flight attendant

John watched the two stewardesses leave the bar on their way up to their hotel room. He had seen them in her a few times before, and once had tried to hit on Anne, the pretty brunette with green eyes and nice boobs. He thought that the way she wore a short red scarf tied around her neck made her resemble the old school porn actress Desiree Cousteau, who he fondly remembered jacking off to as a young teenager.

Seeing how Anne, and her petite, pretty, Asian friend, Lucy, worked the room for free drinks by enticing them men with fantasies of screwing one or both stewardesses only to leave alone only reinforced his view of them as prick teases. Well tonight John was very horny and had consumed enough liquid courage to decide that he would be the one to teach Anne a lesson.

Inside her hotel room Anne listened to Lucy turn on the shower in the bathroom as she looked at herself in the full length mirror. She still wore her blue flight attendant dress. Lucy’s lay on the bed nearby.

Anne had almost accepted the invitation of one man tonight. Had she not been sharing a room with Lucy she thought that she just might have done so.

Anne and Lucy often volunteered to work the weekend flight that was not part of their usual routine. It paid extra and required an overnight layover. Most of the married flight attendants tried to avoid it, but Anne and Lucy loved the fact that they would be put up in a nice hotel overnight on top of getting the extra money, and they would always get to drink for free thanks to the men who just could not resist trying to hit on attractive stewardesses in uniform.

The knock at the door surprised her. “Who is it?” She called out.

“Federal Courier with a message from Detech Airlines.” The voice on the other side of the door announced.

That was odd, Anne thought as she approached the door, wondering why her airline would be sending them a message this late. She hoped that it did not have anything to do with a flight delay due to the storms that had rolled in tonight. “They could have called for that.” She mumbled as she unlocked and opened the door.

As soon as the door began to open John pushed his way into the room. Seeing the masked man entering frightened Anne. She backed away but he was upon her immediately. Seeing the knife in his hand convinced her to comply when he said, “Keep your mouth shut.”

Hearing the shower running was a surprise to John. He had seen Lucy walk past the door when Anne had entered the room. Spotting the open soda bottle on the sink made him realize that the pretty Asian must have gone to the vending area down the hall and returned to the room while he went to his car to get his ski mask and knife. Had John known that the two women were sharing a room he probably would not have attempted this.

“Take off your clothes.” He ordered.

Anne slowly disrobed, blushing intensely as she stripped to her bra, panties and black stockings. John leered at her as she continued, until she was completely naked except for the red scarf that he told her to leave on. He just found it too sexy to remove.

When the shower turned off John motioned for Anne to sit on the bed and stay quiet as he waited for the bathroom door to open.

Lucy opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom still using the towel to dry her thin body. She cried out in alarm when John grabbed her and shoved her onto the bed beside of Anne. Lucy did her best to hide her small, A-cup breasts and shaved pussy from the prying eyes of the intruder.

“Well, this is really going to be my lucky night.” John decided as he used his free hand to undo his pants.

“Please don’t hurt us.” Anne begged as she watched John’s pants drop to the floor. Seeing the bulge in his boxers left no doubt as to what he had in mind.

“I won’t hurt you as long as you do everything that I ask.” John said as he removed his boxers, revealing his hard, seven-inch, cock. He knelt down and retrieved a small camera from his pants pocket and sat it on the dresser aimed at the bed. Then he stepped before them and said, “How about the two of you give me a nice blowjob.”

“Both of us?” Lucy asked in alarm.

“Both of you.” John instructed.

Anne thought that this was better than the alternative, so she agreed, “Come on Lucy, let’s get this over with so he can go.”

John got on the bed and ordered the two women to get on either side of him. He held the knife in his right hand and removed his cell phone from his shirt pocket. As the two women began taking turns licking and sucking his cock he took several pictures of them in action.

“Lick my balls as ass.” He ordered.

As Lucy sucked his cock Anne reluctantly lowered her head and began licking the underside of his ball sack and—when he insisted on it—moved down to lick his asshole.

John relished the sensation of a warm mouth wrapped around his cock while another girl was working his nuts and ass with her tongue. He ordered them to switch and took more pictures as Lucy licked his balls and Anne sucked his cock.

“Goddamn that feels good.” He said as he felt his orgasm nearing. He rocked his hips up and down as the two girls pleasured him until he began spewing his cum into Anne’s mouth. “Oh fucking yes!” He declared as he came in her mouth. “Take it all but don’t swallow it!” He ordered as he continued shooting his load into her.

