first time lesbian


The green Honda Civic suddenly bounced. Its tires-first the front then the back-nonchalantly rolled over something, and then corrected itself as it sped down the little piece of suburbia. Mascara eyes flicked up from a cell phone and glanced up at the rearview mirror. A dark form, just a little bit bigger than a squirrel, perhaps a cat, perhaps a small dog, lay on the road. Sarah gasped, tapped the breaks.

“Oh crap,” she whispered, her teeth biting down on a ruby lip. A lone figure rushed into the street and gathered the crumpled little mass into its arms.

“Shit!” Sarah floored the gas pedal, “Shit, shit, shit!” She watched the figure recede in the rearview mirror. And, standing tall and still, the figure watched Sarah’s little Honda disappear down the road.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Her mind raced. Maybe it was ok. Maybe I just glanced it. Please, please don’t be someone’s pet! But, deep down, she knew it was. It had to have been. People just don’t sprint into the street and cradle a suicidal squirrel. The pangs of guilt settled in her stomach.

She was an animal killer. Her eyes welled up, thinking of that poor, fuzzy speed bump. Taking off her glasses, she tried to dab the tears away with the back of her hand. She didn’t want to kill someone’s pet. She loved animals. Truly, she did, even though she was terribly allergic to anything fuzzy. And that little crumpled ball of animal wouldn’t leave her mind, and neither could the sight of the figure-the owner who had watched the whole thing.

Why didn’t she stop? It wasn’t too late to turn around. But the owner…what would she say? That she was too busy calling Dan Litwiss, the running back of her high school football team, to pay attention to the road? And what if that figure got her license plate? What if he was calling the police right now, or talking to her parents? Oh my God, please let it be ok…

After ten minutes of debating to turn around and being on the verge of tears, she pulled up to Dan’s house, being extra careful not to drive over anything. Snuffling a little, she checked her make up, arranged her glasses, and tried to put what happened in the back of her mind.

Her black, calf-high boots crunched the golden autumn leaves that covered the driveway. After grabbing her backpack, she tugged on the hem of cream-colored sweater dress, wishing it would go just a little further down than the middle of her thighs.

No, you want to go back to old, plain-Jane Sarah? What happened to the new you? You’re a senior in high school, eighteen, and have never had a boyfriend! It’s now or never.

She checked herself in the side mirror. Her black boots showed off her shapely, soccer-toned legs and trim figure. And, smiling, she noted that her butt looked great. After quickly glancing at the house to make sure no one was watching, she scrunched her boobs together. If only these were a little bit bigger, then I’d really turn some heads!

She approached the house, running a hand through her shoulder-length black hair. Her boots clicked against the cement. She rang the doorbell. The shocked, wide-eyed look on Dan’s face when he opened the front door was reward enough. Sarah blushed as he stammered.

“Can I come in?” She asked sweetly.

“Yes, of course yes! Thank you so much for coming. A little tutoring is just what I need!”

“I was going to call to see if you needed lunch…Oh, hi Mrs. Litwiss!”

“Oh no, I’m fine, let’s get up stairs and get to work. After you,” he said with a wicked grin, his arm ushering her. Dan’s mom, who sat in the adjoining living room, turned from the TV.

“Sarah,” She said with a raised eyebrow, “It’s nice to see you again. You look very…nice. Dan, you make sure to leave your door open. I don’t want any funny business up there.”

Sarah proceeded up the stairs, making sure to sway her hips just a little bit more in her tight sweater dress in case Dan was enjoying the view.

Despite her stomach rumbling from a skipped meal, despite Dan’s good looks, sunshine smile, curly brown hair-and what did he do to smell so good?!-studying for the upcoming history test went well. At least the couple of hours. As they lay on the floor together, the number of butterflies that fluttered over Sarah’s skin continued to grow as they traded smiles. For once, after weeks of tutoring, Dan’s blue eyes met her nervous glances. She was in the midst of explaining the Great Schism and its impact on medieval Europe when she felt a sudden closeness.

“Let’s take a little study break,” Dan said quietly, brushing away her long black hair away, “shall we?” His lips brushed against her ear, sending shivers up and down Sarah’s spine.

“Well, I don’t know, we have a lot of work…” She said. He roughly pulled her hair, guiding her lips to his.

“Ok,” she smiled. Another kiss, harder this time, muscular arms encircled her.

