The football is real; the fantasy ought to be.

The description of the football game in this story is based on the details as they actually happened in the season opener. I wrote the beginning of the story (chapter one) and created the “fantasy football” rules (chapter two) before the game began, then let the two teams on the field create the story. When the game started, I didn’t know which teams would win and lose. Like the characters, I submitted myself to the mercy of what happened on the field. Like other forms of fantasy football, it changed the way I watched and enjoyed the game. I hope you enjoy it too. Who knows, it might catch on and change fantasy football as we know it.


CHAPTER ONE – Pre-Season

“Damn it!” Suzy said, slamming her papers on the table. Tension and frustration peaked as the conference room clock ticked toward 5:00 pm.

Nobody wanted to be in the room, let alone in the city. The fitness company’s vice president for sales called regional representatives from Pittsburgh and Denver to the company’s Atlanta headquarters to hammer out new sales boundaries. Rather than getting in the middle of the highly pressured territorialism, he put them in the room together to negotiate a solution. His assignment was clear: No one leaves Atlanta until the new boundaries are agreed upon and signed off by both teams. He scheduled the meeting for a Friday, assuming they would be motivated toward a quick decision and return to their respective cities for the weekend. He underestimated the competitive resolve due to the millions of dollars in sales at stake.

No one anticipated the added gender dynamic that would further complicate the negotiations. The Pittsburgh team was made of up three women, the Denver team of five men. Beyond the territorialism, an unspoken battle of the sexes added to the stalemate in negotiations. The size and gender of the Denver team were no advantage to the resolve of the Pittsburgh’s representatives. If anything, the women were more determined to win because the all-male team outnumbered them.

Everyone recognized Pittsburgh’s team leader, Ally, as probably the strongest person in the room. She was a statuesque 32-year-old 5’9″ brunette with olive skin, translucent blue eyes and a smile that could sell water to a fish. Consistent with the corporate culture for all middle managers, Ally was fit. She had full 34D tits and long tan legs. She knew how to display her body in a business suit that would command professional respect and physical attention. This often meant a sheer blouse, a professionally short skirt that showed off her long tan legs, leading to at least one and a half inch matching heels. She knew what she had and she knew how to use it. Today was no different.

The second member of their team was a young 26-year-old African American named Jennifer. Jen drew admiration from men and women with her robust 36DD breasts above her tall slender 5’7″ dark-skinned fit frame. She usually preferred to wear bright tight dresses to accentuate her beauty. Jen has always been athletic. Despite the many recruiting attempts for her to join cheerleading squads in high school and college, she had no patience for sideline spectating with pom poms when you could make a difference competing on the field.

Suzy rounded out the team as a 5’4″ 29 year-old blonde with fair skin, perky round tits and a tight ass. Suzy was as passionate about everything in life as she was beautiful. All three women were single, successful and confident. They were used to getting what they wanted. Together they were a force to be reckoned with.

The men from Denver looked more like a delegation from the United Nations, or even more, like an international team of athletes. Brock, the self-delegated team leader, was a muscular 6’5″, with dark brown hair who looked to be no stranger to the football field, basketball court or weight room. Cliff was a 6’2″ African American, clearly fit in ways that looked to rival Usain Bolt. Lou was the always stylish, handsome, 5’10″ Italian, self-confident in any setting. Steve was the blonde hazel-eyed 6′ member of the team who regularly held the Mid-west regional monthly sales records. Rudy was tall, rugged and stunning, coming from a tall Caucasian father and a proud, gorgeous Indian mother. All five men were within two years of 30, one direction or the other.

“I have a life outside of all this bullshit,” Suzy said, letting her emotions get the best of her. “This was supposed to be settled yesterday. We’ve been at it for two days. It’s Saturday night, we’re stuck here for the weekend, and no closer to a solution.”

In truth, each team had made small compromises in their negotiations, but neither team was close to agreeing to the other side’s proposal. With the company’s Southern roots, there would be no one in the office on Sunday. Negotiations would resume Monday morning.

Shuffled papers began moving from the conference table into briefcases as everyone in the room stood, without any plans for the next 36 hours, trapped in a humid early-September weekend in Atlanta.

“Want to join us for drinks?” Brock offered as a gesture of collegiality.

“We’ve had to spend the last two days stuck in here with you,” Suzy fired back in her feisty frustration. “Why in the hell would we choose to…”

“Wait,” Ally offered, interrupting as she put her hand up toward Suzy. “Maybe that’s just what we all need.”

Suzy swung her head around toward Ally in shock with a look that asked, “What are you thinking?” Ally returned the look with a confident smile that Suzy had learned to trust in other competitive settings. She could tell Ally had an idea, that Ally had a plan.

“I could use a drink. I suspect we all could,” Ally added calmly. “Don’t you?” she asked, looking at her teammates more than the men across the table.

Suzy and Jen conceded. What did they have to lose? The men across the table were the only other people any of them knew in Atlanta. Whether they were with the men or not, they were ready for a drink. Who knows? They might actually be chivalrous enough to buy. “Why not,” Jen nodded.

“Great,” Brock said genuinely. “Let’s drop our things off at the suites and meet outside in 15.” The company had luxury executive suites less than a mile from its corporate headquarters to house visiting employees and guests. “I saw a sport’s bar down the street that looks good.”

Within 20 minutes the eight were assembled again around another table, but this time surrounded by large televisions broadcasting college football games. The room was packed with men shouting at the action on the screens and women wearing as little as possible to invite a different kind of action when the games were over.

“This might not be such a bad weekend after all,” Rudy said admiring the eye candy.

Appetizers and five rounds of martinis were consumed in the first hour. Conversation loosened and began to flow as easily as the drinks, mostly about fantasy football picks and strategy.

“I’m missing a huge Steeler football party for their season-opener tomorrow,” Suzy lamented, “by being stuck down here with you yahoos.” She slapped Steve on the arm flirtatiously.

“They’re playing the Broncos,” Rudy realized out loud. “It’s the big game on tomorrow’s SNF.”

“And the Broncos are going to get crushed,” Jen spurted out impulsively. “Especially after last year’s fluke, the revenge is going to be sweet.”

The smack talk and competitive banter increased with the number of drinks. By the second hour all eight were feeling the benefits of the alcohol.

“Our Steeler parties play a different kind of fantasy football,” Ally said in a direct and seductive tone. Her index finger circled the top of her martini glass. Suzy and Jen knew about Ally’s fantasy football parties. The emphasis was always on “fantasy.” Jen had heard many stories. Suzy experienced one last season with the Steeler’s 14 to 3 win over the Browns. The stakes of this kind of fantasy football made that win unforgettable. She had heard that fantasy football changes the way you watch a game. Until that night, she never knew how much.

“Why are you bringing that up?” Jen asked Ally nervously.

Ally smiled. “Look around,” Ally invited. “Think about the possibilities.”

“You’re drunk,” Jen cautioned. “I’ve never…”

“What could be more perfect?” Ally asked back. “Our Steelers are playing their Broncos. They don’t have a chance. Talk about meat handed to us on a platter.”

“This could be a repeat of last year’s Brown’s game,” Suzy mused out loud, allowing the alcohol to inspire her imagination.

Jen looked admiringly at the men around the table. She was beginning to see them differently than she had the last two days.

“So, what’s this fantasy football you’re talking about?” Cliff asked, picking up on the sexual tone of the conversation and looks.

“It’s football for real men and real women,” Ally answered continuing her confident seductive tone. “Shall I say, ‘consenting’ men and women?”

The men’s smiles grew with their curiosity.

“I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. No matter who you are or what you do, it’s a hard-working, blue-collar steel town. We work hard. We play hard. And we have no hesitation to take everything we earn and win.” Ally let her words set the tone.

“Tomorrow evening, the three of us ladies are going to start our pregame party in my suite at 5:00 pm,” she announced.

“We are?” Jen asked.

“We are,” Suzy agreed, eager to hear what Ally was going to say next.

“Fantasy football, real fantasy football starts with the 8:15 kickoff for anyone who is man enough to join us.” Ally’s words were more of a challenge than an invitation.

Curiosity, seduction and alcohol made the invitation impossible for the men to refuse.

“Oh my god,” Jen blurted in an inebriated confusion of panic and excitement.

“We’re in,” the men said unanimously.

“You bring a keg of beer,” Ally instructed. “We’ll bring the snacks, and the fantasy will bring itself. See you boys at 5:00.”

Ally took Suzy and Jen’s hands. “Let’s go ladies. Our work here is done.”

CHAPTER TWO — Pregame Warm-Ups

Game day events started on schedule with a 5:00 knock at the door of Ally’s suite. Suzy and Jen looked at each other nervously. “Game on,” Suzy said excitedly as she opened the door to welcome their guests.

The men walked in all wearing matching Broncos t-shirts they picked up at a local sporting store for the occasion, and shorts. The women dressed strategically. Ally wore her Roethlisberger jersey tied tight with a knot in the front, and a short jean skirt. Jen showed off her ample tits wearing a tight yellow tank top with the Steeler logo in the center, accented with black athletic shorts. Suzy wore her favorite cropped Ward jersey, without a bra, baring her midriff and allowing the bottom of her tits to tease whenever she jumped up and down during the game to cheer on her team. She put on a pair of tight jeans, thinking the long pants might compensate for the short top.

In the two and a half hours of pregame television, the beer flowed. Sexual banter and anticipation grew, as the eight played cards, threw darts and argued football, waiting for the game to start. Analysts announced it likely to be the most watched regular season game in history. The stakes were high, in ways the men in the room did not yet fully understand. The suspense in the room was palpable.

Fifteen minutes before game time, Ally invited everyone to refill their glasses and to gather in the living room for pregame instructions. With full glasses, the eight stood nervously in a loose circle around the room.

“Glad you are all here,” Ally began genuinely. “I believe this may be a historic night of football. There are two teams, each rooting for their football team — ultimate fans putting it all on the line in our version of fantasy football. Once the whistle blows for the kickoff, there is no backing out. You’re committed and at the mercy of what happens on the field.”

A surge of panic suddenly shot through Jen’s body. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and chest as she looked around the room, surrounded by five inebriated sexually baited athletes. “Ally, are you sure this is a good idea?” she whispered into her ear. “We barely know these guys.”

“We’re in,” Brock said with a cocky confidence. “But it looks like Jen isn’t so steely.”

Ally whispered back. “We’ve got this Jen. If we have to be stuck in this town for the opening game of the season, I’m going to make the most of it. Look at these guys. They’re gorgeous. By the end of the game, we’re going to own them.”

