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Alexis leaned over the kitchen counter in her tight pink belly shirt and watched as her mother prepared for her night out with her husband. She just smiled at her mom as she sat up on a stool with her elbows calmly placed on the wood counter. Her mom jingled through her purse looking for her wallet, hurrying to get ready for before her husband got home.

“So when are you and dad headed out?” Alexis asked as she shook her tiny butt behind her. She smiled as she asked, knowing that her mom and dad were going to be gone soon.

“As soon as he gets back. Probably in a few minutes.” Her mom answered. “You know you’re not going out tonight, right?”

“I know, I know. Stay in and get your homework done.” Alexis answered, trying to sound annoyed by her mom’s orders, but actually quite okay with it.

The fact was that they were not Alexis’s real parents, for Alexis’s foster mom could not conceive a child. They adopted Alexis when she was five years old, and Alexis seemed to be their good luck charm for the past thirteen years with her had been astonishing. Alexis’s dad had won the lottery; not a large sum, but enough to make life much easier for them and their daughter. It was an easy life that Alexis seemed to just fall into. Yet as much as she loved her foster parents, Alexis loved something more than that: being away from them. She was a teenager, and like any teenager, Alexis would rather have their large home to herself to do with as she pleased.

Alexis found it harder and harder to get any time alone anymore. Between classes, cheerleader practice, and her parents waiting for her at home, she was always busy with something. Alone time was something that Alexis cherished more than anything and tonight she was finally going to get more than the brief moments in her bedroom or the bathroom. She knew that every second tonight that she had the house to herself was going to matter, and she had plans. With her mom only minutes away from leaving, there was one special friend she liked to spend her ‘alone time’ with.

As Alexis’s mom left the kitchen, this eighteen year-old red head smiled for she knew that her mom and dad would be gone for over an hour, and she was eager to get some quality time to herself. As her mom disappeared up the stairs, Alexis popped her slender body up off of the kitchen counter and darted up the stairs after her. In her tiny jean shorts and tank top, Alexis soared up the staircase at amazing speeds. She was on a mission and had to get things prepared for every minute she had alone mattered. She quickly slipped into her bedroom, snatched her cell phone, locked the door behind her, and then darted back out of her room and down the hall towards the bathroom. She knew she had locked herself out of her bedroom, but she didn’t care. The attention was now on the bathroom. With her cell phone in hand, Alexis ducked into the bathroom, and locked the door.

She sighed for she was safe from prying eyes for the time being, and she needed to be ready. Being ready for Alexis meant more than just calling someone on her cell phone: Being ready meant being mentally prepared for the hour she had the whole house to herself.

Safe and alone, Alexis held the phone out in front of her in the palm of her hand. She just held in there, unopened and still. She stared at it with her teenage-eyes, expecting it to do something. As Alexis, the lovely high school cheerleader with the fiery red hair stared at her cell phone in her hand, it lifted into the air. The cell phone calmly floated out of her hand and a few inches above her palm, and Alexis was not the least bit surprised. She just smiled as she lowered her hand to her side, and her cell phone remained in midair as if it was held up by invisible forces.

Alexis, the everyday teen, had telekinetic powers: powers she kept a secret from everyone.

Alexis continued to hold the phone up in the air with her eyes, and flipped it open. As calmly as she would with her fingers, Alexis punched numbers into her floating cell phone with her mind. After a few magic touches of her phone, she sent out the text message that read ‘My bedroom. Ten minutes. It’ll be safe.’

With the message sent, Alexis need to prepare more. Now the light little cell-phone was so easy for Alexis to move through the air with her thoughts. Even the hairbrush, the shampoo bottle, and the hand-towel that were now floating around the bathroom were easy feats once again. Alexis spun them in the air as her telekinetic powers surfaced and giggled. She had done a lot to keep her powers in the back of her mind, and it did take a few moments to bring them out into the forefront.

Alexis was far from done. Still holding the objects up with her mind, Alexis sighed, and closed her eyes. She let her mind go steady, and remained as quiet as possible. She let her eyes roll softly around in her own head as she relaxed her own thoughts.

“He better be here soon. Dammit. Where did I put that jacket?” Alexis heard. “No. No. No. It’s not … there it is!”

Alexis heard a voice, although there were no sounds with her in the bathroom. This was because Alexis, the quintessential teenager, had telepathic abilities. Alexis’s eyes flew open, and she smiled for she heard her mother’s thoughts from across the house. Not only could Alexis hear what her mom was thinking as if she was speaking it to her, but Alexis could also project her own words into her mind so that she had to hear it. Alexis had to be careful not to want anything like that with too much desire, or her mom just might hear her voice speaking directly into her head.

It was no doubt that Alexis’s mind was a magical treasure. It was a secret she didn’t mind keeping from the world around her, for she used it to her advantage from time to time. Her mind could move things through the air and give her great ease with her life. Her mind could also pry into the minds of others, which made school work at test taking so much easier. There was always one of her classmates that knew the answers to any test she had to take.

However, it was more than just Alexis’s mind that was something special: it was also her body. Sure her body was hot, probably the most desirable in the school. Her long legs, her firm butt, her tiny waist, her lovely round breasts under her tight tank top, and her long luscious wavy red hair landed her several proposals for dates on a weekly basis. But it wasn’t even her cute desirable figure that made her body so special. What made it special was a fact far more desirable, and that everyone on Earth wanted.

Alexis looked down at her own toes; her bare feet that she had run up the stairs in only moments earlier. She looked down at her body; her lovely body in the tiny jean shorts and tank top. She looked down at her painted toes, and wiggled them ever so slightly. Then with a little bit of thought and a little more desire, Alexis watched as her cute little toes, along with her entire body, was simply plucked off of the ground. Alexis’s entire teenage body floated slowly into the air along with the various items that floated around her. She held her arms out away from her body and watched as the ground slowly fell away from her body. Alexis smiled as she rose above the bathroom floor, resisting gravity and floating higher and higher. Two inches became seven, and seven inches became two feet as Alexis calmly levitated into the air.

Alexis, the cute red-headed cheerleader, could fly. Wether in was inches or miles, gravity could not pull her magical body down.

Having defeated gravity in more ways than one, Alexis took her phone back into her hand, and set the other objects back in their rightful places. Still floating a few feet off the floor of the bathroom, this teenager still had more things to bring out in her; a lot more. Alexis stared at herself in the mirror, her young firm body trapped inside her teenage clothes, and focused her attention on the mirror. She closed her eyes, and shook out her entire body as it levitated, shaking out any doubt of what she could or couldn’t do.

Alexis opened her eyes once more, and began to float her teenage body towards the mirror. She didn’t slow down as she approached herself. She kept her eyes focused on her own eyes as her reflection came closer. She even sped up her flight as her forehead was about to crash into the glass. But crashing into the mirror was not on Alexis’s agenda. She sighed a calm sigh as her face, head, breasts, waist, ass, tights, legs, and feet passed right through the mirror, as well as the wall behind it.

Alexis, the eighteen year-old resident of suburbia, could not only walk through walls; she could fly through them. She could pass through objects as well as let objects pass through her own body. She could become intangible.

It wasn’t long at all before Alexis’s teenage body popped out of the wall of her own bedroom, having passed through the bathroom wall into the safety of her own bedroom. She softly floated above her own bed in her tiny jean shorts and tank top. She smiled as she looked down at her disheveled teenage room from above, feeling her magic flow through her veins.

Every teenage girl had secrets, and Alexis’s secret was her impossible magical powers.

She heard her mom walking down the hall, past her bedroom, and she remembered she still had to be careful with her powers around her foster mom. Knowing that her powers had indeed returned to her, Alexis had to cover her tracks. She looked over to her own bedroom door, and it unlocked by her magical command. Alexis turned her firm body back towards the wall, and slipped back through it without a second thought. Her body floated back out from the mirror of the bathroom, and she landed back onto the floor of the bathroom.

In a flurry, she rushed out of the bathroom, darted down the hall, and into her teenage bedroom once more. She had not received a reply from her text, and that was a bit odd. Usually she received a reply quite quickly. Since time was very important this evening, Alexis grabbed her phone and dialed with her hands.

“Hey!” Alexis said on the phone. “Yeah, they’re leaving soon. Yeah, come over in like fifteen minutes. What are you doing? Really? Well, don’t get mad if I get started without you. Just come over as soon as you can, I think they’ll probably only be gone for like an hour or so. Okay. Love you, honey. Bye.”

“Honey! Your dad is here!” Alexis heard her mom shout from downstairs. “We’re taking off. Make sure you have your homework done.”

“Okay, mom!” Alexis shouted back. Alexis then froze. She didn’t move. She stood there in the exact same spot. She waited until she heard the front door to the house slam. Then in that instant, she hopped over her bed and looked out the window as her mom rushed out to meet dad in the car. She watched as her mom climbed inside the sedan. She watched as her parents drove away. She was alone in the house, and she couldn’t wait to have her alone time.

“Like hell I’m waiting.” Alexis said to herself.

Alexis bounced back across her bed, and stood before her mirror once more. She looked at her entire body in front of her full-size mirror, and smiled for she loved how hot she was. She liked how she looked. She loved how she looked. She loved her slender young body and her firm C-cup breasts perking up under her shirt. She loved her long slender legs that remained quite bare with her tiny jean shorts covering up her young firm ass.

She leaned up against the mirror, placing one hand upon the glass itself. She couldn’t help but get turned on at the sight of her own young body. She couldn’t help but think of what was coming that night. She couldn’t stop her other hand as it moved up her side, feeling the soft skin of her waist. She didn’t want to stop her hand as it moved up under her shirt and around her right breast.

In the mere seconds that the house was hers, Alexis was instantly enjoying her own body. She played with her breast under her shirt, leaning hard against the mirror as the oils of her palm smudged the glass. She moved her from her breast back down her firm tight stomach, and quickly unbuttoned the button on her tiny jean shorts. She was in a hurry to get herself off now as her hand glided under her pink panties and found its way around her shaven pussy. With her hand plunged down her jean shorts, this eighteen year old red head began to play with her pussy as she propped herself up against the mirror. Her jean shorts fell to her ankles as her hand glided inside her pussy.

“God, I need to fuck someone.” Alexis cried out. She looked at herself in the mirror; her hand down her own tiny pink panties, her lovely breasts begging to be played with has they perked out of her shirt, her long fiery red hair dangling behind her. She couldn’t help but enjoy looking at her slender young body in the mirror. She was so turned on by her own body that she couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t just wait anymore. She was going to fuck herself.

Yet, masturbation was not enough and she was in dire need of some serious sex. She wanted her pussy licked. She wanted her breasts sucked. She had to get it on with someone. She looked up to her reflection as her reflection was enjoying her body as well. She looked at her face in the mirror and saw her own need for sex. Her face looked back and her, and begged Alexis for sex.

“You wanna fuck?” her reflection suddenly asked her.

“Yeah.” she responded, and suddenly her reflection fell backwards against the bed within the mirror, breaking her mirrored responses. Alexis dove after her reflection, passing through the glass of the mirror and stepping into an identical room to her own. She looked down at herself on the bed, begging her to join her. Alexis wasted little time in jumping on top of herself and pressing her young body against the identical one that she had seen in the mirror.

Alexis, while her parents were out of the house, had decided to copy herself with her magical powers.

With a little help from a mirror, or sometimes even just a powerful thought and enough magical concentration, she could split her conscience in two and exist in more than one place at the same time. With a body as amazing, firm, and young as hers, even she couldn’t herself. Alexis was the epitome of a narcissist, and she loved to have sex with herself. Neither the Alexis that was on top nor the Alexis that was held down on the bed was the real Alexis anymore; they both were.

As Alexis straddled herself on her own teenage bed, she arched backwards and lifted her shirt over her head. The twins as they quickly removed each others shirts, getting free from their tank tops and working frantically to get each other naked. They tossed their matching tank tops aside, and continued to grope each other’s bodies as nothing remained to cover them up except for their matching pink bra and panties. Alexis and Alexis rolled over and over on top of each other. They giggled and tickled and kissed and groped. Alexis truly loved her own body. Alexis was beginning to confuse herself as she rolled over and over her dual bodies, messing the teenage bed below. She finally ceased, and looked down at her identical eyes that looked up to her. With her hands on her own wrists, she pinned herself to the bed, and leaned to kiss herself.

“I’ll be Ally …” she started, and then softly kissed her matching lips “… and you be Lexi.”

“That should make things easier for later.” Lexi told Ally as she looked up at herself. “Shall I get ready?”

Lexi nodded and let Ally do the honors. Ally focused her teenage magical powers, and looked down at herself lying before her in her pink bra and panties. There was so much bottled up magic inside Alexis that she couldn’t wait to unleash it. Some of her magic was easy to use, and sometimes accidental. Then there were some magical powers that Alexis had discovered within herself that required lots of focus and concentration. She had to be careful not to harm herself or the reality that went on around her.

Lexi looked up at herself from below, and watched as the redhead above her simply pointed down at her young breasts. With her finger extended down at her twin, Ally closed her eyes and searched for her magical powers. She searched her amazing mind for the will to do whatever she wanted, and found it. She opened her eyes once more, retaining her thoughts and her focus, and watched as Lexi’s young breasts started to expand and grow upward. Lexi felt the magic flowing through her breasts, and she smiled as she looked down at her own body, enjoying the sight of her breasts growing larger. They inflated, expanded, and grew larger and firmer by Ally’s will. Lexi’s breasts began to stress the limits of the tiny pink bra until the bra simply snapped off her chest. The clones giggled as they watched the pink bra flop off of Lexi’s body, revealing her gorgeous large new pair of breasts for them to play with. Free from their constraints, Lexi ran her hands up her own body and feel their weight.

Alexis, the hot young high schooler, could enhance her own body and reshape it how she wanted. It was no wonder she was so amazingly hot as she had crafted her own body with her magic. She gave herself the slim figure, the long legs, and lovely breasts, and the gorgeous smile with her own powers. She made herself beautiful with her thoughts, but was also careful not to over-do it in the public eye. Yet behind closed doors, she could look as hot as she wanted to be. She could be as slender and as busty and as voluptuous as any girl in any magazine or dirty movie. She could be a sex god of infinite beauty.

Lexi continued to caress her new breasts, missing the feeling of the perfect body in her hands. Her breasts were so full and mature. They were no longer the breasts of an eighteen year old but that of someone at least ten years older. They were exactly what girl with her powers should have; perfect, full, round, flawless firm double-ds. Now her new giant breasts atop her slender young body, no one, not even Alexis, could not help but stare.

“I hate those little high school tits.” Lexi admitted, feeling her own breasts. “I wish I could have these all the time.”

“I know.” Ally said as she looked down at her own smaller breasts, and then down to the pair she had just given her clone. “Let’s fix these puppies up, too.”

