It was our last night together. In many ways, I look back on it with regret, we had had so much fun. On the other hand, it was the most erotic night I have ever had, one I will never forget.

We still saw each other at work afterwards, but she never, ever mentioned it, or showed any kind of affection afterwards. I was mystified and heartbroken and didn’t know how to ask, how to make it better.

When the DVD arrived, it all became clear. She had just moved on. I was no longer the centre of her affections. It was clearly as hot a night for her as it was for me.

Let me start at the beginning. I’ll tell you all of it, all that I can remember.

The Club

We, or more accurately I, decided that we would go to the club that so many had been talking about at work.

We were both married, but to other people. We are both in our 30s and had been having an affair for a few years. Who I am is immaterial to this tale, it was all about……. well let’s call her Sarah.

Sarah is in her thirties, has deep brown eyes that light up her face and draw you deep within. She is 5ft 1ish, brown shoulder length hair, lovely large breasts which she keeps hidden, gorgeous legs and a beautiful bum. A size 14 on top and 12 down below I would guess. She is beautiful and so hot, but dresses very conservatively.

To everybody else, she might appear a prude, friendly but with no sexual overtones. But with me, she was dynamite.

We left work together and took a cab to the Club in the West End. I won’t tell you the name, or where it is, you’ll have to discover for yourself. We were both in business attire, Sarah was wearing a simple black dress, buttons down the front, a slit up the back, just above the knee. Black heels. It was summer, so thankfully no tights! As I was to found out later, black bra and small black pants completed the attire. She also had a black cardigan on, as she often did.

We went into the ticket area and asked for a table for two. The receptionist asked if we were members and we said no. She explained that we could go in for the main show, but there was a members only session afterwards at 1am and we would have to leave before that started. She did say though that there was a special charity auction at the end of the main show tonight, which she did recommend staying for.

We bought our tickets and went in.

It was a funny place inside, quite small and intimate. Around 100 seats set at tables of 2 or 4, a couple of larger tables were also set. The tables were arranged around a slightly raised square platform in the middle, so that almost all the seats were next to the platform or one table back. On the platform there was a microphone, a table, some chairs, that was it. It was lit like a stage though and above it at around 8ft from the ground, there were a number of very large TV screens – 8 in total.

We took our seats and settled down to enjoy the evening. There was a singer, who was a bit rubbish, a comedian who made us laugh and a magician. It was almost like you would imagine an old style cabaret to be. We had a meal, I had a couple of glasses of wine, Sarah stuck to her usual non-alcoholic drinks.

It was a good night, but nothing special. Near 11.30pm one of the staff came up to us an asked if we would like to stay for the special charity auction. We thought “why not”, and then she asked if Sarah could assist in handing out some prizes “it’s always nice to see a fresh face here’ she said. Sarah could hardly disagree, so she politely accepted.

The house lights went up a touch, and for the first time we could see the whole room. About 100 people, some couples, some groups of men and on one table three stunning women. One was late twenties probably, over 5ft 6, blondish hair, tanned long bare legs, pert breasts sticking proudly out. She was with two young brunette girls, both 18 probably, very petite. They all wore short matching red dresses made of a light material and which only covered up half of their thighs, the front was a v cut down to their breasts and I’m sure they weren’t bothering with bras. One light breeze and that flimsy material would reveal quite a lot.

Sarah was escorted up on the stage and was introduced by the host, who’s name was Rob. She was smiling, enjoying herself and looked great.

The first auction was straightforward, a bottle of vintage champagne. The bidding was fast and it went for £40 to a smart businessman. He went up to collect the prize, which Sarah presented to him and she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Three men, all staff, brought up their chairs and sat at my table with me, one sturdy looking man on each side, built like bouncers. “Hi” they grunted, I just nodded, slightly intimidated.

The next round was for a hotel break for two. Again a man from the same won and went up for his prize. Sarah gave him the voucher and again a kiss on the cheek.

Sarah was getting hot in the lights up there and motioned to me to come and get her cardigan. Rob saw and said, “Sarah is getting warm up here, who would like to bid for her cardigan”. I was shocked and made to get up, but the man on my right side placed his arm on my shoulder and said “you just stay right where you are”.

Sarah was surprised, speechless, but Rob started the bidding, “£5″ came a shout from the back, “£10″, “£15″, “£20″ came the bids from around the room, many tables joining in. Before she realized what was happening, her cardigan had been sold for £45.

The winning bidder was around 55, he came up to the stage, Rob asked Sarah to remove her cardigan and give it to the man with a kiss on the cheek, “don’t worry” he whispered, “its all for charity”. Sarah didn’t know what to do, but 100 pairs of eyes were on her and she took it off, handed it over and gave it to the man with a kiss as requested. The crowd applauded.

“Next up” said Rob, “a French kiss from our lovely assistant here, tongues allowed, 10 seconds maximum”.

The crowd cheered, Sarah look stunned, the bidding started. My stomach churned, this was awful, but exciting at the same time. I decided to join the bidding and shouted out at £20, but one of the three men said, “you can stay if you sit still and keep quiet, otherwise you’re out of here pronto”.

