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Mark was an Arts correspondent for a weekly news stand magazine. I was a lawyer with a soft spot for hard men. We met at a charity event.

It could have been the cold white wine that had me planning my conquest as soon as we shook hands, but it’s more likely to have been the hard sexy body underneath his loose shirt or the steely blue eyes that undressed me unashamedly as we exchanged our first words.

His hands, his huge weathered hands, made mine seem childlike in size and fragility. Beside this tall manly figure I felt like a teenage girl again.

Fifteen minutes after being introduced I suggested that we could better continue our discussion of the events of the day at my flat, fortunately less than 10 minutes walk away. There was not a lot of conversation as we hurried along the street.

I managed to resist touching him until we had walked into my kitchen, but then I was on him immediately. I cannot explain why, but I just wanted him.

I was running my fingers through his curly gray hair, kissing his weathered lips and face, all the time forcing him backwards toward the sofa. He responded with the same passion, with his vast firm hands gripping my shoulders and taking control of me; he kissed me back with his lips, his tongue and his teeth, and I scrambled to feel his hole body.

As he stumbled and fell back onto the sofa cushions I was on top of him, pulling at his shirt to expose his hard muscled chest and to explore his flesh with my fingers. He was biting at my neck, slipping the shoulders of my dress down, then my bra and then he took my breasts in his hands holding and squeezing my breast flesh then caressing and gently pinching at the nipples.

I just remember a blur of sex and passion and writhing bodies; in moments I had him in my mouth and in minutes his hard cock was in my pussy.

Over the hours that followed I took him again and again in my mouth, wanting to swallow every inch; I took him in my pussy with his rock hard cock slicing into my sopping wet pussy; and I took him in my arse, his long fat cock pushing me open and his hole body fucking deep into me through my tight hole.

The relentless fucking was interspersed sucking, kissing, licking and marked by one climax after another. In Mark I had found some sexual god. In the morning I was exhausted but fantastically satisfied; I felt fabulous.

Over the next three or so weeks I saw Mark five times and each time we had the most amazing sex. On our fifth date, as I lay naked on my bed next to him, cum leaking from my pussy no more than 15 minutes after he had walked through the door, I raised the relationship issue. As it turned out it was not our relationship that would become the issue.

“I wondered if you knew that since we’ve started spending time together I haven’t seen anyone else.” I could not look at him as I said it, but I looked up when no reply was offered. He looked back at me knowingly, almost with resignation.

Helpfully in a manly way, he said nothing.

After a pause I said “Well …., I wondered if we might want to see if we can be, you know, exclusive, for a while, to see how it goes.” The silence which filled the room suggested that there might be some doubt arising about our long term future. Mark looked at me.

“Flora we have a fantastic time but I can tell that you and I will never be able to share all of my life.”

Here was a man being cruel and dismissive. Astonishingly, as Mark spoke, he was warm and charming; how could he make me feel like he was flattering me as he dismissed me?

I do not beg, and in particular I do not beg for men but for some reason I needed him to want me, even more than I had needed that before.

“What can’t I share? Why can’t I share it? Mark, I can’t think of a single thing that you could not share with me.”

Then quickly followed by “Christ it’s not illegal is it, because maybe there are some things …..”

“No, it’s not illegal, but …..”

I interrupted him “Well that’s that. Share.”

He paused, touched my face and looked at me, again with that resignation, “Maybe, maybe it will be the sharing that comes between us.”

His hands moved to my waist and he pulled me on top of him again so I could feel his already stiff cock nudging my pussy. I slipped back down his body and his cock slipped into me.

“There’s nothing between us Mark. What there was between us has just slipped into me.” I smiled down at him.

My pussy opened up around his cock and I began to ride it. He reached up and stroked both or my nipples, then kneading them in his fingers, then he pinched them more roughly than he had ever done before. I winced.

“Too hard?” he asked smiling slyly up at me.

“I can take harder” I whispered still fucking myself up and down on his hard rod. He pinched my nipples harder and twisted them. I winced and he saw.

“Harder” I said. I replied again with my pussy, grinding it into his cock and his balls and his pubic hair. He stretched my nipples away from my body pulling me down towards his chest. I resisted at the price of a sharp pain sweeping through my breasts, but it was swamped by a fresh escalation as he pinched the edges in sharp twisting nips. The sensitive flesh was caught hard between his fingernails sending shooting pain through my nipples and breasts I do not know how but I could feel it in my pussy too.

