first lesbian experience

When Melissa arrived in Washington, her first instinct was to panic. She’d been there before, of course, but never alone. Actually, she’d never really traveled alone before. Trips from home to college, to visit friends, she’d always had someone flying with her or waiting for her at the airport. But now she was alone. But she calmed herself down and found her way to the taxi stands. In a way, being alone was a blessing. She gave a cab driver the address, an apartment she’d never been before, and she settled into the back seat.

As the car traveled into the city from the airport, Melissa thought about what it would be like to spend a summer here, or maybe more. Tomorrow she’d have interviews for positions in labs around the city, at universities and government agencies, and they’d want a good answer to “why do you want to spend a summer in DC?” Truth be told, she didn’t have one. She had an answer, of course, but not an answer she could give them; DC wasn’t St. Louis or Augusta, and that was about all she cared about. No parents, no Matt. Just thinking of him made her almost throw up in the cab. She closed her eyes and banished the thought. She sighed and settled into her seat. She had made it this far; if she could get to their apartment, everything would be ok.


From the window, Leigh saw the cab pull up. Melissa would be staying with them for a few days while she interviewed for summer jobs around the city. Leigh and Melissa had only met once; she was John’s friend, really, but Leigh liked her. They didn’t have much in common, honestly, but Melissa was a nice girl, pretty, friendly, fun, and she and John had been close for a long time, so she had the benefit of the doubt. John and Leigh had big plans for this weekend, though, and since John wouldn’t be home for a few hours, it was up to Leigh to make sure everything went smoothly at the beginning.

After the greetings and the tour, Leigh gave Melissa some time to get settled. She texted John to let him know she’d arrived and then smiled. Melissa was prettier than she’d remembered, and she was feeling even better about the plan. It had been her idea, and just like every time before, John had taken some convincing. She knew part of it was his way of making sure she was really on-board, but this was different and he knew it. There was something more than sex to this potential conquest. Before she’d thought that would make her uncomfortable, but in a way, it just turned her on more. For Leigh, threesomes weren’t just about the pleasure of the sex itself, though that was of course spectacular. It was also about giving John everything he wanted. She loved him so completely, she wanted him to have everything, every woman he wanted. And she wanted to give it to him, to be there and see it with her own eyes, hear it with her own ears; she wanted to experience first hand just how turned on her fiancé could be. And when he came, she wanted it to be inside her, she wanted to hold his hand and look into his eyes, to see and feel and taste and sense that passion and that ecstasy.

She’d had her doubts about picking someone who they had an emotional connection and an actual relationship with, but there was something about Melissa that had always attracted Leigh to her. There was the physical side of it, of course; as a curvy girl with a pretty face, Melissa would already have been on Leigh’s radar. But there was a youthful innocence about her, a naive misunderstanding of the very basics of sex that made Leigh want to teach her, guide her…nurture her? It was weird to think that making out with someone could count as ‘nurturing’ them, but in a sense, that’s exactly what it felt like.

Her thoughts were interrupted by John’s return home. He came up the stairs, greeted Eli, and walked over to her. He looked good in his suit, as always, and she smiled when he took her in his arms and kissed her softly. “She’s in the office,” she whispered in his ear. “I have a good feeling about this. She looks good.” He shot her a look and a raised eyebrow. Leigh winked and ran her hand along the front of his thigh, over his crotch. He smirked at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Down, tiger,” he said to her softly, in a low, sexy voice. “Play it cool. It’ll happen. And if it doesn’t, you’re still gonna get some tonight. I promise.”

His words just flowed right through her mind, it was his voice that turned her on, made her close her eyes and melt just a little. His arms felt so warm around her, and feeling of his body against hers just added to the sensation. She was his, completely and utterly, and he knew it. In a way, it was frustrating to think how much power he had over her. It took so little for him to so completely take her away. But she couldn’t fight it, and she wouldn’t really want to, even if she could. It was intoxicating, that sense of being loved and owned.

Yet another series of thoughts were interrupted, this time by Melissa coming out of the office and greeting John. They hugged and made small talk; how was the flight, how’s work, that sort of thing. It all washed over her, as did the first half hour of dinner. Between cooking and getting the place ready, Leigh’d had almost no time to do actual ‘work’ that day. But even if she’d had the time, she wouldn’t have been able to concentrate. Ever since they decided they were going to go for it, she’d been unable to think of anything but. They’d done it before, but it had always been strangers or tangential acquaintances, people they’d never see again. This would be different, and she couldn’t wait.

“So, elephant in the room,” John said, jarring her out of her daydream. He wasn’t talking to her, but it was a phrase she’d heard a dozen times that week. It was how he started every practice run of the conversation, and she knew this was the moment she’d been waiting for, they’d both been waiting for. “How are you doing with all this…Matt stuff.”

There was a silence in the room and for a minute, Leigh thought they’d miscalculated. Oh, shit, she thought. She’s just going to close off, it’s not gonna happen. Melissa just stared at her food and sighed. Leigh almost panicked and changed the subject, but she kept her cool and waited.

“Not good.” Melissa said. When she looked up, Leigh could see tears in her eyes. She felt awful to admit it, but the sight made her smile inside. It’s going to work. “I still see him every day. That fucker.” John looked at her but she didn’t look back; she was staring over his head at the painting on the wall, thinking.

Leigh reached her hand across the table and put it on Melissa’s. She turned to John and, as they’d planned, said “Ok, ok, let’s not do this now. She’s tired and now is not the time.” Melissa looked at her and smiled, the connection reaffirmed. Melissa trusted her, believed she was with her on this. Oh, if her college production directors could see her now. Practice makes perfect.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Melissa said. “I’ve talked with John about it enough, I knew it was going to come up. And it’s helpful, he’s always good at calming me down, getting me to stop thinking in circles.”

“Look,” John said calmly, softly. “We’ve been over this. He wasn’t right for you, you’re not right for him. He shouldn’t have done it this way, you didn’t deserve it. He’s an asshole, he hurt you, but you can’t dwell on it, you can’t focus on him. You have to focus on moving on.” He was good at comforting her, it made sense he’d be good at comforting Melissa. A twinge of jealousy shot through her at that thought; it’s important in a threesome situation not to see the other girl as taking your place, being like you. But as it had all week, that soft feeling of jealousy turned her on, made her want this even more.

“I want to move on,” Melissa said, the tears returning. “I really do. It’s just so hard when I’ve got nothing I feel like I can look forward to. Every relationship I’ve had has been a disaster, and they’ve never made me happy. I’m doomed with men, I just want to give up and become a nun.”

John laughed at that, and it didn’t sound forced. Leigh couldn’t tell if he was acting or not, but it didn’t really matter. She had to give it to him, he’d been right, this was working.

“Ok, that’s one we’ve been over, too.” John said. “You can’t give up on something as important as this just because you’ve been burned. You’ve had some tough breaks, you’ve been unhappy, but you’re not doomed.”

“What’s the point? Men suck. No offense.” John nodded and kinda threw up his hands. “Well, maybe not ALL men, but they’re not worth the trouble they cause.”

Leigh didn’t miss her cue. “Ok, ok. I think you’ve gotten a bad sample. Let me assure you, there are plenty of things men are good for.” She looked at John and gave an obvious wink and smile. This was not the time for subtlety.

Melissa frowned and wrinkled her nose. “That’s definitely not enough to be worth it.”

John laughed. “Well, that’s opening up a whole different can of worms, but you know how I feel about your views there, Melissa.”

“What do you mean? What views?” Leigh feigned ignorance. It wasn’t easy; pretending that you didn’t know what for you forms the basis of a deep, passionate desire requires a lot of effort. But she could tell that Melissa couldn’t see through it.

“Oh, don’t get me started. John here, being a perv, loves to make fun of all the things I don’t like or think are gross. When they totally are.” Melissa said, with just a hint of a smile. She had a very pretty smile.

“Right, right,” John said. “Semen is gross, anything but the missionary position is demeaning, and the word ‘vagina’ should never be uttered outside a doctor’s office. How could I possibly forget?”

Before Melissa could protest, Leigh went into action. She leaned forward and, putting on her best half-serious, half-joking exasperated face, she said “Whhhhat? No.” She turned to Melissa and, again put her hand on Melissa’s. “Please, tell me you don’t think any of those things.”

Melissa laughed uncomfortably and looked away, but she didn’t remove her hand. It felt warm, soft. Leigh felt a rush of arousal as she imagined what the rest of her skin felt like. “Can we not?” she said softly, weakly. But she still didn’t remove her hand.

“Oh, honey…” Leigh said and she looked at John with a frown. Again, not going for the subtlety. “That’s not ok…John, give us a minute. Go take out the trash or walk Eli or something.”

Now it was John’s turn to take his cue. Before Melissa could protest, he was away from the table and was headed down the stairs.


This had not gone as planned. Melissa was looking forward to this weekend because she wanted to get away from memories of Matt and thoughts of her horrible history with men. Moving on to sex talk was only making it worse. She didn’t know Leigh well, certainly not well enough to feel comfortable talking about her hang-ups. Contrary to what she may have been telling John for years, she knew that it was weird that she limited herself so much, and she wished she could break out of this mindset, to feel comfortable and natural with her body and with men, but…but…

“I know I’m not the person you’d choose to talk to about this,” Leigh was saying, breaking in. “But maybe I’m the person you should talk to about this.”

This got Melissa’s attention, and she looked up. “What do you mean?”

Leigh sighed. “I’ve had my own hang-ups about sex, but I’ve worked through them. Everyone has issues with their body or with their sexuality, something. But you have to work through that, you have to get past it.”

This sounds familiar, Melissa thought. But Leigh continued.

“There is a guy out there who is right for you, who can make you feel…amazing.” The almost ethereal smile on Leigh’s face made Melissa pause. This girl is serious. She’s had girls tell her about how awesome sex was, but it had just not panned out. All that talk of amazing orgasms had no relation to her experience, but there was something about the way that Leigh talked about it that was…different. Melissa couldn’t help but believe her.

“Ok, fine,” she said. “Maybe there is. But how many losers am I going to have to try to find him? I mean, I don’t know if John told you, but I’ve not exactly had good luck.”

Leigh laughed and gave her a somewhat knowing smile. “He’s told me a few things…” Oh, great… “But look, who hasn’t got a few stories about ridiculous things that men have done or said. Men don’t understand how we work.” You can say that again. “Well…for the most part.”