The bidding rose to £80 and a man went up to collect, Sarah was frozen to the spot in terror, so Rob stood behind here and held her arms by her side as the man proceeded to kiss her lips, attempting to prise open her mouth with his tongue. Under the probing, her lips opened slightly and in went his tongue, just a bit. Few could see it as they were too far away, but I noticed it. “10 seconds is up,” said Rob and the man left the stage and went back to his table to cheers from that group.

“Tonight’s charity is a very deserving cause” said Rob, “for every £50 in cash which I get in the next 5 minutes, one button on Sarah’s dress will get undone. There are 8 buttons, so ladies and gentlemen, if you can rustle up £400 between you, you will all get to see her underwear. There are 100 of you, so that’s only £4 each, best bargain ever!”

A loud cheer and 2 minutes later £400 was up on the stage.

Sarah looked scared, trembling, but hadn’t run off or tried to argue.

The two 18 year old girls in red dresses went up to the stage and each took one of Sarah’s arms and held them up, her body in a crucifix shape. Rob went over and undid all buttons slowly, from the top down, until they were all undone and you could see her black bra and her small black panties.

Again a cheer went up and I began to hear some of the comments from other tables. “Look at those tits”, “lets see that bum”, “looks like she could do with a proper man”.

A shout came from the back “£200 if she gets her fucking dress off”.

“Now, now” admonished Rob, “this is an auction, you would want to short change those needy people which the charity serves would you? Bidding please to remove and keep this dress”.

Again the bids kept coming fast and one man won at £450.

The two girls kept hold of Sarah as he came to the stage, removed her dress and then asked her for his winning kiss. To my horror, she kissed him, very politely on the cheek and said “thank you”. What on earth was going on here?

The screens turned on and there was a camera somewhere in the room, which focused on Sarah’s face. She did look hot, standing in the middle of these people wearing just a black bra, pants and heels. The comments got ruder “get those fucking tits out”, “show us your arse”, and worst “that belly looks like it needs a good cock or two stuffed up inside it”. My cock was rock hard. Even if I could stop it, I don’t think I would have done, not now. I was desperate to see what happened next……….

“Sarah, can you help us a bit by just popping one foot up onto this chair”, asked Rob.

She was bemused but tried to do as he asked, she toppled a bit though, her tits wobbling as she did and she said to Rob “is it Ok if I take my heels off?” “Of course”, he replied, thinking that he could auction them to serve pervert later, for now, he wanted to seize the momentum whilst Sarah was still compliant.

Sarah kicked off her shoes and placed one foot on the chair, the other foot was still on the floor. It was a bit of a stretch.

Up on the screens it became obvious why. The flimsy material of her pants were stretched too tight over her cunt and you could just see the start of her pubic hair at either side of her gusset. The camera zoomed in and the crowd seemed to take a collective intake of breath.

“That cunt looks a big one”, “I bet those lips are meaty”, “look she has a wet patch”, came the comments behind me.

“WHO WANTS TO SEE HER TITS???” shouted Rob.

The bidding was furious, £500 was raised quickly and one of the girls removed her bra. Sarah just stood there, topless, nipples proudly standing out whilst 100 people gaped at her gorgeous breasts. She must be a 36 or a 38, either way, fantastic to lick, suck and squeeze. She looked fabulous.

The stunning woman, who’s name was Amy apparently, walked up to the stage. God, she was beautiful. She was clearly well known here and got a cheer. She said to Rob. “No bidding for the pants, I’m having them”. Maybe Amy was in charge, Rob just nodded.

Amy walked to Sarah and looked her right in the eyes at a very close distance. They were so close, they must have been sharing each other’s breath.

Then Amy bent down, and removed Sarah’s knickers slowly, her face level with Sarah’s pussy. From the angle I was at, I was sure that Amy’s nose must have brushed against Sarah’s hairy pussy. Amy took the pants and walked back to her table. Sarah just gazed at her.

“Turn around Sarah” instructed Rob. She did a twirl and the whole room saw her cute bum.

“That is one fuckable woman,” said someone on the next table.

“There are many needy children in this world” said Rob, ” you can help some of them right now if two of you pay £300 each to suck her tits, right now, here onstage”. That took less than 10 seconds. Two young men, bounded up and handed over the money. They knelt down in front of her and the two girls who were still holding her arms each took a tit in their hand squeezed it so that the nipple stood proud and offered them to the boy’s two hungry waiting mouths. Once the boys had latched on, the girls let go.

Right up on stage, within 20 feet of me, the love of my life was getting her breasts sucked hard by two strapping young men. I almost came in my pants.

After a minute, Rob motioned to the men to sit back down. The camera focused in on the engorged nipples, wet with spit.

“Last but one round before the public show finishes tonight. Later for members only, our luscious Amy will show us everything – and a bit more besides. Open bidding, who wants to lick Sarah’s cunt??”

