Eli slept in the next morning no doubt due to the fact that he’d had more sex yesterday than any day he could remember. He decided to get Bridget some flowers and try to meet her for a lunch date. He bought a nice flower arrangement and wrote on the card,

“To my favorite Red Head,
Yesterday was amazing.
Are you free for lunch?”

He swung by her house, no one was home so he left them on the front porch. He ran some errands planning to stop by again around noon.

When Eli returned he saw a car in the driveway. He walked to the front door and almost rang the bell, but then he decided to serenade her instead. He sang, I can’t stop this feeling
deep inside of me
Girl, you just don’t realize
what you do to me

You’re lips are as sweet as candy
the taste stays on my mind
You just keep me thirsty
for another cup of wine

When you hold me
in you’re arms so tight
You let me know
everything’s all right

His voice was strong. The little nymph that Eli had met at the wedding yesterday opened the front door at the same time Bridget rounded the corner of the house. Bridget had been in the backyard tending her garden and, intrigued by the singing, came round to see what it was all was about. The little nymph was also drawn by the singing, she burst through the front door and jumped on Eli wrapping her skinny legs around his waist.

Eli was stunned. What was the nymph doing here? Bridget was stunned too “What’s my daughter doing?” Then she remembered the looks the bridesmaids gave Eli yesterday.

Sue rained kisses down on Eli’s face and said, “Thanks for the flowers. They are lovely.”

“Eli,” Bridget called out making her presence known. “Flowers for my daughter? What’s going on?”

“Wa…what…Your daughter?” Eli shot Bridget a look of complete bewilderment. He was totally confused.

“Sue! Get off him,” Bridget ordered. Bridget was disturbed by her daughter’s actions. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Did something happen yesterday?” Bridget asked both of them. She looked at Eli and then Sue.

Sue was thrilled to see her lover. She had been ecstatic over the flowers, the note and now the song. She hadn’t pause to think about how he had found her. She was though getting annoyed by her mother.

“Let’s all go in for tea…and explanations,” Bridget said in a flat monotone.

Sue dismounted and everyone went inside. Bridget began making tea. After she put the kettle on she walked up to Eli and slapped him hard.

“Is this some kind of sick game? Going after a mother and her daughter?”

“No. No…Let me explain. I met her…Sue… at the wedding. I didn’t know she was your daughter. She was just a bridesmaid with blue hair. She was a little drunk and so was I. We hit it off and …and…had sex. It was a spontaneous thing. God! We didn’t even get each other’s name. Right?”

Eli looked to Sue to collaborate his story. She nodded, her eyes were downcast. Hearing his telling of their story made her realize how pathetic the experience had been, she was crestfallen. He was just a man, a stranger who had sex with her and had treated her nicely. In a low voice Sue asked,

“But what about the flowers you sent me?”

“Yes. I dropped off flowers today,” he said looking from Sue to Bridget.

“Oh,” Eli said out loud as he realized what had happened, why she had been so excited to see him. “When I addressed the note to ‘My favorite Red Head” I meant you, Bridget.”

Eli’s mind was just coming to grips with the situation. He realized that Sue thought the flowers were for her. Eli turned to the young woman and said,

“I’m sorry to have hurt you. Yesterday was a lark. I never dreamed I would see you again. I now understand it wasn’t just harmless fun. I apologize.”

Eli turned to Bridget and said,

“Believe me Bridget, this wasn’t a sinister plot to have you both…”

Sue blurted out, “You had sex with my mom?!!”

Sue ran out of the kitchen to her bedroom and slammed the door. Eli looked to Bridget. His expression implored Bridget to forgive him.

“I used poor judgment with Sue and allowed my baser instincts to take over. I didn’t know she was your daughter. She was a girl at the wedding… But you and I…that was real. I care about you…” Eli sat and put his head in his hands.

Bridget looked out the window into the distance. Sue quietly entered the room and set the note and flowers on the table.

“Mom, I found these on the front porch…What he said about us was true. You know I am a little wild sometimes…we hooked up. I didn’t know who he was, I’d been drinking, and I didn’t get around to telling him my name.”

Sue left the room as the kettle started to whistle. Mindlessly Bridget made tea for two.

“Milk? Sugar?”

“Sugar. Thanks”

They sat at the table and sipped the tea.

“She gets that wild side from me…I’ve never dyed my hair blue, but I’ve been young and reckless.”

“I swear I didn’t recognize her. Carrie was the one who visited the kids and took them places. I saw wild hair and make-up, the pierced tongue and nose…I forgot a person was attached to it all.”

Eli continued, “I really thought you and I were making a connection…did I ruin it?”

“I don’t know…go home. I need to think and to talk to Sue.”

Eli shuffled off silently wondering if his lust had destroyed a promising relationship.

Bridget fixed a cup of tea for Sue and knocked on her door,

“Come in.” Sue responded sullenly. Sue was laying on her stomach her head under the pillow.