Jen looked around the room again, nervously admiring the potential trophies with lust-filled appreciation.

Suzy joined the huddle. “What are you two talking about?”

“Jen’s getting cold feet, or maybe a cold pussy” Ally answered.

“I don’t know Suzy,” Jen added nervously. “I mean, we don’t know…”

Suzy interrupted, without a whisper. “What’s to know Jen? Roethlisberger and the Steelers are about to hand us the ultimate tailgate party to kick off the season. We’ve got this.”

“The only thing to know,” Ally offered confidently, “is which fantasy do you want these boy-toys to satisfy first.” Ally tucked her thumbs into the front of her shorts, like a cowpoke next to a corral. “Once the Steelers break these Broncos in, I’m goin’ for a ride.”

“OK, let’s do this,” Jen said with nervous confidence as she finished the beer in her hand. “I’m in.” The huddle broke with a clap.

“You ladies up for this?” Cliff asked playfully.

“We got this,” Jen repeated back from her colleague’s pep talk. “Steeler Nation is in the house and going to dominate.” Ally and Suzy smiled at her smack talk.

“As I said,” Ally continued, “once the whistle blows for the kickoff, you are committed. No backing out. Everyone is at the mercy of what happens on the field.”

“Sounds good so far,” Cliff encouraged.

“It works best when the two teams are the same size, but we don’t have that luxury,” Ally continued. The three of us Steeler ladies will be competing against you five Broncos men. Being out numbered means our wins will be bigger, but so will our losses. You’ll see what I mean when I explain the points.” Ally paused to let her words sink in. “We’re not worried. With this revenge match, we’re looking for wins that grow bigger, longer and wider.”

The ladies laughed at the double-entendre. Ally’s suggestive tone broadcast her bold sexual confidence. Like Pavlov’s dogs, the men felt their groins respond to her agenda.

“The game starts with everyone clothed, without shoes,” she explained. When your football team scores a touchdown, the members of your team get to remove one article of clothing from each member of the other team. Pretty simple. No one removes his or her own clothing. Each item and the manner it is removed are purely at the discretion of the other team. There are only two rules about this: the item of clothing must be removed before the game resumes play after a score. The second rule is that nothing still covered with clothing can be touched or fondled. Anything bared and exposed is fair game, until the game resumes. It’s the only time we like long commercials during a football game.” Ally paused again to let the details settle in for the rookies. The men immediately looked around the room at the three women in gold and black, silently strategizing what they wanted to remove first from their gorgeous bodies.

“Extra points matter too,” Ally continued. “In the first half, each extra point scored (either from a kick or two point conversion) can be used to get an item of your own clothing back or remove another item from the other team. It’s your choice how you use each extra point. That’s only for the first half. Things intensify in the second half. In the third and fourth quarters, extra points can only be used to remove clothing from your opponents. Choose wisely. Two point conversions are rare, but can be game changers.”

“So, in the second half, every touchdown with an extra point means the other team loses two pieces of clothing, but a two-point conversion means each person on the other team gives up three?” Brock asked to clarify.

“You are quicker than you look,” Ally answered playfully. Field goals work the same way. For every field goal, one item of clothing is removed from each member of the other team. Nothing slows stripping the other team of their clothes like a football team’s inability to make third-down conversions in the red zone,” Ally added with a smile.

“The last scoring option is a safety. Again, every score costs a piece of clothing. If your team is careless enough to give up a safety, you’re going to pay by giving up a piece of clothing. Any questions?”

The sexual energy in the room grew at Ally’s no-nonsense description of her version of fantasy football. The men tried to hide their excitement for what a high scoring game might mean with these beautiful women at the mercy of the Bronco’s new hall of fame offense. “So, what happens when one of our teams is out of clothing, and the other team scores?

“That’s where things get real interesting,” Suzy said with excitement. “Points become minutes!”

“What does that mean?” Steve asked.

“Again, keeping it very simple,” Ally continued as if teaching a seminar. “If your football team scores, and there is no more clothing to remove from your opponents, then its time for them to give something else up,” she said with her sly smile. “To be honest, I did not invite you here to take your clothes off gentlemen. When the offensive line of your clothing is gone, I am here to sack you like a quarterback without a left tackle.”

The men smiled nervously at Ally’s sexual determination. They knew she was game-day serious, and her female teammates were embolden by her confidence.

“To answer your question,” Ally continued, “points become minutes. When you are caught naked, and when my Steelers score, then the number of points scored become the number of minutes we do anything we want (and you do anything we ask) without hesitation or resistance. The only restriction — let’s say penalty – is there is no penetration allowed during the game. Something has to be saved as the game-winning trophy at the end of the contest. Anything else goes. Any questions?”

Cliff answered, “I like the sound of this. So, after all the clothes are gone, action might be as brief as an extra point becoming one minute of fun and as glorious as a touchdown with a two-point conversion for a full eight minutes of no-holds-barred celebration in your end zone.”

“I think he’s got it, don’t you girls?” Ally answered looking over to Suzy and Jen.

“He will,” Suzy answered.

“Here’s the thing,” Ally said. “There are three of us and five of you. If we win, we win big. Every one of you will be required to give up the number of minutes scored to anything we want. You might have one of us on you, or you might have all three of us at the same time. Three hot women have the luxury of enjoying the bounty of five men at their disposal. If we lose though, we lose big. Do the math. Five of you and three of us means there will almost always be at least two of you having your way with each of us at the same time with every score. We are counting on our Steeler defense.”

“I’m counting on our new Bronco’s offense,” Steve answered hungrily.

“How does the fantasy football game end?” Cliff asked.

“With the final score,” Ally answered sarcastically. “The only thing that ultimately matters is the win. It can be an ugly win, it can be a close win, but the team that wins walks away with the prize.”

“What’s the prize?” Brock asked.

“You have to ask?” Suzy said.

“Winner take all,” Ally answered frankly. “Just like football on the field, one team enjoys the win; the other team takes the loss. The game is only worth playing if the stakes are high, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely,” Brock answered quickly as the other men nodded in agreement.

“Great,” she said. “The game will be fun, but the win is all that matters.”

“Agreed,” Steve blurted excitedly. Ally had them right where she wanted them. Their imaginations were running, testosterone raged through their bodies and their dicks were hard with confidence in an unproven Bronco’s team.

“Here’s the deal: In our fantasy football, game winners become team owners for the rest of the night. Losers agree to submit in every way to the winners, with no restrictions, until the sun comes up.” Ally announced the prize more like a verdict than a proposal.

“What?” Jen spurted out surprised. “Ally…”

“That’s it,” Ally announced authoritatively like a referee making the final call after a play review. “Losers fulfill every fantasy the winners want. There are no restrictions, no refusals, and no hesitations. Anything goes. Winning team owns the losing team. It’s fantasy football, where the stakes are high and every fantasy gets fulfilled.”

“Ally?” Jen repeated nervously. “What if…”

Ally interrupted her, whispering impatiently like a coach. “Enough, Jen. This is a slam-dunk. I am handing you a night of your dreams. When have you ever had an opportunity like this? These five men will not stop until they satisfy every fantasy you have ever had. Tonight is ours. Tonight is real, limited only by that lusty imagination of yours. At the end of this game, we — or at least Suzy and I will spend the rest of the night screaming the names of the Steeler offensive line as these huge dicks serve our every fantasy with no strings attached.”

Ally’s words challenged the commitment of everyone in the room. Jen’s mind spun as she looked around at her opponents again. It had been over two months since she had been with a man. If the Steelers won, the prize of these five men at her disposal for the rest of the night was almost beyond her imagination. But so was the thought of what might happen if they lost.

“It’s game time Jen,” Ally challenged. “It’s time to decide. Will you be one of the wanna-be spectators in the stands wishing you had what it took to get in the game or will you be a game changer on the field who had the courage to experience what everyone else can only dream of? That’s your choice. It’s time to decide what you’re made of. It’s time to decide if that Steeler logo across your tits is a decoration or a commitment. It’s time to decide if you are a cheerleader or a player.” Ally’s words landed hard.

The television showed team captains walking from their respective sides to the center of the field for the coin toss. The camera panned the hyped-up crowd. Orange and blue covered the stadium. The camera zoomed in on visiting die-hard Steeler fans risking life and limb by proudly wearing their gold and black in the enemy’s stadium, with faces painted like warriors.

“I’m so in,” Suzy said licking her lips seductively. “And I’m hot. I’ve never been more ready for a season-opener to start. The Steelers always leave it all out there for Steeler Nation, and Steeler Nation always gives it up for their team.”

“This is going to be the best game ever,” Steve added. “I’m in.” Men’s voices echoed their commitment around the room, stopping at Jen. Jen looked around the room unsure. Suzy wondered if she and Ally would be taking these five men on by themselves. It would raise the stakes.

Jen silently walked across the room and sat down on the large couch across from the big screen TV covering the opposite wall. She leaned forward to remove the sandals from her feet, exposing her ample cleavage to the room full of watching eyes. She lifted both sandals together in one hand and threw them out of the room like a football. “Game on,” she said with a large confident smile. “I’m in. I’m not going to start the season doubting my Steelers. So, why am I the only one not wearing shoes? The game is about to start, and I’m ready for some football.”

Cheers filled the room as shoes were quickly kicked off and flew through the air following the trail of Jen’s sandals. Mugs were refilled from the cold keg and the two fantasy teams took their positions together on the couches around the large room. The suspense grew. The men and women looked at each other differently in anticipation of the game’s start. Fantasy football changes how you experience a game. Fantasy football was about to begin.


The room was thick in expectation at the starting kickoff. Scoring first is always important to set the tone, especially in a season opener, and especially for what was now at stake. Denver won the coin toss and chose to receive first.

“Yes!” Steve said. “Let’s not waste time getting on the board.”

The ball moved back and forth across the field, each team’s defense holding the opposing team back from scoring. All the fantasy players in the room could do was keep draining the keg in nervous anticipation of the first score. Their bodies buzzed from the beer and suspense. Hearts beat faster each time the Broncos or Steelers offense would get close to striking distance. The quarter ended scoreless. Jen felt a mixture of relief and disappointment.

“Damn,” Rudy said. “I know that Steeler defense is tough, but make something happen!”


“Something’s about to,” Suzy said, as the second quarter started in the hands of the Steeler’s offense. “Watch and learn boys.”

Pittsburgh methodically moved the ball down the field and finally into the red zone.