Well maybe they hadn’t expected it, because the crowd went wild. £500, £600, then up to £800, over £1000. A fat, late 50′s businessman paid almost £1500 and proudly walked up to the stage. The two girls pulled Sarah over to the table. They placed her bum on it and then pulled her over onto her back. She was on the table, face up, legs facing the crowd. A camera focused in on her pussy area as the girls lifted her legs high and wide, spreading her hairy cunt open for all to see. Then they each took a pussy lip and pulled it open. Up on the screens, you could see everything. Her stretched open pussy, the pinkness contrasting with the brown hair around it and her clit peeking out, all soaking with her juices. The girls held her legs and pussy lips as the men bent down, examined his prize and then licked furiously at the tasty cunt before him.

Sarah came on the spot. She shuddered in obvious orgasm. So did I.

The licking went on for 4 minutes. Then Amy strode back up the stage and pulled the man away. She looked into Sarah’s eyes again and then bent down and stuck her tongue right up Sarah’s cunt. On the camera you could see Amy twist her tongue round Sarah’s clit and thrust in and out of her hole.

“Our last round tonight is for the gentlemen only, so hands off Amy and get back to your seat. Our highest bidder will get his cock stroked by Sarah, until he cums over her tits, who’s up for that!!!!!” exclaimed Rob.

Clearly, quite a few had already cum in their pants, so the bidding was less frenetic. A 40 year old guy won, went up, dropped his pants and removed all his clothes. The sight of Sarah getting off of the table, onto her knees in front of him was too much to bear, I got hard again. She stroked his cock with one hand, what a glorious sight. It was too much for the guy though, he came too quick with the lamest cum shot you had ever seen, it didn’t even get on Sarah’s skin anywhere, just kind a few drops on the floor. Quite a disappointing climax, so to speak.

“That’s all everybody, the private show will start shortly, tonight’s star is our own Amy, with friends” said Rob, “thank you all for coming and could I ask you all to give a big round of applause for Sarah”. The crowd cheered, and started leaving. I was lifted up by the three men around me “that means you too mate, Rob will make sure that your friend gets home Ok tonight, you’re out of here.”

I was ushered to the door and kind of shoved out in the cool night.


Next day, Sarah didn’t turn up for work. She didn’t answer my call, or my texts. I thought she might be tired after the night before, or unwell. Three days later I was really worried, what had happened? Did she hate me? Was she ill?

On the Monday, she turned up for work as usual, was friendly and polite to everyone, but very standoffish towards me. I must have really offended her, by taking her to that club I thought. I tried to corner her in the stairwell, but she just shrugged her way past me, avoiding my eyes all the time.

It was only two weeks later that I understood. A DVD disk got posted though my door, no cover, just a disk with a Post It on it “I hope this explains. S”

I poured a glass of wine that evening and put the disk in the DVD player wired up to my 40 inch TV. What I witnessed shocked me to the core.

The first ten minutes were a very edited version of what had happened during the auction, it showed Sarah removing her clothes, getting her tits and pussy sucked and giving a guy a rubbish hand job.

The next scene must have been taken after most had left. There were around 12 people there, Amy, her two assistants and around 9 men. Sarah was in a dressing gown on the stage. Rob was still holding court.

“These 3 are the cameramen, over from the Putney camera club tonight”, Rob said “you focus on her head and mouth, you on her pelvic area”. To other he motioned, “you have your special camera, only use it when I tell you”.

The lights were turned up, loud music started and a title screen appeared. “Sarah”, it said simply. Clearly there had been a change of plan about this “private” show.

“Get her in position” Rob commanded. Four of the men removed her gown picked her up, laid her back on the table and lifted her legs up like they were in stirrups. Her bum was hanging over one end of the table, her head was hanging back over the other end.

“Right” he barked “let’s give the girl the fucking she deserves. Amy, do you have the stuff, bring it here”

One of Amy’s assistant came over with a little box. She gave a nose spray to Rob, who inserted it in one nostril at a time and sprayed once, he then opened her mouth and sprayed it onto the roof of her mouth. Then she got out a syringe and phial of a clear liquid. “Distract her” said Rob and then injected the drug into the fleshy part of Sarah’s bum cheek, about 3 inches from her anus. I was stunned.

“What was that for? ” I shouted at the screen, at the same time a member of the group asked the same question. “The injection is to help her relax a touch, the spray affects her sense of taste”, explained Rob to the questioner, “she’ll lap up your cum like you’ve never seen before and she’ll be desperate to have anything at all in any cavity in a few minutes.”

With a smile, he joked “lights, cameras, action!”

All the men stripped down, except the 3 cameramen. There were 6 cocks standing upright, all ready to fuck my girl. Two of the men were huge, over 6ft 6 inches and their cocks were massive, not long but wide. Two of the cocks were already leaking pre-cum and they went first.

One man went straight for it, no more prevaricating. He pushed back Sarah’s legs further and then pushed his cock straight up her sweet pink arsehole. It went up in one go, all the way to the hilt. Sarah moaned, she did occasionally do anal, but not first off and not so roughly. He started thrusting in and out, at a reasonable pace. You could see Sarah’s belly move each time it went in.

