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Well, this was going to suck. It was going to be her first Valentine’s Day since high school that she didn’t have a boyfriend to celebrate with. No romantic dinner. No flowers. No late night love. And no prospects.

She knew that she could pick up some guy at a local bar, but that wasn’t how she did things. A one night stand would just make her feel worse. Besides, she’d never done that before. She’d always found a guy that she was attracted to and dated him for a while to see if it felt right. Then, a relationship and sex might follow. Or not. No, a one night stand wouldn’t do.

“Hello, earth to Sandra.”

She snapped from her trance to see Zach, smiling at her over the counter of the convenience store where she worked.

“Hey, girl, are you alright? You look a little sad.” Zach looked concerned.

“Oh, hi Zach. I was just feeling sorry for myself.”

“You? Hey, don’t get like that. You’re one of the most happy people that I know. What could possibly get you feeling sorry for yourself?” Zach reached across the counter and gently touched her arm.

“Well, we’ve always been honest with each other, so here goes. Tomorrow will be the first Valentine’s Day that I’ll be spending alone, and it kind of bums me out.” She knew that she could trust Zach.

“Ah, I don’t wanna get all gushy on you, but I was thinking the same thing today. Especially after what happened last year,” said a smiling Zach. “That was one for the record books.”

They both smiled as they remembered. A year ago. the two of them had been in a hot and heavy relationship. They’d spent Valentine’s Day together in Milwaukee. A nice hotel, a wonderful dinner, and dancing had led to a long night of sweaty, passionate sex. It had probably been the best night they’d spent together.

“See? That’s why I feel so bad. This year I’ll be sitting home alone, like some old maid,” she said.

“Come on, you’re twenty-three. You won’t be an old maid for at least another year or two,” Zach said as he squeezed Sandra’s wrist and grinned.

Sandra laughed as she swatted him on the arm. “Listen, buddy boy, I’ll look good for many years to come. You’ll always look like…you.”

“Ouch! I think that hurt.” But Zach was smiling and Sandra was smiling back. “OK, here’s an idea. We’re both a couple of losers at love. How about if I bring a couple of bottles of wine out to your place tomorrow night? We’ll sit and commiserate, maybe cry on each other’s shoulder. Or, watch a movie about love and feel like shit, then cry.”

“How romantic. But you forgot to mention the part where you’ll try to get into my pants. Because that ain’t gonna happen.”

Zach turned serious. “Come on, Sandra. You and I both know that’s not gonna happen. We agreed to end it for the right reasons. We had a blast, but we know that we’re not right for each other.” Zach took Sandra’s hands into his. “But let’s be friends. Let’s get drunk together and keep each other company on a lonely night. Please? We’ll help each other through this. And some day we’ll laugh at how pathetic we were.”

Sandra looked at him skeptically. “Can you really be just my friend for a night?” She softened. “I’d like that a lot, Zach.”

“I am your friend, Sandra.”

“OK. Let me go home and find my chastity belt, that’ll keep you away.” She was smiling again. “I’ll see you tomorrow night at my house.”

Zach leaned across and tenderly kissed her cheek. “Alright, fellow loser. I’ll see you around eight.”

The bell over the door sounded as another customer entered the store. Zach pulled back. “Find the most depressing love movie that you can, and stock up on the crying tissues.” He smiled, turned, and walked out.

Sandra smiled at his back. She felt a lot better now than she had before.


Her work shift ended at six, and Sandra was home by six-fifteen. She spent a little time tidying up, but she always kept the house clean so it didn’t take long. Her mom had taught her to keep a clean house.

“Oh, mom, why did you have to leave me?” Sandra asked for the thousandth time. Sandra’s mom, Kelly, had died when Sandra was nineteen. An accident at work had done it, when a large load fell from a forklift. Kelly had died instantly. Since neither her mom nor Sandra had heard from her dad in years, she had been left all alone. All she had left of her parents was this nice, small house just outside of town and some insurance money.

The town itself wasn’t much, either. Population four thousand, a few factories, and not much else. Everyone knew everyone else, it seemed. Sandra knew every boy in town, and to be honest, there weren’t many good ones to choose from.

Well, at least she had a ‘date’ for Valentine’s Day. It was time to find a crappy movie and check the tissue supply.


She wasn’t sure why, but Sandra found herself spending a lot of time getting ready the next night. While showering, she shaved her legs and armpits, then shaved her pussy smooth and bare. She hadn’t shaved it in a while, and now remembered why she liked the feel so much. She rubbed her fingers across the smooth skin, then across her inner lips. She was tempted to stroke her clitoris but knew that she wouldn’t stop until….. Instead, she turned off the water and dried herself.