“Here we go!” Ally said confidently, waving her terrible towel. “We are in the red zone, and nothing stops Ben in the red zone.”

Pittsburgh moved to first and goal on the three yard line. The ball snapped and Denver’s defense stopped them.

“Yes!” Brock cheered. “Our D looks great this year.”

“It’s not a matter of ‘if,’” Suzy answered confidently, “it’s ‘when.’”

Second and goal on the three, the ball was snapped and the defense again prevented any gain.

“Damn!” Jen shouted. “Come on!”

Third and goal, the ball was snapped, thrown to a receiver in the end zone, deflected.

“No!” the three women shouted in unison.

“Yes!” Rudy answered back.

The kicking team came out for the fourth down and easily scored a field goal with 10:10 left in the half.

“Damn!” Rudy said. “At least they kept it to three.”

“And that will cost you gentlemen,” Ally informed. “The real game is now underway.” The men started to simultaneously remove their shirts as payment for the field goal. “Ah, ah, ah,” Ally quickly said. “That’s for us to decide and do, she reminded. “Time to stand up so we can get a good look at our options.” The five men dutifully stood, feeling awkward. Turning to the other girls, Ally asked, “what do you ladies want first?”

The men realized losing their shirts might not be their first item to forfeit. They each felt their manhood respond to the thought of losing their shorts in front of these women they had known for less than three days.

“What do you say Suzy? If you could walk over and remove one item covering each of these men’s bodies right now, what do you really want first?”

“Putting it that way,” Suzy answered with a smile, “as much as I’d like to see them without their shirts, removing their shorts gets me one step closer to what I really want.”

“How about you sweet Jen? Down deep, beneath those big suckable tits, what does your heart really want these men to give up right now?”

Jen felt excited and embarrassed. She had never been in this situation, nor asked a question like this. Her nipples grew in arousal, impossible for everyone else in the room to miss. “Oh god, I don’t know,” she answered nervously.

“I think you do,” Ally cajoled with an agenda. “You know exactly what you want. You need to decide. We don’t have much time before the commercials end and play starts. What’s it going to be?”

“Shirts!” Jen shouted nervously, easing into the game. “Shirts. Let’s take their shirts off.”

“Then it’s up to me gentlemen to break the tie. Suzy here wants to see you without your shorts,” Ally said running her hand along the side of Brock’s shorts next to her. “Jen would like to remove your shirts,” she continued running her fingers under Brock’s shirt. “I’ve been thinking about this moment for the last 24 hours, and so the decision is easy. Gentlemen, its time for you to clasp your fingers behind your head, so we can relieve you of your shorts.”

“Oh god,” Jen said, secretly grateful for the courage of her teammates.

“Let’s go, no time wasted,” Ally said.

The women each turned to a man next to them. Ally took the lead, unbuttoned Brock’s shorts and slowly pulled them down until they fell at his feet. She could see the outline of his growing dick under the fabric of his boxers. “Impressive,” she said. “I look forward to the plans I have for you,” she said with a smile.

Suzy turned to Steve and followed Ally’s lead, relieving him of his shorts. “This game is underway,” she said. “I like the way it is going.”

Jen turned nervously to Lou, looking at his eyes with his hands clasped tightly behind his head. He gave her a smile to say he was about to enjoy what she was there to do. She knelt down, pulled down his shorts. Lou’s dick stood straight out beneath the fabric of his strained boxers. “Oh god,” she said again.

Ally walked over to Cliff with a continuing smile. “Is it true what they say Cliff?”

“You’re about to find out,” Cliff answered confidently.

Standing up, she slowly unsnapped his shorts, lowered the zipper and slid her hands down between his shorts and boxers along each side. She then slowly knelt down in front of him, lowering his shorts with her outstretched arms, gradually moving them over his muscular ass. She took her time, allowing his dick to stiffen with her every motion. She enjoyed watching it’s movement like a large snake trying to be contained under a handkerchief. His massive, growing, hard member strained against the light material of his boxers, pushing out in front of him like a steel rod. The more his dick pushed against the fabric, the greater the pressure pushed back against it, causing it to grow and stiffen more. Like a snake charmer, Ally continued to lower his shorts slowly, building the pressure, coaxing the member until it had no option but to break through the opening in the front of his boxers. The room gasped as the ten inches of his massive black dick throbbed at attention in front of Ally’s face. “There you are,” she said licking her lips. “I’ve been waiting for you.” The room stood stunned. “Now,” she said with her voice taking on an instructional tone, “anything covered can’t be touched, but what was it we said about anything exposed?”

“It’s fair game,” Suzy said playfully.

“Oh, shit,” Cliff said with his hands still dutifully clasped behind his head.

“Got that right,” Ally said before taking the largest dick she had ever seen into her mouth and masterfully consuming its entire length down her throat.

“Oh, shit!” he shouted as he fell back onto the couch behind him, taking Ally with him. She ravenously continued to devour every inch of his member, knowing her time was short.

Suzy immediately turned to Rudy with new ideas. “Now it’s your turn,” she said, “praying for Ally’s same skillful results. Rudy watched as Ally consumed his friend. His dick grew all the more knowing Suzy was after him in the same way. Suzy repeated Ally’s moves, “come to mama,” she said, attempting to coax Rudy’s large brown dick to freedom.

Ally worked Cliff’s dick, determined to drink from the deep well beneath. She had wondered, given the chance, how many times she and her two friends could make these men cum. She would be relentless in her pursuit to find out.

Cliff dropped his head back against the top of the couch. His arms were stretched out wide, and hands grabbed the soft fabric as if a life rope. The room watched as Ally served Cliff’s dick in ways beyond anything he had experienced. His head spun. He knew that in seconds she would drain him dry and be covered in a shower of his cum.

“Oh, shit. Oh, shit!” Cliff shouted.

The room watched mesmerized by Ally’s skill and Cliff’s potential.

“The game,” Steve said. “Game’s back on.” Ally dutifully rose, sucking Cliff’s member with everything she had as she made her assent. Her mouth popped from the force of the sucking and the width of his meat as she pulled herself off the dick of her dreams.

Cliff lay paralyzed and dizzy. “Almost,” she said. “I almost had you. I will. Just a small sample of what’s to come.”

No one doubted her words. The fully clothed girls returned to their seats, glad to have the first score. Jen felt relief and renewed confidence. If things keep going like this, maybe this will be a night to remember. Maybe Ally and Suzy were right.

“Come on defense!” Suzy shouted. “Get the ball back to Ben so we can finish what we started.” Watching Ally made Suzy more than a little ravenous, and Jen wet with arousal. The men retook their seats, impressed with how seriously these women took football.

The Broncos immediately stunned the women’s confidence by answering the Steeler’s field goal with a 12 play no huddle drive for a touchdown with 5:16 still left in the half. The score was now 7 to 3, Broncos.

“No! No! No!” Suzy yelled passionately. “Where’s the defense? How does the best defense in the NFL let that happen?”

The room went silent as the kicker came out for the extra point, easily made.

“Shit,” Jen said, suddenly worried the tables were turning. “Let’s get this over with,” as she started to pull her tank top over her head.

“Ah, ah,” Lou said. “I think that’s our job.”

“OK, gentlemen,” Brock said taking charge. “It’s our turn. A touchdown is one, and the extra point, well, is an extra point. What do we want first?”

“I say tops and bottoms,” Rudy answered. “Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way first.”

“I say skirts and panties,” Cliff said looking right at Ally. “I’m ready for some of what they’re having.”

Jen felt tingles go up her spine.

“I’m ready for these tits,” Steve said. “I agree with Rudy.”

“Let’s not forget we have more options in the first half,” Brock reminded. “These women are as serious as white on rice.”

“Or Ally on Cliff’s dick,” Lou chided. Everyone but Cliff laughed.

“Playing a little fantasy offense and defense here could be strategic for us in the long run,” Brock encouraged, taking the game seriously. “Let’s recover our shorts, and relieve them of something.”

“I still say skirts and panties,” Cliff repeated strongly. “I want to return a favor.”

“I think Brock’s right here,” Steve added. “We don’t know what’s ahead. A smart play here could give us an important advantage later. Let’s start with their shirts.”

“Time to stand up ladies, and raise your hands in the air,” Rudy said agreeing.

The women dutifully responded. Brock and Cliff immediately gathered around Ally to return the favor. Brock pulled her tight jersey up, pressing the body-hugging material past her breasts.

“Ah, ah, lover. No touching,” she said, wiggling her body to help him pull the top over her head. Her black push-up bra with front closure accentuated her full, tan breasts.

Cliff knelt down in front of Ally’s fit, bare abs. “Anything exposed is fair game, right?” Cliff asked.

“Yes,” Suzy said impulsively as Steve pulled her cropped jersey over her head, exposing her bare breasts. Suzy’s nipples grew at the coolness of the air conditioning hitting her skin and the arousal from the attention in the room. “I knew I should have worn a bra,” Suzy said. “Why didn’t you remind me Ally?”

“Those round beautiful tits are all yours men until the game resumes,” Ally answered with a smile. “They look like they are begging for attention, don’t they? They almost make me want some.”

Ally felt cold chills cover her body as Cliff’s tongue and mouth kissed her bare stomach. “I know my abs are good,” Ally boasted, “but nothing like the taste of your big dick in my mouth.” Cliff looked up at her touting. “You’re meat’s next, and I’m going to finish you,” she promised. He may have won the point, but she was still in control.

Lou finished pulling Jen’s tank top over her head and paused to admire her large dark breasts contrasted by her low lacy white bra. Her chest and cleavage were moist with nervous sweat. “Holy shit,” he said.

Steve wasted no time taking one of Suzy’s long erect nipples between his teeth, flicking it with his tongue. Rudy joined him with the other side, sucking it into his mouth. “God, yes!” Suzy cried, revealing her enjoyment of the attention.

Before the men were ready, the game resumed. Everyone refilled their beers and took their places back on the couch. The men had recovered their shorts and were again fully dressed for the game. Suzy’s tits were bare, red and sore in a way she loved. Jen felt sexy and safe, grateful to still be mostly covered where it counted. Ally knew her team was winning in the room, despite the Bronco’s lead on the field. The men’s first gain felt small compared to the highlight of her handling of Cliff.

The Steelers responded with a vengeance to the Broncos fast touchdown. The offensive line methodically made its way down the field, pushing the defense back, as the Gold and Black advanced toward the Bronco’s end zone. They would not settle for a field goal. With only 28 seconds left in the quarter, Pittsburgh scored a touchdown and extra point. The Steelers recaptured the lead, 10 to 7.