When he was finished he told Anne, “Kiss her and put it in her mouth. I want to watch the two of you swap my cum back and forth.”

Lucy was more grossed out by this than she had been and being forced to lick John’s asshole. She slowly leaned close enough to kiss her friend, and opened her mouth enough so that Anne could use her tongue to push John’s cum into her mouth. John took pictures of them as they swapped his cum back and forth until he was satisfied with humiliating them in this manner. Only then did he say, “Okay, now that you both have some of my cum in your mouths, I want to watch you swallow it.”

Anne and Lucy gulped down his cum and obediently opened their mouths wide so that John could see that they had done as he ordered.

John arose from the bed and both women thought that he was going to get dressed and leave. They still thought this was the case when he told them to lie down on the bed beside of each other. Their hearts sank when he said, “Spread your legs and play with your cunts.”

Lucy was too mortified to do anything until Anne began to rub her pussy first. Only then did she gradually spread her legs and do the same. Anne looked up at the man who was violating them and said, “Are you getting your kicks watching this.”

“Absolutely.” John agreed, as he raised his cell phone and took pictures of the two women masturbating side by side.

As they played with themselves they could see John’s cock growing hard. He stroked his shaft a few times until it was fully erect and then he said, “Now I get to fuck one of you.”

“No please don’t” Lucy begged.

“You had your fun, leave us alone.” Anne added.

John ordered Lucy to sit up against the headboard of the bed and continue rubbing her pussy while he was going to fuck Anne.

Anne continued to beg him not to fuck her, but was too concerned for their safety to fight him, so instead she lay still as John crawled between her legs and sank his cock into her now wet pussy.

John could not believe that he was fucking the hot prick teasing stewardess that had led him on in the past. And doing it while her friend watched only made it more enjoyable for him. He lowered his head and went back and forth sucking the hard nipples of her large, firm tits as he pounded Anne’s pussy.

Anne was awash with emotions. She looked up at Lucy, who was still rubbing her pussy as ordered by John. While the pretty Asian’s eyes offered comfort Anne still felt totally humiliated at being fucked in front of her. She also sensed that Lucy was glad that it was Anne and not her that was getting fucked.

John abruptly pulled out of Anne’s pussy, giving her a moment of hope that he was not going to finish inside of her, only to have that hope pulled away when she heard John say, “I want you to ride my cock.”

He made Lucy sit in the chair beside the bed, still under orders to continue rubbing her pussy, while Anne was forced to straddle him and sit down on his hard cock. “I think it’s time to make the prick tease do all the work in getting me off.” He commented as Anne began riding him.

With her arms above his shoulders and Lucy sitting several feet away, but still where he could watch her masturbate, he felt safe enough to put the knife down and use his hands to grope Anne’s firm titties. As he played with them he would raise his head up and suck on each nipple in turn while Anne bounced her tight, wet, pussy on his cock.

“That’s it, make me cum in you.” He ordered.

Anne never stopped fucking him, but did say, “Please don’t cum in me. I’ll suck you off again but I don’t want to risk getting pregnant.”

“I’ve already cum in your mouth,” John replied, “now I want to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock when I cum.”

When his hips began bucking up against her Anne knew that he was about to cum. She begged him once more to pull out but he just squeezed her tits and continued to thrust his cock up into her. Then he moaned in delight as he began climaxing inside of Anne’s tight cunt.

She continued to ride his cock, allowing him to drain every drop of his cum inside of her. Anne was surprised when she felt her pussy stirring. She had not realized it until then but she was close to an orgasm herself. John sensed this and made her continue riding him, grinding her swollen clit against him as they fucked.

Anne wanted to stop, but John would not allow it. She was absolutely beside herself with humiliation and anger at the thought that she was going to have an orgasm while being forced to fuck this masked man.

John raised his head and began licking her left nipple and that was all it took. Going against every rational thought in her body Anne began to orgasm. He body trembled as she came on top of John. The pleasure ran throughout her from head to toe, and she blushed in humiliation at the same time, knowing that John was taking pleasure in making her cum for him.

When her orgasm subsided John permitted her to climb off of him. Seeing Lucy still sitting in the chair with her right hand rubbing her pussy, he said, “I think she needs to cum too. Eat her pussy!”

