I have stayed up late many nights because of you, and tonight is no different. You slip in and out of the shadows; in between the sheets of many lovers; and habitually flit through the pages of romance novels. I’ve been prowling the bookstores, the subways stations, and motel lobbies searching for you. Finally, I see you and I can’t even pretend to be suave. I dart across the street–jaywalking really–to get to you before you disappear for the remainder of the night. I’m addicted. I have to have you. Just a small whiff of your aspartame tainted breath; a nip at the skin just below your ear lobe; or light caress of your short and polished finger nails across my cheek as you teasingly say “my silly boy.”

I call out to you, while shoving aside dawdling passengers, and grab you by the elbow before you enter into the train station. You pull out the ear buds the hide the world from you. You tip your chin up arrogantly and then smile genuinely when you realize it is me. Although our woolen coats and scarves are a barrier, I swear I can feel your heart beating against my chest and the heat rising from skin. You don’t speak, but the way your body melts into our embrace tells me the whole weary tale. I wrap my arms fully around you and rest my chin on the crown of your head. “Let’s go,” you whisper into the folds of my scarf. “It’s been too long,” you say slightly shamefaced as you pull back and give me a lopsided grin that makes me chuckle. “Let’s,” I respond in the most polite tone I could muster. I wanted to scream “Fuck yeah.”

You’re dancing in front of me with no real rhyme or rhythm. It’s more of a lazy and impatient sway. Something to do with your body until we’re together. I like looking. I scoot to the edge of the arm chair, rest my arms on my knees and stare at your features–the voluptuousness of breasts, the soft feminine muscularity of your arms, and the round squeezability of your hips and thighs. “You look beautiful.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” Your joke cuts me to the core because its based in truth. However, when I say it to you, I absolutely mean it. It is is absolutely the truth.I wish I had paid attention in English Literature so I would be able to come up with a less pedestrian term.

“With you, I mean it.”

“Of course.” The doubt it your voice is palatable but I bear it. No one has commented on your beauty enough.

We’ve shed our outer clothes, and they lay in an almost post-coital heap by the front door–crumpled, on top of each other, sleeves intertwined. I run my finger along the rim of my glass, and imagine us a few hours from now in the same position. You sit on my lap and lay your head on my shoulder. I steady you by wrapping one arm around your plump waist. Maybe it is my male ego, but I could swear you just shuddered and purred. “What are you thinking?” Ah, the enemy of every man’s thought process.

“About you.” I squeeze you tighter and kiss you softly on the lips.

“Really?” You shift your round bottom on my lap and my cock stiffens. I see the devilishness in your eyes. God, you are such a tease. After I have my way with you, I will teach your ass such a lesson. “What about me?” You remove the glass from my hand and place it on the floor. You straddle me now–a leg over each side of my lap, and cross your arms behind my neck. Your delicate fingers traipse up the nape of my neck, and then grab a handful of my hair. You pull my head back so my neck is fully revealed. Soon, your mouth is hot on my skin–my jugular vein pulsing against the tip of your tongue. You roll your hips like a pro lap dancer, and I want to fuck you just like this. Hard. Fast. Deep and wholly possessing your body while you writhe on my lap.

“I’m thinking I want to go down on you.” The words are barely out my mouth before you are panting in my ear. You are so incredibly beautiful when you’re horny. “I’m good at it, you know?” Now, it is my turn to torture you. You stop squirming on my lap and give me a hard stare. You are incredulous. We haven’t been together that often, at least, not often enough for me to lose myself in your pussy. I’ve teased you before. We’ve promised such sexual delicacies in the past, but time is a cruel mistress. Most of our encounters have been quick screws in some closet, alleyway or somewhere….

“I’ve been told I’m excellent.” I lean in to kiss you. I run my tongue over your lips, suck the tip of your tongue delicately as though it were that sensitive clit of yours, and finally I ravage your mouth with mine. I hold your body close to me even as you try to pull back and struggle for air. When I finally release you, your hands fly up to your face. Your fingers gingerly flutter about your lips. I can see the hot rush of blood coloring your skin. You are an absolute believer now. I can read your eyes. You want my mouth on your pussy now.

“Do it,” you rasp. I push you backwards onto the floor and I’m on top of you in a flash. I unzip your boots, shove up that ungodly midi skirt, and press my face into your cunt. I don’t even bother to pull down your hose or panties before I start licking you. You are squirming beneath me. You want to get out of your underthings yet you don’t want me to stop licking. I solve the problem violently as my baser instincts takeover. My longing for you won’t allow for any niceties. I tear at the sheer hose with my incisors, and widened the hole with my fingers. I rip it from your body like a crazed killer. Your lower back and hips arch up as I pull it from you. Next, I pop the strings holding up the bikini panties. Your scream gives me pause.

I sit back on my haunches, holding bits of the destroyed underwear in my hand, and look down into those wide brown eyes of yours. What are they saying? “I’m scared” or “I’m orgasmic.” Suddenly, you give me a wicked grin and whisper “those were my favorite knickers.”

“You cheeky bitch. I’ll buy you a new pair. A thousand new pairs!” I don’t wait to see if you have a witty retort for I’m down between your thighs again. I inhale the hot musky scent of your cunt. It is damp and ripe from arousal and from being trapped in those pantyhose all day. I nearly cum in my briefs like a inexperienced school boy from the delicious smell. Speaking of cumming, I take to eating you for each moment lost in thought is one less moment my tongue gets be inside of you.

Jess knew Sam from work. Every Wednesday he would be there to have a meeting with the MD and she would always be on reception to greet him. They had known each other in this manner for 2 years now. They’d always gotten on well and seemed to have plenty in common. Jess was engaged to Michael, a simple man with simple tastes. He liked football, cricket and beer – but he was kind and generous. Jess and Michaels 12 year relationship, which started at university, was a comfortable one. It wasn’t exciting or sexy but it was stable. Lately Jess, who was now in her mid 30s, was starting to wonder if there was more to life than the 9-5 job and a curry on Fridays.

Wednesdays were Jess’ favourite day; she wore matching lace underwear and always wore her best perfume. At first it was a subconscious effort but later it was a necessity, she had to do it, she did it for Sam. Sam was in a relationship with Sarah who had no distinguishing features or personality traits but adored Sam and would do anything for him. He had always associated this with the sort of love he’d always wanted but maybe there was something more exciting in life, something more carefree. On Wednesdays he would kiss Sarah goodbye and drive with a little too much skip in his step to 100 South Street, where Jess, sexy Jess would be working on reception.

Jess had caught his eye the first day he’d landed the contract at Winston Brothers, she had the prettiest smile he’d ever seen and was always so friendly. He could tell she was self conscious though based on the clothes she wore, she clearly had a really hot body but covered it up and he couldn’t understand why.

One day, after his morning meeting with the boss, Sam asked Jess out to lunch.

“How about I take you to the Turkish place down the road and we can try it out for the sake of comparison.” Was his offer. Previously they would have had heated debates about the best Turkish restaurant or the best type of food or the best band. Their often intense but friendly debates were how they had gotten to know each other. Today was the first time they would be socialising outside of the office.

They arrived at the cafe and took a table in the corner. The table was tiny and they had to squeeze around various other people in suits on their fast business lunches. The smell coming from the kitchen was delicious but to Jess’ surprise her stomach was doing flips. She couldn’t understand it, it was just lunch, why was it exciting to her?

They sat down and ordered a mix grill to share with two beers. The beers were cold and clean tasting, Jess almost finished hers before the food arrived. Up until then she was trying to keep her ankles respectfully under her chair but she was getting uncomfortable so she put her feet out in front of her. Instead of giving her room Sam just put his legs either side of hers and let them rest on her. To the outside world it would’ve looked perfectly natural but to her it was an exceptionally intimate act. He squeezed her legs gently with his for a moment and her pulse raced as she feebly tried to eat the food in front of her.

The conversation was easy going and natural and they spoke constantly; of work at first then of topical subjects and music, theatre and of course food.