“Damn it,” Cliff said, resigned to what was coming from Ally’s prophetic promise.

“Well Ladies, it appears we have another decision to make,” Ally announced. “I say we seize the moment, make a strong offensive move and take two pieces of their clothing.”

“Normally I’d agree with you,” Suzy said. “There’s only 28 seconds in the half. This will be the last opportunity to recover any of our own clothes. Unlike you two, I’m a little exposed over here. One more Bronco touchdown, I’ve got nothing left to give up.”

“I disagree,” Rudy interrupted, “you’ll have a lot to give up.” The men all laughed. Rudy’s words underscored Suzy’s vulnerability compared to the rest of her team.

“What do you say Jen?” Ally asked. “It’s up to you. Suzy wants to go backward, I want to go forward.” The men suddenly felt hopeful with the decision up to Jen. Ally pressed for her compliance. “With 28 seconds left, we can put our shirts back on to cover what our bras already cover for us, or we can strategically strip these men of two items of clothing that give us full access to what we really want until the sun comes up.”

“Damn,” Suzy said at Ally’s pitch.

Lust and competition took over for Jen. She was aroused by the thought of having her way with Lou. However, the last Broncos score that cost her tank top brought home the reality that with another score, she would be vulnerably bared in front of these five men. They would not hesitate taking full advantage of that opportunity. Most of her body would be fair game to their desires.

Ally pressed more, “You always say, the best defense is a strong offense.”

Jen’s strategic wheels turned. The Steelers handed them an opportunity to take control of the fantasy game with the first chance to take these men for all they were worth. Ally was right. The best defense is a strong offense.

Without saying a word, Jen turned and yanked Lou’s shorts and boxers down together, releasing his thick hard member that reached out to her earlier. “You are mine,” she demanded before dropping to her knees and taking him in her mouth.

“Damn,” Suzy said again, this time inspired. “Take him.”

Jen reached around with both hands to grab Lou’s ass in her hands, forcing his dick deep down her throat. Lou couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Like a piston in first gear, she pumped his dick with reckless abandon.

Suzy basked in the freedom to have her way with Steve and Rudy. In seconds she had both undressed, standing in front of her. “At Thanksgiving I always get asked if I want light meat or dark meat,” she joked. “My answer is always, ‘yes.’ Why pick when you can have both?” She took both dicks in her hands. “They just have to be juicy.” The men’s knees buckled at the force of her grip around their members. She held each tightly in her hands, as she alternated working the throbbing heads with her mouth.

“Jen, help me with Brock and Cliff,” Ally asked. Jen pulled the shorts and boxers off Brock. Ally went to work on Cliff, exposing her old friend below. “You two lay down on your backs next to each other,” Ally ordered. “Lou, come over next to them.”

The three men lay next to one another, with their team leader in the middle. “Why settle for one when you can feast on two,” Ally said with a smile. “When I’m on Cliff, you suck Brock. When I move to Brock, you have your way with Lou. Between the two of us, let’s drain these three.” Ally looked at Cliff, who had already experienced what was coming. “I’m starting with you.” Ally dropped her head again, downing Cliff’s long black pulsating dick down her throat. Cliff let out a gasp.

Stroking Lou’s dick with her left hand, Jen went to work consuming Brock’s meat. It was easily the largest she had ever experienced. Back and forth, the ladies worked like well-oiled machines, relentlessly stroking and sucking the three men’s dicks.

The three women worked the five men, determined to finish them off, for the first time, before the half. Ally had already had a head start on Cliff. More than anything, she wanted to drink his sweet cum as if she were drinking water from a fire hydrant. Brock was quickly losing his endurance to the non-stop double-teaming action by Ally and Jen. Lou was defenseless against Jen’s large tits bouncing in front of his eyes as she simultaneously worked him and Brock. Ally and Jen knew if one went, they would have all three.

Suzy squeezed tighter as she felt the warm members in her hands thicken with impending explosion. “Cover my face,” Suzy begged, jacking off their minds as her hands and mouth worked their dicks. “Who’s going to be first to cover me?” she challenged. “Who’s the first cum I swallow? I’ll get both, but the first is always best.” Suzy spoke from experience.

Dizzy with impending explosive orgasm, Rudy glanced at the large screen across the room. “The game has started,” Rudy cried out, half begging, half disappointed. Groans filled the room. The men felt pride at their ability to hold out, but ached for relief.

“Damn,” Jen said, tasting the pre-cum emerging from Lou’s throbbing dick. Everyone knew that thirty more seconds – one more commercial – and the room would have been covered in their man-juices.

“There is still 28 seconds left in the half,” Rudy added, hoping there might be one more score, any score.

All five men lay around the room in a daze, with their exposed dicks throbbing from the attention. The women all stood up, mostly covered by their clothing, except for Suzy’s tits. The Broncos took a knee after the first snap, sending both teams into the locker room for halftime.

“Too bad the Steelers left 28 seconds on the clock when they scored,” Ally teased. “If they took it down to the half, we’d get the whole 12 minutes to have our way with you boys.”

“Instead, you get 12 minutes to recover,” Jen said with renewed confidence. We’re only half way through the game. We still have the entire second half.”

“And if there is anything the Steelers are better at than the first half of a game, it’s the second half,” Suzy added.

Cocky and confident, the women high-fived in the center of the room. The first half had gone well for them. The men took advantage of the half-time break to recover. The women used the beer to clean their palates, to get ready for the next course. The men drank more beer to prepare for what was ahead.

“So Brock,” Ally said with shameless cockiness. “How confident are you still feeling about this new hall of fame offense of the Broncos?”

“Game’s not over,” Brock answered.

“Are you willing to up the ante?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Brock asked back. “We’re leaving it all pretty much out there already,” he said, still awkwardly exposed from the waist down.

“Actually, we’re just getting started,” she quipped sarcastically. “Still believing?”

“Yeah, we are,” he said for the group. “It might have been a slow start, but they’re finding their way.”

“I hope for your sake, it’s in time,” Ally taunted more.

“There’s a lot of football left,” Rudy attempted to answer convincingly.

“Believers. I like that,” Ally encouraged, baiting them for her challenge. “How far?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Brock answered.

“Let’s say winners take all, really means winners take all. In addition to everything we have already agreed to (which I am enjoying by the way),” she said taking another glance below his waist, “we wager our proposals. We all agree to sign off on the proposal of the city with the winning football team. Broncos win, you get us all night, and your proposal in the morning, no questions asked. If not, it goes the other way.”

“Ally! No! What are you doing? We can’t risk that?” Jen blurted out.

“There is a difference between a gamble and a sure thing,” Ally said confidently. “I know a sure thing when I’m sucking on it.”

Suzy laughed.

“Gentlemen, no more wasting time in that conference room tomorrow morning and for how many days after,” Ally argued. “You won’t get a better offer from us. Here’s the deal: if you turn this down, then none of us are leaving Atlanta with anything less than my team’s current proposal, period. I won’t budge. The worst decision you can make is to test me on this. So, the only way you will leave Atlanta with anything other than my team’s current proposal is to accept this offer. Trust your Broncos, and you could walk away with everything, if you can still walk in the morning. If there was ever a time to be manning up as Broncos fans, it is now, don’t you think?”

“You men go huddle up over there and decide. The deal is only available until the end of halftime.

“Damn, that’s bad ass,” Suzy said.

The group of half-naked men gathered across the room to consider the proposal. Ally picked up her iPhone to snap a picture of their huddle.

“What are you doing?” Jen whispered.

“I always collect pictures of the men I bag in fantasy football,” she answered. “I’ll show you my collection some time. These men are as good as ours.” She dropped her iPhone back into her purse.

“This could go very badly,” Cliff said to the other men, still feeling the workout from the first half.”

“Or it could go very well for us,” Brock said.

“There is a lot of football left in this game,” Steve repeated confidently.

“But not much left in us,” Lou responded.

“Speak for yourself Lou,” Brock answered back. “With this challenge, I’m just getting warmed up. There is no way I want to back down on this challenge or the Broncos. We will never hear the end of it. There is also no way I want to spend another day in that conference room either. We finish this tonight. Are you with me?”

“We’re in,” the men agreed, breaking the huddle with hands in the center.

“It’s a deal,” Brock answered. “Winners take all.”


The suspense was intense at the kickoff of the second half. From now on, clothing could only be lost. The men were grateful to still have their shirts. If they had chosen differently at the 2nd quarter extra point, they would already have been stripped bare.

The women were enjoying their lead and clear advantage. Any Steeler score would finish off the men’s clothing and submit them to the real scoring part of the game. Ally and Jen relished knowing it would take at least two scoring possessions by the Broncos for them to be relieved of their clothing, barring a two-point conversion on a touchdown. They felt safe in the hands of the Steeler defense to prevent that rarity. Suzy didn’t have the same luxury, but was glad for the advantage over the men.

Beyond clothing and sexual submission, the proposals that brought them all to Atlanta were now on the line.

“Let’s finish this!” Suzy yelled as her team moved across the large screen in front of her. Pittsburgh’s drive moved slowly down the field for almost nine minutes, giving the men in the room more time to recover from the first half. The Bronco’s stopped the Steeler offense from another third down conversion, forcing a field goal attempt.

“Bring it,” Ally yelled as the kicking team ran out on to the field. “That’s all we need right now to take this game to the next level.” The men knew the score was inevitable. They would be stripped by a field goal and irreversibly at the mercy of these women any time the Steelers scored the rest of the game.

“And it’s good!” the announcement came from the television as the ball travelled effortlessly through the goalposts. “13 to 7 Steelers with 6:05 left in the quarter.”

“It is good,” Ally said at the announcement. “Men, it’s time to stand up again. This game just turned an important corner.” The men stood obediently, conceding the score and it’s consequences. Each man’s shirt came off without incident. The three mostly clothed women stood in front of their five naked male prizes.

“This is like a dream,” Jen whispered.

“What did I tell you girl,” Ally answered. “Stick with me and there’s no telling what might happen. Ladies, the clothes are gone. It’s game time. You are only limited by your imagination.” Ally moved over to Rudy and Lou to mix things up. She scooped a little chocolate from the fondue into her hand and began to stroke Rudy’s dick, lubricating it with the thick warm dip, before wrapping her mouth around to taste her chocolate covered banana. She moaned, as his member served the rich chocolate down her throat. She moved over to Lou, repeating the dessert.

