in front of her and licked her out. He moved his tongue up and down inside her vagina, producing more warm liquids of joy for him to swallow.
He was moaning loudly and by now, she was also moaning behind the gag in her mouth. Daniel was euphoric. He never thought that his dream would come true, at least, not this way.
After a long licking session, he finally got enough of the delicious load of Miss Clarke. He untied her legs from the table so he could turn her around, allowing him to fuck her from the behind. 
He tipped her bottom up, so it was up in the air. He began spanking her arse so hard that his red fingerprints stayed on the white skin of hers. 
He lubed his cock once again, and withdrawing from her hot, wet pussy, he began to push his penis inside her tight anus. 
Her eyes bulged with surprise and pain and she moaned as loudly as she could with the gag in her mouth. It was clearly her first time doing anal. Daniel didn’t care too much if it was her first time. It was his first time also, and he continued ass-fucking her from behind, but this time even harder, faster and deeper. 
After ten minutes of hard butt-sex, he felt like he had had enough and he pulled out of her. He untied her, allowing her to change positions. Now, he had her sit up and retied her ankles to the legs of the table. He roughly grabbed her hair with his left hand and pulled her face toward his excited cock as he jacked it with his right hand.
His rocket launcher exploded, and that explosion was so huge that not just Amanda’s face, but her hair and chest were covered in his cum. It was the best experience that he ever had, and he promised himself that he would do it again, regardless of the consequences. 
Once done, he dressed up, put his hood on so no one could recognize him. He left the recorded tape on the desk next to the cum-soaked teacher and he left the room, leaving her naked and tied up to the desk. 

Slipping in the front door Sue straightened her sundress carefully. It was a flower print but short. Far too short for the regulations at the uppity finishing school her parents had sent her to upon her graduation from High School. It accented her legs nicely and with suitable heels made her look to be all legs and allowed her to look much taller than her usual 5 feet 2 inches.

So after being sent to the Head Master’s office, she had been suitably ‘reprimanded’ and sent home for the remainder of the day, just like a naughty child. There were strict instructions on precisely how long her future skirts were to be, and also instructions on what to do with the eye-liner she had worn, which was also against school regulations. There was no need for worry though, as the throbbing of her reddened rear end would stand to be a pretty keen reminder of the Headmaster’s expectations.

Moving stealthily to the stairs, she started to sneak up them, hoping that nobody was home. Her parents had gone away for a month, and despite her protests that 19 was plenty old enough to stay alone, they had called her father’s best friend to come stay with her. It wasn’t that they didn’t trust her; it was that they had read one too many news articles about pretty, young girls going missing and turning up dead, if they were ever found at all.

Joe was nice enough though, and Sue didn’t really mind all that much. Having met her father upon his entry into the workplace when she was still a child, he was barely into his early 30′s, and really quite good looking. Pushing 6 feet, with a nice broad chest and big hands, his curly brown hair and twinkling blue eyes made him quite pleasant to look at indeed. Sue had been crushing on him for years, though she had told nobody of this fact.

Any time her parents went away, he was always the one that came to stay with her. They trusted Joe with everything, including their only child. Early on she had learned not to mess with him, as he would deal out justice swiftly, if the need arose. And while he was a good man and mostly kind to her, she knew that he would be quite unimpressed if he discovered her here, 4 hours early, dressed like this, on a Friday afternoon. Joe knew how unfailingly strict her parents were, and would honour them in being just as strict.

On the third step, she heard a soft creaking noise and froze. Biting her lip, she looked up nervously. Sure enough, there was Joe, standing at the top of the stairs, watching her with a raised eyebrow and his arms folded across his chest. “Good morning, Sue. You seem to be early today.” With a poker expression, he stepped aside so she could climb the rest of the stairs. Watching the girl, as she blushed crimson, Joe was careful to maintain a stern expression. Sue had blossomed into quite the young woman, and had done so in all the right places.

And that dress! Where on earth had she managed to find something so very short, and so very tight!? Joe’s eyes raked her from head to toe, resting momentarily on her breasts as she started to climb the stairs again. The cut on the neckline was modest enough, just showing enough cleavage to tease. But it hugged her breasts like a second skin, then flaring out nicely and falling in pleats to where it stopped, only barely long enough to cover her firm little behind.

