You’ve arranged to meet a group of friends at a bar after dinner. You know some people there but know that there will be others you won’t have met. It has been a while since you’d been out so you’re making a bit of an occasion of it, getting a little extra dressed up. You’re wearing a black dress that flatters your cleavage, boots and of course, fishnets.

You’re a little later than you’d planned but there are still plenty of people. You see some people you know immediately and join them. Whilst talking to them you scan the rest of the crowd, and to your surprise you see the guy from a few weeks ago you snuck outside with one night at another bar and blew on the footpath. A tingle runs through your body at the memory and a smile creeps across your face. He sees you and smiles and you recall the same feelings of excitement and anticipation from that other night.

He is not alone and sitting at his table is another guy who could almost be his brother except a little bulkier all round. They are both laughing and having a good time. You circle the room catching up with people, all the time keeping your eyes on your friend. He is keeping tabs on you too and you can feel a little tension building.

You finally make it to his table and the first thing he asks is “Have you got any tickets to sell?” You laugh and say “Sorry not this time…” He pretends to look disappointed and remarks that he was looking forward to winning something again tonight. You both laugh and exchange a lingering look. Long enough for his friend to notice. Your friend introduces him as an acquaintance from interstate who is staying with him and helpfully adds that his girlfriend is away again. Your hearts jumps a beat at that little piece of information and wonder what may come of it. He still exudes that same charm and confidence as before and you feel another tingle pass through your body once again.

You shift a little in your seat and touch legs. His friend is quite engaging and shows you a lot of interest. You were a little dismissive at first but he is turning you around. You eventually drift off to mingle with others. Besides, being in the company of those two was getting a little too distracting. It was hard to concentrate with the memories of what happened between the two of you only a few weeks ago. The build up, the tension, the urgency when you kissed on the stairs, the way you pulled on each others clothes to get to the flesh underneath, the hardness of cock in your mouth, the wetness of your pussy and the feeling of his cum hitting your chest…….

You wonder what might happen tonight but decide that it would be nothing major given that his friend is staying with him. You keep mingling but are a little distracted with those thoughts and with the thinning crowd you eventually make it back to table of two guys. The first thing you notice is that his friend has left. You feel a little disappointed but then decide it is for the better as now you have your friend all to yourself.

After some more flirtatious backwards and forwards, he finally asks you “Remember when I said your turn next time?” You almost fall off your chair at his directness and another tingle rises up from your pussy.

“Well yes, I do actually.”

“Do I have to buy a ticket?” you reply seductively.

“No” He laughs, “You just have to meet me at my car in 5 minutes” and he heads out the door.

If anyone else showed this level of confidence it would be mildly off-putting but you re feeling pretty turned on and a bit intrigued as to what he has in mind. Your heart beats faster at the thought of his tongue exploring your mouth, his hands travelling up your dress and massaging your turgid pussy. You can feel the heat spreading from your thighs and the wetness seeping from between your pussy lips. You quickly make your goodbyes and head outside.

He has parked around the corner and you see him standing by his car. Your pace quickens towards him and when you reach him, you press yourself against him and the feel the warmth of his body against yours. You grab his face and pull it down towards yours. Your tongues are intertwined and his hands reach down squeeze your arse, pulling your hips close to his. You feel the outline of his cock against your stomach and you pull yourself up onto the bonnet of the car so you can press your pussy against it.

He pushes your dress up, exposing your creamy fishnet clad thighs. You massage his cock through his pants, wanting him to take you right there and then, on the car in the street. Instead, he pulls away to your surprise. He says, “Lets go” and before you get a chance to say anything he jumps into the drivers seat. You are a little frustrated in your horniness, wanting something hard and quick right there but get in anyway.