Now it was Melissa’s turn to give a quizzical look and a raised eyebrow. “I mean, I have to be honest with you, and I hope this doesn’t make you feel weird, but…” She paused and Melissa leaned in closer, not even realizing that she was hanging on Leigh’s every word. She didn’t understand why, but this woman she barely knew understood her in a way no one else ever had.

Leigh looked her deep in her eyes and said softly, almost in a whisper, “John knows me in ways I can’t even explain. He knows my body and what I want better than I do. He has a power over me that I…” she trailed off.

Melissa realized she was holding her breath. She felt warm all over. Images flashed in her mind, of the two of them together, of Leigh’s face in ecstasy, John’s arms around her, his fingers in her hair. To her surprise, she wasn’t disgusted, she was turned on. She blushed and looked away.

“That’s…nice, I guess.” What a stupid thing to say. Here Leigh was pouring her heart out, trying to help, and that’s the best she could come up with? “I’m glad you have that, and I kinda wish I had it, too, but it’s just not gonna happen.”

Leigh smiled, but Melissa could see sadness behind it. She understands. She gets it. She sighed and looked away. Melissa could see that she was thinking, but she didn’t know what.

“Listen,” Leigh said, softly. She paused, and the whole apartment fell quiet. Suddenly Melissa realized that John had been gone for a lot longer than she’d anticipated he would. She had even forgotten that he lived there, that he might have walked in on their conversation.

Leigh went on. “I can prove it to you. You have to trust me.” Their eyes met and for a few seconds, Melissa didn’t breathe.

Softly, Melissa whispered “I trust you.” And gave Leigh a small smile.

Leigh reached across the table and took her hand and returned the smile.

“Go take a shower,” she told Melissa. “Go take a shower, relax, I’ll be here waiting when you’re ready.”

What did I just get myself into?


The second the door to the office closed, Leigh sprung into action. She grabbed her phone and texted John to come in and she ran into the bedroom to get ready. She hopped in the shower quickly while Melissa was still unpacking and trying to figure out what she’d just agreed to. While she washed herself, she heard the beep of the alarm signaling John’s return, and she smiled. This is going to happen.

By the time John made it into the bedroom, she was already out of the shower and drying herself off. She blew right past him and got dressed. It was important to strike a balance; she couldn’t wear anything that would make Melissa turn and run, but this was a threesome after all; not a time to be subtle. Tonight’s mantra. She chose a pair of black boy-short panties (sexy and one of John’s favorites, but not something that’d make Melissa uncomfortable), and a matching bra. She threw on the dress she’d worn for dinner and scrambled back into the living room. As she left, she turned to John and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re welcome,” she whispered with a smile. He gave her ass a soft grab and mouthed “Thank you” as she closed the door. She could hear Melissa still in the shower as she walked by and returned to the table.


He quickly hopped in the shower and tried to collect his thoughts. “Ok, just stay calm,” he told himself. “Leigh’s got this covered. She’s going to set it all up, all you have to do is not screw it up.” Easier said than done.

There wasn’t much water pressure, but he quickly washed himself, the warm water and steam relaxing him. The real challenge in the moments leading up to one of these was not to let you head get ahead of the situation, to not get worked-up imagining what it’ll be like and, as a result, keeping yourself from enjoying what it’s like right then. This build-up, this anticipation, it was sexy in its own right, and he wanted to enjoy it. But the images of past threesomes, the way Leigh looked with another woman’s lips on her neck, her breasts bouncing from his thrusts while her tongue lapped at another woman’s pussy…Stop, stop, focus.

He’d had a thing for Melissa for a long time, and to be fair, when it started, it was more than a little taboo. 16 isn’t exactly a baby, but for a college sophomore, it’s definitely too young. By the time John would have felt comfortable trying something, they went through a long period when one or the other was with someone else, and neither was the type to cheat. There was some text and email flirting that never went anywhere after that before it was clear to both of them that it would never happen. By then his pestering about her puritanical, irrational positions on sex were part amusement, part instruction, and a little prurient pleasure, but he never imagined he’d get to take advantage of any changes that he was able to cause. He’d always enjoyed visualizing what it would be like to hook up with Melissa, see her naked and now…

And now Leigh was going to give him his chance. GOD he loved his fiancée. How many women would put so much into getting their man a night with a younger woman and see it as doing something for herself?! Most would be threatened to even imagine that their boyfriend or husband sometimes THOUGHT about other women. He had to smile at that thought, as he turned off the shower and stepped out. For all her insecurities, she was secure in one thing: that no ‘other woman’ was going to change how he felt about her, that no nice pair of tits, no tight pussy, no sweet ass would make him forget her tits, her pussy or her ass. They were always going to be the ones he wanted, the ones that made his mouth water and his hands shake, even when that mouth and those hands were touching another woman.

He heard the office door open and he got quiet. He heard footsteps heading towards the kitchen, and he knew the moment was getting close. He quickly dressed in a t-shirt and shorts and sat down on the bed to wait.


Leigh had been sitting at the table for a few minutes before Melissa emerged. She was wearing pajamas, but she still looked pretty. She smiled at Leigh as she walked back to the table.

“Is John back?” she asked awkwardly.

“Don’t worry about John,” Leigh said as she waved her hand. Melissa laughed, and Leigh continued. “This isn’t about John.” Ok, so that was a lie, but it was the first one she’d told all night, the last she planned to tell, and it was a little one.

Melissa laughed and took a seat at the table. “So…now what?”

Leigh smiled. “Well, first, I will make clear that you can stop this whenever you want. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Ok, that’s good, but…what are we doing?” Melissa was clearly getting anxious, now as the time to just put all the cards on the table.

“I want to show you what you’re missing. I want to show you how good it can be if you’re willing to let go of your discomfort and your hang-ups. I want to give you a night where you can see what I’m so lucky to have. Can I do that for you?”

Melissa clearly looked uncomfortable. She still didn’t understand, and Leigh could see that she was losing her. She decided not to hold back and to just go all out.

“What I want is for you to spend the night with John and I. I want you to watch what we do to each other and to let us…” she paused and looked deep in Melissa’s eyes, knowing this was the moment when she had to sell her. “To let us…do it to you.”

There was silence. She and Melissa just stared at each other for a few moments. Then, as if a switch flipped in her mind, Melissa smiled. “That sounds…amazing.” Then, just as quickly, another switch flipped. “But, are you…are you sure? Doesn’t that make you feel kind of…”

Leigh cut her off. “No, definitely not. This is not the first time we’ve done this. John and I are happy and we love each other and this won’t mess things up for us at all. Trust me. This is about you.” Ok, so there was that lie again. But repeating the same lie doesn’t count as another lie, does it?

Before Melissa had a chance to reconsider, Leigh had stood up from the table and taken her by the hand. They walked down the hall and into the bedroom, where John was waiting. He had showered, and he was in shorts and a t-shirt. Melissa smiled awkwardly and Leigh squeezed her hand.

“It’s going to be fine, honey. Better than fine.” Melissa looked at her and then at John and then back at her. “Sit down on the bed.” Melissa did as she was told.

Leigh walked over to John and took him by the hand. He stood up and walked her backwards against the wall. Holder her hands, he raised his arm above her head. He kissed her, softly at first, then more passionately. Leigh moaned. She almost forgot that Melissa was even there.

His lips felt so soft and warm, yet powerful and passionate. He put her arms together over her head and held them at the wrists with one hand, while his other hand moved down her left arm, over to her cheek. He held her face tenderly while he kissed her, pushing his hips against hers, sliding his leg in-between hers. She rubbed her pelvis against his thigh, slowly grinding her pussy against him. Even through four layers of fabric, his body electrified hers. His hand moved down from her face, over her neck, her shoulders, and just as his fingers brushed over her breasts, his tongue shot into her mouth, sliding along hers. She moaned again, louder this time, and suddenly she was reminded that Melissa was still there.

She stopped him, gently pushing back against him with her body and lips. He stopped and backed away. She licked her lips and walked past him, over to Melissa. “Your turn,” she said, taking her hand and walking her to where she had just stood.

Melissa faced John, not sure what to do. She smiled that same awkward smile as she had when she first entered the room. He stepped forward.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her.

Seriously? At this point, you’re going to risk her saying no?! Leigh thought. She knew why he was doing it, and a part of her was glad he did. She certainly wasn’t going to ask at this point. But still, she didn’t breathe until she saw Melissa slowly, almost imperceptibly, nod her head and softly say “yes”.

John stepped forward and took Melissa’s hands, just as he had hers. She breathed in sharply when his skin first touched hers and he hesitated. Just do it, Leigh thought. As if he’d heard her thoughts, John leaned in and gently, softly, kissed Melissa. Leigh saw Melissa’s shoulders fall when their lips touched, and that jolt of jealousy ran through her again. That part of her mind shouted Stop this! He’s yours, not hers! But she ignored it. Of course he was hers; he knew it, she knew it, Melissa knew it. There was no chance anything that would happen tonight would change that. If anything, he would be even more hers than before.

Melissa’s moan shook Leigh back into the moment. John’s hands were moving up her arms to her shoulders, touching her bare skin over her collarbone. He cupped her cheeks and Melissa’s face tightened in pleasure. Leigh knew that feeling, she’d felt it may times, but she smiled to herself, knowing that what she felt was nothing compared to what she felt when John kissed her like that. No, she reminded herself, Melissa will never be kissed the way John kisses me. No woman is ever kissed the way he kisses me.

John stepped back, as they’d planned, and Leigh stepped forward. Melissa stiffened. She’d not planned on this part.

Leigh smiled at her. “No, no. You’re not kissing me.” Melissa relaxed. “Not yet.” Melissa awkwardly laughed and Leigh winked. “But it’s time we get you out of those pajamas.”

Melissa let out her breath and nodded. Leigh reached out and lifted her shirt. Melissa lifted her arms up and, with both hands, Leigh lifted the shirt over Melissa’s head, exposing her breasts. They were smaller than her own, but perky and they looked soft but firm. Her nipples were small and already hart. Leigh stepped back and John took her place. He put his hands on Melissa’s hips and slowly, softy slid them upwards. He cupped her breasts in his hands and smiled at her. He kissed her again while he gently massaged her breasts. Melissa was moaning almost continuously now, and Leigh could feel her own nipples getting hard. Her pussy felt warm and she wanted to shove Melissa out of the way and take her place. She wanted those hands on her breasts, those lips on her lips. But she waited and she knew it would come soon.

John stepped back and looked at Leigh, who nodded at him and smiled. He reached down and touched the waistband of Melissa’s pajama pants. He slid his finger along the inside of the band and smiled at her. Melissa’s eyes were closed, and Leigh could see her face twitch as his finger slid closest to her pussy. He slowly pulled the pajama pants down, revealing a pair of simple white panties. Melissa’s pants fell around her ankles and she shifted uncomfortably. John put his hand on her cheek and kissed her softly.

