first time bi-sexual

My name is John and I have always been very bi-sexual. I can’t imagine anything better than a nice pair of tits in my face and the thought of a cock in my mouth or in my ass makes me harder than granite. Joe, on the other hand, is straighter than a ruler; even the thought of lesbian sex holds no thrill for him. My wife, Kelly, is very bi-curious and Joe’s wife, Sarah, is a committed bi-sexual.

Kelly and Sarah met at college. They were both taking an independent degree program for adults who were past the traditional college age, Kelly was 37 and Sarah 34. Usually such people couldn’t attend regular college classes because they held jobs and had lives. The courses were basically self-designed and pursued with the guidance of a college professor acting as advisor. Kelly and Sarah came together at the monthly group discussions. Kelly was working on an environmental study and Sarah’s subject was something she called “sex and society.” Sarah wanted to get a degree that would allow her to become a sex therapist for married couples.

At middle-age neither woman has the body of a model. Kelly has delivered two children by Cesarian and has the belly to prove it, but she also has a 40DDD chest on a five foot frame. She has long brown hair which hangs down just below her shoulders, a wide, sweet ass, and a pussy she shaves regularly. Sarah is taller, closer to 5′ 6″ and heavier with a large ass and 48DD tits. Her shoulder length hair is brown and she doesn’t shave, but rather trims her bush neatly. I am 44, 5′ 8″, and a little thick around the middle with a 7″ cock that’s about 1.5″ thick. Kelly and I had started exploring BDSM earlier that year, so my cock, balls, and ass were clean shaven. I would come to learn that Joe is taller than I am, coming close to 6′ tall, heavier with a larger gut, and his cock is a bit thicker and closer to 8″ long surrounded by a dense black thatch.

Kelly and Sarah became friendly and with my urging Kelly broached the subject of bi-sexuality, partner swapping, and group sex. The ladies had a lengthy, sexually charged, chat one Saturday afternoon. If they hadn’t had to return to class so shortly they might actually have tried to find a quiet, out of the way, disused classroom but as luck would have it that would have to wait. Sarah was frank about her bi-sexual nature and made it plain that Kelly was attractive to her but regretful that such pleasures were nothing Joe had any interest in. Kelly suggested swapping porn and seeing where things went. It was a happy coincidence we all lived in the same town and an odd one that we’d never met before, it being a small town.

I suggested to Kelly that we have them over for dinner and a movie one night, just to break the ice, so to speak. After a flurry of emails, it was arranged. We sent our daughter on a sleep-over with her friend and that evening Sarah and Joe came over. Dinner was a simple affair and the table conversation started light but soon became charged with sexual innuendo which rapidly developed into an open discussion of sex. Kelly was wearing a blouse with a plunging V-neck showing a grand canyon of cleavage which Joe had been eyeing all through the meal and when he finally loosened up, he told her she had a great pair. Sarah talked about her favorite toys and Kelly her favorite positions. Playing off an off-hand comment, I mentioned that Kelly gave the greatest head and we all talked about the strangest places we’d had sex.

After dinner we went into the living room and I offered a choice of some movie or porn. I was not surprised to be told to put in the porn film and selected Dark Paradise, quite possibly the best BDSM film I’ve ever seen. Despite his claim to not care for girl-on-girl action, it didn’t take long at all for Joe to be visibly excited as he shifted uncomfortably trying to relieve some of the pressure on his swollen cock trapped by his pants. Joe was seated between Kelly and Sarah on our futon and I was sitting nearby on the floor.

Kelly leaned over to Joe and softly asked, “Would you like some help with that?”

Joe was clearly surprised, unsure what to say, and cast a quick nervous glance at Sarah, who studiously ignored him and focused on the whipping going on on the TV. He looked sideways at Kelly and, barely above a whisper, said, “Yes.”

Kelly’s hand slipped over, rubbed his swollen groin, then undid the restraining button and unzipped his fly. The sound of the zipper was loud and if Joe had looked at Sarah, as I did, at that moment, he would have seen her wide smile. He was more than a little overwhelmed by another man’s wife slipping her hand into his underwear and grabbing his cock and didn’t dare to look at his own wife from whom he completely expected at least shock if not outrage. Sarah just smiled and winked at me and I smiled back.

Kelly was slowly and steadily stroking Joe’s cock while Sarah and I were alternately watching the TV then her and him. Joe’s attention was fixed on the ceiling but every few moments he’d turn to look at Kelly. He was far too afraid too look at his wife but curiousity, or guilt, finally got the better of him and when he turned to see if she noticed that her husband’s cock was in her friend’s hand she smiled again for him and turned to me. She made sure he was still watching with a quick glance out of the corner of her eye, pulled up her skirt and spread her legs wide, revealing her panties. She began rubbing herself over her panties with her pointer finger watching me the whole time except for an occassional quick sidelong glace to make sure Joe saw.

