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I checked my watch, making sure it was exactly 7 o’clock before knocking on the room door. I had been pacing down the corridor for the past five minutes wanting to be exactly on time after the last time I had been late for our hotel stay. He hadn’t been particularly pleased with me and I didn’t want a repeat of the consequences for my lateness.

He kept me waiting, but I didn’t dare look at my watch – as far as I knew he was watching me through the peephole in the door. I kept my gaze down at the floor, my hands clasped together behind my back. I was wearing his favourite dress – red with black outlined roses, fitted to the waist before flowing out over my hips, coming to an end an inch above my knee. The neckline was a low scoop, my cleavage displayed for his eyes only. I wore an all lace black bra and hold ups beneath my dress but nothing else as per his instructions. Simple black flats on my feet completed my outfit. My make up was natural but pretty and my hair blow dried and falling over my shoulders.

I licked my lips nervously as I heard the door handle click, taking a deep breath as the room carpet became visible, then his shoes. My heart was thudding in my chest, and I’m sure I heard a chuckle as he saw me take in a sharp breath. I don’t think he would have known that I was recalling the times he has made me lick those shoes clean as a greeting to me though. He can’t possibly be in my head that much.

“They could do with a clean my lovely little sub, but let’s leave that for another day, shall we?” He says as a greeting, my cheeks flushing furiously as I wonder how he could possibly know what I’m thinking. My eyes dart up to his and he grins at me. I can’t help but smile back, his smile infectious, the blush slowly dulling down to a faint colouring in my cheeks as he steps back and welcomes me into the room. Picking up my bag I follow him in, turning to close the door gently behind me. I place my bag down in front of the cupboard just by the door as he watches me.

“I did enjoy putting you in the cupboard the first time we played,” he walks up behind me, his hand coming up to brush his fingertips down the side of my neck. I let out a small moan in reaction to his fingers on my neck and at the memory of him gently forcing me into the cupboard before tying my hands behind my back. He closed the door, telling me he had some things to do. Tidying me away until I was needed. Never before had I felt so objectified.

“Take off your shoes and jewellery. I’ll be sitting by the window.”

I didn’t hesitate, undoing the clasp on my watch and tucking it into a pocket in my overnight bag, my necklace following alongside my rings. I slipped my shoes off and placed them neatly next to my bag. I turned around then to see him sitting in the armchair by the window. The curtains were pulled back and the view was so peaceful. The hotel was in a secluded wooded area. He had a room at the very back corner of the hotel and outside the window was a small grassy area with trees beyond as far as the eye could see. A path came from the left of the window and disappeared into the woods approximately ten metres before the room window. No one would see in our window unless they deliberately ventured from the path.

I walked slowly over towards him, allowing him plenty of time to look over my body. His eyes were so focused on me. Taking longer to travel over my breasts, taking in the curve of my waist. My hips swayed side to side, subconsciously attempting to use my body to seduce him. I wanted him to want me as badly as I do him. Desperate and deep desire, an overwhelming feeling of lust.

There were two armchairs by the window, the one he was sat in and another directly across from him. I came to a halt less than a metre from him, slowly bending down until my knees touched the floor. I spread them slightly and rested back down on my heels, my hands resting on my thighs.

His hand came to rest on my face, tucking my hair gently behind my ear, fingers tracing my jaw before tilting my chin up, encouraging my eyes to meet his.

“Good girl,” he said softly, leaning over and kissing me deeply. My heart was racing once more, I felt my pussy flood with arousal, my thighs already slick with my anticipation and excitement. His hand moved round to the nape of my neck, entangling his fingers upwards into my hair. He grasped a handful, tugging sharply, pulling me away from the softness of his lips. I groaned in protest, but didn’t fight him, my protest turning to an expression of enjoyment as he continued his kisses down my neck toward my cleavage.

My chest rising and falling rapidly as my breathing quickened. I kept my hands on my thighs as his hand pulled me further back, my shoulders dropping back to push my breasts out for him. I felt his teeth nipping the soft flesh, biting harder each time, eliciting small gasps from me at first, continuing until I’m yelping with each one. His lips travel back up the path they came before capturing my mouth again.

Breaking the kiss, he kisses me lightly on the top of my head, whispering in my ear again, “good girl.” My entire body breaks out in goosebumps as I savour his praise, a shy smile spreading across my lips.

“Thank you, Sir.”

He leans back in the chair, taking me in. My dress is flared out over my legs and my breasts are enhanced with my shoulders being pushed back. I watch him watching me, shifting slightly side to side a couple of times, out of anticipation and need more than discomfort. My clit is throbbing with my need for him and I can’t keep the smile from my lips.