She watched herself in the mirror as she finished drying, then stood tall. “There isn’t a boy on earth who wouldn’t want this body,” she thought. She was tall and curvy, five foot eight with dark, wavy hair cut at her shoulders. Her breasts were full and plump, with long, dark nipples pointing slightly upward. Thin but not skinny, her tummy, hips, and butt were softly padded but tight.

Her gaze then went to her nose, which she had always thought was too big. But as she looked, she realized that it fit her face perfectly, framed by her green eyes, wide mouth and full lips. “No,” she thought, “I’m a very pretty girl. Any guy would be lucky to have me.” She blew an air kiss at the mirror, then went to her closet.

“What the hell, I’m going to make him miss what he can’t have.” She selected a short black skirt, a dark blue top that she could wear without a bra, and a pair of black heels. Then she found her best black g-string and pulled it on. It felt nice against her bare pussy as she wiggled herself into it.


Thirty minutes later she heard a car in the driveway and went to the front door. As she opened it, she saw two more cars pull in. As the drivers got out, her mouth fell open. She was speechless as the three men walked toward her.

Zach bounded up onto the steps. “Hi, Sandra, I found some other lonely hearts to keep us company, I hope you don’t mind.” The other two young men came into the light as Sandra continued to stare wordlessly.

Finally, Sandra’s brain started working, and she squealed loudly. “Daniel! Jason! What are you…. how did you…?”

Zach cut in. “Well, last night, after we spoke, I went to the bowling alley for a beer and who do you suppose I found? Your other two ex-boyfriends! So we decided to give you a visit from ‘boyfriends past’. None of us are seeing anybody and we all wanted to see you.”

Daniel stepped forward and pulled a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. Jason stepped up and pushed forward a large box of chocolates.

Zach spoke. “We pitched in. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sandra.”

Sandra burst into happy tears as she hugged Zach, who gave her a kiss on the cheek, then gently pushed her down the steps. Sandra wrapped her arms around Daniel’s neck and pulled him tight.

“Oh, Daniel, where have you been? I’ve missed you!” She kissed him hard on the cheek, then turned her head and kissed him on the lips, now crying harder.

“And you, Jason,” she said as she released Daniel and moved to Jason. “How come I never see you anymore?” Throwing her arms around his neck, she planted a hard kiss on his lips as her tears ran down onto their faces.

Zach spoke softly. “Come on, Sandra, we’re all freezing. Aren’t you going to invite us in?”

The three boys helped Sandra up the stairs, and they all went into her house. When they got inside and closed the door, Sandra hugged them each again then pulled back.

“Oh God, I can’t believe it. The three loves of my life.” Sandra wiped her eyes as she got her crying under control. “And now I look like shit because you’ve ruined my makeup, you assholes! Give me a minute. Make yourselves at home,” she said as she fled to her bedroom.

“Well, I guess she’s glad to see us!” Zach said. “I’ll get the wine and beer from the car.”

At took a few minutes, but Sandra finally returned to the living room looking as good as new. Jason and Daniel were on the couch with a beer in hand, and Zach was putting a CD into the stereo. Sandra flopped into her favorite chair and picked up the wine glass that had been set on the table for her.

“Oh. My. God. I can’t believe that you guys are all here. A visit from ‘boyfriends past.’ ‘”


The conversation began as the four caught up on each other’s lives. They had all gone to high school together and had known each other for most of their lives. Another round of drinks brought more old stories and more laughter.

Sandra wanted to dance, so she found a CD of slow songs and put it on. “OK, ‘boyfriends past,’ I want to re-live my romantic life. At eighteen, I fell for a sweet and intelligent boy who sat next to me in band class. Daniel, may I have this dance?”

Daniel stood as Zach and Jason clapped and cheered. He pulled Sandra into his arms. She held him tightly as they slowly circled in the center of the room. The ex-lovers kissed when the song ended.

Sandra refilled her wine glass and continued standing as Daniel settled onto the couch. “Then Daniel was off to college. But being so far away from each other was too difficult for both of us, so we decided to set each other free.” She then cued up another song. “A few months later, I got locked in the church basement with a handsome boy that I had never really liked. I was surprised to find him comforting me about our predicament. When he broke us out of that church, we both fell on the ground, we were laughing so hard.” She held out her hand. “Jason, care to dance?”