The snap on the back of Ally’s bra suddenly and magically unlatched by Ally’s command, allowing her young breasts to be free as her pink bra fell off her body. Free from their confines, Ally playfully shook her small breasts about, swaying her waist and shoulders as if showing off her breasts to her clone. Lexi looked up at her copy and they both giggled as Ally shook her breasts about. Lexi soon noticed that as Ally playfully shook them left and right, they began growing larger as well. They slowly inflated, swelling up by the magical powers that Ally was still unleashing. Lexi lie on her back and placed her finger coyly in her mouth as she watched Ally’s breast grow, dancing before her.

“That’s better.” Ally said, ceasing her playful dance and running her hands up over her new breasts. After giving herself a new set of larger breasts, the topless twins known simply as Alexis embraced once more. With their new with larger, firmer double-d breasts to play with, they kissed and squeezed and pressed their young bodies together. These redheaded high-schoolers ran their hands up and down their matching sides, feeling their soft young skin as they lie atop each other. Ally leaned down at kissed Lexi once more and let her mouth open wide for herself. It’s a common myth that young girls practice kissing with each other, but only Alexis could practice with herself. There was no better kisser; in Alexis’s mind, that Alexis. She loved to let her tongue linger in her own copy’s mouth for she knew just how to caress it, how to move it, and how to taste it. Ally closed her eyes as Lexi sucked on her tongue. She ran her hands up around Lexi’s giant breasts and pushed her own down against them, smashing their softness and fullness together. Lexi snuck her fingers under Ally’s panties and let her hand ease down her firm ass. She pulled Ally tighter against her body as she begged for more of her.

Feeling the passion growing and wanting more of it, Lexi pushed Ally over, rolling over her matching body and shoving her against the pillows. Ally bounced onto her back as her copy looked down at her, and waited for Lexi to do what she knew she wanted to do. Sharing her mind, Ally knew what was to come next, and she held her hand for Lexi to take. Lexi slowly backed off of the bed, and took Ally’s dainty hand into her own. Lexi closed her eyes and focused the magical powers inside her own teenage body, hoping to do the impossible to enhance her sexual romp even more.

Ally looked down at her own body as it suddenly began to glow a faint red glow. She wasn’t the one doing it; Lexi was casting her magical powers upon her. Ally giggled as her body glowed brighter and brighter, and she then looked up to Lexi whose own body was beginning to glow as well. Lexi was in a deep magical trance.

With a yank, Lexi pulled Ally off of the bed, and tossed her onto her feet. Ally had no choice but to bounce her topless body upward. Her large breasts bounced as Lexi held her hand and helped her retain her composer. The two twins looked to each other and smiled, standing eye to eye and nipple to nipple. Ally stepped up against Lexi’s body and allowed their bare breasts to rub together as they moved into a sensual embrace. Together Ally and Lexi then looked over to their shared bed, where Ally was still laying in wait.

Alexis had ripped a third copy out of herself, and now there were three Alexis’s in the teenage bedroom.

The Alexis that remained squirmed alone on the bed before herself. She ran her hands up and down the sides of her body, feeling her trim waist and her large breasts. She lifted her legs into the air, and let her fellow bodies watch as her panties started to rise up off of her body. She let her tiny pink panties slide down her long legs, pulling them off of her body with her mind and revealing her tight pussy. As she got herself naked, she began to float slowly off of the bed before her twins. They watched as this gorgeous red-head rose into the air. They drooled as they watched her hands roam between her legs and feel her pussy that was already wet with desire. This third Alexis levitated higher and higher in that bedroom, embracing her teenage magic and letting her extra pairs of eyes soak up the beauty that was her bare body. Finally she spun about above the bed, lounging in midair, and looked to her fellow bodies.

“I’ll be Isis.” she said as she floated a few feet above the bed, with her large breasts standing at attention and her eager pussy just waiting to be played with. That was all that needed to be said as Ally and Lexi’s toes were plucked from the ground under their own magical powers. Isis opened her arms as Lexi and Ally joined their fellow body in the air.

Existing in three identical bodies at the same time, the powerful teenager Alexis turned masturbation into a lesbian threesome. Six arms, six long legs, six wonderful breasts, and three wet mouths multiplied the sensations that the single consciousness of Alexis was receiving as these triples let their bodies rub together. With Isis in the middle, Ally and Lexi tossed their legs over hers, and straddled each of her teenage legs. With a breast for each of them to play with, Lexi and Ally took turns kissing the nude Isis and tasting her lips. As they continued to feel each other, the red-headed threesome lowered back onto the teenage bed and rested comfortably on the blankets that lined it.

Isis tossed her long red hair back and pressed her breasts into the mouths of her lovers. She arched her back and let her body lie backwards on the bed as Lexi and Ally enjoyed her nipples. They sucked and pinched and bit them softly, sharing the sensations they were giving. They could feel each touch they were giving as the essence of Alexis flowed through all of them. Isis placed her hands on the heads of her lovers, running her fingers through their long red hair as they continued to play with her sensational breasts.

“I want more.” Lexi told Isis as she looked up into her eyes.

“So do I.” Isis said, and she pushed Lexi down her body. Lexi continued to kiss Isis’s firm stomach as she roamed down her extra body. Lexi pried Isis’s legs apart as she kissed her belly-button. She continued to kiss down her stomach and let her tongue glide down her shaven pussy ever so slightly. Lexi teased herself as let the tip of her tongue glide of Isis’s pussy just as Isis wanted it most of all. Lexi looked up from her position between her own legs, looking up at herself as she looked back down. Ally was still in love with Isis’s breasts, but she couldn’t help but take notice as Lexi was about to give all three of them the same sexual sensation.

Without much warning, Lexi extended her tongue and touched Isis’s awaiting clit. She flicked and teased it as Isis and Ally both moaned in unison. Ally could feel Lexi’s skilled tongue on Isis’s clit, and she moved her own lips to meet Isis. Isis let Ally’s tongue come into her moaning mouth as Lexi dove her tongue into her pussy. Lexi lapped and sucked and pulled at Isis’ wet pussy with her tongue as she buried her lips into her body. With her mouth covering Isis’s wet pussy, Lexi looked up and watched her-selves furiously begin to make out, rolling their tongues outside their mouths and running their hands over each other’s matching breasts.

This was Alexis’s magical way of masturbation. It was her own way of playing with her pussy in private; getting herself off when no one else was around. The difference between Alexis and the rest of the world was that she was allowed to have more than one body if she wanted, and that made eating herself out that much easier to do. Above that, no one else could judge her for her naughty act for none of her classmates, family, or the public knew about her cloning powers. She was sure that if they had the same powers she did, and the same homosexual tendencies that she shared with some of the world’s teens, they would most likely do the same.

Ally tossed her leg over Isis’s identical body so that she could put her glorious breasts in Isis’s face. Isis took the opportunity to get some tit-play in as Ally arched her back and pressed her lovely breasts into Isis’s awaiting hands. Lexi’s own hand found its way between her own legs as she lie on her stomach. She couldn’t help but slightly massage her own clit as she tasted herself. She eased her hand in and out of own pussy as she tasted the one in front of her face. She lovingly licked and sucked as she fucked herself with two of her own fingers; fingers that she had made a little longer just for this occasion.

Ally was overtaken with sensation. Fingers in her pussy, a tongue sucking her clit, hands on her breasts: she felt it all. She straddled Isis as Isis took her breasts into her mouth and sucked on her petite nipple. Ally ran her hands up her sides as she felt Isis’s teeth softly nibble at her breast. She ran her hands down over Isis’s face, a face she saw every time she looked into the mirror. Isis just smiled back up and her, then closed her eyes and smothered her lovely face between her epic breasts, feeling their softness against her face.

Lexi slipped three fingers into her own pussy and watched as Ally arched her back as she felt the sensation as well. She pulled her body momentarily away both Ally and Isis felt the deep penetration. Not seconds passed when Lexi pulled at Isis’s clit with her mouth, sucking up the tasty juices of her pussy and sending magical sensations throughout their identical bodies.

“Fuck!” Ally cried, and she threw her long red hair back and looked up to the ceiling. Her hair fell back and grazes Lexi’s own as she lie behind her. Ally felt magic flowing through her, and she couldn’t contain it any longer. Lexi let go of Ally’s waist and watched as Ally let her legs lift off of Isis. Lexi looked up and smiled as she watched Ally slowly begin to float into the air above the bed.

Knowing that her magic was getting stronger the more she played with her own body, Lexi had decided to turn it up. Faster and faster she started to fuck her own pussy with her fingers as she sucked on Isis’s in the same moment. It was too much for this red-head to take as Isis clinched the bed below her and watched herself float into the air. Ally too was feeling the amazing feeling as she watched Isis get orally pleased. She could taste Isis’s pussy on her own lips as Lexi lovingly licked and sucked up her juices. She could feel the fingers inside her as she saw Lexi fuck herself deeply with three fingers.

Isis let her head rock back against the mattress, and with her head and her long hair dangling off of the bed, her room spun upside down. She looked up to the ceiling and saw Ally had found herself bumping up against the ceiling as she reached the limits of her levitation. With her back against the ceiling Ally ran her hands all over her young body, a body that was becoming quite sweaty as her breathing increased. She got a full view of Lexi eating Isis’s glorious pussy, and the sight combined with the sensation was almost too much for Alexis to handle. Isis looked up and watched Ally begin to pay with her own breast with one hand while fingering herself with the other.

Alexis wanted to cum. She, in three separate bodies, wanted to cum three times over.

Sucking on Isis clit, Lexi pummeled her own pussy with her fingers, and she began to feel Ally’s fingers upon her own. The sensation was far too great as a minor tremor hit suburbia. Isis looked up and saw the pictures that crowded her dresser were shaking ever so slightly. The windows vibrated subtly in every house in the neighborhood as Alexis’s magic was flowing out of her body. Alexis’s telekinesis was causing a minor earthquake, and as sweat began to drip down all three of her foreheads, she knew it was time.

“Fuck!” Isis cried out.

“Yes!” Ally screamed in the same moment.

Lexi moaned a pleasurable moan into Isis pussy as she kept her lips firmly around Isis. As Alexis clinched the bed below her she came into her own mouth. She also arched her back against the ceiling in pleasure as she tasted the taste of herself. It was too much to handle as Alexis came over and over and over again in the same moment in time. Lexi’s body jerked as the feeling overcame her, and in screamed out in pleasure.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, and in that moment, Ally, Lexi, and Isis’s bodies began to glow in unison. It was becoming impossible for Alexis to stay in three places at once, Alexis could no longer keep her focus. Isis felt her body suddenly being dragged across the bed toward Lexi, and Ally was pulled from the ceiling. Isis’s nude body slid under Lexi and Ally’s body fell on top as suddenly Ally, Lexi, and Isis merged back together into one hot red-headed body.

Whole again, Alexis collapsed onto her bed. She was sweaty, and breathing heavily as she had just achieved her favorite: the triple orgasm. She didn’t move, nor did she want to as she just lie on her bed naked. She saw the two pairs of pink panties sitting next to her on the bed as her face was smudged into the bed-sheets. She smiled as she watched on pair of pink panties get pulled into the other, for not even her clothes could remain cloned.

Alexis rolled over on the bed, and looked up to the ceiling. Her sweaty breasts glistened as the moonlight poured in window through a crack in the curtains. She could hear her neighbors outside talking about the small tremor that had just rocked the neighborhood. She couldn’t help but smile for no one would ever know that the small earthquake was caused by this young red-head and her magical powers.

Alexis’s head rolled backward, and dangled off of the side of the bed. She saw her bedroom upside down as she blissed. But her bliss would have to wait for it was in that moment that she saw something she did not expect to see.

As Alexis lie on her back, running her hands over her own amazing sweaty body, she found her eyes and her lips inches away from a perfectly shaven pussy tucked between two bare thighs. As she looked at the gorgeous sight before her, she knew that this body was not one of hers. This was another woman, a naked woman, in the room with her who was calmly watching Alexis enjoy herself more than anyone on Earth could.

“Oh my god!” Alexis shouted, and she furiously sat up in her bed as she realized there was another body in the room with her. She rolled over on the bed and sat up to get a good look at the intruder. She grabbed a pillow and covered her perfectly naked body as she found herself looking across the room at a naked woman who had somehow snuck in to her bedroom totally undetected.

Standing in nothing more than a leather jacket was a short busty teenager with very short bright neon hair. She had her gorgeous body on display for Alexis to gaze upon; a slender tiny figure with a rack more monumental that Alexis’s own. Her epic breasts were not well hidden by her leather biker jacket as they bulged out of her jacket and demanded to be looked at. They were round and full and firm and topped off with the cutest and more delectable nipples that Alexis had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Around her waist was a silver chain that dangled down to her thighs, highlighting her own tiny waist and hips that called to Alexis’s hands. The nude Alexis was in shock and awe.

While Alexis commonly had to keep her own teenage body somewhat within the normal constrains of society, this girl didn’t seem to care for that. Alexis had the magical ability to enhance her body when she was alone, but this girl’s body out shined even Alexis’s temporary perfection. She didn’t care that her figure was on a whole new level of amazing. This eighteen year old didn’t mind that she had double-e breasts stacked atop a twenty inch waist. She didn’t care that she was naked and standing ever so proudly in Alexis’s teenage bedroom. Standing at a mere five feet, this green haired vixen wanted Alexis to look upon her sexy form and drool, and that’s just what Alexis was doing.

“It’s about time you got here, Jade!” Alexis shouted, and she bounced her own naked body to the edge of the bed and sat before the naked biker girl.

It was this girl Alexis had texted to share her alone time with. It was this girl she longed to spend her alone time with. It was this girl that Alexis loved to play with more than herself.

Alexis sat before the green-haired beauty known as Jade, opened her arms and awaited her to walk towards her. As Jade saw Alexis’s warm welcome, she stepped forward into Alexis’s arms, and Alexis planted a soft kiss on Jade’s firm belly. Jade ran her hands through Alexis’s long red hair as Alexis continued to kiss up her bare body, tasting her skin and enjoying her perfection. Alexis found her hands along Jade’s desirable thighs, and couldn’t help but let her hands roam around Jade’s body and clinch her sculpted ass.

“I missed you, baby.” Jade said as she smiled down at her magical lover.

Alexis loved to spend her alone time with Jade because Jade was like Alexis; a beautiful girl capable of magical feats. She too had found ways to manipulate reality to her will and do things that no other human could fathom. Where Alexis could fly and walk through walls and split her body into three identically gorgeous bodies, Jade had the amazing ability to be anywhere she wanted at any second. She could teleport her perfect shape thousands of miles in an instant. More importantly, Alexis’s magical secret didn’t have to be a secret when she was with Jade. Alexis was free to be her magical self because together, Jade and Alexis shared the same amazing secret.