He motions for me to turn and face the window and I do so swiftly, placing my hands on the floor to turn then returning them to my thighs.

“Quiet out there isn’t it? I wonder if anyone going past will happen to look up and see you over the next couple of days. Who knows what you might be doing in front of this window at any given time,” he noticed my blush. “Oh you would like that wouldn’t you? You’re just a little slut who wants everyone to see her doing what she does best, aren’t you? Don’t shake your head, you know it’s true. Just admit it. Tell me.”

“I,” I hesitate, his hand quickly cups my right breast and pinches my nipple hard through the fabric.

“Say it little sub, don’t make me tell you again.”

“I’m a little slut who wants everyone to see me Sir. I want everyone to see me submitting to my Master,” I manage to get out, gasping several times as he teases me, releasing and tightening his grip on my tender nipple. I keep telling myself no one can see. It’s the wrong angle. But the doubt is there. He has made me wonder how much is visible.

“Good girl. You should probably try to remember what happens to bad little subs who don’t do as they’re told.”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry for hesitating Sir. It won’t happen again Sir,” I say as his hand moves across to my left nipple, taunting me in the same way, making me squirm under his grip.

“Turn around, back towards the window,” he watches me turn. “Now bend over. I want your head on the ground, hands by your head.”

“Yes Sir,” I reply before carrying out his order. My cheeks are blushing, thinking how exposed I’m going to be in this position. My pussy is uncovered and visible to anyone who could possibly see in the room. I have no idea if there is anyone out there or not. I can only follow his instructions. I only want to follow his instructions. To please him.

He stands, and I hear him moving around the room. I keep my cheek pressed against the floor, although I’m desperate to watch him as he moves about. Desperate to know what he’s doing, what toys he might be gathering, whether he’s looking at me, whether he is paying any attention to me whatsoever or is he unpacking. The possibilities run through my mind until I come to a quiet peace, bringing my mind to silence. Submitting to him mentally as well as physically. This is what I know he wants, and something I crave every bit as much as the physical stimulation and sensations. Such a blank canvas, accepting and willing. Just for him.

My entire body is relaxed as I wait for his attentions. My body feels alive, every nerve tingling and anticipating the possibilities. I’m in a daze of submission when I feel slight pressure on my hair. He is standing on my hair, holding me down in place. My scalp stings slightly, just the faintest pressure pulling, a reminder of his control. If I were to pull away, it would hurt an awful lot more and I’m fully aware of that.

“There’s a couple walking down the path towards the trail right now. Imagine what they might see if they looked up here. Or if they went slightly off the path,” he paused, “imagine what they would definitely see.”

I start to struggle under his foot, but quickly stop as the stinging grows.

“They would see a little slut with her ass in the air. Being held in place by a man’s foot. What do you think they would think of you? Would they judge you? I think they definitely would. They would talk about you. He would probably want to fuck you. He would know that you would probably do anything. That you would be a really dirty little slut. She on the other hand would probably judge you. Think you were a whore, a desperate little whore.”

I’m squirming around by now, but I can’t get free. My scalp is burning. “Please Sir, please let me away from the window Sir. I don’t want to be seen Sir, please Sir, please,” I start to beg.

“Quiet. Just accept it.”

“Please Sir,” I whimper quietly, “please.” I start to lower my ass down to my feet, hoping to at least conceal my pussy.

He leans over me and spanks my ass hard. “Get up,” he commands, continuing to spank my ass, over and over until my back is arched with my ass high in the air again. He stops and my skin tingles as the burning heat spreads through my backside.

“Spread your knees. Wider. Do not move,” he orders before releasing my hair from his grip. He isn’t gone long before he is back. He stands beside me now, on the other side from the direction I’m looking in. I want to turn my head, but don’t want to risk the consequences. I remain still, my knees spread two feet apart. The skirt of my dress has fallen down over my upper body. I’m completely exposed to the air of the room. And whoever happens to see in the window. Completely vulnerable to whatever Sir has planned for me.

He waits, watching my body as my breathing regulates. I’m making an effort to breath deeply and slowly. Readying myself for whatever he gives me. Even that doesn’t prepare me for the first strike of the cane across my ass. Not as hard as when he uses it to punish me, but still hard enough to make my entire body jump forward and a small shout escape my throat.

“Back into position,” he tells me when I take just a little too long.

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir,” I reply as I quickly correct myself.

“I want to mark you everywhere. I want you to have my marks on every inch of your flesh. Your legs, your arms, your stomach, your back, your tits. Everywhere. I want you to be reminded of me every time your clothes brush against your skin. Every glimpse of yourself in the mirror for the next few days.”

