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“You must Be Amelie,” said the lady in the suit. “I am the housekeeper and this is cook. We have been asked to look after you, dear. Fred be an absolute darling and carry Amelie’s bags up to her room.” Without waiting for Fred to reply, assuming he would comply, she put an arm around the new girl invited her to join them for a cup of tea and some cake. “We eat our dinner after those upstairs have finished, so tuck in now.” After that I shall take you to meet Her Ladyship. You may or may not meet His Lordship today, but they are both very kind. They are strict and expect the best at all times, but they are fair and kind.”

“I do feel rather nervous,” replied Amelie, somewhat overcome by the warm welcome, “but I am excited too.” “Don’t you worry, Amelie, you will be fine. My Lady asked me to reassure you. Anyway, you will meet her soon. I am to take you up to her boudoir. I shall just ring through to make sure and then we can go up.”

Amelie stares in wonder at the opulence of the place as she is taken up to the ground floor and then up another floor along a wide corridor. Finally housekeeper stops and knocks on a very heavy looking wooden door. “Enter!” came a strong but rather feminine voice.

Her Ladyship was reclining on a chase lounge dressed in an elegant full length gown showing a delightful décolletage with one shoulder and most of that breast exposed. Sitting a little way off was a fine looking gentleman, somewhat older than the lady, dressed casually in what was clearly expensive clothing, and sitting in a huge armchair.

“Come in young lady. Thank you housekeeper that will be all, we shall call when we want you.” Housekeeper gave me a reassuring smile and left the room quietly. I was standing in the centre of the room feeling scared. The Lord, for that is who he turned out to be, was looking me up and down as though he would have me then and there. The Lady was well aware of this and, far from being upset, was rather pleased. In fact, and to my surprise for I had not yet tasted the joys of another woman, Her Ladyship seemed as interested in my body as was His Lordship.

“Turn around gal, let us see you properly,” said her Ladyship. I immediately knew what she wanted and felt suddenly excited. I felt a tingling in my pussy and rather liked what seemed to be happening. I turned round very deliberately and very slowly. As I did so His Lordship got up and joined Her Ladyship on the chase lounge. As soon as he stood up I notice the enormous bulge in his trousers. He clearly saw that I had noticed but was not in the least embarrassed and made no attempt to hide the fact. Rather he made a point of grabbing his cock through his trousers and giving it something of a tug and making sure I watched as he did so.

It was at that precise moment that I knew what life would be like and that I would have fun. I was not sure yet about Her Ladyship, but I was definitely curious. As it turned out I was absolutely right about the lusty Lord and that his Lady was the same. I soon found that my curiosity was to take me down roads that would bring delights I had never dreamed about.

Very little was said that related to a job interview. The position was mine and daddy had explained everything to his contact who had revealed more about me to His Lordship than I was aware that daddy knew, including my rapidly blossoming sexuality. Strangely this did not upset me in any way at all. After the reassurance I had received from housekeeper and the manner in which these delightful but vey raunchy nobles were treating me I felt really comfortable.

“OK, Amelie,” said the Lord in a very gently voice, “take orf that coat and sit down while we get to know each other.” I removed my coat and placed it over a chair. I was wearing a dress that covered everything but left little to the imagination. I stood within touching distance of my new employers and turned very slowly. Her Ladyship reached for my hand and pulled me down onto her lap. Like I just said, I had never been with a woman, in fact my little tryst with Jack was the only sex that felt worth the effort. Yet I fell back into her arms and let her kiss me full on my lips with no hesitation whatsoever. When I felt a very masculine hand on my thigh, rather than resist, I hitched up my dress to give better access. At the same time I opened my lips to receive Her Ladyship’s tongue.

I must say that the first kiss from My Lady took me by surprise. Her lips were so soft and gentle yet incredibly persistent. When I felt the soft warmth of her delicious tongue I almost came on the spot. At the same time the hands of My Lord were strong but gentle and when his fingers reached my panties I found myself unable to resist. I didn’t want to resist. I pushed my pussy up to meet his ministrations and put my hand on My Lady’s beautiful breast. She assisted by releasing her breast from her dress and putting my fingers on her nipple. At the same time, and only half aware of what I was doing I pulled aside my panties to show My Lord my freshly shaved pussy. He put his face between my thighs and immediately began to gently lick my pussy lips.