Sue was a pretty average build for her size, not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely not fat either. It was that she had a perfectly full figure, with just enough meat on her bones to make her perfect to Joe’s eyes. Her breasts were firm and round, a C cup, and while her bras bordered on necessary, she took care to make sure they were pretty, even though no boy had even seen one. Her life had been very sheltered and regulated quite closely by her parents. Nor had she bothered to rebel in her younger years, simply not caring enough to hurt her parents that way.

Keeping her head down, Sue came to a stop beside Joe when she reached the top step. Leaning back against the wall, he looked down at her, an intimidating hulk of man. “And to what do I owe the pleasure of your so very early company today?” His voice was low and he reached one finger forward to tilt her head back to look into her eyes. Seeing the streaked eyeliner around her eyes from tears, his eyes narrowed. “Sue, what’s going on? Is that… make-up??”

Sue looked up at him involuntarily, her lower lip quivering slightly as he inspected her face. “Yes.”

“Why is it all streaked like that? It looks like you were crying, but why were you wearing make-up at all? Your mother only wears it on special occasions, and if she’s ever let you wear it, except for pictures, then I’m a monkey’s uncle!”

Sue shrugged and tried to push past him to go to her room. “I just wanted to try something different today. Apparently it’s not acceptable for young ladies though, so here I am.”

Joe stopped her by grabbing her arm. “What do you mean; it is not acceptable for young ladies?” Peering down at her suspiciously, “You were sent home from school, weren’t you?” When Sue tried to pull away, he grabbed her other arm and pulled her firmly back in front of him. “Just for wearing make-up!?”

Sue heaved a great sigh, wriggling in his grip, trying to pull herself free. “If it had been just the make-up, the headmaster would have made me wash it off and let me stay. He says that my dress is too short to wear in public! That a nice girl wouldn’t even own such a dress! But that’s why I wore tights with it! They reach my knees, and allow me to remain respectable, even with a short dress!”

Joe turned her around and pushed her in the direction of the family room. “So, you were sent home from school for dressing like a tramp.” His voice was cold, and she nodded once, obviously miserable. “How well do you think your father would take the news, if it were he who was here, instead of me?”

With that question, Sue whimpered softly, but did not answer. Pushing her into the room, he shoved her so that she sat down hard on the arm of the armchair. This caused her to cry out and jump right back to her feet again, fresh tears filling her eyes. Joe stared at her, not quite able to hide his shock at her reaction. “I want to know what the hell is going on and I want to know the whole story, NOW!”

Joe sat in the armchair, and pulled her hard onto his knee. Sue started to cry softly, and despite his obvious irritation with her, he cuddled her into his chest comfortingly. In a shaking voice, she regaled him with her morning. Shortly after first period had started, she had been called to the Headmaster’s office. Her attire had been noticed, and it was not suitable attire for young ladies to wear in public. Having been forced to read the dress code to the Headmaster, she had been reminded afresh that her dress was a good 5 inches shorter than the accepted length, and that such blatant disregard for the rules deserved punishment.

Sue had expected lines, or something of the sort, but the head master had directed her to lean across the edge of his desk. Having heard stories of how the head master could get to be very unpleasant when crossed, she had obeyed without hesitation. He stepped up behind her, advised her to hold on to the desk, and to count out loud each time. Then he had pushed her dress up so that her bum was showing. At this, Sue had stood up, starting to get frightened, but he simply pushed her back across the desk, with the warning that if she moved again, he would make sure she couldn’t move.

So she had lain across the desk, chewing her lip as he pulled her tights and panties down to her knees. The next thing she knew, pain exploded across her rear end and she had screamed, both from shock and from pain. His idea of punishment was to give her belting, with a thick leather belt that must have been in one of the drawers of his desk; she certainly hadn’t seen it in the room before she had lain across the desk. Terrified now, she had stammered out a faint “One, sir.” As soon as she did, he brought the belt down again, harder this time.

