first time gay

I grew up as a normal American boy…. Air Force brat, moved around a lot… finally settled in Atlanta. I played sports, liked and pursued girls, got into and out of trouble. Every once in a while though, I went through some gay sex fantasy phases. I’d think about it, masturbate to thoughts of it, and even played with my asshole while jerking off on occasion. But these phases would be short lived… a few days here and there throughout the year, all while I’d be in relationships with girlfriends and such. This went on through jr. and sr. high school, and through my two years in college. After college, I hung out in Atlanta for a few more years. And, the fantasies continued.

One of my favorite things was to look at the local independent news paper- Creative Loafing. It had personal ads in the back for people to hook up. I’d read through them every week and have fantasies about the one that stuck out the most…. Ironically, it was about the ads of men claiming that their cock stuck out the most! As a young man in my early twenties, I always seemed to enjoy the thought of being with older men… older, well-endowed men. See, I’m not packin’ a huge cock. It’s about 5 ½ inches and average thickness. Ever since I saw my first porno, I envied the large penis. So, in my mind, I gravitated toward what I didn’t have…. BIG cock. By this time, I’d already invested in a couple dongs and dildos for play. I’d cram them up my ass and fuck myself real good while jerking off. It was great, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be fucked by a man… someone else controlling the fucking…. Not my hands doing it.

After a rather nasty break up with a girl,… OK, I got seriously dumped… heart broken and all, I didn’t want much to do with chick for a little while. I resumed my gay fantasies after a pretty long hiatus. I grab and paper and glanced over the ads. Boy, did one sick out.

SWM- 50 yrs old- WELL hung- seeking younger newbie to show the ropes- N. GA Mountains- BOB.

It also listed his phone number- this was before the internet had come on full swing. So, after a couple nights of thinking about it, I decided to pick up the phone and call the number. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say. He answered the phone and I weakly spoke:

“Is this Bob?

He replied, “uh, yes it is. Can I help you?”

I said, “Hi. I’m calling about your ad in the paper, the personal ad?”

I could tell that he knew I was nervous. He was very calm and patient with me. He assured me that I had nothing to be nervous about because nothing would happen that I didn’t want to happen, in that conversation or beyond. He asked me why I was calling and I told him about my fantasies mainly involving thoughts of older men that were well hung. How I was primarily straight but was in between relationships and figured it might be a good time to act on some fantasy. I told him that his ad seemed sincere and that’s what I needed…. He assured me that he would be nothing but kind, gentle, and patient with me. So, after a few more short phone conversations, I finally asked what I could expect in an encounter with him considering that I knew nothing about gay sex. Bob, then told me how me might introduce me. He said, “Well, I’d love for you to come up to my cabin here in the mountains. We could have a drink and chat, but I usually like to just get down to the fun. I’d like to initially just please you, and not ask much of you. Obviously if you wanted to do things to me, I’d be open to that, but most of the first- timers that I’ve been with have been so over-whelmed that it’s better for me to lead. I’d probably start by undressing you, and rubbing my hands over your body. I’d be pretty quick to get my mouth on your cock. I’d certainly love to eat out your ass and then if you were up for it, I’d love to fuck you.”

“Wow” I said. “You make it sound so easy, and laid back. When can we meet?”

He said, “What are you doing tonight?”

I couldn’t think of anything. I was off work the next day. I really had no reason to not do it other that fear…. And I wasn’t going to let fear get in my way. So I told him that I’d come up there. He sounded thrilled with himself that he had not scared me off and that me was gonna possibly get some action that night. He told me that his cabin was a little off the beaten path and that he meet me at a gas station in a nearby town and let me follow him to his cabin. We planned on meeting at 8:00. I spent the rest of the day just dreaming about what the night might hold. I showered and was very careful to clean myself very thoroughly. I dressed fairly casual not thinking that we’d be out in public or anything. I grabbed a couple condoms from my drawer just incase he didn’t have any, and just incase it actually went as far as him fucking me. When it was time, I hopped in my truck and headed up to the mountains.

The whole way up, about a 80 minute drive, I was so nervous…. half way talking myself out of doing it, and then, remembering how long I’d been waiting to do something like this. I finally reached the town where I was to meet Bob and started looking for the gas station. As I approached it, I had one last mental freak out before telling myself, “You got this, and you’re gonna love it!”

