After leaving my friend’s house after a two hour get together of with food and fun, I decided to take the long way home. Instead of taking the highway back to my house I drove along the old county road. They had just finished building a new fireworks store, and I figured that since I had nothing else to do for the rest of the day, it wasn’t a bad idea to take a look around. The store was so new that they hadn’t yet completed the parking lot. The rest of the parking lot was empty except one other car. Must be the person working on this hot summer day I concluded.

Pulling the shop door open I get hit by a wave of cool air from inside. Stepping inside, I blink to clear my eyes. Noticing that the lights were off and the only light was coming through the glass doors, there were hundreds of fireworks on the shelves I started to walk around looking at the different items. From the back of the store walks a very cute young girl with jet black hair. “Can I help you?” she asks. Giving here the once over, I notice that she is wearing a tight black v-neck tee shirt, black short shorts which hugged her ass nicely, and flip flops. Her hips were swaying back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm which allowed her ample tits to bounce to and froe like a pendulum on an old grandfather clock.

Trying not to stare too obviously, I stutter “Oh, hi. I’m just looking. I haven’t ever been in here before. Do you mind showing be around?”

With a great big smile she starts walking the aisle in front of me. I really wasn’t paying to much attention to what she was saying. That ass of hers was just to tempting to pull my eyes away from. I noticed that she was starting to turn around and quickly lifted my eyes back up, but I just wasn’t as fast as I hoped. She caught me and grinned with a knowing look. Noticing that there were some Roman Candles on the lowest shelf I asked not so dumbly, “Do you have any large Roman Candles around? I haven’t seen any in here so far.”

“Sure we do,” she stated. “They’re right down here.” With that she reached right over without bending her knees. The fabric of her shorts strained to stretch around her tight ass. I noticed that she was taking her time pulling them off the shelf. Just turning enough to ask, “Is there any particular style that you are interested in?”

While looking into her eyes, I replied “The bigger, the better.” When she started to turn back toward the shelf I took a quick look down her shirt at her massive firm breasts. I noticed that she was wearing a lace lined black bra. I wonder if she is matching today, I thought with a grin. Again she reached towards the bottom shelf which she strained to reach the back portion for the best Candles. I was so tempted to step behind her and start to fuck her from behind.

Again she started to turn back towards me and I was quicker this time in adjusting my glance. The fireworks girl stood back up with her giant globs gently swinging and bouncing. Holding a selection of Roman Candles, she started to show them to me. I asked some questions and started to joke around. The girl started to move her hand up and down the length of the Candle as if she were slowly stroking a cock. Noticing this, my dick started to grow at the sight. Afraid that I would be caught, I switched the subject back to another type of firework that was over on another shelf. “Do you have any mortars?”

“We sure do!” She exclaimed. As she rotated to head off towards them, the girl took a quick look at my crouched and her eyes sparkled. As we walked down the aisle, I asked her the girl her name. With a twist of her head she said her name was Jen. We approached the mortars I notice that there we some on the top shelf. Pointing to them and asked if I could see them. Jen approached the stack and standing on her tippy toes, reached for the pack I had indicated. With her shirt riding up and her tits rubbing against the shelving, I quickly shifted were my point indicated and directed Jen towards the new item. “I can’t reach it,” she said “Do you mind trying to get it?”

Walking behind Jen, I had to press myself to her to reach. If my dick hadn’t settled down before, I was going to get into trouble now since it jumped to attention faster than a professional sprinter. Stretching out both my cock as well as my arm I was able to grab the box. As I lowered my arm, Jen stepped back to turn around, my shaft threw my shorts, slid between her tight cheeks. Jen must have realized where my cock had ended up and stopped turning around and pushed back into me with intent. My hand holding the box still, “accidentally” brushed her right breast and I noticed that she shivered.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to stand there all day, I stepped away just enough to let her turn. Jen twisted around to face me, dragging her breasts across my chest. Sliding past me I looked down and noticed that her nipples were pocking through her black top, standing erect the same as my cock. With the back of her hand she gently brushed against my crotch. “Is there anything else you needed?” Jen asked while biting her lip in a very seductive manor.

“Do you have anything else in the back?” I asked with a grin.

“Well I might have some other thing you might like in the store room.

We walked past the front door. As Jen led me past it, she quickly flicked the lock on it closed. Continuing towards the back store room, my eyes couldn’t be pried from that ass swaying with intent. Going past the cash register, and pushing the store room door open, “You’re more than welcome to come see what I have in here.” Jen waved me in. With a flick of the light switch the store room illuminated. Boxes were stacked on shelves and all over the floor with some lockers in the corner with a table and some chairs. Jen let me past her and shut the door behind us. I turn to face her as she walked over to me.

Jen laid her hands on my chest and leaned in to me for our first kiss. Rapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her tightly towards me. With those massive globes pressing into me, we started to explore each other’s tongue. Jen lowed her hand to my crouch and started to rub my dick through my shorts. Moving my hand lower, I unsnapped her shorts and snaked my hand into her waist band and slowly started to massage that fine ass. Jen was wearing a thong and I wasn’t complaining.

