football game

After my hot… but interesting…. encounter with Kelvin, I went and took a long shower and prepared myself for tonight. I knew Quinn wanted me to be fresh, and clean for those big ball players.

I was hoping to be there lucky charm for winning the game so then everybody will be in good spirits. I didn’t think my hole can handle another aggressive fuck and that’s why I was hoping they won.

My acting class started at 6:30, but I had to plan on leaving early to make it in time for the game. I grabbed my stuff and made it in time for class.

I was happy to know that my teacher decided to end class early because of the game, which everyone seemed to be happy to hear. That’s when I remembered the Professor wanted to meet up with me at around nine.

I knew exactly what he wanted but we would be in his office for a long time, and I knew Quinn was not gonna have me being late for anything. 

But I went to his office anyways, I figured a hot blowjob would satisfy him till the next day.

I knocked on the front door of his office and I hear him say “Come in.”

I walk in noticing how focused he was correcting assignments. He looked up at me, smiled, and focused all his attention on me.

“So Mr. James… I see your back for more.” The Professor said.

“You did say nine o’ clock right Professor Morris?” I asked.

“Yup sure did.” He said.

I walked closer to his desk and then said, “How about I give you head sir? I have plans to be at the game tonight to cheer on a friend.” I say.

I thought this was going to be a lie but I quickly remembered Antonio and Tayshawn being on the field.

“Oh really? Are you sure you will be watching?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m sure of it Professor. I can’t miss this game.” I say knowing where he was going with his statement. The Professor looked at the clock and then back at me.

“We’ve got thirty minutes. In that time frame, I want to be sucked good… No… I wanna be sucked better then what you did the other day.” He ordered.

I pulled off my shirt getting excited from the thought of getting my teachers cock down my throat again. I got on my knees and knee walked over to him, once I was face to face with his crotch, he lifted my chin and made me stare into his eyes.

“By the way, from now on when you’re with me, you will refer to me as DADDY.” He said. I shook my head up and down and reached for his crotch. Then he slapped my hand away.

“You didn’t ask for permission. What do you want?” He asked.

“I want your cock. I need your cock… DADDY.” I emphasize.

I loved playing this game!

“Where do you want it son?” he asked.

“In my mouth daddy…. please fuck my mouth with your big dick!” I beg.

“Alright go on and take it out.” He demanded.

I pulled out his semi hard dick and stroked it with my hand.

“I don’t want any hands on my dick… just your mouth doing all the work and that’s it. You got that son?” He asks.

The Professors whole demeanor changed in a hot second, I almost forgot he was my Professor!

“Yes daddy. Can I please suck your dick now?” I ask growing anxious.

“Go head an feed on it like a good boy.” He said.

I opened my mouth and ate him up just the way he liked it. My eyes were locked on him, watching him leaning back on the chair with his arms folded behind his head. His eyes were closed and light moans came from his belly.

I missed the taste of his big cock, it tasted just like his son Darius’s… sweet, but salty with a strong scent of Cocoa Butter lotion. His smell only intensified my hunger for him more. 

I sucked and smacked on his cock, I made sure I licked every inch of him, not leaving any part of him unnoticed.

“You gotta good throat their boy.” The Professor said, “I’m glad I found someone like you. That bitch back at home couldn’t take an inch without saying that it was too big. Its good to see that someone’s been training this mouth well.” He finished.

My mind was too focused on getting the Professor off enough to care about what he was saying. I made sure I savored all the flavors that my taste buds were going crazy for. I moaned on his dick and tugged on his big smooth ball sack.

“You want Daddy’s cum don’t you bitch?” He asked.

I stopped sucking him long enough to say, “Yes daddy, I want to eat your cum.”

“Work for it boy… Suck it hard, jack me off.” He demanded.

He grabbed my head and bounced me up and down his dick harder.

“Yeah that’s it son, swallow all of Daddy’s big dick. You really want that load don’t you boy?” My loud slurping and gagging did the talking for him and that was enough for him.

He then reached down and pulled my shorts down, exposing my ass, then began to slap my ass hard making me yell on his dick.

He repeated his slaps over and over again, then gently caressing and grabbing my ass cheeks.

“Awww man I gotta fuck this pretty white ass. Son you gotta let me up in there.” He begged.

I stopped sucking him and glanced over to the clock, we had fifteen minutes left before I had to leave. 

“Alright, I guess we can make it quick.” I say.

