I trekked towards the exit in Edinburgh Airport, newly returned from another adventure watching the Scottish football team playing in some far flung European outpost. Estonia, Latvia, San Marino, Croatia; I’d visited them all and more besides in the last few years. Life was for living now and nothing was more appealing to me than donning the kilt, strapping on the sporran and heading for some less than exotic location that I’d only ever heard of in my geography lesson at school. Off to see my beloved Scotland play with some good mates and a few like-minded souls from across the country.

This had been a good away trip with Scotland winning on the Saturday and then managing a creditable draw in the second match on the Wednesday evening. After 10 days of non-stop drinking and partying I had arrived back in Scotland that Friday afternoon looking dishevelled and exhausted; but not out of place in the slightest with my fellow Tartan Army supporters. We were in good spirits and full of stories of our various mischiefs on foreign soil as we headed for the taxi rank. The party hadn’t quite finished for me however, as I was headed straight to the centre of Edinburgh to meet up with some work colleagues heading out for a birthday celebration.

As I stepped out of the taxi just after 7pm that Friday night, I was adorned in traditional Tartan Army attire: blue tee-shirt, kilt, sporran, knee length woollen socks and walking boots. In the normal Scottish tradition, no underwear was worn below the kilt and the September breeze was a welcome refreshment to my nether regions as I marched towards the pub, my rucksack of limited travel supplies slung over one shoulder.

The pub was mobbed, full of the suits and skirts that had recently fallen out of the city-centre offices in Edinburgh and straight into the pub for after-work drinks. I stood out like some novelty entertainment in fancy dress, there to be mocked by everyone. I didn’t mind, I’d only fleetingly reached sobriety for most of the last 10 days and a steady flow of beer at the airport and on the plane home had kept my confidence high and my swagger strong. I acknowledged the various comments and whistles as I fought my way through the crowd to the bar, keen to get a fresh pint of lager on order and find my friends. As I shouted over to the serving barmaid, I felt a warm hand rise up the back of my kilt and firmly squeeze a buttock. I turned round to see Louise, one of the admin assistants from work smiling broadly at me and winking. She moved forward to hug me tightly and welcome me home. Louise, in her normal way, was already showing signs of serious tipsiness after leaving the office at 5pm and spending the last 2 hours in the pub without anything to eat yet.

Louise was 23, pretty and very buxom. Tonight her ample breasts were brilliantly displayed in a slightly too-tight white blouse with 3 buttons left undone so that an inappropriate amount of cleavage was on show. She was wearing a navy blue skirt that finished just above her knee and a pair matching blue high heel shoes that showed off her legs, still beautifully tanned from her recent holiday to Spain with her fiancé. I admired her bronzed skin and soaked in her smile. She’d been away to Malaga in the 2 weeks before I’d gone off to watch Scotland. It was fully four weeks since we’d seen each other and she was looking fabulous after her holiday. More than could be said for me after 10 days of too little sleep and too much alcohol.

Louise and I didn’t really flirt with each other in the office. I’d throw the odd cheesy chat-up line at her but she rarely responded. From a few previous nights out though, I’d quickly worked out that her inhibitions dropped quickly after a few drinks and she was a keen to flirt and always accepted compliments enthusiastically.

The rest of the office gang had spotted me and made their way over. I greeted each of them in turn and then spun back to the bar to retrieve my pint of lager whilst ordering more drinks for my colleagues. Formalities over, we headed away from the busy bar area to a quieter spot where we could chat and I could amuse them with stories of my recently completed adventures in Eastern Europe. There were 8 of us out that night including Ali, whose 29th birthday we were celebrating. I was delighted to be centre of attention in my kilt and the 5 girls in our group were all playfully enquiring as to whether I was being a “true” Scotsman that evening. Louise blurted out that she had already checked very thoroughly as soon as I had arrived at the bar and that she knew the answer. The other 4 girls rounded on her for being so forward and decrying her proclamation until they had each personally confirmed the presence of my under garments or otherwise. The night look set to continue with great fun and hilarity as round after round of drinks were ordered and consumed.

By 9.30pm we were all suffering from the effects of our drinking. The other 2 guys from the office, Alan and Neil, headed away when Babs’ husband arrived to collect her. Babs was the oldest of the girls out that night. In her late 30′s, she run the main reception and was mother hen to all of us in the “young squad”. She could party hard though and was always there on nights out, creating some new crazy drinking game that would leave everyone drunk. However, that weekend she had a wedding on the Saturday so she’d arranged for her husband to collect her before it got too messy and he was happy to drop Alan and Neil off as they both lived in the east of the city, not far from Babs. I think both boys were a bit out of sorts that night with all the attention focused on me and my kilt.

I was left with Louise, Ali, Gillian and Ali’s friend Lisa. We decided to finish this round of drinks and then head for something to eat before we all became too drunk. We headed out of the pub into the dusky evening light of Edinburgh. It wasn’t that warm but we were all immune to the cold by then. Down the road we skipped, arms linked together, like Dorothy and her friends in the Wizard of Oz. “We’re off to see the wizard…” we sang and giggled to each other as we imitated the dancing step.

Round the corner we headed in to a pizzeria, in look of salvation and some food to absorb our alcoholic intake so far. I don’t remember what pizzas we ordered but we washed them down with 2 bottles of house red wine, which ensured that our food didn’t provide chance of causing an outbreak of sobriety. The waiter returned to ask if we wanted desert and a couple of the girls expressed an immediate desire for something sweet and indulgent. The waiter was dispatched with an order for 4 trifle deserts, which duly arrived a short time after. They were presented in a tall, narrow desert glass with the cream climbing above the rim and topped with a red glacier cherry. Lisa immediately complained that she didn’t like cherries and I took my opportunity to ask “could I take her cherry?”

She smiled, acknowledging my intended innuendo and slowly picked the cherry up, clenched between her teeth and covered in white, sticky cream that had spilled around her mouth as she bit to collect the cherry from the top of her desert. She turned towards me with the cherry still secure in her mouth and leaned forward to let me suck it from her toothy grasp. Our lips locked together as I took the cherry and the surrounding cream disappeared from her face as we kissed. After a few seconds we broke away from each other’s embrace and I sat back triumphantly as the other girls clapped and cheered our impromptu show. Lisa didn’t work beside us but was Ali’s best friend and always turned up at our work nights out so we all knew her fairly well. I really fancied Lisa and always tried it on with her when she was out with us. My success rate in chatting up Lisa, however, was zero. She always seemed to knock me back in a pleasant and polite manner without upsetting me (or putting me off trying the next time!). Maybe tonight my luck with Lisa was about to change due to her inebriated state?

Louise, however, was not to be outdone and was already spooning a large dollop of fresh cream onto her extended tongue. She topped it off by balancing the cherry on top of the cream and carefully leaning forward over the table to allow me to steal her cherry. I stole the cherry from the tip of her tongue and swallowed it. She stayed forward with her tongue still pushed out, the diminishing pile of cream dripping off either side and running down her chin, dripping onto the table. I unavoidable gazed down her blouse at those magnificent breasts as she wobbled precariously trying to keep her balance. The invitation was obvious and I leaned forward again to kiss her and lick the messy cream from around her mouth. Our tongues probed each other’s mouths back and forth as we kissed. Again as we separated the other girls applauded. It was 10.30pm and fortunately our area of the restaurant, which was tucked round a corner from the main area, was now empty. We’d obviously been placed there intentionally on our arrival as it was clear we were drunk and loud and likely to disrupt fellow diners if we’d been placed in the main pizzeria.

Birthday girl Ali was next to load up with desert ready to share it with me. However, before she had walked round the table to reach where I was sitting, Louise and Lisa dared her to swap her cherry with Gillian rather than me. I wasn’t disappointed to see the two girls lock lips as the fruit and cream swirled between them and their tongues. We all sat back down and giggled to each other in our drunken haze. I excused myself and headed for the toilet, needing to relieve myself of some of the lager and wine consumed over the evening so far.

The toilets were across the main part of the restaurant and through a door, which led up a stair to the first floor. I swung my sporran round to the side and lifted my kilt to take hold of my cock and enjoy the release of emptying my alcohol-filled bladder. I smiled to myself thinking about the desert-filled snogging with my female friends and started to imagine what it might lead to later that night. I finished up, washed my hands and then headed back out. As soon as I exited the Male Toilets I was accosted by Louise in the corridor at the top of the stairs. She pulled me in tightly towards her and locked her lips onto mine. Our tongues twisted around each other and we stumbled back against the wall as we kissed. My hand reached up to start massaging one of her impressive breasts through her taught blouse. I then felt her reach down and under my kilt to wrap her warm hand around my cock. She squeezed and pressed at my shaft and then cupped my balls, gently rubbing each one in turn between her fingers. My knob responded to her touch and started to grow. She returned her hand to wrap it back around my extending shaft and began to rub her hand up and down my now erect penis.

Our molestation of each other continued as we kissed and probed each other’s mouths with our tongues. I pinched at Louise’s nipples through our blouse and bra and they reacted to my tweaking by stiffening up and protruding out through the material of her clothes. She was now stroking my cock up and down as her hand firmly enveloped my throbbing penis. Below us we heard the door opening and banging shut at the bottom of the stair as someone entered the stairwell. We nearly exploded apart in panic from each other, startled by the noise and interruption. Without any discussion we both instinctively headed for our respective toilets, not wishing to be caught in our compromising embrace.

I went straight to the cubicle inside the Male Toilet and locked the door behind me so I could gather some composure and wait for my erection to subside. As I hid patiently, I heard the Female Toilet door open and close. Whoever had disturbed our clinch had headed next door. After a few moments, my modesty had returned and I straightened my kilt and sporran before quickly heading out and back downstairs. I walked round to our more private enclave and noticed that Gillian was missing from the table as well as Louise. I surmised to myself that she must have been our interrupter from the stairwell. The other girls asked if I had met either Louise or Gillian en route but I said that I hadn’t and tried my best not to blush as I lied to them.

The other two girls returned from the toilet together and I made some jokey comment about what they might have been up to together while they were away. It deflected the attention away from me. To the relief of the pizzeria, the waiter appeared and I settled the bill before we all headed back out into the pleasant late summer evening in search of another bar or club.

It was after 11pm and we queued to get into a city-centre club with various different bars and dance floors over several floors. We headed to the Chill Out Bar on the 2nd floor, ordered more drinks and settled into a seated booth. We chatted the night away, re-filled our drinks regularly and the girls disappeared off intermittently in 2′s or all together for a dance on the level below. I could look over the balcony to gaze at them dancing, admiring the aerial view of Louise’s magnificent cleavage. Her nipples were still prominent through the material of her blouse as the disco lights flashed across her. I wasn’t sure if she was still aroused or if it was the effects of the cool night breeze from outside as we had queued earlier.

Later on, the girls pleaded with me to dance with them downstairs. I wasn’t a particularly good dancer and generally contented myself by avoiding the dance floor and admiring those with far better choreography than me. However, the drink had built up my confidence and I agreed. The five of us headed onto the busy dance floor and formed a small, tight circle where we jiggled around and bumped into each other. Periodically I would twirl around in my kilt and the girls would reach down to flick it up and slap my bum below. Our dancing slowly degenerated into fits of giggles and we gave up and returned to a new booth at the side of the dance floor, tucked behind a column. Birthday girl Ali was exhausted and announced she had to leave and was heading for the exit and a taxi. Lisa was staying at Ali’s that night and agreed it was time to head home. Louise looked at Gillian and declared she was for staying and continuing with the dancing and more drinking. Gillian admitted she would prefer to go just now and share the taxi home with the other two girls. “That’s fine!” exclaimed Louise “Dan will stay with me and look after me.”

I nodded sheepishly and mumbled something about making sure she got home safely and how the two of us could share a taxi. I embraced each of the three girls and they made their way to the exit.

Louise and I stared at each other across the table, neither of us quite sure what to say. I broke the spell and asked her if she wanted another drink. She nodded and I headed off to the bar. When I returned with a fresh pint of lager for me and a Southern Comfort and lemonade for Louise, she patted the booth seat next to her, indicating that I should sit beside her and not return to my former position on the opposite side of the table. I followed her directions and settled down in the booth. We quickly placed our hands on the other’s knees and we squeezed each other gently to acknowledge our situation. She leaned forward to kiss me again and, as we broke off from our embrace, she whispered “I’m so fucking horny Dan. I need you to fuck me tonight.”

My heartbeat started to pick up and I nodded my acknowledgment to her bold confession. We finished our drink in between kissing and, just as I was about to speak, her phone beeped for a text. Louise retrieved her phone from her bag and read the text from Ali confirming that she and Lisa were home and that they had safely dropped off Gillian on the way. Another text beeped in and a further message requested that Louise should “behave herself and not do anything I wouldn’t”.