The next man was even less kind. He held Sarah’s head and let it dangle back over the edge of the table, so that her mouth naturally fell open. In went the head of his cock, firmly down to the back of her throat, making her gag. He then also started thrusting in unison with the man pummeling her arse. A face fuck was the only adequate description.

Sarah’s large tits started swaying up and down as her body took the thrusts. Two other men held them and started pinching her nipples, pulling them out, distending her breasts. Then each of them squeezed each breast with two hands to make the nipple swell up and then placed their mouth over them. I couldn’t tell if they were sucking, licking or even biting, but boy did it look good.

The two cameramen were good. You could see her mouth lips and her pussy lips cling to each cock as it was withdrawn. But cameraman number 3 was yet to star.

All four men stood back, from Sarah’s ravished body. A title came on the screen “Sarah – A Cock’s View”. What did this mean I thought??

The 3rd cameraman got his camera out, very unusual. It looked like a test tube, dildo shaped, made of clear glass or plastic with two wires coming out the end. He flicked a switch at the end of one of the wires and a light went on in the tube.

The camera shot changed and you could see very little, just some blurred shapes. The cameraman must then have taken position and then you could clearly see Sarah’s face with someone’s hand holding her jaw open. In the tube was a camera and a light. Then the tube went in her mouth and you could see in great detail, the inside of Sarah’s mouth, her teeth, her tongue, the gums, the tonsils at the back. All lit up by the light and captured on the screen by the camera. It was gross and wonderful at the same time. It must be what a cock would see if it had a different kind of eye!

The camera explored her mouth for a few minutes and then moved to her cunt. First off you saw a different shot of the camera entering her vaginal passage, taken by one of the others, then you saw the image from this outrageous device. It pushed open the inner lips of her pussy and thrust in, past the ribbed area of her cunt, all the way up to the slit of her cervix. Again he thrust it in and out, sometimes going too hard and brushing up against her cervix, causing her to shudder every time.

Enjoy the first few chapters for more background on this story.

I ran Joslyn a bath. She stripped off her shirt, and climbed into the tub. I sat on the edge, swirling the water with my hand.

“So…” she sighed deeply, leaning back and closing her eyes. “Is it always this good?”

I laughed gingerly. “Well. I guess it depends on how good your partner is.”

“Oh. You are good. Very, very good.” She sank into the tub so that only her face was out of the water.

I stared at her body again. My pussy was still aching, waiting to cum. She was so peaceful as she rested in the water, letting go of all that tension that had built during her orgasm. There were so many things I wanted to do to her, and for her to do to me. I got lost in imagining, and she took me by surprise when she spoke.

“Do you think I’ll ever be that good?”

“Certainly, Babygirl. You just have to learn.”

“Will you teach me?” She was looking at me now, intent in her eyes.

“Yes, ma’am,” I smiled. “Whenever, whatever you want.”

Joslyn relaxed a bit longer, as we made small talk. Eventually she got out as the water was starting to get cold.

“Brrrr!” she shivered, reaching for a towel and rapidly attempting to dry off. “Can I get in your bed? Y’know… just to warm up?” She was already making her way to the bedroom.

We climbed up into bed and cuddled. She ran her hands over my body, more in an explorative way than sexy. She really liked my breasts, cupping, squeezing, batting. Then, she wriggled down under the covers, and took my nipple into her mouth. She began suckling on it, as if she were really trying to make me lactate.

“Hold on, hold on…” I gently pushed her away. “You aren’t actually going to milk me!”

“Am I doing it wrong?” she looked up concerned.

“Start slow, go easy, use your tongue,” I instructed.

She went back to my tit, cupping it from below. She sucked on it softly, then ran circles around my areola, shrinking into my nipple. Then she flicked it back and forth with the tip.

“That’s good,” I said, sucking in my breath.

She reached over to the other breast and squeezed hard, groping and mauling it. Then she tweaked my nipple until it was hard. She kept working over the other one with her mouth, and I could feel my pussy growing hot with anticipation. I think she was able to read my mind, because her hand left my tit and slipped between my legs. She used her whole hand to rub my pussy, massaging my clit with the heal of her palm.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes and trying not to explode right then.

She lifted her head, sucking my nipple hard and taking it with her. When there was no more give, it popped out of her mouth and slammed back into my chest. She removed her hand from my groin, and began sucking on two fingers. I nodded, encouraging her to continue. Joslyn split my lips open, rubbing my clit and around my inner labia.

“That’s good, keep going.” I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me.

She rubbed and rubbed until my entire pussy was soaking wet with my juices.

“Play with my clit a little.” She had a hard time making good contact. “Why don’t you go take a look.”

She crawled under the covers as I lifted my knees, spreading my legs and laying them on the bed, so that she could have good view. She pulled back my lips and began rubbing my clit again. Just as I thought I would burst right then, she would change the pattern and I’d start all over again.

“Pull back my hood,” I reached between my legs, showing her what I meant. “Then my clit is fully exposed. Remember it is incredibly sensitive.”