Continuing to kiss passionately, Jen slid her second hand up my shirt rubbing my chest. Breaking our tongue play, she removed my shirt with intent. We joined at the lips again briefly, and with speed, I lifted her top over her and off. Getting a great look at her tits, they must have easily been 36 Cs, straining to be free of their confines. With a flick of Jen’s fingers, my shorts popped opened. I kicked off my shoes as she pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

Jen started to rub my cock threw my boxers. My dick was so hard that I thought I might explode right then. She then knelt down so her beautiful face was eye level to my crotch. While she looked up while biting her lip, I had the best view of her great tits. Oh those tits will look great with my spunk coating them I thought. Jens hands pulled my boxers down with a flash. Taking my cock in her hand, she bent forward and kissed the tip. Parting her glossy lips she took my cock into her mouth and stated to bob back and forth.

“Oh, that feels great,” I growled, “Don’t stop”.

Picking up her pace, Jen continued to work my dick. Using her hand she fondled by balls while working the lower part of my shaft. I started to push back into her, fucking her face. Jen looked up with her beautiful smiling brown eyes. She slowed down and pushed my cock down farter than she had before. My dick continued to disappear between her lips. The tip of my dick pushed into her throat as Jen buried her nose into my crotch. Jen then started to lick my shaft with my cock still deep inside here throat. “Shit! That is the most amazing feeling ever. Don’t you dare stop,” I commanded.

Pulling my cock up and out her throat and out between her lips she started to jerk me off. I lifted her off her knees and pulled her in for another deep kiss. Our tongues against played together. Unsnapping her bra which fell to the floor, I started to work her breasts over with experienced hands. I played with her nipples. Pulling them and rolling them between my fingers. Breaking the kiss, I lowed my mouth and sucked in her little nub of a tit, and rolled it around with my tongue. Jen grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her chest. “Don’t stop,” she hissed. With my free hand, I moved my hand between her open shorts and her thong. Massaging her pussy, the moister was soaking her crotch like a waterfall. Jen tilted her head back and moaned in ecstasy. “Fuck! I can’t take this anymore! Get your cock inside my pussy NOW!” She demanded.

Without missing a beat, I pulled away from her giant globe and leaned over. Jen kicked off her flip flops and I inserting my thumbs in her shorts and thong. With one smooth motion the cloths were off and kicked away. Leading me over by the cock, Jen leaned over a stack of boxes, and guided me into he sweat little honey pot from behind. Gently I pushed into her. Her vag was so tight that I was having trouble getting my thick cock into the small hole of hers. Backing up and trying again, I slid into the wettest pussy ever. Jen started to push back every time I went forward. With a quickening rhythm, I grabbed her hips, and slammed my cock harder and harder into her. With ball slapping sounds echoing through the store room, Jen moaned out in pleasure.

I reached forward and grabbed her left tit, massaging it. Removing one of her hands that she was using to stabilize herself with, Jen grabbed her other boob and started mashing it. She whimpered with pleasure. All of a sudden Jen arched her back farther and started to shake with her first orgasm. Jen shock with pleasure as the waves crashed over her. With a great sigh she pulled off my cock and turned towards me, “Now it’s your turn.” Grabbing my cock she lead me over to the table and sat on it. With her feet on the two chairs, and her legs spread apart, she again guided me into her love hole.

Slamming my cock into her, she grabbed my balls and started to play with them. Jen then used her other hand to press her figure against my taint. Cum started to build in my balls and caused them to tighten up. Jen felt this happened and pulled my cock out and turned herself around. She leaned herself over the table and yelled “Don’t you dare cum yet!”

With agony, I yelling back “Why the fuck not!”

“I want you to fuck my ass before your wood disappears”

With a shocked look on my face, I spread her tight ass cheeks apart, stuck my figure into her pussy to get some natural lube and spread it on her tight little starfish. Jen moaned as I rubbed my fingers across her tight pink hole. Lining my dick up, I pressed gently in to her. Jen shook with pleasure. Finally after some time, I was in far enough that my balls were on her ass. I slowly pulled out and pushed back in over and over again. My balls started to tighten up and I was getting ready to cum again. “Fuck, I am going to cum!” I barked.

“Fill my ass you son of a bitch!” she growled back.

“Ugh!” I grunted, releasing the biggest load of spunk deep into the firework girl’s tight ass. Spurt after spurt I filled her cavity till cum started seeping out around my cock. Jen leaned her head around towards me with a grin. Shaking her ass to catch every little drop, she looked pleased with herself. I pulled out of her ass with cum strings following and landing on the floor.

“Well, thank you for making work some much more fun. By the way, what’s your name?” Jen giggled.

“My name is Tom. Nice to meet you Jen,” I laughed back.

“Jesse.” she moaned against my lips, pulling back away from me. I pulled her back to me, stealing another kiss from her luscious lips. Her kiss seared my soul, and I craved more. My hand roamed back to her breasts, palming her nipples. I could feel her shiver against me. I pulled her down on top of me, so that she straddled my stomach laying on top of me. One kiss turned into another. Just the touch of her soft lips against mine send sparks right to my cock and I was hardening again. My body ached to be inside her. I trailed my hand down her back and grabbed her ass, and pulled her hard against me. We both groaned.

Rachael pulled back, “I need you, Jesse. I need you…now!” She gasped, her eyes flashing with passion and desire.

“What do you want me to do sweetheart?” I asked me, teasing again. “Tell me what you need.” I reached up and tweaked her nipples. She gasped, and I knew she could feel it right in her clit.