“Not hungry?” He asked as he had noticed her playing with the food on the plate.

“Um, I’m full actually, I think the beer filled me up, all those bubbles!” She replied, in truth her stomach wouldn’t let her eat. She felt 15 again with new hormones raging through her body. He had noticed her become a little flustered when he had put his legs around hers and was taking some pleasure in watching her trying to hide it. He enjoyed the feeling of touching her, even if it was in this small way. He didn’t have any agenda asking her out for lunch, not at first anyway; he enjoyed her company and thought it would be nice to get to know her better but sitting here opposite her, watching her play with her hair and hearing that amazing laugh, he had been getting strangely turned on. At one point she had smoothed her skirt over her knees and had lightly touched his leg. He pretended not to notice but enjoyed the feeling immensely. Was he imagining it or did she intend on touching him? She gave him a look with a sideward smile. They finished their food and paid at the till, splitting the bill.

Outside the café she started to automatically walk in the direction of the office.

“Actually,” Sam said, “My car is this way and I’m going to another meeting this afternoon.”

She turned back.

“Oh, ok then, lunch was really nice, thanks.” Jess replied, smiling.

“Yes, it was.” He said returning the grin, “Listen, can I have your mobile number? Just in case a work thing comes up or something.” He had already been getting his mobile from his pocket. She was thrilled by this and knew there was no work thing that meant he would need to contact her so it was obviously a personal request. They exchanged numbers and just before they went their separate ways, he leaned in and kissed her on her cheek with one hand on her waist. She smelt his aftershave and her stomach did another little flip. He lingered there a second longer then was necessary and at that moment they both felt a spark.

He walked towards town and she turned and walked towards the office, looking back once to catch a glimpse of that fine behind of his.

By the time she had arrived back to the office she’d received a text from him,

‘I really did enjoy lunch, we should go out again sometime. S’

A thrill rippled through her as she read the text back. Then she told herself to stop these silly thoughts. It was just lunch, with a friend, that’s it!

“Oh boy, I’m in trouble!” Sam said to himself as he sat in his car. The smell of her sweet perfume still lingered and his semi erect cock was resting like an anvil on his leg. The guilt kicked in now, and he thought of Sarah at home. “It was just lunch, with a friend.” He told himself, “Who I’d really like to fuck.” Oh, boy was he in trouble!

As they walked, they were intimately aware of each other, feeling the heat from the other without actually touching. Today was different to all the other days they had walked together from work, Sam to go to his car, Jess to get the bus home. Since their first lunch they had started to spend more time outside of the office together; mostly drinks with their colleagues but often just the two of them walking to their respective transport. Jess gestured to the cash point with a nervous grin and Sam stood a couple of feet back while she took her money out. Her mind was reeling; she desperately wanted to kiss him, to feel his mouth on hers and to have him do all those things to her that she had fantasised about in the shower.

Jess knew it was wrong, all of this; the sexually charged text conversations they had been divulging in recently and of course that stolen kiss at the Christmas party. She needed to make some distance between them, for all their sakes. That text exchange over the weekend had been playing on her mind, she couldn’t stop thinking about Sam, and couldn’t wait to see him on Wednesday for their walk from work. She felt an ounce of disgust in herself as she had remembered sitting next to Michael on the sofa while re-reading the texts from Sam and becoming increasingly turned on from it. She knew nothing more would happen between them, they’d both said that, but she still felt a twinge between her legs when he arrived that morning.

Sam stood on the street checking out Jess’ arse, he was thinking about what he could do to an arse like that and shivered with the thought of having his hands on it, biting it. The texts from the weekend had been going through his mind too. Sam hadn’t done anything with another woman since he’d been with Sarah and found this whole situation really exciting but even though he was playing cool around Jess, the texts had been getting to him. She said the naughtiest things in writing and he found it hard to associate this with the same person he knew in real life, he felt the urge to put the two together. One particular text came to mind and he realised he was getting even more turned on.

Jess was just about to turn around and tell Sam that the erotic texts should stop, that they should just stay friends when she felt his warm breath on her neck and his hands on her waist. She quickly turned around to face him and he kissed her with a tender yet fiery embrace. She shuddered with excitement and moved her body closer into his and kissed him harder. Their mouths enveloped as they hungrily bit into each other, their tongues feeling and exploring, their bodies pressed together, hands clinging.

Jess pulled away a few seconds later; they were still holding each other and both breathed heavily. What was she just about to say? Her mind was foggy for a moment until she remembered.

“We um, we shouldn’t do this.” She protested, her whole body quivering. She didn’t want to be saying those words; she hadn’t felt passion like that in a long time.

“No, we probably shouldn’t, sorry.” He replied. Neither moved.

“I mean, you’ve got Sarah.” Jess said, “And I’m with Michael, it would hurt so many people if we continued with this.” As she finally broke away from his arms.

“Yes, yes it will.” Sam said with the memory of Sarah at home. He didn’t want it to be true, but he knew it was. He took her by the hand and kissed it. As he did so, she looked at him, him at her.

“It would really be wrong though, wouldn’t it?” She said, not very convincingly.

“Wrong and… dangerous.” Sam managed in reply.

This word seemed to ignite a flame inside them both, the riskiness of it all turned them both on. Another second later he couldn’t help himself, his body was taking over.

Sam led Jess around the corner into a shadowed ally, they walked hurriedly for a few paces until he stopped and pushed her against the cool brick wall. At first she protested but then gave into him. He immediately kissed her and moved one hand under her T-shirt and onto her back; the other held the back of her neck, roughly pulling her face towards his. Her skin felt so soft and supple. They both gasped for air as they kissed, as if the lust was too great and it was taking the wind out of them. He pulled her long leg up to his side and slid his hand onto her arse. He pushed his already hard cock into her crotch and she moaned with the pressure she could feel between her legs – she could feel how hard he was for her. He kissed her neck and it drove her wild, making her bite her lip to stop her from shouting out.

Sam found her breasts under her T-shirt, her perfectly formed breasts trapped under a layer of tantalising lace. He could feel her pert nipple under the material and he pinched it lightly. She gave another moan and bit his earlobe in response as she moved her hand towards his throbbing, hard cock. A small rush of thrill went through her as she imagined him pushing inside her. Jess was aching for him and was getting wet with anticipation. Sam wanted to be inside her, to taste her, to make her scream. As if on cue, an older couple walked past them on the otherwise deserted road and gave a ‘tut’ of disapproval. This broke the spell.

It took them a few minutes to compose themselves and they straightened their clothes. Jess knew if they stopped now they hadn’t done anything really wrong and they could still carry on as if nothing had happened. Lust is addictive she told herself and even though it would be amazing to have him, it would certainly change things for them forever.

Just as these thoughts were going through her head and as if he had read her mind Sam spoke first. “How about I give you a ride home today?” He said.

“Michael will be there.” Jess said quietly.

“Well, I’ll drop you around the corner from your flat then, if that’s better.”

Even though she thought the same she couldn’t hide her disappointment. Sam tried to hide his grin; he’ll give her a lift home but he had other plans for her first.

“I’m not parked in the usual spot; I’m in the multi-storey today.” Sam said as he led Jess to his car. He couldn’t believe he was doing this but his body was screaming at him to do it, it was just his mind he needed to quieten. He had been thinking about sleeping with Jess ever since that first lunch together and since that kiss at the Christmas Party he wanted her even more, it had made it real. Sure, he’d tried to tell himself it wasn’t right and it wasn’t, but he didn’t know what to do anymore. He was feeling hard done by at home and he and Sarah hadn’t had sex in months.

They reached the multi-storey car park on the edge of town, the sun was dipping below the horizon and there was an orange glow as the final beams of the early October sun set. It was a mild evening.

“Second floor.” He said pointing to the stairs. He watched her walk up the stairs in front of him, getting an eyeful of her luscious buttocks and thighs. They were perfectly formed, with just the right amount of movement but also toned. He could tell she was wearing French knickers and wondered if they were lacy to match the bra. He couldn’t wait to take them off her.