“How come I never realized how hot you are?” He said. His lips once again found her ear. His heavy hands pawed at her, slid down and grabbed her ass as their tongues entangled. Sarah’s eyes briefly widened, shocked. She moaned, louder this time.

“Shh! Quiet! My mom will hear!” She shut him up with another kiss, and let her nails travel up and down his back. In turn, he grabbed her ass even harder. Arching her back, pressing her breasts against his chest, she moaned even louder. He grabbed her hands and pushed them against the bulge in his jeans.

“I’ve got something that might keep you quiet.” He said as he fumbled with the zipper, and pulled down his jeans. He pressed his hard cock into her limp hands.

“Fuck, let me guess, you’ve never done this?” He whispered, reading her frazzled look. “It’s ok, let me show you,” he kissed her, “Up and down, nice and easy, not too loose, not too tight. There you go, see, you’re a natural. Now, go ahead, use your mouth.” He pushed her head downward.

Thanks to her dad’s hidden porn stash, Sarah had seen a cock before. But never in real-life, and had definitely never felt its hardness in her hands. She continued to slide her hand up and down the shaft. Her mouth poised inches away from the head, her long hair splayed over his hips. It wasn’t the most gorgeous thing in the world, but it wasn’t exactly ugly either.

She gave the tip a little kiss, then sank her lips around the tip, swirling her tongue around the head. He gasped; his hips undulated. And thanks to those videos, she had at least some idea what to do.

A noise. She stopped. Her heart leapt to her throat. She listened for his mom coming up the stairs. She turned to look, her hand spreading the wetness up and down his shaft, pumping slowly. Only the faint noise of the TV greeted her. But that thrill, the thought of being caught, seeing her fantasy-man half naked on the floor, caused her head to swim with pleasure-swim with a devilish delight she’d only dreamed. Suddenly, she bit the head of his cock, not hard, but hard enough.

“Ouch! What are you up to,” he hissed. She smiled sweetly at him and ran her tongue up his shaft. “Fuck, it’s always the quiet ones.” She sank her other hand between her thighs and felt her own warmth, her own wetness beneath her panties. She moaned into his cock. Faster, her hand moved in unison with her mouth, sliding up and down with her spit.

“Oh, I’m going to cum!”

“Wait, what?!” She grabbed the base of his cock like a garden hose, not knowing what to do, where to point it. With a shudder, he came. Nothing seemed to escape it-the carpet, Dan’s jeans, but mostly Sarah’s new dress to the brunt.

“Oh that was amazing,” he sighed, “looks like you almost got yourself a pearl necklace! Relax. Trust me, it washes out. There’s a bathroom around the corner.”

“Ok but,” she purred, “what about me?”

“Oh no, I can’t, I gotta go! Oh, but that was really amazing. Was that really your first time? I mean…wow! You’re a natural!” He stood, kicked his jeans to the corner of the room, and got another pair out from a drawer and threw them on. Sarah stood, readjusting her dress, assessing the damage. The cum had indeed landed all over the front of her dress, marking her breasts, the whole front of her, and the wetness was starting to spread in a dark, very obvious stain. Dan looked at his watch.

“Shit, I need to jet!” Picking up her backpack, he crammed her books inside while she stood stupefied, her hands creating a tent out of her dress so she didn’t have to feel the wetness against her skin. It was already turning cold.

“Here ya go.” He shoved the backpack against her, smashing her tent, and pressing the cold clamminess against her. She sucked in a gasp.

“But, your mom-my dress!”

“I’ll sneak you out, it’s ok.” He kissed her forehead.

All of a sudden, she was outside, standing in the doorway. And just as the front door closed, Sarah heard Dan’s mom say, “You better call Jan, you’re going to be late for your date. It’s not polite to keep a lady waiting.”


Jan “Always Ready” MacBrady?

It was already dark outside. With a zombie stare, she stumbled to her Honda. Dimly aware, she started it.

What just happened?

“Jan ‘Always Fuckin’ Ready’ MacBrady,” she said, teeth clenched. “We do all that and he has a date right afterward?”

She backed out of the driveway, turned the car sharply and, with a satisfying crunch, slammed the back end into Dan’s nicely polished Rav4, which he had conveniently parked on the side of the street. Slowly, she put it into drive, went about ten feet. The Rav4′s bumper was severely crumpled. But, it needed just a little bit more. She put it into reverse and floored it. The cars shook on impact. Another satisfying crunch.