“Do you want me to kiss you more?” I asked, gently I took her mouth and licked along her lips.

“Do you want me to touch your beautiful breasts?” I asked, pinching a nipple and rolling it between my fingers gently. She groaned.

“Or do you want me to touch you…right here?” I slid my hand down over her jeans and cupped her mound. I could feel the wet spot on her jeans. I pressed in gently, and rocked my hand into her, adding just enough pressure to make her squeal a little before I deliberately pulled my hand back.

“How do you want me to touch you?” I asked, deliberately holding her back from kissing me. I wanted to hear her say the words. She needed to hear herself say it. So she would always know in her own mind, she wanted this. Wanted me.

“Touch me there!” She demanded, grabbing my hand and putting it on her mound. “Please. Like I touched you.” Her words were breathy, and uneven, but not hesitant in the least.

Gently I rolled her over, and situated myself on top of her, my legs on either side of her. Pressed chest to chest, I was on top of her for the first time really, instead of just beside her. I kissed her gently, and looked into her eyes. “Are you ok with me like this?” I asked. The last thing I wanted was to accidentally trigger some kind of bad memory for her.

She nodded. “Yes. I’m ok…more than ok. Please Jesse…” She arched her hips up as much as my body weight would allow her. The rough denim of her jeans against my bare cock was slightly painful in such a wonderful way.

“Patience lover, we have all night…” I whispered. I nibbled on each of her nipples, pulling them into my mouth and swirling with my tongue.

“Jesse…stop teasing me…” She moaned, writhing under me.

“Oh, baby, you have no idea.” I chuckled. “Lets get these jeans off.” Slowly I kissed all around her breasts, teasing and tasting the undersides, slowly tracing each delicate rib with my fingertips, her hot flesh searing into my fingertips. I inched my way down her torso and kissed my way down the center line of her body, down to her sexy belly button. I dipped my tongue inside for a second and cupped her flared hips in my hands. I could tell she had a few dark pink stretch marks from JT, and I reverently ran my fingers over a few of them. I knew that some day soon, her belly would swell out again, and I would be there to kiss every inch of her sexy stomach full of my baby.

She gasped and shivered when I licked a straight line from one hip bone, across her creamy smooth skin, to the other hip. Back and forth I worked my tongue, tasting her skin as I unbuttoned her jeans and zipper. She was wiggling so much the jeans practically fell of her hips, revealing a pair of lacy panties that matched the bra.

I kissed the very top of her mound through the panties and slid her jeans off, until she was laying in front of me in nothing but a soaked thong. I stared down at Rachael, the woman I’ve loved since I was a child, and nearly cried…she was so beautiful. Flawless skin, with a few adorable freckles here and there. She stared back at me, eyes wide.

“Rachael.” I breathed her name, chocking back a lump in my throat. “Honey, you are gorgeous.”

“You really think so?” She asked, blushing slightly.

“Baby, don’t you know how pretty you are? You could be a model.” I leaned over her, kind of in a half push up, and kissed her. Her lips were so warm, and her mouth so sensual, I couldn’t stop. Didn’t stop, until she tore her lips from mine with a small cry, gasping.

“Intense…Jesse…please.” She gasped.

“I’m going to kiss you now.” I said, “Right here.” I put my hand against her thinly covered pussy, gently rubbing. I could feel her little bud poking out through the lace, and pressed gently, once. She moaned, and tried to grab my hand, trying to pull it away. I grabbed both her wrists in one hand, and continued to play, rubbing gently.

“Do you like how it feels?” I asked, sliding my finger up and down her slit. “I’m not hurting you.” I said. “There is no reason to stop.”

“Yes…more…” She moaned. She laid back on the pillows, and I released her wrists. “You may want to hold onto the bars, like I did.” I chuckled.

She grabbed them. I slowly slid down her body, until I was settled where I wanted to be, her sweet scent right under my nose. I could feel the heat of her body. I placed my hands on her hips, holding her down gently.

The lace of her panties was soaked. I loved knowing I did it. I kissed her pussy through the thin lace, sliding my tongue up to her clit. Slowly, I sucked it through the cloth, until she gasped, and I released her, teasing with my tongue up one side, and down the other, until she raised her hips to me in silent offering. Before she could lower them again, I slid her panties down, revealing her fleshy, swollen mound. She was totally bare, accept for a tiny patch of trimmed hair at the top. I kissed her there, playing my tongue just below, right on the very most top of her crease. She moaned.

“Open your legs for me sweetheart.” I said, “Let me see you.” I said softly, looking up at her. She stared down at me and frowned.

“Isn’t this kind of gross for you?” She asked.

“No honey…trust me. I want to taste you.” I ached to taste her. “Will you let me?” I held my breath, waiting for her to decide. “You wanted more, remember?” I licked right above her clit, and stopped. She gasped, and opened her thighs.

I smiled. “Good…now relax honey, and don’t think. Just enjoy.” I pulled her thighs a little farther apart, so that her lips spread for me naturally. Her juices shined on her skin, and I dipped my head for a long, savoring taste, licking the flat of my tongue from the bottom up, and back down again.