Suzy saw the opportunity to move toward Cliff, admiring Ally’s previous work. His hard ten inches dwarfed her small hands, as she massaged it to it’s full potential. She wondered how it would be possible to wrap her mouth around it like a thick foot-long brat, and then shuddered at the thought of the pleasure and pain of her pussy being stretched by this monster slab of meat. “When the Steelers win this game today,” she thought to herself, “I’m going to take every inch of this cock into my pussy to find out how much size does matter.” For now, she decided, she would settle for stroking the length of this shaft with both hands while working that big black ball of a head on top with her lips and tongue.

Jen took Steve and Brock into each hand. “OK boys,” she said with a confident smile of victory, “let’s get this party started.” She stroked and sucked their cocks, wanting to be the first girl in the room to strike white gold. The three women enjoyed their pleasure and control. If handling men were always this easy, they would take the company to new levels.

Commercials never seemed to go faster for the three women than when their mouths were devouring five cocks. The game resumed on the field, cutting short the action in the room. They were well into the third quarter and desperate for something warm to drink. All they needed was one more Steeler touchdown to give them enough commercial free time to drain every one of these men for the first time of the night. It wouldn’t be long with the way their Steelers were playing, with almost a quarter and a half left to play.

Everyone had barely retaken their seats before the three women began shouting in disbelief. “No! No! No! How the hell is this happening?”

The men’s cheers of redemption drowned their shouts. “Yes! Yes! Go! Go! Go!”

The Broncos only took 36 seconds to complete an 80-yard drive to answer the Steeler’s field goal with a touchdown, with an easy kick for the extra point. Denver took the lead, 14 to 13 with 5:30 left in the quarter. More importantly, the score put the men in the room back in the game.

“Ladies,” Brock announced unnecessarily. “We’d like to have you stand up so we can welcome you to our world.”

“Shit,” Jen said out loud. She had convinced herself she might make it through the game with most of her clothes on. That myth just evaporated like the clothing about to be removed from her body, with no chance of recovery.

Rudy and Lou immediately surrounded Ally, ready to return the favor or her savory attention. Rudy stood in front, cupped her full breasts in each hand and pushed them together before reaching down with his fingers to unfasten the clasp in front. As he let go, the force of her released tits pushed the bra to the side, leaving it to hang purposeless off her shoulders. He lifted the bra over her arms with his fingers, allowing it to fall behind her on to Lou’s head. Rudy reciprocated by dipping his fingers into the warm chocolate to paint her left tit, before devouring it into his mouth. Ally closed her eyes, dropped her head back and moaned. She felt Lou’s hand behind her take hold of the top of her jeans skirt, and the small zipper at the top, before the sensation of its short descent. His hands slowly moved up the length of her long legs, caressing her skin until they stopped under her skirt. He took hold of the bottom of the skirt and moved his hands back down the length of her legs, bringing the skirt with them. A small black thong was all that remained. Ally seduced Lou by flexing the muscles of her mesmerizing bare backside, teasing for attention. Lou painted Ally’s ass with her own chocolate before burying his face into her.

The moment the Broncos scored, Cliff put his arm around Suzy as if to claim her for his own. His dick was still hard and ready. He was eager to return her affections. Unlike Ally and Jen, removing two items of clothing from Suzy would leave her as naked and defenseless to him and he had just been to her. As they both stood up, Cliff’s body towered over her like a tall shadow, engulfing her petite pale frame. They both smiled as he knelt down to unsnap her jeans, lower the zipper and bring them down past her tiny ass. His large lips took in her right tit as her pants fell to the floor. Suzy stepped out of them and kicked them to the side with her foot as she held his head against her breast. Cliff moved his head down her stomach, kissing her gently as he made his way past her belly button. He slid his hands down her back to take hold of each ass cheek as he approached her love box. The strings of her thong came up over her hips. The small fabric of material in front proudly displayed the Steeler logo.

“You are loyal, aren’t you,” Cliff said.

“It’s a Steeler pussy,” she boasted.

“Not tonight,” he answered, as he took hold of the strings over each hip and removed the last piece of clothing on her body. She felt her body melt like butter as his strong arms laid her naked body on her back in front of him. Unlike her teammates, her body was now completely surrendered to the mercy of what the Steelers do on the field, and the desires of the men in the room. “Your pussy just became the property of the Denver Broncos,” he said. Suzy opened her legs, conceding with anticipation his reciprocation. She closed her eyes as she felt the lips of her vagina spread, and saw his head lower between her knees with his large tongue readying for what it had come for. Both moaned as the size and texture of his muscular tongue worked its magic on her captive pussy. With the exception of one night with a sorority sister in college, Suzy had never experienced the skill of a tongue like his. Her body tingled from his mastery.

Jen watched as Brock and Steve visually undressed her, before they began to make it real. They knew she was nervous and enjoyed building the suspense. She braced in anticipation of feeling their hands release her bra from the back and feeling her shorts lowered to her feet. Their appetites and the resumption of the game then would be the only limits of what would happen next. She watched as Ally’s body was being painted with chocolate and consumed like a delicacy across the room. Ally moaned in delight as if she asked them to do it. Suzy’s small body was hidden from sight on the other side of Cliff’s large frame, but it was clear from both of their moans that he was taking full advantage of her in the moment. Beads of sweat further moistened Jen’s cleavage as she looked up at Brock and Steve.

“Two items of clothing,” Brock announced to Steve, and we have three to choose from.”

“Oh god,” Jen thought, not sure if she said it out loud. She assumed they would take her bra and shorts, leaving her with her thong, like Ally. “They have other options!” her thoughts raced. “They have the same option I had when I left them with only their shirts.”

“I say we return the favor,” Brock said, as if reading Jen’s mind. “I say we free up her cunt like she freed up our dicks.”

“Oh shit. Oh shit,” she thought. She felt her pussy moisten with nervous arousal.

“I’ve been waiting for those huge black tits all night,” Steve confessed. I’m ready to get lost in those girls.”

Jen felt a surge of relief. She had never wanted to have a man get lost in her tits more than she did in that moment. She was ready to take her bra off herself and bury Steve in mammary affection. She smiled seductively at him in response to his confession. “You man enough for them?” she asked, to bait his decision.

Steve took the bait and answered with actions. He unclasped the white lacy bra from behind, and moved his hands from behind to squeeze her large firm tits in each hand.

“Oh, yes,” he said, continuing to massage them.

Brock reached down to the waist of Jen’s shorts and pulled them down her long rich legs. “Damn.” Jen’s white thong against her black skin was soaking wet with arousal. “Damn,” Brock said again. “This girl is ready.” Jen’s felt her arousal begin to overtake her nerves. She had never had sex with more than one man at a time. She could resist what was happening, or let herself go to take full advantage of the moment. Steve moved around to take one of her overwhelming tits into his mouth to consume as much as he could. She felt Brock’s hands stroking the inside of her legs, coming perilously close to her soaked love box.

“Oh, god,” Suzy said as her head moved from side to side. The strokes of Cliff’s tongue felt like a magnet drawing every erotic nerve throughout her body. Her nipples jumped to attention, almost like flags waving him on. “Oh, god, Oh, god!” she cried, knowing she would not be able to hold back the orgasm very much longer. The women had vowed to take the men first, if not often before they would give it up. Suzy felt defenseless with Cliff, and loved every second. Cliff knew he was about to enjoy the first full drink of pussy for the night. “Oh, god. Oh, god, here it comes! Here it comes.”

“Game,” Jen announced urgently, signifying the end of the Bronco’s scoring round, and an attempt to provide interference for Suzy. After three minutes of commercials, voices of game commentators came back on the television. Jen pointed to the talking heads on the screen. As much as Ally enjoyed the attention of the men, she was ready for the ladies to take back control of the action. She and Jen still had one piece of clothing to leverage; the men were defenseless. She could tell Suzy was close to orgasm, almost to the point of no return. She was ready for another Steeler score that would put them back in charge. The sexual activity paused, as everyone laid back for a moment to catch their breath.

After 20 seconds of benign comments, the broadcasters announced, “We’ll be right back after this commercial break.”

“They’re going back to commercials,” Lou said. “The game’s not back on yet.”

“Then we aren’t done yet,” Steve said, turning his attention back to Jen’s tits.

Cliff looked up at Suzy from between her still open legs. He smiled with a wide smile, promising what they both knew what was about to happen. Her body shook as his tongue reengaged her clit. Within seconds her body began to buck with an intensity she had never known. She was helpless to his seduction of her pussy. He was taking her to nirvana and she was powerless to come back. Suzy screamed as the orgasm jolted her body with wave after wave of release. His large strong hands held her bucking ass in place as his tongue continued its work on her drenched love box. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she begged, demonstrating to the other women what might be ahead for them.

The commercial break ended. Suzy lay like a rag doll in the middle of the room, drenched with sweat and her own love juices. Her head spun in ecstasy. Ally watched, impressed by what she saw Cliff do to her friend with his tongue. She couldn’t help but wonder what his monster dick was capable of.

The next drive, the Steelers pushed their way down the field, helped by two major Bronco defensive personal penalties, giving up 30 yards. With 25 seconds left in the third quarter, the Steelers scored a touchdown.

“Yes!” Jen said, pumping her fist. “That’s what I am talking about. 20 to 14. Gentlemen, I think…”

Brock interrupted Jen’s enthusiasm, “Wait! They’re calling it back after review! It’s not a touchdown!”

“Yes!” the men in the room shouted victoriously.

“No!” Jen says falling back into her seat on the couch. “Damn it,” she said frustrated.

“It’s OK,” Ally comforted. “The Steelers still have the ball.”

The quarter ended with the score remaining, 14 to 13, Broncos.


“It all comes down to this,” Steve said.

“Close game,” Lou added. “Whoever is going to take this, needs to move fast.”

At his words, Pittsburgh finished their drive, scoring a touchdown.

“That’s not what I meant,” Lou said.

“Wait!” Ally said, “they’re going for two, to attempt a seven point lead.”

“Come on Steelers, get this.”

The Broncos defense prevented the two-point conversion, keeping the Steelers gain to only six, for a score of 19 to 14.

“Rejected,” Cliff said.

“There it is,” Ally said. “Let me remind you that commercial breaks mean nothing here gentlemen. Seven or eight minutes would have been nice, but six is all we will need. We’ll start the clock when we have all of you positioned.”

“I want Steve and Rudy standing over here by me,” Suzy said boldly with a plan.