I parked my truck and waited. With each approaching pair of headlights, I wondered if this was the one. Finally, Bob arrived, pulling up right next to me and smiling in a very understanding kind of way. He knew that this was a big step for me. He said, “Follow me. Once we get to my driveway, you can get into my truck and I’ll drive us up to my cabin. It’s really steep and with it being dark, it would be hard for anyone to manage the drive up.” I nodded and off we went. It was about a 10 minute drive of a nerves roller coaster. After I got past the thoughts of “is this guy an axe murderer?”, I couldn’t help but wonder how big his cock really was. He described it as large and pleasing but didn’t get into specifics. His break lights snapped me from my train of thought and we slowed down to his property. I took a deep breath, grabbed my back pack which had a change of clothes, and some toiletries and such in it, and got out of my car. I locked up and hopped in with Bob. It really was dark out there and I had no idea how he managed to get up that hill so quickly, all while rubbing my leg and then my crotch. I didn’t even know that I was hard until his hand touch me. He said that he was glad to see that I was excited about being there.

Once we got up to his place, we got out of the car and it seemed like in no time at all we were climbing up his stairs inside to his bedroom. I needed to use the restroom after the drive, and did but then it was his show. He was ready. He knew that I had never been with a man and was excited to get first crack at me. He slowly walked over to me and hugged me. He tried to kiss me but I shied away. I didn’t really want to kiss… for me, that’s for the ladies.

He slowly removed my shirt and began rubbing my body. He licked my nipples and they were hard in an instant. I was shaking with nerves and excitement. He grabbed my belt buckle and unfastened it to free my shorts. As they dropped to the floor, he followed them. He tugged at my boxer shorts and my cock popped out to be greeted with a grin. I was shy about my smallish cock but he said, “this is perfect for sucking.” And then in one foul swoop, he took it in his mouth to the base… It was right then that I knew that I was in for a treat.

We had been talking about trying something like this for a long time, and here we were. It felt a bit surreal to actually be in the moment. I wasn’t sure we would ever go past it being a fun fantasy to play with. But it was about to become much more real than a fantasy.

It started off playfully in the club. We were just playing a game. Picking out strangers in the crowd and deciding whether or not we’d like to take them home with us, and what we would do to them once we got them home. There had been this one girl, with short hair that she had dyed a dark indigo colour with bright pink streaks in it. She had a nose piercing and bright eye coloured make up to match her hair. She had on a thin almost see through dress that kept falling off her shoulder, revealing bits and pieces of equally brightly coloured tattoos on her shoulders and back. We couldn’t quite make out what the tattoos were of, but it didn’t matter. We agreed that she would be a most welcome guest in our bed. She was dancing freely to the music, as if she was all by herself and no one could see her. She probably wouldn’t have been the quiet timid type in bed. All the more fun to throw in the mix!

We usually picked girls to bring back with us during our games. Not for any specific reason, or on purpose. But out of the two of us, I was the more bi-curious, so it came more naturally to us to add a girl to our twosome. In the dark of the club tonight, I noticed a pair of eyes watching us from across the room. These eyes were dark, but seemed to have a shine to them, making them stand out in the dark room. They were lined with dark eyelashes that seemed to make them stand out even more. Underneath those eyes, were a pair of well shaped cheekbones, nose, good sized lips and a jawline that looked hand carved. He had long dark hair that he kept back and off his face, but it seemed to keep falling in his face when he was dancing anyway. He had on a plain white t-shirt that seemed to just hang off of his lean body and jeans he looked like he lived in. He wasn’t the type to get all dressed up to go anywhere. He seemed to know almost everyone in the club and had to keep stopping and saying hi to people as they came up to him. I watched as he made his way around the club, while still managing to look back at us every once in a while. He was like a beautiful work of art that was fun to look at, but made you want to touch it.

After a little while, I nudged my boyfriend and gestured towards this man and asked, “What about him?”

My boyfriend looked at me, then back at him, looking a bit surprised by the lack of a joking tone in my voice. “I don’t think you’re playing the game anymore,” he said smiling his perfect smile at me.

He was much taller than I was and could easily see over the crowd of people around us and spotted the man I was talking about. He seemed to look at him for a while, and I saw them make eye contact for a bit.

He looked down at me and said, “Well, at least you have good taste.”

We continued dancing for a while, forgetting about the man and our game. We became lost together as our bodies were grinding on one another to the music. I could feel him getting excited through his jeans and rubbed the firm outline of his thick cock with my hand, teasing him. Finally we decided it was time to go home as it became harder and harder for us to keep each other’s clothes on. We began heading for the door.