However, Alexis loved to spend her alone time with Jade for a reason far beyond the grasp of even their magical secret. Because of Alexis’s magical powers, she never felt whole with any other boy at her high school. She had dated from time to time just to maintain a normal teenage life, but she never felt like she could ever be herself. But with Jade, she could be herself … or her-selves. She felt safe and warm when she was with Jade. She felt like she could spend the rest of her magical days in Jade’s arms. Jade felt the same way about her red-headed lover, and the two of them shared a bond tighter than just sexual partners.

Beyond her magical secret, Alexis’s parents, family, friends, and classmates could never fathom the fact that she was not only madly in love with Jade, but the two magical teenagers were secretly married. Their marriage was secret, and for the time being, that was okay with these young girls.

“How long do we have before your phony parents get back?” Jade asked Alexis as Alexis had found her way up Jade’s waist and was now nuzzling her face between her perfect breasts.

“Never long enough.” Alexis answered as she kissed Jade’s breasts softly, and looked up into her eyes.

“As much as I love our orgies, I do love it with one mouth is giving me all your love.” Jade told her teenage wife.

“I just love your body.”

“I just love you.” Jade said as she smiled down at her lover.

“I love you, baby.” Alexis agreed, and she continued to kiss her magical wife.

“When are you going to ditch this stupid normal life and join me?” Jade asked. That was when Alexis stopped kissing her. This was at the core of their marital problems and the source of many fights in the past. Jade didn’t live a normal life. She had embraced the fact that she was special and roamed the planet enjoying sex with various people. Being a magical girl came with amazing freedoms, and monogamy didn’t really exist, even between this married lesbian couple. Jade had seen the world over and over again, and wasn’t attached to anyone or anything but Alexis’s love.

Alexis, on the other hand, enjoyed the difficulties that came with being normal. Sure she cheated on tests, read the thoughts of her teachers and parents to get what she wanted, and snuck in her ability to defy gravity in order to pull of amazing cheerleader routines, but she still enjoyed being in high school and living that life. She knew one day she would leave it all behind and join her lover in magical bliss, but for now she was just the teenage hottie who had a secret life as a magical goddess.

“We’ve been over this.” Alexis said. “I don’t want to argue tonight.”

Alexis then crawled back on the bed, and put her own nude body on display. She rid herself of her disgruntled look and tossed Jade a wicked smile. She let Jade soak up her soft pale skin and her succulent curves. She let Jade do a little drooling of her own as Alexis opened her legs ever so slightly to let Jade take a gander at her soft pussy lips. Alexis’s teenage body was on full display for Jade, and Jade realized that as long as she was around her, Alexis didn’t live a normal life.

“I just wanna fuck you.” Alexis cried with a bit of an innocent whimper in her voice. She was acting her age, and Jade wanted to fuck her teenage wife and nothing more. Using what little time she had left, Jade vanished from where she stood and quickly reappeared on all fours above Alexis, and quickly found her way on top of her naked young lover. Alexis smiled as Jade’s naked figure appeared above her; her short green hair waving in front of her perfect face as she smiled a sinister smile. Jade’s leather jacket dangled as Alexis found herself happily pinned to her own bed. Jade leaned down and kissed Alexis softly on the lips as their bare nipples kissed as well.

Jade felt Alexis’s magic flow from her lips and warm her entire body. It sent tingles through her soft skin as she held Alexis to the bed. Jade’s knee crept between Alexis’s leg, searching for her already wet pussy that still had yet to be penetrated. Their mouths made love in their own way as their hands roamed their familiar flawless bodies. Alexis’s hand roamed between Jade’s bare thighs and felt her own soaked pussy. She giggled as she realized it was more than just wet; it was soaked.

With a quick pry into her wife’s head, she saw the moments leading up to her arrival. She saw the memories of only minutes before Jade appeared in her home. She saw Jade with her hands on the side rail of a luxury yacht that was anchored just off the Australian coast. She saw her tiny silver bikini top had been pried open, and her lovely large breasts were bouncing furiously as she bent over the side of the boat. She saw her naked body being pounded from behind by a very strong man in his mid-thirties. She saw Jade’s teenage body being throughly fucked by this rich handsome entrepreneur who enjoyed the company of young ladies. Alexis smiled at the sight of the memory, and couldn’t help but bring her wet finger to her mouth and taste the cum of the man who had just fucked her wife.

“You’re dirty.” Alexis said as she tasted her wife’s sex.

“Beats fucking myself.” Jade said as she too could taste her previous lover’s cum, for she didn’t want to stop kissing her wife.

“You wouldn’t know. Fucking you is great!” Alexis snipped back, and she was done messing with her wife. Even though Jade sure was having fun being pampered and pounded in Australia only moments prior, there was no place in the world either girl wanted to be.

“Yeah, that’s gonna have to wait a bit.” someone said. It wasn’t Jade and it wasn’t Alexis and they had no choice but to stop. The bedroom was empty, and these two nude teenage girls had some love to make. But they each knew what was happening. As much as they wanted to continue with their naked time together, the phantom voice was always right.

And then the voice appeared. Slowly and carefully, a figure began to appear sitting atop Alexis’s wood dresser. Jade and Alexis watched as a third girl appeared in the room with them. Without much effort at all, a blonde girl just slightly older than the two teenagers let her presence be known. There was no question that this blonde girl was just like Alexis and Jade that she shared magical powers as she went from invisible to visible over the duration of about ten seconds. Sparkles appeared around this blonde as she ceased her appearance, and Jade and Alexis just stopped and stared.

The blonde sat calmly with one leg tossed over the other in her white tank top and white panties. She matched Alexis and Jade in beauty, with her large breast almost spilling over the top of her tiny tank top and stretching it to the point of near-tearing. She sat there as if materializing from invisibility was the norm for her, and let Jade and Alexis soak up her presence. She looked just like every other pretty college girl who was ready for bed in her tank top and panties except for one strikingly obvious fact; this blonde had a giant magnificent pair of white angel wings that had grown from her back.

Alexis and Jade were both in awe of her amazing wings that glowed a faint white glow and helped illuminate the room. These feathery wings batted ever so calmly, and the blonde just continued to smile at her two lesbian friends for she knew that her being there had vastly altered the night’s plans. She even had a small white halo that glowed above her head, topping off what was a perfect angel costume.

“Hannah!” Alexis cried, and she all but shoved Jade’s naked body off of her own so that she could embrace the college-aged angel that was now calmly sitting in her bedroom. Alexis’s naked body almost flew at the blonde named Hannah as if Hannah was a magnet that demanded Alexis’s beauty against her own. Alexis quickly planted a deep kiss on her lips. Hannah didn’t flinch and expected that her presence would instantly increase the sexual desires of all that saw her. She wrapped her arms around Alexis’s young body and let her fingers roam down her bare back. She let Alexis explore her mouth as the two magic ladies let their kiss linger longer than Jade wanted. Hannah’s angelic wings flapped as they kissed, and Alexis felt heaven as she melted into Hannah’s caresses.

Where Alexis and Jade counted their magical qualities and lived within their constraints, Hannah didn’t. There was no telling what Hannah could or couldn’t do. She was far more powerful than Alexis and Jade combined, and she let them know that at all times. This young twenty-five year old blondie was probably the most powerful being in the universe. She obviously wasn’t an angel, but her love for white and mythological creatures like angels and fairies combined with her phenomenal magic allowed her to let those around her experience what making love to an angel was really like.

“Her parents are gone for one hour, and suddenly it’s a meeting.” Jade said as she watched her wife kiss the blonde angel. Hannah knew that her being there was random. Normally the magical girls left each other alone to mind their own lives and go on their own ways. However on the occasions when they did meet up, it was usually an explosion of magic and sex. “How long have you been watching us?”

Hannah broke the kiss to talk to the angry teen, but Alexis couldn’t stop. She couldn’t help but continue to kiss down Hannah’s neck as Hannah spoke to her wife. Hannah was like a sexual drug, and Alexis needed a fix.

“Quite a while actually.” Hannah told Jade. “I know you two wanted some alone time, but I need your help.”

“Our help? The almighty Hannah needs our help?” Jade said with a lot of anger in her voice. “This is bullshit. Have fun with my wife.” Jade shrugged, and she vanished. She left Hannah and Alexis alone in Alexis’s bedroom, and Alexis didn’t care. Alexis had Hannah to play with now, and while she didn’t love Hannah like she did Jade, she couldn’t resist having the phenomenal powers and radiant beauty of the angel named Hannah in her presence.

It was obvious to Hannah that Jade didn’t want her there, but Hannah had no choice. She did need to interrupt their love. While Hannah was not thrilled that Jade had decided to leave, there was no where on the planet that Jade could hide from Hannah. As Alexis continued to kiss down Hannah’s lovely body and tug at her thin clothing that covered her breathtaking body, Hannah closed her eyes and found Jade sulking on the coast of India with her all-seeing eyes.

With a point of Hannah’s finger and in a flash of white light, Jade reappeared in the bedroom, still in just her leather jacket and nothing more. Hannah plucked Jade from halfway around the world, and replaced her in Alexis’s bedroom. Alexis looked over and smiled as she saw Hannah had brought her wife back with her amazing powers, and this time Jade couldn’t leave.

“What the hell do you want?” Jade shouted as she realized she couldn’t teleport away again.

Hannah looked down to the naked red-head who was still nuzzling against her college body, and Alexis suddenly vanished from her side. With a mere thought from Hannah’s mind, Alexis instantly reappeared with her hands wrapped around Jade in the exact same manner that she was when she was groping Hannah. Alexis realized she had been moved by Hannah’s magic and that Hannah’s powers were on a high. Based on Hannah’s abilities to over-power Jade and Alexis’s own, the married couple didn’t have a choice but to entertain Hannah. When Hannah was around, there was no telling what was coming next. And as Hannah whisked her magical hands away from the married couple, their jaws dropped at what did come next.

By Hannah’s command, a woman materialized in Alexis’s bedroom. This woman was staring back at Alexis and Jade, and she seemed quite freaked out.

“Jade, Alexis … this is Cindy.” Hannah said as Cindy appeared before their eyes. “She can do magic too.”

There was no doubt in Alexis’s mind that Cindy was magical. She didn’t need to fly or teleport or turn invisible to prove it. Based on just her looks and her attire, Alexis knew that this was no average woman. Hannah had revealed a gorgeous girl with long wavy brown hair and a perfectly voluptuous figure. Cindy hid nothing about her beauty, for she stood in Alexis’s bedroom absolutely naked except for thigh-high yellow stockings and a sheer yellow robe that was left completely open so that her breasts, waist, thighs, and legs were there for Alexis’s and Jade’s viewing pleasure. This girl, no older than Hannah, had perfect curves that were no doubt already sculpted and perfected by the magical powers of Hannah herself, and that was something to behold. Whatever defects, whatever unattractive qualities this girl had before were long gone. Every girl who had magical powers was obviously better than anyone else that didn’t and she deserved to be among the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

This brunette stood in her long robe, nervous and timid as these two young lovers gazed upon her naked body. Her long brown hair draped around her bare shoulders as she flashed her amazing green eyes. Her magically sculpted breasts were no doubt perfected by Hannah’s mind as they exceeded anything that plastic surgery could achieve, without the plastic surgery. Tasty round nipples sat atop them as this brunette couldn’t help but look down at her own naked form along with Alexis and Jade. Her slender waist curved down her body to her shaven pussy that lie in wait between her full thighs. Clinging to her feet were matching yellow heels that were accented with diamonds worth more than Alexis’s parent’s house.

“You found a new girl? Really?” Alexis started, very excited to see that the mighty Hannah had found another girl who was magical like them. “How long has it been since you found another girl? Like … “

“A while.” Hannah interjected with a hit of anger in her voice.

Finding a girl who never knew she had magical powers amid the billions of people on the planet was such an exciting time. It was like watching a child open presents on Christmas morning. It was like every girl who got in on the teaching act was learning their own magic all over again and experiencing it in a whole new way. It was a change to re-experience magical powers that may be long forgotten.

“How did you find her?” Jade asked as Alexis still clung to her bare body. “How long have you been teaching her?”

“Look, it’s a long story. She’s only known she is one of us for like … I don’t know a few months.”

“… And you already got her naked in other people’s houses. Impressive.” Alexis said, glad to see Cindy’s naked body in her teenage bedroom.

“She flew here.” Hannah proudly announced, letting the teenagers know that Cindy could fly.

“She can fly?” Alexis cried with amazement.

“How?” Jade continued with a bit of jealousy and anger, considering she could not.

Hannah looked to Cindy, and Cindy decided to show these teenagers the truth. Instantly, Cindy’s naked body, barely wrapped in her sheer yellow robe, floated up off the ground and a few feet into the air. Her yellow heels were plucked from the carpet as she easily lifted her body up off the ground with her mind. She hardly had to think about defying gravity as her amazing curves floated above the three ladies. Her nude curves glistened in the light of Alexis’s bedroom as Cindy looked down at the three girls and smiled as she gracefully levitated in her limited yellow lingerie. It was obvious to Alexis that Cindy had been enjoying her new found life as a magical beauty as she floated above. Cindy smiled and looked down to her feet as they calmly hung three feet above the ground.

“She’s only known she’s one of us for three months and she can already fly that easily?” Alexis said in shock. “It took me fifty years to learn to fly.”

Fifty years.

It took this red-headed eighteen year old girl fifty years to learn to fly by use of just her thoughts. That was the groundbreaking news of the evening. This was the reason why Hannah had brought her magical student to meet Alexis and Jade. This was because Hannah wanted to show Cindy how two teenagers could be so amazingly magical. Not only how they were magical, but how they were so amazingly sexually experienced for just eighteen year olds. It was a piece of information that Hannah longed to show Cindy, and it was that longing that Alexis had unfortunately just taken away from her goddess.

“Fifty years?” Cindy asked Hannah as she let her heels touch back down to the carpeted floor. Hannah ignored her question, and continued to speak directly to her two teens.

“She doesn’t understand how important it is to find her potential yet.” Hannah told them.

“Oh shit.” Alexis exclaimed, surprised that Cindy didn’t want to stay home and practice.

“Not all of us are as lucky I me, I guess.” Jade continued, showing off powers that Cindy did not yet know about.

“Yeah. You gotta figure out what you can do fast.” Alexis continued.

“Why?” Cindy asked, still insanely confused as to what was going on in that suburban house.

“Alexis, how old are you?” Hannah asked.


“Seriously.” Alexis heard Hannah say directly into her mind, and this time she was far more assertive with her question. Alexis was embarrassed to answer because she enjoyed her role play and didn’t want to spoil it for everyone in the room.

“Not now.” Alexis answered back with her own telepathy.

“You don’t have to do it for very long. She needs to know how old you are.” Hannah continued with her mind.

“I don’t know, like … six hundred years old.” Alexis finally said aloud.