Louise fumbled at her phone keypad to text a reply to Ali, “No promises. L. xxx”

We headed outside to the taxi rank. Louise and I both lived to the north of the city centre. Her house was 2 or 3 miles closer but that was out of the question as her fiancé would be there. We waited patiently in the queue for a taxi. It was 1am and much cooler now. Louise’s nipples had made a return appearance, it seemed they were almost about to rip the material apart with the force that they pushed against her tight blouse. Her phone buzzed once more and she pressed the button to read the message. It wasn’t from the girls but from Chris, her fiancé. “Power cut in Stirling. I’ve been called out on stand-by to help repair fault. Text me when your home safe. See you in the morning. Chris.” she read out.

I squeezed her bottom and smiled, “Perfect timing.” I declared.

After 5 minutes of queuing we eventually reached the front of the line and climbed into the next taxi that arrived on the rank. We gave Louise’s home address and the taxi sprang into action. We kissed and fondled each other in the back of the taxi as it sped through the increasingly empty streets as we left the city centre. I was enjoying the feel of Louise’s fabulous tits and eye-popping nipples as my fingers worked across each breast in turn, back and forth. Occasionally Louise would reach forward under my kilt again to stroke my cock. Each time I’d draw back from her and whisper that I wouldn’t be able to climb out the taxi in my kilt unnoticed with an erection. As we drew close to her house, she asked the taxi driver to drop us off at a nearby petrol station. We paid the fare and the taxi turned in the road and raced away back towards the city centre again. We walked up past the garage and cut through a lane which acted as a shortcut to the street where Louise lived. We constantly looked around us as we quickly and quietly entered her house, locking the door immediately. There was no sign of Chris’ work van outside so we were confident that he was long gone, away to Stirling to repair the broken power lines and restore electricity to the stricken households.

Louise closed the lounge curtains and we made our way to the sofa, quickly resuming our embrace and allowing our hands to explore each other as before. There was no-one to interrupt or disturb us now and I started to undo the buttons on Louise’s blouse one by one. I stepped back and opened her blouse up, pulling it down over her shoulders. She shook it loose from her arms and quickly pulled me back in towards her again. Having massaged her boobs through her bra, I reached round to release the clasp. It sprang loose in my fingers and I drew back once more to pull the straps down and off. At last those amazing tits were free and those remarkably erect nipples were standing proud in front of me. I took one in between my finger and thumb and started to roll it and pull at it gently. Louise stretched out on the sofa and pushed herself forward as she arched her back and strained. I bowed down to take the other nipple in my mouth and start to lick my tongue around it, sometimes flicking my tongue over the top of the nipple back and forth. Louise sighed and I could feel her hands rest on the back of my head as I continued to work her nipple around my mouth, occasionally biting it and pulling on it gently with my teeth.

After a while Louise pushed me back and broke the magnetic field that seemed to hold my mouth tightly to her breast. She shoved me off the sofa on to my feet and reached forward to run both hands up each of my thighs below my kilt. She drew them down towards my knees again and then thrust the up and forward once more, this time reaching round to grab my buttocks and squeeze them. She paused for a second and then asked me to climb and stand on the coffee table behind me. “Is it strong enough?” I enquired.

Author’s Note: This is the final chapter of ‘The Taking of a Woman’ series. I hope you all enjoy the read and find it pleasurable. There is only so long you can stretch a seduction before it becomes stale after all. Once again thanks to everyone who followed the story and gave feedback, every vote and comment meant a lot. As always, your thoughts are welcome.


Robert Stevens was a patient man. One can hardly survive amongst the wealthy and powerful without patience. He had seen countless mergers and acquisitions through with the help of this very virtue, and they all inevitably turned out in his favour. The thought made him smile. Now, sitting in a comfortable armchair by the electronic fireplace of his plush apartment, he considered his latest challenge, one that slowly moved into its final act. The rain lashed against the large glass wall that made up one side of his massive chambers, and the thought of another rainy encounter sprang to mind, bringing with it the stirrings of arousal. As he closed his eyes and leaned back to let happy memories play out, Robert Stevens wondered how the final act was unfolding at the other end.

Surinder Sahni knew he was losing his grip. He had brought his young bride to London with hopes that they would settle in together, slowly and awkwardly perhaps, but with the certainty of a happy outcome, like the Hindi movies of old. He had hoped Anushka would come to love the shy, caring man who wanted to give her the best in the world, and wished she would understand. But something was not right, and he could feel it.

She seemed, forward. He had not anticipated her to make advances on him, require sex before they decided to conceive a child. Perhaps it was the way she was brought up, but it certainly was not how he knew to treat his wife. All these thoughts crashed through his head as he hauled his baggage out the door, Anushka seemed to have packed a lot more than usual this time, causing him to struggle. He looked back into the house, watching her stand there with a strange expression on her face. The rain pattered away at the windows behind her, and as he began to close the door, she gave him a small smile and a half hearted wave. When he closed the door, the click of the latch was accompanied by a crack of thunder, causing a knot in his stomach. Something had changed.

Imperial Tower had only one doorman on late night duty, and he was on the verge of nodding off when the taxi pulled up. Who the bloody hell has a visitor this late at night? he wondered as a young woman stepped out and hurriedly paid the driver before walking in through the large glass doors. Her hair was a little wet, and she had a shabby raincoat draped over one arm. There was nothing shabby about her dress however. Her slender figure was wrapped in black silk with gold embroidery, and the sleeveless blouse revealed a hint of her cleavage.

“May I help you miss?”

She was almost past him, and turned slowly to meet his gaze, seeming a little flustered.

“No, thank you. I can find my way.”

She was blushing slightly, and seemed to try and make herself as small as possible as she quickly made her way to the small service elevator and rushed in. Not before the doorman had leaned over his desk and taken a nice long look at the way her rear end moved in her draped wrappings. This was a sight he had seen many times before. Looks like Mr. Stevens just can’t be satisfied by the local flavour anymore. Wish I could afford such a hot piece of ass!

The table was set, expensive white wine, naan bread and chicken curry awaited on a small table for two. Robert had vacated the comfort of his chair and paced the room, occasionally glancing at the notification light on his phone. He was not used to this tension, he always got what he wanted…

The doorbell chimed.

It was midnight, Surinder’s flight would have just left, so this would be about time for Anushka, which meant that he had claimed his prize. As he approached the door, he told himself, for the first time, not to expect too much, she may have gotten cold feet. He breathed in, closed his eyes, and swung the door open wide.

Ravishing was an understatement. The wet hair, the kohl lined eyes, soft succulent lips and pink cheeks, all devoid of cosmetic uplifting. The saree hugged her, playing its part as he had hoped, elegant yet unquestionably sexy. He wondered what Martin the doorman had thought, he would have to ask him later.

He smiled and stepped back, inviting her in. She stood there for a long moment, looking at him as if seeing him for the first time, a long smoldering look that he found irresistible. And then, she was in his arms, her head on his chest, pressed against him.

“Anu… what…?”

Her finger on his lips silenced him, as she pulled away enough to look at him again.

“I can’t do it anymore Robert. I tried, I tried to do the right thing, I tried to be faithful. But I won’t lie anymore, my husband… cannot satisfy me. I…. I need you.”

She seemed to have planned this, going by how she blurted it out as if she was afraid she would lose her nerve.

Robert’s manhood twitched. She had admitted it at last.

“I know,” was all he said before he kissed her.

This time it was different, the thrill of her lips responding, moving in harmony with his, the wetness and warmth of her on him. It was different than the hesitant beginnings of an affair, this was real, this was passion.

His tongue slowly nudged at her lips, and found itself being allowed into a pleasurable cocoon of warmth, where it met hers and embraced it. One of his hands went to her long silky hair, caressing the tresses, as the other made its way down her back, resting at the small patch of skin her saree revealed and stroking her backbone. She purred, the vibrations of her tongue passing on to his as well, and his cock responded, hardening until it created a tent in his robe, causing Anushka to realize his nakedness underneath it. This time she did not pull back, this time she smiled and shook her head slightly.

“I see you have taken the trouble to prepare dinner. And I am a little hungry.”

Robert almost groaned, but nodded and reluctantly let her go. He moved to the table and was about to begin serving when he felt her hand on his, stopping him.

“In India, we do not let our men serve us, we serve them,” she said with a smile as she expertly doled out chicken curry onto both their plates and distributed some naan before turning back to him.

“I have made you wait this long, but I know what I want now.”

He had not realized her hands had slipped to his waist until he felt the robe loosen. The silk slowly slid off his shoulders, revealing his dark skin, and sculpted muscles as well as the veined and throbbing cock. She blushed slightly at the sight, but did not seem as fazed by it as her last encounter. Handing him a glass of wine, she put her arms on his shoulders and gently pushed him down on to a chair.

“Will you wait for a minute?” she asked, her voice taking on a teasing quality.

Robert nodded, dumbfounded by this new Anushka, one who was sexy and confident, yet retained some of that seductive innocence. He watched her gently swaying figure as she disappeared into the depths of his house as if it were her own, pausing a moment in the hall, before identifying the bedroom and going in. He took a sip of wine, glancing down at his throbbing member, which reminded him that he had not done his daily masturbation sessions since his last encounter with Anushka, wanting the anticipation to build. He stroked it idly, glancing at the hallway entrance for her to return, and almost came when she did.

She had removed her saree, and stood before him in the lingerie he had gifted her. Victoria’s Secret complimented her Indian curves, leaving overflowing blobs of breast uncovered and keeping some modesty intact at the same time. Her nether regions were covered by the smallest patch of cloth that seemed to be held together by string. She looked embarrassed, but that didn’t stop her from giving him the smoldering look again as she came closer, slowly, letting him drink in the sight of her.

Anushka knew she had been exposed in front of Robert before, but not to this extent, It did not feel wrong however, as she walked to him, her hips moving more than necessary, her cleavage wobbling in the tight revealing lingerie. She wanted him to know she was committed now, that he was going to have her.

His eyes were appreciative as they roved over her shamelessly. Anushka felt a thrill course through her as she realized she had entered a new world, and left behind her roots and the expectations of her middle class family and mediocre husband. This was a world of the rich and powerful, of sex and perverted pleasures. And she could not wait to begin.

Robert gulped as she bent forward, revealing impossible amounts of cleavage, and gave him a peck on the lips. He had not been aware he was still stroking away.

“I have something for you,” she purred, something else he had not known she was capable of.

As her hand reached between her breasts, he half expected to meet her wonderful twins again, and was a little disappointed when she withdrew her hand and held it out to him. As he reached his own hand out, she dropped a small blacked out vial into it that he realized she had been storing in her cleavage. The thought turned him on, the fact that the vial was empty turned him on more.

That was the moment Robert Stevens knew he had won. She had drunk his cum before, but this was final proof that she belonged to him now.

Anushka put a hand on Robert’s shoulder and gingerly sat down on his lap. He moved his throbbing cock so that it now rested on her lap. With a smile, she reached and tore a piece of naan, dipped it in the curry, and began feeding him.

It was the best meal he had ever had. She would expertly give him succulent pieces of bread and meat, with him nibbling at her slender fingers at every opportunity, and take a few bites herself. Occasionally a drop of curry would land on his chest, and she would promptly lick it off tenderly. A few times he kissed her after, enjoying the tangy taste of chicken on her tongue. Halfway through the meal he reached and groped her right breast, causing her to moan, and throw back her head. He moved his face to her cleavage, breathing in the sight of her soft mounds, before kissing her breasts and running his tongue into the cleft between them. The taste of chicken, her sweet fragrance in his nose, and the warmth of her chest on his cheeks, the atmosphere was heady.

Anushka moaned louder. This was what she had always wanted, this was what she had needed, was created for, and she knew Robert was the one who had revealed it all for her, she needed him and only him now. As his tongue explored her breasts, she reached down and took him in her hands, slowly stroking his cock.

Robert reached back, unclasping her bra, sliding it off and throwing it away into the distance. The candles were burning low and cast flickering shadows onto her lightly heaving breasts. He admired them a moment before taking her breasts into his mouth, tracing the areola with his tongue and finding the nipple, gently biting it first, and then suckling from it.

“Ahhhh..” her breathing was faster now, and she held his head to her chest with one arm as her other hand stroked him faster.

He pulled back and gave her a sly grin. Anushka needed to be ravaged in every possible way. He dipped his hand into the gravy boat on the table and found a small, juicy piece of chicken. While kissing her breast and neck, he held the piece to her mouth, her lips opening to swallow it, dripping some gravy onto her naked flesh. The next piece he placed on her chest, causing it slide slowly and leave a line of tangy gravy on her. She seemed to get the message and immediately pressed her heavy tits together with both hands, causing the slide to stop and effectively offering him his meat on a soft wobbling plate of breasts. He moved in to take his morsel of meat and resumed his attentions to her chest

“Mmmm, yes Robert… oh baby yes…” Anushka could not believe the sounds and words escaping her mouth. She felt slutty, but it felt right. The nakedness felt right. She knew her old wardrobe was going to be useless now.

“Oh yes, you feel so good my little Indian slut,” Robert moaned. Her hand was back on his cock and moving more expertly now, smooth strokes coaxing precum from him, which he promptly wiped with a finger and offered her to suck. It did not surprise him anymore that she was willing. Her defenses had crumbled, desire had been let lose, and desire always wins.

