Jessie had a big a smile on her face as she explained her idea to us. It had to be the craziest thing I ever heard and I was getting wet just thinking about it. Meghan and Jessie are twins and they are very hot. 5′ tall and very petite but Jessie is a little chubby and wears her auburn hair very short while Meghan is really thin and wears her hair long and curly. They both have green eyes and the sexiest mouth I have ever seen. My name is Lacy and I am about the same size and build as Meghan except my hair is red.

Our other two friends are Amanda and Stacy. Amanda is blonde and beautiful. She is 5’10″ and very athletic. Stacy is also tall just a little shorter than Amanda. Stacy is very athletic but she is a “big boned” girl. Stacy does not have an ounce of fat anywhere on her body but she is just big. Stacy is gorgeous but not what the guys would call hot. I think Stacy intimidates them because she is better at most sports then they are.

I could not believe we were actually going to do this. We were standing in Jessie and Meghan’s Garage grabbing a smoke. They were having a party in about an hour there would be 100 people here. Hanging by the pool and drinking. This was going to be a great party and Jessie wanted it to be the best one of the year. Stacy was sitting on the chest freezer and Jessie was standing in front her facing us. I could see Stacy’s hand under her shirt rubbing her belly. I felt Amanda move behind me. She put her hands around my waist and her chin on my shoulder.

We were all staring at this big cardboard box sitting in the middle of the garage. Their parents just bought a new washer and dryer and this was the box the washer came in. it was a really sturdy box and we all knew we were going to be spending some time in there.

“Ok Jessie what’s the deal?” Amanda asked her chin still on my shoulder.

“The rules are ……” I was grinding my butt back against Amanda’s knee and she licked my ear.

1. You go in the box Naked

2. You hands are cuffed behind your back

3. You stay in the box for one hour

4. You lick and suck all the cocks that are put through the hole in the box until they cum

5. You swallow all the cum

6. Nobody tells any of the guys who is in the box ever.

I wasn’t really into guys so this just didn’t sound good to me at all.

Amanda was licking my earlobe now. “Are you ok with this, Baby” she whispered in my ear. She knew I would do whatever she told me too. I was not getting in to this at all. Amanda knew how I felt – she could always read me.

“You know I think an hour is too long I say we do it for a half hour each.” Amanda said casually trying to help me out a little.

“You know what I think” Stacy was talking while she was undressing Jessie. She pulled Jessie’s t-shirt off and dropped her panties to the floor around her ankles. “I think Jessie is a slut and she really wants to be on the box all night” Stacy grabbed the hand cuffs and cuffed Jessie’s hands behind her back. Then she lifted Jessie up and stood her in the box.

“Hold on a second, I thought we were all going to all do this.” She looked like she was about to panic but she was still grinning a little.

“Well I think it will be so much more fun to watch you be a nasty little slut” Stacy was now rubbing Jessie’s clit and she was wiggling around trying to escape Stacy’s fingers. “Just think of all the guys that are going to use that pretty little mouth of yours. I will come in and let you out of the box once an hour so you can mingle around the party. No one will even know it is you in the box. “

Jessie was trembling now. “Should I make you cum now or make you wait until after?” Stacy was really frigging the hell out of Jessie’s clit. Stacy is always rough with your clit. She always wants to hurt you until you cum. I have been on the receiving end of that treatment a lot and I knew what Jessie was going through.

Stacy looked over at Meghan and said “Hand me those clothespins please?” Meghan turned around and grabbed a hand full of clothespins then walked over next to Stacy. They were the wood kind you use to hang heavy jeans on the line outside. They looked pretty strong. Stacy took one and clipped it to Jessie’s right nipple. Jessie was moaning and groaning. When she calmed down Stacy put the second one her left nipple.