She gasped and shuddered. “Ohh!” I smiled, and tasted her again. She was sweet and spicy, all at the same time. I slid my tongue up and down her slit, avoiding her clit, stabbing inside. She moaned, and I stayed there, fucking her with my tongue, loving her moans and gasps, until I knew she was ready for more. I licked back up, and pulled her tender lips apart gently, exposing the fleshy hood of her clit. It was poked out enough to see, all pink and swollen.

I toyed with the area around her clit, circling with my tongue, until she arched her back, sitting halfway up, moaned, and fell back to the bed. I stopped for a second, and looked up at her. Her skin was flushed, hot, red from passion. Her eyes burned, the color darker, her eyes lids heavy with desire.

“I’m not going to stop now baby.” I said. “I’m going to suck on your clit and make you come in my mouth.”

“Jesse!” Her voice was husky with need. “I’m burning!” She lifted her hips. I knew she had no fear now. I smiled.

“Hold on honey, I’ll take care of it.” I circled her clit once, twice, and then I sucked it into my mouth and pulled, holding the pressure. She cried out, her head thrown back, and bucked her hips. I grabbed her ass and held her to my hungry mouth, and feasted. I sucked her, released, circled her clit, pulled the throbbing nodule back into my mouth and stabbed it rapidly with the tip of my tongue. She went wild, screamed and cursed, arched her back hard, tossed her head back and forth. She clenched the bars of the bed so tight they shook as she thrashed, her hips pinned by my hands.

“OHHH! NO! FUCK! YES! OHHH! OHH…GOD! JESSE!” I groaned, my cock instantly hard again, and sucked harder, and flicked my tongue over her clit, side to side, until she came apart in my arms, shaking and screaming, short high pitched screams of pleasure.

Her clit throbbed in my mouth and I licked up her juices hungrily as she shook and trembled her pleasure. I looked up and saw her face, her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth open in shocked surrender, holding onto those bars for dear life, and watched as the waves rippled and danced through her body, making her shudder. I released her swollen clit from my mouth but licked over her nub gently, barely grazing it, not enough to hurt, but to keep her going. She moaned over and over again, and finally the trembling stopped. I lifted my head and lowered her hips back to the bed.

I smiled up at her, crossing my arms to rest my elbows carefully over her hip bones, my chin on her tummy. “Was that your first orgasm darling?” I asked. She didn’t answer. “Sweetie?” She was breathing, that much I could tell, but her eyes were closed.

I crawled up her body and took her in my arms. “Rachael. Open your eyes!” I demanded, I shook her shoulders a little.

“What?” She smiled, barely audible. “Stop shaking me.” She mumbled. Her eyes were still closed.

I laughed. “Sorry honey, I had to make sure you were ok.” I kissed her forehead, resting mine against hers, our chests pressed together. Her nipples were rock hard and burning into my skin. My cock rested against her wet entrance. I swallowed hard, resisting the temptation to slam myself into her wet heat. I groaned and clenched my teeth, feeling her randomly spasm against my length.

“Rachael…honey…are you ready for me to be inside you now?” I said softly.

“Huh?” She was still half out of it. I couldn’t help but laugh. She was so cute. I was so happy I could please her at all, after what she had been through before, but to know she was this far gone after just one orgasm. I couldn’t wait to see her response after multiples. I sighed, and kissed her eye lids gently.

“Please. Open. Your. Eyes.” I said, each word a kiss. I looked down at her. One eye cracked open. “Water…I need water.” She mumbled. I tilted my head back and laughed.

“Be right back.” I slipped into the kitchen naked, thankful the house was empty, but not caring the blinds were open, and eventually found a bottle of water and brought it back to her. I opened it and put it to her lips. She sipped a few times and leaned back on the pillows. She was all sprawled out, and looking very content. She smiled up at me.

“Feel better?” I asked. She nodded. I took a long swig myself. Between the two of us it was almost gone.

“We are gonna need more of these.” I said. I grabbed four more from the kitchen, set them on the side table and crawled back in bed, settling myself back between her legs, right where I belong. In her arms.

“Jesse…how’d you do that to me? Amazing!” She sighed.

I laughed. “It was fun for me too.” I kissed her, her tongue tickling against mine. I groaned when she pulled my tongue into her mouth and sucked on it. The action had a direct effect on my already hard cock. I was leaking pre-cum all over the place. I kissed her chin, her neck, and nuzzled her breasts, searching for a nipple and sucked hard. She moaned and instinctively arched her lower body to mine, pressing us together more. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to be inside her, to feel her body, hot and tight and pulsing, wrapped around mine.

“Rachael.” I groaned, “I need to be inside you. Are you ready for me, my love?”

“Melody,” she said my name again and paused as if she just liked to say my name over and over again, “Mmmm, play nice and you can keep your job. Besides, you know no one would believe you if you ever told about what just happened, or should I say going to happen? Just be quiet, relax and just enjoy it.”

With that she gave me a quick kiss on my nose. Once again, making me feel like a child. Her hands snaked up my legs under the full skirt of my dress. She stared into my eyes, I felt like she was looking into my soul as I clutched my chair. I couldn’t understand why this is happening to me. I am not a lesbian; I never led her on or did anything to provoke this. I felt her nails find the band of my panties. It was a warm day so I wore sandals with no panty hose. Melissa started to tug them down over my hips.