Anushka was lost in her haze of lust and passion as well. They had run out of chicken now, and she was not done yet. Taking the bottle of wine on the table, she held it before Robert, suppressing the cries her body was waiting to get out as her breasts screamed for mercy from the nibbling and sucking.

“Thirsty?” she asked, her voice husky.

Robert was still struggling to keep up with the transformation he was witnessing. His shy Indian girl was gone. No, he had destroyed her, seduced her, manipulated her and aroused her. He smiled as he saw the wine inching its way to the opening of the bottle held over her head.

“I need a drink baby. Let me have it,” he grinned.

The wine feel in a graceful stream to her neck, flowing down on and between her breasts, making them glow. Robert moved his mouth under her nipple, catching the wine that flowed off the tips of their erect points. It was the most erotic experience he had shared with a woman, and he knew he was going to blow soon.

“Anu… I need a little help down here baby,” he said, his voice a little strained from the effort of holding on to his impending orgasm.

Anushka Sahni, covered in spicy gravy trails and glistening wine, nodded as she lowered herself off his lap and bent obediently between his legs.

“Mmmmmmm..” was all Robert could muster as her warm lips enticed his cock into her mouth for the second time since they met. Her inviting warmth, the way her tongue licked him, how she gingerly took him in deeper, it was driving him crazy.

“More, Anu.. take it in deeper.”

She stopped, letting her throat get accustomed to him, and then took him deeper. Around eight of his 11 inches were buried in her mouth, he could feel it hit the back of her throat as he lay back and closed his eyes.

Anushka struggled for air, the mammoth cock in her mouth was making her gag. Her reflex kicked in and she withdrew abruptly, coughing and spluttering and leaving thick ropes of saliva on the huge penis, but Robert was close, and he needed more.

“Take it slut. Take it all!”

She felt the veined organ pushed back in as he grabbed her hair roughly and forced her to swallow his girth. Tears came to her eyes as she began to suck and bob her head up and down on the long pole, building momentum until his last push had most of his length stuffed way down her throat. She only had a moment to appreciate that she had successfully taken Robert, when he exploded.

What felt like gallons and gallons of warm sticky semen flooded her throat. Her initial response was to choke and pull back, but Robert mercilessly held her in place, giving her no option but to swallow, cum overflowing out her mouth and adding to the juices and spices that already coated her body.

Robert looked at her in satisfaction. The fair, beautiful, elegant young woman he had met at a party a few months ago now kneeled between his legs, covered and coated and looking like a hardcore pornstar. He felt proud.

Anushka slowly withdrew Robert’s cock from her. Horror washed over her as her childhood, her parents and her morals returned to her. Regret began to flood through her belly for a moment, until she saw the barely softening cock in front of her face, so full of life, so hard, that musky smell. She gave Robert a weary smile. The only feeling she needed in her belly now was the hot sticky heat of his sperm. Her face was covered in semen as well, and she hurriedly wiped it off, licking her fingers, unable to get enough of the viscous secretion.

Robert got to his feet with a huge sigh of satisfaction, helping Anushka up as he did. He held her close to him, his hands wrapped around her possessively, with a tenderness that contrasted his animal use of her mouth a few moments before.

“This is your life now baby. I will take care of you, give you everything in the world, but you will always be my slutty Indian whore.”

“That’s all I want Robert. I can’t run from it. I was never going to be satisfied, and i don’t know what would have happened to me if you had not rescued me and made me yours. I’m glad to be yours. I want you to use me baby. I love being your slutty Indian whore,” she said with conviction. A light in her eyes burning bright. A confident young woman who knew what she wanted, to have her wonderful assets and tight holes plundered by big black cock.

He led her to the bedroom then, and splayed out on the enormous bed that dominated his large bedroom, leaving his prize standing.

“It’s time I saw all of you baby. Get rid of that thong, and let’s see those buns I can’t stop myself from groping.”

Anushka shivered. This was it, the final reveal. Once the little bit of lace around her loins was off, she would belong to Robert, and her new life would begin. She dutifully turned, smiling as Robert let out a wolf whistle at the sight of her mostly exposed derriere. The panties had been too small as well, and did not completely cover her buttcrack. She deftly slid two fingers under the hem and bent a little, teasing him.

“Daaamn baby. I’m getting hard again. Keep going.”

Slowly, Anushka slid her panties down, bending further as she went. What she considered her best assets were now revealed to him, and his intake of breath meant he was definitely taking notice. She stepped out of the skimpy negligee and placed her hands on her buttocks, moving them over the smooth skin, arousing him more.

Robert could only take so much. He grabbed Anushka’s naked hips and brought her down onto the bed in an awkward sitting position as he lay under her. Her pussy looked back at him, soft and inviting, its folds waiting for his monstrous manhood. He grabbed her asscheeks and spread them wide, his tongue beginning its exploration again.

Slowly, he parted her already dripping wet pussy lips and let his tongue dart inside quickly, feeling her shiver and hearing a mewling sound high above him as his Indian lover got her first taste of oral sex administered to her. His tongue went along the cleft of her buttocks, finding the small puckered anal ring and caressing it, causing her to clamp her thighs together.

“Oh, Robert… mmmmmmmmmm God!! What are you doing to me!!”

“Shhh baby, you’ll enjoy this more than you can imagine,” he said as he slowly licked her anus, one finger reaching her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. He could not believe her panties had been hiding such exquisite treasures. Her pussy was almost unused, Surinder’s puny cock probably hadn’t made much difference, and her asshole was so tiny and the muscles so tight it was obviously still virgin. The very thought made his tongue and fingers move faster.

“Oh, no…. mmmm baby… I’m cumming… I’M CUMMING!” Anushka screamed as her pussy began to flood with juices. Robert immediately moved his tongue to her sweet young folds, letting it taste the fluids that leaked out. She had gone limp above him, and he held her up by placing his palms on her broad, firm buttocks and supporting her.

She almost blacked out from the waves of heat in her body that were spreading all over her. A dizzying sensation was all she could register as her first real orgasm took over her. She could feel Robert licking her pussy, lapping her juices. But nothing else registered as he lowered her to the bed, the sheets ruined by their sweat and everything else on their bodies. Even the room was beginning to smell of sex.

A work of fiction?

Sally had known the couple they were to visit for only a short time, her partner Lorie had first met them before Sally came on the scene. This was the first time they had been invited to dinner. Sally took the usual time showering and shaving herself, she had laid out a nice little gypsy hemmed dress which hugged her figure and showed off her curves. When she came out of the shower Lorie had laid out underwear for her, that seemed a little odd, but on reflection perhaps it was just Lorie taking a little pride in showing her off, and good underwear does flatter a girls figure. The G string and satin grey bra would certainly add to the line of the dress.

They arrived at Sean and Coleens country cottage set on the edge of the wood with its simple country garden it looked idyllic in the early evening sun. Pulling onto the drive Lorie looked across at Sally and smiled broadly, there was a glint in his eye which Sally had not seen before.

Sean met them at the door, he was dressed smartly but in a casual manner with an open neck shirt and designer chinos. The front door opened directly onto the main room, the scene was a delight to the eye, tastefully done old style walls and beams but with a very modern slant. Sean showed them through to the terrace where a neat little table was laid out with canapés, white wine in a cooler and red uncorked breathing nicely in the warm glow of the sun.

Sally was offered a seat, she moved it round slightly to face the low but still warm sun. They sat and chatted, a glass of rather nice red was offered, which Sally accepted, the conversation was pleasant and Sally began to mellow, warm sun, nice wine, this could be her sort of evening. She leaned back in her chair, sliding down slightly the hem of her dress rode up, the sun felt good on her legs. She glanced sideways, Sean was looking down at her exposed legs, their eyes met, he did not look away. Her stomach did a little flutter.

At that moment Coleen arrived, to announce dinner was ready to be served. We all moved inside and took our place at the simply laid table. Coleen moved between kitchen and table, all was now ready to start, she removed her apron revealing a figure hugging dress with a plunging neck and split at the thigh. Piles of asparagus dripping with unsalted butter formed the starter, we each took some, ladies starting first Coleen sucked one stem in like spaghetti, Sean did the same, the butter dribbling onto his chin, deftly his long tongue reined it in. Perhaps this was how you ate asparagus in the country.

The main course soon followed, Lobster halves, eaten with the fingers, more wine flowed, the conversation was good. Sally mellowed some more. Lobster can be difficult to eat with elegance, at one stage a small piece fell as Sally offered it to her mouth, going down although she had not much cleavage on show it lodged between her breasts. As she retrieved it her she became aware of the whole table watching her.

The meal progressed, more wine was offered and appreciably accepted, at the end of the main course Coleen suggested that they take a break to catch the best of the evenings sun on the terrace. Pudding could wait until later. Outside on the terrace the chairs were arranged to face the rays of the sun on this still warm evening. Coleen stood up and slipped the dress over her head, she looked round at Sally and said, “have to make the most of the sun”, Sean stripped of his shirt, unbuttoned his trousers, slipped them off and sat down on the other side of Sally, Lorie followed suit. Sally now felt awkward, being the only one clothed, well she thought, here we go and stood up and raised the tight fitting dress over her head. Sitting down, she could feel the eyes of the others on her, a familiar tingle was starting deep down inside.

After a little more time Coleen leant forward and unclipped her bra, Sally looked at her but felt no alarm. The material fell away revealing large but firm breasts, topped with an erect nipple. Eyes turned toward Sally. Lorie spoke, you are among friends Sally there is no one else to see, there was now a charge in the air. As Sally leant forward Sean rose and stood behind her, “allow me, without waiting for an objection of approval he deftly unclipped her bra. The sun felt good on her naked flesh, as it always had. As the sun started to sink to the horizon Coleen rose, “I will prepare pudding” she went in side she picked up the discarded clothes, “would not want these to get damp, make sure you behave whilst I am gone” She winked at Sally. As soon as Coleen was inside both Sean and Lorie rose and removed the rest of their clothing, as the sun went down it seemed to Sally as if it was getting hotter.

Coleen called from inside, “pudding everyone” they all stood up, inside the table had been cleared, it was just the bare scrubbed wood. This seemed a little strange to Sally as she turned to talk to Lorie she felt hands on both her arms, quickly she was cuffed and lifted onto the table, it all happed so quick, no time to struggle.

Her wrists were quickly cuffed to the legs of the large oblong table, she felt hands removed her panties, her legs were then cuffed and she lay spread eagled and now blindfolded. Coleen reappeared, she spoke toward Sally, “pudding is ready, strawberry gateaux from the south of France, fresh fruit and pink Champagne, and pudding is as we say Sally on you, but first a toast to our soon to be initiated friend” a cork popped and Sally felt something nuzzle against her blossoming lips. To her surprise the neck of the bottle slipped easily into her moistness, as it was given a quick shake she felt the sensation of cool bubbles inside her. The bottle was withdrawn and her lips squeezed together to hold the liquid in. She felt lips against her, she new not whether they were male or female, a tongue penetrated her and she felt a sip of the bubbling and now warm liquid being taken. This was repeated twice more until she was drained of the champagne. She then felt slices of gateaux slippery with double cream slide onto her body, hollow strawberries were placed on her nipples. Something slippery was placed inside her, it slipped in with ease. She felt more cream being poured over her.

Suddenly Sally felt mouths and fingers all over her, simultaneously two sets of lips engulfed the strawberries on her nipples squeezing down gently onto her breasts as they were plucked off. Tongues chased cream lubricated gateaux over her taught stomach, she felt hot breath between her legs as an inch of whatever was inside her was pulled out and bitten off, lips then offered something to eat, she gulped in a piece of a banana, it tasted of her own juices. More pieces of banana were pulled from her, bitten off and then fed to her. Her senses were in overload, she could not see whose hands and tongues were being used, she sank in to an oblivion of erotic thoughts and feelings.

At last all the food was gone, Sally felt herself being moved down the table, her knees now hung over the end. The ankle cuffs were tightened until she could feel her legs spread wide. Something nuzzled against her now engorged lips, the now empty champagne bottle slid in. it was worked in and out, her own juices were flowing, it slipped in with ease. Each stoke became deeper and deeper until the widest part pushed against her, she could take no more. She could feel her senses heighten and a familiar feeling began to build inside her. The bottle was now removed and replaced with lips and a tongues probing out her erect clitoris. The blindfold was removed Sally could see Sean and Lorie at her breasts, she was surprised to see Coleen between her legs. AS Coleen’s tongue found its goal she began to tip over the edge, pushing herself hard onto Coleen’s lips she reached a shattering climax.

I leaned back in the tub, and the warm water lapped around my body. After a long day of shopping and planning, I needed some extra time to relax and make myself ready for the upcoming evening. I had huge plans for my husband and myself. Hopefully by the end of the night, his inhibitions would be gone and the earth would be moving.