Your hands are all over each other’s thighs as your drive back to his place. At one point he has hand right up against your pussy, massaging your increasingly wetter pussy. He can feel your engorged clit through the crotch of your sheer pants and almost has you cumming on his hand. At one point you have your boot up on the dash to allow the best access, exposing your legs and fishnets for him and anyone seeing inside the car. You marvel at the hardness of his cock through his pants. He shifts as he drives so you can move it to stick upright instead of pointing down his leg. If the drive was any longer, you’d have unzipped his pants and sucked him off as he drove.

You finally arrive back at his place. Any reluctance at coming here a few weeks ago have vanished in the desperation of having him once and for all. You barely make it through the door with the lust for each other. He shuffles you over to a lounge when he collapses on top of you. His groin is pushed into your crotch and you thrust your hips up into the bulge of cock, grinding your clit against the shaft.

He slides down between your legs, onto the floor between your feet. He reaches up to your waist to pull down your fishnet stockings and soaking pants. You reach down to undo your boots and kiss him hungrily as your faces become close. With your legs bare and crotch exposed, he dives in between your legs in a frenzy.

Your pussy is so wet, you can both smell the scent of your juice. His hands spread your legs and you slump back on the lounge and drive your pussy up into his face. He has his tongue separating your plump pussy lips and lapping up your juices. His tongue worms it’s way deep inside you and you moan in ecstasy. He begins to lick you with long strokes, pushing your fat lips back against your inner thighs and exposing your clit. You momentarily turn your attention to your dress, which you pull off over your head and rip your bra off. Your freed nipples stiffen in the air and your hands clasp your tits and your fingers run over your nipples enhancing the feeling coming from your pussy.

His tongue begins to concentrate on your clit. He clamps his lips around it and begins to flick it rapidly with his tongue. He runs his hand up your thigh, under his chin to the entrance of your pulsating pussy. He slides two fingers deep inside you and he begins to massage the front wall of your pussy causing you to moan. With two fingers inside you, his other two fingers rest against your arsehole. You rotate your hips against his face, causing his fingers to roll around inside your pussy and up against your arse. He applies gentle pressure to your arse and his fingers slide past the rubbery ring of your sphincter muscle. You instinctively clamp the muscle around his fingers as the nerve endings explode in syncopation with your pussy. He begins to slowly slide his fingers in and out of your arse.

You are so close to cumming and you grasp the back of head and hold it in place. Your head rolls back in ecstasy as your mouth begins to gape with the onset of your orgasm. Your legs begin to stiffen and you know your orgasm is about to roll through your body.


Until a sensation coming from your nipples just about makes you explode and your eyes fly open and your head snaps forward. You see your friend’s friend from the bar!! You had totally forgotten about him!! Your friend with his head between your legs does not appear even slightly concerned and has not let up on the ministrations he is applying to your clit, pussy and arse….. You think “Fuck it….” It is all feeling so good and keep one hand behind the guy licking your pussy and the other gripping the guys hair sucking your nipples. Your arms squeeze your tits together to bring both nipples together and the guy transfers from one nipple to another. Your hand travels down his back to his firm arse, around his hips to his groin. You grip his bulging cock through his pants and you can feel it pulsate between your fingers.

Between the thought of being set upon by two guys and the feelings they are both causing you to experience – the shooting sensations from your pussy, your arse to your nipples your orgasm begins to build again. You grip the guy’s cock tighter and pull the other guys head tighter into your pussy. Your eyes flicker from one guys wrapping his tongue around your massively erect nipples to the guy feasting on your pussy and massaging your arse. It is all too much and once gain your legs stiffen and rise from the floor, your pussy begins to spasm and your arse contracts even tighter around the guys fingers. Your body stiffens and you let out a long moan. Your toes point stiffly as your orgasm wracks through your body. Each of the parts on your body being stimulated become one and your body descends into a series of quivering multiple orgasms.

Your legs clamp around the guys face in your pussy and your squeeze his fingers from your pussy and arse, causing you shudder once more. Your body finally relaxes and you come to your senses as to what has just happened. And what is about to happen next as the guys begin to rapidly undress…..