“Show her.” Hannah told Alexis.

Alexis wanted to argue, but she had to obey Hannah. Alexis stepped away from Jade because she knew exactly what Hannah wanted her to show Cindy. Cindy was obviously very knew to the world that Alexis, Jade, and Hannah enjoyed and she did not understand all the magical powers that existed for her to try to achieve. Alexis had learned a magic that let her live as long as she wanted to.

Alexis, naked and beautiful, stood before her rebellious wife Jade, the college angel named Hannah, and the naked lingerie model named Cindy. She presented her body and focused her thoughts on herself. She closed her eyes and dug deep into her magical mind to execute another one of her phenomenal abilities. Nervously, she shook her whole body and tried to relax as she was about to perform.

Cindy’s jaw dropped, Hannah smiled, and Jade shrugged as Alexis’s body changed before their eyes. She became taller as her legs grew beneath her. Her hips became slightly larger. Her bare breasts expanded even more than their previous size. Her long red hair extended even further down her back. A few freckles appeared on her face, a face that was now far more mature and aged. This was because Alexis was no longer that busty and fit eighteen year old, but that of a mature forty-five year old woman.

Still gorgeous and infinitely desirable, the woman named Alexis opened her eyes and tossed her long red hair about. She had completed her transformation, and now was a far older woman standing in a room with naked twenty-somethings.

“Is that okay?” Alexis asked in a slightly deeper voice that her teenage persona.

“Yup.” Hannah answered.

“What the …?” Cindy asked as she still didn’t fully understand.

“Alexis can become any age she wants to.” Hannah started to explain. “Her skin, her hair, her body, even her organs and her bones are just a sliding scale that she can turn back and forth whenever she wants to. That means …”

Alexis hated being older, and everyone watched her revert back to her busty teenage self instantly. She looked to Cindy and smiled her youthful smile.

“That means I can live forever.” she told her.

“Not exactly.” Jade interjected. “What if you get hit by a bus or shot in the head or hit by a meteor?”

Hannah held out her hand and a sharp knife appeared above her outstretched hand, floating in midair. Hannah just stared at it and looked at Jade.

“Or stabbed in the heart?” Hannah asked Jade, and she merely pointed at Jade and the knife went sailing. Being that her teleportation skills were currently void, Jade, Cindy, and Alexis watched as the flying knife plunged into Jade’s bare chest. She gasped as Hannah stabbed her through the heart right there in front of Alexis and Cindy. Cindy’s hands covered her face as she turned in terror. She had just witnessed a side of Hannah that she thought this glorious loving angel didn’t have. As she saw Jade’s painful expression on her face as she clung to her life, Cindy also saw that Hannah’s magic was capable of inconsequential terror.

“You bitch.” Jade said to Hannah. Jade fell to her knees, the knife still buried in her chest and blood oozing from her destroyed breast. Alexis and Cindy watched right there in that suburban house as Jade, the beautiful and glorious magical girl, gasped her last breath and died. Cindy looked down, and she didn’t need magical powers to know that Jade was truly dead. This was no magical illusion. This was murder.

Cindy then looked to Alexis, who didn’t budge. Cindy knew that Alexis wouldn’t dare try anything to save Jade as she saw her wife lying on the floor dead. Cindy then looked to the angel that had just committed murder, and backed away in fear.

An obvious fact settled into that teenage bedroom: There was nothing anyone on Earth could do to stop Hannah’s magic.

If Cindy tried to hit Hannah with her fists, Hannah could throw her out the window with her mind. If Alexis cloned herself twenty times over to pummel Hannah to death, Hannah could simply become intangible and watch as Alexis’s fists passed through her body. If Cindy had a gun, Hannah could tear it to pieces with her eyes, along with Cindy’s own body. If Alexis even thought an evil thought, Hannah could rob her of her magic and use her own magical powers to show her what it really felt like to be six-hundred years old. Even if the national guard showed up and cornered that small suburban house, Hannah could float above the soldiers with machine guns and tanks and cannons and turn them all into dust with a calm after-thought. If missiles were launched to blow up this naked college babe wherever she dwelled, she could simply decide that she was impervious to their fire and remain unharmed.

Hannah had laughed off injuries so many times that fighting her or calling the police or doing anything of the sort was pointless. This hot college girl was an invincible god and could get away with the murder she just committed.

Then, in a pop of light, Jade appeared lying on Alexis’s bed. She was naked. She was a brunette. She was fine.

“What the hell?” Jade shouted at Hannah. “You could have just told her.”

“Can you please get rid of the body. The last thing I want my parents to find is a dead naked girl in her.” Alexis asked Hannah, and she looked across the room to the new girl Cindy as she wiped a tear from her face. Cindy was looking back and forth from the brunette Jade who was now sitting completely naked on Alexis’s bed, and the dead corpse lying on the ground. Alexis scanned Cindy’s fragile mind and saw that she was terrified and confused.

“Told me what?” Cindy asked Hannah.

“That I’m immortal.” Jade answered for her as she hoped off of the bed. “Now I have to redo my hair.” Jade kicked her former dead body over, and saw the blood oozing from her wound. “You got blood on my jacket. Dammit!” Jade exclaimed to Hannah, and then looked at Hannah face to face. “Not all of us can just ‘create’ clothes, okay?”

Hannah was having fun with her magical friends. She didn’t get to play with other magical girls as often as she liked. Seizing the moment, Hannah gave Jade a goofy wink, and suddenly the naked and angry Jade collapsed on to her other dead body. She didn’t move, for Hannah had simply dismissed with Jade’s life for a second time. This time she merely deleted Jade’s life with her thoughts for she could toy with anyone’s mortality. Hannah had a hard time not playing god, but when you know someone who simply ‘comes back to life’ moments after they die, how could she resist?

“Will you stop killing my wife?” Alexis asked Hannah with her telepathy, not wanting to scare the newest member to their elite club anymore than she already seemed to be. Alexis was a bit amused by the situation, but time was running out for them that evening.

There have been dozens and dozens of magical girls that Alexis had met and fucked during her six-hundred year life, but only a select few were blessed with the ability of eternal youth or immortality. Alexis was lucky to discover how to reverse her own aging process, and she was able to join the few others that basked in their extended lives. Even fewer girls were blessed with actual immortality, and Jade was one of those. In fact, Jade did not even discover her magic at all until she was accidentally trampled to death two hundred years ago.

“Jade can’t actually die, even if she wanted to.” Hannah told Cindy. “It’s her magic that keeps her alive. Her magic grants her a new body, even after death. So you see, you only have your mortal life to try and discover if you can join the chosen few in eternity.”

“How … old are you?” Cindy asked Hannah.

Suddenly, Jade returned for a second time, materializing from nothingness onto Alexis’s bed. Glorious and naked, she glared at Hannah. Hannah could not ignore Cindy’s question, and Jade just sat there with her arms crossed across her glorious breasts, having returned from death for a second time that night.

“Oh man.” Alexis said as she rolled her eyes. “You think trying to grasp my cool powers is hard, try figuring out Hannah’s deal.”

“You wanna explain, or should I?” Hannah asked Alexis. Alexis gestured that Hannah should do it herself.

“I’ll make it as quick as possible. Unlike these girls, I am truly just twenty-five years old. Sure, like Alexis I can now become eighteen or forty-five, but the fact is that I am twenty-five. I discovered my powers when I was fourteen. I was an awkward shy freshman, and spent a lot of time alone. One day after school I found out I could just … fly. I was just in my bedroom at home, and realized I could move above my bed and go wherever my mind said I could. No one ever saw me do it, but if I wanted to move up in the air, I could. Soon I was moving things other than myself through the air. In a few weeks, I could hear my mom’s thoughts. In a few months I could turn invisible just by thinking it. I was walking through walls before I was old enough to drive. I was teleporting to school instead of taking the bus, and no one ever knew. I never told anyone that I could do magic. Boys started to notice me as I gave myself a boob-job with my thoughts. I just used my gifts to get through high school. The first time I kissed a boy, I kissed a boy I pulled out of one of my magazines. I lost my virginity to a very sexy man I created with my mind. Then, when I went away to college … your college, I was visited by a beautiful angel who called herself Tiffany.”

“Ha! Magentress.” Alexis quipped. Hannah glared at her, but then continued.

“This angel came into my dorm room when I was a freshman and simply asked if I was done screwing around yet. I still remember being terrified at the sight of this blonde beauty as she just glided in through the window and the wall with her amazing white wings behind her. I tried to teleport away with my own powers, but found I couldn’t do anything. My magic was gone. It wasn’t long until a second angel floated in through the window named Scarlett. This black-haired beauty named Scarlett shocked me far more than Tiffany because Scarlett was naked. Tiffany looked like she was an elegant church painting with a long white robe covering her very modestly, but Scarlett wore nothing more than white stockings, white jeweled heels, and a long white cloak that had fallen off of her shoulders. I couldn’t do anything as Scarlett flew in the window and walked towards me. Scarlett said nothing, but merely kissed me softly on the lips. It was the first time I kissed a girl, and it was epic.”

“First time?” Jade interjected.

“You see, because of our advanced magical powers, we are completely free.” Hannah tried to get Cindy to realize. “You can live a normal life like Alexis, or you can ditch society and live your own way like Jade. As it turns out, I wanted to start over. I hit the reset button on my powers, and wanted to learn them all over again. Blind from my past, I got to experience the joys of learning to fly in the confines of my teenage bedroom, or turning invisible for the first time and sneaking into a locker room, or taking hold of a bully’s mind and making them do what I want. It was when Scarlett kissed me that I was given all my magical powers from my previous life. I had in-trusted Scarlett with my powers and some of my memories, and to give them back to me when I was done ‘re-learning’. So you see, even though I regained all my powers and can access a few select memories from my previous life, I am still just twenty-five.”

“Amazing story.” Jade said sarcastically, for she had heard it before. “She has learned her lesson. You’ve killed me twice to prove your point. She’ll practice as soon as she gets home. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to spend some quality time with my wife.”

Hannah, angel wings and all, finally hoped down off of the dresser. The dead bodies of Jade vanished beneath her feet as she landed on the carpet below and walked seductively towards Alexis. Alexis watched as Hannah’s tank top and panties evaporated off her amazing figure faded to nothing. Each step Hannah took over the carpet caused her clothes to become more and more transparent until they didn’t exist at all. It wasn’t long until Cindy was the one wearing the most clothes in the room, and all she wore was a long sheer yellow robe and thigh-high stockings. Naked and busty, Hannah stepped up to Alexis, and smiled her lovely smile. Her wings flapped behind her as she looked down at her teenage lover, and she let her plan be known.

“Actually, I was hoping we could utilize your wife’s talents tonight.” Hannah informed Jade as her naked body slowly eased up against Alexis’s own. Hannah felt the youthfulness of Alexis’s body as their breasts pressed together, and the warmth of Hannah’s amazing magic caused Alexis to swoon. She felt faint, warm, relaxed and horny simply because Hannah was standing next to her. Hannah eased her leg between Alexis’s firm thighs, and that was enough for Alexis to fall into Hannah’s plan.

“Okay.” She said, and suddenly Alexis stepped back away from Hannah. Yet, Alexis still remained with her firm body against Hannah’s own. Alexis had split in two by simply stepping out of her own body, and it wasn’t long until she did it again.

Ally, Lexi, and Isis had returned; Alexis split into three identical naked bodies, and had three lovely ladies to please.

Cindy stood in the opposite corner of the room and watched as Hannah stepped away from the triplets and calmly walked through the wall. Wings and all, Hannah tossed a seductive smile at Ally, Lexi, and Isis right before her nude body disappeared through the solid wall. As if they were speaking with their eyes, Ally calmly left her fellow red-heads, and stepped through the wall after the glorious angel.

Lexi turned to Cindy and Cindy knew what was next. Lexi lifted her body into the air with her powers and quickly soared over her bed. She landed directly in front of Cindy’s lingerie clad figure, and Cindy found herself face to face with the naked red-head she had only met ten minutes ago. This version of Alexis had no problem fucking a beautiful woman she only just met, and it was this sexual freedom that came with being a magical girl that Cindy would have to learn to accept. Strangers or not, Lexi knew that Cindy was in for a naked-good time, and all she had to do now was find a place for them to have their fun.

Lexi quickly moved her hand around Cindy’s tiny waist, and stepped up to the brunette newbie. She quickly kissed Cindy’s lips, and Cindy found her mouth opening op for Lexi simply be default. She let this teenage bombshell kiss her deeply, and Lexi tasted warm. She almost tasted hot and fiery as Lexi’s tongue danced inside Cindy’s mouth. Lexi tasted Cindy’s naive nature, her true youth, and her potential to learn more magic. Lexi’s kiss dripped down Cindy’s mouth as she bit and pulled at her lower lip. Her kisses moved down Cindy’s neck as Cindy rubbed her thighs together. Cindy’s hands found their way through Lexi’s long red hair as Lexi went lower and lower down her body.

As Lexi’s tongue licked between Cindy’s giant breasts, Cindy realized that Lexi was not crouching lower but in fact sinking into the carpet below. She was up to her knees in the floor, sinking lower and lower through the second story house.

Lexi left one last kiss on Cindy’s belly button, and then pushed herself away from Cindy’s nudity. Cindy looked down and watched as Lexi’s body slowly sank through the carpet as if the carpet itself was made of water. She didn’t fall, but merely floated down through the floor and headed towards the first floor of her parents house.

“Meet me in the living room.” Lexi said, and her face disappeared through the floor.

“Need some help finding the living room?” Jade asked Cindy, a bit annoyed by the night’s events.

“Um … I …” Cindy stammered, but before she could answer, she vanished into thin air. Jade, utilizing her returned ability to put anything where she wanted, helped her find the living room.

Now, having rid herself of the unwelcome guests, she was left alone with her very own Alexis to play with.

Alexis leapt on to the bed and on top of Jade. She wasted little time in getting her mouth on Jade’s own, and she let her naked body collapse onto Jade. In a frantic storm of lesbian lust, these two phenomenal teenage bodies ran their hands everywhere they could. Their mouths were wide open, tongues intertwined, breasts pressed together, and their bare thighs rubbed in a frantic desire to touch and feel everything they could possibly feel. Alexis’s hands ran through Jade’s cute short brown hair as she held her bride to the bed.

Being married to a telepathic beauty had it’s ups and downs, and when you’re in the heat of sexual excitement, it was definitely a positive fact for Jade. She didn’t have to ask for Alexis to press her large breasts together and lick her nipples. She didn’t have to push Alexis’s head down between her breasts and ask her to softly run her tongue along her stomach. All she had to do was have the desire for her red-headed lover to slowly climb down her naked body and taste her skin. All she had to do was think about how wonderful it would be to have her pussy licked, and if her teenage telepath was willing to please her, she could.