“Help me out here, Melody. Be a good girl and lift your bottom so I can get these off.” She ordered.

“But…” I stammered.

“SHUSH! Just do as you’re told.” She commanded.

Reluctantly, I lifted myself and before I knew it she had my panties off and threw them in the trash can beside her.

I slammed my knees shut. “No, no, no my little dove, this won’t do.” Melissa said as she put her hands on my knees. “Open up for me and slide back down to the end of the seat, so I can feast my eyes on your pretty pussy.” I was frozen and horrified. “NOW!” she barked. I moved quickly back to the edge of my chair. She didn’t move so I had no choice but to spread my legs around her. “Better,” She cooed, “now be a good little girl and lift your skirt for me to see that little pussy.” I shut my eyes tight and gulped as I my hands shook and my fingers walked my skirt up to the top of my thighs.

“Now Melody,” Melissa’s tone was that of an adult chastising a child being lax in their lessons. “What did I tell you to do, little dove?”

“Sh sh show you my…” I stammered with my eyes still clenched shut and my chin quivering.

I felt her soft hand stroke my cheek.

“My… you really are innocent aren’t you?” She said in a soft tone.

My eyes opened slowly to see her gazing at me tenderly. When our eyes met it seemed to take her out of a momentary trance. “I said… show me your pussy.” She said sternly.

I glanced at my lap. “I can’t see it.” She continued.

My hands shook,tears started to well up in my eyes and the edge of the chair was cutting into my tender bottom cheeks. I could feel myself growing slick with fear. My mind was screaming out, “WHY!! WHY!! WHY!! Why is this happening to me?” but what came across my lips was a trembling “Please…”

“Now is not the time to beg little dove…. That comes later.” Melissa said as she grabbed hold the front of the arms of my chair. “Now is the time to show me your pussy.”

Just then the front door buzzed. It was the courier delivery man. I know with the reflective privacy film on the large plate windows to the front of building he could not see inside. With the large marble wall that made the front of my reception desk, I know he could not see Melissa on her knees before me.

“Who is it?” She asked quickly.

“It’s the courier, Dan.” I responded.

She ducked further under my console and pulled my chair towards her, forcing my leg even further apart and pinned once again under my chair, making me sit upright and my pussy jutting off the edge of the chair.

“Cover me!” Melissa barked and I flipped my skirt over her. “Buzz him in.”

Not knowing what else to do, I did what she commanded. I buzzed Dan in. Although I had stopped looking at other guys to date years ago when I met Allan, I couldn’t help but notice Dan’s muscular build. He was handsome, his uniform shirt tapered down into his belted shorts that showed off his shapely legs down to his matching work boots. His hair was lightened by the sun and he kept it clean, short and neat. He had blue eyes that sparkled when he smiled, and he smiled a lot.

Dan tucked his clipboard and the envelopes under his arm, swung open the door and bounded up the stairs two at a time to my reception counter.

“Hey there, Melody! I got eight of them for you today, cutie.” Dan said as he laid down the envelopes and started to mark them off of his clipboard. Just then I felt Melissa run her hand down my pussy. I jumped with a gasp. Dan looked at me surprised and said, “I’m sorry. Did I startle you? Oh man, and did I make you cry?”

“No… no… what? I answered, confused.

“Mom always warned me not to make the girls cry… you have a tear on your cheek. Are you okay? He said in his attempt to be funny and concerned.

Touching my cheek and recalling the tears I just recently shed, Then Melissa started play with my pussy some more. “OH!” I exclaimed as I jumped at the touch of her and told Dan, “Oh… no, I’m fine… I’m fine.”

“Well, I know you’re fine, cutie.” He said with a playful wink, “But are you ok? What could be so bad on such a beautiful day to make such a pretty girl cry?” He nodded back to the outdoors while giving me an empathetic look.

“Oh, it’s nothing…. Really.” I said as I wiped my face dry and tried to recompose myself, “How is the weather out there?” I asked as I felt Melissa starting to blow air on my pussy, making me squirm. Dan chatted about the temperature and his plans to go to the lake that weekend as he signed off each letter and passed them to me to check in and sign off. Melissa’s breath changed to her teasing her tongue up and down the split of my pussy lips. I jumped and squirmed on the edge of my chair, and Melissa jerked the chair closer to her almost knocking me off my perch. My breathing became more sporadic and my body started to tremble as her tongue delved deep in my crevasse.

“Are you sure you’re ok? You’re trembling and your voice sounds kind of funny.” He asked looking at me out of the corner of his twinkling eye.

“I’m fine, it’s just the air conditioning is set really high… and… ummmm…. Mmmmm….. mmmm….” I let out a whimper trying to explain myself as Melissa started to suck on my clit and slip a finger inside of me. “I’m… I’m… just cold…OH!”

“Humph! You sound like you’re really hot. What’s going on behind this monstrous marble wall?” He started to get a look of mischief on his face.

“Nothing!” I answered defensively, “I’m fineeEEEEOUUUWWW!!” I cried out as Melissa bit me hard on my clit. I jumped up and stumbled back until I was caught by the wall behind me. One of my hands flew to my sore clit and the other cover my mouth. My face was crimsoned red.