“That should take your mind off all the cum you will be swallowing. Now this next one is just because I want to be a bitch” Stacy had a big smile on her face she took another pin from Meghan then pushed Meghan down to her knees in front of her. Meghan immediately starting pulling Stacy’s panties down. Stacy likes to have her pussy kissed and worshipped for long periods of time. Meghan of course knew just what Stacy likes. Stacy and the Twins had a thing going ever since Amanda and I started getting serious. Stacy could switch between the two of them without missing a beat.

“That’s nice Meghan just like that,” Stacy sighed. Then she turned her attention back to the other twin. She spread the lips of Jessie’s sex and I thought she was going to just clip the pin on one side. Instead Stacy went straight to the middle and put it right on Jessie’s clit. Jessie actually screamed a little and was really jerking around.

“Oh my God, Stacy, take it off!” Stacy just laughed and waited eventually Jessie calmed down. “Jesus that hurts” Jessie had tears running down her cheeks but she did not ask to have the clip removed again. “Kneel cum slut” Stacy was pushing down on Jessie’s shoulder as she said that. “I hope you like it in there because you’re going to be in there until all the guys are through fucking your cute little face.” With that she closed the top of the box and duct taped it closed.

“We have to seal this up really good. I wouldn’t want anybody to open the top and see who our little cum slut is now would we?” Stacy was just torturing Jessie, teasing her to get her going.

“Ok let’s cut a hole in the front so the guys can slip there cocks in there for you to suck” with that Stacy cut a small hole in the front of the box about two thirds of the way up. Then she stuck her finger in the hole. “Suck it slut” Then I could tell by the smile on Stacy’s Jessie was sucking her finger. “Well is that the right height? Are you comfortable” I could hear Jessie mumble something while still sucking Jessie’s finger.

Stacy removed her finger from the hole in the box.

“It is really hot in here.” Jessie’s voice was really muffled. Stacy moved back and sat up on the freezer again. Meghan was really starting to go to work on her pussy and Stacy was playing with the ribbons in her hair.

“Well I bet it is going to be a lot hotter once the guys start using your face.” Stacy seemed to be enjoying this game a little too much and I knew Jessie was in for a long night. “You can just consider this your punishment for running your mouth to your little friend Rachel.”

This was the first I had heard about Jessie saying anything. I could hear Meghan gasp and she stopped working on Stacy’s pussy. Stacy actually patted her on the top of the head to get her started again. “You know, trust is everything in our little group and we need to know we can trust you.” Stacy looked and sounded really serious. “I think you need to do this for us and not make a fuss about it. Then maybe we will trust you again.”

I was wondering what Jessie had told Rachel but I was afraid to get Stacy started. I knew Amanda would find out and tell me all about it. Just then we heard the door bell ringing and Meghan started to stand up but Stacy held her in place and looked at Amanda.

“Go answer the door Amanda, I told Rachel to show up early for the party and I would show her all about the stories she heard from Jessie.” Amanda moved from behind me to answer the door. Stacy pushed Meghan’s head out from between her legs and stood her up. I could hear soft crying coming from the box now. Stacy was going to really humiliate Jessie and she knew it.

Stacy made out with Meghan for a few minutes then stood up and opened the door to kitchen. Amanda was standing there with Rachel. They walked into the garage and Rachel was staring right at the box.

“Oh my god Stacy, you were telling the truth.” She was still staring at the box in disbelief. ” You actually have some geeky girl in there and you are going to make her suck all the guys off tonight?” I could barely hear her speak she was talking so softly and Stacy had moved directly behind her. Stacy was slowly dragging her finger nails up and down Rachel’s arms. Stacy pulled Rachel back against her and was rubbing her belly and breasts openly now.

“Well, we aren’t making her do anything – she loves it.” Stacy was now lightly rubbing Rachel’s crotch on top of her skirt. Rachel didn’t move and she was gasping a little while Stacy played with her. “I know Jessie told you all our secrets. I hope we can trust you to keep them safe.”

Rachel got a concerned look on her face “You know you can trust me Stacy.” She was practically whining when she spoke.

“I want to believe you Rachel.” Stacy was really working her pussy now. “You haven’t said anything about what Jessie told you have you?”