You are lying there slumped on the couch, chest heaving, heart thudding, legs trembling, pussy tingling slowly subsiding. You barely comprehend what just happened. You’ve just been eaten out by one guy while gripping the cock of his friend as he licks your nipples and ……. you liked it! A lot.

Now they stand over you with their cocks jutting stiffly from their thighs. Their balls are tight and you can see each one dripping pre-cum. You are feeling a little uncertain but unbid, your hands on your thighs travel up to your wet pussy, renewing the burning feeling from within.

Your original friend sinks to his knees between your legs with one hand around the base of his cock. He lines the knob of his cock up with the entrance of your bald pussy and leans in towards you. His cock slides into you in one thrust as it always does after you’ve cum and you arch your back to meet him and take him as deeply as possible. You bend your knees and wrap your legs around his arse to hold him inside you. He grips your waist and begins slow thrusts in and out of your pussy. When he looks down he sees your pussy lips wrapped around his cock like another sheath of skin.

His friend, not wanting to be left out, climbs up onto the couch beside you. He kneels too and cups your chin to direct your mouth towards his throbbing cock. Your mouth is slightly ajar anyway and his cock slides between your lips to the back of your throat. You purse your lips around his cock and begin to suck his cock – almost milking it with your mouth as you jerk your head up and down his cock. His pre-cum is salty and slick on your tongue. Slurping and the sounds of skin slapping into skin fill the air, as do groans and moans of ecstasy.

His friend withdraws his cock from your mouth and sits beside you on the couch. He leans over to pull you onto him to the mild surprise of your friend whose cock slides wetly from your pussy. You raise yourself over his friend as he holds his cock upright. Once you feel the tip of it at the entrance of your pussy, you push your hips down to impale yourself on his large cock. You love this position as it allows you control the depth and pressure. You roll your hips forward to grind your clit on his pubic bone and he grips your hips to pull you down even further onto his cock. Waves of ecstasy roll through your body and begin to build as you raise your hips and then sink back down on his cock.

With you facing the back of the couch, you are the perfect height to suck your friend’s cock. It is slick and shiny with your pussy juices and you taste yourself briefly as his cock slides over your tongue. You have a cock in either end of you and a moan creeps from your throat at the comprehension of what you are doing – the wantonness, the carnal lust, your momentary descent into sluthood……He is stroking your hair as you swallow his cock but you feel his grip become a little firmer as his hips begin to thrust into your face. With each thrust your head jerks back as his cock slides home and you hear him breathe more quickly. You feel his cock begin to twitch between your lips and you know what is about to happen. You have the presence of mind to lift your mouth off his cock just as he starts to ejaculate. You first spurt hits your top lip and rushes up your face. The second hits you on the bridge of the nose and the others your cheeks. You flick the tip of his dripping cock with your tongue causing him to shudder and spasm. His warm cum slowly slides down your face…….

You raise your hips up off the guy fucking from underneath and spin around to present him with your delicious backside. You bend forward, showing him your puckered arsehole and puffy pussy lips hanging down…. You reach back to find his spread kness and you sit back down on his cock. With your weight on your feet you fuck his cock by lifting your arse up and down. His hands grip your arse cheeks, spreading them so he can see your arsehole and pussy lips stretched around his thick cock.

Once this becomes tiring you straighten your back to take his cock more deeply. Your friend comes around to sit in the chair opposite and takes in the display before him. You appreciate his voyeurism and lean back against the chest of the guy underneath you to show him your pussy stuffed with his cock. With you leaning back like this the guy’s hands underneath you roam softly over your thighs, your stomach up to the swell of your breasts. His fingers find your swollen stiff nipples and he gently rolls each one between his thumb and forefingers. Your body jerks with this sudden stimulation and another moan escapes from your lips. Taking this as encouragement, he begins to tweak your nipples a little harder and they swell even further. Each nipple is now the size of the tip of your finger and the pleasure as he flicks them and pulls them borders on sweet pain. Your hand travels across your thighs to feel his balls sitting at the entrance of your pussy. You pull them closer and your fingers run up to your clit.