“You heard the lady,” Ally instructed. Rudy and Steve stood together in front of a reenergized Suzy. She wasted no time taking Rudy’s large dick in her mouth and while stroking Steve’s in preparation.

“Wait,” Steve said, “the clock hasn’t started.

Suzy pulled Rudy’s dick out just long enough to say, “She said she’ll start it when all of you are in position. I never said I would start when all of you are in position.” She swallowed Steve’s dick in response to his objection.

“I made a promise I intend to keep right now,” Ally announced. “Cliff is mine. We will alternate on Brock in the middle and you get Lou all to yourself Jen.” The three men lined up. Ally pulled her iPhone out and set the clock. Jen didn’t wait, glad for a head start on Lou. Lou’s knees buckled again at the force of Jen’s attention. Ally stretched her long fingers around Cliff’s long hard shaft to stroke it as she went down on Brock.

“Damn,” Brock said, “she’s serious.”

Like a baton in a relay race, Ally handed Brock’s dick to Jen as she took the length of Cliff’s rod down her throat. One minute led to two, to three and to four. Loud moans began to fill the room from the women working the men for all they were worth. After five minutes, the men were dizzy in submission. As if masterfully synchronized by the three skilled ladies, all five men began convulsing past the point of no return. The ladies moved toward their certain victory with vigilant determination. Ally dropped her head to take the length of Cliff’s massive black member down her throat. Cliff threw his head back, and the rapturous orgasm quaked his body. His hips rocked as wave after long wave of thick cream traveled the length of his shaft before being shot down her waiting throat. Deeper and deeper, Ally took him in, swallowing the massive amounts of cum.

Jen began to move her attention from Lou to Brock when both shot their loads at the same time. A thick wall of white cum from two directions painted her dark face, before she was able to take Brock’s member in her mouth, to drink in the hose of sweet cream. She masterfully continued to stroke Lou’s throbbing dick aimed toward her as it continued to coat her face, neck and chest. She felt his thick warm sauce drip down her chest and fill her large cleavage as she drank in Brock’s juices.

Suzy anticipated the fast approaching finish line of the two men in her hands. In one swift move she took both dicks into her mouth together while reaching around to take hold of their ass. With all her strength, she pulled their bodies against her face, forcing both dicks deeper into her mouth just as both men released the first load of passion down her throat. She continued to ram their bodies against her face as her lip, tongue and mouth skillfully drained each man to satisfy her ravishing appetite. Her mouth could barely contain the volume of two well-primed dicks unloading into her simultaneously. Their warm juices mixed for a specialty cocktail. When she was sure there was nothing left, she pushed the two men back on the couch behind them as she licked the cum dripping down her chin. “Damn, that’s good,” she said. “Sucking two at a time takes practice.” Rudy’s still half-firm dick dripped residual cum. Suzy dove to re-engage his lap. “I want every drop,” she said playfully, taking Steve’s dick again in her hand. “And I’m ready for more.”

At the end of the six minutes, the sexually charged competitors all took their places back on the couches, refilled their beers and watched as the game and their destinies continued to unfold. The Broncos answered the Steeler’s touchdown with another fast drive, to score a touchdown. The six points regained the lead for the Broncos, 20 to 19 with 9:23 left in the game. An extra point would give a two-point lead, beatable with a field goal. The Broncos lined up to attempt a two-point conversion to extend the lead by three. If successful, another Steeler field goal would tie the game at best.

“No way is this going to happen,” Jen tried to convince herself as the Broncos lined up for the conversion attempt. She knew the Broncos touchdown would cost her last remnant of clothing. She and Ally would both be stripped of the final small piece of fabric that protected their bodies from the lustful ambitions of these five men. If the Steeler defense can keep Denver from scoring on the conversion, the small piece of fabric is all they would get. But, like Ally said in the beginning, if they scored, the two-point conversion would be a game changer. Her thong would be the least of what she would have to give up. “Our defense won’t let them through,” she said out loud, as reassuringly as she could muster.

The ball was snapped. “Come on! Come on! Get it! Get it!” the men yelled.

“Stop ‘em! Stop ‘em!” The women yelled back.

The suspense was broken with the men’s cheers at the successful catch in the end zone.

“Damn it!” Jen said, “how did this happen?” She looked over to Ally. The early game assurances of “we got this,” just evaporated to “they’ve got us.”

“A lot of football left,” Ally answered. “It’s not over.”

“It’s what’s about to begin that worries me,” Jen confessed.

“This is nothing compared to last year’s 35 to 7 season opening loss to Baltimore,” Ally offered as consolation. “We were stripped early and taken often by a room full of Baltimore men who remained fully clothed throughout the game,” she reminisced. “That was, of course, until the post-game party, when they owned us in every way for the rest of the night.”

Jen found little consolation in Ally’s trip down memory lane.

“Ladies, it appears our time has come, and so will you,” Brock announced taking charge of the room, gloating after the Broncos regain of the lead. “We need Ally and Jen up front here for the unveiling.”

Ally and Jen stood next to each other in front of the television. Jen reached for Ally’s hand for support.

“That’s nice,” Brock said, “but as I recall, our hands were clasped behind our heads when we were relieved of our clothing.”

Jen looked at Ally as Ally let go over her hand and dutifully clasped her fingers behind her head. Jen followed Ally’s lead. Her tits rose as she assumed the position. Cold chills covered her body. Her nipples tightened firm and erect in nervous arousal.

“That’s better,” Brock continued to gloat. “Once your thongs are removed, we’ll let Suzy start the two-minute clock and watch the five of us enjoy you two. After we’re done with you, you can start the clock, as all five of us enjoy the full eight minutes with Suzy, or Suzy enjoying us.”

“Bring it,” Ally said. “I know Suzy will especially like having the eight minutes with the five of you all to herself.”

Suzy felt spent but ready. This wasn’t her first time playing fantasy football. She knew the stakes, and played because of them. In all honesty, she couldn’t argue or protest Ally’s tease, not that it would change what was about to happen. Suzy smiled in resignation and curiosity for what eight minutes with the undivided attention of the five men would be like. Somehow she knew she would feel it in the morning.

Brock knelt down in front of Jen. He could smell her drenched thong. “Men, I’m wondering if the five of us might be able to remove these two thongs using only our mouths.” Chills rippled down Jen’s spine. Brock leaned over to gently kiss Jen’s stomach and leg on each side of the small piece of string holding her thong on.

“I’m sure you boys can,” Ally answered seductively with her hands still raised behind her head. “You’ll just grab the waistband with your teeth and pull them down. Any one can do that. I just wonder if you are men enough to remove them without touching the string around our waist.” The challenge meant their mouths would be limited to the small piece of fabric covering their love box and material between their ass cheeks.

“Oh, god,” Jen said. Her thong was already drenched from the anticipation. “What are you doing?” she asked Ally.

Ally was ready for the men to give her attention exactly where they would need to be to remove her thong. The only way to play fantasy football was to be all in, whether giving or receiving. She relished watching Jen be initiated into her game. Whatever the final score, the fantasy in the football would take Jen to a new level. Ally hoped Jen would come back for future games like Suzy. Her gorgeous body would be a welcome addition to the weekly competitions.

“Sounds like Jen likes the idea,” Brock smiled.

Steve and Cliff joined Brock, taking their places to surround Jen. Rudy and Lou knelt on each side of Ally. Both women knew the five mouths were there for more than their thongs.

“Let yourself go Jen,” Ally coached. “Enjoy the fantasy.”

Jen surrendered. She dropped her head back and closed her eyes as she felt Brock’s mouth engulf her love box separated only by her soaking wet thong. His tongue moved back and forth as it pushed against her clit through the thin fabric. He sucked the fabric into his mouth as his tongue continued its massage. Cliff moved around to her back and ran his tongue down the small line of fabric between the cheeks of her ass. He flicked his tongue and caught the fabric on his tongue before moving it between his teeth. With Brock’s grasp of the fabric from below, and Cliff’s hold of it from her ass, the bright white thong began its descent down her long black legs. Brock used his fingers to continue the clit massage. Cliff kneaded her ass with his large hand. Seeing the other men’s progress well in mouth, Steve seized the opportunity to engulf her tits with his hands and mouth.

Ally separated her legs enough for Rudy to move his head between them from behind. He raised his mouth to begin licking her pussy through the fabric of her dark thong, and then maneuvered his tongue beneath it for direct contact. Ally moaned as his tongue pushed its way into her. Her response encouraged his attention. He buried his face into her to give his tongue full access to her love box. She moaned more, gently rocking her hips in concert with his tongue’s direction. Lou directed his attention to Ally’s large round tits smoothly swinging from her hips’ movements. He alternated taking each into his mouth, nibbling lightly on her dark erect nipples. “Harder,” she said to both men. They both obliged. Ally moaned louder.

“Start the clock,” Jen reminded Suzy, as the three strong men laid her naked body down to better access to the wonders of her beautiful ebony physique.

Suzy smiled at what was happening to her two colleagues. Rudy and Lou were working their oral magic on Ally without her thong being removed yet. “I can’t start the clock until they remove Ally’s thong,” Suzy answered. “And it doesn’t appear that will need to happen any time soon,” Suzy added deviously. Her words informed Jen that just like in football, game time after a two-minute warning would take much longer than two minutes to play out. Her words also encouraged the men to take their time as she watched her teammates at the mercy of these five men, just as they stood by and watched her earlier.

The three men gathered around Jen like football players invited to an all-you-can-eat buffet after a hard-fought game. Her body lay before them like a gourmet meal. Jen would serve them, or better, they would serve themselves until two minutes after Ally’s last piece of clothing was removed. The way this was going, this smorgasbord might be open all night. Suzy smiled as Jen’s moans joined Ally’s, filling the room with a duet of live dinner music.

Suzy dutifully started the clock 10 minutes later after she watched both of her friends seizure in erotic orgasmic bliss, before Ally was ceremoniously stripped of the last piece of clothing on anyone in the room. Ally and Jen had only been the appetizers. The five men looked to Suzy, not only because she announced the end of the two minutes, but also because she was about to become the main course for the next eight minutes.

“Don’t you think it will work best for the five of you, if you take Suzy to my king bed in the bedroom?” Ally asked with a sly tone as playful payback.

Suzy liked the idea. She secretly hoped the five men would bathe her in their cum while bringing her to ground shaking orgasm(s) over the next eight minutes. She felt more insatiable and slutty than she ever had. Maybe it was freedom being in a city where no one knew her. “Follow me boys,” she said accepting the invitation and determined to make her fantasy come true.

