It was Thursday, and Victoria sat at her desk just before the students arrived. She closed her eyes and could still the slight bliss the vodka had given her. The feelings from the previous Friday were for now subdued, she tied to wipe the images away, but when she tried to ignore them the thought of putting her foot in the warm cum in her shoe, or used as an item came flooding back. Quickly checking her watch, she grabbed the small bottle of vodka in her handbag and took another quick swig, swallowing the liquid as the school bell rang.

During the day, Victoria worked at her job teaching and keeping the alcohol level just right; not too drunk she couldn’t teach, but just enough to keep those feelings submerged. At the end of the day as she was packing up, Michael came to see her. Victoria looked at him and frowned.

“What?” She said folding her arms. “Today’s Thursday, you’re not supposed to be here.”

Michael just shrugged annoyingly and closed the door leaning against it.

She felt slightly trapped with her exit blocked, but the vodka kept her cool headed. Eventually Michael spoke.

“I’ve been thinking, about what you said and how you want it to end.” He said, finally moved away from the door and walked over to her. “Was thinking about a little something so you could end it tomorrow?”

Victoria didn’t like the sound of that and tried to figure out exactly what his new angle would be. “Told you already Michael, you’re not fucking me.”

He simply shook his head again. “Yeah I know that, but was thinking about something else instead. I was thinking about you calling round to my place.”

Victoria breathed in and started to see where he was going this time. “Go on?”

“I was thinking you could …. Do you dance?” he asked quickly changing his approach.

“Why?” she asked slowly

“I was thinking you could dance for me, lap dance kinda stuff.”

It was too much for Victoria, and mixed with the vodka, burst out laughing. “Are you fucking serious? Have you honestly heard yourself?” She saw Michael’s face, angry with his fantasy rejected so easily, and laughed again. “I’m sorry Michael, go on, it sounds wonderful.” He stood there, annoyed for a few seconds, before continuing.

“I figured you’d want to end this sooner than later. Was just giving you a chance to end it.” With that he walked away.

Victoria controlled her sniggering for a moment. “OK OK Michael! So, let me get this straight: I come round to yours, do a little dance…” Much to Michael’s annoyance, she did a little dance in her chair, still grinning and mocking him. She saw his expression and loved holding the upper hand. “…and then we’re quits right?”

Michael shook his head. “No, don’t want you just doing a little dance and leaving. I want you dressed hot, and for the evening.”

She smirked at him, and just knew there was going to be some catch. “Go on, give me all your dirty little ideas then Michael.” She shook her head dismissively. “You really are immature, do you know that?”

Michael just shrugged his shoulders, not really caring. “Stockings and stuff, you know, bra, knickers.” He thought about it. She had given him permission so he might as well use it. “Nice make up, red lipstick.” He listed them to her, and she shook her head in disbelief at them.

She waited for him to finish. “So, I come round, dressed like a tart, I suppose a few lap dances and ….”

“A few blowjobs as well.” Michael injected into her sentence.

Victoria shook her head laughing at him. “Is this some ploy to try and fuck me again?” She remembered how he had taken advantage of her as she had tried to get her bra, bent over and precarious, he took advantage and pushed himself into her. Fortunately, she thought he had seen some sense and stopped, but only after she agreed to the current predicament she was in.

Michael shook his head no. “I remember your rule; No fucking.”

Victoria knew there was more to this than what he was letting on. If she had learnt anything in the last weeks it was not to trust him. “Just lap dances and blowjobs, and then at midnight, you can go and that’s everything. I promise.”

She wanted to believe him, she really did. “I’ll have to have a think about it.”

Michael infuriatingly just shrugged again. “You have until Friday.”

Victoria went to ask about why Friday, and closed her mouth again when she remembered why she had been drinking. She just nodded.

On Friday, Michael came again at lunchtime to visit her.

He found her sat at her desk, having quickly closed her drawer when he entered.

“Well? Have you thought about what I suggested?” He said closing the door behind him.

“I have. I’ll agree to it, but, I want a couple of safeguards though.” She said.

“Like what?” Michael had been expecting her to refuse, and was looking forward to another rough play in the store room again.