Now Zach and Daniel were laughing and clapping. “Ha, he broke her out of a church!” Jason and Sandra pulled each other tight. Their tender dance ended with an equally tender kiss.

“But Jason and I were too strong-willed for each other. We both wanted things our way and didn’t know how to compromise. Our love was strong, too, but we could both see that we’d eventually drive each other nuts. So, we agreed to set each other free.”

“The next summer, my car broke down on the way back from swimming at Meyer’s Pond. I was hot and tired, walking back to town, when a horn blast nearly scared me to death. I turned to see a red Mustang slowing down. I smiled until I saw who was at the wheel. It was that jerk, Zach, who’d once pushed me off the diving board at the pool and nearly drowned me.”

“Hey, wait…” All four laughed as Zach made a feeble attempt to defend himself.

Sandra cut in. “But he surprised me. Zach was on his best behavior. He took me back to my car and tried to fix it. When he couldn’t, he got his dad to bring out the tow truck and tow my car to his shop. Zach fixed it and didn’t ask for anything in return. I was so grateful that I asked him to have dinner with me. Zach, would you please dance with me?”

Sandra held out her hand to Zach, who took it and tugged, pulling her tight. Jason and Daniel clapped and cheered as the dancers swayed. The dance ended with a hard, passionate kiss and clapping by everyone. They all freshened their drinks while Zach changed the music.

As they sat back down, Zach questioned Sandra. “Alright, let’s play the next round of Sandra’s ‘boyfriends past.’ Sandra, of the three loves of your life, who was the best kisser?”

“Oh, that’s easy”, she replied nonchalantly. “Daniel.”

“What?” asked Zach, “it was that easy to choose?”

“Maybe because Daniel was the first boy I kissed. Or because we spent so much time kissing! Remember, we were in high school and it was first love for both of us. We were kissing constantly. I guess that he just learned how to kiss me the way that I liked to be kissed.”

Jason smiled and said “Wait, you told me I was a great kisser!”

“You’re great, I loved kissing you. But something that Daniel did really got to me.”

It was Zach’s turn. “Alright, Daniel, Mr. Best Kisser, I wanna see what you do that she thinks is so good. Show Jason and I how you kiss Sandra.”

Sandra stood. “Come on, Daniel, kiss me.” She moved to the couch, sat sideways on his lap and leaned in. Daniel smiled at Zach and Jason, then moved in for the kiss.

They started slow and soft, just rubbing their lips together. Then, looking into each other’s eyes, they pushed their lips softly together and began softly smooching. Their mouths slowly opened and their tongues lightly danced. The slow build-up ascended into a deep, opened-mouth french kiss. Finally, Sandra pulled away while breathing hard, stood, and went back to her chair.

“Shit, I gotta admit, that was pretty hot,” Jason said softly.

“Daniel is the softest kisser that I’ve ever met,” Sandra replied. “And for me, that makes him the best.”

They were all silent for a moment as Sandra looked at Daniel, then at the other two boys. She filled her wine glass then excused herself. She needed a minute alone.

Sandra stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. “Be careful,” she told herself. She hadn’t had sex in months. She knew that if any of them had come here alone, she’d probably have taken him to her bed. If the opportunity came later tonight, she didn’t know who she would choose.

When she returned, Zach had another question. “So, was I the best at anything? And what about Jason? Come on, we must have some redeeming qualities.”

“You’re asking me my deepest and darkest secrets. I don’t know if I can answer that.”

Jason’s voice was smooth and deep as he answered. “Come on, Sandra. Shit, let’s be honest. We’ve all made love to you. You’ve made love to us. I could tell you what I think you’re best at.”

“So now the ‘boyfriends past’ stories are going to be include sexual comparisons?” Sandra asked. “Be careful what you ask for, Jason.”

“I’m with Jason,” Zach said. “We don’t have any secrets, do we Sandra? You and I started out trying to salvage Valentine’s Day by getting together to talk. Well, let’s talk. After you found Mr. Best Kisser in Daniel, what did you like about Jason? And me?”

Sandra looked at the three as she considered. She really did like them all, and she knew that she could trust each of them. And, she already knew the answer to the questions that they’d asked. She didn’t know where this might end up, but was ready for the ride.

“Alright. I’ve loved you all, and I trust all three of you. What we talk about here tonight stays between the four of us. Deal?”

As one, the three boys each said yes.

“Well, I’m drunk, so here goes. Daniel is by far the best kisser. Jason is by far the best at licking my pussy. Zach is by far the best at wild and crazy fucking.”