Next thing I know, I’m being pushed back on my back on the floor and the Professor is on top of me between my legs in a hot second. It was all happening so fast that mind couldn’t process it all. I still had my shirt on while the Professor still had all of his clothes on.

“I’m gonna fuck you just like this. I wanna see your reaction when I put my dick in you hard.” The Professor said.

I was completely under his control now all his massive body weight was on top me and felt so inferior…. just like it should be.

He reached and centered his cock up with my ass, then looked at me with his dark brown eyes waiting for my expression. He was so close to me that I could literally taste his breath in my mouth. Without any warning, he plunged into my ass so hard that he almost knocked the wind out of me.

“AHHHH—–MMMMMM!!!” The Professor had muffled my screams with his hand and kept his eyes locked on me.

This scenario reminded me of a killer getting off watching his victim die from being stabbed or some crazy shit like that, except this “killer” was my teacher and this was all for both of our pleasure… at least that’s what I thought…

He didn’t say anything but he kept ramming deep inside me. My face contorted from the intense pressure and pain I was feeling. No one ever fucked me this way before. I hope he didn’t wreak my ass before the game finished!

“God this fuckin’ boy pussy is so good!! I can’t get enough of it!” He said.

“I love watching your face get all twisted up baby. I know your lovin’ that dick in this cunt.”

He removed his hand and I finally got a chance to moan correctly. “Oh shit daddy, please don’t hurt me too much, I won’t be any good for the team.” I say. 

“Oh so you are saving this ass up for the team?” He said. I forgot that he wasn’t suppose to know that…

“You muthafuckin’ whore… I knew you were lying…. that’s okay.. As long as I get this good pussy first before they fuck it up.”

After the Professor said, the thrusts in my ass quick and short making it a very bumpy ride for me. It was hot but this was crazy.

“Oh fuck me daddy… fuck me good!” I moaned. I grabbed his back, wishing it wasn’t covered by his dress shirt and held on to him. 

“Yes that’s it boy, I’m gonna shoot! I’m gonna cum all up in this hot boy pussy!” He shouted.

“Oh my God…. Fill me up sir!” I shout.

He took one last strong thrust inside of me and shot his load deep inside of me. He made me feel it deep, he knocked me up just like a bitch…

He got off of me and I began to put my shorts back on.

“By the way, I heard our team was losing by two points. Your ass better be ready to take some hardcore dick if they lose.” The Professor said.

That’s when I got nervous….

I arrived at the arena and the whole place was packed with both parties of the team filling up the dome seats. It was pretty loud and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.

I looked out in the crowd and saw the team from the distance, each guy running around with there tight spandex on, every guy looked so delicious. My ass twitched from watching them.

I looked at the scoreboard and our team was ahead three points, which was a relief for me. I made my way down to the locker rooms and saw Quinn and Keon setting up the camera tripod off to the side. I glanced over to see an injured athlete lying on a cot next to a locker.

He had long dreads, I assumed he was maybe a Rastafarian. He glanced over at me and his eyes lit up. 

“Hey, are you that kid in the video?” The man asked who was definitely from some island. Quinn and Keon looked up at me.

“Yup that’s the bitch right there.” Quinn said.

“Wow, I can’t wait to get acquainted with you real soon.” the guy said.

“Too bad my leg is all messed up, but I’m pretty sure my dick still works.” the guy finished.

“Not yet man, we gotta wait till the game is over.” Keon said. The guy stared me up and down and licked his lips sensually.

“I don’t know if I can wait ten minutes.” He said.

I bit my lip staring back at the hunky man giving me his nasty sexual looks and his tongue waving at me. I felt so turned on by him, I knew right then that he was going to be my first of the night.

The crowd cheered loudly breaking my concentration on the injured sexy man.

“We must be winning!” I say excitedly.

“Yeah, I guess… we… are?” Keon said sounding uncertain. He walked outside.

I was kind of surprised to hear him sound disappointed that made me ask, “Why is he upset?” Quinn looked up at me and said, “He wants them to lose.” 

My eyebrows rose along with the sexy guy from the distance.

“Why he want us to lose?” The guy said.

“Cuz the action won’t be as good. If they happy they will be too nice. We wanna see that ass get tore up.” Quinn said. 

My mouth dropped. There were so many teammates out there on that field including coaches. I KNOW I couldn’t handle that many guys in one night. Unless…

Keon ran back to the locker rooms and said, “Hey guess what the score is…”

To Be Continued!

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