My boyfriend took the lead, since he could see over people, and I followed as his broad shoulders carved out a path towards the exit. I noticed he took a bit of a turn to the left and assumed he was navigating around a large group of drunk girls incapable of noticing their surroundings, when he suddenly stopped and we came face to face with the man I had been staring at almost all night.

I watched as my boyfriend said, “We were thinking of heading home, would you care to join us?” to the man.

I couldn’t believe it. My boyfriend was actually inviting another man home with us. My heart began to race. I was feeling anxious and excited at the same time. “What would he say?” I wondered, as my mind began wondering what he looked like naked.

The man looked at both of us and said, “I was hoping you’d ask. I’ve been watching you two all night,” and gestured for us to lead the way out.

We walked the short walk home in the chilly night air. We made some small talk along the way, but what do you really talk about in that situation? We learned that his name was Ethan, and introduced ourselves as Jailen and Isaac.

We got inside and told Ethan to make himself comfortable.

He sat down and said, “I’d like to watch the two of you start.”

With that, Isaac grabbed me by the waist and lifted me on to the buffet we had in the living room in one smooth motion. He spread my legs and began kissing me passionately, pushing his tongue into my mouth while running his hands over my thighs and ass. I lifted his shirt over his head and ran my hands over his strong back and stomach, pulling him in closer so I could feel his hard-on pushed up against me through his pants. He began unbuttoning the front of my short dress. As Isaac was busy with my dress, Ethan came up to stand right behind him, now without his shirt as well, and reached around for Isaac’s belt. Isaac looked down for a second, but didn’t make a move to stop Ethan. Ethan undid the belt and jeans and slowly slid his hand into Isaac’s boxers, feeling his thick hard cock, warm with excitement. Isaac turned around to face Ethan, who lowered himself to his knees, taking Isaac’s pants and boxers with him to the floor. Isaac leaned against the buffet and me, between my legs, and we all just admired his stiff exposed cock as it jumped with excitement.

Ethan began stroking Isaac’s cock in smooth slow movements, admiring how nice it looked in his hand. How well it filled it. Isaac watched as Ethan played with his cock. He couldn’t help but be surprised at how natural and wonderful it felt to have a beautiful man stroking his cock. As Ethan placed Isaac’s expectant cock into his warm, wet mouth, a moan escaped Isaac and I felt his knees buckle a little. I was getting more and more turned on watching this strange man enjoy the same cock I had enjoyed so many times before. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. I could see the veins on Isaac’s cock bulging and could imagine how hard and warm he must feel in Ethan’s mouth. Ethan seemed to know what he was doing – he was able to bring Isaac close to cumming, without going too far and letting him. He was playing with Isaac’s balls with one hand, squeezing them, rolling them around, and stroking his shaft with his other hand. I could feel Isaac’s body twitching with excitement against me, and could tell if Ethan kept this up, he’d be cumming soon.

Just then, Ethan stood up and stepped back, murmuring, “Not yet,” to Isaac, giving him a wink.

He took him by the hand, and moved him away from in front of me. Ethan moved towards me, running his hand over my thigh, towards my hip and then towards my now wet pussy. My dress was fully open at the front now and he began kissing my breasts. He moved up towards my neck, kissing and biting, while his hands grabbed my panties and slid them off. He grabbed my neck on the side, and kissed me, bringing his body closer to mine. His other hand was now running over my exposed pussy, rubbing my juices over my clit and lips. He slowly slid his middle finger inside me and began very slowly to move it in and out while rubbing my clit in little circles with his thumb. He began kissing my neck and moved down to my breasts, pulling them out of my bra to bite on my nipples, shooting tingles through me, making me jump. I put my hand on his head and gently pushed him down towards my pussy. He began licking around my lips softly. I looked up to see Isaac watching us intently, stroking his thick, shiny cock. The sight of him naked and playing with himself pushed me over the edge and I grabbed Ethan’s head and pushed it into my pussy. I was far too turned on for gentle licks by this point. Ethan played with my slit as if he had done this a thousand times before, and perhaps he had. I could feel my legs trembling as warmth spread out over my body from my groin. I could feel myself coming closer and closer to an orgasm. I grabbed Ethan’s head to make sure he let me, and he didn’t fight back. He began moving his tongue faster and more forcefully while using his fingers in circular movement inside me. I felt a shudder run through my body as I came, hard, nearly pulling out Ethan’s hair. I had to move Ethan away as I felt like I might explode.