“But I never got to lick your pussy!” Daniel complained.

“And you didn’t want to try wild and crazy fucking!” Jason exclaimed.

“I know, I know. I guess I have to explain my sexual journey to you.” Sandra paused and surveyed their faces. “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She paused again. “Here goes. The sex lives of Sandra’s ‘boyfriends past.’ ” She took a big gulp of her wine.

“Daniel was the first boy I had sex with. We took each other’s virginity. After that we had good sex, but it was pretty much straight missionary sex with lots of kissing. He begged for me to suck him, and begged for me to let him lick my pussy, but I said no. I thought it was gross.”

“Then came Jason. I liked sex by then. He kept asking me if he could lick my pussy, and finally I said yes. The first time he did I came so hard that I saw stars. From then on, he licked me every time that he could. One night, I was so hot that I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a blow job. I found it to be such a thrill, to control his cock and his orgasm, that I became addicted to it.”

“The reason that I said Jason is the best at licking me? I trained him. We spent hours of me directing him about what I liked and didn’t like. He learned to lick my pussy in ways that drove me absolutely wild.”

“Then came Zach. By then, I was crazy for sex! I loved everything that he did to me. We’d suck each other every day. Then, one night, he asked if he could fuck me in the ass. Jason had asked me to try it, but at that time I thought that it, too, was gross. Well, I let Zach try it. We went slow, it took about an hour before he had his cock all the way in my ass. That night, I realized that all of the feelings in my pussy and my ass were sort of hooked together. He pounded my ass until I nearly passed out with pleasure.”

The boys looked at Sandra in silence. None of them could speak.

Sandra realized that she had crossed a line. Her pussy tingled as she crossed her legs. Her nipples were pushing out hard against her blouse. She was turned on, and she wanted….something.

Zach broke the silence. He had spotted the special look in Sandra’s eyes. “So, Daniel has never had one of your world-class blow jobs. And Jason never got to fuck your wonderfully tight ass. And you haven’t had you’re favorite pussy licking, from Jason, in a long time.”

Sandra’s eyes were wild as Zach stared at her. “Let’s start with you, Sandra. Would you let me and Daniel see you have an orgasm from your favorite pussy licker, Jason?”

Sandra stared at Zach for a moment, then jumped up and left the room. She immediately returned holding a towel, which she spread across her chair before she sat back down.

“Zach, you’re crazy. No one else would even consider saying that.” She looked hard at Jason. “God, Jason, I’ve missed your tongue. I must be out of my mind! Would you show these amateurs how to lick my pussy?”

Without waiting for an answer, Sandra stood, reached under her skirt, and wiggled out of her panties. She tossed them to Zach. Holding the front of her skirt down, she sat and spread her legs over the arms of the chair.

“All of these memories are turning me on. What the hell, you’ve all already seen it.” Sandra slowly pulled the skirt up to her waist, exposing her pussy to the staring boys. “Come on, Jason sweetie, make me cum, would you?”

“Holy shit, Sandra,” mumbled Daniel, “you look great shaved.”

“You’ve got one fine pussy, Sandra,” whispered Zach.

Jason sank to his knees in front of the couch, then dropped his hands and crawled toward Sandra. She smiled dreamily at him as he approached. Jason rose back to his knees as he got close, then quickly closed and kissed Sandra’s hard on the mouth. He pulled away looking into her eyes, then smiled, dropped slowly, and ran his tongue from her left knee toward her pussy. He stopped just short of it, then moved his mouth to her other knee. He ran a series of light kisses up the back of her thigh, but stopped short again. Sandra closed her eyes and sighed.

Zach and Daniel looked at each other and nodded before both moving closer. They both wanted to see this up close.

Jason kissed and nibbled Sandra’s thighs over and over, never quite getting to her pussy. Finally, he started planting sucking kisses where her outer labia met her thighs. Sandra moaned and squirmed, and began sliding her hands over her torso and breasts.

“She wants to play with her nipples, guys,” Jason said. “Daniel, why don’t you open her shirt for her?”

Sandra’s eyes were closed as Daniel unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. When he fingered the next button, she opened her eyes and smiled at him. He kept going until the last button was released. As he pulled the sides of the blouse open to reveal her breasts, Jason stuck his tongue deep into her pussy. Sandra squealed as she grabbed a nipple in each hand and pulled. Her eyes moved from Jason’s to Daniel’s to Zach’s. She had never been so excited.

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