Don’t get me wrong, our marriage was good. Mike was five years older than me and he knew how to treat a lady. I had everything I wanted plus knowing that he loved me. It was perfect except in one place, the bedroom. In the year that we had been married, there had been no adventure in the bedroom. Absolutely nothing exciting happened. Once a week, we would take our clothes off, he would get on top of me, make a few good thrusts, and then he would roll off and go to sleep. The rest of the time, he was always asleep before I could even get in bed.

I didn’t want to have an affair, but I wanted more. I wanted excitement. I wanted teasing. I wanted to feel his breath between my thighs. I wanted him to lick my pussy. Most of all, I wanted to have an orgasm that I didn’t bring on myself. Hopefully, all of the preparations that I was making would give me the results I wanted.

I filled my hands with the warm bath water and let it fall on my bare skin. The heat engulfed my body. The light lavender scent of the oil in the water tickled my nose. The oil also made my skin silky soft. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

The bath was more than just relaxation. It was in preparation for the night. I took a little extra care while preparing for myself for Mike. After I shaved my legs, I shaved my bush. I had always kept it trimmed neatly, but shaving it smooth was something new to me.

Manipulating the razor around the sensitive parts excited me. I rubbed my hand over the freshly shaved area. The baby smooth skin felt so good. I let my fingers wander down to my lips. I rubbed them up and down my slit. The feeling of excitement grew stronger inside of me. Spreading my lips, my fingers found my clit. It was beginning to swell with desire. I rubbed little soft circles around it and it hardened more. Images of Mike’s head between my thighs floated through my thoughts. In my mind, my fingers were actually his tongue. I could feel the soft flicker of it all over my pussy.

I could feel the slick excretions increase as I stroked up and down between my soft lips. I gently penetrated myself with first one finger, then a second. A rush came over me when I stretched the inner walls of my pussy to accommodate both digits. I moved them in and out of me, slowly at first. As my feelings intensified, my rhythm increased. My hand was slapping against my skin under the water. The water was sloshing around my body. My thumb found my hard clit and pressed hard onto it, making small circles. Before I realized it, my legs were quivering, and my hips were involuntarily moving to meet each thrust of my own fingers. My thighs gripped my hand, and the orgasm consumed me. My breathing was fast and heavy. I felt my own muscles contract and grip my hand from within as I came.

I sank down in the water, letting it cover me up to my neck. I had to get my heart rate back under control before I could get out of the warm silky water. The diversion had cost me only a few minutes, but I had to rush to finish getting ready before Mike came home from work. I dried off quickly and sprayed some pheromone perfume all over my body, including across my thighs and hips. I quickly dressed in what I believed to be the sexiest thing I could buy.

I looked in the mirror and was amazed. The black leather corset was cinched up to show off my tiny waist and give me maximum exposure of my breasts. Their luscious mounds peeked over the top of the leather, which barely covered my nipples. The bottom of it hit just above my pubic area. There were attached elastic garters, which I gently connected to black thigh high stockings. The garters and the hem of the corset outlined my freshly shaved pussy. That was all I planned to wear to greet Mike when he came home from work.

Plates of fruits and cheeses were placed around the blanket and pillows that I had spread on the living room floor in front of the fireplace. The small fire crackled as I double checked to make sure everything was perfect, including fluffing the pillows. I lit several scented candles around the room and turned off the lights. The glow from the candles and the fire gave the room a very romantic feel.

Hearing his car in the drive, I grabbed the wine and glasses from the kitchen. I set them down beside the blanket and lay down seductively facing the door.

“What is this?” he asked as he dropped his keys on the table beside the door.

“I thought you needed a little special treatment tonight. Come and sit.” I patted the pillows beside me.

His facial expressions said he was a bit hesitant, but he joined me on the floor. I moved close to him and gave him a light kiss on the lips. His lips were always soft and tender. He responded by wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer. My tongue darted in and out of his mouth. I could feel his heart beating faster. I straddled his outstretched legs and untied his tie. I let it drop to the floor in a small heap. As I was unbuttoning his shirt, he fixed his eyes on my outfit.

“So what is this?” he asked pointing to the corset.

“Just a little something I picked up. I thought you might like it.”

“I like it all right. I’ve never seen you in something like that, but I do like it.”

“I am hoping we find a few other things that are a bit out of the norm tonight,” I said smiling a devious little smile.

“Should I be worried?” he asked jokingly.

“Not at all. I promise nothing will hurt,” I told him as I placed a strawberry against his lips.

He bit into the strawberry and some of its juice ran down his chin. I slowly licked it off. I felt the bulge in his pants growing and pressing into me.

I poured both of us a glass of wine and then climbed off of his lap. He had not taken his eyes off of me the entire time. I began to unbutton his pants as he sipped his wine. Crawling between his legs, I worked his pants and boxers down to his thighs. His cock was almost completely erect. I picked up another strawberry and dipped it in some melted chocolate. I brushed it around his nipples, across his chest, and down his abdomen, leaving a trail of chocolate. I dipped it into the chocolate once more and continued the trail down to the edge of his cock. As I started up the underside of his shaft, the quizzical look came over his face.

“What are you doing?” he asked as I was trailing the warm chocolate all over his hard cock.

“Trust me,” I whispered. “You are going to be pleased.”

I was growing wetter with every passing moment. I wanted to make this last as long as possible, but it was hard to be patient. I leaned over and let my tongue follow the trail of chocolate around his right nipple. I took a little extra time to suckle on it, making sure that I licked every drop of chocolate from it, before moving across to his left one. Both of them grew hard in my mouth as my tongue rolled around them. I followed the path to his stomach, licking and sucking all the way down his hot skin. The chocolate was much sweeter coming off of his body than out of a bowl. Even though he was not saying anything, I knew he was enjoying what I was doing. His entire torso was rising and falling with his deep heavy breaths. The chocolate had pooled around the base of his cock, which was standing at full attention by that point. My tongue found the small puddle and lapped it up gently. I started to lick the underside of his shaft just above his balls when he tried to stop me.

“What are you doing?” he asked grabbing my head.

“Didn’t I say trust me?”

“Yes, but…”

His sentenced ended abruptly when I ran my tongue up the shaft of his throbbing cock. I could feel it pulsating as I took its large head into my mouth. My lips encircled it, and I gently sucked and licked around it. His hands pushed against my head, attempting to make me stop one more time, but my actions told him that I would not. I took more of him into my mouth, and his arms relaxed. He had given in to me on this one. I was one step closer to getting exactly what I was longing for. His acceptance excited me more. I could feel the juices leak from me and slowly begin to trickle down my thighs.

I moved my head up and down on his shaft a little faster. He groaned in pleasure as I sucked his cock for the first time. I could feel the veins bulging on his member as my lips traveled its length. I could taste the small amount of cream as it leaked from him. I sucked harder, knowing he was about to explode in my mouth. His body tensed. And he let out a loud moan. His hot cream hit the back of my throat. The ache between my thighs increased as I swallowed his salty cum.

I looked up at him from my position between his legs. His eyes were closed. His face was relaxed, and he was smiling. His objections were the farthest thing from his mind. He had really enjoyed his first oral stimulation. I hoped that he enjoyed it enough to return the favor for me.

I straddled him again, letting my wet pussy rest on his cock. Slowly moving back and forth, my juices covered him. I wanted him to feel how excited I was to have his cock in my mouth. I wanted him to get excited enough to explore my pussy for the first time with his tongue.

“That was fantastic,” he whispered as I leaned over to kiss him.

“It’s not over yet,” I whispered back to him. “There is a lot more in store for the night.”

I rolled off of him and dripped a little chocolate between the straps of my garter. The warm liquid dropping on my freshly shaved skin sent a wave of excitement through my entire body.

“I can’t…”

“Ssshhh,” I said, placing a finger on his lips. “Just close your eyes.”

Picking up a fresh strawberry, I spread my legs and rubbed it between them. My own cream covered the berry. He opened his mouth when I told him to, and I placed the tip of the fruit between his lips.

“Taste,” I told him.

“What is it?”

“Just a strawberry with some cream. “

“My cream,” I added after he had eaten the fruit.

His eyes were pleading as he offered his futile argument against eating my pussy.

“I’ve never done that before,” he protested. “I don’t know if I know how.”

“Trust me. I can tell you what to do, if you need it. I don’t think you will need the help though.”

Reluctantly, he moved between my legs. I spread my lips for him. He stared down at my shining wet flesh. I felt his hands on my thighs as he lowered his head. His timid breath sent chills through me when it hit my skin.

“Just act like it’s an ice cream cone. Lick up and down lightly.”

I pushed his head down and lifted my hips. I felt his tongue tentatively touch me, and I took in a sharp breath. Once he had gotten over his initial reluctance, instinct did take control. His tongue brushed up and down my slit. He found my swollen clit and playfully licked around it. My hips moved up and down as his tongue explored my pussy for the very first time. My wetness flowed from me and into his mouth. He lapped it up as if he was dying of thirst. He pushed my legs farther apart. His hands were exploring along with his mouth. He spread my opening as wide as he could, and I felt his thick tongue penetrate me. I couldn’t control my moans of pleasure. I was writhing under his touch when the rush hit me. The fire ran through my body, and my muscles tensed. I came with such a force that I screamed. I felt the gush of liquid flow from me.

My desire was virtually insatiable at that point. I raised my hips to meet his probing. I thought he would stop when I came, but he licked me faster and harder, drinking in all of my wetness. His tongue flickered quickly up and down my slit, around my clit, and deep into my pussy. I shook again as another wave ran through me almost immediately. I clamped my thighs around his head, holding him immobile, except for his dynamic tongue. His pace never slowed.

When my legs finally relaxed and fell to the side, Mike crawled on top of me and kissed me. His mouth covered my lips. His tongue darted into my mouth, in much the same way that it had darted into my pussy just seconds earlier. I could taste my juices on his lips. I enjoyed that sweet feminine flavor. His hard cock pressed into me.

This was also something new for Mike. Usually he was done once he had come. There never was a second time with us. He wanted more now. I wanted more too. I wanted to feel his rock hard cock inside me. Spreading my legs, I whispered into his ear.

“Fuck me.”

He said nothing as he slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt him push into me. His thrusts were gentle and rhythmic.

“Harder,” I begged.

Not wanting to disappoint me, he did as I wished. His hips moved faster, pushing his rod into me deeper and harder. His thick diameter filled me. I felt every move he made as he thrust in and out of me. My muscles constricted one last time and milked his cock. That was all it took to cause him to come again. I could feel his muscles rippling as he unloaded inside me. His sweat dripped onto my chest as he supported his weight on his arms and hovered above me. His eyes were closed, and his mouth was smiling. I lay perfectly still underneath him. My only movement was the rise and fall of my chest with each exhausted breath..

Mike was the first to move. He rolled off of me and collapsed on the mound of pillows beside me. He popped a piece of cheese from one of the platters into his mouth and chewed slowly. He held up a second piece for me. I opened my mouth, and he gently placed it on my tongue. I caught his fingers with my lips and softly sucked on them, much the same way I had sucked his cock. He slowly pulled them out of my mouth and laughed.

He refilled our wine glasses and handed one to me. I slowly sipped it. Half of my glass was gone before my breathing was settled enough to speak.

“So, for someone who has never eaten pussy, you sure seemed to know what you were doing.”

“I guess you were right,” he said looking at me. “It does appear to be instinctive. It didn’t hurt that you clamped down on me and held me in place with your thighs so I couldn’t move,” he said playfully.

“I am curious about one thing though,” I said propping up on my elbow. “What finally convinced you to go through with it?”

“I think it was a combination of things. Everything about tonight was perfect. You look incredibly sexy in what you’re wearing. Seeing you shaved down there was something that I’ve never seen before. That was a huge turn on too. Feeling you go down on me was more than I could take. I’ve never felt anything like that. I have always thought it was gross, but I guess that was because I never experienced it. I thought if you could make me feel like that, I could at least attempt to try to make you feel just as good.”

I rolled over and put my head on Mike’s shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly.

“You did more than make me feel good. You rocked my world tonight.”

My head was on his chest, rising and falling with his steady breathing. He soon drifted off to sleep, and I lay there beside him thinking. Mike had overcome a major hurdle in our sex life. Who knew what other experiences we might have in the future? Other doors could open up for us and take us to new heights of sexual pleasure. I just had to plan them carefully, like I did tonight. The possibilities were endless now.

The thoughts raced through my head as I slowly drifted off to sleep and let my dreams take over my unconscious mind.

This veers a bit towards Romantic, so I struggled where to put it. Ultimately, there is some mild dirty talk so I went Erotic Coupling. Just know though this is a bit more sweet and lighter than my typical fare.

–The Author


He sits, shirtless, almost vibrating with anticipation on the chair in his room. He fiddles with his handcuffs a bit, letting a slight smile cross his lips. I am more than a little surprised he agreed to this, but then there have been more than a few moments I thought none of this could ever happen.

