first meeting

You hear a knock at the door; you open it reluctantly because after all it’s 10:30 at night. You weren’t expecting anyone but the person at your door looks vaguely familiar. Your mind is racing; you can’t seem to recall where you may have met the woman standing in front of you. Whereas you have a confused look on your face, she is smiling knowingly at you. Is this woman someone you met at a social gathering or did you meet her in a more professional setting? Her smile slowly turns into a puzzled expression and she asks in her sweet soft voice “You don’t recognize me do you?” You try cover up the fact that you don’t recognize her; you start to think maybe you met her in another country. Just as you’re about to fess up that you don’t remember who she is, it finally comes to you. Standing in front of you is the woman you met online about a month ago. Mia, who only recently told you her real name, looks younger in person than she does in the picture she sent you.

Mia stands on the other side of your door staring at you waiting for you to say something or invite her in. You finally tell her that weren’t expecting anyone and that you were just about to take a shower, but before can finish your sentence she pushes past you and says that’s the reason she came by. You’re a little confused by what she means; she sees the quizzical look on your face so she blurts out that she came to join you in the shower. You’ve had some very enticing exchanges with her online but the woman standing in front of you is not wearing any makeup and has on a coat that is buttoned up and covers most of her body. All you can think about is that you need to figure out how to get this woman out of your place, but as you try to think of some kind of excuse to get her to leave she takes off her coat. She’s wearing a skirt that goes all the way down to her knees and a nice sweater, but you don’t see anything that changes your mind about wanting to get her to leave.

Just as you’re about to help her put her coat back on you notice that her nipples are very noticeably hard, there isn’t chill in the air and your hand barely brushed against her chest. Mia notices you staring at her chest, most women would be embarrassed and try to cover up. Maybe she was turned on by you staring at her chest so instead of putting her coat back on she starts to remove her sweater, keeping the t-shirt that was underneath on. She then removes her skirt so you can finally get a look at her ass, it sizeable but it’s still completely covered by her panties; which are white with little flowers. You kind of smile to yourself because nothing about her body or what she is wearing is sexy in anyway, you kind of wonder if this girl is all talk but with nothing to back it up with.

It’s been a while since you got a blow job so you figure you’ll let her blow you before to throw her out. Mia kneels down in front of you and starts undoing your pants. You are not excited in anyway but as she reaches and touches your cock with her surprising soft hands your cock starts to stiffen. You didn’t really notice the length of her hair until she stops and reaches into her coat pocket for a clip to put her hair up. After she’s finished with her hair she goes back to stroking your cock, which is slowly getting harder. At first she strokes slowly and gently with one hand and then as she starts stroking faster she uses both hands. Mia then begins to gently kiss the tip of your cock, and she begins using the tip of her tongue to slowly trace around the head. You think to yourself that this is starting to feel good. The slow tongue tease turns into Mia sucking on the head of your cock, it’s almost like she’s trying to suck the cum out of you. You’re starting to enjoy this so much you barely notice that with each suck she is taking more and more of your cock into her mouth. Pretty soon she has your whole cock in her mouth, she is really dragging this out….but in a good way.

Mia suddenly stops, for a split second you are upset that she has stopped. Mia asks if things can move to the shower. She takes off her clothes but asks that the lights be kept off; you leave the bathroom door open so that there is some light. She steps into the shower but when you turn the water on she backs up so she doesn’t get her hair wet. After you have gotten wet you turn off the water, and Mia picks up where she left off in the other room. She prolongs the pleasure by alternating between slow and fast strokes with her hands; long, deep strokes with her mouth; and vacuum like sucking on the head of your cock. When she finally brings you to that sweet release it’s like a continuous creamy fountain. As you recover from what turned out to be a very enjoyable experience Mia slips out of the bathroom. You turn on the shower to clean yourself up and by the time you get out Mia has already left you’re apartment. You’re kind of disappointed because you wanted to take things a little further. You notice a note taped to the door knob, and inside there is just a smiley face with what looks like cum dripping out of the corner of the mouth.

I wrote this story with a certain man in mind. Can’t wait to meet you “R”.


It all began with a few instant messages and a few phone calls.

After spending some time reading the comments flying around in a chat room, I found the profile of a man, whom I found interesting. We chatted for an hour or so. During our chat, I found myself incredibly excited. We turned up the sexual heat, our typed words exciting one another. Our first chat ended with a phone call, and both of us having orgasms in each other’s ears.