She took the hint and licked her fingers again, leaving plenty of saliva behind. She reached down and pressed her fingers onto my hard nub, applying pressure, but not moving. Then, she started to tease up and down, left and right. She leaned down and took my clit into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the entire area, sucking it deeply into her mouth. She ran her tongue flat against it in big laps before flicking it gently.

“You’re doing great,” I said, brushing the hair away from her face. “Now, put your fingers inside me.”

Joslyn kept working over my clit while she put the tips of her index and middle fingers right at the opening of my pussy. Slowly she began to push into me. She slipped in and then pulled out a bit, then further in and out a bit, and continued until she was knuckle deep. She lapped at my clip and gently began pumping her fingers in and out of my wet cunt. It felt great, but I needed more.

“Use another finger,” I urged her. “You’re doing excellent.”

She pulled her two fingers out, and then inserted three. I moaned slightly and bit my lip. She was still going slowly and while her tongue was doing an amazing job, I really needed to get fucked.

“You can go harder. Give me a good fuck!”

She lifted her eyes and looked at me as if to ask if I was sure. I most certainly was, I nodded at her. She dove back onto my clit, and started to plunge deep and hard into my pussy with her fingers. She had found my g-spot, which was becoming swollen, preparing me to cum. I began pumping my hips against her and knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m so close,” I hissed through my teeth. I gently grabbed the back of her head. “Give me another finger and really fuck me hard!”

She sucked hard on my clit as she drove all four fingers into my cunt. She pounded me and I bucked my hips against her in rhythm. She sank her tiny hand into me, and I could feel her knuckles rubbing against my bulging g-spot. She turned her hand back and forth while pounding me. I held on as long as I could, and then I felt like the dam broke. I thrust my hips off the bed and pushed her mouth onto my clit. Her hand thrust in and out while my pussy squeezed hard on her. And then I came, moaning loudly. I squirted hard and Joslyn sat back quickly. I sprayed her tits and stomach. She stopped and pulled her hand out in shock.

“What was that?!” she yelled?

“I’m squirting!! I’m cumming!!” I yelled back. “Don’t stop!”

She shoved her fingers back into my cunt and pumped hard again. I let the tension built up and told her to pull out, and again, I squirted, spraying her. She laughed and went back in for more. This time, she sucked and licked on my clit while she fucked my sopping wet cunt. Again, I was on the verge of losing it, and told her to pull out. But she didn’t, she kept thrusting and licking. I was shaking, trembling below her and screaming. Just when I thought I would pass out, she pulled her hand out just past the knuckle, leaving her fingers in me. I squirted again, but she didn’t sit back. She opened her mouth and took my spray in. She kept fucking me with just her fingers, forcing my spray to pulse and continue much longer than I thought possible. She drank every drop she could, then lapped at my soaking pussy when I was finished. She slurped my juice off me as I dropped my hands and felt my blood pumping through my veins. Eventually she flopped on the bed next to me, using the sheet to wipe off her hands and face.

“Whew!!” She said. “That was fricking amazing!!”

“You are absolutely right!!” I sighed. “I don’t think you need much instruction.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m glad I did good.”

“You did very good, Babygirl,” I laughed, pulling her to me. She cuddled against my breast again. We slept, embraced like that, for what felt like only a few hours.


I awoke suddenly, not really sure what did it, but certain I had heard something. I brushed the hair away from Joslyn’s face; she was still sleeping, nuzzled on my breast. I heard something in the doorway and turned to see Zach standing there. He shook his head and scoffed, walking away. I carefully slipped from under Joslyn and chased after her brother. He had dropped his stuff in a chair in the living room and was digging through the fridge.

“Again?” he said as he closed the fridge. He looked me up and down, and suddenly I realized I was still naked. He smirked and walked to the couch, flopping down.

“Yeah…” I said, sitting on the other side of the couch, curling myself to cover my nakedness.

“Tell me about it,” he pulled his limp cock out of his shorts and leaned back into the couch.

“What?!?” I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Tell me about it. Tell me about fucking my sister.” He began running his hand back and forth against his cock.

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this.” I pulled my knees closer to my chest.

“You don’t have a choice,” he looked over to me. His eyes were stern, his facial expression matched. For a second I was actually fearful of him. I swallowed hard.

“Okay,” I closed my eyes and did my best to recant the events of the day.

Zach continued to rub his dick, which was now hard and pink. Soon I finished my story and opened my eyes. He was looking eagerly at me, licking his lips and holding his massive cock for display. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“So, you like it big?” he laughed. I nodded. He scooted next to me. He pulled at my legs, exposing me. His hand ran up my leg and stopped on my pussy. He leaned in to my ear and whispered. “Then let me give you ‘BIG’.”

Zach started rubbing my pussy with his whole hand. I had gotten wet from reliving my excitement with his little sister, my step-child. He spread my lips and began fondling my clit. I moaned quietly, pinching my mouth closed in an effort to keep from waking Joslyn. She was sleeping in just the other room. I had worked so hard to gain her trust; I couldn’t allow her to see this.