“That one’s for Jan!”

She made her escape, driving a couple of blocks to a nearby park before pulling over and collapsing on the steering wheel in a sob. She felt so used, so small.

“Hush now darling, I will play with you.”

Sniffling, wiping her eyes under he glasses, she sat up. So soft, so hushed the words came that Sarah wasn’t sure she’d heard them at all.

As sweetly as the breeze, the voice came again; gentle and feminine, its breathy tone whispered, “Hush now darling, I will play with you.”


Sarah shrieked.

An old woman, dimly lit by the street lamps, was tapping on her side window.

“Oh deary, I didn’t mean to scare you, child. Just an old granny out looking for her cat. Have you seen him? He’s black, his name is Mr. Tinkles.”

“I can’t. I have to, I have to go home. My parents are expecting me for dinner. I’m so sorry. This day has been so bad. I just need to go,” Sarah said.

“Nothing like a good deed to set things right, deary. Please help me. It won’t take long with both of us looking.”

“Ok,” she sniffled and stepped out.

“Oh my, what do have all over you?”

“Nothing,” she said, vainly trying to cover up the stain, “I just spilled some water.” The old lady grinned a yellow, toothy smile and clasped her wrinkled hands on top of Sarah’s.

“My name is Temperance. You can call me Tempy, my friends do.”

“My name is Sarah. Nice to meet you.”

“Come on Sarah, Tinkles isn’t going to find himself. I’ll bet my bottom dollar he went into the park. At least, I sure hope he did. It’s dangerous out there. A car could’ve squished him flat!”

“Yeah…” Sarah frowned.

Tempy, with a grunt, stepped up into the grass and shambled between the trunks, her black shawl swaying. Her hunched form stepped between two giant trees and disappeared into the shadows.

“Come on, slowpoke!” She called.

Sarah shivered. The autumn chill had already ushered out the warm summer nights. A razor of an October moon smiled down at her.

“Mr. Tinkles, here kitty kitty!” Tempy called, her voice already in the distance.

“For an eighty year old woman, she sure moves fast,” Sarah said and followed. Darkness slowly swallowed the yellow streetlights as she moved further and further into the trees. Leaves crunched underfoot. She rubbed her bare arms vigorously, trying to settle down the goose bumps that prickled her skin.

“Here kitty kitty,” she called. Nothing. Shivering, she continued to look, scratching her legs on darkened bushes and tripping over hidden rocks. Climbing over logs, stepping past darkened logs, time passed until her teeth were chattering in between her calls. She had really expected to find the other side of the park at least fifteen minutes ago. Then it dawned on her: it’d been quite awhile since she heard Temperance.

“Tempy?” She called, “Temperance!” A little quill of fear pricked her. “It’s ok, I’ll just go back, go back…” She twirled, looking for a bit of light that would signal the parking lot, or anything, some point of reference to where she could walk. The clear October night twinkled down on her.

It’s just a park, how could you get lost in a park? She turned around, walking quickly. “Temperance! Can anyone hear me?” She began to panic. Nothing. “Temperance!”

“I can hear you, love,” a woman’s voice called in the distance.

“I’m lost!”

“Oh, little one, I’m close, keep going!” laughed the voice. Sarah stepped quicker now, crashing through the bushes and brambles.


The trees opened up into a small clearing, bathed in moon glow. There, sitting on a large, flat rock, was a woman. She sat with her long legs crossed, her skin gleaming alabaster in an almost unnatural pale light, which-and Sarah couldn’t be completely sure-seemed to radiate from the stone itself. Beneath a black shawl she wore a short dress with plunging neckline that showed off her ample cleavage. Long, black hair tussled her bare shoulders. She smiled a slight, sly smile at the gawking girl.

“Well, you found me!”

“Thanks goodness, I was so lost and I can’t find this cat, and then there’s this old woman… I just want this day to be over!” Sarah stepped closer, eyeing the lone woman, the strange glen. Something wasn’t right. Alarms began to go off in Sarah’s head. The woman carefully watched with a Cheshire smile.

“What are you doing out here?” Sarah asked.

“Enjoying the night, the uninhibited dark. C’est bon nuit, non?”

“Aren’t you cold?”

“Aren’t I cold? Aren’t you a delight!”