This continued for a few weeks. We “popped” in on each other for regular Tuesday meetings. It usually worked out the same each week. Chat for a few minutes and then call and fantasize with each other.

His voice excited me. His words, both typed and spoken lead me to fantastic orgasms, and wonderful masturbation fantasies. Since I am not regularly active with other men, my desire to be close to this man grew with every typed word, and every conversation. I just had to meet and spend time with him. I needed to feel his breath on my skin, and his lips on my lips.

We agreed to meet the following week instead of chatting or phoning. I had never experienced seven longer days in my life. The anticipation I felt drove me crazy. I found that I thought of him and our approaching meeting on a daily basis. I could not think straight, and I did not go for long, at any point during my days without feeling the excitement in my body.

Tuesday came, and I called him before leaving my house. I dreaded the possibility of our plans changing. However, all of my worries were for naught, our meeting was on. I drove the thirty miles to meet him at the agreed upon hotel just south of the city.

When I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to the room he told me he had reserved for us. My heart felt as it was going to explode as soon as I stepped into the elevator. During my ascent to the eleventh floor, I had a moment of fleeting doubt. I thought of getting back into my car and driving home. I wondered if I was acting prudently.

“Of course you’re not acting prudently.” I thought as the elevator door opened, and I stepped out. I was still admonishing myself when I knocked on the door to room 1123. I felt my heart jump into my throat. It was as if I were a sixteen-year-old kid again. I just knew that when he opened that door, he was going to laugh and tell me, “Ummmmm, sorry, but you’re not my type.” I should have exchanged pictures with him. Too late now!

I heard movement in the room, and suddenly the door was pulled open.

Standing in the doorway was a man to whom I was very attracted. I no longer had the desire to run, nor did I have any doubt about his attraction to me. His smile, and his out thrust hand, told me all I needed to know.

I took his hand as he gently pulled me into the room. When he shut the door behind me, he did exactly what he said he would do. His arms slid around my waist, mine around his, and we embraced. I instantly felt comfortable with him as we stood there in each other’s arms. We pressed our bodies together, and it just felt natural.

Without a single word spoken, our heads tilted to opposite sides, and we kissed. We were like lovers who had been away for so long. I became instantly erect as his tongue parted my lips and entwined with mine. My arms slid from his waist, and wrapped around his neck in a natural movement. As we kissed, we swayed to some unheard music. There was nothing sexual in our kiss, just two men, needing to be close.

He broke our kiss, and led me by the hand into the sitting area of the suite. He guided me to the couch and told me to sit, and after pouring glasses of wine, he sat next to me.

I turned to face him with my right leg on the couch and my ankle under my left. I took the glass, and stared into his eyes while stretching my arm out to rest it on his thigh.

We talked comfortably for a few minutes about each other’s drive, about the room and about how much we both had looked forward to our meeting.

“I am very attracted to you.” Rodney confessed.

“And I can’t believe how easy you have already made me feel.” I said in return.

His hand slid over top of mine, we leaned toward each other and kissed again. However, this time, our kisses were more directed and more passionate. We were both clearly excited and our need to be intimate directed our actions. I must say, it was difficult to keep from spilling my wine.

Our conversation began again, and we chatted about all sorts of things. We drank our first glasses of wine, and never refilled them. Our fingers were interlaced, and then apart. Fingers traveled up pant legs to feel bare skin. As we exchanged more kisses, more desire filled the air.

I scooted closer on the couch. My bent knee was on his leg and we were close enough to touch, and kiss, and make out like that sixteen-year-old kid I mentioned earlier.

I made the first move to advance our situation. We were both wearing button-down shirts and jeans. I broke our kiss to stare into his eyes, while deftly unbuttoning his shirt.

My fingers slid inside his shirt and touched his chest for the first of many times. I leaned closer to him and kissed his jaw. My tongue tickled his skin on his cheek and traced a small line down to his neck as my fingers slid through his chest hair to his nipple. I felt, more than heard him take a quick breath as my fingers lightly circled his nipple and my teeth passionately bit the skin of his neck.

Before he stood from the couch, he whispered into my ear “I can’t take this any more.” With that, I stood, letting him take my hand once more. He began to lead me to the bedroom, but before we entered the room, I pulled him to a stop and slid my arms around his waist. I stepped closer, pulling him to me. Our bodies met, and I felt his rear push against my erection.

I stand at five-eleven, and my weight is proportionate to my height. I am not an Adonis, or a gym rat, I am just a normal looking and acting male. He is slightly taller than I am, and proportionate. His body is exactly what I wanted then . . . and now.