My breath catches as he gets in my head, as he builds my anxiety up, making me nervous. He lands the next stroke across my ass again, following it with another. I keep count in my head, never knowing when he might expect me to tell him how many he has landed on my ass. After twenty-four strokes, my ass is burning. I’m struggling to keep my ass in the air for him. My breathing is ragged and I’m begging him, “please no Sir, please no more.”

The feeling is so intense, the burning, the stinging. My fingers are clawing at the carpet, my eyes are closed tightly as a weak defence mechanism, hoping to block out some of the pain that way. He stops.

“Thank you Sir, thank you,” I gasp out as I feel his hands running over my welted ass. They sting, but soothe as his fingers run over the raised welts.

“Absolutely beautiful, you look so good marked like this little sub. Marks of ownership across your submissive ass.”

I thank him again, moaning now as his fingers start to slide past my pussy lips. He grazes my clit with a knuckle, making me press back against his hand.

“For all your protesting, you would think you didn’t like the cane. But your pussy certainly tells a different story, doesn’t it? You’re dripping pussy juice like a good little whore right now. Can you feel it running down your thigh? It’s halfway down right now,” he uses his finger to run up my thigh, gathering my juice on his fingers. He places his hand just in front of my mouth and I don’t hesitate to start licking his fingers, sucking them to clean my juices from him. I’m moaning around his fingers, wishing they were his cock.

“You’re a good little sucker aren’t you. Why is that I wonder?”

I am too busy concentrating on his fingers and don’t respond. His other hand comes down hard on my caned ass making me scream around his fingers.

“Answer me bitch.”

“I, I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t hear the question Sir,” I stammer out.

He sighs, before speaking slowly and condescendingly, “I said, I wonder why you’re a good little sucker?”

“I, I don’t know Sir.”

“Wrong answer,” he spanks my ass, “try again.” He keeps up a steady pace on my ass, making it difficult for me to form any words.

“Because I enjoy it Sir,” I venture.

“Try again.”

“Because I like sucking cock Sir?” I question.


“Because I suck cock so much Sir. Because I’m a cocksucking little whore Sir,” I babble desperately, needing his hand to stop its steady assault on my ass.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that properly,” he says. I can practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“Because I’m a cocksucking little whore Sir. My mouth is only good for sucking cock Sir, please Sir, please stop Sir. Ahh, please, please, I’m a cocksucking little whore Sir,” I beg and admit to such a depraved title.

“Why didn’t you just say that? You know it’s true after all,” he taunted me, his fingers trailing across my pussy again.

“I’m sorry Sir, I wasn’t sure what you wanted me to say Sir. I know I’m a cocksucking whore Sir, I just didn’t want to say it out loud Sir,” I admit.

The cool air of the room is skimming over my ass, making it prickle and sting more as it settles down to a steady burn.

“You should always admit to these things little sub. You know what I want to hear. I want to hear the truth and I want to hear you admit to your deepest and darkest desires. I want to hear you admitting my control over you, and your acceptance of what you are. And what is that?”

“A cocksucking whore, Sir,” I reply immediately.

“Good girl,” he grasps my hair in his fist and pulls back hard, bringing me up to my knees while I squeal and try not to bring my hands up to my head to try to release the pressure on my scalp.

“Let’s revisit an earlier lesson. Which hole is your favourite to get fucked in?”

My eyes flash as I remember him pinning me into the corner, asking me that very question. I responded truthfully at first, saying my pussy. I recall how he slapped me across the face, telling me to try again. I said my mouth. That gained me another slap and an order to try again. I said my ass, reluctantly, although I’d came when he bent me over and forced his cock into my ass, I still felt uncomfortable with anal. But that only got me another slap. He then proceeded to tell me that the correct answer is whichever hole he happens to be using at the time is my favourite, while slapping my face several times more. I remember staring up at him, dazed, in subspace, wanting his hand across my cheek again as I told him that my favourite hole to get fucked in is whichever hole he is using at the time.

He watches my eye flickering as I relive the memory, “answer me correctly, do not try to get me to slap the correct answer out of you.”

My eyes widen in shock at how he knew what I was thinking, “I’m sorry for the delay in my response Sir, I was lost in my memory of that day Sir. My favourite hole to get fucked in is whichever hole you are using at any time Sir.” I lick my lips as I watch him take in my confession.

“Good girl,” he responds, then slaps my left cheek three time repeatedly.

I look up at him, mouthing the words thank you Sir. He kisses me hard, his teeth capturing my lip, biting down hard briefly before pulling away. He pulls my dress up over my head before it even registers what he’s doing. He unclips my bra, sliding it off my body quickly. My tits weigh down heavily, my nipples already hard from how excited I am. His hands are immediately drawn to them, cupping them in both hands, rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I groan and press into his hands further.