Kelly slid Joe’s underwear down as he sidled around on the futon, pulling his cock free. With a mischevious grin and a lick of her lips, she leaned over his lap and licked the dollop of precum oozing off the head and glistening on her hand. Joe lost all self control and moaned loudly. Kelly took that as an invitation and dropped her mouth over the head and shaft of his cock, working in slow moves, up and down. Sarah laughed, pulled her panties aside, looked me right in the face, and in a commanding tone said, “Eat me!”

What’s a guy to do? I scooted inbetween her knees and went to work. Spreading her lips apart with two fingers, I lapped at her pussy a few times then slid my tongue into her as deeply as I could and licked everywhere my tongue could reach. Sarah placed a hand on either side of my head and held me so close to her pussy that her pubic hair was itching my eyes. She kept me going like this for a few minutes then pushed my head away and took a deep breath.

“I’m not quite ready to cum just yet, John,” she said grinning as she sat back. Her smile disappeared in an instant, she looked hard at me, and said, “now strip!”

I shucked my clothing as quickly as I could and stood before her with a raging hard on, which I expected she’d suck on as my wife was doing for her husband. She caught me by surprise when she looked up at me and said, “On your knees!”

I stood there for just a moment too long. Kelly and I had played at D/s and I knew what was expected, but I just didn’t expect it from Sarah. She rapped my cock with her open hand and said, “On your fucking knees, cocksucker!” Kelly had spanked me a few times and used a small whip on me, but she’d never actually hit me. I dropped to my knees but that wasn’t enough, she said, “Down!” and I dropped to my elbows looking up to her from lowered eyes. My cock was harder than I could remember it being.

Kelly came up for air and asked Joe if he wanted more to which he nodded. “That’s not an answer, Joe,” Kelly said.

Joe said, “Yes.”

“Yes? Is that yes, it’s not an answer, ” Kelly teased, “or yes you want more?”

“Yes, I want more, please,” Joe groaned. He sounded almost desperate.

Sarah asked me, “You think Joe wants more cocksucking, John?”

I said, “I think he does,” eager to be getting into the action.

“How about you,” she said to me, “do you want some cocksucking?”

My cock hurt, it was so hard. “Oh God, yes, please!” I blurted.

Kelly grabbed Joe’s cock and gave a few really hard strokes while kissing him on the lips. “I don’t think you really do want more.”

“I do, I do” Joe was almost whining.

“I don’t know…. do you really want more cock sucking,” Kelly was mercilessly baiting him. “Are you ready to cum?”

Joe was begging now. “Yes, please, I so want to cum, please suck my cock.”

“You’re so excited now,” she cooed. “So ready to cum. You really need cock sucking don’t you? Tell me what you need.”

In her hand, Joe’s cock was just leaking precum, and his body was almost vibrating. Between gasps, he croaked, “I need cocksucking…please.”

Kelly pulled her shirt open and draped her tits in his face while Sarah pointed at her husband’s rod and said, “You heard him, suck him off!” He had his face buried between Kelly’s huge tits, squeezing them with his hands. I had sucked a few cocks when I was a kid. It was a game some friends and I played, but that all ended way back then. Since, I had fantasized but never actually had one. Still, I crawled the few feet over, took his cock in my hand, stroking up and down the shaft. Sarah leaned in and said, “take it cocksucker, suck on it and swallow his cum,” and then gave me a hard slap on the ass, “and if you lose one drop of cum, that slap will be nothing compared to the beating I give you.” She didn’t need to spank me, I was more than eager to suck his cock. I had been waiting a long time for this. I pressed the tip of my tongue at the base of his cock, right where his sack hung, and licked up the shaft. When I reached the swollen head covered in precum, I tipped it into my mouth and slathered it with my tongue.

Sarah was telling me how good I was doing and rewarded me by jerking me off slowly. Kelly was wiggling her tits in Joe’s face, then paused with her mouth to his ear, and whispered, “You like having your cock sucked? Is it good?” He moaned deeply in ecstacy which made her chuckle huskily. As she sat back, pulling her chest away from his face, she told him, “Sarah said you didn’t like guys, but I knew you’d love it when a real man got your cock in his mouth!”

He looked down at me looking up at him, bobbing on his cock, and all he could say was, “oh shit!” He squeezed his eyes shut and turned his face up to the cieling. Kelly took a hand full of his hair, yanked it slightly to get his attention, and when he popped open his eyes to see her, she pulled his head foward and directed him to watch me. “If you take your eyes off him for one moment,” she said in a harsh tone, “I’ll make him stop and you won’t get any more.”

Sarah had dropped my cock and sat back to play with herself. She was shoving two fingers into herself like a jackhammer, breathing heavily, and said, “I love watching a guy give head!”