As I gently bit his shoulder through his shirt, I finished unbuttoning it. Reaching up, I slid the shirt off his shoulders. I unbuttoned my own shirt, and quickly took it off. As my arms wrapped around his body, and my erection pressed against him once more, my fingers gently explored his stomach and his chest.

While my fingers found his belly button and his nipples, my mouth kissed his shoulders and back, and my hips pushed against his rear again. His face and shoulders turned toward me, our lips met, his rear moving against me, my hands caressing his skin. My hands traveled down over his belly, the waist of his jeans, and finally to his stiffening erection. I could feel through the material of his jeans that he was magnificent!

As my lust for this man grew, so did my courage. My fingers found his belt, then the button of his pants, and finally his zipper. I unzipped his jeans and my fingers snaked into his pants.

I pulled him even closer to me as I felt my way down his body. His penis felt wonderful as he became more and more aroused. I could feel the stiffening shaft, and the swelling head. I began to stroke him gently as we broke our kiss. I breathed heavily onto the skin of his back, and I felt him become extremely hard with my touch.

My hand was forced from his erection as he turned to face me. Arm-in-arm, the warmth from our bodies merged, and our tongues met once again. We explored the contours of each other’s back, and at different times, our hands grasped at each other’s rear end. We took turns pulling our crotches closer, and grinding into one another.

His fingers were at the button of my pants, then quickly unzipping them, and sinking to his knees as he pulled my pants down. I watched as his tongue traced the outline of my own erection through my underwear. He lingered at the wet spot at the tip of my erection and quietly moaned his pleasure.

My underwear was slowly pulled over my hardness and then down over my thighs. He pulled my shoes off with my pants and underwear. With the exception of my socks, I was naked in front of him. His gaze was lustful as he took in the sight of me. His fingers were gentle and soft as he touched my penis. His hand was delicate, yet firm as he began to stroke me.

While he was stroking me with his right hand, his left was sliding up the back of my leg, over the cheek of my ass, the small of my back and then down again. Then he began to stroke the inside of my left leg, from the back of my calve, up to the point where my leg is connected to my body. The back of his hand brushed and lingered at my balls.

He moved closer to my body, his mouth opened and he began swirling his tongue around the thick head of my erect cock. The warmth and wetness of his tongue made me hold my breath. His hand encircled my balls, gently rolling them in his fingers as the head of my cock disappeared into his mouth. I could only throw my head back, and close my eyes when I felt his mouth slide along the length of me.

I looked down as his mouth moved again, exposing my shaft. I ran my fingers through his hair as he slowly moved my cock in and then out of his mouth. I felt his tongue glide along the underside of my shaft, and his fingers make their way between my cheeks to press on my hole.

I decided to take a little more control of the situation as my knees began to buckle a bit.

I pulled out of his mouth and leaned down to kiss him. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and sank to my knees in front of him. I spread my legs and moved closer to sit in his lap. My arms were around his neck, and I was kissing him more passionately than I would have imagined. I melted by his touch, and he touched me in every place imaginable in this position.

Standing up again, I took both of his hands in mine. This time, I began to lead him to the bedroom. As we entered the room, I stopped and turned to him. I let go of his hand and stood there, looking into his eyes. Taking his cue, he kicked off his shoes and finished undressing for me. He was the most beautiful man I had seen. My desire grew as my eyes traveled from his toes up, over his body to stare into his eyes. His eyes were fiery and dedicated. The look of determination replaced his smile. His dark skin was sprinkled with hair in all the right places. His nipples were normal sized, and aroused. My eyes traveled down further and stopped at the sight of his erection. His cock was standing straight up, about seven inches in length and not too thick. The head was engorged and very wet with pre cum.

I reached out and began to stroke him with one hand; the other cupped and squeezed his balls. He was so wet! I used my thumb to spread the liquid around the head, making him very slippery.

My mouth found his nipple as my hands concentrated on his cock and his balls. I suckled the nub into my mouth and breathed in the scent of his skin. As my body sank, I kissed and licked everyplace that caught my attention.

When I got down to my knees again, I lifted his cock and began sucking his balls into my mouth. I swirled one and then the other with my tongue as I stared up into his eyes. I continued stroking him with a firm grasp, coaxing the liquid from deep within his shaft.