You make eye contact with your friend and begin to rub your clit. He watches your every move and his eyes burn into yours and you feel his gaze between your legs as he watches your fingers trap your lips and massage your clit. The pressure begins to build inside you for the second time that night and you push down hard on the cock inside you. Your fingers move quicker and your face begins to contort in concentration. The sight of you building towards orgasm is making your friend hard and he begins stroking his cock in appreciation of what he sees. You lean back with one arm to support yourself while you thrust your hips forward, pressing towards your fingers on your clit and cock throbbing inside you. You spread your knees wide and your eyes are barely open with the mounting ecstasy from your pussy when suddenly you spasm and you jerk backwards as your second orgasm floods your body. Your knees snap together and your thighs clamp your fingers on your

clit as your pussy contracts around the fat cock impaling you. You lean right back against the solid chest of his friend while your orgasm passes through your body time and time again.

When you come to you see your friend fully hard sitting in front of you and you think you’d like to have him inside you once again. You lift yourself off the still hard cock of his friend and once you give him a great view of both your dripping pussy and arsehole. You straddle the thighs of your friend and reach behind to locate his cock. You line it up with your pussy and squirm down until your butt cheeks are resting on his thighs. When you raise your hips he slides his arms underneath you to hold you up and immediately begins to hammer his cock into you from below. You almost cum right there from the sensation of being fucked so hard and you lean right forward to give him the best angle to your pussy.

His friend sees the amazing view of his friends cock thrusting up into you and also sees your arsehole contracting and pulsing with the contractions of your pussy. He rises from the couch, walks over and pushes you gently forward. You raise your hips up off your friends cock slightly and you feel his friend rubbing your arsehole, just massaging it with two fingers. It is already well lubricated with everyone s combined juices. He grips his cock and presses his knob against the rubbery ring of tight muscle. You jump a little at the sensation but then press back towards him to force his cock inside your arse. Suddenly his knob slips past your sphincter and you pause for a moment to adjust to the sensation. Your mind is in a whirl – you are now sandwiched between two guys you barely know with a cock in your pussy and another in your arse. You chest is heaving with the sensations.

Slowly the guy beneath you begins rocking his hips. His cock now feels massive given how stretched you are and your nerves are on fire. Each rock of his hips causes the cock invading your arse to inch in deeper and deeper. The weight of the guy above you is pushing your hips down onto the bottom guy, causing your clit to grind against him in the way that you like. In opposite motion, the guy in your arse begins to move his cock in and out. There is only a thin wall of flesh separating the two cocks inside you and you feel them press together. They begin to move more quickly and the sensations from your pussy, arse and clit are making you gasp, your head swirl. You have never felt anything like it, so full. You guy in your arse begins to move more quickly now and his actions are jerking your hips quicker, increasing the tingling from your clit. He grips your waist and really begins to fuck your arse hard. His groans tell you he is close to flooding you

with cum and the thought tips you over the edge of your third orgasm of the night. As you cum, your arsehole contracts, virtually milking the cum from both his and his friend’s cocks and his balls begin to empty. You spasm together, your orgasm is unlike any other you’ve had before since you’ve never cum with a cock in your arse, let alone while being simultaneously pussy fucked at the same time. You see stars as your vision swims before you and your grasp the back of you couch for support. Nerves are firing all over your body from head to toe.

Finally you come back to earth and you disentangle yourselves. You flop back on the couch, with cum dripping down your chin and seeping from your freshly fucked arse. Your legs feel like they have no strength .

Your eyes close in post orgasmic bliss…

I never decided that I wanted to be a groupie. I’ve just always wanted to be me. My name is Brian. I’m nineteen years old and really thin. Because I don’t frequent tanning beds or the outdoor world, I am very pale. If you hold a piece of white paper up to me, it would probably blend in. My parents always told me that I should eat more and go outside because I looked frail. I never did, and I still retain that look. I’m not the strongest person, but I never strived to be. While some guys were chasing women and bulking up, I was crushing on rock stars and dressing up in girl’s clothes. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a bisexual cross-dressing fruit… get over it!