He takes both nipples in his grip and pulls up. I arch and stretch my back as far as is possible, trying to alleviate some of the pressure. It’s pointless, he takes me further than that, so all I can do is breathe through the burning pain. He loosens his grip, letting me slowly rest back down towards the ground, before pulling sharply forward again. He does this several times, making my breath quicken every time. The pain is delicious and is making my pussy needy for attention. By the last time, my hips are thrusting in mid air and I’m begging for permission to touch myself. He just shakes his head and lets go of my nipples.

My hands are on my thighs, my legs spread, and they’re edging closer and closer to my pussy. He sees this and slaps my tits hard, catching my nipples, making me correct my position quickly. The burning in my nipples is spreading now thanks to the swift spanks. He turns away from me and comes back with some rope and clamps. I inhale sharply.

He tells me to put my arms behind my back and I comply, holding them in the box position. He quickly binds my arms behind my back and ties the rope expertly around my chest. The rope against my skin relaxes me, the confines of it making me feel safe and under his control. My mind flashes back to all the times he has tied me in a similar way. The times he has used the chest harness as a handle to hold on to as he’s fucked me, laying me down on my back, my arms uncomfortable behind me as he pounds his cock deep into my pussy. Laying me back on the couch, my cunt at the edge, my legs over his shoulders and his hand gripping the rope between my tits pulling me towards him to meet every thrust.

I love the feeling of the rope. As he runs the ends under and over the passes, I can’t help but shiver as it glides across my skin, especially when it makes contact with my nipples. His hands are strong and firm as they move the rope around, lifting my breasts to get the rope snug and flat. I lean back against him as he works and he stops every so often to admire his work and to smile softly at me. I feel so content and safe by the time he is finished, the stimulation and interaction pushing me towards subspace.

He crouches down in front of me and picks up the clamps from where he had dropped them in front of me. He uses his other hand to massage and tease my tits. Pinching, stroking, squeezing and spanking periodically. I’m pushing my chest out towards him, wanting more and more. He concentrates once more on my nipples, pulling on them hard, making me moan before opening one clamp and holding it open over my nipple. I look up at him, as he always demands I hold eye contact while he applies clamps. His eyes so dark and full of lust. He smiles a sadistic kind of smile as he releases his grip slowly, watching me frown, my mouth opening to moan, my breath quickening as it is fully released and bites into the tender flesh.

He leans over and licks my nipple then, sucking it slightly into his mouth, grazing his teeth over it as his hand manipulates my other nipple readying it for the other clamp. I can’t think by this point. My mind is fully taken over by the sensations I’m feeling. He releases my clamped nipple from his mouth and moves over to the other one, letting his teeth close over it immediately. My back arches in pain, he pulls back, tugging with his sharp teeth, lets go then quickly replaces his teeth with the clamp, watching me as I realise how cruel he’s going to be. I feel the cool metal against my tit as it bites down and I squeal out sharply, closing my eyes in an attempt to deal with the pain.

That only makes him take the clamp off. “Look at me when I’m putting the clamp on,” he reminds me sharply, biting down on my nipple again.

I try to apologise while keeping back a scream. I’m nodding and begging him to let go but he ignores my pleas.

He takes his mouth off my nipple again and places the clamp in it’s place, letting it close millimetre by millimetre. Torturing my mind as much as my body. I’m whimpering as I feel it close completely over my already bruised and tender nipple, but I keep my gaze locked with his. I don’t want to disappoint him. My head falls forward against his shoulder in a mix of relief and pleasure and pain when he nods at me letting me know it’s on fully.

The clamps are attached by a silver chain which hangs down in a graceful curve halfway down my body. He grabbed it, pulling it out from my body slightly, the pain sharp and centralised. He tugged it up and pushed it into my mouth, my teeth gripping onto it muffling my groans.

“Do you remember the first time we played? How I pushed the chains in your mouth then made you pull the clamps off? How I grabbed your hair and pulled your head back to help you?” He whispers in my ear as he grabs my hair and behind to pull back the very same way he did then. I can feel the clamps sliding and dragging off my nipples. I can’t scream without letting go of the chains. I try to breathe deeply, to concentrate. I looked up at him then and saw how much he was enjoying my struggle, how much he was enjoying watching me writhe in pain beneath him. I instantly relaxed, my breathing regulating. The pain intensified but it felt so good now. My thighs were soaking with juices now, my clit tingling with a desperate need to be touched. I was wriggling my arms behind my back, wanting them to be free, wanting my hands to be free to play with my self.

He came round in front of me, keeping my hair in his hand but let me lessen the tension in the clamps. The chains still held firmly in my mouth, and he pulled my head back and forward a couple of times, making me fully aware of the control he still held over the clamps that way. Even having my head pulled forward caused pain as the tension was released and blood rushed to where it had been deprived. It was almost as agonising as having them pulled taut.