“You’re not going to try and fuck me again”

Michael held his hands up. “I swear again, I won’t”

“And I want you to swear this is the end. That if I agree, that’s it. No more.”

Michael nodded slowly. “I swear that it’ll be the end.”

Victoria studied his face, trying to find any trace of lies there, but she couldn’t. What choice did she have? It was either three blowjobs in the store room and run the risk of being discovered, like they nearly were the previous week, or get it over with in one night. She should have just let him fuck her at the start. Blinking, she pushed that particular dark thought to the back of her mind, she wouldn’t let him fuck her. But that one sentence had risen a few times in the past couple of weeks, especially after the previous Friday. Ever since this whole episode had began, she had refused her husband’s advances with her, not wanting to be touched by any male, sadly, including him. She swallowed and felt the vodka she had quickly been drinking when he had come in, still burning warmly in part of her throat. She coughed to get rid of it. “OK, what time?”

Michael put a slip of paper on her desk with address on it and smiled. “7pm. No funny business from you either. The hotter you are, the more likely I am to uphold my part.”

She looked at him with him saying that. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean if you decide to bring anyone along, or cancel, or not try and look your hottest, then the deal is off.”

“Well you had better tell me the moment I arrive; otherwise I’m not going through with any of it.”

Michael smirked. “Don’t you worry, I’ll tell you.”

Victoria watched him leave. This time tomorrow, it would all be over. No more blackmail, no more abuse, no more hiding in the bathroom to cry. For Friday though, she would have to just get over and done with. She opened the draw again and took out the bottle of vodka. Looking at the remains of what was left, she drank it back quickly; she needed the numbness it brought now and for tomorrow more than ever. As she coughed with the burning in her throat, she placed the lid back on the empty bottle and put it back in the drawer, unaware that Michael was watching her discreetly from the window in the door.

When Friday evening came along, Victoria told her husband that a few of the women form the school were going out for a birthday party. She sat upstairs having showered, adding some make up and doing her hair, determined to make this night right. Once done, she could go back to her old life, with her husband, her house, both of them together again. Her husband had been a little distant with her when she had told him, but she would make it up to him when this was over. She reached for her wine glass and found it empty. Had she drank it? Taking the bottle she poured herself another and found only a few drops left. Victoria went downstairs, wearing a robe, and found her husband sat there watching TV. She watched him for a moment thinking how handsome he was, before she remembered what she was after and grabbed another bottle of red from the kitchen, taking it back upstairs. She put on the radio and sang along to an old BeeGees song trying not to think about what she was preparing to do and drank her wine.

Thirty minutes later she was on the way to Michael’s house in the back of the cab. She had worn a long coat; covering what lay beneath. She could feel the cool lining of the fabric against her skin. As she was driven, she realised exactly what she was doing, she was probably walking into a trap, and found a tear rolling down the side of her cheek. She swallowed and dabbed it away with the cuff of her coat. Victoria fumbled in her handbag and found a makeup mirror and checked herself. Her make up was unspoilt. After 5 minutes, the cab pulled up outside the address and she got out, her coat accidentally splitting open to give the taxi view of her legs. He stared wide eyed and she closed the door.

Michael opened the door when he heard the bell ring. There was Victoria, as agreed. She was wearing a long black coat, past her knees, but fastened up with a belt.

Michael looked at the way she had done her hair and make up, so amazing compared to the simple style she wore during the day. He just prayed that what ever was underneath that coat was just as good.

She brushed past him, and he could smell the slight sourness on her breath of the wine beneath the perfume she was wearing. He closed the door after her.

Victoria turned to him and leant against the wall, and raised an eyebrow. ” Well?” She said “Do I look OK?”

Michael nodded. “So far. What have you got on under the coat?”

Victoria held her hand up. “First we understand each other right? After tonight, no more.”

Michael just eagerly nodded again. It wasn’t enough for Victoria though. “Say it Michael. Promise.”

“I promise that after tonight there will be no more.”

Victoria stared at him for a moment, hoping to be able to see some sign to say whether he was telling the truth or a lie, but still none showed, just the eagerness of youth.

She reached down and unfastened her coat.