“Relax,” he said. She did. Leigh didn’t understand how he did it, but he had that power over women. He didn’t take her panties off, instead he turned to Leigh and nodded. She stepped forward and took Melissa’s hand. Melissa looked at her with a face that said Thank you, I am so grateful and Leigh smiled at her. She led Melissa forward and John took her place on the wall.

Leigh turned and she and Melissa stood in front of John. She reached forward and lifted his shirt off his chest. Shekissed him gently. He kissed her back passionately, in a way that surprised her. When she pulled back, he looked at her intensely. His eyes said Thank you, I am so grateful and Leigh smiled at him. She leaned in and whispered “You’re welcome” and kissed his cheek.

She got down on her knees in front of him. She turned up and looked at Melissa, who hesitated and then did the same. Leigh took Melissa’s hand and squeezed it. She whispered in Melissa’s ear “you won’t regret this” and kissed her on the check. Melissa seemed taken aback, but Leigh didn’t hold back. She leaned in and kissed her again, this time on the lips. Melissa didn’t kiss her back at first, and Leigh was worried she’d gone too far. But then, suddenly, Melissa’s lips parted and the kiss turned passionate. Leigh was taken aback, but she embraced it. She faintly heard John moan, but she didn’t pay attention, she just kissed Melissa. It was clear that Melissa was releasing pent-up energy, perhaps from John not kissing her hard enough, perhaps from never having kissed another woman, Leigh didn’t know or care, it felt amazing.

Suddenly she realized that John’s hand was on the back of her head. She broke her kiss and looked up at him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She turned to Melissa, whose eyes were still closed and a smile crossed her lips.

When Melissa opened her eyes, Leigh’s hands were on John’s belt. “Shall we?” she asked? Melissa smiled back and nodded.

They both looked up at John as Leigh undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. They pulled down his pants, and he stepped out of them carefully. Melissa and Leigh looked at one another as Leigh took Melissa’s hand and moved it up to John’s boxer’s waistband.

Melissa looked at John as she pulled them down slowly. As she did, his cock slid out and, when Melissa looked down, there it was in front of her; not quite fully hard, but its full dimensions were clear nonetheless. Leigh watched her eyes get wide and her mouth open slowly. Leigh laughed and Melissa turned to her. “I know,” she whispered to Melissa. Melissa’s whispered “you are so lucky.” Leigh smiled wider and whispered “tonight, so are you.”

She reached up and slid her hands along John’s thighs, cupping his balls. She turned to Melissa and, looking at the pretty girl next to her, she slid John’s cock into her mouth. He moaned and Melissa smiled.

Leigh slid his cock out of her mouth and turned to Melissa. “Your turn,” she said. Melissa hesitated and Leigh touched her hand. “Do you trust me?” Melissa nodded and smiled.

She took a deep breath, reached out and took John’s cock in her hands. His body twitched when she touched him, but she didn’t stop. She leaned forward and her lips parted around his cock. He moaned and his muscles relaxed as she slid further down until half of it was in her mouth. Then she moaned and began sliding her head back and forth. Leigh smiled and began softly stroking her hair and back. With her other hand, Leigh stroked and massaged Melissa’s breasts.

“Holy shit, this is amazing,” John said, looking down at the two girls below him. Leigh looked up and smiled, but Melissa was too focused on the cock in her mouth, she didn’t want to stop. Leigh laughed and slid herself underneath and began sucking his balls. His head leaned back and he moaned loudly, overwhelmed with pleasure.

Leigh felt that ecstasy, the electricity of these two passionate girls pleasuring him, running through his skin. No, this wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last, but this was special and she knew it. It was special for her, too. She was going to enjoy this…


Everyone has those moments in their life where they get something they always wanted and it turns out not to be what they’d hoped for. A new toy on Christmas that seems cheap in your hands and doesn’t work the way it should, a pair of jeans that don’t fit right. For some men, that’s what happens at a threesome; the awkwardness and logistical challenges overwhelm you and the problems outweigh the rewards. But that’s not what was happening this time. As John stood with his back against the wall, one hand on the back of Melissa’s head and the other on Leigh’s, his cock rock hard and sliding in and out of Melissa’s eager mouth, his head tilted back, his mouth open in ecstasy, he was getting exactly what he had dreamed it would be. Melissa was sucking his dick like a pro, or at least an amateur with a lot of energy. Years of pent-up sexual frustration were pouring out of her, and with each thrust came a corresponding moan. It was divine.

John looked down to see Leigh smiling up at him. He could barely catch his breath enough to say something, so Leigh did it for him. “Woah, hon,” she said to Melissa, gently placing her hand on Melissa’s thigh. “It’s not going anywhere, take it easy. This isn’t a race.”

Melissa leaned back and wiped the saliva off her chin and lips. “Sorry,” she said. “I just got a little into it, you know?”

Leigh laughed. “Oh yes, I know.” She shifted slightly right and reached up, taking John’s cock in her hands. “But you have to remember; this isn’t just about you. There’s a guy on the other end of this cock, and speed and force are not the key elements to a good blowjob for him.”

Leigh leaned forward and took John’s balls in her mouth, still holding his cock and gently stroking it. Her eyes were locked on his. He moaned.

“Woah,” Melissa said. “That’s hot.”

John moaned louder as Leigh flicked her tongue back and forth over his balls, still tightly held between her lips. Damn she’s good at that, he thought. He looked down at the girls and managed to softly say “she’s right. You have to… you have to… there’s more to it than just, you know. Sucking it.”

Leigh let his balls fall out of her mouth. “Wow, he’s eloquent when she’s getting blown, isn’t he?” she said with a smile to Melissa.

Melissa laughed and said “he can only think with one head at a time, and you’re keeping the important one occupied! Lemme try.”

Leigh shifted back and Melissa bent down further. She took his cock in her hand and slid her tongue over his balls. Woah! he thought, and his whole body twitched. “Yes, definitely. Like that,” he stammered.

“See what I mean?” Leigh said. “You can get a whole lot of power over a guy by what you do with your hands and your mouth.”

Melissa smiled at them and continued to lick and stroke, her eyes closed. She moaned softly.

John leaned his head back and let his mind empty. The sensations, the sounds, the energy in Melissa’s hands were lulling him into an erotic coma. He felt a soft warmth on the head of his cock. But the same warmth was still on his balls. Confused, he opened his eyes and looks down to see Leigh softly sucking on the head of his cock while Melissa continued to play with his balls. Holy shit, he thought. This is incredible. It was like his whole lower body was being enveloped in a soft, wet, sexy embrace. Flashes of pleasure mixed with lulls of relaxation.

His muscles began to tense. There was a limit to the amount of passive sexuality his body could take. He needed to take control, to thrust and to conquer and to own. His hands pushed Melissa away, softly but forcefully. She sat back and Leigh took more of his cock into her mouth. He put his hands on the back of her head, slid his fingers in her hair, and began to move her head in rhythm with his hips.

He vague heard Melissa moan, but it barely registered on his radar screen. He and Leigh moved in time, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth like he was fucking her. They both moaned and he felt like he was about ready to come. But no, it wasn’t the time yet for that. Hold it in, he thought. Think about something else, anything else. But when he looked down, he saw not only Leigh’s head bobbing up and down, her hair flying, her tits bouncing, her moans vibrating through his cock with every thrust, but also Melissa’s face, mouth open, in awe of Leigh’s skill, power and sexiness, her own tits begging for his hands, his lips, her soft skin glowing, her breathing heavy with erotic tension. He could see that both of them were begging for him, and it almost made him blow his load right then.

So he reached down and stopped Leigh’s. She looked up at him pouting, wanting more, needing more. “Wait,” he said. “We have a long ways to go before we get there.”

She gave a forced smile and looked over at Melissa. It was her turn to wipe the saliva off her face. “I believe it’s your turn,” she said softly to Melissa, taking her hand and raising them both up. John took Melissa’s other hand and led her to the bed.


Melissa felt like she was in the middle of an out of body experience. She was being led by the hand, by a naked man and his fiancee, herself half naked, to a bed, surely about to cross lines she had never crossed before. She should have felt embarrassed, she should have wanted to slow down, she should have turned and ran. But she didn’t. She wanted more, she wanted to feel the kind of pleasure she’d just seen on John’s and Leigh’s faces, she wanted that passion and that ecstasy. And she knew that she was about to get it.

She laid down on the bed. Leigh laid down next to her, more leaning against the pillows, stroking her hair and smiling. “Just relax,” she told Melissa. Clearly, her face didn’t show how relaxed she was. Wait, Melissa suddenly thought. I’m not relaxed. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m anxious. I want to get these panties off and I want to feel him against me, to feel his tongue on my pussy. Woah, she again startled herself.

“Wait,” Melissa said. She had just realized that while she lay there in only her panties, and John was completely naked, Leigh remained fully clothed. Melissa looked into her eyes and asked, “what about you?”

Leigh gave her a wry smile. “Do you want me to take this off?” she asked somewhat sarcastically. “I hadn’t pegged you as someone who was interested in another woman’s body.”

Melissa didn’t know what to say to that. Ever since she’d met Leigh, there was more than just a sense of competitiveness that all beautiful women feel towards each other. Yes, she’d wanted John for herself for years, but she knew that wasn’t going anywhere. But still, here was this other woman who was hotter than her, smarter than her, better for him than her. There was a light burning in her stomach, especially that first time she’d seen Leigh in a swimsuit. Melissa had always considered herself a straight woman, but she was able to appreciate female sexiness when she saw it, and Leigh had it. She would have been lying if she said there wasn’t a part of her that wanted to see what was under that swimsuit.

“Well, ummm,” Melissa stammered. “It seems only fair.” She paused. “I’ll feel more comfortable if we’re all…exposed together.”

Leigh and John both smiled at that. Melissa knew that would work, and it did. John lifted himself up off the bed and crawled to Leigh. Melissa couldn’t take her eyes off his cock, dangling between his legs, swaying as he moved. Damn, she thought again. Damn.

“Do you want to help me?” he asked her, flashing a winning smile and winking at her. Melissa lifted herself up and joined him kneeling in front of Leigh, who was also kneeling on the bed, beaming. John took Melissa’s hands and placed them on Leigh’s thighs, under her dress. This was the first time she’d ever touched a woman like that. Leigh’s skin was soft and warm, and Melissa could feel the heat coming from between her legs. This is the closest I’ve been to another woman’s pussy since…well, you know.