Jess walked out into the car park level. “There are no cars.” She remarked, not turning around. This time he didn’t give it a second thought as he grabbed her from behind and put his hand on her stomach, slowly moving it down he rubbed her over her skirt and at the same time roughly massaged her breasts. This time she didn’t object. She threw her head back and let herself go.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” He whispered in her ear.

“Uh, I; someone might come in.” She said, taking some thrill in this thought herself.

“I don’t care, I just want you.” He said.

“I want you to; lick me.” She said with just a little hesitation.

Sam pushed her against the wall once more and kissed her full on the mouth. He held her arms above her head and relished in her futile attempts to release herself. Jess was fully enjoying being restrained, at this point he could’ve done anything to her and she wouldn’t have objected.

“I want to make you scream.” He said in her ear, and this made her tingle with anticipation. He got onto his knees in front of her, running his hands down her body as he went. He helped her out of those lacy French knickers with a knowing grin.

Sam teased her just a little as he rubbed his hands up her smooth legs and kissed the top of her thighs. She moaned as he teased her, she wanted to feel his tongue and pleaded with him to do it, to lick her. Her hands went to the side of his head, pushing him ever so gently to what she wanted him to do.

He didn’t keep her waiting for long; he buried his head between her legs and having found her clit, flicked it and massaged it with his tongue. Her knees almost buckled.

“Oh God, that’s it!” Jess exclaimed, barely able to hold herself up. He lifted her right leg and put it onto his shoulder as he slid two fingers inside her and curled them to meet his mouth. He kept moving in the same rhythm, licking her clit while pushing his fingers inside her. She was repeating his name and her hands grasped at his hair as she contorted and arched.

Jess went quiet for just a second before her thighs tensed and he felt the ripples go through her pussy as she climaxed. She cried out as the waves of orgasm wracked through her body. She had been pushing on the back of his head but now she put her arms above her head with her head thrown back, her mind was numb with the pleasure washing over her.

As the orgasm subsided, she panted and rested her cheek against the wall. He stood up and pulled her towards him.

“Christ; that was amazing.” She breathed into his ear.

“Thanks, I loved hearing you scream like that, I could do it to you all day.” Replied Sam, and he meant it. He couldn’t understand it when other guys refused to go down on a girl when it turned him on so much; to hear her make noises like that from what he did with his mouth.

They stayed there a few seconds more, while she recovered from what had just happened. “Now, I want you inside me.” She said to him as she rubbed him over his trousers. She was so wet for him, so ready for him. She undid his belt and reached inside his underwear for the treat that was waiting for her. She gently massaged the head and his breathing became shallow.

“Do you want to be inside me, Sam?” Jess asked softly between kisses, gently easing her hands into his trousers further and caressing him tenderly between her hands. She could feel that he was rock hard by this point and he felt as big as she had imagined. Sam could only manage a mumbled affirmative response. He felt in his back pocket for a condom and put into her hand; however, instead of putting it on straight away she held onto it. She felt a tingly thrill at being a tease and at this moment he was putty in her hands and she felt completely empowered.

“I want you inside my mouth first.” Jess said to him with a grin as she crouched down in front of him. There was nothing telling her to stop now, all she could think about in this instance was being with Sam. When she was level with his crotch, she kissed the sides of his cock while stroking it with her hand. She put just the tip into her mouth and wrapped her warm soft lips around it, sucking it like a delicious lollypop.

“Oh, that feels good!” Sam exclaimed, as his breathing quickened and his hands gently pushed her hair back from her face. His hands finally rested on the back of her head giving the slightest of pushes. As she teased the base with one hand, she cupped and massaged his balls with the other for a few moments before putting his length deep into her mouth. He grunted as he felt her warm mouth envelope him and her tongue massaged around the tip. She put one hand between his legs and grabbed his arse, pulling him towards her as if she couldn’t not get enough of him. He had to put his hands on the wall to steady himself.

Just then, as he was nearing the point of coming, she stopped and raised up to face him. She retrieved the condom and put it on him with some skill. Jess breathed heavily as he pushed her legs apart with his, then as if he had changed his mind he quickly turned her around so she was facing the wall. Jess gave a surprised yelp as he grabbed her at her hips and bent her over in front of him, pulling her skirt onto her back. She held herself up with her hands on the wall. He guided himself into her wet pussy, just the tip at first but then he pushed deep inside her. She gasped at the sudden rush as he thrust inside her repeatedly.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” She cried out. “Fuck me Sam!” Her explicit words took her by surprise.

“You feel so good, you’re so tight.” He stammered.

Jess arched her back so that he could drive deeper inside, she felt like she would be split in two and screamed out again as she felt the thrusts hammer through her pelvis.

“I’m; going to; come.” He gasped as he massaged her round perfect arse.

It took just a couple more thrusts before he felt the pressure in his balls build up and then the release as his orgasm pulsed through him. He let out a moan of satisfaction and a pant as his head spun, feeling dizzy for a moment.

“That was; great.” He managed to say, eventually.

He carefully pulled away and she retrieved her knickers that were flung across the floor.

“Jess,” he said as he did up his trousers, tucking in his shirt, “as good as this was, and it was really good, this can’t happen again you know, this needs to be a onetime event.”

It stung a little that he was saying this to her, when it was her idea all along to not do it at all. He still gave her a lift home and before getting out of the car, she turned to him and thanked him for the lift. Despite her boldness in the car park, she still blushed at the fresh memory and looked down at her hands with an embarrassed grin.

**The following is a work of erotic fiction in which all characters involved are consenting adults over the age of 18. Not intended to represent any actual person(s) and/or real events.**

She giggled as she tossed the recently removed bra at the object of her flirtation. His hard cock throbbed in his pants as he realized that the only thing between him and those gorgeous round breasts was the zipper of a hoodie. He smirked, hiding his arousal from her. Her eyes twinkled as she watched him, looking for a reaction on his face. He tucked the bra on the sofa next to him, not giving her the satisfaction of a sexual escalation just yet. As the tension simmered, they turned back to the basketball game on the television, both of them ignoring the third person in the room. The third one sat with a slightly bemused, but mostly annoyed, look on his face over the extracurricular flirtation, his intent clearly wanting to stay on the game.

At the next timeout, the bra’s temporary guardian stood, his intentions still guarded, and put the bra in his pants pocket while he walked out of the room and into the kitchen. “Ashley,” he called a few seconds later, “could you come in here please and show me where you keep your cups?” The double entendre amused him, but could seem a tame enough question when posed in his current location. As she demurely walked into the kitchen, he knew now was the time to act. He beckoned her with a silent finger slightly out of ear shot of the living room. He held up the bra, a sly grin on his face. “Do you want it back?” His words were but a whisper as his grin widened. She blushed, nodding silently. “Hmm. What do you have to trade?” She pulled out the pockets of her tight jeans, a sexy pout crossing her lips. She had nothing on her of any value, but he already knew that. “How about you unzip that hoodie and I’ll give it back?” She slowly cocked her head to the side, contemplating the deal, but the glow on her face let him know that she was definitely on the same page with him and that this was just part of the game. Her lithe hand went to the zipper tag and slowly she started to pull downward. As the front of the garment parted, she turned away from him, preventing him from seeing what he craved.

Gently, he reached out and put his hands on her hips, pulling her to him, her back to his chest. He ran his hands up under the jacket and caressed her sides as her head leaned back onto his shoulder. Her voice eked out a conspiratorial whisper, “What if he comes in here?”

He shook his head briefly even though she couldn’t see. “He won’t. He’d rather watch the game.” His hands swiftly moved up and cupped her heavy breasts, just taking in their dimensions. As he marveled at her soft skin, she drew in a sharp breath of arousal. Good. He wanted her to start feeding into the lust he was feeling. He kneaded her breasts, lightly rubbing his palms across her hardening nipples and eliciting a whimper of pleasure. Kissing her neck, he slid both hands back down to her hips, but then around to the button fly of her jeans. Plink. Plink. Plink. One by one, he undid the buttons.