I like the gothic look best. It fits me well because of my build and skin type. And while on the outside I may look like a real party person, I love nothing better than reading or writing. I may look outrageous but I’m really quite quiet and shy. When my best friend Atlas got tickets to my favorite band, Marilyn Manson, however, I was thrilled. I wasn’t spending that night at home reading.

I had my outfit picked out weeks ahead of time. I was going to go dressed to the nines. I bought a new thigh-cut ruffle skirt to go with my sleeved red and black striped shirt. It was quite cute, even Atlas agreed. I borrowed a pair of Atlas’ clunky combat boots to go along with it. They went up to my knee. When the day came for the concert, I spiked up my black hair and used colored gel to tip the ends with red. I put on a lovely bright red lipstick and painted my eyelids a trio of vibrant colors. I’m naturally smooth, so I didn’t have to worry about shaving.

As I expected, the crowd at the Manson concert was full of “freaks” and I wasn’t singled out. I love being able to dress up like this without being called names. We had a pair of expensive V.I.P. tickets, so we got to jump up to the front of the line. When we got into the auditorium, our spots were close enough for me to nearly touch the stage. I was SO excited that I nearly fainted. Atlas grabbed me just as I toppled.

When the lights went out, signaling the concert’s beginning, I had to grab hold of him for support. Then the stage lights started up, almost dancing around the stage. The roar of the crowd as Manson appeared was deafening. I hardly noticed the other band members take their places, because my eyes were fixed on him. The music seemed to throw itself at us, and before we knew it, we had been sucked into his world. His voice seemed to tease and caress me. I could feel the sound on my skin. I tried to focus on the songs, but kept zeroing in on the man himself. I felt time stand still, and the crowd fall away. My ears heard nothing, only my sight was in play. It was all in my imagination, I’m sure, but I felt as if he were staring at me the entire time. Having been on a stage or two in my days, I knew he probably couldn’t even see the crowd due to the spotlights. I couldn’t help but hope though.

The show ended way too soon for me, but we decided to stay after and try to get autographs. Our V.I.P. tickets afforded us backstage passes, and we waited patiently for him to rest a little and freshen up. I’m glad he did, as I absolutely hate sweat and body odor! It took him a long time to come out of his dressing room. So long in fact, that most of the other back-stage visitors had given up and gone home. Atlas kept asking me when we would leave, but I couldn’t give up hope. I just HAD to meet him. I finally told Atlas that he could go home. Normally he would have stayed with me, but I think the concert really drained his energy. I gave him a hug and he left after telling me to call him for a ride home. I told him that I would simply get a taxi. He shrugged and went off.

Feeling uncharacteristically brave, I decided to do what nobody else had gathered the courage to do: knock on the dressing room door. I gulped as my knuckles rappt against the wood. “Come in.” certainly wasn’t the response I had expected, but it was the one I received.

I slowly opened the door, stepped cautiously inside, and shut it gently behind me. There was my hero, in the flesh, right before me! I saw his eyes travel over my body with interest. Then he looked into my eyes.

“Yeah?” he questioned.

I felt myself tense up and I tried to will it away. It worked, but only mildly so.

“Um… hi… uh, my name is Brian… uh, and I was wondering if I could have your autograph?”

A moment passed before he answered, “Yeah, sure. Like your name,” he winked, “but not enough to keep it.” I smiled politely and tip-toed over to him.

“Where would you like me to sign?” he asked, and I realized that I hadn’t brought a pen or anything for him to write on. He seemed to pick up on it though, and showed me that he had a marker with him.

“Pick a body part.” he told me.