John had also taken her dress hem and began lifting it up. Melissa could see that Leigh was wearing a really sexy pair of black lace panties and she felt silly about her own white cotton pair. That’s not really fair, she thought. Leigh knew this was going to happen. I didn’t. Or did I? I had to think it was a possibility. I wanted it, I know, but…Leigh‘s dress was now at her shoulders, and Melissa could see her breasts swelling over a matching black lace bra. Wow, Melissa thought, jealousy swelling up in her. I can’t compete with these…

When they had lifted Leigh’s dress over her head, Leigh smiled at them. John kissed her softly and Melissa felt that jealousy swell up in her. She wanted to be kissed like that. Sure, John’s kiss earlier had been good, and she’d had plenty of other good kisses. But she could see that there was more than just a good kiss when these two were involved. There was a passion and a love that she’d never seen before, let alone personally experienced. But that’s what Leigh had promised her: getting to see it. Not necessarily getting to experience it. And this was certainly better than nothing.


As the two kissed, silently, naturally, John’s hands slid along Leigh’s sides and then around her back. Melissa watched his arms twist and knew he’d unclasped her bra. Practice makes perfect, she thought. No man she’d ever had could do it that fast.

John and Leigh broke their kiss and stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Melissa felt like an outsider, an interloper, like she shouldn’t be there. But the two looked at her and she felt welcome again. John took her hand and raised it up slowly. Her arm felt heavy as he lifted it up towards Leigh’s breasts. Her bra hung loosely on her shoulders. Melissa bit her lip. This was a line she was about to cross. She was ready.

Her fingers touched Leigh’s skin at the collarbone and it felt like an electric current passed through them both. Simultaneously, they moaned. John looked between them, shocked, but neither paid attention to him. Their eyes were locked together. Neither smiled, they looked at each other intensely, knowing what was coming. Leigh moved her shoulders and her bra fell down, exposing her breasts. John breathed in sharply, but Melissa did nothing, she just stayed still, her fingers lightly touching high on Leigh’s chest. Slowly, she lowered her wrist, taking Leigh’s breast in her hand.

Leigh’s nipple was hard, and Melissa could feel it against her palm. Her skin was soft and her breasts were firm. Leigh closed her eyes and moaned as Melissa gently squeezed it, turning her hand and moving her hand along her breast. Melissa took her first chance to lean back, not removing her hand, but looking down at the view which was now open to her. Well, she thought. They’re not real, but they are fantastic. Melissa had thought about getting implants, but had feared they would never look this good. She could barely tell they weren’t natural, even as she touched them.

She looked back up at Leigh, who was smiling at her. “Do you like them?” she asked. “They’re not-”

“I know,” Melissa said quickly. “But yeah, they’re amazing. I can barely tell. They feel so…real.”

She saw out of the corner of her eye that John was leaning down to her left. She turned and watched as he took Leigh’s right nipple into his mouth and gently sucked. She could see his tongue caressing her nipple, and his hand stroked the side of it. Leigh raised her arm and put her hand on his head, massaging his scalp as his lips and tongue massaged her. Melissa felt compelled to do the same.

Melissa leaned in slowly and, cautiously, slowly, took Leigh’s nipple into her mouth. It felt soft and yet firm. The skin of her breast felt warm and smooth against her lips. She felt Leigh’s fingers in her hair pulling her in closer. Melissa looked over and saw John staring at her smiling. Leigh moaned deeply, and Melissa both heard it and felt it through her lips. It was an amazing feeling.

Leigh removed her hands and both Melissa and John sat up, John’s cock was rock hard, and Melissa saw that Leigh’s hand was tightly clasped on it. She reached over and did the same. John and Leigh looked at her and she smiled. “I couldn’t help myself,” she said slyly.

Melissa turned and looked Leigh in the eyes. She felt an irresistible urge swelling up in her. She leaned in quickly and kissed Leigh on the lips, deeply, passionately, with tongue. Lots of tongue. Her lips were warm and wet and soft, everything she wanted lips to be, and Leigh kissed her back, her arms wrapping around Melissa’s back and pulling her close. Their tongues slid along one another, their lips rubbing and wrapping around one another. God this feels good, Melissa thought.

They broke their kiss and looked at each other smiling. Melissa wanted to lower her gaze, but she didn’t. Leigh looked at her and said “ok, now we’re even. Do you need me to take my panties off before you do?”

Of course Leigh didn’t need to, but Melissa wanted to see the rest. What she saw of Leigh turned her on in a way no woman’s body ever had. Her stomach was flat, her arms toned. Her dark brown hair fell gracefully on her bare shoulders, the curls luscious and beautiful and sexy at the same time. Melissa’s eyes moved down over her luscious breasts to the curve of her waist and hips, down to those black panties covering the slight bulge. She bit her lip and imagined where her thighs met. “Yes, please” she whispered.

Leigh leaned back, laying against the pillows, her legs spread slightly, invitingly. Leigh took Melissa’s hand and put it on the waistband of her panties. “Then take them off,” she whispered.

Melissa did not hesitate, she did not go slowly. She practically tore Leigh’s panties off, pulling them down over her thighs and calves, then her feet. As she clutched them in her hand, her eyes never strayed from Leigh’s pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed but some was still there, forming a light triangle pointing down, a look Melissa had not seen before, but could appreciate; clean and tidy but still not gone. Her pussy lips were tightly together, her clit not visible between them. Melissa felt her mouth water, which confused her. I’ve never thought pussies were sexy before, she thought. Why do I want this one so much?

She saw John place his hand on Leigh’s thigh, slowly moving up, up, until his fingers were on her pussy, one on each lip, straddling her clit. Leigh’s eyes closed and she moaned deeply. He began slowly moving his fingers in a circle. That’s a good idea, Melissa thought. She’d barely ever touched her own pussy other than when washing herself, and suddenly that vision of dual pressure on her clit, circular motions…

Leigh’s eyes shot open and she said “no, stop. Not yet.” She sat up and John took his hand back. “It’s not my turn,” Leigh said. “It’s Melissa’s.” Leigh lifted her now naked body off the bed, put her hands on Melissa’s shoulders, and turned her, quickly, before either of them could speak the words of protest on their lips. Melissa leaned back softly, feeling the warmth of where Leigh’s body had just lay.

Ok, she thought. This is it. I’m about to get naked with two other naked people. They’re going to touch me and, I guess kiss me? Kiss me…where? I don’t really know how this works. Will John just…dive right in? And what’s he going to do? Is there foreplay? I guess this is kinda foreplay, so is there foreplay to foreplay? They have to know I’m not used to this, I’ll need some warming up. Maybe he’ll do that same thing with his fingers. God that looked sexy, I’m sure it felt so-

John’s hands on her waist broke her thought process. His fingers slipped under her panties’ waistband and he ran his finger along the edge, just like he had with her pants. And just like before, when his finger passed the middle, the tip of it just inches from her…pussy, Melissa’s…pussy tingled. She softly moaned, the anticipation killing her. Mercifully, he began pulling them down. This was the moment of truth. The number of men who’d ever seen that part of her body was a very short list, and never before had the experience gone well. But she was ready, she wanted it, she needed it. John’s eyes were locked on hers as her panties slid down over her thighs. There was something deeply comforting about how he looked at her face while he revealed such intimacy. It was as if he was telling her this is no big deal, trust me. It’s ok, you can feel safe with me. And she did, she felt completely safe. Leigh had been right, this was wonderful.

That made her turn and look at Leigh. Her eyes were also locked on Melissa’s, too, searching for a reaction. Leigh’s soft hand was cupping her cheek so tenderly. Melissa smiled and kissed Leigh’s wrist. Then she looked down and saw that John had totally removed her panties. She was laying there totally naked, totally exposed, totally ready.


John half knelt, half laid on his stomach, Melissa’s white panties in his hands. Here she was, totally naked in front of him. Her legs weren’t completely spread, and he was looking directly into her eyes, but he could still clearly see her pussy. Her pubic hair was cropped closely, but there was more of it than Leigh’s. It looked as if Melissa had just waxed to be able to wear a swimsuit, little more. Her plump, soft, pussy lips were free of hair, though, and they called to him. He wanted to touch them, to taste them. He smiled at her. “You ok?”

Melissa nodded, her eyes locked on her own pussy, as if she was seeing it for the first time. Leigh stroked Melissa’s hair and softly whispered “it’s beautiful, Melissa. You have nothing to feel weird about. You have a really sexy pussy.” It was the first time any of them had said that word since they’d begun, and John half expected Melissa to be startled or say something, but she didn’t. Instead, she looked up at Leigh and whispered “really?”

“Yes,” John said, laying his hand on Melissa’s thigh. It was true. It’s hard to say what makes a sexy pussy, but the two in front of him definitely were. Their lips made his mouth water, the curves of their pelvic bones forming a slight mound just above the graceful, delicate lips which concealed such pleasure and lust, right at the meeting point of their soft light-brown thighs, just a few feet below the soft, inviting mounds of their tits, just below their hair falling on their shoulders…such an inviting view. “Are you…ready?”

Melissa smiled down at him and nodded. He wasn’t sure she knew what she was giving him the go-ahead to do, but he wasn’t going to ask again. He placed his hands on her knees, gently but unhesitatingly pulling them apart. He slowly slid his hand up her thigh until it was just to the left of her pussy. Melissa closed her eyes and exhaled, clearly trying to relax. Leigh put her hand on Melissa’s shoulders and lightly stroked her soft skin. She lightly kissed Melissa’s cheek. John watched and smiled. She’s going to like this kiss better, he thought.

He kissed her thigh and moved his hand onto her pussy lips. He just held his fingers over her pussy and pressed down slightly, applying pressure all over. Melissa moaned so deeply it almost sounded like a growl. John shifted his hand so it was just his fingers on the lips of her pussy, one on each side of her clit, the method Leigh had taught him which had brought so much success. He pressed softly and massaged her clit between his fingers. He heard a gasp and Melissa’s whole body convulsed. It was like she’d never been touched like that before. “Wow,” she said loudly. “That feels…wow.”

Leigh and John both laughed softly. It was so hot to think that he was giving Melissa something she’d never had before, that he was making her feel pleasure that she’d never felt before. He felt like that the first time he’d made Leigh come, the first time she ever came from anything but masturbating. Well, no, not on that level, but that same kind of feeling of power.