This lasted for what seemed like hours to her, though in reality it had only been for 24 strokes. 4 strokes for each inch her dress was too short, and 4 for the make-up. By the time he was done, she was a right mess, sobbing helplessly into the desk and barely able to speak. He had allowed her to remain lying across his desk until she had started to calm down again. Telling her to fix her outfit, he had sent her home for the remainder of the day, since no good girl ought to remain at school dressed like such a harlot.

Joe rubbed her back soothingly as she told him her story. “So, you were punished by the school for your behavior, but you were not shown why dressing like that is a bad thing.” Picking her up, he stood her in front of him, his eyes raking her from head to toe. “Now I know your Father would feel obliged to punish you as well, so since I am here in his stead for the next few weeks, I will have to in his place.” Joe stood suddenly, towering over her, even in her high heels. “Perhaps I will show you WHY good little girls do not dress that way.”

Sue backed away, her eyes wide as Joe stalked her. “It is quite mean you know, to tease men that way.” Gesturing at his crotch, Joe’s face had taken on a slightly sinister look. Sue chanced a glance and was surprised to see a large bulge in his jeans. “Showing off your perfect little body, but never allowing them a sample of it; you really do have this punishment coming, you know.” Sue stopped dead, having backed right into the wall, her jaw dropping as Joe towered over her, glaring down at her.

Without warning, he grabbed her around the waist and swung her over his shoulder. Ignoring her struggles to get down, he carried her to the master bedroom, where he was sleeping while her parents were away, and tossed her down on the bed. “Oh Sue, I have wanted to teach you this lesson for quite some time. Who knows? You might even learn to enjoy it.”

With those words, he flipped her onto her belly, and unzipped her dress with ease. “No need in ruining a perfectly good outfit after all. It does make you look SO inviting.” Sliding the dress down the frightened girl’s torso, he threw it aside and flipped her back over, pulling her to him and kissing her roughly, claiming her lips for his own.

Sue had stopped fighting when she hit the bed, too confused and frightened to try to get away. This was turning into such a terrible day! When she had picked out that dress this morning, she had in no way known that it was going to cause such problems for her! If she had, she would have left it in the thrift store where she had found it! Even if she had been secretly crushing on the man for years, Joe’s sudden turn of behavior left her feeling wrong footed and scared. Nobody had ever seen her without her clothing on for as long as she could remember, and she was not sure she liked the idea now.

Joe was kissing down her neck by this point, shoving her bra strap aside and kissing where it had been, down until he reached her nipple. Reaching behind her, he unsnapped the bra with ease, and slid it off of her arms without hesitation. “Please…” Sue found her voice now as he started to pay homage her pert little breasts. “Joe… what are you… you can’t do… Oh!”

Her nipples had instantly stiffened upon contact with the cool air and Joe kissed first one, and then the other. Taking one between his fingertips, he started to pinch it, and pull on it, not enough to cause serious pain, but hard enough to cause her to cry out. The other he sucked into his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue and biting down on it, just enough to cause her to try to twist away from him. “Oh but I can, and I will!” Joe said this as he kissed across her breasts from one nipple to the other, trading so that he was on the other one and teasing the one he had been sucking.

Sue twisted half-heartedly underneath him, not sure what to think of the new sensations flooding her body. It was embarrassing, the way he was suckling her breasts, but it felt so nice! Sue couldn’t even work up whatever it would take to tell him to stop. For one thing, she knew that it would do no good; for another, she was starting to wish that he would never stop!

All too soon though, he pulled away, leaving her with a faint feeling of disappointment as he kissed down her body. Reaching her tights, he pulled them down and tossed them over with her dress. After admiring her pretty purple panties for a moment, he pushed her legs apart, kissing her pussy over the panties and causing her to jerk away suddenly, startled. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her firmly back into place, “You know how the headmaster said he would make sure you couldn’t get away if you didn’t stay still?” Joe looked up at her, his eyes narrowed, “If you don’t stop trying to get away, I will make sure you cannot get away, do you understand me!”

Sue whimpered softly, nodding frantically. She did not dare to tell him that she had not been trying to get away; he had merely startled her. But Joe had looked back to her panty-clad pussy again, and had buried his face in it, sniffing long and deep. “Oh baby, you smell SO good…! And wait, what’s this damp spot?” Joe stuck his finger under the edge of her panties, rubbing it along her slit. “Oh well then, perhaps you are beginning to enjoy this after all, baby girl.”