Alexis was always ready to please Jade. Alexis was a giver. Alexis left Jade’s lips, and pressed her lover’s large breasts together. Jade moaned as Alexis let her long tongue glide over her nipples, licking them with erotic desires. She toyed with Jade’s huge breasts as they rose above her tiny waist. She squeezed them together and pressed them against her own as she got as much joy out of playing with Jade’s body as Jade did from Alexis’s caresses. Alexis planted her face between Jade’s breasts, and let her tongue glide between her mountains and down her stomach. Jade moaned as Alexis’s tongue found its way lower and lower down her body. Alexis pried Jade’s legs open, took one look at her wet pussy, and was tired of waiting.

An electric shock of love ran through Jade’s body as she felt Alexis’s tongue pat her pussy. She arched her back as Alexis’s skilled tongue flicked her clit and lapped up her juices. She ran her hands along her own large breasts and felt her wet nipples as Alexis wrapped her mouth around Jade’s pussy. Alexis griped Jade’s inner thighs with her hands, clinching them firmly as she looked up Jade’s body to her lovely face. She smiled under Jade’s pussy as she saw Jade’s thoughts. She knew what her wife wanted, and she would give her that and more.

Alexis quickly sat backwards on her bed, and looked down Jade as Jade continued to squirm on her bed. Jade wasn’t at all shocked by the fact that Alexis had stopped, for they had played this mind game before. The redheaded teenager simply motioned for Jade to come to her with her fingertips, and that’s exactly what Jade did. Still on her back, Jade began to float upward off the bed. Jade may have lacked the ability to fly, but with a little assistance from this naked teenager’s amazing telekinesis, she got to experience flying. Often Alexis would combine her telepathic powers with her telekinesis to read Jade’s mind and give her the illusion that she could in fact fly.

But tonight, Alexis was using her magic powers to place Jade where Alexis wanted her to be. Jade relaxed comfortably as she rested on Alexis’s thoughts and ran her hands up and down her tiny firm body. She floated over three feet above the bed, and slowly floated toward her teenage wife. Alexis held her hands out, and felt Jade’s firm ass from below. She let her wife softly rest on her hands while keeping her weightless. Jade weighed nothing thanks to the help of Alexis’s mind, and Alexis had the freedom to put Jade exactly where she wanted. As Jade’s cute feet passed by Alexis’s head on either side, Alexis saw her destination.

Jade’s pussy slid up to Alexis’s awaiting mouth, and Alexis proudly continued what she had started. With just her lips against Jade’s pussy, Alexis held Jade up in the air above her bed and sucked. She licked her pussy. She pulled at her clit. She pleased her wife as she held her in the air with her teenage telekinesis. Alexis let her hands drop to her sides and closed her eyes as she tasted perfection. She slowly lapped at Jade’s pussy as she floated on her back before her, and wanting nothing more than to make love to her wife.

Jade moaned at Alexis’s tongue. She ran her hands up over her magical breasts and felt the curves of her body as she levitated. She pinched her nipples and arched her back as she floated. She ran her hands through her hair, and as she touched her hair it became a neon pink color. She giggled and laughed her teenage laugh as Alexis ate her pussy. It wasn’t everyday that Jade got to fly, so she enjoyed the experience of weightlessness while she enjoyed getting eaten out by her teenage lover. She wanted to return the favor and use her own magical powers for pleasure, but for now, she just wanted her pussy licked.

Alexis ran her hands along Jade’s ass, and felt perfection. She reached up Jade’s floating back and scratched down it with her finger nails, causing Jade to quiver and the sensation. Jade sat up in mid air, and placed her hands in the long red hair of her magical bride. With her legs on Alexis’s shoulders, Jade pushed her own pussy against Alexis’s face as Alexis still held her up with her mind. Jade rode Alexis’s face, and couldn’t help but giggle as she felt Alexis’s magic all over her body and keeping her afloat.

Lying on her back in midair, Jade let her wife control her. She was used to being the dominate one, but in this moment in time Jade let her magical teenage wife do whatever she wanted. She felt the soft caresses of Alexis’s mind as Alexis loved her pussy with her tongue. Jade’s hands ran down her slim waist and found their way into Alexis’s long red hair. She felt her soft perfect fiery hair in her fingers as she felt Alexis’s magical hands running down her back. She looked down over her massive breasts into the eyes of her wife and longed to get her way with her as well.

Alexis enjoyed the taste. She let her lips rest on Jade’s pussy as she licked her long and softly. She wanted Jade to feel every inch of her talented tongue. She wanted to calm Jade and thank her for tolerating the stresses she felt when Hannah was around. She thanked her with her magic and her tongue, and let her wife relax on her magical thoughts. Alexis sensed her wife’s desire and she watched Jade enjoy her own body as her fingertips graced her nipples once more.

Alexis knew that Jade did not like taking orders, and it was her rebellious ways that Alexis loved. She loved that her wife paraded around public areas in her leather jacket and nothing more. She loved that she put her perfect body on display for men to drool over. She and Jade always laughed when Jade simply would disappear from jail cells when she was arrested; teleporting to safety and eluding the police with her magical powers. She loved that Jade let men fuck her perfect busty teenage body deep and hard. She loved that her wife was nothing short of a raging slut with no inhibitions. She loved that at the end of the day; Jade loved her and no one else.

Alexis’s teenage powers reached their peak as she too let her knees rise above her bed. Soon Alexis rose into the air along with her wife, and her magic flow throughout her bedroom. Gravity was gone as Alexis took over the natural world around her. She even let Jade float slightly away from her, yet kept her body close enough so that her tongue could still graze her clit. She licked Jade’s thighs and softly as she floated into the air with her wife. She too enjoyed the amazing sensations of being weightless as her magic poured out of her young body.

Just as Alexis was thinking of attempting to push her young lover to her sexual limits, Jade’s pussy was no longer there for Alexis to taste. Just as Alexis realized that Jade’s pussy was gone, she felt a mouth against her own pussy. She felt a tongue softly probing her own clit. She knew that Jade had merely teleported from her floating state and reappeared between her legs. Alexis smiled, for she knew that Jade wanted to play with her magic now. As limited as her powers where, Jade could still do amazing things.

Standing on the ground was the very beautiful and very naked pink-haired teenager with her floating lover’s body against her lips. Alexis continued to float above the ground with her legs now tossed over each of Jade’s shoulders. Weightless, Jade held Alexis up effortlessly and took her turn on sucking on Alexis’s pussy. Alexis was already wet from getting herself off as well as the automatic arousal that came with Hannah’s presence. Jade clinched Alexis’s legs as they were tossed over her shoulders, and she buried her face in Alexis’s pussy. She needed to taste her wife’s young pussy. She had been craving it for so long for it wasn’t everyday that this married couple got to fuck. Jade sucked on Alexis’s clit as Alexis floated above.

“I miss your pussy.” Jade said between dives. She plunged her face back into Alexis’s pussy as if it was a drug. Jade needed a fix. From underneath Alexis’s body, Jade pulled Alexis’s weightless body down against her face as she tickled her clit with her tongue. Jade refused to take her mouth away from Alexis’s clit. Knowing her wife’s desires, Alexis allowed her teenage body to regain some of it’s weight, making it harder for Jade to climb out from under her and forcing her pussy harder against her own lips.

“Ha ha!” Alexis playfully giggled as she ran her hands through Jade’s hair. She couldn’t help but laugh her young laugh as Jade played with her pussy. She joyfully floated above Jade and let Jade carry her weightless body wherever she wanted. “That’s so good, baby.” Alexis continued.

Alexis looked up to the ceiling and pulled at Jade’s hair as she felt her tongue probe her clit. She moaned as she felt Jade’s tongue climb deep inside her pussy and suck up her teenage juices. As Jade tasted Alexis’s pussy for the first time that night, Alexis let her mind wander, lost in bliss and the lesbian romance of the evening. It was nights like this that made Alexis want to give up on the girl-next-door life and simply live forever with Jade in magical lesbian ecstasy.

Alexis continued to run her hands through Jade’s short hair she floated above. With one hand on the ceiling above her and the other hand on Jade’s head, she moaned at the glory of Jade’s skilled tongue. But then Alexis heard new thoughts she had not expected from her wife. They happened so fast that she didn’t quite get to hear them, but as she looked down at her wife from below, she saw Jade pull her lips slowly up from Alexis’s pussy, and look into up her eyes.

“I got an idea.” She said. Alexis knew that, and suddenly Jade had vanished from Alexis’s pussy. Alone, Alexis found herself left floating in midair with her pussy longing for more of Jade’s love. She spun around high above the carpeted floor and saw her pink-haired lover sitting on the dresser where an angel once sat.

“Be right back.” Jade said, and Jade vanished from her spot above the dresser as well. She did not reappear.

Alexis was curious as to where her wife went, and she looked to the wall of her bedroom and darted right through it. Alexis’s naked body popped out of the wall and into the hallway. She didn’t get to fly around her own house naked as much as she liked, so she used her solitude to take moment to float down the hall. Yet as she looked down the hall, and saw nothing. She saw nothing, but she did hear something interesting.

“Yeah, fuck me. Abuse me, please.” Alexis heard someone cry downstairs.

Alexis smiled, and ignored the echoing voice. She knew exactly what was going on because it was her own voice she heard. She felt a strange tightness in her throat suddenly, and yet she still ignored it. She knew all too well what was going on downstairs and was currently not totally interested in that. Only part of her mind cared about what was going on in her parents’ living room, and the part of her mind she was more interested in was the part that wanted to find Jade.

The problem was that Jade probably was not in her house. There was no telling where Jade was.

“Oh fuck.” Alexis suddenly heard from her parents’ bedroom down the hall. That voice was not her own, but a familiar one none-the-less. It was not that of her foster mom, that’s for sure. Again, Alexis knew what was going on, but it didn’t have her full interest. Without the ability to teleport, Alexis would just have to wait for Jade to return to her on her own terms.

Alexis floated back through the wall and into her bedroom once more, and softly landed her toes onto the carpet of her bedroom. She started to walk her naked body towards her closet to put on something sexy on for her wife when something sexy appeared.

Jade appeared directly in front of Alexis with a short pink nighty over her naked body. Alexis could see her large breasts through the roses that lined her lingerie, and she could see her wet pussy she longed to taste again. She hardly got much more of a look other than that when Jade shoved her back towards the bed.

With a quick and violent shove, Alexis was tossed backwards by Jade. She didn’t land on the bed however, for Jade quickly teleported behind her and caught her in her arms. With Alexis in her hands, Jade quickly ran her hands over her breasts as she held her. She massaged her epic new breasts and pressed them together as she felt her wife. In Jade’s lap, Alexis looked up into Jade’ green eyes and smiled. She ran her hands through her short pink hair as she felt Jade’s hands caressing her large breasts. She smiled as she felt the loving massage of this teleporting teenager.

“Thought I’d put on something sexy.” Jade said.

“Yummy.” Alexis answered, and Alexis turned around and pushed Jade onto her back. Jade bounced against the bed as Alexis climbed over her, and let her giant breasts hang. Alexis smiled down at her and slowly leaned in to kiss her wife. But Jade wasn’t done playing with Alexis as she vanished from underneath her. Before Alexis could even realize that Jade was gone, she felt Jade’s hand caressing her ass and finding its way between her leg from behind. She felt the same magical hands that were just on her breasts now on her ass and her back, groping her and massaging her body.

On all fours, Alexis looked back and saw Jade softly finger-fucking her from behind. With her tiny pink nighty doing a terrible job hiding her body, Jade let her hands dig into Alexis’s firm body, gripping her tightly as she pushed Alexis further and further onto the bed. Alexis crawled onto the bed, and Jade was quick to follow as Alexis rolled over onto her back and bounced below her. Jade’s hand would not leave Alexis’s pussy as Alexis’s head bounced against the large pillows behind her. She continued to ease her fingers in and out of Alexis.

Alexis spread her legs wide and welcomed Jade’s fingers inside her. She watched as Jade climbed on all fours in the bed in her tiny pink nighty and clinched Alexis’s thigh and she fucked her with two fingers. Alexis’s head rocked back against the bed as she felt something much more than two fingers inside her. Something massive suddenly found its way inside Alexis’s pussy and she felt it. She felt it climb deep into her as her hands flew out against the bed sheets

It was unfortunate for Jade for she thought that it was her fingers that were giving Alexis such a powerful sensation. She thought that it was because of her fingers moving in and out of Alexis that Alexis’s back was arching and her breasts were being forced into the air. Two fingers became four as Jade spread out Alexis’s tight little pussy and fucked her harder and harder. Jade was on a mission to please her wife as she watched Alexis’s hands run over her own body.

Alexis was getting furiously fucked by something. She knew, but Jade did not. Alexis knew what was fucking her and how hot it was, and she wanted to share those passions with Jade. With her own breasts in her hands, she looked at Jade’s green eyes and demanded her body.

“I want your pussy!” Alexis told Jade, and Jade didn’t need much more than that. In an instant, Jade’s pussy appeared on her face. Jade’s teleportation was amazingly fast as she reappeared on top of Alexis in a sixty-nine, and before Alexis could continue to love Jade’s pussy, she felt Jade’s lips against her own. Jade quickly latched onto Alexis’s clit with her mouth, and begged for her cum. She wasn’t done fucking Alexis as she gripped her thighs tightly and plunged her tongue deep into the teen. Alexis dealt the with overwhelming pleasure of Jade’s tongue and the mysterious penetration she was feeling, and rose her lips to Jade’s pussy.

“Suck my clit!” Jade muttered between dives. She attached her mouth onto Alexis’s clit and continued to play with her clit. She pulled at Alexis’s pussy lips with her own lips, and let her hands climb between Alexis’s thighs. Jade was furious to make Alexis cum for she longed to see her magical orgasm. She stuck her fingers into Alexis’s pussy and fucked her with fingers with furious desire. She licked her fingers and continued, watching Alexis’s juices drip from her pussy.

Jade still had no idea that her fingers were no match for the mysterious fucking that Alexis felt. She still felt the powerful thrusts surge through her young body. She was getting nothing short of ‘plowed’ by a powerful force that she knew Jade did not possess. This only made Alexis suck on Jade’s clit even more as she lie on top of her. Her own fingers climbed into Jade’s pussy, and as Alexis finger-fucked her bride, Jade was overcome with pleasure.

“Come for me, baby!” Alexis cried. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Even though Jade wanted to taste Alexis’s cum, she knew that Alexis wanted Jade to experience the magic of her orgasm. She wanted Jade’s magic to hopefully advance as magical orgasms sometimes hinted at hidden magic not yet discovered.

In an instant, Jade vanished and reappeared sitting on Alexis’s face. She was no longer in a sixty-nine with Alexis, but was now on her knees with her hands braced against the wall that Alexis had walked through several times already that night. Jade rode Alexis’s face, and begged for an orgasm. With her hands against the wall, Jade watched as the room around her began to shake ever so slightly. She saw the room vibrate around her as she knew their magic was becoming too powerful for reality to handle.