Both women voiced their objections at this. But John would not be swayed from his decision. “Get on your knees and lick her pussy until she cums.” He demanded.

Anne knelt on the floor and slowly placed her face between Lucy’s thighs. The pretty Asian jolted when she felt her best friend’s tongue rub against her clit for the first time. This was something that she had never considered being a part of.

Anne had made out with a couple of girls before, but that had only involved kissing. She had no desires to lick pussy, but here she was being forced to lick the pussy of her friend while John watched, and took pictures of it. She only imagined who might see these pictures, and she hoped that no one she knew would ever see them.

Lucy tried to ignore Anne’s tongue as it massaged her clit. But that was impossible to do. The stimulation she had been providing by rubbing and fingering her pussy for John’s entertainment had aroused her against her will. Deep inside she even had to admit that masturbating while watching Anne riding his cock had begun to make her horny, even if she took no pleasure from the fact that Anne was being forced. Now she fought against the way that her body was responding. She knew that despite everything Anne was going to make her orgasm.

Anne felt Lucy’s body squirm. While she knew that it was her forced actions that were beginning to pleasure her friend, she still felt betrayed by Lucy in some ways.

Lucy felt the first waves of her orgasm fill her. She began moaning and thrashing about as she came. Juice flooded her pussy, spilling out against Anne’s pretty face as she climaxed loudly. John continued to take pictures of the petite woman as she was forced to orgasm. He ordered Anne to continue licking Lucy’s pussy in order to make this moment last longer. Lucy’s head shook back and forth as she continued to cum. It was with a great sense of relief that she heard John say, “Enough.”

John told Anne to get back on the bed. Then he looked at Lucy and said, “I think you enjoyed having a woman eat your pussy. Now it’s your turn to do the same for Anne.”

Lucy was speechless. She had just been forced to be brought to multiple orgasms by a woman, but now she was being told to do the same thing. She tried to resist, but John pushed her onto the bed and into position. Reluctantly Lucy agreed to go down on Anne.

While Anne hated being forced into lesbian sex just so this intruder could enjoy watching them, she silently confessed that she wanted to make Lucy do the same thing to her that she had been forced to do to Lucy.

Lucy knelt down on the bed and began licking Anne’s well trimmed pussy. Tasting another woman’s juices was disgusting to her, but she kept reminding herself that Anne had to do this to her too, so she would just have to endure it. Although the sounds of John’s camera clicking cut like fingers on a chalk board every time he took a picture of her doing this to Anne.

Then she felt John climbing onto the bed behind her. When she felt his body rubbing up against her from behind she paused and said, “No, please don’t fuck me.”

“You just keep licking that pussy while I enjoy your prick teasing cunt.”

Lucy gasped as she felt John’s cock shoving inside of her. She had hated watching Anne being fucked by this man, but at least she believed that she would be spared the same ordeal. After all, he had already cum from the duel blowjob they had given him before fucking Anne. She thought that he would be finished by now, but here he was, hard and inside of her ready for another fuck.

John slammed his cock deep inside of Lucy as he watched her licking Anne’s pussy. He reached around and played with her tiny titties as he fucked her.

Anne watched the man fucking her friend, who was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Anne’s breathing became rapid and then she came on Lucy’s tongue.

At the same time Lucy began cumming as John fucked her.

John was in absolute heaven. His cock was pounding away inside of Lucy’s tight pussy and he could feel her cumming as he fucked her, and he could see Anne cumming as well. He continued fucking Lucy, and made her continue licking Anne’s clit. Both women were unable to stop climaxing as John kept fucking them. After several minutes he exploded for his third orgasm of the night, filling Lucy’s pussy with his cum as the two women continued to climax.

When he had finished he withdrew his spent cock and got off of the bed. Lucy buried her face in the covers as Anne just lay there looking at him. John pulled his boxer shorts and pants on before grabbing his phone and taking one last picture of the orgasm-filled women, and then he picked up the small digital recorder from the dresser and reminded them that the video and pictures would remain secret only as long as they kept silent, and then he fled.

There was absolutely no way that Anne or Lucy was about to tell anyone about what happened. They could not bear the humiliation of others knowing what they had done. So they showered and swore to never speak of this night again.

It was difficult, but they managed to put the incident behind them. Although both secretly recalled the ordeal at times; sometimes in humiliation, and other times in a quiet longing for the pleasure that they had been forced to experience with each other. But they never spoke of it.