Grinning up at her in delight, he jerked her panties off of her, burying his face back into her pussy once more. Licking lightly along the neatly trimmed slit, he murmured into her skin, “That’s a good girl,” and started to eat her damp little pussy out. This caused Sue both confusion and pleasure. As he pressed his face into her slit, sucking and nibbling lightly, she writhed on the bed, moaning softly. Finding her clit, he kissed that, and sucked it into his mouth hard. Sue gasped and tried again to pull away, her feelings of pleasure nearly overwhelming her senses. But Joe did not notice this time, as he had not let go of her hips.

The harder her sucked on her hard little clit, the more she wriggled and moaned. Letting go of her hips, he reached up and started to tug on her hard nipples again, pinching them roughly, almost hard enough to leave bruises. But Sue no longer minded, as she was quickly losing all traces of inhibition. Her mind still told her that this was a bad thing, but her body had stopped caring. She did not want him to ever stop, and she grinded against his face almost eagerly as he drew her nearer and nearer to the edge of her first orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped. In fact, much to her dismay, he got right up off the bed. But this was merely to pull his own shirt off and undo his jeans. Dropping them to the floor, he pulled his boxers down too, and reached for her, tugging her over to the edge of the bed, now just as naked as she was. “This is supposed to be punishment, and here you are, getting all the pleasure!”

Sue’s face fell further, as it became obvious that he was not going to finish what he had started. But then he straddled the bed, his large cock dangling in front of her eyes. “Wait, but Joe…” That had to be at least 7 inches long and 2 inches thick at the base and it wasn’t even completely hard yet! There was no way she could put that in her mouth!

Pressing it against her now tightly closed lips, Joe gave her a ‘look’. “Hey now, I did it for you, didn’t I? It’s only fair if you do it for me!” Sue looked up at him for a long moment with her eyes wide, but then acquiesced by allowing her mouth to fall open a little. Taking full advantage of this, Joe shoved the head into her mouth, forcing it wider. “Now suck. Make me feel as nice as I just made you feel.”

It was not hard to play on Sue’s innocent conscience, and she started to suck the head clumsily, wanting to be fair to him, especially as this was supposed to be her punishment. Never having given head before left her inexperienced, but this was all right by Joe. It left her trainable, and he pushed forward until he hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag. Pulling out completely, he flipped around so he was sitting on the bed, and pushed her off of the bed, forcing her to kneel in front of him.

“There, that will work better, now won’t it?” He smiled at her, brushing her long hair from her face as he pushed back into her mouth. “Just breathe through your nose, and try not to panic. This is the most natural thing in the world, and I know you can do it.” With those words, he thrust forward against the back of her throat again, trying to get in further this time. When she started to gag, he held her pressed tight against it for a few seconds before allowing her to pull back and take a breath. Then, both by thrusting hard and pulling her forward at the same time, he pushed his cock into her throat, past her gag reflex, so that he hardened more still and got in further.

“Go on now; try to swallow it as I push it in like that.” Joe moaned as he pulled her back up to let her gasp for air, “And breathe through your nose, you have no idea how good this feels!” Pulling her back down on his cock hard, he started to face fuck her, as hard and fast as if he were fucking her pussy. Each thrust he slammed into her throat, pulling down hard on her head, so that more of his cock disappeared into her throat. By now he was fully hard, and he wanted all 9 inches in her throat before he stopped this.

To her credit, Sue was honestly trying to swallow it whole, despite the discomfort caused by having her jaw spread as wide as it could be and her throat pounded so hard. Joe’s eyes were closed as he thrust, and without warning, suddenly his thrust and her swallow landed all 9 rock hard inches in her throat, with his balls pressed tight against her cheeks. Looking down at her gaping mouth, and her eyes wide, with fresh tears falling from the complete cut off of oxygen, Joe pulled himself back out, pulling her up onto the bed beside him.

“Good girl! That’s the way to do it! Don’t worry; practice makes perfect. And we have almost a whole month to practice with.” At those words, Sue whimpered, but did not say a word, as her throat was raw, and sore from the fucking.