“Oh yes baby. Suck my clit.” Jade cried.

Alexis did just that as she pulled Jade’s body against her lips. She longed for Jade’s cum in her mouth as she tasted her juices. She didn’t need Jade to fuck her for she could still feel something long and hard fucking her pussy deep. Her legs spread wider as she lie on her back with Jade’s pussy on her face. She made room for a powerful force that wasn’t even in the room with her. Alexis just let whoever it was that was fucking her fuck her deeper and deeper. She looked up at Jade’s body from below and looked up the bottom of her sheer pink nighty. She looked up her tiny waist and saw her large breasts bouncing from below. She ran her hands up under her nighty and gripped her breasts. She ran her hands up and around Jade’s bod from below, longing to touch her everywhere.

Jade too joined Alexis’s hands, and pulled her nighty down off of her breasts so she could unleash them. Alexis’s hand climbed up between Jade’s lovely breasts and around tiny neck. Alexis felt every inch of Jade’s body as she tasted her pussy and sucked Jade’s juices into her mouth. With Alexis’s hands crawling all around her, Jade heard the bed creaking below them as she rode Alexis’s face. She could also hear a bed creaking in another room as she assumed there was fucking going on elsewhere in the house. She heard the moans of pleasure that was seeping through the walls.

“Fuck!” Jade heard two girls scream out in the other room, and the sounds of sex only caused Jade to beg for more. She felt Alexis’s fingers inside her, and she began to run her hands over her own breasts. She pinched her nipples as she felt her body become warmer and warmer. She felt Alexis’s magic climbing through her via her skilled tongue. As the room vibrated around her, she could feel the arrival of her magical orgasm she desired so much.

Jade’s body jerked and her mouth opened, but no sounds came out as her magical orgasm took over her body.

“Yessss….” Jade cried quietly as she felt the magic inside her surface. She was overwhelmed as she felt her body become warm with magic. Alexis continued to suck on Jade’s pussy. She craved her cum. She opened her mouth and lapped at Jade’s dripping pussy. She tasted Jade until she realized she couldn’t.

Jade was gone.

Alexis, without a pussy to suck, realized Jade had vanished. Jade’s magic surfaced the only way it knew how, and tossed her around the world. Alexis was on her back all alone. The powerful thrusting she had felt was gone. The bed was still as the earthquake their sex had caused was gone. She was all alone, and she suddenly felt a feeling of panic.

Jade instantly reappeared on the bed below Alexis. She was on her side, breathing heavily, and had her pink nighty loosely draped over he body. She had sand in her hair, something she had brought back with her from wherever her magic had tossed her. Jade slowly turned her head as she lie on her side, and looked up at her wife with a smile. She may not have achieved new magic with her orgasm, but was still quite fun.

Alexis suddenly felt panic take over her body. Something was wrong. She knew something was amiss in her suburban house, and she was suddenly worried, not horny.

“Oh my god!” Alexis cried, and Jade watched as Alexis suddenly vanished from the bed. Alexis couldn’t teleport like Jade could. Jade quickly realized that Alexis had removed that copy of her. Jade realized that she was now alone in Alexis’s bedroom, and Alexis thought it was appropriate to leave her alone.

“Are you kidding me?” Jade asked no one as she propped herself up on the small bed. With a magical thought, this pink-haired teenager in her matching sheer pink nighty vanished. Alexis’s bedroom was empty.


Cindy stood in the opposite corner of the room and watched as Hannah stepped away from the triplets and calmly walked through the wall. Wings and all, Hannah tossed a seductive smile at Ally, Lexi, and Isis right before her nude body disappeared through the solid wall. As if they were speaking with their eyes, Ally calmly left her fellow red-heads, and stepped through the wall after the glorious angel.

Ally passed through the solid matter of her bedroom wall for she knew where Hannah was going. Walls did not slow her down as she popped out of the wall and found herself in the bathroom. Walking through walls was like walking down a hall for a teenage girl as magical as Alexis. She continued walking; her ankles merging right through the bathtub, her bare breasts slipping through the shower curtains, and soon her lovely sculpted ass vanished right through the tile of the shower. The bathroom was not her destination.

The dark brown wall of the master bedroom seemed to plain until a naked eighteen year old simply stepped out of it. Glorious and horny, she found herself in her parent’s large bedroom, and had every intention of utilizing their king-size bed to make sweet lesbian love to the blonde angel she had followed. She was in for a bit of a shock as she stepped through the wall for she found the task at hand to be a bit more challenging … and a bit more amazing.

Lying naked on her parents bed was not a gorgeous and naked college girl with a spectacular pair of feathery white angel wings attached to her back.

There were two.

In the mere moments that Hannah had left Alexis, she had split her consciousness into two identical bodies; a magical feat that was not exclusive to Alexis herself. Alexis’s jaw dropped as her thighs rubbed together as she stumbled upon two gorgeous naked blonde girls, intertwined in a deep embrace with their monumental breasts pressed together and their tongue dancing outside their mouths. Each of these blonde girls had their own pair of fantastic white wings that illuminated the room with a white glow. Each of these angels had a shining white halo above their heads that made it effortless to gaze upon their naked angelic forms.

Each of these two girls was known as Hannah.

The twin blondes broke their kiss, and looked across the room to the naked eighteen year old named Alexis who was watching their embrace. They each smiled, and waited for her to join them on the bed.

“What? You thought you were the only one that liked to play with themselves?” Hannah said to Alexis without moving her mouth.

“Not at all.” Alexis answered with her own telepathy. The angels broke their embrace and each opened their arms as Alexis’s toes lifted off the ground. She soared over the bed, spun around, and softly set her bare body between the angels. It wasn’t every say in suburbia that a teenager got to have sex with two gorgeous angels, and Alexis found her own heaven on Earth as Hannah and Hannah eased up against her body. They let their hands roam up over Alexis’s breasts.

“Can you do me a quick favor?” Alexis said aloud as the twin angels groped her fantastic body. Alexis didn’t need to ask for Hannah knew all of Alexis’s desires the moment she had one. The Hannah to her left held her hand out, and a large red double-sided dildo appeared above her hand in an instant. It floated above Hannah’s hand and awaited approval from Alexis. Hannah created that sex toy from nothing for use that evening; a feat that was all too easy for a girl as special as Hannah.

“Like this?” Hannah answered as her twin took Alexis’s right nipple into her mouth. WIth Hannah’s skilled tongue dancing around her breast, Alexis’s eyes couldn’t help but close as a smile climbed on her face.

“Yes …” Alexis moaned, and Hannah’s sex-toy suddenly vanished into thin air. It was not for their use for Hannah and and Hannah had other plans.

Alexis stretched her arms out as the two angels each took one of her breast into their mouths. She let her hands glide softly through their wings, feeling their soft heavenly feathers. She ran her hands through their glowing halos, finding them intangible and made of nothing but light. Yet as these angels sucked on her phenomenal breasts, she felt the magic flow from their halos into her hands. She was truly enjoying her special treat from the queen of magic.

Each Hannah allowed her respective hand to sneak around Alexis’s inner thigh and grip her young flesh. Hannah and Hannah looked across Alexis’s chest and smiled as they licked. They shared the same thoughts, and in unison their lips slowly rose from Alexis’s young body and met in the middle. Hannah opened her mouths and kissed herself deeply, enjoying the taste of her copy. As she continued to suck on her tongue, her hands spread Alexis’s legs apart and began to massage her wet pussy. Hannah’s free hands met in the middle as well as the two angels placed their fingertips on each other’s cheeks, enjoying a lingering kiss. Hannah was throughly enjoying the passionate kiss she was giving herself, but she also knew that Alexis was enjoying the lesbian show even more.

“Yeah. That’s nice.” Alexis moaned as she watched these two nude angels make out in front of her. She spread her legs wider and welcomed their fingers inside her own pussy. She longed for penetration, and there were no hands more skilled to do the job than Hannah’s, and she now had four of them. Alexis ran her hands up her own large breasts, massaging in the saliva that was left from Hannah’s tongue. She licked her own fingertips and massaged her nipples throughly as the Hannah’s fingertips climbed inside of her.

Hannah’s hands climbed deep into Alexis’s pussy, and Alexis moaned at their depth. She squeezed her breasts together as Hannah took one of her hands from Alexis and placed it between her kiss. Hannah and Hannah sucked on the wet fingers and tasted the teen’s pussy. With one hand still inside her, Alexis pushed her own pussy down against Hannah’s matching hands as the two angels sucked on Hannah’s finger.

Hannah and Hannah turned down to the redhead, and in a unison that could only be defined as eerie, they spoke together.

“I want you to fuck me.” Hannah said in stereo. All Alexis could do was nod as she still had Hannah’s fingers giving her pussy a deep massage. Hannah and Hannah looked to each other, and shared their single thought. The Hannah to Alexis’s left immediately floated up from the bed, and spread her wings out wide. She hovered above the bed as the second Hannah slowly removed her hand from Alexis’s pussy. She began to stroke an invisible cock that could have been attached to Alexis. Alexis could feel Hannah’s fingers still inside her as she stroked the air just above her. Wisps of light came from Hannah’s magical palm, and flew inside Alexis’s soaked pussy.

In a flash of white light, Alexis now wore a strap-on; a 14-inch strap-on that was now in Hannah’s hand as she continued to stroke it up and down. Alexis felt the other end of the strap-on as it found its way inside her own pussy. She could feel Hannah’s magic flowing from her hands, through the toy, and into her own body. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she found herself staring at her parent’s ceiling, but found it impossible to see anything.

Above Alexis still floated Hannah, and she had spun herself about in the air so that all Alexis could see was her glorious pussy just a foot above her lips. This floating angel began to lower herself down towards the teenage redhead, positioning her body so that her clit would land perfectly on Alexis’s lips. That was all the Alexis could think of at this moment; getting this angel’s pussy on her mouth.

Hannah ceased stroking Alexis’s giant toy, and watched as her other self landed back down on the bed. With her wings still glowing behind her, Hannah let her body rest into a perfect sixty-nine with Alexis, and didn’t hesitate to put Alexis’s lovely toy she had blessed her with into her own mouth. As Hannah felt Alexis’s tongue touch her wet pussy, Hannah gripped Alexis’s toy and sucked it hard. She took it deep in her mouth and sucked on it as if it was real. She licked it up and down and stroked it, letting her magic flow through the toy and into Alexis’s own body.

Warm sensations filled Alexis’s young body as Hannah sucked her massive toy. These glorious sensations only made her want more of Hannah’s perfectly shaved pussy. She pulled at Hannah’s clit with her lips and tried with all her might to get her tongue deeper and deeper into her angel.

Hannah pulled Alexis’s toy from her mouth and licked it up and down. As she played with the large strap-on, she looked up to her other self who was sitting patiently and watching.

“It’s ready.” Hannah told herself, and she left the large 14-inch toy alone. With her pussy still hovering just above Alexis’s face, Hannah slowly rose up onto her knees. Hannah sat up on the bed, placing her own wet pussy forcefully upon Alexis’s face and demanding that she continued orally pleasing her. Alexis needed little instruction as she loved the taste of her angel’s pussy. With her head buried against the pillows of her parent’s bed, she continued to lap up Hannah’s mouthwatering juices. She lifted her hands up around Hannah’s luscious thighs and pulled her pussy against her lips. She wanted more of Hannah, and she was about to get it.

Done waiting for her other self to prepare, Hannah floated above the bed as she watched herself sit happily on Alexis’s face. She watched herself run her hands up her thighs, along Alexis’s own hands, up her waist, around her glorious breasts, and up through her magnificent blonde hair. She flapped her giant wings softly as she felt everything as well; the gifted tongue that was inside her other body.

Hannah spread her legs as she floated above and scene, and lowered herself down onto the massive toy that pointed straight up towards her awaiting pussy. She let her knees land softly onto the blankets as she eased the toy between her legs. She arched her back, flapped her wings, and moaned softly as the amazing size of this strap-on climbed inside her. She wiggled her nude body about as the toy explored her pussy. She finally fit every inch of the toy inside her and couldn’t help but run her hands up and over her breasts as she sat on Alexis’s body.

“Oh fuck.” Hannah cried as Alexis’s sucked and pulled at her clit, for both Hannah’s felt the strap-on’s massive girth as it climbed inside her other half. Hannah, sitting on Alexis’s face, fell forward against herself as she shared the sensation. Together, Hannah and Hannah’s wings flapped joyfully as Alexis ate and fucked her pussy at the same time. Hannah rediscovered the amazing benefits of being in two places at one time as Alexis did all she could to please her goddess. She lovely licked Hannah’s clit and enjoyed the taste as she thrust her toy deep into Hannah.

Hannah moved up and down the toy, fitting inside her pussy and stretching herself out. She fell forward on herself, and found her hands on her twin’s breasts as she let the toy slam into her. Feeling the hands of her clone against her lovely breasts, all Hannah could do was lean forward and kiss herself. Kissing became making out, and making out became a flurry of hands running up and down the two angelic bodies. Hannah opened her mouth wide for herself as her hands caressed her breasts and ran through her blonde hair.

As the twins continued to kiss, Alexis did all she could to fuck her angels. She thrust her toy hard up into Hannah as she also licked her pussy. She tasted Hannah’s magic on her lips and pulled at her clit. She gripped Hannah’s thighs and held her against her face, keeping her weightless body from bouncing off and floating away. White feathers from Hannah’s wings fell down on Alexis’s sweaty body as she tried with all her might to please her goddess.

Alexis felt the toy penetrate her deeper than she expected. She felt something climb deep inside her pussy and fuck her furiously. She felt something fucking her hard, and she was having trouble keeping her magic inside. Despite her knowledge of her Hannah’s extensive magical powers and sexual abilities, she knew that it was not Hannah who was giving her this fucking. It wasn’t Hannah’s telekinetic powers that were penetrating her or even the toy she was using that was returning the pleasurable sensation she was giving; it was someone else.

“Yeah. That’s good.” Hannah cried out as she rode Alexis. She leaned back and braced her hands against the bed as she worked to get the toy to fuck her from new angles. With her own sweaty body before her, Hannah reached out and ran her hand down her clone’s stomach. Her lovely breasts bounced before her as her clone leaned back and felt the power of the toy below her. Hannah leaned forward and licked her clone’s breasts as Alexis continued to eat her pussy.

It was a lesbian threesome … or twosome … of magical proportions. These angels rode this teen, letting their white angel wings flap as they enjoyed their identical bodies. Hannah sucked Hannah’s breasts as Hannah took a pummeling from Alexis’s toy. Alexis sucked on Hannah’s clit, begging her to cum into her mouth. She gripped the bed sheets and thrust her toy into Hannah as she could feel the bed quaking below them. But it wasn’t just the bed that was quaking below; it was the bedroom. In fact, the whole neighborhood felt a small tremor yet again as the magic from these ladies poured out of their bodies as a result of their sexual adventures.