“I, I just need to know how to get out. I really need to get home. And, if you see a lady by the name of Temperance tell her I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find her cat, and I hope he’s ok, and-”

“Oh, Tempy? She was just here a minute ago! Lovely old woman, don’t you think?”

“Was she ok?”

“Fine, just fine! We talked a spell. We talked about you.” She laughed.

“Oh, ok…did she find her cat?”

“Come closer, and I’ll tell you all about it,” she said, keeping a steady gaze on the young girl as she approached. “Yes, lovely, and I’ll tell you my secret. So many secrets to share.”

Sarah stood, hands wringing nervously, trying to look around anywhere, to avoid the strange lady dressed in black. But, her presence, the odd way that she made Sarah feel, commanded attention. There was an attraction she never felt before; her heart fluttered, she reddened with embarrassment. Watching this strange beauty, being swallowed by her dark gaze, the hint of danger that lurked behind her smile pulled her closer.

The dark lady stood, towering over Sarah by at least five inches. Leaning forward, her full breasts lightly touched Sarah’s shoulders. A sweet perfume, an intoxicating scent caught her, teased her. The lady’s lips delicately touched Sarah’s ear, causing something within her to stir, her head to swim.

“You, you killed my cat. My name is Temperance, but you, my dear, can call me Tempy.” She whispered slowly.

Sarah’s mouth dropped. Fear coiled around her. No, this can’t be happening-impossible!

“I told you, my petite chéri, I would play with you. ‘A car could squish him flat!’” she cackled, her voice becoming that of the old woman. She traced a long fingernail up and down Sarah’s arm, while her gaze lingered on the girl’s figure. “But no, we haven’t even begun to play. You’re scared? I can sense it; I can taste it wafting from you, and it is delicious.”

“You can’t be Tempy. She’s an old woman. You’re playing a trick on me.”

The lady smiled, and that smile turned yellow and toothy. Her once tall figure curved low and hunched, and wizened wrinkles crisscrossed her face. In a matter of seconds, the tall, captivating beauty had become at least fifty years older. Then, seconds later, she returned to her beautiful self, full of smiles, and a dark glint in her eyes.

Fear flooded Sarah. She knew she should run; her brain was screaming at her just to move.

“I’m, I’m so sorry. I…”

Temperance’s voice hardened, “You made me very, very angry Sarah. I had just gotten him. He had so much…promise. Admittedly, he was a bit of a dullard. But, then you came along in that little car. Fate is a fickle thing, n’est-ce pas? I’ve been watching you ever since. Oh, the things I had planned for you. Horrible, horrible things. But you, watching you today, softened me. And I liked what I saw, and I don’t just mean this….” Her nail lightly touched her breasts. Sarah looked away, cheeks warm with embarrassment.

“Do I excite you, Sarah?”

“You, you scare me.”

“Smart girl, I know I do.” Temperance circled around the girl, watching her, eyeing every inch of her body. “You excite me, Sarah. Even after all these years, I didn’t think it was possible. But you… I want to kiss you, to taste you. Would you like that?”

“Yes.” Sarah found her mouth saying. Her eyes widened, shocked. But it was the truth. The thought of being kissed, being touched, awakened something sleeping inside her. She yearned for the touch, for their lips to meet.

A kiss like Sarah had never known-sensual, electric-engulfed her, sent her reeling, so that when the two had separated she was still straining, eyes close and head tilted, wanting more.

“Mmmm yes,” Temperance purred, “Such a morsel.” Another kiss, longer this time. Sarah could feel her dress being lifted off, leaving only her black boots and her red, lace thong. She was no longer cold, but burned with want, with longing. Their gaze met, and Sarah marveled at the darkness of Tempy’s eyes. Almost black, they seemed to absorb the surrounding moonlight. Light fingertips traveled up and down the small of Sarah’s back before grabbing her ass tightly. Tempy kissed her deeply, devouring her moans, tongues twirling.

“I know you like that.”

She kissed, then bit Sarah’s neck, causing the girl to shudder. Within their embrace, Sarah was lowered upon the stone until she lay upon the coarse surface, which wasn’t cold but strangely warm.

Tempy’s lips traveled over Sarah’s neck, then over her breasts. She arched her back in response and cooed when Tempy’s mouth, then teeth, found her nipples. A light fingernail traced down her stomach, down her thigh. Sarah sucked in with anticipation. Lightly, it traveled over her panties, pressing against her, rubbing up and down her slit through the thin material.