I stroll into the room, vamping it up for his visual appreciation. I feel his eyes on me, scanning me from head to toe, from my peekaboo toe heels up my bare legs over the skin tight emerald lace boy shorts and thin strapped tanktop ensemble I bought specifically for this moment. His eyes lock on mine and for the first time neither of us make an effort to hide our desire. His naked lust for me sends a pleasureable chill through my every cell.

I sit on his lap with an accidental noise I can only label a purr. My arm just touches his bare chest and I can barely suppress a shudder of undiluted arousal. “Happy Birthday,” I whisper and smile, producing a piece of cake from behind my back.

He looks at me quizzically while I try to keep my features as unreadable as possible. I begin to feed him forkfuls of the cake until one piece falls off before it reaches his mouth, tumbling down his chest to the floor, leaving a dollop of frosting on his left nipple.

Casting the plate aside, I slide off his lap onto my knees. I let my tongue trail across his abs removing small crumbs and bits of frosting until I reach his nipple. I take it quickly into my mouth, spinning my tongue around it, removing the frosting. He gasps and pulls against his chains. In a hesitant murmur, he implores me, “Harder.”

I honor the request, sucking with more vigor and, feeling him respond to that, begin to bite with increasing pressure. I lay my hand in his lap and feel his want rise. I delight the sensation of him growing thicker and rigid just from my tongue, mouth, and teeth on his nipple.

I release his nipple finally and rise as he whimpers a mix of appreciation and disappointment. I bend in front of him, sure to give him a free view down my shirt at my firm breasts, and release his cuffs. Before he can take advantage of his new freedom I shove him onto the bed and straddle him, playfully, gently, grinding down against him.

“What do you want?” I breathe in his ear, taking in his scent.

He simply replies, “You.”

“Yes, but what do you want to do with me?”

I can feel him blush, hot and embarrassed, below me. He giggles as he tries to summon the words. I can almost feel the tension between his wish to verbalize what he wants and the psychological scars she left him with. I let him off the hook, confiding, “Well, I know what I want you to do…I want you to fuck me.”

We both laugh, recalling the uncomfortable moment he heard those words said to his roommate by some random girl when they thought he was asleep his freshman year of college. I hope he gets the message…he can tell me what he wants, exactly what he wants, and sex can be fun, dirty…whatever. Not just the serious, staid endeavor he was forced to grow used to.

“Well then,” he replies, voice big with happiness, “Even if it is my birthday, I suppose I can honor that request.”

I kiss him deeply then, confirming my appreciation and desire. As I feel his hand begin to slide up the back of my shirt, I teasingly spring off him.

“But first,” I proclaim, “We need to clean up.”

I leave the room, stripping off my clothes and leaving him a trail to follow me to the shower. Being naked before him for the first time feels delicious. The wait to get here was so painful but being here, now, it feels completely worth it.

Moments after I slide under the warm spray, he pushes through the steam to join me. Wordlessly, we come together, naked body against naked body, the heat of us mingling with the heat of the water. I cannot feel enough of him against me, cannot touch enough of him with my hands. Our mouths gasp and seek out any bit of flesh to taste: lips, cheeks, ears, necks, shoulders before returning to kiss one another with abandon.

For the first time ever, I allow myself to touch the part of him I had long fantasized about the size, look, and feel of for so long. He did not disappoint.

He groaned out his thanks, “Oh god, Jen, your hand feels amazing.”

“It’s about to get better,” I assure him and lower myself to my knees before him. I catch myself wondering if she ever did this for him, if she might be good or, even scarier, better than me. Catching his anticipatory gaze, however, drives all such thoughts out of my mind. She is long gone now, just like my anchor, and they no longer matter a whit. We want only each other and we are finally realizing that long held barely dared to be spoken dream.

I take him in my mouth with a happy hum and his rapidly increased breathing confirms my decision to leave the past in the past. His clean masculinity fills my senses and I let myself get lost in it. His cock, (mmm, how delicious a word), becomes like my plaything. I drag my nails up and down it lightly, I twirl my tongue over it from root to head, I take it as deep as I can in my mouth, against my throat, enjoying the sensation of my mouth almost being too full. He tenderly guides me towards heightening his pleasure with light touches through my red hair, cut Mia Farrow style, and on my face and whispered and moaned requests thick with deep gratitude and need.

As he nears ever closer to climax, I can hear his breathe hitch and become scattered. His voice rises in pitch and volume and he begins to warn me of what I am doing to him. I do not shy away. I want this. I need it, I realize. We both do. A blowjob appreciated without quibble by both parties.

“It’s okay,” I promise him, “Cum for me.”

The look of almost-joy on his face nearly breaks my heart. His happiness becomes my own. His body tightens and coils and I can see him resisting his bodily impulses.

“Go ahead, Tom,” I push him, “You can be rough.”

He moans at my words, his body language betraying his increased lust. He places his hands more firmly on me and urges me to go faster and harder. I delight in him overcoming his guilt and fear at demanding what he wants.

“Oh god! Oh god!” he pants above me and thrusts forward quick and intense. His passion bursts out of him and down my throat, surprisingly sweet. I pull him out to regain my breath and stroke him continuously, guiding streams of translucent white onto my face and breasts where the jetstreams of water quickly wash it away down the drain. He reaches for the wall to steady himself, signaling to me he is spent.

When I returned to my feet, he immediately reaches for me and pulls me tight against him. He whispers an out of breath thank you and I am relieved to realize that he too is escaping our collective past. The kiss that follows is full of appreciation and lust in equal measures and given without hesitation. I gasp and melt into his arms. Time just dissipates around us and we give ourselves over to the eternal joy of making out. The water going ice cold proves to be the only thing to disrupt us.

He exits it first and immediately wraps me in a towel as I enter the bathroom. It is warm and heavy and soft. Meticulously he sets about drying me head to foot. He massages my hair and head, leaving me cooing. Then, the rest of my body, spending perhaps a bit too long on my breasts and ass but moving on with a sly grin before I can call him on it. Eventually he parts my legs and drops the towel, sliding his fingers up until he finds one part of me that the towel cannot, should not, dry.

I sigh and then moan. Heat radiates through me and I go lightheaded. With a giggle I let myself fall on him, a tangle of limbs. He twists and turns gently laying me on the large bathroom rug. I prop myself on my elbows and watch as he kisses his way up my body, starting at my feet. He nibbles the underside of my knees, a surprisingly pleasurable experience. Unconsciously, I begin to stroke my own breasts and pinch my nipples. I catch him watching me and immediately shrink away. He shakes his head, and moves my hands back to my breasts.

“It’s beautiful,” he reassures me, give me a gentle but insistent kiss, his tongue seeking and massaging my own.

He returns to between my legs and I more brazenly grope myself, enjoying his hungry gaze.

“Tease,” he whispers.

“Are you complaining?” I shoot back.

“Absolutely not.”

He holds my eyes and drags his tongue across my sex and swiveling around my clit. I hiss and gasp at the sensation. I swear I can see stars fuzzing my vision.

“Good?” he asks and I can only moan and nod, my mouth slightly agape, tongue peeking out. He smiles and begins again.

I lasciviously moan as he enthusiastically and thoughtfully goes down on me. His tongue dips deeply into my pussy (yessss…another tasty word) tasting my desire. Soon, his fingers join his tongue, curling into my g-spot as he sucks my clit. I thrash about, orgasm following orgasm in a cacophony of cresting passion.

“Oooh, Tom! Oh god, Tom! Yessss! So goooooood!” I babble continuously, ravaging my nipples and running my hand through my hair. As I cum more and more intensely, both hands grab ahold of his head and force him harder against me. He moaned his approval and redoubles his efforts before pulling back and only gently teasing me, giving me a short break to catch my breath.

As I come back down, I hear a rhythmic thumping. With much effort, I lift my head and focus my cloudy vision on him, seeing his arm moving up and down.

“Are you…are you touching yourself?” I pant.

He locks with me and nods, refusing to take a break from bringing me pleasure.

I can only gasp in response and grit my teeth. After a year of a man who pleasured me with a distinct lack of pleasure and was so riddled with insecurity that he could barely get naked for sex, nevermind let me know how sexy he sees me by touching himself before me, my arousal cannot help but be ratcheted upward by his brazenness. It’s so different than with…him…the other guy…my past. He’s so comfortable in this moment which in turn leaves me feeling more comfortable than I ever have before. I cum hard again, back bridging involuntarily, my sex mashing against his face while he hums his empathetic joy.

The tension releases from me in a rush and I flop loose on the floor, gently moving him away from me with one leg while begging, “Enough…please…so…so sensitive.” He crawls upward, dragging his naked body over mine. I grab his face and kiss him impatiently. The taste of me all over his lips and tongue, in his mouth, is oddly exhilarating.

“Good?” he asks again, blue eyes twinkling.

“Mmmm hmm,” I respond, biting my lip and averting my eyes. I look down my body and see the deep blush cast across my pale skin. As I cool, I feel the perspiration sheen over my body. He spoons into me, nibbling my shoulder, and tasting the salt of my sweat. I kiss him again and snake my hand down his body, seeking out his unyielding member. I enjoy his quick intake of breath as I make contact and began to stroke him gently.

“Feel good?” I whisper in his ear, tongue alighting around the exterior.

He whimpers, “Yesssss.”

“You made me so wet,” I confess.

“You always make me so hard,” he one ups me, “Just seeing you fully clothed across the room.”

“Are you ready?”

“So, so ready.”

“For what?”

“I…I’m sorry?” he hesitates.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want to…” he pauses, still struggling with all that past shame before breaking through, “I want to fuck you, Jen.”

“Goooooooooood,” I moan, “I want that too.”

I kiss him then and hop to my feet with a giggle, “But first you have to catch me!”

I’m off like a shot, laughing and sprinting down the hall, delighting in being naked with this man, thrilling to him watching my long lean body disappearing into his room, knowing his eyes are devouring me.

I leap onto his bed backwards and let him see me trail my fingers between my legs and slip between my pink lips. From the doorway, I see him standing, cock bouncing lewdly in front of him with the beat of his heart. I beckon him forward with one shiny finger and he crosses the room in two long confident strides.

He dangles his body over mine and stares into my eyes. I grab him with one slick hand and guide him inside me. Our moans mingle together as slowly pushes deep within me. He bottoms out and holds himself in that position.

“Go ahead,” he commands gently.

In response I begin to rotate my hips, grinding my clit against him, sparks of desire bouncing up and down my nerve endings. I beg him to move against me but still he holds and bids me to use him. I grind harder and more frantically until I climax loud and messily.

“Please,” I implore him, “Please, Tom, fuck me.”

This time he does not deny me, pulling back and thrusting forward. I wrap my legs languidly around his back and he groans appreciatively.

“I love feeling you all around me,” he whispers to me.

I reply, “I love you,” before I have a chance to stop myself.

Without hesitation, he says the same and I know that our dance of denial, of staying faithful, of clinging to dying relationships despite every reason to jump has proven worth it. I only regret it took us both so long.

His body presses into me, our hips begin to drive and retract in time with each other. Our lips by each other’s ears, whispering our dirty lusts, our fantasies, to each other. For minutes we do nothing but yield to the feeling of our bodies coming together, enjoying the taste of each other, watching us fuck one another. Our hands explore each other, groping with blind abandon, trying to make up for lost time as if there would never be another chance.

“Will you cum inside me?” I tentatively ask, blushing a deep, dark crimson.

“Is…is that what you want?” he hedges.

“Yes…please! Never let…anyone before, but…pleasssssssssse,” I beg.

He says nothing in response, but alters his stroke to go deeper inside me.

“Harder!” I demand of him, “Faster!”

“Oh god,” he groans, “Feel so good, Jen.”

“Cum for me, Tom! Cum!”

“So close…”

“Oh god,” I think aloud, very loud, “I’m fucking you. I’m finally fucking you!”

His fingers find my clit, firmly tracing a circle over it. I grit my teeth and attempt to hold on.

“Cum,” he urges, his voice telling me not to resist.

“Yesssssssssss!” I scream, my climax obliterating everything but the sensation of his body against my own.

Moments later, he mutters, “Cumming.” I can feel every muscle under his skin tighten as if electricity is rippling through his body. Then, I could feel it, a wet, pulsing explosion propelling me to a smaller climax.

He collapses on me and rolls off. I catch a few drops of our comingled fluids and lick it off my fingers, making a note to taste it again and soon. He wraps his arm around and pulls me towards him. I drape my leg over him and feel the satisfying slick feeling of our sweat merging. We lay together gasping for breath and gazing at one another.

“Happy birthday,” I whisper and kiss his neck.

A silence fills the room as we just enjoy the culmination of overcoming years of avoiding our feelings and dedicating ourselves to bad relationships out of misplaced loyalties.

Then, he nuzzles my hair and breathes, “You know, it’s only 11:15.”

“Uh-huh…” I reply, my voice riddled with confusion.

“Well, I’m just saying, it’s still my birthday…”

I push myself up on one elbow and stare at him. “Insatiable?” I ask, eyebrows arching.

“For you,” he confirms.

“Good answer,” I reply, straddling him. And so began the second time of our lives together that we made love.