Beneath it, she had worn what her husband had got her for her birthday. Expensive, lacy, black. It was an anniversary present from her husband. Everything was exquisite, and the slight frill trim enhanced the set. Around her waist she wore the matching garter belt, the briefs benath the straps. Adorning each leg was a black glossy stocking, lace topped and fastened to her belt by a delicate strap with a bow on. To finish it off she wore a pair of black toe 3 inch heels. She looked at Michael’s expression as she held the coat open for him to see. His expression showed that he was more than pleased with her efforts. She knew that she didn’t really need to go to all this effort, but she’d had enough and wanted this whole nightmare to end, and if that meant submitting to his little fantasy, then she would have to.

Michael’s cock jerked in his pants at the sight of his teacher standing there in front of him. It was only when she coughed that he realised he had been staring for so long.

“Well Michael?” Her voice commanding, as if in class. “Am I to dance in the hall or did you have a better place in mind?”

Michael came back to his senses and opened the door to the living room, and let her walk through. “Take your coat Miss?”

Victoria let it slide off her shoulders. She decided that what need to happen is that Michael needed controlling properly; to not let him have any chances. He was just immature, and needed to be shown. She shrugged the coat off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. “Hang that up.” She breathed the words, and smiled to herself when she saw Michael obeying, picking it up and gently folding it. Inside she chuckled when she realised that she could have done this all along, like what she had nearly done in her house when he had attacked her. She had let her guard down; she wasn’t going to fall for it again.

“Sit down Michael.” She spoke the command again. Michael looked at the chair and then the door.

“I was… going to get you a drink first.” Michael stammered a little.

“OK” she said

“What can I get you?”

She looked at him and gently pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked at him. “Vodka.”

Michael quickly went to the kitchen to get her drink. He knew his parents had some vodka, but instead he took the whiskey out. It was cheap nasty stuff that he had bought earlier. If his parents saw their drinks gone they would know that he had been up to something whilst they were away for the weekend. He poured a large glass and dropped a couple of ice cubes, before he brought it back.

“Sorry, there’s no vodka.” He said lying. “There’s some of my father’s single malt though. He says it’s really good.”

Victoria took the glass from him and smelt it. She could smell the strong vapours coming off it. “I don’t drink whiskey Michael. I drink vodka.”

Michael stared at her. “It’s… it’s all there is.”

Victoria smelt it again and sipped it. She felt the alcohol sting her lips and throat. It would have to do. “Sit down Michael.” Again, she felt a gleam of power as he sat unquestioning. She sipped more of the whiskey, grimacing at the taste and went over to the stereo in the corner to look at the CDs.

Michael stared at her from behind, noticing the way the back of the briefs slid between the firm cheeks of her backside. She had never worn anything like this previous or in his fantasy. He thought about his plans for tonight and hoped they would all work out.

Victoria selected a CD she recognised and then looked at the buttons on the stereo. It was too much for her head at the moment; far too many buttons. She tossed the CD to Michael instead. Why should she work? He was going to do the work tonight.

“Put that on. I’ll dance to that.” She said taking another swig of her cheap whiskey.

Michael obeyed. She was looking fucking hot tonight, and the cheap whiskey, although not her drink as she claimed, was going down. He operated the stereo and put on the CD. Rock music began to play. He watched as she closed her eyes and swayed a little to the music. He moved in close and slid his hands onto her waist.

Victoria moved round, and with her hand pushed him back.

“No Michael” she said, pushing him away firmly, but slowly. “You wanted a lap dance. Lap dances, there’s no touching. Sit down.”

Michael obeyed, and sat down in the chair, watching, as she took another sip of the strong cheap whiskey. She placed the glass down and shuddered as she swallowed the vile drink. Victoria began to sway to the rock music and dance before him.

She moved slowly towards him, swaying, tossing her hair around. Michael reached down and unfastened his jeans, pulling his cock out.

Victoria kept dancing, imagining she was back in her earlier days, out clubbing with friends, listening to rock music. She tried to forget where she was and danced. She opened her eyes briefly to see Michael sat there, stroking his cock watching her, and quickly closed them again. As she shook her head, she felt herself unbalance a little. She opened her eyes again and regained her balance.