Ethan looked at Isaac, smiling, and said, “Wanna taste your girl?”

He moved towards him and putting his hand on the back of his neck, kissing him. Isaac could taste my pussy on Ethan and it was a strange sensation to taste something so familiar to him, on another man. After taking my dress and bra off, I moved to take Ethan’s pants off, letting his hard cock free. His wasn’t as thick as Isaac’s but it looked to be a bit longer. I grabbed them by the hands and led them to the bedroom. I pushed Ethan onto his back on the bed, and spread his legs wide. I crawled in between them on my hands and knees so I was at the edge of the bed. I began licking Ethan’s cock down the sides and around the head. Getting it more and more wet. I finally put my whole hand around it tight and began to stroke it along with mouth. Letting my tits graze against his thighs with my movements. I could tell Isaac was getting more and more turned on as he began stroking his own cock faster.

I turned to him and said, “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your thick cock spreading my pussy open.”

He stepped behind me, grabbing my ass and giving it a hard slap. He ran the head of his cock over my still sensitive and very wet pussy a few times before plunging in deep. I could feel his cock spreading me wide inside, making room for itself. I let out a low moan as he filled me. He began thrusting slow but deep, holding firmly onto my hips, pulling me closer as he thrust.

I continued to stroke Ethan’s cock but let my mouth wander down to his balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time. With my other hand, I began to trace small circles around his asshole as his hips began to rock. I moved my tongue down, licking down his balls, taking them into my one hand, squeezing them and pulling at them, while my other hand continued to stroke his ever hardening cock. I ran my tongue over his asshole and felt him jump a little. I ran it around the outside of the hole in circles, finally going over the hole.

He began to thrust into the air with his hips, moaning, “I want to stick my dick in one of you.”

I moved farther onto the bed, so that Isaac had to lean a bit to continue fucking me. He was thrusting harder now, pounding me, but still without going too fast. He grabbed my bouncing tits and squeezed them in his hands as he fucked me harder. Ethan moved behind Isaac now. He started grabbing and squeezing his ass. Spreading his ass cheeks open. He began licking Isaac’s asshole, making him moan. I knew Isaac liked having his ass fingered and would do that to him often. But he never got to experience it while getting to fuck at the same time before. I felt him dig his fingers into me as he trust deep and held it there. Ethan began to use his fingers to work Isaac’s asshole, which opened up nicely from his being so turned on. Ethan seemed to have found our lube from the shelf and in almost no time, had more than 2 fingers inside Isaac’s asshole, making him moan. Ethan was stroking his own cock at the same time, spreading the lube onto it as well. Isaac was thrusting faster now, with Ethan thrusting his fingers inside him.

“I’m going to cum,” Isaac said between breaths.

“Not just yet,” said Ethan as he positioned himself behind Isaac.

He bent Isaac over a bit more and slowly squeezed his own now throbbing cock inside Isaac’s tight warm asshole. Isaac let out a groan. I moved so that I was on my back and could watch Isaac getting fucked in the ass by this man. Ethan thrust into him slowly at first, but began to get faster. I guided Isaac’s throbbing wet cock back into my pussy as Ethan’s thrusts became Isaac’s thrusts into me. We moved faster and faster, all of us getting closer to cumming.

Finally, Ethan yelled, “I’m gonna cum,” as he pulled out and moved to the side to come all over my stomach.

He had managed to build up quite the load in this time and I could feel the warm streams of cum cover my stomach. At the sight of this, Isaac also came, pulling out and aiming higher up. His load managed to cover my large tits. He took a look at his girlfriend, covered in cum, his own body tingling at him and smiling.

Grabbing a towel to clean me off, he said, “Well, that was fun!” and laughed.

I (33 years old, slightly overweight but still decently muscular) am hot and sweaty after a fierce workout. I walk into the shower room of the gym. With a towel wrapped around my waist, I see you (an older man) entering the locker room as well. We had several brief conversations in the weight room waiting for several pieces of equipment to become available. Your slight and seemingly incidental touches drove me crazy with confusion and wonder, and want! I nod at you going towards the shower, you nod back, the sweat from your workout has seeped through your mesh workout shirt and running shorts.

