The plane was packed – but G saved a seat anyway- hoping his Mistress was going to be on the flight. She had told him she would be flying the same day, possibly the same flight. He could only hope. It was not too hard to hide the fact that it was a seat he was saving for her- and only her – from his wife. He sat in the middle seat next to his wife who chose the aisle seat. G put his jacket and bag on the window seat. Ahhh but if Mistress Kimmie did arrive, this was going to be tough! G felt the stress before he even knew for sure.

G kept watch, waiting for her to arrive, hoping that she would before someone asked for the seat! How could he say it was taken without alerting his wife? He didn’t think there was any way possible that he could, unless he told his wife he wanted the extra room for himself. But then how would he give up the seat if she did arrive?

G was looking down and fiddling with his seat belt when he heard a feminine voice ask if the seat was available, he looked up and began to shake his head no, and then he saw it was her! He smiled, so subtle, as his wife was watching closely. “No, no-one is sitting here, please have a seat.” G said as he and his wife stood to allow her access to the window seat.

Mistress Kimmie brushed against G’s crotch as she moved in front of him. “Excuse me” she said sweetly as she swept past him. Mistress turned her body to block G’s view from his wife as she used her fingers to grab and squeeze his cock very quickly. She reached her seat and sat as they too sat back down.

Mistress Kimmie put on her seat belt and raised the armrest that was between her and G, and got herself situated, wiggling her hips against him the whole time. Once Mistress was settled she pulled a blanket out of her bag, draped it across her legs, the edge just reaching to his lap. G used every ounce of control he had so that he didn’t get caught paying too much attention to her; at least not yet anyways.

His cock was already straining against his jeans as he thought of the situation he found himself in. He knew his Mistress could be ruthless when she desired to be, but he also knew that she wouldn’t intentionally jeopardize his marriage either. However, Mistress Kimmie got what she wanted always and it was his nature to see that she did too. That scared him more than anything; knowing how much control she really had over him.

G tried to relax as the plane began to taxi. All of his attention diverted to the hostess as she began her preflight lecture on safety.

As he was listening to the hostess, keeping a sly eye on Mistress Kimmie, and watching his wife, G felt a slight tug on his left ear as Mistress was messing with his ear. She placed an ear bud in it and he listened as he heard not music, but her voice. She had recorded herself, made him an audio recording; he loved when she did that for him. This is what G heard “Hi baby. I’ve missed you and I’m so glad you saved me a seat. Now it is ME time; I want to feel your fingers gently but firmly stroke my hot wet pussy; make me cum! I need my lovely bitch slut to please me. Then when I’m satisfied, I’m going to dip my head and take your balls into my mouth squeezing and sucking! My tongue circling over and over until you cum! I want you – all of you. I want to feel your fingers pleasing me! You are my panty boy cum slurping slut – now and forever.”

Now G is squirming, trying to control his erection and emotions. He glances over; sees his wife is looking at him. He tries not to appear nervous, or guilty, but he does!

He feels Mistress as her fingers seek his zipper, he tries to turn away, but Mistress grabs on and pulls his cock! G turns away from Mistress, trying to avoid confrontation in front of his wife; but he knows he will pay for that mistake later!

Then he hears Mistress say very softly into his ear “Unless you want me to loudly announce to everyone here what you are to me and to place your collar around your neck, don’t deny me my panty boy slut! Do as I say. Unzip your pants and pull your cock out!”

G has no choice; he does as she bids, she is his Mistress, and his wife is sitting right there, so he has no choice but to obey! G felt the pre-cum leaking out of his hardening cock as he released it from his clothes; aching for Mistress to touch him, yet terrified that she would!

“Now” Mistress whispers in his ear, “please me, I need to feel your fingers on my hot wet pussy, stroking my lips as you caress me so gently” as she reaches under the blanket and runs her fingers around G’s swollen cock, swiping up the pre cum that is oozing out. Mistress catches G’s eyes as she takes her cum soaked finger and so seductively places it in her own mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop.

G wants to touch her so bad, to obey her, he is so wet, so hard; but he feels like his wife is glaring at him.

He looks down to make sure his crotch is covered by the blanket, and it is, but it’s kind of hard to hide so he puts an open magazine over his lap. G then glances back at his wife, she has her eyes closed.

Mistress continues running her fingers up and down his cock – causing extremely erotic sensations! He looks to his left, directly at Mistress as she again sucks on her finger seductively! Her red wet lips so inviting!

Mistress moves in her seat, adjusting her body so that her left leg is propped up next to the window, she grabs his left hand and guides it under her blanket. His fingers automatically reach for her pussy – searching for her swollen nub!

Mistress squirms as G touches her warm pussy, and he realizes his hand is instantly soaked – she is so hot and so wet! G’s fingers search out her warmth and circle around and over her sensitive clit, causing Mistress to moan in pleasure.

G glances up at his wife, hoping that she is not aware of his activities; ah good, her eyes are still closed. G relaxes a bit, giving Mistress his full attention now.

G then uses his fingers to probe Mistress’s hot tight hole, reaching her g-spot, causing Mistress to begin thrashing around on her seat. He is worried that her thrashing and moaning will waken his wife but G knows better than to stop his probing and stroking at this point; knows he must allow her to finish completely.

G is always amazed and humbled that Mistress allows him to touch her and to serve her. He loves how he so easily brings her to climax! He feels honored each and every time that she allows him to touch her most intimate parts, pleasing her.

Mistress clamps her legs down tight on G’s hand and her breathing becomes heavy and rapid as her juices begin flowing. G continues his finger probing until Mistress gives him permission to stop.

Once she has completely finished cumming and reaches a relaxed state Mistress gently puts her leg down and she reaches for her drink! As she takes a long sip of her iced tea, Mistress looks over at him and says loudly “excuse me sir but I dropped my ring” as she bends over his lap and gets down on her knees.

G feels excitement yet dread as she appears before him on her knees; her head under the blanket.

G feels her lips and tongue begins circling around on his cock! She is taking him in her mouth right on the plane. G jumps as he feels coolness and heat from an ice cube Mistress has in her mouth; refreshing and stimulating his already hard, leaky cock.

G cannot stop himself as he feels himself losing control. The cool-warm sensation combined with the thrill of Mistress on her knees servicing him causes him to cum almost immediately!

Mistress never stops sucking and swallowing his cum as she takes it all in before she quietly and calmly gets up; holding a ring in her fingers as if to say I found it!

G cannot move – so shell shocked. This is the first time Mistress has ever serviced him like this. He feels so special.

He looks over at his wife and is thankful her eyes are still closed. He looks adoringly at Mistress, as she too notices the closed eyes of his wife!

Mistress ignores all around them as she drapes herself over G, giving him a wet, sloppy tongue fucking kiss. G is delighted at the warm salty taste in her mouth as Mistress spits cum into his mouth. G sucks greedily on her tongue as he eagerly swallows it down and smiles! He knows Mistress always makes him clean up after himself, licking every last drop of cum up.

Mistress winks at G as she removes her blanket with a smile, folding it and putting it away just in time for the descent! What a flight!

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