“We shouldn’t,” she quietly cautioned, but made no move to stop him.

He could feel the heat coming from inside her jeans as his right hand plunged down the parting of the button fly. He easily slipped past the waistband security of her silky panties and down toward the source of the warmth. She tensed in anticipation, but sighed deeply when his fingers found the already damp folds of her vaginal entrance. As he rubbed two fingers across those sensitive lips, his thumb sought her clitoris and a sharp intake of breath let him know he found it. She turned slowly, leading him away from the living room and into the nearby bathroom without disengaging their connection. He closed the door behind him and turned on the light as she leaned forward on the sink, ready to be plucked like strings on a harp in the key of pleasure. His left hand returned upward and fingers cinched upon a nipple, rolling it slightly and tugging. She grunted and rolled her hips. This was actually happening and she was going to enjoy it. No sense in stopping now. As her hips rolled, her jeans slowly slid down to her knees. His left hand disengaged from her nipple, his right still strumming her wetness, and he tried removing the jacket. His awkward tugs at the cloth found to be insufficient, she took the job upon herself and tossed the hoodie over her shoulder. “Mmmmm, you’re getting into it,” he playfully chided, “I knew that good girl could turn bad.” She smiled into the mirror at him, her eyelids heavy with pleasure. A brief murmur of acknowledgement passed her lips as she bit back the sounds of ecstasy that she wanted to express, but couldn’t with the otherwise unsuspecting company in the other room. He removed his hand from her pussy, which elicited a disappointed sound, but she understood when he took both hands and pulled her panties down to join her jeans. Since she was barefoot, she went ahead and slinked free of her bottoms entirely, leaving her naked.

He guided her hands back to the sink’s counter and then dropped to his knees behind her, putting his mouth up to her wetness. His tongue caressed the lips his fingers had just been strumming and he returned a thumb to her clitoris. She let out a heavy exhale and her legs started to wobble. She couldn’t believe he was doing this to her while his friend sat in the next room, just feet away, but she was too turned on to care. She wanted to cum badly and she was going to let him provide that pleasure. As he continued his oral ministrations, he snaked his other arm up to caress her inner thigh, almost lightly tickling it. He wanted her nerves to be standing on end when he brought her to orgasm. He wanted it to be intense. He wanted to take her breath away. He wanted this entire erotic scene to be burned into her memory for years to come. He wanted it to be the reason she would silently masturbate in the shower or just before bed. He wanted it to lead to more moments like this when he could share his physical attraction to her. But he wouldn’t get ahead of himself. There was work to be done.

He began to make love to her with his mouth. Long, slow strokes with the flat of his tongue. Penetrating prods with the point of his tongue alternated with butterfly flicking of her clit. Her hips were bucking in earnest at this point, the culmination of the act getting close to fruition. Panting, she blurted out in a harsh whisper, “Please. Fuck. Ohgod. Ohgod! Make me cum!” It didn’t take much longer for him to oblige. He steadied her thighs with his hands as she shuddered through her weak-kneed orgasm. As she slowly returned from her post-orgasmic bliss, he playfully licked at her clit, causing her to give a tiny squeal and pull away. She turned around as he got to his feet. They met in a kiss, giving her a chance to taste what he just had been. He ran his hands along her naked body, indulging his skin’s craving of contact with her. It had been a torrid session, barely a few minutes, but surely they were being missed.

He broke their kiss and, just moments later, his friend knocked on the door and asked if everything was okay. He looked to his flushed partner and grinned from ear to ear as he assured his friend that things were just fine. Nature’s call came at a bad time, he explained. When asked where the gracious host had gone, she whispered to her lover the solution. “She told me she had to step out back to make a call,” he relayed to his sports-loving pal. This served the intended purpose and the curious friend went back into the living room to continue his view of the game. “I think that bought us some time,” he said quietly.

“What about you,” she asked, “You’re still dressed!” Her hand found the front of his pants and the rock hard cock being held back by the material and she purred. “Let’s get him out in the open so he can join the party,” she suggested as she manipulated the opening to his pants. He didn’t have to be asked twice and helped her lower his pants to his ankles. She grasped his scrotum gently and stroked it before taking hold of his rigid, hot cock. It was his turn to sharply inhale. “Oh, I think he likes it,” she teased, and he vocalized to the affirmative. Stroking his dick, she leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss his neck and his reddening left ear. “Do you want me?” Eyes closed, he whispered a yes in reply. Her talk turned bold. “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

He groaned. He had dreamed of this moment and he would not be denied with a rude awakening in an empty bed this time. He replied with “Of course I do.”

She laughed softly, but with wickedness. “Of course you do, what?” She continued to stroke his straining cock.

“God dammit,” he breathed, “of course I want you to suck my cock.”

She smiled. “Tell me, then.”

He blushed, but the words immediately came. “I want you to suck my cock.”

She smiled again, the pace of her stroke quickening, “Order me, baby. Tell me to get on my knees and suck you.” She was surprised that her own words were making her pussy wet again. The dirty talk was too much for her partner and, with a groan, he began to cum against her stomach. He clutched her to him as she continued to milk his balls of their contents, his hips thrusting forward with each wet spasm.

Slowly, his breathing returned to normal and he opened his eyes, looking down into hers. They saw it in each others’ eyes. This wouldn’t be the last time they would have an encounter. The ice had been broken and there was nothing but heat now. With some nervous giggles and playful kisses, they got dressed and decided to make separate returns to the living room. Once there, they had eyes on the television, but neither of them was really paying attention. They had other things to think about.

Annie and I were on the way home from another fantastic trip. We’ve found a tropical paradise, a remote place with crystal clear water and great snorkelling. It’s a quiet place and is very relaxing. We’ve visited twice and are thinking of making it a regular escape from the cold winters of our home city. No – I won’t be telling readers where it is.

We’d returned from our favourite outer island to the main resort area. It was two nights there and then another boat back to the airport and home. We were checking in that afternoon and saying hello to some of the locals. I looked along the counter and saw a couple, younger than us, with their two young kids. They were rather attractive. Certainly I liked the look of the woman as she seemed to carry herself in a very sexy way. I guessed they were just arriving, maybe having a few days on the main island to start their holidays.

My eyes caught his and I smiled. He smiled back. I also noticed that he took a nice look at my Annie. I took another glance at the woman with him and we smiled at one another again. That’s when I decided I had to act on my hunch.

After lunch I figured they would be down at the beach with the kids. The snorkelling is not so great there but its an OK spot for kids. For sure they’d be heading out soon to one of the nearby islands where its quieter, there’s fewer boats and the family could relax a little more and enjoy the local wonders.

We exchanged a few looks and I tried to show enough interest – but not too much. She was pretty sexy but he had to be comfortable with it as well. Mind you, Annie got into the action as well and in the end there seemed to be enough flirting to know that we were onto a good thing.

At one point Sara, the wife, was down by the water with their youngsters, wrestling with their snorkelling gear. I casually approached Mark, the husband, and introduced myself. They were an English couple, mid 30s and the kids were aged 9 and 7.

Mark and I spoke only briefly. I was confident they’d agree to a proposal but I had to be careful not to cause a scene.

‘Annie and I enjoy having fun with new friends. We think the four of us could have a lot of fun. Would you both consider joining us after dinner?’

Mark knew what I was asking and he seemed relaxed about it. But they had the kids in tow. I offered to find someone at the resort who’d be able to arrange a babysitter. I know a number of the staff by name and theirs is a culture where kids are greatly valued and always well cared for. I didn’t want to pressure Mark but there were only two nights to make something happen. Annie loves chance encounters like that, especially if there’s a nice new cock involved. It would be the perfect way to end the holiday.

All the time Mark and I were speaking I could see Sara stealing glances at us. Later Sara confessed that Mark had mentioned he’d had the same thought when he’d seen us at reception. Sara had known straight away that she was interested. Mark explained that they were teachers and had needed to save hard for this trip. I wondered if being teachers also made it hard for them to indulge in other pleasures. It looked as if they were going to get more on this trip than they’d planned for.