To this day I do not know how the next thing happened but My Lady had my head cradled in her bounteous bosom, both breasts now fully exposed, and had opened my dress all the way down the front and removed my bra. She was fondling my beasts in a most delightful way as she kissed me more passionately than anything I had experienced in my life. My Lord, the man who was to become the idol of my life, had removed my panties and I had one foot up on the back of the chase lounge, the other on the floor and he was kneeling before me devouring my sex.

His head was buried between my soft thighs and his lips and tongue played my pussy like a maestro on a Stradivarius. He pulled on my pussy lips with his teeth in the most exquisite way one could imagine. Then he played his tongue inside my pussy lips and flicked it across my clit several times. I would gasp with excitement and My Lady would kiss me harder and pull my tits as My Lord would push his tongue deep into my cunt. This went on and on and on for what seemed like an eternity. Oh that feeling of my first such encounter. I am starting to cum right now as I recall those sensations too numerous and varied to count. I have to halt my pen as I allow the orgasm to take hold and return me to that moment of bliss.


Eventually we did change positions. My Lady was sucking on My Lord’s gorgeous cock. At that time I had seen very few cocks but his was the biggest and the best. As My Lady sucked off My Lord, My Lord kissed my lips, the lips on my face that is, while My Lady had her fingers deep in my cunt moving in and out at first slowly and gently but then faster and faster. Suddenly I came with a great gush like nothing I had ever experienced. I had heard about female ejaculation but never believed it. Now it was happening to me. As I gushed My Lord came and My Lady swallowed every drop of his precious liquid before kissing me again and sharing with me the remnants of My Lord’s cum. We lay panting and exhausted for some time. I have no idea how long we remained like that but I suddenly realized something.

“My Lady,” I cried in excitement, “You have not cum yet. May I please lick your pussy and see if I can bring you to an orgasm as wonderful as the one you have just given me?” “Oh my darling Amelie, she replied, “What a lovely gal you are. Of course you may tongue fuck my cunt I really need that right now.” My Lady lay back on the chase lounge with her legs much as mine had been not long before. I got down on my knees as My Lord had done for me and tasted my first pussy other than my own from my fingers. Oh it was so nice and I couldn’t get enough. What I lacked in experience I made up for with enthusiasm. My face was buried in My Lady’s pussy as her inner thighs caressed my cheeks. My lady held my hair but in a very gentle way, guiding my inexperienced actions. My tongue ran the length of her pussy lips, so very swollen from all the arousal. He pussy was very wet and her clit stood up from its hood like a mini cock. It was so exciting!

I put my hands on her tummy, reaching up for her luscious tits. With my tongue I opened her hot, wet lips and found her hole. I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt and she groaned so loudly as she lifted her hips up and pushed my face down. This was my first taste inside a cunt. It was strange, a little salty, but I couldn’t get enough and knew then and there that whatever else I might be I was definitely a pussy lover!

I sucked on her clit as I brought one hand down to her pussy, ramming my thumb into her so very wet cunt. My Lady let out a yell which took me by surprise but I kept a grip of her clit with my teeth. I brought my other hand down to her cunt and had both thumbs in her cunt as I alternated between sucking her clit with my lips and tongue and biting and pulling it with my teeth.

At that point My Lord chose to join in again. His cock had gone all floppy after My Lady had sucked him off and he was resting. I was so engrossed in my ministrations to My Lady that I had forgotten him. “You look simply divine kneeling to my wife with your bottom in the air and your cunt juices running down your legs. It’s time for me to introduce you to Roger here! I had never heard a prick referred to as ‘Roger’ before but the tone of My Lord’s voice made it very clear that he was going to fuck me.

The first thing I felt was a hand on my bottom, a big hand. Then I felt his other hand, each cradling my bottom cheeks as though weighing them. Then one hand was gone and I felt what had to be the head of his enormous cock playing with my pussy lips and my clit which by now must have been as big as that of My Lady. Next thing and without warning he smacked my bottom really hard and thrust that big prick deep into my cunt!

The effect on me was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had an instant orgasm that shook my whole body and cause me to bite rather hard on my Lady’s clit I expected her to be angry but it drove her over the edge and she gushed into my mouth as I had gushed earlier. I couldn’t believe the sensation and while I gush often now nothing has so far compared to that day. As I was cumming and cumming, and as My Lady was cumming and cumming My Lord gave an almighty scream and came too, sending shot after shot of his noble cum deep into my receptive cunt. We all fell down on each other totally exhausted and I was given the job! I was appointed personal chamber maid to my precious Lady with some special duties with my lovely Lord!

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