“Hey now! You can’t stand there and tell me there isn’t something wrong now…” Dan’s voice went to mischievous to determination, “What’s going on!” Then Dan heard a rhythmic knock come from under my counter top. “Oooh, so it’s You… You vixen, Melissa! Come on out from under there. You are a bad, baaaaaaaad lady to treat poor Melody like that.”

Melissa giggled as she crawled out from under the counter, she patted herself down and straightened her suit as she said, “What can I say, I like to give my special employees hands on training.”

Dan smiled broadly at her and said, “I don’t know about how much hands on you had… but you have something all over your face. Come here…” Melissa bent over the counter and Dan took his hand to wipe off her face of my juices.

He looked at his now wet hand, smelled it… looked at me and said… “Smells nice…” then he licked his hand and looked at me…”you taste nice too.” He paused and then looked to Melissa and said, “By the way, I have a special delivery for the side of the building, have you trained her on that yet?”

Melissa smiled at him and said, “No, I haven’t trained her on that yet. The phones are slow today and it would be as good of time as any to train her on the side deliveries.”

“Good,” Dan answered. “I will bring the truck to the side of the building while you get someone to cover the desk.”

Melissa agreed and picked up the phone and pounded in a few numbers. I stood in shock as the two of them went about their business like nothing happened. Like it wasn’t bizarre that the courier just caught my boss eating me out in a professional office. Now it seemed I was just to jump right back into work with her for more training.

As my mind swam my pussy continued to tingle and throb from the abusive intrusion it just experienced. I was brought back by hearing Melissa speaking to Maxi on the phone advising her to come and cover the front desk. Melissa turned and looked at me still being held up by the wall. “Are you going to be ok?” She asked me and paused, just as I opened my mouth to answer her she said, “Don’t answer that. Just follow me.”

Melissa started to head down one of the twin stair cases to the large windowed entrance. I opened my mouth to mention that the desk was not covered yet when she snapped at me, “SHUSH! COME!”

I couldn’t help but think… who is this woman that has taken control over me? I know the job market is bad, but… surely I could find something where I would not be sexually harassed by this bullying lady sex devil.

As if she could read my mind, she looked over her shoulder and told me, “Before you think about walking out on this job, just know that I have been working in security for a long time. I know a lot of powerful people in powerful places. It’s my job to know things and I have clearance to do my own investigations. I know everything there is to know about you, little dove. I know it’s been three years since your last job. I know your unemployment ran out six months ago and “Mommy and Daddy” have been paying your rent for you. They recently told you that they could no longer pay for your expenses and that if it was to keep up, you had to move back home with them.”

She made it down to the door and waited for me there and continued. “I know you don’t want to do that and I know that the job market is worse now than ever. I also know that you are not qualified for any other job making the pay and benefits you get here. You would not even be here if I didn’t have a soft spot for Allan and he begged me to give you a job. DON’T disappoint me, DON’T talk back to me, DO as you’re told and you can KEEP your job. If you don’t, I promise you, you and Allan will both be out of work. And, those “powerful people in powerful places” and I will see to it that you do NOT get hired any time soon. I will make sure you don’t get unemployment, I will keep the benefit strings tied up forever.”

The look in her green eyes scared me half to death. I heard the buzz and click of the door up the stairs behind my desk at the reception area. I saw the skinny girl that said hello to me in the parking lot my first day take a seat and smiled at me. Maxi then waved to us and said, “Have fun!” as she pushed the button to buzz us out of the building.

I stared up to Maxi wide eyed and wondered if she had any idea what just happened and wondered why she said to “have fun”. Melissa grabbed my wrist with jerk and commanded, “Come.” I stumbled through door and before it closed I saw Maxi grinning and continuing to waving to us.

After Jay’s departure we lay cuddled up next to each other. I lay on my back while Mandy lay in my left arm next to me, her head on my chest. Mandy felt a little uncomfortable and uneasy. When I asked her why, she explained that she wasn’t sure how I felt about what had transpired and how I would now react. Let’s face it, most guys would probably react overly aggressive should they stumble upon their semi-nude wife on the kitchen counter with her naked legs wrapped around another man’s head.

She further confessed that she had had a three-way with Jay and a friend of his shortly before she and I met. She was not aware of his bi tendencies and was worried that I would now freak out at her for not having been entirely honest with me. I smiled to myself and pulled her closer to me in a reassuring embrace.

I told her that I had really enjoyed myself. I was happy we had finally gotten to have an enjoyable threesome. I was truly surprised but elated that our partner might be bi too. What occurred before we met had no bearing on our current situation.

When she realized that I was not going to commit an atrocity out of anger, she relaxed noticeably and melted closer to me. We lay together until it was time to get up and continue with our daily routine.

My main concern though was about how she now felt! Was she happy? Did she enjoy herself? Would she allow this to happen again? What are her expectations? What other fantasies did she have that she would explore in real life? We didn’t speak much though. This was a blissful quiet moment that I savoured.

Later that night in bed we continued chatting about our eventful day. She expressed she had some fantasies she was willing to try, but that she was in no hurry. She had enjoyed the day and would do this again. However, she did not elaborate any further.

Mandy encouraged me to explore my bi-curiosity. She gave me permission then to explore and experiment with men if I wanted to. She did however make some rules: Absolutely discrete. She needed to know about it at all times. Safety and cleanliness was of utmost importance. This was no licence to fool around with women (damn, that sucks, but hey, it’s a pretty good deal so far).