Zach sensed this and stood up. He took my hand, and led me upstairs to his room. I stood shyly, trying to cover myself. He stripped off his swim trunks and t-shirt, revealing his chiseled body. He took me into his arms, pressing his body against mine. He kissed me hard and deep. It was one of those kisses that I could feel throughout my body; it made me melt. For a minute I felt something stirring in my belly, like the first kiss of young lovers. When Zach pulled away from me, my eyes were still closed. He pushed me back onto the bed. He grabbed my knees and yanked me across the bed so that my ass was at the edge. He dropped to his knees in front of me.

He began licking my pussy with vigor I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. I tossed my head back and moaned. He rubbed his hand on my pussy, covering it with my juices. He slid two, then three fingers into me. He thrust in short, hard, quick strokes. I pushed my hips against him, forcing him in deeper. He inserted another finger, reaching the knuckle. I moaned, gripping at the sheets around me.

He continued to flick and lick and suck on my clit as he drove his hand into my sopping wet cunt. He rolled his fingertips, folding them onto themselves. At this point, his thumb was jabbing me in the leg and the hilt slammed into my pelvis. I wriggled my hips, trying to reposition his hand. He stopped licking, and looked up at me.

“It hurts,” I said softly.

“Let me fix that.” He sucked his thumb, leaving his fingers inside me. Then he pulled out, rolling his fingers back out to an extended position. He squeezed his fingers together, making a wedge shape. He tucked his thumb into his palm and slowly began sliding it back into my hole. I growled as he stretched my pussy. I pulled my knees up, planting my feet on the edge of the mattress, my heels against my ass. Gradually Zach worked his hand into my cunt, easing the knuckles past my opening. He managed to get wrist deep and held his position.

“Big enough?” He asked gingerly.

“Yessss…” I hissed.

He gently pumped, only about an inch at a time, back and forth. Then slowly he began to rotate left and right, his knuckles running across my swollen g-spot. I reached for a pillow to contain my moans and screams of pleasure. As my muscles relaxed and became used to the presence of his fist inside me, Zach began to thrust a little harder, farther. He turned his hand and my cunt made slurping noises. I toyed with my nipples, pinching and rolling them in my fingers. My hips began to buck slightly, and I breathed heavily.

Zach lurched at my clit again, frantically lapping at me while he plunged his fist into my cunt. He pounded away at me. My muscles resisted his hand exiting and pulled him back, making delicious noises each time. My orgasm built, creating a tension deep within my belly. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder, pulling my ass to his collarbone. He continued pumping and twisting inside me and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer.

“I’m, I’m, ahhh… g-g-g-oing to cum!!” I managed to stammer. “I’m going to…unh!…Squirt!”

“Awesome!” He leaned back, fucking me harder, deeper with his fist. “Don’t hold back, Ma! Fucking cover me with your cum!”

For some reason this was enough for me to lose it. My hand shot to my clit and I rubbed ferociously as an orgasm ripped through my body. I screamed through clenched lips and Zach tore his hand from my cunt as I sprayed him with juice. I shook and trembled, clamping my legs together and covering my pussy with my hand. Every muscle in my body was tense, draining the energy from me. When the contractions in my cunt ceased, I dropped my legs and arms across the bed. I took in several deep breaths, sighing loudly. I lifted my head and saw Zach sitting there, a big goofy grin on his face.

The restaurant was booked solid. Morris clenched and unclenched his fists with satisfaction, knowing full well that tonight’s take meant that the burnt orange lamborghini he had been eyeing, would be his.

This place was a fucking gold mine. Licks had become an underground mecca for the ultra horny, and ultra rich. He checked with the cameraman to make sure everything was in place.

Three elaborate booths had been set up for tonight’s entertainment and would generate numerous revenues in pay per view opportunities for the ultra rich. The restaurant had been booked solid for seven months. Patrons had been phoning and begging to be allowed to attend. They even pleaded for a standing room only opportunity at the very back. Most had remembered the event from the year before and craved to attend.

Alison drove the windy roads and quick turns with a nervous anticipation. She had been getting paid for sex for six months now, and was considered a fresh face. Ever since she could remember Alison had loved sex. Her gorgeous barbie body, tall and lean, coupled with her beautiful face made boys, then men, lust after her and she did not disappoint.

The problem was, that her inner sex drive demanded of her bigger and bigger thrills to get off. That’s why she decided to try a career in sex. She liked expensive jewelry, fast cars and beautiful clothes. Diamonds around her neck and wrists accented her luscious body. Alison’s look was pure elegance.

Alison had no idea what she was getting into tonight but she did know it involved sex, and big cash, so she hadn’t even hesitated or bothered to ask what the job was. All she knew was that the right ingredients were in place and she was in.

When she arrived Alison was shown a booth with a sex chair in the front, and a high table and three chairs behind her. A shiver of excitement went through her. She reached up and brushed her nipples, then tweaked them through her sheer satin dress. Morris, the owner, watched the monitor and saw the diamond studded beauty pinch her nipples. He decided he wanted a blow job, and he wanted one now.

Whatever tonight would bring, she was ready. Alison was always ready to experience new heights and pleasures.