Unwrapping my towel before entering the shower stall, I look back to see if anyone is watching. Having recently gained weight, I’m self conscious and comfortable being nude in public. I turn on the hot water and the let the steam rise around me. I take the shampoo and lather it around my decent sized cock and balls, rinsing the sweat of an epic workout off of me. I reach for the soap bar when I hear a knock at the shower door. Its you. I crack the door open and the steam that misted any vision of my body in a protective haze eeked through the crack. You tell me that all the showers are taken and if I would mind sharing with him, you look away to draw my attention away from an obvious look down at my soapy cock. I stutter nervously, not knowing exactly what to say. I am attracted to your stature, your posture, your brazenness, but I know so little of man and man interaction. While I am internalizing all of these things, you have walked in, said thanks for understanding, and closed the door of the shower.

You reach around me and turn the hot water back on. Your hand falls down towards my plump, but muscular rear end, letting it graze along the bottom curve. My cock springs to attention! “Woah there partner,” you say, cocking your head getting a good glimpse of my penis. You turn around, untying your towel and hanging it up in the stall. Your firm lean ass beckons to me. “I really am glad that you are cool with this, you sem like a nice guy from the weight room and the other showers were taken,” you say as you turn around. The shower is tight. Your body motion pits us next to each other, full contact between our sides. “Besides,” you continue, ” if two guys can’t shower together, what is this country coming to?” I nod, completely entranced by the moment. You reach behind me for another bar of soap, your tool rubbing against my leg, mid-thigh.

It can’t be that big I think to myself, it just can’t be. I step forward to allow you to get a better access to the soap bin, you move forward and the Louisville Slugger you call a dick is softly entrenched between my ass cheeks. The tickling feeling between my legs, livens my spirits and other aspects of my anatomy.

You wash yourself fairly quickly, talking about nonsensical things, trying to alleviate all the tension in the shower. You reach out and grab my sides, beginning to scrub my back and sides. You giggle as I squirm in the moment of your grabbing me in places you want. You kneel down slowly and massage each thigh, calf, knee, and ankle. You move to the other leg, moving upwards. Ankle, calf, knee, lower thigh, mid thigh, upper thigh moving backwards to my buttocks, where your nose is tickling the outside of my cheek, nudging it gently. You instruct me to turn around…

To this day I will never know what prompted me to turn around so fast. As soon as I did, your hand encapsulated my shaft, stroking softly, reassuring and confident. Your other hand reached for under my balls, cupping, fondling, pulling them ever-so-slightly. You stop stroking my shaft and reach under my ass, cupping and caressing my quivering ass, my knees weak with pleasure at your touch, your affection being poured out onto me. I see your cock also pick up with excitement as well, I begin to make a move for it, curious to see what a cock in my hand would feel like. You push my hand away, “You’ll have all the time in the world for that later,” you reassure me. I begin to wonder what that means when you nibble on my mushroom head with your lips. You kiss my head, licking a tad at the rim of the head. My mind and penis is about to explode with nervous excitement, homophobic terror, and unbridled passion all at once. Your hand, which was exploring the curves of my ass has now found the tight clenches of my rear. You tease the entrance with a couple of fingers, then as your mouth descends on the entire head of my cock, your finger shoots in the entrance of my ass. I thrust forward, not fully prepared for the pain, but especially the pleasure of the first time of you entering me. Then, you stand up, whisper in my ear that this isn’t the place for what has now become inevitable.

We pile out of the shower, the gym towels barely able to conceal the erections that we both sport. I go to put my street clothes back on and exit the locker room. You are waiting by the door of the locker room. “Follow me,” was your simple instruction. You get in an impeccable Cadillac Escalade and I follow you to the outskirts of town. We pull into the warehouse district of our town, by the harbor. You pull up to a brick warehouse with several other cars parked outside of the gigantic structure. As I get out of my car, you walk towards me, telling me this is your place and several other guys lived here as well. We walk in the door together, your arm around me. Several guys are on the couch, laying on one another. I’m introduced to the men, but my attention is drawn to a couple on the couch, one’s mouth attacking the other’s cock in a loving assault. The younger man’s, late teens, head is rolled back in wonder and fantasy. Your hand quickly directs my body back towards you, leading me upstairs of the remodeled warehouse. The guys downstairs catcalled all sorts of encouragement! You cover my ears to try and protect me from their perversion, then whisper a different idea in my head. I love it!