At least not until the night that someone showed them a porn video of two stewardesses, with an uncanny resemblance to Anne and Lucy, getting fucked by a masked man.

But that is another story…

Chapter 4 (of 7) — Danny reports to Chief Stewardess Julie Davies.

Danny Dawson, an eighteen-year-old school leaver with no job or training to go to upon his leaving education, was reporting to the location of his ‘placement’.

Under the recently elected Authoritarian Female Party government’s Work Motivation Programme, placements were being assigned by Job Centre’s, to male long-term unemployed (over three months), and to male school leavers with no immediate prospects of employment or training.

Placements were specifically designed, by the A.F.P.’s think-tank, to ‘motivate’ lazy, workshy, malingering welfare claimants — many of who, were second, even third generation ‘carreer claimants’ — into finding gainful employment.

Danny’s letter of notification from his local Job Centre had informed him that his placement would be with ‘Sunshine Holidays’, a popular travel company, based at Manchester Airport — Terminal 2. And, that the official title of his placement, was an ‘Air Purification Technician’.

* * *

Danny’s early morning ride to Manchester Airport on the airport bus had proved to be a surprisingly exciting experience. For he had sat two seats behind two lovely-looking girls of about his own age, who were sisters, and who’s names were Marie and Lisa. In fact, Danny was especially taken with Marie. With her white-blonde hair and blue eyes, Danny thought she was exceptionally attractive — a real eye-catcher.

On the airport bus, Danny had become tremendously excited — sexually aroused — from watching Marie and Lisa’s absentminded, under-the-seat shoe-play. Thrilled beyond words, from watching their suntanned bare feet, playing with, toying with — manipulating — their bright-yellow, thin rubber-soled flip flops.

Even then, upon their arrival at Manchester Airport, Danny had continued to ‘watch and admire’ the two sisters.

And that was how Danny had come to discover that, with their mum and dad, Marie and Lisa had joined the queue to the baggage check-in desk, of … Sunshine Holidays.

And, it had then come as a jolting shock, to Danny, to see that Sunshine Holidays had just one flight announcement on their destination board: Flight SH 123 to Corfu … and Danny had overheard the family, earlier, talking about going on holiday to Corfu.

* * *

Now, Danny was at Manchester Airport — Terminal 2 Departures …. And he was like a child in a sweet shop, looking around, and gazing greedily at all of the mouth-watering candy that was being so tantalisingly displayed. Except, it was eye candy, that Danny was ogling, and all-but salivating over.

As he avidly scanned the long row of Air Line Information Desks, Danny was amazed and excited by just how many of the uniformed air hostesses and other associated female staff, were doing their … ‘thing’. Those ‘things’, that so thrilled him to see, and that he was on a constant look-out for: girls’ and women’s absentminded shoe-play.

The Information Desks of the Air Lines that operated out of Manchester Airport — Terminal 2, were situated in a long row, at the entrance end. And Danny was stunned, upon seeing just how much of his favourite … activity, was going on there. Danny was going to have a field day: there were just so many exciting ‘sightings’, for him to feast his shoe-play alert eyes upon.

Danny saw that, in front of about half — about half! he couldn’t believe it — of those Air Line Information Desks, there was a (and, sometimes more than one) uniformed air hostess and/or other associated female staff member … ‘at it’. Doing their ‘thing’. Oh! doing those ‘things’, that they did …

Absentmindedly, as they chatted away about who-knows-what to the Information Desk receptionist and other colleagues, these female Air Line staff — most of them wearing hose, and low or medium-heeled uniform pumps — as if footsore, would perhaps ease a tired and achy foot from their shoe and, slowly and gently, rub the entire length of the sensitive sole of their foot along the top of the heel of their shoe, back and forth, repeatedly.

Or, press their toes down on the top of the heel of their shoe and, as if playfully, cause the toe of their shoe to tilt, see-saw like, over and over. Until they slipped their foot back into their shoe, and then immediately repeated the procedure with their other foot.

Or, knee bent, rest one foot inside their pump, sole facing upward in a thrilling-to-see ‘showpiece’ display — one of Danny’s most favourite, of absentminded shoe-playing … moves.

Or … oh, all kinds of ‘things’! Myriad — limitless — absentminded ‘things’ … Things, that girls and women seemed to do as a totally unconscious, unthinking reaction, to whatever interesting, newsy, amusing, saucy, or scandalous tit bit of gossip that was being shared by their friends and colleagues at that moment.