“I’ll start the clock,” Jen announced loudly, “when I feel like it,” she finished with a whisper to Ally.

“Now you’re getting the feel for this,” Ally said deviously, slapping her on the ass.

Suzy positioned her petite body in the center of the oversized king bed as the five men entered the room. “Ho, ho, ho, ho” the men grunted in low voices. They each moved to take their positions on the bed around her. She looked up at the five bodies surrounding her, five erect dicks readied and ten large hands already moving across her body. “I’m just wondering boys how many times you can take me in eight minutes while soaking me in the cum bath of my life?”

“There’s a challenge we are up for,” Cliff answered confidently. The other men smiled in agreement.

“We have eight minutes,” Suzy announced as if the clock was starting.

“Or more,” Jen whispered again under her breath. “Ready, set, go” she announced loudly. Jen closed the stopwatch app without starting the clock and put the iPhone down on the counter. She leisurely took the opportunity to refill her glass from the keg. The five men immediately lowered themselves onto Suzy. “I’ll let you know when time is up,” Jen assured. “She’s all yours until then.”

Ally and Jen watched as every inch and crevice of Suzy began to be consumed by the five men. Suzy reciprocated by feverishly stroking and sucking their cocks. The men took turns rotating clockwise around her body. Cocks moved in and out of her mouth as she worked diligently to drain them. Her hands worked continuously to simultaneously pump two other dicks. At any given moment, the two men’s dicks not being handled by Suzy’s mouth and hands were being self-handled to ensure as much cum to cover her body as possible in the eight minutes. The men took turns serving Suzy’s pussy orally to meet the second part of the challenge. As if an abstract work of art, white cum began to paint her face, tits, stomach and legs.

After almost twelve minutes, Jen picked up the iPhone and reopened the stopwatch app. “Six more minutes,” she announced as she hit the start button for the first time.” Suzy’s body rocked with a second orgasm, helpless again to the finesse of Cliff’s tongue. “You can do better than this,” Jen challenged. Rudy drained his next contribution down her parched throat. Suzy gaged on what felt like a pint of his thick cream. She swallowed deeply as she pulled his member out in time for a line of his cum to pave a white path down the center of her body to her belly button.

After almost 20 minutes of non-stop action, Jen graciously called “time.” The men stood up, spent and drained. They all refilled their glasses from the keg to begin their recovery. Suzy’s cum-drenched body lay limp in the center of the bed.

“Come on,” Ally said to Jen. “I see an opportunity.” Ally walked over to the bottom of one of Suzy’s legs and began to lick the warm cum from her skin. Jen followed her example on the other side. The men watched as the two women lapped the layer of cum from Suzy’s body like kittens drinking milk from a saucer. The men felt themselves begin to harden again at the sight of the two women licking Suzy’s tits clean from the thick coating of cream. When they finished, they both stood, licking the white cum from their upper-lip.

“These girls would do wonders for the ‘got milk,” commercials,” Lou said.

“Damn,” Steve said. “They’d make me ignore my lactose intolerance.”

Ally, Jen and the five men re-gathered in front of the television, no longer interested as much for the success of their teams on the field, as much as for what their accomplishments meant for them in the room. The women were confident it was their Steeler’s turn to score. They were ready for a touchdown, but even a field goal would tie the game, keep their team in the game and put the ladies back in charge of the room. Suzy was slow in getting back to the room, and rejoined her teammates just in time to watch the Broncos get the ball from the Steelers on downs.

“What is going on with our Steelers?” Suzy asked.

“I bet the Denver altitude this early in the season has something to do with it,” Ally answered. “We’ll get it back. Our defense is wearing them out.”

The Broncos pushed down the field toward the end zone.

“Come on!” Jen yelled acting convinced they would be able to hear her through the television screen. Somehow if they heard her voice and knew what was at stake for her, they would try a little harder.

The Steelers stopped the Broncos’ third-down conversion attempt.

“THANK you!” Jen yelled again, grateful for their effort. Maybe they did hear her.

The Broncos kicking team returned to the field. There was the snap, the hold, and field goal.

“Yes!” Rudy yelled. “That a boy!”

The Broncos furthered their lead by three, 25 to 19.

“At least they kept them to a field goal rather than another touchdown and two-point conversion,” Ally offered as consolation. “It’s still a one possession game.”

“They let us down. It was our turn,” Suzy said, still feeling the affects of her extended time of individual attention from the last score.

“It still is,” Brock answered playfully. “We men were talking and agreed that if the Broncos scored a field goal, we’d be willing to give up the three minutes to see a little girl on girl action.”

The three ladies looked at each other surprised. They enjoyed working together, but were all clearly red-blooded man-eaters. None of them had ever been with another woman, except for Suzy’s one sorority experience. “Wait,” Jen started to ask.

“I think I recall something about ‘no restrictions, no refusals, no hesitations. Anything goes,’” Brock interrupted anticipating their resistance.

“No one knows what a woman likes like another woman,” Steve added.

In all of her experiences of fantasy football, Ally had never been asked to go down on another woman, or give it up to one. She wouldn’t be able to say that anymore. The men were playing by her rules.

“You have three minutes ladies from the time we start the clock,” Brock announced. “To encourage your full effort, we’ve decided to offer a prize for the first of you three who reaches orgasm, and for the person who gets them there.”

“What are you talking about?” Suzy asked.

“From now on, if the Broncos score extra points, the two winners will be spared the consequences of additional minutes. That will leave only one of you to face all five of us for that extra time. However, for every extra point your Steelers earn, you can either reclaim an item of clothing for yourself, or double the minutes you have on us. I’d say that’s mighty generous.”

“Clever. We’ll take anything you want to give us,” Ally said.

The three ladies sat down together in in the middle of the room. Ally caught Jen’s eyes before looking down at her trimmed snatch. “I love chocolate cream,” she said, breaking the awkward tension and claiming Jen’s young pussy as her goal. Ally’s claim on Jen, meant Jen would go after Suzy and Suzy would work her magic on Ally. Jen looked nervously at Suzy. Suzy felt at an immediate disadvantage having just given it up several times as the sole-recipient of all the men’s attention. She knew if she were going to claim the prize, it would be through her attention to Ally. Suzy responded with a glance, “Get ready girl. I’m coming for you.”

Suzy wasted no time positioning herself strategically next to Ally’s lap. Ally and Jen followed her lead. The men watched as the three formed a triangle stretched out in the middle of the room.

“This is going to be good,” Lou said. “Really good.”

“Ladies,” Brock said “let’s take your friendships to the next level. It’s time to do to them what you always wish a man knew to do to you.”

The three women went to work on their affections for one another. Jen started hesitantly on Suzy, but moaned at the warm long strokes of Ally’s tongue on her love box. Suzy focused on Ally’s pleasure. She remembered comments Ally had made over drinks, describing things men had done that drove her crazy. She never thought she might actually use that information. Jen moaned again at Ally’s skill. Ally felt like she had the advantage. She remembered what it was like for her just half dozen years before when she was Jen’s age of 26. Just the thought of being touched would almost cause an orgasm, let alone the skilled affections of a lover. Ally hoped Jen would be just as easy of prey.

The increase of Jen’s moans signaled to Suzy it was time to unleash what Ally herself told her she was powerless to resist. She spread Ally’s pussy lips wide and lowered her tongue in the ways Ally had described. “Oh god,” Ally said. A low electrical charge began to buzz through Ally’s body from Suzy’s touch. Suzy continued her assault. Ally’s body responded involuntarily. It was as if Suzy was somehow siphoning every drop of cum from the extremities of her body, rallying them to join together for a colossal celebration. Ally’s moans turned to low screams. Her body convulsed with the impending orgasm. Her nipples grew in arousal to almost an inch in length. Ally fell helpless onto her back, abandoning Jen’s young pussy. Suzy delighted seeing her friend in ecstasy and incapacitated to service Jen’s pussy. Suzy’s tongue began the final dance to finish Ally off. Ally’s body immediately quaked. The men were mesmerized at Suzy’s mastery. Ally’s pussy gushed cum into Suzy’s mouth. Her body continued to shake uncontrollably. Suzy used all her strength to hold her friend’s bucking ass in place as she lapped up Ally’s juices. Suzy laid her head on Ally’s stomach with satisfaction as her friend’s tremors died down.

“That was amazing,” Cliff said. “So hot.”

“You’re telling me,” Ally sighed with a smile across her face. “That was unbelievable.”

“Well ladies, I think we have our winners,” Brock announced. “Suzy and Ally are our extra point winners. Although we feel like winners having just witnessed that. And you’re a winner Jen because you get more of us and we get more of you with every extra point.”

The eight took their places again on the couch in front of the game. They were growing more comfortable being in the room together without clothes. They had the rest of the night together, and one way or another, things were only going to intensify. Jen felt most vulnerable. She desperately wanted the Steelers to score a touchdown in order to win, but knew any extra points scored would leave her as the only unclothed woman in the room. That would also have its consequences. She would be willing to face those if the Steelers could find a way to win. If they didn’t, the consequences for her and her colleagues would be much greater.

Pittsburgh had the ball and began their drive down the field. The stakes always feel higher in the second half of the last quarter, especially when the clock ticked seconds from the final two-minute warning. The eight watched in suspense. It was still very much a one-possession game. Every down, every play mattered. Roethlisberger dropped back into the pocket, pumped once, pumped twice, and let it go, firing a bullet to a receiver crossing the middle. The ball was intercepted by the Broncos defense.

“No! No! No!” the women shouted.

“Go! Go! Go!” the men cheered as the ball moved farther away in the opposite direction. The Steeler offense chased in pursuit. “40! 30! 20! 10! Touchdown!”

“Damn it!” the women all yelled in unison. “How is this happening?” Jen added, watching with heightened interest as the Broncos lined up for the extra point. “Wait! That’s not their kicking team,” Jen announced. “They’re going for a two-point conversion!”

“That’s smart,” Steve said. “If they get this, two things happen. It would require the Steelers to score two touchdowns rather than a touchdown and field goal to get back in the game. Second, it would give us twice as much time with Jen.”

“Fuck you,” Jen said playfully.

“I think you might,” Steve said hopefully.

Deep down, she knew he was probably right. Her early advantage in the night’s fantasy football was gone. She felt like the game itself was beginning to slip away like water through her fingers with just over two minutes left. She refilled her glass with beer and downed half of it. It was one thing to watch all five men on Suzy, it was another to anticipate that her turn was next for the extra points about to be scored.