“I brought you some tea.” Bridget placed it on the nightstand and sat on the bed beside her daughter and began rubbing her back. Bridget worried about her daughter; she could see that Sue had dressed up for Eli’s visit. Her typical beaus didn’t send her flowers.

“You look nice today. I like your make-up.”

Sue didn’t say anything.

“It’s nice to get flowers and to have someone sing to you.”

Sue answered crying, “They were your gifts. Not mine.”

“Next time it will be for you. You liked Eli? He treated you well?”

Sue didn’t respond.

“He’s a good man. That feeling you had when you read the note, that someone likes you, is a nice feeling isn’t it? It will happen for you, if you let it.”

Bridget playfully slapped her daughter’s tiny butt. Eliciting an ‘ouch’ and asked her,

“So what did you tell the other bridesmaids? I saw them circling Eli trying to flirt with him. They must have been so jealous of you when he ignored them.”

Sue crawled out from under her pillow and sat up. She had tear streaks on her face, but she was smiling. She blurted out,

“I’ve never cum so hard.” Sue blushed embarrassed that she had slipped into girl talk with her Mom and given up too much information. She took a deep breath, calmed down and responded in a more serious manner,

“He was nice to me. He treated me better than any boy ever did. He made me feel good about myself. I didn’t know his name or ever expect to see him again…but I guess I hoped I would, not because I liked him, but because he made me like me.”

Sue bounded into her mother’s arms and received the loving and understanding hug she needed.

Later that afternoon, Eli got a phone call from Bridget inviting him to dinner.

Eli showed up at 6 with two bouquets of flowers. He handed Bridget the red roses and he gave Sue the pink sweetheart roses. Each woman thanked him with a chaste kiss on the cheek. Eli and Josh, Bridget’s son with Rob, shook hands.

Sue’s outfit was toned down. Her hair was still red and blue, but it was combed and brushed this time, she had her nose stone, but not the tongue stud and she had only one earring in each ear.

The spaghetti dinner was good and the conversation stayed on safe topics. After dinner, Josh excused himself. While Sue took care of the dishes, Eli and Bridgett sat out on the porch drinking a beer.

“Sue seems calmer. Is she going to be okay?” Eli asked.

“Yes, I think so. She may be better. You raised bar. She now has a higher level of expectations. .. You seem to have some ability to influence her, God knows she won’t listen to anything I have to say. Maybe you can convince her to eat better and gain 15 pounds, she’s too skinny, it’s not healthy.”

“Anything else? Maybe get rid of the blue hair?”

Bridget laughed, “No, I’m not worried about that. It’s just a rinse. It’ll wash out in a week or so.

“Okay. How about you?”

“I’m coping. The news was shocking.”

“Yes. I appreciate your trust in me.”

He reached out and held her hand. He didn’t attempt any greater intimacy. He was willing to take things slow and earn her trust.

Sue joined them and they all sat quietly for a while then Eli said nonchalantly,

“I want to take a trip Purgatory.”

Sue curious said, “What? Where’s that.”

Bridget felt her asshole clench involuntarily. She jumped up and shouted, “WHAT? “

Sue gave her Mom an odd look and said, “Chill out, Mom.”

Eli continued patiently, “I’ve been reading up on Catholic theology. It described a place of purification for those not quite ready for heaven. It’s called Purgatory. I want to atone for my behavior and become a better man. I need to spend some time in Purgatory..”

“I’ve never heard of it,” Sue said interested in the concept.

Bridget had had such a bad experience with her overly zealous Catholic father, she had not raised her kids as Catholics. “It sounds like a place of second chances,” Sue said finding that concept appealing.

“It is. It’s not an easy place. Change is not easy, some people find the idea so scary that they would rather wallow in a bad place than try something new and unfamiliar. But you’re a tough one, aren’t you.”

Eli paused briefly.

“Sue, is there anything you would alter? Maybe surrounding yourself with better friends? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a boyfriend who cared about you, not just about what you can do for him?”

Sue was listening and thinking, “Yea. How about someone being nice to me” she nodded her head in answer to Eli’s question without realizing.

“Or maybe you want to feel better. You are what you eat and to look at you, I’d say you don’t eat enough and what you eat is probably junk. I bet if you gained 15-20 pounds you’d feel better and look fabulous.”

“Well,” Eli said, “if you want to, the two of us could help each other.”

Sue was hanging on to Eli’s every word. He played his final card. He dropped some photos on her lap. They were photos of a church softball team, a crew from Habitat for Humanity and people at a charity bike ride. Lots of young people, many good looking guys.

“These all are great people. Young, smart, but mainly just nice people. In three weeks, I’m going to a picnic with them. If your hair is one color and you weigh 10 pounds more, no scratch that 5 pounds is a fair start, 5 pounds more than you weigh today, I’ll take you with me and introduce you to everyone. Deal?

Sue was sick of her deadbeat friends and boys that just used her body. She didn’t hesitate, she said, “Deal.”