“Mmm, what have we here?” Tempy said, her teeth tugging on Sarah’s earlobe. “My dear, you’re completely soaked through! I better go down and see what’s the matter.” Tempy slid down, leaving gentle kisses and nibbles behind. Sarah, with her teeth biting down on her lower lip, watched Tempy’s glittering dark eyes from between her thighs, and watched as she removed her panties.

“Mon Dieu! A little landing strip just pour moi? Such a lovely little pussy!” A fingertip slid up and down Sarah’s slit. She stirred and moaned. “What do you want, my dear, you want my mouth on your pussy?”

Sarah bucked her hips, grinding against the finger.

“So eager! You need to say it; tell me what you want.”

“Please,” Sarah begged, “please lick my pussy, I want to feel your tongue on my clit. Please…” With a smile, Tempy obliged with a quick flick of her tongue. Sarah cried out with unabashed moans of ecstasy. Two penetrating fingers slid inside her, joining Tempy’s experienced tongue. Faster, faster, hard and harder-Sarah’s hips bucked. Pinching her nipples she lost control.

I had never looked at another woman like this, I had always considered myself too be straight. Although I had lots of gay and lesbian friends, the thought of making love too another woman had never crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a homosexual relationship in my eyes, my best friend is in a loving relationship with an amazing woman who makes her happier then I have ever known her. However, what happened one night had completely changed my mind. I had recently gotten engaged too a great guy whom I had loved for many years, we had grown up together, he was two years ahead of me in school. Slim, great body, nice tight ass and a very talented tongue if you know what I mean?

His younger sister had also been my friend since their parents moved next door to my family when I was four, being the only Oriental family in the neighbourhood it appeared as if they had a hard time making friends somehow, but a friendship quickly grew between our families almost too the point of being one family. I know what you’re thinking, no I didn’t have sex with my friend. She’s my lesbian best friend and perhaps the only woman I feel comfortable being around when naked.

As a child I was always slightly heavy set and a late bloomer Yuri, on the other hand hit puberty a young age and blossomed into an amazing woman, I’m not joking she could have had anyone she wanted. Nevertheless, as she matured she knew what she wanted and it wasn’t a man. I can still to this day, remember the time she told me she was a lesbian. I was both shocked and excited for her since she had found her path in life and I was still looking.

Anyway, fast forwards three years…

I was the only one she could confide in about her sexuality, perhaps because we had been friends forever or because I was dating her brother, I don’t know. It was her 21st birthday and she had decided to tell her family about her secret girlfriend, I knew about her lover for years and was sworn too secrecy, we had even become good friends and shared sex stories. Molly is her name, an amazing older woman in her late 20s, she had been married before but her relationship had ended when her husband cheated on her with another woman and she found solace in Yuri’s arms. I guess I was kind of jealous at first as I thought she was taking my life long friend away from me, but I sat down and talked with Molly, in five minutes I guess I was almost in love with her too. Molly’s voice is so soft and amazing, very well spoken and with an intellect that makes the greatest scientists look stupid. Once I had even found myself masturbating too the thought of her voice. No, I didn’t fuck her also.

Anyway, I’m loosing track here. back onto the story.

The night went smoothly and Yuri and Molly where having fun, getting drunk and being generally silly. They had been lovers for awhile now but no one knew, not even Yuri’s brother Mika, my boyfriend. Yuri gathered everyone into the living room of the house too say she had an important announcement, as everyone gathered she turned too Molly and kissed her passionately, it was so passionate that had her parents not been in the room they would have made love on the carpet.

Well, all hell broke loose, Mika applauded, her father walked out of the room and her mother stood jaw open and cried. Eventually, after many months Molly was accepted into the family as a daughter after seeing the way she lovingly treated Yuri. A blessing was given for them to get engaged and eventually marry as a lesbian couple and that is when I happened, my first time. I had no idea what was happening and I didn’t want it to stop until I had an orgasm and more.