I take off my pants and underwear and trot downstairs handing one of each to the guys on the couch. One man, about 35, thanks me for my boxer briefs by cupping my bottom and offering his room anytime I felt in need. I laugh it off and say that I’m spoken for. Running back upstairs, I call for you, I hear your voice in the room down the hall, I walk in and walk in the room. Glancing around the dark room, I don’t see your impressive physique anywhere. I hear the door shut and I am tackled from behind and slammed on the bed. You gently grab my cock from behind and begin stroking again. I instantly perk up! I turn around and you stand over me. Its my turn, its my time. I try to find a starting point, I’m impressed by your abs, your rock hard ass, your tantalizing thighs, but most of all, the foot long poking me in the eye. I kiss the head of your cock long and slow. I flick my tongue over the mushroom of the grandest cock I will ever see. My hands run down the back of your thighs as my mouth goes along your shaft for what seems like minutes, kissing every spot I can muster while my other hand cups and begins to fondle your massive bulges. I feel a tightness and release in your balls and then I’m hit with a blast of salty wonder that slams the back of my throat. I taste and begin my craving for the salty nectar of your being. Even though you shot a Big Gulp’s worth in my mouth, some oozes out. You take the leftovers and spread it all over my shaved head, giggling as you do. “You’re part of the gang now, feel free to move in anytime,” you say, “but upstairs rooms come with a different price,” you say, eyeing my bottom.

One of the best days I ever had with my wife, sexually that is, is when she watched me suck a cock for the first time. At the time we were married about 15 years and from the beginning she had always said to me she would like to see me with another guy. Little did she know that I actually craved to have sex with a man. Earlier in my life, before being married, I had experimented with gay sex a few times as a teen.

As it so happened, my wife and I were returning home from a movie, it was about 1:00am and she wanted to go park somewhere and give me a blow job like we use to do before we were married. I guess the film got to her, whatever it was I did not mind a bit. We went to a park a little out of our neighborhood, we pulled to a dark spot and started to neck with some heavy petting. Hey, I was with my wife, I figured that I had no worries as if I were with another woman. After a short time, I say about 10 minutes, my cock already in her hand, she went down and started to blow me. I laid back and decided to enjoy myself. Suddenly, I felt a presence to my left and to my surprise there was a guy standing next to my door, he had his cock in his hand jacking off. To be safe, I stopped my wife immediately and told her that we needed to leave the park. To my surprise, my wife called out to this guy asking him to join us in our car. At first I was a little reluctant figuring not only that she wanted a second guy, but this guy could be a serial killer. Well, I guess thinking with the wrong head, I decided to let this guy sit in the rear seat with us being in the front seats.

To my surprise and without any hesitation, this guy hopped into our car. My wife then asked me to do what she dreamed of for years, wanting see me to suck a man’s cock, and right now this guy’s cock. Truthfully, I was so hot by then, I would have sucked off a baseball team of cocks.

I was surprised again and dumbstruck when this guy eagerly accepted my wife’s fantasy because he happened to be in the park that night looking for gay sex anyway. Nervously, I climbed over the front seat and into the back seat of our car. This guy, I never even got his name, already had his pants opened, his dick out and was eagerly in position waiting for my drooling mouth to do its nasty work. With a one, two, three, I engulfed his cock with my salivating mouth like I would eating a banana.

Within moments, this guy was moaning and thrusting his hips upward trying to get every inch of his cock into my hungry mouth. All this while my wife was watching us by peering over the front seat. At that same time she had her finger inside her cunt yelling and encouraging me to “suck harder and harder.” I did, believe me, I did.

Suddenly this guy’s thrusting and quivering stopped. He grabbed hold of my head, held it in place, then moaned loudly as he shot his seamen into my mouth. I did not hesitate for a moment knowing exactly what I wanted and craved for; I began to swallow every tasty drop of his sperm. Once he finished shooting his load into my mouth, he got up and out our car so fast that I was left there still on my knees. I was fingering some of the cum that splattered onto my cheeks by pushing it into my mouth. I did not want to waste any.

With my “lover” gone, and my wife hotter than a pizza oven, she jumped over the front seat and began to attack me, fucking and kissing me wildly like she has not done in years. As we kissed and fucked, she commented to me that she could taste the flavor of cum in my mouth and that she knew it was from the guy I just sucked off. When she said this to me, I became so hot and bothered that I could not even speak; it made me so hot that after shooting my load into her pussy, I helped myself to a cream-pie snack.

Since that time, I have sucked other guys with her there and sometimes without her there, but always enjoyed a juicy feeding each time.

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