“Oh god no Stacy, I didn’t even know if it was true or not.” Rachel knees were getting weak and she was having trouble standing.

“Well you know trust is something you earn and with trust comes love.” Rachel was nodding her head slowly as Stacy spoke to her. Stacy pushed her forward standing her directly in front of the hole in the box. Once she had her where she wanted her I could tell she was pulling her panties off the side.

“That is what our little girl in the box is doing right now she is earning our trust” Stacy slapped the top of the box and Rachel’s knees almost gave out when Jessie tongue snaked out of that hole and started licking her clit.

“I don’t know what I can do to earn your trust Stacy, oh my, that feels so good.” Her head was leaning back against Stacy now and Stacy was practically holding her up.

“Well, actually you are doing that right now. And I am sure once your little friend Jessie makes you cum all over her tongue. We will be able to think of more ways for you to earn it.”

“Oh, that’s Jessie in the box?” She was whispering now and her hips were bucking forward against the box. Stacy slowly pulled Rachel’s hands behind her back and cuffed them with another set of hand cuffs. I could hear Rachel whining but she did not move at all.

“Oh, oh, OH MY God.” Rachel started cumming and Stacy leaned up right beside her ear.

“You know Jessie’s mom and dad bought a washer and a dryer. There is another box right over there. Can I put you in that box right next to Jessie and let you earn our trust? You know if you were one of us then you could know all our secrets and you would get to play all our games.”


Rachel was still was still pushing her hips into the box. Jessie was still licking her clit like there was no tomorrow. “Yes, oh my god, yes Stacy I’ll do it!” She screamed as her body was racked with her second orgasm in a row.

Stacy put Rachel in the other box and cut a hole in it just like Jessie’s box. Then her Meghan and Amanda went to greet all the guests for the party. I was told to stay here and make sure no one opened those boxes. I just sat there on the freezer and sulked. I wanted to be out in the party instead I had to sit here on guard duty. Not to mention the fact that all the guys that were going to come in would see me there and know I had something to do with this.

The first two guys showed up a little while later. I had found a magazine and was thumbing through it. They just looked at me then at the boxes in the middle of the floor.

“Hey is this for real?” the guys were a little skeptical. I guess they didn’t want to look stupid, whipping out their dicks and sticking them in empty boxes. I guess I would be a little nervous too. After all, we could have rabid pit bulls in there for all they knew. I actually giggled out loud at the thought.

“Yeah, it’s for real. I was just told to sit here and make sure you losers don’t try and open the boxes.” I shrugged my shoulders and went back to reading my magazine. Why make it easy for them. Those were my friends in those boxes after all.

“Well what do you think, Dude?” They were talking to each other now so I just kept my head down looking at the magazine.

Then the tall ugly one looked over at me. “Why don’t you just blow us instead?”

“Fuck off loser! The only way you are getting a blow job in here is stick your tiny dick in that hole in the box over there.” I never even glanced in their direction. I just wanted to get a beer and relax.

I heard him say “Bitch” kinda under his breath and I was about to kick him right out but then his buddy piped up.

“Fuck it dude I am going for it. A blowjob is a blow job, you know what I mean?” With that he turned and walked out to Rachel’s box, unzipped his pants and stuck his cock right through the hole. Nothing happened right away and then the unmistakable sounds of cock sucking.

“Oh man dude this is totally for real. Wow, she can really suck a cock too!” His buddy jumped right in front of Jessie’s box – he couldn’t get his dick through the hole fast enough.

“Man, I heard you girls were total freaks, I just didn’t believe it. What a bunch of crazy sluts.” I got really mad when he started running his mouth so I just let him have it while Jessie was blowing him.

“Yeah, eat shit you little pervert. You could be getting a blow job from my dog right now. Or maybe some homeless bum so if I was you I would watch my mouth. I might just open that box and we will all know who you’re letting suck your cock.”