His other hand went between my legs. I spread my legs even further, trying to beg him past the chains to please fuck me. I was desperate. I needed to be fucked. I needed my cunt filled. I needed my cunt to be roughly and brutally fucked. He always makes me need him like this. Desperate and needy for release.

His fingers stroked my pussy, spreading my juices over my lips. His fingers explored further back, running over my asshole several times, making me jump and my anxiety rise. I tried to shake my head while mumbling, “please no Sir. Please not my ass Sir.”

“You want me to fuck your ass? You are a dirty little slut aren’t you?”

I shake my head harder again, trying to tell him no. He tugs my head back and I stop. His finger comes forward to my pussy and pushes in. I’m soaking wet and it slides in effortlessly. The pleasure is short lived as he removes his finger and returns to my ass. I’m wriggling now, desperate to escape from the inevitable. It’s useless. His finger finds it’s intended target. My cunt is so wet it’s provided just enough lubrication for him to slide his finger into my ass. As I feel him slide right in, I realise my fight against him is futile and stop trying to get away. My face is red from embarrassment and exertion. He removes his finger pretty quickly, as soon as he feels my submission to him, as soon as he feels my surrender.

He releases my hair from his grasp and stands and goes into the bathroom. My head leans forward, my hair covering my face. I’m too embarrassed to look at him. I give in to his will so easily. But it feels so good whenever I do. Whatever he does to me always makes me want more. I can’t get over my embarrassment of any ass play though. I need to. I want to. I want to give him whatever he wants. My mind is centred on my submission to him by the time he comes back.

He takes the chains from my mouth, letting them hang down once more. I open my mouth, “please Sir…” But he cuts me off with a look. I remain on my knees, looking up at him, patiently waiting. He starts to undo his belt, unzipping his trousers and pulling out his cock. I stare at it hungrily. I know every inch of it, how it feels on my tongue and how every ridge feels when it slides into my mouth. My lips wrapped around it tightly as I take it into my throat, tightly holding onto the base as he reaches my throat.

I know how he tastes, how he smells…I crave those very memories. I’m licking my lips already as I take him in with my eyes. I tear my eyes away from his cock and look up at him. I barely get my mouth open to beg for permission when he pushes his cock in. I feel him so hard in my mouth, flicking my tongue over where I know is his most sensitive spot, over and over and over before he pushes on the back of my head and further into my mouth. I hear him groan from the sensations as I continue to run my tongue all over the underside of his cock, my lips tight around him.

He holds my hair tightly in his grip, both hands at the back of my head, painfully holding two handfuls of hair, as he starts to thrust in and out of my mouth. He picks up the pace, not giving me many chances to catch my breath. I’m gagging on him as he skull fucks me.

“Your mouth is just a hole for me to fuck. Like another cunt for me to fuck. Your mouth is just another place for me to cum. You’re my filthy little fucking cumbucket aren’t you?” He pulls out and looks at me expectantly. I’m too busy trying to breathe to answer him. He slaps me hard and thrusts back into my mouth.

“When I ask a question you answer it,” he says firmly, pounding into my throat, I gag over and over, my eyes are watering, my bound tits are soaked with my own saliva. I can’t think, I can’t breathe, I can’t focus.

He pulls out and looks at me again. I open my mouth to speak, but I can’t remember what I’m supposed to be saying, “please forgive me Sir. I can’t remember what you said Sir, I’m so sorry Sir. Please Sir, what did you ask me Sir?” I close my eyes, ashamed of myself for disappointing him. My eyes fly open when I feel him slapping me. Again and again and again. He releases my hair and pulls on the chain hanging down between my breasts.

“I said,” he slaps me again, “you’re my filthy little fucking cumbucket aren’t you?” He slaps me again, while pulling firmly on the clamps. I can feel them sliding off my nipple.

“I, I, I…ohhh, ouch, please Sir. Ow, that hurts, please Sir,” I can’t concentrate on responding for the pain shooting through my nipples.

He slaps me again, “wrong answer slut.”

The clamp pops off my left nipple first. I let out a low moan, the feeling surging back making my pussy twitch and my need to be fucked increase.

“Wrong answer again slut,” and he slaps my left tit hard. I scream out this time, looking up at him, my eyes wide.

“You aren’t very good at this game are you? I asked you a question – are you my filthy fucking cumbucket?” He slaps my left tit again as the right clamp finally slides off my nipple. My mouth opens as I moan and he slides his cock straight down my throat. I pull away, but he comes with me until I’m leaning back, my head pressed against the armchair and he’s still in my throat with nowhere for me to go.