Morris came to greet her and show her around. He told her about the contest and how it was run. She also heard that if she was the winner there would be 10 000 dollars more on the table for her and her teammates to pick up. That would buy a lot of sexy shoes. Right then, Alison’s competitive edge took over and she established a mind set that she would win, at all and any cost.

Morris licked his lips. “So babe, do you wanna win this?”

As he walked around her, eyeing her exquisite body up and down like a piece of meat. he added, “I know how you can earn bonus points from one of the judges.”

Alison didn’t know what he meant by “judges”. She thought the audience picked but she knew she wanted to win this contest.

On that comment Morris unbuckled and pulled out his manhood waving it at the sexy 28 year old beauty before him. He was nicely endowed and sexy in his boldness. Alison sunk to her knees and felt him push his hardness between her lips. He tasted so good. He was freshly showered and hard as rock.

Alison eagerly gave Morris a wildly orgasmic blow job.. Her tongue circled his balls then he dipped rapidly between her gorgeous lips. Morris grabbed her hair and held her in place as he pumped Alison’s mouth mercilessly. Her head bobbed back and forth like many sluts before hers had. When she slid a well manicured finger in his tight ass he grunted his pleasure. Morris’s orgasm was strong and glided down her throat. She swallowed every drop of his hot mix with enthusiasm. He helped her up from her knees, kissed her and said thank you. Alison wiped the remnants of Morris’s cum from the side of her mouth as she glanced around at her surroundings. She did love contests.

Three open faced booths were situated in an area that looked like a stage. The rest of the restaurant consisted of small intimate little tables with red mini laptops for voting on them. The tables had been carefully assigned.

As the guests filed through the door Alison was getting ready in the back room. Her hair, makeup and clothes were perfect. She looked like pure innocence in her white stockings, garter, revealing bra and thong. Her long blonde hair outlined her beautiful features. She turned around and glanced at her sexy ass in her thong in the mirror. Looking in the mirror was satisfying. She knew she was a stunner and hoped that many more jobs might arise from this opportunity.

What stunned her moments later as the blaring spot lights shone in her eyes, was the crowd of people. She could see they were well attired and diamonds sparkled in abundance. There were many beautiful young women with older men. Men that likely demanded their wives or girlfriends obedience with their ability to provide creature comforts. Men that had it all, but still wanted a little bit more.

Some of the men were already fondling their dates openly. Legs spread and fingers dipped. As the action heated up on stage some of the men would decide to swap women with their friends at nearby tables. The excitement and sexual freedom in the room was an aphrodisiac that was hard to resist. A new cunt to fill was always a treat and the ultra rich felt entitled to extreme pleasure at any cost.

Alison was in position along with the others as the announcer spoke.

“Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to LICKS, where pleasures are happily fulfilled. Tonight we are pleased to bring you a game called, “Name That Tune”. Each of three tables will be competing against one another for the grand prize of $10 000. A song will be played and the contestants need to name the song and the artist for points. Randomly we will have special contests you can vote on. Please use the laptops to award points in each of the live events.”

Alison was sitting with two well built men in their thirties. She couldn’t help but sneak glances at their sexy muscular bodies as they sat there in shorts. She looked down at her big tits and the tiny white bra she had squeezed them into. The material barely covered her nipples. Alison noticed how hard her nipples were and felt an urge to touch her clit.

The first song began.

“Living in a Dream, Finger Eleven!” shouted out Alison.

It was an easy one. Several more songs were provided as audience members ordered drinks and settled in. Then a gong sounded. An announcer went to the front microphone and began to speak.

“Now for the taste a la resistance. The first erotic contest will begin.”

An attendant came into the cubicle Alison was in and put two bottles on the table. Her eyes were wide and anticipation griped her.

The attendant whispered in the ears of the men and the announcer said….


The two men started stripping Alison, like the other men in the other rooms were doing with their sexy babes. Sexy music played as the men undressed their ladies revealing their best features to a very horny audience. Already pretty little heads were being shoved under the tables as men and women in the audience became so horny they craved to be eaten and sucked while watching the beautiful bitches on stage being fucked.

The men grabbed the bottles and started sliding them up and down Alison’s body. They had been given instructions to fuck their girls and play with them using only the bottles in front of them. Already Alison heard moans coming from another one of the rooms. Soon Alison was escorted to the sex chair and urged to pick up her knees and spread her legs wide. The head of the bottle rested on her pussy lips. Then he suddenly shoved the bottle deep into her cunt, surprising her, and making her jolt upright, with her tits bouncing. There was a round of applause.

The other bottle came down to her mouth from up high. It brazed her lips as the young stud urged aggressively, “Suck it bitch! Pretend it’s my cock and suck it hard.”

Alison knew how to suck cock and wanted to impress. She sucked the bottle like it was an enormous delicious cock. The other room drew a burst of applause as the girl squealed her orgasm out to the audience.

As the emotion in the room settled, Alison noticed there were mere minutes left to impress and to win, and that is exactly what needed to happen. She really wanted to win. Alison looked at the audience and played with her big gorgeous tits, holding them up, one at a time, jiggling them and squeezing her nipples.