“Please. Have a seat.”

His hand grasped the top of the mission-style chair and pulled it away from the table, and he nodded with a smile. She returned it, eyes fixed firmly on the ground — or any space that wasn’t his own gaze, actually — and gracefully lowered herself to the seat.

“It’ll be just a little while longer,” he said, his voice calm and reassuring. “Good things always take time.”

As he disappeared into the kitchen, she watched him go, unable to wipe the silly schoolgirl grin off her face. Ann had met Alex after eating at his restaurant, one of the best-reviewed in town. She was immediately drawn to the way he treated cooking as an art, with an eye toward flair, toward creativity, toward making a statement with his food rather than just preparing something to cram into one’s mouth.

Alex was known in particular for one dish: his pork three ways. Brined pork chops, fennel sausage, and maple-candied bacon. It was a sympathy of indulgence on the plate, an aggressive display of meat that hit ones nostrils like a javelin to the chest, resulting in an almost lustful salivation. The effect of putting a bite of any of the three options in one’s mouth was a sort of orgasm on the tongue, one that lasted in real time for second but in the mind for long stretches of minutes, hours, eons — you just wanted it to keep on and on, forever trapped in your mouth. All three pork techniques together? Ann was hooked. She had to meet the man who could create this kind of culinary magic.

Soon, Anne found that just being in Alex’s presence had a sexual effect on her akin to a waft of his delicious food hitting the nostrils. It was immediate and overwhelming, something she noticed even on their first date together, and beneath her dress, her pussy dripped with wetness the same way her mouth watered for his cuisine.

“Sex and food are the same,” he once told her. “You do not eat just one dish, or one style, or one ingredient. You do not eat for mere practical sustenance, as if it was a chore to be over and done with. You do not cram food in your mouth, forgetting to stop and appreciate what it is you’re consuming.

“No,” he continued. “Food is meant to be savored. Every stab of the fork should be appreciated. You close your eyes, you raise the bite to your lips. You savor it. You breathe it in. You let the flavors dance around on your tongue for seconds that — if the bite is as it should be — seem to stretch forever. You eat because it is a visceral experience, a pleasure felt by your body in a very natural, primal way, and you want to feel it in new and exciting ways each time. Yes, you have old favorites in the recipe book that you return to time and time again — but each time you have them, it should be as if you’re having them for the first time.

“It is the same with sex,” he said. “It is to be varied. It is to be savored. It is something you close your eyes and let wash over you as though you are feeding your body with sensations. There are so many different ways to make love, an entire menu of options, and it is our duty as sexual human beings, I think, to give each dish its due, so to speak.”

“Each dish?” Anne asked. She had always been a little reserved when it came to sex; she knew what she liked, she knew what fantasies danced around her head in quieter moments, but then there were things she’d heard about that she could simply never imagine herself enjoying. “I don’t know …”

“You never know how you will like a dish until you try it,” said Alex. “You hear the term ‘sushi’ and think ‘raw fish’ — you may even think it sounds unappetizing — but until you try it, prepared by a master, the crude description belies the pleasure your taste buds receive. All foods are meant to be enjoyed, not repulsive, and the delights of the libido are the same way. Everyone has their own tastes, certainly … but everything is enjoyed by someone, and I enjoy learning why, don’t you?”

Anne had winnowed her eyes and smiled upon this remark, sizing up the man across from her. His sexual confidence baffled her, intrigued her, made her want to know more. She wasn’t sure if she agreed or not with what he was saying … but she found herself unable to pull away, the back of her mind racing with a million lurid thoughts.

“You sure have a way with words,” she laughed. “So eloquent!”

“What can I say?” Alex said with a lopsided grin, leaning back casually in the booth where the two sat and ate on their date. “You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a lot of stuff pops into your head. I’ve practically written an entire book like this in my own imagination.”

“I’d read it!” chirped Anne.

“I hope you’ll do more than read it,” said Alex. “It’s even better to live it.”

And now, that’s what Anne was doing. Having seen Alex for several weeks, things were going well. They’d even gone to bed, an exhilarating experience for Anne. But still, she was holding back. She hadn’t totally released herself to him sexually. When she looked into Alex’s eyes, she could percieve the kind of creatively–fired lust with which he saw her, but she wasn’t ready for that. Not yet. Or not to this point anyway. But every time Alex touched her and left her awash with the kind of deep-in-the-pit excitement that only he seemed able to supply — the kind that made her lips curl into a puckish grin and her head dizzy and unfocused, intoxicated by passion — she knew it was only a matter of time.

Tonight, however, Alex was treating Anne to his other forte — cooking. A special meal — his three-way pork — prepared to mark the one-month mark of the two seeing each other. The results were predictably transcendent. The first morsel Anne put in her mouth made her furrow her brow and coo in happiness. Alex had a gift, to be sure, and for right now, Anne was the sole recipient. Across the table, Alex smiled as he watched her indulge in his creation, studying her reactions, from the blatant to the subtle. He wanted to know exactly what made this woman tick.

“I have a very … promising weekend planned,” he finally told her when she had finished the dish.

“Promising?” she responded.

“Yes,” he said. “I want to get to know you and your body completely.”

“What does that mean?”

“Do you trust me?” he asked. His eyes pleaded with hers. Unexpectedly, Anne felt her fears melt away. All she knew in the moment was that yes, she wanted to trust him, and to please him.

“Yes.” She hadn’t even planned to say it. The word just leapt from her mouth.

“Good,” he said, rubbing his scruffy chin thoughtfully. “You trust me as a chef, right?”

“Absolutely.” That goes without asking, she thought.

“Then allow me to set this up as a sort of carnal feast,” he said. “Think of this weekend as one long meal of sexual indulgence, exploring different cuisines and different dishes each time.”

“Different dishes?” she asked. “What, are we going to eat while having sex?”

Alex laughed. “Would you be opposed to that?”

“I don’t know,” Anne said. “Now I’m curious …”

“Good: Curiosity is important,” said Alex, “but that’s not what I was talking about. I was speaking metaphorically.”

“Ah,” said Anne. “Hey, you’re into some out-there stuff. Can’t blame my mind for going there!”

“No, I certainly can’t,” said Alex. “However … I want to make my specialty out of you. Out of us. Together.”

Anne raised an eyebrow. “Okay …”

“Think of it as ‘Anne Three-Ways’.”

“I’ve got to warn you,” she said with a nervous chuckle, “I’m not going in that oven without a fight.”

Alex threw back his head and laughed heartily. “I wouldn’t expect anything less,” he said, “but you know that’s not what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said, still eyeing her beau carefully. “So … what do you mean?”

“You trust me?”

“As I said, yes.”

Alex stood up and grasped Anne’s plate to take into the kitchen. “Then you’ll see.”

Anne watched Alex walk away with the dishes. What had she gotten herself into?

A realization hit her. Old Anne would have worried about it. New Anne? An Anne with an Alex-shaped indentation on her psyche?

She was eager to find out.


* * *



“Come out, come out wherever you are.”

Anne reclined on the couch and waited for a reply. Covering her eyes was a sleeping mask. She couldn’t see, of course, but usually the point is to keep one from making an attempt to see, right? Strap the blindfold on so it can’t be pulled off, use handcuffs, tie you to the bed, something? Instead, the mask just sat lightly on the top of Anne’s nose with a flimsy string around the back of her head, her arms and hands free to move as they pleased.

“Aren’t you going to make it so I can’t take the mask off?” Anne had asked Alex.

He shook his head and shot her a knowing smile, his eyes penetrating deeply. “I trust you.”

Anne knew what that meant. She knew that he expected her to WANT not to see, to value the surprise that was to come rather than try to circumvent it, like a child who learns it’s better to not know what she’s getting on Christmas morning rather than sneaking a peek in the closet.

Still … Alex WAS taking a while, and she was getting a bit restless, a bit curious. And so she asked for him to come out of hiding, and was greeted with silence, save for a distant rustle in another room of the house.

Then came footsteps, creaking their way down the hall. The gentle whine of the door’s hinges as someone entered the room. Instead of heavy thuds against the floor, the volume of the rhythmic gait was muted; clearly, Alex — or whoever it was — wasn’t wearing shoes.

“Tonight,” he said in hushed, deep tones, his voice piercing the silent atmosphere, “is the first dish: Oral.”

“Oral, huh?” she responded, a little snark in her speech. “What, you want a blowjob? All you had to do was ask.”

Anne couldn’t see it, but Alex was shaking his head. “Sex is as much about the mouth as it is the genitals,” he continued, unphased by his lover’s clear skepticism. Each of our bodies has its own tastes, its own scents. You know the aroma that catches your nose when a plate of food is set in front of you? That’s a man’s musk, a woman’s natural perfume. The smell of sweat, the smell of a pussy, the smell of sex.”

Anne shifted, growing more anxious by the second. Alex went on: “And of course, smell and taste are connected. We start salivating before we even taste, but when we do … A man always remembers the first time his tongue lapped at a woman’s juicy cunt. A woman remembers the way her first cock tasted when it slid between her lips. The way his semen tasted when it slid down her throat. The way your lover’s mouth tasted the first time you kissed intimately.”

Anne’s hairs were standing on end now, her squirming more constant. “You even remember the way the body tastes with other, more familiar flavors.”

Suddenly, Anne felt a heavy, warm presence raise itself in front of her face. She instinctively opened her mouth, and in moved Alex’s cock. Thick and stiff, not impossibly long but a length that felt right for Anne, it filled the space between her cheeks instantly. Anne closed her lips around the shaft … and was surprised by what she found.

Alex’s dick tasted of chocolate. As Anne sucked on his manhood, the sugary sensation flooded her taste buds. She opened her mouth and gasped, taken aback, her lips curling up into a delighted grin.

“Alex, did you …?” His “shhh” interrupted her question, and she happily obliged. Her soft, pink tongue emerged from her mouth and licked the veiny hardness before her, slurping up a dollop of something thick and creamy.

She slowly lapped at his cock, all around the sides, up and down. She wasn’t giving a blowjob; she was enjoying dessert. The sweetness was addictive to her senses, heightened by the lack of sight. She heard slight sighs come from Alex’s mouth, punctuated by the occasional moan. The sound of Alex’s pleasure only made Anne lick more voraciously, as her juices grew thicker between her thighs.

In went the entire length of Alex’s cock into Anne’s mouth again, sliding deep into the damp oral sheath. Anne grasped him around the base of his member and pumped passionately — first, with a sultry leisure, like a hot, sticky summer day, then more vigorously, more violently. The chocolate was all but gone now; what was left was the taste of manly flesh.

Tiny moans escaped from the corners of Anne’s mouth as she sucked his dick, sliding her slips all the way up to his balls, his pubic hairs rustling against her nose. Alex then took Anne by the hand and lovingly helped her off the bed and onto her knees on the soft, carpeted floor. She felt submissive and girlish kneeling in front of her man like this, taking his cock into her mouth and pleasuring him so. In and out, his meaty rod glided between her lips, until he was teetering on the edge of climax.

Alex withdrew and turned around, so that he was facing the same direction as Anne. He stood directly over her head. “Open your mouth,” he directed, firmly but not cruelly. Anne complied. Alex lowered his scrotum into his lover’s waiting mouth, and she instantly took to the new sensation, the new taste — slightly sweaty, salty, rich — the new texture. She took each of his balls at a time, sucking on them forcefully, then both at once. She felt Alex’s body stiffen as the intense sensations rippled through her body as her lips vacuumed his most sensitive area. As she did this, Alex rubbed his still-erect cock around her face, her nostrils picking up the scent, still augmented by chocolaty sweetness.

Alex then took his cock in his hand and began masturbating himself, as Anne’s tongue lapped at his balls and deeper, behind them. Again, Alex muttered, “Open.” Like a bolt of lighting, into Anne’s mouth burst Alex’s cum, a sudden blast of sweet, thick cream. Like a rope, it shot from his cock and splashed against her tongue in waves. She closed her mouth after catching three dollops — starting out heavy, and tapering off, as Alex panted, spent from his orgasm — and swallowed. Anne had swallowed a guy’s cum once before, but it was bitter and sour; Alex’s, however, tasted entirely different, almost buttery, a little spicy, peppery.

“Oh fuck, Anne,” groaned Alex. “That feels so … incredible.”

Anne pulled away and ltook off the mask. She looked into Alex’s brown eyes, shooting him a sly grin. “You, good sir, are incredible.”

Alex took her hand and helped her off the floor, then nudged her to sit down on the bed again. She did, and then reclined onto her back as Alex leaned in over her body to reach her lips and kissed her fiercely.

“Now,” he said, his voice bathed in a rasp, “it is my turn to feast.”

Alex kissed Anne squarely between her breasts, then once, then twice on each nipple, sucking for a slight tug. His lips puckered their way down her milky white stomach, each little kiss like a breadcrumb he was leaving in succession as a trail down to her most delectable gingerbread house.