Michael stroked his cock more, watching her. “Over here, and kneel.” He said, pointing at his cock.

She shook her head, smiling. “No. You want something, then you ask me nicely.”

Victoria could see the frustration on his face. “What? Why the hells should I?”

She placed her hands on her hips, showing him she wasn’t moving.

Sighing he decided to ask. “Can you please suck my cock?”

She walked over and stumbled slightly in her heels. Then with great care, moved down in front of him and took the cock in her cool hand. She looked him in the eyes then down at his dick. She closed her eyes and listened to the rock music instead. Opening her mouth she took him in.

David and Neil stood in the doorway watching. There was Mrs Salley, on her knees in front of Michael. Michael just looked over at them and grinned. David watched her backside, admiring the curve of it, the way the straps framed it.

Michael nodded for them to sit down and motioned for them to be quiet. They watched as her head slid up and down his cock, her dark tousled hair covering her face and them from her view.

Michael had recognised the voices when he was in the cupboard with Victoria. He had heard their thoughts and decided to talk to them. They hadn’t believed him obviously, so he had decided to show them, …for a fee. They couldn’t really lose out. £100 each, and they could also get a lap dance from their teacher, dressed hot. If he was lying, they would get their money back and there would be drinks as well. He had left them with the idea, and they had, as expected, come back to him. They wanted more, but Michael refused.

Victoria concentrated on her memories. Of being with her husband, of giving him head. She placed her hands on his thighs, and began to suck harder, letting her tongue lap at the base of his cock. Everything her husband enjoyed. She felt his hands place themselves on her head and knew he was getting close. She willed the memories of her husband to come to her as she tasted the salty precum. Then his hands held her head and she felt him thrust up into her mouth, releasing his cum. She held still, letting it accumulate in her mouth. His hips pushed up again and she heard him grunt at her. “Swallow!”

She thought about her husband again, and swallowed dutifully. He didn’t let her up at first, instead keeping her mouth on his cock, so Victoria continued to work it, grimacing at the taste of him. She felt saliva rush into her mouth and swallowed it quickly back. Victoria pulled her head up, went to kneel back, falling instead sitting on her backside. Sitting there for a moment, she looked at Michael, brushing her hair away from her face, then looked where he was looking, to his two friends sat watching her.

She felt the world drop from her stomach.

Victoria sat there on the floor in front of him. “Michael? What the hell is this?”

Michael sat up a little and tucked away his spent cock. “Just a little bit of fun. What’s the problem?”

She sat there looking at him, tears welling up in her eyes. How could he not know? Was he just so cruel that he didn’t know or care? “Because I…” she started, and didn’t know how to finish the sentence. “This was not part of the deal!”

He lowered himself back onto his chair and smiled at her. “The guys just want to watch, nothing more, maybe get a lap dance. That’s all. Right guys?”

David and Neil nodded eagerly, and sat on the other chair and couch.

Victoria looked at Michael. She wanted to cry out, run away, hide, but could do none of them. She felt her stomach gurgling again, the whiskey not sitting well with the wine, cum and now the added extra stress. She looked at Michael again, the welling tears now sliding down each of her cheeks. “And then what?”

Michael gazed back at her. “Then go home, and our deal is all finished.”

She sat on the floor, still in her lingerie. David and Neil just stared at her, Neil slowly rubbing his hard on through his jeans. She weighed up her alternatives. If she left now, David and Neil would talk, but who would believe them? Michael though, would keep blackmailing her. She had looked around her house for the phone she had taken from Michael but couldn’t find it. She presumed he had taken it back or at least slightly hoped, as it would be worst if her husband found it before she did. Victoria breathed slowly, trying to steady her nerves and fight back the tears. Once they had calmed a little, she stood, and stared at them, trying to remember her teacher training. They were students, and must be treated as such. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “There’s rules, you both understand right?” David and Neil just stared at her, waiting for her to finish.

“The rules are these, you don’t get to touch.” They sat there listening to her, not saying a word. “You touch, and my…dance ends for you. Have you got it?”

They both nodded dumbly.