The ball was hiked. The Bronco offense ran their options, determined to extend the lead out of Pittsburgh’s reach. The Steeler defense pushed back, knowing what was at stake, at least for the football game.

“Yes!” Jen yelled with another fist pump, relieved. The Steeler’s stopped the two-point conversion attempt. “My boys!”

The Steeler’s kept the Broncos’ 43-yard interception gain to six. The Broncos now led 31 to 19. The interception included no extra points for the Broncos nor newly earned extra point benefits for Ally and Suzy.

“I’m ready for a shower with Ally,” Lou said boldly. He had been thinking about the idea most of the evening. Ally stood confidently, accepting the invitation. She was still feeling some of the bliss from Suzy’s attention. “Any one else want to join us?” she asked as if taking control of the moment. “It’s a double shower with plenty of room,” she informed. “The more the merrier.”

“I’ll go in with Suzy,” Rudy said, relishing the thought of Ally and Suzy’s fit bodies lathered up in the shower.

“I’m in too,” Brock said.

Jen watched as the five walked out of the room toward the large shower in the master bedroom, leaving her alone in the room with Steve and Cliff. They looked hungrily at her.

“I want to fuck those gorgeous tits of yours,” Steve said, also feeling bolder.

Jen willingly lay back on the large couch and cupped her large tits in her hands to create a canal for his dick to travel. “Then come fuck ‘em,” she said seductively. “These tits were made for fucking,” she boasted.

Steve straddled Jen’s stomach and moved his dick into the channel, taking her tits into his hands. He pushed her tits together so they consumed his swollen dick. Her soft tits massaged every inch of his head and shaft as he began to move back and forth over her sweaty body.

Cliff lowered his large dick to Jen’s mouth, tapping her thick lips. “Suck on this,” he ordered. “Make it hard and wet, so I can use it on your pussy.” Jen took hold of his dick in her hand before taking it into her mouth and down her throat. Cliff’s knees buckled at her initiative. She vigorously sucked his rod as if it were an underwater air line. Having seen what he did for Suzy earlier, she was hungry for what he might have for her. Cliff pulled his firm member out of her mouth and positioned himself between her legs. Jen assisted by spreading her legs, stretching one over the back of the couch and the other toward the floor. Cliff spread the lips of her pussy and lowered his hard dick toward her pink opening. Jen felt desperate to be the first of the three to know what his massive, deep, long slab of meat would feel like deep within her. She silently hoped he would break the rules of penetration. Cliff spanked the button of her exposed clit with his dick. The size, weight and force stung, bringing her pussy alive.

“Oh, yes,” she said encouragingly out loud.

Cliff began massaging the length of her love box with the large bulby head of his monster dick. He stroked the length of his shaft while directing the movements of his head on her clit. Her pussy grew wet from the attention, further lubricating the region. She had never felt a dick like his. She silently pleaded that he would lose all control and thrust the entirety of its length deep within her.

A thick cloud of steam filled the shower, bathroom and poured out into the bedroom. The three men worked together to lather Ally and Suzy, with biased attention to their tits, ass and pussies. Ally and Suzy gladly reciprocated, with focused lathered attention to their slippery dicks. Lou turned Ally so the front of her body pressed against the large plate glass door. She raised her ass toward him. He pushed his dick against her, sliding it up and down her firm curved cheeks. He wanted nothing more than to take her from behind. He resisted, knowing the freedom would likely come for the rest of the night at the end of the final two minutes of football.

Suzy knelt down as the hot shower water rained on her from above. She alternated between Rudy and Brock, taking one dick in her mouth while stroking the other. She enjoyed the power of having these two strong athletic men to herself. The hot water of the shower felt good, but so did the feel of their dicks in her mouth and hands.

Jen’s body tremored. Goose bumps covered her dark skin. Cliff’s massage was driving her crazy. She opened her eyes. All she could see was Steve fulfilling a fantasy between her tits. All she could feel was Cliff creating a new fantasy for her below. “Oh yes,” she said again, encouraging both men. Her body began to rock as another orgasm moved toward the surface. “Oh yes, you’re going to take me!” Cliff intensified his working of her clit with the head of his dick while pumping his shaft toward its own fulfillment. “Here it comes!” she said, releasing control of the orgasm. Her body shivered as the orgasm took over. She threw her head back, raising her tits all the more for Steve’s tit-fucking. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

Cliff quickly moved back from her legs to return his dick to her face. Her head was still back and mouth wide-open from the orgasm. Cliff knelt in front of her and gently pushed the length of his thick rod between her thick lips and down her parched throat. She could taste her own juices on the head of his dick. Cliff continued to pump the lower end of his shaft while Jen worked the upper with her mouth. She could feel his member thicken in her mouth, ready to unload into her.

Jen’s orgasm while fucking her large perfect tits, sent Steve over the lust-filled cliff. He pushed her tits together harder, and moved his body faster. “Ah! he cried out, shooting the first load across the top of her chest, across her neck and onto her face. The next pump through the canal of her breasts, filled her cleavage with his warm cum, and sent another load across her chest and neck.

Cliff was unable to hold back his own load any longer, and sent what felt like a mug full of warm thick cum down Jen’s throat. She gagged, pulling his shaft out so she could catch her breath. The withdrawal unloaded a second large deposit that covered her face. She caught her breath and hungrily took his member back into her mouth.

The two men continued to pump, filling and covering her beautiful black body with their thick white cum. Jen felt insatiable. She had let go and was taking in the fullness of the moment, and what she could get from them.

Lou and Ally moved in rhythmic concert, as his dick continued to massage and be massaged by her ass in the steam-filled shower. He reached around to take hold of both tits, squeezing them as his dick shot out its first load across her ass. “Oh shit,” he said. Ally intensified her lap dance, eager to have her ass take all she could from his emptying dick.

Suzy masterfully handled Brock and Rudy to bring them up at the same time. “Let’s give me a real shower,” she said as both men released their loads simultaneously on her. “Come on,” she said. “Yes!” Suzy smiled as spray after spray from both sides covered her hair, face and tits.

The three men and two women finished their shower by bathing one another in preparation for the rest of the game.

The eight reconvened and collapsed back in the living room. The rest of the night would be determined by what happened in the last two minutes of the game. The Steelers had come from behind before. If they didn’t, the women knew they would.

The Steelers received the ball and started their drive down the field. They got to mid-field. The prospects would be good for at least one score, although they would need more to win. First down, Ben dropped back and was sacked by the Broncos defense.

“Damn it!” Suzy and Jen yelled together.

After a quick huddle, the Steelers lined up again. The ball snapped, and Ben dropped back again looking for a receiver to connect to. The Broncos defense pushed through for another sack.

“Shit!” Jen yelled again. “We are never going to get there this way!”

The Steelers lined up again for what could be the most important third down conversion attempt of the game. The ball hiked, Ben dropped back again, with no options. He ran to avoid the sack, was pursued and tackled.

“Fuck!” Jen yelled exasperated. “I can’t believe this!”

“Seeing is believing,” Steve answered.

“Even though it’s fourth and ten, they have to go for it at this point,” Jen coached, still wishing for a miracle.

The offensive line moved to the sidelines as the kicking team came out on the field. With 27 seconds left in the game, Denver took over the ball on their ten-yard line. Everyone in stadium, in the record television audience and in the room knew what it meant. The Broncos took a knee on their first down, effectively running out the clock on the game and starting the clock for the post-game fantasy football.

CHAPTER FOUR – Post-Game Wrap Up

“Great game,” Brock said referring to the night’s dual between the Broncos and Steelers, but also Ally’s version of fantasy football.

“Definitely,” Ally agreed. “The fantasy part of the game moves to the next level gentlemen. You are now team owners.”

The men smiled at Ally’s concession speech and announcement. Jen swallowed deeply at Ally’s words. Suzy had been here before, but not on the losing side of this fantasy football. This would be different.

“This is where fantasies come to life,” Ally continued. “For every fantasy you have had, but never had the opportunity, tonight it comes true. If there has ever been anything you wanted to do, but the girls you’ve been with wouldn’t do it, tonight that changes.”

“Alright, alright,” Jen said. “Let’s not get carried away.”

“That’s the whole point,” Ally said. “It’s fantasy football. Any fantasy and as many fantasies as you have until the sun comes up gentlemen. Anything.”

“Oh god,” Jen said. “This is going to get nasty.”

Suzy smiled, “I think so.”

The sun began its rise over Atlanta seven hours later. In that time, the women gave themselves in every way to the old fantasies and newly inspired imaginations of the men from Denver. The luxury suite was filled with the sweet aroma of a lust-filled night. Every inch and crevice of the women’s bodies had been enjoyed in the non-stop night of action. With the five men and three women, there was always a man ready to engage in a new inspiration.

As Suzy and Jen gave in to the men’s fantasies, they realized what Ally had known all along. The enjoyment of the prize was not limited to the men. This would not be a night they would ever forget. Jen realized what many have said, fantasy football forever changes the way you watch the game. It’s also addicting. As good as it was, Jen couldn’t help wondering how much better would it be with a Steeler win. She also couldn’t help wondering who the Steelers were playing next week, and where she might be watching the game.

“Hey, the Broncos are playing here in Atlanta next Monday,” Steve announced. “What a coincidence.”

“The Broncos team just played and won this week in Atlanta,” Brock boasted. The five men high-fived. “Which reminds us Ally, that we have one final piece of business to wrap up,” he said. “The small matter of signing off on our proposal?”

“Ah yes,” Ally said coyly. “There is that small matter we need to attend to, isn’t there.”

“A simple signature on our proposal I think will do it,” Brock answered.

“Are you sure you want to do that? It could be costly.” Ally answered back.

“What are you talking about?” Rudy asked, expressing the men’s confusion. Jen and Suzy didn’t know what Ally was talking about either, but knew from experience it was always better to trust her negotiations.

“Earlier in the game, I think it was about the half, I snapped a cute picture of you five together. I always like to take a picture as a memento of my fantasy football games.”

The men looked nervous.

“You five were standing next to each other with your pants down, erections all up and ready, it was too cute of a picture to pass up.” She held up her iPhone with the picture. “It’s so convenient, because when I take a picture with my iPhone, it automatically uploads it through i-Cloud to all my other devices. I liked it so much that I even emailed it to my work email.”

The men didn’t like where this was going. Her strategic brilliance and balls amazed the women.

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