He continued rubbing Melissa’s clit, loving the ripples of pleasure running through her body. But he knew this wouldn’t be enough, that he had more for her. He leaned in and kissed her thigh again, this time further down. He could feel Melissa’s breathing quickening, knowing what was coming. But he drew it out, slowly kissing her more than a dozen times, alternating between her thighs, moving closer and closer to her pussy.

Finally, his mouth hovered over her clit. He purposefully breathed heavily, covering her pussy with his warm, moist breath. Melissa whimpered and her whole body shook with anticipation. Leigh laughed and said, “John, just do it, she needs it.”

“YES,” Melissa practically shouted. “Please, I need it.”

“Say it.” John said. He remembered back in the day when he wanted more than anything else to hear her ask him, beg him, to lick her pussy. “Tell me you want me to eat you out. Beg me to lick your pussy.”

Leigh breathed in sharply. John could see she was turned on, loving how he was playing with her. “Do it, Melissa,” she said.

Melissa hesitated, tensing up. John continued to rub her pussy, and they could both see she was building herself up to say it. She breathed in deeply and exhaled a long, slow breath.

Melissa looked down and stared directly into his eyes. John could feel the blood rushing to his face, his heart quickening, his breathing accelerating. He could see from Leigh’s face that she knew what was running through his mind. He saw her muscles tighten and saw her hold her breath.

“Please,” Melissa whimpered. “Please lick my pussy. Please make me cum. Please.”

John beamed at this. He’d never said that last part, but no one needed to ask him twice. He leaned in close and touched his lips to hers, pushing his tongue between them and brushing her clit.

Melissa’s back arched, she thrust her tits in the air, and she screamed “oh my GOD!” John held his head against her, moving in rhythm with her body. He watched Leigh grab Melissa’s head and kiss her, passionately. He could see their tongues massaging one another, heard them moan into each other’s mouths. He pushed harder, licking and kissing, massaging her lips and her clit with his lips and his tongue. She tasted delicious, sweet and wet, very wet. If he had any doubts about whether she was turned on and enjoying this, they were resolved when he felt her juices on his tongue and his face. She wanted him, and he was giving it to her.

He moaned into her pussy, loving the wetness of it on his lips, his cheeks. She was grinding her hips against his face, moaning into Leigh’s kisses. He opened his eyes and saw her massaging Melissa’s tits, rubbing her nipples between her fingers. Melissa had one hand on Leigh’s head and the other on John’s, pulling them both in tighter into her body.


Leigh pulled back and breathed deeply, catching her breath and taking in the vision before her. Melissa’s naked body writhing in pleasure, both her hands now on John’s head, pulling him deeper into her pussy, her tits bounding with every thrust of her hips, her hair in her face, her chest heaving with her passionate breathing.

“Oh my God,” Melissa said. “I’m…I’m…I’m…”

She could see that Melissa was getting close. Leigh could understand, knowing what John could do to her. But she still couldn’t believe that Melissa could cum so quickly. Then again, maybe she was wrong, maybe that’s not what Melissa was going to say, maybe-

“I’M CUMMMMING!” Melissa screamed. Her back arched and her eyes and her mouth opened wide. The moan coming out of her, again, sounded more like a growl. She kept repeating “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” occasionally interrputed by a “don’t stop” or an “oh my God.” John kept licking and Leigh kept massaging her breasts, drawing out the orgasm as long as they could. It went on for over a minute before her muscles relaxed and her body lowered, her back returning to the bed. She whimpered softly, her eyes fluttering and her body convulsing.

Leigh took her hands off Melissa’s breasts and softly kissed her. Melissa tried to kiss her back, but clearly her body didn’t have the energy. Leigh laughed and turned to see John pulling himself up off the bed. She could see his cheeks wet from Melissa’s pussy, a big smile on his face. She couldn’t believe the view of her fiancé with another woman’s juices on his face turned her on. God, I love this man, she thought.

As John stood up, she caught a glimpse of his cock, still rock hard. She smiled and leaned down to whisper in Melissa’s ear. “You know what I love right after I cum?” Melissa’s eyes opened slightly and she smiled a bit. Leigh knew she wasn’t going to get an audible answer, so she just answered her own question. “I love sucking John’s cock.”

Melissa’s smile got a little wider and she turned her head to the side. John laughed and moved over to her side. He took his cock and offered it to Melissa. She leaned forward and took it in her mouth. He smiled and ran his fingers through her hair. “Thanks for returning the favor, Melissa,” he said. Leigh laughed.

She looked at Melissa’s naked body, covered in sweat and still shaking from the powerful orgasm. She looked at John; he was covered in sweat, too, and his lips were still wet from Melissa’s pussy. He licked them, tasting her again. Leigh wanted to taste her, too.

While Melissa gently sucked John’s cock, in an almost infantile way, Leigh bent down and kissed her neck. Melissa moaned into John’s dick, which Leigh took as permission to keep going. She kissed down around Melissa’s collar bone, over the tops of her breasts, down to her nipples. Cupping one breast in her hand and gently kissing and sucking on the other nipple, Leigh could feel Melissa’s every breath and moan, could feel her jaw flex and relax as she sucked on John’s dick. Se enjoyed sucking other women’s tits, both because it turned John on and because she loved breasts. It wasn’t as good as sucking John’s dick, but at the moment that was in use by someone who needed some post-orgasm relaxation. She looked up and saw his eyes closed, a small smile parting his lips as he softly moved his hips back and forth in rhythm while gently moving Melissa’s head in time, using her mouth for himself.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. When their eyes met, a funny thing happened. It was like Melissa wasn’t there, like somehow, John‘s dick was in her mouth, not Melissa’s nipple. The three moved their bodies in time, and Melissa faded away, a naked, sweaty, pulsating connection of flesh between the two of them. Her soft skin was just a conduit for pleasure between John’s body and Leigh’s. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Melissa moaned but neither of them heard it. In that moment, Melissa’s breasts, mouth, they didn’t exist.

Leigh moved her hand down from Melissa’s breast and put it on her thigh, about halfway between her knee and her body. She could feel Melissa start in response, not expecting Leigh to move below her breasts. Oh, believe me, Leigh thought. I’m going much lower.

Leigh broke her gaze with John and looked at Melissa. She had taken her lips off John’s cock and was looking her dead in the eyes. She’d come back from her post-coital stupor, and she was aware of the fact that a woman was sucking her tits. She smiled and Leigh smiled back. Leigh slowly slid her body lower, further away from Melissa’s face, kissing the bottom of her breast, then her stomach, then her navel, then just above her pubic bone, never taking her eyes away from Melissa’s.

Both John and Melissa were watching her now. Melissa’s hand was on John’s cock, holding it tightly. His hand was on Melissa’s cheek, formerly guiding her head back and forth on his cock, now just…holding her. In a different context, it would have looked sweet. As it was, she could see it trembling with excitement. This is a moment he’s been dreaming about, Leigh thought. He loves watching me eat another girl’s pussy. He really wants this. I’m going to make him wait for it. She looked back at Melissa and realized how badly she wanted it, too. Leigh smiled; I guess I’ll make BOTH of them wait for it…


Melissa felt so warm. There were many feelings coursing through her right then, but warmth was the strongest. Her skin was still flush from the mind-bending orgasm she’d just had, and between Leigh’s breath on her hips and John’s hand and cock so close to her face, she felt like she was wrapped up in a warm blanket of sex. It felt amazing.

“What are you waiting for?” John asked Leigh, Melissa could see how tense his muscles were, how hard his cock was. She almost felt sorry for him, the way Leigh was toying with him. It was almost enough to distract her from the fact that she, too, was being teased. Clearly the guy wanted this badly, even more than he’d wanted all the cock sucking he’d gotten from the two of them. But hey, he did it to her, now it was fair that someone did it to him.

But that wasn’t the whole story, Melissa wanted it, too. The girl who thought cunnilingus was gross had become a full-blown addict. John’s tongue had converted her, and now that she’d seen the light, she wanted to bask in it all night long. Now that John’s mouth had moved away, Leigh’s was her best chance at another orgasm-by-tongue, and she needed another fix. The rapid descent into lesbianism didn’t even give her pause. Plus, a woman should know even better just how to do it, right? It was hard to imagine that anyone could know how to do it in a way that came close to what she’d just had, but 10 minutes ago she didn’t think that was possible either, so who knows?

Leigh didn’t say anything, she just smiled at John and continued rubbing her hands along Melissa’s thighs. She wasn’t even looking at Melissa. It was like she wasn’t even there, like she was some kind of mindless sex toy. In a way, it was kinda hot. Wow, that’s not something I ever imagined I’d think. In another time, Melissa would have thought about how exposed she was, her naked body sitting on this bed, her legs spread wide, revealing her most intimate areas, two people touching her, themselves naked. This was not something a good Christian girl from Georgia would imagine doing, and yet here she was, splayed out on her brother’s best friend’s bed, with that man’s fiancée between her legs, and all she could think was Lick. My. Pussy.

“You wanna be a tease?” Melissa said suddenly. John and Leigh both looked at her, taken aback, like they actually had forgotten she was there. “Well, this is what happens when you’re a tease.”

She grabbed Leigh’s head with both hands and buried it in her pussy. She ground her hips against Leigh’s face, yelping as Leigh’s lips parted and she took Melissa’s clit into her mouth, sucking on it. She let out a aroused laugh as Leigh moaned directly into her pussy, just like John had a few moments before. Where John had been gentle, Leigh was rough, sucking on and even biting her clit and pussy lips. When Melissa pulled her in tight, Leigh pushed in harder, a playful cat-and-mouse, or I guess pussy-and-mouth game. Wow, I guess the passion isn’t enough to stop bad sex puns, huh? John really is rubbing off on me. Mmmm, that reminds me…

She turned to see John, whose eyes were wide and fixated on the mix of flesh that was Leigh’s face and her own pussy. His mouth was open and his tongue darted back and forth in it, as if he was vicariously licking Melissa’s pussy through Leigh. His cock pulsed and bulged in her hand, rock hard and straight as an arrow. It really was a fantastic cock. She squeezed it to get his attention and he looked at her dead in the eyes.

“If that’s what happens when you’re a tease,” he said, grabbing the back of her head and thrusting his cock into her eager and waiting mouth. The head of it slammed against the back of her throat and she felt like her mouth was going to explode. He pulled her back by the hair, gripping it in his strong hands, and then thrust her back into it again. She was taking more of his cock with every thrust, until it felt like the whole thing was going down her throat, but more kept coming. It was like the passion and the arousal from watching Leigh eat her pussy was making his cock grow longer. She felt like she was being taken from both ends, and it felt glorious.