Mark was tall and a little pudgy. Not exactly Annie’s type but he was good looking. She liked his black-rimmed spectacles. He had big hands and we all know what that’s supposed to mean.

Sara was quite tall as well, already well tanned and with short, dark hair. She had curves in all the right places and I liked the way she moved. Her backside was well rounded and I didn’t mind at all that she had a bit of meat on her bones. Her breasts looked like probably D-cup. The most important thing was that Mark and Sara were new to us and hopefully ready for the kind of fun Annie and I enjoy the most.

As usual, we’d been having plenty of good sex on this trip. The heat and the outdoor activities had kept Annie’s fire stoked. Seeing her slender body and her golden Chinese skin in the sun, watching her in and out of the water in her bathing suit, had been making my cock hard over and over again.

The second outer island we’d visited had only a few visitors and plenty of secluded places down by the water. It was humid and sticky but each night in the cooler air we’d gone and found ourselves a private spot on the sand. We’d fucked right there, in the open air with our towels underneath us and the bright stars over our heads. One night I’d sat in the shallow waves with Annie across my lap, my cock deep in her cunt and fucking until she’d needed no more. Another night I’d finished by shooting my cum all over her chest and tummy and then I’d massaged it all into her skin. We’d lain together panting as my cum dried on her and then entered the warm sea to wash her clean.

On that first night with Sara and Mark our fun was pretty much limited to dinner. They wanted to check us out a little more and we were happy with that approach. It was a nice way to spend an evening.

Mark had made sure to mention that he and Sara weren’t ‘heavy swingers’. It seemed they’d not done much more than same-room sex with some friends back in their university days.

I arranged things at dinner so Annie was next to Mark and I was next to Sara. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but gradually became more and more relaxed with my finding excuses to touch her hand. Annie and Mark were busy touching one another under the table. He was game, but I understood that he wouldn’t go further than his wife could handle.

We enjoyed their company and I especially liked Sara. She was quiet but not shy and I liked her strong English accent. She knew what was in the offing but had decided to play things cool for now. Maybe Annie and I seemed a little more hardcore than she was comfortable with. Annie likes to take the opportunity of a new cock on a regular basis but not everyone is like that. Still, I’d seen enough to find a pleasant challenge in Sara even if I didn’t get to fuck her.

The four of us took a short walk along the beach after that first dinner. Somehow Annie managed to get Mark’s arm around her. When I was sure that Sara was happy with that I placed my arm around her. I think they both enjoyed the attention they were getting from us. Sara even let me put my hand on her arse once we turned and headed back to the resort. Annie took the chance to give Mark’s cock a little rub through his pants (she told me later) and he’d acted a little shocked.

We split up and went to our separate rooms. Sara wanted to get back to her kids and I knew they’d de-brief one another. Annie and I quickly shed our clothes and she insisted I fuck her long and slow on the bed. I fingered her cunt while kissing and cuddling her until she came repeatedly. Later fucked her for as long as I could while I had two fingers gently massaging her arse hole.

At breakfast the next morning Mark quietly asked if they could see us again that night. ‘Dinner and maybe we can do something together after. If you and Annie still want to.’

We did. Mark repeated his caution that he and Sara didn’t ‘do a lot of this really’. I could see that Mark was very keen to have his way with Annie. So it was important that we didn’t rush Sara. Maybe having the kids so close was making her self-conscious. But she’d not protested when I’d felt her bum and I was keen to see if we could lower her guard.

We saw them a few times during the day but not much was said. We exchanged plenty of horny looks though, each couple eyeing off the other. Each of us knew the night ahead was all about physical pleasure.

That night at dinner the sexual tension was obvious. This time I slid my hand between Sara’s thighs and she didn’t resist at all. I managed to work her dress up high enough so I could feel the soft skin of her upper thighs. She was warm and smooth and seemingly enjoying my touch.

Mark was trying his best to be an attentive husband. I knew it was hard because there was no doubt that Annie was pressing herself against him and rubbing his cock under the table. She’d already told me it seemed like a good size and I knew the longer she was next to Mark the more she would want him.

We skipped dessert and took another short walk along the beach. It seemed the perfect way to make sure everyone was in the mood. There was a little spot that was screened from view by a rocky outcrop and some palm trees. We paused there, quickly making sure there was no-one close by who could see. Then we swapped as we’d done the night before and again Annie quickly had Mark’s arm around her. I followed suit with Sara, moving carefully as I still wasn’t certain how far she was prepared to go.

This time Sara seemed not to respond to me. I realised she wasn’t even looking at me. Instead her eyes were fixed on her husband and my Annie as they began to softly cuddle one another there on the beach. I moved behind Sara, my arms around her waist. Annie and Mark obliged with a small show, the two of them sinking to their knees and slowly kissing. They were holding one another, seemingly fixated on their new lovers. Sara didn’t move her eyes, not even when I pulled her closer to me, hoping she’d feel my stiff cock through her thin dress.

Now was the time when Sara would either call the whole thing off or surrender to the inevitable. I moved my hands up and softly cupped her big tits through her clothes. Again, I got no reaction. Sara was still captured by the sight of her husband making out with another woman. I could feel her breathing, though, and I could tell she was turned on.

I was just about to slip my hands inside her dress when I saw Annie whisper to Mark. I knew what that was about. Annie was ready to head back. I gave Sara a soft hug and whispered to her too. ‘If you would like to, now is a good time to come back to our room.’

Now Sara turned and looked at me. She looked gorgeous out there in the dim light and I could tell she was horny but nervous.

‘You and Annie do this a lot. I mean, you seem very experienced.’

‘We’ve done it from time to time.’ That was a small lie. ‘We have some regular friends back home.’

‘Mark told you, didn’t he, that we’ve never done this?’

I smiled, hoping she would get the message in the gloom out there on the beach.

‘We played around once, with friends,’ she went on. ‘We were in the same room. But I’ve not done anything like this since I was younger.’

That was perfect as far as I was concerned. I was enjoying that English voice of hers and I wanted to enjoy her body as well. ‘You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with,’ I tried to reassure her. ‘But I can tell you that Annie wants to be fucked by your husband and I think we both want to watch that.’

Sara turned her gaze back to the other two. I think she might have even gulped. ‘Yes I do,’ she breathed softly.

The other two were on their feet again, Annie taking Mark’s arm and almost leading him back along the beach. I felt my usual glow of pride at my Annie being so strong and confident. I took Sara’s hand and we followed behind them.

Minutes later the four of us were inside our room. Annie dragged Mark over to the bed, him content to let her lead. Myself and Sara took a position on the small sofa where we could watch and make-out ourselves.

Annie, turned-on by the warm night air and the prospect of a new cock, quickly stripped off her T-shirt and her pants. She was braless and wearing only lacy ‘boy style’ kickers. She was making me extremely horny just watching her so I was certain Mark would not be able to resist.

I’d been telling Annie how much I wanted to see this new guy suckle on her long, dark nipples. I always want to watch people enjoy her nipples. So she pulled his head to her chest while she groped between his legs. Mark obliged and latched onto one of Annie’s teats with his mouth, at the same time trying to help Annie remove his loose pants.

I was already cuddling Sara and things seemed to be going well. Just like on the beach, she couldn’t take her eyes off the other two. I took the opportunity this time to slide a hand inside her dress and gently fondle one of her tits. They were full and warm. Right then I wanted those big tits so badly.

On the bed Annie and Mark were groping one another with passion. His cock was free now and Annie had a firm grip. It looked a nice size and I could see it was as hard as steel. Annie would want him inside her very soon.

Mark had his hand down her knickers and I guessed his fingers were inside her because Annie would be sopping wet by that point. She loves the feel of flesh in her cunt. She even prefers fingers to toys. If Mark did things right he’d soon be rewarded with one of Annie’s shuddering climaxes.

