The alcohol I drank earlier made me feel great. Usually when I drink I become funny and laugh. Tonight was different.

I looked around the closet for something that could be used to teach the two women who got me fired from my job a harsh lesson on humility. I wasn’t just giving them what they deserved for my sake, no. Those two fucked up bitches destroyed too many people’s hard earned livings. This was for all those who had been fired before me.

The two tyrannical women who controlled the office were now at my mercy, tied up in a strange basement. They ended up here because of a devilish plan concocted by Dave, a friend who hated these two women more than anyone else. Perhaps because he shares an office right beside those two. He was the one who overheard Susan and Emily talking about how they were thinking about having me fired so that they could have my office. Fired for a fucking office!

I spotted a water gun. “Cum Gun,” it read. I picked it up. The compartment that held the water was unusually warm. I aimed it at the two tied up girls and gave its pump several thrusts. This pressurized the gun’s liquid, as any water gun. A quick press of the trigger released a large squirt of liquid towards them. I let out an astonished and delightful gasp when I saw a highly pressurized shot of streaming cum splash upon the two girls. They both started screaming from panic.

“Ha!” I let out a shriek of laughter. This Cum Gun was going to be fun.

I rechecked their positioning. Both of their hands remained handcuffed to the chains that extended from the ceiling. I could see the tones muscles in their freshly shaven underarms. They were both in fantastic physical condition. Susan’s mouth was peeled open in an inside-out fashion. I glued it that way. Emily’s mouth was planted firmly into Susan’s overflowing vagina. I had fed them both a pill that increased the flow of their saliva and pussy juices. Needless to say, both women were covered in bodily fluids. The semen would be a nice finish. Both their asses were firmly sealed with a seven inch butt plug. The plugs had chains on them. I used those chains to attach Emily’s mouth to Susan’s dripping cooch.

I took a step towards them while shooting thick cum at their sorrowful sloppy messes. I kept dousing them with spray after spray until they were covered with a thick and uneven layer of semen. Unlike the saliva and pussy juices that streamed out of their holes, the cum was too thick to run down their bodies. It pretty much remained where it hit them. I gave Emily a good squirt atop her forehead. It hit her with a splat!

Some of the runnier parts of the cum oozed down her forehead and into her eyes. She began rapidly blinking in attempt to keep the cum out. It didn’t work. I could hear here sobbing as the cum irritated them. Susan’s mouth was wide open from the glue that I had adhered earlier. It begged to be filled with a load of hot and thick semen. I gave it what it was asking for. She instantly began gagging on the thick load I had shot into her gaping hole. I laughed again.

Emily’s mouth was hidden from the gun’s range as she was still giving Susan head. “Good job my obedient bitch. Soon you’ll have a break from vaginas.”

A look of relief overtook Emily’s face. Susan remained indifferent, probably because she was still busy with the cum in her mouth.

“Oh no!” I jeered, “Emily dear. I forgot something!” I paused. “Your butt hasn’t been tugged or irked since I closed it up with that horrible plug! No, It’s not fair to leave you alone when Susan’s butt is being toyed with!”

Her face scrunched with bewilderment as I got down on my knees behind her. I was careful to keep a nice distance from her body as there was a growing puddle of disgusting slosh beneath her. The puddle surrounded both of them actually.

“Gross,” I muttered under my breath.

I heaved her ass into the air forcing her into a doggy style position. Her face was still slammed down into Susan’s overflowing cooch. I slapped her stark pussy lightly, splattering small spots of pussy juice as I hit it. I then began slowly removing her anal plug. I could her feel her body trembling with erogenous delight.

Gurgling sounds were heard as she began moaning within the confines of her friend’s flooded vagina.

“Shh, shhh, shhh,” I hushed her as I removed the full length of the silicone from her now puckering asshole. “Nice and loose,” I commented as I fingered her rosemary with my thumb.

I fondled her hole delicately for a bit longer before I jabbed four fingers in.