Leigh suddenly broke free of Melissa’s grasp, pulling back from her pussy. Melissa couldn’t see it, but she could hear Leigh wiping her face with her hand, breathing heavily, and watching John’s cock moving quickly in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck her.” Leigh said forcefully. “Stop playing around and fuck this girl.”

John stopped. He looked at Leigh, then at Melissa and then back at Leigh. He clearly didn’t know what to do. His cock was still halfway down her throat, but Melissa wanted to say something. She tried to pull back, but his strong hands clutched her hair, holding her in place. He didn’t seem to notice her efforts for a few seconds, until finally he recovered from the shock and realized that she was trying to get free. He let her go and she gasped for breath.

“Yes,” she panted. “Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me like you were fucking my face. Fuck me harder. Fuck me as hard as you possibly can.”

“But, but…” he stammered, struggling for words. “We don’t have any co-”

“You don’t need a condom.” Leigh said. “You can control yourself. You won’t cum inside her. You know where you want to cum, you can keep it in.”

“I’m clean, I promise,” Melissa offered, trying to be helpful. The two of them looked at her like she was some kind of confused puppy.

They both relaxed a little and Leigh put her hand on Melissa’s shoulder. “We know you are, hon,” she said reassuringly. “We trust you, that’s not what we’re worried about.”

“Well, I’m on the pill, too,” she added. “It’s for my periods, not because I’m a sl-” she caught herself. She’d simultaneously brought up periods and implied that having sex with someone she wasn’t dating made her a slut. Way to ruin the mood, she thought.

Both John and Leigh laughed, though. You two are awesome, she thought smiling. You’re so lucky to have each other. And I’m so lucky to have you.

“Are you both sure?” John said. “This wasn’t part of the plan.”

There’d been a plan? Of course there had, Melissa, are you an idiot? They’d probably been planning this from the moment you said you were visiting. She was flattered, actually, at the thought of these two, scheming a way to get her into bed with them. Two sexy people who could probably get any girl they wanted, had wanted her. Just the sort of ego-boost you need when you’re laying naked, spread-eagle, wet pussy and throbbing breasts, complete with rock-hard nipples, exposed to the whole world, desperately in need of a good hard pounding.

“I don’t care,” Leigh was saying. “I want you to fuck her, and I want you to fuck her now.”

The two looked at Melissa, who realized in that moment that she actually had a say in this. Whether they meant it or not, they’d begun seeing herself as that mindless sex toy she’d imagined earlier, just a willing female body for them to use and play with, to give each other pleasure while, as a side-effect, also pleasuring it.

There was something deeply arousing about being used, something she’d never understood before today. It wasn’t degrading or cruel, it was almost loving to have someone else feeling such passion for you and for someone else that they want you to be part of their love. They were tender with her, but they knew what they wanted and, as long as she didn’t stop them, they intended to take it from her. She was handsomely rewarded, of course, but ultimately, this was about them, she was just a player in the game.

But this was different. This was crossing a line that they wanted to make sure she wanted crossed. The truth was, she had wanted this line crossed from the very beginning. She’d hoped from the first moment she realized what was about to happen that it would end, or at least include, the two of them having sex. She hadn’t predicted an orgasm beforehand, but she had certainly predicted this.

“I want it,” she said finally. “I’m serious. I’ve thought about this, and I want you to fuck me.”


There was a part of John that couldn’t believe what was happening. They’d had threesomes before, but it had never gone this far. It was a tacit agreement between the two of them, that no matter what happened, his cock was for her pussy alone. It had never been an issue before, though certainly one or two of the girls had been left wanting when they didn’t get the fucking they wanted. But no one really cared about them. This was, of course, different, but he didn’t think it would be this different.

Before he knew it, Leigh had grabbed his hand and was pulling him back onto the bed. Melissa was on-board, and Leigh certainly was, so this was happening whether he wanted it or not. And he did want it. He wanted it badly, in fact. Eating Melissa’s pussy and sucking her tits was nice, but there was a part of every man who wanted to fuck every hot, young girl he could get his hands on. And since there were two women in the room he wanted, and one wouldn’t even question it, getting the other one was quite an opportunity.

“How do you want me?” Melissa asked. For some reason, that question caught him off-guard even more than when Leigh had first told him to fuck her. That Melissa would even consider any position other than missionary showed just how far they had come in just an hour. A part of him wanted to say “get on your knees and put your ass in the air,” just to see what she’d do. But the time for that might come, it just wasn’t now.

“Just lay on your back, that’s fine,” he said, trying to sound calm even though his heart was pounding. He was so nervous, he half expected his dick to go limp. But the only thing stronger than how nervous he was, was how turned on he was, and it was rock-hard. Here was a girl he’d wanted for years, laying on his bed, naked, ready and willing, her pussy screaming for his cock, her eyes begging for it, her tits inviting, and next to her lay his fiancée, herself naked and wet with passion, licking her lips and eager to watch her future husband fuck the brains out of this sexy girl next to her.

He positioned himself on the bed above her, his cock throbbing, begging for the pussy right below it.

“Wait,” Leigh said. She bent down and playfully kissed the head of his cock, wetting it with her lips and tongue, getting it ready. Then she turned and kissed Melissa’s pussy flicking her tongue over Melissa’s clit, eliciting a moan. She leaned back and looked John right in the eyes. “Do it.”

He took a deep breath and looked Melissa in the eyes as he lowered his pelvis. Leigh’s hand was on his cock, guiding it to the spot on her pussy. As the head slid inside her, Melissa gasped and her eyes opened wide. Leigh’s gaze was locked on John, however, and he gulped.

As his cock slid further into Melissa’s pussy, both of them tensed their muscles. She was incredibly tight, and his cock barely fit inside her. He was only halfway in when Melissa clearly felt like it was too much.

“Honey, relax,” Leigh said. “You have to relax if you want it to feel good.”

“I’m trying,” Melissa said, not taking her eyes off John. “It’s just…too big.”

John almost laughed. Every man wanted to hear that at some point in his life, of course, but it was still uncomfortable. Here he was, his cock halfway in Melissa’s pussy, and she was clearly not enjoying it.

“Why don’t we try a different position that might be more comfortable?” he suggested. His mind ran rampant. He wanted her from behind, he wanted her on top of him, he wanted her standing up…so many choices.

“Yes, good,” Leigh agreed. “You should get on top, that’ll help.”

John slowly pulled out and Melissa’s muscles relaxed. He rolled over onto the bed and Melissa climbed on top of him. Leigh shifted down and took his cock in her hand, guiding it into position.

“Ok, now relax and take it slow,” she told Melissa. “Take as much as you can handle, and just…ride him. Ride that cock, Melissa. Relazx and enjoy it.” Melissa closed her eyes and exhaled. She slid herself down on his cock, not as far this time, and began going up. He was going to protest, he wanted to go deeper, but he stopped himself. Take it easy, he thought. Let her control it, let her take it slow.


Leigh’s hand was on John’s chest, and she watched Melissa taking his cock like a champ. She almost felt a sense of pride as she saw how differently the reaction was compared to before. See, this is why you have to be flexible, girl! You don’t ruin a chance to get a cock like this just because you like missionary. Hell, if you have to, take it up the ass, just get it inside you! Up again and down again, a little deeper each time, Melissa’s breasts heaved with every motion. They weren’t big, but there was movement to them that only young, natural breasts have. She knew John was appreciating the view, and he was, too. Her eyes were still closed, but lips parted into a bigger smile, and her body relaxed as she reached the base and the whole thing was inside her. With the next two bounces, she lifted herself up almost the full 7 inches before sliding back down the hard shaft. She rode him exactly like Leigh had told her to. Leigh put her hands on Melissa’s breasts, feeling them bounce as she rode John’s cock.

Melissa opened her eyes and looked at Leigh. “This is fun!” she said.

Leigh laughed and kissed her. Melissa kissed her back, hard. Harder than before, she grabbed the back of her head and stuck her tongue deep in Leigh’s mouth. Leigh moaned, and felt John tugging on her leg. She knew what he wanted and he smiled. Usually, the roles were reversed, but Leigh didn’t mind at all. She was willing to forego riding this cock so that John could try another pussy. She knew they hadn’t talked about it beforehand, but she’d thought about on her own. She knew all along that, if the moment called for it, she wanted it to happen.

She lifted her leg and straddled John’s face. He reached up and grabbed her legs, pulling her pussy closer. When he buried his lips in her pussy, her mouth opened and her eyes got wide. A shock of pleasure ran through her body as he took her clit into his mouth. God he knows how to eat pussy.

Melissa laughed as she continued to grind her hips against his. With each sway of her hips, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and Leigh knew exactly what she was feeling. She remembered the first time she’d felt that cock inside her, how it had blown her mind and totally changed how she thought about sex. She could see that it was doing the same for Melissa.

She tried to stand up, but John’s arms were wrapped around her thighs, his mouth locked on her pussy. “No, wait, stop” she said, protesting, pulling herself off him.

John drew in a breath as she lifted off his face. “What? Why?” he pouted.

“I want you to look at this view,” she said to him, lying down with her head resting on his shoulder. It was almost romantic, in a way, as the two lay next to each other, watching the show unfolding before them.

They watched, mesmerized, while Melissa rode his cock. She rocked back and forth, shifting her hips like a pro, occasionally lifting herself off a bit and sliding back down. Her eyes opened and closed, not fixating on anything, really. She had a big smile on her face, and her hands moved back and forth, occasionally massaging her own tits, squeezing her own nipples and then sliding up to her hair. She looked like she could cum again.

No way, Leigh thought. This chick is not cumming twice before we cum once.

She lifted herself off and grabbed John’s head, pointing him towards her. “Fuck me. Now.”

Melissa looked like someone had just stolen her candy. But John sat up and lifted her off him, almost without thinking. “You don’t need to ask me twice, he said,” setting Melissa down on the bed, done with her.

Leigh hopped off the bed and bent over. John stood behind her, his hard cock wet from Melissa’s pussy. Leigh’s was practically dripping from his mouth and her own arousal, but she wetted her fingers anyway; given how hard John was, this was going to be tight no matter what.

Leigh looked up and watched in the mirror as John positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy. She looked over at Melissa, who was watching intently. Leigh remembered that this was one of those “degrading” positions for her, and she was about to see just how wrong she was.

Both women held their breath as John took hold of Leigh’s hips and slid inside her.


John concentrated on going slowly; as wet Leigh’s pussy was, and as wet as his cock already was from Melissa’s pussy, he didn’t want to hurt her, and he knew that he was only barely holding on. Letting Melissa ride him had been amazing, but with all this sexual energy built up inside him, he needed to fuck, to really pound Leigh’s pussy. But he held back, at least for now.