“Well? Answer me slut. Are you my filthy fucking cumbucket?” I try to nod while looking up at him. He pulls out and slaps my right tit. Before I can answer him he’s back in my mouth, thrusting into my throat, pulling back only a few times when my gag sounds dangerously close to me throwing up. I never get a chance to answer him. He keeps asking me and I do my best to nod, but he just taunts me.

“I can’t hear you!” He teases as he thrusts harder. I can feel his cock twitching against my tongue as I nod once more and try to swallow around his cock. I’m a mess. A completely skull fucked, bound, submissive mess. I’m his, completely and totally his. His cum starts to shoot into my throat. I gag trying to swallow it while he’s still in my throat. He pulls back slightly and I use my lips, pulling every last drop from his cock, tasting it all as it lands on my tongue before sliding down my throat. He pulls back, sliding out of my mouth with a pop. I look up at him as he steps back, I’m laid back against the chair still, unable to move yet.

“Thank you Sir. I’m your filthy cumbucket slut Sir. Thank you for your cum Sir,” I say, only just above a whisper.

He smiles at me, “see, that wasn’t that hard to admit now was it?”

I smile back at him. I do love it when he’s sadistic like this.

He takes his time untying my arms and breasts. Massaging my arms and shoulders as they come loose. I shiver at every slight contact with my nipples. He brushes against them as much as possible. I’m leaning into him as he unties me. Once the rope is lying coiled beside us he tells me to go and lie down on the bed. I begin to stand, but he just shakes his head at me. I understand and stay on my hands and knees, crawling over to the bed. I climb up and lay down on my back. He follows close behind, hopefully noticing as I try to deliberately away my hips more, trying to seduce him. I’m being driven crazy by my need to be fucked now, desperate for him inside me.

When I’m lying down he grabs some shorter pieces of rope and binds my wrists to either corner of the headboard. He holds the flogger now and lets it fall down over my body, over and over. It feels incredible. Even over my tortured tits. He brings it down over my tummy, my thighs, ordering my legs apart so I feel it against my cunt several times.

He reaches for the cane, following the same path, using it just hard enough for welts to appear. My arms are the sorest place, it stings sharply whenever he brings it down on the tops of them. My thighs are striped with it almost instantaneously, his fingers trace each welt as it appears.

“Oh god, please Sir, please, I’m begging you, please fuck me Sir. Please Sir, please please please, I need you to fuck me Sir. Please,” I beg him as he taps the cane over my cunt.

He shakes his head. “Not yet,” he says simply.

I groan in frustration, pulling at the rope that binds my wrists. He brings the cane down hard across my tits then, stopping me before I can go too far with my complaint.

“Patience, or I won’t fuck you at all. Well, not your pussy at least.”

That stops me.

“I’m sorry Sir, I just want you so badly Sir,” I say quietly. I spread my legs, letting him see just how desperately I need him.

He takes me by surprise then, plunging three fingers into my dripping wet pussy.

I groan in excitement, “thank you Sir, oh, thank you.”

He fucks me with his fingers slowly and deliberately, getting me worked up until I’m begging for it harder. He continues his slow pace, frustrating me further until I’m trying to thrust up to meet him. He removes his fingers, pushing them into my mouth to clean them, stopping my protests before they’d even left my lips.

He gets more rope and wraps it around my ankles. I think at first he’s going to tie me spreadeagled on he bed, but then he uses the rope to pull my leg back, tying off the rope to the headboard. He does the same with my other leg. My legs are now tied up in the air, my cunt and ass embarrassingly exposed to him. I wriggle around trying to close my legs. I can almost bring my knees together which reassures me for a moment. Then he starts tying rope around my thighs which he then ties off the sides of the bed. I’m spread open for him, with no where to go.

He picks up the flogger again and starts using it on my ass. Every blow stings, the tips catching my pussy lips.

“Please Sir, please, please,” I begged, not even sure what I was begging for.

He stopped for a moment and I sighed in relief. I was halfway through thanking him when I saw the ball gag in his hand. He pushed it unceremoniously into my mouth, lifting my head up to fasten it tightly. He resumed flogging me, until I was writhing beneath him again. I could hardly take this. I was on edge, on a desperate needy edge. I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted his cock inside me, to feel his balls against me as he had every inch of his length inside me.

The flogger was being brought down hard on my thighs, the pain almost distracting me. I was raising my ass towards him the few centimetres I could, wanting to feel the sting.

My skin was red and burning as he ran his fingernails over my thighs and my ass. My cunt was dripping wet now. He could see this. He kept describing it to me, stopping once to even take a picture of how wet I was. I was wriggling about now, trying to beg through the gag.