Once he reached her pubic mound, covered in curly dark hairs, he inhaled deeply. He had appreciated Anne’s uncropped bush, and found the heady brew of wetness and pheromones trapped within to be inebriating. There, he put out his tongue, and let it lick long and slow down her fleshy vulva.

Anne grasped Alex’s hair, squeezing a tuft of it as the first intense jolt hit her upon his tongue’s touchdown. “Unnnhh,” she moaned, low and guttural. Alex’s tongue, broad and flat, felt incredible against her tender lips. “That is –”

Before she could finish her sentence, Alex’s tongue swiped directly over her clit. Another rocketing sensation zapped Anne, and again she could only manage an, “Oooooh, fuck, Alex. Damn.”

Alex raised his head to look up at Anne and chuckled. “Fuck Alex? All in good time, sex kitten.”

Anne giggled. “Oh god, yes, am I your sex kitten. I will purr for you anytime if you keep doing that.”

Alex again lowered his head below the horizon of Anne’s mound and touched his tongue to her slit, slurping around this way and that. Eventually, the tip of his tongue found its way inside her hole and Anne gasped, grabbing tighter to Alex’s hair.

He licked back up toward her clit, and began a maddening swirl, his tongue going up and down, back and forth, like a swirling vortex. Anne lost herself in the intensity of her pleasure, time and space unfolding around her. The waves of pleasure were coursing through her veins now, making her light-headed. She writhed and wriggled, her knee occasionally popping up and settling back down, as Alex devoured Anne’s now-sopping pussy.

He pulled up for air, gasped, “You trust me?” and went back down. “Uh huh,” answered Anne. She wasn’t about to put the brakes on now. She was in the moment and going with it, whatever it was. She was slowly becoming putty in her lover’s hands … and his mouth.

She felt something hard lightly graze her asshole. Then she felt Alex’s hand squeeze and caress her buttocks. God, that feels good, Anne thought. Alex traced up and down the crack of Ann’s ass, then wet his finger liberally in her juices, which were heavy enough to sufficiently slick the digit. Alex then lowered his hand and touched Ann’s anus, softly poking against it to feel it out.

Anne wasn’t sure how she felt about this, having never been touched here before, but … well … she did say she trusted him, and everything felt so good … She didn’t voice any objections, and Alex let his finger rest against the puckered hole, which started to breathe against his touch, loosening itself gradually. Little by little, his finger sank inside of her until, before either of them knew it, he was in up to the knuckle.

The combination was mind-blowing. Alex’s tongue against her pussy was incredible, but Anne knew more or less what to expect; but complemented by this … God, it made her feel so FULL. And this was just one of his fingers! Her asshole gripped tightly around his finger and he started to rock it forward and backward, with slight, careful motions, so as not to lay too much on Anne too quickly.

“Ohhhhhh goddddddd,” she almost gurgled, her tones deep and husky now. The effect on her was incredible; the sensation of a tongue against her clit and a finger in her most private place — the feeling of it, the nastiness of it — had her overcome with lust.

“Feel good?” asked Alex, again grabbing a mouthful of air momentarily.

“Fucking awesome,” she replied. “You are soooo fucking my asshole.”

“Not really,” said Alex. “This is just a taste, like an appetizer.”

“It feels,” Anne began, then started laughing. She didn’t even know why. “I don’t know how to describe it …”

Alex grinned. “Dirty?”

“Oh, I am soooo your dirty girl,” she cooed. “I’m your dirty, depraved slut.”

“And you want more?”

“Oh god yes. Please.”

Alex’s tongue was now whipping around, causing a frenzy. The pace picked up and Anne was nearing the edge. She could feel the orgasm starting to rise up from her deepest places, threatening to wash over her, overtake her. At first, she tried to control herself, but then the pointless defense slipped away, and Anne gave in to her climax.

Anne’s body bucked. Her muscles stiffened. Her legs straightened out. Her grasp on her lover’s her became vice-like. “AHHHHHHHH!,” she wailed, trying in vain to muffle her scream with her arm. She leaned forward and pulled Alex up off her pussy up to her chest and leaned over to hold him tight to her as she exploded with pleasure.

Anne collapsed onto her back and could only pant, staring up at the ceiling. Alex crawled up next to her, looking into her still-wild eyes. His face was glistening with her juices.

Anne turned to reciprocate his gaze and grinned, laughing a little and shaking her head. She was completely spent, her body having been rocked in ways it had never before known. “How did you …?” she sputtered, words failing her in the moment. “What did you …?”

I slam my hand down on the alarm as it goes off at 6:30 am. Slowly, I blink my blurry eyes. Thankfully, it is Friday. I could certainly use two days off. I sit up in bed and look at the empty spot beside me. My long-time lover Linda is away for the week and will be back on Monday. It is lonely sleeping without her. I miss her warmth and how she gently caresses me even in her sleep. I drag myself out of bed to the shower. I wash my long blonde hair and soap up my body with my favorite plumeria body wash. After rinsing well, I turn the water off. I wrap one towel around me and another around my dripping hair. Carefully, I pick out my clothes, deciding on a black pencil skirt with a blue blouse. As a psychology nurse at a local clinic, I had to look my best; it was expected. I dry my hair with a blow dryer, then pull the thick mass into a French braid that reaches almost to my waist. I carefully put on my make-up of a light foundation and a golden green eye shadow that brings out the honey golden brown of my eyes. Once that is done, I finish with a pale coral lipstick. Finally ready for the day, I step into my basic black heels and grab my purse.

Spring has finally decided to arrive, and I am glad coat weather is now behind us. I walk out the door of my cottage-style house over to my car, a blue VW beetle which suits me perfectly. I hit the keypad on the key ring, unlocking the door. Getting in, I secure my seatbelt and head into town. The first stop is the drive-thru. My diet has always left something to be desired. How I have managed to stay a size 8, I’ll never know. But I figure there are worse vices than a morning breakfast sandwich. After getting my order of an egg sandwich, hash browns, and a mocha, I head to the clinic. I park in my usual spot and grab my bag. As I walk through the door, I smile at the receptionist, then head to my office. As I eat, I review the clients I have for the day. I had spent most of my twenties in school working on my RN and master’s degree in psychology. Now at thirty-three, I had been a nurse practitioner for five years. I enjoy my job even though it can be rather stressful. I finish eating and place the garbage in the wastebasket. Sipping my coffee, I sit in the silence, a very calming feeling, and wait for the receptionist to call me for my first client.

After about ten minutes, she pages me, and I start my day. It’s a day much like every other before, with me running between the clients’ rooms and my office. Spending twenty minutes with them, then ten minutes giving notes to be put into their files. Lunch comes and goes, then finally I am on my last client of the day. I was hoping for a day without incident, but it was not to be. My current client had a history of being non-med-compliant and was known for her irrational impulses. After ten minutes of speaking with her, I realize she needs some serious help. I cannot in good conscious let her go home in the condition she is in. So I make the call to Social Services and to the local hospital. Finally, after much red tape, an ambulance comes to take her to be admitted for a seventy-two-hour hold. I hope it will be enough or we will have to start paperwork for a commitment. I spend an extra hour after work talking with the doctors at the hospital and completing her file.

After I finish, I am beat and ready to call it a day. I drive home, and once I walk through the door, I sink back against it. Relieved to be back home, I step out of my shoes and wiggle my toes, digging them into the plush carpet under me. Comfort. I walk to my bedroom and start undressing. I throw my clothes into a hamper. Once I have all my clothes off, I slip into my silk lounging pants with a matching sleeveless top. I take a big sigh, a much needed breath of relief. I unbraid my hair, run my fingers through it, and massage the scalp. I walk out into the living room and sink into the reclining chair. It was well-cushioned and felt great against my back. Not in the mood to cook, I order out for a grilled chicken caesar salad. As I wait for it to arrive I flick through the channels on TV. I finally settle on the Discovery Channel and Cash Cab. It’s a fun show to watch. Twenty minutes later, my salad arrives. After I pay the deliveryman, I settle back into the chair and eat my salad. I savor it as they have an excellent salad with delicious homemade dressing.

Next on TV is Mythbusters. I enjoy the show so I watch as I finish my salad. Once finished, I get up and throw the dish away; easy clean-up, which to me is the nicest thing about take-out. I go back to my chair and continue watching the show. As one episode ends and another begins, I get a craving for ice cream. A sundae sounds very good, and after the day I had, splurging seems like a good idea. I walk into the kitchen and pull the stuff out of the fridge. Cherries, chocolate sauce, whip cream. As I grab the ice cream, I hear someone at the door. I walk to the front door in time to see it open and Linda walk in. Surprised, I smile.

“Sweetie, what are you doing home?”

Pulling her suitcase behind her, she comes into the living room and walks to the bedroom. “The meeting ended early, so I took a flight home today. Would have been home sooner, but traffic was horrible.”

I can hear her moving around the bedroom, and then she walks out dressed in a dark navy knee-length chemise that matches her eyes perfectly. And with her midnight hair, she looks beautiful. Plus, her lovely curves fill out the chemise nicely, I must say. I walk back into the kitchen, and she follows.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

“No, I stopped and ate on the way home.”

She walks over to me, sliding her arms around me, and brings her mouth to mine. She kisses me softly, lightly flicking her tongue against my lips. Then she draws back. “I missed you.”

“Missed you too.”

She looks at the stuff I still have sitting on the counter. “Making a sundae, huh? Must have been one of those days.”

“Oh, yes.” My eyes light up, looking at the toppings. “But I think I know how to make it a better day.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Not making a sundae anymore?”

“Oh, I am. But I’m going to make you the sundae.”

“Really? Do tell.” Her eyes spark with interest.

I lean in and kiss her sweet lips. Slowly, I brush my lips against hers, and then gently slip my tongue along the seam to sneak inside. I draw her tongue into my mouth and lightly suck. I just lazily swirl my tongue around hers, enjoying the kiss. I put my arm around her neck, cradle her head in my hand, and rub the other along the side of her body, slightly squeezing. As she moans low in her throat, I pull back. I quickly whisk her nightgown off and push her gently to the floor. She lays back, looking up at me.

“Time to prepare you.”

I watch as she quivers in anticipation. I grab the chocolate syrup and pour it over her breasts, coating them thickly. Then I continue a line down her belly and around her naval. Then I get the whip cream and put a generous amount over each nipple, and once again put a ring around her naval over the chocolate. I put the chocolate and whip cream aside and grab the cherries; drawing one out of the jar, I place it in her bellybutton.

Linda shakes, her voice unsteady. “It’s cold, but good.”

Leaning over her, I kiss and nip my way down her neck to her left breast. Slowly I lap up the cream and chocolate, my tongue licking over her body like a cat at its saucer. I don’t miss a drop as I clean her. Finally, I latch onto her nipple and suck it hard into my mouth, my tongue flicking over the pebbled tip. Linda arches her back, grabbing my head and pulling it to her. Then I switch to the other side, and once again I slowly clean her off. First the cream, then the chocolate. I moan low in my throat.

“You taste so good.”

After both of her breasts are perfectly clean, I lick my way down the trail of chocolate, lapping it up. I work my way around her belly, sucking hard and nipping with my teeth. With each bite, I feel her belly jump under my mouth, knowing she loves the hint of pain. I stop over her belly button and work my tongue inside to scoop out the cherry and chocolate. As I continue to lick, I can hear Linda moaning loudly; she clenches my head, pushing at it to make me move lower. I look up to see her face flushed and eyes glossy with pleasure. Once her belly is clean, I obey her insistent pushes and begin to kiss my way further down her body. Looking down at her sweet pussy, I lower my head to give just one lap from bottom to hood. Linda pushes against my mouth crying out, her fingers clenching my skull.

Then I take a cherry out of the jar and rub it against her hardened clit to mix it with her sweet nectar. I pop the cherry into my mouth, chewing then swallowing. Quickly, I lower my head and take her clit in my mouth, and sucking, to get every drop of juice. I swirl my tongue around and nip lightly with my teeth. By now Linda’s whole body is quivering.

She said, “More, please more. God, I’ve never been so turned on.”

I work one finger into her tight pussy to loosen her. Then I take a cherry out of the jar and push it into her. Then I add another, then two more. Whispering against her flesh, I ask, “Can you feel them?”

Moaning, she nods. “Oh, yes, I can feel them. Don’t stop now.”

I put my mouth back on her clit and suck. Gently, I scrape my teeth against it, then set my finger just at her opening and slowly wiggle it. After massaging her clit with my tongue, I move my mouth down to her own personal cherry jar. First, I just lap firmly with my tongue over her now gasping opening. With each brush of my tongue, I can feel more of her juices gush out into my hungry mouth. Suddenly, I plunge my tongue inside her to pull out one cherry. The cherry is thickly coated with her juices and sweeter than honey. I moan against her. I put my tongue back in to reach another cherry. I pull it out and chew it.

“Oh, baby, you taste so good. I have never tasted anything so good before.”

Weaving her hands through my hair she responds breathlessly, “You’re about to taste all of me in a few seconds.”