My tongue traveled up between his balls, along his shaft and over the slit. I used as much of my tongue as possible to gather all of his slippery pre cum. I continued up, standing to meet him face-to-face. He began sucking on my tongue, tasting his own fluids as our cocks met and our bodies pressed together.

We broke our embrace yet again and I walked over to the bed. I noticed a bottle of lube and condoms on the bedside table. Pushing him down on to the bed, I made him lay back.

When I got next to him, I teasingly played at his lips with my tongue and teeth. My hands slid over his chest and down to his cock, which had begun to soften a little.

I replaced my hand with my mouth. I did not take the time to lick and swirl, instead I swallowed his now semi flaccid cock into my throat. I moved him in and out, getting him as wet as possible. My hand squeezing his balls, and then sliding it up and down along with my lips.

I felt him grow hard immediately. Each time my mouth reached the head of his erection, my mouth left him, and I squeezed and rotated my fist. Each time I took him into my mouth, my nose touched his pubic hair. I knew I was driving him wild. I continued this for a while until I felt him begin to pump my mouth.

Once he really got going, I moved back up next to him to kiss him. Our hands were touching and exploring. Our lips and tongues were locked continuously, and lustfully.

I turned to the bedside table to get the lube. Leaning up on one arm, I squirted a generous amount into my hand as he watched. I replaced the cap, and left the bottle between us for later. I spread the liquid over his cock and began to stroke him very slowly as we locked ourselves in another kiss.

Up his shaft to the head, squeeze and rotate, then back down to the base. Back up slowly, squeeze, rotate, and back down. Then my hand slid further down, over his balls, between his cheeks, and to his hole. Then I worked my way back up.

With each touch at his hole, his legs spread further and further apart. I took this as an invitation. I squirted more lube into my hand and slid my fingers between his legs. I planted my lips onto his as I spread the slick lube onto his hole.

I slowly pushed one finger inside his body. He was warm, and very tight. I worked my finger in and then back out and around his rectum, spreading the lube all over. I slid a second, and then a third finger inside him. Within a few minutes, my fingers were moving in and out of his body with ease.

I stood up and pulled my lover off the bed. I turned him to face the wall, pushed his hands up the wall, and pushed his feet outward with mine. I moved up behind him, my cock against his ass and my hands stroking his back.

I pressed my body against him, whispering in his ear. As I quietly talked dirty to him, I pressed my cock between his ass cheeks. He arched his back and I felt my cock move up and down at his hole. I worked my cock at his hole, leaning my body against his, stroking his hands, his arms, under his arms, over his chest and nipples, over his belly, under his balls, over his cock, and then back up again. All the while, grinding my cock between his ass cheeks.

I pulled my body from his body. I started caressing his shoulders with my fingertips, sliding them down his back, over his ass, down the back of his thighs. Each time I began my ascent up his back with my fingers, I pushed my cock toward his love hole.

I began pinching his left nipple with my left hand, and with my right, I guided my cock to his opening. I rotated the head of my cock around his hole for what seemed like an eternity. As my pre cum mixed with the lube at his opening, I pressed just the tip into his hole.

He gasped for air as I pulled back out of him. Rotated the head around his hole, and then pushed back inside just a little. I continued to play with his nipple each time that I pushed in and then pulled out. I was purposely teasing him with my actions, and I know that he loved it. Each time I pushed in, he moaned, each time I pulled out he whined.

When I got to the point that I was lost in desire, I pushed the head of my cock into his body. I felt it easily slide inside him, and he dropped his right hand to grab my ass and pull me further inside.

Against our better judgment, I let him pull me all the way inside. As he thrust his ass toward me, and began to make rotating movements, my cock slid inside him to the hilt. I could not believe how hard he had made me, and how warm his body was.

I dropped my hand from his chest and grabbed his hips to better thrust into his body. As I looked down to watch my cock move in and out of my lover, I was struck by how much I wanted to make him feel good. I knew that he wanted this by our chats and phone conversation, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy doing this to him.

Within just a few minutes, I leaned my upper body onto his back as we continued our synchronized movements. My orgasm snuck up on us both. My vision blurred, my knees weakened, and I felt an explosion from within the core of my being. I came so violently that he almost screamed with his own release.

When I had spent my entire load into his body, we staggered back and fell onto the bed. As I lay there, my fingers exploring his love hole and the wetness there, we kissed, giggled, and whispered to each other.

I was overcome with the feeling of making love to this man.

After an hour or so, when I reached down and felt the beginning of another erection, we kissed again and again began to become one.

Another time.

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