“AH!” came a muffled scream.

I ignored it. Right now I wasn’t trying to dominate her. I was trying, quite sincerely, to inflict as much humiliation on the woman as possible. That’s much different than domination. This was crueler. I quickly removed my fingers from her gaping rosemary and gave her asshole a sudden highly pressurized shot from the Cum Gun. Her hole was still puckering from the fingers that had just been inserted so the bombarding cum made its way deep inside her with ease.

“Mhmm. Cum-filled-ass. Delicious!” I exclaimed. I quickly took Emily’s discarded anal plug and popped it back into her hole, trapping the thick shot of cum inside.

I looked at Susan’s confused face. “Oh thick Susie you’re so stupid!” She continued gazing at me stupidly. I laughed. “Oh, stupid Susie, you’ll soon understand…”

I could feel Emily pushing her ass against my arm. She wanted to be fondled badly. “GET OFF OF ME YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!” I shouted as I whacked her ass with my hand with drunken might. My blow left a red handprint on her ass. Her ass shrank downwards and I noticed her vagina twitch.

I took hold of the chain that hung from the plug that was now firmly wedged up Emily’s ass. I slinked it over her naked back as I crossed her from behind. Emily’s face was still firmly planted in Susan’s trembling cunt.

“Feels good Susie?” She nodded vigorously. “Oh I bet,” I commented as I placed a finger on her drooling chin. “It feels very nice?” She responded with another nod.

“Good,” I purred. “Then you’ll be ready for what’s next. Right Susie dear?” Her eyes widened.

“Susie, I asked you a fucking question!” She nodded as a shiver of fear ran through her.

I slowly unfastened Emily’s collar from the chain that attached her to Susan’s butt plug. A moan of relief escaped Susan’s gaping lips. I flicked my hand behind me in disgust: a slob of cum had gotten onto my finger. Emily whimpered as I pulled her face away from Susan’s cunt. Little strings of spittle hung from Emily’s chin to Susan’s swollen pussy. Little drops of pussy juice dripped down Susan’s thighs.

Emily’s eyes had become wide smears of dark mascara conjoined with streaks of pale semen. Thick globs of saliva ebbed freely from her worn-out mouth. She sat there with her head hung wearily and her shoulders slumped. Her hair was a mess. Her body was plastered with the contents of the Cum Gun. The viscous liquid that was splattered all over her took its liberty to slink slowly to the floor. She looked used.

She looked beaten,


She looked like a lost puppy.

She looked like she needed to be fucked.

“What should we do next?” I thought aloud. I withdrew from the closet a neat little box with “Breast ConSnaption” worded on it. I opened and read the instructions aloud. “The Breast ConSnaption is an extreme sex tool that should only be used by experienced users. Proper precautions should be taken before using the Breast ConSnaption. Make sure not to leave any gaps in any of the Breast ConSanaption’s linkages. Gaps can lead to serious injuries. Begin setting up by applying the suction cups onto the recipient’s breasts. Make sure the recipient’s skin is moist, dry skin can result in poor adhesion and serious injury.”

I looked down at the two petrified women. Well kind of down, Susan was still standing. “Sit down Susan.” She sat.

Saliva dribbled freely from their open mouths. I guess they finally gave up on gulping their messes. “Aren’t you two lucky!” I jeered, “Your breasts already ARE moist! What do you say?”

They remained silent.

“SAY FUCKIN THANK YOU!” I slapped them both across their faces with one motion.

Emily gasped with horror.

“I’m waiting.”

I was met with a half gurgled response of appreciation.

“AW DEARS! You’re both SO welcome.” I slapped them again with the back of my hand. Spots of saliva, pussy juice and semen splattered as my hand made connection.

“Now. We should probably listen to what the instructions tell us next.”

I took the clear plastic suction cups from the neat little box. The cups were the size of grapefruits and had an open ring at the outside cusp of each one. I slipped in Susan’s sloppy breasts, one at a time. Once the cups were filled I applied the negative pressure. The cups hung firmly in place.