But Joe was content; his cock was nice and wet now, and he was fully hard and ready to go. Not having been with any female for a long time left him desperate for some pussy, and he laid her on her back at the edge of the bed, getting in-between her legs. Pushing his cock against her entrance, he rubbed it the length of her slit. “This is why good girls don’t dress like tramps.” Reaching up, he started to pinch her nipples again. “Because then they get fucked!”

With that last word, Joe shoved in, not worried the least about the fact that Sue was likely a virgin. And sure enough, that one thrust pushed him against her cherry. Pulling back out, so that only the head was in, “Brace yourself,” And Joe slammed his cock home, pulling roughly on her nipples and twisting them painfully as he tore through the membrane of her innocence.

Sue screamed as he took what could only ever be taken once. But instead of starting to pound away, Joe remained motionless inside her, allowing her tight, no longer virginal pussy time to adjust to the feeling of being so filled. Once her sobs subsided slightly, Joe pulled back slowly and started to thrust gently, leaning forward to suckle one of her nipples again, as he still twisted and pinched roughly on the other, as if trying to leave bruises behind. This proceeded to get her moaning again, and grinding back up against him. As he played with her nipples, he started pumping faster, trying to get all 9 inches inside of her. But each thrust only got him in about 6 inches, and he was starting to get frustrated.

After a few minutes of this, he grabbed a tight hold on her nipples and flipped around so that he was lying on his back and she was straddling him. Grabbing her hips, he pulled down hard as he thrust upwards, forcing her to ride him, and using gravity to get him the rest of the way into her pussy. She was moaning through her tears by this point; the endless pounding hurt her, but at the same time, it felt so nice! As he pulled her down onto his cock hard, she pressed down with all her weight too, wanting to be as full as he could fill her. As she rode his cock, she was riding a fine line between pleasure and pain. Somehow she was not sure where one sensation stopped and the other started.

What is it about some people that makes them just plain stupid? Alison thought to herself as she slammed the file cabinet shut. I mean were they born that way or had some alien abducted them when they were younger and wiped all the knowledge out of their brains. “Arghh!” she screamed to the empty room. This day at work had been more frustrating than it was worth. It almost made her want to quit.

It started the moment she had walked in that morning. As always Alison was early, she hated to be late so she always ended up twenty minutes to a half an hour early. The moment she walked in the door her good for nothing boss called her into his office. She had not even had the chance to clock in and he was already going to make her life miserable Alison thought to herself as she marched into his office.

“Come in and close the door,” Mr. Cuppa said. Alison did just that. What could he possibly want from already this morning, she had not even gotten to her desk and been able to read her e-mails so he hopefully did not have any questions about something any of them. “I bet you are wondering why I called you in here this morning.”

“Yes truthfully I was wondering exactly that Mr. Cuppa,” Alison asked with a quizzical look on her face. There was a slight feeling of dread that came over her. Had she messed something up and was he calling her in to fire her? Alison’s head was spinning.

Mr. Cuppa must have seen the fear in her eyes because he then assured her. “There is nothing to fear Alison. I have no plans on firing you . You are doing a wonderful job here. On the other hand, I did discover some discrepancies that I would like your help investigating. They are not in any of the tasks that you have been completing for the company but they are in tasks that other members of your department have done. I need you to find out who it is that has been messing them up and report back to me as soon as you have any information.”

“How will I know what I am looking for? Those files can be pretty complicated and I have been on the job a lot less time than many of the other people in my department sir.”

“If you have questions about what you are looking at come to me and I will help you.”

“One other thing sir.”

“What is it Alison?”

“There is a section of the files that is password protected. I do not have a password for this section because I have never been authorized access to it before.”

“Well we will have to fix that immediately. Come around the other side of my desk and I will set you up with a password.” Alison went to the other side of Mr. Cuppa’s desk. “Let me get you to the screen that we need to be on to set up a new account and password for you so that you have access to the more private part of this company’s website and filing system.” With a few clicks of the mouse, they were on the correct page. “Now you can set up your user name and password. I promise I won’t look.”

“Can I sit down in the chair for a moment it would make it easier to access the keyboard than if I was just leaning over and around you?”