He hurt me but I rose above it, relishing the pain which would have knocked me down if I had not been fucking. I fucked him harder, defiantly, urging him to hurt me and to fuck me.

Suddenly he was behind me and I had been pushed onto my hands and knees. I was empty and aching but only for a moment before I was full again, and he was pumping into me. Mark fucked and fucked me with a relentless rhythm that was driving me on towards orgasm again.

The first slap on my right cheek was another surprise, but I wanted his spunk and nothing was going to come in my way. “Harder” I panted “Hit me harder”.

Mark slapped the left cheek.

It stung. My bravado had gone and I realised I did want it harder; I wanted my arse to burn, I wanted to feel it sting and burn.

“Harder. Again. Please”.

More slaps fell on my bum cheeks, so they burned and stung and still he pounded into me. There was no warning before my wrists were swept from in front of me, my face was in the bed and my arms behind my back, one huge hand holding both wrists tightly. Still he fucked me. My orgasm had started to build. I moaned louder with each stroke. This spurred Mark on and his pace picked up. As I panted and moaned I could feel his cock swelling in my pussy.

Mark started to come. As I felt the hot spunk squirt, I immediately came myself. As he carried on pounding, my own sticky juice flooded my pussy, mixing with his cum inside me; with each stroke our juice squirted onto the bed, like I was pissing onto my sheets.

For a moment I was not sure where I was or even who I was, I was just something barely conscious being tossed around and from side to side, impaled on a cock.

I collapsed on the bed. Mark finally stopped fucking me, his soft cock slipped out and fell onto my back. My arse stung from the blows. My pussy was stung red and raw from the ferocious pounding. But at least I made him give me his spunk again.

The next morning I thought about what Mark had said. There was no mention of it before he left. I suppose I thought it was kind of swinging stuff or that he had a wife. Maybe he was bi or gay; he loved me playing with his arse. I had imagined I would have had time to drag something more from him, or find out if he was just letting me down gently.

I did not expect the phone call at work later that day. “Do you really want to share?”

“Mark I’m not going to get beaten up by your wife or gang banged by your squash club am I?”

“No.” I swear he laughed under his breath. “No. Listen if you want to share, come to my house at eight o’clock tomorrow. And Flora, don’t bring any inhibitions.”

That’s it I thought, it’s a gang bang.

The next evening just after 8 I rang Mark’s doorbell. I had left work early and spent the afternoon in the bath before choosing my underwear. If I was going to be soaked in cum from 50 strange men I was going to look good while doing it.

Mark opened the door. It was a warm evening and he was wearing loose black shorts and a blue short sleeved shirt which made his eyes more jewel like; God he really had beautiful arms. “Come in. Come upstairs.”

I had been to Mark’s house once before, only for 15 minutes while he had changed his clothes on an evening we had actually made it out for more than 3o minutes. Now he led me past the drawing room where I had waited for him and then up some stairs and more stairs.

I was terrified but excited. The stairs went on and around until we reached a door. Opening it we moved from a charming London terraced house to a roof top palace of glass and steel; it was completely exposed to the sky under a smoky glass roof and we looked out over the city through huge windows.

There were no squash club buddies. There was not going to be a gay or even straight gang bang. But we were not alone.

In the middle of the vast single room on a circular carpet was a woman resting on her knees with her hands clasped between her thighs.

She was wearing a black rubber mask with dark shining hair in a pony tail sprouting behind her. She had beautiful full rounded breasts and skin that shone in the subdued light. She was naked save some black underwear. Spread out on the floor in front of her like some sort of offering were three black leather whips.

For me standing in the doorway the silence was all encompassing. “So is this your wife?”

“No” said Mark “This is Julia.”

We stepped down into the room “Mark that’s not answering the question. Is she your mad wife in the attic?”

“No, this is Julia. She is a friend of mine.” He must have seen the skepticism in my eyes.

“Is she like a girlfriend? Is she madly in love with you?”

“I don’t think so. Julia and I have an arrangement. She wants to be beaten, I beat her and at the end she thanks me for it. Shall I introduce you?”

We walked and stood in front of the woman. “Hi” I said.