Neil sat in his chair and continued to stroke his hard on. He stared at his teacher’s legs in front of him; his eyes travelling up and down her glossy black stockings, from the lace top, down to the heels she wore. She looked at them both and then moved over to David. He noticed her face was looking a little paler than usual, which he summarised was from the shock of having to perform for three guys instead of one. His eyes moved up a little higher as she stood facing David. His friend was right, she did have an amazing ass. He could see the way the panties curved around them, clinging tight, easing a little up the crack. As he watched, she began to dance in front of David, moving to the beat of the rock music, and he watched as she swayed her hips.

David sat in the armchair, watching her. “Turn around Teach, and wiggle that backside for me!” Obeying, she turned around for him and began to move her hips again. He watched as she moved her backside, dancing for him. True to his word he kept his hands away; he didn’t want this to end, not just yet. David stared at her backside, and the more she moved her hips from side to side, the more those thin panties moved up her backside, presenting him with the view of her backside that he had always dreamed of.

Victoria closed her eyes and listened again to the music. She wanted this night to end and never to remember it. The rock music was loud and kept dragging her back to her younger days, but every now and again, her stomach gurgled and brought her back to reality. She wished she hadn’t hurried the whiskey before. Closing her eyes again, she tried to bring back her younger days in clubs. Her world swirled slightly, and she opened her eyes hurriedly and spread her legs slightly to keep her balance, providing David, unintentionally, with a better view of her. She closed her eyes again and concentrated, swallowing back the saliva that was welling in her mouth. Her stomach trembled and the room swayed a little more. The taste in her mouth was foul, and she unwillingly thought about it rather than the music. She could still taste Michael in her mouth; his cum. His thick, warm, white, sticky, oozing cum. Victoria tried to shake the image from her mind again, and fell backwards, landing unceremoniously onto David’s lap. She opened her eyes, knowing something was wrong. Not just the way David’s hands were now stroking her thighs, but with her stomach. Victoria gripped the arms of the chair, ignoring David for now, who was grinding himself against her, and tried desperately to calm her stomach. It was too late and she lurched forward, spraying the troublesome contents of her stomach over the floor.

“Damn it! The fucking carpet! My Mom will go fucking ape if she sees that!” Michael yelled. Ignoring her, he ran to the kitchen and got a bucket and items to clean it up. David held her to him for a few more moments, savouring the way she felt against him and then helped her up. He embraced her slightly, his arms wrapping around her waist. “You OK Miss?” he asked. She just shook her head ‘no’.

“OK, come on, let’s get you to the bathroom then.”

David started to help her to the stairs, and she threw up a little again, depositing another foul red wine smelling puddle for Michael.

Once in the bathroom, she pulled away from him and knelt in front of the toilet bowl, holding the sides. He could see Victoria’s body trembling with shock, and the way she kept on dry heaving into the toilet. His eyes moved down her body, back to her backside again. The vomit downstairs reeked of alcohol and he wondered how much she had drank before she arrived. He reached down and carefully stroked the curve of her backside, but she seemed oblivious to him, and just groaned into the toilet bowl. David slowly closed the bathroom door. Reaching down, he took out his cock and watched her backside. Those wonderful globes of hers. Opening a cupboard, he looked inside examining the contents before he pulled out a bottle of hand lotion. He returned his gaze to her backside, and unzipped his pants, easing out his hard on. If she freaked, he would just settle for a quick wank over her, but if not, he was going to live his fantasy. David squirted a large wad of the lotion into his hand and started to slide his hand along his length, lubricating himself.

Victoria knelt over the toilet bowl. Every time she felt like moving, her stomach would lurch again. She felt cold and in shock, her body trembling. All she could think about right now was that she wished she was at home in bed, curled up in a ball, warm and safe. Victoria lifted her head out of the toilet bowl for a moment, gasping some fresher air and sensed movement behind her. David was stood behind her, stroking his cock, watching her. How could he think of that at a time like this? She went to say something, but her stomach lurched again and she quickly turned round to the bowl. ‘Fuck him’ she thought, ‘let him have his wank if he wants.’

A moment later she felt something warm and wet drip onto her backside, and cringed slightly at the thought about what it was. She risked a look around and saw him, standing over her, his cock oozing and dripping what she thought was cum onto her. The sight was too much, and she quickly turned back to the bowl as her stomach tried to empty itself again.