Jay and I kept in contact through e-mails. He too had enjoyed our meeting and was eager to continue. He admitted to being bi and wanted to explore some more with me. Obviously he was keen for Mandy to be involved as well, but she decided to stay on the side-lines for a while.

Jay was married and his wife was not as understanding as mine. Seems she did not know about his activities. Apparently she would have a heart attack if she found out and much worse if she discovered his bi tendencies. This did make meeting up a little more problematic.

Finally, after a month we managed to find the time and place to hook up alone. It was a Saturday morning when Jay sent me a text message. He was free that morning and wanted to meet at his practice. As intrigued as I was, I was very wary. His practice is in town and that is a very busy area, especially on a Saturday morning.

He assured me that we would not be discovered or disturbed and that the practice was closed on Saturdays. We would have time and security there, so I finally agreed. I left the house without telling Mandy where I was going. I was too nervous and also too excited.

At the practice I nervously knocked on the door. The blinds rattled and a key turned in the lock. The door opened a fraction and Jay peered around it and smiled at me. He waved me to hurry in and quickly closed and locked the door behind me. After adjusting the blinds he led me past the reception, down a passage to his consulting rooms.

He assured me that nobody would disturb us. Once inside his rooms, he turned and immediately grabbed my crotch. I jumped back with surprise. Here I was in a place I have always feared going to and was about to engage in an unacceptable sexual act (where we live homosexuality is considered almost criminal).

Jay smiled mischievously and told me to relax. He unbuttoned my jeans and fumbled around to get his hand into my boxers. I didn’t know what I had expected, but his hand was warm and it felt nice to have someone dig around in my jeans. He got hold of what he was looking for and proceeded to fish my manhood out. This was not going to happen. I often struggle to get my best pal out and always open my belt, button and zipper to gain easier access.

I stepped back, bumping into a couch I had not seen earlier (that bloody dental chair was too overwhelming!). I pulled my shirt out of my jeans and opened them completely. Jay knelt down in front of me and pulled my pants down with my underwear. My flaccid cock was now exposed and limply pointing at my shoes.

Without much ado, Jay leaned forward and engulfed my soft manhood. I was a little taken back, but soon my cock started to respond and feelings of pleasure were drifting through my loins. As I steadily grew in Jay’s mouth, he rhythmically bobbed up and down on my cock. He peered up at me and again I saw that naughty smile I had seen when we had shared my wife.

This was great. Here I was, my jeans and boxers around my ankles and a GUY was hungrily and expertly sucking my cock. In all my dreams and fantasies it did not seem this good. This was turning out better than I had ever imagined. After some minutes of bouncing his face in my crotch, I had a raging hardon.

Jay was happily sucking away when I pushed him back. He had a slightly worried expression on his face until I explained that he was a brilliant cocksucker, but it was time he freed his cock. I wanted to touch him. Hold him. Explore him. I needed to touch him. I needed to feel him. I felt a desperate need to taste my first cock, his cock.

In a flash he was on his feet, tugging his jeans down to his ankles. He grinned at me and gestured towards his semi erect cock. Gingerly, shakily, I reached out and my fingers brushed across his meat. Warm. My hand slid up to his pelvis and then under his loose hanging balls. A little moist, I thought. Slightly sweaty, I guessed. I folded my fingers around his nuts. They moved up slightly and it all felt pretty familiar. Now that I had explored his crotch, it was time to get down to business.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock. Mmmmm, it seemed to be a little bigger than just now. I moved my hand in a slow up and down motion, watching the head rise and throb slightly. This looked so good, so inviting. I felt a nervous surge of adrenaline flow through my legs. They seemed a little unsteady. This is it. This is what I have fantasised about so often. Had dreamt of. This is what I had wanted to experience for so long.

I knelt down in front of Jay. I didn’t even notice the hard, cold tiles. I was focused on the beautiful cock in my hand. I dare say I was mesmerised. In an almost trancelike state my head bent towards this incredibly alluring appendage. I stuck my tongue out and brushed it along a small part Jay’s cock. Warm. Soft, yet still erect. Mmmmm. That felt nice. I wanted more. Again I licked along the shaft and finally just opened my mouth in pure and utter lust to envelope my first cock in my cock-virgin mouth.

I was sucking on a growing cock. Hard, yet soft. Firm, yet spongy. Warm. It felt so good to have Jay’s cock in my mouth. A real, live, fantastic, beautiful, pulsing cock! I bobbed my head up and down, trying to remember what those starlets used to do in the porn movies. I had to remind myself to move the teeth out of the way. I was still nervous, but I was starting to really enjoy this.

I bobbed away while moving my tongue under the ridge. I could feel and taste a change. Obviously Jay was starting to leak pre-cum. I must be doing something right! But this is a part I had not taken into account before. Oh yes, I had wondered about what to do when the cock erupts in my mouth, but never about what to do about the pre-cum.

I slid my head back until just Jay’s cockhead was in my mouth. I ran my tongue across the slit to get a proper taste of his pre-cum. I remember thinking that it was not that bad at all. It didn’t actually have a taste. More a texture. Slimy, but pleasantly so. I smiled inwardly and proceeded to slide this fantastic live treat into my mouth.