As his cock slid in, though, that became impossible. What began as slow, shallow thrusts quickly became faster and stronger. With each push, Leigh’s body slid forward on the bed sheets; she was trying to stay in place, but he was too strong, too forceful. He pulled her back, his hands firmly on her hips, holding her in position, keeping her where he wanted her. Soon, he was positively pounding her, barely hearing her moans and screams, barely paying attention to her pushing back against him. He needed her pussy, and while he knew he was probably hurting her, he knew she understood, knew she liked it, knew she could take it.

He briefly glanced up and saw that Melissa’s eyes were locked on Leigh, watching her reactions. There was no jealousy or anger in her eyes, no disgust or concern, just amazement, wonder, appreciation. She’d probably never seen a woman take a cock like that, let alone enjoy it. He saw that her hand legs were spread, her hand on her pussy, rubbing her clit furiously. Holy shit, he thought. So much for disgusting and demeaning; she’s masturbating to us fucking! The idea of her so turned on by this to get over her prejudices against both sex from behind and masturbation at the same time was…incredible.

Leigh’s arm shot out and grabbed Melissa’s ankle. “Fuck, that’s so hot!” she exclaimed; she’d apparently seen it, too. Melissa smiled and said “you have no idea…”

He knew he was about to cum, about to lose it, and he didn’t think he could thrust any harder, grip any harder, but he found himself doing exactly that. His fingers practically dug into Leigh’s hips and he could feel the head of his cock, as hard as it had ever been, slamming into Leigh’s cervix. But he didn’t even register that. All his mind could process was the incredible feeling of Leigh’s pussy tightened around him and the awe-inspiring vision laid out before him: Leigh’s ass and back, her hair everywhere, her muscles rippling, her face in the mirror showing pleasure the likes of which she’d probably never experienced, her mouth and her eyes opened in a mixture of shock and ecstasy; and then there was Melissa, her soft, firm tits exposed, her fingers furiously rubbing her tight, wet pussy that he had just recently been inside and just before that licking, her face likewise a mask of pleasure; both of them moaning and begging; the room smelling of sweat and sex and…

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum….Oh, God, Leigh, I’m cumming!” he shouted. He thrust as hard as he could inside her, his hips mashing against her ass, his hands clasping her hips, his back arched and his head thrown back. His balls spasmed and he began shooting a massive load deep inside her.

“Yes, yes, cum in me! Cum deep inside me!” Leigh shouted back. “I’m going to cum, too!”

He looked down, saw her back arching, her hand clenching in a fist around the sheets and around Melissa’s ankle. She screamed his name, that she loved him, that she belonged to him, before her words became unintelligible, the orgasm apparently scrambling her words.

He was still cumming when he was starled to hear Melissa shout “Holy shit, me, too!” She screamed and her whole body twitched, her tits bounding as her whole body shock, waves of pleasure rushing through her.

He came harder and longer than he ever had before, but when he was done, both of them were still going. He watched while these two gorgeous, sexy women bristled with pleasure, pleasure he had given them. He smiled and felt satisfied in a way most men never felt. He realized then that his cock was still hard, his hands still tight on Leigh’s hips. He released her and her body slumped slightly; he’d been holding her in place more than he thought. He slowly slid in and out, giving Leigh a nice ending to the orgasm she was still coming down from. She gasped when he did, and looked up at him in the mirror. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Melissa, meanwhile, was still cumming, her body shaking and her moans softening. Her fingers were actually inside her pussy, two of them, her other hand tightly gripping her breast. She opened her eyes and saw the two of them looking at her. She laughed and blushed. John laughed back and reached his hand out to her. She took it, and he pulled her in close. With his other hand, he lifted Leigh off the bed. He kissed his beautiful fiancée on the cheek and then she kissed their beautiful partner. Finally, he turned to Melissa and kissed her. Leigh moaned, watching this while his cock was still inside her. God, I’m a lucky man, he thought.

The three got into bed together, John laying on his back with Leigh and Melissa each laying their heads on his shoulders. They fell asleep together, warm, naked, fully satisfied. As he drifted off, his last thought was God, I’m a lucky man.


By the time they awoke the next morning, Melissa had rolled over to her own side of the bed, while John and Leigh were spooning on the other side. John’s hand was on Leigh’s breast, their legs cupping one another’s. Despite the warmth in the bed, they’d slept that way the whole night.


Melissa was the first to wake that morning. When she first opened her eyes, she hadn’t remembered what had happened the night before, and she was confused; Where am I? This isn’t my room. Why am I naked?! When she remembered she was in DC, she was still confused. But this…this is…oh, God. It all came running back to her then; not only had she hooked up with John and Leigh, but she’d had sex with John, masturbated, let both of them lick her…down there, and she’d masturbated. Her first instinct was to feel revulsion. What they’d done was wrong, gross, she’d been caught-up in the moment but that still didn’t make it right.

No! she suddenly thought, as the rest of the night came back to her; the intimacy, the caring, the pleasure, the love between the two of them, the way she’d felt part of that love. No. That can’t have been wrong. She turned in bed and saw the two of them, still holding each other. Part of her ached for that kind of connection, that kind of love, but part of her realized that, last night, she had been part of it. Sure, they both put each other first, but in a way, for a moment, they had loved her, too. And that momentary love had been more than she’d ever had before, she’d felt it more than ever before; what difference did it make if it was primarily sexual? She didn’t anymore.

She felt deeply at peace in that room, in that bed, lying beside these two. She knew that John and Leigh loved her, wanted the best for her. Of course they loved each other more, she was under no misconceptions about that. And she knew that they were, ultimately, trying to please each other. But she also felt that gentle, nurturing love between them growing larger to fit her as well.

Everything they did was for each other, but for her, too. She had given herself over to them completely, knowing that she could say ‘no’ at any time, but knowing that she wouldn’t need to. Her body was theirs to play with and enjoy, and in return she received knowledge and pleasure and love, all in ways and to degrees she’d never really believed possible. She was theirs, and they hers, at least for that night. And why not this morning, too?


Leigh was the second to wake up. She felt John’s arms around her, felt the warmth of his embrace. She felt deeply satisfied, sexually and emotionally, but initially her mind did not remember the specific reason. She didn’t really care, she felt warm and happy and loved and safe and…Man, she thought, my pussy is actually really sore.

Then things started coming back to her. The night they’d just had, the pleasure, the sights of Melissa and of John, the sounds they’d made, the ways they’d touched her…she shivered. She was suddenly conscious of John’s half-hard cock pressed against her lower back. It was times like this, when she felt how big it was, even when not fully hard, that she was surprised her pussy didn’t hurt even more after a hard fucking. How can all of that cock fit inside me?!

She listened closely to see if Melissa was still in bed with them. She didn’t hear anything, and she didn’t want to turn and look for fear of waking John. There was a part of her that hoped Melissa had slipped out; she wanted to be able to talk with John about their night, hear how much he had enjoyed it, what was his favorite, find out all the feelings and things she’d missed. Of course, she also wanted to tell him about how much she had enjoyed it, what were her favorite moments, the things that she would always remember. Then again, she didn’t want Melissa to have left out of embarrassment, and if she was still in bed, then maybe…

Well, let’s be honest, she thought, smiling to herself. Whether Melissa is in bed right now or not, some sexy time is going to happen when John wakes up. Maybe I should hurry things along…


John woke up with a clear recollection of everything that had happened the night before; he’d dreamt about it that whole night, it would never forget it. The touch of Melissa and Leigh’s skin, the sounds of their pleasure, the sight of their naked bodies touching one another, touching him, touching themselves, the sensations of his cock inside both their pussies, his hands all over their warm, soft skin, breasts and asses…he could feel his cock getting harder against Leigh’s back. He wondered if she noticed.

He stirring implied that she did, but he didn’t move, not wanting to wake her if he was wrong. But then his pelvic muscles reflexively flexed as his cock grew harder, pressing it against her warm back. At this she turned her head slowly, quietly, and he could see her smiling.

“Good morning,” she whispered, barely audible over the noise machine.

“Good morning, my love” he whispered back, able to be even softer because his mouth was right against her ear, his breath surely warm on her cheek. “How did you sleep?”

She moaned softly. “Very well, you?”

“I always sleep well when I’m fully and completely satisfied,” he said in a low, sexy voice. That elicited another moan. “Quiet,” he said, in the same voice. “You’ll wake Melissa.”

“Is she still here?” Leigh asked, sounding a touch disappointed. He smiled at that; so eager to kick this poor girl out of her bed to have him to herself. How un-lady-like.

“I think so,” he whispered. “I think I can hear her breathing behind me. I’m not sure if she’s still asleep, though.” He smiled again. “Want me to check? I’m pretty sure if I try to put my cock in her ass, we’ll know if she’s awake or not.”

Leigh laughed at that, louder than she should have if they were trying to keep quiet. He didn’t know for sure whether she did, though.

At this, he heard rustling behind him and a soft, low voice said “what are you two talking about?” Apparently Melissa was awake, since Leigh’s laugh wouldn’t have been enough to rouse her on its own.

He let go of Leigh, despite her soft protesting whimper, and rolled-over to face Melissa. Now behind him, Leigh turned as well and lifted her head above his shoulder, looking at Melissa as well. Her soft hand rested on his thigh. His cock grew harder.

Melissa was laying on her back, her hair was a mess, but her face looked peaceful, happy. She was smiling, though her eyes were closed. From her shoulders, it was clear that she was still naked, or at least topless, though the sheet still covered her breasts.

“Good morning,” John said with a smile. Leigh echoed him, her voice soft and soothing right next to his ear. He could feel her breasts against his back, her skin soft but her nipples slightly hard. Maybe this isn’t over yet? he thought, smiling to himself.

Melissa turned her head to look at them, and lazily opened her eyes. In a weird way, it was sexy, and also sweet. He felt strangely compelled to kiss her, though he didn’t know why; perhaps because he’d never spent the night with a woman he wouldn’t kiss in the morning. He had no idea what the protocol was on that sort of thing; obviously it had been ok last night, both to her and to Leigh, but it probably wouldn’t be acceptable on the street later that day, so where was the line?

Melissa interrupted his existential query with a soft, sleepy “good morning to you guys, too.”