David watched as the lotion melted with the warmth of his skin and dripped from him. He moved closer, letting the dribbling mess fall more onto her backside. He watched as the drops hit her black panties and soaked through. He could smell the vomit from her, but the sight in front of him overpowered him. David squatted behind her, stroking his cock. He reached out and slid a finger under the small strip of lacy fabric covering her anus. Victoria’s hand let go of the bowl momentarily, reaching behind her and slapping his hand, but he gave the panties a harder tug, moving them down slightly and exposing her crack more. David’s heart was hammering in his chest as he moved into position behind her, his cock soaked with lotion, one hand guiding his cock forward, the other placed on her backside, his thumb hooked into the panties, keeping it pulled aside, her hand still slapping at it ineffectually. “Don’t worry, I bet with the amount you’ve drank you wont remember any of this tomorrow.”

Victoria had her hand behind her, slapping at David’s hand. She could feel her panties being moved aside. She groaned a “No” out, but he didn’t seem to care or listen. She felt weak and her head now swam continuously. She felt something push up against her backside, hot and wet. Her eyes blinked open as she tried to figure out what was happening. She knelt there, still shaking from the vomiting and alcohol, and then felt David push his cock forward. Victoria’s mind became sober and she screamed out as she felt him trying to force his cock into her body.

David pushed forward, and as he did, she squealed “No” at him and tried to kneel up. He let go of her panties, and pushed down on her back, keeping her bent over. She screamed out into the toilet bowl as he pulled back and plunged forward, penetrating. The sides of her ass tried to squeeze him out, but with his cock so slippery with lotion, had no effect. Embedded enough in her, he let go of his cock now and gripped her waist with his hand, keeping her bent over and began to fuck her in the ass. David had seen this so many times in porn films, and believed that women loved it, even when they said they didn’t. Keeping her in position, he hammered into her, fucking her solely for his enjoyment, thrusting in and relishing the feel. He had fantasised about fucking her in the ass so many times, but the reality was so much better than the fantasy. David kept at her, his balls slapping against her as he ploughed in hard and deep.

Victoria’s eyes were bulging as he raped her ass. Her friends had told her that it wasn’t so bad, but she would never entertain the idea, and her husband showed no sign of interest in it either. She gripped the sides of the toilet hard as she was fucked. She could feel him in her ass as his cock plunged in, not so much painful, more shock and unwelcome.

“Please!” She managed to get out, “please, please stop!”

Her attacker didn’t slow, he just kept her pinned over the bowl and pounded her backside. She could hear him grunting behind her. Then she felt him stiffen and his cock began to spasm inside.

David groaned in pleasure as he came. He wouldn’t let her up just yet, not until he had spent everything inside her. Slowly, he worked his cock in and out, feeling the last of the cum entering her. He pulled back, keeping his hand on her back as he did, the cock popping out of her, and her anus remained open a little, before the panties slid back against her. David chuckled, amazed at having finally fucked a woman, and fucking her in the ass. He stood and cleaned his cock on a white hand towel, before heading back downstairs.

Victoria moved back from the toilet and absent-mindedly flushed the mess away. She sat back and felt the cold shock running through her body. Her stomach was now empty, there was nothing left to throw up, but now her backside burned from her recent rape. How could she have let it happen? She resolved to going to the police, telling them of the rape, but how was she going to explain it? Drunk and dressed like a hooker in a student’s house? Questions would be asked, too many questions with too many unwelcome answers. Victoria began to cry, hugging her knees as she sat on the bathroom floor. She bent her head to her knees and cried.

David came back down and saw Neil sat exactly where he had left him, Michael was cleaning the floor, squirting it with some white foam, and scraping the mess up.

“She’s OK. She’s upstairs, cleaning herself up.” David said, slumping onto the couch with a large grin. Michael didn’t even turn around, but his friend Neil studied him. David gave him an evil wink and made quiet thrusting movements behind Michael’s back. Neil’s eyes widened as he understood what his friend had just done. David nodded his head towards the stairs, encouraging his friend to go.