I responded quickly, automatically and without thinking. “I like every one of yours.” Then I heard what I said and nearly cried out in embarrassment. He looked a little shocked too, but merely smiled. I tried to make up for it by yelling out, “Arm!”, but that only made me seem even more stupid. He grinned and grabbed my hand. I felt electricity go through me where he touched. He quickly scribbled on me and then did a little bow and left the room. I gathered my composure and left the building, hailing a taxi to make my way home.

In the back of the cab, I finally looked down at my arm. I expected to see a quickly jotted signature, but instead found written, “Deadwood hotel, room 27.” I nearly peed myself. I anxiously redirected the cab driver and then sat back nervously.

When we arrived, I paid hurriedly, and nearly sprinted into the lobby. I found the room quite easily. I knocked and the door cracked open. Stepping inside, I smelled incense and flowers.

“Hello?” I called out.

“In here.” I heard a voice say from the bedroom.

I tried to fight my trembles as I peered around the corner.

“Hey. Come sit down.” he said, patting the cushion of the couch he was sitting on. I shyly joined him.

“Why me?” I asked softly.

“You’re unique. I like that. I’m also tired of spending time with women who play with my emotions just to get to my cash. You seem different…. in a good way.” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Also,” he went on, “while I may be 99% straight, you have the look that gets that 1% shaken up. I don’t have the time nor the energy to romance you though. If you aren’t worked up already, you should probably go.”

I gasped, “Not worked up! Was he kidding!” I thought to myself. I answered his unspoken question by leaning over and pressing my lips to his. He took a second to respond, but when he did, it was wonderful. He reached his hand up and cupped my jaw while pushing his tongue between our lips. I flicked my tongue against his and he caught it between his teeth, biting down just enough to cause a flare of endorphins. I moaned against his lips, which tickled us both. He laughed huskily. That just made me moan again.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn’t thought to bring condoms. I might be in awe of this man, but I’m not stupid enough to think that I was his first and in no danger should I forgo the wrapper. I tried my best to verbalize the problem, which was made increasingly difficult when his lips found and assaulted the sensitive skin of my neck. I could hardly speak.

“Uh, ummmm…mmmm….. uh, forgot the, uh….” was all I could say.

He laughed that intoxicating laugh again and then whispered into my ear, “Don’t worry baby, I’ve got everything you could possibly need.”

I wasn’t sure that we had been thinking of the same items, but decided that if he had EVERYTHING I might need, that would be one of them. I let myself relax and fall into his kisses. He brought his palm up and stroked my hair, curling a strand around his manicured fingers. God this man gets me so hot!

I grabbed his hand and deposited it at my thigh in indication. He smiled, mid-kiss, and pushed his fingertips under my skirt. The way he touched me made me feel high.

His head tipped and I felt him run his tongue over my collarbone. I shivered and bit his neck in approval. It was only now that I noticed the music playing in the background: a simple but thumping instrumental. It sounded a lot like his newer music, only without lyrics. I often masturbate while listening to Marilyn Manson music, so this just got my libido roaring.

I moved up off of the cushion and threw my leg over his, settling on his lap with my arms wrapped around his shoulders. I shoved my tongue into his mouth with force, trying to give a hint to the level of my arousal. He got the picture and grabbed hold of my shirt. He bit down at the top of the collar, creating a little rip, and then used his fists to tear it completely off of me, tossing it to the side. I pressed my bare chest to him and hugged him. He probably had no idea, but he was fulfilling my longtime dream. The hug was in thanks.

I wasn’t about to rip open his shirt, as it surely cost a lot more than mine, but I went to work unbuttoning it. I kissed him as I pushed it off and then kissed down his smooth chest. He sighed loudly when I licked his nipple so I nibbled it gently. I think he moaned. I could feel him harden through his pants and I used it to my advantage by grinding against him.