Next came Emily. I walloped her breasts neatly into the suction cups as well. She shrugged her shoulders with unwillingness as I did so. Their breasts quickly turned white from the compression. I bent down and bit Emily’s ear hard. She let out a yelp. I scooped her slimy jaw with my hand and held her face as if it were a piece of merchandise I was considering purchasing

“Oh you’re screaming now?” I said between clenched teeth. “You don’t even know how badly you’re going to wish you can scream soon.” I released her sloppiness with those last words and slapped her with the back of my hand. I took a step back and continued reading.

“Once the suction cups are attached check to see if the cups are firmly in place by giving the cup a rigidity test: pull down on the cup with substantial pressure, if cup does not slide then proceed to the next step.” I walked up to each of them and gave a massive tug forward to their breasts.

“Nice and firm… is that good Susie?”

“Egsch. Icsh veh ei goodsh.”

“I agree. Emily what do you think?”

“I think it’s very good,” replied Emily in a flat tone.

“Oh, honey. You’re not enthusiastic about my cool toy.” I had a sincere frown adorned on my face. “Why don’t you like it?”

She was smart so she remained silent with the exception of a slurping sound which escaped from her gurgling mouth.

“Don’t worry doll. When it’s done, I’m SURE you’ll LOVE it!”

She sniffed her nose.

I continued reading, “Tie the recipient’s hair into a thin coiffure. If the recipient does not have long hair attach a face mask instead.”

I took two ponytail drawstrings from the kit and gave them new hairstyles. They looked less savage with their hair neatly in place. I gave Emily’s ear another obnoxious bite. She bit down on her lip and refrained from yelping. I smirked.

“Attach a single red bungee cord to hair using the enclosed glue. Be careful not to attach glue to scalp.”

I withdrew two red bungee cords, each one approximately a half foot in length. One edge had a clasp and the other splayed open like a ruined broom. That was where the glue would come in handy. I hummed while I fixed their hair with the glue. Susan’s eyes kept darting at me as if staring would make me explain what I would do next. She was such a bully. Emily was a bit more bright, she just stared ahead at a fixed point on the grey cinderblock wall.

It took about five minutes for my work to be finished with the glue but it dried quickly so I didn’t have to wait much.

“Once the recipient’s hair is attached to the red bungee cord give it a rigidity test. Loosely attached bungees could result in serious injuries.” I tested each of their bungees which extended from their tits under their crotches to their hair. I was extremely delighted when I heard them emit moans and gurgles of snarled pain as the cord whipped its way back to their naked backs. “Once tested attach the blue bungee cords to the suction cups.” These bungees were also about one and a half feet long. Unlike the red cords these bungees had clasps on both ends. There were four of them.

I avoided the saliva and semen which dripped from their faces onto their clear plastic suction cups as I attached the clasps of these blue bungees to the cups’ open rings.

“Stand up! Both of you!” I instructed as I took a step back and examined the stretchy blue rope which dangled awkwardly from their breasts.

The clattering of chains was heard as Emily and Susan struggled their way back onto their feet. I withdrew the final component from the package while reading the instructions, “Allow the blue cords to dangle loosely while attaching the cords to harness. Once attached, place the harness firmly in place while maintaining continuous pressure. Do not let go. Pull the red cord into place and attach to harness. Be careful to check that all clasps are secure. Unsecure assembly can cause serious injuries.”

I held the harnesses in my hands. They looked like period-pads made of stretchy material except these pads were crotchless with their wings extending forwards opening a large gap. This would fully expose their vaginas and clits when worn. The pad’s wings met up in a “V” just behind where their vaginas would soon would be.

I frowned as I realized that their assholes would be untouchable. “Shame,” I thought aloud. The pointy part of the “V” became thinner as it extended a few inches to the rear where it would connect with the red cord. I let out an “Ahh,” as I realized that this would ram the material right up the tightest part of their asscracks. I grinned.