He beamed as Neil excused himself with a murmur and headed quietly up to find her.

Neil found her sat in the corner of the bathroom. “Erm, are you alright Miss?”

She didn’t answer him, but just kept her head bowed, sniffling quietly.

“Miss?” he ventured again. This time she did look up at him. Her make up hadn’t run, but he could see the tears and the red eyes.

Neil felt sorry for her. “Come on Miss, let’s get you up.”

Reluctantly, she allowed herself to be helped up, and Neil escorted her from the bathroom.

“Wait Neil.” She said, and almost collapsed against him.

Neil held her up, both arms around her now.

“David.” She said. “David has just raped me Neil. He raped me.” Her voice sounded distant and trembled.

He looked around for somewhere to rest her, as she slumped against him again. There was one of the rooms open and he half carried her into the room. It was Michael’s parent’s room and he sat her on the bed. She was still talking. “I asked him to stop, but he didn’t.”

Neil stood back and looked at her; she looked so lost and upset. Her hair which had been so well done when she was downstairs, was messed now, but her make up remained mainly intact, just a little of her lipstick was smeared. He stood there, listening to her talk, and his eyes moved down her body, down her well shaped legs to her feet. On the way from the bathroom, she had lost a shoe and he could now see her foot, covered in the dark nylon. He stared at it, not noticing that she had now stopped talking. The spell of the foot was finally broken when Victoria slumped backwards onto the bed.

“Miss?” Neil asked, seeing if she was still awake. He tried again with no response. So David had got what he wanted, and Michael no doubt got what he wanted, why shouldn’t he get what he wanted?

Michael cleaned the last of the mess up from downstairs, and went upstairs to check on Victoria, leaving David alone downstairs. He checked on the bathroom but found no-one there. He then noticed that the light was on in his parent’s room, and carefully opened the door. Victoria lay on the bed with Neil standing in front of her. He held her stocking clad legs in the air, grasped by her ankles. He was oblivious to Michael, and was concentrating on what he was doing. Neil held Victoria’s feet and slid his cock between them, breathing heavily as he did. Michael moved into the shadows and continued to watch Victoria being used by him. From where he stood, he could tell that she was passed out, but it didn’t seem to bother Neil. He heard him groaning as he drew closer to cumming. He paused to put one of her feet down. Neil held her other foot in his hand and carefully tore a hole in the heel of her stocking. With one hand he held the tear open, and the other manoeuvred her foot into position, letting his cock feed into the tear. Reaching down, he lifted her other foot and inhaled the smell of her, licking and kissing at the sole. Michael heard Neil hiss in pleasure and start to fuck his cock against her. He had never seen anything as perverse, but couldn’t draw his eyes away. As he was close to climaxing, Neil began to slide her foot up and down, pushing her against him until he whimpered, cumming against the sole of her foot, the cum spraying across the soft skin, held in by the thin dark nylon. Neil held her, slowly sliding it up and down, watching as the cum oozed around her foot, gentling nibbling at the toes on her other foot. He pulled out and gently laid her feet back down to the floor, Victoria still oblivious to what had just taken place.

Neil finally saw Michael in the room. “Get out.” Michael simply said, and Neil left, fastening his pants up as he hurriedly left. With him gone, walked over to the bed and looked down on Victoria. He knew David had wanted to fuck her in the ass, he had overheard the conversation when he was in the cupboard with her. Reaching down her carefully lifted her side, and could see wet patch from where the cum had leaked from her. Michael went downstairs.

“What the fuck do you think you’ve done?” Michael hissed at David.

David just carried on beaming at him. “I fucked her in the ass. She so fucking wasted she wont remember it tomorrow, so don’t freak about it!”

“The rule was you don’t touch!” Bellowed Michael at him.

David looked at Neil, who just gazed at the floor, reminiscing about what he had just done to his favourite teacher.

“Don’t worry, it was in her ass, she’s not going to get pregnant from it!” said David.

Michael had had enough. “Get out. Both of you.”