“She can’t hear you. She has ear plugs in her mask.”

I laughed “Of course she does. How silly of me not to know that. I meet people in underwear and rubber masks all the time. Is she your … partner?”

“No. Julia advertised and I replied. It said ‘Submissive woman needs a release.’ The first time we met she was waiting for me in a hotel room. When I walked in she was zipped up in a body bag on the floor. I still don’t know how she managed to do that.”

Mark began to walk around the kneeling woman reaching out to stroke her hair, but she remained motionless.

“She has two young children and a husband who treats her like a chattel. I don’t know how she explains her absence or her bruises but we meet a few times a month, and I tie her to that post behind you and I whip her and spank her and beat her. And she shouts and wails and cries and in the end she is happy. And sometimes, but not very often we have sex. She is a fantastic lover. Isn’t that right princess? ” It was plainly a rhetorical question.

Mark grasped her ponytail and lifted her by her hair. Julia rose gracefully and elegantly as if she were lighter than air, but she remained completely silently. ” She has the most beautiful voice, but the foulest tongue.”

As Mark led her to the cross and strapped her on I looked around the room. Definitely a minimalist dungeon, but then again a dungeon was probably the wrong word; it was a beautiful room, all glass and sky and ….. And stuff.

There was a swing suspended from the ceiling – God I remember some fun in one of those when I was a student. And a huge circular bed near the window; I was certain it had seen some action that would scare me. There was a wall of cupboards in dark wood and the floor was covered in soft rubbery stuff. Wipe clean I suppose.

Looking at Julia and Mark I could see the post was not just a simple wooden post – the thick wooden pillar had moveable arms and the floor was marked by loops and chains. By now Mark had strapped Julia’s stretched out arms slightly above her head. Her legs were spread and strapped at the ankle to the floor. He unbuttoned her black corset and let in fall. Then slowly and deliberately he unbuckled her mask and threw it to one side.

“Hello princess.” He gripped her head and kissed her full on the lips. Then he turned her head to me and bent so as to stand cheek to cheek with her.

“Today I am going to share you with my friend Flora. And then we are both going to have you.”

Julia pulled her head from his hands and spoke in a firm stage whisper “If you think I’m going to let her fuck me you’ve another thing coming you perverted bastard”.

Mark was right, Julia had a beautiful voice; sophisticated and authoritative with a special husky charm.

Hearing her speak I suddenly recognised Julia; she was a well-off schoolgirl who became an educated woman, who married well, and had then abandoned her career and had the children. Her firm flat stomach had been toned in the gym but there was no disguising the stretch marks her children had left her with or their legacy on her full round breasts. She was a woman who was now bored with her life.

This what I could have become; a wife and mother. And if I had, I suppose it might have been me in the body bag or strapped to a frame swearing at a man who was about to thrash me.

She had heavy diamond earrings; obviously expensive. A present from her husband? Immediately I knew exactly why she had put them on before dressing and coming to see Mark to be beaten until she was black and blue.

I heard Mark speaking. “Well actually we will both have you and we will both enjoy listening to whatever you have to say it.”

Mark stepped back from her but to my surprise he did not reach for a meat tenderiser or even one of Julia’s black straps. He took a fur glove from his pocket and he began to stroke Julia. Walking around her he stroked and kneaded her skin, taking handfuls of breast and bum cheek, before smoothing wide strokes of her on her shoulders and whispering into her ears.

Julia seemed to sag on the cross so that for a moment she hung from her arms. He reached around her and undid her bra. Her breasts sagged slightly but they remained poised and attractive; they made me want to grab them and bite them.

Mark’s fur-covered hands kneaded her breast and nipples and spread them one each side of the wooden pillar. From Julia’s tensing body I could tell that he was starting to hurt her nipples. He stretched the flesh, then twisted one enlarged nob, one way then the other with hard brutal turns of his hands.

Julia winced “Fuck that hurts. Stop it you fucker.”

Mark did not reply, but pinched Julia’s nipple harder and twisted more viciously.

Mark took off his gloves. “No Julia, fuck you.”

He slapped at her breasts, with the front and then the back of his hand. Julia shouted back at him.

Mark waited until she had finished before speaking.

“Flora could you just open that cupboard behind you and pass me out a crop and some clips.”