His mouth fell open in lust. I captured it with my own. He pushed me off of him and took my hand in his, guiding me to his bed. He lifted me up by the hips and laid me down. He unfastened his pants before I could even think of helping him, and I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t wearing underwear at all. I licked my lips as his cock came into view. Well-endowed was an understatement. I was a little nervous, as I hadn’t ever taken anything that big before. He saw the fright in my eyes, and reassured me, telling me, “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

I smiled back at him and pulled up the frills of my skirt while pushing off my thong. He surprised me by bending down and nibbling on my inner thigh. My erection was rubbing against his face, and he wrapped his hands around the base of it. I could have fainted at his touch. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming when he pushed my legs up and licked my asshole. I had expected more of a rock star’s approach to sex, you know, something more selfish. I stopped thinking clearly when his tongue pushed inside.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed aloud.

He took a break from my ass to mutter, “Yeah, tell me I’m your god, it turns me on.”

I inhaled deeply and then went off in a string of sex crazed dirty talk. “Fuck yes, you are my god, my savior! Save me! Save my soul! Redeem me!”

A lusty look spread over his face and I could tell that I had turned him on. He sprang on top of me and pinned my hands down against the mattress, grinding his cock against mine.

“I’ll save you, just get on your knees and pray.” he commanded, rolling off of me so that I could position myself between his knees.

Eagerly, I licked the head of his dick, lapping up the liquid that had formed at the slit. He played with my hair as I took him deep into my mouth. His hand clenched when his cock bumped against the back of my throat. He whimpered a little when I pulled off.

“I want you to show me your power, leave me in awe.” I begged him. Instantly, he pulled me up from my knees and onto the bed, getting off to grab some condoms and lube from the nightstand, and then joined me.

“This is probably a stupid question,” he began, “but, have you done this before?”

I nodded, adding, “Twice before… with my best friend Atlas.” “Oh, okay. If I go too fast or hurt you, please tell me.”

I nodded again. He squirted a few drops of lube on my bare belly and dipped his finger in it. I giggled at the sudden coldness. I felt his finger slip up and down my crack and then rub in little circles at my entrance. I sighed expectantly. I couldn’t restrain a groan as he pushed inside.

“Uh! Fuck yeah!” I exclaimed.

I was acting like a dog in heat, but I couldn’t help it. I was pushing back against his finger, trying to take in his whole hand. He added another digit and started pumping my dick with his other hand while he assaulted my prostate. I was so close to coming, but was trying not to. I didn’t want it to end like that.

“Fuck me now!” I screamed at him.

He growled, maneuvered atop me, and plunged into my depths with one thrust. I felt like I was splitting, even though he had prepared me. I held on to his shoulders to keep him still while I adjusted. His eyes were glossy and he was panting.

“Jesus, you are so fucking tight! You feel so good!” he praised.

I scratched his shoulders to signal to him he could move. It didn’t take long before he was sinking deep into me and pulling out to the head, just to dive back in. Every thrust was making me see sparkles. It was truly a religious experience.

I pushed him off of me and rolled onto my stomach. He grabbed my hips and pushed back inside me almost immediately. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, his fist enclosed around my cock and started jacking me. My arms gave out and my head hit the pillow. I heard screaming and realized it was mine.

“Fuck it! Fuck my cock you little slut!” he yelled at me.

My clouded mind went dark as his words sent me over the edge. I exploded in his hand. I expected him to pull away, but he milked me dry. I collapsed, and he bent more so he could keep fucking me as I sagged upon the bed.

He wrapped his hands around my wrists and pulled my arms behind my back, yelling out obscenities. “I’m coming, I’m coming, oh fuck…!” he yelled out.

I thought my arms would break with how far back he was pulling them, but it somehow still felt good, really good. He stayed buried within me for a few minutes after he came. Eventually he went fully soft and pulled out. He curled up next to me and pulled me close while stroking my hair.

After a while, he spoke, “You know, you can stay the night. It would be nice… to have someone to sleep next to.”

I was surprised by his showing of such emotion, but I admitted, to sleep next to him would be a dream come true. I snuggled close and held his hand.

Before we fell asleep, I whispered to him, “You’re a great god. I’d worship you any day.” He laughed softly and held me tighter.

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