For two years the wedding of Yuri and Molly was planned down too the last detail, even the colour of the carpet was meticulously planned to match everything in the wedding hall. I remember that Yuri had asked me too stand as her maid of honour at the wedding, I almost cried when she asked me. I remember blubbering ‘Y-Y-Yes… of course I will’. For me, it was unusual too help plan a lesbian wedding nonetheless, they had strict orders to obey and I was up for the task. The two brides would be naked along with anyone else whom wanted to bare all during the ceremony. During puberty, I had lost a lot of weight and I must admit, it had even shocked me when I see myself naked but I wanted too loose more. After work I spent a lot of time in the gym pushing weights and toning up my body as I wanted to honour my best friend’s wishes. I had seen her and Molly naked many times, sometimes by accident during their most intimate moments, and I must say, they both look amazing I knew I had a long way too go too look as good as they do.

I had spent months pushing and lifting weights to tone up my physique to the point where I was happy with my new body. my clothes seemed to hang off of me. At home I used to spend what seemed like hours studying my naked body, every curve in the right place, my C cup breasts firm and perfect. I spent hours walking up and down in my house, safe that no one could see me until the night of Yuri’s hen party. Molly had a separate party at her friends house and since I had a larger home, Yuri asked me too host her party, something I jumped at the chance to do for my old friend.

I had gotten a hold of her address book and she had highlighted friends she wanted to attend so I quickly placed the calls and gathered eight of her closest friends. I had alerted my neighbours of a private party happening and in advance apologised for any problems that may happen. With all of her friends in the house, the party had finally begun. I had never seen Yuri look so amazing, she was a goddess made mortal but, that is when I saw her hiding in the corner, almost ashamed to join in the fun that was happening around her.

Now, you must know this, I was completely sober and hadn’t had a single drink of alcohol at all, but something about her screamed into my mind, I stood almost motionless watching her smile and laugh as the excitement of the evening washed by us I couldn’t tak my eyes off of her.

She carried a little weight that hugged her body perfectly creating a perfect feminine form, her eyes where like two diamonds shining in the light. Even her fake smile warmed my heart as I knew I once had that same look as if too say ‘Why am I even here?’ I was almost too nervous too speak too her, I had no idea what was happening too me as my eyes locked her delicate curves and amazing figure. Some would say she is overweight, but the way she held herself and the perfect proportions made her look like a goddess made mortal. Now nerves had overtaken me, I loved Mika with all my heart and soul yet I could not get this vision of beauty out of my head, quickly I ran too the bathroom to splash water on my face in an attempt to calm my self down and that’s when Yuri entered.

She had seen me watching her and with a large smile on her face she spoke with her soft almost erotic voice as she asked me what was wrong with a sheepish smile. Laughing nervously, I told my lesbian best friend about the girl I had seen. Somehow she found my situation funny as she explained who the beautiful young woman was. She was a cousin of Molly and had asked to spend a few weeks with her cousin since she had been expelled from University for some reason that I won’t into. It almost seemed as if my life was mirrored in that of the woman in my living room, at least from what I was told anyway. Yuri also told me that Molly had described the look in her eyes when they first met and it echoed in my own. Well anyway, back too the story.

After awhile and a few drinks, I worked up the nerve to talk too her as the night drew too a close and the guests leave for home as the wedding was not for a week yet, but being four o’clock in the morning they left, with Yuri passed out on my bed I decided to use the spare room. Primarily used as an office but equipped with a bed, Yuri had been staying with me for a few days while we finalised her wedding. Exhausted from the long night, I removed my clothes and slipped into bed. I always sleep naked, more comfortable that way. Anyway, I must have dropped off right away as I remember having the most intensely erotic dreams about the beautiful woman I had seen earlier, so erotic I even masturbated myself too the thought of her as I slept.

Around 2 O’clock in the afternoon, I woke up and staggered into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I don’t think I even realised at first, Yuri wore a bath robe, open and showing off her amazing tight body and I was wearing nothing. With a hazy smile and my head still spinning from the large amounts of beer I had drunk the night before, I hugged Yuri softly and kissed her cheek before I poured out myself a large cup of coffee and leaned against the kitchen counter. Although I lived on my own for most of the time, and sometimes Mika stayed over from time too time and I stayed at his place. But my house is large, with four bedrooms, two are currently being decorated so I couldn’t spare the room for any more of our friends to stay. For awhile, Yuri and I sat facing each other at the kitchen table.