Still Sara was watching them intently. As I was cuddling her close I could feel her breathing becoming faster and more shallow. All the more so since I was fondling her tits at the same time. I wanted to ramp up her arousal.

‘Look at them,’ I whispered to her. ‘Look at your husband and my Annie. This is why we play with other couples. I love watching other people get turned on by Annie.’ Sara just gulped. The sight on the bed was having a similar effect on her.

‘If we let them,’ I went on, ‘those two are going to fuck each other. They are going to fuck one another while we’re watching them.’ Sara gasped a short ‘yes.’ Her nipples were hard and soon she’d allow me access to the rest of her body. I leaned around and kissed her softly. Her lips responded but I knew she was still watching the other two on the bed.

‘Would you like to see that? Would you like to see our spouses fuck each other in front of us?’

‘Oh fuck yes. I wan to see what his big thing looks like inside another woman.’

‘Well Annie is not much of a watcher. She is more of a doer.’

‘She is so beautiful,’ Sara murmured. I smiled. Once again my Annie, with her sexy body and her sexy mind, had done the trick. She is beautiful and the sight of her having so much pleasure had finally convinced Sara that she did want to join in with us.

‘So are you.’ I assured Sara. ‘You are very sexy.’ Slowly I reached up and undid her dress. There was no resistance. In fact, Sara shuffled around so I could get the dress off completely. She was left wearing only a bra and what looked like a fairly skimpy pair of knickers. I decided to get the bra off as well. Two large, brown tits spilled out, probably D-cups and with thick nipples that were as hard as pebbles.

I heard myself moan and took her tits in my hands as our mouths met again. After two kids, Sara’s breasts were still firm and round, the skin so soft. Quickly I moved down and began to suckle on those gorgeous fleshy globes. Her nipples seemed to grow in my mouth. From the bed I could hear the sounds of Annie enjoying herself. Sara was watching them and I hoped she’d want the same.

Sara moaned a little herself once I started to flick my tongue over her hardened nipples. She even turned her body a little more towards me. Sara was getting comfortable. She began to pant her lust at me as I continued to enjoy her big tits. I wanted to fuck her so badly. All that wonderful sex with Annie had gotten me very heated up as well. Suddenly, having access to Sara with her tanned skin and her fleshy tits was starting to make me lose control.

But Sara still had her focus mostly on the other two. ‘She has such a nice bottom,’ Sara murmured aloud, staring at Annie. I had to agree about Annie’s pert little arse. I broke away from Sara’s big tits and looked over to the bed. Annie was now totally naked and murmuring her lust to Mark as he fingered her cunt. She was trying to keep his long cock in her mouth. That gave me an idea.

‘She’s sucking on his cock. You’re watching your husband’s cock being sucked by another woman. Do you like seeing that?’

‘Yes, I love it,’ she panted at me.

‘You like sucking his cock too, don’t you?’

‘I love it. Mark lets me do it whenever I want.’

Right then it all got too much for Annie and she started on her first orgasm of the night. Not too hard but a nice shuddering orgasm that would be coating Mark’s fingers with her juices. I had one of my wicked ideas.

‘You should go over and help Annie,’ I said to Sara. ‘Go on, go and help her suck your husband’s cock.’

Sara just looked at me now, as if a little unsure. Then she gave me a big grin. She was enjoying the show but she wanted to suck his cock as well. I nodded my encouragement and Sara slowly rose and moved to the bed. Annie saw her coming and gave me a quick look, watching for signs of jealousy.

‘That looked like a very nice orgasm of yours,’ I said to Annie. ‘Sara wants to help you give Mark a little fun in return.’

Fortunately, Annie is very good at sharing. She smiled and made room for Sara. The teacher was no longer so shy, not with a chance to suck her husband’s cock. Mark was looking a little incredulous. But everyone was very happy with our little arrangement. Annie helped Sara get into position and before Mark could say anything the two women were bent down over his rock hard tool. I couldn’t see much of what they were doing but it seemed like Annie was taking first turn with Mark in her mouth while Sara was playing with his balls.

I heard Mark swear something and groan loudly. He couldn’t believe his luck as the two women started to suckle noisily on his cock and his balls. For me the important thing was that both women now had their arses stuck out, as if they were being presented to me. It was too good a chance to pass up.

I quickly stripped and stood behind them, rubbing my hands over those arses and enjoying the contrasting sizes and shapes. Annie is tight and rounded, a delight for any arse lover. Sara had more meat and bent over like that she was very inviting. What was more, in that position her skimpy undies were covering even less than before. I could see there was a thick bush under there and some of her dark brown pubes were peeking out around the sides of her knickers.

My hands roamed across those butt cheeks and neither woman protested. So I let my fingers slip down into the two cracks and pressed forward to find two hot, wet slits.

Sara didn’t flinch at the touch of my fingers between her legs. She was warming up nicely. Sharing hubby’s cock with her new friend had obviously made her decision for her – she was going to play and she was going to be fucked. Annie knew what I was up to and she moved her hips back towards me, a slight moan escaping from her lips wrapped around a strange cock.

I didn’t want to distract the women from their mission. But I wanted to get my fingers wet. I slid two fingers inside Annie – easy enough as she was fully naked and sopping wet. I had to use my free hand to wrestle Sara’s skimpy knickers down. But by now quiet Sara had gotten a lot bolder. Maybe it was the fact that her husband’s cock was leaking pre-cum into another woman’s mouth. Whatever, Sara got up from Mark and swiftly discarded her knickers. I got an eyeful of her mature, sexy body as she moved in close to me.

We hugged quickly and I once more grabbed her full arse, this time pulling her closer to me. My other hand was moving down to her bush when I felt Sara’s hand grab my hardened cock. That was good. Sara wanted to get to business. She ran her hand back and forth along my shaft, stroking me firmly, sampling my erection. It was the first new cock Sara had experienced for a long, long time and of course I was totally at attention for her.

On the bed Mark was between Annie’s legs, his mouth moving straight to her hot cunt. Annie spread wide, confident of what was happening and what she wanted. Sara paused for a moment. What should she choose? She sat on the edge of the bed, amazingly holding my cock in her hand as she reached out and grabbed Mark’s rod. Was it a fantasy of hers to hold two cocks at once? Certainly it was double the pleasure for Mark as his wife stroked his cock while he pushed his face into Annie’s gorgeous cunt.

I stroked my fingers through Sara’s thick, brown bush and pressed against her swollen cunt lips. So nice! I went further and found her hard clit. Not wanting to waste time I started rubbing Sara’s clit and feeling the wetness oozing out from her hole. She moaned in my ear and I felt a tiny shudder run through her body.

Carefully I guided Sara into a new position, standing bent over the bed. She could better see the action between Annie and Mark and I could admire her arse and see her hot holes. I loved the fact Sara was willing to be exposed to me. Her heat guided my fingers back to her hole and quickly I pressed two fingers of my right hand into her, slow and deep. I found what I was after – plenty of hot juice pooling at her entrance and coating the inside of her tunnel.

At the touch of my fingers Sara’s head dropped to the bed. The teacher had been slow to start but now she was getting hungry. She stopped and turned to me. ‘Do you use condoms?’ she asked. I grinned. I’d been lusting after her lush English body since that first morning. Now Sara was hot and ready, nervous but wanting to be pleasured.

‘We usually have safe sex,’ I replied. ‘But Annie is on the pill these days so we don’t need to worry with couples.’ Sara gave me a look. ‘I had a vasectomy before I met Annie so we don’t have to worry about pregnancy.’

‘Oh,’ was all she said, smiling softly. She turned her head back to the other two on the bed. They were shifting positions again. Annie wanted something back in her cunt. ‘Your fingers,’ she instructed Mark. I thought I heard Sara gasp her agreement with the instruction. Straight away Mark put his mouth on Annie’s clit and his fingers back inside her tunnel.

With a little effort of my own I was able to manoeuvre Sara onto the bed on all fours. The two women were side-by-side now. Their hands were almost touching. Mark and I exchanged a quick look and he glanced over at Sara.