Hannah pulled Hannah’s head from her breasts and put her lips together as she tried to hold her magical powers inside. She furiously kissed herself as Alexis was practically tossing her into the air with each powerful thrust of her toy. The combination of Alexis’s skilled tongue and her massive toy was pushing Hannah toward that magical orgasm she so desired.

Picture frames fell from the wall as the earthquake these ladies were causing was becoming a bit stronger than they should allow. Hannah and Hannah both cringed in unison as they felt their magical orgasm on the brink of erupting. They gripped each other’s bodies as Alexis’s toy ad tongue pushed them to that magical place they wanted to be.

“Fuck!” The Hannah’s cried, and light blasted out of her two bodies. It filled the room and blinded Alexis, despite being her face being trapped under Hannah’s dripping pussy. Knowing that was her cue, Alexis clamped her mouth onto Hannah’s pussy and awaited her cum. Alexis saw nothing but white. She closed her eyes as Hannah’s magic beamed out from her as she came. She sucked and licked and desired to taste Hannah’s magical taste. She sucked Hannah’s cum and lapped up every bit she could.

From outside, one might see the powerful light rip through the master bedroom, but in suburbia, no one was paying any attention to the bedroom where the angels fucked.

Still trapped under Hannah’s lovely body, Alexis felt Hannah’s body dissipate into the air around her. She felt nothing of the two angels whom she was fucking. She still could not open her eyes for the room was far too bright. It was as if the sun itself filled her parent’s large bedroom.

Then she sensed blackness.

Alexis could see through her eyelids that the light wave was gone. She opened her eyes slowly and waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. The angels were no longer on her bed with her, and she could see she was alone. She couldn’t see the rest of her parent’s master bedroom yet, but she heard much. As Alexis waited for her eyes to fix themselves, she heard kissing. Alexis heard tasty moans of pleasure. Alexis heard her lovely angels giggling as Alexis succeeded in making her magical college friend cum.

“Yeah, that’s so good.” Alexis heard Hannah say from across the room.

“Touch me there.”

“Oh, I love this … ha!”

“This is awesome.”

“Yes… oh yes!” Hannah moaned from everywhere around the room. Alexis sat up on her parents bed and saw what had happened to Hannah. Hannah was everywhere around the room, literally. Hannah’s naked angel-winged body lie on the floor on her back while Hannah ran her hand up her body. Hannah sat on the dresser with Hannah in her lap, softly kissing her lips. Hannah was leaning against the wall while Hannah rubbed her sweaty body against her. Hannah was floating in mid air, lounging on her back while Hannah floated above her. Hannah was sitting in a chair with her legs spread wide, gently massaging her soaked pussy as her wings batted behind her. Hannah was even lying on her back on the ceiling while Hannah and Hannah lie next to her, giggling and running their hands along each other.

Everywhere Alexis looked, there was a naked angel. Her head spun as she saw over a dozen Hannah’s around the room, touching and kissing and enjoying her magical orgasm. It wasn’t long until Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, and Hannah all slowly made their way back to the bed where Alexis had pleased her. They surrounded Alexis and smiled at her while their halos and wings where the only things that brought light into this dark room.

“Thank you so much, baby.” Hannah said.

“I owe you.” Hannah continued.

“I’m gonna fuck you so bad.” Hannah finished.

Alexis, sitting on her bed surrounded by a dozen naked identical angels, suddenly knew something was wrong. Something was amiss that night, and even though she had twenty-four perfect breasts surrounding her, she was no longer horny.

“Oh my god!” Alexis cried, and Hannah watched as Alexis suddenly became and blur and vanished from the bed. Hannah knew that Alexis did not have the power to teleport, and she knew that this copy of Alexis was simply deleted. Alone with herself, Hannah looked to her dozen familiar faces and shrugged.

“Might as well make the best of things.” Hannah concluded, and with a few giggles, and few shoves, and a few kisses, these dozen naked angels pilled onto each other on the large king-size bed. In the few moments Hannah knew she had before she had to save her fellow magic girl from her problems, she was going to have a quick little lesbian orgy all by herself.


Cindy stood in Alexis’s bedroom, enjoying Alexis’s lips as they kissed down her stomach. Her breasts glistened in the dim lights of the bedroom and she smiled at each kiss Alexis gave her. Alexis was now only half of a teenager for her long legs and firm ass were completely submerged into the floor below her. She was floating down Cindy’s body was simultaneously passing through the very floor of her bedroom. Alexis left one last kiss on Cindy’s belly button, and then pushed herself away from Cindy’s nudity. Cindy looked down and watched as Alexis’s body slowly sank through the carpet as if the carpet itself was made of water. She didn’t fall, but merely floated down through the floor and headed towards the first floor of her parents house.

“Meet me in the living room.” Alexis said, and her face disappeared through the carpeted floor.

“Need some help finding the living room?” Jade asked Cindy, a bit annoyed by the night’s events.

“Um … I …” Cindy stammered as she turned to Jade who was still lounging completely naked on her wife’s bed.

Suddenly, Jade was gone. The bedroom was gone. Everything was gone and Cindy found herself standing in the middle of a lavish living room. Unsure as to what just happened, Cindy immediately saw Alexis floating down from the ceiling above. Her teenage nudity enticed Cindy upward, and Cindy no longer cared about anything else but this beauty floating down from above. She had felt this red-head’s lips on her own body, and now she wanted more. She wanted her so bad that she did not wait for Alexis to land. Cindy lifted off the ground and floated upward in her sheer robe. She met her young host in the air above the living room, and eased her hands around Alexis’s thighs.

“Hi.” Alexis said as she witnessed Cindy’s magical powers once more. She just smiled and stared into the eyes of the magical beauty she had only just met.

Alexis smiled as Cindy’s hands moved up her body as she decided to stay in the air with Cindy and not touch down on the ground. Cindy planted a soft kiss on her lips and Alexis could feel Cindy’s own magic that was deep inside her fighting to come out. Alexis eased her hands around Cindy’s tiny waist as she let Cindy pry her young mouth open and go exploring. Alexis let her hands slide around Cindy’s waist and clinch her Hannah-enhanced ass as the two ladies floated above the ground.

They began to spin slowly as their kiss became more and more intense. Cindy was embracing the slutty-ness that came with her magical powers and was instantly willing to do anything and everything with this young teenage goddess. She moved her hands up through Alexis’s luscious red hair and pulled her mouth closer to her own. Cindy let their kiss move beyond their mouths as she tasted Alexis’s magic inside her.

It was a midair dance for these new lovers. Gravity had no hold on their firm bodies as they slowly rolled over and over again up near the ceiling of the living room. Alexis spun around and let Cindy’s arms move around her body and cup her breasts from behind as she turned back to kiss her. Her hands reached back and roamed under Cindy’s yellow robe and up her firm thighs. Their toes and tongues danced with each other as the they magically floated under their own powers.

Alexis rolled onto her back and pulled Cindy on top of her as their kiss continued. Cindy robe draped over Alexis’s young body as their breasts were pushed together. Cindy’s leg creeper between Alexis’s leg and she felt out wet Alexis was getting. Alexis sensed Cindy’s joy at this moment because Cindy had yet to experience so much when it came to the benefits of using her magic while having sex. Plus because Jade could not fly, it wasn’t everyday that Alexis could enjoy this kind of floating-sex. She didn’t have to hold her lover up in the air with her, and she could focus her thoughts on simply making love to this gorgeous and glamourous college girl.

Cindy rolled over in midair, pulled the teenager on top of her as they floated nearly six feet off the ground. Alexis pulled her kiss away from Cindy, and gave her a wicked smile as she looked down at her new plaything.

“I see that you have not had the glorious experience of one of my favorite positions.” Alexis told Cindy as they floated together; her naked body on top of Cindy’s. “It is a position only we as magic girls can achieve.”

Alexis read Cindy’s mind like she was speaking every thought. She could see her past, her memories, and everything she had going on inside her mind. If Cindy could access it, so could Alexis. This all lead Alexis to want to bring Cindy further into the world of magic that she loved so much. She saw all the hot sexual adventures Cindy had been on with Hannah and Hannah’s very close friend Erica, but all their sex was fairly normal. Any non-magical person, with a little luck and no inhibitions, could do them as well. Alexis wanted Cindy to see what she was really capable of: the feelings, the sensations, but more importantly: the positions.

“Okay.” Cindy said very coyly and unsure of herself. Alexis pulled Cindy upright with her mind, and together they continued to float in their embrace. Now vertical, Alexis held out her hand, and waited. Nothing was happening and Alexis saw a look of puzzlement on Cindy’s face. The fact of the matter was that Alexis did not have the powers to create whatever she wanted to. She could now simply bring things into existence like a knife or a sexy night gown or diamonds like the almighty Hannah could. She had to get some help, and so together the two beauties floated in the living room and waited.

Not a few moments passed when a long red double-sided dildo appeared in Alexis’s awaiting hand. Cindy was forced to raise an eyebrow, and Alexis couldn’t wait to show Cindy how magic girls can make love. Alexis rose the dildo to her mouth, and licked it like it was her favorite cock. She closed her eyes and let her tongue roam around the plastic toy, tasting the sex that was to come between her and her levitating brunette friend. She plunged the toy down her throat, letting the dildo get wetter and wetter with her saliva.

Alexis watched as Cindy’s thighs rubbed. She could tell that this brunette was getting turned on at the sight of this young teen sucking this huge rubber cock. Alexis pulled Cindy tighter against her with her thoughts, and as Cindy came into range of the large toy, she had not choice but to let her desires take over and put the other end of the toy in her own mouth. Together, four feet off of the ground, these naked beauties sucked the huge rubber dildo together, letting their saliva drip onto it in preparation for the magic sex they were about to share.

Alexis missed sucking cock. She didn’t partake in the heterosexual realm of sex much anymore since she was magically married to her young bride. She hadn’t even ‘lost her virginity’ as far as her parents knew. No boy at her school had got into her tiny pants. Yet as she plunged this toy down her throat, she missed the power that a man could have over her. The timid and playfully shy Alexis loved to be dominated. Jade did get feisty during their many sexual romps, and loved to wear a strap-on for her wife, but her five-foot-tall stature was no match for the powerful men that Hannah had brought over for Alexis in the years past. Alexis loved to suck cock, and was by far her most favorite of things to do with a man.

Alexis pulled the toy from her mouth, and took it from Cindy’s as well as she let go of Cindy’s body. Alexis’s nude body calmly floated away from Cindy as she let go of the double-sided dildo. Alexis seemed to swim away from Cindy as the dildo remained next to her by way of her telekinesis. She could feel Cindy’s eyes upon her as she rubbed her body with her free hands, letting the dildo just sit in midair next to her. She moan a high pitched moan as a result of her own fingers on her own body, and did what she could to keep Cindy from pouncing on her. Alexis knew that Cindy was trying to fly towards her, but Alexis kept Cindy away from her as she forced Cindy to watch this teenager entice her with her sensational body. While Alexis teased Cindy, she let the dildo float towards Cindy. Cindy took the dildo into her hand as she watched Alexis push her not-so-teenage breasts together. Cindy’s pussy was soaked as she saw Alexis run her hands over her nipples and beg Cindy to take her with her own bedroom eyes.

“Please … fuck me.” Alexis said as she coyly put her fingertip in her mouth. She was definitely trying to get Cindy to dominate her.

Alexis released her telekinetic hold on Cindy’s spectacular body, and Cindy floated right up against Alexis. She plunged her tongue down Alexis’s teenage throat as she pushed Alexis all the way against the wall. Alexis was so overcome with passion that her mind slipped, and her body slipped through the wall.

Outside in the night air, her firm ass peaked out from the wall of that suburban house, and luckily no one was there to see it as it tucked back into the wall.

Alexis pulled her body out from the solid wall, but their kiss nor their passion did not skip a beat. Alexis spread her legs as they dangled a few feet off the ground, and Cindy found her wet pussy waiting to be fucked. She slowly inserted one end of the toy inside her teenage lover, and found Alexis pussy was far more wet, and far deeper, than she expected.

With her hands on Cindy’s shoulders and her back against the wall, Alexis let Cindy ease the one end of the toy in and out of her young pussy. She moaned into Cindy’s mouth as she felt the power of the toy climb inside her and touch every inner inch of her. She spread her legs wider, displaying her flexibility, as she begged for more and more of the toy.

“Yeah, fuck me. Abuse me, please.” Alexis moaned.

“I … I don’t …” Cindy stammered. Alexis quickly saw that Cindy was not used to being the dominate type. She too liked a little abuse and a little pain with her pleasure. Alexis wanted Cindy to force her into sex. She wanted Cindy to use her body and do things to her that Cindy had never done to another person, let alone another girl.

Alexis latched onto Cindy’s wrist with her mind, and Cindy soon found her hand involuntarily latching on to Alexis’s throat. She was in shock as she found herself pinning Alexis against the wall with one hand and fucking her with the other. Alexis made Cindy choke her ever so slightly as she fucked her, helping Cindy realize that she needed to dominate this teenager. She needed to fuck this teen’s brains out. She needed to hurt her.

“Harder.” Alexis said.

Cindy did as she was told, and instead of letting Alexis feel every inch of the huge toy move in and out of her, she made her feel its strength. She quickened the speed of her thrusts up into Alexis, and fucked her harder and harder as she gripped the toy. With her toes floating behind her and her robe falling off of her shoulders, Cindy jerked the toy in and out of Alexis as firmly as she could.

“Not there.” Alexis stammered, and Cindy felt her hands squeeze harder around Alexis’s through. Cindy didn’t grasp how hot asphyxiation was to Alexis, but she soon choked Alexis without the assistance of Alexis’s telekinesis. She could feel Alexis struggling to breathe, and Alexis was getting increasingly turned on by the second.

Cindy couldn’t do it anymore, and she pulled her hand away from Alexis’s throat. As Alexis gasped for air, she pushed herself off of the wall and planted her lips and her hands all over Cindy’s face. Alexis flew against Cindy at such a force that the two naked ladies floated across the living room. Cindy held the dildo firmly in Alexis’s pussy as she began to gasp for air. Alexis couldn’t stop kissing Cindy for she was so turned on by the abuse that Cindy had given her. She craved Cindy.

With her magical powers going more and more out of control, Alexis had lost track of the world around them. As Alexis continued to force her on mouth onto Cindy’s Cindy realized that they were no longer in the living room, but in the dining room of this suburban house. Alexis had shoved Cindy and herself right through the wall once more as her passionate kissing had taken over all her thoughts. They floated above the dining room table, their toes grazing the tops of the chairs that lined the large room.