I go back for the third cherry, pulling it almost out of her. I watch her head thrash back and forth as I take it in my fingers and work it around her opening, then pop it into my mouth. Finally I go for the last cherry. I try to reach it with my tongue, but it is too far in, so I reach up with two fingers and grab it. As I pull it out, I curl my fingers up to brush her g-spot, causing her to cry out and thrust her hips into the air. I lower my head to lick up her nectar and the cherry juice. With the lick, I feel her body tighten and push over into a deep full-body orgasm. I keep licking at a fast pace, feeling her quiver against my mouth. As I keep her climax going, her thighs clasp me close to her so I won’t move back.

As Linda screams her pleasure and shakes, I work my fingers slowly back into her. Massaging her inside, I lick my way back up to her clit and start sucking again, trying to make her climax again. I work my fingers slowly in and out. On each withdrawal, I curl them slightly. Still I suck on her clit and swirl my tongue around it.

She cries out, body quaking. “I hurt so much, but, damn, I love this too much to make you stop.”

Then I add a third finger. I start to move my fingers faster into her body, working her hard. I moan, looking up at her with my eyes, pleading with her to come again. With my fingers moving inside her, she continues to make my hand even wetter; her slick cream drips along my hand and arm, even onto the floor under her. I keep pushing my fingers hard in her, curling them up to hit her sweet spot until I feel she is loose enough, at which time I add a fourth finger into her dripping body, it’s tight but fits. Now frantic with desire, I straddle her leg and begin rubbing my aching center against her; my own juices having long ago soaked through the silk of my pants. From the nonstop screaming of her pleasure since I inserted all four fingers, Linda’s voice becomes hoarse; but still she pushes back onto my fingers. With those same tormenting four fingers, I twist inside her and work them deeper into her, finally making my way in to my palm. She squeezes me tight, and I feel her gush out in excitement. I lower my tongue to lap up her sweet flowing juices. Finally, I lower my thumb; I push just the tip into her body then draw back out. I push a little more in, and once again draw back. Finally, with a hard push, I move my hand in until she swallows me to the wrist.

I hear her scream out in pain, in pleasure. “Oh, fuck, yes, don’t stop.” Her voice is almost shrill.

I work her with my hand, slowly at first, then harder. I twist my hand around inside her heated depths. I continue to caress myself against her leg, the drenched silk adding an extra friction that almost burns, but the even stronger burn further inside my body keeps me moving. She clenches at my hand almost as if uncertain to pull me deeper or push me out, but I keep my hand in and pump it. Lowering my head again, I take her clit back into my mouth, drawing it between my teeth where I lightly bite down and give the now throbbing bud slight tugs. With this new distraction, I then start to move my hand farther into her. My whole hand is in her up past my wrist. I push harder and faster, as fast as her tightly squeezing channel will let me. With my own orgasm close, I rub myself even harder against her, knowing from her gasps and body quivers she is on the cusp as well. I swirl my tongue around her and pull one last time on her clit with my teeth.

With that last tug, she screams, her whole body thrashing under me. I give my hand a final deep push, and rub my throbbing pussy one last time against her leg as I join her in bliss. For a brief moment, I feel as though I am thrust out of the world, my body unaware of anything but the pleasure racing through it. Eventually, I become aware of the world again and smile as I can still feel Linda rippling around my deeply lodged hand. I move back slightly and then gently pull my hand from her sopping body. I shiver at the sucking sound her pussy makes as it releases my hand. While she lays dazed, I tenderly rub her center, both her and my hand drenched. Slowly, she returns to her senses, beaming up at me before reaching out and pulling my head down to hers. With a burning kiss against my lips, she pulls back and chuckles.

“That was so good. I think my body will be glowing for days.”

I smile back. “I know that made my night.”

Linda sits up and rubs her hands over her body. “I’m sticky. I think I need a shower.” With a wicked grin, she looks back at me. “Perhaps you should join me to help clean me off?”

We both laugh and get up. She walks to the bathroom for the shower, and I eagerly follow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Note: I would also like to state that in real life one should be careful with their sexual choices and always use safe sex precautions. But this is fiction and in my own fantasy world people do not have to worry about STD’s or pregnancy. Nor is this meant to be used as a guide for your own sexual adventures. I can not assure that the scenes described above would be healthy or safe to practice in real life.

I never know what to expect with Steph. On one occasion, she might greet me at my door, purse at the ready, dressed like any girl ready for a “Hubby’s home with the kids” day out. The next time she calls, we’ll get the kids together and just talk over coffee amidst the yells and crashes from the toy room. But then, there are other days. Those are why I can never get enough of Steph.

On our last girls’ night out, I took Steph into the role of confidant, a new one for the both of us. I had so few female friends, and she so few married ones, that our friendship solidified one night at a noisy club.

“I’m so sick of the routine with my sex life!” I had moaned to her. “He says ‘suck me’, then a few days later ‘Oh, God, I’m going to come, fucking you’, rounding out with ‘can I fuck your ass’? Then wash, rinse and repeat!”

Steph’s expression was thoughtful, but she didn’t respond to my partially rhetorical rant that night.

Her answer came a couple weeks later, this time for a girl’s night in. Hours into it, I was so loosened by margaritas and squeal-worthy chick flicks that our husbands would have whined through that her question didn’t register to me right away. “Wait, what?” I giggled.

“I asked you how my little cupcake was doing today.” Steph’s face was calm, showing none of the flushed giddiness mine must have.

I blinked rapidly, not understanding. “I…um…I don’t know”, I responded, still giggling a little with my alcohol-infused fogginess.

The next moments seemed to happen very slowly in my blurry mind, but I found myself helpless to what was occurring. Steph had me laid on her coffee table, wrists and ankles cuffed to the legs, with my shirt and bra cut open before I uttered a word of protest. As my mouth hung open in surprise, she placed a candle like the one might find on a birthday cake- between my lips with the short command, “Close.” My lips closed automatically, without a single thought.

Steph rose from her place on the couch, pacing before me. “Dee, honey, I thought a lot about what you said those few weeks ago. And I can fix it. I can give you what you want, break things out of the routine. But you have to be okay with it.” She paused and looked at me. “Are you?” At my slow nod, she flinched. “There’s more.”

“I need you to trust me. Big time. Because there are things I would like to do to you that are…well, a bit different, and I’m not the type to let you say no once we start it. So, you have to trust me that you’ll like what I do, even if you don’t at first. Can you do that?”

Her expression was so hopeful, so devastating, naked and vulnerable. I couldn’t help but nod. Her answering squeal of happiness made me smile, even as she straddled me, a wicked look in her eyes. “Then let’s get started, cupcake.” She leaned over me, unlocking the handcuffs and leading me into their kitchen.

On the counter near the dining room table, I saw several mixing bowls, ingredients, and utensils. Their presence was curious to me, but I had little time to think about it. Steph circled the table opposite me, gripping my ponytail to yank me backward over the top of it. My arms once again were cuffed down to the table legs, leaving my body stretched out on the table.

I heard her grab a mixing bowl off the counter. After a few passes of a spatula through the contents, Steph began filling a pastry bag.

“So, I was on a bit of a baking kick, having to make cupcakes for that bake sale at school. And I realized, with all those teeny, tiny cupcakes, I never got to eat a single one.” Steph twisted the bag closed, a piping fixture fitted to the end. “So I decided I wanted my own personal little cupcake to eat.” As if to punctuate her statement, she pushed the end of the piping bag straight into my pussy.

The shock hit me so hard I gasped, my body bowing upward, the candle dropping from my mouth onto the floor. I felt her squeeze, forcing the sugary concoction of frosting deep into me. She released the pressure, leaving the bag hanging. The spatula in the bowl was retrieved, painting my tits with the cotton candy pink frosting. The thin layer she left had covered my breasts entirely. She then reached for the box of birthday candles. She pressed them into the layer of frosting, patiently waiting for each to dry enough to remain in position. My pussy spasmed at the feeling of her hot breath on my tits, each convulsion squeezing the bag inside me.

I saw the flash of a camera and saw the screen of her laptop light up with the image of two tits, expertly frosted and topped like an adult-themed birthday cake.

As I was preoccupied with the image, my brain registered the sound of a lighter. My eyes flew back to my decorated chest, to see her lighting the candles. I could see the first candle start to drip as she lit the last one.

Steph stood back, arms crossed over her chest. “Make a wish, Dee. Blow them out.”

I blew as hard as I could, most of them going out, but my stomach twisted as I saw them sparking and re-lighting. It was then that I realized my experiences with Steph could be much more sadistic than I imagined.

Steph squeezed the pastry bag into me a last time before extracting the tip from my pussy. The frosting had an odd feeling inside me, not liquid, and not solid. As I squirmed with the feeling, I felt Steph attaching my legs to the legs of the table as well. I noticed the candles each beginning to drip faster as they burned down, closer to my tits. I could see the heat beginning to dry the frosting out, baking the sugar into a solid crust.

A hard smack landed on my spread open, frosting-filled pussy. My shout of surprise was met with another slap. I stared, wide-eyed at Steph as she wielded the spatula. She calmly watched the change in my expression as her arm descended again to deliver a stinging slap with the rubber spatula. I cried out again, fighting against my bonds now with each spank.

My body squirming began to make the candles sputter and the wax spread. I felt a few drops, barely feeling their warmth through the layer of hardened frosting. Steph calmly reached down, extinguishing the candles that were nearest to burning me, without pausing her spanking on my bare pussy. It continued, on and on, an evenly timed spanking on my cunt.

Once she extinguished the last candle, the spanking stopped and she tugged my body up further on the table until my head hung backward over the edge. I was presented with her naked pussy, which she placed over my mouth, her expectation clear. My mouth busied quickly, my tongue lapping at her clit and thrusting into her wet hole.

Her moans escalated quickly, her hips rocking to force her cunt more fully on my face. She leaned over my body and I felt the cold marble rolling pin at the entrance to my sugarcoated cunt. She pressed it in as my tongue rocked on her clit. I moaned under the pressure, feeling the cold, un-lubricated pole trying to split me open.

“Oh, take it, cupcake. We have to get you nice and open for the rest of the frosting.” Steph’s voice showed the strain of trying to push the rolling pin into me from her position over my face. She pulled on it in forceful jerking motions. I squealed into her pussy as I felt it battering at the sensitive tissues of my insides. My tongue drove deep inside her, my lips sealing and sucking at as much of her cunt as was possible.

I felt her whole body shudder as she orgasmed, her pussy pressing down hard on my face. My mouth was flooded with the juices her cunt expelled. As she caught her breath, she lifted herself off my lips and walked around the table to push harder on the rolling pin she seemed determined to force completely into my pussy. I whimpered with the pressure as she bore down on one end. I collected a deep breath, nearly ready to scream when she pulled it out. She fucked me with it then, twisting and swirling it, stretching my hole open. The smoothness of it left little friction, leaving me frustrated with the need to come and no additional stimulant to enhance it. I once again felt the pastry bag inside me, filling the new space opened by the deep fucking of the rolling pin. With my head hanging backward, I wondered her next move. I felt a thin plastic tube at the entrance of my ass.

Moaning, I began to buck, trying to wiggle away. I was rewarded with another smack on my already sore pussy.

“Stop that, cupcake,” Steph commanded. “We have to oil you in preparation for baking.” At her words, the tube entered my ass with a flood of slick oil. Steph held up the rolling pin again, maneuvering to show me the pink streaks of frosting coating it. “I think this will be perfect for tenderizing the dough for my little cupcake, don’t you?”

My eyes went wide and my mouth open to resist, or scream, or something. Steph reached over and neatly fit her kitchen timer behind my front teeth. My noises, muffled by my inability to enunciate anything, deteriorated to panicked whimpers as she began to twist the rolling pin against my oiled ass.

I felt it break into my tight hole. I moaned, long and low. She pushed hard, twisting it in the slick oil as it pressed deeper and deeper.

I nearly cried as I felt the pain of it going so deep, but my brain seemed to rewire as I felt Steph’s tongue licking at my still frosting-stuffed cunt.

“Push it out, cupcake,” she demanded as her lips sucked at my pussy. “Push that frosting out so I can eat it all up.”

I sighed in pleasure each time her tongue teased over my clit, bearing down to squeeze the frosting out of me.

I should think things through better with Steph, because each time I bore down, I had to let up, which allowed the rolling pin to slide a partial inch further into my stretched out ass, wringing whimpers from me. Steph sucked at my clit each time I bore down, sending me higher and closer to coming.

Finally, I felt her fingertips as my ass closed around the rolling pin and she devoured my cunt, bringing me to a furious orgasm. My cunt and ass clenched, feeling full as my pussy continued to drip sugary frosting. Steph dragged her fingers through my pussy lips, bringing a handful of my cum and frosting mixture to my face. “What a good little cupcake you are,” she said, feeding the mix into my mouth behind the timer as it started to beep.


This is the first of many fetishes I would like Dee and Steph to explore. If there are requests, I’d be happy to attempt them! Comments are appreciated here.

Thanks to my Lit editor, DragonSlayer_OK, for the help!

Chapter 2 coming soon!

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