Straight away I had my face up close to her bush. It was dark brown, thick and wiry. In fact it was almost a forest and I was pretty excited to be heading in there. A lot of women get embarrassed if they think they have excessive pubic hair. Sara didn’t appear to mind and I was thrilled at the sight of her wetness glistening in there.

Next to us I could hear Annie beginning to moan continuously. It was a sure sign that Mark was on the job. I followed the lead and drove my tongue through Sara’s pubes and into her moist slit. Sara groaned and stiffened. ‘Oh fuck yes,’ she hissed. What woman does not enjoy being pleasured orally? Sara tasted good and her body was already pumping juices over my tongue.

Quickly I flipped her over to give myself better access to her steaming cunt. I dove straight in, thrilled by her thick bush and her gushing wetness. I was pretty excited myself and wanted to have all her luscious body. So I managed to reach up and grab those big tits. Gently I massaged them, taking the risk of softly pinching her nipples. Sara groaned louder and I saw Annie, now getting nicely worked up herself, reach over and take hold of Sara’s hand.

I made sure to give plenty of attention to Sara’s clit. It was a nice size, surrounded by a fleshy hood. In just minutes both women were cumming over and over. Annie was making her usual shuddering noises. Sara was grunting, a kind of animal sound. ‘Yes, yes,’ she panted aloud. ‘Right there. right there.’ Her clit seemed to swell under my tongue and her juices were all over my face as she thrashed around the bed in slow motion.

Satisfied that Sara had enjoyed a few shattering climaxes, I had another idea. It was a risk but we were all so worked up now I was ready to try. I clambered up on top of Sara and went back to suckling on those heavy tits. In between nipples I murmured my thoughts to her.

‘I know you think Annie is beautiful. Why don’t you help your husband with her? Why don’t you both play with her wet little cunt?’

Sara looked at me blankly. I know she understood but she looked very unsure about the idea. I just kept looking at her as I suckled, waiting for protest or agreement.

‘I’ve never done that before. I don’t think I’ll be any good.’ I’d already guessed that this was Sara’s first time to play with a woman. Still I wanted to push her if I could.

‘You will be just fine. Annie is so horny it only takes a touch. You and Mark can be a team and make her cum together. Enjoy yourself.’ Slowly Sara began to move closer to Annie. My woman was in her orgasmic delirium and hardly aware of what was going on around her. Mark was happy to play along with my impromptu plan.

We left Annie on the bottom with her legs lying wide open. I shuffled up to present my hard cock to her mouth. When she realised she just grinned and took me in her hand, ready to service me. Mark and Sara took up station at the other end, neither of them sure who would go first or whether to suck or finger the shaved cunt that lay waiting for them.

‘Annie loves the feeling of skin. Just do it Sara, slide a finger into that gorgeous cunt and make her squirm for us.’

Mark muttered his own encouragement. I didn’t know whether to look at Sara with her first touch of another woman or watch my Annie respond to the new sensation.

In a moment Mark had his mouth clamped over Annie’s clit with Sara’s fingers underneath him. She was doing it, she was touching Annie’s cunt, stroking the lips and feeling their swollen heat. I directed my cock into Annie’s mouth and softly urged Sara on. ‘That’s it Sara. Touch her the way you like it. Slide your fingers inside her and make her cum for us.’ Slowly Sara found her courage and, for the first time, actually touched and enjoyed another woman’s cunt. Annie began that gentle shuddering of hers. Her cunt was being eaten and now a strange finger was probing deeper into her hole. She was cumming before Sara had barely started.

I was feeling extremely turned-on by now, watching Sara while my cock was being expertly sucked by Annie. The newbie was at my command and following everything I told her to do. I was going to fuck her repeatedly before the night was done. But right then I had a more kinky idea.

‘I knew you’d be good with Annie’s cunt,’ I said to her. ‘See the way you make her cum? She’s gushing her juices into your husband’s mouth.’

‘Oh god,’ groaned Sara in reply. ‘I know just how that feels.’

‘Put your finger in her arse.’


‘Go on. You’re nice and wet now with her juices. Annie loves her bum being played with.’

‘I don’t think I can.’

‘You said you love her sexy arse.’ Sara just stared at Annie’s crack. ‘Its the same as playing with her cunt. Go on. You will be fine. Be slow and gentle and make Annie cum again.’

Sara gave no further argument. She slipped her hand further down Annie’s heaving body. Ignoring my own needs from Annie’s mouth, I went down there too, reaching underneath my woman to pull her arse cheeks a little wider. It was lucky she’d waxed before the trip so that Sara could see exactly where to aim.

‘Softly,’ I urged her. ‘Just press firmly and your finger will slide in. Then just gently fill up her bottom!’

Sara was totally inexperienced with group sex and she’d been expecting nothing more than to watch her husband pump his cock into Annie. But she was caught up in the heat of our shared lust. Sara quickly had the entire length of one finger inserted in Annie’s backside. This reluctant school teacher had been unsure about swinging and now she had her finger inside the bottom of her new sex partner.

Annie did not miss a beat as Sara’s finger slowly invaded her anus. Soon she was cumming all over again, only this time she was cumming hard and she lost control of her body as her usual shuddering engulfed her. It was beautiful. I love her for being so multi-orgasmic. And I knew what I wanted to do to Sara next.

She was on hands and knees to probe Annie’s bum hole and so I easily moved in behind her. My cock was rock hard and I could see her tight little hole nestled inside that mass of dark hair.

I didn’t bother with asking if Sara was ready for me. I didn’t ask her permission or warn her of what I was about to do. Instead I just stepped forward and aimed low. In a moment I had the tip of my shaft pressed against that forest and the hot stream it contained.

Sara groaned aloud and then she actually moved her hips back towards me. She badly wanted to be fucked even if it was by a stranger. Sara had gotten hungry for a cock inside her hole and there was no turning back.

I slid forward, savouring the wetness of her arousal. I only needed a coupe of strokes and my cock was buried deep inside this sexy English school teacher. Heaven!

Sara quickly forgot about Annie’s bumhole. No matter – I’d succeeded in twisting the innocent newbie. I was much more interested in the way her snug cunt was caressing my cock. Sara was enjoying it also, judging by the sounds she started making. I took a firm grip on her ample hips and began to deliver a series of long strokes, going from the tip of my cock till the point where my pubic bone was hard against her arse. Each time I pulled out she gasped. Each time I drove forward she groaned.

Sara was a truly lovely fuck and I appreciated her gift even more for the fact she’d waited so many years. I got off watching the flesh of her arse bounce and ripple with each of my deep thrusts. It made a lovely rhythm with her grunts and groans. She was being fucked by a stranger and loving it. I couldn’t see her tits but was sure they were swaying nicely underneath her.

Annie knew what she wanted. Usually she’d be the first to get cock and now she was telling Mark all about it. ‘Fuck me Mark. I need your cock.’

Mark himself was looking a little stunned to see his bride taken by another man. But somehow he heard Annie’s demand and quickly he was on top of her. He pressed his cock pressing against her fuck hole. Annie smiled that most sexy of smiles and let her legs fall further apart. I watched Annie reach down and place Mark’s cock inside the folds of her cunt just as I began to pound Sara.

‘Look Sara,’ I grunted. ‘Annie is getting her wish and Mark’s cock is inside her.’

‘Oh yes,’ she moaned. ‘Fuck her darling, go on,’ she called out to her husband.

‘Do you like it? Do you like seeing him fuck Annie?’

‘Oh god yes. I want him to ram his thing right into her.’

I looked for Annie’s reaction but she was already gone. Mark’s strong cock was stroking the inside of her cunt and Annie was ascending to her own version of heaven. A lovely new cock and a chance to play out her dirty desires. Annie was shuddering and Sara was grunting as the two women let their orgasms rip through their sexy bodies.

Sara’s cunt was delightful. It fit around my cock so well to start with. But with each orgasm she pulsated and squeezed around my shaft. She was made for long, slow fucking but there wasn’t much chance of that on this night.