I let their silicone butt plugs remain rammed up their asses. My grin grew wider.

“Come Emily, you’ll go first.”

She stared at me blankly and shifted her feet. I followed the kit’s directions and let the pad hang from the cords attached to her breasts. I then gripped the pad firmly in the inside of my fist and stretched it into place between her legs. Her body pitched forwards as the tugging of her breasts swooped her posture ahead. I pulled the back part of the harness with my other hand slopping it past her juicing vagina in the process. With my first hand now free I was able to reach up and tie her rear bungee cord to the harness. She let out a howl as the cord yanked on her hair.

“There! You’re all done!” I said, gasping slightly from the exertion.

She stood there wobbling in place as she tried to maintain a posture that would satisfy the tugging of both of the cords. Her back arched forwards, then backwards, then forwards again

Her head followed inversely with her body. She twisted and bowed her body into the strangest stances as she tried to ease the powerful tugging of the cords.

“ARH!” she garbled as she twisted some more.

I strummed the cords on her breasts and chuckled. “It’s quite a piece.”

I marveled as I stepped behind her and watched her wriggle some more. Finally she gave up and resumed a helpless stance, her back arched curvaceously and her head cocked way back. The center of her asscrack was white from being strained. The area surrounding this whiteness was as red as the devil’s balls. I never did remove their dildos and I winced as I imagined how high Emily’s butt plug must’ve been rammed in her ass. I flicked her tight asshole through the stretched out harness. It made a “ka-chink”. “Damn, your ass is LOADED!” I bellowed.

I faced her front and tapped on her breast’s suction cups with the back of my knuckles. Her breasts were pale white and surrounded by angry looking skin. The stretchy harness was clamped tightly over her cooch. I gave her dripping clitoris a simple stroke.

“Uhh!” she cried out.

The pressure must’ve been increasing the sensitivity to that area. I could just imagine her swollen vagina, its walls rock hard from being in such a compressive state. My cock twitched. I pushed it to the side of my jeans. I had more work to do before I could fuck her brains out.

“You look scared Susan. Are you scared?”

A terrified Susan peeked at me with wide-opened eyes.

“A little?”

She nodded.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Fine!” I took a pause. “Right Emily? Fine?”

Emily replied in a strained voice, “FINE!” Her face was red.

“Don’t strain against it,” I whispered into Susan’s ear before sliding my tongue over it. “It’ll only make me more pissed off.” I bit on her ear harshly and she whimpered quietly.

She nodded enthusiastically as I began strapping down her harness. I had her in the wobbling position too by the end of the minute. I took a step back while wiping my hand down on my jeans.

“You two look fantastic!” I exclaimed as I marveled at my job.

Both Susan and Emily stared back at me with their backs arched awkwardly and heads tilted backwards. Their breasts looked like white grapefruits behind the suction cups. Their crotches sparkled as their juices cascaded forth. Their long legs glistened with sweat, pussy juices and semen.

They looked so fuckable.

“Turn around. Both of you,” I commanded as I took a position by the door.

Both girls obeyed and my eyes were greeted by a fantastic view of their constrained asses. I pulled the electronic lever that controlled the chains that were attached to their wrists. Loud clattering was heard as their chains shortened into the ceiling. I pulled up their chains until their hands were raised until halfway up their torsos.

I stepped towards them and fastened each of their hands together behind their backs. This forced them to lean their body forwards with their arms pitched out behind them. Their heads were, of course, leaned upwards as if to invite a fat cock into their mouths. I would consider it. Their bodies were pushed forwards due to the strain of their arms which were behind them and raised.

They hung there in a semi-doggy style position with glistening cooches. I pulled off my pants and folded them neatly, placing them on a shelf in the closet. My, now free, seven inch cock took the liberty to erect itself fully. I cracked my knuckles and smoothed out my cock.

It was time for those bitches to get FUCKED!

To be continued…

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