It’s a relatively large kitchen, with room for a four seat dining table the house even had a separate dining room with full dining furniture, which I use just clean once in a while… So I sat facing Yuri at the kitchen table blushing slightly while trying to avoid looking at her amazing breasts. I had seen her naked before, many times actually. Although she was a lesbian, being straight I felt more then comfortable seeing her naked and her seeing me the same way, we had even slept in the same bed many times before. Although I must admit once when she stayed at my house after a night out, and being half drunk she was a little touchy-feely of my breasts and pussy. Something she immediately apologised for once she had realised although I have to admit, I did enjoy the feel of her fingers rolling over my clit and lips for that brief moment she was touching me in the most private of places.

It’s fair to say that Yuri knew me better then anyone in the world, even Mika. Smiling slightly past her own hangover, she asked me what was wrong with me since she said I was acting strangely. Unsure of what to do next, and facing the only person in the entire world I could rely on too keep a secret, I told Yuri about my intensely erotic dreams of Molly’s cousin and that I had awoken from those dreams with my fingers deep inside me bringing myself too an orgasm. Laughing too herself, Yuri stood and walked towards me with a smile before she said simply “Relax…” and that’s when it happened, the sound of bare feet stepping on wood flooring caught my attention, quickly my head whipped around and there she stood, in the doorway looking like an angel.

Wearing a white silk camisole, cut low showing her amazing cleavage and hugging her figure almost perfectly and a matching white thong. Her hair flowed freely over her delicious body, a vision of beauty more so then the night before. All I remember doing was looking at Yuri as she stood with her jaw almost on the floor as she watched her enter and I have to admit, so was mine. She was a true vision of beauty, I had no idea if it was on purpose or an accident, but as she stood near the window the light shone through her camisole and reflected her perfect curves and 36-E cup breasts for us both too see, I could almost hear Yuri’s thoughts as I thought the same thing. ‘This girl had an amazing body, and knew how to use it’

Well, we all spent the day together, laughing, joking and getting too know each other. Her name was Karen and she was most hilarious person I had ever met. A friendship quickly grew between us, yet I still couldn’t get the image out of my head of her standing next too the window as the sunlight showed off her amazing breasts. That night Mika stayed over as Karen and Yuri went too the movies to get too know each other since they would be almost family, needless to say I was so horny I rode him like a horse all night yet my mind kept running back too Karen and her amazing body, her delicate lips… ohh I wanted nothing more then to taste her delicate lips.

Now, for the first time I began to question my sexuality, was I Bi-Sexual or a Lesbian? I loved Mika and enjoyed sex with him. Nevertheless, during sex my mind kept running back too Karen and that made me even more horny too the point of demanding more from Mika but all I could think about was Karen and her amazing body, I thought about how much I wanted to taste every curve of her, I wanted to kiss her lips and suckle on her huge breasts. Now something else posed a problem, Mika’s hard cock was deep inside of me as I sat on his lap riding him like a jockey, his hands kneading my C-cup tits but nothing, for the second time that night… nothing.

Asking me what was wrong since I could not orgasm, I explained I had no idea, even though I knew exactly what was wrong. I now wanted Karen and I had decided that nothing was going to stand in my way of that, not even my beloved Mika. After taking a shower, Mika left unsatisfied for the first time since we started having sex. It was always something we where both proud of, we could always satisfy each other sexually, but now I had a new challenge.

I waited up for Yuri and Karen to return home from the movies, although I had no idea why, I just had too see Karen again she was almost intoxicating too me. Wearing nothing I lay on a large three seat sofa watching TV as he door opened, I restrained myself from jumping out of my seat as I heard Karen’s voice laughing with Yuri. I don’t know what happened at the movies, but they seemed to enjoy what ever film they watched and Yuri decided to go too bed as she was sleeping in the spare room.

Stepping off the sofa I was laid on, I walked into the hallway as Karen was stood at the door pulling on her coat, aware that I was still naked, I walked towards her and asked her where she was going. She told me she was going too book into a hotel for the next few days until the wedding was over before she opened the door and stepped out onto the street and walked towards the taxi cab waiting for her. Whatever came over me I don’t know, the taxi driver’s eyes almost popped out of his head as I ran towards Karen and stopped her before she entered the taxi.