“We’re glad you stayed,” Leigh said. He could feel from her cheeks that she was smiling, though he knew it was far from certain that the sentiment was genuine. He felt a little guilty, he wanted alone-time with his fiancée, too. But hopefully this morning would be worth the extra wait for a debriefing…

“Me, too,” Melissa said, smiling back. John noticed that she was looking at him, confused. Then her look turned to bemusement; “John,” she said, faking sternness. “Are you looking at my boobs?”

Of course I am, he thought. Even though he’d seen them and touched them last night, the way they looked, barely covered by the thin sheet, bumps visible where her apparently hard nipples were, was intensely tantalizing. “Mayyyyybe,” he said slowly, not moving his gaze.

“So what if we’re staring,” Leigh said. “You didn’t mind last night.” He felt another smile.

Melissa laughed, and her chest moved up and down with the laugh and, with her chest…

“Ok, fine,” Melissa said, feigning exasperation but smiling widely. She closed her eyes and lifted her arms above her head. She arched her back, the sheet slowly sliding down, off her breasts and onto her stomach. As she lowered her chest back to the bed, she let out a sigh. Her eyes still closed, her mouth still smiling, she asked “better?”

“Yes,” John and Leigh both said in unison. The three of them laughed.

Leigh lifted herself up in the bed so that she was now kneeling behind him. He turned and looked to see her own breasts showing. She moved her arms and flattened her palms on either side of them, as if showing them off. “Yay for boobs!”

Melissa rolled her eyes and John laughed. “Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy them. That was pretty obvious last night,” he said.

Melissa blushed and looked away for a moment, but she didn’t disagree.

“Well, now hold on a sec,” Leigh said playfully. “We’re both showing again…why aren’t you?”

“Woah, now, hold on!” John said. “That’s hardly comparable. You’re just showing your tits. That’s hardly the same as my showing my dick.”

Melissa rolled her eyes again. “Ugh, you’re such a lawyer. Fine.” She gabbed the sheet and pulled it down to her knees, exposing her pussy. “Happy?”

“Yes,” John and Leigh again both said in unison.

“And now I’m the only naked one,” Melissa said. “That’s hardly fair.”

Leigh hopped off the bed, standing next to it, fully naked, fully exposed. She smiled, and again repeated her “look at what they’ve won!” gameshow host hand waiving. Both John and Leigh laughed as she bounced up and down happily.

She jumped back onto the bed and quickly pulled the sheet and comforter off John. “Fair’s fair!” she exclaimed.

John looked down at his dick, now fully hard, and then back at the two naked women around him. “Happy?” he asked, with a tinge of mockery in his voice.

“Yes,” Leigh and Melissa said in unison.

Melissa bit her lip. It was extremely sexy how school-girly she still was about sex, despite how far she’d come. Yes, she’d willingly exposed her naked body this morning, but the blushing, the lip-biting, the hints of nervousness in her voice…it showed that she still felt uneasy about the whole thing. Fortunately for John and Leigh, she was apparently responding by throwing caution to the wind, enjoying this threesome to the fullest.

Leigh climbed back onto the bed and crawled over him towards Melissa. When she reached the young, naked body stretched out before her, she paused, looking it up and down. Then she leaned in and kissed Melissa lightly on the lips.

John couldn’t decide what to look at, his fiancée kissing this beautiful, naked girl, or his fiancee’s gorgeous, sexy, naked ass right in front of him. After going back and forth for a few seconds, the ass won, and he reached out and stroked it. Leigh moaned into Melissa’s lips.

“Hey now,” she said, not turning back to face him. “This is a private party. Us girls are having fun together. You need to mind your own business.”

“Like hell you are!” he said, grapping Leigh by the hips. She let out a surprised, gleeful squeal as he pulled her towards him and flipped her over onto her back. He climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back with just as much passion, their bodies writhing against each other. His thigh was between hers, pressed hard against her pussy; their hips gyrating in rhythm, rubbing together. Leigh moaned again.

“Now who’s having a private party?!” Melissa asked playfully.

John and Leigh stopped kissing and looked up at her. “Well, do you want to join in?” Leigh asked, reaching her arm out and running her hand along Melissa’s thigh.

“Sounds good, but…how?” Melissa asked, looking them up and down.

John rolled off Leigh, laying down next to her. Melissa crawled over to them, hesitating, not knowing where to go from there.

“Here,” Leigh said, taking her hand and pulling Melissa in. But not in to herself; instead, she brought her in and presented her to John. Melissa and John looked at each other. Here’s that moment again, John thought. Am I supposed to…

Melissa kissed him. The moment their lips touched, Leigh moaned. “I love watching this,” Leigh said.

Melissa pulled back and looked at her. “Really? Why?”

Leigh smiled at her. “I want John to have anything and everything he wants.” She paused. “Including you.”

Melissa laughed. John could see her pondering that, considering it. “And what do you want?” she asked. “I don’t mean wanting what he wants. What do you want? Maybe we want to give it to you.”

Now it was Leigh’s turn to stop and think. She looked at Melissa, then back to John. She smiled and looked down. “You know what I want?” She looked back up at them. “I want one of my favorite morning treats.” She reached over and put her hand on John’s thigh.

Melissa looked down and smiled. “Oh, I see! Well, have fun.” She said playfully, leaning back to leave.

“Oh, no.” Leigh said, taking her hand. “No, no. We’re both getting a morning treat.”

She and Melissa both shifted down on the bed until they were crouched over his legs. Leigh slowly slid her fingers over his balls, which caused his whole body to twitch. Melissa laughed. “I wish I could do that.”

“Well, why can’t you?” Leigh asked. She took Melissa’s hand and said, “Here. Try this…” She guided Melissa’s hand along John’s thigh, her fingers glancing over his cock. He moaned. It felt amazing, beyond amazing.

“Cool…” Melissa said, her eyes wide and her mouth gaping.

Leigh smiled. “You wanna learn more?”

“Hell yes,” Melissa said. “I want to learn everything.”

Leigh leaned down and took ran her tongue over John’s balls. This elicited another twitch and moan. Melissa continued brushing her fingers along his cock and balls while Leigh licked them.

“Can we switch?” Melissa asked.

“You want to lick my balls?” John asked, smiling.

Melissa looked up at him. “Yes,” she said. She leaned down and slowly ran her tongue over his balls. Her breath was warm and her tongue soft and wet. He moaned again.

Meanwhile, Leigh ran her fingers up and down his cock, breathing softly on the head, her lips just barely above it. John’s hand was on the back of her neck, willing her to begin sucking it, but trying not to push her down. Let’s not set a bad example, he thought. Control yourself. You’ll get it.

And then he did. Suddenly, Leigh slid her lips around the head of his cock and took it down her throat, as far as she could go. She pulled off slowly, and then quickly slid down again. He tilted back his head and said “Oh fuck, yes. Fuck yes, baby, that’s so good.”When she lifted her head a second time, she turned to Melissa and said “now you go.”

Melissa did the same thing, mirroring Leigh’s every move. Quickly, she took his cock as far down her throat as she could, nearly taking as much as Leigh had. She slowly lifted her face up, just barely keeping the tip between her lips, and then she thrust downwards again. John moaned again and said “you’re learning fast, Melissa. You’re really good at that.”

She pulled up and smiled at him. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Leigh agreed. “Now put your hand in front of your lips like this.” She took John’s cock in her hand and slid down it again, this time moving her mouth in rhythm with her fingers. When she came up again, she said “he really likes that.”

Melissa did as she was told, and as Leigh had claimed, John loved it. His fingers slid over Melissa’s scalp, running through her hair, lifting her head and pushing it back down again in rhythm.

“Twist your wrist while you do it,” Leigh told her. Melissa’s fingers slid around John’s cock while her head rose and fell.

Waves of pleasure ran through his body, his muscles contracting and relaxing reflexively. He was losing his mind, the ecstasy overpowering him. He watched while Leigh guided Melissa through the perfect blowjobs she’d developed for him, teaching her how to bring him to orgasm quickly, whether he wanted it or not.

“Wait,” he said, lifting Melissa’s head off his cock.

“What’s wrong?” Melissa asked, worried she’d done something wrong. “Did I screw up?”

Leigh laughed. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong. You were doing it too well. He doesn’t want to cum yet.”

Damn, this girl can read my mind, he thought. “Yeah, no, you were great,” he stammered. “But I’m not ready yet. His body calmed down and, while not losing his hard-on, he regained his cool.

“How do you want us?” Leigh asked seductively. “You can have whatever you want, however you want us.”

He looked down at them, their soft naked bodies begging for him, offering themselves up to him.

“Get on your knees by the side of the bed,” he said. Leigh sprang into action, hopping off the bed, grabbing a pillow, and dropping to her knees. Melissa was slow to follow, but she did. John moved to the edge of the bed in front of them. “Now, where were we…”

Leigh leaned in and took his cock in her hands, pulling it towards her. “I believe we were sucking this magnificent cock of yours.” She took it in her mouth and ran her tongue along the bottom of the head. Melissa and John both moaned. He saw that Melissa’s hand was now firmly on her pussy, rubbing it.

“Rub each other,” he said. “Don’t be selfish.”

Melissa and Leigh looked at each other. Melissa slowly moved her hand from between her legs and put it on Leigh’s thigh. She smiled as she ran it up, up, until she rested it on Leigh’s pussy. She began to rub, gently, then with more confidence. Leigh’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she moaned. She reached over and did the same for Melissa, who moaned in turn.

Leigh leaned forward and took John’s cock in her mouth, forcefully. He loved the vibrations that came with her moaning with his cock in her mouth. It wasn’t just the knowledge that she was feeling the same pleasure he was; there was something primal, something carnal, about her being unable to speak because his cock was in the way. He felt powerful, dominant.

Leigh lifted her head off his cock and Melissa took her place. He got to experience the same feelings of control over her as she moaned into his cock, too. Her moans were deeper, clearly closer to orgasm. Doesn’t take much for her, apparently, he thought. But her orgasm wasn’t really his concern this morning. No, it was their turn to make him cum.

Leigh looked up at him from below. “You like that?” she asked dirtily. “You like having that young little mouth on your cock? You like having her moan for more, begging for it?” He nodded his head furiously, unable to do more, his mind too overwhelmed with pleasure.

Melissa came up for air and Leigh took her place, his cock sliding quickly from one eager mouth to the other. God, what did I do to be so lucky? he thought. The sounds they were making, the things they were doing to him…he was on the verge of losing it, he couldn’t take it much longer. He looked at Melissa, her eyes wide, watching Leigh rhythmically take his cock, knowing that was what she had been doing just a few seconds before, clearly wanting to do it again. He could see both women’s hands furiously rubbing the other’s pussy. So. Fucking. Hot.

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