“I can’t hear you,” he teased, “you want me to keep going?”

I shook my head, trying to thrust my pussy up towards him trying to mimic fucking.

“You want me to flog your pussy? Why didn’t you just say so little sub?”

And he started to flog my pussy, catching my lips and clit with with throngs. Every stroke had me groaning and yelping.

“Please,” I manage to get out round the gag, “please, please.”

But it’s no use, he keeps going, alternating where he flogged between my ass, my thighs and my pussy. He only paused to blindfold me quickly, resuming the flogging as soon as I couldn’t see.

I kept trying to beg him, however useless it was. He stopped suddenly. The pause in pain, making me realise how delightful my skin felt as it burned and prickled. I couldn’t hear much for the thumping of my heartbeat filling my ears. I thought I heard the rustle of clothes being removed but then the cane was brought down across my thighs and I soon forgot about that. He caned me twelve times, I counted every one in my head, groaning with each on. I could feel the welts forming, burning even more than the flogger. My hands were clenched over my head, my toes curling with every one.

A different sensation on my ass next. The paddle I thought to myself. It felt incredibly cool the first two strokes. The next ten were stinging and hot.

He pulled the gag out of my mouth, “how many strokes was that little sub?”

“Twelve of each the cane and the paddle Sir,” I replied without hesitating even to wet my lips.

“Good girl,” he said then thrust his cock into my exposed cunt.

I couldn’t help but cry out before thanking him repeatedly. It felt so good, my pussy was swollen from being so turned on. The walls of my tight cunt squeezing his cock as he thrust deep inside me again and again. He grabbed the wand from the side of the bed where he had plugged it in while he was undressing. Holding it against my sensitive, swollen clit he ordered me to cum. Within seconds of his command my cunt was tightening around his cock as I came hard and fast.

He pulled out then and took the wand off my clit. I begged in protest, wanting more, wanting his cum but he ignored my protests. He untied my legs and arms, sliding the blindfold from my eyes, and told me to get on my knees with my head on the bed. I complied quickly, wanting him to fuck me again and soon. He tied the rope still attached to my thighs to the sides of the bed and my ankles to the foot of the bed. My knees were about a foot apart and I couldn’t get them any closer. My hands were beside my head, gripping onto the duvet in preparation.

“What do you want?” He asked, his hand landing on my ass as he finished.

“I want you to fuck me please Sir,” I replied as his hand kept spanking me.

“And where would you like me to fuck you?”

“In my pussy Sir, please fuck my pussy Sir,” I panted through the sting of his hand.

“Not your ass then?”

“Please, no, please don’t fuck my ass Sir,” I hurriedly said.

“Why not? Don’t you like getting fucked in the ass?”

“I, ow,” I yelled as a particularly hard spank landed, “I do Sir, I just prefer my pussy Sir,” I quietly finished.

“And does that matter? What you prefer?” He asked as I felt cold lube being squeezed out over my ass and his fingers start to push it in.

“Please Sir, please don’t Sir,”

“I asked you a question, answer me,” as he spanked me with his free hand again.

“No, my preference doesn’t matter Sir,” I replied softly.

“And which hole is your favourite to get fucked in?”

“Whichever hole you want to fuck at the time Sir,” I reply obediently.

“So right now,” he pushes two fingers into my ass, “which hole is your favourite to get fucked in?”

“My ass Sir,” I replied, starting to moan as his fingers worked the lube into my ass.

“Well it would only be kind of me to fuck you in your favourite hole then, wouldn’t it,” I could picture the sadistic smile on his lips as he said that.

He started to thrust his cock into my ass then.

“Please no, please don’t Sir, please please. Please don’t Sir,” I beg him pointlessly as he slowly pushes further and further in.

“Please Sir, please don’t, please,” my pleas tail off as I realise he’s not listening to me. It’s starting to feel good. Very good. My face is buried in the duvet now, my hands tightly gripping it as shame washes over me.

He stops once he has every inch of his cock in my ass, pulling back and thrusting in and out a couple of times, hearing me moan.

“See, I knew it was your favourite little sub.”

I can’t respond, I’m too far into subspace. I’m moving with him now, meeting every one of his thrusts.

“Rub your clit, don’t cum without my permission,” he says, as his fingers dig into my hips, gripping onto me.

“Yes Sir,” I respond as I start rubbing my clit. The glass dildo lands in front of my face along with an order to fuck my greedy little cunt with it. I can’t object, I can’t argue with your description of me. I start to slide it into my pussy, tighter than usual thanks to your cock in my ass.

I’m fucking my cunt hard with the glass dildo, the fingers of my other hand rubbing my clit furiously. My orgasm is building fast, I start to ask your permission to cum, but you deny me before I even get the first word out.