Danny knew, from his countless voyeuristic experiences that, the more interesting, the more amusing, the saucier, the more scandalous — the sexier — the topic under discussion, all the more exciting to watch, would be the resultant … subliminally influenced, absentminded shoe-play action. An extra-juicy tit bit of saucy, scandalous gossip, often inspiring the most entertaining, the most awesome, and incredibly thrilling, of shoe-play scenes. Often providing a veritable extravaganza, of eye-widening, penis-expanding, can’t-look-away-from, absentminded shoe-play ‘teasing’.

And Danny could see that, standing at a number of the Air Line Information Desks, several female Air Line staff were ‘at it’ — doing their ‘thing’ — simultaneously. To Danny, the Terminal 2 Departures Hall was like the proverbial ‘land of plenty’.

But, alas, Danny couldn’t afford to stand around enjoying the sights … he had to be somewhere, before 06:00.

* * *

Danny quickly spotted the familiar, bright and uplifting, happy-faced shining sun logo of the popular travel company Air Line that he was looking for — Sunshine Holidays.

This was the Air Line that Danny’s local Job Centre, in their letter of notification, had instructed him to report to in order to take up his assigned placement as an Air Purification Technician.

‘Placements’, were the flagship of the Work Motivation Programme schemes, that were being implemented Nation-wide by the recently elected Authoritarian Female Party government. Placements were being introduced, as a means of making male benefits claimants do … ‘something’, to qualify for their welfare handouts. As a means, of giving welfare claimants a none-too-gentle nudge in the right direction: towards finding gainful employment.

The A.F.P., for the moment, were being rather secretive about just what, exactly, that ‘something’ might entail. After all, they didn’t want the welfare claimants discovering the true nature of their assigned placements prematurely, resulting in their scurrying for cover, and disappearing into the woodwork.

Not that it mattered, really. Because when benefits claimants failed to report to their placements, their welfare handouts would be stopped — with immediate effect. So: either way, the A.F.P. won. And anyway, the true nature of placements would become common knowledge soon enough …

As Danny approached the Sunshine Holidays Information Desk, it was with some surprise that he saw three lads of his own age already there — three lads who Danny knew! For, the decidedly dejected-looking threesome were former classmates of his: Alan Wallace, Eric Pierce and Kelvin Costello.

Danny knew that, just like himself, none of them had a job or training to go to immediately upon their leaving education. He knew also, that they had all intended to follow the same ‘career path’ as himself: sponging off the country’s solid-citizen, hard-working tax-payers … Until, of course, they’d received something in the post: their letters of notification from the Job Centre, regarding their placements.

In fact, one of these three lads had been Danny’s best mate at school — Alan Wallace (who’d had the unenviable and inevitable nickname, of ‘Wally’).

Danny now felt a bit better about things, in finding that Al (Danny hadn’t called his best schoolmate by his derogatory and hated sobriquet) was there too and, that Al had apparently been assigned to the same placement as himself. He wasn’t on his own and, their being there together, along with Eric and Kelvin, served as a sort of safety-in-numbers, comradely support to Danny.

Danny saw that, at the Sunshine Holidays Information Desk, as well as his three former school pals, also standing there was an air hostess. Danny guessed she was aged about twenty-three — the same age as his big sister Melanie.

The air hostess was attractively attired in her Sunshine Holidays cabin crew uniform: bright-blue jacket and skirt, white blouse, dark hose, and two-inch heeled, dark-blue pumps.

Her uniform was snug-fitting, serving to highlight the attributes of her already alluring figure to even greater favour and effect. She wore her long, dark hair piled on top of her head, in the practical, yet also very attractive style typically seen worn by long-haired air hostesses on duty.

Engaged in conversation with the Information Desk receptionist, the air hostess was standing with her back to Danny. Danny was just about to announce his presence, when the air hostess; suddenly transferring her weight to her left leg, did one of those … ‘things’. Danny’s mouth opened — but it wasn’t to speak!

For the air hostess had eased her right foot from her seemingly rather tight-fitting — Danny actually heard a slight whooshing sound, as of vacuum-sealed air being released — two-inch heeled, dark-blue uniform pump. And, raising her dark-hosed foot behind her; well clear of her shoe, and until her sole was positioned horizontal, parallel with the floor, she luxuriated in flexing, then scrunching … flexing, then scrunching … her toes.