About that time his buddy was getting a nut in Rachel’s mouth. The big guy started to move his hip really fucking Jessie’s mouth. His buddy was all zipped up and headed for the door when he blew his nut. Then he zipped up and headed for door. I saw Amanda standing there and she walked past them carrying two beers.

I couldn’t resist getting in one last dig at him. “See you around Speedy!” Amanda leaned over and I just kissed her on the lips. I heard a faint “Fuck off you dyke bitch” as he disappeared back into the party. Amanda and I just busted out laughing.

“I didn’t think you had it in you there, Baby Cakes,” Amanda said. I was still smiling

“Don’t you start in on me. This is not any fun at all.” I was pouting and Amanda handed me my beer.

“Well, I could always let one of those two out and you could spend some time in a box.” I could tell she was kidding but I also knew my situation was not going to change. A couple more guys walked in and just stood there looking at us.

“Right over there guys, enjoy” Amanda said like she was the hostess in an expensive restaurant.

“Are you two just going to sit there and watch?” he had kind of a sheepish look on his face and that was when it hit home this was just as embarrassing for them as it was for me.

Amanda leaned down and kissed me right on the lips. “Don’t sweat it guys, we are not the least bit interested in your little weenies.” And just to drive the point home we started making out with each other right there. We just sat there making out. I noticed the guys standing over in front of the boxes and a couple more coming through the door.

I just sat back as Amanda got up to go back to the party. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Try to behave! I would hate for Stacy to come back and catch you being a nasty bitch.” I knew she was right. This just wasn’t my thing but I would go along with it and try not to be too nasty.

After the girls had given about eight to ten blow jobs a piece Stacy came in and cleared everybody out. Most of the guys still in line had already been through once. Stacy just told them to give her a few minutes and she would let them back in.

She walked over and started opening the boxes first she opened Jessie’s and helped her stand up then she opened Rachel’s. Stacy removed their hand cuffs but told them not to move. They were a real mess, Covered in sweat and cum their hair was totally soaked and matted. She handed them each a bottle of water and they opened them quick and started drinking She walked over to Rachel and kissed her right on the lips even though her face was covered in cum.

“You look like you’ve been enjoying yourself!” I looked at Rachel and came to the same conclusion. She was in some kind of cock induced pleasure zone I couldn’t even begin to understand. Stacy just replaced her hand cuffs and masterbated her to a small orgasm. Then she pushed her back down in the box on her knees and left the top open. She moved over to Jessie who still had tears streaming down her face. Stacy grabbed her by the hair and kissed her really hard for a long time.

Jessie just kept crying into Stacy’s mouth. “Shush Honey, you’re almost done. Pretty soon all will be forgiven and everything will be just great.” Jessie was just nodding her head and looking down. Stacy didn’t masturbate Jessie, but she did remove all the clothes pins which made her jump around pretty good as the blood went back into her nipples and clit.

“They kind of went numb, huh?” Jessie just nodded as she rubbed her clit and nipples a little.”Don’t make yourself cum! You’ll be sorry if you do.”

When Stacy started to put the cuffs back on Jessie, she started to beg her not too. But all Stacy said was “I thought we agreed no fuss! Let’s just get this over with so we can move on.”

I was sitting there thinking ‘No one but Stacy had agreed on anything’ but, hey, I’m no dummy – I kept my mouth shut. She finished with Jessie and pushed her back down in the box. Stacy taped up Jessie’s box first then she walked over to Rachel’s box.

“You know you really should consider swallowing some of that. It is going to be really cold and slimy later when you have to lick it all up.” Stacy had a big smile on her face. “Start cleaning up some now Rachel, I want to watch you do it.” I could tell she was licking some of the cum off the inside of her box.

“That is so sexy Rachel you are just going to be the nastiest cum slut around.” Then Stacy closed the top of the box but I could still see it bulging where Rachel was pressing he tongue against it too lick up the mess.

Stacy walked over to me and took a drink of my beer. “I thought you would be more excited getting to watch all this perverted shit.”

“Not my thing,” I answered Stacy just shrugged her shoulder and Returned to the party.

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