I bite the duvet to stop myself from squealing in frustration. Your fingers are digging hard into my hips and you’re thrusting hard into my ass. You can feel my muscles contracting around your cock as I try not to cum. It’s becoming too much for you to hold back and you let go, fucking me harder and faster.

“Cum now, cum while I cum in your ass little sub,” you demand.

I don’t need any further encouragement. I thank you quickly in one breath before letting my orgasm go. You are cursing and groaning behind me with your cock buried in my ass, pulling me tight against you as my ass and cunt tightens around the cocks filling it. My fingers rubbing my clit hard as I ride out every second of it. Wave after wave rolls over me as I move on your cock.

My shoulders relax into the bed as it ends, my hands dropping away from my pussy. The dildo drops out onto the bed and you pull free from my ass.

I’m still so exposed to you, I start to wriggle slightly.

Orange nail polish. This is what he remembered about Her. He was kneeling in the doorway of her studio.

He didn’t hear her come into the hallway, his heart was racing too fast , the heartbeats pounding in his ears. The palms of his hand were sweating onto his green khaki pants.

He was nervous as all get out. Wouldn’t You be if you were about to met the Mistress of your dreams.

They had been talking for a few weeks on the phone.

Her open toed shoes showed off her recently manicured feet. Bright orange toenail polish adorned the perfectly shaped digits.

“You may stand ” She said , her voice made him feel like a school boy getting his first crush.

He stood to his full five foot eight inch height. They were eye level now, he kept his back straight but his eyes cast down.

“You may look at me, marcus!” She said.

“Thank You Mistress!” He said.

He gazed into her beautiful green eyes. . She looked into his as well and her long fingers moved up and caressed his chin. Her touch was very light.

“Yes!” She said as she gazed into his hazel eyes.

“I see the passion you spoke of in your eyes!” She said. “I believe we can harass that to make you more confident.”

She walked away and crooked a finger at him. He followed Her.

Soon they were in her studio. She stood next to a medical examination table.

“Take off your clothes and put them on the chair.” She told him.

He did as he was told. He stood before her and she walked around him.

“Hmm, Hmm!” She kept saying.

“You are quite hairy, aren’t you boy?”

“Yes Ma’am!” He said.

“This can be cured rather quickly!” She said as she patted the exam table top.

He sat on the table.

“Lay down boy!” She growled a little.

He lay down on the table and she had him put his legs in the stirrups.

She left him for a moment or two. She came back and he heard something being set on the table next to the bed.

She Velcro’d his legs into the stirrups.

She started applying hot wax to his crotch area. It was warm and it stung a little when it was applied. She let it set for a few moments and then yanked it off.

He bit his lip and some blood flowed from his mouth.

She ripped off another piece of wax. He moaned as the wax ripped off his crotch hairs.

“You did well marcus, very well.” Mistress Orange said to him as she released his legs from the stirrups.

“Come!” She said as she walked to the Saint Andrews cross.

When he got to the cross, she had him turn away from her. She cuffed him to the cross.

“Now that I see you can take some mild pain, let’s see what your pain threshold is.”

She got out her favorite flogger. She let it hit his back lightly as first. Then she increased the speed and hardness.

He leaned his head into the cross and let the tears flow from his eyes. He kept his mouth closed.

It seemed like it was an hour but it was just a few moments.

She released him from the cross and let him sit down to rest for a few moments. She applied a special salve to his welted back.

After she determined that he was rested enough she went and sat in her favorite chair.

She slipped out of her shoes and told him to crawl to her.

He did as he was told; he crawled on the hard wood floor the oak wood hard on his knees.

“Since you did so well today my sweet boy, I am going to allow you to worship my feet.

She wiggled her sexy toes at him.

He started to lick the soles of her feet and then slowly work up to her big toe.

He licked it lick like Popsicle. Long slow licks with his tongue.

Than taking her big toe into his mouth and sucking on it. He then kissing and licking her other toes as well.

She was amazed how talented his mouth was. Over and over he took great care to worship her feet.

Finally after worshipping all ten digits she commanded him to stop.

He looked up with some sadness in his eyes.

“No pet you did very well, don’t worry.”

“On Your next visit, if you do as well as this time, you will get to worship my feet again.

He smiled at her

“Thank You Mistress Orange.” He said.

“Most welcome, now you may get dressed, and I have another appointment coming in twenty minutes.

He dressed and asked permission to leave.

She walked him to the door and kissed his cheek,

He walked from the studio feeling like a brand new man.

Over the next few weeks, Mistress Orange tamed the passion in her new pet’s soul.

He became more confident; his life had more of a purpose now

He owed it all to Mistress Orange.

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