Alexis shoved Cindy down on top of the dining room table as they could again touch the world around them. As these two naked continued to make out on top of the dining room table, Cindy took her hand away from the dildo that was still inside Alexis, and clinched her ass. She pulled the teen against her as she felt every inch of her lovely naked body on to of her. Alexis was in a fury, and was in need to get to her favorite position.

Using her new found location to her advantage, Alexis pushed off of Cindy and sat up on the table. With the large double-sided dildo still inside her pussy, she grabbed the other end and pulled Cindy’s legs apart. Cindy propped her busty body up and watched as Alexis put one leg over own, and slid in between Cindy’s legs. It didn’t take much effort for Alexis to slid the other end of the dildo inside Cindy, and soon their pussies were rubbing softly together as they shared the epic toy.

With their hands braced behind them and their eyes locked on each other from across the table, Alexis and Cindy fucked each other with that giant double-sided dildo as they lie on the dining room table of that normal suburban home. It was a calm unison of breasts bouncing, thighs grinding, and the filling sensation of the dildo touching them deep inside their bodies. It was two gloriously perfect naked bodies sharing the long thick toy between them. It was one of the most beautiful sights to see as these two lovely ladies fucked each other softly with the double-sided dildo.

Alexis smiled across the table as she watched her brunette friends large breasts move up and down as their bodies slammed together so softly and so deeply. She looked down at their shaven pussies bouncing together, and bit her lower-lip at the sight of their lesbian love. Alexis wanted Cindy to feel every inch of the toy as she prepared her for the magical side of things. Alexis eased the huge dildo in and out of Cindy’s soaked pussy, letting her feel every indentation of the rubber toy. She let it glide up inside her slowly, and then would ferociously slam it deep, causing Cindy to moan loudly.

“Mmm. That’s so good.” Cindy moaned as she let this hot teen fuck her with the toy as she returned the favor. Alexis smiled back as she pleased her new friend.

“Follow me.” Alexis said as she looked into Cindy’s eyes, and Alexis let go of the table below her. Cindy watched as Alexis’s ass began to rise off of the table as well, and she knew she was supposed to join Alexis in levitation. Soon, Cindy was coming into the air above the dining room table with Alexis, but that did not cease their sex. Alexis continued to bounce her body against Cindy’s with her thoughts while both girls became airborne once more.

This was what Alexis wanted. They had reached a magical perfection of lesbian sex; they were floating a few feet in the air above the dining room table and fucking each other furiously with a double-sided dildo. Their pussies rubbed ferociously against each other, grinding in ecstasy. Alexis pulled Cindy harder and harder against her with her magic. Their large breasts bouncing with each thrust that came from each other. Alexis gripped her breasts and held them firmly as she looked over at Cindy’s body. Cindy did the same a she too was moving he body back and fourth against Alexis, enjoying the deep penetration she was getting. She moaned as the toy climbed inside her pussy with such force. There was nothing that was inhibiting Cindy’s need to fuck this teenager as they floated high above the table together.

As their bodies bounced together, Alexis and Cindy seemed to float on magical currents back towards the wall. Alexis let her body dip through the picture frames behind. Cindy watched as Alexis’s upper half slipped through the wall back towards the living room, and Cindy longed to follow. She watched as the wall came closer and closer. She watched as her body began to slip through the wall as well. Once again, the dining room was empty.

High above the carpeted living room, these two beauties continued to fuck each other with the toy between them. Cindy’s long yellow robe barely touched the floor below as their floating state continued. Alexis long red hair dangled behind her as she let her head fall back and simply enjoy the fucking she was giving and getting. Cindy ran her hands down her stomach as her breasts bounced below. She ran her hands out along her legs and felt the magic running through her veins. Alexis cocked her head back up and watched Cindy’s breasts bounce furiously as Cindy let their weight fall from her hands. It only made Alexis want more.

“Fuck me harder!” Alexis moaned, wanting this magical babe to ravage her.

Cindy did as she was told, and pounded against Alexis harder and deeper as the two lovers floated together. Cindy watched as Alexis spun around in her mid air flight. It wasn’t long until Cindy felt her own body move in harmony with Alexis, and soon she was on all fours in mid air fucking Alexis from behind. Her body draped behind Alexis as the double-sided dildo bent properly so that Cindy could penetrate Alexis while she floated on all fours. Her breasts grazed Alexis’ back as she tried to hold herself steady with her mind. It was awkward for Cindy to maintain her position without anything to brace herself against but the air around her.

Alexis could tell that Cindy’s powers of levitation were still fairly novice compared to her own, so she slowly brought them down from their weightless sex. Cindy felt herself being lowered as well, and seen she was on her knees with staring at the gorgeous back of Alexis.

“Fuck me, Cindy.” Alexis moaned as she found herself on all fours on the carpet of her parent’s living room. Cindy hands eased around Alexis’s slim waist as she looked down at her epic ass before her. She eased her body against Alexis and eased the toy deeper into Alexis’s pussy. Alexis smiled and moaned as she felt Cindy’s weight behind her. She pushed her cute ass back against Cindy, begging for more of the massive dildo.

Cindy played with Alexis’s clit as she took hold of the toy, pulled it slowly out of Alexis’s pussy, and rubbed her clit with the tip. She stroked the toy as if it was her own cock as Alexis waved her ass and her pussy with Cindy’s motions. Alexis tossed her head back and looked to Cindy as Cindy smiled down back at her. Alexis licked her lips at the sight of Cindy’s mountainous sweaty breasts the glistened in the light of the living room. As Cindy continued to tease Alexis’s pussy with the toy, her hand roamed under Alexis’s wet pussy, and massaged her stomach. Alexis smiled as Cindy teased her body, and was giving her the love she wanted.

But Alexis was tired of playing around and she wanted to be fucked. Her desire for Cindy to fuck her became to great and Cindy felt invisible hands push her ass from behind, forcing the toy back inside Alexis. Alexis felt the toy deep inside her as she pulled Cindy against her with her mind, and that was all the encouragement Cindy needed. Cindy placed her hand on the small of Alexis’s back, and braced herself as she began to ease the toy in and out of Alexis once more.

As Cindy found a new pleasure in nailing a girl from behind, she started to ease the toy in and out of her teenage friend faster. Cindy smiled and arched her back as she clinched Alexis’s ass with her hands. She pushed her large breasts upward as she quickened her pace, moving her hips back and fourth in a loving motion. Together in the middle of that suburban house, the magical lingerie babe fucked the magical teenager from behind with her massive toy. Their bodies bounced together in unison; breasts giggling, thighs grinding, hands clinching onto whatever they could grab as the heat intensified between them.

“Oh yes! Fuck me!” Alexis cried as she took it from behind.

Alexis knew that Cindy had never fucked a girl quite like this before, and she didn’t need to use her telepathy to know she was loving it. Alexis could feel Cindy’s desire to punish this youthful girl with the large dildo as she slammed it deeper and deeper into her young pussy. Alexis clinched the carpet below her as Cindy dug her fingernails into her back, scratching her as she fucked her. The pain surged through Alexis’s sweaty body, and she longed for more.

Cindy’s yellow robe had fallen almost completely off of her body as her large breasts bounced up and down with each thrust of the toy. She gripped Alexis’s tiny waist and pulled her nude body harder against her. With each thrust of her toy, she felt the other end of the double-sided dildo fill her own soaked pussy, and that made her wait to fuck Alexis even harder. Cindy ran her hands down Alexis’s bare back as she was on all fours in front of her. Sweat formed on Cindy’s brow as she focused all her attention on fucking this red-headed teenager in the middle of that suburban living room.

“Like this, you slut?” Cindy yelled out.

“Yes! Fuck!” Alexis moaned out in pleasure. She had not sensed that coming from Cindy, and it caught her completely off guard. “Call me that again!”

“You like it how I fuck you, you little slut?”

“Hmm. Yes! More!”

“I’ll fucking make you take it all.” Cindy said, and he gripped Alexis hair, and yanked her hair back. She pulled at Alexis’s long red hair as she continually pummeled her pussy from behind. Cindy then tossed Alexis’s head forward, and latched onto her tiny waist.

Free from her momentary torture, Alexis tossed her red hair back behind her with a quick toss of her neck. She was staring right at the television that she accidentally turned on. It was extremely hard for her to focus her magic with Cindy’s thrusts into her pussy not letting up, but she tried. With a little extra focus from Alexis’s mind, the television started to change channels. Alexis’s telekinesis tossed the television into a spin. Alexis clinched the carpet below her as she found the locked channels that her parents tried to hide from her. A password was quickly typed in despite the remote control sitting across the room, and instantly the two lesbian lovers had an intense pornographic movie to watch.

Cindy had no idea what just happened, but suddenly she was watching a busty black woman in a white nighty massaging her left breast on the television. This woman was Julie Harrington, Pleasure House’s Lady-Of-The-Month. Alexis and Cindy watched as Julie sat on the edge of a giant bed with drawn curtains, attempting to entice the them to join her on the bed as she looked down at her how black nipples. Cindy slowed her fucking of her red-headed friend both to take a moment to enjoy Julie’s video and to let Alexis feel every inch of the toy as she explored Alexis’s pussy. Cindy bit her lip as this beautiful black woman lifted her nighty to reveal her shaven pussy. She seemed to call to these young girls through the television, letting them know that she wanted them.

As Julie rolled along the large bed, letting her ass peek out from the bottom of her tiny sheer white nighty, Alexis knew she wanted her too. She watched as Julie rolled onto her back and inserted her fingertips down into her pussy, licking her lips and demanding that Alexis watched. Alexis continued to feel Cindy’s toy reach the depths of her pussy as the woman on T.V. let her strap fall of off her shoulder and press her large breasts together. Alexis longed to straddle that woman on her elegant bed and place her breasts in Julie’s face. She wanted Julie to suck on her nipples while she played with her long black hair. She wanted to fuck Julie.

Alexis’s breasts bounced below her as Cindy increased her desire to fuck Alexis once more. As Cindy’s hand held Alexis’s pussy against her, Alexis felt something she had never felt before. She had felt this sensation before when she was fucking Hannah or her wife, but this was more. This was a warm feeling that surged through her veins as she came closer and closer to cumming. She felt it in her hands as she gripped the carpet. She felt it in her eyes as she watched Julie play with her breasts. She felt it everywhere inside her as she watched the television before her flicker with static and distortion. She felt the ground beneath her begin to rattle once more as her magic poured from her hands into the Earth below.

Alexis was about to achieve that magical orgasm every magic girl searched for. She could feel it coming as Cindy fucked her from behind, and it was coming faster and harder than anything this teenager had experienced in her six-hundred years on Earth. Not even Hannah could make her feel this way as the magic that was deep inside Cindy poured onto her. A few pictures fell off the wall as the ground shook more and more violently. All Cindy could do was fuck this teenager with her toy harder and harder as the earthquake continued. Cindy had witnessed this before, and that was a sign that Cindy needed to make her little lover cum. But Cindy had no idea what her deep seeded magic was doing to Alexis. All she knew was that she was going to make her cum, and cum hard before Alexis’s magic tore down the entire house.

Alexis couldn’t take any more as Cindy’s body slammed into her.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, and the television suddenly shut off in front of her. Alexis’s body dropped as she came hard all over the double-sided dildo that was deep inside her pussy. She screamed as she came, and light poured from her eyes as the magic leaked from her body. Whatever Cindy had done to her had caused her magic to go incredibly haywire.

Cindy felt forces toss her from her kneeling position onto the ground, and she landed with a thud on the carpet. Cindy, with her yellow robe falling off of her bed, watched as the magical orgasm concealed itself back inside Alexis. The Earth below them ceased its movement as Alexis rested on her back, breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling. Her lovely breasts rose up and down as sweat dripped down her brow and onto the carpet below.

Alexis was in heaven, and Cindy was the one who put her there.

“What the hell is going on here?” Alexis heard someone shout. Cindy, who was now on the carpet with her yellow robe barely on her body anymore, also turned to see who was doing all the shouting. As they lie on the carpet together, Alexis and Cindy turned and saw the last thing she expected to see.

Standing in the corner of Alexis’s parent’s living room was Pleasure House’s Lady-Of-The-Month Julie Harrington.

“Who are you? Where am I?” Julie cried, and she tossed her long black hair about as she looked around the house. Alexis could tell she was completely confused. She looked exactly the same as she did in the video on T.V. in her tiny white nighty, expensive diamonds around her neck, and her to-die-for figure. Her breasts had fallen out of her tiny gown just like they had in the video, and Alexis couldn’t help but be momentarily hypnotized by the lovely body of this captivating black woman that was now in her own home. Julie quickly realized she wasn’t really wearing any clothes as well, and she quickly fixed her tiny white nighty over her busty black body. Her body was clearly visible to Alexis as Julie attempted to put her hands over her pussy and her large breasts, trying to cover up the sheerness of her tiny gown.

“Oh my god!” Alexis cried, breaking free of the sight of this woman for long enough to realize she was in big trouble. She had no idea when her parents would be home, and the last thing she needed right now was to be caught with was a porn star, as she too was shocked to see this beautiful woman in her home. Normally, Alexis welcomed beautiful naked women who just randomly appeared out of thin air, like Jade or Hannah, but this was not the case. Alexis, naked and still woozy from the through fucking that Cindy had given her, jumped to her feet. Alexis tried to step towards Julie, but that only freaked her out more.

“What the hell is going on here?” Julie asked, realizing she was in a house with two naked girls, one of which was probably still in high school. She backed away from the nude red-head, but found herself bumping into the wall behind her. There was no escape from this strange house she was now in.

The shocks to Julie’s system continued as a third girl just appeared in the living room. Jade decided to see what was going on, and why she was left alone in Alexis’s bedroom. Still in her tiny pink nighty, this pink-haired teenager stepped right up to Alexis, not noticing the glamourous and near-naked Julie Harrington had joined them.

“Where’d you go?” she asked Alexis, but then she saw what Alexis was looking at. “Oh no.” she continued as she saw there was a beautiful black woman in lingerie cowering in fear.

“What …? How …?” Julie muttered, having seen Jade magically appear in front of her eyes. But Julie’s brain would get even further fried as two glorious naked angels also instantly appeared in the living room as well. Intertwined in a deep kiss, Hannah and Hannah joined the commotion. Hannah didn’t stop kissing and groping her other half for she wasn’t freaked out by the situation at all. Even before she decided to appear in that living room, she knew what had happened.

While Hannah was quite calm as she stood with her arms wrapped around herself and her tongue’s dancing in each of her matching mouths, Alexis was freaking out. There they all stood; three young naked girls capable of magical powers, two equally naked angels who were far more powerful than anything, and one scared lingerie clad porn-star who had no idea how she got into that suburban living room. Alexis was worried because she didn’t know where her parents were and considering she couldn’t teleport or turn invisible, she had to clean up her house fast.

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