“Good. Now scram, you’re cramping my action with your mother.”

Sue left giggling at his remark. Bridget got up and sat on Eli’s lap. She put an arm around his neck and wiggled her butt into his crotch.

“Thanks for talking to Sue,” she said, “You know, I think you’ll be spending a lot of time in Purgatory.”

Sue looked out her window and saw Eli and her mother sitting together. She decided to leave to allow them some privacy.

“Mom, do you mind if I got to the mall and meet Cindy? I’ll be back around 9:30.

“That sounds fine, honey. Have fun, I’ll see you later.”

Bridget waited to hear the front door closed and then kissed Eli passionately. They began making out, the plain kiss led to an open mouth kiss, which was followed by mutual caressing of the hair, neck, chest and crotch. Eli was fully hard, Bridget was completely wet. Each was flush and sexual aroused.

Clothing became the next causality. Soon both were topless. Eli groped and sucked her fine tits. Bridget held his head tight to her chest as his mouth attended to her nipples. She sighed pleased with his dedication to doing a thorough job. Eli sucked, pulled and tweaked both of her fat nipples.

Bridget was grateful to Eli for what he had said to her daughter and she was excited from their interaction, she decided to reward him.

“Strip.” She ordered. She stood and removed all her clothes. Eli quickly did as he was told. His erect prick was so hard it pointed to the sky.


Eli sat. Bridget danced for him, rhythmically and then erotically. She shook her tits in his face and began to bump and grind. Eli loved it, her ass looked great. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her slick tunnel as she sat on his lap facing away from him. She bounced on his dick as held her soft tits and pinched her thick nipples.

Bridget felt powerful sensations emanating from her breasts and pussy registering in her brain as extremely pleasurable. She heard a loud sloshing sound as Eli’s prick moved in, out and around in her sopping cunt. The air smelled of honey suckle and sex, her musky odor dominated the porch area.

Josh heard them before he saw them. He had been out drinking beer with his buddies and he was return home. When he opened the back gate, he heard sighs, moans, heavy breathing and a squeaking noise from a metal chair. As he passed the fir tree, he saw two figures on the porch.

“Oh my God!” he told himself. “That’s Mom naked on Eli.”

Josh felt odd and uneasy. He turned around and headed back the way he had come. On the other side of the fence, he bumped into his sister.

“Where are you going, Josh?”

“Away from here.”

“What? Why?”

“Mom’s naked on the porch getting drilled in the ass. Seeing it made me feel weird.”

“You’re kidding. You’re high again, aren’t you.”

“I was buzzed, but I lost it when I saw her tits flying about and heard her say, ‘Harder. Harder’.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“See for yourself.”

Josh stepped to the side to let her pass and swung his arm motioning her to walk along the stone path. Sue hesitated, then went forward thinking her brother was playing some bad joke on her. Sue was spooked and jumped when she heard the sounds of love making traveling through the summer night. She peeked around a tree and saw the two of them. Her Mom was riding a seated Eli backwards, her boobs were bouncing around and with her Mom’s legs splayed open Sue could her wet sex glistening in the moonlight.

Sue ran back to her brother and said,

“Oh, God. You’re telling the truth.”

“Gross huh?”

“Yea. Its funny how something that can feel so good can sound and look so strange.”

“Uh huh. Like the funny face you make when you cum.”

Sue and Josh laughed hard.

Eli released one of Sister’s jugs and dropped the hand down to her clit. He supplemented his rear entry with fingers on her button. It had the desired effect. Bridget bucked harder and gave a muffled scream. She covered her mouth with her hand so as not to disturb the neighbors. The sound was muted, but the pleasure was not.

“Do you want to sneak another peek?” Josh asked.

Sue slowly licked her thin dry lips. She was a little excited by the situation. She looked down at the undeniable boner in her brother’s pants. She reached out and grabbed his hand and said,

“Let’s go get an ice cream cone instead. I’m trying to put on some weight,” Sue said with a smile and pulled him along.

The two lovers were hot and close. Bridget stood and pulled off of Eli, but kept her back to him. She reached between her legs, grabbed his hard slippery dick and lined in up with her asshole.

Sweat rolled down her as she ordered Eli,

“Grab my ass and pull my butt cheeks apart.”

When he did so she sat down…hard driving that slick prick into her ass. Eli was surprised and shocked by her action. Half his penis disappeared up her butt. The suddenness, the unbelievable tightness, her recklessness sent him over the edge. He grunted and he came, hard. Sperm blasted into her bowels.

Bridget knew what was going to happen, but she too was surprised. It hurt and it overwhelmed her senses to have so much cock shoved up her ass so fast. However, she was pleased that she had accomplished her mission, getting her guy off. She brought herself off by rapidly strumming her swollen clit.

It took some time, but eventually Bridget stood awkwardly on her spasming legs. She turned and kissed Eli and said,

“I hope you enjoyed your trip to Purgatory.”

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