As I turned I could hear the slap of Mark’s huge hands on Julia’s full breasts.

The cupboard was bare save a brown riding crop and a pair of vicious looking metal clips linked by a chain. I gave Mark the crop. “Thank you. Can you put them on her please.” Mark walked behind Julia.

This was the cue for another beautifully phrased stream of abuse from Julia as she looked into my eyes; I was Mark’s whore, I was a piece of shit and she would not wipe her arse with my hair.

Julia had obviously heard the swish through the air before me. I was still wondering why she had stopped in mid-sentence when I heard the impact of the crop on her bum cheeks.

“Flora.” Mark said “Could I respectfully ask you as my delightful whore if you could put those nipple clips on this piece of meat.”

I stood in front of Julia and ran my hand down the side of her body, stroking the curves and savouring the soft, smooth skin. I stroked her breasts and teased her nipples. I looked in her eyes. She opened her mouth but rather than speaking she mouthed words to me “Please undress for me. Please.”

I held up her left breast and took her nipple in my mouth, teasing it with my tongue, then I bit it. “You fucking bitch I ….” she shouted but she was silenced again by the swish of the crop which landed home with an infectious slap.

“You bastard.” She shouted.

I pinched the fleshy nipple and stretched it from her body then brought up the clip and fixed it. Julia’s body shuddered but her eyes were clamped shut and she was quiet. The silence was broken by the sound of the crop in the air and the crack of the impact on Julia.

I fixed the other nipple clip; they were vicious hard pinching clips. I lifted the chain and her heavy bosom started to rise. Julia screwed her eyes tightly and winced. I pulled the chain down and stretched Julia’s nipples until the brown nipple flesh was white around the teeth of the clamp. It made by nipples hurt to see it but Julia barely winced. It made my pussy wetter.

Mark’s slashes continued to roll in. I stepped back from her and she must have known because Julia’s eyes immediately opened.

She looked at me. I stripped for her. I reached behind and unbuttoned my dress at the neck, then pulled it over my head. I spread my arms for Julia, showing my breasts pushed up and presented for her, then I turned around, bending slightly to offer my bum.

I took off my bra, releasing my breasts, then stroked them: stroking the nipples then teasing them into hard knobs. There was no music but I had the percussive accompaniment from the blows on that vicious riding crop on Julia’s flesh.

I turned and bent over, pulling my knickers down to show my arse, then turning around I open my legs to show my bare pussy. I gave myself a little rub, before bringing my finger to my lips and licking it. “Mmmmmm, juicy. Are you juicy Julia?”

All the time Julia was being beaten she seemed to be eating me up with her eyes.

I walked behind her and she turned slightly to follow. “Slut.” She said under her breath.

Mark’s erection was jutting out of his shorts. He stopped beating Julia as I got close. I reached down and grabbed the packet. “Can I have some Mark? Can I suck your cock before you beat the piece of meat again?”

Then I was on my knees and sucking loudly, as loud as I could, bating Julia who was restrained and vulnerable, bating her with the sound of a slutty wet blow job that she could not be giving.

I was wet and I was naked, and I wanted this woman to watch me sucking a cock. I was so wet; I used one hand on Mark’s shaft and one hand on my pussy. I looked up at Mark. “Are you going to beat her more Mark, are you going to whip her?”

Julia was a drug. Her sexual needs filled the room. She had hooked Mark and now she had hooked me; we were both serving her and we were both addicted to her. I was sucking cock like a porno queen while she watched and I was begging Mark to beat her. I was hopelessly caught up in satisfying Julia’s need to be abused.

Mark took his cock away. He pulled down his shorts and unbuttoned his shirt.

Mark stood close to Julia then pushed his crotch into her. His cock was pushed hard against her bum. “No Mark don’t fuck her,” I said “Beat her Mark, beat her.”

Mark looked at me then set about Julia with hard vicious strokes of the crop, swiping across her arse, then her shoulders then her back. I stood in front of her watching her eyes, so wide open, looking at me and drawing me in, drinking me into her.

Words flowed like a torrent from her mouth, abusing me, abusing Mark, cursing the ground we walked on, but her eyes just held me. I swear I was on the edge of coming just looking into her eyes, listening to the sound of Julia’s voice and almost feeling the impacts on her skin.

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