Danny could only stand and watch, ogle and stare, in open-mouthed amazement — literally awestruck. For, Danny had rarely witnessed such an electrifying, eye-opening ‘sighting’. A sighting, of such up-close, nothing-left-to-the-imagination, high-definition quality.

In Danny’s voyeuristic experience, this wasn’t something that happened every day — not like this! You had to appreciate— no, treasure, these rare moments. These, once-every-blue-moon ‘sightings’. Enjoy them to the full. Both now, and … later, when he got home, and …

The air hostess then returned her right foot to her shoe … but she didn’t put it back on. Instead, with her knee bent, she rested the top of her foot inside her shoe, unwittingly treating Danny, to an unbelievable view of the her now slightly wrinkled, dark-hosed sole. Danny couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe his luck! Danny just stared, and stared, at the incredibly thrilling ‘sighting’. There, right in front of him!

Staring raptly, Danny could actually see the sole — the flesh — of the air hostess’s right foot. For her sole was visible, through the dark, gauzy covering of her hose. That is … if you looked hard enough. If you scrutinised closely enough. If you studied assiduously enough.

And Danny did. He looked hard enough, scrutinised closely enough, studied assiduously enough … to make out details.

Exciting details … A rather wide sole, a deep arch, and long toes (that were splaying, then wiggling … splaying, then wiggling …), and a round heel.

Captivated, Danny stared at the air hostess’s lovely, shapely — very sexy — sole. He gazed, as though spellbound, at the bottom of her heel, at her deep arch, at the ball of her foot, at her, now flexing … now scrunching … now flexing … now scrunching … toes, at her—

As if she had sensed someone watching her — someone spying on her! — the air hostess suddenly lowered her lower right leg from its horizontal position, pushed her foot back into her seemingly rather tight-fitting uniform pump, and whirled around to see Danny … who had, just about in time, managed to drag his greedily feasting eyes away from her excitingly exposed, thrillingly displayed — unwittingly presented! — dark-hosed right sole.

“Yes …?” said the air hostess to Danny. She spoke the word sternly, as if she had suspected that Danny had been staring at her very shapely — dynamite — legs, and at her equally shapely bottom. And, even though the air hostess had spoken only that one, single word, Danny discerned in her tone a certain, unmistakable quality: the power of command. Danny; used to living under the firm, no-nonsense rule of his mum, and his two older sisters, Elaine and Melanie, recognised the voice of authority when he heard it — and he was hearing it now.

“I’m Danny Dawson, and I’ve come about my … placement,” replied Danny curtly; but in a tone that, for him, was not far from being actually respectful. Well, how could he possibly bad-mouth this air hostess, after what he had just witnessed? After what she had just — albeit, unwittingly — treated him to?

“Dawson,” said the air hostess in a displeased tone, looking at her wrist watch meaningfully. “I’ve been waiting for you. I am Chief Stewardess Julie Davies — ‘Miss Julie’, to you, Dawson — of Sunshine Holidays,” said the senior air hostess by way of an introduction.

“Today, Dawson, you and your three … colleagues,” — she nodded towards Danny’s three former school pals — “will be operating on my flight, in your assigned placements as Air Purification Technicians … Don’t ask me what that entails … you’ll soon find out.

“Unless you are directed otherwise,” the senior air hostess went on, “you will continue to report here, to the Sunshine Holidays Information Desk, at six a.m. on every alternate day. So, just to be clear: that means from today, Monday, and then Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday … and so on and so on. Until you are told any different — or, heaven forfend, until you get a job, of course … Got that, you lot?”

Danny and his three former school pals mumbled and nodded their indications that they understood what the air hostess — Chief Stewardess Julie Davies — was telling them.

“Now, time is short, Dawson, so I’ll just repeat a few of the main rules for you to be going on with: At all times, you will respond obediently and compliantly to all orders issued to you by members of cabin crew. That’s rule Number One. Having said that, you will be ultimately responsible to, and answerable to me, Dawson … So you had better measure up. And I am telling you now: I won’t put up with any lip, cheek, backchat, or any other kind of nonsense from you,” said the senior air hostess, putting Danny on fair warning.

She continued, “I will be the person writing up your Satisfaction of Conduct report upon our return. My report will then be forwarded to your controllers at your local Job Centre. After reading my report, Dawson, your controllers will then decide whether any actions are to be taken against you. All of your Satisfaction of Conduct reports will be placed on file, and kept for future reference. And so, it is in your own best interests, Dawson … to do anything and everything you can to favourably influence what I put in your report — so that it makes good reading for those at the Job Centre.