Kelly shifted lower to bring her face closer to mine and was encouraging me. “That’s the way. Just like that, John. Slide right down on it till you feel it push against the back of your mouth. You won’t choke on it.”

With her encouragement and direction, my eyes closed and I began bobbing on that hard shaft. The skin was silky soft, but the flesh under was so hard. It tasted bland, a little tang of salt and as I got down to his pubic hair there was a musky scent. There was a slight throb in his shaft and a smooth gel glazed my tongue. It tasted good but very hard to describe. It took a moment to register that I was getting his pre-cum. I was suprised at how much I liked the flavor and how good I felt with the realization of his pleasure. I felt empowered that I could make him cum. I realized I wanted him to cum and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I breathed heavily through my nose and tipped my head with each upward bob. I really wanted his cum.

“That’s very good,” cooed Kelly, “He’s so close… be ready to swallow like a good girl, John.”

I had lost track of Sarah and she’d been busy. While I was going down on Joe, Kelly was petting my head and cheek and speaking sweetly and softly to me, and Sarah was suddenly behind me, petting my ass and balls. Kelly put her hand on the back of my head and as I went down on Joe, she held me down, then pressed harder and the spongy head of his cock pushed up at the back of my mouth. Sarah touched the crack of my ass, running her finger down it. It was cool and wet and she left a trail of KY Jelly and swirled a gob of lube at my asshole. My thighs and hips tensed and I swallowed. That was what Kelly was waiting for. Sweetly whispering in my ear she pressed my head down and Joe popped into my throat. He groaned so loudly and his cock throbbed so strongly that I thought he would cum right there. Kelly held me there, gently letting my head up a fraction so I was basically fucking Joe with my mouth and throat.

“You’re a good girl, John,” Sarah said and I felt her slide a strap-on dildo between my cheeks. She got it lubed and warmed after a couple strokes and I felt it’s tip pressing at my anus. Kelly let me up for air and as I breathed in a deep gulp, Sara penetrated me. Very slowly and gently, my rear felt full and stretched and she kept sliding it in a bit at a time. I was gasping for air and whimpering with the orgasmic agony of it. I dove down on Joe’s cock again instinctively and Sarah began fucking me in time with me blowing her husband.

Sarah leaned over my back and grabbed my hips as she rocked that rod inside me, hardly letting any out, but keeping a rolling wave motion. She asked Joe, “Isn’t John a good cocksucker, Joe?” He mumbled or moaned some inarticulate reply and she spoke a little harsher, “Does he give good head?” Again, Joe hardly responded though his hips were beginning to thrust up to meet my mouth.

“Joe, answer me or I’ll make him stop…. do you want him to stop?” The tone in Sarah’s voice got through and Joe whimpered a “No, please…” Both Sarah and Kelly giggled and Kelly teased him, “So, you like having a guy sucking your cock?” Joe looked at her, sparing a quick glance down at me, though I didn’t know it, too busy sucking on his cock. “Yes…*moans*..FUCK, yes!”

“Do you want to cum in his mouth, Joe?” Sara asked and he answered eagerly, nearly bouncing on the futon, “Yes!” He was so close he was grunting. “YES, I want to fuck his mouth and fill it with cum.” Sarah and Kelly both smiled triumphantly. In a moment, his cock spasmed and my mouth was filled with warm gunk. I rolled it in my mouth a moment and it tasted vile, slightly salty, but kind of bland. He came again and some leaked from my lips. Kelly spanked me and said, ‘Don’t waste that, John. Be a good girl and drink it down.” I knew the tone and did my best to swallow as Joe kept pumping. He petered out both in the cum and in energy and laid back on the futon. Sarah gave me a few more thrusts then laid on my back and hugged me.

She looked over my shoulder at Joe and said in a no-nonsense voice, “Joe, Kelly and I are going to slip over there and take care of ourselves. Now, you owe John at least a hand job, so be good… or else.” Giggling, the two ladies crawled across the room and cuddled together on the carpet, cooing, pawing, and petting as they got heated up. I climbed up onto the futon and collapsed, swallowing to get the taste out of my mouth, though I was pleased with myself for doing it and wanted in some strange way to do it again. He looked at me with a strange expression and after a moment reached over, wrapped his fingers around my cock and began stroking me. I couldn’t help it, I shuddered and moaned, my legs trembled and I slipped over to lean against his side. He tensed a moment, but kept stroking. In a few moments, I spurted over his hand. My hips jerked and I gasped and moaned and panted. He kept going a bit longer till it was clear I’d cum all I was going to. He took his hand away clearly uncomfortable with the gooey stuff on his palm and fingers.

“Lick his hand clean, John,” Kelly called laughingly and I gingerly took his hand in mine, brought it to my mouth and licked my cum from it.

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