I let Sara enjoy several powerful climaxes before it was time to change pace. I was saving myself for later, wanting to give her a very special ending to her first night of true swinging sex. I chose to go back to eating that hairy cunt and quickly positioned the good little English wife on the bed, on her back next to Annie. I pushed her legs wider and dove into her luscious cunt. She began to gush even harder.

Annie was just as hungry as I’d expected. She would show no mercy towards Mark. I heard her give more instructions as she reached up and grabbed his butt cheeks, shoving into just the right position. In seconds she was shuddering through another huge climax. When she’s in a frenzy like that Annie just needs to cum over and over and over.

‘Look at them Sara,’ I told her. ‘Look at them fuck while I eat your married cunt.’

‘Oh fuck, I am loving it. Fuck her Mark.’

Sara obviously enjoyed having her cunt licked. But Annie still needed cock. Soon she rolled Mark over and then climbed on top. I watched with delight as she squatted over the teacher and took his long, hard cock in her hand, guiding him to the right spot. With her trademark noise Annie impaled herself on Mark. Its an impressive sound. Then she proceeded to ride him deep and hard. Once Annie had been ‘missionary-only’.

Sara and I switched again, both of us eager to once more stuff her cunt with my swollen cock. This time she wanted the missionary position. To make her point she lay back and held her cunt wide open for me. Surely she didn’t do that every time she fucked. Sara was turning into a crazed woman. She looked sexy and wild, exactly the way a nice English school teacher should not look.

Mark spoke up then. ‘Sara, you’re letting another man fuck you.’

‘Oh Christ darling,’ she gasped between my thrusts. ‘You have your thing inside another woman.’

‘Fuck him good, my darling.’

‘Oh god, Mark. It feels so good with his big willy inside me.’

I just kept on reaming Sara’s tunnel. In this position I had a delightful view of her big tits as they shook and bounced under my assault. ‘Hold them,’ I asked her. ‘Let me have your nipples.’ Without question she did just that, presenting her married tits to her new lover. I couldn’t believe how sexy Sara was and how natural. Such a shame to have kept herself to her husband for all those years.

I chewed on her tits for a while as I continued to stroke in and out of her gushing hole. ‘Oh fuck! Oh fuck!’ she kept saying in that gorgeous English accent. Next to us I could hear Mark saying something similar to my Annie. She didn’t answer him but her guttural moaning told me how much she was enjoying his long cock.

But eventually Annie slowed things down. She’d guessed that Mark’s climax was getting close and she wanted to keep him hard for as long as she could. I wasn’t that far behind Mark. His luscious wife was still clinging to my cock with her cunt muscles and the sight of her tits wobbling under my assault was almost more than I could take. Discretion was the best course so I slowed my own efforts.

I leaned back, leaving my cock buried deep inside her. Now I could reach down to her bush and find that hardened clit again. She looked a little unsure. I thought she was about to protest. ‘Shhh,’ I said quietly. ‘Let me do this. I want you to really cum hard for me.’

Quickly I used my thumb to place some gentle pressure on that hard little nub. I moved myself so I could keep my cock buried deep inside her. I didn’t need to thrust, just keeping pressure against the underside of her pubic bone. That and the rubbing on her clit soon drove Sara into another orgasm, right over the edge as she thrashed and gasped loudly. How well this new adventure had turned out for her.

Finally we all took a short break. Though in truth it was more to give Annie a chance to really enjoy Sara’s large tits. She stroked and licked and sucked Sara’s flesh, as always feeling turned on by a big pair almost as much as me. Sara obviously didn’t mind the attention and happily held Annie in her arms while she enjoyed the feeling of a woman’s mouth.

But I know my Annie well and I knew that she’d be demanding more fucking very soon if we didn’t get back to pleasuring her. Not that I minded but I figured once Mark shot his load our new English friends would head back to their hut.

Slowly everyone got into new positions, Annie lying face down on the bed underneath us all. With a few nods and whispers I got our new playfriends to work massaging Annie’s arse cheeks while I kissed her shoulders and the back of her neck. It was slow and sensual and I knew it would keep Annie’s lust in check for a few minutes. It was kind of bad to make Annie the centre of attention for three people but I remembered how impressed Sara had been with that tight little bottom.

‘You have an incredible body.’ murmured Sara to my Annie. ‘I wish I had a backside like this instead of my huge one.’

‘I love your rear,’ protested Mark.

I quite liked it myself. ‘Hmmm. Sara you do look great when I am fucking you from behind. You don’t need to worry.’

At first Sara was just concentrating on stroking and kneading Annie’s pert butt cheeks. But after a short time I could see that her fingers were working deeper into the cleft between Annie’s cheeks. Soon she was stroking Annie’s bare cunt and softly moaning her enjoyment. I could hear much the same from Annie. When Sara decided to stick her fingers inside Annie’s cunt all four of us suddenly felt even more horny.

One thing had been missing from the night so far. I really wanted to feel Sara’s mouth on my cock. I knelt on the bed next to Sara and made sure my cock was right in her face. ‘I think I need your help to keep me nice and hard for you my dear.’ It was a lie and Sara knew it too. She smiled at me and licked her lips. Now it was her turn to suck on a big hard dick.

I shuffled in closer and Sara, without a word, opened her mouth to give me a nice, soft target. She left Annie’s cunt now and turned her attention to me. I saw straight away that she was not only an eager cocksucker but also a very skilled one. Mark was a lucky man. As the head of my cock passed through her lips Sara actually reached up and grabbed my arse cheeks with both her hands. She pulled me in close and already her head was bobbing up and down my shaft.

Her mouth was wonderful, all the more so because Sara was so obviously turned on by committing the lewd act in front of her husband. Was this what she’d thought of when the topic of group sex had come up the previous day?

‘Well, Sara, you’re very good at this. You really should not keep your talents to yourself you know.’ I think she tried to smile around my swollen cock.

Mark was watching and wanted to join in the banter. ‘I always think she looks great on her knees.’

‘You like sucking a cock, don’t you?’ I asked. She grunted her agreement.

‘You like tasting your cunt juices on my cock?’ Another grunt.

‘You’re loving having another cock to suck aren’t you?’ This time her response was a long moan.

Soon Mark also wanted more sucking of his cock and Annie happily resumed her duties. I didn’t really watch them but Sara did, from the corner of her eyes. This was what Sara had wanted, a chance to see her husband and another woman. How lucky was that guy? Well, actually, I kind of knew already.

The room was filled with the slurping sounds of two willing women devouring cocks. Sara could only moan each time I pointed out what was happening next to us.

‘Annie’s sucking his cock. Your husband’s cock. See the way he fills her mouth? See the way her lips have to stretch to fit him in?’ Sara’s response was to work feverishly on my cock. It was like a race to see who could make their cock come first. She sucked me deep and one hand gripped my shaft hard. At the speed of her bobbing she had no time to swallow and her saliva was spilling out and running down my cock. That made the sensation of her hand all the better. And her other hand was gently fondling my balls, as if she could squeeze the cum out of them.

I was enjoying having a married woman work so diligently on my cock. Especially because I had the self-control to really make it last. Mark, on the other hand, was finding all this was more than he could handle. Watching his wife suck dick, having Annie work on him at the same time, pushed him to the edge.

‘Oh god Sara. I think I am going to cum.’ That, too, was met with a grunt. I assumed Sara was telling him to go for it. I saw Annie smile around Mark’s cock as she waited for his climax, a little reward for her for pleasuring him so well.

‘Sara, darling. I’m going to shoot my spunk in her mouth.’ This time Sara briefly removed me from her mouth. ‘Go on sweetheart,’ she urged her hubby. ‘I think Annie wants your spunk anyway.’

That was very true. Now Sara and I were both watching, seeing Annie focussed intently on Mark’s shaft and taking it even deeper into her mouth. Annie always swallows and she didn’t want Mark to suddenly think he had to withdraw his cock. Her right hand was holding him firmly in place, stroking him fast, urging him to spill his seed into her waiting mouth.

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