“Is all of that quite clear, Dawson? Has all of that … sunk in? Are you getting my drift?” asked Chief Stewardess Julie Davies.

Danny wasn’t slow — lazy, yes, but not slow. He could read between the lines of what Chief Stewardess Julie Davies (‘Miss Julie’, to you, Dawson) was saying to him: he had better behave himself — and he had better keep her sweet. Or else!

Danny was not accustomed to being addressed by his surname, and he didn’t like it. Hated it, in fact. To Danny, being called by his surname, came off as sounding decidedly unfriendly — hostile, even. At school, the teachers had been customarily informal; always addressing students by their first names. Of course, Danny’s surname had always been called out at the morning School Assembly. But that was different: though it was formal and impersonal, he understood the necessity for it on such occasions and, while he did not like it, when done in that context it did not offend him.

Whereas, Chief Stewardess Julie Davies; standing right in front of him, getting right in his face, and repeatedly calling him by his surname — did offend him.

He knew why the senior air hostess did it, though. It wasn’t to goad him, to provoke him, to wind him up— no: it was quite the opposite … It was to intimidate him. It was to subdue him. To cow him. It was to firmly establish, right from the get-go, her unquestioned authority over him. Pure and simple. It was to make Danny understand, that he must, immediately and without question, obey her commands — and the commands of her cabin crew colleagues … Or she — and they — would put their foot down.

And so Danny replied to the senior air hostess’s question in the same, ‘almost’ respectful tone that he had used earlier. “Yes, Miss Julie. It’s quite clear … I get your drift.”

“Right, then. Now, Dawson, now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let’s go — and we must hurry. It is due to your tardiness, Dawson, that we are now so pressed for time. Because of your making me repeat what I had already said to your three colleagues, two hundred Sunshine Holidays passengers might be delayed from flying off to their holidays at Corfu. And that, Dawson, would not make for very good reading on your Satisfaction of Conduct report … were I to mention it, when I write it up later — would it?” said Chief Stewardess Julie Davies, meaningfully.

Turning to Danny’s three former classmates, Chief Stewardess Julie Davies snapped, “Wallace! Pierce! Costello! Come along with Dawson. Follow me, you lazy lot … it’s time to earn your unemployment benefit handouts!”

Chief Stewardess Julie Davies then fluttered her fingers goodbye to her friend and colleague, the Sunshine Holidays Information Desk receptionist. “See you on Thursday, Stel,” she said.

The Information Desk receptionist, who’s name-tag read ‘Stella’, returned the friendly farewell gesture with a jaunty little finger-fluttering wave of her own.

Stella then cast a last, glowering look of disapproval and disdain upon her colleague’s four unhappy charges, her four — ha ha ha ha! ‘Air Purification Technicians’!

Ha ha ha ha! Boy, were they in for a surprise! gloated Stella.

Under the Authoritarian Female Party’s Work Motivation Programme, Sunshine Holidays had been the Air Line chosen to undertake this … pilot scheme.

Stella had been talking to one of their aircraft engineers, and he had told her that the ‘placement’ modifications on all of Sunshine Holiday’s participating aircraft had been fully completed. Just in time for today’s inaugural pilot scheme flight — Flight SH 123 to Corfu.

“All ready to roll, Stella!” he’d told her, laughing. And she’d laughed as well — laughed gleefully … knowing exactly what he meant. Ha ha ha ha!!

Oh! Just the very thought, of what those four dole-claiming, wastes-of-space were in for! And others of their ilk, who would follow them. Today, and every day, for the twelve-month duration of the pilot scheme … and probably longer. For the consensus of opinion (and rumours from on high) was that the scheme was here to stay. Here for keeps. Here for good. Good: because a lot of good was sure to come of it.

Oh, it warmed the cockles of her heart. Just the very thought, of what lay in store for the sponging layabouts, transformed the Sunshine Holidays Information Desk receptionist’s expression of glowering, withering disdain, into a sunny, smug, in-the-know smile, that lit up her face with pleasure and gratification.

Ha ha ha ha! ‘Air Purification Technicians’, indeed! What a stroke of genius — pure genius! Marvelled Stella admiringly. Whatever next! Ha ha ha ha!!

June 2018
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