Then she laid on her side as one of the men lifted one of her legs up high. He then worked the bottle into her pussy. The other guy approached her toned tight ass. Everyone heard her moans as the bottle entered her. The men started fucking her in unison, then one at a time. The bottles began flying in a out of her orifices. Alison bucked and moaned in response. Her reaction was real. The sensations were wild and coming in waves. Her sexy body was being jerked back and forth by the force of the bottles invading her holes. They kept going deeper. She thought she would pass out as the timer went off and the crowd burst into a thunderous applause. When the results were announced Alison was very happy to find out they had won that round.

The game continued as normal until the second bonus round was announced. This time it was just as simple. The participants on stage were to entertain their audience and whoever put on the best show would win.

They started with a kiss. Each audience member voted on which group’s kiss was the most seductive. Alison loved sex and it showed. She kissed one man seductively with an open tongue leaving audience members begging to be the one in her favour. The other man caressed her butt cheeks as the pair kissed with a dynamic style that created a flurry of increased fucking among the audience. Sloppy wet urgent kisses that told tales of wild sexual adventures lit up the stage.

When the audience members got their chance to vote, Alison’s team won by a landslide. Next it was the men’s turn to impress. They sucked her tits like she was the sexiest woman on the planet. Each man fastened onto her big beautiful tits and started sucking and teasing them. Votes were cast.

More interesting contests continued to stimulate the sexual activity in the audience. The best blow job got voted on, along with the best rim job. Feeling free to do as they pleased even more of the audience members got their dates to suck and fuck to the tune of the people on stage. Often the dates were put in the same position doing the same action as the people on stage. It was exciting to watch a man get sucked while having your hard cock serviced at the same time. The entire restaurant smelled of sex. The feeling in the air was pure happiness and pure pleasure.

The final round came up and the point values were close. Alison knew this was it. There needed to be a show stopper, but what and how. The two men stood in front of her feeding her their hard cocks one at a time. When she thought she was ready they both stood in front of her and slid their magnificent hard rods deep into her mouth. Her mouth was opened impossibly wide showing the audience how her tongue was snaking around each cock. Her men started fucking her mouth in unison. They did it slowly as not to hurt her. After a while they lost control of their senses and pumped at their own speeds, making her mouth purely a cum receptacle that needed filling. The effect was vibrant. The applause rumbled.

Taking one big cock in her ass and sucking the other gained mild applause. Alison knew she had to step it up if she wanted to win. She told one of the sexy men to bend over. Her tongue outlined his small hole in a circular motion as she spread his cheeks wide. The other guy was finger fucking her. She slid her tongue in and out of the man’s tight little hole. The other man put two strong big fingers in her wet cunt and lifted her pelvis off the ground repeatedly by finger fucking her fast and hard. These actions drew a round of enthusiastic applause.

Another group was commanding the audience’s attention with what they were doing. The man who was finger fucking her knew it wasn’t enough and made a decision. He had to get the audience’s attention.

He raised his fist and in a dramatic gesture dripped lube all over it. More eyes were coming his way. It was working. The lube oil dripped off his big fist. Alison was licking and fucking the man’s ass with her long tongue when she felt the jolt. She wanted to scream. She thought she would pass out. What the fuck was happening?

The man shoved his strong hard fist in her tight little cunt and started pumping her. The audience went wild. Alison heard the response and made a conscious effort to ignore the pain as he fucked her hot little cunt with his big strong fist. He went faster and faster. The audience was in a flurry of excitement now. Cocks were being sucked. Cunts were being filled and blow jobs were in abundance. Now he was really lifting her off the ground every thrust. He kept pounding his fist into her. The audience kept fucking and sucking.

The announcer came on and spoke to the audience. He said one word.


Men in the audience that were fucking their women now moved to the table beside them and entered the tight little holes of the beautiful women that they didn’t know. The orgasmic cries were fierce and loud as the intensity heated. The climaxes around the room stimulated more and more orgasms. It was a true fuckfest and everyone was enjoying themselves.

The man took his fist and again put it high in the air dripping lube oil on it. The audience went wild. They wanted to see it. They wouldn’t dare do it to their dates but they wanted to see it. They loved the raw sexual power.

The pain was even more gripping than before, but it made her pussy so fucking wet. Alison enjoyed the pain. It thrilled it. She relaxed into the feelings and sensations as the man’s big fist entered her tight little toned ass over and over again. He was fucking her ass with his fist and she loved it. Alison’s loud orgasmic release, was real and intense, making her scream and moan her success in a bold statement of excitement deep into the microphone making the audience energetically applaud her success. All votes went in her favour as the buzzer sounded and the contest was concluded.

There was a roar of applause as Alison’s group took a bow and accepted the prize money. People approached her and thanked for her outstanding contribution to their orgasms. Many new jobs did arise as Alison had hoped. She was sore but knew she would heal. It was a good night.

Morris was a happy man. He thought he might call his new lamborghini, Alison.

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