David and Michael just got up, silently and left, the door closing quietly behind them. Michael walked around the house, making sure everything was cleaned up for when his parents got back. The carpet was still damp from the cleaning, but the stain had mainly gone. Locking the front door, he made his way upstairs, annoyed at what had happened. She was his. She was his plaything. If anyone had a right to fuck her first, it was him. He went up to his parents room and closed the door behind him.

Victoria lay on the bed, her soiled feet still on the floor where Neil had left them. Michael began to strip quickly. He was annoyed with David more than Neil. At least with Neil, Michael had cum on her first, and he wasn’t interested in her feet. Michael kicked the last of the clothes away and climbed onto the bed. Reaching down, he hooked his hands under Victoria’s armpits, and dragged her onto the bed more, positioning her in the middle of the bed. “David had better not have touched your pussy” he whispered. “That’s mine.” He took the sides of her panties and peeled them down her legs, but found that the straps of her suspenders were fastened over them, stopping them from coming down any more. He gripped the high sides, looking for the seam. Growling softly, he ripped the lacy panties on one side, then the other, pulling them from her and tossing them to the other side of the room. Before him, his teacher’s pussy lay, and he noticed with no cum leaking from it. Taking her legs he spread and knelt between them, before pulling her down the bed towards him.

Taking his cock in hand, he laid over her and pushed against her pussy, slowly piercing her.

Victoria lay on her bed, her head swimming. She could feel her husband, making love to her, a little rougher than usual. He hadn’t woken her like this for several weeks; normally he would start by eating her out first; waiting for her to either cum or beg for him to fuck her. She lay there, on the edge of sleep, letting him have her. Victoria loved her Ben so much, and knew he was under pressure from work. She felt him move her legs, pushing her knees back before thrusting in again. This time she moaned out his name, feeling his cock burying itself so deep. Why hadn’t they done this for so long? It had been several weeks since they had touched each other, why had they avoided each other? Victoria felt him keep ramming inside her, her body responding to his rough treatment of her. She felt him push her knees, forcing them back to her chest, pushing her ankles up and out of the way, his cock thrust in further. Swimming on the edge of consciousness, she thought a phrase ‘he’s never done that before’. The word ‘before’ kept on repeating itself in her head. Then her memories came flooding back, she remembered Michael, how he had blackmailed her into giving him blowjobs, how he had used her in the stockroom. ‘Before’. She heard her husband speeding up, getting closer. Now she remembered going to Michael’s house, dressing for him. How had she got home? ‘Be-fore’. She concentrated on the way her husband was fucking her, rough, deep. Then the last syllable repeated itself over and over. ‘fore, fore…Four’ It had been four weeks since Michael had tried to take her on the bed. Her eyes snapped open to see Michael above, raping her. “Michael! No! Stop!”

It was too late. Michael’s head snapped back and he thrust in a final time, spraying her fertile insides with his cum. Victoria tried wriggling to get out from under him, but he had her firmly trapped in position, and wasn’t for letting her go just yet. She tried pushing him with her hands, but he was too heavy, and he kept thrusting inside her, ramming his cum deeper.

Michael felt her hands pushing at him, but wouldn’t let up. He had to reclaim her as his property and that meant leaving his mark. When he felt he could not cum any more for now, he let her legs go, and then rolled off her. She lay next to him, rolled away slightly with her back to him, curling up in a ball, crying. Michael lay there panting. It had felt so good to finally fuck her. After a few minutes, he rolled over and slipped his arms around her, spooning next to her. Victoria tried wriggling from his grasp, but he pulled tighter, keeping her to him.

Victoria lay there, and let him hold her. She had been a good and loyal wife, never even thinking of anyone but her husband, and now this had happened. Four weeks it had been, when she had dressed nicely for her husband, but he had gone out and this, this, bastard, had tried fucking her. Now she was fertile again, he had finally finished what he had tried to do.

“Michael, I told you not to fuck me. I told you!”

If Michael was listening, he didn’t show it; instead his hand was stroking her side, moving up to the lacy bra and cupping her breast. She gripped his wrist and tried to pull it away. Briefly, she succeeded, but Michael just shook her grip and returned his hand to her breast, squeezing rather than just holding her this time.

“Please Michael, I just want to go home now.”

“In a bit.” Michael breathed next to her. “It’s not yet midnight.”

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