Shivering slightly, I told her she could stay at the house for the next few days until the wedding was over or as long as she wanted. And that’s when I realised what I had done, I had ran outside completely naked and exposed myself too the taxi driver, Karen and the rest of the world. Blushing slightly, I stood my ground as Karen nodded and paid for the taxi before we walked inside. Laughing at what I had done, I helped her off with her jacket before she turned and looked into my eyes, blushing and shivering I kept my gaze on Karen’s eyes until she slowly moved towards me and kissed me softly. My legs almost buckled as we wrapped our arms around each other and deepened the kiss between the two of us, I could feel her huge tits pressing against mine as our tongues rolled around each others in a passionate kiss.

It was the first time I had ever had such an intimate moment with another woman and I did not care, even though the front door was open and everyone walking past my house could see me naked and locked in a passionate embrace with this amazing young woman. We continued our long passionate kiss as I felt more aroused with each passing moment, the familiar feeling between my legs became almost unbearable as her hands slowly slide down my curves and gently squeezed my ass. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew one thing all I wanted now was sex, I wanted Karen. With the front door still open, Karen pushed me against the wall softly and kissed my neck, I remember thinking how soft her lips where against my skin and how delicately and perfectly she kissed and licked my naked body while her hands softly caressed my buttocks.

Rolling her tongue softly over my nipples, I threw my head back and moaned softly as Karen ran her left hand over my sopping wet pussy lips. I almost screamed with pleasure at her first touch as she softly penetrated me with two of her delicate and long fingers before softly and slowly masturbating me while she kissed up my chest too my lips once more as we kissed passionately.

At this time, I would have done anything for her, I was about too orgasm as she stopped and smiled at me while I panted with excitement at what she had done to me and that is when we both realised that the front door was still open, luckily no one saw us. Laughing slightly, I looked into her eyes and smiled before I closed and locked the door behind us both. I smiled too myself thinking she was locked in and could not go anywhere. What happened next, took my by surprise, Karen took my hand and led me into my bedroom with a large smile on her face before she closed the door behind us. Slowly, she leaned towards me as we kissed softly once again. I was almost afraid too let her go, her lips where so soft and delicate, her kisses where perfect much like her amazing smile.

Sitting me down on the edge of my bed, she took one step back and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it too drop too the floor. I could not believe what I was seeing, her breasts where huge and amazing, even through the tiny white bra she wore. I could not take my eyes off her as she slowly slipped out of her skirt and stood before me wearing only a silk panties and matching bra. Her figure was perfect, slowly she leaned towards me and kissed me softly once more as she whispered into my ear “You take off the rest”.

By now my hands where trembling as I stood before her and kissed her softly as my hands ran over her bra and down her amazing body too the growing wet patch between her legs. Sliding her panties aside, I ran my middle finger over her wet lips before sliding my finger inside her for the first time as she gasped with excitement and moaned with pleasure at my touch. I could no longer take it any more, I had too see her naked body, I had too see her huge tits and taste them, I had to taste everything.

Sliding my finger out of her tight wet pussy, slipped my finger into my mouth and for the first time, tasted the juices of another woman. I felt like I was about to explode as her flavour ran over tongue while I closed my eyes and savoured the flavour of another woman. What had I been missing all these years, I had tasted my own juices after I had masturbated myself and after Mika had gone down on me, but this was different, this was amazing and I wanted to taste more. With my hands shaking, I unclipped her bra, slipped the shoulder straps off her and allowed it too fall too the floor as her amazing breasts finally revealed themselves too me. Hungry too taste her, I slowly lowered my tongue towards her right breast and licked her softly. My pussy was about too explode as I took her erect nipple into my mouth lovingly and began to lick and suck on her amazing erect nipple while my hands slipped off her wet panties.

For a moment, I stepped back as we looked at each other’s naked bodies. I could not believe what I was doing, what I was about too do. I was about too make love to another woman, the young and beautiful vision stood before me, reaching out her hands for me too join her in the throws of lesbian passion and I was not about too disappoint her. I took her hand as she kissed me while she lowered me onto my bed. As she lay on top of me, I could feel her heart pounding as did mine.

Our tongues mingled as we kissed with the passion of old lovers who had been apart for years, I could have climaxed right then but no, I held on as she began too kiss down my shoulders, past my tits, down my belly and finally spread my legs with hands softly. Delicately and expertly, her tongue ran over my open pussy lips as her nose flicked my clit with expert timing. My breathing deepened as my back arched from enjoyment while I moaned loudly with pleasure as her tongue expertly stimulated my pussy before taking me too what was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. Almost screaming with pleasure into a pillow as she continued too stimulate me.

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