“Of course you can,” Mr. Cuppa slid out of his chair and let Alison sit down . As they passed each other, Alison’s ass brushed lightly against his crotch. Now as he stood behind the chair with Alison sitting it, Mr. Cuppa could clearly see right down Alison’s blouse to her perfect shaped breasts. “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?”he asked.

Alison blushed. “Mr. Cuppa, are you hitting on me?” she asked. She felt a tiny bit uncomfortable now especially knowing that the door was locked and that she could not easily get out. Alison quickly tried to get up from the chair but suddenly Mr. Cuppa’s hands were on her shoulders pushing her down into the chair. Now she was truly scared. “Sir what are you doing? You are scaring me really bad. Please just let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone about what just happened . It will be between you and me.”

“I am giving you exactly what you deserve young lady.”

” What are you talking about?”

“You walk in here every day and tease every guy in this office and you don’t think you are asking for this.” He turned the chair around and Alison came face to face with his raging erection.

“Mr. Cuppa, please don’t make me do this. I will not say anything to anyone about what has already happened in this office and I promise you that I will do anything else you want just please don’t make me give you a blow job. I will spy on anyone. I will help you with any project no matter how late I have to stay but please don’t make me give you a blow job.”

“That is right Alison, you will do anything I want you to do. I mean anything . No exceptions not even this.” He punctuated that point by shoving her face down onto his cock. Alison began to choke on his huge member. “Take it down that throat of yours. You know you like it. You know that this is what you want every time you come into this office dressed like a little tramp.”

Alison gasped for air. ” Please stop Mr. Cuppa . I don’t want this. Please don’t do this.”

Mr. Cuppa shoved his cock back down her throat. “Oh god that feels so freaking good. You suck like a pro. I bet you like the taste too.”

Those words made Alison want throw up. She absolutely hated the taste of cum. She had never swallowed any of her boyfriend’s cum as she was growing up. She could not believe her boss was going to force her to swallow his load.

“You are such a little tramp. I bet if I touched those little panties of yours you would be soaking wet.” He popped his still hard member out of her mouth. He then reached forward into her lap and underneath her short black skirt. ” I was right. Your mouth may be protesting but your pussy is wet and ready to go.”

Alison could not believe that her own body had betrayed. She could not believe that this harassment was actually exciting her.

“I can’t have you walking around in panties all day. We might as well get you out of them right now.” He then crouched before her and slid the panties off her body. “Oh my, you do have a sexy little pussy my darling. You slut you even shave it bare.” He ran his middle finger up and down her slit.

Alison moaned a little. She pushed elevated herself off the chair trying to get more of his finger on her wet lips.

“No no. I am not ready to let you cum yet. There is another part of me that I want to feel how good that sweet little pussy of yours feels. Get up, bend over and put your hands on the desk.”Alison did exactly what she was being told. “Good girl.” He slowly slid his hard cock into her. “Oh god you are so tight. It feels like a vice around my cock.

“Please fuck me more Sir. You feel so good inside me.” Alison began pushing back against him. “Please give me all of your hard cock, Mr. Cuppa. I need to feel you fill me up.”

“I love the way you beg Alison. I love hearing you talk about how much you want all of me inside that tight little pussy of yours. So I will give you exactly what you are begging me for.” With that he shoved the full length of his hard cock inside of her.

Alison screamed with pleasure and pain. It was as if she could feel his cock puncturing her stomach. “Oh god, so good.”

Mr. Cuppa reached and started to gentle tease her clit. ” When I cum I want you too. I want to feel your cum rush over my cock as I cum within you. Are you ready my little slut?”

“Yes sir.” With that he slammed into her a few more times while furiously rubbing her clit. They both exploded simultaneously. ” That was truly amazing. “

“Best orgasm I think I ever had. We must make this a regular occurrence.”

“May I have my underwear back now Mr. Cuppa? I really must be getting to work on the files.”

“I thought I told you early that I can not allow you to walk around the office with wet panties. The answer is no you may not have your underwear back. I also have another conditions to your new job description, you are not allowed to wear underwear any more in this office. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” Alison said.

“You may go Alison. I expect to see you in my office every morning from now on.”

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