I sucked gently. I swirled my tongue around when I remembered to. I bobbed up and down on this gorgeous offering. I popped Jay out of my mouth and rubbed his now very hard and dripping cock over my left cheek, then my right. He groaned. I hungrily sucked him back in again and started bobbing up and down again.

Not much longer and he started to slowly push in and out of my cocksucking mouth. His hips were swaying to and fro gently and I was loving it even more. I gripped his arse cheeks for support and continued sucking like a baby on a teat. Suddenly he tensed up, jerked back, grabbed his cock around the base, stroked up and down in a fury and shot a huge sperm-arch past my shoulder, across the tiles. He grunted very loudly and panting heavily collapsed onto the couch.

Wow. That was brilliant. I had finally sucked a cock and the man that I had sucked was exhausted. Not bad, I thought to myself. Jay confirmed this by telling me how much he had enjoyed that. He got up off the couch and pushed me down onto it. He made me recline along the length of the couch and without ceremony swallowed my cock. I was so engrossed in sucking my first cock that I had almost forgotten my own cock. I was semi erect but in no time at all Jay had me hard enough to crack those hard tiles he was kneeling on.

He wanked and sucked and bobbed up and down. He looked up at me with smiling eyes. I must admit that I did not last very long. I warned him just before I was about to cum. From somewhere he produced a box of tissues and held it over my super hard cock to catch my cum. I blasted and blasted and blasted and I think I even shot once or twice when there was nothing left to shoot.

I lay there panting for a while. Jay busied himself cleaning his mess off the floor. Once my breathing returned to normal, I stood up to pull my pants up. My legs felt shaky. Jelly-like. Jay wanted to know what I thought. I told him that this was nice, but that it was too soon to give a true opinion.

He smiled and asked if I would do this again. I grinned and told him that I would certainly like to do this again. He beamed from ear to ear and wanted to know when.


Hi I am a 38 years old bisexual married man. I started my adventures with men because my wife is not able to satisfy all my sexual desires. At first I only had sex with man for my own pleasure but after the first time I has desire to also satisfy other men. In every store describes one of the adventures I had in the past five years.

The first time I had sex with a man was when I was married to my first wife, out marriage was going the wrong way and we hardly ever had sex. My wife went away for a weekend with friends and stayed home bored and alone.

After diner I started my computer and went to a sex chat box, I was reading all the messages from probably fake woman that were asking if people wanted to have sex when I got a message from a guy, ‘Want to have sex’ he wrote. I replied ‘Sorry dude I am a man so I guess you have to find someone else’.

I got a quick reply saying he knew I was a men but he was bi-sexual and was looking for a cock to suck. I replied I loved having my cock sucked but by a man…I was not sure. ‘Where do you live? I am currently in a Hotel in Utrecht’ he wrote. I felt a spur in my cock, I live in Utrecht but I was anxious to write that down. ‘Come on tell me, pleassssseee’ he wrote. So I told him I live in Utrecht and I got really excited.

I was fantasising about sex with men for a while and now I was working on getting that fantasy fulfilled, I also was pissed off because my wife left me for a weekend and we didn’t have sex for two months. So I asked if he would like me to come over, I was thinking a mouth is mouth and I love having my cock sucked. He told me which hotel he was staying and he was in room 233.

I hurried to the hotel and was shaking on my legs when I knocked on his door. The door was opened by a small man, I think he was 40 years old and he completely naked and had a big hard cock. He let me in and closed the door but I hardly noticed that because I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock.

He got on his knees, opened my jeans and slowly pulled them down together with my underwear.

My cock jump up against his chin and I felt I wasn’t going to last very long. The guy took my cock in his mouth and started sucking, this wasn’t the first time he did this. After a while he was deeptroathing me like a whore, I told him I was about to cum but he kept sucking and I blew my seed in him mouth and he swallow it all. After that he cleaned my cock with his tongue and told me to get dressed and leave. I thanked him and got home.

I was a bit surprised how thing went and he just send me away after he sucked my cock, he didn’t even tell me his name. Another thing that was going through my head was the fact I loved the blowjob but also that I was hypnotized by the big cock, I realized I actually wanted to suck one to.

Eventually my marriage got worse and worse and started experimenting with a rather big dildo my wife and I used to play with. First I sucked on it but later on I also fucked my ass with it.

I got more and more obsessed with my bisexuality. I had a lot of contact with other men via webcams, I let them tell me what to do and this usually meant I was fucking my ass with a dildo with sometimes thirty men watching me via webcam.

I once had a session with a guy when I was in the bathtub, I positioned the webcam so he could see my body except my face. I was jerking of and showing my ass to him with and without a dildo in it when he asked me if I wanted to piss over myself for him.

I was so horny I let my cock soften a bit and told him I would do it. So after a while I started pissing all over myself and I felt out of control, the urge for sex and doing what other men told me to do was obsessive for me. The same guy asked me to cum and eat the sperm of my hand and swallow, he asked me if he could see it.

I was in a blur and position the camera so he could see my face, I came all over my hands and licked all my cum of and swallow. The guy I was chatting with also blew his load and immediately broke the connection.

My desire to have sex with men grew and grew. Nevertheless it took about two years of playing before I had real encounter with another man.

My wife and got divorced and I lived with another wife and children. I will tell you about it in another story.

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